Friday, January 30, 2015

Ruining a Muscled Porn Star - Jayse Version

It's actually early December as I write this message -- I'm about to go on a 3-week break from my accelerated college program, so I now finally have some time to schedule some more posts for my blog! I don't graduate until November of 2015, so I'm going to try to get as many stories scheduled to post as possible.

The following story is an extensive expansion of another author's story by the same name. I changed the ending in a big way, but if you prefer less happy endings, then don't despair -- I'll be posting the original version of this story next week! :)


Ruining a Muscled Porn Star
Based on an original story by Hotyoungthing

A dumb muscled porn star gets trashed and lets a client mangle his huge and perfect package. He's so wasted that he actually enjoys it, though god only knows how he'll feel tomorrow when the drugs wear off... 


Well I’m pretty fucked now. My massive cock and balls, my pride and joy, have got to be totally ruined by now. There is no chance in hell they will ever be used for much again. I doubt they are even worth the meat they’re made of. And right at this moment, I don’t really care. Although god knows how I’ll feel tomorrow when the drugs wear off. 

So how did I come to be in this situation? I’ll explain. 


Discovery and Fashion Modeling

I started male modeling at a very early age. I was always big for my age, and at 14 I already looked like I was over 18. I was already 6 feet tall and weighed 215 pounds of lean and rock solid muscle. My body was exquisitely and perfectly proportioned and defined, a true work of art, and I had the gorgeous good looks to go right along with it. 

I was discovered by a talent agent who's car happened to break down in my tiny flyspeck of a hometown, smack dab in the middle of the Midwest (yes indeed, I truly am one of those gorgeous, hunky, corn-fed boys that everyone is always fantasizing about). The talent scout saw me working at my uncle's auto shop, stripped to the waist under the hot summer sun with my tanned and muscular body glistening with sweat and grease, and he instantly knew I would be a huge sensation in the fashion and modeling world. He approached me and asked me my age, and I lied and told him I was 18. He then offered me a modeling contract right there on the spot. He spoke to my parents, and with their permission, I left town the next day on my way to California...and I never looked back. 

I started doing fashion photo shoots, and I was a huge hit right from the start. Apparently, on top of being an incredibly handsome and well built stud, I also had that "it" factor, and knew how to work a camera or a runway with expert ease. In no time, I was skyrocketing toward super model stardom, and was whisked to a different major city almost every week. New York, Paris, Milan, Hong Kong, Tokyo – it was all a whirlwind. 

I was just a kid, of course, so all the attention and fame and money quickly went to my head, and I was a cocky little shit almost from the very start. My confidence and arrogance, however, only added to my commercial appeal, and soon every major magazine and designer wanted me to represent their line or their product or their rag. 

But it was my first swimsuit photo shoot that really catapulted me to the big time. Even at the age of 14 I was hung huge, and I mean HUGE. When I first posed in front of the camera in a skimpy speedo, the photographer began yelling at me and his staff for playing a ridiculous joke on him. But then I smirked at him, tugged down the waistband on the swimsuit, and hauled out my massive junk, and he almost fainted. We completed that photo shoot -- followed by a private one-on-one “photo session” between just the photographer and myself -- and the swimsuit photos were published in a magazine about two weeks later. That ended up being one of the most-sold issues in that magazine's history, and my name became a household word overnight. There was speculation everywhere regarding whether the photos were real or artfully – if obscenely – photoshopped. The thin fabric of the various swimsuits left little to the imagination, however, and so the majority tended to believe the truth, that everything you saw was all me, and all man. 

Shit, I was having a fan-fucking-tastic time! I can’t begin to tell you how much sex you can have when you are a gorgeous and magnificently hung young muscle stud, particularly one who was rapidly becoming world famous, and I took full advantage of my youth and beauty and slept my way through more than half of the fashion and celebrity world. Designers, photographers, fellow models, fashion elite, movie stars, heads of corporations, politicians -- men and women, young and old, I banged 'em by the truckload. 

It was also during these early, impressionable years that I was introduced to various party drugs. I’ve always been something of a dumb jock, and what started innocently enough as an occasional line of coke grew over the next few years into a full-blown habit. But it took a while before my drug habit got out of control, and I was good at masking it for years. 

Fitness Modeling

By the time I was 16, my body had packed on another 30 pounds of pure muscle, and I was becoming too big and muscular to do the fashion circuit anymore. But with my beauty and talent, not to mention my already widespread fame, I easily made the transition to becoming a fitness and physique model, where I once again soared to great popularity. And as I got older, I continued to build quality muscle, and my already mighty physique continued to grow, and with it my already immense popularity. 

I was soon featured in all of the fitness and bodybuilding magazines, and at the rate I was growing, there was speculation that I might soon enter the big leagues of professional bodybuilding. All of the mags were remarking at how massive and refined my body was for one of such a young age (of course, they all THOUGHT I was 20!), and the bodybuilding big wigs were excitedly anticipating how my body would continue to grow and mature in the years to come. 

How much more stunned would they have been had they known my true age! 

All this time, my agent and handlers had known my true age, but they kept it a secret because lots of modeling jobs would have been closed to me had prospective employers known I was under aged. Heck, the public at large might have gotten their panties in a bunch at the thought of marketing a 14-year-old or even a 16-year-old boy in an overtly sexual way. I went along with the deception, mostly because I didn't want anyone treating me like a kid, but also because I loved the work and the money and the opportunities. Not to mention the drugs and the sex and the parties! 

But as my 18th birthday neared, I decided that I wanted to ring in the birthday with a bang. So on my actual birth day, I issued a press release revealing my true age, and I gave a long interview for the Rolling Stone that revealed how I had fooled and seduced dozens of employers and hundreds and hundreds of people. And oh yes, I named names and held nothing back! I behaved like the arrogant, spoiled brat that I was, and damn the consequences! 

I started a media firestorm that sure as shit got my name in all the media...and burned just about every bridge I had built in my four-year fashion and fitness career. My little publicity stunt cost many people their jobs, resulted in several dozen divorces, instigated a nearly successful military coup in a small Middle Eastern nation, and was linked to no less than 4 suicides. 

But I didn't fuckin' care -- as long as I had drugs and sex and cash to spend, I didn't care how many lives I ruined. 

My little publicity stunt almost instantly transformed my image from that of a media darling, sex symbol, and respected athlete to that of a deceitful and untrustworthy whore. My work dried up overnight, my agent fired me, and I was forced to change gears once again. 

The Porn Industry and My Downward Spiral

I had begun receiving offers for jobs in the porn industry since almost the very beginning, and especially once my first swimsuit photos were released. The offers ranged from everything from tasteful and artful nudes to XXX explicit films, but my agent had always forced me to turn these offers down, explaining that such work could easily ruin one's career. I had always been drawn to porn, though, and knew I would be great at it. I always felt stymied by the wall that my agent had put in place. 

Now that I had torpedoed my legitimate career and had nothing left to lose, I was finally able to pursue a career in porn. 

And believe me, I dove in head first! Or maybe dick first would be more accurate...

At the age of 18, I was one beefy bull of a muscle stud. I had reached my full height of 6'3", and I had packed even more awesome muscle onto my huge frame, tipping the scales at that point at a hefty 265 pounds of cut and chiseled muscle. I was well on my way to the size of the big super heavyweight bodybuilders, and I had a symmetry and perfection of form that most of them lacked. I was 100% all man, and even without my gargantuan basket, I was the kind of man who was destined to be a super star in the porn industry. 

But to have my awesome good looks, phenomenal body, AND what quickly became known as the biggest set of cock and balls in the history of porn -- well, let's just say that videos and magazines featuring me were guaranteed to fly off the shelves. 

Now I don’t think of myself as gay per se, as I'm always fucking horny and pretty much love sticking my huge, thick cock into anything warm, so I was equally happy doing both gay and straight porn. In fact, I tended to prefer gay porn because the pay was usually much better. I would only ever top at first, though, never bottom; I was just too much of a ‘man’ for that. But I was equally happy being worshipped by men as by women, showing off my huge muscled body and enormous package. 

It was little wonder that I was known as an arrogant, dumb prick with a bad attitude. But the fans loved me and couldn't get enough of me, so the various porn studios put up with my attitude and behavior, showing up late for photo shoots or high to filming a porn scene, because they knew I was making them all butt loads of money. 

On a lot of the porn sets, I’d request mirrors be placed all around. Nothing got me harder then seeing my own hot body fucking like some big muscled animal, pistoning in and out of some hole while I flexed and fucked for the camera. High on drugs, I became a sex god -- gorgeous, muscular, chiseled, dumb, and arrogant. Everything else would float away until it was just my cock and my muscles grinding away in an orgy of pleasure. 

Hell, truth be told, I enjoyed the porn more than I had the modeling. 

I made more than two dozen porn films a year for the next three years, not to mention countless photo shoots, online blog appearances, and meet-and-greets at various functions and street faires. I was working with all of the big names in the industry, I won the title of Porn Star of the Year for three years in a row, and every film I was in sold enough in pre-orders alone to make a huge profit even before the movie's release. 

Oh yeah, I was riding high on yet another wave of success, and there seemed to end to my rise and marketability. 

But then my drug habit started getting the better of me. At first, it revealed itself in my choice of film roles. I started doing progressively edgier and nastier films, a lot of fetish stuff, and some pretty fucking hard core shit. After almost two years of making my rabid fans beg for it, I did my first bottom role, and it was wildly popular. I followed it up with a bunch more films featuring me as a bottom, and even did a few very successful fisting films, getting my huge muscle ass plowed by men with big, corded forearms. Yeah, I could fucking take whatever they wanted to dish out, and kept begging for more. 

My work became less and less mainstream, particularly when I started venturing into bondage porn and S&M, though I proved time and time again that I'm one hell of a tough son-of-a-bitch. Heh, not just a pretty face after all, as it turns out! I did a series of films where I was tied and bound with thick leather cuffs and heavy chains, while dark men with wicked implements of torture went at every inch of my powerful and fantastically muscular body. At this point, I was a truly huge muscle stud, tipping the scales at well over 300 pounds of prime grade meat, and I got off on showing these cruel men that they could not break me. 

There was one film in particular that pushed the bondage boundaries farther than ever before. I was securely tied to a big St. Andrew's cross and my huge stud balls were viciously and continuously beaten and tortured for over two hours of non-stop footage. Not just whips and paddles, but fists, mallets, and boot stomps as well. Some really heavy, crazy shit. I took it all, high as a kite and begging for more, and came a total of six times in that video, each one without anyone touching my huge, throbbing horse cock, and each load more massive than the loads of any other 10 porn stars combined. 

Yeah, I was a fucking STUD, that’s for sure. 

By the time I turned 21, though, the roles started drying up and getting harder and harder to come by. I was every bit as handsome and massive and hung as ever – if anything, in fact, I was even bigger, weighing a whopping 335 pounds of pure muscle and bigger than the biggest professional bodybuilders – but my venture into darker and darker porn had started turning off the bulk of my fan base, and I wasn’t raking in as much money for the industry as I had before. Studios were less and less willing to put up with my bad attitude and bullshit, and I even got fired from a few jobs in mid production. 

I have never had a head for money – or much of anything else that smacked of responsibility – so while any reasonably intelligent adult would have socked away thousands if not several millions of dollars after a hugely successful 7-year career run like mine, I had next to nothing and was quickly snorting what little of my financial success remained. 

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

It soon got to the point where almost no studio or agent would touch me. I was high all the time, a huge hulking beast of muscle and sex willing to do whatever – or whoever – it took to get his next high. I turned to escorting to make ends meet, but didn’t have much of a head for business, and so even that wasn’t turning out well. I had more than one ‘john’ refuse to pay me and walk out while I was on some high, and a couple of times a guy used and abused me so hard that even I was sore for a couple of days, nursing a bruised hole or a battered set of cock and balls. 

I was feeling pissed off and tired as hell, horny and high with nothing to do and no idea where I was going to get my next fix. That’s when one of the studio security guys, a big bald-headed bloke named Bubba, came to my ‘rescue’. 

Bubba had always been a good mate of mine. He was a huge muscle bull himself, so he and I frequently talked about weight lifting and supplements and shit like that. If I was late to a shoot or too high to perform for the camera, he would usually give me a wink and tell me where the director was so I could stay out of his way. Bubba knew I had hit rock bottom, so to speak, and that my hot arse was a little short of cash, so he made me an offer and became my new agent/pimp. 

Bubba had been involved in the gay porn industry for years and he knew a lot of the wealthy guys around this town. I’d been doing some escorting for a while now, a lot of muscle worship fantasies and shit like that, but the money wasn’t great and the work wasn’t steady. But what Bubba had in mind was something different. He explained that there are some really kinky, freaky men out there with a lot of money. Guys who have a thing for tying hot guys up and causing a bit of pain. He said that a big stud porn star like me had a lot of fans, particularly after I made those hardcore S&M films, and that men like this would pay top dollar to be able to use and abuse a hugely hung muscle stud like me. 

I agreed to Bubba’s terms, and here’s how we worked things out – Bubba would find the clients and arrange the particulars, and I would take the job while Bubba would hang around to make sure I was safe. He was my own personal pimp and bodyguard, all rolled into one. 

That’s how our little business started. My bad attitude and drug habits might have made me unpopular and unmarketable as a model or a porn star, but for these private jobs it didn’t matter. The more drugs I’m on, the more pain I can take, and the more my clients can do to me. 

