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Haunted Mansion - Chapter 12E

With only minutes remaining until dawn, the ghost of Corbin Harper desperately tries everything he can to obliterate Logan's horrifically bruised and battered -- yet somehow, miraculously, still alive! -- bull balls. Can the heroically handsome young muscle jock hold out just a few minutes longer, and even if he can, will there be anything left of his once proud stud bollocks?



Haunted Mansion - Chapter 12E
An original chapter written by Jayse, based on an overall story concept by Wyndfeld

Corbin unleashes his most brutal punishment yet on the handsome muscle giant, Logan. Can the bull hunk survive until dawn? 








Both Corbin and Logan could actually HEAR the incredibly thick and heavy outer walls of the young football player’s huge balls cracking and failing, and sick wet crunching sounds were now coming from his utterly pounded out balls. But they still refused to burst! 







Another two dozen utterly annihilating blows crashed into Logan’s thoroughly busted and broken balls, any one of which should have ended in an explosion of nut guts splattering every surface of the room… but somehow, impossibly, heroically, the gorgeous young muscle stud endured them all. Against all odds, the young man was going to survive intact! 

Corbin screamed in fury and desperation, raising the 400 pounds of weight up one last time, and then pushing it downward with all of his otherworldly might, adding his own super human strength to the power of gravity to drive the weights like a freight train into Logan’s already more than half flattened nuts. 


“AAAAAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!” the young man bellowed in his loudest, most thunderous voice yet as his horrifically bruised, beaten, and battered nuts were pushed past all possible endurance. Pain like he had never believed possible slammed into his loins like a 100,000-megawatt lightning bolt. Logan wished at that moment that he had died to spare himself any further pain, but both his gloriously muscular body and his indomitable will were unfortunately far, far too strong for death or even unconsciousness to overcome him. Instead, Logan was forced to feel every last moment of his unimaginably brutal and cruel emasculation. 

Corbin shouted in victory, raising his invisible balled fists to the heavens in defiance. He had destroyed the greatest set of bull nuts on earth, and now he would be filled with such power and might that no one in the world would ever be able to stop him! 

The ghost’s gloating celebration was quickly cut short, however, when he looked down and saw the enormous red bulges of nut meat — INTACT nut meat — jutting dramatically out from all four sides of the pulverizing weight stack. It couldn’t be!! Logan’s humongous bull nuts had survived, proving that they were indeed stronger than steel!!! 

A moment later, a bright golden beam of light streamed in through the window across the room from the cable machine, bathing Logan’s gorgeous, muscular, and cum-drenched form in warm healing light. The sunlight passed through Corbin’s form as well, rendering him semi-visible as the sun’s rays seared the vile spirit’s very soul. 

Corbin screamed at the sight of the brilliant sunlight, knowing that he had failed utterly in his quest for ultimate power. The evil and cruel madman, who had tortured and nutted 99 beautiful and virile young men in his life and unlife, was foiled on the very threshold of transcendence by the most powerful and hugely-hung bull stud he had ever seen. His crowning moment of glory had been stolen from him by a massive muscle boy who was only barely a man, yet at the same time was perhaps the most virile and masculine man the world had ever seen. 

The evil spirit spun around to face the stunningly handsome young stud who had thwarted him at the last possible moment. Their eyes met and locked, and then Corbin’s spectral form began to dissolve, dissipating in the light of the new day. Logan thought he could hear one last plaintive cry of desolation and loss, and then the evil spirit was gone, never to trouble the world of the living again. 

Logan collapsed back in his restraints, utter and completely exhausted. The young man’s colossal chest heaved as he tried to regain his breath, his massive ribcage expanding and contracting dramatically. His mighty club of a cock was still hard as steel, jutting proudly skyward from his muscular groin, and huge slugs of cum still ran and dripped off of his gorgeous body. Unfortunately for the handsome stud, however, his precious jewels were still trapped beneath 400 pounds of solid steel, crushed down to a fraction of an inch and only a hairsbreadth away from popping and being destroyed forever. Logan was powerless to free himself, and could only groan weakly in agony as his critically battered and wounded balls continued to slowly crack and collapse. He only had a few moments more to live as an intact male, for he knew that his utterly squashed and crushed balls were about to catastrophically explode and splatter his enormous physique with the pulverized remains of his once proud and mighty bull balls. 

In those last few moments before the obliteration of his behemoth balls, the weariness and extreme fatigue finally caught up with the handsome muscle giant, and the beautiful young football star finally and blessedly passed out… 

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Hey there everyone, and Happy Halloween! I'll be heading out to go partying in San Francisco in a little bit, but I wanted to let you all know that the fate of handsome and hunky Logan will be decided in the next hour or so. Chapter 12E of the Haunted Mansion series is set to post very, very soon...

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Haunted Mansion - Chapter 12D

The inhuman abuse of Logan's gargantuan gonads continues, with the ultimate destruction of his almighty bollocks perhaps only moments away...


Haunted Mansion - Chapter 12D
An original chapter written by Jayse, based on an overall story concept by Wyndfeld

Corbin unleashes his most brutal punishment yet on the handsome muscle giant, Logan. Can the bull hunk survive until dawn? 



The recoil was awesome. Logan’s entire massively muscular body arched profoundly backwards, every tremendous, swollen, gridiron-hardened muscle flexing and bulging in incredible relief, as a bellow of animal agony was ripped from his powerful lungs. At that same moment, a truly gigantic gout of sperm was launched from his cock like a rocket, literally forced out of his utterly crushed nuts from the sheer frightening power of the blow. The massive wad of spunk shot so high up into the air that it very nearly struck the ceiling before splashing back down upon the young man’s bound and bucking form. 

Corbin roared in triumph, knowing that this final sacrifice would seal his transition back into the mortal realm and provide him with limitless and unstoppable power. But after a few moments, the confused spirit realized that he was still stuck in the spectral realm, and he couldn’t understand why. He then looked down at the stack of weights and saw that there was still a small, almost imperceptible gap between the plates and the base of the weight stack, no more than perhaps a half of an inch. And as he looked closer, Corbin could actually see the edges of Logan’s huge bull balls, flat as pancakes, bulging out the sides of the weight stack. The mighty nuts were a dark blood red color, and visibly straining with the effort of holding up the huge pile of steel after surviving the single greatest blow they’d yet endured. 

And they were unmistakably still alive! 

It was utterly impossible!! No man could have survived such a devastating and destructive blow, not even one with a pair of titanic whale nuts!! But Logan’s massive jock balls were indeed still alive, though it was clear that their fantastic resilience had been significantly worn down. 

For the first time that night, fear crept into Corbin’s cold heart, and he began to wonder if he would indeed be able to destroy the young man’s supremely mighty balls before the sun crept up over the horizon. As panic began to set in, Corbin hurriedly raised the 400-pound stack of weight up high and let it fall once more, smashing once again into Logan’s crumbling nuts with unspeakably devastating force. 


Another cry of agony and another almighty bolt of spunk were torn from Logan’s shaking body, but impossibly, his massive, meaty bull nuts survived again! The gap between the plates and the pedestal was just a tiny bit smaller, and slightly more beefy nut meat was bulging out the sides of the weight stack, but the twin globes of supreme male might were still whole and intact. 

Real terror now filled Corbin’s spectral heart, for he knew he had only minutes left to destroy this paragon of masculinity and might before the sun rose. The young man’s gigantic nuts were so thoroughly mauled and beaten at this point that ANY blow could very easily be the one to finish them off for good, but somehow they kept finding the will and the strength to survive. Corbin now began lifting up the weights and letting them fall as fast as he could, desperate to shatter Logan’s behemoth bull balls before dawn’s first rays of light. 





Over and over and over again, the huge 400-pound weight stack was hauled upward only to plummet back down with tremendous speed and force into Logan’s utterly pulverized nuts. And over and over and over again, the young man’s heroically tough and powerful balls somehow survived, pumping out yet another colossal slug of jock stud cum with every annihilating blow. 





No man should be forced to endure such horrific abuse! But Logan had no choice but to feel every agonizing moment of his manhood’s slow destruction. 





Logan’s balls were taking longer and longer to plump back up to their healthy egg shapes each time the huge weight was lifted off of them, and they were being crushed flatter and flatter with each awesome blow. The gigantic swollen orbs were still intact for the moment, but who could say how much damage they had already suffered! The handsome young man’s titanic testicles might already be mortally wounded at this point, pounded into permanent sterility, their impending catastrophic rupturing a mere afterthought, but they nevertheless doggedly hung on, simply and stubbornly refusing to burst. The size of the wads bursting from Logan’s monumental cock were now starting to diminish in size, a sign that the young bull stud was either finally reaching the end of the unbelievably vast reservoir of sperm packed so densely in his beefy balls, or that the horrific damage his balls had been suffering was finally destroying the delicate tissues responsible for the creation and transport of his heroically powerful seed. 

Regardless, the young man’s horse nuts were STILL intact, and a frantic Corbin started dropping the weights double time, hoping to make the mighty nuts erupt in a shower of gore in these final few minutes. 







