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Dethroning the King - Chapter 10 (Draft) - THREE on One!

Okay, I know that I haven't yet taken all of your suggestions and fleshed out Chapter 9, but I'm eager to provide all of my draft text to you all, so I'm gonna go ahead and start posting the remaining chapters as well.

Zach survives Chapter 9 a bit battered but otherwise intact...and victorious! His body has somehow been fighting off the worst of the effects from the serum, something no other test subject has done before. But Gustav anticipated that the handsome hunk might prove to be especially tough to take down, so he has an ace up his sleeve. He announces a second bout, a double-or-nothing match, and introduces a third opponent in the form of the Kingslayer.

This chapter should involve even more brutal wrestling action. While some low blows and dirty moves should be thrown in, the focus continues to remain Zach's fantastically muscular, exquisitely defined, perfectly proportioned physique. And despite the continuing work of the serum, Zach almost, ALMOST wins this second match! But a vicious move by the mysterious Kingslayer finally lays Zach out, and the three wrestlers finally get their chance to start taking the King down...


Dethroning the King
An original story by Jayse and D.

Chapter 10 - THREE on One

After Zachary “The King” Sorensen defeated both Reaper and Annihilator, Gustav Billings offered him a challenge to fight against Reaper and Annihilator one more time, with one surprise newcomer added to the mix. The prize money will be triple of what he will be getting, and to top it off, a clean deed to the area occupied by the slum. However if Zach is beaten, then Gustav will take possession of “everything” that Zach owns.

Although the drug was taking effect inside of him, Zach shook it off and disregarded the uneasy feeling he has of Gustav’s offer. Zach was confident that he will emerge the victor like always. He believed that as long as he fought for what is just and good, he will always emerge victorious, and this is a golden opportunity to give all those who are living in the slums a new chance at a better life! Of course, his pride as the undefeated champion will never let him back down form a challenge that easily.

The second match is announced, and the Kingslayer is introduced to the audience. A stylized wrestling mask obscures the man’s features, revealing only piercing blue eyes and a cocky, arrogant, confident grin. The man is “only” 6 feet tall and perhaps 230 pounds, making him far smaller than any of the other three men in the ring, yet his lean muscles look powerful. The young man enters the ring with all of the confidence and swagger of a long-time champ, even though this will be his first ever battle in the arena. The lad seems to ignore the boos and jeers from the audience. 

Unbeknownst to Zach, all three of his opponents have now slipped foreign objects into their wrestling attire. All three men now have steel plates embedded in their knee and elbow pads, and have swapped out their normal shoes for steel-toed boots with steel studs embedded in their thick heels. These are accessories that should REALLY help soften up Zach’s mighty, rock-hard muscles and boulder-like balls. The Kingslayer also has a set of brass knuckles tucked into the crotch of his wrestling trunks, which he will keep hidden until the time is right…

As Annihilator, Reaper and the Kingslayer make their way to the ring, a weird sensation washed over Zach. His eyes glazed over temporarily, and his muscled body spasmed involuntarily, his balls churned, and he can feel his own huge cock start to grow. Unbeknownst to Zach, his body has been fighting against the effects of the drug ever since he drank it, and after the exertion from his initial fight, the drug has now saturated in every cell in his body. He keeps on fighting, however, shrugging off the serum’s effects as best he can and putting up one hell of a fight against his three opponents. 

The resulting fight and punishment should be brutal. The Annihilator and the Reaper have a HUGE grudge against the handsome muscle stud, and they revel at the chance to beat the crap out of the huge man. The Kingslayer’s motivations are unknown at this time, though it’s clear he is also eager to take down he champion. All three are mighty and talented fighters, and by all rights should have been able to make short work of any opponent, particularly one who is slowly succumbing to the effects of the serum. 

Zach had been able to dominate both Reaper and Annihilator completely in the previous match, but as the serum starts having its effect on Zach, the young muscle man is obviously struggling against his three opponents. Each of them take turns facing Zach head on, while the other two worked together in cancelling Zach’s attacks and defenses. The Reaper relies on his pure muscular strength and the toughness of his body in his attacks on Zach. The Annihilator, while not as massive as Reaper, he is more agile than him and known more fighting style than the enhanced soldier. The Kingslayer seems to know everything there is to know about Zach, anticipating what moves to use on the hero, how to counter Zach’s attacks, and how to predict the champion’s next moves. He relies on his agility and speed, coupled with different holds and claws, and his aim is to wear Zach out and damaging, softening up, and finally rendering Zach’s muscles useless, one group at a time.

But Zach amazes everyone by giving as good as he gets, and then some! Despite his growing wooziness and fatigue, and the ever-growing heaviness in his bloated (and battered) crotch, Zach continues to hold his own against all three of his assailants, and for a time looks like he might actually WIN! 

Zach finally gets all three of his opponents (literally) up against the ropes. He has brutally pummeled all three of his opponents, all they’re all looking exhausted and battered and near the end of their strength. It’s taking everything that the panting and sweating muscle man has just to stay upright and fighting, but his tremendous will and drive keep him going, and now he’s about to win! 

I am thinking that Zach might try to use his famous finishing move against the Kingslayer, a move that has become one of his trademarks in defeating his opponents:  a flying kick. Throwing all the strength in his body behind it, Zach dashed and leaped into the air, his right leg stretched to the max, aimed at the Kingslayer who is slouching against the far ropes.

The Kingslayer was “playing possum”, however; he flashed an evil grin and pulled his fists back slightly, slipping on the brass knuckles he’d retrieved from his trunks. The Kingslayer has clearly paid careful attention to every aspect of Zach’s fighting techniques, understanding every shredded and thickly corded inch of his body, his personality, and his fighting style. The Kingslayer has also figured out a counter for Zach’s favorite finisher, and lured the champ into using it! 