Most of my jobs involved me getting strapped down somewhere dark and private, like an underground dungeon or padded, windowless room. Sometimes upright to a wooden cross, sometimes stretched tight over a medical examination table. Whatever the client wanted. From there the client pretty much did whatever they liked to my big, muscled, enormously beefy body and my huge fucking cock and monster balls. Bubba always hung nearby and watched. He took care of me. 

I had a safety signal for Bubba. A signal I did with my hands to ask him to step in. If the pain got too much or they started doing something that might damage my massive meat a little too permanently. But mostly I found I didn’t need it. I didn’t need it because I was so fucking out of it I couldn’t feel anything anyway. 

Bubba watched and if the client started to get a bit too rough he’d step in. Usually before I’d even noticed. Like the time a client was smoking and he started to move the cigar towards my fat mushroom of a cock head. The arsehole was going to stab that big cigar right out into my huge meat! Before I even felt the heat of the glowing cigar, Bubba was there holding the arsehole by the wrist. He just shook his head and took the cigar away, then let the client continue with his play. 

I didn’t mind giving Bubba the 65% split of the earnings. Without him, I’d have no work at all, and the money was enough to keep me in muscle-building supplements and drugs, so I was happy. 

A Fateful Encounter

So this particular day, I’m naked and on my knees with my massively muscular arms tied tight behind my back. So tight that my tanned and monumentally-muscled chest is stretched taut and my huge pecs are really sticking out. My hips likewise jut out of their own accord, an entirely natural posture for my sex-crazed body, and my humongous fat cock is bobbing around in front of me like an obscene third arm. Rock hard, veiny, and proud. Just daring my client to ruin it. 

He has a cable tie securely tightly around my entire package. One of those plastic straps that pull tight but have to be cut off. We allow the clients to use them so long as they don’t pull them too tight to be difficult to cut off later. This one is pulled pretty damn tight, making the huge veins all along my mammoth cock shaft bulge even larger, and turning my huge meat a few shades darker with trapped blood. A second cable tie has been secured around the base of my mango-sized bull balls, choking those cum-bloated balls down to the bottom of their huge sac and making them bulge and swell to even greater dimensions. My huge bull testicles were getting less of a blood supply than they were accustomed to, and so they had turned an angry shade of dark red verging on purple. I had endured worse before, and as long as the tie wasn’t left for too long, I knew I would be just fine. 

I’m pretty damn fucking high. My handsome face is rolling around and my beautiful eyes are half closed in pure bliss. Man, I feel good. I’m on cloud nine. I have no idea what this client has planned for me, but I don’t much care; Bubba is here to take care of me, and that’s all that mattered. 

I hear an argument taking place, but I can’t focus on the words. Suddenly, through the fog and haze of my drug-induced state, I hear a loud bang. It seems to echo around my head. It confuses me. 

I half open my eyes and try to look around. Something is different. Something is wrong. Bubba is lying on his back, and a pool of blood is spreading around his huge, muscular form. The client, a handsome older gentleman wearing a dark apron and shoulder length black rubber gloves, is standing near Bubba. He is holding a gun, and a thin wisp of smoke is curling out of the gun’s barrel. 

In my head somewhere I know that the gun and Bubba lying on the floor are somehow related. I can sense that there is a connection between the two. But I don’t know what it is. And I don’t really care. I just feel safe to see Bubba still there. Good old Bubba will take care of me. I smile at Bubba and then at the handsome client in the apron. I smile and let my eyes close. Man I feel great. 

The client notices my smile and is relieved. He was concerned I hadn’t had enough drugs and might freak at the sight of my murdered friend. Just to be certain, he grabs a bag of powder and brings it over to my face. I slowly shake my head. Even this high, I know I’ve had enough. My heart is already thundering madly in my chest, like I’ve just been sprinting for three miles, and my breathing is heavy and fast. 

Fuck these drugs are strong. God only knows what they are. 

The client takes a leather ball gag out and straps it firmly around my head. My handsome jaw is forced open to fit the large gag, and he shoves the big black ball between my perfect white teeth. He then tightens the straps behind my head. I’m forced to breathe heavily through my nose. He then takes the bag of powder and jams it under my nose. I try weakly to turn my head away, but he holds me steady and I breathe the powder in deeply into my nasal cavity. Once I start, I want more, and I press my nose into the bag, greedily snorting as much as I can. He must have mixed some great stuff into that bag, including fuck loads of crushed Viagra, because soon I am reeling with lusty pleasure. 

My entire body tingles like never before. My muscles were getting stiff and sore from having my hands roughly tied behind my back for so long, but now it feels like heaven to me. Every ache feels like tingles of pleasure dancing across my skin. I am reveling in a world of pure sensation and pleasure. 

The client finally removes the bag of powder from beneath my nose. He gets up and quickly moves about the room, turning on at least a half dozen expensive looking video cameras on tripods, spending a moment to adjust each camera before moving on to the next one. In my drug-induced state of euphoria, I think that I’m filming a porn scene, so I start flexing my trapped muscles, making my enormous horse cock throb and bounce up and down and smacking it against my corrugated abs, really working it for the cameras. 

The man returns to my side and picks up a screwdriver. One of those big Phillips head screwdrivers that’s well over a foot long, the kind they use for really big screws. This one is thick and rusty, with a plastic handle that is cracked with age. The handsome older man rubs it with oil, lubing it up really good. 

Then he grabs my big cock with his other rubber-gloved hand, wrapping his fingers around as much of my cock shaft as he can. The man has long fingers, but my cock really is thicker than a beer can, so his fingers stop several inches shy of capturing the full circumference of my monster dong. 

My skin is so sensitive I almost gasp when he grabs my cock. His grip is firm and feels fantastic. Instinctively I start to rock my hips, grinding my huge meat into his fist. It feels awesome. 

He takes the screwdriver and places the tip of it into gaping eye of my cock. I stop grinding my hips and watch in fascination. Big as my piss slit is, the screwdriver is bigger, and I wonder how he is going to force the big metal implement inside. 

The man presses the head of the screwdriver against the head of my cock, and the piss slit gapes larger still, expanding to accommodate the huge intruder. With the tip inserted, the rusty metal pointing into the depths of my cock, it is a simple matter to push the screwdriver farther in. Firmly and slowly, he drives the screwdriver into my huge meat. I feel every inch of it -- thousands of sensitive nerves feel the cold metal stretching into my hot meat. The feeling is exquisite! Inch after inch, the thick metal rod disappears into my mighty cock, and the thick cum tube running along the underside of my huge prick visibly distends as it stretches to accommodate the big invader. 

Soon, the long screwdriver is in right up to the plastic handle. The handle of the screwdriver is pressed against the end of my purple, silky, swollen mushroom head! The sight is unbelievable, and I am turned on beyond belief. I can feel the metal rod all the way down to the deepest depths of my plumbing, extending all the way down the colossal length of my cock to the very base and beyond, digging into my groin. 

The client looks coldly into my beautiful blue eyes, and I try to smile around my gag. Try to show him that I’m turned on and ready for more. Slowly, I start to buck my hips and fuck again. The handsome man keeps a firm grip on the handle of the screwdriver, so in actuality, I’m fucking the inside of my cock as I buck my hips forward and back. The rusty, well-oiled metal feels great sliding around inside my meat. I fuck faster and faster. The rough and rusty metal is probably tearing the insides of my cock apart, but I can’t feel a thing. I love it! 

The client lets go of my cock, and frustrated, I stop my humping motion. The big screwdriver’s handle bobs rudely from the end of my fat, throbbing cock. We both stare at the sight for several long moments, watching the cock and trapped screwdriver quiver and bob with every thundering beat of my powerful young heart. 

The client grips the handle again and slowly removes the screwdriver. It slides smoothly out, bringing with it a sticky trail of clear precum that dangles from the tip, the sweet honey that I always produce in bucket loads whenever I’m aroused. I also see that there are fine streaks of blood along the long screwdriver shaft, evidence that the huge and rough intruder was indeed damaging the delicate inner linings of my huge cock. Yeah, it looks like it was really tearing me up inside. 

The client discards the precum-dripping screwdriver, and then reaches down and tightens the cable ties. He pulls them so fucking tight that they completely strangle my package. This is far tighter than my clients are usually allowed to choke my cock and balls, but I don’t worry about it, as I know Bubba will come in and rescue me if the client tries to take things too far. My cock and balls are turning even darker now, definitely verging on purple, and seem to swell to even greater dimensions. 

I’m so fucking horny that it’s hard to describe. I am aching to be touched now. The client sees the aching need etched across my handsome features, and pours some oil on the floor and says, “You wanna fuck something? You big dumb fucking horny shit! You can fuck the damn floor!” 

Grabbing me by my tied arms, he swings me face down on the floor. My arms are still tied behind my back, so I have no way of stopping my great muscular bulk as I tip forward onto the floor. I instinctively turn one of my massive shoulders forward to absorb the blow of impact, sparing my legendary face from an unfortunate encounter with the glazed cement floor. 

My huge cock is trapped between the muscular cobblestone wall of my stomach and the cold, oil-slick cement floor. WOW! The sensation of the cold floor and my weight bearing down on my trapped cock is absolutely amazing! Slowly I slide my cock back and forth against the smooth and oily concrete. Really grinding my hips into the floor. I could do this for hours. In my ecstasy, I don’t pay attention to the client, who moves behind me. 

My huge, massively muscular thighs are splayed wide apart as I fuck the floor, and my massive, low hanging man fruits rest heavily on the cold cement, stretching a good three or four inches behind my grinding crotch due to the tremendous natural length of my dangle. I suddenly feel something hard and rough press against the top of my left ball, something big and ridged. I feel a similar sensation on top of my right ball, and look back just in time to see the client raise himself up, balancing himself on a nearby countertop as he places all of his weight on his booted feet…and onto my trapped balls. 

An electric surge of pure ecstasy plows through my body as my huge bull balls are forced to take every ounce of the handsome client’s weight. I moan in deep throated pleasure as my mighty bollocks flatten between my thighs, their massive thickness squishing almost flat beneath the client’s boots. The client has a good build for a guy his age, and is heavier than he looks, and now every ounce of his weight is bearing down on my huge trapped balls. 

I continue humping the ground, even faster this time, reveling in the lightning bolts of pleasure shooting from my trapped plums, even as they fight valiantly to not rupture against the unrelenting pressure. 

As I grind and pump my hips, the motion has the added bonus of stretching my trapped and crushed nuts even farther, increasing my bliss. I begin thrusting harder than ever, really tearing at my balls, at least doubling their already extraordinary dangle. I might be doing irreparable harm to the delicate cords and tubes connecting my gargantuan balls to my body, but I just don’t care, the feeling is overpoweringly intense and erotic. 

The client repositions his feet so that his boot heels are bearing down into the meat of my huge balls, and then he begins to bounce up and down, really tearing into my balls now. I cry out in ecstasy, and with my grinding body language I beg for more. My balls have been subjected to some fucking rough play before, but this is extreme even for me. My vulnerable and completely helpless balls are forced to take the full assault of the client’s bouncing weight, and I know somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind that no man’s balls can take this sort of abuse for long. In fact, most man’s balls would surely have burst already, but even my beefy, powerhouse nuts can’t endure this sort of brutal crushing forever. 

I keep thinking what a fucking stud bull I am, supporting a man’s entire weight on my huge, powerful balls, and I’m fucking getting off on the mangling of my own nuts. Precum is literally pumping out of my cock in a steady sticky river onto the cement floor, mixing with the oil to make the cold stone surface even more slippery. If I didn’t have the ball gag in my mouth, I know I would be begging for more. 

When the client begins grinding his heels into my balls like he’s putting out a cigarette, I really go wild. I can feel every nerve ending in my huge balls firing off as my beefy nuts are flattened and squashed to a fraction of their normal thickness, the thick meat of those mighty twin orbs deforming grotesquely around the invading boot heels. I’m loving every moment of it, and I’m heedless of the fact that my mammoth bull balls might give way and rupture at any moment, ending my sex life forever. I just know that I want more. 

I’m actually disappointed when the client finally steps off my balls, taking his weight off of my most vulnerable organs and letting them rebound to their normal healthy egg-like shapes. They have survived a brutal crushing that would have destroyed most men’s balls, but who knows what permanent damage he may have caused in the meantime. 

All I know is that I don’t care. 

The client gives one last parting shot, kicking his booted heel into my nearly crushed nuts and smashing them up against my groin. I swear it feels like he’s trying to kick those huge orbs back up inside my body! The explosion of sensation is so intense that, for a moment, my whole vision turns white and sparkly, but then the blindness fades and I am left with a deep, burning, throbbing ache of monumental proportions in my screaming nuts. 

The handsome older man moves next to me and is doing something to the floor. But again, I don’t care, as I am making love to the precum- and oil-slicked concrete. 

When he steps away, I see that the client has emptied a big jar of thumbtacks onto the floor, the big gold ones with little spikes that are over a quarter of an inch long. He has arranged the tacks in a roughly circular pattern and is making sure that they are all needle side up. Next he takes some more oil and pours it liberally all over the pool of shiny new thumbtacks. 

