Sunday, November 17, 2013

Superman Knuckled Under

Here is another Robert Moon classic modified by me. I particularly love super hero stories (Superman, Tarzan, Hercules, etc.), so this one was right up my alley.

Superman Knuckled Under

Based on the original story by Robert Moon (a.k.a. “Lunatrick”)

As soon as Superman crashed through the power plant roof, the spectacularly handsome and muscular super hero immediately suspected that he had landed in a trap. Seven power company employees were blindfolded against a row of huge transformers, unguarded and unprotected. Undeterred, the huge muscle man immediately leapt over to the employees in order to free them. 

Before he removed the blindfold from the first hostage, Superman paused. He could hear the transformers hum become more urgent, increasing in volume and frequency. That's when he noticed one of Lex Luthor's henchmen step out of the shadows and aim a large spotlight-like device at him. Superman saw the dark-goggled crook smile wickedly as he pushed down on a lever. 

In a flash, the room was bathed in an intense, brilliant green light. The super-bright pulse lasted less than a second, but its effects were instantaneous. Superman's body crackled with bolts of green energy, and the massive super hero felt like he was both on fire and electrocuted. The horrible pain dropped the huge muscle man to onto his hands and knees like a sack of potatoes, his 6'5", 345-pound frame striking the metal catwalk with a mighty thud that caused the whole structure to quiver. He groped weakly about the floor and struggled to rise, his awesome strength and legendary invulnerability rapidly vanishing. It was all that Superman could do to not collapse face down on the catwalk, and even his breathing was labored as his massive chest rose and fell in an effort to stay conscious. 

Lex's henchman spoke up, "Okay guys, you can take off the blindfolds now! I've switched the beam to low power." 

As the ‘hostages’ removed their blindfolds, they began laughing. Before them struggled the once mighty Superman, his massive muscles rendered temporarily impotent by the green light. Their plan to capture Superman had worked perfectly thus far. His muscular costumed body strained in obvious pain, and the goons gloated over the fallen super hero, the man who had so often foiled the plans of their leader. 

The spotlight was projecting a dim green beam of light now. Superman realized that the spotlight was some sort of Kryptonite radiation projector. The initial high-intensity pulse was obviously intended to instantly nullify his super powers. Once his powers were gone, the spotlight had been switched to low intensity to continuously suppress his body from regaining those powers. But why do that? If they wanted to kill him, they could just keep the Kryptonite beam on at full strength and he no doubt would have perished within minutes. Superman was sure he would find out the answers to his questions very soon... 

Very rapidly, the green light began fading from his vision and his sight returned to normal. Superman's vision cleared to reveal none other than his archenemy, Lex Luthor, standing before the muscle-bound super hero's helpless form. Lex Luthor gloated over his fallen enemy, saying, "Well, well, Superman. I see that you've discovered my latest toy!" Superman attempted to stand, but could only sit up on his knees. He could feel the hands of Luthor's henchmen grabbing him and holding his head upright. Without warning, a fierce slap stunned the weakened hero. Twice more Lex backhanded Superman's incredibly handsome, chiseled face, leaving red marks on the Man of Steel's cheeks and intensely powerful jawline. 

"As you might have guessed, my little invention here is a Kryptonite ray generator. Continuous exposure to the beam's low-power setting will keep your super powers in check. Of course, prolonged exposure to this radiation will have more permanent effects." 

Superman feigned an attitude of strength, "Luthor, you won't get away with this, I swear it!" 

Lex only smiled and replied, "Tsk, tsk, Superman. You're in no position to do anything but suffer. And that suffering will be epic, and it will be for my amusement. Oh, and I am amused right now. I have already removed your powers, and I will soon take much more away from you." 

"The initial flash pulse of high intensity Kryptonite radiation merely sped up the draining of your super powers. Instead of having to waiting minutes for a Kryptonite rock to take effect, I can now sap your invulnerability and strength in a fraction of a second. Then using the lower power setting, I can prevent your powers from regenerating." 

"You're a madman Luthor!" Superman spat out. 

Lex replied, "Madman or genius. There's so little distinction between the two don't you think? Perhaps you should start appreciating the fact that I'm superior to you. And maybe, just maybe, I'll restore your powers - or what's left of them - one day." 

While Superman listened in stunned disbelief, Lex motioned to his men, "Alright boys, let's move our guest into the laboratory." Superman felt hands all over his powerful body. It took six strong men to lift his massively muscular body into the air and carry him away. Superman was carried roughly through several corridors, the Kryptonite ray generator wheeled along with him and maintaining its ruthless effect on the huge but powerless Man of Steel. 

