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Octopussy (REVISED) - Chapter 3

Based on an original story created by inkquill, with artwork by Cervantes



Ryan awoke from a fitful slumber to find that wan morning light was just starting to leak in through the windows high up on one concrete wall. This weak light was more than enough for the super soldier’s genetically enhanced vision to see the tall form standing against the far wall, near the only door to the room. Seeing that Ryan was now awake, this tall form slowly strode forward, revealing a man in his early 40s clothed in a white lab coat, dark pants, and black shoes. Despite his completely bald head, the older man was quite handsome, and clearly worked hard to stay fit, for his body even beneath the white coat was obviously trim and well muscled. 

Based on the man’s age and height, Lt. Mitchell correctly guessed that this was the infamous Doctor Schaller, one of the top scientists working for the nefarious Agency. And the moment the older man opened his mouth and spoke his perfect English with a strongly German accent, Ryan knew for certain that his guess was correct. 

“Good morning, Lt. Ryan Mitchell, and welcome to my humble laboratory,” Doctor Schaller said with a sly chuckle. “How kind of you to drop in!” 

The scientist began to circle the bound and helpless muscle giant, appraising him with a critical eye. “I had thought that perhaps our intelligence reports regarding Project Adam were exaggerations, but now I see that instead they didn’t do you justice! You are magnificent!! Utterly MAGNIFICENT!! Your physique is spectacularly massive and unparalleled in its beauty, you are amazingly handsome, and you do indeed have a set of ridiculously oversized genitals that would make a stud bull jealous! I am impressed, extremely impressed indeed, and I must praise your American scientists who created such a perfect vessel of manhood. I very much look forward to learning your military’s secrets regarding how they created a super man such as you. I may be able to incorporate some of their methods into my own experiments…”

Ryan clenched his ridiculously powerful jaw at the doctor’s words, anger seething through every ounce of his being, but he refused to speak to his evil captor. Doctor Schaller didn’t seem to notice Lt. Mitchell’s reticence, and continued addressing the massively muscled soldier as if they were having a completely normal conversation. 

“I have just gotten back your preliminary lab analyses and results. Oh yes, did I forget to mention? I took some hair, skin, and tissue samples during your brief period of unconsciousness, as well as blood and other bodily fluids. I will no doubt be studying these samples for months -- if not years -- to come, but I can already confirm that all of your physiological attributes are off the charts, far beyond the realm of human norms. And your genetic code is nothing short of a masterpiece!”

Lt. Mitchell squirmed against his restraints, gigantic muscles bulging and flexing mightily, uncomfortable at being described like some sort of gifted lab rat. Though he was proud of all of his remarkable abilities and utterly loyal to the military science machine that had created him, Ryan was still embarrassed about being a glorified test tube baby, despite all of the super human abilities that afforded him. 

“But these lab results really only tell me part of the story. To get at the real extent of your strength and abilities, I’m going to have to run you through your paces. Perform some ‘stress testing’, if you will.” Doctor Schaller chuckled at his own attempt at humor, and then continued, “I must know just how strong you are, and define the limits of your spectacular abilities, before I can determine exactly what role you can play in my own genetic experiments. So let’s begin, shall we?” 

Doctor Schaller grabbed a large pair of blunt scissors from a nearby table and, with the excitement of a little boy on Christmas morning, he started carefully cutting away at the full body wetsuit that still clung to Ryan’s heroically muscular body like a second skin, starting from the top and working his way down. The young soldier’s utterly magnificent body started coming into view as more and more of his suit was cut away from him. Smooth, perfectly unblemished skin was stretched tight as a drum over muscles so massive, so chiseled, so enormously developed that they would look comical…if they weren’t so overwhelmingly gorgeous and masculine. Ryan’s stunningly handsome head sat upon a neck so bullishly thick with muscle as to defy dress shirt makers everywhere! The young man’s colossal arms were revealed next, bursting with power, each gargantuan gun easily the size of a slender man’s waist! Revealed next were shoulders bigger than basketballs, a phenomenally wide back, and pectoral muscles like thick plates of steel one would see on a tank! The doctor’s eyes bugged out even larger when he cut away more of the wetsuit to display Ryan’s utterly chiseled and corrugated midsection that tapered down to an almost impossibly narrow waist, before flaring out again into a pair of mammoth thighs that were each LARGER than the lad’s own waspish waist! Calves that should more rightly be called ‘bulls’, such was their enormous size and diamond-like hardness, supported those colossal thighs! An ass like a pair of huge muscular boulders, as mouthwateringly shapely as they were massive, were revealed last! The young super soldier was like an ultimate muscle worship fantasy come to life!! 

Soon, all that was left of Ryan’s shredded wetsuit was a tattered, bulging sphere of neoprene struggling valiantly to contain the colossal, protuberant mass of male flesh jutting from the young man’s muscular groin. Doctor Schaller couldn’t believe the sheer eye-popping SIZE of the straining bulge, and he longed to see if the report’s details on the young soldier’s genitals were actually true or just some sort of impossible wet dream. 

The doctor’s hands were visibly trembling with undisguised lust as he carefully cut away the last vestiges of Ryan’s black rubber wetsuit and allowed his enormous cock and balls to finally tumble into view. Doctor Schaller’s jaw literally dropped open as he drank in the enormity of what he was seeing, and Lt. Mitchell couldn’t help but crack a wry smile of his own — he had long grown accustomed to the reactions that his heroically oversized genitals elicited in others back at the military base and science labs, but he still couldn’t help but enjoy the shock and awe that his massive block and tackle produced in others. 

Doctor Schaller first noticed the gigantic slab of limp beef that fell ponderously between the young man’s bound thighs. He was instantly reminded of the huge bratwurst logs he used to see as a child back in Berlin whenever his parents would take him to the butcher’s shop, for even in its completely flaccid state, Ryan’s mighty schlong was easily as long as those enormous tubes of smoked and seasoned meat, and thicker besides! A thick hood of foreskin covered the enormous bulb of meat at the end of that colossal shaft, a shapely cock head that even now in its completely shrunken state was the size of a large ripe apple. The enormous, limp man tool was longer than the biggest boner he’d ever seen on a man, and every bit as thick as a beer can! The doctor couldn’t wait to see how huge the young man’s phallus must get when it was fully hard!! 

The scientist’s wide eyes then took in the utterly enormous sac of man nuts that swung amazingly low behind that mighty beast of a cock. Each colossal testicle was the size of a big, ripe coconut, far surpassing the size of any gonads the doctor had ever seen on man or beast. The twin testes must have been exceptionally dense and heavy as well, for their combined weight stretched out the young man’s scrotum to an astounding 5 inches, the longest natural dangle the doctor had ever seen. The young man’s nuts were so impossibly huge and hung so ponderously low, in fact, that they very nearly stretched down beyond the tip of the muscle man’s 13-inch soft cock! 

