Sunday, October 3, 2021

War Crimes - Jayse Version

The author "Nathan" posted many a tale on the old website, and I saved several DOZEN to my computer hard drive. This is one of the few that I've taken the opportunity to rework and edit into a longer story. I hope that you enjoy it! 

War Crimes

Based on an original story by Nathan, posted 2003-04-01


As I entered what I thought was an empty barracks, I caught them both in the act. Well, technically, I caught them just after the act, as she had already put on her knee-length shift, and the shirtless young Marine was just finishing the process of stuffing what looked to be a very large prick back into his fatigue pants. They both looked shocked, guilty even, as I stepped into the room. The young Private instinctively acted to protect the young woman, who huddled behind the large soldier, grasping one of his brawny arms with both of her dainty, slender hands and poking her head around the side of his bare, muscular shoulder. The young lady couldn’t have been more than 18 years old, if that, and was obviously terrified at being discovered. The Marine Private was no more than a year or so older than his pretty young lover, but he was built like a man, and he stared back at me with manly defiance. 

I shook my head and said, “What the hell, Snyder! Jesus!” 

The handsome young Private stared back at me and said, “Sergeant, this is Sun Yee, and she and I are in love and intend to be married. I’ve already written a letter to the C.O. requesting permission to marry her — it’s over there on my bunk. Sun’s parents were killed a couple of years ago, and she’s been living with her aunt ever since. But her aunt is strict and cruel and has forbidden Sun from seeing me, so we’ve been meeting in secret for months. She just turned 18 today, she can now legally make her own decisions, and she’s agreed to be my bride. And for the record, we’ve never had sex before today, as I knew that we had to wait until she was old enough.” 

All I could do was stare in response, shocked that I’d had no idea that Private Snyder had been secretly courting a pretty young civilian for months. God. 

But what can you expect when you take these young boys away from home, drop them in the middle of some war-torn foreign country, give them a gun, and tell them they are men. Then the  enemy starts shooting the hell out of them, and who can blame them when they try and hump the first pussy they see once the bullets stop flying. But God, they were both so damned young! 

She sure was a pretty little thing, I had to grant him that. Absolutely gorgeous, in fact! Exquisitely shapely of form and with a stunningly beautiful face. It was no wonder that Private Bradley Snyder had fallen in love with her. Then again, the young lad was extremely handsome in his own right, with the kind of square-jawed good looks of some Hollywood matinee idol. And with his close-cropped blond hair, piercing blue eyes, and powerfully muscled build, he looked like a walking, breathing recruitment poster for the Marines. Yeah, it was no wonder that these two love birds had fallen for each other. 

I then noticed that something wet was running down Sun’s toned and shapely thighs. The fluid was thick and viscous and a creamy white, and it was flowing in such copious quantities that I couldn’t believe at first that it could be the young man’s seed. There was just too MUCH of it! But that’s exactly what it was, Private Snyder’s exceedingly heavy cum load, running like molasses down both of Sun’s beautiful legs! Man, the kid must have been saving up his spunk for months to nut that big! I could also see a few small streaks of blood mixed with all of that thick and chunky cum, and I was convinced that the young Marine had indeed told me the truth, that the two of them had never had sex before today, and that Sun had been a virgin until a very short while ago. 

Hell, for all I knew, Private Brad Snyder may have been a virgin as well! 

The young Private just stood there staring at me with a serious and intense expression on his handsome face, hoping that I’d let the incident go. We were supposed to be moving out tomorrow for the front line once again, and sure-as-shit I needed every man I had. He was young, sure, but he was still old enough to know better. Battle can be a tremendous strain, even for seasoned veterans such as myself, and the need for relief and home and the feelings of love and companionship can be confusing and even overwhelming. Perhaps it’s part of what they call the ‘fog of war’. I figured the lust and hormones had taken over their brains, and things had just gone from there the way they do sometimes. Hell, if they’d been back in the States, the situation would have been downright romantic! 

The girl wouldn’t meet my eyes at first, staring down at the floor in shame at being caught. But then she suddenly looked up and met my gaze, courage blazing in her defiant and lovely brown eyes. I could instantly tell from the possessive way she clung to Private Snyder’s muscular arm and the fire burning in her beautiful eyes that she loved the handsome blond soldier just as much as he clearly loved her. Damn. They were both still kids in so many ways, but I needed him on the front line. Fuck. I shrugged my shoulders and decided then and there to let it go. I wasn’t going to stand in the way of an obvious love match, and besides breaking a few regulations, the kid hadn’t really done anything seriously wrong. 

But before I could turn around and get out of there, the Captain’s deep, staccato voice cut through the air like a knife. 


I spun around, and the burly form of the Captain was standing in the doorway. It was obvious the Captain was taking it all in, figuring it out, and for a second I realized he suspected I might have been a part of it. I was caught off guard, and I stammered, “Sir, I just came in… and… ah… well… it appears that Private Snyder has been courting this young non-combatant for several months, and he apparently intends to marry her, Sir.” 

The Captain stared first at the girl, who quickly averted her terrified gaze downward, and then locked eyes with the hunky young Marine and said, “Christ! Private, what the FUCK were you thinking!?!”

The big blond kid just stoically stood his ground, his powerful jaw muscles flexing as he met the Captain’s fiery stare with his own unflinching gaze. Damn, but the young Private was a brave one, I had to hand him that! I’d seen the Captain reduce grown men twice Brad’s age to tears by the gruff voice and pitiless stare alone! But Private Snyder didn’t budge an inch, valiantly standing there and protecting his beautiful love. 

The Captain was a big man with a heavy, burly, densely muscular build, but I hadn’t really realized how big Private Snyder was until the shirtless young Marine was staring down his commanding officer. The Captain was about six feet tall, and while he definitely outweighed the kid with his mature, heavily muscled body, the young Private wasn’t all that far behind. The young Marine had the Captain beat in height by a few inches, and with his broad shoulders, narrow waist, and slender hips, I figured he’d likely had a ‘swimmer’s build’ when he’d first enlisted, long and lean of muscle, but not particularly large. The weeks of boot camp and follow up training, however, had shaped and grown and hewn his athletic young body into muscular perfection. 