Eventually, Superman was carried into a large, high-ceilinged room and placed standing on some sort of raised platform. Lex’s henchmen held the weakened super hero upright and began to strip off Superman’s clothing, starting by removing his cape and his boots, and then beginning to strip off his tight-fitting costume, revealing the awesome physique beneath. The men pulled the shirt up to reveal Superman’s incredibly tight, muscular waist and the most perfect eight-pack of rock-solid, cobblestone abs any of them had ever seen, coated with a light dusting of dark hair that disappeared in a treasure trail into the phenomenally over-packed red briefs of his costume. The Man of Steel clearly possessed no body fat to speak of, allowing every sinew and striation of muscle to be shown off to its greatest effect. 

As the shirt was lifted higher, more of his spectacular body came into view, flaring wider and wider as his incredible lats and massive chest were revealed. Superman’s lats were as wide as barn doors and incredibly thick, creating an amazing V down to his ridiculously narrow waist. A 32-inch waist would be extraordinary on anyone who stood 6'5" in height, but almost defied belief on a man who packed almost 350 pounds of pure muscle on his gigantic frame. Superman's incredibly wide and profoundly thick lats only served to emphasize and further exaggerate the narrowness of the super hero's muscular waist. 

And if Superman’s flaring lats were amazing, then his monumental chest was simply legendary. The twin majestic plates of man muscle bulged outward at least 6 inches from his large ribcage, and were wider than any Roman breastplate. The dense, rock-hard pec muscles were topped by two of the biggest and most succulent nipples ever to grace a man, as well as a light coating of coarse, dark chest hair that only served to further accentuate Superman's astounding masculinity. Superman was truly a pec lover's wet dream come true. 

The henchmen lifted Superman's enormous arms up over his head and continued pulling off his shirt. Next to come into view were Superman’s shoulders, each larger than a bowling ball. Superman's massive shoulders were well over a yard wide and created a perfect frame for his massive man chest. His thick, bullish neck, corded with powerful muscle, came into view next, stretching the measuring tape to move than 23 inches and defying shirt makers everywhere. 

As the tight shirt was lifted higher, Superman’s massive arms were finally revealed, monster guns that measured over 28 inches completely cold and screamed pure power. When fully pumped, the super hero's colossal arms bulged to just over 32 inches of thick, sinewy muscle, easily the largest arms of any man on the planet by a good 5 or 6 inches. 

Finally, the shirt was lifted off of Superman’s head, freeing the Man of Steel from the garment and letting the henchmen bring Superman's heavy arms back down to his side. Superman's breathtakingly handsome face was once again revealed, a face so gorgeous and intensely masculine that men and women the world over were helpless to fall in love with him. 

The henchmen left Superman’s tight red pants on, the thin and form fitting fabric doing nothing to hide the sheer thickness and massiveness of his tree truck thighs and larger-than-football calves. The fabric also cupped the extraordinarily massive pouch at his crotch, clearly outlining the obscene bulge of his massive tubesteak of a cock and two truly gargantuan bull balls. 

With Superman's boots, cape, and shirt removed, the henchmen were then free to secure Superman in place. The loud clanking of heavy metal chains could be heard as thick steel cuffs were locked onto the super hero’s thick ankles and wrists. The slack in the chains was taken up, stretching Superman's herculean form into a spread eagle position and lifting him helplessly off the platform. Superman soon hung suspended in mid-air about three feet above the platform, his wrists and ankles pulled towards each corner of a large steel frame. He was now completely helpless. His handsome head hung down, his powerful chin resting in the deep valley between his massive, bulging pecs. He listened in silence as Lex finally spoke again. 

"Now that I have you where I want you, I intend to perform a number of exploratory procedures on your gloriously muscular body. Don't worry, we won't be using the Kryptonite ray, at least not too much. The metal bindings have all been impregnated with fine Kryptonite crystals, so even if we turn the Kryptonite ray off, you won't be recovering any of your super powers anytime soon." 

Luthor's lab assistants had been making continuous video recordings of Superman's dilemma from the moment he had entered the power plant. They now started setting up a wide variety of experiments on the superhero. Samples of his blood were drawn from his bulging, mountainous biceps. A suction tube was placed in his mouth and saliva was extracted. A few strands of this thick black hair were cut off as well. 