With his great prize stripped naked and fully exposed, Doctor Schaller tossed down his scissors and began to hungrily grope and fondle the massive hulking soldier bound spreadeagled before him. Ryan could only grit his perfect teeth in cold fury as he felt his body violated by the scientist’s greedy, groping fingers, and no part of his spectacular body was ignored by the man’s abhorred touch. 

The eager doctor couldn’t believe the sheer SIZE of the young man’s muscles, or how heavy and dense they felt in his exploring hands. They were so hard and solid that it almost felt like someone had stretched warm, soft skin over a living granite statue. Doctor Schaller couldn’t even dent those massive muscles no matter how strong he squeezed his hands — there was no doubt about it, Ryan was built both huge AND tough. 

Doctor Schaller purposely refrained from touching Lt. Ryan’s mammoth genitals until he had first explored every other inch of the young man’s glorious body. Finally, his clutching fingers grasped the foot-plus of spongy cock hanging so huge and heavy from the young man’s crotch. For the first time, the scientist’s fingers could sink into the young man’s genetically-toughened tissues, but only partway, for even completely limp, there was a firmness and density to the young man’s penis that was astonishing. Doctor Schaller throttled the middle of that enormous shaft as hard as he could, trying unsuccessfully to strangle that mighty trouser beast, and feeling the young man’s powerful heartbeat pulsing through that enormous limb of a cock. 

Next, the doctor used both of his big hands to cup the undersides of Ryan’s utterly gargantuan balls, gently lifting those twin bollocks upward for better inspection. Schaller was first struck by how warm Ryan’s nuts were to the touch, almost hot in fact, like a pair of egg-shaped furnaces. The mammoth orbs dwarfed the doctor’s big hands, filling them to overflowing. But perhaps the most astounding realization was that those mighty balls were even heavier than they looked! The young man’s nuts not only looked like a pair of heavy steel shot put balls, they were damn near as heavy as well!! 

“Okay, my hugely-hung friend! It’s time that we find out just how huge this beast of a cock can get. And since you’re unlikely to willingly assist me in that department, I’m going to use one of my toys to get you going.” 

With a wicked smile on his face, Doctor Schaller picked up a large stainless steel dildo and began to lubricate its long metal length. A series of cords and cables extended from the base of the big anal invader, attached to a console with a variety of dials and switches. Once the dildo was sufficiently lubed up, the doctor knelt behind the young man and began to wedge the dildo into the deep crevasse between those colossally muscular butt cheeks. Ryan clenched his ass muscles down with all of his might, but was unable to prevent the slick dildo from slipping into that deep cleft and pressing up against his virgin hole. No matter how hard he tried, the grunting and straining muscle hunk couldn’t keep that blunt metal club from plunging deep into his ass with one powerful thrust! 

Lt. Ryan Mitchell suddenly felt something he’d never experienced before. As the tip of the steel dildo slammed up against his bloated, oversized prostate, a jolt of pure electricity shot through his entire body. And when Doctor Schaller flipped a switch and the invading probe began to vibrate against his swollen sex gland, the young soldier knew for the first time that he was in real trouble. 

Completely against his will, Ryan’s treacherous cock began to slowly bloat and expand as his body reacted to the invasion of his guts. The stunningly handsome young soldier squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his powerful jaw with the effort he was making to will his cock back to softness, but it was soon obvious that he was losing this battle. The already huge cock began to bloat and plump bigger and bigger, adding to its eye-popping length and girth, but still pointing straight down! It wasn’t until the mammoth tool had added a couple of inches in length that it finally began to crank upward, looking like some sort of primordial beast rearing up out of the ocean depths. And STILL it kept on growing, reaching a size never before dreamed of by man! 

Finally, with the humongous, fist-sized cock head nestled between the young man’s massive and utterly magnificent pectoral muscles, Lt. Ryan’s gigantic cock reached its full tumescence. Doctor Schaller produced a cloth tape measure and, with shaking fingers, unfurled the tape down the monumental length of the young soldier’s proud rod. When he read the number at the tip of the young man’s cock, Doctor Schaller almost came spontaneously in his own pants, for Lt. Mitchell’s mighty howitzer of a dick measured an unbelievable — and frankly impossible — 18.5 inches in length!!! His mind reeling from this first number, the doctor then wrapped the tape around the circumference of the titanic, tumescent shaft to measure its girth, and obtained another simply unreal number — 13.75 inches, bigger around than many men’s upper arms!!! That equated to a shaft diameter of very nearly 4.5 inches!!! 

A stunned Doctor Schaller suddenly realized that Lt. Ryan Mitchell, this insanely hot and handsome stack of massive muscles, must still be a virgin! There was simply no WAY that the big-boned stud could possibly fit such a gigantic cock into any human orifice! Hell, even beasts as large as cows, horses, and even elephants might have a struggle accommodating such a massive penis!! With a cruel smirk on his face, the doctor realized that the American scientists were a bit TOO successful with their genetic enhancements, for this super soldier’s bloated cock and balls were so monstrously huge that he couldn’t even mate with his own species! To get a woman pregnant, Ryan would be forced to press his swollen cock head up against her vagina and simply jerk off and shoot his load up her cunnie! Doctor Schaller could almost pity the handsome muscle hunk — he was simply too much of a stud to ever fuck another human being! 

Doctor Schaller continued his exploration of Ryan’s body, now focusing on the rock hard spear of man meat jutting proudly from his muscular crotch. The doctor tried pulling that monster meat in various directions, but could barely get it to budge and inch or two no matter how he tried. The huge shaft was like some unbendable, unbreakable steel girder, and the mighty muscles and ligaments anchoring that massive cock root to his body were so insanely strong and tough that they kept that heavy tower of dense and solid flesh pointing straight upward. 

Oh yes, this was a mighty man indeed! 

“Well, they certainly broke the mold when they made you!” Doctor Schaller said, his voice sounding huskier than before. “You are an utterly magnificent specimen of manhood, Lt. Mitchell! Now it’s time to find out if you’re as unbelievably powerful as you look…”

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Octopussy (REVISED) - Chapter 2

Based on an original story created by inkquill, with artwork by Cervantes



When Lt. Mitchell awoke from a groggy, drug-induced haze, it took him a few minutes to figure out where he was and piece together the disjointed and chaotic events of his recent past. But once he’d shaken off the after effects of the heavy-duty tranquilizer, his memories all came back in a rush.

