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Castration Warehouse - Part 2

Here is the second chapter of the tale, where young Jack Samson has been captured, and his naked and unconscious form thoroughly examined by big Mitch and his four associates... 


Castration Warehouse - Part Two

Based on an original story by RackTheSack 


A grinning Mitch watched the video monitor of the warehouse interior, which showed a stark naked Jack Samson strung up by wrist and ankle in the vast warehouse space. Most of the warehouse was in near darkness, but several overhead spotlights illuminated the young man’s gorgeous bound form. The big blond muscle man was still waiting for Jack to regain consciousness. It had taken triple the planned dose of sedative to take the hulking jock down, and even that had only brought the swaying but still conscious young jock to his knees, and Mitch had to manually chloroform the weakly-struggling big bull stud to actually knock him out. But it had been more than worth it. The ruggedly handsome blond giant was very excited about the night’s planned events, as he and his men had never before had a chance to work over a specimen nearly as magnificent or as unbelievably well endowed as the young college football star. 

For one thing, Jack was astonishingly handsome, in that matinee-idol-meets-comic-book-super-hero sort of way, his exquisitely formed features still caught in that magical, breathtaking stage between boy and man. Neither Mitch nor his other men considered themselves to be homosexual, but they all had to admit that Jack was one of the most beautiful men they had ever seen, and the thought of wrecking the manhood on such a ridiculously handsome stud turned them on immensely. 

The lad was also quite tall and blessed with a very large frame, and that big frame was absolutely PACKED with a staggering amount of muscle, particularly for a man who was still so very young. Jack was built like the proverbial brick shithouse, with the type of chiseled and proportioned physique worthy of a competition-ready super heavyweight bodybuilding champion. Mitch had no way of knowing this, but in the four months since his unforgettable encounter with Veronica Daniels, young Jack had been hitting the weights HARD, and had gained yet another 35 pounds of raw, exquisitely-shredded muscle, making his physique even more massive and spectacular than it had been on the night of the pair’s marathon love making session. As a result, Jack’s body was now positively gigantic, with muscles on top of muscles, but all without losing even the tiniest bit of his perfectly proportioned aesthetics or almost super human conditioning. 

Mitch and his men were muscular giants in their own right, all of them standing taller than the ridiculously handsome young quarterback, and most of them considerably outweighing the hunky stud as well. But despite all of them having truly massive physiques that would be the envy of any man, none of them could hold a candle to the raw masculine beauty of the 22-year-old mega hunk. Even the lad’s skin was unblemished and perfect, and other than the well-trimmed patch of pubes at his crotch and the surprisingly lush growth of dark hair in his armpits, the young man was virtually hairless as well, making him the perfect canvas upon which Mitch and his men could work their well-honed skills. 

Most impressive and exciting of all, though, was the unbelievable wealth of manly genitals that protruded so huge and proud from the young man’s etched and chiseled groin. Even limp, Jack’s cock was a massive hog of man meat, measuring a good ten inches in length and thick as a large man’s wrist! Hell, his flaccid cock was bigger than some of his men’s erect dicks, and all of his men were exceptionally well hung! A thick hood of silky foreskin fully covered the large knob at the end of that massive dick, and Mitch longed to see what that big cock head looked like all naked and exposed when the lad’s cock was fully hard. 

The pièce de résistance on this supremely gifted and blessed athlete’s spectacular body, however, had to be the absolutely titanic testicles hanging loose and heavy and full beneath that great slab of a cock. Mitch had never before seen their equal, and he’d seen a LOT of balls. Frankly, before encountering Jack, Mitch himself possessed the largest set of balls he’d ever seen on a man. Each of the blond man’s huge nuts was as big as an extra large lemon, yet the astonished muscle giant realized that he could fit BOTH of his huge nuts inside just ONE of Jack’s goliath whale nuts, and still have room to spare! 

All of the men had been shocked and impressed when they got the captured young buck back to the warehouse, stripped his unconscious form naked, and discovered the sheer eye-popping SIZE of the lad’s gigantic block and tackle. The awe-struck men had all taken turns fondling and methodically appraising the massive limp cock and colossal set of cajones, marveling at their magnificent dimensions. They all decided to have some fun playing with their new toys before the evening’s events began — one wag in the group called it taking the kid’s ginormous junk for a ‘test drive’ — and they proceeded to perform a very detailed and intimate examination of the lad’s most private parts. 

Their relatively gentle (by their standards) and extremely thorough exploration of the unconscious young man’s humongous gonads went on for quite some time — well over an hour, in fact — with all of the big men remarking how dense and turgid and meaty even his flaccid cock felt as they squeezed and tugged on it, how unusually firm and full the kid’s testicles felt, how remarkably heavy they were, and how impressively low they hung inside of their perfectly smooth and hairless nutsac. 

