Saturday, February 25, 2023

Gym Cruising

Here is another story rewrite based on one of my favorite authors. I hope that you enjoy it! 

Gym Cruising

Based on an incredible original story by Breaking Bull Balls


It was getting to be a quiet night at the local gym as the hour drew late. The normally loud and busy place was growing uncharacteristically calm and hushed as most of the patrons headed home, with the only sounds being the dated pop music filtering in on the old speaker system, the dull hum of the overhead fluorescent lights, and the occasional muffled thud of weights hitting the floor. Even most of the die hards — the gym rats, the powerlifters, the cardio bunnies — had called it a night. As the evening drew closer and closer to midnight, the numbers dwindled to single digits. 

This was Jack’s favorite time of day to use the gym. 

The dedicated weight lifter and bodybuilder had already finished his grueling workout and had retired to the empty dry sauna, relaxing in the solitude and letting the intense heat soak into his pumped and sore muscles. A sizable pool of healthy sweat had already formed beneath the huge stud, droplets forming on his enormous muscles and dripping steadily onto the heated wooden slat, producing a faint sizzle sound as that sweat evaporated into steam. 

Jack heaved a big sigh of contentment, his massive chest swelling and falling dramatically. The great heat poured into the man’s big lungs, helping him unwind from a long day. He absentmindedly wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of a brawny and equally wet forearm, grunting in his deep voice as his body unwound in the sweltering heat. 

The big man had workout out his arms so intensely that night that even lifting his massively muscular limbs was difficult, so he let his huge right arm fall languidly onto the wooden slats of the bench. He cracked open his stunning blue eyes and looked down at his arm, gently flexing his pumped and swollen bicep muscles to even greater size. Jack admired his own arm for a few moments, taking particular pride in the complicated network of thick, tortured veins that pulsed and throbbed along the entire length of his phenomenally muscular limb. He then expertly worked his fingers into the overworked muscles, wincing slightly and enjoying the painful ache from the beleaguered muscle group. 

Jack was the textbook definition of a gym rat. The big muscle man had been a committed weight lifter for almost a decade, starting when he was just a freshman in high school and began going to the gym in order to get big and strong for sports. He quickly discovered that not only was he a gifted athlete, but also that his body naturally took to putting on pound after pound of quality lean shredded muscle mass with seemingly effortless ease. Jack blossomed into a monster of muscle even before finishing high school, and ever since then, the big man had spent most of his evenings working out at the gym, sacrificing a social life and romance in exchange for building the body beautiful. And Jack’s unwavering dedication abundantly showed in the absolutely spectacular physique he had crafted for himself. 

It was hard to describe Jack’s body and truly do it justice, for he was almost in a league all his own. His thick neck was densely corded with muscle like that of a bull, flaring out into two huge, curving trapezius muscles that were bursting with raw power. The enormous spheres of his huge shoulders were the size of medicine balls, and so sculpted and striated that each muscle group was individually pronounced like the segmented wedges of an orange. His magnificent bicep muscles were bigger than coconuts, his glorious tricep muscles were like huge interlaced pythons, and his meaty forearms were so dense with thick, banded muscles that even the simple act of wiggling of his fingers resulted in a complicated and beautiful dance of flexing muscles up the whole length of his arm. Jack’s mighty pectoral muscles were particularly astounding, wide and thick and utterly massive, two plates of incredibly dense, heavy, gravity-defying muscle that were topped by two of the most succulent-looking nipples imaginable, thick nubs of erotically sensitive flesh set on coral-colored areolas. Perfectly symmetrical and deeply corrugated abdominal muscles girded his abdomen, and those were framed by insanely overdeveloped and shredded oblique and serratus muscles that formed a stark and dramatic V, tapering down from his yard wide shoulders to his narrow waist, and naturally drawing the eye lower to the bulge between Jack’s massively muscular thighs. 

Once the eye drifted that far, it was impossible not to stare. 

An undersized hand towel barely concealed Jack’s fantastic wealth of man meat. The outline of his huge, flaccid cock was abundantly evident through the thin fabric, leaving little to the imagination, and two unreasonably large lumps beneath the towel showed the location of Jack’s equally massive testicles. And with every small motion the big man made, Jack’s dick and balls shifted beneath the skimpy towel as if determined to escape the meager concealment of the scrap of cotton. 

In addition to having a devastatingly handsome, square-jawed face and a herculean physique built from thousands of long hours in the gym, Jack was also blessed with a nearly inhuman cock. The lofty organ measured almost 8 inches long in its completely flaccid state, looking almost like a stunted third leg dangling between his colossal thighs. When properly stimulated, Jack’s massive dick bloated and engorged into just over 12 rock solid inches of rigid horse cock, a thick, dense piece of masculinity threaded with thick veins, a masterpiece of manhood and a fitting cock for a stud Adonis of Jack’s elite caliber. The young muscle god had used that massive sex organ to pound countless loads into the pussies, butts, and bellies of hundreds of women and men alike, and always left them all begging for more. 

At least as impressive, and often just as enticing and erotic to his lovers as his colossal shaft, were Jack’s massive nuts. They were extremely impressive specimens, truly king-sized beauties, each rotund and meaty orb easily the size of a ripe grapefruit. These were industrial-sized baby makers built for long endurance, capable of pumping out unseemly quantities of thick, smelly jizz, and powering an awe-inspiring stamina that allowed Jack to regularly go a half dozen or more times in a single evening, and still remain hard as steel. Jack’s huge nuts were also unusually — some might even say unnaturally — dense and durable, something that the young man had first determined from a lifetime of sports and sports-related injuries, particularly since sports equipment manufacturers didn’t make cups and other protective gear in sizes large enough to accommodate the young man’s beyond-prodigious size. 