The U.S. Navy had recently learned the location of a top secret installation of the evil organization known simply as ‘The Agency’, a para-governmental consortium of rich and powerful men dedicated to toppling the world powers and setting themselves up as a hegemony over the entire human race. Previous attempts to storm an Agency installation and obtain useful intel on the organization had thus far been unsuccessful; either the Agency’s files were all destroyed and its leaders gone before U.S. military forces could secure the base, or the American soldiers were decimated by the extremely heavy and sophisticated defenses set in place. To date, no high ranking Agency member had been captured alive, and the military therefore had very little information regarding this deeply secretive organization.

The decision was therefore made to send in an elite strike force, one that might be able to infiltrate the hidden island base and secure vital intel before it was destroyed or compromised by Agency forces. After a brief discussion among the top brass, it was unanimously decided that this was a task for one of their most skilled and elite soldiers — Lieutenant Ryan Mitchell. Lt. Mitchell was the military’s most highly decorated Navy Seal, which was even more impressive as the young man was a mere 21 years of age. The gigantic muscle man was barely legal to drink, yet he had successfully completed more dangerous missions than any other Seal in U.S. naval history. Further, Ryan Mitchell was also the most successful result of the top secret Project Adam, a fact only known to the military’s top officials and scientists. Lt. Mitchell was the only military agent who had the combination of ability, braun, and brains to hope to pull off such a dangerous and important assignment.

Lt. Mitchell was called and briefed about the mission, and the handsome young soldier unhesitantly agreed to take on the dangerous assignment.

Lt. Mitchell boarded a Navy submersible, which headed out under the darkness of night and stopped just over 20 miles north of the uncharted island. The Navy Seal then donned his scuba equipment and prepared for the long swim to the island. The submarine captain clapped the young giant’s enormously muscular shoulder and wished him luck, then helped load the big muscle bull into one of the empty torpedo bays. The hollow tube was built to accommodate massive, hull-piercing underwater projectiles, and yet it was still a tight fit for the extraordinarily muscular soldier. The inner hatch was closed, the tube flooded with water, and the outer hatch opened, allowing Lt. Mitchell to squeeze his way through the tight opening and then out into the open ocean.

Ryan was a supremely powerful swimmer (just as he was a phenomenally powerful runner, climber, boxer, wrestler, etc.) and he was therefore able to cut through the water at tremendous speed. He kept a minimum of 50 feet underwater, the better to avoid radar and infrared detection, and crossed the more than 20 miles to the island in under 2 hours, despite strong counter currents and a powerful undertow.

The crew back on board the submersible was able to monitor the super solider’s progress via a tiny transponder imbedded in the man’s phenomenally muscular forearm. The Naval seamen back on board the submarine were awed and astounded by the young man’s phenomenal speed, as well as by the fact that his thunderously powerful heart rate never went above 40 beats per minute, and his respirations per minute never went above 12. The crew realized that the huge man’s physical abilities far exceeded those of any Olympic athlete, and though the captain refused to speak on the subject, they all suspected that the spectacularly muscular super soldier was even more than he appeared to be.

When Ryan arrived at the island, he surfaced at the base of a sheer cliff, rising more than 500 feet above him. He climbed out of the roughly crashing surf onto broken boulders, shrugged off his goggles, flippers, and only half-spent oxygen tank, and then began the long, arduous, and extremely dangerous climb up the cliff face. Lt. Mitchell was an extremely accomplished climber, however, having free climbed Yosemite’s El Capitan more than a dozen times, and once performing a solo climb to the top of Mount Everest…without the use of supplemental oxygen! This spray-slick cliff face was therefore child’s play for the mighty soldier, and he soon reached the lush tropical plateau at the top of the cliff.

Ryan silently worked his way through the deadly and sophisticated security system outlining the perimeter of the secret base, and finally gained entry to the Agency facility itself. The huge muscle man quietly worked his way deeper and deeper into the facility, avoiding traps and patrols alike, and was very nearly in the heart of the building when the final trap was sprung. Ryan dropped out of an air vent into a large room, and immediately found himself surrounded by more than two dozen paramilitary guards armed with high-powered tranquilizer rifles.

The gigantic Navy Seal stopped in his tracks, instantly realizing that even his amazing agility and lightning reflexes couldn’t hope to get him out of such a situation. He also immediately realized that he had been betrayed, his mission compromised by someone within the highest levels of the U.S. military itself! He knew that he had to escape somehow to provide a warning that the military had been infiltrated by Agency operatives.

That was the huge stud’s last coherent thought as all two dozen guards started firing their rifles at the big, beefy target. The tranquilizer darts themselves were diamond tipped, and thus were able to puncture Ryan’s scuba suit and even his incredibly dense and genetically toughened muscles beneath with relative ease, pumping him full of a powerful sedative.

The two dozen darts puncturing his flesh shot enough sedative into Ryan’s body to take down a raging bull elephant, yet the mighty soldier was made of awesomely tough stuff and merely fell to one knee. His mind was clouding and his great muscles felt like they were made of water, but the super soldier fought to stay conscious. In an astounding display of strength and sheer force of will, the huge muscle bull slowly pulled himself back up on both feet, and started taking a couple of slow, lumbering steps forward toward his assailants. Many of the guards were struck with fear, and more than a few stumbled a couple of steps backward away from the utterly titanic muscle man. Ryan’s phenomenal show of strength was for naught, however, as another two dozen darts hammered into his torso and limbs, pumping even more of the powerful muscle relaxant into his massive body.

This time, Ryan fell heavily onto both knees, swayed a couple of times, and then fell onto his broad and thickly muscled back with a loud and very meaty ‘WHUMP!’

More than a dozen riflemen crowded forward around the fallen muscle hunk. Ryan’s heavy-lidded eyes looked upward at a sea of menacing faces and the muzzles of more than a dozen rifles. His beautiful blue eyes flew open even wider when he realized that every last one of those rifles was trained on his neoprene-clad crotch. He was powerless to act, however, as he felt more than a dozen darts slam into his massive crotch bulge, their sharp spikes burying themselves deep into his most tender of man parts. Ryan had time to bellow in intense pain before everything finally went black.

Now, some unknown time later, the big Navy Seal had fought his way back to consciousness. He found that he had been bound upright between two huge, vertical support columns made of solid steel, thick metal manacles secured around his wrists and ankles and heavy chains binding him to the two steel pillars. He was still clad in his skintight scuba suit, but at least the dozens of darts had been pulled out of his body.

He found himself in some large, high-ceilinged room made of solid concrete. A single door existed in the wall directly opposite from him, and one bank of windows appeared high on the wall to his right, showing a cloudless night sky outside. The scant starlight from outside could only hint at the purpose of the many machines, devices, and instruments crowding the floor and various tables of this large room, and Ryan didn’t want to think too much about what all of this equipment might be for.

