Saturday, January 18, 2020

Fertile Stud

Time for another story! :)

This particular tale has long been a favorite of mine, and I've been meaning to adapt my own take on this story for years. I've finally done so, and I'm very happy with the result... and I hope that you are, too!

Be sure to also read my note at the end, as I'd like to hear from you about your thoughts on how this tale might continue past the end of the story.


Fertile Stud
Based on an original story by John Burton

A young Naval stud faces gelding to keep his rampant virility under control. 


Jason loved the Navy lifestyle and had no intention of ever settling down. He had been a sailor from a very young age, and he knew that he’d be out on the open ocean for the rest of his life. He had always been a big man, gaining his height and more than impressive musculature early in his youth, so it was an easy matter for him to lie about his age when he ran away from an abusive home life and enlisted in the service at the mere age of 15. Even then, Jason had looked like a powerfully built young man in his early 20s, and he had only grown bigger since then. Now actually in his early 20’s, Jason had blossomed into his full size, standing 6’3” tall and weighing an awesome 280 pounds of pure, Navy-hardened muscle on a broad and intimidating frame. He had the kind of massive but still incredibly lean and shredded musculature that most professional bodybuilders worked their whole lives to possess, yet for Jason it came naturally, almost easily. 

The incredibly strong and powerful lad was also an extremely masculine man, rugged and square-jawed with that bloom of youth still fresh in his features. Soulful blue eyes, one of the most amazing features on a man already blessed with nothing but amazing features, stared out of a breathtakingly handsome face. His thick hair was dark brown and curly, though worn in the short Navy fashion that prevented the hair from getting long enough to curl. A perfect mat of dark brown, curly hair covered his thickly muscled chest and traveled in a narrow trail down his rock hard abs to disappear beneath the waistline of his tight white pants. Jason was proud of his body and his appearance, and worked hard in the gym aboard ship to keep himself in peak physical shape. 

In short, Jason was a prime alpha male muscle stud, and he knew it. 

Jason had always had problems controlling himself when it came to sex. With the looks of an Adonis, the body of Hercules, and oozing a brooding, magnetic charm, the young stud had discovered very early in life that he was irresistible to members of the opposite sex — and even to many members of the same sex. Jason didn’t care who his sexual partners were; he could capture the hearts and minds of women and men with equal ease, and he was more than happy to bed any willing partner who struck his fancy. 

Jason never intended to form long-lasting relationships with any of his sexual partners. The huge young man wasn’t intentionally callous or cruel; in fact, he possessed a gentle and generous heart. However, his life was the sea, and it simply never occurred to him that he might be leaving behind a trail of broken hearts in his wake. And after more than eight years in the Navy, young Jason had left broken hearts and pining lovers in just about every major port of call around the globe. 

On one of his many trips, Jason had met Mary in Sydney Australia. The beautiful young blond woman had instantly fallen in love with the dashing and spectacularly handsome Jason the moment she met him at a local bar, and she did something that she never normally did and asked the charming and enormously built man to come home with her. As he had with so many women and men in the past, Jason flashed his gorgeous smile and gladly followed Mary to her home. 

They didn’t emerge from her apartment for the next three days. Jason had an absolutely insatiable sexual appetite, and he could keep going all day and all night, which he proved on their three glorious days together. In addition to all of his other amazing attributes, Jason was enormously well hung, freakishly so in fact, and he used his equipment expertly to bring young Mary to orgasm over and over and over again. Even when she was too exhausted to continue, Jason would kneel over her in all of his naked and intensely masculine, muscular glory and jerk off his massive cock, showering her in a mighty spray of his extraordinarily copious seed. The stud seemed to have a never-ending supply of the thick and gloopy stuff in his gigantic, heavy, bull-sized balls, and after three days and dozens of massive loads, Mary’s little apartment positively reeked of sex. 

But Mary didn’t care. She had fallen madly in love with the stunning, massive, charming, and fantastically hung young sailor. And when his three-day shore leave was over and he had to get back to his ship, Mary accompanied him to the docks and tearfully saw him off. He held her tight and gently stroked the back of her lovely head as she sobbed into his massively muscular shoulder. She knew she would likely never see him again, but she thanked him for the most glorious and romantic three days of her life. They exchanged one last passionate kiss, and then Jason hoisted his heavy satchel over his enormous shoulder, carrying the weight like it was nothing, waved a sad goodbye, and boarded his ship. Mary watched from the docks, tears streaming down her beautiful face, until the ship finally disappeared over the horizon. 

Mary didn’t realize until several weeks later that Jason had given her more than just the most erotic and romantic memories of her life — he’d also gotten her pregnant! 

As she was to learn some time later, Mary was actually just the latest in a long line of women who had found themselves in similar circumstances. Dozens and dozens of women all over the world had been gotten up the duff by the devastatingly handsome and ferociously virile young stud, and the young man himself had no clue it was happening. Though it shouldn’t have come as a surprise; the handsome lad was so enormously fertile, pumping so much thick baby batter from his huge balls with each orgasm, that it was a wonder he hadn’t gotten EVERY woman he’d fucked pregnant. Still, he’d fucked many hundreds of women since joining the Navy at the age of 15, and had unknowingly fathered quite the brood of children all around the world. 

And it wasn’t as if the beefy young stud hadn’t tried to be responsible. Unfortunately, it was almost impossible to find condoms large enough to fit his gargantuan cock. And even when he did, wearing a condom was almost a joke for the young muscle stud, for he came in such massive quantities and with such enormous force that he invariably broke the condom, bursting a hole right through the tip. Jason was tremendously proud of the massive size of his mighty junk and the fantastic volume of his monster loads, but he was completely unaware of the fact that he had dozens and dozens of illegitimate children scattered in ports all over the world. 

Jason had left Sydney without giving Mary a mailing address of any kind, as he had no permanent address, so he had no way of staying in touch with the beautiful young woman. But when he next returned to Australia a little over 6 months later, he tried to seek Mary out again, hoping to spend another erotic shore leave with her. But she no longer lived at her old apartment and had left no forwarding address, so a disappointed Jason instead went to a local bar. And that’s where he met the gorgeous and exotic Jacqueline. 