Jack learned that he rather enjoyed showcasing the incredible toughness and durability of his huge bollocks, and he had further refined and increased their hard-wearing sturdiness through years of intense training and heavy duty self abuse. He had toughened up his burly balls so much over the years that he liked to show off by letting someone make a swift kick to his naked nuts and still remain smiling and proudly standing, barely even grunting in response. 

The extreme durability of Jack’s monster nuts had also come in handy with more than one of his many lovers over the years, as his huge balls tended to attract rather violent attention from time to time, particularly from other men. Something about huge balls brought out the primal instincts in other men, a deep-seated desire to take down a greater male and remove him from the genetic breeding pool. Thus it was that Jack had suffered many surprise attacks on his enormous bollocks over the years, some of them quite brutal. But Jack’s big nuts had pulled through every scrape, trial, and travail completely unharmed, leading the big man to sometimes cockily boast that his huge bull balls were indestructible. 

Those immensely heavy, damn near unbreakable nuts were now hanging so low due to the heat of the sauna that they suddenly and ponderously rolled out from between his huge thighs and tumbled off the side of the bench, falling heavily to the bottom of their voluminous sac and swinging pendulously over the front of the bench, in full eye-popping view of anyone who might wander into the sauna at this late hour. 

All but oblivious to his gigantic exposed testicles, Jack continued to massage his massive upper body with trained motions. He deeply rubbed the dense, segmented meat of his massive deltoids, pinched and kneaded his sore trapezius muscles, and rolled and stretched his thick bison neck before moving downward. Jack dug into and massaged the stupendously thick slabs of his pec muscles, and then traced the chiseled crevasses dividing each of his cobblestone abs, walking his fingertips over each bulge and counting to eight before allowing his hands to fall nonchalantly onto the edge of his sweat drenched hand towel. 

He twitched his index finger against the fabric as discretely as he could, pulling it upward slightly, enjoying the slow strip tease he was giving himself. The thin towel covering his impressive manhood slid up his sweaty thighs from the motion, allowing the very tip his huge cock to slip into view. Jack nonchalantly spread his massive, sculpted legs further apart, letting the big head of his limp cock pop fully into view from beneath his towel. It glistened in the dim fluorescent light, looking like an erotic strawberry, only far larger and juicier. Jack enjoyed the sensation of sweat steadily dripping down the length of his enormous shaft, feeling the tickle of droplets forming on his glans, which pearled at the tip before falling to the wooden slats below with an audible drip. 

drip                               drip                                drip                                drip

Jack had always been a bit of an exhibitionist at heart, and even though the sauna was empty of other patrons at this late hour, the big muscle man still got off on the idea that someone could step into the room at any moment, and catch him with his huge balls and his big, bulbous cock head exposed. 

As if summoned by his thoughts, the sauna door suddenly opened, momentarily startling Jack as another man stepped into the room. The big bodybuilder sat upright in surprise, rather violently hauling his huge dangling testicles back to the top of the hot bench in the process, before he relaxed again and gazed at the newcomer. 

Jack had seen the man before, and his heart sped up in his massive, pec-proud chest at the sight. It was none other than the handsome and sexy Latino powerlifter he’d been secretly lusting after for months. Even here in the steam room, the dark-haired stud was wearing the baggy and loose-fitting sweats that he always wore to the gym. But the baggiest of clothes couldn’t really hide the fact that the guy was built HUGE. Jack was a couple of inches taller than the powerhouse Latino, but he suspected that the outrageously built guy might actually weigh more than him, which was a feat vanishingly few men could claim! 

Their workout times didn’t often coincide, but when they did, Jack couldn’t help but surreptitiously watch the shorter Latino bull toss around some truly staggering amounts of weight. Jack was one hell of a strong man himself, as his huge muscles were definitely not just for show, but the Latino Hercules matched or even sometimes exceeded his own lifts, which powerfully aroused Jack. It was exceedingly rare to find another weight lifter as strong as he was, and he couldn’t help but hungrily watch the shorter man work out. Just watching the massive muscled globes of the dude’s huge ass strain against the fabric of his sweats during deadlifts was almost more than Jack could bear to behold. 

But in all these months, the two men had never spoken a word to each other, or done anything more than nod in acknowledgment when they crossed each other on the gym floor. 

And now here he was sharing the empty sauna with Jack, sitting diagonally across from him on a lower bench. Jack realized that the stud was sitting at perfect eye level with his own exposed balls and cock head, and the exhibitionist in Jack just couldn’t help himself. Even though he knew nothing of the sexual orientation or proclivities of the man seated across from him, Jack gave a very slight motion to his hips, causing his huge cock to wiggle enticingly, like a master fisherman determined to hook a big one. With any luck, Jack hoped to score quite the prize tonight.

The handsome Latino hadn’t seemed to notice Jack at all, sitting on the bench with his eyes closed and his headphones on. The guy almost looked like he could be sleeping. With the risk of getting caught thus reduced, Jack allowed himself to really study the burly hunk, drinking in the man’s masculine beauty with his eyes as they lingered on every part of the stud’s body. The guy looked like he was about the same age as Jack and had an exceptionally handsome face, with a broad forehead, thick eyebrows, and an exquisitely chiseled jawline, chin, nose, and cheekbones. His full lips looked particularly soft and kissable, and Jack couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have those luscious lips locked around his own huge mule dick. The Latino’s thick hair was pure black and straight, with a shaggy but stylish cut. The only other exposed skin that Jack could see were the dude’s hands, which were large and exceedingly muscular, with thick veins on the backs of his palms overlaid by a light dusting of short, dark hairs. Damn, even the guy’s HANDS were intensely erotic, and Jack could only guess at the sheer power the stud possessed in those big, meaty paws. His light gray sweats had large dark stains in the pits, chest, and back from the dude’s heavy workout, and those sweat stains grew as the sauna’s heat hit. The guy’s sheer MASS was breathtaking, and Jack wanted more than anything in that moment for the handsome stud to strip out of his dirty sweats and join him naked in the sauna. 