With a growing sense of unease, Lt. Mitchell knew he could only wait helplessly for whatever torments and tortures were to come…


Dr. Schaller viewed his prisoner from a series of monitors in his private inner sanctum, the various hidden cameras in the dungeon room providing a detailed and light-enhanced image of the huge muscle man bound in the room’s center. The sheer size and stunning masculine beauty of the enormous muscle bull almost took the doctor’s breath away, and he found that his heart was hammering in his chest at the mere sight of this most spectacular of males. The details in the classified report couldn’t begin to adequately describe the phenomenally muscular size and almost ridiculously square-jawed beauty of this fantastic young man. The tight scuba suit did nothing to hide the overwhelmingly massive SIZE of the stud’s gigantic musculature, and Dr. Schaller wondered in amazement if the report actually underestimated the young hulk’s dimensions.

The doctor was also flabbergasted by how quickly the young man had recovered from the more than a QUART of tranquilizing solution that had been pumped into his massive body. He had received enough of the serum to knock out a blue whale, enough to kill a normal man a hundred times over, but this mighty bull had shaken off the medicine’s effects in less than an hour! In fact, his soldiers had barely enough time to haul the dead weight of his colossal, 385-pound form here to the dungeon and place him in the titanium-reinforced restraints before the stud had begun to awaken!

Oh yes, this was a powerful stud of a man indeed! Perhaps powerful enough to participate in the doctor’s greatest experiments! But first, Dr. Schaller would need to test the big bull, and determine if he truly was worthy of the next phase of the doctor’s work…

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Octopussy (REVISED) - Chapter 1

It is early September as I write this introduction. Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting a revised and expanded version of the "Octopussy" story I posted here a long while back. What makes this story even MORE exciting for me is that my friend Cervantes has been creating illustrations for the first few chapters of the story. I love his representation of the protagonist and massive muscle bull, Lieutenant Ryan Mitchell, and I hope you do, too!

I also must sadly report that this story is the last fully completed story that I have left in my archives to post on this blog. I don't think I've written anything new in all of 2018, and I have no idea when inspiration will strike again, so this blog may experience another long quiet spell. But rest assured that I am still here, and I hope to keep on writing and entertaining you in the future!



Based on an original story created by inkquill, with artwork by Cervantes



Hunky Navy Seal Ryan Mitchell is captured by an evil scientist and forced to be involved in his diabolical monster breeding experiments. 


Doctor Schaller once again read the dossier on the magnificently muscular American soldier who had been captured the night before. The young bull of a man had been caught trying to infiltrate the Doctor’s top secret weapon facility. The island fortress, hidden in the South Pacific and not shown on any maps, had been thought to be impregnable. So the fact that the handsome young U.S. Navy Seal had very nearly succeeded in reaching the heart of the facility spoke volumes about the young soldier’s abilities, and indicated that he was very dangerous indeed.

JUST the kind of man Dr. Schaller was looking for!

The doctor reviewed the dossier for the fifth or sixth time, a thrill of excitement running through his body every time he read the details about this young man’s background and reported abilities.



Vital Statistics:
    Name:  Lieutenant Ryan Mitchell, United States Navy Seal
    Hometown:  Louisville, Kentucky
    Age:  21
    Sex:  Male
    Ethnicity:  White/Caucasian
    Hair color:  Brown
    Eye color:  Blue

Physical Dimensions:
    Height:  6’5”
    Weight:  385 pounds
    Body fat:  < 4%
    Neck:  22.5”
    Shoulders, breadth:  39”
    Upper arms:  28.5”
    Forearms:  23”
    Chest:  88”
    Waist:  34”
    Thighs:  38”
    Calves:  25.5”
    Cock, length soft:  13” 
    Cock, girth soft:  9”
    Cock, length hard:  unknown
    Cock, girth hard:  unknown
    Balls, length:  6”
    Balls, width:  4.5”
    Balls, combined circumference:  28”
    Scrotal dangle:  5”


Lt. Ryan Mitchell is widely rumored to be the product of a top secret genetics project conducted by the U.S. military. The project, first begun during WWII and codenamed ‘Project Adam’, was envisioned to create a “super soldier” with strength, endurance, and reflexes that far exceeded those of even the most gifted of natural humans.

Recent intelligence indicates that, in the mid 1990s, Project Adam was finally a success, and produced a dozen soldier prototypes, all of them male. These first prototypes were deemed so fantastically successful, in fact, that further attempts at genetic manipulation and enhancement were abandoned, and these 12 young men are now intended to be used to selectively breed a second generation of super soldiers.

It has long been speculated that Lt. Mitchell is one of these 12 original prototypes.


The Navy Seal is clearly highly advanced and far superior to normal humans in every measurable parameter. He demonstrates physical development that is off the charts compared to unaugmented humans, particularly in regard to strength, stamina, reflexes, metabolism, and cellular repair. His musculature is nothing short of astounding, both in terms of size and muscle density. Lt. Mitchell’s physical dimensions far exceed even those of the largest of professional super heavyweight bodybuilders, and his strength is orders of magnitude greater than that of even the most mighty of power lifters.

In short, Ryan Mitchell is super human. His very existence confirms the rumors regarding Project Adam, and there can be no doubt whatsoever that he is one of the 12 legendary prototypes.

Project Adam was also rumored to have resulted in some unintended, but not unwelcome, side effects. The first of these side effects is that the 12 super soldiers are extremely attractive in both face and body. Lt. Ryan Mitchell’s physique is spectacularly well-proportioned and his skin perfectly unblemished. His facial features are intensely handsome and masculine, with the sort of high cheekbones and powerful jawline usually reserved for cartoon super heroes. More primitive peoples would almost certainly have worshipped the young man as a demigod, for he was the physical embodiment of both Hercules and Adonis combined.

A second rumored side effect of Project Adam is that all 12 of the super soldiers have been gifted with significantly augmented genitalia, far larger than that possessed by normal males. Lt. Mitchell provides more than ample — in fact, excessive — evidence that this rumored side effect is indeed true. While his penis has not yet been measured when stimulated into an erection, the sheer mammoth size of his flaccid organ indicates that his fully engorged cock will shatter previous world records in terms of length, girth, and hardness. The super soldiers are also said to possess equally augmented virility in proportion to the size of their genitals, and are reportedly extraordinarily fertile. This facet of Lt. Mitchell’s physiology has not yet been put to any known test, but nothing would indicate thus far that this rumored ability is inaccurate.

It is believed that the U.S. military’s super soldiers will also breed true, even with completely unaugmented human females. That apparently explains why the U.S. government has thus far focused solely on producing male soldiers, as males would be capable of producing advanced offspring at a much faster rate than females. Intelligence further indicates that while the U.S. military has not yet initiated a phase two breeding program, such a secret breeding program is likely to begin in the very near future, using the first 12 super soldier prototypes as breeding stud bulls.