Jacqueline was a voluptuous, fire-haired beauty, and the moment that Jason first saw her, he knew that he wanted her. The feeling was more than mutual, as the handsome young muscle hunk turned every head in that bar. The two immediately hit it off, and Jason was soon following Jacqueline back to her place for three glorious, sex-filled days and nights. When the three days were up and it was time for Jason to return to his ship, he made slow and passionate love to Jacqueline one last time, and then bid her a final farewell. 

Little did Jason know that he’d knocked the beautiful Jacqueline up as well. 

It was more than a year before Jason’s ship brought him into Sydney Harbor again. He’d grown even bigger and more handsome in the year since his last visit, if that was possible, packing on more than 50 pounds of absolutely shredded and chiseled muscle onto his already extraordinarily muscular frame. The young Navy seaman was also hornier than he’d ever been in his life. He had amazing memories of Mary and Jacqueline, as both women were stunning beauties and absolutely fantastic in bed, so he went seeking out either one of them, hoping to rekindle the passion of his previous visits. 

The choice to seek out these women as opposed to finding some new woman (or man) to fuck was a mistake that was to change Jason’s life forever. 

What Jason could not know was that not only had both Mary and Jacqueline become pregnant on his previous visits, both giving birth to beautiful young sons, but they’d also met and become friends at the nursery that they both happened to take their toddlers to. There, they had discovered that the same incredibly handsome and beefy American sailor was the father of both of their children. 

Unlike Jason’s blissful and erotic memories of his time with both women, Mary and Jacqueline had both become embittered and angry that the young naval stud had knocked them both up and then left them to fend for themselves. The two young women shared their pain with one another and became the very best of friends, and vowed revenge against the horse hung Jason should he ever appear in their town again. 

Mary always kept abreast of Jason’s ship’s travel schedule, so she knew when his ship finally returned to port. The two bitter women had long planned for this day, and an innocent and completely oblivious Jason was unaware when they set their plans for revenge in motion. 

The beautiful Mary was waiting for Jason when he showed up at his favorite bar later that same night, and feigned surprise and friendliness as she embraced the achingly handsome young stud. She whispered in his ear, telling him how much she’d missed him and how much she wanted to ride his huge cock then and there, and Jason had a hard time keeping his randy dick from raging out of control. Before he knew it, he had a massive and rock hard tube of man meat snaking down one leg of his white Navy pants, making an obscene and very obvious bulge, and pair decided to get out of there before Jason was thrown out for gross indecency. 

The laughing couple walked for more than a dozen blocks, soon entering a rather rough side of town. Jason noticed that they seemed to be in some sort of warehouse district, but Mary’s insistent kisses and occasional flash of cleavage kept the horny young man distracted, and he followed her like a lamb led to slaughter. 

Mary stopped in front of a dark and foreboding looking building, but before Jason could protest, she grabbed a handful of his absolutely HUGE nuts through his tight trousers and gave them a gentle squeeze while she kissed him long and deep. The young man thought for sure that his painfully hard cock would rip right out of his pants (which the mighty phallus had been known to do on more than one occasion), and he kept right on kissing her and fondling her big breasts through her low-cut blouse as she unlocked the door and led them both inside. 

The building’s interior was a large, dark, and vacant warehouse, with a small set of offices set off to one side. Mary led Jason by the hand across the warehouse floor to the office door, unlocking that door as well and ushering him inside with promises of erotic pleasures. She flipped on the light switch to reveal a softly-lit room that was obviously set up to make those sexual fantasies come true. 

The centerpiece of the room was a huge, king-sized, four-poster bed. The four posts were made out of a very heavy and very thick wrought iron, and the thick mattress was covered in lush satin sheets and huge fluffy pillows, all done in reds and scarlets and crimsons. A pair of end tables sat on either side of the huge bed, and were covered with bottles of lubes and lotions and a wide variety of sex toys. A large refrigerator stood against one wall, right next to a small stove. A door on the other side of the room obviously led into a full bathroom. 

In short, the room contained everything a randy pair of young lovers would need for a three-day marathon of passionate and extremely athletic sex. 

A gorgeous smile spread across Jason’s handsome features as he realized that Mary had set up this room for his arrival, and he effortlessly lifted her into his massive arms and carried her to the bed. There, he laid her down gently and proceeded to kiss her deeply and passionately, then began to work his expert lips and insistent tongue further and further down her body. 

He opened up her blouse and removed her bra, unleashing the extra large, firm breasts that he’d remembered so well. He sucked and nibbled on her nipples until they were hard, aching points and Mary was all but squealing in erotic pleasure. The young muscle stud was such an expert at love-making that he soon had Mary crying out in an earth-shattering orgasm just from working on her incredibly sensitive nipples. Jason knew from experience that it helped to have a woman climax several times before making love, as that tended to loosen them up enough so that he could insert his massive cock with a minimum of struggle and pain. 

Jason then kissed and licked his way down her firm, flat belly until he got to the waistline of her pants. He took a moment then to remove his tight Naval shirt, revealing a musculature even most massive and fantastic than Mary had remembered. At Mary’s insistence, he playfully bounced and flexed his enormous pecs for her, making the furry mounds of muscle jump dramatically and she grasped as much of that huge, hard muscle in her dainty hands as she could. He then flexed his enormous guns, making his biceps bulge and swell into all of their astounding, eye-popping, 24-inch glory. Mary was in muscle worshipping heaven as she grabbed onto one of those magnificent arms with both hands, squeezing the huge bicep with all of her might but failing to even create the slightest dent in its rock solid surface. 

