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The Genital Weight-Lifter’s Club - Part 7

The Genital Weight-Lifter’s Club - Part 7
Based on an original story by Bagoas 

Men who enjoy hanging weights from their testicles, pushing the limits of what they can carry … and sometimes with disastrous consequences. 



The wet and fleshy sounds seemed to echo in the sudden quiet of the room. Only Dave himself continued to make noise, the herculean muscle beast panting and moaning as the dregs of his monstrous load burped out of his 19.5-inch monster cock. But what of his equally mammoth balls?! Had those terrible sounds I heard heralded the explosive and gruesome end to Dave’s mighty bollocks!?! I was terrified to find out what had happened to this handsome young bull of a man, a man with whom I was already falling in love. 

Dave’s clenching muscles had finally released, so I was able to pull my still rock hard out of his tight and thoroughly spermed ass with a loud ‘PLOP!’ I dismounted the muscle giant and landed nimbly on the floor, and then rushed to the front of the handsome stud to survey the damage. At first my eyes couldn’t make sense of what they were seeing… 

The first thing I saw was nearly a dozen grown men sprawled on the floor, all looking up at Dave with various expressions of shock, horror, and awe on their faces. All of these men were almost completely coated and shellacked with Dave’s hyper abundant spew. Apparently Dave’s first three loads had all been warm ups for the awesome gusher of his fourth and final load, for the sheer volume of thick and chunky sperm drenching the guys was orders of magnitude greater than any of the young man’s previous, record-breaking emissions. The sight and smell of so much raw splooge was astounding and breathtaking. 

I only glanced at my fellow club mates for a moment, though, for all of my concern was for Dave himself. The big guy looked as massive and impressive as ever, standing tall with his mighty arms outstretched and still tightly clenching the vertical support beams. Dave’s eyes were closed, and his devastatingly handsome face looked almost peaceful as he regained his breath. My eyes slowly traveled down his gloriously muscular body, as if they were reluctant to learn what had become of his mighty balls. Some analytical corner of my mind noted that Dave’s monstrous cock was STILL hard as a rock and gently throbbing to the young man’s heartbeat. But when my eyes finally descended to the mangled mass of testicles and plexiglas vises that hung so heavily from Dave’s battered crotch, I let out a gasp of shock and dismay, for my eyes couldn’t at first make sense of the ruin I saw before me. 

It took several long moments for my mind to decipher what my eyes were seeing, and even then I wasn’t sure if what I was seeing was real. It looked like both the huge balls and the clamped vises had been broken and shattered in the final moments of Dave’s monumental orgasm. 

On the right side, there was a large bulge in the center of the vise, with both plexiglas plates covered in cracks and bowing outward around a roughly spherical ball of flesh in the middle. The outer ring of the plexiglas plates was more intact, with the two plates perhaps 3/4 of an inch apart. The dark red bulges of Dave’s thick nut meat still protruded beyond the edges of the clear plates, the flesh now mottled with purple bruises from all of the trauma they had endured. It seemed impossible that the young man’s right bollock could still be virile and alive, for it was so distorted and misshapen as to not even remotely resemble a human testicle. 

Dave’s left nut looked even worse off, if that was even possible. On that side, the center of the two plexiglas plates had somehow managed to stay intact, and it was the outer edges that had cracked and shattered. Perhaps the central third of the two plates remained intact, crushing the very center of the masculine orb trapped between them. The edges were cracked and splintered, with jagged pieces of clear plastic littering the cum-soaked floor. The mammoth left ball resembled an irregularly-shaped doughnut, a lumpy ring of mangled nut meat bulging enormously around a central core that was flattened even more profoundly than its twin, the remains of the two plates a mere half-inch apart from each other. The jagged edges of the two plates dug deeply into the bloated and misshapen ball meat, almost but not quite puncturing the skin and impaling the pulverized flesh within. 

Tears welled in my eyes as I absorbed the sight of Dave’s ruined manhood. All strength left my legs and I dropped heavily to my knees before Dave’s magnificent form, cum splattering onto my lower body as I landed in the thick lake of nut sludge beneath the muscle giant. I wanted to reach out and touch the massive, mangled orbs in front of me, as if I could somehow soothe their pain or repair the terrible damage, but my arms remained paralyzed at my side. I could feel the hot sting of tears as they fell down my cheeks. 

I was shaken from my mourning when a deep, rumbling voice said, “Hey there handsome. Do you think you could loosen these vises on my nuts? They’re hurting something fierce.” 

My head snapped up and I met the smiling, twinkling blue eyes of my handsome mega stud, who gazed down at me with undisguised affection. “Man, you gave me the best fucking of my life, Josh! My big muscular ass has been thoroughly bred, and I can’t wait to have you inside of me again!” 

“But…but…your BALLS, Dave!” I stammered. “Oh god! They’re… they’re RUINED!!” 

“Heh heh,” Dave chuckled. “Yeah, you guys wrecked ‘em something good! Best work out my balls have ever had! Really pushed them to their limits and gave ‘em something to think about. I’ll be feeling that for a few days at least. So, bruised, battered, and mangled? Yes. But RUINED?! Hell no! I told you, Josh, these huge balls of mine are damn near INDESTRUCTIBLE! Here, help me get these vises off, and I’ll show you!” 

I hurriedly complied, reaching first for the left-handed vise, for Dave’s huge left nut looked by far the worst off, looking like it could explode at any moment. The central portion of his massive nard looked to be nearly bisected by the two jagged-edged plates, but as I started to quickly unscrew the handles on the broken vise, the center of Dave’s orb quickly began to inflate and take on a more normal shape. Dave grunted more than once as the sharp pieces of the plexiglas plates pulled away from his nearly impaled ball meat, but I could see the pain in his face start to ease as the hideous squashing of his nut was decreased. When the vise was at its maximum opening, I was able to gently and carefully wiggle the broken plates off of Dave’s mammoth left nut, which quickly plumped back to its full size and shape. The entire orb remained a dark, angry red mottled with vivid dark purple, and it hung down a good 4 inches from his crotch next to its still-flattened twin, but the mighty ball did indeed look intact. I tentatively reached out with both hands to fondle and gentle squeeze as much of that massive bollock as I could. Dave winced a bit at my touch, but otherwise smiled down at me as my searching hands confirmed that Dave’s monstrous whale nut was still, incredibly, in one piece! Soft, mushy, battered, and swollen, but intact!! 

I began to repeat the process on Dave’s mangled right ball, but immediately ran into problems. The crank on the right-sided vise was frozen in place, and no amount of turning or pressure could get the crank to move! Worse, the outer ring of Dave’s hideously distorted right nut was turning a darker and darker shade of purple, a warning sign that Dave’s behemoth bollock was still being dangerously crushed and strangled by the cracked and warped plexiglas plates. I began to panic again, not knowing how to free Dave’s goliath right nut, and I worried that Dave’s tortured, beyond-redlined nut could burst while I struggled and failed to remove the broken vise! 

Dave calmly interrupted me and said, “Here, let me try. I think I know something that might work.” He then gently brushed my hands away from the brutally crushing vise. Instead of grabbing ahold of the vise, however, Dave surprised me by grabbing onto his own cum-slickened cock, and starting to jack it off. ‘What the fuck?!’ I thought to myself. ‘How the hell is THAT going to help!?!’ But I sat my naked butt back in the puddle of Dave’s still warm cum and looked up at the towering muscle giant, drinking in his magnificent male beauty as he started to stroke his own meat. 