This process was repeated over and over again in the hours that followed, as Superman hung helplessly in his chains, unable to resist. Each sampling session would begin with momentarily turning the Kryptonite beam on the immobilized Superman, with the intensity of the beam increased for each session. Luthor informed the hero that he wanted to study the effects of Kryptonite radiation on his physiology. As the intensity of the beam became more and more powerful, Superman would writhe in greater and greater agony, his massive muscles bulging mightily as he fought futilely against his chains. Every fiber of his body felt as if it was being ripped apart. Then the beam would again be turned off and the samples collected for testing. 

Superman endured 24 hours of non-stop experimentation on his gorgeous, muscular body, leaving him exhausted and wracked with pain. His godlike figure hung limply inside the metal frame, and every muscular ripple and bulge of his awesome body was evident as his perspiration-soaked muscles glistened in the faint lights. Throughout the entire ordeal, Superman did not cry out or beg for mercy, but simply endured the punishment with his trademark brave defiance. 

When Luthor and his men finally completed their sampling experiments, Superman was only semi-conscious. Every bone and muscle ached. Fortunately, though the evil Kryptonite ray generator was still pointed at him, it wasn't activated at the moment. He could see the faint green glow emanating from the metal chains and cuffs, and knew that even without the ray, his super human strength was continuing to be sapped by the manacles and chains that bound him. 

Luthor finally strode up to face Superman and said, "Now that I have finished collecting samples of your blood, saliva, hair, and even sweat, I will begin the next phase of my experimentation. I've been collecting samples from your body and performing a variety of genetic tests on them. I have discovered that it will be possible to alter the genetic structure of your Kryptonian cells using the right combination of Kryptonite radiation, rendering them immune from the energy sapping powers of Kryptonite. Once I can control the cellular mutation, I will create a super-serum that will give me all of the abilities that you once possessed, without your Achilles' Heel weakness toward Kryptonite. There's only one more component necessary for my serum. I need something that you will not readily or willingly give to me." 

In his signature deep voice, raspy from all of the tortures he has already endured, Superman muttered, "And what would that be?" 

Luthor laughed as he gloated over the fallen super hero. "Why, I need the essence of your manhood, power, and virility. I need your sperm, Superman, and I plan on taking every last drop of it!" 

Superman could not believe what he was hearing. "So you're adding rapist to your long list of crimes, Luthor? That sounds low even for you! I may not have my powers, but I do have my will and determination! I will never succumb to your sexual experiments!!" 

Luthor just grinned, "Perfect, your resistance just makes this moment even more exciting." Lex calmly rolled a cart up beside Superman’s hanging body. More than a dozen large and empty collection jars were laid out on it. There was also a small towel wrapped around an unknown object. 

"I've waited for this moment for a long, long time Superman," Lex said as he reached forward and unbuckled the yellow belt on Superman's red briefs. Superman struggled violently but weakly in his chains, trying to prevent Lex from gaining access to his most private of possessions, his massive and defenseless genitals. 

But his resistance was futile. 

Once the belt was unbuckled and removed, Superman could only watch in horror and revulsion as Lex slipped his hand inside the front of his overstuffed red briefs. Lex's hand quickly encircled the awesomely thick shaft of the enormously well endowed superhero's massive cock. Luthor hauled out the huge and tremendously heavy organ until it was protruding out over the waistband. When Lex released Superman's enormous penis, it arced forward and outward from Superman's corrugated belly to hang partially in front of his briefs. Lex smirked with both envy and arrogance at the incredible length, girth, and sheer mass of Superman's penis. Even completely limp, the gigantic cock was at least 12 or 13 inches long and thicker than a beer can. The amazingly thick shaft was covered in a tracery of powerful veins, and was topped by a juicy knob of a cock head that was bigger than the biggest apple, and nearly completely concealed by a hood of thick foreskin. It was the largest and most beautiful cock Lex or any of the other men in the room had ever seen. 

The hero shuddered with disgust as Luthor fondled and manhandled his huge meat, attempting to stroke the huge penis to hardness. Superman had never had another man's hands on his penis, and he resisted the feelings as Lex's fist rubbed up and down his thick, massive shaft. Due to the unnaturally massive size of Superman's cock, Luthor was soon using two hands in an effort to fondle and massage the huge cock to tumescent life, but to no avail -- Superman's will was far too strong, and he resisted any attempt to make his cock harden. 