Mitch was especially amazed that his enormous, meaty hand was barely large enough to get a firm grip around just one of Jack’s mammoth balls. He had grasped one mighty bollock in each powerful hand and begun to rhythmically pulse his grip, not squeezing too hard, but trying to ascertain the density and firmness of the flesh inside those huge orbs. Big Mitch concluded with no small amount of admiration that the big, muscular kid had by far the thickest and beefiest nuts he’d ever fondled. That fact very much excited him, too, for the denser and meatier a man’s nuts, the tougher they usually were, the more abuse they could sustain, and the longer they could endure the punishments to come. 

The muscular giant also experimentally gripped the fleshy neck of Jack’s long and loose scrotum, and in the process forced his heavy and dangly man eggs to the very base of their sac. Mitch had particularly huge hands, and as he slowly tightened his grip, he forced the young man’s vulnerable orbs farther and farther away from his crotch. The lad’s natural three-inch dangle quickly became three and a half inches, and then four, and then four and a half, as Mitch’s grip got tighter and tighter. He was forcing the huge orbs to descend lower and lower in their sac, while simultaneously crushing together the all-important cords and cables that anchored them to the young man’s muscular crotch and attached his massive balls to his body. He enjoyed really digging the tips of his fingers into those ever stretching and straining cords and ligaments, his large blunt digits intimately exploring the inner plumbing of Jack’s manhood, even as his fist continued to tighten. 

The already impressive and eyebrow-raising five-inch stretch to the unconscious lad’s nuts grew to five and a half inches, and then an amazing six inches, doubling their natural dangle! Mitch could feel those cords and cables really starting to strain in his grip, stretching tighter and tauter as he steadily increased the pressure in his fist. But the big man could tell that there was a whole lot of strength left in those steel-like tendons, so he squeezed harder still, stretching out Jack’s balls to an incredible six and a half inches, and then an extraordinary seven inches, farther than the men had ever seen a man’s balls stretch before they had simply ripped off! 

With his fist fully closed, Mitch admired how Jack’s gigantic nuts bulged all bright red and shiny at the very bottom of their dangerously overstretched sac. Low whistles of admiration came from the other men, and they all took turns roughly caressing and groping the stretched out bollocks, feeling how they had become even denser and harder under all of the pressure. But then with a cruel grin on his ruggedly handsome face and a wicked gleam in his eye, Mitch continued to test the tensile strength of those mighty cords and cables by slowly drawing his tightly clenched fist downward, and pulling Jack’s trapped testicles with it. 

The eyes of the other big men grew wide as Mitch began to really redline those straining tendons and ligaments, and it was clear in their expressions that they were all worried that their boss and leader would accidentally nut magnificent young bull-balled stud before they’d even had a chance to properly start their tortures. But these men had known Mitch for a long time, and they knew his unparalleled talent at pushing men to their limits without crossing that fine and dangerous line, so they sat back and watched a master at work. 

Seven inches became seven and a half inches, and Jack’s balls bulged even larger still, looking like they could burst through their paper thin sac at any moment. Seven and a half inches became eight, and some of the men could have sworn that they heard a creaking groan come from the lad’s valiantly straining ball cords. Eight inches became eight and a quarter inches, the unconscious muscle hunk’s defenseless balls turning a darker and angrier shade of red as Mitch steadily choked off their blood supply. Eight and a half inches! Mitch could feel the straining cables quivering like bowstrings in his tight trip! Eight and three quarter inches! Jack’s mighty balls were literally straining at the end of their ropes!! Nine inches!!! 

Jack’s herculean huevos had now been stretched to three times their natural dangle, and were turning an unhealthy shade of purple as they were slowly starved of oxygen. Not only had Mitch pulled the young man’s nuts to the very brink of ripping off of his body, but he’d nearly totally cut off the blood flow to the massive orbs, his large fingers digging deep into the various cords and cables, and pinching off the blood vessels that gave the gigantic gonads life. He once again invited the other men to feel and fondle the heroically straining orbs, which now felt like a pair of large granite stones inside of their now gossamer thin sac. Previously invisible blood vessels on the surface of both great orbs were now swelling and becoming distended, popping up like writhing dark purple worms on the expansive surface of the two vast globes of man meat. As Mitch continued to hold Jack’s nuts at the precipice of destruction, all of the men could feel the previously warm testicles start to grow cool and then downright cold as the big blond man choked off the source of their heat, nutrition, oxygen, and life. 