Dave’s huge hands clearly knew their way around his massive cock, for the handsome stud was soon moaning and groaning in pleasure. His left nut started drawing upward toward his crotch, a sure sign that he was getting ready to cum, while his mangled right bollock seemed to hang limp and lifeless, now a dangerous shade of dark purple and looking ready to explode. Dave’s entire body began to quake with pleasure, the quivering of his massive flexing muscles nearly driving me over the edge again, and then he hit his mark once more. 

“You ready for my big load, Josh?” Dave shouted in a lust-roughened voice. “Cuz here it COMES!!”

After having already pumped out the four largest loads in human history — and the most recent one less than 5 minutes ago — it was no surprise that Dave’s fifth load was significantly diminished from its predecessors…but it was still damn huge and impressive! One, two, three enormous ropes of cum shot out of Dave’s titanic cock with tremendous force, painting thick white lines of scalding hot semen across my muscular body and beyond. As his orgasm continued, I could hear sharp cracking and crunching sounds coming from the stud’s right nut, and could see even more cracks developing all over both broken plates. I realized with a start that it was the powerful convulsions and contractions of Dave’s trapped bull nut that were placing even more stress and strain on the steadily failing vise, as well as on the weakened and possibly dying testicle as well! Good god, this stud was UNREAL!! 

Dave began to bellow in agony and release as his mighty cock continued to shoot out huge ropes of cum, his mammoth right ball quivering on the razor’s edge between destruction and freedom. Then, on the 9th or 10th powerful contraction of his awesome bull nuts, the incredible happened — the cracked vise clamped over Dave’s squashed bull ball simply exploded! Shards of shattered plexiglas flew in all directions as the broken vise fell with a loud clatter to the cum-drenched floor, and Dave’s very nearly pulverized nut immediately and violently swelled back to its original size and shape. The rapid inflation of his liberated bollock must have been excruciatingly painful, as Dave threw back his handsome head and bellowed in renewed agony, even as the erotic pain made the stud’s mammoth release redouble in power and fury. 

Dave shot another good dozen or so gloopy strings of nut sludge before his fifth orgasm finally ratcheted down and ceased. Even then, Dave kept right on huffing and puffing for a good long while, giving his granite hard cock slow, languorous strokes with both hands as he wrung the final slugs of cum out of his championship mule cock. The rest of us could only stare in mute wonder at what we had just witnessed, a mighty battle of man versus machine where the man had won. The handsome young stud looked absolutely magnificent standing there so tall above me, his fantastically muscular body glistening with sweat and cum, his muscles pumped to outrageous proportions, his equine cock still rock hard even after blowing five extraordinary orgasms. 

My eyes finally focused on Dave’s heavy-hanging bollocks, and I tried to visually assess the damage that had been done to them. Both slightly oblong orbs looked a little puffy and swollen, which was no surprise considering the truly inhuman amounts trauma that had endured, and they were both an angry red mottled with the purple of fresh bruises. Dave’s mammoth right ball was significantly darker than his left, but even as I watched, the worst of that dark color was quickly receding as fresh blood was pumped into the tender, throbbing tissues. I reached up with both hands to gently cup the undersides of those two spectacular, melon-sized globes, for I had to convince myself that Dave’s mangled balls were still alive. But as my trembling hands fondled and caressed the muscle man’s huge balls, I discovered that not only were they alive, Dave’s bull nuts were still hearty and hale and surprisingly firm. Incredibly, impossibly, after abuses that would have destroyed another man’s balls a hundred times over, Dave’s mighty man nuts were still intact! 

Dave’s crystal blue eyes gazed warmly down at me as he said, “Thank you, Josh! And thank ALL of you guys! That was the most intense and brutal workout my big balls have ever had, and I loved every second of it! I hope you’ll all let me be a full-time member of this club, as I want to come back week after week, and have you guys help me push my balls even FARTHER!” 

A loud and hearty chorus of approval came from the other men in the room, as they all rushed forward to congratulate big Dave on his performance. Even Bruno, who’s alpha bull status at our club had just been demolished forever, had a huge grin on his face as he roughly massaged one of Dave’s boulder deltoids and showered the handsome young stud with praise. 

Seeing all of the other guys crowd around Dave and feel up on his magnificent body, I once again became self conscious and dejected and started to slink away, thick slugs of the big man’s most recent load slowly dripping from my sperm-drenched body. I realized that I selfishly wanted Dave all to myself, and it hurt my heart to see my friends and fellow club mates getting so up close and personal with him. I knew in my head that it was silly to feel such possessiveness over the huge muscle man — I had only just met Dave, after all — so I knew it was ridiculous to be feeling such strong feelings for him, or expecting him to feel the same way about me. I decided that I was just going to quietly use the showers in the back of the club while everyone else was celebrating, get dressed, and leave out the back door. 

I was reluctant at first to wash Dave’s spunk off of me, this visceral proof of the muscle stud’s astounding super human virility, but I knew I couldn’t get on the subway reeking of his sticky splooge. The hot shower felt amazing against my skin as I scrubbed and rinsed my body. Not surprisingly, it took several cycles to fully wash Dave’s spunk off of me, as his cum was so unbelievably thick with sperm that the chunky stuff was almost like a viscous glue. But soon enough, I had washed all evidence of Dave’s prodigious manly emissions off of my body, and was getting ready to turn off the water and towel off. That’s when I heard a deep and incredibly sexy voice say, “So THAT’S where you went!” 

I spun around to see the tall, mighty, impossibly muscular naked form of Dave standing their in the doorway, his devastatingly handsome face melting my heart once more. 

“I’ve been looking all over for you, Josh! I didn’t see you leave the main room, and was worried at first that you’d gone home, but then the other guys told me about the showers and back rooms. I’m so glad I found you! I would have been very hurt if you’d left without saying goodbye…particularly since I had hoped that we’d be going home together.” 

My big cock had rapidly grown hard again at the mere sight of this glorious muscle god, but his words turned me on so much that my aching nuts gave a sharp convulsion, almost buckling my knees out from under me. So Dave wasn’t just sweet talking me earlier — he really WAS into me!!! 

I think I just stood there dumbfounded and in shock, for a warm smile spread across Dave’s exquisitely handsome face and he started walking toward me. The flex and roll of his massive muscles was positively hypnotic, as was the ponderous sway of his (mostly) soft uber cock. I noticed that his monstrous bull balls were once again hanging only about 2 inches or so from his muscular crotch, having completely recovered from all of the brutal stretching they’d received that evening. I could see now what Dave had been saying earlier — it was clearly going to take a LOT of stretching, day after day, to increase the hang of the young muscle man’s massive stones. And I very much looked forward to being the one doing all of that stretching. 

But my mind was getting ahead of itself, and I was forced back into the moment once Dave was standing directly in front of me, his mammoth chest just inches from my face. I must have been paralyzed at that point, for Dave just smiled even bigger before bending forward, enveloping me with his huge arms, and gently and passionately kissing my eager mouth. I threw my arms around him in turn — well, I threw my arms around as much of his unbelievably massive form as I could — and I kissed him back. Our bodies were soon pressed tightly against one another as the hot water played over our skin, and we must have held that embrace for a good 10 or 15 minutes until finally parting. 