Zach is not wearing anything except a pair of tight, low-cut, square-cut trunks. The snug fabric kept his package in place and showed off the outline of his genitals vividly. The Kingslayer suddenly dodged to the right at the last moment and shot both of his fists out! It is too late for Zach to respond or change his trajectory, and his entire 365-pound body weight, propelled by his tremendous charging strength, drove himself straight into the Kingslayer’s steel knuckled fists! RIGHT INTO HIS BALLS!!!

The audience gasps in shock as the seemingly much younger and weaker opponent singlehandedly dismantles Zach’s finisher! The Kingslayer has used Zach’s own tremendous strength and fury to drive the stud’s gigantic testicles back into his abdominal cavity, where they make enormous bulges out on either side of the hunk’s mammoth bull cock. Zach’s handsome lantern jaw drops open and his beautiful blue-green eyes bulge out in agony and shock, and he drops heavily to the floor like an enormous sack of potatoes, big meaty hands clutching at his lower abs and crotch in a futile attempt to lessen the ferocious agony pulsing out of his nuts. His massive scrotum, so recently filled to capacity by a pair of goliath stud balls, is now empty, just a huge bag of skin flopping uselessly between his columnar legs. 

Before Zach can react, the Kingslayer performed an atomic drop maneuver, leaping high into the air and dropped down with both steel-padded knees into the bulges in Zach’s corrugated lower abs. The atomic drop simultaneously crushes the stud’s trapped balls and propels them back into his scrotum with punishing force. The blow tears a thunderous bellow of agony from the heretofore silent and stoic champ.  

These two crippling low blows would have neutered any lesser man. Zach’s mighty man rocks survive - bruised but intact - but the agony immediately forces Zach to clutch his wounded orbs with both hands, rolling around on the floor until slowly pulling himself up to his knees. The three opponents start to circle the kneeling muscle stud like vultures around a wounded animal. They all realize that the Kingslayer’s low blow signals the beginning of the end for Zach’s illustrious fighting career…and his reign as an epic alpha stud. 

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Dethroning the King - Chapter 9 (DRAFT) - Two on One

Dethroning the King
An original story by Jayse and D.

Chapter 9 - Two on One

The day of the match finally arrives. The arena is absolutely packed to capacity. The champion, Zach “The King” Sorenson enters the arena first, eliciting thunderous applause. The silk robe he’s wearing does little to hide his heroic muscular size, and he has a look of focus and determination on his achingly handsome face. He enters the ring accompanied by Ian and several other staff from his gym. They help him disrobe, revealing his spectacular body to the wildly cheering and adoring crowd. Zach is completely naked except for his regulation red wrestling trunks, the tight-fitting lycra fabric hugging every bulge and curve of his fantastically muscular ass and his gigantic cock and balls. 

The Annihilator enters next, the huge man eliciting both cheers and boos from the audience. A cocky sneer is on the huge man’s ruggedly handsome face as he struts his way to the ring. When he disrobes, he reveals a physique that is even more insanely massive than ever, for he now carries 420 pounds of bloated, swollen muscle on his 6-foot, 6-inch frame. Clearly, this muscle beast has been working out in preparation for this grudge match! 

Lastly, the Reaper is finally revealed to the crowd after much fanfare, and both Zach and the audience get their first look at the 7-foot, 2-inch giant. An iron mask covers the entirety of the Reaper’s face, showing only the hard, merciless stare of his brown eyes. A black silk robe covers a body that is so enormous that it defies description. When the Reaper enters the ring and lets the robe fall, even Zach’s beautiful hazel eyes widen in surprise and shock at the sheer unearthly SIZE of the muscular giant. The Reaper is so colossally huge and muscular that his 7-foot, 2-inch  tall and 525-pound body actually dwarfs the champion’s 6-foot, 3-inch and 365-pound Adonis-like form. 

While all of this is going on, the mole in Zach’s own team secretly opens a hidden vial of clear fluid, the serum that had been provided to him by Gustav’s scientists. Though he was instructed to only pour 1 cc of this fluid into Zach’s water bottle, he empties the entire 10 cc vial into the large water bottle, an evil smirk playing across his face as he does so. The tasteless, colorless, and odorless serum is quickly mixed with the champion’s water, and the bottle placed back at ringside with no one the wiser. 

Introductions are made, rules are described (LOL - what rules?!), and the fighters take their corners. Ian leans in to his best friend and mentor and starts giving Zach words of advice and encouragement, passing the huge muscle man his water bottle. Zach’s eyes remained locked on his opponents, but he listens closely to Ian’s every word, opening up the water bottle and taking a large swig of the cold water within. 

The bell chimes, and the match begins. 

******** Now, I’m not good at writing blow-by-blow wrestling stories, so I’m hoping one of you can do so. This chapter needs to highlight Zach’s terrific strength and skill in the ring, for he is able to outmatch and outfight not just one, but TWO enormous, dirty-fighting opponents who far exceed him in size and mass. I really love the idea that both the Annihilator and the Reaper are so much bigger than Zach, with the Reaper in particular being the product of military-grade genetic engineering, and STILL Zach is stronger and tougher! (The muscle giant was produced from the sperm of countless studs, but Zach’s natural genetics are still far, far superior…which is why Gustav so desperately wants the stud’s prime genetic material.) That way, it’s even more impressive when mighty Zach lays both huge men out in the first 2-on-1 match. Even though the big muscle stud is smaller than either of his opponents, he quickly proves that he is both stronger and faster than either of the larger men. 

Both the Annihilator and the Reaper need to land some terrific blows on Zach in the course of the fight, because I need to show just how tough Zach really is. He shrugs off each and every blow, even the cruel punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and upper cuts into his unprotected testicles, and continues pummeling both of his opponents into eventual submission. 