After several unsuccessful minutes of masturbating the Man of Steel, Lex smiled evilly and plunged both hands back inside Superman's briefs. Lex smile grew larger as his hands grasped each of Superman’s enormous, hairy bull balls. The gigantic gonads were each larger than a softball, so massive that each bulging nut filled Luthor’s hands to overflowing. Lex began caressing and kneading the massive orbs, hoping to arouse the super hero and massage the sperm out of them. Superman grunted and twisted his hips, trying to pull away from the insane genius. 
As his first efforts failed, Luthor began to get rougher with the huge bull nuts, clutching and squeezing the gigantic orbs for all he was worth. Lex could feel both tremendously hot balls squirming in his hands as he attempted to crush the sperm out of them. And though the huge organs were the most delicate part of Superman's glorious physique, and had had their super human strength and invulnerability drained by the Kryptonite ray, Luthor could still feel the raw power surging through those massive twin lumps of man meat. Lex squeezed with all of his not inconsiderable strength, but only caused the huge balls to deform slightly in his hands, the awesomely thick and dense balls proving to have a beefy strength to match that of Superman's legendary muscles.  Superman grunted and bucked in pain as his huge bollocks were cruelly crushed and man handled, but he continued to endure the abuse with a maddening stoicism. 

And still, Superman's monster cock refused to stiffen. 

Strangely, Superman’s lack of a response seemed to make Luthor happy, as his smile widened into a grin of satisfaction. Lex began to withdraw his hands from Superman’s overcrowded pouch, readjusting both massive balls at the bottom of the briefs. 

Removing his hands from Superman's groin, Lex stood back and admired the intensely erotic sight. Superman's tight briefs were bulging out in front, the well-defined shape of each of his massive nuts clearly visible behind the thin red cloth, each enormous gonad the size of a large grapefruit and packed tightly by the restrictive costume. Superman's huge dick hung limply over the top of the waistband, looking thick and succulent. 

Lex addressed Superman, “I did not think that it would be so easy to milk you of your male super essence, but I thought it worth a try. Actually, I’m rather pleased, since my alternate method for retrieving your cum will bring me so much more pleasure!" 

“Your massive balls are the seat of your mighty masculinity, your awesome power, and thus possess the essence that I need for my super-serum. Your balls are so powerful, in fact, that even in their Kryptonite-ray weakened state, they can endure tremendous abuse that would quickly destroy a lesser man. I plan on testing their limits as I drain you of your cum.” 

Lex turns his back to Superman and picks up the towel and its contents from the cart. Turning back to the helpless but defiant hero, Luthor continued, "I have humiliated you and raped you of your powers. Now I intend to rape you of your manliness." With that Lex unwrapped the towel from the object. Much to Superman's horror, Lex held a pair of brass knuckles in his hand. 

"That's right Superman. The common criminal’s choice for one-on-one fist fighting. How quaint, don’t you think? As you can see from the green iridescence, this set of brass knuckles has been subjected to massive doses of Kryptonite radiation. These beauties are guaranteed to reduce even your proud bull balls to rubble. And now, you will give me your sperm...AND MORE!" 

Superman clenched his powerful jaw and began to fight his bindings, using all the strength he could muster in a vain attempt to break free and escape the punishment that was about to come next. Lex watched Superman struggle uselessly in his bindings, awed by the hero's incredibly powerful display of muscle and sinew. This was truly a paragon of masculinity, and Luthor relished the fact that he was going to reduce all of that awesome power to nothing, to take Superman’s balls and make him less than a man. Without another word, Lex slipped the brass knuckles over his fingers. 

"No! Lex! You madman! Don't do it!" bellowed Superman. 

Lex merely laughed as he pulled his arm back. Due to the monstrous size of Superman’s colossal bull nuts, Lex knew he could only strike one mighty gonad at a time. He took careful aim, and with as much strength as he could, Lex threw a right hook squarely into the bulging pouch of Superman's briefs, striking Superman’s titanic right ball dead on. The Kryptonite irradiated metal smashed into Superman's massive nut like nothing else could, smashing the huge orb against the hero’s ultra muscular groin. The tight pouch of his briefs trapped Superman’s nut and forced it to accept the full force of the blow. 

Superman’s bludgeoned ball sent waves of horrible pain shooting through the muscle giant's groin and stomach, and he let out a mighty bellow of animal agony due to the immediate intensity of the pain. Superman’s massive body tensed up in awesome muscular glory, causing the heavy chains to creak and groan. Even in his weakened state, Superman was a vastly powerful man, and Luthor was momentarily concerned that the super hero might still possess the strength to break his bindings. But the chains held, and Lex knew that there was no hope of escape for the once-mighty super hero.  

Superman was trying to catch his breath as Lex pulled back and unleashed another devastating blow to his immense nuts, this time planting his fist into the super stud’s humongous left ball. Once again both balls ricocheted around in his scrotum, sending lightning bolts of unimaginable pain straight to Superman’s brain. 