Jack’s mind was blurry with erotic fantasies, and he could feel the big veins along his flaccid shaft pulse under the towel as he gazed hungrily down at the man. He imagined the powerlifter’s huge, muscled ass twitching under his tongue as he ate the dude out; his hands roaming the vast planes of the guy’s gigantic muscles; the feeling of his cock penetrating that massive butt to the hilt; their sweat mingling as their massive, sculpted bodies pressed close to one another, sliding against each other’s slick skin as he rode that spectacular ass; the dude’s thick abdomen visibly bulging as Jack vigorously drove his huge foot-long cock deep into his churning guts; their eyes rolling back as they both hit their marks, Jack plastering the walls of the stud’s colon with his semen, the Latino shooting his own big load all over the floor. 

The combination of the roaring heat and the spectacular sight of the huge and handsome Latino bull was making Jack’s mind hazy with lust. 

As his eyes continued to roam over the man’s outrageously muscular body, Jack realized that ‘bull’ was a very accurate way to describe the man. Jack may have been built like an enormously-muscled thoroughbred stallion, but this sexy young man was a prime stud bull, no question about it. The Latin dude was truly built like an ox, his massive, overdeveloped muscles straining against the baggy but thin fabric of his two piece sweatsuit, giving him the appearance of a raging bull. With each passing minute, sweat further drenched his gray sweats, and Jack was getting even more aroused as each muscle group became more pronounced, the wet fabric starting to pull tight against the man’s gym-hardened body. 

The guy’s raw masculinity was almost overpowering, and Jack started fantasizing about letting the brown-skinned bull breed his own muscle ass, something that he very rarely let any guy do. He was just that turned on by the dark-haired fireplug of pure muscle. 

Jack’s enormous dick was still limp but starting to grow, getting thicker and puffier as he became more and more aroused. His huge cock was pointed almost directly at the jock across from him, the huge bulbous head fully exposed and the thick columnar shaft just barely concealed beneath the barrier of his thin towel. His beast of a cock jiggled and jostled with his every slight movement, a huge slab of prime masculinity writhing around tantalizingly like a big virile snake. Beneath that, his behemoth testes shifted ponderously on the bench as Jack began to softly and rhythmically tap his left foot against the wooden slats of the bench below him, keeping time like a hypnotist’s dangling pendant  The muscled Latino’s eyes appeared closed, brow drenched with sweat and focused on outlasting the heat, but Jack caught glimpses of slitted amber eyes peeking out through long, dark lashes, stealing glances at Jack’s exposed manhood. 

His prize fish looked just about ready to bite. 

With measured precision, Jack took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and slowly stretched his gigantic arms up toward the ceiling, flexing his massive guns as he did so. He then sucked in his rock hard abdominals into a stunning vacuum pose, stretching out his torso and expanding his spine while also ‘accidentally’ allowing his towel to fall from his lap, exposing his massive genitals fully to the room. He then let his enormous arms slowly lower to his sides, absentmindedly ‘forgetting’ to cover himself up again. Jack reveled in the sensation of the heated wood against the backside of his humongous nutsac, his huge eggs baking on the bench, with the slab of his gigantic schlong draped over them, looking heavy and languid. The towel had helped seal in the sweaty moisture on his mammoth sex organs, and now that the cotton fabric had been removed, steam was visibly rising off the great beefy mass of Jack’s manhood as it cooked in the hot air. 

The bulging bollocks were plump and meaty and shiny with sweat, glistening in the dim light like two huge erotic gems. Jack kept his nuts fastidiously clean shaven, so there was no hair to obscure their magnificent size and beauty. They were so swollen with cum that they seemed to overfill the smooth, baggy sac, and Jack’s state of arousal made them positively throb with aching need. The smell of raw masculinity diffused through the air, wafting into the nostrils of the handsome brown-skinned bull sitting across from him. 

The Latino stud was now panting heavily in the oppressive heat — and perhaps because of his own arousal as well — his narrowed eyes squinting as sweat ran down his handsome brow. His sweat drenched clothes were now plastered against his insanely muscular frame, dark gray and waterlogged, steaming into the open air. Between his spread legs, an impressively large and thick cockhead was now obvious to Jack’s hungry eyes, pressed against the fabric like an enormous mushroom. Every time he caught the big ox of a man opening his eyes and glancing at Jack’s naked figure, his bulge seemed to swell and tighten further against the fabric of his straining pants. The man shifted his hands in front of his manhood, looking at first as if he might be attempting to hide an erection. But instead, the Latino pulled the wet fabric tight to his crotch, highlighting his large and growing shaft against the sweat-drenched fabric. 

