Friday, October 4, 2013

Too Big for Comfort

Too Big for Comfort

Based on an original story by Fantasy Man

Many of the source stories I find end with the castration of the hunky young man, and I usually prefer my studs to survive intact to fight (and cum) another day, so I usually change the ending of such stories. The following story is an excellent example.


Dave sat nervously in the clinic waiting room, waiting to see Dr. Matthews. He had met her before and wondered if she suspected his obsession with her. Her narrow sexy hips in that short white skirt, and those unbelievably large breasts. The top two buttons of her stretched blouse were always undone, revealing just a glimpse, though not unprofessional, of her deep cleavage. 

He had made an appointment for a full physical, as was required by the University’s athletic department. Football season was about to start, and even though Dave knew he was the biggest and toughest guy on the team, he was required to obtain a clean bill of health before reporting to the first practice. He couldn't help but imagine her inspecting his huge cock and unnaturally enormous testicles, something he was quite embarrassed about, though at the same time filled him with a sense of manly pride. Feeling the first stirrings of an erection, Dave quickly scolded himself for thinking of the doctor in such an inappropriate manner. 

The young man’s thoughts were cut short as the receptionist called his name. "This way Mr. Johnson," the nurse said to him, and led the big muscle man to the examination room. He sat and waited for the Doctor. Again he felt a stirring in his loins, catching himself fantasizing again. 

Suddenly she entered. Dr. Matthews was a slim woman of about 30, with dark brown hair and beautiful, almost feline eyes. She wore designer glasses, giving her a prim, professional look. Her white coat didn't hide the large breasts beneath her blouse very well - and those top two buttons! He was no longer in control of his cock as it continued to swell in his tight jeans. 

"Now Mr. Johnson," she softly said, "what brings you to see me today? Have you been having any health problems?" 

"I, I, seem to, to..." the handsome young man stammered, trying to find the right words, embarrassed with his own lack of control. She easily saw the growing bulge in his pants and smiled kindly. 

"You know Mr. Johnson, there's no need to be embarrassed," she said, motioning for him to stand. "I've seen several men with a similar condition as yours..." He blushed deeply as he stood, clearly revealing the very large -- and still growing -- bulge in his jeans. 

"You appear to be unable to control yourself, Mr. Johnson." She motioned him over to the counter where he saw a piece of paper and pen. "I've found this to be a common problem with men who are here for a physical, particularly among young college athletes such as yourself. Usually female doctors will reschedule a patient who displays a lack of control such as yourself, just to help spare both parties from any sense of awkwardness.” There was no mistake about what she meant - she was looking directly at the huge bulge between his legs. "But I've developed a unique procedure that makes things easier for everyone." 

Her heels clicked cleanly on the tiled floor, walking the short distance to the counter. "You'll need to sign a consent form before I proceed." She handed him the pen. "Just read it over and sign on the dotted line." She smiled warmly. He began looking over the form, reading something about "research subject" and "male specimen" but quickly lost interest, his mind lost in a haze of uncontrollable erotic thoughts. 

Dr. Matthews was taking off her lab coat. She acted like she didn't notice him gawking at her enormous breasts, straining against the flimsy material of her blouse. He caught a glimpse of a delicate-looking lace bra which supported her unbelievable breasts before she turned around to ready some equipment. God that ass! Her tight skirt was so short it came halfway up her thigh. Without reading, he quickly signed the form, not wanting to miss any of the show. 

She finished preparing something over by a thick steel pole which connected to both the floor and ceiling. An odd leather pad was secured to it at about waist height. "This equipment is necessary for the procedure, Mr. Johnson, as detailed in the form." This was her test, to see if her patient had read the form. It said nothing about the equipment she had ready. 

"Of course Dr. Matthews," Dave replied. 

She smirked as he walked over, surreptitiously eying his massive, straining package with delight. 

“Now before we continue, Mr. Johnson, I need to ask you a few questions,” said Dr. Matthews. “Could you please tell me your age, height, and weight?" 

“I’m 19 years old, 6’6” tall, and I weigh 365 pounds." 

“My goodness, Mr. Johnson, you ARE a big boy! Those are extremely impressive numbers for any man, let alone a teenager like yourself. You must be very proud of your physique." 

Dave blushed yet again, smiled shyly, and said, “I’ve lifted weights since I was 15, and my body seemed to naturally respond. I was 200 pounds when I started weight training, and I’ve gained over 40 pounds a year for the past 4 years. My body doesn’t seem like it wants to stop growing yet, so I don’t know how big I’ll eventually get, but I’m glad, because the more muscle I gain, the stronger I will be out on the field." 

“Yes, I see that you are already a star of the local university football team, leading the team to victory at the State championships last year in your rookie Freshman year,” said the Doctor. “I was there and watched the game. You were very impressive, Mr. Johnson." 

“Thank you, Dr. Matthews." He blushed again. 

“Just a few more questions – what is your body fat percentage?" 

“Well,” he replied, “I seem to be naturally lean. I sometimes go as high as 6%, particularly in the off season, but I’m normally at about 4%, like I am now." 

“Again, that’s very impressive, Mr. Johnson. In fact, at this point I will need you to remove your shirt so that I can prep you for the procedure." 

Feeling embarrassed about stripping in front of the beautiful doctor, Dave was hesitant for just a moment, but then he reminded himself that she was a professional who saw dozens of naked and half dressed people each day, and so he began to take off his t-shirt. Dr. Matthews couldn’t help but gawk at his body as the young football player began stripping his shirt off over his head. The handsome young man had a truly awesome physique, thickly muscled like a championship super heavyweight bodybuilder, and so lean and cut that every huge muscle stood out in perfectly defined and incredibly deep relief. Both his massive chest and cobblestone abs were coated in a thick and beautifully shaped thatch of rough body hair, which if anything accentuated the massiveness and awesome masculine power of his enormous physique. His body hair tapered down to a triangle that disappeared into the waistline of his overstuffed pants, giving the Doctor tantalizing thoughts of what lay beneath the denim of his jeans. The Doctor was shocked by both the enormity and the beauty of the young muscle hunk’s magnificent physique, but she regained her composure quickly, and the young man didn’t notice her momentary lapse of calm. 