The only question then was:  your place or mine? 


That was a week ago. Dave came home with me that night, and he stayed at my place the entire weekend. I don’t think we wore a stitch of clothing all weekend — why bother, since we were in each other’s arms continuously the entire time! Even when we slept (which we were forced to do now and again, as fatigue from our athletic and exuberant love making caught up with us), we didn’t part, for Dave would hold me cradled against his much bigger body, his massive muscles forming the mattress and pillows for me to sleep on. I can’t even count the number of times and the variety of ways in which we made love that weekend, but I definitely learned that I needed to keep myself hydrated around this mega stud, as I was nearly reduced to shooting nothing but dust by Monday morning. 

There was no question by the time the work week rolled around that I was madly in love with my new beau, this gorgeous muscle giant who had so suddenly and unexpectedly landed in my life. It was sweet torture to go to work that day, for all I could think of was coming home and climbing into Dave’s arms again. 

We met up every night all week, making love and having dinner and watching TV and laughing in each other’s arms…and talking about the upcoming Friday night meeting of the Genital Weight-Lifter’s Club. There was no question that we were returning to the club come Friday night. I was on board as well, for Dave had more than proven to me that he was as hot for me as I was for him, so my jealousy and insecurities had all been laid to rest. Even Dave’s own massive, melon-sized bull balls were clearly on board, for those mighty man lumps had healed every hint of their bruising and puffiness within just a couple of days, and were randy and ready for even more abuse. And it’s not like I let those huge bollocks rest all week, either! As much as I loved being gentle and passionate and romantic with my beautiful muscle bull, I also couldn’t pass up dozens and dozens of occasions throughout the week to torture and torment his huge nuts. Well, Dave calls it ‘training’, but I know otherwise — it was some of the most brutal testicle torture I’d ever seen in my life! Hell, some of the abuse we heaped onto Dave’s more-than-willing balls was even MORE intense and brutal than what he’d been through on the previous Friday night! But Dave insisted on punishing his balls virtually every single night, forcing his humongous bull nuts to grow harder and stronger each and every day. 

And it’s a good thing, too, because we planned some truly EPIC tortures for this Friday’s Club meeting! Heavier weights, stronger vises, longer stretches — the WORKS! Dave has all sorts of ideas he wants to try out, like inserting large metal sounds down the colossal length of his thick cum tube; seeing how many castration bands his can fit around the neck of his stretched-out scrotum, and seeing how long he can endure their strangling embrace before cutting the bands off; beating both his massive cock and his monstrous balls with all sorts of implements, from leather straps to rubber mallets to metal pipes; placing electrodes all over his genitals and seeing how much voltage he can endure before blowing his massive cum load. One particularly brutal idea he has involves shackling Dave’s huge balls via a heavy steel chain to a bolt in the floor, and then having the huge stud try to do chin ups while stretching out his mammoth bollocks. This idea scared me more than the rest, for it would be pitting the might and power of his peerless whale nuts against the unbelievably awesome strength of Dave’s own heroically muscular body. I fear that Dave’s mighty guns might achieve what six grown men in a tug-of-war contest could not, and actually rip Dave’s mammoth bollocks right off of his body! But Dave assures me that he won’t pull TOO hard… but the hungry gleam in his eyes makes me think otherwise. 

What I AM sure of, though, is that I’ve met the man of my dreams, the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. 

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The Genital Weight-Lifter’s Club - Part 6

The Genital Weight-Lifter’s Club - Part 6
Based on an original story by Bagoas 

Men who enjoy hanging weights from their testicles, pushing the limits of what they can carry … and sometimes with disastrous consequences. 


When Dave, this mighty muscle giant with the super hero good looks and the genitals of some great Mesozoic monster, said that he wanted ME to fuck HIM up the ass, I think I very nearly had a heart attack! My heart was thundering so hard and so fast in my chest, it was astounding that I was still conscious, let alone standing upright. My cock was so fucking solid that I knew that it wasn’t going to go soft this side of death, and my balls were churning so hard that they actually HURT. 

In short, I had never been so turned on in my life! 

I had no words to form a reply, but by the way my boner was throbbing and bouncing inside my cum soaked jock strap, my answer to Dave’s question was obvious. The smiling muscle titan walked towards me, all 380 pounds of magnificent muscle rolling and flexing in the most graceful and hypnotic interplay of muscle and sinew I had ever seen. Dave was soon standing directly in front of me, his 6’5” towering over my 5’7”, and his mammoth mass literally TWICE my own impressively muscular size. In any other circumstance, I would likely have felt utterly intimidated to have such an enormously muscular man looming so close over me, but I felt completely safe and protected by this titanic hulk. 

Dave slowly dropped to his knees in front of me, gazing up at me with those bright blue eyes of his, a look of adoration on his ridiculously handsome face. Adoration! Of ME!! Even kneeling, the man was utterly massive, and I placed my hands on top of his goliath shoulders to steady myself, feeling his warm, solid, sweat-slickened muscles bulge and flex beneath my fingers. 

Dave reached up with both hands to knead and fondle my cock and balls through my jock strap, both of us moaning as his hands finally gripped my aching junk for the first time. His hands were huge and immensely powerful, but his grip was surprisingly gentle as he fondled and caressed my aching cock and balls. He leaned forward and inhaled deeply of my scent, the smell of my own male musk mixed with the funk of my previous cum load making him moan even louder. He then jerked my cum-drenched jock strap down to my ankles, finally releasing my genitals into the open air. 

My cock instantly sprang up and smacked Dave right in his lightly stubbled cheek, making the big man flash a happy grin. His huge right hand enveloped almost my entire cock shaft, leaving just the swollen tip of my glans and the first couple of inches of shaft exposed. He licked the tip with his powerful tongue, lapping up the precum that had been drooling continuously from my cock for several hours now. Dave’s touch sent a shiver all through my body, and he smiled at my involuntary and visceral reaction. With his hand still firmly gripping my bone hard cock, Dave ducked down beneath my cock and sucked both of my big balls into his hot, wet mouth. I’ve always been proud of the size of my balls, which were each the size of big lemons, so to have someone be able to instantly inhale both of my big bruisers into his mouth was both impressive and intensely erotic. But even that couldn’t compare to the sensations coming from my balls as Dave bathed them inside of his amazingly talented mouth. 

A wet heat enveloped my cum-heavy balls as Dave used his smooth cheeks and incredibly powerful tongue to lap and lick and caress my bloated nuts. The sensation was incredible, and was only further heightened when the bass rumble of his deep moans and groans of pleasure made my huge nuts literally vibrate inside of his mouth. Dave even used his teeth to playfully bite and chew at my fat nuts, working them back to his molars so that he could work them over almost like two huge wads of chewing gum. I was fascinated by watching his powerful jaw muscles bulge and flex as he deformed my rubbery balls in his mouth, using force that stopped just shy of crossing the line into pain. A corner of my mind knew that, if he wanted to, Dave could instantly split my nuts wide open with just one chomp from that powerful lantern jawline, but I felt perfectly safe as the huge muscle stud worked over my dangling balls for many long minutes. 