Lex didn’t stop, and continued to repeatedly pummel the Man of Steel’s helpless balls. Superman's red briefs kept his gigantic ballsac in perfect striking position, and Lex punched them again and again and again, mercilessly crushing them against his columnar thighs and wall-of-iron groin. 

Superman soon began dry-heaving from the agony and his balls felt like they were on fire. Any other man’s balls could not have endured even a few such blows, quickly succumbing to the terrible abuse, but Superman truly had Balls of Steel, and they endured blow after blow after mighty blow intact. However, as the minutes ticked by and the terrific blows kept raining down ceaselessly onto his bull balls, Superman’s balls began swelling uncontrollably from the trauma being inflicted on them. The mighty hero could only look down and gasp in disbelief and horror as his briefs began stretching outward to even more unbelievable dimensions. 

Not relenting on the ball abuse for a moment, Lex began applying powerful uppercuts to the ball pouch, striking the already battered nuts from below and adding new dimensions of agony to the suffering super hero. Superman's heavy and ponderous dick flopped up and down with each horrible blow. And STILL Luthor continued beating the life out of Superman's globes of virility, determined to crack those eggs and unleash the powerful male essence trapped inside.  

After about 20 minutes of this brutal treatment, Superman's nuts had swollen so large that it looked like his briefs would rip open. The already thin fabric was stretched to nearly the breaking point as it strained to contain the gargantuan bull eggs. Each mighty nut had swollen so large that they had left even grapefruits behind, and were approaching the size of ripe melons. Lex smiled to himself at the comparison, for he knew that Superman’s beefy balls would prove to be ten times as juicy as any fruit. 

The next mighty blow from Lex began to provide the desired results. As Lex's brass-knuckled fist sank deeply into the bulging and swelling scrotum, a short but thick spurt of white sperm sprayed out of Superman's flaccid cock. The next blow produced a larger blast of spunk, and the next larger still, until each powerful punch was forcing out a truly massive gout of cum. 

Superman was not orgasming; on the contrary, the Man of Steel’s cum was being literally forced out of his bruised, beefy nuts by the powerful force of Lex’s fist. 

One of Lex’s henchmen was ready, immediately grabbing one of the many gallon-sized sample jars on the nearby table. Holding the jar against Superman's cockhead, the henchman began collecting the thick spattering of jism that was erupting from Superman's dick with each blow to his screaming balls. 

Each uppercut to Superman's nuts produced another thick spray of sperm. One fist landed so quickly after another that almost continuous spurts of hot, white jism began to spray, pour, and drool from the huge cock. 

So much sperm was being forced from Superman’s balls that he felt like he was urinating, but instead of piss, semen was pouring forth. Each massive gout of cum contained more semen than an average man could produce in a month, rendering the handsome muscle man’s spunk thicker than pudding and almost chunky with sperm, and yet the super virile super hero seemed to have a limitless supply of the hot and sticky fluid. The first sample jar was quickly filled, and then a second and a third. Superman continued to struggle mightily in his chains, the incredible pain in his nuts making him desperate to escape. And STILL the cum continued to flow out of his limp penis. 

Lex continued relentlessly beating Superman's balls, forcing all the Kryptonian sperm out of his body. Even Lex was amazed at the sheer quantity of the super jism that he was forcing out of the mighty, muscular hero, and could only watch in awe as the fourth and fifth specimen jars were filled with Superman’s sperm. 

To his additional amazement, Superman's cock began to grow semi-hard, partially galvanized by the brutal raping of his loins. The massive cock grew longer, adding an inch in length, then another, then yet another, and swelling impossibly in girth. The bulging veins running up and down the tremendous length of the shaft swelled larger as well, pulsing with power. Yet even once the massive cock had swelled to over 16 inches in length, it still hung limply from the waistband of his shorts, and a groping feel from several of the henchmen proved that the cock was still very spongy and far from full hardness. Lex and his cohorts all wondered just how huge that massive schlong could get...but Lex knew that none of them were likely to ever find out. 

And STILL the brutal ball beating continued, with a groaning and writhing Superman filling up a sixth and a seventh jar with his powerful male fluids. 

But even the mighty Superman had his limits, and when Lex had begun filling an eighth sample jar, the jism began to turn slightly bloody. The blood vessels in both of Superman's proud and power-packed nuts were beginning to rupture. Lex was unfazed at this development, however, and continued to pound Superman's balls into hamburger meat, filling the eighth jar and moving on to the ninth. 