The repeated pummeling punishment of his mighty and heroically virile nuts was finally starting to squeeze out the last of Logan’s unbelievably vast reservoir of cum. The first dozen or so pile-driving blows of the weight stack each produced a titanic mega slug of cum, but after that, the subsequent sledge hammer blows were rewarded with progressively smaller and smaller jets of man cream. And after two dozen blows, the spurts of cum spraying out of Logan’s goliath 16.5-inch horse cock were becoming positively weak and watery. Logan’s fantastic well of spunk was soon going to run dry. 




After another half dozen blows, only a thin drool of clear fluid was running down the length of Logan’s titanic bull cock. His extraordinary balls were finally fully and utterly spent, every last powerful sperm forcibly pounded out of them by the unimaginably brutal pounding they were now receiving. 

And with every bit of sperm pounded out of them, Logan’s balls were even more vulnerable to rupturing. When they were bloated with man milk, the bucket-loads of spunk packed into the incredibly dense and beefy testicular tissues helped give his huge balls even more strength and structure. Without that mighty supply of spunk to keep them inflated and pumped, the young man’s massive balls were now in very serious trouble. They were already being crushed down to a mere quarter inch with each pulverizing blow, the thick nut meat bulging out more than an inch on either side of the stack at the bottom of each devastating strike, and now there was nothing left to help keep the horribly weakened and damaged balls whole for the subsequent hammer blows. Logan knew his brief life as a bull muscle stud was about to come to an end. 

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Haunted Mansion - Chapter 12C

An incredulous Corbin cannot believe that Logan has endured so much horrific abuse already, and the now fearful ghost goes into overdrive, throwing everything he can at Logan's mighty but steadily weakening bull balls...


Haunted Mansion - Chapter 12C
An original chapter written by Jayse, based on an overall story concept by Wyndfeld

Corbin unleashes his most brutal punishment yet on the handsome muscle giant, Logan. Can the bull hunk survive until dawn? 


Corbin decided to bring out the big guns, going for overkill. With so little time until dawn, the evil ghost did not want to take any more chances. 

A length of thick nylon rope floated through the air towards the moaning, exhausted, and cum-covered muscle hunk, forming a large noose at one end as it traveled across the room. Cold invisible fingers lifted Logan’s mangled and half ruined nutsac into the air so that the noose could encircle around its tremendous mass, lowering the huge orbs back to the bench as the noose pulled tight around them. The rope then pulled taut and started stretching the aching bull balls away from Logan’s body. 

The stud’s enormously heavy balls already normally stretched his mighty sac to an extraordinary 6 inches, a truly spectacular natural dangle, and now the ghost was slowly stretching them out even further. Logan groaned and writhed helplessly as his mighty stud nuts were pulled first to 7 inches, and then 8 inches, then 9 inches. The huge and achingly tender orbs were now being pulled beyond the end of the bench… and directly under the 400 pounds of weight that Logan still held suspended in the air by the overhead cable. 

10 inches! Logan’s balls are visibly straining at the ends of their overstretched cords, the red and bruised scrotal skin stretching so tight around them that the huge orbs looked ready to burst forth at any moment! 

11 inches!! The huge orbs were quivering at the edge of destruction, the mighty tethers connecting the massive balls to his muscular crotch threatening to rip free! 


Corbin had never before managed to stretch a man’s testicles so far from his body without ripping them off, and he was once again amazed and overwhelmed by Logan’s fantastic powers of strength and endurance. He almost wished he didn’t have to destroy this young man so quickly, as he could think of hundreds of ways he would like to punish and abuse such extraordinarily powerful and mighty testicles. 

But dawn was fast approaching, and so was Logan’s date with destiny. 

The young man’s herculean bull balls were now positioned perfectly over the solid steel base of the weight stack, smack dead center below the 400 pounds of weight suspended over them. Corbin tied the other end of the nylon rope off on some metal framework halfway across the room, ensuring that the young man’s bulging nuts were firmly secured in place. 

Logan was trembling in both agony and terror as he saw the cable at the top of the pulley start to fray and split, magically unravelling as the ghost slowly split it apart. The young muscle man simply KNEW that even his behemoth bull testicles couldn’t survive being crushed by such an enormous stack of weight, and his terror-filled heart was beating nearly 200 times a minute as he watched the cable continue to break apart, knowing that his fantastic masculinity had only a few moments more of glory before it would be pulverized into oblivion. 

When the last threads of the cable suddenly snapped, the young man uttered a cry of fear, expecting the weights to fall and obliterate his huge nuts, but the suspended weights didn’t fall. Instead, the cable still connected to the overhead bar tied itself off on an overhead steel beam, keeping Logan’s huge arms locked in place, while the other length of cable started pulling upward, taking the entire stack of weights with it, higher and higher and higher. Soon the weights were pulled to the very top of the steel frame, more than 8 feet over the steel base, hovering in place over the young man’s heavily wounded and utterly doomed balls. 

A deep, sepulchral voice sudden spoke from out of thin air, whispering into Logan’s ear. 

“Goodbye, my beautiful Logan. I wish I could have had more time to give those gargantuan testicles of yours the torture and mangling that they truly deserved. But unfortunately, I must destroy your balls before dawn or I will be cast back into the pits of hell, and we wouldn’t want that, would we?” Corbin chucked at his own joke. “Please know that your sacrifice this night will be eternally appreciated. Now prepare to have your mighty bull balls destroyed!” 

Time stood still for several eternally long moments. Then the ghost released the loose end of the cable, sending the 400 pounds of steel plummeting downward to crash into the steel pillar below… and catching Logan’s trapped and defenseless balls in between. 

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Haunted Mansion - Chapter 12B

Logan has impressed Corbin with his balls' tremendous toughness and resilience, not to mention their extraordinary and super human virility. But the evil ghost decides to up the abuse and destroy the handsome stud's gigantic balls once and for all...


Haunted Mansion - Chapter 12B
An original chapter written by Jayse, based on an overall story concept by Wyndfeld

Corbin unleashes his most brutal punishment yet on the handsome muscle giant, Logan. Can the bull hunk survive until dawn? 


Two 100-pound dumbbells lifted off of their cradle and started to float toward the bound muscle stud. Logan saw the approaching weights and redoubled his frantic efforts to break free. The heroically handsome young jock desperately wanted to pull away or close his huge legs, anything to spare his enormous, aching balls any further trauma. But no matter how hard he tried to break away, Logan’s balls still sat there on the bench, heavy and huge and oh so vulnerable, waiting for Corbin’s next attack. And they didn’t have to wait long. 

The face of each dumbbell was about eight inches across, only perhaps an inch or two wider than each of Logan’s own colossal bull balls. So while the dumbbells were too small to effectively strike both balls at the same time, they were perfect for flattening out and squashing a single ball. And that was exactly what they began to do. Corbin held the two huge dumbbells high overhead, one poised above each of Logan’s massive nuts, and then began slamming them down on the huge orbs, alternating left, then right, then left, then right, almost like the pistons in a car engine. 

The loud and very beefy SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! was nearly drowned out by Logan’s deep-voiced roars of agony. His balls were suffering their greatest and most brutal punishment yet, being slowly and steadily pounded into mush by the cruel and wicked specter. The force of the blows was truly horrific, as were the very loud and wet slaps of steel on flesh. Each of Logan’s gigantic balls was being crushed almost flat with every mighty blow, and it was obvious that even his burly and incredibly resilient balls couldn’t hope up under this vicious abuse much longer. 

At the same time, something must have snapped deep inside Logan’s plumbing, for suddenly he was shooting his THIRD monumental load of the hour. Gigantic ropes and salvos of chunky white sperm erupted from the young man’s thundering cock, spraying great ribbons of cum up into the air and once again festooning every surface with another thick layer of fresh man splooge. This gigantic muscle kid was simply unreal! Corbin couldn’t believe his eyes — Logan was cumming as if he hadn’t shot a load in a month, even though he’d already just pounded out the two most voluminous man loads in history! The evil ghost reveled in the fact that this supremely masculine and virile young stud was pumping out his final, majestic load even as his mighty nuts were being reduced to a gooey paste. 

WHAM!!    WHAM!! 
WHAM!!    WHAM!! 
WHAM!!    WHAM!! 
WHAM!!    WHAM!! 
WHAM!!    WHAM!! 
WHAM!!    WHAM!! 
WHAM!!    WHAM!! 
WHAM!!    WHAM!! 
WHAM!!    WHAM!! 
WHAM!!    WHAM!! 

Left, right, left, right, left, right, over and over and over again. The huge, hammering weights were slowly grinding down Logan’s proud and mighty bull balls into a sac of broken and worthless goo. Corbin was lost in a haze of maniacal, lust-filled glee as he steadily pounded the greatest set of stud nuts in history into permanent sterility. 

Logan’s third load, while still truly monumental, was perceptibly smaller than the previous two. Still unimaginably mammoth and powerful, far bigger than even Dave’s titanic stud load from earlier that night, the all-star quarterback’s third load was a bit smaller nonetheless, amounting to “only” about three dozen massive blasts of sperm (38 blasts to be exact, as recorded by the various video cameras scattered throughout the room). Corbin kept right on hammering away at Logan’s obviously spent and nearly shattered balls for several minutes after the muscle stud’s mighty orgasm had ended, pummeling his mauled and ruined sac with wild abandon and a frenzy of destruction. 