The gorgeous young stallion then bent forward and unfastened her pants, drawing them down over her long, slender legs and revealing her sex. She was already incredibly wet, powerfully aroused and slick from her first orgasm. Jason smiled erotically at the beautiful woman and lowered his face to her groin, gently blowing his warm breath onto her and making her squirm with anticipation. And when his long, powerful tongue finally did enter her, Mary’s whole body convulsed with wicked pleasure. He drew her then into his mouth, sucking and licking her with long, languorous strokes of his tongue, expertly opening her up and working her clit. He placed his big, muscular hands under her buttocks and lifted her effortlessly into the air, cradling her pelvis in his hands as he buried his face in her tight and juicy cunt. 

He began circling his talented tongue faster and faster as her orgasm built, and then he brought her screaming to climax. Sharp nails raked down his incredibly muscular back, almost but not quite breaking the skin and drawing blood. Mary rode her climax for almost five shuddering minutes, as Jason’s miraculous tongue brought her to orgasm again and again and again. When she could finally take no more, she breathlessly begged Jason to stop, and the young man complied, slowly reducing the strength and intensity of his sucking and gently lowering her back down to the bed. 

Mary found that she could not move for many long moments, and just stared down the length of her own limp body to the smiling Adonis kneeling there at the end of her bed, gently and tenderly stroking her thighs and sweat-slickened flanks with his big, muscular hands. With erotic slowness, Jason began to unfasten and remove his own pants, drawing them down over massive thighs and bulging calves that were every bit as muscular and impressive as his huge upper body. The young man’s mighty phallus had long since worked itself free of the constraining jockstrap, and so as his pants came down, the mighty cock slapped up against Jason’s hard, brick-like abs with a loud and beefy SMACK! 

Mary’s eyes grew wide as she beheld the young man’s proud sex for the first time in more than a year and a half. The gigantic cock was even more massive and beautiful than she’d remembered, an incredibly thick and supremely long tower of man flesh that extended almost to the mighty overhang of the young man’s colossal pecs. She remembered back to their first time together, when she’d taken a tape measure from the drawer and unfurled the fabric down the almighty length of that giant bull cock, and how’d she’d gasped in both shock and lust when she read the final number — 14.5 inches from root to bulbous tip, well over a FOOT of fantastic man meat and by FAR the largest cock she’d ever seen or even heard of. Now, seeing that mighty column pulsing and throbbing before her once again, Mary wondered if Jason’s cock had grown along with the rest of him! 

Only Jason’s jock strap remained on, the tight waistband encircling the stud’s extraordinarily narrow and muscular waist, and the extra large pouch straining to contain the weighty contents of the hunk’s positively MAMMOTH balls. Again, Mary remembered the first time she’d seen the young man’s mighty bull balls, and how stunned she’d been that any man could have a set of nuts so mind-blowingly huge. His giant bollocks were simply freakishly huge, looking like they belonged on a prize stud bull, yet they looked strangely perfect and appropriate on the massively built young man. 

Mary kneeled on the bed in front of Jason and began to slowly pull down his jock strap, exposing his hairy and unspeakably huge bollocks to the open air. With slightly trembling hands, Mary gently cupped the undersides of those two utterly massive lumps of man flesh, her eyes growing wide as the two orbs more than overflowed her delicate palms. The warm boulders were even heavier than they looked, which was saying quite a lot, and Mary reveled in their stupendous mass and density as she cradled them in her hands. She could swear that she could actually FEEL the awesome power and virility thrumming through the young sailor’s massive nuts, and they seemed to pulse with the weight of the heavy loads of sperm that she knew must be churning within their beefy depths. 

Releasing Jason’s big, burly balls, Mary beckoned for the huge naked sailor to join her on the bed. She gently pushed him onto the sheets and then straddled the handsome stud around his surprisingly narrow and chiseled waist. Jason gazed up at Mary with lust and longing in his captivating blue eyes, his large and muscular hands gently but firmly exploring her shoulders and breasts and sides. The handsome lad was hungrily devouring her with his eyes and hands alone, and it was clear that he wanted to add his mouth and his rock hard cock to the mix. 

Mary smiled seductively down to her astoundingly muscular lover and said, “I have a surprise for you, Jason! Something special that I wanted to try just with you!” With that, she opened a drawer on the nightstand and drew out several heavy duty handcuffs. Jason’s eyes grew wide at the sight, but he grinned up at Mary in eager anticipation and threw his massively muscular arms out wide, assuming the position that he knew she wanted. Mary secured one thick, muscular wrist to a bedpost with the first handcuff, and then did the same to Jason’s other wrist with a second cuff. She then scooted off the bed and did the same with Jason’s large ankles, leaving the massively muscular young bull stud spread eagled on the bed — and completely helpless. 

“Now I get to have my way with you, and do whatever I want to you!” Mary said in a sultry voice that was both sexy and menacing, causing Jason’s colossal tower of man meat to pulse powerfully in response. Oh yes, the young seaman was more than ready for his beautiful lover. 

Mary slowly climbed back into the bed as Jason watched her with his hungry eyes. She positioned herself over the mighty phallus throbbing so proudly from Jason’s naked loins, and then began to ever so slowly lower herself down its tremendous length. Mary had to stop and breathe several times along the way, for the young man was built far larger than any other man she’d ever seen — in girth as well as in length — but after several long minutes and much grunting effort, she felt her shapely bottom pressing down on the hard, firm spheres of Jason’s cum-bloated bollocks. The fucking could now begin. 

Jason prided himself on many things, including his amazing cock control. He could last a very long time while fucking, particularly for such a randy young man, and he proved his power once again by thrusting his muscular hips and fucking beautiful Mary for more than an hour. Mary came five times in the process, each orgasm taking her higher than the one before, but the young man clamped down on his own steadily building orgasm, wanting to bring the beautiful blond woman as much pleasure as possible before he came. 

After well over an hour, though, Jason’s humongous bollocks were starting to positively ache with need, and he began pumping harder and faster than before. It was clear that he was finally starting to build to a much-delayed orgasm. But just as he was about to hurtle over the edge, Mary yanked herself off of his bloated and throbbing monster cock with one great pull, creating a loud slurping sound as the huge phallic invader was almost violently drawn out of her hot, wet, and exceedingly tight sheath. 