Standing in front of the pole, the doctor said:  "Alright Mr. Johnson, face me and put your waist on the pad." She sat in a small chair, prim and straight, thrusting her breasts out in front of her. "Hands behind your back." She wheeled her chair behind him. As he reached backward, he felt her soft hands take one of his thick, muscular wrists. "Don't be alarmed Mr. Johnson. All my subjects need to be restrained for this procedure." He remained calm as she fastened both his wrists behind the pole with very thick Velcro straps. In doing so, his thickly muscular back was pulled snugly to the pole, causing the waist-height pad to thrust his hips forward. Dave was getting a little nervous with his large package thrusting out before him and his hands restrained tightly behind his back, but he was so turned on that he ignored his fears. 

He heard the wheels on the doctor's chair as she wheeled out in front of him. "Now let's have a look at what's causing you all this grief." Confused, Dave said nothing and just looked down as the Doctor reached for his pants and started undoing his belt. He squirmed uncomfortably, unable to control his embarrassing state of arousal, stammering an explanation. 

“I'm sorry Dr. Matthews…” he said as she finished with his belt, "I just can't help myself." She had finished with the button on his pants and was tugging his zipper down over the straining bulge that threatened to rip his jeans wide open. 

“That's perfectly fine Mr. Johnson, nothing to be embarrassed about." As she unzipped him, he felt relief as his pants relented their confining hold, allowing his underwear to stretch tight and outward with his hardening cock. 

She looked approvingly at his huge, straining package. His penis looked thick and massive as it curved over one massive beefy thigh to reach all the way to his hip, and she hadn't even seen the biggest bulge yet - the double fist-sized lump beneath. "There we are, all the way down…” she murmured as she eased his pants down to his knees, revealing massive, hairy thighs that were just as beefy and muscular and ripped as his spectacular upper body. 

Her legs crossed professionally on the chair, Dr. Matthews gazed approvingly at the straining underside of his clearly overstuffed underwear. The inseam of his underwear strained a good inch and a half away from his legs, pulled down and out by his bull-sized nuts. Dave felt her size him up with her eyes but could do nothing about it. He didn't even try to struggle. 

She looked up at the handsome and incredibly muscular young man, her enormous breasts thrusting close to his unbridled package. "You will make an excellent specimen Mr. Johnson. You may in fact be one for the record books! Let’s get a closer look." Hooking her thumbs into the sides of his underwear, she pulled up and out, allowing his penis to thrust out. He groaned. Dr. Matthews said nothing, clinically observing as his cock continued to erect, growing even thicker and longer still. In a quiet voice she said:  "Just let it happen…" 

It took about 10 seconds for him to fully erect to his monstrous 13 throbbing and awesomely thick inches, sticking straight up from his crotch, the awesome straining length stretching almost to the bottom of his massive, beefy pecs. "Is he all done?" the doctor asked nicely, still pulling upwards on his underwear. 

“I'm so sorry doctor…" he said, utterly humiliated. 

“Shhhh, nonsense Mr. Johnson. You're here for an examination and treatment." She released her pull on his underwear a little, just to pull up again gently, and again, and again – his massive testicles ached pleasurably with the motion. 

“Let's have a look at these heavy testicles…" She gently pulled his underwear down to his knees where she left them bunched with his pants, and then gasped in shock, seeing the sheer massive size of Dave’s testicles for the first time. Her previous assessment that the young man’s balls were fist sized was clearly an underestimation, for the sheer mass and size of those enormous bull balls far exceeded the largest of grapefruits in size. 

Dave slowly exhaled, getting accustomed to the feel of gravity steadily pulling his mammoth balls toward the floor. His scrotum was very large, and the weight of his enormous balls was so great that they naturally hung just over 4 inches from his groin, an incredibly long dangle that accentuated the massive size of his nuts, and if anything made them look even more sexy and intensely masculine. His groin area was completely shaved, except for a sexy tuft of hair just above the straining root of his huge horse cock. Dave had done this shave job that morning, admittedly to impress the doctor, but he hadn't imagined she would display him this quite this openly. 

Dr. Matthews’ meticulously manicured hands reached underneath to gently cup his overlarge testes, and she marveled at their great weight. Gaining control of her voice, she said, “What a lovely set Mr. Johnson." He remained motionless. “These will make a very nice specimen indeed." She squeezed gently, noting that his balls felt unusually firm and hard, like they were stronger, thicker, and denser than a normal man’s balls. “Did you remove your hair for this examination today Mr. Johnson?" 

His embarrassed eyes darted about, avoiding her knowing eye contact. “I thought it might help…" 

She smiled, “Though it isn't necessary, I do enjoy the feel of a smooth sack." 

She continued by rolling his massive, heavy nuts in the palms of her hands, each one filling her palms to overflowing several times over. “Your testicles are really quite enormous, Mr. Johnson. In fact, they are gargantuan, by far the largest I have ever seen, and I have seen some very large balls. As I said, they will be perfect for the procedure." He blushed at her comments, and was embarrassed yet again by his grotesquely oversized bull nuts, but was pleased at the same time that the Doctor seemed to be enjoying them. He was also getting a little anxious about this procedure, chiding himself for not having read the form. His relaxed state was cut short as she released his balls to hang freely at the bottom of their long stretched sac. 

She smiled warmly and said, "Don't go anywhere Mr. Johnson." She stood and walked over to a trolley covered in a white sheet. The sexy click of her high heels accentuated the feminine motion of her sexy ass in that tight, short shirt. Wheeling the trolley back to Mr. Johnson, she once again took a seat, her breasts hardly moving with the motion, indicating a very firm bust. He just couldn't look away. Her cleavage was incredible. Had she undone another button? He could now make out the beginnings of black lace on the top insides of her bra. Also, something he hadn't seen before, a thin gold necklace, cascaded down her silky neck and almost disappeared into that remarkable cleavage. Looking back at her eyes, he froze, realizing that she had been watching him stare. 

Saying nothing, she reached beneath his hanging balls on the inside of his thigh. "I cannot have you moving about during the procedure - the measurements need to be precise." With that, she wrapped a wide leather strap around his massively muscled thigh, threaded it through a steel eyepiece on the pole, and pulled it tight. Still embarrassed about being busted while staring at her incredible cleavage, he didn't even notice how immobile his leg suddenly was. "Too tight?" she asked. 

"No, just fine…" he managed to breathe. 

She repeated the procedure on his other massive leg. These final straps left him fully restrained, leaving his legs comfortably separated and his hips thrusting forward by the leather hip-pad. Again, Dr. Matthews smiled warmly, seemingly not phased in the least by the obscene display of his monster cock and huge shaved bull balls. 