When Corbin finally stopped and let the two huge 100-pound weights drop heavily to the cum-soaked floor, he fully expected to find a huge soft bag of mush where once resided two huge, healthy bull balls. And at first glance, Corbin thought that’s exactly what he was seeing, for Logan’s hairy and bruised-covered ball sac was so swollen that it looked like it contained one huge, liquid-filled sphere of broken nut guts. But as his surprised and widening spectral eyes drew closer, the ghost discovered with stunned incredulity that there were still TWO huge intact orbs contained in that massive sac! Swollen, mushy, and more than a little misshapen, but clearly and miraculously still intact!! 

Corbin was paralyzed for several long moments, not able to believe what he was seeing. No man’s balls could have POSSIBLY survived the horrific abuse he had just rained down on Logan, but somehow the young football star’s almighty bollocks had somehow pulled through. Barely, perhaps, but they had survived. Corbin had never encountered a set of balls even a fraction as tough and resilient as these two huge monstrosities. And with only 15 minutes left until dawn, he knew he had to work fast to burst those huge balls once and for all, or risk remaining trapped in the underworld forever. The young man’s titanic testicles were now horribly weakened and softened up by the previous abuses, though, so the evil spirit knew it shouldn’t take more than a couple of good blows to burst his balls open like a pair of overripe melons. 

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Haunted Mansion - Chapter 12A

I decided that the ultimate chapter involving the impossibly big, strong, and handsome Logan deserved to be drawn out even longer. So I've broken this chapter into five smaller chunks, and will post a piece every day this week.

The epilogue (Chapter 13) will be posted on Saturday, November 1st.

I am SO pleased and grateful for the responses so many of you have posted to this series, and am very happy that you've been enjoying this story so much. I hope to keep entertaining you in the weeks and months to cum!

And no, without further ado, let's see how young Logan fares against the malevolent and powerful ghost of Corbin Harper!


Haunted Mansion - Chapter 12A
An original chapter written by Jayse, based on an overall story concept by Wyndfeld

Corbin unleashes his most brutal punishment yet on the handsome muscle giant, Logan. Can the bull hunk survive until dawn? 


Corbin needed the sexual energy of just one more male to allow him to step back into the realm of the living, and young Logan had MORE than enough raw sexual power to fuel this transition. The evil ghost just needed to unleash that energy by destroying the young man’s colossal elephantine balls, and he knew exactly how he wanted to do it. 

The ghost was now so drunk and flushed with power from his first nine conquests of the night that he was able to manifest himself more than ever before. It was now therefore easy for Corbin to lift more than a dozen objects at once, many of them quite heavy, and bring them to bear on the bound young muscle bull. 

The first object Corbin used was a simple 10-pound dumbbell, the kind with the chrome finish and cylindrical ends. The face of the weight was less than three inches across. The ghost grasped Logan’s truly enormous bag of balls, squeezing the left bull nut out of the way so that just the massive right testicle was resting, alone and vulnerable, in the center of the workout bench. Corbin positioned the small dumbbell about six feet over the huge orb, held it there for a few moments, and then brought it crashing down with brutal force into the waiting stud nut. 

The dumbbell impacted with a very loud and beefy ‘SMACK!’, driving more than halfway into the stout and extremely tough orb and causing it to dramatically balloon around the invading weight. Logan threw back his handsome head and howled at the excruciating pain. The dumbbell had collided dead center with his bulging nut, and so the huge orb was forced to absorb the entire force of the brutal blow. 

Before Logan could even catch his breath, the weight quickly rose back up into the air and then crashed back down, even harder this time, into his screaming nut. SMACK! The young stud bellowed even louder this time, searing agony tearing through his loins. But just as before, Logan’s mighty bull nut repelled the metal invader, almost taunting Corbin’s specter to try even harder. And the ghost was more than willing to oblige. 

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Over and over and over again, the small dumbbell lifted high up into the air only to crash back down with pulverizing force into Logan’s enormous right nut, making the handsome young football star bellow and cry out in terrible pain. And over and over and over again, Logan’s mighty ball proved its heroic toughness by enduring each devastating blow. The enormous, cum-bloated nut was quickly turning a bright shade of red from all of the abuse, but appeared otherwise unharmed. The young man was proving to have a mighty set of stud nuts indeed! 

After about a dozen devastating blows, the spirit’s fingers began turning the huge ball to the left and then the right, letting the continuing hammer blows strike the behemoth orb from every possible angle. The brutal pummeling continued for several long minutes until every inch of Logan’s screaming right bull ball was an equally angry shade of red. And then Corbin repeated the process with the young man’s as yet untouched left ball, clobbering it and hammering it until the left orb was as softened up as the right. Then the real torture began. 

Logan’s mighty 16.5-inch monster cock remained as hard as hammered steel, somehow further galvanized by the fear and pain into a boner that looked like it wouldn’t be going down this side of death. In fact, a veritable river of precum was flowing from its tip and painting the sides of the colossal shaft with a sheen of slick goo. The young muscle monster continued to struggle against his bindings, his mammoth bull muscles bulging and flexing to even greater dimensions with his mighty efforts, but to no avail. He was held fast, and would have no choice but to endure every brutal and inhuman punishment that the cruel and wicked ghost wanted to mete out. 

The young man’s pale blue eyes were wide with fear when he saw the next piece of equipment come into view. It was a length of heavy chain, perhaps 8 feet long, formed of massive iron links that had to be a good half inch thick and three inches long each. It was the kind of chain that weightlifters would often use to drape around their shoulders, making themselves heavier when doing dips or similar exercises. Logan knew with a sick feeling deep in his muscular gut that the chain would not be used in so innocent a fashion on him. 

Sure enough, the chain started to swing around in the air, one end holding steady and still while the other end whipped around faster and faster until…


The huge chain slammed down crosswise across both of Logan’s red and aching balls with a loud ‘CLANK!’ and ‘SPLAT!’, tearing a fresh bellow of pain from the young muscle stud. The chain immediately lifted back up in the air and began spinning around before slamming down once again. 


Again and again the huge and heavy chain came crashing down on Logan’s vulnerable and absolutely defenseless bull balls, smashing against the huge orbs and crushing them against the hard plastic bench. Logan continued to bellow in awesome pain even as his massive cock throbbed harder and harder. Corbin started alternating chain strikes on the young man’s swelling balls with rapid whipping blows of the heavy links against the thick meat of his gigantic cock. But no matter how brutally hard the ghost struck the young hunk’s massive genitals, his mammoth cock just reared up harder and more painfully solid than ever before. His goliath balls were starting to clench and seize as well, and it was clear that the handsome football jock was about to shoot an epic monster load. Corbin whipped the chain around harder and faster than ever before, and slammed the chain down with annihilating force into Logan’s bull balls just as the young stud finally reached his orgasm. 

That night, Corbin had already witnessed nine of the most massive loads the very experienced connoisseur of cum shots had ever seen. Dave’s monster load in particular, powered as it was by the largest set of testicles the evil spirit had ever seen up until that point, had set new records for both power and quantity, literally blowing any other man’s load out of the ballpark. But nothing could have prepared Corbin for the load that now erupted from Logan’s even more massive loins. 

Logan bellowed in renewed agony as the first titanic blast of cum erupted from his heroically straining cock. The monumental wad erupted from the huge dick with such astounding force that Corbin could actually HEAR the slug of boy cream spurt out of the handsome lad’s mighty flesh cannon! That first slug of cum was every bit of six feet long, an unbroken river of cum as thick as a pencil and containing more powerful sperm in that single blast than most men could produce in a WEEK of steady milking! 

The majestic cock reared backward as the first blast erupted from its tip, so that first slug burst out in a great arc, shooting a good four or five feet up into the air and painting a thick and very wet stripe from the floor a dozen feet away, across the weight stack and bench, across Logan’s mammoth chest and shoulder, and onto the floor a good half dozen feet behind him. The second, equally massive blast shot out in the same manner, a thick lashing of stud cum that sprayed another broad stripe across everything in its path. 

What followed was an utterly titanic deluge of the thickest, whitest, chunkiest man cream Corbin had ever seen. The muscle stud’s huge cock was like some sort of quivering, pulsating fountain, blasting out slug after slug after knock-you-to-the-ground slug of splooge. The handsome young stud seemed to have a never-ending supply of jizz as his humongous nuts kept convulsing and pumping out pint after pint after pint of his potent male fluids. 

Corbin kept right on pounding and slamming away at Logan’s huge nuts throughout the entire orgasm, so for several long minutes, the room was filled with the sounds of the heavy chain striking a huge balls, the spurting sound of truly massive slugs of sperm erupting from the young man’s cock, the wet and messy splatting sounds of those loads striking every object within a more than 10-foot radius, and the cries and shouts and grunts of pain from the handsome young stud himself has his body was forcibly purged of one of the mightiest loads of his young life. 