An anguished Jason fucked the open air with his rampant and swollen cock, his majestic muscles bulging and flexing most dramatically as he tried to get that tiny bit of extra stimulation that would send him over the edge. With each rapid thrust of his tight and muscular hips, Jason’s big bull balls swung upward in their hairy scrotum, only to collide with his taint over and over again with a beefy SMACK! But no matter how much he struggled or how hard he thrust his hips, his much delayed orgasm simply wouldn’t come. 

Jason finally collapsed back on the satin sheets in erotic frustration, his massive hairy chest heaving as he tried to regain his breath. He’d been SO CLOSE to blowing his load! His mighty cock stood straight up from his groin, the tremendous shaft covered in thick, snaking veins that stood out sharply against the pale and smooth skin of the organ itself. The huge, bulbous head was almost purple with swollen congestion, and even as Mary watched, another slug of thick and pale milky precum burped out of its distended tip to join its brothers slowly oozing down the colossal length of that fantastic male member. 

“Oh no, you bad boy!” Mary gently teased. “It’s not time for you to cum yet! I have another surprise for you first…” 

The beautiful blond smiled seductively at her captive Navy hunk as she got off the bed and walked to the nearby door. Mary opened the door and another lithe and shapely figure strode in, a beautiful young woman with flaming red hair and a gorgeous body. 

“Jacqueline!!” Jason exclaimed in utter shock and surprise, a huge smile of genuine pleasure breaking across his devastatingly handsome face. “What are YOU doing here?! Wait, do the two of you KNOW each other?” 

“Why yes, Jason,” Jacqueline said as she began to undress. “Mary and I have known each other for more than a year now. Turns out our two sons go to the same day care! Small world, isn’t it?” 

“Wait, WHAT?! Your SONS!?! I didn’t know that either of you had children.” Jason said in true surprise, the first hints of worry gnawing at his mind. 

Mary stepped back forward, her smile turning more malicious by the moment. “We DIDN’T have children when we first met you, Jason, but you changed that. You got us both pregnant, you big dumb man whore, and left us to raise your bastards on our own!” 

“Oh God, Mary, Jacqueline! I didn’t know! I’m so sorry!” Jason said with utter sincerity, but his pleading eyes were clearly having no effect on either of the two naked women standing before him. The young Navy seaman was suddenly very aware of how helpless he was, and how angry these two women appeared, and a cold wad of fear began to form in the pit of his deeply etched, washboard stomach. 

“Well how COULD you know?” Jacqueline said with false sweetness. “You fucked us and left us, without a care in the world, right? It’s not YOUR fault that we got pregnant.” 

“No, that’s not it at all! Oh, I wish I’d known! I would have come to see you both! I would have at least sent financial support your way, even if you didn’t want me in your lives!” 

“You would have been stretched pretty thin,” Mary sarcastically replied. “Jackie and I started doing some sleuthing after we’d found each other. We created our own website and started searching the history of your ports of call. We’ve only been able to trace back about three years so far, but we’ve already managed to contact 38 other women who have had at least one child fathered by you. In fact, more than a dozen of those women bore you TWINS, so that’s apparently a strong trait in your family. And we strongly suspect that there are many, many more that we haven’t found yet. That’s a LOT of boys and girls all over the world for you to ‘financially support’! And I don’t think a Navy seaman makes THAT kind of money.” 

The handsome muscle man had tears in his eyes as he said, “Oh no! You’re KIDDING me!! Oh God! Help me! Tell me what I can do! How can I make this up to you, and to them?” 

“Don’t worry,” purred Jacqueline. “We’ve found solidarity and support in each other, and we’ve moved past what you’ve done to us. Besides, you should see the photos of all of your children — they’re all absolutely beautiful! So really, you’ve given us all a tremendous gift! That said, we can’t have you continuing to run around and pumping your babies into every unsuspecting woman that you meet…” 

“Oh god, I promise I won’t fuck a woman ever again!” Jason stammered, so horrified by this unexpected turn of events that he truly meant it, despite his hyper overactive libido. “I never meant to get anyone pregnant, and I’ll make sure it never happens again!” 

“While I appreciate your words, Jason, we can’t be sure that your natural randiness won’t eventually overcome your promises. No, we’re planning on a more permanent solution.” Mary’s beautiful features had taken on a positively demonic cast by this point, her angry smile making Jason’s heart quake in his utterly massive chest. “But first, we’re going to have a little more fun with you. Jackie, if you will?” 

“Don’t mind if I do!” the gorgeous red head said as she climbed onto the bed and positioned herself with the mound of her sex poised over Jason’s quivering cock. She used his profuse and snot-slick precum to lube herself up, and then slowly lowered herself down the entire length of his more-than-a-foot-long mega cock. Jason threw back his head in helpless pleasure as the tight walls of her cunt squeezed and massaged his huge truncheon of a cock until he was buried to the hilt inside of her. 

And then the erotic torture of the big, handsome, and enormously muscular seaman REALLY began. 

Jacqueline expertly rode Jason’s titanic horse cock for a seeming eternity, bringing herself to orgasm over and over again while simultaneously making sure that the hunky young sailor was denied an orgasm of his own. Mary was a critical help in that regard, for she was kneeling right behind the beautiful red head, positioned between Jason’s wide spread, mammoth thighs with his huge bollocks resting on the bed directly in front of her. When Mary sensed that Jason was close to tipping over the edge into orgasm, she would throttle the neck of the young man’s hairy scrotum, pull back as hard as she could, and squeeze both voluminous orbs with all of her might. The eruption of masculine agony in his tender, super-bloated balls would make Jason holler with pain, and the beachhead of his swelling orgasm would be ruined. Other times, she should spank, slap, or flat out punch Jason’s swelling sperm tanks, thoroughly wrecking his orgasm. 

The two women later switched places and continued their erotic torture of the hugely hung sailor, with one gorgeous woman riding the young man’s colossal cock until she was weak with orgasmic fatigue, only to have the other woman relieve her and allow her to recover. 