She turned and pulled off the sheet from the trolley. On the top shelf appeared to be a battery-operated contraption - a good-sized metal box. It had lights and dials and a clear plastic tube trailing to the shelf below, where the tube emptied into a large glass container. Beside the machine was a small syringe filled with a clear liquid. She took it with her small hands and turned to face him. 

"Mr. Johnson, this is a normal part of the procedure. It will help you relax." He still felt so guilty for looking at her breasts that he felt he owed her something. Being aroused as he was, his monstrous 13-inch cock pulsing in mid-air in front of the sexiest women he had ever seen who was about perform some sort of procedure on him, he hardly noticed her gently prick him in his left butt cheek and inject the fluid. "There we are…" she said with a relaxing demeanor, pulling the needle from his hugely muscled bum and discarding the needle. 

Sure enough, within moments Dave felt his immediate nervous discomfort melt away, leaving him quite relaxed. His gargantuan penis remained hard as rock, pulsing with a life of its own. God he was horny! 

He noticed her watching him with that warm, gentle smile. "Do you find my breasts arousing Mr. Johnson?" she asked point-blank. Stunned, but strangely relaxed, Dave just nodded. "That's perfectly natural for a young and obviously virile man like you. Most of my other subjects have exhibited much the same behavior." The doctor opened a drawer below, revealing over a dozen clear tubes. The smallest one was about 6 inches in length and an inch in diameter. Each of the larger sizes appeared to be larger than the former by about half an inch. 

Taking a small leather strap from the side of the drawer, she turned back to his rampant display. "I'll just use this leather cuff to package your testicles nicely for their measurement." Using her left hand, she formed a noose with her thumb and forefinger around the “neck” of his long scrotum. Pulling down gently, she caused his enormous package to bulge even larger beneath her soft, delicate hand. "There, nice and snug for the cuff." Placing the leather strap around the stretched “neck” of skin, she slid it down to press against the fingers of her other hand before buttoning it securely in place. The leather strap squeezed tightly around the stretched scrotum, but Dave was relieved that it wasn't tight enough to cause undue discomfort, just a heightened sense of pressure and arousal. Releasing her noosing fingers, she gave his restrained sack 3 or 4 comforting pats. "There, a nice tight package ready for measurement." 

In no apparent rush, she reached for her delicate necklace, unfastening it in a practiced, relaxed fashion. Releasing the clasp behind her neck, one end of it fell loose, tumbling deeper into the jutting valley between her bra-framed cleavage. She gently pulled it out, producing the delicate gold chain. The part she held ended in a smooth gold loop. At regular increments along the fine gold chain were equally spaced fine black beads. "I've measured many packaged testicles with this necklace Mr. Johnson. It's quite expensive. The little black beads are spaced exactly one inch apart." He watched as the doctor placed the chain behind his bulging sack, right by the leather strap, and proceeded to thread the length of chain through the gold loop at the end. After it rested loosely about the top of straining package, she placed her left hand under his balls and supported their tremendous weight. 

"Any discomfort Mr. Johnson?" she inquired calmly. Seeing the delicate, feminine “necklace” looped lazily about his huge cuffed balls aroused him further. 

“Just fine doctor." Dave replied in a deep, husky voice. Letting some slack in to the chain, the pretty gold necklace slid down, expanding to accommodate the circumference of his monster nuts. Again, with a practice motion, just as the gold chain fell about Dave’s outermost testicle bulge, the doctor cinched it snug and then let out a low whistle. 

“You certainly have a gargantuan set of testicles Mr. Johnson! They’re incredible! My necklace indicates just over 21 inches - by far the largest testicles I have ever seen. The previous record holder had a truly huge set of nuts that measured 14.5 inches in circumference, but even he couldn’t hold a candle to you. Very few men have ARMS that measure 21 inches in circumference, let alone testicles. But you certainly have arms that are larger than that." 

“Um, yeah, the last time I measured them cold, my arms were just over 25 inches in size, and 28 inches pumped, but that was about six months ago; they’re probably bigger now” he said, somehow embarrassed about the massive size of his muscles. 

“Well, your oversized testicles clearly account for a great deal of your muscular growth, Mr. Johnson. I’m sure that testicles of such a great size must produce vast amounts of testosterone. No wonder you have been able to add such a fantastic amount of muscular weight at such a young age. Now, can you please tell me when it was that you last ejaculated?" 

Normally he would have been mortified at such a question from an attractive female doctor but, strangely enough, he answered without hesitation. “Three days ago." 

Pulling up on the end of the necklace, she cinched it around at cuff-level again, letting the loose chain naturally come to rest between the rounded cleft marking where one mighty, meaty testicle met the other. “I'm sure you have a large amount of sperm to discharge then, Mr. Johnson." His eyes widened. What was she planning to do? Was this also part of the document he signed? 

She now held the largest of the clear cylinders in her hand. “An integral part of the research is to determine how large the subject's testicles really are." The feeling was exquisite as Dr. Matthews slid the pre-lubed cylinder over his rampantly erect penis. It was so arousing, yet strangely relaxing, the velvety smooth sensation stopping when the cylinder came to rest about at the thick root of his colossal erection. The fit was very snug, for despite the large size of the cylinder, the girth of his massive cock was just as awesome and enormous as its eye-popping, 13-inch length. “And, through my research, I've decided that the best way to determine the true size of a man's testicles is to milk all that pent-up sperm out through his penis." 

There was still a good two inches of cylinder extending beyond the tip of penis. She explained:  “This size will be perfect for your penis as it will allow me an unrestrained view of your penis during ejaculation." He revealed a hint of humiliation. "Mr. Johnson, this part of the procedure is not intended to be humiliating, more a measure of practicality. This little ‘window’ at the top of the cylinder is designed to let me easily see when you have finished spurting." Letting his penis stand freely, she used both hands to gently lift his parceled balls. "It's very important to get all the sperm out. These wonderful balls will be much easier to preserve after they've been fully drained." 

It took a good 3 seconds for what Dr. Matthews had just said to sink in. As politely as possible, Dave asked, “What do you mean 'preserve' my testicles?" 

Rather kindly the doctor replied, “My research includes harvesting the sperm and removing the testicles of very well endowed men. Such specimens are ideal for further research to help synthesize a drug to increase sperm quantity and mobility in men who donate sperm. Ultimately this drug will be marketed to couples who would like to conceive within a relatively short time-frame. And the sperm that is harvested becomes part of our sperm bank, and sold to women who wish to conceive a child." 