Logan’s majestic orgasm raged on and on for well over two minutes, blasting out just over 50 gargantuan blasts of spunk and nearly doubling the number and volume of sperm wads so recently shot by the uber stud Dave. When it was finally over, Logan’s face, chest, shoulders, arms, and cobblestone abs were painted almost white by a thick shellacking of his unbelievably copious nut slop. The bench and weight stack were similarly painted with a thick basting of the stuff, and the gym floor was slick both in front and behind the bound stud with large puddles of slippery spunk. Logan’s baby batter was also astoundingly thick, the consistency of a dense custard or vanilla pudding, and it ran slowly off of his skin in huge globs like molasses. The overwhelmingly heady scent of male sex filled the entire room, an aroma that was both intoxicating and powerful. 

The ghost was filled with lust and super charged with energy as he fed off of Logan’s raw sexual power. The young man was even more fantastically powerful and virile than Corbin could have ever imagined, and he drank deep from that mighty well of masculinity. All he needed to do now was destroy these most spectacular of bull balls, and his transformation back to the world of the living would be complete! 

As Logan panted in pain and temporary exhaustion, Corbin began lifting additional items into the air with his growing spectral powers. Big items. HEAVY items. 

Logan looked up just in time to see a 45-pound steel plate drop from a height of six or seven feet directly over his already bruised and battered nuts. He had just enough time to gasp a big lungful of air before the flat plate smashed down on both of his huge nuts, squashing them against the bench with brutal force. The pain was so overwhelming that the young muscle bull couldn’t even scream, but as a second plate crashed down with a deafening ‘CLANG!’ onto the first, he found his voice and bellowed once more in horrible pain. His huge balls felt like they were being crushed under someone’s boot heel, the 90 pounds of steel pressing brutally hard into his already heavily bruised nuts. 

But Corbin didn’t stop there. A third plate crashed down, and then a fourth, and then a fifth, slamming down on top of the weights already crushing the young man’s humongous balls, and steadily reducing the space between the bottom weight and the bench as Logan’s mighty balls gradually flattened out under the mounting pressure. 

When the sixth plate hit, bringing the crushing weight up to 270 awesome pounds, Logan’s gigantic cock began to spasm and spontaneously ejaculate once again. His second load, if anything, was even more powerful and copious than his first, shooting even higher into the air and farther across the room than before. Meanwhile, Corbin kept dropping additional plates down onto the young muscle stud’s massive nuts. As the plates continued to stack up, the ghost couldn’t believe that the young man’s balls hadn’t already burst. Surely no man’s balls, no matter how huge, how dense, how heavy, or how outrageously tough, could survive such vicious abuse… but somehow Logan’s mighty balls did, even as they pumped out a second monumental load of his unbelievably thick jizz! 

Seven, eight, nine, ten plates, and Logan’s orgasm raged onward, if anything increasing in intensity as the weight on top of his balls built to critical levels. 450 enormous pounds — the weight of two large, grown men — was now pressing down mercilessly on the young man’s screaming balls, and more weight continued to crash down. 11 plates, 12, 13. Logan was now thrashing in excruciating agony, tearing at his bindings with all his might and tossing his handsome head back and forth. A total of 585 pounds was now pressing down with brutally crushing force onto Logan’s twin gonads, squashing them to less than a half inch thickness, yet still they somehow refused to burst! 14 plates! 15 plates! The punishment was inhuman! 16 plates!! 17 plates!!! 

With an unbelievable 765 pounds of steel bearing down on his mighty bull balls, Logan continued pounding out his gargantuan load even as his humongous nuts were squashed down to the breaking point. Only a fraction of an inch separated the bottom steel plate from the hard plastic bench, with everything that made Logan a man sandwiched in between. Corbin knew that the purging of sperm from a man’s balls rendered them even more susceptible to rupturing, so he knew that he was only moments away from breaking this super stud’s incredibly tough nuts. The ghost lifted the final 45-pound weight all the way up to the ceiling, more than a dozen feet over the weight bench, and held it there for many long moments, taunting the terrified young bull stud  with the final weight that would wreck his manhood forever. And then, with a soft and evil chuckle, the invisible specter let the plate drop. 

Logan watched in wide-eyed horror as the weight seemed to fall in slow motion, plummeting inexorably toward the other 17 huge plates already bearing down on his nearly crushed nuts. The plate picked up speed as gravity did its work, and when it finally struck the top of the stack of plates, it made the loudest metallic ‘CLANG!!’ yet. 

“AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRHHH!!!!!” Logan cried in animal agony, throwing back his head as the single greatest glob yet of super thick stud cum erupted from his cock, blasting nearly 8 feet straight up in the air before splashing back down on his already cum-drenched chest. 

And then another huge blast of sperm erupted from his cock, and another, and yet another! It didn’t seem like there was enough space between the plates and the bench for his two huge balls to still exist, let alone pump out even more of his thick gelatinous goo! But the very fact that Logan was continuing to pound out his gargantuan load proved that his mighty balls were not shattered into smithereens after all, but were very much still live and kicking. 

Corbin watched in flabbergasted amazement as Logan pumped out another half dozen or so huge streamers of spunk, shooting nearly as many slugs of cum as in his first titanic orgasm. He would have never thought it possible for a man’s nuts — no matter HOW huge — to hold even one load of such super human proportions, let alone two! Sperm was dripping off of every surface within a dozen feet of the young man, including the 810-pound stack of iron plates that even now was still bearing down with pulverizing force onto Logan’s completely pancaked nuts! That was the equivalent of FOUR grown men standing on the young hunk’s two enormous bull nuts!! It was simply physiologically impossible that any man’s delicate and fragile nuts could support such an extraordinary amount of weight! 

Logan continued to moan and groan in terrible agony, a few weak pulses of cum still burping from his granite-hard bull cock. His whole body was drenched and soaked with his own thick and gamey spew, and if he hadn’t been in such gut-wrenching agony, the young stud would have been understandably proud of the sheer unearthly VOLUME of spunk he had just shot. 

Dawn was now only about half an hour away, so as impressed as Corbin was with Logan’s phenomenal strength, virility, and staying power, he knew it was time to annihilate the stud’s enormous bull balls once and for all. The ghost started lifting the cum-splattered plates off of Logan’s balls one by one, marveling at how the incredibly thick and chunky spunk would form long strings and tendrils as plates were pulled away from each other, almost like the strings of cheese on a piping hot pizza. This young stud produced some top quality nut butter, that was for DAMN sure! 

When the last plate was removed from atop Logan’s nuts, the huge orbs immediately plumped right back up to their healthy egg-like shapes, only now they were even redder and darker than before, nearly purple from all of the abuse and the beginnings of some truly epic bruising. But other than the redness and some slight swelling, the spectacular pair of bull nuts was otherwise intact! 

Corbin knew a sure-fired way to change THAT! 

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UPDATE on future story postings

Hey there everyone!

In a week, I'm starting an accelerated education program, sort of a midlife (if 43 is considered midlife) change of careers. Anyway, it's an extremely intensive 12-month program, so it's highly unlikely that I'll have any time to write, and probably won't even have a lot of time to post my already completed stories.

That said, I already have at LEAST enough stories to post one a week until the end of 2015, soooo I'm going to try this week to get them all lined up and uploaded to my blog so that they'll automatically post once a week for the next year. I'd HATE to think of leaving my readers high and dry without any new stories to use as meat beating material! ;)

I'll still be around and checking my emails, of course, so please do continue to leave me feedback, as I really enjoy hearing from you all, and knowing what stories you particularly enjoy. And trust me, once I have the time again, I plan on writing (and rewriting) plenty more!

Thanks again for visiting my blog, and I hope to keep you guys entertained for a long time to come!

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Haunted Mansion - Chapter 11

Here we are, FINALLY getting to the 10th and last of the young jocks, the mighty Logan. Even though he's only a freshman, this strapping stud is already so big and strong that he's the quarterback of the university's undefeated football team, and the undisputed Alpha Male on campus. But can all that muscle and power save him from the clutches of the evil Corbin Harper?

Logan's story arc covers two chapters, so don't be disappointed that there's no real ball busting in this chapter. I'm just setting things up for some MAJOR nut bashing in Chapter 12...  :)


Haunted Mansion - Chapter 11
An original chapter written by Jayse, based on an overall story concept by Wyndfeld

Logan, the most handsome and hung of all the jocks, finally encounters Corbin in the gymnasium. Can the gorgeous jock hold out until dawn, or will his huge nuts be shattered as well, allowing Corbin to step through into the land of the living once more? 


Professor Samuel White held the candelabra before him as he stepped into the old Harper library, a vast room filled with thousands of dusty tomes covering almost every subject imaginable. The Professor had spent a fair amount of time himself in this room in recent years, both studying the tomes on spirits and the occult and visiting with the spirits himself. 

Just as he was about to do now. 

“Corbin, are you here?” Samuel softly called into the darkness, sweat beading on his handsome brow. 

“Ssssamuel! How good of you to come!” a hoarse, sepulchral voice cooed from the dark. 

“I am, as always, at your command. Have you enjoyed the young men I have brought to you as sacrifice?” 

“You have outdone yourself, Samuel!” said the disembodied spirit with joy and appreciation. “This has been the finest selection of virile young males I have ever seen, each perfect and delectable in his own way. And that last one? Dave? Never before have I seen such overwhelming muscularity and masculinity in a man, or such a prodigious set of cock and balls! With superior man flesh such as this for me to feed on, I will be able to return to the corporeal world with greater power than I ever knew in life!” 