By this point, Superman was semi-conscious, and could only watch in shocked detachment as Lex delivered the final, fatal blows to his mighty nuts. 

Superman's emissions had begun to decrease in power and volume as his massive balls began to tap into their last reserves of spunk. The horribly battered nuts continued to cough up the final dregs of sperm in ever smaller spurts, and it soon became clear that the super hero would not be completely filling the ninth gallon-sized jar with his sperm. 

All too soon for Lex's liking, the flow from the Man of Steel's semi hard cock slowed from a river to a trickle. Each powerful blow into Superman's badly mauled nuts now produced just a spattering of thin milky fluids, no longer the robust and virile flow from earlier in the night. Soon, only a few drops of spunk dripped out with each blow, and the super hero's mighty balls were finally spermed out. He had filled the ninth jar to within an inch of the top, but it was clear that he would not be adding any more fluids. 

Luthor didn't seem to care or notice. Raping Superman of every last drop of his sperm was only part of Lex's goal; the other was to forever and utterly annihilate Superman's masculinity, to destroy the very source of his awesome masculinity and power. To reduce his gigantic bull balls to rubble. 

And so Lex continued with the relentless punishing abuse, deaf to Superman's cries of agony or pleas for mercy. The Man of Steel's gonads had now swollen to truly mind blowing proportions, and each blow caused the huge man eggs to quiver in their tight pouch like they were filled with jelly, not the incredibly tough, dense, and resilient beef from just a few hours earlier in the evening. It was clear that Luthor was rapidly approaching the achievement of his second goal. 

And after over two hours of merciless pounding ball pounding, Lex finally achieved what he had so long longed for. Succumbing to the onslaught, Superman's massive left nut, with all of its sperm pounded out, finally collapsed. The mighty nut collapsed catastrophically, turning into a gelatinous mass and leaving the left side of his ball sack a shapeless mass of broken ball flesh. 

Superman cried out in incredible agony, his deep animal bellows echoing off the dungeon walls and his sweat-soaked muscles bulging in fantastic relief. 

And still Lex continued, bludgeoning not only the still intact, yet obscenely swollen right nut, but also the shattered remains of the massive left nut. The obliterated left nut was quickly reduced to a soupy mass of broken nut guts, but the right nut proved to be even tougher than its twin and resisted Lex's attempts to pulverize it. 

After several more blows to the utterly busted left nut, Lex decided to focus on the still intact right nut, pounding the nearly busted nut from every possible angle. A dozen more blows rained down on the massively swollen orb, and then a dozen more, and still the mighty ball refused to bust. But Lex knew that its resistance was steadily crumbling, and that he was about to finish the task he had started. 

Lex traced the outline of the bulging, coconut-sized right nut through the straining red briefs and, with one last mighty punch, split the remaining testicle in two. Superman bellowed in unimaginable agony as his massive scrotum lost its well-defined shape, the shattered nuts mixing together in the bottom of their sac, becoming one large spherical ball of liquefied ball guts. 

Superman cried out even louder at the destruction of his second nut, and nearly passed out from the pain. And STILL Lex continued the beating, pounding the contents of the obscenely distended ballsac to make sure the destruction of Superman’s once-mighty balls was complete. 

At long last, an exhausted Lex Luthor finally stopped. The handsome, muscular, and once mighty superhero hung limply from the chains. Where two huge well-defined balls were once visible through the tight briefs, only a large round blob of pulverized nut guts remained. Lex had removed all the sperm from Superman's defenseless body and had destroyed his awesome well of virility at the same time. He reached over and held Superman's head up by the powerful chin and spat, "I always get what I want Superman!" 

Lex laughed, for the horrific rape and castration was over and his triumph complete. The lab assistants quickly unchained the Man of Steel, laying him down on the floor. In the meantime, Lex had placed the nine gallon-sized jars of super jism in a freezer. He now had more than enough of Superman’s genetic material for his maniacal experiments, with enough left over to father thousands of enhanced super babies, if Luthor was so inclined. 

Returning to where Superman's battered and ball-ruptured body lay, Lex injected him with a stimulant. When Superman regained consciousness, he could see Lex Luthor's face gloating above him. "I have defeated you Superman. Without your virility, you will be a passive eunuch. I will now give you back your powers, or what’s left of them. Boys, clear the room of all Kryptonite metal." Lex's henchmen gathered up the chains, cuffs, and brass knuckles and left the room. 