The growing sexual tension in the hot, still air was becoming electric as each massive stud brazenly but silently displayed their sexual prowess to the other. The flickering of eyes, the steady swell and rise of dicks, and the unsubtle body language of two horny muscle men was all the conversation that was needed. Eyes were locked onto each other’s bulging cocks as each man took turns highlighting his erection like some sort of ritualistic mating dance. Jack leaned back against the wall behind him and put his hands behind his head, teasingly flexing his enormous biceps, bouncing his magnificent pecs, and causing his incredible abdominal muscles to tense and squeeze dramatically, all while his huge cock continued to plump and grow before him, lifting off the cradle of his massive ballsac and unfurling into its full majesty. The Latino bull was now no longer trying to hide his own staring, hungry eyes, and he used one of his big hands to grip his own shaft through his sweaty joggers, giving it a few long, hard tugs while gently bucking his own hips. The handsome stud was breathing hard by this point, clearly heavily aroused himself, and his tongue darted out to lick his lips before sucking in and biting down on his deliciously full lower lip. Judging from how far the man’s clutching hand had to travel from base to tip on his cock, Jack could tell that the handsome dark-haired stud was packing some serious meat as well. 

The two men kept up this silent tease for many long minutes, their arousal growing and building to epic levels, neither one of them saying a word. It was the Latino stud who was the first to break. Without a word, the big powerlifter stood up, crossed the short distance between the two men, and stood before the naked bodybuilder. His thick bulge had snaked an impressive distance down the front of his sweat pants and was now staring at Jack just below his eye level, pressing with intense and insistent force at the straining crotch of his sweaty joggers like it might explode through the fabric at any moment. 

Jack smiled up at his new friend and gave his huge and now granite hard cock a mighty flex. 

Smack - Thump

His massive 12-inch cock lurched backwards to collide with the rock solid wall of his cobblestone abs, and then flopped forward to collide with the cushioning mass of his colossal testicles, before hovering once more about 30 degrees from vertical. The Latino’s beautiful amber eyes watched Jack’s mating display with his lips slightly parted, a look of pure lust and sexual hunger writ across his handsome features. Jack’s fully tumescent cock throbbed and pulsed in the open air, looking so massive and engorged that it seemed ready to burst the confines of its skin to grow larger still, straining skyward as if searching for a hot hole or a hungry throat to call home. 

With a controlled and surprisingly graceful movement, the Latino bull knelt down on the tiled floor before Jack, staring at the jock’s swollen manhood expectantly before reaching forward with both of his huge, strong hands up towards the bodybuilder’s exposed genitals. To Jack’s surprise, though, instead of those big hands caressing the straining and throbbing shaft, the man gently gripped the stud’s gigantic and cum engorged baby makers. The big brown bull firmly gripped the underside of the wooden bench with both hands, and then aimed his thick and meaty thumbs toward the center of Jack’s nuts. Jack almost whimpered when he felt the surprisingly rough and calloused thumbs palpate the bloated center of each of his massive nuts, pressing into them slightly as if to test their firmness and the springiness of the dense testicular tissues. 

“Mmm, you like my big balls, bro?” Jack asked in a deep, husky voice, widening his stance to allow the shorter man better access to his goods. 

Jack considered his huge balls one of his best features. He figured that just about any man could work out and improve his body, but when it came to a guy’s cock and balls, all you got was what you were born with. And Jack had been blessed with more than a double helping in that department, with a colossal set of tools that made women swoon and men green with jealousy. 

He loved having his humongous nuts caressed, fondled, and gently massaged. He also loved having his big bollocks suckled upon, but his sperm bunkers were built so freakishly huge that getting both balls into someone’s mouth was a human impossibility, and even cramming just one of those whoppers into a mouth was quite an accomplishment. Jack’s burgeoning nutsac often had to settle for passionate kisses and vigorous licking, which was fine by him. All of this erotic attention to his balls always succeeded in garnering a greater helping of the stud’s cum, which was endlessly churning in their dense and beefy masses. Jack’s loads were staggeringly huge to begin with, his unusually thick and astoundingly copious emissions having shocked and surprised many a partner. But when extensive ball play was added to the mix, Jack’s cum loads became the stuff of legend. 

And Jack could almost feel the sperm pulsing in their depths as the big man continued his inquisitive probing and palpation of the two huge, meaty orbs. 

The dark-haired powerlifter remained silent, as if hypnotized by the huge eggs steaming on the bench before him. He massaged his fingers into both orbs gently, rolling his thumbs over their smooth sides, rubbing them from the dense pack of nerves, cords, and blood vessels at their rear to their curved and blunted tips. He tested their elasticity and give, pulsing his fingers into their depths and stopping just shy of making the sensation uncomfortable. 

With the gentle probing of his big baby makers, Jack was in heaven, moaning softly under his breath while staring down at the Latino’s handsome, focused face. His cock began twitching and pulsing with each squeeze, bloating to even more immense size as Jack’s arousal levels skyrocketed. His manhood grew painfully hard, swelling to dimensions the handsome bodybuilder had rarely ever experienced before, thick veins snaking down the entire length of the tremendously girthy shaft like dark, tortured worms, looking like they could burst through the skin at any moment. Jack’s massive horse cock grew so insanely huge that it partially blocked his view of the gorgeous Latino kneeling before him, and he had to crane his head to one side to get a better look at the powerlifter’s lustful expression. 

Jack grinned down at his partner as he casually pressed his toes into the swollen bulge at the front of the powerlifter’s straining pants. He was delighted by the size and rock solid firmness of the hard hunk of man meat, and he used his big muscular feet to playfully bat around and stroke the man’s cloth-covered penis. He then flexed his own outrageously engorged cock up against his washboard abs with an aggressive smack, before allowing the thick member to return to position, aimed right at the other man’s waiting mouth. The man’s huge, muscular hands still firmly planted on his sack, the Latino stud looked up at Jack with his sultry amber-colored eyes, lust and eagerness evident in his gaze, before tentatively extending a pink tongue towards toward the bulbous mass of his swollen cock head. 