The handsome young muscle giant gulped, suddenly aware of his restraints but curiously unmotivated to panic. "Don't worry, it'll be completely painless." Releasing his testicles, she watched them hang in their obscene package as if for the first time. "And besides, testicles of such an enormous size are better suited to a bull. It must be a tremendous burden to have to carry around such a great weight between your legs all the time. Such massive balls must always be getting in the way, particularly when you're running down the field. Why, I'm surprised that these enormous balls of yours haven't gotten trapped between your muscular thighs and crushed into ground beef! Such inviting targets for opposing players to aim for as well, I'll bet. You must have taken dozens, if not hundreds, of blows to the balls during your young football career. They must ache all the time, both from collisions on the field and from just being so fully and heavy. Clearly, you have had to have both your underwear and your jeans specially tailored to you, and your protective cups too, and even then they can barely contain the enormous size of your monstrous nuts. It’s so much better to donate such large, oversized sex organs to science than to struggle to live with them every day." 

She wore an expression of sympathy as she reached for the plastic tube, brought it to the cylinder's tip, and began threading it into place. "Your penis is about to have its first, and last, experience with The Milker. It's a machine developed for use in sperm clinics. It's designed to have the subject ejaculating in under one minute, minimizing a potentially humiliating experience." 

Satisfied that the tube was surely fastened, the doctor turned sideways and put her finger on a button. "When I flick this switch, your penis will experience the best suction and orgasm of your life. Feel free to imagine anything that helps you ejaculate quickly. I will also be massaging your large testicles to help you along." With that, Dr. Matthews flicked the switch. 

He felt nothing at first, but heard a hum. The machine was building up its suction. It began almost unnoticeably, very softly sucking with a carefully timed rhythm. Looking down, he saw the doctor smiling disarmingly, reaching for his massive, helpless, and completely vulnerable testicle parcel. Grasping it softly, she delicately squeezed his balls, one in each beautiful hand, her sexy gold chain still resting between them. The machine became steadily more and more insistent. Pulsing, sucking, deliberately pulling at his deepest animal instincts. Yet there was no noise. Just the soft hum of the machine and the doctor's sympathetic voice. He looked down to better understand what she was saying. 

With that beautiful, understanding smile, she said:  "Mr. Johnson, don't be shy to look at my breasts if it will help you ejaculate quickly. Would you like me to undo another button?" Dave just groaned, feeling her release his balls. He watched as she deftly undid another button, revealing the generous swell of her abundant cleavage. The intricate lacy pattern of her encasing bra had him mesmerized. "I don't mind men looking at my big breasts, but, even though this will be your last ejaculation, showing you more would just be inappropriate." 

He felt the beginning stirrings of his approaching orgasm, and he could tell that it was going to hit him like a freight train. He felt her noose the fingers of one hand around the leather cuff again and her other began to gently pat the underside of his full, tightening balls. "There we are Mr. Johnson, I can feel your nuts tightening. It won't be long now…" She continued to sympathetically pat his bloated balls, gradually smacking them harder and harder. She quickly realized that the young football stud was immensely enjoying having his balls lightly beaten, and so she increased the force of her blows, bringing him to ever-greater heights of ecstasy. Soon, she was all but punching his bloated bull balls, yet he gave no sign of discomfort, and instead continued to moan and groan in great pleasure. The Doctor was amazed, for the force of her rhythmic blows to Dave’s huge balls would have almost any other man screaming in pain and begging her to stop, but this handsome young man’s beefy and burly bull nuts just seemed to thrive on the abuse. 

In the meantime, the machine continued with its rhythmic sucking, pulling him closer and closer to the inevitable. One minute ticked by, and then two minutes, and then three. The Doctor was amazed at the young muscle man's staying power, for no man had ever endured the Milker for more than a minute without spewing his load. And particularly with the super human load of man milk that must be sloshing around in these two enormous balls, the Doctor couldn’t believe that this super stud of a young muscle man could hold back his orgasm for so long. Dave’s beautiful blue eyes darted between the doctor's incredibly sexy breasts, her bra and the smooth, deep cleavage it created, and the delicate gold chain dangling amidst her roughly slapping and punching hand, and the sights only made his impending orgasm build to even greater levels. 

Finally, after more than five minutes of constant sucking by the machine and ball abuse by the Doctor, Dave could feel the beginnings of what he was sure would be a monumental orgasm building in his young loins. He was beyond the point of control. The doctor felt his testes drawing up, tightening further. She released her noose-hold on his balls only to resume her squeeze-massage. Though she was squeezing with nearly all of her not inconsiderable might, his huge and incredibly dense balls barely deformed in her hands, their thick and powerful walls only denting slightly at the onslaught of her squeezing. “I'll just squeeze your balls rhythmically to help drain them faster." 

He continued to stare at her massive breasts and comforting smile, groaning and grunting louder and louder with each squeeze. After more than 30 squeezes, he was almost bellowing in animal ecstasy. His cock swelled larger still within the confines of the plastic cylinder, gaining at least a full inch in length and nearly shattering the thick tube, and then he gushed his first wad into the clear receptacle. 

The first blast was a truly massive gout of nearly pure white sperm, so large and intense that it had the doctor stunned yet again. “There you are, just let the machine milk you,” she managed to murmur as she continued to choke and squeeze his throbbing bull nuts, watching the young man’s gigantic cock start to spew out the largest load of spunk she had ever seen in her life. 

He gushed and gushed again and again, jettisoning unbelievable amounts of cum with each new blast, each wad dwarfing what a normal man could produce in a full day of cumming. He was filling the two-inch receptacle nearly to overflowing over and over again, but with each spurt, the machine efficiently whisked his cum away in the clear tube to be deposited into the large glass container below. He heard the doctor giggle. “Oh my God, what a load!" She continued her rhythmic squeezing of his powerfully contracting balls, helping his sperm out quickly, as on and on his orgasm thundered unabated. 

The machine continued sucking for what must have been a full two minutes of ejaculating, spurting sperm, carefully observed and encouraged by the doctor. 

When he finally stopped spurting, the doctor looked up at a thoroughly exhausted man. A thin sheen of sweat coated his fantastically muscular body, and his massive chest rose and fell as he panted to regain his breath, his beautiful lips slightly parted in a most enticing and erotic manner. “Are we all finished Mr. Johnson?" she inquired, accompanied with a prolonged and deep squeeze of his huge testicles. 