As time went by, Jason’s aching need to release became more and more urgent as his goliath bollocks backed up with more and more unspent cum. His titanic testicles had become visibly swollen with spunk and were glowing an angry red from all of the squeezes, punches, and slaps, and became more and more sensitive and pain wracked with each aborted orgasm. 

Despite the fiery volcano of pain in his bloated nuts, however, it became harder and harder to prevent Jason from cumming. In fact, more than a dozen times, even repeated full-strength punches into his bloated and quivering bollocks couldn’t halt an orgasm, and the women had to resort to other measures to choke off the stud’s beyond-massive load. The woman on ‘orgasm duty’ would tightly grip the massive root of the young man’s magnificent cock in both hands, and then dig both of her thumbs into the base of the thick cum tube that ran up the entire underside of the huge schlong. The young woman would then literally throttle of the handsome man’s thundering cock throughout its mighty orgasm, pinching off the flow of sperm up the huge ventral cock channel. 

Each of these spermless orgasms was so brutally painful that Jason thought his mind might snap and his heart might burst. Every mighty throb of his cock was accompanied by a tremendous pulse of agony in his bloated and aching nuts, feeling like he was being kicked in the balls over and over and over again by a very angry donkey. The unprecedented back up of boiling splooge made it feel like Jason’s internal plumbing might burst under the insane pressure, or that the huge nuts themselves might explode, and it was actually possible that such an event could come to pass! But Jason’s tough and meaty bollocks somehow continued to endure, growing larger and denser and heavier with each and every spoiled orgasm. 

Jason grew more and more desperate to cum, but the women were clearly never going to allow him the sweet bliss of release. His loins had been drained almost completely dry of precum, as he must have lost most of it throughout the night’s long work. He was now begging them to let him cum, mewling and babbling and writhing in agony, a far cry from the tough and confident Navy seaman that had stepped into the room at the beginning of the evening. 

Jason was sobbing in abject misery when, some five hours later, Jacqueline and Mary finally tired of their game. It was now just a couple of hours before dawn, and time for the next phase of their plans. 

Mary dismounted off of Jason’s raw and aching cock for the very last time, joining her friend kneeling between the young man’s horribly bloated and distended balls. Jason’s huge cock was glowing an angry red, and looked harder and larger than ever before, if that was even possible! Mary regretted that she hadn’t brought a tape measure with her this time, but she would have sworn that Jason’s titanic prick must now be a good 16 inches or more in length! The dome of his swollen glans was so bloated and huge that the skin was stretched ridiculously tight, his cock now looking glassy hard. The huge blue-and-purple veins running all up and down the length of that terminally hard bull cock were likewise so bloated and swollen that they looked like they might burst right through the skin! There was little doubt that the handsome Navy seaman was harder than he’d ever been in his life. 

As angry and painful as Jason’s monster cock looked, his prized bull balls were in far worse shape. The ill-used organs were puffy and swollen and glowing an almost universally lobster red from all of the abuse. They were now so tender and sensitive that even the slightest touch caused the handsome young hunk to wince in pain… while the occasional punch or slap or squeeze or backhanded strike caused him to bellow in unimaginable agony. The young man had the most pronounced and crippling case of ‘blue balls’ imaginable, and that pain only grew even greater as each woman lifted up a goliath orb in her two cupped hands and began to roughly fondle, knead, and squeeze the tenderized testicle. 

This abuse of Jason’s screaming bollocks continued for another hour or so, until it was interrupted by a sudden knock at the door. A spark of hope flared to life in the breast of the sobbing muscle hunk, for he thought that his deafening screams and thunderous bellows of pain might have somehow attracted someone’s notice, and that the police might be arriving to rescue him. 

That hope died in infancy, however, when Jason saw the looks of eager anticipation on his two captors’ lovely faces. 

“Oh goody!” Mary exclaimed. “My brother Liam has arrived! It looks like it’s time to put the last phase of our plan into motion!” 

Mary opened the door, and a well-built young man in a dress shirt and slacks stepped into the room, carrying a medical bag in one hand. The young man was very handsome, with blond hair and blue eyes, and his resemblance to his sister Mary was obvious. Had Jason been meeting the dashingly handsome man in other circumstances, he would have been powerfully aroused by the lad’s masculine beauty. But as it was, Jason was in too much testicular agony to feel any arousal whatsoever, despite the rigid and steely hardness of his bloated and distended man tool. 

“Mary, Jacquline,” Liam said, greeted the two naked young women. There was a nervousness under the detached professionalism of Liam’s tone and demeanor as he took in the sight of the naked muscle beast shackled to the bed, and the size and state of the sailor’s titanic genitalia. His blue eyes went wide at the extraordinary sight, and his eyebrows shot up almost to his hairline — though Liam had been warned ahead of time by his sister of the absolutely colossal size of the young Navy seaman’s privates, nothing could have prepared him for the awe-inspiring sight of the stud’s oversized sex organs. He recovered his composure after a few moments, and then placed his black medical bag on the bed, opened it up, and started rummaging inside. 

While Liam worked to retrieve the tools of his trade, Mary addressed the bound muscle hunk again, saying, “Liam is a veterinarian who specializes in livestock. I had him drive in from the country this morning, as I knew that only he would have the necessary equipment that would be large enough to deal with YOUR massive equipment.” 

Both women chuckled at Mary’s comments. 

“So this young man is the father of both Ethan and David?” Liam asked, looking at both Mary and Jacqueline as he asked the question. 

“Yes,” Mary answered, anger once again creeping into her voice. “This jerk got me, Jacqueline, and at least 38 others that we know of pregnant! And he has to be stopped!” 

“My god, what have you been doing to this man?” Liam asked, taking in the reddened and swollen state of both Jason’s hyper turgid cock and his positively bloated bull balls. 

“We’ve been taking out our revenge on him. All night long, we’ve been stirring him up but keeping him from cumming. He’s desperate and sore now, and his huge bull balls, those massive baby makers of his, are bloated to capacity and beyond with his steaming hot spunk.” 