“I am so pleased, Corbin!” the Professor responded, smiling into the darkness at the unseen speaker. “And if you have been so pleased by the first nine young men that I have offered to you, then the final offering should bring you even greater pleasure. The last young man’s name is Logan, and he is the most exquisite man I have ever seen in my life. He is the quarterback on the university’s football team, and even though he is only barely 18 years old, he surpasses Tor and even rivals massive Dave in sheer size and muscularity. Since he’s still so young, I fully expect that he will eclipse even Dave’s awesome muscular development in just a few short years… if give the chance, that is.” 

Both the living man and the spectral one chuckle at the morbid humor. 

“But Logan is not only extraordinarily handsome and phenomenally well built, he also possesses the most gigantic genitals I have ever seen, even greater than the colossal set that until so very recently had been possessed by the muscle giant, Dave. I have intentionally saved the very best of these young studs for last to help catapult your final transformation into our world.” 

The malicious laugh in the chill air carried the ghost’s pleasure and amusement, and allowed the Professor to know that his work was truly appreciated. “You have done extremely well, Samuel, and I will be eternally grateful for all of you efforts. I look forward to having you by my side upon my triumphant return tonight to the land of the living. All I need is to complete one more sacrifice - claim one more set of young and virile balls - and my transformation will be complete!” 

Professor White looked nervously at his watch and said, “We have a little more than three hours until dawn. I know that I needn’t remind you that, if you fail to collect the tenth and final set of nuts tonight, your soul will be damned to the underworld for all eternity. I suggest that we move on to the fitness room, where young Logan awaits your attention.” 

“Do not worry so, young Samuel,” the spirit chuckled in amusement. “There has never been a set of balls that could stand up to my special attention. Logan’s balls, no matter how huge or powerful, will crumble like all those before him, and I will achieve the goal I have so long sought — immortality, eternal youth, and limitless power! Once I am reborn, nothing in this world will be able to stop me!” 

The spirit drifted closer to Samuel and whispered in the handsome man’s ear, “And we shall rule together, you and I — grandfather and grandson!” 


Logan had been quietly doing his homework all night. The handsome football star had been assigned to Corbin’s old fitness and weight room, and after setting up the required cameras and monitoring devices and making sure that everything was recording smoothly, the studious young man had settled down to do some reading. He was taking an enormous course load — five classes to most students’ three — so he had a lot of work to do. Fortunately, Logan was a very strong student and more than capable of maintaining his straight-A average with so many classes. It just meant he couldn't waste his time sitting up all night waiting for a paranormal visitation that wasn’t going to happen. 

The handsome young stud had gotten through three chapters of economics, two chapters of statistics, a physics assignment, and a chapter on tort law, and he realized that he needed a break. Logan was unaccustomed to staying up so late, and the lateness of the hour was making him unusually weary. He needed something to give him an energy boost and wake him up. And as he surveyed the contents of the fitness room, he knew just what he needed. 

The exercise equipment crowding the large room was state of the art for its time. But while it looked antiquated now, there looked to be nothing wrong with the equipment, and after all, weight as weight. Logan felt sure he could get a serious pump and workout in this room, and give himself enough energy to get back to his studies and stay awake until dawn. 

Logan looked down at what he was wearing, though, and realized that he needed to change his clothes a bit if he was going to get a serious workout. The jeans had to go, for one thing, and the baggy sweatshirt as well. Logan sat down at the end of one of the workout benches and took off his big sneakers, then stood back up, unbuckled his belt, and pushed down his blue jeans, stepping out of the pants before standing back up. 

All of the young men who had been invited to the haunted mansion excursion where spectacularly handsome and well-formed men, all extremely athletic and muscular and in the prime of their lives. But none of the men, not even the massive moose Dave, could hold a candle to the titanic legs possessed by the 18-year-old quarterback. The young man’s legs were simply immense, twin towering columns of exquisitely formed muscle, bulging and flexing mightily with his slightest movement. The muscles of his enormous thighs were almost ridiculously etched and defined, deep valleys and crevices separating each mammoth muscle from the other. His goliath calves looked like someone had strapped a pair of footballs to the back of his shins, and then overinflated them to the brink of popping. Dave’s legs might have measured slightly larger in circumference than Logan’s, but none of the other jocks shared the degree of symmetry and definition possessed by the young football star. 

Logan wore only a jockstrap beneath his baggy jeans, so his monumental ass was now fully exposed to the room as well. The young man’s herculean butt was formed of two enormous globes of dense muscle that were as deeply etched and defined as the rest of his legs, forming a massive shelf that jutted out dramatically from the small of his back and defied clothing makers everywhere. The young man had had enough embarrassing experiences with ripping pants over the years to know that everything he wore simply had to be baggy, and that even the spandex he wore on the gridiron wasn’t immune to tearing and sundering at an inopportune moment as it strained to contain that massive, majestic muscle ass. 

But it was the front of that straining jockstrap that was truly spectacular. Logan had to have his jockstraps and underwear specially made to accommodate his enormously oversized goods. The manufacturing company that produced the undergarments thought at first that the special order was some kind of a prank, but when the young man sent in a naked photo showing himself from the waist down and clearly displaying the eye-popping size of his equipment, the company set right to work making the clothes without another word. In the end, the order became an engineering challenge, for mere cotton could not hope to contain and support the sheer massive weight of Logan’s huge junk, so the company’s design team had to use special reinforced materials and fabric blends to come up with undergarments that would be both comfortable and provide the support and security that the young man needed, both on and off the field. 

Big Dave the Moose was also a massively hung man. But while it looked like someone had stuffed a football down the front of Dave’s shorts, in Logan’s case it looked like something the mass of a basketball was trying to burst out of his jockstrap. The thick tube of his huge cock was clearly visible through the straining material, the massive limp schlong so long that it curled back under itself so that the enormous head was tucked almost between the young man’s legs. 

The only reason why that huge cock wasn’t tucked halfway up the young man’s muscular ass crack was the sheer extraordinary size of his balls. These were no ‘mere’ bull balls, as even the largest brahma stud bull never possessed a set of gonads as huge as these. Logan’s mighty balls were bigger than the largest and juiciest of grapefruits, two colossal spheres of man meat encased in an equally enormous scrotum. The titanic testicles looked to weigh a good ten pounds each, and combined with his monster cock, created the most extraordinary crotch bulge imaginable. 

Throughout his teenage and now adult life, Logan made every effort to disguise his massive bulge as best he could, but there was only so much he could do to hide such a gigantic mound at the front of his pants. Particularly on the football playing field when he was forced to wear body-hugging spandex, Logan’s crotch bulge looked ridiculous and obscene, and the shy young man was still trying to get accustomed to the shouts and cat calls he frequently got both on and off the field. People had long been speculating that he wore an unusually massive and thick cup to give himself such a huge bulge, but only his fellow teammates knew that Logan actually went without any protection on the field, and that his crotch bulge in his uniform tights was 100 percent him. He had regretted his choice to play without crotch protection on more than one occasion — he’d experienced brutal tackles that gave new meaning to the term ‘sacked’ — but he couldn’t imagine the further teasing he would receive if he wore a cup as well. Heck, he would have to special order those as well, and didn’t know if he’d even be able to run with such a huge plastic device shoved down the front of his pants. 

Logan sat back down on the bench, his hot, intensely muscular ass barely even denting as he sat down on the cold and hard plastic padding, and he put back on his big sneakers. He then grabbed either side of his sweatshirt and pulled it up and over his head, accidentally taking the t-shirt with it. He had originally planned on keeping his t-shirt on, but as it was coming off with the baggy sweatshirt, Logan decided it was probably for the best anyway. No sense in getting his t-shirt all sweaty and having to walk back home in a wet shirt in the cold November morning. 

The young man had to struggle a bit to get the baggy clothing off of him, for his lat and shoulder muscles were so huge and so massively developed that the clothes got caught on the various muscular prominences and would not readily come off. Logan was used to that challenge as well, though, and after some squirming and tugging, got both the shirt and sweatshirt off of his body. 

The upper body that was revealed to the large exercise room was every bit as mammoth and spectacular as his awesome legs and ass. Logan had the massive size and extraordinary definition of a competition-ready super heavyweight bodybuilder… and he was only 18 years old!! The young man’s proportions were almost unreal, from his yard-wide shoulders dense with huge muscles down to his tight, narrow, muscle-banded waist. His mighty chest was simply monumental, two truly enormous plates of muscle that were every bit of six inches thick with a dark gap in between that could have easily trapped a man’s hand. His chest was lightly dusted with the same dark golden blond hair that thickly topped his stunningly handsome head, adding to the young man’s already brutally intense masculinity. 

The quarterback’s arms were particularly enormous, sturdily built from years of working out and throwing a football. Logan was equally adept at throwing with either arm, so both huge guns were swollen to mind-blowing proportions. On a dare, he’d allowed his teammates to measure his mighty and massive upper arms, which had measured 23.5 inches cold, only half an inch smaller than Dave’s monumental guns. Big Dave had clapped Logan on the shoulder when the two measurements had been read, and in his deep, good-natured voice told the younger guy not to fret and that he’d likely be surpassing even Dave’s huge size in no time. 