Zach shocks Gustav and rocks the UFT world when he succeeds in besting both of those gigantic studs in the most colossal battle in UFT history. And Zach wins despite taking multiple long drinks of water from his tainted water bottle, and fighting off the effects of the serum long into the match. 

In fact, the serum seems to do nothing to the huge muscle man for a good long time, much to the Annihilator’s and Reaper’s great concern (as they are in on the entire plan), as well as Gustav’s own worry and consternation. It’s not until at least halfway through the match that Zach starts feeling dizzy and light headed, and notices that he’s getting slower and weaker, if only by a little bit. Nevertheless, the handsome stud digs deep and continues fighting, in the end overcoming and defeating both of his opponents, despite their constant cheating and ganging up on him! 

The crowd goes absolutely wild at this turn of events, the applause and screaming almost deafening, and echoed throughout the rest of the sprawling city of New Angeles. Almost every resident, from the vast poor population to even most of the rarefied elites, had been rooting for the handsome hero, and they are overjoyed at his success. 

Gustav Billings, however, is visibly furious. But the Supreme Leader has a back up plan. He urges the crowd to silence and then smiles benevolently down upon the panting and winded champion. Gustav then offers another challenge, a “double or nothing” proposal, offering Zach uncontested control over a huge section of the barrio — in essence, setting Zach up at the leader of his own nation-state within the larger nation-state of New Angeles — if he can win in another fight. And THIS time, he’ll have THREE opponents:  the Annihilator, the Reaper, and a brand new, never-before-seen opponent, the Kingslayer. 

A tired and panting Zach looks to his corner for advice, only to find that Ian and the rest of his team has been whisked away by UFT officials while he wasn’t looking. The big stud realizes that he is on his own at that point, and though he’s unexpectedly tired, he realizes that the prize offered by Supreme Leader Billings is simply too great to refuse. After a few more moment’s consideration, Zach once again meets Gustav’s eyes and agrees to the match. Another round of thunderous cheers echo throughout the vast auditorium. 

But with the serum continuing to perform its quiet, evil work inside Zach’s bloodstream, can the handsome hero possibly hope to win against THREE opponents?!? ********

Okay guys! Here’s where YOU all come in! I’d LOVE to have you guys send me drafts of how you’d flesh out this chapter, and the first match between Zach and the Reaper and Annihilator. Even just suggestions for specific scenes within the epic battle would be super appreciated. I don’t intend to submit the next unfinished chapter until Friday of NEXT week, which gives you all a full week to submit ideas in the comments section. Also, feel free to post your personal email address in the comments section — I promise not to post your email address on the blog, so you can remain anonymous if you wish. 

Looking forward to hearing from you guys! :D

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Dethroning the King - Chapter 8 - Preparation

Hello gang! 

This is the final completed chapter in this series...and honestly, it's not even that much of a chapter. I couldn't really think of anything particularly compelling or erotic to include in this chapter, so it's shorter than the rest. I really only intended this chapter to be the transition leading up to the epic fight between Zach and his two opponents. 

From here on out, I simply have suggestions for how the story should unfold. Tomorrow, I will post my ideas for the next chapter, and I'm hoping that one or more of you will take a stab at writing some or all of the text for that next chapter. Let's make this a team effort! :D



Dethroning the King
An original story by Jayse and D.

Chapter 8 - Preparation

The next 7 days passed with agonizing slowness for a populace excited and eager to witness the upcoming event. The excitement built throughout the city and the rest of New Angeles, quickly taking on a festival-like atmosphere. Not only was this going to be the biggest fight ever in the career of their greatest hero, but the results of this match could have long-lasting effects on the barrio, and indeed, on the entire nation. 

The media blitz was virtually around the clock, with most of the coverage focusing on Zach “The King” Sorenson, the reigning champ. In depth bios detailed the young man’s troubled and tragic past, his rise to stardom, and his training for the upcoming match. TV cameras were in his gym almost 24/7, capturing every muscle-bursting, sweat-dripping, power-packed moment of the spectacularly handsome and massively built stud’s weight training and boxing regimen. Zach’s focus on his workouts was utterly intense, and he did an impressive job of ignoring the cameras, reporters, and hordes of gawkers and fans as he thundered out one mammoth set after another. 

Between sets, however, Zach was the warm, smiling, and humorous young man that had captured the hearts and minds of the populace of New Angeles, and of people around the world. Zach was shown in his natural setting, sparring and training with his young proteges in his gym, as well as talking with members of his community, performing outreach, and otherwise showing all of the ways that he helped make lives better for all of the residents in his neighborhood. 

One particularly memorable program showed his kind-hearted nature, as well as his insanely tough body, as Zach allowed himself to be used as a human punching bag by half a dozen muscular teens at the same time. Raising his phenomenally muscular arms above his head, Zach allows all six teens to pound on his body at the same time, from every side and angle, focusing on his abdomen, midsection, and middle and lower back, with occasional punches to his colossally muscular pecs and even the deep wells of his hairy armpits. The huge dude didn’t even have to flex to ward off the bare-knuckled blows — his muscles were just so damn tough that he didn’t have to! Instead, he gave each boxer pointers on how better to land their blows. Even as they pounded away at his magnificent body, it was clear that his crew of teens absolutely adored big Zach, and at the end of the training session, they all piled on top of him, dragging his massive, laughing form to the floor in a stack of slick muscles. 

By contrast, the camps for both the Annihilator and the Reaper were almost completely secretive, particularly that of the Reaper. No one in the public had even SEEN the new UFT contender yet, so there was great speculation as to who he might be. Not even Zach got a chance to see or meet the newest UFT contender, and he had to content himself with waiting to meet one of his opponents until the very match itself. 