Jack had to suppress a whimper as the Latino’s hot, rough tongue came into contact with his straining cock, a jolt of electricity running up his entire body. The kneeling bull started tonguing his way down the shaft and back up again, teasing the big man with his slow and methodical progress, savoring every square inch of the cock’s vast surface area. Droplets of salty and savory sweat trickled down the massive shaft into the man’s waiting mouth as he slowly bathed the entire dick, his sensuous lips planting soft and gentle kisses all over the mighty organ. The Latino gradually became more aggressive, lathing the meaty phallus with his broad and powerful tongue, driving Jack crazy as he washed the sweat and heady musk off of his dick with his talented tongue. 

With his workspace thoroughly clean, the Latino returned to the tip of Jack’s dick and suddenly enveloping his entire cock head into his hot, wet mouth. Jack did groan out loud at that point, his toes curling against the Latino bull’s own crotch as the dark-haired man expertly twirled his tongue around the trapped glans, sucking rhythmically with his gorgeous lips, and all the while continuing his gentle but firm massage of the handsome bodybuilder’s massive nuts with his muscular, calloused thumbs. 


Jack gasped in surprise as his cock was engulfed nearly to its base, his huge cock head nestled deep in the man’s clutching, muscular throat. Choking and gagging slightly at the monumental girth of the massive invader, the masterful cock sucker forced Jack’s cock deeper into his gullet, mouth stretched wide, eyes squeezed shut with effort, as inch after inch slid deeper down his throat. Until, with a wet schlicking sound, Jack’s cock disappeared completely! With a pained expression on his extremely handsome face, the Latino began sucking at a methodical pace, sliding his throat up and down the beyond-meaty shaft.

“Holy shit!!” Jack exclaimed in awe and surprise, watching in open-mounted amazement as the entirety of his colossal cock slid in and out of the Latino’s tight throat, the thick muscles of his bullish neck flexing and convulsing as he swallowed the fleshy sword down as far as it could go. There had been very few people in Jack’s life talented enough to take his entire manhood into any orifice, and the enormously muscular young bodybuilder felt like a lottery winner tonight. Engrossed with the intensely erotic sensation of having his humongous cock deep-throated, he barely noticed a thing as the man slowly increased the pressure on his prized orbs. 

At first, the steady and insistent probing was erotic bliss, eliciting spine-curving pleasure with each gentle squeeze. But as Jack’s cock slid faster in and out of the man’s slurping mouth, the Latino in turn shifted gradually more strength into the hands gripping Jack’s huge huevos, dimpling the massive orbs against the hard wooden slats. His tough orbs were crushed with increasing force, the pressure bearing down on their center of mass. 

Jack grunted at the painful sensation, but he was no wimp when it came to pain, even (or perhaps especially) testicular pain, so he allowed the crushing to continue, as the powerlifter was very obviously enjoying himself. The bulge pressed against Jack’s toes was pulsing along with each stroke of his cock and subsequent squeeze of his nuts. 

“You like playing with my big balls, don’t you?” Jack spoke lustily, his gravely voice dropping even deeper, as he caressed the man’s exquisitely handsome face with one hand and stared into his deep amber eyes. 

An extra aggressive squeeze was the Latino bull’s only response, making Jack’s suck in his breath and wince slightly. In the otherwise quiet room, the heavy breathing and quiet slurping were now accompanied by a slightly wet squishing sound as the sweat-drenched orbs were repeatedly and rhythmically deformed and allowed to plump back up to original size. 

Splish, splish, splish, splish, splish, splish

The deep throating continued, Jack’s breath becoming more and more labored as the erotic sensations slowly built in his loins. He had always prided himself on his extraordinary staying power, but the Latino stud was plunging past all of his defenses, and Jack knew that he was expertly playing his cock. The dull throbbing ache in his turgid bollocks continued to build, however, and started to compete with the tremendous pleasure washing through his body. But right as Jack would considering protesting the rough ball play, the sexy bull of a man would increase his tempo, ratcheting up and down Jack’s pulsating shaft with even greater power and speed. The increased pleasure counteracted the painful massage, and actually pushed Jack’s lust to even higher heights. 

“Mmm,” Jack squirmed in pleasurable pain as the center of both of his nuts started to flatten out like pancakes. His balls were growing positively concave in shape from the continued abuse of his lover’s thumbs, digging like iron into their firm and resilient masses. Jack’s heaving balls were starting to lose their ovoid spherical shapes, and were starting to turn a bright red from all of the strain. It was some of the most intense ball torture Jack had ever experienced. 

“Harder bro.” 

The sound of his own voice surprised Jack nearly as much as the words he spoke. The normally cocky and domineering man was experiencing true masochism for the first time, and mentally weakening with each expert twirl of tongue on his cock, and each testicle deforming crush beneath the Latino’s hard, drilling thumbs. 

In response, Jack’s bloated nuts received a brief moment of respite as the Latino released his crushing grip and tried to struggle out of his tight, sweat-drenched joggers. The man tried to pull his sweatshirt up over his head, but the clinging fabric got caught on the extraordinary swell of his incredible lat muscles, and Jack had to reach forward and help him pull the wet clothes the rest of the way off. He then fell back against the wall with a look of glazed lust in his eyes as he drank in the positively immense size of the Latino’s colossal muscles. The handsome lad was indeed built even bigger than Jack, with proportions that defied the outer limits of human possibility. What perhaps surprised Jack even more was that the stud’s muscles weren’t bloated like most powerlifters, but were instead so ruggedly defined that he was damn near as chiseled as Jack’s own extraordinary physique. 