By the time Dave let my reddened, spit-slickened balls pop wetly out of his mouth, my cum was nearly boiling inside of my heavy nuts, and my big cock had dripped more than a dozen strands of clear nut honey onto his breathtakingly gorgeous face. 

Dave smiled up at me again, making my heart flutter, and then began taking my cock into his mouth. 

Just as with my balls, I’m damn proud of the size of my fat cock. At 9.5 inches long, uncut, and covered with an erotic tracery of thick veins, the only thing hotter than the length of my cock was its astounding girth, which, at 8.75 inches, was a true hole buster. My cock had a gentle downward curve, making it perfect for cock sucking, but its impressive length and even more impressive girth kept all but the most talented of cock suckers from fully deep throating me. 

But Dave swallowed the entirety of my cock as if his throat was built to be the perfect sheath for my fleshy sword. 

I think I did swoon then, for Dave’s huge hands were suddenly gripping the fronts of my quads, effortlessly holding me upright as he slowly sank my cock into the hot depths of his muscular throat. His gorgeous lips were soon wrapped around the base of my thick dick, his face pressed into my short pubes. And then the sucking began. 

I’ve had hundreds of blow jobs from dozens of guys, but nothing before had felt like this. The thick straps of muscle of Dave’s truly bullish neck seemed to contract and flex in perfect symphony, providing the most toe-curling sensations my poor cock had ever experienced. Not only were his neck muscles huge and powerful, but the sheer muscular control the big man had was extraordinary! Dave’s hot throat felt tighter, hotter, and wetter than any hole I’d ever fucked before, and I knew it wouldn’t take me long to blow my load. 

After swallowing me to the root, Dave slowly withdrew my cock from his muscular throat until the swollen head was back in his mouth. He would then swirl his muscular tongue around my glans before plunging my cock balls deep into his throat once more. He did this 10, 12, 15 times, each time ratcheting up the erotic sensations higher and higher until I thought I would burst from pleasure. My groans become louder and louder, and more and more urgent, until I knew I was right there at the precipice. 

Then, at the last moment, Dave hauled my entire cock out of his mouth in one wet slurp, and then let it flex and bulge in the open air, just a hairsbreadth from orgasm! I desperately tried to shove it back into his mouth, struggling against the stud’s iron grip, but Dave was too ferociously strong for me. Hell, if I could just graze my cock against the side of the hunk’s outrageously handsome face, I knew that’s all it would have taken to put me over the edge! But Dave just chuckled and kept on teasing me, denying me release. He even playfully blew on my swollen and aching member, the light tickling of air over the crown of my cock keeping me right there at the razor’s edge. Man, the stud was playing me like a fiddle! And I was loving every second of it! 

Dave must have kept me at the brink of orgasm for a good full minute, though it felt like an eternity. Slowly, however, my wellhead of cum began to retreat, and I slowly came down from the edge. Now I was the one huffing and sweating like some rutting beast, but that seemed to satisfy Dave, for he stood up and said to me, “There! Now your pump is primed and lubed, and you can get on with fucking my big ass!” 

Recognizing the height difference between us, some of the guys brought over a portable platform for me to stand on, and placed it behind Dave’s mammoth form. I got behind the huge man as well, and gazed at his hairy ass, the epitome of male muscular perfection. I longed to shove my cock deep into his shit chute, but first, I had to taste him. I dropped to my knees on the platform, my face now perfectly level with Dave’s scrumptious ass, and grabbed onto those two enormously muscular globes with both hands. Damn, his muscles were so incredibly hard and firm that my strong fingers could barely dent their surfaces, and that was with his muscles completely relaxed! I asked him to flex his huge butt cheeks, and both globes erupted with the most deeply etched and chiseled striations I had ever seen! Now, my fingers really COULDN’T dent those muscles in the slightest, and I realized that Dave’s flexed ass probably truly could deflect bullets!!

Dave relaxed his ass again, and this time I buried my face into his lightly hairy crack, digging with my tongue until I discovered the tiny rosebud of his puckered sphincter. Dave threw back his handsome head and let out a powerful moan as I circled his asshole with my muscular tongue, and then he moaned even louder as my searching tongue began to probe inside of him. I used a liberal amount of my own spit to lube Dave up as best I could, trying to relax his opening for the anal assault that was to come. I wasn’t hung NEARLY as outrageously huge as Dave — hell, in truth, NO ONE was! — but I was still hung long and thick enough to have reduced grown men to whimpering babies in the past, and even as big and as muscular as Dave was, I suspected he wouldn’t be much different. 

The smell of Dave’s male musk made my head swim as I chowed down on his hole. I reached between his legs and roughly fondled his massive, dangling sac with both hands, firmly kneading and groping both melon-sized bollocks with my strong fingers. After the recent brutal beating they’d received from the baseball bat, Dave’s mighty bull balls felt a little bit softer and squishier than they’d been before, but I was astounded by how much firmness still remained. Damn, maybe I hadn’t gotten nearly as close to rupturing the stud’s goliath bull balls as I’d thought! The outer tissues felt a bit spongy and gave slightly at my touch, but their inner cores were still as dense and rock solid as ever! Holy FUCK but this stud had some tough nuts!! 

Dave seemed to once again read my mind as he said, “You know what, I think just being fucked by you isn’t going to be challenge enough, Josh. I think a ball vise might be in order, don’t you? Come to think of it, we’ll probably need TWO of them! They just don’t seem to make ball vises big enough to squeeze BOTH of my big boys at the same time…” 

Some of the guys hustled over with a few of the largest vises that we had in the club, and Dave selected two identical vises for use on his huge balls. Both vises were heavy affairs, each consisting of two very large plexiglas plates connected by a stainless steel winch and crank system. The two parallel, square-shaped plates of each vise were an inch thick and about a foot long on each side, their translucent surfaces allowing everyone to clearly see whatever objects were trapped between the two plates. The stainless steel winch allowed the two plates to open to as much as 6 inches apart, and to close so that the faces of the two plates completely touched. Just one of those vises was big enough to crush even Big Bruno’s extra large bollocks nearly as flat as pancakes, but it was clearly going to require TWO of those vises to deal with Dave’s mammoth whale nuts, one mighty bollock per vise. 

While I continued to hungrily eat out the biggest, beefiest, tastiest ass in the universe, I grudgingly released my hold on Dave’s heavy, hot, and impossibly humongous nuts, and let the other guys start securing the vises around the giant orbs. Even at their widest setting, though, the vises didn’t open up large enough to easily accommodate the sheer gigantic mass of Dave’s huge whoppers, so the guys used their own blunt fingers to force and wedge Dave’s only slightly malleable balls into the plexiglas jaws. I realized with a start that they probably couldn’t have succeeded in their task if I hadn’t softened those big bruisers up a bit first with my fists and later with the baseball bat, but after a lot of effort and elbow grease, Dave’s massive nuts were firmly secured roughly in the center of each vise. 

Their work complete, the guys let the two vises hang from Dave’s firmly secured balls, admiring their handiwork. The vises were actually quite heavy, weighing about 20 pounds each, but we all knew that such weight was mere child’s play for a stud like Dave, and sure enough, he took the added weight in stride. In fact, his huge balls, which were already hanging down a good 4 inches below his crotch after the brutal tug of war they’d recently survived, didn’t drop a single millimeter further with the addition of 40 more pounds. Yeah, this muscle bull was built TOUGH, that’s for sure! 