As the machine continued its insistent milking of his rampant penis, Dave wheezed:  “I think you got it least of my first load." 

One of the doctor’s perfectly formed brows arched in surprise and doubt. “You mean to tell me that after shooting the largest load in the history of mankind, there is still more sperm trapped in those massive balls of yours?" 

Flushing with embarrassment again, the handsome footballer said, “Honestly, that’s just a warm up for me. I usually masturbate three or four times each night in order to relieve the huge build up of sperm in my nuts. And I purposely did not cum for 3 days in preparation for this exam, so I am sure that I have a whole lot more sperm than usual to release." 

“My, my, aren’t we full of surprises?" the doctor replied, trying to keep the sound of lust and awe out of her voice. "Well, like I said, these massive balls of yours must be completely drained in order to preserve them, so we’ll just continue milking you until you are dry." 

She released his balls, regained her noose-like clasp of his testicles with one hand while the other turned off the machine. 

“Mr. Johnson, you certainly had a massive discharge. We're just fortunate The Milker did such a good job of getting you all in one place. You would have certainly made a big mess with these!" More sympathetic but strong pats – the doctor knew that a man’s testicles were even more sensitive directly after ejaculation, and the young man groaned anew at her rhythmic taps, clearly enjoying the ache in his huge bull nuts. The doctor then looked at the glass receptacle and exclaimed, “My goodness, you came a full quart of cum in that one ejaculation! That’s astounding! I’d say it was impossible, but the proof is right here in this container. If you say you still have more cum in those huge balls of yours, then I really must see it!" 

In a post-orgasm haze he watched as Dr. Matthews reached beneath the table, and then smiled warmly as she presented a large, clear beaker. It had two white label sections on it, titled:  

"Testicle girth, before ejaculation:  ______________________" 
"Testicle girth, after ejaculation:  ______________________" 

"This is the largest beaker I have, and I hope that your testicles will fit in it." The young muscle man began testing his restraints, but to no avail, as the doctor brought the beaker up to see if the massive testicles would fit within it. Though the beaker was huge, his balls were simply too massive to be contained by it. “Well, we’ll simply have to hope that continued ejaculations will bring those huge bull balls of yours down to a size where they will fit." 

She then reached over onto the wheeled counter and picked up another device. 

"Time to introduce you to my handy little tool. It's a modification of a bull-castrator, just perfect for a man of your prodigious size." Strangely, despite Dave’s fear of what was to come, his massive horse cock remained completely hard, the confines of the clear cylinder feeling snugly comforting as his dick continued to throb powerfully to his strong heart beat. Oddly, and quite embarrassingly, he began to think that being nutted by the large breasted doctor would actually be intensely erotic. 

She turned back, holding the interesting-looking device in her right hand. “Shall we continue your milking, Mr. Johnson?" Oh my god! he thought, the first time was embarrassing enough! Now he was going to be forced to cum again and again! Dave knew that he had to relax to subdue his thoughts. “Don't be too self-conscious Mr. Johnson, I've seen men get excited before their castration before." Dave’s handsome face flushed red with embarrassment, but his cock gave a mighty lurch, jetting out a thick stream of clear precum into the suction tube. 

Dr. Matthews opened the plier-like device to its widest setting, and began working it over Dave’s gargantuan balls, liberally using a clear lubricant to finally slip the pliers over the massive, meaty, and rock-hard testicles. Once past those meaty orbs, the doctor fit the pliers around the neck of his scrotum just where it joined his muscular crotch. Closing the handles, she calmly smiled again:  "Tell me when it feels a little too tight,” and began turning a little lever. There was a smooth steel funnel-shaped piece that started inching down towards his bloated ballsac. The part where the doctor had clamped, though, remained anchored in place. Once the funnel connected with the massive balls themselves, the further turning of the lever resulted in a very tight feeling in his balls as they were pulled down from his crotch. Farther and farther they stretched from his straining groin, going from 4 inches to 4 ½, then to 5, then to 5 ½, and finally to an amazing 6 inches, half a foot! She stopped the ratchet when he gasped a little, saying:  “It's starting to really ache, Dr. Matthews." 

“Good. Everything is now in place, and I will resume your milking." The doctor then turned the milking machine back on, which began to hum as it did its work on the young man’s humongous, rampant bull cock. The doctor grasped as much of his testicles as she could in her strong hands, and began to roughly squeeze them again, interspersing the squeezing with an occasional punch or backhanded slap. 

With his balls stretched out and immobile as they were, there was no avoiding the abuse, but once again, the ball beating only made Dave groan louder in pleasure, and brought him to orgasm that much quicker. It only took him little more than two minutes this time, probably because of the added pressure in his testicles and the kinky thoughts he was having, before he started spurting. 

And boy did he spurt! The young beefy footballer’s second orgasm was, if anything, even larger than his first, and even more powerful and violent. On and on it thundered, while the doctor continued to beat and abuse his throbbing bull nuts. Dave’s titanic orgasm lasted more than two and a half minutes, and produced over a quart and a half of incredibly thick spunk. The young man’s jizz was so packed with cum, in fact, that it had the consistency of a thick pudding and ran like molasses from the plastic suction tube into the waiting glass cylinder. 

The doctor was stunned once again at Dave’s display of hyper masculinity, but she didn’t waste any time; she immediately began turning the lever again, ratcheting his balls down another full inch, and let the milking machine continue its relentless pumping and sucking of Dave’s enormous bull penis. 

Within minutes, the young super hunk began cumming for a third time, this one just as massive and awesomely powerful as the one before. The doctor was so turned on by this hyper masculine display that she nearly fainted, but she recovered her composure, and once again cranked his bull nuts down another inch, doubling their natural dangle to 8 awesome inches. Dave’s huge balls had never been stretched anywhere near this far before, and the dull pounding ache in his massive nuts was intense. But there was nothing he could do but continue to endure, and to try to continue to pump out as many loads as possible to postpone his ultimate castration. 

It only took five more minutes before Dave let loose with his fourth thunderous orgasm, which was just as massive as the ones that came before and was added to the huge sloshing container of fresh stud spunk that was resting beneath the table. The doctor was dumbfounded when she read the level on the container and discovered that, after four monumental orgasms within the space of less than half an hour, her handsome young bo hunk had blasted out just over a gallon and a half of his male juices. She wouldn’t have believed it had she not seen it with her own eyes. 