Private Snyder must have been naturally inclined to build mass onto his large frame, for he was more muscular and well built that just about any other young Marine his age I’d ever seen. He had a powerful chest, wide rounded shoulders, and thickly muscled arms that screamed with raw power, which looked even larger when compared to his narrow chiseled waist. Deeply etched lines defined his flat, corrugated stomach, looking like twin columns of stacked cobblestones. In fact, all of his exposed muscles rippled with extraordinary definition, for the lad seemed to have almost zero body fat anywhere on his body. His dog tags hung from around his thick, muscular neck and rested on the pale and unblemished skin of his smooth, pec-proud chest, but even with the slightest movement, dozens of chiseled striations fanned across both of the young Marine’s spectacular chest muscles in a stunning and hypnotic display, making his dog tags dance and jangle. Private Snyder had one of the most extraordinary physiques I’d ever seen on a man of any age, but particularly on one so very young. Big Brad was still bathed in a light slight sheen of sweat from his recent athletic pursuits, and I couldn’t help but think of the young man as a veritable ‘fucking machine’. 

Yeah, the burly Captain might have currently outweighed the young Marine by a good 20 or 30 pounds of grizzled, battle-hardened muscle, but Private Brad Snyder’s body was clearly bursting with potential, and I had no doubt that the kid would be easily eclipsing even the Captain’s heavy build in a matter of just a few more years. 

Finally, after a pause that only lasted a few seconds but that felt like an eternity, Private Bradley Snyder replied, “Captain, Sir, Ms. Yee and I are in love and intend to be married. She has turned 18 today, and I have drafted a written request for permission to wed her. That letter is on my bunk, and I had intended to submit that letter to you today, Sir.” 

The Captain continued to bristle threateningly at the young Private, and didn’t react in any way that he’d actually heard or acknowledged what the big blond Marine had said. Instead he continued staring daggers at the young grunt for several moments longer, and then, without breaking eye contact with the big, blue-eyed soldier, said to me, “Well, Sergeant, what are you going to do with him?” 

Fuck! The QUESTION! I had no idea what sort of response the Captain wanted. Yeah, the kid had violated some regulations, but he hadn’t actually hurt anybody. I mean, it wasn’t as if he’d raped the young girl, for crying out loud! It was clearly consensual sex between two (barely) legal adults, for chrissakes! But if the Captain wanted, we could do the whole filing of charges, heading to trial, possible court martial thing, but shit, we had a war to win and I needed him! 

On the other hand, I also knew that if command didn’t set an example and we just let him go, then the other young and horny soldiers might get into their heads that this sort of behavior was tolerated and acceptable. We needed these boys focusing on the war, and not on wetting their own cocks. 

I looked at the bare chested Private, and then back to the Captain, and then I answered, “Well, Sir, perhaps platoon corporal punishment would be appropriate in this case. Perhaps five or ten lashes…” As I looked at the Captain’s hard and craggy face for a sign, I could tell that that might not be enough, so I added, “…on the bare.” 

Private Snyder’s eyes fell as he contemplated his fate. While a thrashing certainly wasn’t a common punishment in the modern military, it wasn’t unheard of, and it usually served its purpose and got results. And truth be known, I just wanted to get the whole situation behind us so we could go on and get the job done and win this war. But I wasn’t sure the Captain would go along with it  Still, a quick thrashing can teach a valuable lesson, show the enlisted men that you mean business, and still keep the guilty party from being brought up on charges later. If the kid got prosecuted by a military tribunal, then he was potentially in for a lot worse than a thrashing, so I figured I could use him as an example and still keep him out of the brig, or worse, being dishonorably discharged. 

The Captain was old school, though, and when I saw him smile at my suggestion, I knew that I had guessed right. He wanted the lad to suffer a physical punishment, and be made an example of in front of the other men. He replied, “Fine, Sergeant. Assemble the men, and prepare the Private for his punishment. Make damn sure you get him ready. I’ll be the one giving him the lashings, though; you’re far too easy on ‘em, Sarg. I’ll see you and him and the men in the ammo shack in thirty minutes.” 

With that, the Captain walked out, and I was left alone with the young lady and the Private. I ignored the girl, and said to the Marine, “Shit, Snyder! Now you’ve done it! Well, you’re getting your ass thrashed, and that’s that. At least it will be over after it’s done. C’mon, let’s go…” 

Of course he came, because he had too, stoically walking across the parade grounds right behind me. His bare-chested body attracted quite a few stares from the other enlisted men and officers as we passed by, not least of which because, even though it was early autumn, it was very cold outside. But big Brad seemed to ignore the cold, seemingly immune to the chill air as he stared straight ahead, marching to his impending punishment. He didn’t even try to plead or talk me out of it, just accepting his fate and walking silently to meet it. Damn, I wish all of my men were as brave as Bradley Snyder. 

We reached the ammo shack and stepped inside the unheated building, which was filled with various boxes and containers of ammunition, everything from wooden crates containing bullets and grenades, to large metal boxes storing the 105 mm shells for our artillery guns. There were already several men in the room, for the munitions were under 24-hour guard, but even more men started filing in as word spread of the upcoming punishment. 

The middle of the large room was fairly clear, so I ordered a few of the other men to move the heavy wooden desk from the front entrance to the center of the room. The desk was rather low, but it was heavy and sturdy, and I knew it would serve our purposes. I had the Private stand in front of the desk and then ordered him to strip. Clenching his jaw once again, Snyder unlaced and removed his heavy black boots, and then undid his pants and peeled them down his powerful legs. I was awarded with a view of the young man’s thickly muscled and incredibly defined thighs and calves, which were an impressive match to his equally spectacular upper body. A thick dusting of short, dark blond hairs covered both of Brad’s big legs, making them look even more masculine and powerful, but I highly doubted that the manly fur was doing much to protect the burly young Marine from the biting chill in the room. In fact, his small, coral-colored nipples had long since hardened into small, sharp points, but the handsome hunk otherwise gave no obvious physical reaction to the cold. 