I could clearly see Dave’s huge balls even while standing behind him, and they looked even more erotic and masculine than ever, somewhat smooshed between two sets of thick plexiglas plates. In fact, EVERYTHING about this amazing man was looking more gorgeous and manly than ever — his gigantic pumped up muscles, his well over a foot-and-a-half of mammoth man meat, his gigantic muscle ass, his cocky grin, his piercing blue eyes, his achingly handsome face. I wanted this huge lug of a man now more than ever! 

I mounted the platform behind big Dave, and I reached around and cupped as much of that vast expanse of thick and dense and hairy pec meat as I could as I said right into his ear, “You ready to get your muscle ass plowed by my huge cock, Dave?” 

“Oh fuck yeah, Josh!” Dave said in return, his voice even deeper and huskier than before. “I need you to breed my big muscle ass! Plant your stud seed in my hungry bull butt, you sexy fucker! Claim me and make me yours!” 

Dave reached out with both of his unbelievably massive arms and once again gripped the two support beams on either side of him, bracing himself for the fucking and testicle torment that was about to begin. 

I reached down with one hand to grab the base of my hard on, and I swear it was bigger and fatter and harder than it’s ever been in my life. I aimed my cock and pushed through the warm, muscular crevasse between Dave’s ginormous butt cheeks until I was tapping right on his back door. I nibbled and licked at the side of his bullish neck and whispered in his ear as I pressed harder and harder against that tight ring of muscle, slowly trying to force my way in, as my free hand kneaded Dave’s gigantic left pec and played with the rock hard pebble of his thick nipple. The big dude was moaning and gently gyrating his hips, going crazy with lust for me. For ME! WOW!! I felt like the sexiest, luckiest stud in the world, cuz I was about to fuck Big Dave’s big ass. 

No matter how hard I pushed, though, I just couldn’t seem to break past Dave’s ultra tight anal ring. It felt like my rock hard cock was going to snap in half, I was pushing so hard against Dave’s hole! Bruno seemed to sense my problem, though, so he knelt down next to Dave, took the right ball vise in his hands, and gave the screw one full, sharp twist. 

Dave’s eyes flew open and a bellow of pain and surprise erupted from his lungs as he felt his huge right nard compress flatter between the two plexiglas plates. But that temporary shock was all I needed, for it distracted Dave just long enough to allow his sphincter to relax a bit, and I could feel my swollen dick head suddenly pop inside the big guy’s butt. 

Dave and I both simultaneously gasped as we felt my cock force its way inside of him, and both of our muscular bodies went rigid with the incredibly erotic sensation. I held myself there for many long moments, feeling Dave’s incredibly strong and tight butt ring quivering around my invading cock, but soon — faster than I thought possible — I felt Dave’s hole suddenly release as he started to grow accustomed to my huge size. 

Still, I took it really slow as I steadily forced the rest of my thick shaft inside of him. Dave’s manly grunts and cries only turned me on more, making my huge cock pulse and flex even bigger inside of the sexy muscle stud, opening him up even more to my very challenging girth. 

And while I was pushing my way into Dave’s dark, beefy depths, the guys manning the vises proceeded to slowly crank both screws, steadily flattening out and crushing both of Dave’s mammoth bull balls. Dave’s balls were MONSTROUSLY thick, so it was going to take a long time to close those vises, but every millimeter of crushing force was obviously causing the huge muscle stud some serious pain, for he grunted and bellowed and flexed continuously as the guys kept on cranking the screws. 

It wasn’t long before I was buried to the hilt up Dave’s scorching hot ass, grinding my pelvis against the huge, round globes of his hard, muscular ass and squashing my OWN nuts nearly flat against their virtually unyielding surfaces. Good GOD but Dave was tight, and his muscles squeezed down on my cock like their own fleshy vise, eliciting sensations that made my toes curl. But I didn’t want to cum too soon, for I knew that Dave would need me to help get him off before his huge nuts were crushed like a pair of mammoth grapes. I therefore stroked my cock in and out of Dave’s magnificent ass with exquisite slowness, plowing him as deeply as possible with each and every slow stroke. 

Meanwhile, Dave’s balls were flattening out nicely. The men were grunting with effort, for Dave’s incredibly dense balls were putting up tremendous resistance, but in a matter of some 5 or 6 minutes, the space between the plates had been reduced by half, trapping Dave’s groaning and straining nuts in a narrow space that measured a mere 3 inches across, and was continuing to slowly decrease. Dave’s bollocks were so fantastically huge that, with a gap of only 3 inches separating the foot-square plates, the stud’s squashed nut meat filled nearly the entire face of each plate, with just the corners showing clear. FUCK, even THESE huge vises weren’t going to be big enough to effectively crush Dave’s gigantic bull balls!! 

Nevertheless, the guys kept on grunting and straining and turning those screws tighter and tighter still, until big bubbles of Dave’s dark red nut meat began to bulge out each side of the vise! It seemed impossible that a man’s testicles could be so hideously deformed and still maintain their structural integrity, but Dave’s behemoth balls somehow continued to endure, even though they were being distorted into shapes never meant to be achieved by human flesh. 

I was in heaven, living out my greatest fantasies with the handsomest, hunkiest, mightiest stud of a man that had ever lived, a gargantuan bull of a man who was begging me to fuck him harder and faster even as the seat of his spectacular manhood, his oversized gonads, were being slowly crushed to oblivion by the pair of cruel vises. I was plunging my rock hard cock into the hottest, tightest, most muscular ass I had ever seen, and my hands were roaming over the most massive, chiseled physique in the world. I explored every inch of that magnificent body that was within my reach — his gigantic traps, those boulder shoulders, his tremendously wide and thick lats, those monstrously muscular and powerful arms, and the deeply chiseled and perfectly formed cobblestones of his glorious 8-pack of abs. But my favorite area to grab was the vast expanse of Dave’s two hairy pec muscles. They were so tremendously wide, so unbelievably thick, so impossibly dense that my hands kept returning to them, cupping their heaving undersides, roaming over their mighty curves, caressing their great meaty acreage. I kept tweaking and stroking and pinching the thick nipples as well, nearly lost in the dark hairy forest that covered both pecs, making Dave moan and groan in pleasure even as he grunted, bellowed, and flexed with the unreal pain being inflicted upon his colossal nuts. 

The bubbles of tortured nut meat protruding out the sides of the two vises grew larger and larger as the distance between the plates was reduced to a mere two inches. and then smaller still. These straining bulbs of nut meat were each larger than some men’s entire nutsacs, and bulged bigger and bigger as the vise plates threatened to touch. Bruno took a break from twisting the handle on his vise to inspect one of these big bulges of straining testicular tissue, running his blunt fingertips over the distorted nut meat and feeling how hard and dense the tissue felt. Bruno then flicked one of his thick fingers against that straining mass of flesh with a sharp ‘thwack’, and Dave’s whole body shuddered in response. That was all the response that the grinning Bruno needed, for he then wrapped one of his hands around that ballooning bubble of man meat and squeezed, hard. 