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Dethroning the King - Chapter 7 - The Proposal

Dethroning the King
An original story by Jayse and D.

Chapter 7 - The Proposal

Gustav Billings came up with a wicked plan inspired by both his profound jealousy and unrivaled greed, a plan that would see to Zach’s ultimate downfall and his own elevation to even greater wealth and power. 

The young fighter had long since earned the Supreme Leader’s enmity due to his enormous popularity as both a sex symbol and as a ray of hope to the masses, not to mention his extraordinary masculine beauty and utterly phenomenal strength. Now, knowledge that the young champion was also spectacularly endowed, gifted with genetics almost beyond imagining, and a walking one man sperm bank was enough to throw Gustav into nearly apoplectic fits of anger and envy. Watching the clandestine recording of Zach’s solo performance in his gym, bludgeoning his behemoth balls and busting out four almost inconceivably massive loads, only further reinforced Gustav’s resolve. The King must fall. 

The deeper truth, and one that Gustav was unwilling to admit even to himself, was that he felt threatened by Zach and all that the young man represented. The young champion’s sense of honor and justice was starting to reshape the slums, awakening the cowed and tractable populace in a way that nothing else had done before. The Supreme Leader knew on an instinctive, gut level that he not only had to take down “The King”, but he had to do so in the most brutal and permanent way possible, quashing the hopes of those in the slums at the same moment that Zach’s own colossal gonads were squashed forever.

But Gustav didn’t want the young man’s fall from grace to be swift and merciful; no, he wanted the handsome hunk to suffer like no other man had suffered before. The Supreme Leader wanted Zach dismantled piece by piece before a roaring crowd, taking the sexy stud down in every way possible. And when the young man’s destruction was complete, Gustav vowed to have the only source of Zach’s fantastically potent sperm in the world, a resource that could make the already phenomenally wealthy man rich beyond his wildest dreams. 

The Supreme Leader wanted the young man’s fall to be a public event, so naturally it would take place in the UFT arena. And Gustav would pull out two secret weapons that he’d been waiting to use until just such an occasion. The first such secret weapon was a brand new entry to the UFT league, a monstrous warrior named The Reaper. 

The Reaper

The secret breeding and eugenics experiments conducted by Gustav’s scientists over the past few decades had not been a complete failure. While the scientists had not been able to overcome the fertility plague, their efforts did bear some fruit when it came to creating super soldiers, and the Reaper was the greatest success ever to come out of that military program. 

Standing a full 7 feet, 2 inches tall, the Reaper was a true giant of a man, and his gargantuan weight of 535 pounds made him unquestionably the largest muscle man that the world had ever seen, dwarfing even the mighty and muscle-bloated Annihilator. The Reaper was built on a truly massive scale, thickly thewed with almost impossibly massive muscles, and he possessed a frightening amount of strength, capable of hurling his fist through concrete walls and lifting mind-boggling amounts of weight. He represented the ultimate wet dream of dictators throughout history, an unquestionably loyal super soldier of almost unimaginable size and strength. 

Like all of the offspring produced by the scientists’ experiments, however, the Reaper was far from perfect. His face was monstrously deformed, so hideous that the scientists created an imposing metal mask that the huge man wore at all times. And though the Reaper was endowed with a set of genitals equally as massive as the rest of his gargantuan body, the mutant creature was completely sterile, unable to transfer his colossal size and strength to future generations. He was a genetic dead end, but also the most powerful warrior in the Supreme Leader’s arsenal. 

Supreme Leader Billings wanted to stage a two-on-one match with Zach, including both a third rematch between the handsome hunk and the mighty Annihilator, and adding the Reaper as a second and even more massive and powerful combatant against the popular champion. Surely such a mighty and muscular brute as the Reaper could make short work of even Zach Sorenson! Especially when combined with the Annihilator! Gustav had already secured the participation of the Annihilator, who was more than happy to take part in the King’s downfall after years of defeat and humiliation at Sorenson’s hands. 

The Serum

Gustav was certain that the combination of both the Reaper and the Annihilator in a two-on-one match would be more than enough to defeat the handsome stud, but as insurance, he intended on unveiling his second secret weapon on Zach. This second weapon was a serum that had been developed by his scientists during their experiments on male fertility. A team of brilliant scientists had been struggling to find a way to boost a man’s virility and increase his sperm production, and after years of experimentation had succeeded in achieving their goal. A single dose of the serum accelerated the growth and maturation of a man’s sperm cells by upwards of 5,000%, vastly increasing the size of a man’s cum loads, and simultaneously cutting down his “recharge time” to a fraction of its previous length. 

The first test subjects who were given the serum soon had the laboratory awash with their overabundant ejaculate, and it looked like the serum would be heralded as a watershed breakthrough in the fight against the fertility plague. 

Unfortunately, the serum was soon discovered to have a series of severe adverse side effects that more than negated its virility-enhancing benefits. First, the serum dulled the mind, causing hallucinations in extreme cases and releasing a man from all mental inhibitions. Second, the serum caused severe weakness, weakening a man’s muscle fibers and slowly eating away at their very protein structures, which were then used as building blocks to produce even more sperm. 

In and of themselves, these first two side effects weren’t too severe, but it was the third and final side effect that rendered the serum a failure…for the effects of the serum were permanent. A permanent 5,000-fold increase in a man’s virility might sound like a fantastic benefit on the surface, until one considered that such a massive volume of sperm production required a vastly increased amount of fluids and nutrients to fuel a man’s testicular furnaces. The first test subjects expired within just a few hours of receiving the serum, dying of extreme dehydration and electrolyte loss. The scientists thought to solve this problem by hooking up the next test subjects with intravenous fluids and nutrients in the hopes that they could supply these young men with their fluid needs as fast as they were converted into sperm and ejaculate. 