Jack could only continue to stare in wonder as the big man hurriedly shucked out of his drenched sweat pants as well, revealing the most thickly muscled legs the young bodybuilder had ever seen, either in person or in photos. A wet slap also announced the release of the Latino’s big bull cock, which slammed hard against the rock solid wall of his lower abs. His throbbing member was absolutely gorgeous, a magnificently formed piece of uncut man meat that was damn near as long, thick, and veiny as Jack’s own mega cock, and was oozing a constant drip of glistening precum without the slightest bit of manual stimulation. Below that mighty cock hung two enormous testicles, some of the largest Jack had ever seen outside of his own mammoth set, big and juicy, easily the size of the largest of ripe lemons. Unlike Jack’s own extremely low hanging nuts, the Latino’s big bull balls were tight against his groin, bulging huge and meaty at the thick base of his stout cock. 

The sight was almost too much for Jack. He stared at the looming massive form of the brown-skinned stud, hypnotized by his beauty, his own 12-inch member twitching and spasming in the hot air with steam rising from it. Standing before him was a man as magnificent as himself, devastatingly handsome, monstrously built, and enormously hung. The dumbstruck bodybuilder had finally met his match, and his lust reached scorching new heights. 

The dark-haired bull once again dropped heavily but gracefully to his knees, and sucked Jack’s quivering cock down to the hilt while resuming his squeezing grip on the man’s huge, clean-shaven eggs, crushing them against the hard wooden bench with fearsome force. The Latino quickly resumed his previous rhythm, and Jack was once again launched into dizzying levels of ecstasy, hurtling toward a monumental orgasm. 

“Shit man, I’m getting close!” Jack managed to groan between grunts of pain and bliss, his much-delayed orgasm building deep within his brutally mistreated nuts. He tensed his powerful legs in anticipation, pressing his back against the hot wall behind him and closing his beautiful blue eyes.


The relief of orgasm never came. Instead, the Latino stud had hauled Jack’s humongous cock out of his clutching throat at the peak of the bodybuilder’s toe-curling pleasure, leaving him on the very brink of a mind-bending ejaculation. The handsome, dark-haired man smiled as a small spurt of milky semen flowed from Jack’s swollen, purple-hued cock head into the his waiting mouth. The muscular bull had stopped his cock sucking in the very nick of time, halting just before taking Jack beyond the point of no return. 

“Dude, I’m really clo-” Jack started to protest, before agonizing pain instantly cut off his words.

Jack’s massive foot-long cock was still spasming in pre orgasmic bliss as the Latino stud furrowed his handsome brow and used all of his strength to crush the life out of the man’s enormous trapped baby makers. It was clear now just how much of his incredible strength he had been holding back as the dark-haired hunk now poured all of the tremendous energy in his utterly massive arms into the hands clutching at Jack’s behemoth balls. The proud man nuts — which had sparked a lifetime of weightlifting motivation, helped power one of the most magnificently muscular physiques around, and had pumped out untold gallons of his thick stud jizz throughout his young life — were now fighting for their very existence, caught between the powerlifter’s ferociously powerful hands and the unyielding wooden bench. The Latino’s vise grip intensified even further, digging deeper and deeper into Jack’s beleaguered eggs. 

“FUCK!! My NUTS!!! DUDE!!” 

The ball skin at the point of contact was turning white as the muscular bull grunted with effort and leveraged more and more body weight into his thumbs, while the rest of the vast mass of straining nut meat was turning a dangerous dark red verging on purple. 

“SHIT!! SHIT!! SHIT!! SHIT!!” Jack keened in agony and panic, pushing at the man’s brick-like shoulders with all of his might in an attempt to make him stop. But despite Jack’s own tremendous strength, he couldn’t get the hulking Latino to budge a single inch, and if anything, his struggles seemed to encourage the man to press down even harder. The dark-haired muscle bull was now panting wildly with untamed lust, bucking his muscular hips and fucking the hot, dry air, his huge cock seeming to grow harder and thicker as Jack’s massive eggs grew ever closer to cracking. 

The amount of force being poured into Jack’s straining balls already far exceeded what almost any others man’s balls could have endured. It was a true testament to the raw power and fearsome durability of Jack’s grapefruit-sized bollocks that they’d survived even this long. But as the power in the Latino’s unbelievably strong grip intensified, the center of Jack’s screaming balls became flatter. 

“Dude, PLEASE!!” 

And flatter.


And flatter.

“FUCK!!!” Jack screamed, his voice cracking to a higher pitch than he’d had since before puberty. The center of his left nut was compressed to less than a quarter of its normal sturdy girth, thick nut meat bulging grotesquely around the invading thumb. The horrifically distorted and nearly ruined organ had turned a dark purple and looked ready to burst. His equally mammoth right nut was faring only slightly better, the dense middle compressed to dangerous levels and giving the organ the appearance of a huge, beefy doughnut as the pressing, drilling thumbs approached terminal pressure. 


Jack felt the mighty strength of his magnificent body flowing out of him as the unbelievable agony erupting from his tortured loins overwhelmed his mind. His thrashing struggles grew weaker and weaker as the searing pain sapped his energy. His enormously muscular arms fell limply by his sides as he collapsed against the wall behind him, the fight literally crushed out of him. He nearly fainted from the inhuman pain, but his stupendously tough body prevented him from falling into unconsciousness. Instead, Jack’s beautiful blue eyes dilated and his breath came in heaving gasps, and he could only watch in horror as his steadily failing bollocks were crushed even further. 