Lex walked up to the fallen hero, a look of smug satisfaction on his face as he drank in the huge man's massively muscular and utterly defeated physique, the bloated horse cock laying across his cobblestone abs, and the ridiculously swollen bulge of his brief where his two massive balls once resided, and were now reduced to a broken and shattered mass of ball meat. Luthor reveled in the notion that Superman's huge penis was now impotent and useless, and would never get hard again. With a sneer of victory, Lex hauled off and kicked Superman right in the crotch, like he was punting a football. Superman's entire body tensed in agony, and his goo-filled scrotum quivered like a giant water balloon. Gloating at his final defeat and humiliation of Superman, Luthor left the room, leaving the broken body of the once great super hero to be found by the authorities.

Superman lay on his back, almost oblivious to the extent of his mutilation. His mind wandered in and out of consciousness for the next several hours. As the draining effects of the Kryptonite ray finally wore off, Superman felt a measure of his strength return and was able to slowly drag himself to his feet. He had to keep his feet wide apart to not put additional pressure on his busted nutsac, and he couldn't restrain the tear that coursed down his handsome cheek at the thought of the loss of his once awesome manhood. 

The Man of Steel did not bother to retrieve his shirt and cape, and instead launched himself into the air and through the roof of the building, and made his way back to the Fortress of Solitude, his remote home in the Arctic Circle. 

Once there, Superman removed the remains of his costume, finally freeing his busted eggs from their confining pouch. Tears welled again in his eyes as he finally saw the mutilated ruin of his scrotum. His ballsac was completely covered in purple bruises, and where once there were two well defined lumps of his mighty testicles, only a shapeless mass of jellied goo remained. 

Too exhausted to even cry at that point, Superman dragged himself to his bed and gently lay down. Despite the terrible throbbing agony in his balls, a dreamless sleep quickly overwhelmed the super hero, and all turned black. 


In the morning, Superman awoke to a dull throbbing ache in his crotch, and the memories of the night before quickly flooded back. Superman forced himself out of bed and limped over to the nearest full length mirror, making himself face his emasculation once again. 

Superman could not at first believe what he saw in the mirror, as it just didn't seem possible. The terrible swelling and bruising of his scrotum had decreased dramatically, and there in his hairy ball bag, clearly visible through the baggy skin of his massive scrotum, were two giant lumps. Disbelieving his eyes, Superman reached down and gently cupped each massive orb, lifting them up slightly and lightly inspecting them with his fingers. Tears - this time of joy - leapt into the beautiful blue eyes of the Man of Steel as he realized that somehow, against all reason, his titanic testicles had actually begun to heal from their busting, and were resuming their orb-like shape once again. 

Superman measured the healing progress over the next several hours, and by the end of the day there could be no doubt - his massive balls had returned. The only question remained, was he still intact, or had the beating and busting rendered his mighty balls sterile. 

That question would take another two days to answer, as the healing continued apace and the swelling gradually went away. By the morning of the third day, all signs of bruising had disappeared, and Superman's huge balls once again looked perfectly healthy. Superman at first thought that his massive orbs were still swollen, but he quickly realized that his balls had somehow grown even larger as a result of the abuse, and were now much larger than the largest of grapefruit. Their dense interior had swollen with even more beefy flesh, and the tough and fibrous outer wall of each orb had grown thicker as well. Part of Superman's mind wondered how he would ever fit them into his suit again. 

He was now ready to ‘prime the pump’ and find out if his balls could still produce any manly fluids, or if Luthor had indeed succeeded in effectively rendering the Man of Steel into a eunuch. 

Superman began to stroke his massive limp cock, coaxing it to hardness. Strangely, images of his brutal ball beating kept popping into his mind, and he was shocked to discover that these thoughts began to arouse him. His mighty truncheon of a cock began to swell beneath his massive, pistoning hand, growing thicker and longer and harder with every powerful beat of his heart. Up and up the might shaft rose, until it stood fully upright and proudly erect. Luthor and his henchmen would have no doubt have been shocked at the jaw-dropping size of Superman's supremely huge monster cock, for it stretched the measuring tape to just shy of 20 full inches of eye-popping man meat. 

The Man of Steel grasped his mighty Cock of Steel with both massive hands and began to expertly stroke and fondle the huge organ. Though a dull ache still throbbed in his nuts, the pleasure soon overcame that pain, or perhaps was enhanced by it. 

Superman closed his eyes and began to lose himself in the erotic sensations. Again, his thoughts turned to his capture and torture from several days before, and the throbbing in his loins grew more and more powerful. Superman reached one hand down to grasp one of his giant testes, and he began to squeeze the huge orb, gently at first, and then with more and more force, while his other fist worked faster and faster on his pulsating cock. Soon, he was gripping his huge nut with terrific force, causing the tortured orb to distend obscenely in his hand. But the pain only pushed Superman to greater heights of pleasure. 