“Well alright then,” Liam said with false normalcy, as if this was the most natural statement in the world. “I brought the king-sized burdizzo just like you asked, even though I thought it had to be overkill for use on a human… but now I see why you asked for it. But I have to tell you both again, once this is done, there’s no going back. Are you absolutely sure that you want me to continue? This young man is the father of your children, after all. ” 

“Hell yes!” shouted Jacqueline. “This overly hung stack of muscles has done ENOUGH damage with his horse cock and bull balls. If we don’t stop him, then think of how many MORE women he’ll knock up all over the world! No, this prick clearly hasn’t shown that he can be responsible regarding his own virility, so he therefore doesn’t deserve to keep his ridiculously huge balls.” 

“Okay,” acquiesced the stoic and calm Liam. “In that case, we’ll need to shave his crotch area first before I can get to work. Did you bring the razor and shaving cream?”

“Yup, just like you asked,” smiled Mary, who stepped away to the adjacent bathroom and came back with the requested items. “Here, Jackie, I brought two razors. Why don’t you shave Jason’s left ball while I do his right?” 

“You got it!” beamed an equally happy and excited Jacqueline, as the two got to work shaving the heavy hair from around Jason’s crotch and his titanically huge, pendulous bull balls. All Jason could do was lay there helplessly and watch, his begging and pleas for mercy falling on deaf ears. It took many long minutes, for there was a lot of acreage to cover and a lot of hair to remove, but in a short while Jason’s scrotum and crotch were silky smooth and shorn of all of their manly hair. 

“Damn! He looks even BIGGER without all of that hair!” Jacqueline exclaimed in surprise and wonder, and not a little bit of lust. 

“Yeah, and I thought you had been kidding when you told me about this man’s size, Mary,” Liam said, both impressed and daunted by the size of the task that lay before him. “This guy’s balls are bigger than the largest bull or stallion nuts I’ve ever castrated! I’ve never seen anything like them before! It’s a pity that he’s going to lose them.” 

“Listen, Liam!” Mary angrily replied. “This big bastard has fathered two kids in this city alone, and at least 52 others that we know of in other ports around the world! And that’s just the ones we’ve been able to track down over the past three years! This bull-hung stud has been in the Navy for almost a DECADE now! God knows how many other children he’s fathered! Hell, he’s likely knocked up more than a hundred women across the globe, maybe even TWO hundred!! We need to fix him up for good, and make sure that no more babies come from these huge balls!” Mary swatted Jason’s mammoth right nut at the end of her sentence to emphasize her point, causing the weeping muscle man to yelp in stinging pain. 

“Alright Mary, no need to get mad. I already agreed to help you out, didn’t I?” Liam said as he reached down between Jason’s widely spread thunder thighs. The young man gently picked up Jason’s bloated left nut with his fingers, lifting up the huge orb and weighing the heavy nut in his hand. “Damn, such a waste!” he said to himself. 

Jacqueline watched with glee as Liam manipulated Jason’s huge whale nut in his fingers, slowly working the burdizzo over its massive form. This particular burdizzo was the largest Liam owned, the tool he used to castrate the biggest adult livestock on the farms he visited, yet the metal device barely fit over the colossal cajone in his hand. It took a fair amount of twisting and pushing and squeezing, causing the young Naval stud no end of testicular pain, but Liam finally secured the burdizzo in place, the business end of the tool hovering over the top of the ball where the all-important cords, cables, and blood vessels connected the mammoth bollock to the young man’s freshly-shaved groin. 

“Hey Mary!” Jacqueline gushed. “Let’s stir him up some more before we fix him for good!” 

“Great idea!” replied Mary, and the two quickly got to work lavishing Jason’s profoundly aching genitals with their lips and hands and tongues. The two women caressed the young man’s balls, stroked his precum-slickened cock, and sucked on the huge knob at the end of his colossal shaft, taking the hunky seaman to even greater heights of erotic agony. Jason was nearly mad with pain and desire — his balls were very nearly bursting with the need to cum, his cock was grossly bloated and distended and sore from hours of constant arousal and stimulation, and despite the imminent threat of his castration, Jason had never needed to shoot a load so badly in all of his young life. His eyes took in the entire scene — the two beautiful young women working over his bloated manhood like there was no tomorrow, the handsome young vet looking down at him with sympathy even as his strong hands held the handles of the deadly burdizzo that was positioned over his mammoth right nut, the feeling of helplessness as his huge and extraordinarily powerful muscles were rendered useless by the manacles he had so willingly and foolishly agreed to have secured to his wrists and ankles — and he knew that there was no hope for salvation. 

After many long minutes of exquisite torture, Mary finally pulled her hungry, drooling mouth off of Jason’s almost fist-sized cock head and shouted, “Okay, let’s end his sex life!” 

Jason began thrashing and struggling harder than ever before, his Herculean, titanic muscles bulging and flexing most impressively as he fought valiantly against his restraints. But it was no use — the handcuffs were too strong, the iron bed frame too sturdy. Jason was well and truly helpless. 

Liam once again located the young man’s ball cords with his blunt fingers within the jaws of the burdizzo, and then said, “Well, this is the last time THIS ball is going to produce any more sperm!” And so saying, Liam pressed the clamp closed. Jason’s thick ball cords proved to be tougher than Liam expected, though, even tougher than the thick cords on the mature bulls and stallions he had castrated over the years. Normally, the contraption’s spring-loaded jaws could make short work of anything within their grip, instantly severing the many tethers connecting a testicle to its owner, but not so with this burly and bull-hung buck. Liam was forced to press harder and harder still on the deadly metal jaws, all while Jason bucked and brayed on the bed below him. Finally, Liam heard the mild and audible crunch of Jason’s ball cords being severed. Still, he held the jaws of the burdizzo closed for several seconds longer before releasing the clamp. The handsome blond man then removed the burdizzo and reached down to feel Jason’s left ball. Sure enough, the gigantic gonad was now floating freely within Jason’s voluminous and smooth scrotum, no longer attached to his body. 

“Yup, that ball is finished,” Liam declared with a flat finality. 