In the meantime, she continued to ratchet his straining balls ever downward, creating an unbelievable 9-inch stretch to his aching nuts. His scrotum now formed an incredibly long and dangerously narrow neck connecting his straining bull nuts to his sweaty crotch. His enormous nuts bulged obscenely at the bottom of their overstretched scrotum, bright red and shiny, and looked as if they could burst forth at any moment. The huge testicles had actually been stretched so far that they now nearly hung down between the young man’s knees. The sight was intensely erotic. 

Dr. Matthews paused for a moment to catch her breath, feeling light-headed at the awesome display of masculinity shackled before her. She reached out and gripped the tautly stretched neck of the young man’s straining scrotum about halfway between his massive, bulging balls and the base of his rampant horse cock, and she could feel the pipes and cords connecting the massive gonads to his mighty body stretched taut like bowstrings. How could any man endure such a stretch to his nuts, she wondered, realizing that his mighty ball cords must be nearly as strong as steel. However, since it was a true steel cord, over a quarter inch in thickness, that was pulling mercilessly at the young stud’s super nuts, she knew that in the end even his mighty ball cords would have to fail. She just wondered how long that would take…  

The doctor then lifted the huge glass beaker again to see if it would fit around the young footballer’s huge, hanging spuds, but his gigantic bull nuts were still simply too massive to be contained in the huge beaker. In fact, even after four titanic orgasms, the muscle stud’s bloated balls had only slightly decreased in their awesome mass. The doctor had originally thought that a great deal of the size of the young man’s straining nuts simply had to be the huge reservoir of sperm that they contained, but she now realized that nearly all the incredible mass of those twin bull nuts was the young man’s own beefy ball flesh, making the great size of his nuts even more astounding. 

But the doctor was determined to claim these monumental nuts for her collection, and so she continued the procedure, turning on The Milker once again. The unbelievable stretch to his balls was causing the young man’s huge nuts to ache horribly, but this only added to the eroticism and ecstasy of the situation, and it was only a few minutes before he was blasting out his 5th massive load into the eager milking machine, where is was sucked away to join the hot loads that had come before. He moaned and groaned throughout his two-and-a-half minute orgasm, pumping out sperm like he had never cum before, while the doctor continued to abuse and beat his aching bull nuts. 

She had taken to using the young man’s huge nuts as a punching bag, beating first one colossal orb and then the other, over and over again with her naked fists. The massive targets were stretched so tight that the entire force of her blows were absorbed completely by his huge nuts. But as before, this brutal beating, which would have quickly reduced any other man’s balls to rubble, only served to make the handsome muscle stud shoot harder. 

The doctor ratcheted down Dave’s balls yet another inch, and realized that her young prisoner was, quite literally, nearing the end of his rope…or his balls cords, in this case. She realized that she would never again find a specimen of man who was this stunningly handsome, powerfully built, and enormously endowed, and she wanted to make the moment last as long as possible. She continued to ratchet his balls down ever farther, but ever so slowly, not wanting to nut the muscle boy too soon. She repeated this as her young bo-hunk of a captive came his 6th and 7th times, until she had his bloated and bulging bull balls stretched to just over 12 inches from his crotch, three times their normal dangle and a full FOOT of stretch! Dr. Matthews had never even heard of a man’s testicles enduring such a phenomenal stretch, and she had to suppress her body’s convulsions as she was wracked by a spontaneous orgasm. 

At this point, the doctor paused once again, inspecting her handiwork. The handsome young captive was showing amazing strength and endurance – his massively muscled and perfectly proportioned body was covered in sweat, and he was clearly fatigued, but he still possessed a great deal of vigor and energy, and she was sure he could continue. His massive, now 14+ inch cock, clearly visible through the hard plastic suction tube, looked bloated and distended from being hard for so long. After shooting seven all-mighty loads, his monster of a cock was bright red and angry looking, and as she watched, she noticed that sperm from his last load continued to burp into the waiting receptacle. 

The doctor then examined the fill level on the receptacle, and was astonished to see that this young super stud of a man had pumped out well over two gallons of his impossibly thick male essence – in less than one hour! How could that be humanly possible?! And where had he stored all that sperm!? If all that sperm was truly stored in the young man’s behemoth balls, then the interior pressures of those beefy and muscular bull nuts must be extreme indeed! 

Finally, the doctor examined the young man’s super stretched balls. Dave was clearly still going strong, despite the unbelievable stretch now being inflicted on his balls, but she knew that even he couldn’t endure much more. His hairless and silky smooth scrotum was stretched ridiculously thin over his gigantic testicles, which seemed to bulge even larger in their scrotum than before. She could clearly make out every contour and curve of his massive nuts through his paper-thin sac, including the beautiful tracery of veins that criss-crossed each massive nut. The neck of the scrotum itself was barely more than a quarter-inch thick, containing all the cords and veins that gave life to those extraordinary testicles. The young man’s balls couldn’t have looked more vulnerable, and they were just begging to be taken. And the doctor knew it was time to finally end the game, even if there was still sperm left to be had in those massive nuts. 

Dr. Matthews then addressed her patient again, saying, “Mr. Johnson, I promise you that this won’t hurt." She was smiling knowingly now, and she picked up the glass beaker again, recording 21 inches on the first line. Then she began massaging his testicles again, and said, “It is time. That’s it Mr. Johnson, keep watching while I take your final measurement." Regaining her noose-hold on his scrotal "neck", she scooted the hanging "necklace” down his testicles again before pulling down gently on his testicles. “There we are, nice and shiny…” she commented, noting the ultra tight appearance of his bulging testes in their straining sac. Cinching the gold chain snug, she gave him the measurement:  “Hmmm, like I said earlier, quite a lot of pent up sperm in those enormous testicles of yours, but you’re only down to a 19.5-inch circumference! Astounding! Those are truly the most massive balls I have ever seen, or even heard of!" 

She released the tension on the gold chain, letting it fall into her hand. She patted the underside of his balls again, with the gold chain in her open hand, looking up at him with an almost motherly expression. “Donating your testicles to my research will probably be for the best. Such a long time without ejaculation is not healthy, and besides, it'll spare you further embarrassing 'outbursts'." 