At first, adding IVs seemed to be the solution, for the young male subjects could keep their bodies replenished even as their balls churned out staggering amounts of semen. What the scientists couldn’t relieve, however, was the extreme stress that such heightened production levels placed on the men’s balls. Their turgid testicles would start to heat up after perhaps 6 or 8 hours of accelerated production, an indicator of just how hard those twin sperm tanks were working. A few hours after that, and their genitals began to swell larger. This genital swelling was partially due to hyper-engorgement of the sexual tissues by increased blood flow. But astonishingly, this increase in both penile and testicular size was also caused by an increase in the size and volume of the testicular matter itself! With an ever-mounting drive to produce greater and greater volumes of sperm, the man’s nuts actually began to grow and enlarge in order to further increase their production capacity! Their penises grew as well, though not at as great a rate as their balls, in order to create a thicker and stronger cannon capable of ejaculating the insanely copious amounts of fluids being manufactured within their serum-enhanced balls! 

The men experienced a doubling or more of the size and mass of their testicles after taking the serum, which also resulted in an associated increase in the volume of their ejaculate. Even the scientists were unprepared for just how much chunky jizz these young men were capable of producing! 

The human body wasn’t meant to accommodate such rapid growth, however, and it was quickly obvious that the serum was redlining the young men’s endurance limits. What happened next still gave even many of the hardened and jaded scientists nightmares. 

The serum caused a man’s balls to switch into overdrive, making them grow and swell and heat up until they became bloated furnaces of sperm production. Inevitably, however, they reached a point of no return, exceeding all design capacity…and that’s when they would explode spectacularly within their sac. Unable to endure the extreme stress and strain, the test subject’s bloated and swollen bollocks would explode, usually one right after the other. This violent, brutal, and sudden end to the subject’s manhood was fatal to the young man, and his heart would give out moments after his emasculation. 

In short, the serum was deadly. 

Most men would last less than a day before their balls exploded and they expired. Some of the tougher and bigger built test subjects could last a bit longer, and one particularly bull-balled young stud lasted a full three days before his massive balls catastrophically and simultaneously exploded, killing him instantly. 

The scientists had no antidote for the serum, so once the fluid was introduced to the subject, there was no cure. The only way that they could save the life of a test subject was to cut off his monstrously swollen balls before they exploded, and even this effort wasn’t a sure-fire way of saving the man’s life — some still died anyway, their bodies pushed too far beyond their limits. Regrettably, the serum was therefore deemed a failure, for one way or another, the serum resulted in the violent end to a test subject’s manhood, if not his very life. Worse, the serum did nothing to increase the amount of viable sperm in a man’s ejaculate; if the test subject was already experiencing infertility, then the serum did nothing to correct that, it just made him produce vastly greater volumes of useless sperm. Experiments using the serum were finally halted when it was proven that this avenue of inquiry would not lead to a solution to the infertility plague. 

But for Gustav Billing, he couldn’t imagine a more appropriate way to destroy the oversized and oversexed young champion than to use his own phenomenal virility against him. The serum would make Zach’s mammoth bollocks bloat up like bowling balls, pumping out so much of his thick and supremely potent sperm that the whole damn arena would be awash in his fertile male juices! Gustav idly wondered if the awesome, super human toughness of Zach’s elephantine nuts would allow them to endure the serum even longer than the current 3-day record, or if the already record-breaking fecundity of those mighty bollocks would cause their premature demise when pushed to the maximum. Either way, Gustav knew it would be quite a spectacle, a UFT match that would go down in legend. 

The savvy and devious Supreme Leader never wasted his resources, and he intended to harvest Zach’s profuse and overabundant emissions in the arena in order to stockpile the world’s only supply of the stud’s championship jizz. For one thing was for certain, Zach Sorenson’s mighty bull balls would not survive the match! 

Plans were set in motion for the ultimate fall of Zach Sorenson, the forced retirement of the King, and the destruction of the very thing that made him what he was today, the very symbol of his superior manhood. All Gustav had to do now was entice the young hero an offer that he couldn’t refuse…

The Proposal

A surprise televised announcement was made at the end of that week’s UFT event. The mighty Zach Sorenson had once again handedly defeated a series of six opponents in quick succession, one right after the other, earning thunderous applause from his always capacity crowds. The Supreme Leader himself appeared on the huge arena TV screens via satellite to congratulate the handsome muscle stud on his latest victory, and to make a proposal for next week’s event, an even that would be more exciting than any that had ever come before. 

The event would be a two-on-one match between the undefeated champion and both his greatest rival, the Annihilator, and a brand new competitor in the UFT, the Reaper. The match would be the typical no-holds-barred type of bloodsport that the fans had grown to love, and would take place one week from tonight. 

The crowd cheered and whistled at the proposed match, as they knew such an event could actually prove to be a challenge for the handsome and heroic fighter, and the lustful audience wanted to see their dashingly handsome champion pitted against difficult odds. 

But the Supreme Leader wasn’t yet done. Smiling benevolently upon his TV audience, Gustav Billings then announced that the prize for the bout would be something special and unique in the history of the UFT, a cash prize that was more than ten times the amount of the highest and most lucrative pot ever awarded in the games. The prize would therefore be a vast sum of money, enough to allow someone like Zach to retire and fund, even expand, his philanthropic projects for the rest of his young life. 

At this announcement, the crowd went utterly wild. Zach’s efforts to improve the lives of everyone in the barrio were well-known throughout all of New Angeles, and even beyond into the neighboring nations that also watched the UFT, and the young man was greatly respected and revered by many in the slums for his good and honorable deeds. In fact, the young Sorenson had begun to inspire others throughout the city and beyond to start helping out in their neighborhoods, and improve the conditions for themselves and others by working together. Everyone knew that the vast prize money being proposed for this next match would allow Zach to achieve even more changes and improvements for his fellow man, and the people began to beg and plead for Zach to accept the proposed match. 