Dave threw his handsome head back and unleashed his greatest howl of agony yet. The tortured segment of ball flesh in Bruno’s big paw dimpled and deformed even further under the man’s immensely powerful fist, and it seemed impossible to me that Dave’s horrifically deformed nut didn’t simply burst in Bruno’s clenching hand. But somehow that big, beefy ball continued to hold, even as another man took up the crank and started crushing the mammoth spud anew. 

Following Bruno’s lead, even more men crowded around Dave’s massive, muscle-quivering form and lent their own hands to the task of torturing the handsome hunk’s trapped nuts. Each man gripped one of the eight huge nut segments available and started assaulting it however he saw fit. A couple of the guys were gentle, simply fondling or licking their chosen bubble of ball meat, but most of the guys were downright brutal. Several followed Bruno’s lead and gripped and squeezed their nut segment, while others rained hard-knuckled punches into the straining tissue, threatening to burst the dark red meat beneath their fists. These nut segments continued to swell and grow as the distance between the plates continued to diminish, reaching an unbelievably narrow one-inch gap. Dave’s mammoth nuts were now crushed to a mere fraction of their normal girth, and were continuing to be crushed beneath the relentlessly narrowing plexiglas plates. 

As much as this whole scene was turning me on, the rational part of my brain was awash with alarm bells, because there was simply no WAY that even Dave’s behemoth boulder balls could endure such heavy abuse for much longer. With hands and fists squeezing and punching the various segments of nut flesh that were not being brutally crushed in the deadly embrace of the vise plates, every last cubic centimeter of Dave’s whopping whale nuts were under a vicious and violent assault, and I knew it was ultimately going to be up to me to save Dave’s magnificent bollocks from annihilation. Simply put, I had to make Dave cum. So I began to rapidly increase the rate at which I piston fucked his ass, driving my huge cock in and out of Dave’s tight and meaty ass as hard and as fast as I could. The loud staccato ‘SLAP-SLAP-SLAP’ of my big balls slamming against Dave’s mighty ass cheeks over and over again was so loud that it could be heard even over Dave’s own deafening bellows of pain. A terrible pain was building inside of my own churning balls, for I was slamming my poor nuts so hard into Dave’s unyielding butt muscles that it felt like my own nuts were under a brutal fist assault, but I was so concerned for Dave that I gritted my teeth through the pain and kept right on pumping my muscular hips, desperate to bring the huge stud to orgasm for his fourth time of the night. 

Throughout all of this insanely brutal testicle torture, Dave’s mighty form remained firmly rooted to the floor, his huge hands clenching the steel support girders so hard that his knuckles were turning white. In an unbelievably powerful show of will power and sheer stamina, Dave refused to give up or give in, determined to endure every ounce of abuse that the rest of us were willing to inflict on his magnificent body. He could have effortlessly swatted us away at any moment, stopping the attack on his heroically straining nuts and removing the offending vises. But Dave was determined to prove to us just how tough he really was, and he therefore continued to willingly submit to tortures that were rapidly redlining even his incredibly powerful and durable balls, laying his own unparalleled manhood on the line in the ultimate test of manly strength. 

Dave was babbling almost incoherently at this point, alternately muttering invectives and encouragement between punctuations of his own deep baritone bellows of agony. The muscle giant begged me to fuck him harder and faster and deeper, and he commanded the other guys to crush his nuts even harder, to punch and squeeze his protruding nut flesh with all of their might. He challenged them to try to wreck his nuts, to break them, shatter them, destroy them. And the rest of us did our best to comply. Despite the super human levels of pain, however, Dave’s cock remained hard as granite, the thick veins coursing up and down its colossal length looking like they would burst through the skin at any moment, even as clear precum continued to pour out of its gaping tip like a broken faucet. 

At some point, one of the guys had the bright idea of sucking a bulging nut meat segment into his mouth, something that the sheer impossible size and bulk of Dave’s balls would have prohibited under normal circumstances. He engulfed that thick nut bubble and began chowing down on a huge mouthful of dense ball flesh, crushing the fat oval of nut meat between his gnashing molars. I was sure the resulting howl of anguish and agony from big Dave could have been heard for five blocks in every direction, for the unreal pain caused every muscle in the man’s goliath form to flex to its absolute limit. Seeing the bull’s fantastic reaction, the other seven guys quickly followed suit, sucking their own segment of bulging nut flesh into their mouths and chomping down with their teeth. 

Dave’s entire body began to violently thrash and shudder, knocking the platform out from beneath my feet. I desperately clung to the huge muscle man, one arm wrapped tightly around his thick, bullish neck and the other around one of his gigantic shoulders. I felt like I was riding one of those mechanical bucking broncos that you might see in a western bar, only my bull was 100% flesh and muscle. I nevertheless continued to pound Dave’s ass as hard and as fast as I could, feeling my own long overdue orgasm starting to build in my balls. I was beginning to panic. Could I get Dave to cum in time to save his beautiful balls? Could I hold back my own orgasm long enough to make Dave blow his nut? Or would Dave sacrifice his glorious manhood, his spectacular bollocks fracturing and shattering and exploding before our very eyes…? 

I began to bellow as well, crushing my balls as hard and as fast against Dave’s stone hard ass as I could, using the gut-wrenching and soul-shattering pain to hold back my growing orgasm as long as I could. But it was readily clear that nothing short of the obliteration of my own throbbing balls was going to stop the freight train of my orgasm. Finally I could hold back no longer. I threw my head back, gripped Dave’s humongous pecs as hard as I could, and began to pump my seed into the huge man’s glorious backside. 

I actually saw stars as I came, the sensation so powerful and so overwhelming that my vision dimmed and I thought I might lose consciousness. My cock began throbbing and pulsing like never before in my life, and I thought my entire groin might explode under the intensity of the sensation. It felt like I was pumping my very essence, my very soul, into Dave’s hot and moist bung hole. The experience was awesome, terrible, transcendent. 

A few moments later, a deep grumble began to build inside Dave’s enormous barrel chest, growing louder and louder until it erupted in the most bone-shattering bellow yet. And then Dave hit his mark as well. 

Dave’s ass and rectum muscles suddenly squeezed down so hard that my poor throbbing cock was instantly and completely trapped, unable to move in the slightest. The mounting pressure felt like it was going to break my swollen and aching cock, and I screamed at the extreme sensation, even as the insane tightness caused my orgasm to intensity even further. I could actually FEEL that pulsations of Dave’s mighty cock cannon through our conjoined bodies, and though I couldn’t see his cum load, by the shouts of surprise and dismay and the loud, wet ‘THUNK! THUNK! THUNK!’ of huge cum wads hitting stone, wood, and flesh, I knew that my beautiful bull was once again wowing the crowd with his super human virility. 

Our nearly simultaneous orgasm seemed to go on forever and ever, Dave’s clenching muscles milking my cock far past any conceivable human limits. By all rights, my quivering balls SHOULD have been drained utterly dry by this point, but I could still feel lush pulses of sperm rocketing out of my cock with each tremendous pulse, to bury my hot and boiling seed deep inside my handsome bull. 