He then grabs me by my bound arms and lifts me off the floor back onto my knees. Damn, this guy is even stronger than he looks, cuz I weigh a fucking ton! I moan in disappointment and hump the empty air with my big, angry cock. Cock snot dribbles from the end of my meat in a thick rope as yet more precum pumps out of my huge log, running down in thick sticky rivers over my huge, aching balls, which are now an even darker red from the recent brutal abuse and continuing strangulation of the cable tie. I’m so fucking horny and I long to shoot my load. 

He turns me slightly so I’m facing the area of thumbtacks. “You wanna fuck that huh?” he says. “You wanna grind your disgustingly oversized meat into something?” 

I nod my dumb head and mumble an affirmative. I don’t care. I just wanna cum. My balls feel so bloated with spunk that they might explode. I start humping the air again. My whole body was built to fuck and it’s all I want to do right now. 

He unties my hands then and lets me go. I move fluidly into the push-up position, the massive muscles on my gigantic arms immediately flexing to even greater proportions. 

Push-ups - I’ve fucked so many hunks and babes in this position. It’s in my very nature. 

My spectacular body straddles the circle of thumbtacks, my huge rampant cock dribbling thick ropes of pecker snot onto the shiny tacks, and I slowly lower myself down. 

The majority of the tacks are beneath my huge cock and balls, but there are some scattered as low as my big muscled thighs and as high as my huge, bulging, tanned pecs, with a clustering of tacks around the wall of my chiseled eight-pack stomach. As I lower my body down and press my heavy, beefy flesh into the cold stone floor, hundreds of thumbtacks simultaneously pierce my perfect skin. 

The exquisite feeling as the thumbtacks slide into my body is literally indescribable. Every nerve ending is on fire, especially on the underside of my huge cock and gargantuan balls, as dozens and dozens of tacks stab straight into my swollen meat. 

I’m now lying flat on my stomach, my body pressed firmly into the floor, forcing as much skin contact with the concrete floor as I can. Tacks are stuck deep into my meat and my muscles. It’s not enough. I grind my cock into the oily concrete floor, driving those tacks as deep into me as possible. I lift back up and aim my cock and balls at any tacks that have not yet found a home, and I press down again, plunging yet more tacks into my tingling flesh. Again and again and again, until every tack has pierced my body. My nerves in my cock and balls are screaming, but my drug fucked brain feels nothing but pleasure. I fuck the floor and the tacks. I grind and fuck. It’s fantastic. 

But all too soon, the client is holding me by the leather gag at the back of my handsome head. He pulls me roughly off the floor and back onto my knees. I look down and see my shiny wet muscled body. The oil glimmers on my massive and spectacular muscles, and the shiny golden tack heads all but cover my muscular abdomen, the underside of my huge heavy cock, and the bottoms of my behemoth bull balls. The top and most of the sides of my cock have no tacks in it, and while I can’t see the many tacks stuck to the underside of the huge shaft, I can see enough poking out on the sides to know that virtually every bit of exposed cock flesh has been covered in tacks. 

The lower half of my perfect abs are also nearly covered with tacks, so many of the golden tacks heads shimmering in the light that, in my drug haze, I think it looks like scales. Hey look, I’m turning into a fish! A scattering of tacks are also pressed into the meat of my massive thighs and into the incredibly thick mounds of my spectacular chest. One tack is stuck clear into my left nipple, buried to the hilt in the big meaty nub of my tit. 

I move my big hand and wrap it around my huge, swollen meat. The scalloped surface of the dozens and dozens of tacks feels strange against my hand, but erotic at the same time. I start jerking off my huge fuck club, but my client knocks my hand away, saying, “No. Not yet, my stupid muscle jock. I have a surprise for you first.” 

He takes out a pair of big and rough leather gloves and forces them onto my huge, meaty hands. My hands are so big that I normally need my gloves specially made, but this guy has clearly done his research, for these gloves are a perfect fit. Next, he grabs a large and clear glass jar. I can see that the jar is filled with something nearly clear and very sparkly, and I’m proud of myself when my drug-fucked mind deduces that the jar is filled with broken glass, crushed almost as fine as powder. 

I didn’t know this at the time, but to make glass shards this fine, my handsome client filled a blender with water and chunks of broken glass and blended the mixture for more than 10 minutes. Then he strained the water away, allowed the residue to dry, and was left with a jar full of fine splinters of glass. Most of the pieces are smaller than grains of sand, and the largest are the size of fingernail clippings. All are razor sharp and sparkling in the bright light. 

The glass is dry now, but my cock and body are glistening with oil and precum. 

He starts to sprinkle the glass all over my package. He also sprinkles it over my chest and over my big thighs. He is very generous with his broken glass, and my crotch and body are soon sparkling in the light almost like I’m covered in glitter. 

Once the jar is empty he says, “Go on you dumb jock. You’re so fucking horny? Jerk that meat.” 

I take my gloved right hand and wrap it around the base of my fat purple hard cock. My hand rubs against the smooth tack heads and the broken glass. I tighten my grip, and I feel the tiny glass shards stab into my cock meat, a thousand tiny puncture wounds that provide the most erotic tingling sensation I’ve ever felt. 

My huge horse cock is so big that more than half of the huge organ is sticking out the top of my big fist, glistening and sparkling with oil and tiny splinters of glass. I take my left hand and grip the top half, my firm grip mashing the tacks and glass into my perfect hard cock head. The slippery oil feels particularly sensual and erotic. 

I start to jerk off, hard and slow. I tighten my grip. The thick gloves protect my hands from being cut, but my unprotected cock meat is being wickedly lacerated. There’s a surprisingly small amount of blood, probably because the majority of the glass shards and splinters are so small. Still, I can feel every single piece of glass as they cut into my huge dick, pressed harder and harder into my skin with each powerful and energetic stroke of my twin fists. 

I jerk off for what feels like ages. It’s so good. I want to cum and relieve the monstrous churning in my choking and overburdened nuts, but in some part of my mind I’m holding back. I think I’m in a porno and I’m wanting for the director to tell me it’s time for the big money shot. I have no doubt that this will be one of my best cum shots ever, as I can’t remember ever being this turned on before in my life. 

The client is apparently satisfied that I have adequately mauled my monster cock. He grabs my hands roughly off of my cock, yanks off the gloves, and binds my wrists once again behind my muscular back. My huge cock continues to throb and drool thick ropes of precum, and is now covered in scratches and angry welts along with the golden tacks. The tie around the base of my cock is really choking the life out of my huge prick, and it is now turning an ugly shade of reddish purple. I’m too drugged to worry about what sort of damage this prolonged starvation of fresh blood is having on my huge root, and am instead enthralled by how much my cock is now sparkling in the light, almost as it if is coated in tiny diamonds. 

Now the client brings out a big BBQ, the expensive kind shaped like a big ceramic egg. It’s all fired up and the hot plate on top is visibly steaming with heat. He pours yet more oil all over the plate, and the oil immediately starts sizzling and popping. 

He then hauls me to my feet and leads me over to the BBQ, my bloated cock proudly pointing the way. 

“Fuck that, you big stupid bull! Fuck it!!” He hisses in my ear in a tone full of both lust and disgust. I swagger the final steps over to the BBQ, flexing my massive leg and chest muscles in a way that I now will look great on camera. The oily surface looks hot and inviting, and my rampant cock is eager to make contact. My mind is blank, and my only thought is “Fuck it!!” An order I’ve heard so many times before that I don’t even question it. 

I plant my feet wide, spreading open my massive muscular thighs and leaving my huge cock and balls to dangle freely in front of me. I’m tall enough that the BBQ is at a perfect level for my crotch, and all I have to do is lean forward to plant my huge package on the griddle. 

I thrust my muscular hips forward, and suddenly I’m fucking the BBQ. The metal tacks coating the underside of my cock and balls stop my meat from sticking to the hot oily surface, but the intense heat is still readily transferred into my hefty, beefy junk. I can hear hissing as my meat begins to sizzle and cook, and I keep fucking and rocking my hips into the BBQ. The aroma of cooking meat is delicious, and I wonder what my client must be cooking, for it doesn’t register that it’s my own massive meat that’s now on the menu. 

Well I’m pretty fucked now. My cock and balls are really ruined, studded with shards of broken glass and metal tacks and roasting on the BBQ. There is no chance in hell they will ever be used for much again. I doubt they are worth the meat they’re made of. I fuck the BBQ and fuck it hard, all while the client is filming me. He is filming my firm muscled arse flexing and straining with each erotic thrust. He is filming my muscled back covered in manly sweat. He is filming my handsome and ecstasy-filled face with the ball gag lodged in my perfect teeth and the drugged out expression. He films my mighty cock and massive bull balls slowly cooking on the BBQ. I feel like the most powerful porn star in the world. 

I don’t realize it, of course, but this will be my final porn video, which is being streamed live to the net. Hundreds of guys all over the world are actively watching me as, drug fucked out of my mind, I slowly ruin my own huge meat. 

I can finally hold back no longer, and I shoot my last load of cum all over the BBQ. It’s a truly awesome cum load, even for me, and I love it. My entire powerful body shudders with pleasure and glorious release. Despite the cable ties bound around my swollen package – one around the top of my monstrous bull nuts, and the other around the base of my cock and scrotum – the power of my orgasm is so intense that my load somehow forces its way past both barriers. Huge, thick ropes of creamy cum burst out of my cock with great force and intensity, most of my astonishingly thick baby batter shooting nearly all the way across the room, but a good portion also spilling onto the hot plate itself, where it immediately sizzles and congeals almost like egg whites. Blast after blast after blast, a monstrous cum load that has even me impressed, proving that my mighty bull balls are no mere show pieces, but the most powerful, virile stud nuts in the entire porn industry. I’m immensely proud of my bull nuts, even as I am cooking the huge beefy orbs on the BBQ. 

After a good 15 or 16 mighty blasts, my orgasm begins to diminish, a few steadily weaker shots barely clearing the sizzling griddle before the final dregs of my super human load belch out of my throbbing bull cock. Even the quantity of cum oozing from my still-pulsing cock is tremendous, more than a normal man can cum in an entire load, and these are just my sloppy leftovers. Damn, but I am one hell of a stud! 

My huge, sizzling cock gives one final lurch, and then I slump back, temporarily spent. I fall heavily to my knees in front of the BBQ, breathing heavily from my erotic exertions, my big, heavily muscled body glistening with sweat. Steam is rising from my roasted loins, and my huge cock and massive balls are a dark lobster red and look more than half cooked. My cock is still rock hard and obscenely bloated, both because of the cable tie still strangling the root of my cock and because I am still, incredibly, intensely, impossibly aroused and ready for more. 

The handsome, older client places a hand against one of my massive, meaty, sweat- and oil-slick pecs and pushes me backward, forcing me onto my back. I instinctively thrust my hips into the air, shoving my huge, smoking meat and blistering balls forward, proudly offering up my entire package to my handsome client. 

The client kneels in front of my smoldering meat and uses a big BBQ fork to start removing the tacks, starting from the base of my cock and working up to the huge, swollen tip before moving on to my balls, abs, chest, and thighs. He expresses a desire to eat my bloated and half-cooked meat. It looks like a big, fat steaming sausage, but he sadly notes that he can’t eat it because it’s filled with shards of broken glass. He remarks that it’s a waste of a tremendous set of genitals, and his praise makes me swell with pride, puffing up my already massive chest and thrusting my meat even more prominently into his face. 

I watch in a drugged daze as the client readies a big, fluid-filled jar, the size of one of those big pickle jars you see at a deli, and then grabs an oversized carving knife. He explains that he’s going to cut off my entire package and put it in the jar, and that my preserved meat will forevermore be on proud display in his trophy room. His words make me proud, and I’m excited by the idea of my huge meat fucking a jar for all eternity. He brings the knife forward, placing it against the bottom of my package where the cable tie still has a choking death grip on my huge meat and scrotum, and prepares to make the upward slice that will separate my perfect young man meat from my massively muscular body forever. I’ll never again know the joy of fucking, and I’ll be left as something less than a man. 

And right at that moment, I don’t care less. 

Timely Rescue

Suddenly, I hear the sound of shattering glass, and a huge man in a dark blue police uniform breaks through the French doors into the room and shouts for the handsome client to put down the knife. The dark-haired officer is a huge stud of a man, really handsome and even bigger than me, a true giant at least 6’6” tall and well over 350 pounds. Even though his uniform, I can see massive muscles bulging and flexing as he trains his gun with both hands on my client. I assume that the officer is another porn actor, and that we’re still filming the porn scene. Man, I’ve worked with some incredibly handsome and studly over the years, but no one quite as overwhelmingly masculine and gorgeous as THIS hot stud! I thrust my hips upward again, almost slicing my own junk off in the process. 

The sight of the huge and intensely handsome muscle man is too much for my awesome virility to take, and I spontaneously start shooting a second mammoth load. Massive slugs of cum blast from my cock, shooting 4 or 5 feet straight up into the air before landing with wet and gloopy splat sounds all over my muscular form and the client kneeling before me. My mind is in a fog of pure bliss, and the contractions in my loins are so powerful that I wouldn’t have been surprised to see my own huge bull balls burst out of my cock – the huge orbs feel like they might implode from the intense pressures of orgasm, pulled inside out by the power and force of my massive load. 

Even as I pump out this magnificent final orgasm, I calmly watch as the cum-lashed client just smiles at the big officer and once again turns his attention to the knife poised against my straining crotch. He presses the knife up against my meat, and I feel the wickedly sharp edge begin to bite into my skin as the client prepares to unman me. 