With the handsome blond Marine standing there in just his socks and government issued ‘tighty whities’, his magnificent physique was on full display to all of the men in the room, and the young man began to blush furiously. That’s when I also noticed the positively enormous, downright pornographic bulge at the front of Snyder’s tight BVD’s. Jesus, but the kid must have been hung huge to sport a bulge like that! It almost looked like he’d stuffed an artillery shell and a pair of hand grenades down the front of his shorts! Judging from the sheer length and girth of the huge tube on man meat pointing straight down in his underwear, it looked like the kid must have still had a boner from his earlier fuck! 

I considered letting the lad keep his undershorts on, at least until the Captain arrived, allowing the young Marine to maintain some shred of dignity for a little while longer. But they had to come off eventually anyway, so I ordered Snyder out of his underwear, too. The lad bit his lower lip at that point, making him momentarily look even younger than his mere 19 years, but he didn’t argue with me. He simply hooked his big thumbs into his waistband and, in one fluid motion, shucked the white undershorts to the ground. He then stood back upright and looked straight ahead, as all the men in the room got a look at the young Private in all of his naked glory. 

I heard several sharp gasps, and someone in the room let out a low whistle as we all took in the tremendous size of Snyder’s prodigious block and tackle. The Marine’s thick cock lay limp and floppy between his legs, most definitely flaccid, yet was still larger than most rock hard cocks I’d ever seen, measuring at least 8 or 9 inches from root to tip and easily as thick around as my wrist! God, that was a gorgeous piece the kid had! But as impressive as Bradley’s cock was — and it was impressive, damn impressive indeed! — the set of balls hanging behind it were even more amazing, and were the focus of most of our attention. 

I’d heard of the term ‘bull balls’ before, but since I’d grown up on a farm and knew what a real bull’s balls looked like, I knew that no human male could have ever truly compared to the sheer mass of bovine testicular meat swinging between a bull’s heavily muscled legs. Until I met Marine Private Brad Snyder, that is. 

Each of Brad’s twin bull nuts were bigger than grapefruits, damn near the size of ostrich eggs, and I wouldn’t have believed that bollocks of such incredible size were even possible on a man if I hadn’t seen them with my own eyes! The slightly oblong orbs filled out the bottom of the lad’s blond-haired scrotum to capacity, yet hung loose and relaxed in their sac, the way a man’s balls will hang after he’s just nutted inside of a woman. As huge as Snyder’s cock was, it actually was dwarfed by his mammoth ball sac, which hung down several inches lower than the tip of his huge cock. 

I now knew why there had been so much chunky nut sludge oozing down Sun Yee’s bare thighs earlier, for the muscular blond Marine must cum in volcanic quantities with testicles so fucking huge! 

Brad just stood there with his muscular legs slightly parted, almost like he was standing at parade rest, staring straight ahead and silently blushing as the scores of other men in the room murmured amongst themselves and took in the sight of the lad’s utterly magnificent manhood. The young Marine was clearly embarrassed to be exposing his nakedness to the rest of his platoon, but the lad definitely had nothing to be ashamed of, for his young body was absolutely glorious in every way. 

I gathered everyone’s full attention. The men had seen a few thrashings, so in many ways they knew what to expect, and I noticed that more than a few of them were fully boned in their pants. Why does that happen when a man knows that another is going to get a bare bottom thrashing? I don’t know, but it often does. And with a man of such exquisite proportions and mammoth endowment as Private Snyder, it almost stood to reason why so many other red-blooded young American men would throw wood at such a sight. 

Regardless, now that Bradley was totally naked except for his socks, I had several of the other grunts help me truss him up. The big blond Marine was made to face the desk and hunch over it, spreading his powerful arms out wide so that his wrists could be tied with a heavy rope to the far corners of the desk. In that position, his bare chest hovered a few feet over the top of the desk, and the large head of his limp cock tapped across its varnished wooden surface. Next, I had the Private spread his legs out to the sides with his knees slightly bent, and then had the men tie both his knees and his ankles to the front corners of the desk. His knees were spread so wide that his tight, muscular ass cheeks were spread apart as well, and I could see the rosebud of his asshole winking to the men in the room. Brad’s loose, low-hanging balls were completely exposed as well, for they were so heavy and so huge that they hung down several inches below the bottom of his ass, looking massive and powerful and oh so very vulnerable as they wobbled and gently swung in front of the wooden face of the large desk. 

With the young Marine bound, helpless, and totally exposed, I then took the whip off of the wall and placed it on the desk so that the Private was staring at it. I wanted him to see the whip that would soon be cutting into his ass, leaving stripes that he would never forget, even long after they’d healed. I then summoned the rest of the platoon, and then waited there as they started to file in. As they entered, each of them took in the sight of the naked blond Private and the whip and the position he was in and immediately they knew what was coming. 

Soon, except for the guards that were posted on the perimeter, I had all of the men under my command assembled. I then took the opportunity to speak. I announced the young man’s transgression, outlining the specific rules and regulations he had violated by bringing a young civilian woman onto the base and then having sex with her, and I lectured the men on the fact that such rule breaking would not be tolerated. They had all been taught what was allowed and what was not, and it had been drilled into them since they’d entered basic training. Every soldier knew the rules.

As I lectured them, Snyder said nothing, but simply stared straight ahead, his face bright red with his humiliation and his meaty and chiseled bubble ass thrust high in the air and his legs spread, exposing his hole and his thighs and his bottom. The men were around him in a circle of sorts, some looking up at his ass, and others staring at his face and his expression. Still, it wasn’t either his ass or his face that drew most of the attention. No, I think it was his balls that captured everyone’s eye, that colossal nutsac hanging huge and loose between his large and lean and powerfully muscular thighs. I heard a few snickers among the men, but all of the soldiers gathered had to have been mightily impressed with the gigantic size of the young Marine’s awesome manhood. 

I’ve lashed a few men, but I never could really put my heart in it, and of course the Captain knew that. That scared me, because I had seen him angry before, and I knew he could be a ruthless and sadistic man. I just had no idea how much he would punish this young Marine. The Captain had a hell of a temper, and so as I got things ready I was probably almost as nervous as was the young Private who was waiting to be disciplined. 

I figured the Captain might give him as much as a dozen lashes. I had seen a man get a dozen lashes once, and I thought at the time it was going to kill him, and the unfortunate solider did indeed pass out before the last lash was laid to his flesh. The whip is cruel, and it burns with a vengeance, feeling almost like a hot torch as it rips across the skin. Private Snyder didn’t even have a stitch of clothing for protection, so without a doubt the whip could turn his pale, muscular ass into hamburger wherever the leather landed. Further, with his big legs spread so wide apart, everything was exposed and open for the end of the whip. If the Captain wanted to, he could hit the young man anywhere he pleased, and that thought had me truly terrified. 