Lt. Ryan Mitchell should be considered extremely dangerous and a top level security threat. Extreme caution should be used in handling the prisoner, and the Agency’s recommendation is to terminate the prisoner at the earliest opportunity and with extreme prejudice.

…..End of Report…..


Doctor Schaller smiled as he re-read the report yet again and considered how the young seaman could be an extraordinarily valuable addition to his own work. He therefore quickly disregarded the Agency’s direction in regard to terminating the handsome and enormously muscular soldier. No, he intended to make good use of the young man first, and only discard him when his usefulness was at an end.

The doctor was involved in his own highly advanced genetic experiments, focusing on augmenting the size and abilities of various deep sea creatures in an attempt to create an advanced and deadly beast that would spread throughout the world’s oceans and bring waterborne commerce and all the world’s navies to their knees. His experiments involved the extensive use of human male test subjects, who unfortunately lasted a lamentably short period of time due to the nature and intensity of the experiments. But Doctor Schaller was confident that a tough, hardy, and heroically virile muscle beast like Lt. Ryan could be able to last much longer than any of his previous test subjects. Much longer indeed!

The doctor filed Lt. Mitchell’s chart back in his desk cabinet, and made his way to the main laboratory to check on his newest test subject and begin the next stage of his experiments.

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An Officer and Three Gentlemen - Part 7 (Final Chapter)

An Officer and Three Gentlemen - Part 7
An original chapter inspired by a story written by Sack Stomper in 2000


A hot Detroit muscle cop has his massive balls busted wide open by 3 luscious hunks


The three captors had clearly decided that it was time to end their fun with the handsome, hot, hunky, and impossibly well hung rookie muscle cop. The three punks quietly debated options to finish off the bruised and battered hunk, not bothering to try to hide their conversation from the brave but resigned young bull hanging exhausted but defiant in his restraints. 

Jason hung limply in his bindings at wrist and ankle, too tired to move except for the weak bucking of his hips in a now near-continuous orgasm, his hideously bloated and beleaguered balls trying desperately to purge the utterly colossal load of sperm choked inside of them. His magnificent body, honed to absolute masculine perfection by untold hours of lifting heavy weights in the gym, was covered in vibrant bruises and superficial lacerations, but looked no less studly and beautiful for the damage it had sustained. His humongous 18-inch monster cock, that masterpiece of masculinity, was likewise covered in welts and bruises, its vein-gnarled length a dark and vibrant purple from being nearly strangled to death by the zip ties secured so tightly around its thick and beefy base. 

It was the young man’s herculean bull nuts, however, that had sustained by far the heaviest damage from the epic, night-long abuse. If not for the dull, throbbing ache still thundering from those ridiculously swollen and bloated balls of man meat, Jason would have thought for sure that his mighty testicles had already perished, having been completely cut off from their blood supply for nearly 5 hours, distended to the bursting point with untold aborted cum loads, and then mercilessly pummeled and punched and hammered until it was a significant miracle that they hadn’t yet simply exploded inside of their smooth, hairless pouch. As it was, the handsome muscle hunk highly doubted that his proud, pendulous bull nuts functioned anymore. His legendary virility had no doubt been pummeled to smithereens by Drake’s mighty fists, his final viable load of sperm slowly cooling inside their dying interiors. 

Jason glanced down at his horribly mangled nutsac, and couldn’t help but quietly sob at what he saw. The gargantuan, double-barreled mass of his twin sperm tanks resembled a pair of bowling balls hanging at the end of some elongated tube sock. The enormous mass of nut flesh was so dark purple as to be almost black, the orbs themselves covered with huge, snaking veins that looked just as thick and torturous as the cable-like veins coursing up and down the colossal length of his meaty cock shaft. His dying bull balls hung impossibly low in their hideously elongated sac, dangling nearly a full FOOT from his straining, muscular crotch. The twin bollocks swung gently forward and back like some enormous pendulum, in time to the gentle pumping of the young man’s muscular hips. Despite the roaring, debilitating pain radiating from his two massive lumps of man meat, Jason was also engulfed by an agonizing, mind-numbing pleasure, waves of unbelievably intense erotic bliss washing over his massive body again and again in never-ending crescendos of pure orgasmic release. The combination of these two inhuman levels of pleasure and pain would have long since stopped the heart of a lesser man, but the mighty muscle cop rode the crest of the two conflicting and complimentary sensations, the poor stud simply too damn tough to achieve the welcome release of unconsciousness or death. 

In some tortured and pain-addled corner of his mind, Jason found that he was intensely proud of himself. He had shown these three punks what a REAL man was like! He had endured tortures and abuses that would have killed any other man hours ago, and he was still kicking. Hell, his mighty bull cock was harder than ever, defying his assailants and daring them to visit even MORE brutal tortures upon his battered, glorious body. His first four (and a half) monster loads still white-washed half the cabin, containing more ripe stud spunk in just one load than ALL of the other three guys’ porn star loads combined! 

Yeah, the young rookie cop had shown these guys what a REAL alpha stud was like. And if he was about to lose his manhood and his life, then Jason knew that he could at least be proud that he went out like the super human bull stud that he was. 

The three hunky assailants reached some sort of a decision, for their huddle suddenly broke up as the trio turned to face their captive muscle stud one last time. Eric retrieved something from his duffel bag, a looped coil of thin braided cable about 6 feet long with wooden handles attached to either end. The metal cable resembled piano wire, only thicker, and Jason realized with a sinking heart that the whole device was some sort of garrote. As Eric wrapped a noose of the thin cable around the base of his choked-off genitals, the handsome muscle cop’s suspicions were confirmed — he knew that they intended to slice off his cock and balls with the metal cable! 

Drake meanwhile knelt between Jason’s huge and muscular legs, reaching up with both hands to gently cup and fondle the stud’s cold and nearly lifeless balls. Even after hours and hours of abuse, Drake was amazed at the amount of power he still felt coursing through those two spectacularly oversized testicles, and he knew he would never forget the extraordinary joy of torturing this mighty muscle man for as long as he lived. 

Eric and Sebastian took up positions on either side of the captive hunk, each holding one of the wooden handles and pulling on the cable just tight enough that all of the slack was taken up. The looped cable now sat tight against the crushed and straining root of the young man’s intensely engorged manhood, ready to be pulled taut into a deadly, cutting embrace at any moment. 