I was dimly aware that the other guys were still continuing to crush and chew and squeeze and gnaw on Dave’s big, bountiful balls even as they coughed up their magnificent load, but I was so overwhelmed with my own bliss that I wasn’t aware of the extreme danger Dave was in. All of that changed when the sharp and very loud report echoed through the room. 


Oh god, what had we DONE!?!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Genital Weight-Lifter’s Club - Part 5

The Genital Weight-Lifter’s Club - Part 5
Based on an original story by Bagoas 

Men who enjoy hanging weights from their testicles, pushing the limits of what they can carry … and sometimes with disastrous consequences. 


Dave’s suggestion was met by eager cheers from the other men, all of whom wanted a chance to personally test the awesome strength of the muscle man’s almighty nuts. One of the guys produced a long coil of white nylon rope, and Dave smiled at me as he offered up his gigantic balls, wanting me to do the honors. 

Dave cradled his ballsac for me in one massive hand, the two titanic testicles overflowing even his huge paw, while I noosed the relatively narrow neck of his scrotum with a loop of the rope. I pulled the noose taut, trapping Dave’s behemoth balls in the very bottom of their sac, and then placed several more loops around his scrotal neck for good measure, making sure the end of the rope was nice and secure around his choked off balls. As I finished wrapping up his herculean gonads, I looked up at Dave with pleading eyes and whispered, “Please, be careful Dave!” 

The warmth in Dave’s eyes as he gazed back down at me all but melted my heart as he whispered his husky reply. “Don’t you worry about me, Josh. I can handle this rabble!” He winked at me at that point, and then raised up one huge hand and gently cupped the entire side of my face before saying, “Besides, I have every motivation to win this tug of war contest. I mean, I’m going home with YOU tonight, aren’t I?” 

My heart positively leapt in my chest, and I’m sure I returned Dave’s megawatt smile with one of my own, for he gave me another kiss and then released me. Dave then addressed the rest of the crowd and said, “So who wants to challenge me?” 

A forest of hands rose in the crowd, and everyone laughed at the sight. A chuckling Dave picked three guys, some of the biggest men in the club, and asked them to take up the other end of the rope. The crowd formed a big rough circle around the combatants as they took up their positions. Dave stood between two tall metal girders, supports for the ceiling above, and grasped the edges of the two ‘H’ shaped beams with each hand. He was clearly going to use the support columns as anchors to hold himself in place, while the three guys at the other end of the rope did their best to pull Dave’s huge nuts off. 

I was both horrified and excited, turned on like never before in my life, and filled with fear that something terrible could happen to Dave’s magnificent man orbs. But like the others, I stood back a couple of paces, content to be a spectator for this round of events. 

Dave flexed his massive arms a couple of times, looking like an even mightier version of Samson about to topple the temple columns. He took a couple of deep breaths, planted his big naked feet firmly on the ground, and grinned at his opponents. At a barked signal, the competition began. 

All three men seemed to pull on the rope in unison, throwing their bodies backward to place as much strain on the rope as possible. Dave grunted as he clenched his jaw and clung fast to the two steel girders, holding his massive body perfectly in place and letting his big, bulky balls take the full brunt of the force. The dangle of his huge nuts, which had retracted to its original 2 inches during the cock curling exhibition, was instantly more than doubled as more than 700 pounds of sweaty, straining man began to tear at his mighty balls. 

Dave’s unnaturally thick ball cords stood out in deep relief as his scrotal skin was stretched thin. Those mighty cords were visibly straining against the strength of three grown men, but those thick tethers were clearly up to the task, for they remained firmly anchored in Dave’s muscular, hairy crotch. But even as I watched, their stretch increased from 4.5 inches to 5 inches, nearly equaling the maximum stretch they’d achieved while lifting the 380-pound weight stack off the floor, and I didn’t think that they could stretch any farther. 

I was wrong. 

Dave was grimacing and visibly straining, but he held fast to the two steel girders, and the additional steel girder jutting proudly between his legs was as hard and randy as ever. It was clear that he wanted more, and that’s what he got. At a barked command from the straining muscle beast, another two men joined the human chain tugging at the nylon rope tied to Dave’s huge, straining balls. 

The addition of two more big men pulling at Dave’s huge nuts instantly increased their stretch to an astounding 6 inches, triple their usual dangle!! Dave bellowed in obvious pain, and his entire crotch was pulled forward several inches, but then he clenched his teeth and grunted with effort, and hauled his crotch backward until he was standing fully upright again. His effort actually pulled the other five men forward a step or two, and as I did the rough math in my head, I realized that big Dave was holding strong against more than 1,200 pounds of pulling, tugging, heaving, grunting men! The sight was incredible!! 

Out of concern for my big muscle stud, I stepped forward to more closely inspect his huge balls and their straining cords. The huge, bulky bull nuts looked even bigger than ever as they strained against the very bottom of their overstretched sac, looking like they could burst forth at any moment! The scrotal skin looked like it was stretched perilously thin around its massive contents, with the balls themselves turning an angry reddish-purple with their customary blood supply all but cut off by the constraining ropes. Big veins were once again erupting all over their vast, curved surfaces, further evidence of their extraordinary strain. 

The neck of Dave’s overstretched ballsac looked to be in even greater peril, if that was possible. The normally thick neck of Dave’s sac had more than tripled in length, which meant it had narrowed considerably as well. The entire neck looked to be only about an inch thick, and to test my theory, I wrapped my index finger and thumb around the midpoint of Dave’s more than 6-inch-long, stretched out sac, and my finger and thumb met without touching the taut skin itself! I changed my hand’s position to gently grip the hairy scrotal neck, and I could instantly tell that the thick ball cords and cables were stretched as tight as bow strings! Fuck, they felt like they could SNAP at any moment!! Yet somehow they doggedly endured, even as the five men continued to pull and roughly yank at Dave’s big bruisers. 

Dave’s scrotal neck was slick with sweat and the gloopy remnants of his two previous cum loads, so I used all of those fluids to gently but firmly masturbate Dave’s wildly elongated nutsac. The feeling of having my hand jack off his overstretched ball cords must have been powerfully erotic to the big stud, as his grunts and barks of pain started to become punctuated with deep moans of pleasure. So I just kept on masturbating his stretched scrotal neck with one hand, while working as much of his drooling knob and first few inches of enormous, precum-slickened shaft as I could with my other hand. 

The battle of man versus balls continued in this fashion for several more long minutes, and then Dave suddenly called out for Big Bruno to be added to the tug of war chain. The huge man gladly stepped forward, picking up the trailing end of the rope and wrapping it around his muscular body. The big dude was going to be the anchor for his team, and with almost 300 pounds of muscle mass to contribute to the struggle, he was going to bring his team’s total weight to just over 1,500 pounds! That was three-quarters of a TON of grunting and straining muscle!! How could Dave’s huge balls ever HOPE to survive!?! 

On the count of three, all six men lurched backward with all of their might, their big muscles straining as they put all of their weight and all of their strength into pulling on that nylon rope. And the effects were devastating. 

Dave had been prepared for the attack, so he flexed his great arms and even more massive legs, holding himself firmly in place as the violent and brutal assault hit his mammoth nuts. Incredibly, IMPOSSIBLY, Dave’s balls added another two inches to their dangle to reach a record-shattering 8 inches of scrotal stretch!! Dave bellowed in agony, but he refused to budge an inch, instead enduring every ounce of that beyond-brutal stretch to his balls, a stretch that threatened to rip off his colossal cajones at any second!! 