It was beyond my control at this point, however, and as I stared at that monstrously huge sac hanging there, I tried not to think of what the Captain might do. I had laid Brad out perfectly, and he was helpless. Everything was ready. I kept the men at parade rest, waiting for the Captain and the whipping. I just wanted it to be over with. Finally, he arrived. 

“ATTENTIONNNNNN!!!!” I yelled as the Captain came into the room.

As one, every man, save for the one who was naked and strapped to the table, came to attention and their heels slammed together. The Captain said nothing, but as he entered the room I saw that he was not alone. He was accompanied by the terrified young girl, Sun Yee, as well as by another woman of middle years. This second woman had a proud and imperious bearing, and a commanding presence that belied her relatively diminutive size. She was a handsome woman as well, and if it wasn’t for the cruel and haughty expression on her face, I would have even called her beautiful. The resemblance to the younger lass was unmistakable, and I knew instantly that this must be the aunt that Private Snyder had mentioned earlier, the one who had taken Sun in when her parents had died. 

Sun and her aunt took a place to the right side of the table, the older woman holding a death grip on Sun’s bare upper arm to keep her in place and force her to watch the punishment. The Captain walked around to the far side of the table so that he was facing the bound Private head on, locking eyes with the stoic blue-eyed Marine from across the table. Private Snyder looked from the angry captain to his lady love, standing less than a dozen feet to his right, and his handsome face was filled with a yearning that was almost heart breaking. The eyes of the two young lovers locked in unspoken communication, their thoughts clearly passing from one to the other without a single word being spoken. 

That’s when I noticed that Brad’s long, limp cock had started to plump up and grow. Apparently, the mere sight of the beautiful girl was enough to quicken the love-struck Marine’s pulse and get his manly juices flowing. Damn, this was one randy young lad, to be throwing a boner so soon after fucking! And with his powerful limbs bound and waiting for his ass to be flogged! Soon, every set of eyes in the room was fixed on the Private’s steadily growing phallus, for it was impossible to miss. Each pulse of the muscular lad’s mighty heart forced more and more blood into the engorging organ, causing it to swell and thicken and lengthen, lifting itself off of the desk surface to rise up like some rigid bar of warm steel. 

It only took a little over a dozen heartbeats to transform Brad’s huge, limp cock into a rutting, jutting lance of pure and unbridled male power. The whole room was eerily quiet, all of us stunned into silence by the sheer enormity of the gigantic sex muscle now protruding from the young Marine’s lush loins. The rock hard member was parallel to the surface of the desk, throbbing and full, lightly smacking against the corrugated wall of the young man’s chiseled abdominal muscles. I was aghast at the colossal length of the lad’s huge trouser beast, for it stretched most of the way to the young man’s heavy, muscular pecs, and must have exceeded a full foot in length by at least several inches! The cock’s phenomenal length was more than matched by its stupendous girth, for the widest part of the shaft, just a few inches behind the huge, helmet-shaped head, was nearly as thick as the business end of a baseball bat! Jesus, was this kid part Clydesdale or something!?! 

I could only wonder in awe how the petite young woman had been able to accommodate such a fantastically large penis inside of herself! Just the swollen, purple-hued head alone was nearly as big as a man’s fist! Surely, there was no way that Bradley could have fit his entire cock inside of her!! It would have split her apart!! 

The Captain alone seemed to be unaffected by the staggering size of the lad’s shockingly massive genitalia, for he broke the silence by barking, “Private, do you have anything to say before I whip you for what you did with this girl?” 

The young man stared at the beautiful young girl, and then back to the Captain, and said, “Only that I love Sun with all of my heart, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.” There wasn’t even a hint of a quiver in the lad’s voice, and I was once again deeply impressed by the kid’s bravery. Most men would have been begging to be spared the lash at this point, but not this beefy young Marine! 

“So be it,” replied the gruff commander. The Captain then turned to me and said, “Sarg, put the men at parade rest and gag the prisoner. I don’t want to hear him scream as he feels the whip. He might start cussing, and there is a young lady in the room.” 

I saluted him, and then ordered, “PARADEEEEEEEEEEEEE, REST!!!!!”

Instantly, my men moved as one, putting their hands behind their backs and spreading their legs in the appropriate stance. They still were forbidden to speak, but ‘Parade Rest’ was a much easier position to stay in, and unlike being held at ‘Attention’, it was something you could tolerate for a long period of time. I took a length of cord and stuffed a clean gun rag in Snyder’s mouth, and then bound it in place. He didn’t fight me. I gently patted him on one of his meaty, muscular shoulders, trying to silently reassure him that everything would be alright. Finally, I stepped back, and said, “The prisoner is ready for his punishment, Sir.”

“Now the only question is how many lashes your transgression deserves,” the Captain continued. “Perhaps we should let the young woman’s aunt decide your punishment, since she was the one who informed me of your clandestine meetings with her niece in the first place. Ms. Hwang,” he said, turning to the dour and angry woman standing to the side of the desk, “in our country, we believe in justice. We are soldiers, not barbarians. We follow the rules of war. You have my word, I will do as you say. I will avenge the pain he has caused you by defiling your niece. Name it — how many cuts of the whip do you want him to feel?” 

We all stared at the haughty older woman, awaiting her answer. God. My heart was thundering in my chest, wondering what she would say. Would it be ten? Fifteen? TWENTY?! God, what if she asked for even MORE?!? My mouth was totally dry, and time seemed to stand still. I stared at his creamy white ass, jutting up almost eagerly, as if it was begging to be whipped. His muscular ass was totally open, and from where I was standing I could see his hole and the sparse dark blond hairs growing around it. As we all waited, Private Bradley shifted his weight, perhaps testing his bonds, and his hole puckered and winked at me. 

The imperious woman shook her head, and then said in perfect, only lightly accented English, “I do not want him whipped. That is insufficient punishment for such a crime. He needs to pay far more dearly for deflowering my beautiful but foolish young niece. But you will not punish him. You lie. You all lie. You Americans are all barbarians.” 