Drake continued fondling and manhandling Jason’s sagging and dark purple bull nuts, caressing the two bloated spheres of man meat like he was trying to memorize their every curve and vein. In truth, Drake already knew far more about the inner workings and interior details of Jason’s tortured nuts than any man had the right to know, his fingers and knuckles having dug and drilled into the very heart of both of those mighty stud spuds, but the muscular giant knew that these would be the cop’s last moments as an intact male, and Drake wanted to savor them. He even went so far as to plant soft, lingering kisses on the cold flesh of the stud’s bulging sac, one kiss on each bloated nut, as if he was bidding the massive organs farewell. And indeed, that was exactly what he was doing. 

When all three men were ready and in position, Eric addressed the heaving and bucking bull stud one last time, saying, “Well, Jason, I must say you’ve given us all an evening we’ll never forget! You’ve endured abuses I wouldn’t have thought humanly possible, and your huge horse cock is STILL throbbing! You’re a freaking BEAST, Jason, and under other circumstances, I know we all would have enjoyed having you around for a lot longer. But like I said before, you’re a cop, and we’re about to show you what we do to cops. Get ready for the trip of your life, man, cuz you’re about to kiss your huge cock and balls goodbye! Ready boys? NOW!!!” 

A new agony erupted in Jason’s groin as big Drake simultaneously clamped down with his thick fingers in a crushing ball squeeze, and heaved his massive 400-pound body backward, adding his own phenomenal weight to his awesome strength as he pulled down on Jason’s straining sac with all of his might. His fingers met little resistance as they plunged deep into the very center of the young man’s soft, pliable, downright mushy nuts, threatening to burst them apart in their sac. Jason’s dangling sac was instantly stretched to very nearly a foot and a half in length, even longer than when the cruel assailants had hung 500 pounds of iron from the stud’s mighty nuts! Jason’s thick ball cords were stretched to the snapping point, fighting valiantly to keep the stud’s huge balls anchored to his muscular crotch, but it was clear that they were no match for Drake’s super human strength. Jason’s mighty nuts were on the verge of ripping free from his muscular body!! 

At the same moment, Eric and Sebastian pulled back on their handles with all of their considerable strength, immediately snapping the looped cable taut and cutting the metal wire into young man’s flesh. Jason’s awesomely thick and incredibly dense cock was made of some stern stuff indeed, the tough flesh nearly as hard as granite, but even the cop’s mighty man meat couldn’t hope to hold out against the thin wire. After a few moments of unnatural resistance, the two grunting and grinning assailants could feel the cable start to cut into Jason’s mighty cock root. Thin trickles of blood began to appear as the wire started to disappear into the tortured and crushed flesh. 

Yet another orgasm slammed into Jason’s tortured loins, one of his most powerful orgasms of the entire night. Something about the idea of having his entire manhood brutally cut and ripped from his body sent Jason into stratospheric heights of erotic pain, and he threw his head back and bellowed in agony and epic release, knowing that this would be the final orgasm he’d ever feel in his tragically short life. Jason’s cock swelled bigger still, so big it looked like it was going to split wide open, as he bucked his mighty hips in release. Eric and Sebastian pulled even harder on the cable, their big arms bulging dramatically with the effort, while Drake roared in fury and triumph, feeling Jason’s nutsac start to tear and the colossal gonads start to disintegrate in his huge hands. 



A loud crashing sound echoed in the room, startling all four men as the front door burst open so hard that it cracked the doorframe, leaving the door hanging askew from its nearly broken hinges. The open doorway allowed the early dawn sunlight to stream into the room, illuminating the tableau in a warm, rosy glow. 

Silhouetted in the doorway were half a dozen large figures. It took the men a few moments for their blinking eyes to adjust to the bright sunlight, but the four men were shocked to discover that a squad of Detroit’s finest were standing just outside the doorway, guns trained on the men within. 

No one was more startled than Jason himself, for the figure standing front and center was none other than his fallen partner, Officer Matthew Schmidt, looking none the worse for wear after taking several slugs to the chest! 

“NOBODY MOVE!!” Officer Schmidt shouted, his deep voice sounding like rolling thunder in the tiny room. “Drop those handles NOW!! YOU, release Jason’s balls and back away slowly! Do it NOW!!!” 

Eric was the first to put his hands up, his eyes wide in fear as he dropped the wooden handle and backed a few steps away. Big Drake followed suit, releasing his death grip on Jason’s nearly crushed bollocks and lobster crawling away from both Jason and the crowded doorway. 

Only Sebastian hesitated. Sebastian, who more than any of the other punks desperately wanted to see the handsome and impossibly hunky cop unmanned. Sebastian, who’s beautiful face became contorted in fury and murderous rage. Sebastian, who grabbed his handle with both hands and pulled with all of his desperate might! 


The deafening retort of a gunshot echoed in the small room. Sebastian was instantly spun around, a gout of crimson blood fountaining from his left shoulder where Officer Schmidt’s bullet had struck him. The wooden handle clattered to the floor as a wounded Sebastian struck the ground. The beautiful blond lad clutched his bleeding shoulder and delivered a death stare to the square-jawed police officer, but he made no move to further attack the bound muscle man. Jason had been rescued! 

But had the cavalry arrived in time? 

As more than a dozen police officers filed into the room to subdue the three young punks, Matthew Schmidt and several other officers rushed forward to aid the exhausted and quietly sobbing Jason. Matthew gently unwound the steel wire from around Jason’s genitals, and was relieved to see that the cuts all around the base of his enormous meat appeared to be superficial. Of far more concern, however, were the dark and strangled appearance of both the young man’s cock and balls, and Matthew and the others quickly set to work undoing the choking bindings. 

There was no alternative but to cut the zip ties off of Jason’s body. While other officers hunted for the keys to Jason’s broken handcuffs, Officer Schmidt used a box cutter to very carefully start cutting away at the dozen or so thick plastic ties with their death grip around Jason’s cock. As careful as Matthew tried to be, however, he couldn’t keep from cutting into the base of his partner’s huge cock a few times, but eventually the plastic ties started falling free, one after the other. 

When the last plastic tie snapped free fell to the floor, Jason felt a huge surge of fresh blood start to flood into his nearly strangled cock, flushing away the old, cooling blood and restoring health and vigor to his mighty crank. The dark purple color was rapidly washed away, replaced by the mottled red and purple color of heavy bruising and the near cooking from the taser attacks, but it was clear that the young cop’s gargantuan horse cock was still very much alive. Even the prolonged crushing of the thick root of Jason’s mighty prong didn’t seem to be causing any lasting damage. The mighty base of Jason’s cock immediately plumped right back to its normal awesome girth as soon as the ties were removed, and though the root of his cock looked particularly bruised and inflamed, it was clear that it would heal and be okay. 