Young Zach Sorenson stood silently in the ring for many long moments, staring back at Supreme Leader Billings’ smiling image on the enormous television screen. The champion was surrounded by a cheering crowd chanting his name and shouting at him to accept the match. The handsome stud had never looked more glorious, standing there in his skin-tight wrestling trunks, his unbelievably massive and perfectly proportioned muscles glistening with the sweat and exertions of his previous six matches. The mammoth lad didn’t even look the least bit winded, like he could easily take on another 20 opponents, supremely confident in his awesome strength and fighting abilities. 

The devastatingly handsome stud seemed to consider the Supreme Leader’s offer for quite some time, mulling it over in his mind and making the crowd’s cheers grow to even greater, almost deafening levels. No one could say that Zach Sorenson wasn’t a showman as well. The young man then began to nod his handsome head in approval, accepting the challenge with his famously deep and sexy voice. 

he resulting roar from the audience was echoed all across New Angeles as the people cheered. Everyone knew that this would be an event unlike anything they would ever see again, a grudge match to eclipse all others, and tickets for the following week’s event sold out within minutes of the announcement…and were then resold on the various black markets for outrageous sums on money. Anyone who was anyone wanted to be ringside for the upcoming event of the century! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Dethroning the King - Chapter 6 - Laboratory Testing

Dethroning the King
An original story by Jayse and D.

Chapter 6 - Laboratory Testing

The man in black rode his motorcycle all through the night, the precious towels soaked with Zach Sorenson’s thick and gloopy stud jizz encased in a plastic bag and carried in a dark backpack. It was only about 100 miles to Gustav Billings’ secret laboratory, but the eternal martial law imposed on the populace, dozens of check points, and heavy traffic that had infamously plagued the city for centuries all added greatly to the time it took for the mysterious man to reach the hidden redoubt. 

Dawn was about to break on the unusually chill night when the man finally arrived at the secret biotech installation. A team of taciturn scientists were waiting for the man’s arrival, and quickly chastised him for the length of time it took for him to arrive. When they then discovered that his backpack wasn’t even heated or otherwise insulated, they made their extreme exasperation known, and told the masked rider that he would not be receiving any payment if his payload was delivered cold, dead, and useless. 

The dark rider just shrugged his shoulders at the scientists’ harsh words, saying in a nonchalant and helmet-muffled voice that there was plenty more where this came from, and that he could always obtain more. He then handed over a copy of his video recording. His assignment had not including making a video recording of the break in and of Zach’s marathon masturbation session, but the rider said that he wanted to throw it in for free, knowing that Gustav would get a kick out of it. 

The scientists were deeply offended to hear this lowly lackey speak of the exalted Supreme Leader in such a familiar, intimate way, and they shooed the cyclist away. The dark-clad figure just chuckled, revved his engine, and sped off into the morning. 

The scientists had already forgotten the masked man, however, for their concern was now focused on the precious contents of the backpack, and their worry that the long timeframe and extended exposure to cold temperatures may have killed all of the sperm contained within. Using great haste, the scientists rushed back into the ground-level bunker, then rode the elevator down hundreds of feet into the vast and hidden biotech complex below. 


The scientists quickly deposited their invaluable cargo in a warm, sterile, and sealed room, and then began using robotic arms to extract the towels from the plastic bag and harvest as much of the male fluid as they could, praying to find at least a few viable sperm cells still surviving in the cold and wet towels. 

They were unprepared for the sheer volume of fluid contained in that heavy bag. 

The scientists were flabbergasted by the amount of gooey liquid that slowly dripped from the first towel removed from the plastic bag, almost like it was soaked with some sort of white, chunky honey. They were certain at first that the dark motorcycle rider was playing some sort of dangerous prank on them. Had he soaked the towels in the collected sperm of 1,000 men?! There was no conceivable way that one man could have produced this much cum! The lead scientist very nearly gave the order to have the rider captured at the next security checkpoint and summarily executed, but then the initial tests started coming back, confirming that all of the sperm shared the very same genetic signature. 

That was just the beginning of their many surprises that day. 

The scientists used their advanced technology to extract every last drop of fluid from the three towels, and were astounded when they collected more than a full QUART of the thick white paste from those sperm-drenched cotton towels. They had to use several containers to hold all of the liquid that they were able to harvest, and they immediately sent the first samples to the laboratory for testing. 

Their next surprise was that, despite the more than 6 hours that had elapsed between Zach’s last orgasm and the rider’s arrival at the lab, the cold temperatures that the man’s sperm had been subjected to during that entire timeframe, and amount of bleach and detergent that was mixed in with the huge collection of sperm (the dark intruder hadn’t been as quick as he’d thought in removing those towels from the final washing machine), it turned out that a staggering 98.75% of Zach’s swimmers were still alive! By all accounts, 100% of the muscle man’s sperm should have been cold and long dead after being exposed to such conditions, but Zach’s sperm cells were so fantastically strong and hardy that almost all of his collected sperm was still very much alive and viable! 

The following shock was at the sheer number of sperm cells contained in the collection flasks. A normal man ejaculated anywhere between 60 and 70 million sperm per milliliter of fluid, and a man was considered especially virile if his sperm count was around 200 million sperm per milliliter. Zach’s sperm count was literally off the charts, exceeding 1,000 million sperm per milliliter! The lab technicians were speechless as Zach’s semen analysis came back and the results came up on their screens. This extraordinary sperm density helped explain why the young man’s spunk was so unusually thick and chunky, appearing more solid than liquid, as it was the sheer awesome volume of sperm cells in that fluid that gave it its characteristic pudding-like consistency. 