Then I hear an incredibly loud bang, and see a bright red dot appear on the handsome client’s forehead. His smiling expression remains unchanged, even as blood begins to pour from the new hole in his head. Seconds later, the carving knife clatters loudly to the floor, and the cum-drenched client collapses sideways like a limp doll, sprawling heavily across my massive thigh. 

I continue pumping out the greatest orgasm of my life, even bigger than the one from 10 minutes before. The huge handsome cop rushes to my side and kneels next to me on the cum drenched floor. He uses his big, powerful hands to cradle my head, and his stunning blue eyes are full of concern. I smile adoringly at him as the power of my final, monumental load finally exceeds even my powers of endurance, and I mercifully pass out. 



Officer Dan Kowalski, my knight in shining dark blue armor, personally rushed me to the emergency room, where a team of doctors immediately set about trying to save my horribly mauled and brutalized sex organs. 

The doctors at first saw no hope, for by the obscenely bloated and oversized dimensions of my darkening meat and balls, they assumed that my genitals had already been swollen to morbidity. They decided that the only way to save my life was to cut my mangled genitals off, and they started prepping me for emergency surgery and nullification. It was Officer Kowalski who intervened at the last moment to save my junk for a second time that night, informing the doctors that I am an extraordinarily well-endowed man, and that the monstrous size of my cock and balls was only slightly swollen from their normally gargantuan state. 

You see, as it turns out, the extremely handsome, massively built, and uber butch Officer Dan Kowalski was a secret fan of mine. 

As I later learned, Officer Kowalski had been on a coffee break at the time of my torture, and was secretly accessing one of his favorite porn sites on his laptop computer, which happened to be one of a dozen sites that was live streaming the destruction of my legendary genitals. The big cop was horrified by what he saw, not only for the horrific subject matter, but also because it was yours truly that was suffering at the hands of a truly twisted client. Dan Kowalski, who was just two years older than me, had been a fan of mine from my earliest days, and he owned every video I had ever made, and had an extraordinary collection of magazines and print photos as well. When he saw that his favorite porn star, the secret source of his manly lusts for more than 7 years, was being tortured and slowly unmanned before his very eyes, he knew he had to immediately spring into action. 

Officer Kowalski recognized the handsome older client, who was a prominent member of the wealthy community, and he knew where the man lived. He jumped into his squad car and radioed ahead for back up and medical support, and then broke several land speed records as he raced to the man’s house. And it’s a good thing he did, as he arrived in the nick of time to save me from having my cock and balls sliced off by a crazed and twisted admirer. 

But even though Officer Dan Kowalski had arrived in time to save my junk from the chopping block, the question remained whether there was anything left worth saving. My huge horse cock had been raped from the inside by a big rusty screwdriver, my mammoth bull balls had been crushed nearly flat, my junk had been punctured by hundreds of sharp tacks, my cock imbedded with thousands of tiny shards of broken glass, and my entire package had been half cooked on a BBQ. When the medical crew reviewed the video tape, they held very little hope that any part of my genitals could be saved, as they couldn’t imagine anyone’s cock and balls, no matter how huge and oversized, could endure such abuses. 

The cable ties had still not yet been cut from my package at this point. The doctors were afraid that my cock and balls were already dead, for they were so dark purple that they were nearly black at this point, and they feared that cutting the cable ties could kill me. But after Officer Kowalski explained how enormously hung I am, he was able to convince the doctors to cut the ties, allowing fresh blood to rush back to my starved genitals. To everyone’s immense relief, the dangerously dark color quickly faded from my cock and balls, but they were still an angry, lobster red from being on the BBQ, and the doctors feared that the scalding heat had cooked too much of my meat to allow any of it to be saved. 

Amazingly, though, it turned out that the thick flesh of my cock and balls was still very much alive. As the first critical hours elapsed, it was clear that very little lasting damage had actually been done to my goods. The doctors later concluded that the thumb tacks had actually shielded my cock and balls from the worst of the heat, and that the sheer mass and great thickness of my enormous cock and monster balls had also insulated them from being cooked clear through, as their great size allowed the heat to be dispersed to a far larger volume of tissue than any normal man possessed. 

It seemed somehow fitting that the very size of my massive genitals would have played a part in their own salvation. 

Within just a few hours after Officer Kowalski had rushed me to the hospital, the doctors realized with growing amazement that I might just survive intact after all. 

I was still unconscious, and they kept me sedated as they wheeled me into an emergency room to start the long and very laborious task of extracting the tiny broken shards of glass from the colossal length of my huge member. I was flaccid by now, of course, but even in a soft state, my dick was ridiculously huge. And it was even bigger than normal now, still distended and bloated from hours of being overinflated, so the doctors had a great deal of acreage to cover in their search for broken bits of glass. Fortunately, my cock was so huge that three surgeons were able to work simultaneously along the great length of my bull cock, using large magnifying lenses and tiny tweezers to delicately and thoroughly track down and remove every tiny particle of glass. It took several shifts of doctors and almost six hours to complete the work, but in the end they succeeded in removing every last shred of glass from my lacerated cock. 

My cock and balls were soaked in anti-bacterial creams and wrapped in compression bandages, and then I was placed in a private room to heal. 

Afterwards, it was just a matter of waiting. 

The live video feed of my brutal torture and timely rescue had immediately caused a media firestorm of epic proportions, and my story was national – and international – news for weeks. Not surprisingly, the video itself ended up going viral, and was downloaded unknown millions of times. It would have been the mother of all publicity campaigns, except I was unconscious for a good part of it. The hospital was great about keeping the media at bay, and the doctors held a series of press conferences over the course of the first two weeks to update the media on my progress. 

In the meantime, I finally regained consciousness five days after my ordeal, and I awoke to see Officer Kowalski sitting at my bedside. The big, handsome man was wearing civilian clothes, as he had taken time off from work in order to sit by my bedside, where he had apparently been sitting for five straight days without a break. 

I slowly opened my eyes, and our eyes instantly met. One look in his gorgeous blue eyes, and I knew I was lost forever, and that he was as well. Just like that, I knew we had fallen in love. 

Dan sat by my side, and we talked and talked in the days ahead, getting to know each other and growing closer and closer. 

Oh, and for the record, Dan does indeed weigh more than 350 pounds – 365 pounds of grade AAA muscle, to be exact! 

Two weeks after my torture, the doctors came in to finally remove the bandages. The deep ache in my cock and balls had long since gone away, and I had no idea what to expect. Dan held my hand as I fearfully watched the doctors unwrap the compression bandages from around my mummified cock and balls. Would my junk be horribly misshapen? Scarred and discolored from lacerations and burning? Would my dick ever function again? Were my balls reduced to sterility? So many questions were about to be answered. 

As the bandages fell away, I saw more and more flesh that was pink, healthy, and completely unblemished. Against all hope, when the last wrapping came free, my cock and balls looked completely unharmed! Not a single scratch, scar, or puncture hole marred the length of my bountiful cock or mango-sized balls. Not a single visual reminder remained of my terrible ordeal. The doctors were as astounded as I was. 

The remaining question, though, was whether I could still function as a man. 

The doctors all filed out of the room with knowing smiles on their faces, and as I turned my questioning eyes to Dan, the big handsome hunk just smiled at me with a twinkle in his baby blues. He leaned forward and kissed me, a gentle, deep, passionate kiss that told me more than words could say – that he loved me, that he would always be there for me, no matter what and no matter whether I could still function or not. 

I lost myself in that kiss, showing him how much I loved him in return…and so it was that I almost jumped when I felt Dan’s huge hand reach down and grasp my naked meat. He began to stroke the length of my huge, soft dick, and within a few heartbeats, that big cock proved its might by starting to swell into steely hardness. In half a dozen more heartbeats, swelling so fast that it almost hurt, my cock was inflated to its full, eye-popping size, pulsing gently to my racing heartbeat. 

One half of the question was now answered – now all that remained was to discover if my balls were still capable of whipping up the vast quantities of sperm that they were world famous for, or whether I was effectively a eunuch, with balls that were still attached but that had been rendered sterile by the brutal crushing and cooking. 

Dan's hands were so huge that his fingers could very nearly encircle the tremendous girth of my massive cock, and he used those big, thick, strong fingers to excellent advantage, jerking my huge cock slowly but with tremendous power and control. My toes began to curl, and I slowly and rhythmically bucked my muscular hips in time to Dan's stroking. I didn't know if my balls were going to work, but my ability to get aroused was definitely working just fine! 

The feeling of this beautiful man's massive paw stroking my swollen love muscle was indescribable. Not like the drug-induced euphoria I had experienced two week prior, but the awesome, erotic connection created between two people who love each other. 

I found myself holding back, terrified that I might not be able to function, that I would not be able to make love with Dan like I truly wanted to. But soon I realized that Dan’s expert ministrations were having their effect and I couldn’t hold back any longer. With a cry of fear and ecstasy and utter release, I began to cum. 

Dan was pointing my cock down toward the foot of the bed as my orgasm hit, and thus it was that my first slug of cum shot out nearly horizontal to the floor. The first mighty blast of splooge was so powerful that it struck the wall almost a dozen feet away, hitting with a loud splat and making a huge, gloopy white stain on the wall. A second mighty blast quickly followed, and then a third and fourth and fifth in an orgasm that was quickly proving to be every bit as massive and powerful as my last one two weeks before. 

In the end, I shot almost two dozen tremendous ropes of cum, nearly all of which struck the far wall. By the end of my orgasm, a huge portion of the wall was virtually white-washed with my seed, proving that my balls were intact and more than ready to play. 

Dan was so turned on my the fierceness and sheer volume of my load that he came in his own pants, completely untouched, and filled the front of his pants with his own massive load of sticky white spunk. 

It took both of us a while to come down from that first explosive time together, and when the doctors came back in the room some 10 or 15 minutes later, they still found us locked in a lover’s embrace, with my cock still ramrod hard and Dan’s huge fingers still wrapped tight around it. It was the muffled gasps from the doctors when they saw the volume of my spunk painting the far wall that finally made us realize that we were no longer alone, and one look at the doctors’ stunned faces set Dan and I off into gales of laughter. 

One of the doctors took a sample of my thick, gamey sperm off of the wall and analyzed it in the lab, and my final fear was relieved – my sperm count was literally off the charts, proving that I was not only still virile, I was perhaps the most virile man that had ever lived. 

I guess I’m not that surprised by the test results, but they still make me inordinately proud. And who knows, maybe I’ll even be a father someday, so it’s nice to know that my balls still pack a wallop. 


Dan is now an inseparable part of my life, and he is helping me put my life back together. 

He has helped me start a recovery program for my drug addiction, and I’m doing really well. I think that my encounter with a crazed torturer counts as hitting rock bottom, so I am very motivated to get healthy again. 

Dan also has me working out again, which we do in our own private gym. The media frenzy has died down a bit, but I suspect it will never totally go away, so the idea of me working out in any kind of public gym is now out of the question. Besides, working out with this massive stud of a man who I love so much is incredibly erotic, and our workout sessions always end with us rolling around naked on the floor and coating the walls with our thick man cream. 

The most bizarre twist in this whole ordeal has been the aftermath of the death of my final client, Mr. Charles Addison. It turns out that in the weeks before my encounter with him, he had had his will legally altered to make me the sole inheritor of his entire estate! No one could believe it, least of all me, but after a short court proceeding, the will was determined to be entirely legal and binding, and so I am now a multi-billionaire and set for life. I now own properties in a dozen major cities, a fortune in stocks, and a whole wealth of other assets that I’m still trying to get my head around. 

Go figure! 

So after all that I’ve been through – a ruined career, drug addiction, torture, and a near gelding – I’ve been given a second chance at life. I have my health, I have wealth, and most importantly, I have Dan. 

And I plan on making every moment count. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Mike's Mega Nuts -- Jayse Version

Sadly, I no longer have the original version of this story. I recall that the original version ended with the big bull stud's emasculation, and I've changed the story so that the handsome muscle man is still intact at the end...but his upcoming nutting is strongly implied.



Mike’s Mega Nuts
Based on an original story idea created by Ron, and posted on

A sadist finally gets an opportunity to make his fantasy a reality – at the expense of an unwilling, horse-hung muscle man! 


There are a few things you should know about me: 

1) I’m a really horny guy; 
2) I’m built big and muscular, ruggedly handsome, and extremely well hung, with an 11 ½-inch thick cock and balls the size of really big lemons; 
3) I’m into deep S&M action; 
4) I am really into balls, the bigger the better, and love to use and abuse a guy’s big nuts; and 
5) My greatest fantasy is to unman a powerful and muscular stud by taking his nuts. 

Mostly, I am into fantasy trips, but a few weeks ago I had an opportunity to make my wildest fantasies a reality. 

Last month, I attended an exclusive, invitation-only event of hot and handsome hunks held at a mutual friend’s private home. It’s a twice-monthly meeting where the most studly and best-built men in the area can get together to socialize, grope, and get into some real hot muscle action. And best of all, all the 40 or 50 men in attendance at each of these events are required to leave their clothes at the door, so you get to see all of those huge, muscular, perfectly-sculpted bodies in all of their spectacular glory. 

A lot of these guys are regulars, and are thus men I’ve seen and socialized with — and usually fucked — before, but at each gathering, there’s always at least one or two fresh new faces and asses. 