Now that Logan was stripped down to his jockstrap, sneakers, and socks, he was ready to attack the weights. He’d decided that he didn’t want to focus on any one body part, and instead wanted to get an all-around workout, hitting each part of his body at least once. 

He grabbed a pair of 150-pound free weights warm up with (he usually warmed up with heavier weights, but these were the heaviest dumbbells in the exercise room, so he had to make do), lay back on a bench, and did some pec flys, really stretching out his huge chest and pumping it up. After a few warm up sets, he then sat up and pressed the two weights directly overhead in a strict military press, warming up his massive shoulders for the workout to come. He then dropped one of the weights to the floor and did tricep extensions over his head, first one side then the other, making the enormous teardrop of his triceps explode with mass. Next it was on to bicep curls, picking up both weights again and pumping first one arm, then the other, over and over and over again, curling the massive dumbbells like they weighed almost nothing. Logan then stood back up and did alternating sets of lateral dumbbell raises and front dumbbell raises, hitting his goliath shoulders from two more angles and making them swell to even more gargantuan dimensions. 

By the time Logan was done with all of his warm up sets, his colossally muscular, 325-pound jock body was pumped to even more astounding dimensions, and a thin sheet of sweat covered his entire body, making his muscles glisten and gleam. He racked the two 100-pound dumbbells and let out a big huff of breath. The huge stud was now ready to tackle some serious weight. 


The invisible ghost of Corbin hovered in the corner of the weight room for nearly an hour, astonished and mesmerized by the beauty and awesome might being displayed by his soon-to-be final victim. Samuel was right, he had indeed saved the very best for last! Young Logan was the living embodiment of hyper masculine perfection, a stunningly handsome example of muscularity and masculinity taken to the ultimate extreme. 

If a ghost could faint, then Corbin Harper would likely have fainted when the mighty young stud peeled off his baggy clothing to reveal the most massively muscled and perfectly proportioned physique imaginable. And when the evil spirit saw the unbelievable size of the genitals bulging through the young man’s straining, oversized jockstrap, he could feel his own spectral penis give a mighty lurch. Oh yes, the emasculation and sacrifice of this gorgeous bull stud would give Corbin power beyond his wildest dreams. 

Corbin knew that dawn was just over two hours away, and that the tenth sacrifice of the night — the 100th in his long career of emasculating young studs — would need to be completed by then in order for him to return to the mortal world and avoid eternal damnation. At the same time, however, he knew that if he wanted to, he could harvest those most massive of testicles in a matter of minutes, so he felt no need to rush things. On the contrary, this young muscle monster was giving the ghost one hell of a show, and the wicked and lust-filled spirit decided to hang back for now to simply watch. 


Logan spent more than an hour running his spectacular body through its paces, working each muscle group through at least a couple of exercises. He hardly even paused between sets and exercises, for his body was so fit and finely tuned that he needed virtually no time to recover before his next punishing set. Thus it was that he was able to get through twice as many exercises in that hour than could a typical athlete…and pushing around easily ten times the weight as well! 

The herculean hunk started out with chest exercises, rotating through a series of incline, decline, and flat bench presses and hoisting incredible amounts of weight into the air. He loaded the barbell with 800 pounds of weight — again, he would have normally used more, but that was all that was available — and did each set cleanly, barely grunting with the effort. He moved directly to squats, using the same 800-pound barbell to grind out set after set, making his already enormous quads swell to ever greater dimensions. The young man dropped so low in his squats that his muscular ass was only a few inches off the floor, and his heavy, cotton-clad nut sac kissed the ground at the bottom of each repetition. After his fifth or sixth set of squats, Logan kept the barbell on his shoulders and started doing calf raises, lifting the massive weight in the air and making those football-shaped muscles bulge all huge and beastly. 

Logan then bent forward at the waist and began doing bent over rows, pulling the 800-pound barbell explosively up and into the solid wall of his muscular guts on every upward motion, and then slowly releasing the barbell downward almost to the floor. The young man’s back visibly swelled larger and thicker with each set until it was nearly bursting with massive muscles. 

The young hulk dropped the barbell back into its cradle with a loud ‘CLANG!’ and then set about removing half the plates. He then lifted up the barbell again and started doing sets of punishing bicep curls, making his huge arms explode with engorged muscle. He got in a good five or six sets before lying back down on the bench and using the same 400-pound barbell to pump out overhead tricep extensions, making his arms swell to gargantuan proportions. His pumped up guns now well exceeded even Dave’s monumental 24-inch measurement, and the gorgeous young stud was clearly still just getting started. 

Logan finally put the barbell down for the last time, putting all the plates back on the rack before lying back down on the bench. He then hooked his sneakered feet under a sturdy metal bar at one end of the bench and started doing crunches. The young man’s belly muscles bulged and clenched dramatically at the top of each motion, and then stretched out into a flat, corrugated valley each time he lay back down. Even more impressively, though, his underwear-clad crotch would mound even bigger at the top of each crunch, the compression of his abdomen and his goliath thighs causing the huge bulge to squeeze upward in order to avoid being crushed between all of that sweaty, swollen muscle. Logan pumped out 500 crunches in under 5 minutes, rested for about 15 seconds, and then hammered out a second set of 500. Sweat was now running off of his gorgeous body in rivers, and the thick hair of his armpits was clearly soaked and matted. 

The gorgeous young hulk was huffing and breathing heavily as he finished his final set of crunches. Logan was feeling really energized and pumped, but he wanted to get in a few more exercises before he returned to his studies. There was an old cable machine near the center of the room, and even though it maxed out at ‘only’ 400 pounds on its weight stack, Logan decided that he could use that machine to punch out a few more back exercises. The sweaty young muscle stud sat down heavily on the cable bench, his naked and sweaty muscle ass making a wet squelching sound as it hit the plastic bench. He then set the pin to the full 400 pounds and began to do cable rows, pulling the handles all the way to his muscular belly and really squeezing his back and rear deltoid muscles before letting the weight slowly return to earth. He punched out a good four or five sets of 20 reps each, and then stood up and straddled the bench to do an equal number of lat pull downs, making his huge wings of muscle swell and spread out like a pair of barnyard doors. The plastic surface of the bench was awash with the young man’s powerful sweat by the time he finished his fifth set, and his muscles were swollen to unimaginable proportions. 

But he still had one exercise to go. 

Logan sat down once again on the bench, reached up for the overhead cable bar, and started doing some wide-set cable pull downs, once again focusing on his back and lats. The young man’s form was once again perfect as he pumped out each set, making his back swell larger still. He was really feeling the pump, and was surprised that he was getting such a great workout with such an old set of exercise equipment. Logan decided that he might have to do some more late night/early morning training in the future… 


Corbin Harper watched the gorgeous muscle stud going through his paces for an entire hour, all but drooling with desire for this most awesome specimen of man. The lust-crazed ghost could finally take no more, and as Logan prepared to finish his final set of cable pull downs, the evil spirit rushed into the room and made his move. Corbin was flushed with the sexual energies he had drained from the first nine young bull studs, and he’d never felt more powerful as he surged forward to attack his tenth and most magnificent victim. 


17… 18… 19… 20! 

Logan let the 400 pounds of weight slowly return toward the ground, feeling the stretch in his swollen and sweating back and shoulder muscles. He held the overhead cable bar with both big hands, letting the weights hover just a few inches above their resting place, holding the stretch for a good long while. Man, that had really been an invigorating work out! 

Suddenly, the temperature plummeted. A chill ran up Logan’s sweat-drenched body, and his thick nipples instantly hardened to big nubs. It all happened so quickly that the young man was confused and didn’t have time to react. Not that there would have been much he could have done anyway. 

Logan felt something wrapping around both of his wrists, and looked up in surprise to see two heavy weightlifting straps spinning around both of his muscular wrists and binding him to the overhead bar. There was nothing visible holding the straps — they appeared to be moving all on their own! He began to pull at the heavy nylon straps with all of his might, but it was already too late; he was held fast and his wrists were now essentially one with the bar. 

While Logan was trying to make sense of what was happening to his wrists, a second set of heavy straps were even then wrapping around both of his ankles, pulling his massive legs forward and binding him to the thick metal frame holding the weight stack. Within moments, Logan’s powerful legs were as secured and neutralized as his enormously muscular arms. The young man was now bound spread eagled in a slightly reclining position, leaning back at an approximately 30 degree angle, with the huge pouch of his overfilled jockstrap resting heavily on the sweat-soaked bench. The handsome young man thrashed and fought against his bonds with all of his extraordinary might, but he could not break free. 

The young man’s heart began to thunder in his massive chest as he realized what was happening — the ghost of Corbin Harper not only existed, but it was materializing right now and getting ready to claim its latest victim! Logan began to panic, knowing that he was now in mortal danger. 

A pair of large scissors started floating toward the bound muscle man, and Logan could only stare in horror as the levitating scissors opened wide and made several threatening cutting motions as it drew nearer. The blades made a beeline right toward the young man’s crotch, and the jock was certain that the scissors were meant to lop his gigantic meat off. But instead the blades pulled up next to Logan’s muscular right hip, slipped gently behind the waistband of his jockstrap, and then deftly cut right through the reinforced material. Unable to contain its heavy load any longer, the pouch of the jockstrap fell forward, allowing Logan’s genitals to tumble out onto the weight bench and into full view. 