The Captain’s craggy face went red, and he looked angry. Very angry. His eyes flared, and I realized that I had never seen him madder. Then he said in a dangerous growl, “I am NOT a liar! I said you decide, so decide, NOW!”

The woman looked at the Captain, and then her cold gaze went back to the young man who had so recently fucked her niece. I could see her staring at the muscular, upturned ass, at the gigantic cock that had plowed the young woman, and at the mammoth set of bull nuts that had pumped her full of his prime Marine seed. Her eyes seemed to linger on those huge, dangling orbs for a long time before she slowly, very slowly, replied, “No, you will not punish him. I know this. You will not.” 

The Captain glared at her and seemed to grow even angrier at her words. Man, he was pissed! Then he said, “I WILL punish him, madam! You have my word as an officer! I will not tolerate such actions from my men! I have the whip in my hand and I WILL whip him! Now tell me, WHAT DO YOU WANT?!? 

Ms. Hwang was completely unaffected by the Captain’s fiery stare, for she coldly looked back at him and said once more, “You lie. You will not punish him.” 

The Captain exploded into fury, and his brawny and enormously muscular arm went into sudden motion. The whip sliced through the air and then curved sideways and went completely across both of Snyder’s meaty buttocks in a single, burning line. There was a deafening CRACKKKKKK sound as the tip of the whip went supersonic, laying a red stripe across those milky white butt cheeks. Snyder jumped, straining at the heavy ropes that bound him to the desk, and he grunted into his gag. He did not cry out, however, despite the intense burning pain from the lash. 

The Captain jerked his arm again, faster this time, and brought the whip once more across the Marine’s beefy butt with another resounding crack. The lad jerked again as a second red stripe was painted across his gorgeous ass, grunting more loudly, but he still refused to cry out. The muscular Marine’s iron stoicism seemed to make the Captain even angrier, and he let loose with the most brutal series of lashes I had ever seen in my entire life in the military. Crack, crack, crack went the whip, over and over again, raising angry welts all over the young man’s muscular ass cheeks. When that failed to elicit the response that he wanted, the Captain changed his aim to lash the young man’s lean and muscular lower back, the backs of his thickly muscled thighs, and his broad and densely beefy back. But still the young man refused to cry out! Ten lashes very quickly became twenty, and then thirty, and then forty, and then even MORE, but the enraged Captain seemed to be only just getting started! Despite the chill in the room, Private Snyder’s naked, muscular body had soon broken out in a sheen of sweat, and his grunts had turned into great groans of pain, but he endured his punishment with an almost super human force of will. My own stomach was churning at the unspeakable brutality of what I was witnessing, and I feared that the furious Captain would flay the young man’s flesh right down to the bones, but I was powerless to stop him. Even if the commanding officer stopped right now, I knew that young Bradley wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week, and wearing any kind of a shirt would be agony. 

But speaking of bones, incredibly, unbelievably, impossibly, Private Brad Snyder maintained his goliath erection throughout the vicious and merciless whipping of his back, legs, and ass! In fact, pearls of clear precum had begun to appear at its swollen tip to languidly drip down to the wooden desktop below, slowly pooling on its vanished surface. I couldn’t believe that the young man was still even conscious and standing, let alone that he looked primed and ready to fuck once again! The lad’s strength and stamina were truly awe inspiring, and I wished I could have had a hundred men like him in my platoon. 

The whip-wielding commander seemed to also notice the continued rampant hardness of Bradley’s massive cock, for on his next swing he brought the whip up under the bound Marine so that the lash curved around Snyder’s left ass cheek and up between his legs. The tip of the leather whip snapped just a few inches down from the underside of the young man’s swollen, purple cock head, expertly striking that most sensitive spot on the goliath sex organ. 

Private Brad Snyder did scream then, a bellow of searing agony as the whip raised a bright red welt along the bulky underside of his enormous cock. He bellowed like there was no tomorrow, thrashing against his restraints and bucking his lean, muscular hips in a desperate attempt to dodge the whip and escape the pain. It almost looked like he was fucking the very desk he’d been tied to, and the heavy wooden piece of furniture actually creaked as it lurched forward nearly an entire inch. 

The enraged Captain then turned to the silent older woman and yelled at her in his rage. “I TOLD YOU I WOULD PUNISH THIS SOLIDER!! YOU HAVE MY WORD!! TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT!! TELL ME NOW AND IT WILL BE DONE!!!

The large man was heaving from both his recent exertions and his anger as he stared at the older woman, who was the epitome of calm, cool, and collected in comparison. The room was virtually silent except for the sounds of the Captain’s own panting, and the occasional soft moans coming from the exhausted and hurting young man. She met his gaze with her own icy stare, and said in a voice so quiet it was almost a whisper, “I want justice. I want his balls.” 

The room went silent. All of us, me included, just stared with shock. Someone gasped. Even the Captain looked taken aback by the woman’s words. I along with everyone else looked to the young man and his dangling manhood, looking at his enormous sac of bull nuts that was just dangling there, vulnerable and defenseless and just waiting to be taken. God! Of course, what she has asked for was impossible, out of the question, although I supposed that in this part of the world, such a punishment might not have been that unusual. Justice might depend on the eye of the beholder, after all. But as I looked at those huge balls, just hanging there, filled to near bursting with vitality and raw masculine power, I felt chills run down my spine as I contemplated how easily it could be done. 

The Captain recovered, his stunned expression quickly replaced by one of unbridled fury as he roared, “YOU WANT HIS BALLS?! I’LL GIVE YOU HIS BALLS!! 

With that, the Captain brought his whip back and sent it snapping with unerring accuracy directly into Brad’s huge, dangling, defenseless nuts. 


This time, young Bradley screamed like some wounded animal, his entire body tensing up and flexing, his every muscle bulging and swelling into extraordinary grainy relief. Then he began thrashing like a wild beast, desperate to break free and protect himself. But the ropes were too heavy, the knots too soundly tied, the heavy wooden desk too large, and the poor lad could not break free as another, and another, and another fiery lash was laid across his massive man nuts. 