Jason was sobbing in terror and loss as the two women eagerly leaned forward and began feeling up the young muscle man’s severed nut. As the two women talked excitedly to each other about how wonderful it felt to feel the absolutely titanic teste floating loose and free in the young man’s nutsac, Jason realized with horror that he could no longer feel the awful ache of his left nut. He could feel multiple hands manipulating his huge, baggy scrotum, but he realized that the nerves to his left bull nut had been severed along with the rest of the ligaments and cords connecting that huge bollock to his body. He really was half castrated already! Even though the tissues of his left ball were still vibrant with life and male potency for the moment, the massive orb had been severed from his body and would soon die of starvation and lack of oxygen! 

Meanwhile, Liam was hard at work forcing the burdizzo over the massive lump of Jason’s still attached right nut, pushing the huge orb though the jaws of the clamp. Once again, he had to struggled to get the contraption’s jaws over the mammoth orb, and had to use his blunt fingers to bend and distort all of that turgid, congested nut meat through the too-small opening. But eventually the goliath bollock popped through the other side. 

Liam located all of the all-important cords connecting that huge bollock to Jason’s body and pushed them to one side of his sack in a tight bundle. He then turned to the two women and said, “Last chance, ladies. If you want to leave this big muscle stud with at least some of his manhood intact, now is the time. Once I close the jaws, this big, handsome stallion will be a gelding forever.” 

“Nut the fucker!” Mary demanded, fire and fury in her beautiful blue eyes. 

“Yeah, this big guy has lost the right to his balls. Make him a eunuch!” echoed Jacqueline. 

“Okay, you got it, ladies!” Liam said, then turned to Jason and said, “Sorry big guy.” With that, he slammed the jaws of the burdizzo closed with all of his might, and both heard and felt the telltale crunch that spelled the permanent end of Jason’s reign as a mighty alpha stud. 

Jason’s entire massive, bulky, heroically muscular form arched off of the bed as he bellowed in agony and impotent fury. He felt every moment of his unmanning, and cried out as his last ball was severed from its lifelines. He remained arched like that for many long moments, and as the trio of captors watched in wonder, they saw his massive, 16-inch cock reach orgasm for the final time. The mighty cock lurched and pulsed like some massive, prehistoric beast, throbbing more powerfully than ever before… but not a single drop of fluid escaped from the bulbous, purple-headed tip of his ultra swollen cock. All of that backed up sperm, the utterly massive load the handsome hunk had been building up all night, was now forever trapped inside the two titanic testicles that had been severed from his body, and even now hung loose and dying in the very bottom of his sagging nutsac. 

Jason finally collapsed to the bed and lay still, quietly sobbing in despair and ultimate loss. His colossal cock, which had been rock hard for nearly 8 hours by this point, finally began to wilt and deflate, slowly collapsing on top of the young man’s corrugated abdomen. The massive horse cock was signaling its defeat, never to rise again. 

Mary and Jacqueline spent several long minutes playing with the huge severed nuts in Jason’s bruised and battered sack, while Liam packed up all of his medical gear. They then hurriedly put on their clothes, unshackled the hulking he-man, and half-dragged, half-walked the sobbing sailor to Liam’s waiting SUV. All three piled in the car behind the new eunuch, and then drove to the nearest hospital. They pulled up to the emergency room entrance, opened the passenger door, and unceremoniously kicked Jason’s naked and barely conscious form to the pavement before speeding away. 



Mary and Jacqueline remained close friends even after exacting their revenge on the handsome young sailor, raising their two sons together. They also continued to seek out and track down other women who had given birth to children fathered by the huge muscle man. In time, they would indeed discover nearly 200 such children all around the world, some fathered when Jason was still only a mere 15 years old, and suspected that there were even more babies out there that they would never find. 

In the more near term, however, the two women made yet another remarkable discovery. They learned within just a couple of month’s of Jason’s castration that they were both pregnant! Another boy for Mary, and fraternal twin girls for Jacqueline! The handsome, huge, colossally hung, and hyper virile Navy seaman appeared to have gotten something of a last laugh after all. Even though they had made sure to prevent Jason from cumming throughout their teasing and torture of the big muscle man, it turned out that the massive muscle stud had more than enough potent sperm cells floating around even in his precum to knock up both beautiful ladies. The two friends could only laugh ruefully at the unexpected turn of events, and happily carried their unexpected pregnancies to term, giving birth to a trio of beautiful and healthy children. 


Final note from the author:  I’ve toyed with several idea of what might become of the handsome and hunky Jason at the end of this story. The tale as written assumes that the doctors are the local hospital are forced to remove the sailor stud’s entire ballsac, in order to save the young eunuch’s life from gangrene and necrosis. But is a different ending possible? 

Jason’s mighty nuts were so titanically huge, hardy, and strong that they could still be alive when the young seaman is unceremoniously dumped outside the hospital emergency room. More than half starved and gasping for oxygen, but technically still alive. Working quickly, perhaps it would be possible for a team of skilled doctors and nurses to reattach those fantastically huge man orbs to his magnificent body, restoring his manhood and saving him from an impotent and sexless future. The lad could theoretically make a full recovery in time, regaining full use and sensation in his gigantic bull balls. 

What would happen at that point? Would he seek revenge on his attackers? Would he continue his philandering ways, knocking up women by the dozens all over the planet? Or, now that he knew just how dangerously potent and virile he truly was, would he forsake sex with women forever? Perhaps embrace the homosexual side of his sexual orientation, and pursue intimate relationships solely with men from that point forward? 

Maybe he would even quietly seek out the handsome blond stud Liam, Mary’s veterinarian brother. Perhaps Jason cannot get the memory of his brush with permanent castration out of his mind, and it becomes something of an undeniable erotic focus for him. Would he seek out the man who had severed his mammoth balls and form a last bond with him? Might they include extreme testicular torture in their rough lovemaking? Might they even both finally choose to finish what Liam had started, and someday nut Jason for good, ending his reign as a mighty alpha bull stud once and for all? 

Let me know your thoughts and fantasies on this subject. I’m always eager to read what turns the rest of you guys on! 