One of the scientists actually fainted when they calculated just how many live sperm cells that they had in their sample. With more than 1 billion sperm in each milliliter, and more than 1,000 milliliters collected in the series of glass flasks, that was more than one TRILLION individual living sperm cells! There was enough of Zach’s sperm in the laboratory to theoretically father nearly 200 children with every single woman on the planet!! The young man’s sexual potency was simply mind-boggling!! 

This shocking finding was further compounded by the fact that Zach’s sperm cells were more than four times the size of a typical human sperm cell. The huge, bloated head of each of Zach’s sperm cells was encased in a thick and protective outer shell — a shell that was clearly tough and durable enough to resist extended exposure to both extreme cold and harsh chemicals. The sperm head also contained a staggering number of mitochondria, each tiny factory pumping out the fuel that propelled each sperm’s unusually long and thick whip-like tail. It was therefore no wonder that Zach’s sperm cells moved at more than twice the speed of a typical sperm cell, despite their greater size and mass. They were just that strong! 

With the fact that Zach’s sperm cells were so huge, and that there were so many of them condensed into each drop of semen, it was therefore no wonder that the man’s splooge had the consistency of an extremely thick paste. In fact, the greater wonder was that the man could ejaculate such a thick fluid at all! A normal man’s ejaculatory muscles simply were not equipped to pump out such an astoundingly thick substance, and such a man would be lucky if he could force such a thick gloop to ooze out of the tip of his cock like toothpaste. But as the scientists were to learn later as they watched the pirated video of Zach’s almighty ball workout, the handsome and unbelievably hunky young lad could blast that thick ball batter out for a dozen yards or more! (When that video was finally viewed later that day by a team of scientists, no less than four of them passed out before the video was finished.) 

An entire laboratory of excited scientists and technicians begin working around the clock to further analyze this astounding and potentially world-altering discovery. Who knew what other revelations would be in store in the days and weeks to come? 


Within days of obtaining a sample of Zach’s sperm, the lead scientists decided to green light further genetic testing by impregnating a selection of fertile young women (each snatched from the slums, unlikely to be missed, and of a suitably high genetic caliber themselves). Inseminations were attempted with what was considered the bare minimum of fluid — perhaps 1,000 of Zach’s sperm at a time— and the results closely monitored. 

What the scientists discovered was perhaps even more astounding than any of their previous findings. 

The chemical properties of Zach’s testosterone were slightly different from that of other men, but the scientists didn’t know what difference that slight alteration would make until it came to the insemination experiments. However, they soon discovered that the introduction of Zach’s testosterone-drenched sperm into a fertile female womb caused her to immediately go into ovulation, no matter where she was in her cycle. What’s more, Zach’s astoundingly powerful male hormones caused BOTH of the woman’s ovaries to release an egg at the same time, causing two eggs to make their way down the fallopian tubes. 

Conception took place with record breaking speed, with the longest duration from insemination to fertilization taking just under 2 and a half hours. Zach’s swimmers were mighty fast indeed! Both of the woman’s eggs would be fertilized within this timeframe, resulting in the conception of fraternal twins. This result took place every single time, without fail. Before Zach, a man would be considered exceptionally virile if he could impregnate a woman in 25% of his attempts, and even then only if the woman was actively ovulating. Zach shattered that record with his 100% success rate, regardless of a woman’s ovulation cycle, and further cemented his title as most virile man in history by fathering twins with every single insemination. 

The scientists had clearly found a possible solution to the growing male infertility problem — a one man sperm bank of truly epic proportions! 

A small selection of the fertilized eggs were harvested for closer genetic analysis, and the findings that the scientists made were perhaps the most astounding discoveries of all. The quality of the genetic material contained inside each of those fertilized eggs was utterly incredible. Even with just their most preliminary tests, the scientists quickly concluded that Zach’s sperm had properties they’d never seen before. The genetic material contained inside each of the harvested eggs was unlike anything they’d ever studied, containing hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of beneficial mutations that each increased an individual’s resilience to the harmful environmental effects that were now plaguing mankind. 

The scientists realized that they’d found the holy grail of genetics. Zach’s super human DNA contained the cure for nearly all of humanity’s ills. Any offspring fathered by the young, burly, and achingly handsome UFT champion would likely be immune to all cancers and all other known diseases, extremely resistant to the harmful effects of toxins, pollution, and radiation, and better equipped to endure periods of prolonged starvation or lack of water. 

In a word, Zach represented the next, giant leap forward in human evolution. 


The scientists’ detailed preliminary report was submitted to Supreme Leader Gustav Billings within a month, listing all of the extraordinary properties of Zach’s super human sperm, and the results of all of their early studies. 

The scientists’ great excitement was evident in almost every line of the 600-page report, for they saw in Zach humanity’s salvation. Only a select few of the world’s top scientists knew that the male infertility problem was getting exponentially worse with each decade, and predictions were extremely confident that essentially all human males would be sterile within 50 years. These doomsday findings had thus far been kept from the public in order to avoid a worldwide panic and the collapse of the world’s already precarious civilizations. But with the discovery of Zach’s extraordinary DNA, the scientists felt that they’d finally found a way to stem the tide of humanity’s impending extinction. 

Unfortunately, they didn’t believe that there would be any way to use Zach’s sperm or DNA to repair the reproductive systems of already living men, such as Supreme Leader Billings himself. Indeed, the scientists had finally concluded that there could be no cure for the infertility plague, as the existing human genome just wasn’t resilient enough to cope with the ever-increasing poison and pollution that was slowly killing the planet. The only viable solution that the scientists saw for heading off the mass human extinction to come would be to inseminate as many women as possible with Zach’s super potent sperm, creating enough male offspring to mate with the rest of the world’s female population, and spread his spectacular genetic legacy as far and as wide and as quickly as possible. 