Funny, but you can never tell for sure how a guy is hung from his general size or shape. Take Jimmy, for instance. He’s a small but muscular guy at no more than 5’5”, and he’s hung like a mule with a thick 10-inch prick and loose, low-hanging balls big as hen’s eggs. And then there’s Frank, a huge, handsome, 6’4” stud built huge like a wrestler, who has an average, if super thick, 6-inch cock and really small gonads pulled up tight against his cock shaft. You just never know the size of a man’s package until you can actually see it. 

As I was surveying the group wondering whom I should start a conversation with, I noticed that everyone in the room had raging boners and seemed to be focusing their lustful attentions toward the back of the living room. Once I entered the room and could see through the small crowd, I could finally see what they were looking at, and I instantly understood why everyone’s attention was focused back there. 

Cuz that’s when I saw Mike for the first time. 

Everything else seemed to stop around me as I drank in this man’s super human size and  extraordinary beauty. 

What I saw was a true mountain of a man, huge in every way, my ideal fantasy muscle god brought to life. And my poor horse cock went from limp to achingly rock hard so fast that it hurt, and even caused me to be woozy for a second or two. 

The handsome hunk looked to be only in his mid-20’s, and was built like the proverbial brick shithouse! Now I’m a big guy, and I have seen some huge men in my day, true bodybuilder types, the kind who utterly dwarf normal men. So when I say that this guy was huge, I really know what I’m talking about. The massive stud stood about 6’5” tall, and had to weigh at LEAST 350 extraordinary pounds of dense, rock hard muscle! Only in my wildest fantasies had I ever dreamed that a man could be so huge and so massively muscular. There was hardly an ounce of fat anywhere on his body to hide any of that spectacular musculature from view. 

At 6’1” and 255 pounds myself, I’m accustomed to being one of the biggest guys in a room, but this guy made me feel absolutely puny! 

Mike had the kind of upper body that only constant attention at the gym combined with super human genetics could produce. His neck was immense, like that of a bull, and had to measure at least 22 inches around, flaring widely into enormous traps. His cannon ball shoulders were at least a full yard wide. I had never seen shoulders so massive on a man before, and they were intensely erotic. His arms were casually crossed in front of his chest, and those twin guns were simply gargantuan, unreal, and had to be the biggest muscular arms I’d ever seen, even in photos! Mike’s phenomenal upper arms had to be at least 25 or even 26 inches around, maybe even more, and positively swollen with pure power, while his forearms were equally as enormous, covered in thick, corded muscles and ending in hands so big and meaty that they could easily palm a basketball. 

Mike was leaning back against the kitchen counter, engrossed in a conversation with a hot young college stud named Adam who was so clearly flustered and nervous that I was surprised he could even keep standing. With Mike's attention focused on the nervous young stud, I continued to drink in this man's extraordinarily powerful physique. 

As I watched, Mike uncrossed his arms, revealing a majestic, monumental chest so beautiful and so spectacular that I was almost weak in the knees myself at the sight. His twin, squared pecs were incredibly wide and unbelievably dense, looking to be a good 5 or 6 inches thick. The cleft separating those two mighty mounds of muscle was astounding, and I longed to explore those twin mounds of muscle with my hands and tongue. Mike’s humongous chest was coated in a thick dusting of dark hair that matched the thick, wavy hair on his head, and only added to the masculine splendor of his chest. A pair of big, round nipples bigger than pencil erasers protruded proudly from the meat of those impossibly beefy pecs, and looked like they needed a good deal of action. 

The fur on Mike’s phenomenal chest tapered to a narrow treasure trail that ran down the most amazing 8-pack of abs I had ever seen. Each mighty abdominal muscle was like a huge, sharp, chiseled cobblestone, and as the huge muscle stud laughed at something young Adam said, each massive muscle stood out in even greater relief. You could do more than just your laundry on such a washboard - you could grind rocks into gravel! 

Mike’s incredibly thick and wide lats truly looked like a pair of barn doors, and they tapered dramatically down to a very tight, very muscular, and very narrow waist, giving the big guy the greatest “V” taper I had ever seen. This super hero of a stud tapered from shoulders at least a yard wide to a waspish waist that couldn’t have been more than 32 inches around, and was perhaps even smaller than that! I suspected that Mike’s chest measurement had to be at least 2 ½ TIMES as big as his impossibly narrow waist! I didn't think that such a measurement was even humanly possible!! 

Mike’s beefy thighs were extraordinarily thickly muscled, mighty columns of muscle and sinew. And as he turned slightly, I got a display of the most muscular bubble butt imaginable, a true shelf ass if I had ever seen one. The stud bull’s calves were enormous, even bigger than footballs, and ended in feet so huge that I knew he had to have this shoes custom made. 

As if that spectacularly muscular body wasn’t enough, the young muscle man had the face of an Adonis, and was almost heart breakingly handsome. He had very strong and masculine features, including high cheekbones, a straight and somewhat large nose, full and kissable lips, a strong and prominent chin, and one of the most powerful jaws I had ever seen on a man. It was the kind of thick lantern jaw that should have looked ridiculous, but was utterly perfect on him. He looked like real-life Superman, only more masculine and more handsome, if that was even possible. His jaw line was scruffy with a one- or two-day-old beard, and that only added to his masculine appeal. 

And his eyes! Oh, this man had some of the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, a deep, brilliant blue that literally sparkled, even from across the room, especially when he smiled, like he was doing now with Adam. His magical eyes were framed by the longest and thickest dark lashes I had ever seen on a man, which somehow only heightened his masculine beauty. 

All of this I absorbed in a matter of a few seconds, but what truly captured my attention was the phenomenal package that swung from between his tree trunk legs. 

I’ve seen a lot of big cocks in my life, even one or two that rivaled my own nearly foot-long salami, but I’d never seen anything like the monument to masculinity that hung from Mike’s tight, muscular, and hairy crotch! The huge appendage hanging heavy and loose from the young stud’s groin was so huge and muscular and vein gnarled that it looked like a third arm! Even completely limp, Mike’s huge horse cock had to be at LEAST a foot long! Yes, you got that right – his LIMP cock was longer and thicker than my horse cock at its biggest erection!! The base of Mike’s monster meat was as thick as a beer can, and steadily grew thicker down its awesome length until it reached the huge, mushroom-shaped head. A thick veil of foreskin covered most of that apple-sized glans, but the portion that protruded from beneath that erotic hood was almost purple in color. 

This couldn’t be real! No man could possibly have a cock this huge!! But as my gaze wandered down that thick column of flesh and took in the massive balls partially obscured by Mike’s mighty, dangling meat, my heart almost stopped and all notion of reality went out the window. 

If the size of Mike’s cock was heroic, then his titanic testicles could only be described as legendary. Each colossal, egg-shaped nut was easily as large as the biggest and juiciest of coconuts, and together looked to weigh at least 10 pounds of prime grade AAA man meat. My mouth grew suddenly dry, and I could not tear my eyes away from these extraordinary man lumps. His mammoth balls were monstrous, grotesque even, and they were the most spectacular and beautiful things I had ever seen. 

The twin nuggies hung incredibly low in their low-slung sac, stretching his thick, fur-covered scrotum to over 5 full inches from his crotch. I had never seen such a dangle before, and it was more erotic than I could ever describe. The long neck of his scrotum was unusually thick, perhaps 2 inches wide where the sac met the root of his cock, and the extraordinary length of that thick tube of flesh connecting those gargantuan bull balls to his muscular crotch made those two massive seed pods look simultaneously more powerful and infinitely more vulnerable. 

These were easily the biggest, most powerful Mega Nuts on the planet. These were beyond mere "bull balls" in size, for no bull could possibly be blessed with gonads as large as these. Hell, I don’t even think that elephants had nuts this big! 

One look at those singularly massive balls and I knew then and there that they had to be mine! 

While Mike was a stud beyond compare, I am one hell of a hot piece of ass as well and have the confidence to match, so I knew that of all the men in the room, I would be the one to have him. 

I caught his eye and gave him my sexiest grin, and he smiled back, making his face look even more handsome, if that were truly possible. 

Taking my time, I slowly sidled my way past all of the warm and muscular flesh surrounding me, fondling a very nice set of nuts on the way, and approached him. I was all confidence and swagger, and I could tell by the slight jump in his massive cock that I had his full attention. 

We introduced ourselves and engaged in conversation. The incredibly hot young stud explained that he was in town on a business trip and had heard about the event through friends of friends. 

After a few exchanges, I decided to be very direct with him. I looked Mike in his stunning blue eyes and said, “You have the most beautiful cock and balls I’ve ever seen, and I would love to have a crack at that extraordinary equipment of yours.” 

Surprisingly, Mike blushed and smiled, and cast his eyes downward. My god, was this super hunk of a stud actually SHY!?! 

Emboldened, I reached out a hand and gently cupped Mike’s enormous left bull nut. Even that one massive ball filled my big hand to overflowing, and I almost shot my huge load then and there as I groped that magnificent gonad. Its tremendous weight was even greater than I had imagined, and the heat and vitality pulsing in that great orb was extraordinary. As I hefted that titanic testicle and gave it a firm squeeze, feeling its great mass shift in its loose and hairy bag, I once again caught Mike’s eyes, and I knew he was mine. 

It turned out that Mike, too, was into S&M big time. And even more amazing, despite his immense size, herculean muscular development, and gargantuan genitals, he was a submissive and a bottom! I could not BELIEVE my good fortune! And when he told me that he particularly enjoyed having his balls abused and bragged that he had balls of steel, I knew that I had died and gone to heaven. 

Soon we had moved to a side room and were discretely groping and fondling each other. Mike seemed very shy and hesitant, and was very aware of the envious eyes of at least two dozen men who were hungrily watching us. But I had no such reservations, and greedily fondled Mike’s monstrous chest, enormous shoulders, and supremely powerful arms, always returning to cup and fondle those mighty low hangers and huge billyclub of a cock. 

My own cock was so bone hard now that it was actually hurting me, and was leaking precum like a faucet. I flexed and pumped my huge cock repeatedly, causing it to smack solidly into the bottom of Mike’s low slung balls again and again like a battering ram. Mike’s own cock puffed out perceptibly, but did not yet grow hard. I correctly surmised that the very public situation was preventing the shy young muscle man from enjoying our encounter fully, and so I invited him back to my place for more action. 

Mike readily agreed, and soon we were back in our clothes and leaving the supremely jealous guys at the party behind. I turned back and gave the guys a huge grin and a wink, and then we were off in my car and headed for my hillside residence. 

In ten minutes we were at my front door. In five more minutes, we had beers in hand and were tearing away at each other’s clothes. I had Mike down to his heroically overstuffed jeans, and GOD, what a basket this man had! I ripped open his fly, tore apart his briefs, and hauled out that magnificent pecker with both hands. 

Now that we were alone, Mike no longer seemed so insecure and shy, and as I manipulated his horse cock, he began to grow firmer and longer in my hands. I kneeled before the big stud, and worked that massive knob with my hot mouth and both my hands, encouraging it to grow more and more. The great schlong ballooned to 13 inches, and then 13 ½ inches, and then 14 inches before it even began to rise! The mighty tube steak grew thicker and thicker as it swelled, and soon I could no longer lodge the enormous cock head in my mouth. I continued frigging the massive shaft with my hands, though, and watched in stunned admiration and growing wonder as the mighty fuck stick continued to climb. 

At 14 ½ inches, the mighty dork was finally at horizontal, but was still very spongy. Shit, just how big was this guy gonna GET!?! 

It continued to rise at 15 inches, and then 15 ½ inches, and then 16 inches. I think my jaw literally dropped as I watched that massive cock climb higher and higher, and grow thicker and thicker and longer and longer. 

At 16 ½ inches, the mighty rod started climbing above horizontal, and also started to develop a gentle upward curve. The curve became somewhat more pronounced at 17 inches and 17 ½ inches, and seemed to lock into place at 18 inches

Finally, at 18 ½ fucking unbelievable inches of gargantuan stud meat, the swelling of Mike’s monster cock was complete. The magnificent member stood straight and tall, pointing proudly upward and tapping against Mike’s corrugated belly and between the mighty overhang of his titanic pecs. Shit, if Mike just leaned forward a bit, he could fuck that incredibly deep cleft between his own awesome pecs! 

My own achingly hard 11 ½ inches spontaneously spewed a huge wad of thick, sticky precum onto my carpet at the sight of this magnificent man before me. Mike’s cock was a masterpiece of male flesh, thicker than the business end of a baseball bat and very nearly as long. I was filled with wonder at the unbelievable and awe-inspiring sight. 

I squeezed the middle of the incredibly thick shaft with both hands, harder and harder, but the rigid and rock hard flesh hardly gave at all. It almost felt like his cock was made out of steel, except for the heat emanating from the huge meat and the velvety softness of its smooth skin. Experimentally, I tried to pull the huge horse cock down toward me, but it would only budge a few inches. I pulled harder and harder, eliciting grunts and groans of pleasure from the big stud, but the mighty tendons and muscles in Mike’s groin prevented me from budging it downward any further. That was one hell of a strong cock! It quite literally felt like a big steel beam jutting out from his insanely muscular crotch. 

I then reached my hand into the gap at the front of his jeans, grasped the narrow neck of Mike’s hairy scrotum, and hauled his two enormous bull balls out into the open air. The musky scent of his gigantic nuts was intoxicating, and I buried my face in those hairy nuggies for several long minutes, rubbing my face all over them and getting his potent smell all over me. 