It was Jason’s mammoth bull nuts that had Matthew particularly worried. Unlike the young man’s cock, which had been receiving at least a fraction of its usual blood supply even with the zip ties in place, Jason’s balls had been completely choked off from his body by the tightly bound handcuffs for more than five hours. They were so dark and cold that Officer Schmidt feared that they were dead already, and several of the other cops warned him that, if Jason’s balls were indeed already dead, then restoring blood flow to the dead organs could kill the young rookie. 

The decision warred inside Matthew’s mind as he impatiently waited for someone to find the handcuff key. In the meantime, he kept giving his nearly unconscious partner reassurances that everything would be okay, even as Matthew himself doubted that his new partner would be walking away from this situation intact. 

Officer Schmidt was also greatly concerned by how unbelievably low Jason’s balls were hanging in their bruised and abraded sac. He thought at first that the great bull nuts had become completely detached from their moorings, and were now a pair of dead lumps of man flesh floating loose in the bottom of their overstretched scrotum. But as his fingertips gently explored the extraordinary foot-long length of Jason’s narrow scrotal neck, Officer Schmidt could feel that the unusually thick cables, cords, and vessels anchoring the young man’s gigantic bollocks to his body were still intact. 

After more than 15 minutes had gone by and STILL the handcuff keys hadn’t turned up, however, Officer Schmidt began to panic. He ordered the three suspects removed from the cabin so that he and the rest of the squad could turn the place upside down. Soon, every last item had been removed from the cabin, leaving just the giant, muscular, naked form of Jason suspected in the middle of an empty room. The handcuff keys simply couldn’t be found! 

The question of whether or not to unshackle Jason’s strangled nuts would soon be moot if the keys could not be found. There was no way to cut the handcuffs from Jason’s body without cutting off his huge nuts in the process. 

Officer Schmidt and the others spent another 20 or 30 fruitless minutes teaching every square inch of the cabin for the missing keys, but with no success. Young Jason began to quietly sob, for even the dull ache in his distended and cum-bloated bollocks had faded away, and now he couldn’t feel anything from his nuts anymore. He feared it was already too late to save his big, beautiful nuts. 

The other officers started urging that they needed to cut off Jason’s dead nuts in order to save his life. If they cut just above the offending handcuffs, they could save a large portion of his scrotum. Jason could then have a pair of good-sized silicon balls inserted in his sac, disguising his lost testicles, and he could receive hormone treatments for the rest of his life. If he was lucky, he could keep a large portion of his enormous musculature, and might even be able to get hard in the future. 

A devastated Matthew reluctantly agreed, but he had to turn away as one of his fellow officers pulled out a large, sharp switch blade and prepared to saw off his partner’s beyond-massive nuts. He just couldn’t bear to see such a magnificent manhood destroyed. 

As Officer Schmidt’s eyes sought out anything in the room to focus on other than the impending castration behind him, his steel blue eyes caught a faint gleam from across the room. His big, muscular form surged forward with surprising speed, and he dropped to his knees to take a closer look. There, wedged deeply between two wooden floorboards, as a faint metal gleam. The light from the rising sun had fallen just right to catch the edge of something metallic, wedged more than an inch down between the two boards. Without the added light, he never would have seen the reflecting glow. 

Matthew fished out his own pocket knife and began to urgently but carefully pry the metal object from the narrow crevice. After a few seconds of diligent digging, the object popped free onto the floor, revealing itself to be a tiny, gleaming key. 

“STOP!!!” bellowed Officer Schmidt, his baritone voice once again ringing in the nearly empty room. “I found it!! I found the key!!” 

Matthew hadn’t spoken a moment too soon, for the other officer’s knife had just begun to cut into the tightly crimped flesh just above the handcuffs. Another second later, and the officer would have sliced through that narrow tube of skin and severed Jason’s nuts forever. 

Officer Schmidt rushed forward and pushed the other police officers away. Some of them objected, concerned that releasing the handcuffs could kill the rookie cop, but Matthew ignored them. The veteran cop just couldn’t imagine a future for the handsome young rookie without his phenomenal manhood intact. With as much speed as he could muster, Matthew unlocked the first cuff, followed immediately by the second, finally freeing Jason’s nuts from their choking metal prison. 

A great surge of blood pulsed into those two cold, cold orbs, and the most terrific, mind-rending pain Jason had ever experienced hammered him directly in his nuts. The young muscle man screamed in inhuman agony as the starved flesh of his nearly dead nuts greedily sucked down the fresh oxygen and nutrients pumping into their nearly lifeless interiors. Every nerve ending in his densely-packed nuts sang with exquisite agony as his starved and strangled nuts were pulled back from the very brink of death. 

And as fresh blood surged into the young man’s herculean bull balls, something else surged out of them. The choking handcuffs had also sealed off the product of dozens — nay, HUNDREDS — of aborted orgasms inside of the young man’s bloated, burgeoning nuts, and all of that thick and chunky baby batter was now free to finally pump out of the stud’s massive cock. And pump it did! 

Officer Schmidt was reminded of footage he’d seen of miners striking oil, for the massive pulsating fountain of slick and smelly smegma erupting from Jason’s colossal horse cock didn’t look like anything remotely resembling an ejaculation. This was a purging of the highest order, a deluge of thick and rich man seed, an unstoppable flood of release. Matthew and the others had to stumble backward out of the way to not be caught in the crossfire, and as it was, several officers were lashed and painted with thick stripes of unbelievably thick and chunky cum before they could get out of the way. 

Unlike normal, healthy cum, however, the purgings from Jason’s battered loins were disturbingly cold, the heat long since having drained from the stud’s thick cum. But as the seconds ticked by and the dark purple color started to rapidly fade from Jason’s balls, replaced by a kaleidoscope of mottled reds and purples from the profound, almost terminal, bruising, the young man’s spunk bolts began to heat up as well. Finally, about a minute into the epic testicle purge, Jason’s spunk had become as hot as one would expect from such a mighty, bull-balled alpha stud. 

Only Jason’s monstrous, herculean ejaculation didn’t end after a minute, or even two minutes. In fact, it was nearly THREE minutes into the young man’s super human orgasm before the continuous, unbroken, pulsating river of lush spunk began to be broken up into separate, but still enormous, salvos of stud sperm. And it was another two or three minutes after that before the titanic spurts and blasts of spunk began to die down to ever smaller and weaker jets of jizz, and finally just a continuous drool of milky effluvium. 

Against all conceivable odds, Jason’s balls had survived!! And if his epic, legendary ejaculation was any evidence, they looked like they’d make a full recovery from their terrific ordeal!! 

It wasn’t until Jason’s mighty orgasm had died down to a low roar that Matthew and the other officers felt it safe to come forward once again and start untying the huge muscle man from his restraints. Jason had all but collapsed in exhaustion, his heroic orgasm sapping the last reserves of his awesome strength. As he leaned against the supporting officers, he turned his blue-eyed gaze on his partner, Officer Schmidt, unadulterated hero worship filling his tearful eyes. 