Logan’s sweaty junk looked absolutely enormous flopped out on top of the plastic bench. The young man felt a tugging underneath him, and watched in fascinated horror as the sundered jockstrap was pulled out from underneath his colossal bulk and then idly discarded off to one side. The tugging action pulled his genitals forward so that his massive elephantine balls were resting a good four or five inches in front of his crotch, just an inch or two from the edge of the bench. Logan’s gargantuan, foot-long limp cock was draped heavily over his balls and pointing toward the weight stack, the enormous, foreskin-covered head dangling over the lip of the bench in front of his behemoth balls. 

Invisible fingers as cold as death gently lifted the flaccid horse cock upwards, almost reverently cradling this most enormous of cocks in their icy grasp. Logan shuddered, both in fear and at the chilling cold, as the ghostly fingers began to stroke and fondle the enormous log of man meat, slowly coaxing it to hardness. Logan’s virility was too powerful for him to resist the ghost’s ministrations for long, and the young man’s mighty truncheon was soon swelling toward hardness. The mighty cock grew longer and thicker and larger and fatter, bloating inch by inch until it reached its full eye-popping size. Even the evil ghost seemed to pause for a moment once Logan’s humongous whale cock locked in at full vertical tumescence, for jutting proudly from the young man’s muscular crotch was what had to be the greatest, most enormous stud cock of all time. 

The football jock’s titanic penis measured a full 16.5 inches from colossal root to apple-sized head, and measured a whopping 13.5 inches around at its thickest point, which was just behind the swollen glans. It was the most enormous masterpiece of masculinity that the world had ever seen. As the huge bull cock gave a few powerful throbs, it reared back like some sort of angry beast, striking Logan in the center of his mammoth chest with a series of beefy slaps, the massive cock head almost burying itself in the deep valley between those two monumental plates of muscle. 

With his humongous cock erect and out of the way, there was now a clear view of Logan’s heroic balls. The twin testicles were so monstrous and grotesquely oversized as to be obscene, the mighty gonads swollen and bloated far larger than anything that belonged on a mortal man. Yet they were also somehow perfectly fitting for a stud of Logan’s unprecedented proportions, and were clearly the source of the young man’s overwhelming masculinity. 

The scrotum containing those two massive orbs was so huge that it could have doubled as a woman’s purse, the enormous sac large enough to contain both fist-sized balls and still be baggy and loose enough to hang nearly half a foot from the muscular and hairy crotch. Even though the handsome stud was barely 18 years old, the sheer phenomenal weight of his titanic testicles had already produced an extraordinary stretch to his thick scrotum, and no doubt those colossal bull balls would hang even lower as the young man got older. 

Or they would have, if the young man had not run afoul of Corbin Harper’s vengeful ghost. 

Logan felt the icy fingers leave his quivering cock and then encircle the thick neck of his goliath nuts, gently lifting them up into the air as if to measure their great weight and heft, and rolling the hairy orbs back and forth in their voluminous sac. The ghost seemed utterly fascinated with the huge orbs, and spent several long minutes just exploring the massive baby makers. 

The young man felt his balls slowly being lowered to the bench, but his heart leapt once more in his chest as he saw various articles starting to float in the air towards him. Logan knew he was about to experience a world of serious hurt…

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Haunted Mansion - Chapter 10

We're down to the penultimate stud -- just the huge muscle beast Dave now stands between Corbin and his greatest prize of all, the handsome and hugely hung quarterback Logan. Something tells me that Dave isn't going to be any more successful against the evil, nut-harvesting ghost than his hunky predecessors...  ;)


Haunted Mansion - Chapter 10
Based on an original anthropomorphic story by Wyndfeld

Dave, the biggest muscle giant at the university, runs afoul of Corbin’s ghost in the mansion’s master bedroom. 


Moose had been fighting against the need to sleep for almost the whole night. It didn’t help matters that he had been assigned to Corbin’s master bedroom, which featured an oversized and very comfortable-looking four-poster bed up against one of the walls. Few beds were large enough to accommodate the enormous and mighty 6-foot, 4-inch, 365-pound muscular bulk of the massive young football player, but this colossal bed could have fit three of him comfortably, four if they didn’t mind getting cozy with one another. 

The huge, handsome, dark-haired stud was having a hard time keeping his captivating blue-gray eyes open, and he figured with there being just a few more hours until dawn, nothing unusual was going to happen tonight and it would be safe for him to catch a few hours of shut eye. Besides, with the big Homecoming game coming up next weekend, Dave couldn’t afford to wear himself out or get too tired. 

The massive muscle man lumbered over to the bed with surprising grace for a man so enormously built, sat down on the edge, and took off his size 16 sneakers. The bed was surprisingly clean of dust. It smelled a tiny bit musty, but the sheets were clean, so Dave figured he could take off some of his clothes to get more comfortable. He shucked off his baggy blue jeans, revealing a truly colossal set of hairy, muscular legs. These were the kind of thighs that powerlifters and bodybuilders dreamed of, massive columns of muscular might holding up an equally massive and impressive upper body. The young man wore olive-colored boxer briefs that were clearly struggling to contain both his enormously muscular ass and a package so huge that it looked like someone had stuffed an overinflated football down the front of his shorts. 

Dave reached two goliath arms around to either side of his t-shirt and began to haul the super tight, XXXL piece of clothing up over his head. The physique revealed beneath that thin cotton fabric was simply unbelievable. The young man was built like a freaking tank, every gigantic muscle pumped and engorged to perfection and bursting with raw power. It was obvious why all of his teammates and fellow college students called the young man ‘Moose’, as he was built as huge and muscular as a bull caribou. Dave’s monumental chest, cannon ball shoulders, and tight muscular belly were all coated with a thick dusting of dark body hair, which continued in a slightly more sparse pattern across his upper back and just above his mighty, muscular ass. The young man was undeniably a true beast of a stud and 100% all man. 

Leaving just his underwear and socks on, Dave scooted his huge body under the sheets, lay his handsome head down on one of the fluffy pillows, and closed his beautiful winter gray eyes. Within minutes, he was sound asleep. 


Dave had a series of very vivid and very erotic dreams. In each, he was having awesome, mind-blowing sex with a handsome jock or beautiful young woman, alternately plowing asses and pussies with his enormous battering ram of a cock, groping big beautiful tits or muscular square pecs as he rutted and pounded his way toward orgasm. His partners were overwhelmed with lust, telling him over and over again how big and powerful he was, how handsome, how masculine, how incredibly and ridiculously hung. All of the chatter was turning Dave on more and more, and he started pounding holes faster and faster. 

His dreams then began to include the other nine guys on this field trip. Dave had never been with any of these guys, but they were all undeniably hot and sexy, and the big muscle giant had fantasized about all of them in the past. Now in his dream, he was finally fucking each of them in turn — sexy Ryan, power bottom Rafael, slender young Josh, fellow muscle monster Tor. Dave could feel his huge bull balls tightening as the feelings of pleasure grew greater and greater. 

Finally, Dave found himself fucking the sexiest, hottest man he’d ever seen in his life, his team’s own quarterback and captain Logan. Logan was a brand new freshman, barely 18 years old, and yet Dave had never seen such a handsome or masculine man before. The kid was almost Dave’s height and was already nearly as massive and muscular. He also possessed the only set of cock and balls Dave had ever seen that were actually bigger than his own colossal genitals. The young man was sex on a stick, and Dave was among the thousands of men and women on campus that longed to have a crack at the beautiful young muscle stud. 

And now, here in his dreams, Dave was finally doing just that. His gargantuan dong was buried to the hilt up Logan’s breathtakingly beautiful muscle ass, and the young man was groaning and moaning in unbelievable pleasure as big Dave pounded and hammered the stud’s big and meaty butt. Their eyes met, and Dave felt like a bolt of electricity had slammed into his massive nuts. He was hurtling toward the cliff fast, and in just a few more moments he’d hit his long delayed release… 


Big Dave awoke with a start. His heart was hammering and his loins ached, and he knew he’d been on the very brink of a massive orgasm. He could feel his huge cock still lurching, only a few quick strokes away from release, cool night air blowing across its vast hot expanse…

Cool night air!?! Dave realized with sudden terror that not only was he now completely naked with the sheets and blankets pooled at the foot of the bed, but he was stretched out spread eagled with heavy fur-lined metal shackles securing his limbs to the four corners of the bed. The huge man heaved and pulled with all of his awesome might, but the heavy posts of the bed were made from solid oak timbers nearly a foot thick. There was no way that even a man as huge, muscular, and strong as Moose could hope to snap though such heavy beams. 

Dave looked down and saw that he was still powerfully and achingly aroused. The big man owned what had to be one of the biggest cocks in the history of the human race. The largest dick recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records was a staggering 13.5 inches long. Dave had that guy beat by a full inch! What’s more, his colossal organ was as monstrously thick as it was long, measuring a full 12 inches in circumference at its widest point, located about halfway down the enormous shaft. The cap at the top of his monumental schlong was small compared to the rest of his dick, almost comically so, and only served to make his shaft look that much more enormous. 