I quickly shucked his jeans off of him, and then returned my full attention to those glorious balls. They were hanging heavy and oh so full, and I ached to make them mine. 

Using both of my big hands, I grasped Mike’s huge balls and gave them a tight squeeze. Mike’s reaction was exactly what I had desperately hoped for – he gave a small gasp of pleasure followed by a hint of a smile, and a subtle indication to grab harder. I gripped harder and harder, and so awesomely dense was the beefy meat of those huge man lumps that they barely even dented in my hand. Mike just continued to stand there with his softly eyes closed, groaning louder and longer the harder I squeezed, and he made absolutely no effort to stop me or tear my hands away from his huge balls. 

I really tore into his balls then, squeezing with all my considerable might, using all of my great strength to bear down on Mike's awesomely dense and tough gonads. I was using so much force that I could have easily burst any other man’s balls asunder, but though Mike's gigantic balls deformed somewhat in my hands, they were nowhere near the breaking point. Hell, they were barely at the bending point! What's more, Mike just endured it all with a look of supreme pleasure on his face. No trace of pain or discomfort, nothing. Holy FUCK, the massive muscle stud really DID have balls of steel!! 

My strong, gripping fingers hadn’t even been able to dig halfway into his awesomely powerful balls, and I had to acknowledge that these were easily not only the biggest but also the toughest balls I had ever seen. I was all but drowning in lust for this man. 

As I released Mike’s huge nuts, the massive man pounced on top of me, easily pushing me down and pinning me to the floor with his gargantuan, amazing, and awesomely strong physique. He held me down as he passionately kissed me, long and hard, and then moved down my body to engulf my entire, rock hard penis into his mouth and throat. This man was one hell of an expert cock sucker, and I was in absolute heaven. He had me all the way down to my big balls, pressing his big chin hard against my large nuts, and using his throat muscles to expertly milk my huge member. 

But as amazing as it was, this was not the scene I was after. I wanted this muscle stud tied down and exposed and vulnerable so I could torture his awesome balls. 

I reached down and grabbed his swinging bag of meaty balls and pulled and squeezed. He let out a throaty grunt around my invading cock and spread his massively muscular legs wider. I took the hint and swung my big fist in an upward arc that caught him right in the nuts. He groaned with pain and pleasure, his great rumbling voice vibrating around my cock. I let the big lug have five more powerful blows in rapid succession to his nuts, really battering them good, and was pleased to see a large, clear drop of precum form at the tip of his gigantic cock. We knew where we stood!

“How would you like some good old S&M action, big guy?” I asked.

Mike pulled my raging boner out of his muscular throat and said, “Oh, yeah!” groaning in his deep baritone voice. “Give it to me, stud! Put these huge balls through hell! I’ve got the toughest nuts you’ll ever see and I can take any abuse you can dish out.”

“Well, we’ll see about that,” I replied with a sly smile. “We’ll see whether you’re really man enough to take what I can give out.” 

I led Mike to the basement where I keep a large and very well stocked dungeon. I have also made the basement sound proof, so that none of my neighbors can hear the goings on down there…

I ALSO had the room set up with half a dozen hidden cameras on a remote control system, so I was able to power up the cameras to record this evening's events from every angle, and Mike was none the wiser. 

In five minutes, I had Mike’s hugely muscular and beefy form chained to the cement wall. I secured him spread eagled with very thick shackles around his thick wrists and meaty ankles. The shackles had held some big men in the past, but they were just barely capable of fitting around Mike's enormous bone structure. The handsome stud was such a giant of a muscle man that I decided to use multiple chains at each shackle, really thick links of steel that each connected to a separate eye hook drilled deep into the cement wall. I didn’t want to take any chances of this huge muscular BEAST of a man breaking free! 

Once I was finished securing the massive stud, Mike’s gigantic boner and mighty, dangling balls hung freely and oh so invitingly between his thick legs, just begging me to inflict harm on them. And I was more than happy to oblige. 

I had created a special apparatus a couple of years ago, and I pulled it out now. It was something that I had had specially made, but never really thought I would use. It was something of a fantasy piece for me, as it required a man of enormous size and prodigious endowment, and I didn't think in my wildest dreams that such a man could really exist. 

Until I met Mike. 

The first part of the device was a thick, black leather parachute that I attached around the top of Mike’s behemoth balls. The hole in the top of the parachute proved to be almost too small, even though I had it built extra wide, and it fit so tightly around the base of the man’s gigantic balls that it all but crushed the neck of Mike’s incredibly thick scrotum. It took a few minutes, but I was finally able to secure the device around his massive sac, literally choking his huge firm bull balls down to the very bottom of their bag. The fit was definitely uncomfortable, but wouldn't actually cut off his balls' nourishing blood supply or otherwise cause any lasting damage. 

Not on its own, anyway. 

Next, I secured a metal cable through a “D” ring beneath the parachute, and then threaded the cable through a ring in the floor, a second ring in the ceiling, and finally connected the end of the cable to a motorized winch. 

Mike’s eyes bugged out a bit when he saw me attach the cable to the winch, but his massive cock gave a big throb, and a thick strand of clear precum began to drool in a long line from his achingly hard cock. I knew he was as excited as I was. 

And I was now ready to live out the castration fantasy of my dreams. 

I began to taunt him. “How do you feel about your huge horse nuts now, you big oversized bull? In a little while they’ll be history. Ever wonder how much stretching those massive bull balls of yours can take before they rip off? Well, we’re about to find out!” 

Mike began to protest, but I ignored him and started the motor. In a few moments, the winch took away the slack of the cable, and the parachute began to pull against his massive nuts in their hairy, loose sac. The big hunk began to realize that I was deadly serious about my intentions as the slow inexorable tugging pressure began to stretch out the huge sac.

“Hey, man, I give,” he chuckled nervously in his deep and sexy voice. “Seriously, you win. You got me where you want me. Now please turn off the winch and let me go.”

The pressure increased as his balls were stretched from 5 inches to 5 ½ inches, and then to 6 inches. The skin of his hairy bag was growing tighter as his nuts were pulled to the bottom. 

“Hey, man, please stop!!” the handsome muscle man cried, real fear creeping into his deep voice. 

The winch continued its inexorable pull on Mike’s gigantic nuts, stretching the huge balls to 7 inches, then to 7 ½ inches, and then to 8 inches. I had never seen a man's balls stretched so far before, but I knew that this huge muscle stud could take more. 

A whole hell of a lot more. 

Mike was becoming more and more desperate. A sheen of sweat broke out over his fantastically muscular body, and his struggles became more and more fierce. His massive muscles bulged even more enormously as he fought against his restraints, but I had used enough chains that even he couldn’t hope to break free. Mike looked at me with those soulful blue eyes and pleaded, “Please, NO!! Don’t do this to me! Don’t take away my beautiful balls!! I’ll do whatever you want, just please don’t unman me!!” 

The huge man continued to struggle mightily, his enormous muscles bulging in extraordinary relief as he fought with all his awesome strength to break free. He was fighting and pulling so hard that I feared for a moment that he would actually pull the eye rings right out of the concrete wall, but they held. All his beautiful struggling was to no avail. The winch continued its slow winding, pulling the parachute down…down…down, and with it, his huge and over stretched testicles.

“I tell you what, ol’ buddy,” I said. “I’m a sporting guy. I’ll give you a chance to save your fuckin’ nuts, at least for a little while. Every time you cum, I’ll temporarily stop the motor. The more you cum, the longer you get to keep those obscenely oversized balls of yours. Surely beefy balls that huge must be PACKED with sperm. You should be able to get out at least, oh, say two or three loads before your nuts are ripped off.” 

Using a remote control, and standing well clear of the bound and captive stud hunk, I released his mammoth left arm from the wall. Immediately, Mike’s huge hand reached for his gigantic pecker and started to desperately frig it up and down, churning his seed even as the winch continued to pull his humongous bull balls toward oblivion. 

Mike was a young and supremely virile stud, and against his own will he was extremely turned on by the situation, so it took only a few minutes for him to hit orgasm. He closed his eyes and began to grunt and groan, gently pumping his muscular hips, which actually increased the already terrible strain on his nuts. His mighty cock trembled, quivered, and swelled even LARGER, and I knew he was about to release. 

As the first great gob of sperm prepared to shoot out of Mike’s pulsating cock, I temporarily turned off the motor and sat back to watch. But I wasn't prepared for the intensity and sheer violent power of Mike's epic load. 

An almighty gout of blindingly white cum shot out of Mike’s thundering cock with a force I had never before seen. The first pulse of sperm was at least 5 feet long and thicker than a pencil, and contained as much thick and viscous splooge in that single blast than the largest orgasm I had ever seen! The wad of cum shot out like a rocket nearly straight up into the air, clearing at least 6 or 7 feet up and nearly hitting the ceiling!!! The gigantic wad sailed past Mike’s own boulder shoulder to strike the wall several feet above Mike’s head with a loud and very wet SPLAT!!

Just as the great globs of this first wad of cum began to slowly ooze down the wall, a second equally mammoth blast followed, slashing up Mike’s goliath right pec and shoulder to join the first blast on the cold concrete wall. A third blast then followed, and a fourth, and a fifth, and a sixth, in what was by man orders of magnitude the most thunderous and titanic orgasm I had ever witnessed. 

I could only stare in open mouthed wonder as the first half dozen blasts were followed by a half dozen more, each as huge and powerful as the one before. Mike’s glorious torso and arms were becoming coated in his own slick juices, and even more of the stuff was beginning to drip off of his legs, but STILL the orgasm thundered onward. 

The volume and intensity of his orgasm was inhuman, and it was the most powerfully erotic thing I had ever seen. Great ribbons and streamers of cum were soon criss-crossing and dripping from Mike's glorious muscles, festooning his magnificent physique, and running down his perfect skin in slow, sluggish rivers. The stud's spunk was so thick with sperm that it was downright chunky, and had the consistency of a thick pudding. 

I tell you, this gorgeous muscle stud was simply a GOD of SEX!! 

After the first dozen or so mighty blasts, the slugs of cum began to be spread farther apart, and were slightly diminished in size, but were still phenomenally large and powerful. Mike’s orgasm was clearly winding down, but that was a very relative term — even the least of his cum blasts was larger than anything I’d ever seen before! 

In the end, more than 20 inhumanly huge spurts of sperm erupted from Mike’s huge, foot-and-a-half-long horse cock. More of his huge load continued to burp from his throbbing cock as Mike regained his breath, the chunky dregs of his magnificent load dripping thickly to the concrete floor below. 

Thick wads of cum were dripping off of nearly every inch of his body, and the wall behind him was virtually white washed with the stuff. His incredible balls, which were looking so powerful and vulnerable stretched a full 8 ½ inches from his crotch, had been packed with more stud sperm than I would have ever thought possible. 

But surely even sperm tanks as huge as Mike’s must be tapped out after blowing so monumental a load! I smiled, thinking that Mike could do nothing more to save his nuts now after completely emptying his nuts all in one go, and after giving him a couple of moments to catch his breath, I turned the machine on again. 

The relentless stretching began again, and Mike wailed in agony. The pressure on his sac was beginning to be exquisitely painful as the ‘chute continued to relentlessly pull downward. Mike's cock had not flagged in the slightest after his mammoth orgasm, and he frantically began jerking his rigid rod again in an attempt to cum before he lost his balls. As the minutes slowly ticked by, the incredible stretch lengthened by tiny degrees until it had reached an astounding 9 inches. 

Suddenly, less than 5 minutes after his first colossal load, Mike was cumming again, a massive deluge of cum that looked to be just as massive as the one before! 

I once again temporarily shut off the motor, and watched in stunned amazement as the young super stud again proved himself to be without a doubt the most virile man on the planet. Mike coated and recoated his body and the wall behind with yet more massive slugs of his own man cream, panting and grunting as his mighty balls once again emptied themselves of a heroically massive load. 

Like his first orgasm, Mike’s second orgasm lasted well over a minute, and this time pumped out nearly two dozen wads of manly stud cum. Yes, his second load was actually BIGGER than his first! His monstrous cock was slick with his own juices, and more of his spunk had flowed down to the parachute, drenching the leather and oozing in long lines and clumps over the leather and the supremely huge and plump balls below, to finally drip in long strands onto the concrete floor. 

Long after the main orgasm had finished, Mike's cock was still drooling long lines of thick cream. Just how much spunk could this stud STORE in those huge balls of his?! I was determined to find out. 

With a low whistle of admiration, I started the winch again, convinced that this time, surely, Mike’s gargantuan balls were empty of all spunk. The 9-inch stretch very slowly increased, bit by bit, minute by minute, his balls bulging ever larger and larger as they threatened to burst right out of his hairy sac! Before long, the utterly profound stretch to Mike’s humongous gonads increased to 9 ½ inches…

…and as god as my witness, wouldn’t you know it, Mike began to cum AGAIN, not more than 5 minutes after his second orgasm!! A third monumental load thundered from his loins and whitewashed my walls. This stud was simply unreal, a true super human cum stud, a walking and breathing SPERM BANK!!! 

Just about every square inch of the stud was now covered with multiple layers of his own spunk, except remarkably for his achingly handsome face and incredibly thick and bullish neck. The enormous overhanging walls of Mike's uber thick pecs were so dense and so deep that, even with his right arm pulled up and away from his body, they actually formed a wall, a solid barrier of muscle that blocked the massive slugs of cum from hitting him in the head. His insanely handsome face was thus perfectly visible and un-obscured with cum, allowing me to watch every nuance of pain and fear that crossed those exquisitely beautiful and masculine features. 