“How did you FIND me?” Jason exclaimed. “And how are you even here?! I saw you shot at point blank at least two or three times!!” 

To Jason’s surprise, his normally stoic and irascible police partner looked downright embarrassed, the handsome veteran cop blushing and refusing to meet the younger man’s eyes. 

“Well,” Matthew said, seeming to find a hard time finding the right words, “when you first started on the force, I didn’t take you seriously. I thought you were just some pretty boy gym bunny, wanting to be a macho cop to impress all of the ladies. When you got assigned to be my new partner, I was silently cursing at first, thinking you’d never last a month.” 

“But then as I got to know you, I realized that you were serious about becoming a cop. A good cop. And that you had the makings to be a GREAT cop. I was just worried that your good looks and huge muscle body would attract the wrong sort of attention. So I, er,… I planted a tracking device on your utility belt!” 

Jason’s stunning blue eyes grew wide at this revelation, but Matthew continued. “Imagine my surprise when it turned out you weren’t into the ladies at all, but were into dudes instead. I tracked you to a series of gay bars downtown on several different nights.” 

Now it was Jason’s turn to blush, looking away from Officer Schmidt’s steel gray eyes and expecting the veteran cop to reject him at any moment. 

“And that’s part of the reason why I’ve been so gruff with you, Jason,” Matthew continued, looking away from the younger, bigger man as he and the other officers finally untied the last bond holding Jason in place. “You see, I’m gay, too, and I’ve been carrying a major flame for you from the moment that we met, and it’s only gotten worse as I’ve gotten to know you. The only way I could be around you and function as a cop was to keep things completely business between us. But now I guess that cat is out of the bag!” 

Jason couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and his heart began to race in his enormous chest. All this time, he thought his partner hated him, when in fact he was secretly attracted to him?!?! 

“Oh, and as for how I survived those gun shots?” Officer Matthew Schmidt said, lifting up his uniform shirt to reveal the most incredible set of chiseled abdominal muscles and thick, beefy pecs that Jason had ever seen, coated with just the right amount of coarse blond body hair. A trio of angry red and purple bruises marred all of that masculine, burly beauty. “Kevlar armor,” Matthew continued. “I never go out on the job without it. Stops bullets cold, but hurts like a motherfucker! The doctors refused to let me leave the hospital at first, saying something about cracked ribs or some other such nonsense, but I told them I HAD to leave to start searching for my partner!” 

Matt’s revelations, plus the overwhelmingly gorgeous sight of the veteran officer’s massively muscular torso unveiled for the very first time, was simply too much for young Jason to take. The huge muscle stud came spontaneously, his huge horse cock belching out a freshly whipped batch of his thick bull cum. 

Thus it was that Officer Schmidt was shot at point blank range for the second time in less than 24 hours, though this time the lead bullets were replaced by far, far bigger slugs of chunky hunk spunk. 

“Thank you,” Jason said in a husky grumble, those two words summing up so many of the feelings that were surging inside of him at that moment. Matt just stood there in shocked surprise, still holding his uniform shirt up as his magnificent torso was struck again and again and again by scorching hot globs of thick man chowder. Jason then leaned forward, wrapped one of his enormously powerful arms around the smaller man’s body, and crushed their bodies together. As their lips met in a deep and passionate kiss, Jason’s throbbing bull cock continued to pulse out huge jets of his powerful seed, literally gluing their two naked torsos together with a mortar of impossibly thick and chunky stud sperm. 

With a smile and a wink, one of the other cops led the rest of the officers out of the tiny cabin, pulling the half-shattered door closed behind them and leaving the two big muscle men alone with each other… 


The incident and following trial drew national media attention, making young Officer Jason Allen an unwilling celebrity. The sensational story, plus the young man’s movie star good looks, fantastically muscular body, and natural modesty and charm, made Jason a media darling, and it took a long while for the news to turn to other items and give the young man his life back. 

Fortunately, the cops were somehow able to conceal from the media the fact that Jason was hung like some sort of prehistoric beast. If word had gotten out about THAT particular set of facts, Jason would never have had a private life ever again! 

All three of his assailants received heavy jail time, and all were sent to separate penitentiaries. Rumor was that they had all been on the receiving end of some of the very same attentions they had paid on young Jason, particularly the angelic-looking pretty boy Sebastian. The saying was apparently true — it wasn’t a good thing to be too handsome in prison… 

Jason’s body made a far faster recovery than his emotions and his spirit. The cuts, lacerations, and bruises had all completely healed in just over a week, and his phenomenal body was as strong and tough as ever. 

There were a few permanent physical reminders of Jason’s nightmare night in that log cabin, however. For one thing, both his cock and his balls had permanently grown from the experience. Jason’s formerly 16-inch boner now broke even more records, stretching the measuring tape to just a smidgen over 18.5 mind blowing inches. And his titanic bollocks, which had already been perhaps the largest human balls in the world at the size of extra large grapefruits, were now permanently bloated to the size of ripe, heavy cantaloupes. 

Those blue ribbon bull balls also remained covered in thick, tortured veins, readily visible through his silky smooth nutsac, apparently the result of having had his huge nuts starved for oxygen and nutrients for such an extended period of time. Jason’s entire nutsac, and indeed his crotch as well, were also now permanently devoid of body hair, the result of the brutal electrocution Jason’s genitals had received at the hands of his three assailants. 

Last but not least, the unspeakably brutal stretching inflicted on Jason’s mammoth balls had resulted in some permanent elongation to his already impressive natural dangle. Jason’s humongous and seed-heavy balls now never hung any less than 6 inches from his crotch, and in warm weather or when especially relaxed could easily stretch to TWICE that distance! While such an enormous dangle might be an incredibly erotic sight to some — two melon-sized bull bollocks hanging impossibly low by a narrow neck of scrotal skin — the increased hang caused Jason no end of problems. He’d lost track of the number of times his huge nuts had accidentally plopped into the cold water of a toilet bowl. Hell, he’d lost track of the number of times he’d SAT on his balls, the bulk of his enormously muscular 350 pounds threatening to crush his huge stud nuts completely flat. He had to wear specially reinforced briefs just to keep his balls from slapping against his legs or getting crushed between his massive thighs, and boxers, let alone going commando, were now completely out of the question… 

But there WAS one unquestionably good thing that had come out of Jason’s hot summer night encounter with the three murderous punks. He moved in with Matt within a month of the incident, and the pair had become partners both on and off the force, in every sense of the term. The stunningly handsome couple were not only one of the best cop duos in the entire force, but one of the happiest as well. 

And their nightly love-making sessions were the stuff of legend…