Dave was terrified and couldn't accept that the beautiful doctor was about to take his nuts. “Please doctor, release the straps. I don't want to give my balls." Dr. Matthews just ignored him, releasing his nuts and raising her arms to put her necklace back around her neck. Her breasts rose higher, impossibly making them appear bigger. 

“Another benefit of having your huge testicles removed, Mr. Johnson, is that you'll be better able to control your randy impulses." She finished with her necklace, letting it plunge between her sexy cleavage again, and did up her blouse. 

She then lifted the beaker again and recorded the measurement on the second line, and tried once again to see if his huge nuts would fit. But it was still no use, his gigantic nuts simply had not lost enough of their incredible mass even after shooting out seven monumental loads. She realized that she was probably going to have to place the massive nuts in the deep freezer until she could obtain a glass container large enough to contain such enormous specimens of masculinity. 

The doctor then turned to the young, handsome, and powerfully built football stud and said, “Time for your last milking…" 

She flicked the switch and, just like before, it started slowly. He looked down and saw in horror that she had set the cable to ratchet automatically and continuously, pulling at his straining nuts with greater and greater force even as The Milker sucked his cock closer and closer to yet another orgasm. “I wonder, Mr. Johnson, if you will be able to finish spurting before I finally relieve you of these most massive of gonads…" 

This time, the doctor kept her hands to herself, and just watched as the young man’s final castration began. As the moments ticked by, the ratchet continued to do its work, stretching the young man’s aching bull nuts to even more unbelievable lengths -- 12.5 inches, 13 inches, 13.5 inches, 14 inches, 14.5 inches, then 15 inches, then even more. The handsome young muscle stud was in testicular agony, yet the brutal stretching of his nuts was also bringing him closer and closer to yet another orgasm, one that threatened to be even greater than those that had come before. Yet it would be a race against time to see if he could reach orgasm before his balls were torn from his body. 15.5 inches, then 16 inches, FOUR times their natural dangle, and the evil machine mercilessly continued to pull and tug at the young man’s screaming balls. 

Finally, his young bull balls were stretched to 16.5 inches from his sweaty crotch, and simply refused to stretch any further. His ball cords had reached the absolute limit of their endurance, and now fought valiantly but hopelessly against the continuing pull of the machine. His balls looked even shinier than before, and bulged obscenely, red and swollen and bloated, within their ever weakening scrotum. The neck of the scrotum was now less than a quarter inch thick, and the ball cords themselves could be seen plainly through the incredibly thin skin. The power of the machine continued to build, yanking harder and harder at the young man’s burgeoning muscle nuts, and the doctor knew it would only be a matter of moments before those mighty ball cords snapped, and his huge nuts would be torn free of his body. 

Suddenly, after nearly 15 minutes of the brutal and merciless tugging at his agony-filled balls, the young man hit his 8th and final orgasm. His cock swelled even larger still, threatening to shatter the plastic suction tube, and then a truly super human load began to erupt from its huge mushroom tip. His final orgasm surpassed anything that had come before in sheer fury and volume, and it thundered out of his cock so quickly and with such an amazing volume that it threatened to choke the suction machine. Blast after blast burst from his shuddering cock, while at any moment his balls threatened to tear free. On and on it went, the struggle between man and machine. First one minute, and then two went by, and the doctor couldn’t believe that even this super hero of a young muscle stallion could continue to endure such an onslaught. The machine was beginning to redline, and still the young man’s huge balls held. 

Then the plastic of the suction tube began to crack, splintering lengthwise as it struggled to contain the massive schlong within that still continued to pump out the largest load in the young man’s life. The doctor took several involuntary steps backward, shocked and horrified and powerfully turned on by what she was witnessing. The young man bellowed in agony as the tube shattered completely, releasing his cock from its prison. The huge super cock continued to blast out its never-ending load, painting several long, hot, and very wet stripes across the doctor’s coat and breasts before she was able to dodge out of the line of fire. The cock then continued to spew out its copious load across the room, striking the door to the office over 15 feet away with wet slap after wet slap, quickly coating the door with his male essence. 

And STILL his balls fought against the steel cord that pulled at them with a truly tremendous amount of force. Something in his huge nuts must have then given way, for the mighty gonads began to stretch once again, to 17 inches, then 17.5 inches, then finally 18 inches, a full foot and a half from his crotch! 

Here they stopped once again, refusing to budge another millimeter without tearing free. The moment of truth had come. As the young hunk continued to bellow out his final load, the doctor watched with rapt attention as the final moments ticked by to the young man’s emasculation. 

Then the truly extraordinary happened. At the last possible moment before his nuts would have been torn from his body, the machine’s gears began to grind, and smoke began to issue forth from within. The steel cable began to weaken, small strands of the cable snapping one after the other. The doctor could only watch in a mixture of shocked dismay and utter awe as the steel cord finally snapped altogether, releasing the young man’s nuts, which then rocketed back toward his crotch, freed a moment before their demise. 

The super human sight caused a powerful orgasm to rack the doctor’s body, as the young man’s massively muscled body continued to buck and grunt out his greatest load ever. It took several more minutes for his orgasm to finally ebb and cease, and once it did, the entire room and all its contents, including the doctor herself, were nearly drenched with his sperm. The first part of his orgasm had filled the receptacle to its three-gallon file line and beyond, with the excess flooding out the top and pouring down it side to form a large puddle of hot sperm on the floor. The remainder of the load had shot freely around the room, coating the door, walls, shelves, everything with his hot and sticky spray. The doctor realized with great shock that his final, magnificent load must have jettisoned over a full gallon of sperm! 

Even once the orgasm had finally ended, the young man’s cock refused to go soft, turning only slightly spongy. The more than an hour of continuous arousal and release had made it all puffy and red, but the doctor knew it would soon recover. It was Dave’s balls, however, that most attracted her attention. Though still an angry red and slightly purple from all the beatings and abuse, they had survived and endured intact. The only real sign of their near-miss with destruction was the fact that they now hung a full 8 inches from his crotch, dangling just above his knees. With a calm and disconnected portion of her mind, Dr. Matthews idly wondered if this stretch was permanent, or whether they would retract further as they recovered. One thing was certain, though – they would never hang at a “mere” 4 inches again! 

Dave Johnson, star college football player, gigantic muscle man, and all-around stud,  panted with the exertions of his final load, but was thrilled to still be intact. When he finally caught his breath, he said, “For a while there, Doctor, I truly believed that you intended to cut off my balls. I have to admit that I was really frightened, as I certainly don’t want to lose my big balls. Thank you for helping me today – I’ve never managed to milk myself completely dry before, and I feel I can now control my sexual urges, at least for a little while." 