After yet another 20 or 22 massive blasts of sperm, Mike's brief reprieve was again over, and I started the winch back up. 

Mike desperately wanked his massive meat, which was beginning to look red and raw from all of the violent abuse, but was still as hard as a steel crowbar. The handsome stud clenched his teeth and really threw himself into jerking his enormous pud. But the relentless winch continued his slow destruction, pulling and stretching out his massive nuts ever farther, and finally reaching an awesome 10 inches in length! That was TWICE his already unnaturally long dangle!! 

The uber stud Mike then hit orgasm for the FOURTH time in 20 minutes, and his huge horse cock began to pump out ANOTHER ridiculously copious load. On and on his orgasm raged, as if the hyper virile stud hadn't already just pounded out the three biggest loads in the history of man. The monstrous stack of muscles and raw sex pumped out another 18 or 20 blasts in all before his earth-shaking orgasm finally shuddered to a halt. 

I must have just stood there in open-mouthed wonder for many long moments, not able to really comprehend the insanely mighty and masculine display of super human virility I had just witnessed. Massive Mike had by now pumped out what had to have been several QUARTS of his impossibly thick and chunky nut goo, and his tremendously swollen bull cock was STILL hard as a rock!! 

Gleefully, I turned on the switch again, wondering just how many loads I was going to see before this extraordinary stud had his mega balls ripped off of his body! 

Mike’s cock was glowing an angry red now, and was so engorged and bloated as to appear painfully distended. I was amazed to realize that his cock had actually grown larger still, swelling to 19 ½ inches and gaining considerably in girth as well! Fucking IMPOSSIBLE!! The skin was stretched so tight on his magnificent meat cannon that it looked like his cock could split wide open at any moment. And STILL the young muscle god pounded away with a wild fury, desperate for another reprieve for his massive, screaming bull balls, no matter how brief. 

As the stretching continued to mount, growing to 10 ½ inches and then 11 inches, the gigantic orbs began to bulge larger and larger in their supremely over stretched sac. The enormous bull balls looked like a pair of gigantic meat balloons, and they looked ready to pop out of his sac at any moment. The young man’s scrotum was stretched dangerously thin around their weighty contents, and I could start making out the individual veins that ran along the surface of each massive ball through the gossamer thin skin. The thick and tremendously strong cords anchoring his gigantic gonads to his crotch seemed to almost audibly groan in protest as they were stretched much, much farther than nature had ever intended. 

At 11 jaw-dropping inches of scrotal stretch, Mike’s impossibly strong bull cock began to be pulled downward, the tremendous tug of the cable succeeding in doing what my own impressive strength could not. The pulling was slow at first, but continued to grow as the stretch in Mike’s scrotum increased. 

And at 11 ½ inches, Mike let loose with yet ANOTHER orgasm, his FIFTH of the evening! Great gouts of sperm hurtled from his cock like they had been launched from a rocket. Now that his cock was beginning to point forward instead of upward, most of the titanic load missed his body entirely, and fell in great, messy clumps to the cold stone floor in front of him. This fifth load was perceptibly smaller than the 4 that had gone before, but was still of phenomenal and inhumanly size, spewing out a good 15 or 16 loads of his thick and incredibly viscous nut funk. A large puddle of spent, smelly splooge had quickly formed on the floor before the huge stud. 

After a brief break, the winch went on again, and Mike bellowed in unimaginable agony, his balls screaming for release from the ferocious, deadly pull of the steel cable. His hand was working furiously over his cock, churning his previously spilled splooge into a froth to lubricate his huge cock, desperate for just one more orgasm. 

His balls were now stretched to 12 inches, a FULL FUCKING FOOT of stretch, and were actually beginning to pass the muscle stud’s KNEES!!! The neck of his scrotum was now ridiculously narrow, and I could actually make out the thick cords and delicate tubes and blood vessels within that tethered those super human balls to his hugely muscular body. 

Impossibly, the stretching continued, incrementally pulling Mike’s mighty nuts toward their date with destiny, yet STILL they endured! 

It came as no huge surprise when, at 12 ½ inches of stretch and about 40 minutes into the torture, Mike’s balls let loose with yet another mighty orgasm, his SIXTH of the night. His mighty muscle cock had now been cranked down by about 30 degrees, and so the mighty blasts of this load shot forth with great force into the large room. 

I had to dodge the first huge slugs of sperm that came hurtling my way, and I was amazed to see the distance his great load traveled. Though these wads were visibly somewhat smaller than those of his first 3 or 4 orgasms, they still shot over 20 feet in front of him -- more than halfway across the big room! -- expanding the size of the huge and sticky sperm puddle slowly cooling on the dungeon floor. 

After ‘only’ 14 or 15 monumental blasts, Mike’s sixth orgasm ceased, and the cranking of the winch soon resumed. Another quarter inch, and then another quarter inch, and then another and ANOTHER, and Mike’s colossal testicles were now stretched to 13 ½ inches!!! 

I couldn’t believe my eyes – surely no man or beast could endure so much abuse!! The neck of Mike’s hideously elongated scrotum was now only 6 inches shy of the gargantuan length of his mammoth horse cock, and stretched his mighty bull balls truly now past his own knees!! And STILL those mighty globes endured!!! This super human stud truly did have balls — or at least ball CORDS — of steel!!

Mike’s scrotum was now stretched so glassy thin that it was almost translucent, and I could clearly make out every detail of the two massive orbs still barely contained within. I could see their fibrous and slightly grainy surface, the bump and swell of every distended vein coursing all over their vast surface. Oh how I longed to destroy those great orbs a dozen times, a HUNDRED times! Part of me was sad that I could only ruin such a phenomenal and unique set of balls once, for I could think of countless ways to abuse and destroy such paragons of masculinity. 

In stark contrast to the colossal size of Mike's behemoth bull balls, the neck of his scrotum was getting ridiculously and perilously thin. Where originally his huge, baggy scrotum stretched almost 3 inches wide, it was now reduced to barely ½ an inch, and was continuing to steadily narrow as the stretching relentlessly continued. 

The brute power of the motor had by now pulled Mike’s mighty fuck tool down to where it was actually horizontal. The muscles and tendons in Mike’s powerful groin stood out in great relief as they fought valiantly against the motor, but even with Mike pulling and tugging at his own cock, he couldn’t get the massive member to budge more than a few degrees above the horizontal. 

The sounds coming from the motor grew louder and more labored, and to my great shock and surprise, I realized that the winch was actually STRUGGLING to continue to pull at Mike’s powerful nuts. I had a 20-horsepower engine connected to this winch, yet Mike’s ball cords were so strong, so unbelievably powerful, that they had succeeded in arresting the descent of his huge balls!! Temporarily at least…  

Mike’s beautiful blue eyes were wild with panic, desperation, and agony. As he continued to frig his swollen meat, he pleaded with me to release his balls.  

“Oh PLEASE! Man! STOP! I’ve already cum SIX TIMES, and I don't think I can cum again! Unh! UNH!! Please stop the motor! I can’t take much more of this! Uhh! UNNNH!!! My nuts are gonna go! They’re gonna RIP!!  Oh shit! Oh SHIT!!! I can feel them starting to RUPTURE!!! UNNH!!! Please, sir! Don’t take my manhood! Don’t take my big balls!!” 

“C’mon, you big STUD!! I yelled in reply. “You can take it! A big, bull-balled muscle stud like you can take even MORE abuse!! C’mon, prove to me that you have balls of STEEL!! PROVE to me that you deserve to keep your huge nuts!! Take it, stud!! TAKE IT!!! 

I dropped to my knees in front of the massive muscle giant and took a closer look at the young man’s bull gonads, careful to stay out of reach of his massive left arm. They still appeared to be securely attached to his crotch and weren’t yet showing any signs of rupturing. Long stretch marks had begun to appear in the grotesquely elongated scrotum, attesting to the fact that his mighty balls certainly could not take too much more of this abuse, but no tears had appeared in the scrotal skin. Not yet anyway… 

Kneeling there in front of the huge, horse-hung stud, the sight of his ridiculously overstretched balls was simply too tempting and too inviting of a target. I realized that I only had very a limited time left to torture and abuse the man’s supremely beefy balls before they were summarily ripped from his body, and I wanted to make every moment count. 


Mike was clearly unprepared for the mighty upper cut I landed into his trapped stud nuts, for his breath was explosively expelled from his huge lungs. The big lug sure found his voice for the second blow, though, and his deafening bellow of agony all but shook the reinforced concrete walls of the dungeon. 



I began to throw punch after punch, right, left, right, left, right, left, into his immobilized and completely vulnerable balls, really going at them with no thought to holding back or not damaging the huge man fruit. I had never left myself pound on a man’s nuts with pure abandon before, but Mike’s nuts were so huge and so tough that I knew they could take it. Besides, it didn’t matter if I pounded the huge muscle man’s nuts into permanent sterility, as they wouldn’t be attached to his body much longer anyway. 

BAM!!! SLAM!!! SMACK!!! WHAM!!! 



The young man just wailed and bellowed in agony as I rained blow after devastating, destructive blow into the underside of his huge stud nuts. Mike’s insanely muscular body was thrashing and struggling so wildly and violently at his bonds that I feared he would finish the work of the winch and tear his own balls from his body! But somehow they continued to endure, fighting valiantly against the powerful winch that was relentlessly continuing to try to rip off his oversized balls. 

Mike’s massive nuts proved to be even tougher than I thought, for they were so dense and meaty that they barely deformed as they deflected even my most powerful blows. The sounds of the wet and incredibly beefy SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACK!!! of my fists striking those massive balls over and over and over again sent me into a frenzy of lust, and caused me to really begin to throw my weight behind each blow. I was determined to reduce Mike’s behemoth bull balls to rubble, even as I tore them from his glorious body. 





For 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, Mike’s phenomenally strong and resilient bull balls held against the straining motor AND absorbed every devastating punch I could thrown into them! But I noticed that his humongous balls were finally beginning to grow just a little squishy under the brutal assault, softening up a bit under the ruinous hammer blows of my fist. But they were still nowhere NEAR finished. 

Amazingly, despite the unspeakable agony that must have been thundering through his gargantuan nuts, Mike’s monstrous cock was still rock hard, and in fact seemed to have grown larger STILL, if that was even humanly possible. I was sure that if I got out the measuring tape, the young man’s elephantine cock would have surpassed the 20-inch mark!! The big lug was simply super human!! And he was STILL jacking that red and raw meat pole at frightening speed, hoping to achieve one last orgasm and experience one more fleeting reprieve for his nuts. 

My GOD, but this epic stud had a colossally tough pair of nuts!!! 

Suddenly, at almost exactly an hour into the tortures, Mike let loose with his SEVENTH orgasm of the night, pumping out a smaller and yet still tremendously copious load of fresh stud splooge. At the same time, something must have snapped in his groin, for his enormous bull balls again resumed their achingly slow descent toward destruction. 

This time, I left the motor running even during the bull’s mighty orgasm, wanting to see what would happen and no longer caring that I wasn’t holding up my part of the agreement. I also kept right on pummeling his slowly crumbling nuts throughout the massive ejaculation. Mike bellowed in terror and anguish as the stretch became 14 inches, and then 14 ½ inches!! Shockingly, cum blasted forth from Mike’s obscenely oversized cock like he hadn’t cum in a MONTH, shooting out harder and farther than ANY of his previous loads. Several of his wads burst forth with such incredible force that they actually DID hit the far wall of the dungeon, coating the concrete blocks with his astoundingly thick and chunky nut butter. Though the wads themselves were perhaps significantly smaller than those of his first orgasms, and he ‘only’ shot 11 or 12 huge bolts of the sticky stuff, it was still a MASSIVE load by anyone’s estimation. 

At a full and unbelievable 15 mother fucking inches of dangle — THREE TIMES the normal hang of the young stud’s colossal gonads — Mike’s almighty bull balls somehow managed to arrest their descent again. Don’t ask me how — the fact that his brutally battered and weakened balls could somehow muster the strength to halt the winch once again continues to astound me! The agony in his great nuts must have been UNREAL!! He pumped out the last of his seventh load, adding to the absolutely incredible mess of sperm on the floor, and began to sob, tears streaming down his beautiful face. 

Finally releasing his purple and horribly distended cock, Mike cried out: 

You win!!! I surrender!!! Unh! UNNH!! UUNNNH!!! I can’t CUM anymore! I just can’t!! You can do whatever you want to me, but please, PLEASE, don’t take away my big, beautiful balls!! Don’t make me less than a man!!!” 

Mike bellowed in agony, wild desperation clear on his gorgeous face. With his free hand, he tugged mightily at the restraint securing his other arm to the wall, but to no avail. He was going to lose his big, bountiful balls, and I was going to take them. He knew it, and I knew it. 

I paused in the pummeling of Mike’s bruised and wounded balls and noticed a few micro tears starting to appear in his scrotum. I knew then that we were finally approaching the end of Mike's fantastic endurance. I drank in the sight of this fantastically muscular and heroically endowed man as he struggled and writhed in the greatest agony, his gigantic family jewels about to be mine forever. With a smile of delight, I then resumed wailing on those huge gonads, trying with all my might to see if I could get them to explode before they were torn off. 