The massive muscle giant soon let go of his huge cock altogether, and used both of his hands to squeeze and crush and maul his enormous man fruits, using dangerous amounts of force on his balls, particularly considering their only recently healed state. 

But even this abuse wasn't enough stimulation for this mountain of muscle. Superman encircled the base of his huge balls with his left fist and pulled them up and forward, brutally yanking on his scrotum and stretching it almost a full FOOT from his crotch. Then with his free right hand, he formed a huge fist and began to hammer his own bloated bull balls. His fist began pounding into his huge nuts with terrific force, far exceeding the power of the blows Luthor rained down upon his mighty gonads. But with the effects of the Kryptonite worn off, Superman's burly balls could endure this abuse and a whole lot more. 

Superman continued to increase the force of his blows, however, and soon he was throwing all of his super human strength behind each mighty punch. Even the Man of Steel's balls couldn't withstand this sort of abuse forever, and the huge muscle stud could once again feel their resistance begin crumbling against this all out onslaught of destruction. 

At the same time, clear and sticky precum began to flow like a river from Superman's hyper swollen bull cock, and it was clear that he was approaching a much delayed orgasm. But the question was whether he could but a nut before he busted his nuts. 

Superman's behemoth balls proved to be stronger than even the Man of Steel himself, and as a low growl began to emanate from Superman's throat, it was clear that the mighty super hero was about to blow his load. 

A dozen more massive blows, each powerful enough to split a mountain, and then Superman clutched each massive orb in a death grip, squeezing so hard that the beefy interior of his balls threatened to burst out like a jelly doughnut. 

Superman threw back his head in a bellow of ecstasy as the first mammoth wad of cum erupted forth from his cock. The first blast of cum was a thick as a finger, and at least 7 or 8 feet long, and arced high into the air before landing in a wet and messy splat several dozen feet in front of him. What followed was a veritable deluge of spunk, a never-ending river of hot sperm that rocket forth with unbelievable volume and force. 

Minute after minute, Superman's titanic orgasm thundered onward, jettisoning buckets of his manly essence. All the while, the Man of Steel clutched harder and harder at his screaming nuts, determined to force every last drop of sperm from them, and threatening to finish the work that Lex Luthor started. 

Finally, more than 5 minutes and at least 10 gallons of spunk later, Superman's orgasm ratcheted down, the blasts growing smaller in size, then turning to a trickle, and then just the last dregs of cum burping out of his frighteningly hard moose cock. 

Superman finally opened his eyes and released his death grip on his nearly busted nuts. A deep ache throbbed in the pit of his stomach from the agony in his balls, but Superman found that he liked the feeling, and his cock remained rock hard as a result. 

His hands, cock, and balls were all dripping with thick slugs of man cream. Superman walked over to his lab and scraped some of that sperm into a dish, and inserted it into an analysis machine. While Superman was profoundly glad that his plumbing was functional, he was still concerned that the bursting of his balls had rendered him infertile. 

Superman had to wait 5 minutes for the machine to complete its analysis, and they were a very long 5 minutes for the mighty Man of Steel. Finally, the machine beeped, and Superman was able to review the results. His blue eyes opened wide when he read the test results, for his virility was completely off the charts. His spunk was now so thick with viscous sperm that it ran like molasses; it was a good thing that he possessed super human strength, for his cum was now so thick that a normal human would have been incapable of ejaculating it. 

All that Superman could figure was that the abuse and near total destruction of his bull balls had caused them to increase in size and virility, toughening up and becoming even greater power house factories of sperm production than ever before. 

And he had Lex Luthor to thank for it. 

Superman realized that his survival as an intact male was a very near thing, for all that Lex had to have done was slice off his ball bag and its shattered contents of broken bull balls, and he never would have been able to heal. 

The Man of Steel planned on biding his time, laying low and pretending that Luthor had succeeded in emasculating him. And then, when Lex's guard was down, Superman would surprise him and capture the arch villain. 

But part of Superman couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to be in Luthor's clutches again, and to give him another chance at cracking his massive man eggs...


  1. I hope more stories about ruining superman juniors inside superman's testicles...

  2. Superman was not orgasming; on the contrary, the Man of Steel’s cum was being literally forced out of his bruised, beefy nuts by the powerful force of Lex’s fist.

    That is hot man. And the fact his manhood is being taken by force

    1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed this story!! And yeah, Superman NEEDS to have his manhood brutally assaulted. :)