The young man was now staring down the barrel of his massively engorged cock, the gaping piss slit dripping out long strings of his copious precum. The mighty cock reached to just a few inches below his massive chest, and the slick cock snot had already formed a clear pool of goo in the deep valley where his massive pecs met his cobblestone abs. 

And that’s when he first heard the cold and wicked voice whispering in his ear. 

“My my my! Aren’t you a BIG boy! I have never before seen a man so massively built, so enormously muscular! And though I have seen many a horse hung man in my life, I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered a man quite as monstrously hung as you! Samuel has truly outdone himself!” 

“Wha…? Who… who are you?” the huge jock asked in his incredibly deep, baritone voice. Dave’s voice quivered with the first hint of fear, a sound that had never come from the huge man before in his life. 

“Why, can’t you guess? Or are you as dumb of a beast as you look?” the spectral voice taunted. 

“C-C-Corbin?” Dave stuttered. 

“That’s right, my muscle giant!” the soft, cold voice purred in silken salaciousness. Dave felt a set of icy cold fingers grip the enormous shaft of his cock, forcing the big man to suck in a huge breath through his clenched teeth. 

“Wha… what… what are you going to do with me?” real fear now tinging the big jock’s deep voice. “You’re dead!” he exclaimed, as if that would answer his own question. 

“Oh goodness,” the smooth, malevolent voice purred sinisterly. “You really are as dumb as a box of rocks, aren’t you?”  

“Hey!!” Moose growled angrily. 

“Oh, don’t be insulted, my young friend. You’ve got plenty of other assets that more than make up for any deficit in intelligence.” Dave felt the hands leave his cock and gently cup both of his enormous, hairy, fist-sized bull nuts. “Oh yes, big assets indeed!! Big, dumb, and full of cum, just the way I like them!” the ghost snickered obscenely. 

Dave renewed his struggles to break free, and could feel a heavy, cold weight settling between his massive and wide-spread thighs, almost as if another person was settling between his huge jock legs in order to have better access to his swollen and engorged junk. 

“What are you going to do to me?” Dave half pleaded, half demanded

“What do you think?” the specter responded as his cold hands suddenly mashed Moose’s two huge orbs together. The slender fingers proved to be incredibly strong as they rubbed and ground the young man’s massive and sturdy jewels against one another. Dave had a very tough set of bull balls, but soon the ever-increasing pressure was starting to make the huge muscle man’s guts ache. 

“Oooowww!! Ah FUCK!! Stop it! God DAMN!! Oh fuck fuck FUCK, that hurts!!” Moose grunted and groaned, twisting and thrashing in Corbin’s crushing death grip. The big man stared down over his massive chest and enormous cock to his fist-sized balls. The mighty orbs were hovering in mid air, pulled a brutal 5 or 6 inches from his crotch, and the hands clenching and squeezing them were completely invisible. As Dave watched, his balls were suddenly pressed tight together, squashing down to look like a pair of very thick hamburger patties, and then they were individually kneaded and squeezed, bending and distorting in some invisible grip, twisting and stretching into ever more disturbing shapes. He’d never had his nuts handled nearly so roughly before, and the brutal pain was making his massive legs cramp with the effort to try to pull together and protect his huge, precious, and utterly vulnerable nuts. 

At the same time, Dave’s elephant cock had never been bigger or harder in his life. It was plumped up beyond anything remotely human. The enormous tool was quivering with his thundering heartbeat, and the big stud realized in agonized amazement that the vicious treatment of his bull balls was rapidly sending him toward a titanic orgasm. 

The invisible hands clutching his delicate orbs began crushing even harder still, the incredibly strong fingers starting to dig deep into beefy flesh, which was being forced more and more to yield to the intruding digits. Dave’s huge bull nuts had survived some really brutal abuse in the past, including a memorable occasion when he took a direct collision on the gridiron with the armor-plated shoulder of a linebacker almost as big as Moose, but the big man knew his mighty nuts couldn’t take too much more of this crushing abuse. 

The huge man was writhing on the bed, his handsome head thrashing savagely side to side as he struggled to endure the terrific agony exploding in his balls. His uber stiff cock remained flagpole hard, pumping out precum like other men pee. It was clear that the big man was about to blow his nut. 

“AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRHHHH!!!!!” Dave bellowed as his orgasm finally hit. An almighty gusher of sperm erupted from his massive cock, the enormous wad made even larger by the inhuman pressure being exerted on his grossly distended and distorted bull nuts. The first slug of cum cleared Dave’s massive body altogether, slapping hard against the high wooden headboard and exploding across its surface in a huge smear of gelatinous cum. 

A second blast followed, and then a third, and a fourth, spunk pumping out of Dave’s goliath body like some sort of sperm fountain. The lush deluge soon painted a vast expanse of the headboard a creamy white, and more of the thick, viscous stuff splattered all over his belly and hairy chest, drenching his own enormous muscles in cum. All the while, Corbin’s invisible fingers clenched harder and harder, grinding those two huge powerhouse nuts together and threatening to burst them wide open in the midst of his gargantuan orgasm. 

One dozen massive bolts of cum, then two dozen, and still Dave’s orgasm raged onward as the big man thrashed and fought mightily against his restraints. 

“Yes, that’s it Dave. Blow your monster load! I never knew that a man’s nuts could be so full!! Yes, keep on pumping it out!” the spectral voice encouraged, its cold and evil voice tinged with awe at the spectacularly virile sight. Dave’s handsome face and colossal torso were positively awash with the thickest spunk imaginable, and even more of the gloopy smegma was plastered across the broad face of the heavy wooden headboard. 

But Dave barely even heard the ghostly voice, so overwhelmed was he by the unimaginable pain in his nuts. His goliath bull balls didn’t look remotely like testicles anymore, their huge egg-like shapes now grossly distorted. The indentations of the invisible fingers could be clearly seen as they dug into the very heart of the two huge orbs, forcing the thick ball flesh to ooze and bulge between the clutching digits. Wet and sickening crunching sounds were now coming from Dave’s huge balls, and he could actually feel their heavy walls starting to crack and fail. The young man’s mighty moose nuts were on the verge of rupturing. 

The ghostly fingers suddenly grew stronger still, and the two fist-sized bulbs were literally crushed together. The huge bull stud could do nothing except gasp in shock at the mind-blowing sensation of his nuts being squeezed into each other. His entire, massively-muscular body started to spasm and his flaring cock started to pump even harder. Dave was fighting so hard that the entire bed shook and bounced, and the heavy wooden bed frame cracked and squealed from the enormous strain. 

“GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” the young muscle man screamed as his huge nuts finally began to crackle and implode. His pulses of lush and fertile seed began to be colored pink and gray by his shattering, crumbling testicles as the thin but impossibly strong fingers dug ever deeper into the tough ball meat, rupturing the huge balls bit by bit. His massive slugs of cum first turned a pearly pink, then a light strawberry, slowly darkening to a chunky mix of gray testicular matter and crimson fluids as the actual guts of his enormous testicles were powerfully ejaculated out all over the young man’s magnificent chest. 

Corbin continued to mash and pulverize Dave’s humongous bull nuts all throughout his unnaturally prolonged orgasm, not stopping until he had crushed and squeezed every last blob of the young muscle giant’s extraordinary maleness out of his totally depleted ball sac. The handsome young man was left with nothing but an empty and floppy sac hanging between his massive legs, a hairy bag that had been forever robbed of its precious contents. 

Dave’s monumental chest was awash with a gory mess of white sperm, crimson blood, and the shattered chunky remnants of two titanically enormous balls. So much of the gloopy mess coated his chest and belly that it was running off on either side of his mighty rib cage in thick, chunky rivers, staining the sheets with the broken remains of his once-colossal manhood. The young muscle man could only sob in pain and loss, his mind barely able to comprehend the agony and vicious cruelty that had just been visited on him. 

The young man’s moose dick was still as achingly bone hard as ever, a few slender tendrils of ball matter dangling out of the tip being the only evidence that he’d once possessed some of the largest balls ever possessed by a man. Dave didn’t notice the pair of garden shears that had suddenly levitated from beneath the bed and were even now being positioned on either side of his impossibly huge cock. It wasn’t until he felt the cold metal of the sharp blades gently biting into either side of his cock that he even knew he was in danger, and by then it was too late. 

In one powerful motion, the two blades were suddenly squeezing together. Dave screamed in renewed agony as he felt the sharp blades of the garden shears cutting deep into either side of his thick cock. The tough and fibrous tissues of the mighty schlong seemed to fight against the blades for a few moments, struggling against destruction, but with a few more short, sharp movements, the two blades shut and severed the mighty organ from the young man’s bucking and thrashing form. 

Before Dave could even begin to comprehend this added pain and loss, the ghostly voice said, “Now it’s time for you to go fuck yourself, Dave.” The big man felt his massive ass cheeks spread open, and then his ass was ripped apart by the unimaginably violent impalement of his own gargantuan cock. Corbin shoved the enormous member into Dave’s ass, sinking it in all the way to the hilt, and Dave uttered one final screech of sheer agony before collapsing back onto the bed in unconsciousness. 

Once more, a savage and ghostly chuckle could be heard echoing through the room as the vile spirit moved on to its next and final prey…