I thought I might vomit as I watched the commander lay stripe after stripe across the vast curved expanse of the young man’s behemoth bollocks, hitting them from every possible angle. I feared that the Captain would shred the Marine’s baggy scrotum and slice his humongous balls to ribbons right before our eyes! But I felt paralyzed, rooted to the spot, and too terrified of the raging commanding officer to even think of stopping him. 

After more than a score of beyond-brutal whip strikes, Snyder’s massive nutsac was a mass of lacerations, the previously unblemished surface of his twin titanic testicles criss-crossed by dozens of angry welts. The young man was heaving as he tried to regain his breath, and it sounded like he was sobbing into his gag. His entire ball sac must have been one searing, throbbing, unrelenting agony at this point, and I was once again astonished that he was still conscious, let alone standing. 

Even more incredibly, however, was the fact that Private Snyder’s massive horse cock was STILL rock hard and drooling!! In fact, the young man’s precum had taken on a decidedly milky color and thicker texture, and he looked for all the world like he might be nearing orgasm!! How was that even POSSIBLE?!?! 

A furious Captain turned once more to Ms. Hwang and roared, ARE YOU SATISFIED, MA’AM!?! Spittle flew from his mouth as he continued. “I HAVE LASHED THIS MARINE TO WITHIN AN INCH OF HIS LIFE, AND HAVE WHIPPED HIS BIG NUTS INTO NEAR USELESSNESS AS WELL!! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT!?!?!”

“I don’t want you to whip his balls, Captain,” the older woman said with a shocking coldness and composure. “I want you to CUT them off, and give them to me as payment!” 

The Captain’s eyes flew wide, and he became even more enraged, if that was even possible. His big hands clenched into fists so tight that his knuckles turned white, and his arms were flexing so hard that they trembled. His lips twisted into a vicious snarl, his face turned beet red, and I thought that his head might actually explode. And then he screamed, 


And with each word, the Captain stomped Bradley’s low-hanging nuts with all of his muscular might, driving the hard rubber sole of his large combat boot directly into the heart of the young Marine’s enormously oversized manhood and squashing the fat orbs against the hard, unyielding wall of the heavy wooden desk. 

The effects were devastating. 

Private Snyder shrieked in animal agony as his massive bollocks were repeatedly and violently flattened to a fraction of their normal girth, trapped between the Captain’s unstoppable boot and the desk’s unyielding side. Such was the terrific force of each kick that any one stomp would have shattered almost any other man’s balls into smithereens. But Brad’s humongous gonads suffered FOUR such brutal stomps and yet somehow survived, proving that those monstrous sex glands were just as ferociously tough and resilient as the rest of the young Marine’s rock solid body. Still, the damage to the handsome blond man’s bull balls must have been severe, for they immediately began to turn a fiery red and started to swell inside of their abraded and heavily lacerated sac. I feared that any additional abuse might wreck Bradley’s big beautiful balls for good, and wondered if even now they had suffered some level of irreparable damage. 

The young Marine bull was now thrashing against his restraints like some wild beast, roaring and hollering continuously, an inferno of agony erupting inside of his battered balls. Yet at the same time, his mighty phallus remained as rock hard as ever, throbbing and straining and drooling precum like it was going out of style! The kid’s stamina was fucking INSANE!! 

The Captain was trembling with fury as he glared with open hatred at Ms. Hwang, but the older woman just returned his look impassively and said, “See, I knew you were a liar. I told you what would bring my family justice, and yet you refuse. I want this man’s balls. His BALLS, Captain. Give them to me, or live the lie.” 

In hindsight, I think it was the upcoming battle and the strain of command, the endless weeks fighting against an elusive enemy, the terrible things we’d all seen and done, all coming together at that moment. Perhaps I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t. 

With a roar of wordless fury, the Captain dropped to his knees behind the bound Marine. He slammed his left palm against the face of the desk, catching the elongated neck of Brad’s heavy nutsac in the process and pinning the neck of his scrotum against the solid wood, while simultaneously forcing the young man’s swelling bull nuts to the very bottom of their sac and holding them immobile against the unyielding wood. And then, with Private Snyder’s herculean bollocks thus confined and secured, the Captain balled his right hand and started hammering his hard-knuckled fist directly into Bradley’s screaming nuts. 

The big blond Marine threw his head back and bellowed in utter agony as his already heavily wounded testicles were forced to endure another deadly barrage of blows. These were some truly virility decimating punches, for the burly Captain held nothing back as his pistoned his huge fist into the lad’s incredibly dense and meaty balls over and over and over again. The hunky Private may have had some spectacularly — perhaps even unnaturally — tough bull balls, but even his mighty man nuts couldn’t hope to survive such extreme levels of abuse for long! 

The Captain’s fist plunged deep into Bradley’s trapped nut meat with every brutal strike, bending and warping the lad’s tough testicular tissue with every blow, but the Marine’s massive bollocks somehow rebounded after every manhood obliterating punch. Over and over and over again. But after a couple dozen such hammer blows, I noticed that the Captain’s knobby fist appeared to be sinking even deeper into all of that male beef, and that great balls themselves seemed to be getting softer and mushier by the moment, literally quivering after each devastating blow. I could hear Sun softly sobbing off to my right, horrified at the sight of the steady emasculation of her handsome young lover, and I felt like I might start sobbing as well. The sight was horrific and terrible, yet we all felt strangely paralyzed and unable to stop it. 

And that’s when it happened. The relentless and merciless barrage of punches into the lad’s profoundly battered and swelling testicles must have cracked something inside the young Marine’s oversized plumbing, for the handsome hunk suddenly hit orgasm. 

With a primal bellow, Brad’s huge cock gave a mighty throb, and a lush pulse of the thickest, creamiest cum I’d ever seen erupted out of its tip. The great rope of spunk had to have been at least four or five feet long, and burst forth with such incredible force that the bulk of that sperm slug cleared the desk entirely, slashing across the lower bodies of the men directly across from the grunting lad. Brad’s cock gave another mighty throb, rearing upward to slap against his rock hard abdominal muscles as it unleashed a second colossal volley of creamy white spume. The other young soldiers exclaimed in surprised as they tried to dodge out of the way, quickly opening up a path in front of the spasming young Marine bull as he rutted and grunted and pumped out rope after rope of his impossibly thick and copious seed halfway across the room! 