I knew that if his bag ripped open, it would be all over. His huge testicles would tumble out and be supported only by their cords, veins, and fragile sperm ducts. Without their protective sac, these cords too would quickly be stretched to their limit, and would quickly begin to snap like rubber bands. First one would go, then another, and another and another and another, escalating quickly as fewer and fewer cords remained to hold on. Finally, the last cords would snap in unison, and those two massive muscle balls, the biggest bollocks in the world and the source of this awesome stud’s extraordinary power and virility, would land with a huge wet splat on the ground. 

Oh, how I had longed to ruin a big, handsome, hung muscle stud like this! It was a dream that was about to come true, and I held back my orgasm with the sheer force of will, wanting to see Mike’s gargantuan balls ripped from his groin. 

Mike was almost incoherent now, and was screaming and bellowing continuously. He forgot all about pumping his enormous prick, and instead with his free hand reached up and clenched the chain dangling from the wall beside him. He realized his situation was hopeless, and he was preparing for the inevitable conclusion. He clenched his teeth, making his already insanely powerful jaw stand out in even greater relief, and his muscles bulged and strained in the most awesome display of hyper masculine might I had ever imagined. 

I savored Mike’s imminent castration even as I continued to pummel his nuts to a pulp. The biggest, baddest, toughest set of bull balls in the world were about to be mine!! I planned to preserve them in a jar, so that I could always gaze at them and remember the glorious moment when I had emasculated the most powerful man in the world!!
Suddenly Mike screamed: 


Mike’s scrotum gave a sudden jerk, losing another quarter inch, and then another. His balls were now stretched to 15 ½ unbelievable inches, and were quivering on the ends of their extraordinarily taut cords, about to burst forth from their steadily tearing sac. I was certain that irreparable damage had already been done to the young man’s plumbing, and that he was almost certainly completely and utterly sterile at this point, his mighty baby makers already way past the point of salvage. 

Man, was I wrong! 

At that moment, Mike’s huge cock, completely untouched, let loose with the most almighty and violent orgasm of the night. This EIGHTH orgasm quickly proved that it would put all the previous loads to shame for sheer volume and power. Somehow, Mike the Muscle Tank had tapped into a vast, untouched reservoir of cum deep in the very heart of his gargantuan gonads, and they were furiously pumping out his sperm, desperate to impregnate something, ANYTHING, before they were torn free of his body forever. 

The first almighty blast of cum was over 8 feet long and thick as a finger, and shot with such force that it struck 7 or 8 feet up the concrete wall clear across the room, more than 30 feet away from the swollen and purple mushroom head of the stud’s cock!! The second wad was equally as magnificent, and even more powerful, striking even higher up the wall! A third mighty load blasted out, and a fourth, and a fifth, and a sixth and seventh and eighth, all in rapid succession and all with terrific force. It was by far the mightiest load of the young man’s life, and no doubt the most massive load ever shot by man or beast. 

Meanwhile, the young stud’s mighty scrotum continued to give in short, spasmodic jerks, stretching to 15 ¾ inches, then 16 inches, then 16.25 inches. The tiny tears in the scrotal skin began to grow and multiply, and I knew it wouldn’t take much more for that mighty sac to tear, and for Mike’s huge nuts to finally rip and tumble free. I could actually see the pale gray walls of the young muscle man's gigantic orbs through the small tears in his sac, and I could feel the slick walls of those titanic orbs against my knuckles as I ground my fists into those mighty balls over and over and over again! 

Ten blasts of cum grew to 15, and then to 20, and his orgasm showed no signs of slowing down. Heedless of the additional damage he was doing to his balls, Mike bucked his muscular hips with each gargantuan blast, helping propel his stud spunk even farther! 

His balls were descending more rapidly now, their strength finally giving way. 16 ½ inches!! 16 ¾ inches!!!

My fists were also finally driving deeper and deeper into his incredibly dense ball meat, and his steadily crumbling balls were starting to get positively squishy. Yet STILL his orgasm raged onward. 25 blasts! 30 blasts!! 35 massive blasts of superman spunk!!! 

In some lust-crazed corner of my mind, I found it fitting that Mike's final orgasm should be the most titanic, earth-shattering orgasm in history, a fitting swan song for his mighty masculinity. 
17 inches!! 17.25 inches!!! 17 ½ inches!!!!

40 blasts!!! 50 blasts!!!!! More wads than any TWO of his previous orgasms COMBINED!!!!! And still MORE sperm hurtled out of that monster cock!!!!!

With a final sharp jerk, Mike's gargantuan gonads were stretched to 18 inches — A WHOLE MOTHER FUCKING FOOT AND A HALF OF DANGLE!!!!! As long as the super stud’s ridiculously oversized cock when it FIRST grew hard!! And once AGAIN, the hunk’s massive lug nuts refused to stretch any farther. 

Mike threw back his handsome head and uttered a deafening bellow of agony and despair, his massive horse cock thundering out the last wads of his mighty load, the tears in his massive nutsac growing larger, his ball cords stretched to the snapping point, his balls a hairsbreadth away from ripping free, his mighty masculinity a moment away from ending forever. 

A terrifically loud CRACK!!!!! could suddenly be heard, followed by a high pitched whirring sound. I assumed at first that the strength of Mike’s mighty balls had finally given out and the massive nuggies had ripped off, but to my utter amazement, it was the braided steel cable connected to Mike’s balls that had snapped, unable to take the awesome strain any longer!! The broken end of the cable had sailed through the eye hooks in the floor and ceiling, and was now spinning around inside the winch, sharply smacking the floor with each rapid revolution. 

Finally released from their awesome stretch, Mike’s huge nuts hurtled upwards like they were on the end of overstretched rubber bands, which in a sense they were. Mike’s colossal cock also lurched upwards like some massive beast, just as another huge rope of cum blasted forth from its swollen tip. Due to the trajectory and force of the blast, the wad arced skyward with more power than any of his previous wads, and struck the ceiling nearly 15 feet overhead, exploding into a shower of hot liquid shrapnel. 

As I stared open mouthed at the wonder I had just seen, Mike’s cock continued to blast out another 10 or 12 monumental wads, some of which joined their brother on the ceiling, while the rest added to the vast messy pool of cum on the floor. 

Mike’s handsome head hung down in utter exhaustion, his breathing coming rapidly like he had just run a marathon, his massive and powerful left arm hanging loosely at his side. Large ropes of cum continued to belch forth from his grossly distended and raw horse cock without any assistance needed from the young man’s massive hand, standing proudly erect and daring me to wreak more harm on it. 

Below that massive, majestic cock, Mike’s balls hung heavily and oh-so-loosely in their MUCH-elongated scrotum. My eyes bugged out in disbelief, for not only had the mighty balls miraculously survived intact, but the natural stretch of his huge sac had also been DOUBLED to 10 unbelievable inches!! They had apparently been permanently stretched as a result of the horrifically brutal torture! Holy FUCK!!! 

Mike's balls were aching and tender, squishy and swollen, bruised and battered and damn near RUINED from all of the abuse, and from the Herculean effort of pounding out the 8 most ENORMOUS loads ever seen, all in the course of a little over an hour. But they were alive! And his huge, hairy scrotum, though covered in dozens of new stretch marks and more than a score of small tears, would likely heal intact as well. None of the tears were serious, and I realized that the mighty stud would be none the worse for wear for the encounter, other than having a now SUPREMELY low-hanging set of massive door knockers. 

Massive Mike had been right after all; his monster bull nuts really WERE tougher than steel!!!

I looked down at myself and realized that my swollen cock had finally jettisoned a load of its own, completely untouched by me. My load had shot out virtually unnoticed, mixing with Mike’s colossal deluge of cum on the soaked and drenched floor, invisible amidst all of his splooge. 

I decided then and there to make Mike my stud slave, to torture and abuse, to test and push to his ultimate limits and beyond. His mighty bull balls had earned my respect, and had issued me a challenge — to see exactly how much abuse it would take to destroy those beautiful and most bountiful bull balls. And I was eager to take up that challenge. 


That was 23 days ago. Every day since then, I have subjected Mike to all sorts of new abuses and tortures, focusing on his mighty crowbar of a cock and tougher ‘n’ steel bull balls. I have hung huge weights from both his cock and his balls, testing the limits of their strength. I have placed those balls in huge vises and squeezed those mighty balls to a mere fraction of their width, until they bulged on the brink of bursting. I have crushed his balls under hundreds and hundreds of pounds of weight, shocked them with huge amounts of electricity, submerged them in boiling water until they glowed a lobster red, beaten them with fists, knees, hammers, and clubs until they were all but reduced to a mush of pulverized ball meat. 

And throughout it all, Mike’s balls have stoically and defiantly endured. 

Not only that, but the hugely hung stud has continued to jettison vast amounts of cum, cumming 20, 30, up to 50 times in one day!!! The guy is a walking sperm bank, capable of blasting out GALLONS of his impossibly rich and sperm-clotted spunk a day!! I've had to set him up on a continual IV feed of fluids and electrolytes, or I might have drained him to dehydration and death that very first day! But as long as I replenish his fluids, his balls keep recharging and pumping out load after load after massive, knock-you-to-the-floor load! 

I’ve taken to inserting a thick plastic hose inside Mike's gaping cum tube and collecting all of this extraordinary male effluvium. Not only does such collection save me from having to mop up the dungeon after every session with Mike — it took me HOURS to clean my sperm-shellacked dungeon that first night — but I also hope to turn a tidy profit by selling his extremely potent sperm to the highest bidder. Who wouldn’t want a child, or 100, or 1,000, fathered by this supreme stud bull of a man? In the first week alone, I collected over 20 GALLONS of his splooge, and that’s after letting many loads splash onto the cold concrete floor! 

I've also been videotaping Mike 24/7, even while he's sleeping, even in the dead of night when he is whining and whimpering and sobbing softly to himself, thinking no one can hear him. Oh yes, I'm recording every fantastic moment with this great muscle beast, and I'm going to start posting the videos on my own website in the next few days. I'm sure the videos will go viral in a matter of hours. I want to build a huge following for the young super stud, and have the whole world talking about him, before I prepare him for his final and ultimate test. 

I have already decided what that final test will be, as well, and am already having the equipment made for the event, specially built just for Big Mike. It's ingenious, really, and very simple, but diabolical nonetheless. 

I'll start with a very thick iron cock ring that I will secure around the base of that awesome dick, choking the root of that mighty fuck stick so tightly that it is kept permanently hard, and crushing the cum tube so tightly that no more than a paltry dribble of his cum can escape. 

Next, I'll secure a similar iron ring around the base of his gargantuan nuts, choking them to the bottom of their sac and likewise strangling those huge, beefy balls. The ring will allow enough blood flow to nourish and sustain Mike’s mighty organs, but will be so tight and constrictive that the sperm ducts leading from Mike’s balls will be mercilessly crushed, preventing a single sperm from escaping. 

The crushing of the roots of Mike's heroically oversized sex organs will no doubt start doing permanent damage to them over time, but that is not their main purpose. 

For you see, once I have permanently and utterly cut off the flow of sperm out of those gigantic and supremely low-hanging balls, I will start stimulating all of the big muscle man's pleasure centers. A clear plastic milking device will be placed over his raging hard on, specially made to accommodate his fantastically oversized cock, while an electronic vibrator will be shoved up his tight, muscular ass, vibrating powerfully against his swollen prostate. Electrodes will be clamped to his extraordinarily sensitive nipples, sending shock waves of enormous pleasure through his titanic chest. A special vibrating machine will be securely attached to Mike’s gargantuan balls as well, causing the huge orbs to vibrate and stimulate even greater sperm production. 

All of this constant and continual stimulations and attention will cause Muscle Mike to reach orgasm every 5 or 10 minutes, around the clock, day-in and day-out, even while he fitfully sleeps. Such stimulation might seem like heaven...except for the fact that not a single drop of each massive, magnificent load will be allowed to leave his cramped and strangled bull balls. 

Each orgasm will become more and more brutally painful, his frustrated balls unable to jettison any of their weighty load and swelling more and more with unspent stud spunk. What’s more, all of the over stimulation will cause Mike’s already frighteningly fast sperm production to crank into overdrive. His huge balls will be churning out truly vast quantities of sperm, which will only add to the tremendous, agonizing congestion building in his mighty bull balls. 

As the days go by, that congestion will continue to mount, causing Mike’s balls to swell with ever larger quantities of jizz, bloating and inflating to never-before-seen dimensions. The pressure within those great orbs will grow and grow and grow, increasing to truly terrific levels. 

Until they explode. 

I have no idea how much cum those huge nuggies can truly hold, or just how much insane amounts pressure they can take. But eventually, inevitably, even Mike's super human bull balls will reach their limit and, no longer able to contain the extreme pressure of untold GALLONS of congested sperm packed impossibly tight within them, they will burst in a spectacular and violent explosion of raw spunk and shattered ball meat. 

How long will it take? A week? 10 days? A fortnight? Hell, knowing the awesome strength and staying power of this most powerful of studs, this young muscle god might even be able to endure a full MONTH of this treatment, or even longer if I let him. 

But I won’t let him. 

Can you imagine it? This massive, hugely-built giant of a muscle stud forced to cum over and over and over again, forcing his balls to horrifically swell and bloat with too-long-held spunk, until his own freakishly super human virility causes them to explode! Mighty Mike will be unmanned by his own phenomenal masculinity! A fitting end for his Mega Nuts...don't you agree?