The doctor regained her composure and said, “I’m so glad that I could help, Mr. Johnson. But I must warn you that your mammoth testicles will no doubt recharge quickly, and you will soon be facing the same embarrassing situations as before. I’d like you to come back and see me this time next week, and I don’t want you ejaculating between now and then." 

“But Doctor, the longest I have ever gone in my life is these three days, and that caused a great deal of painful congestion in my big balls. I’m concerned that if I try to not cum for a full week, my balls might burst!" 

“Nonsense, Mr. Johnson. Your balls might get painfully bloated with spunk like never before, but they’ll be fine. I am going to need to have your balls completely full in order to help relieve you of your control problem." 

The young football star agreed to follow the doctor’s directions and come back in a week. Apologizing for the mess he had made of her and her office, he quickly dressed and left the sperm-soaked room, leaving the doctor alone with her thoughts and a storage tank containing over three gallons of the richest, most powerful spunk in the world. 

As thick slugs of cum continued to drip off of her sperm-drenched body, the doctor knew that she would have to get prepared for Mr. Johnson’s next visit. She would order another suction machine, a stronger ratcheting machine with a thicker cable, and a much larger beaker. 

She vowed that she wouldn’t let this specimen get away from her a second time…

In the meantime, she was going to cryogenically freeze the young football stud's magnificent, colossal sperm sample. There was a black market for stud sperm of particularly high quality, and she was sure that there was no sperm out there that could match that of this young and virile super stud. She would send samples to her contacts across the globe, along with a video of today's milking session, and wait for the orders to pour in. 

Who knows, maybe she would need to allow Mr. Johnson to keep his balls for a little bit longer, at least until she could fulfill all of the orders for his powerful spunk. But eventually, she would make a harvest of another kind, and the handsome young muscle man's spectacular balls will be enshrined in a place of honor in her private collection...


  1. Hey Jayse! I've been reading your stories for a long time, but this is the first time I've commented. I can't tell you how many loads I've blown looking at your drawings and reading your stories. Are you planning to continue this one? I've read the original version on another site, but I'd love to read all of the delicious and horribly painful tortures the doctor dreams up in her continuing quest to drain and cruelly harvest Dave's gargantuan gonads. Also, have you read the "Manx" story on the bdsmlibrary about David and his step-mother's wicked tortures? Orgasmic! Maybe the doctor can use some of those needle and baseball bat tortures on Dave. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi there Jason, and thanks so much for sending me a post! I'm thrilled that my stories (and the drawings on my other blog) have helped you pound out multiple loads! They're done the same for me, too. :)

      I had no plans to continue this particular story -- the way it currently ends lets the reader's imagination run wild regarding what the "good doctor" might next have in store for this handsome, muscular, and bull-hung hunk. That said, if you have any specific ideas on what you'd like to see happen next to our big boy, then definitely let me know! I love fleshing out (pun intended) other guy's fantasies. :)

      And no, I have never visited the bdsmlibrary, so thank you for the heads up! I'll have to spend some quality time visiting that website in the near future... ;)

    2. FANTASTIC,,,, you have a great fantasy, send me more opplease, ohhhhhhhhhh,,im coming

    3. I'm so pleased that you're enjoying my stories, Ray! I always post at least one new story a week, so keep checking back in! :)

    4. ive pumped lots reading your stories,# you sexy lady, please, more for

    5. Thanks so much for the message, AND for bringing my attention back to this particular story. I've pumped out more than a few loads to this story myself! :)

  2. i loved this story and i hope the guy doesnt lose his sack. it would be a shame.all the hot imagery really got me going. is there anymore to this?

    1. Thank you so much for your comments, Buster! Sadly, I don't currently have any sequels to this story in progress, though I'm open to suggestions. Dave's titanic testicles are freakishly strong and tough, so I can imagine them suffering through ever more brutal punishments inflicted by the doctor, and coming (and cumming) through each potentially deadly encounter largely unscathed. Hell, maybe all of the attention and abuse will make those mighty man orbs grow even bigger and stronger, hang even lower, and shoot out even MORE cum with each ferociously mammoth load!

      But are Dave's big bull bollocks truly indestructible? Or will they finally face an unspeakably brutal torture that even THEY cannot endure? I may have to leave the fate of these gigantic, glorious nuts up to you... :)

  3. You're welcome sir. This is a hot story and I would love to continue it with your permission.Those big bloated balls spilling that thick man cream everywhere.If I could draw them would you let me?Thanks for your time.

    1. Oh my gosh, YES, please draw Big Dave and his BIG balls!! That would be AWESOME!

      And also please feel free to continue the story any way you see fit. I'd love to hear what you'd like to see done to Dave's gargantuan gonads next! :D

  4. Hi,
    big fan of your stories, I just love how detailed the stories always are when it comes to pointing out how massive a guys cock and balls are. Especially when the story also features a woman doing some tease and denial action on a pure guy`s horse cock as well.
    I have a story which I think you will like (in many ways it is similar to this one as it also has a medical setting) but it still needs an ending to be finished, is there anyway I can send you what I have written so far?
    Best regards,

    1. Greetings, Linda, and yes, I'd love to read your draft story! I don't post my personal email address here, but if you post your email address in a reply, then (1) I won't publish it here, and (2) I can email you directly from my personal email address. Let me know if that works for you. And THANK YOU for your comments here! I'm so glad that you are enjoying my stories and story rewrites!

    2. Hi, sorry for the late reply
      here is the link to the story
      you should be able to edit it
      also my email is
      crossing my figners that you enjoy what I have written so far

  5. Wow what a remake! Dr. Matthews had that guy in the palm of her hand. Literally!

    1. Well, techinically she had him in the palms of BOTH hands, cuz those insanely huge bollocks are too damn big to rest in just one hand. ;) And yeah, I just couldn't let her sever such a fantastically huge set of stud nuts off of such a strong and handsome young man.

    2. it would be like burning the moana lisa! She made the right choice in my opinion. though she gave him an experience he'll never forget.

    3. And besides, he's going to become even MORE incredible as he gets older -- bigger, handsomer, more muscular, and even more magnificently hung. If she is going to "harvest" those mighty bull nuts, then she might as well wait until they're at the peak of ripeness... ;)