Drool was dribbling from Jack’s slack jaw as he watched his nut flesh get crushed harder still. His sexy attacker was grunting with the effort, his knuckles turning white with strain as he forced insane amounts of pressure into the bodybuilder’s rapidly crumbling balls. Both behemoth bollocks were now a dark purple, so hideously deformed and bloated that they looked like a massive pair of overcooked hamburger patties. The Latino’s big, muscular thumbs had all but disappeared into their meaty depths, nearly touching the wooden bench on the far side of those outrageously tough, beefy balls. 

Splitch, squick, splitch

Jack’s brutalized baby makers were now at the brink of extinction, and they began to make small crunching noises as their thick and fibrous outer walls started to crack, the delicate internal components started to break and burst within their enormous masses, and the sperm-producing tubules themselves started to snap and break within the titanic mass of tortured nut meat that hung so low between Jack’s gorgeously muscular legs. It was only a matter of time now before the invading thumbs would successfully break through their crumbling defenses. 

Crick, splitch, crunch

Incredibly, Jack’s monstrous horse cock was still hard as an iron beam despite the horrific onslaught of abuse being heaped on his dying nuts. He saw his entire sexual life flash before his eyes, the many hundreds of times he’d used his massive cock to pleasure untold numbers of men and women over the years. It was such a beautiful member, a towering monument to masculinity, and it was about to be silenced forever. 

Splitch, splitch, splotch

The deeply disturbing sounds grew louder and filled Jack’s ears, invading his brain with fear as each crunching sound brought a cascade of agonizing ball pain. And the sounds were rapidly coming to a terrible crescendo.

Jack’s enormous cock gave a violent lurch. Delirious from pain, the handsome mega hunk barely felt his shaft spasm. A rush of blood suddenly engorged his member like never before, swelling it to insane dimensions, and making his cock look like it was about to explode. Jack’s monster horse cock was tensing in preparation for the load of a lifetime, a final chance to vacate its massive payload before his huge balls, the mighty engines of his awesome manhood, were destroyed forever. The agony radiating from his nearly pulverized nutsac suddenly faded into the background, replaced by a deep, transcendent pleasure that began in the very core of his massive nuts and suffused his entire being. 

The powerlifter’s big, muscular, calloused hands were trembling from the effort, sweat pouring down his naked, gloriously muscled body as he threw every ounce of his almost super human strength into Jack’s once-beautiful nuts. The intense pressure had allowed his drilling digits to reach the almost absolute center of both bulging bollocks. The dark-haired stud looked up at the magnificently handsome bodybuilder he was destroying, and Jack’s stunning blue eyes met his piercing amber ones. 

Jack’s cock spasmed violently against his rock hard abdomen once more before returning to its previous position. Then Jack heard his own deep voice whisper the consenting command, the words that the Latino bull hunk had been so eagerly waiting to hear.

“Break me.”

Jack was suddenly calm and focused. He needed this. He needed to be dominated and owned by this brutally handsome beast of muscle, to be utterly broken by him. He could see the Latino’s huge cock give a mighty lurch of its own as he heard Jack’s words, a massive spurt of precum blasting out of its tip. The dark-haired hunk’s gorgeous eyes shone with worshipful lust. 

The Latino muscle bull opened his mouth in anticipation, muscular tongue fully outstretched past his sensual lips, poised just inches away from the grossly swollen head of Jack’s massive cock. He then released his vise-like grip on Jack’s very nearly shattered right ball and shifted both thumbs solely onto Jack’s left nut, changing his grip to line his thumbs up side by side along the central vertical axis of the mammoth and profoundly bruised orb. 

And then he pressed down, hard. 

The effects were as immediate as they were devastating. 


The almost inhumanly strong testicle, already heavily damaged and gravely weakened by all of the previous abuse, could finally take no more. With a loud and disgustingly wet sound like gristle tearing, Jack’s behemoth left bollock succumbed to the insane amount of crushing pressure and broke along its vertical seam. A fracture quickly spread across its bulbous, straining mass, brutally ripping the extremely tough exterior wide open and shattering the delicate innards within. In an instant, the once impressive organ was sundered nearly in half, the dense inner meat ripping apart and spilling untold millions of Jack’s unborn children into his rapidly swelling sac. 

“OOOOOOOH!!!” Jack’s breath burst explosively from his huge lungs as the sensation of having half of his manhood cracked wide open reached his brain. 

Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat!

Jack’s hyper engorged cock suddenly began unleashing a violent torrent of cum, volley after huge volley exploding from his dick with incredible power and force. The first few mighty slug of thick, gooey baby batter struck the Latino square in the face, blasting rapid fire all over his forehead and cheeks, the handsome bull underestimating the sheer magnitude of Jack’s herculean ejaculation. He quickly fit his sensuous lips around the big, flexing head of Jack’s spasming cock and began sucking greedily, swallowing the unbelievably copious cum load down his throat as fast as Jack’s huge cock could spit it out. 

Splurt! Splurt! Splurt! Splurt! Splurt! Splurt! 

Even partially muffled by the Latino’s slurping, sucking mouth, the sound of each mighty jettison of thick stud cum was readily audible, as was the rapid swallowing occurring in the bull’s powerfully muscular throat as the dark-haired hunk struggled to keep up with the staggering volume and staccato pace of Jack’s cataclysmic orgasm. Every glorious, gym-hardened and blood-engorged muscle in the bodybuilder’s magnificent body was tense and tight as his record-breaking testicular purging continued. For his part, the handsome Latino kept his twin thumbs pressed tight against the wooden bench, feeling the broken halves of Jack’s mortally wounded left nut throb and convulse around his invading digits, pumping out more and more semen as his body tried to empty every last working sperm cell out of his rapidly dying nut. 