It was one hell of a load, titanic, colossal, super human — and made even more incredible by the fact that the handsome young stud had just blown a previous load less than an hour before when he’d fucked his beautiful lady love for the very first time. Yeah, it was one fucking phenomenal load, and Bradley kept grunting and screaming and bucking his hips like he was fucking the table, squirting out wad after wad onto the cold and dirty concrete floor. Damn, some of the slugs of sperm even struck the crates of ammunition stacked against the far wall! 

For his part, the Captain kept madly punching Private Snyder’s huge balls even as they busily pumped out their mammoth load, each blow creating a loud THUD as hard fist struck beefy flesh, driving the gigantic orbs into the desk’s solid wall. It seemed impossible that such horribly battered and mauled testicles could still be whole, but the proof of their continued functionality was evident in the almost unimaginably enormous spurts of chunky white cum that continued to erupt out of Brad’s big cock. 

About halfway through the monumental orgasm, the Captain drew his fist back for one final, devastating punch, driving his fist so deep into Bradley’s mangled bollocks that his knuckles completely disappeared into the swollen and traumatized flesh. The Captain then began to twist and turn his fist, grinding his hard and bony knuckles even deeper into those failing orbs in an effort to pulverize them into rubble. The hunky blond Marine just bellowed even loud than ever as his herculean orgasm raged onward. 

In the end, Big Brad Snyder must have pumped out a good 15 or 16 gigantic ropes of stud cum, followed by more than half a dozen steadily decreasing squirts, until his earth shattering orgasm finally came to an end. But even then, the Captain kept right on twisting his knuckles into the distended, misshapen orbs, grinding out every last viable sperm out of those titanic spunk bunkers. 

Private Snyder appeared to be on the brink of unconsciousness when the Captain finally pulled his fist out of the ruin of the young man’s colossal testicles. Incredibly, both huge gonads quickly reinflated to their previous ovoid spherical shapes, but they had nearly doubled in size by this point, resembling a pair of slightly oblong cantaloupes! The entire nutsac was a deep and angry red, and dark purple bruising was already beginning to mottle the vast surface of his lacerated and much abused scrotum. But amazingly, impossibly, both gargantuan bollocks looked to still be unbroken and intact! In fact, I speculate to this day that, if the punishment had stopped there and then, Private Bradley Snyder would have survived the horrific abuse with his virility still intact and perhaps not even a scar to show for how close he came to losing his mighty manhood. 

Unfortunately, none of us could have predicted what happened next. I still lose sleep over it, wondering if I could have stopped the sequence of events if I had only intervened sooner. But I didn’t, and I have to live the rest of my life replaying the afternoon’s events in my mind, wishing I’d stepped in to help the bound Marine bull. 

We all thought that the Captain had finished meting out his punishment upon the handsome blond Private. Surely, the young soldier had been made to pay for his transgressions several times over by this point! But little did we know that the Captain was not yet satisfied, and that in his rage-fueled haze, he needed to exact permanent retribution upon the hunky, helpless lad. 

I think Snyder sensed it though, long before the rest of us ever had a clue. He started really pulling against his ropes, struggling like his very life depended on it. His thick muscles bulged and flexed in a magnificent display of bound male power, the dozens of red stripes across his broad back, muscular thighs, and meaty butt only adding to his extraordinary masculine beauty. He continued to buck his hips as well, his still nearly rock hard cock slapping the cum-spattered desk, his bruised and swollen nuts jiggling and swinging ponderously beneath him. Yes, I think he knew what was about to happen. 

Ms. Hwang seemed to sense that the Captain just needed a little push to go over the edge, and she gave it. “You are pathetic,” she said to the Captain in her cold, cruel voice. “You are not a man. You are afraid to punish him. You are afraid to take his balls.” 

That’s when the Captain snapped, any semblance of sanity disappearing. He roared, “I AM AFRAID OF NOTHING!!!” Then, almost faster than the eye could see, he pulled the steel knife from his belt, the deadly edge glinting in the overhead light, and then he plunged it vertically into the long, narrow neck of Snyder’s low-hanging scrotum, literally pinning his nutsac to the side of the desk. The sharp sting must have come as a surprise to young Brad, for his blue eyes flew open in shock and his whole body tensed, but he didn’t make a sound. The Captain paused for only an instant, however, before jerking the blade downward in one sharp, quick, brutal movement. 

Private Snyder did scream then, as his battered and poorly used scrotum was filleted nearly completely in half. In fact, I think nearly everyone in the room screamed at that point. 

Blood spattered the floor as the young man’s sac was sliced wide open, and his two massive bollocks came tumbling out. By pure luck or amazing skill, the Captain’s blade hadn’t so much as nicked either ball, nor had the blade damaged or severed any of the thick cables or cords that attached those two titanic testes to the young man’s lean and muscular groin. The huge, glistening orbs were therefore able to drop to the very bottom of their fleshy tethers, hanging so unbelievably low that they drooped below the hunky lad’s knees! 

The two orbs themselves were a gleaming grayish white, with a mottling of purplish blue as their beaten and pulped insides continued to bruise. The massive nuts looked even bigger outside of their sac, if that was even possible. Thick epididymus tissue covered the back of both orbs, connecting to the cables and pipes and nerves and blood vessels that powered the goliath gonads. Brad’s big balls look simultaneously monstrous and magnificent, hideous and beautiful, freed from the fleshy home they’d known all their young life. 

The Captain’s left hand shot out and grasped the slick and slippery bull nuts right where the cords connected to the massive orbs, and then he pulled sharply backward, stretching out Bradley’s nuts as far as those cords and cables would allow. The young man screamed in agony and terror as the tensile strength of those fleshy anchors were put to the ultimate test, but those tough tendons and connective tissues somehow held, refusing to be torn from the hunky Marine’s crotch. The Captain’s right arm then shot back out, raising the bloody knife up high and preparing to make that single downward slice that would irrevocably change Bradley Snyder’s life forever, that would instantly turn turn him from an alpha Marine male to a nutless and worthless eunuch. 