  1. What a hot story! The last option definitely opens up possibilities for a multichapter series with Liam and lots of CBT. I hope we get a sequel!

    1. I have to admit, all of these various optional endings didn't occur to me until I was just about to post this story. Personally, I like the last idea best myself, too, though I have no plans at this time for a sequel. For now, I'll let the reader decide what happens next. :)

    2. I hope that you will be inspired by our comments to revisit Jason in the near future. He seems like a really hot character that deserves more CBT.
      Another character that I wish you would revisit is Jake the Farm Boy (your version) where you left us with a cliffhanger. I'm eagerly awaiting Jake's revenge or perhaps an encore with even more CBT for Jake!

    3. "Jake the Farm Boy" happens to be one of my all-time favorite stories, both the original Robert Moon version and my own rewrite. So it's funny that I've never really thought about a follow up for that particular story. Heck, I'm open to suggestions... :)

    4. Perhaps Jake could lure Tom and Kyle via a fetish website where he gets an encore CBT at the same glory hole or a dungeon somewhere else. But midway through Jake's CBT before they do some real damage, it turns out that it is a trap where Jake and Luke turn the table on them and maybe do some permanent CBT on Tom and Kyle. Really hope that Jake's story gets a sequel!

  2. How about his balls are saved by a past son he didn't know about? A son who always wsnted a father. Then that son and Jason are found again years later (after great father son bonding and muscle training) by ANOTHER past son who wants revenge on dear old dad and his brother?

    1. Definitely a hot idea, though I don't yet know how one of his sons could rescue him. And since Jason is only in his early-to-mid 20s and joined the Navy at 15, any sons he might have would be WAY too underaged to include in an erotic story such as this one.

      Perhaps Jason's balls are saved some other way, and in another decade or so he unites with one or more of his sons. I also tend to shy away from any incest angles, though, so that might be a tough needle to thread...

      Regardless, thank you for your comments and your future story ideas!

  3. Liam later returns to the hospital after departed with his sister looking for Jason. Finding out that the doctor has gave up on Jason's ball since theh thought he is a homeless and let the man go while keeping his ball sack. Later, when jason is sobbing over his gelding and shame return to the marine base as an eunuch recieve a letter saying "if you still want to shoot that 8 hour load comes to my ranch just outside Sydney." Jason decides that he has serves his country for quite some time and decide to take a chance for his manhood. Jason goes to the farm wondering who is the mysterious sender to find Liam working on some farm work. He attackes jason which lead to a long session of Liam ballbusting with his mouth shut. As just the moment b4 Liam balls are destroyed, Liam is able to yell out that he has his balls and currently reserving it. Jason realeases him and agree to let Liam help him getting his manhood back while confessing that if he still has his balls, Jason would have cum many time due to Liam looks and body as well as his well endowed equipment. The 2 of them go through the process of healing jason and what initially a raw attractive turns into genuine love with lots of ball busting session. Then both men starts a new chapter of their life while looking for jason kids and manage to adopt 2 sons. Maybe their hung dads can grow them up to better prepared. That is my thoughy on ghe epilouge hope it is not too long.

    1. VERY hot idea, though how does Liam (1) recover Jason's severed nuts and (2) keep them hale and alive for future re-implantation into Jason's vacant and baggy nutsac?

      Believe me, I come up with far out story ideas like this all the time, but unless I can make the story make sense (short of using magic or alien powers, heh heh), I often discard the ideas as being too outlandish. Okay, I know, that might sound silly coming from an author who writes about impossibly muscular, tough, and virile men who are hung like beasts and cum by the bucket full... ;)

    2. Definitely let me know about your additional thoughts on this story idea, though. You never know -- I DO occasionally revisit old stories that I thought were 'complete' and add additional chapters or ideas!

    3. My take is that the doctor after severing Jason's sack, they want to maintain it for research and freeze it. Liam arrives at the hospital and buy back the sack together with all the important cord out of sympathy and admiration. Assuming that Jason is in the navy so the time he is on land is short and the letter arrives just b4 he leaves. As a vet, Liam asks for favor from his famous prof to help Jason. However, the recovery set takes long time due to the cord need time to recover and during that time Jason and Liam relationship grow futher into lover.

  4. I know you don't generally do permanent loss/destruction, so when you do it adds even more emphasis on the power/masculinity of the other, invincible studs. Good job!

    1. Thanks so much for this comment, Charn! And I personally agree -- without the real threat of castration and loss, then I think my other stories might seem less impactful. I definitely prefer my beefy bull studs to retain their extraordinary manhoods -- at least MOST of the time -- but the occasional foray into full testicular annihilation gives ALL my stories that much more punch, don't you think? :)

    2. Agreed. I was surprised when Liam destroyed Jason's balls! Based on your edited stories, I was expecting a last minute rescue. But I like how you left the ending open for Jason by having him dropped off at the hospital instead of being left bound to the bed. Is the original version different to your version? If so, I would love to have a read!

    3. Heh heh, sometimes I like to surprise you guys! ;)

      And yes, I do have the original version, and will post it presently. The Jason in the original version was perhaps a bit more deserving of castration than my version, but the overall story idea is largely the same.

    4. Thanks for that. You are right! Jason from the original version definitely deserved his fate. Loved how he didn't even get one final orgasm. But your version of Jason seemed innocent and deserves a second shot (pun intended)

  5. I too, would love to see a sequel to the story. Especially the latter choice of him getting revenge.

    I would like to see it goes something like this: a few days passed by and he will weeks in the hospital. The doctors telling him that that was a close call, they weren’t sure of what happened to him till they examined him and saw his swelling nut sack and decide to act fast. Saving his precious melons. After recovering for a few weeks, he decides to track down his attackers. First the brother.
    Breaking into the vet clinic late at night, and not only exacting the same treatment onto the brother, but making sure his are severed and in a specimen jar after he pounds him a new back door”

    Or something like that

    1. Sounds like you're definitely leaning more towards the revenge scenario -- I like that! :)