But it turned out that Mitch STILL wasn’t done testing the young man’s balls cords! The big muscular brute felt that there was still some additional, hidden strength left in the lad’s hideously overstretched ball cords, and so he started rhythmically tugging at the young man’s heroically straining nuts. Gently at first, but gradually with more and more force and power, literally forcing the super tight cables to stretch even farther or snap in the attempt. Mitch was now well beyond redlining Jack’s huge balls — he was entering extremely dangerous territory, where an ounce too much of pressure could make all the difference between keeping Jack Samson an intact bull of unparalleled stature and proportions, and prematurely turning him into a nutless steer. And at the same time that Mitch was trying to force incremental increases in the stretch to Jack’s behemoth balls, he could feel their vibrant vitality waning as the choked off bollocks slowly and steadily suffocated. The huge orbs had by now turned an ugly and perilous shade of dark purple and were edging toward black, growing dangerously cold in the big man’s merciless grip. But Mitch refused to relent. 

The short, vicious tugs on Jack’s scrotum were having their desired effect, though, for bit by bit, those mightily straining cords and cables were forced to stretch even FARTHER, though it seemed at any moment they would snap apart like overstretched rubber bands. It was a good thing that the defenseless lad was unconscious, as the combined stretching and strangulation of his mammoth stones would have been agonizingly painful if he was still awake. Mitch’s already gigantic right arm was pumping up to even more magnificent size as he gave Jack’s balls an extreme workout, not letting up until he’d wrestled yet another half in of stretch from the kid’s bulging nutsac, hauling his nuts down to an absolutely staggering nine and a half inches!!! 

The big man must have held Jack’s behemoth bollocks at the very end of their heroically straining cords for a good ten minutes, reveling in holding the lad’s freakishly oversized manhood at the very brink of destruction. The humongous stones cooled even further, taking on the cool ambient temperature of the room, and were in very real danger of choking to death inside of their sac! But finally, when it seemed the football jock’s nearly black-hued coconuts must surely be dead, Mitch finally released the beleaguered balls, letting them sling shoot back toward the lad’s crotch. 

As their blood flow suddenly returned, the unhealthy dark purple color was quickly washed away as life and warmth flooded back into Jack’s balls. The huge stones were soon flushed a healthy pink once more, with a slight rosy glow being the only sign that they had just had a very near brush with death. Even their dangle almost immediately returned to its original three inches, despite the prolonged and unbelievably extreme stretch to which his sac had been subjected, further underscoring the remarkable strength and resilience of the young man’s colossal bollocks. 

Satisfied with his initial assessment of the young man’s balls’ strength and durability, Mitch stepped aside and let his other associates get their hands on the lad’s massive low hangers. The other men performed their own detailed examinations of Jack Samson’s freakishly massive gonads, compressing them, torcing them, twisting them within their scrotum, and otherwise putting them through their paces prior to the upcoming night of extreme torture and eventual emasculation. None of them pushed the young man’s limits nearly as much as Mitch already had, but their attentions were very thorough nonetheless. In fact, they pushed Jack’s endurance far more than they would that of any ordinary man, and in truth few nuts would have been able to survive such detailed exploration and examination intact. But other than a slight warm glow and reddish hue, Jack’s heavy huevos were none the worse for wear by the time their very thorough examination was complete. 

Which was good, because the hour of rough fondling and heavy attention Jack’s bollocks had thus far received was the gentlest of caresses compared to what the young man had in store. 

Had he been awake, Jack would have been horrified and deeply ashamed of the very thorough working over his beloved bollocks were given while he was lying unconscious on the examination table. Other than the doctor at his annual physical exam, Jack had never before had his big bollocks felt or fondled by another man, let alone groped, squeezed, tugged, poked, prodded, and stretched to such an extreme and deeply intimate degree. 

After more than an hour of very detailed testicular examination, all five men agreed that the lucky young football jock possessed what had to be some of the very largest testicles in human history, and almost certainly the largest set of bull nuts that they would ever get a chance to torture. Mitch and his men knew that tonight’s program would be their masterpiece, the greatest symphony of torture and abuse that they would ever create, and they were all eager for the night’s festivities to begin… 


  1. Sadly Jack did not know he was adding all that extra muscle only for the benefit of his abusers. He will wish his enormous cock were not so densely tough and his gigantic balls were not as sturdy and rapidly recovering, but I think Mitch is going to love exploring new horizons of human endurance thanks to Jack's incredible body.

  2. A delicious prelude. Looking forward to the next chapter!

    1. I hope you enjoy the entire series! Chapters should be posting weekly from here on out...

  3. Musclestuds caught helpless and examined against their will is morally wrong....and nobody will stop doing it. Good thing Jack Samson was napped in his prime as a teenage man/boy where his growth potential is maximized prior to emasculation. I privately hope he escapes his neutering, but certainly not after making good sport of his captive body

    1. I don't want to give the story -- or the ending -- away, but this mighty lad will indeed be tested to the limits by the cruel and merciless men...