Time seemed to stand still. That infinite moment between peak virility and raw masculine power, and impotent weakness. I could see the whites of Private Snyder’s eyes, for the young lad knew what was about to happen, and yet he was utterly powerless to stop it. All of his large and powerful muscles had been rendered useless, and his status as a prime alpha male bull was about to be stolen from him forever. I’ll never forget that look of absolute terror in the handsome young man’s blue eyes in that moment. 

I remember yelling, “NOOOO!!!” as I lunged forward, knowing I could never reach the bound lad in time. The wickedly sharp blade seemed to gleam in the harsh overhead lights for a moment before it began its deadly arc downward, aiming right for that bunched handful of cables and cords that gave Brad Snyder’s massive bollocks vitality and life. The young Marine arched his muscular and powerful body backwards, screaming in terror as he waited for the sharp and painful slice that would end his mighty manhood forever. 

At the last instant, a lithe figure streaked in front of me, colliding with the Captain’s crouched and kneeling form with enough force to topple him over, forcing him to both release Brad’s overstretched nuts and drop the bloody knife in the process. Sun Yee had broken free of her aunt’s cruel grip and, with a speed and power born of sheer desperation to save her handsome lover and his magnificent manhood, she had charged the far larger American officer, and succeeded in knocking him to the concrete floor. 

I have no doubt that the enraged Captain would have killed the young lass in the moments that followed, had myself and a dozen other soldiers not rushed forward and pinned the frothing and writhing commanding officer to the ground. Two other soldiers had the presence of mind to secure Ms. Hwang, for if they hadn’t, then I have little doubt that the slender woman would have picked up the discarded knife in the ensuing chaos and finished the work of severing Private Snyder’s naked nuts from his bound and helpless body. As it was, Sun Lee’s brave actions and the quick thinking of the other soldiers saved young Bradley Snyder from that fate. 

It took almost a dozen soldiers to carry the snarling and thrashing Captain to the brig, while several other soldiers escorted the screaming and furious Ms. Hwang off of the military base, with orders to never let her set foot inside the perimeter again. Meanwhile, I ordered some of the other men to create a makeshift stretcher, and we untied the exhausted and nearly comatose Private Snyder from the desk, carefully laid him on the stretcher — with particular caution made for his naked, loose, and dangling bollocks — and then we carried him to the nearly hospital building. Sun Yee kept right next to the stretcher the entire time, holding one of Brad’s big hands in her much smaller one, and no one made any effort to keep her away. 

The next couple of hours were a bit of a blur for me, as the doctors and medics tried to save Private Snyder’s heavily damaged and eviscerated testicles. I remember at one point hearing a blood curdling scream come from inside the medical building, and I later learned that that was when the doctors immersed both of Brad’s naked nuts into a large bowl of disinfectant. The horrific sting of the medication caused the young Marine to scream in agony, but then he finally and mercifully passed out and felt no more. The doctors were therefore able to complete their surgery, inserting the swollen gonads back into their protective sac and carefully stitching the entire scrotum closed. 

Once the surgery was complete, the lead doctor informed me that their biggest concern was the risk of infection. He said that the two testicles themselves were in remarkably good shape considering the brutal hell they’d been through and could potentially pull through undamaged, which seemed a miracle in itself. He further said that even the enormous cut in the young man’s scrotum wasn’t life threatening, as the knife had been so sharp that it had created a clean and very neat cut, one that was relatively simple to sew back together. No, the greatest risk was that the rough manhandling of his exposed testicles and the subsequent work it had taken to get them cleaned up and reinserted to his scrotum had exposed them to potential infection and contamination. They therefore had the lad hooked up to several broad-spectrum antibiotics and remained guardedly hopeful for a full recovery. Meanwhile, a team of nurses were treating the dozens of lacerations on the young man’s back and backside with antibiotics and healing salves, and the rest would be a waiting game. 

Sun never left Bradley’s said in the days that followed. By the end of the first week, the doctors were happy to report that there were no signs of infection, and that all of Private Snyder’s injuries were healing exceedingly well. Still, it was another couple of weeks before Private Brad Snyder was released from the field hospital with a full bill of health. According to the doctors, all of his whip scars healed without a trace, and the young man’s only lasting physical memento from his ordeal was a pale, slender scar that almost completely bisected his entire nutsac from front to back. The lad’s titanic testicles made a full recovery, and as time would later tell, they lost none of their potency or virility. 

For his role in that fateful day, the Captain was courtmartialed and sent back to the States to rot for the next 20 years in a military prison. Sun Yee’s aunt, the cruel and vindictive Ms. Hwang, was never allowed on base again, and quickly disowned her niece — to my knowledge, the two never had contact with each other again. 

As for Private Bradley Snyder, he was honorably discharged from the Marines not long after his recovery and the sentencing of his former Captain. Before his discharge was made official, however, he did indeed wed his lady love, right there on the military base, with myself and the rest of his platoon in attendance. 

Afterwards, I fully expected Bradley and his new wife to return to the States, as so many young men had done when they’d found love overseas. But the handsome young Private surprised me — he decided to take the small stipend he received upon his discharge to buy a few dozen acres of land to the south, far from the front lines, where he and Sun could start a new life together, farming the land and building a family. 

I’ve kept in touch with Brad Snyder over the years, long after the war was over and the rest of us had returned to the States. I don’t think any of us were surprised when Sun announced a few months after the incident that she was pregnant, and she gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy just over nine months after that fateful afternoon when I caught them in the barracks together. I was probably the least surprised of all, for I had seen just how much splooge was running down Sun’s legs after their first time making love, and I would have been shocked if she wasn’t pregnant. 

It’s now been ten years since that fateful day that changed so many of our lives. Bradley still sends me regular photos of his family, and the young man is just as handsome as ever, perhaps even more so. All of that daily hard labor on his farm has certainly agreed with him, for the young man’s body has indeed exploded with even more muscle, far eclipsing the muscular physique of his former Captain. He and Sun remain very much in love, and their family continues to grow as a result. In fact, Sun is currently pregnant with their tenth child — their seventh son — and everyone appears to be growing up healthy and happy. 

Neither of us speaks much about that horrible day, other than Bradley occasionally thanking me for my role in saving him from castration. But as I am always quick to remind him, it was the actions of his incredibly brave and beautiful wife, Sun, that saved him. I’m just happy that he survived the encounter in one piece, and that he has been able to build a beautiful family.