“Josh!” the straining muscle man cried. “I need your help buddy! I need to cum!” 

“What do you need me to do, Dave!?” I shouted in response, my heart thundering in my chest. 

“Grab that baseball bat! Start beating my balls! Don’t hold back! HURRY!” 

Thrilled and horrified, I grabbed the big aluminum bat from the weight rack, took careful aim at the double-barreled package of bloated nut meat, and swung the bat in a deadly arc right into their meaty center. 


The rope had Dave’s huge bull nuts pulled so tight that they didn’t budge more than a few millimeters, absorbing almost every ounce of my brutal blow. The incredibly dense flesh of Dave’s nuts had no choice but to give slightly from the force of the invading baseball bat, visibly denting and deforming as their bulk absorbed the blow, only to instantly regain their rounded shapes as soon as the bat bounced off of their hard, rubbery surface. 

But despite the vicious force behind my blow, Dave shouted, “C’mon stud! You can do better than THAT! That was just a love tap! Don’t hold back now! I need you to OBLITERATE these huge baby makers of mine!” 

Not needing any more encouragement, I took careful aim again, and then imagined that Dave’s huge balls were a candy-filled piƱata. With that in mind, I swung the bat as hard as I fucking could, connecting with devastating force right into Dave’s straining nut meat. 


“FUCK!! YES!!” Dave hollered. “That’s more like it, my handsome stud! Now again! Whack ‘em like you MEAN it!!” 


“UNNH, GOD, YES!! FUCK YEAH!! Keep it up, my boy! Club the life outta my huge spuds! Wreck ‘em!! RUPTURE ‘em!! I can fucking TAKE it!!” 





I was now striking Dave’s humongous balls with truly nut-shattering force, hitting them as hard as I could, so drunk on lust that I was heedless of what sort of damage I might be causing to him. The metal bat let me clobber Dave’s thick nuts so much harder than I could with my mere fists, and a sick grin spread across my face as I could feel the business end of the bat begin to sink farther into all of that dense nut meat with each brutal strike! Dave’s gigantic bollocks were starting to soften up under the relentless beating, proving that they weren’t actually indestructible after all! 

But despite the insane 8-inch stretch to his nut cords and the violent hammering of his titanic balls, Dave kept bellowing for more, telling me to hit his balls harder, and harder, and even harder still! An orgy of violence was being unleashed on the muscle stud’s impossibly tough balls, and not only was the handsome hunk enduring it, he was shouting out for more! The whole scene was UNREAL!! 

After a dozen or so blows, any of which would have cracked and broken any other man’s balls, Dave appeared to still be going strong. But I could tell that his battered nuts were taking quite a beating, and were starting to feel a little bit squishy with each subsequent blow. I could also see the darker purple of bruises already starting to erupt all over their mammoth surface, evidence that I was really doing some damage with the relentless clubbing that I had unleashed on his defenseless testicles. I somehow couldn’t bring myself to stop hammering away at his stretched out nuts, though, almost like I was a man possessed - and it was clear that Dave wouldn’t have wanted me to stop anyway. He continued babbling away, ordering us to hurt his balls even more, while he pumped his muscular hips and fucked the air with the most massive, towering, colossal bull cock in existence. 

A desperate corner of my mind was praying that Dave would cum soon, before I reduced his boulder balls to worthless gravel or they were simply ripped right off of his extraordinary, muscular body. Either option seemed dangerously imminent — after several dozen blows with the aluminum baseball bat, Dave’s bull balls had softened to the point where it felt like I was striking two big sacs of warm, lumpy oatmeal, and Dave was thrusting his hips so hard that he’d added yet ANOTHER inch of stretch to his impossibly stretched out scrotum, bringing his total dangle to NINE INCHES!! Not even this monstrous, muscular, bull-hung BEAST of a man could possibly endure this much testicular abuse!!! 


Like a crack of thunder, a loud snapping noise reverberated in the room, and all six big men pulling on the rope suddenly tumbled backwards, all tension in the line instantly gone. For a panicked second or two, I feared that the sound was that of Dave’s beyond-redlined ball cords breaking all at once, heralding the bull stud’s violent castration. My eyes quickly found Dave’s bruised and battered balls, though, hanging a good 4 inches below his pulsating mega cock, still proudly attached to his body with a couple of feet of rope dangling below them. The frayed end of the rope told the story — the tough nylon rope, unable to take the strain of being pulled so hard in two directions, had suddenly snapped, sending Big Bruno and his team sprawling to the floor. 

But not Dave. No, that huge titan of a man kept his balance and remained upright, gripping the two support beams so tight I thought for sure they’d buckle as he bellowed in victory… and hit his third orgasm of the night! 

Even after seeing the stud’s first two cum loads with my own eyes, I still wasn’t prepared for the force and fury of Dave’s impossibly voluminous load. His titanic tower of a cock lurched and heaved like some angry beast, reminding me of one of those bucking bulls you might see at a rodeo, shooting out gargantuan ropes and ribbons of cum all over the fallen combatants more than a dozen feet away! Jesus, where did he STORE all of the stuff!?! Even Dave’s boulder balls didn’t seem large enough to hold so much thick and chunky cum!! 

Dave aggressively fucked thin air, snarling and grunting as he pounded out his third record-breaking cum load of the evening. Several of the guys on the floor, including Big Bruno himself, began to spontaneously orgasm as they felt Dave’s hot seed lashing across their naked bodies, adding their own big loads to the monstrous emissions being pumped out of Dave’s monster cock. I held onto my own cum load by sheer will alone, and had to drop the baseball bat and grab the shoulder of a nearby buddy to keep from dropping to my knees. 

Dave looked absolutely breathtaking as he pounded out his thick load, like some god of masculinity made flesh and bone. We all marveled at the herculean hunk as he hit his nut, and I’m sure that by this point, we’d all fallen in love with him. How could we not? 

It took a good 15 or 16 gigantic cum shots before Dave’s orgasm began to ratchet down, and even then there were another good 7 or 8 impressive spurts before his ejaculation finally ceased, dumping what looked to be close to another gallon of stud splooge all over the club’s cement floor. The six naked men on the ground looked like they’d been on the receiving end of an epic bukkake session involving at least 100 men, and it didn’t seem possible that all of that thick and creamy cum had come from just one man. But we’d all seen and it knew it was true. Dave was truly a god of sex! 

Dave continued to grip the support beams for a good minute or more after the end of his orgasm, riding the wave as he regained his breath and his senses. His muscles had exploded into even greater size after all of the exertion, and I wanted nothing more than to jump on him then and there and explore every swollen inch of him with every part of my body. 

The smiling titan turned to me and said, “Whew! Thank you Josh! You gave my big balls one hell of a beating, and I’ll be feeling that for DAYS! You can beat my fat nuts anytime, stud!” 

“But I still have at least one more huge load sloshing around inside these big powerhouse nuts of mine, and I’m going to need some help getting it all out. I think it’s finally time you got fully naked, Josh, so you can stick that big, thick cock of yours up my big, muscular ass and breed me deep. I NEED your cock inside me, man! Whaddya say? You wanna fuck my ass?”