Jack’s gorgeous blue eyes were comically crossed due to the extreme sensations of pleasure and agony throbbing through his loins, his sexy mouth gaping open in slack-jawed surprise. His brain didn’t even register the sight of the hunky hulking Latino standing up, his big thumbs still pressed into Jack’s split bollock, as he pointed his own thick, brown-skinned cock right at the bodybuilder’s stunningly handsome face. 

And then started pelting it with a mammoth, hands free load of his own! 

Splut! Splut! Splut! Splut! Splut! Splut!

Jack’s gorgeous, chiseled features were quickly plastered with thick Latino stud cum, sticking in his thick head of hair, dripping off of his powerful jawline and prominent chin, and even pumping a few big slugs into his open mouth. 

Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat!

His enormous pectoral muscles and deeply carved abdominals were the next to be violated by the insanely virile Latino bull, as he pumped huge ropes of baby batter onto the great rounded masses of Jack’s massive chest and the sculpted cobblestones of his extraordinary abs. 

Splort! Splort! Splort! Splort! Splort! Splort!

The final slugs of the Latino’s gargantuan load splattered all over Jack’s own colossal cock and bruised and battered balls, showering them with hot semen even as the young man’s own mighty loins belched out the dregs of his super human cum load onto the wooden bench and the tile floor. 


The Latino ox shoved his huge cock into Jack’s saliva- and cum-drooling mouth, pumping out a few smaller spurts of his viscous semen and allowing the remnants of his mighty load to dribble down the conquered bodybuilder’s muscular throat. The heady flavor of the rich, chunky sperm filled Jack’s senses briefly before the violating member was removed from his mouth. An incredible amount of the thick fluid still dripped off of his handsome face and oozed down the gorgeous planes and curves of his magnificently built and muscular body, glazing his stunning form in the Latino’s hot and smelly male essence. 

His monumental orgasm finally subsiding, Jack’s mind was now awash with pain from his broken testicle. His vision started to darken and fade as the agony overwhelmed him. The Latino pressed his titanically muscular body against Jack’s in a firm embrace, the stud’s mammoth load squelching and squirting between their two heroically muscular bodies. Jack’s last memory before he drifted into darkness was the feel of the Latino’s colossal body firmly crushed against his, the sexy stud’s hot breath in his ear as he whispered tender and erotic words in a deep, deep voice tinged with a heavy Hispanic accent, and the sight of the man’s strong, thick fingers reaching toward his bruised, swollen, and lumpy sack… 


Jack awoke some unknown time later in a hospital bed. A deep, dull pain radiated from his nutsac, and the handsome bodybuilder feared at first that both of his gigantic balls had been destroyed. 

He quickly learned from the hospital staff that he’d been found in the gym’s sauna room the next morning, covered with another man’s cum and with his ballsac swollen to hideous dimensions, covered in red and purple bruises. He was rushed to the operating room at the hospital, where a team of surgeons delicately sliced open his scrotum to assess the damage within. Jack’s mammoth right orb was disturbingly swollen but otherwise intact, and was left to heal and mend on its own. His left testicle, on the other hand, was a complete wreck. The massive organ had been split nearly in half down its vertical axis, the tough outer membrane cracked and torn, and the delicate inner meat ripped apart and spilling out onto the operating table. One doctor fainted dead away at the sight, and several nurses and techs had to leave the room in order to vomit. It looked like the mammoth sex organ was totally destroyed and done for. The senior doctor in the room ordered a series of scalpels and other cutting tools, preparing to severe the ruined remains of Jack’s dying left nut from his body. 

Fortunately, one of the doctors in the room was a talented young hot shot of a surgeon, and he stepped forward and asked for the opportunity to try to save the handsome young man’s gigantic gonad. The young surgeon then began the painstaking process of stuffing the stitching the damaged nut meat back into its broken shell, and then suturing that tough and fibrous membrane closed around its burgeoning contents. No one knew if the six hour surgery would be a success, and Jack was wheeled to his recovery room to begin the waiting game. 

Jack remained in the hospital for several weeks as his testicles recovered. The swelling and bruising in his heavily battered right nut went down quickly, the massive organ returning to its original rotund size and healthy, hale color, none the worse for wear despite its near brush with destruction. Jack’s left ball took quite a bit longer to heal, however, and it appeared touch and go for the first few days. But by the end of the first week, it was clear that the humongous gonad was going to survive, though the question remained about how much functionality would remain in the giant sex organ. 

After several weeks, Jack’s bloated nutsac was fully healed. The incision scars at the back of his scrotum were virtually invisible, having healed beautifully in the days following his emergency surgery. But his gigantic left nut would never look the same as its twin. Jack’s left ball was now significantly larger than his right, the scar tissue inside his nut and the thickening of its tough, fibrous outer membrane causing the already gargantuan orb to become even larger than ever. The mammoth organ also had a slightly lumpy shape, no longer the perfectly formed ovoid it had once been, making Jack’s left testicle somewhat blocky and misshapen, and yet strangely even more masculine and erotic in the process. 

When it finally came time to test the viability and virility of Jack’s recovered and healed bollocks, the cum load that the handsome young bodybuilder shot staggered his entire health care team for its incredible size and thickness. They quickly determined that any permanent damage done to his fractured left bollock had made no more than an imperceptible dent in his super charged virility, and the young man was released from the hospital a short time later. 

But even after he returned home, Jack couldn’t help but replay his devastating encounter with the hunky Latino powerlifter over and over and over in his mind. He knew that he would have to seek the handsome, dark-haired stud out, to confront the muscular ox, to stand face to face with the man who had nearly destroyed his mighty manhood. 

And let the gorgeous Latino bull finish what he’d started.