The report concluded with the information that 100 women had already been inseminated with the cache of sperm already in the scientists’ possession, with plans for another 200 inseminations in the weeks to come, and a gradually expanding program after that. A vastly larger supply of the young man’s pearlescent crude would be needed to implement the recommended insemination program in the territory of New Angeles alone, and an even more enormous stockpile required if the Supreme Leader intended to help turn the tide at a worldwide level. But it was doable, assured the scientists, stating that Supreme Leader Billings would be heralded as the savior of mankind for initiating such a dramatic proposal. 

Gustav Billings was furious by the time he finished the report. Reading that there was no hope to reverse the sterility of those men already affected by the infertility plague felt like the final nail in the coffin of his own virility. Gustav’s hopes of fathering his own children, of creating a lasting legacy, a dynasty to carry on ruling this mighty nation-state that he’d built, were all shattered. And if HE wasn’t going to have any children, he vowed, then NO ONE was going to have any children. 

Supreme Leader Billings immediately contacted the head scientist at his research lab and ordered the 100 inseminated women immediately sterilized, and all plans for further insemination halted. The shocked scientist stammered at the other end of the phone, begging Gustav to reconsider, but when the Supreme Leader started threatening to have the scientist and his entire team executed, the terrified man quickly acquiesced and set the wheels into motion to carry out the Supreme Leader’s order. 

Gustav was about to order Zach “The King” Sorenson immediately assassinated as well, and his remaining store of collected sperm incinerated, but then he reconsidered. A cruel smile played across the dictator’s features as a new idea came to him. Oh yes, he would indeed find a way to insure a dynasty that would last for centuries. In fact, his newly hatching plan could conceivably give him worldwide power and influence! All that his plan required was the brief and unwilling participation of a certain UFT fighting champion…

Monday, February 11, 2019

Dethroning the King - Chapter 5 - Procuring Zach's Sperm

Dethroning the King
An original story by Jayse and D.

Chapter 5 - Procuring Zach’s Sperm

For 7 years, Zach had refused to provide the UFT doctors with a sample of his sperm, and for those same 7 years, Gustav had tried and failed to find some way of obtaining the young man’s powerful seed through other channels. The Supreme Leader was not used to being stymied in even the least of his plans, and his frustration with not being able to obtain the young fighter’s spunk was epic. 

The time eventually came, however, when Gustav’s perseverance finally paid off. His informants were able to contact someone from within Zach’s own community-based organization, an inside man who had access to the handsome muscle bull and who promised that he would obtain a sample of the stud’s precious baby batter. The vile dictator was understandably excited by this development, and eagerly awaited a specimen of the bull’s seed so that he could deliver it to his scientists. 


Night had fallen across the barrio, and the gymnasium employees had long since said goodbye and left for the evening. Zach was once again alone in his vast gym, and the handsome muscle stud was hard at work training his mighty bollocks. 

Only this time, and for the very first time, the unsuspecting hunk was not truly alone. A masked figure was hiding in the shadows, capturing the entire evening’s events on a tiny video recording device, and watching every awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping moment of Zach’s secret ball workouts. 

Zach had decided that, tonight, he would perform circuit training, running through his entire compliment of ball-busting workouts and testing how many gains he’d made in the past few months. He quickly stripped naked, revealing his magnificent body in all of its stunning, otherworldly glory to an empty room, and talked over to the first station. 

He started with dumbbell ball beating, starting with his 100 pounders and gradually increasing the weight until he was using a 265-pound dumbbell, by 25 pounds the heaviest weight he’d yet used on his mammoth nuts. That titanic weight packed quite a whollop as it crashed into his balls with devastating force again and again and again, and Zach was bellowing in agony by the time he was using his two-handed strike to hammer that weight into the meaty depths of his enormous nuts. It wasn’t surprising that, in the midst of this rain of steel destruction, Zach hit his first orgasm of the night, and sprayed out a truly gargantuan load all over the towel-covered floor. The  young man was panting heavily by his final rep, his bruised balls throbbing with an ache unlike any he’d had before. The hunk felt tremendously energized by his ability to withstand his heaviest weight pounding yet, and so he quickly moved on to the next station. 

The colossal muscle stud moved on to a weight bench, where he wasted no time and immediately piled three 50-pound plates atop his trapped nuts before beginning a set of monster curls, using the same 265-pound dumbbells that had so recently been hammering the very life out of his huge bull balls. Zach then did overhead presses, lateral shoulder raises, and wide-spaced flys with ever-increasing weights, making his chest, shoulders, and arms explode with impossibly thick and powerful muscle. 

Then he added another 50-pound plate on top of his balls and repeated his exercises again. And again. And again. 

Zach now had 300 pounds crushing downward upon his flattened screaming nuts, the heaviest weight they’d ever carried to date. But the young hunk was determined to break all of his records tonight. With utter confidence and steely determination, Zach lifted up another 50-pound plate, and placed the huge circle of steel atop the pile of heavy discs. The handsome young man threw back his head and bellowed in agony as 350 pounds of steel bore down on his squashed nuts, flattening them further still! But incredibly, the huge gonads held, crushed flatter than they’d ever been crushed before, stoically enduring even this terrific amount of weight. 

But instead of pumping out another monster set of exercises, Zach grabbed two more plates off of the floor, a 10-pound and a 5-pound weight. Clearly, the stud was aiming for his goal of supporting his own body weight on his nuts! However, he’d already jumped a massive 50 pounds in the amount of weight he was using on his nuts, redlining them as it was. With his mammoth testicles already crushed so unbelievably flat, could they possibly endure any more weight?! 

Zach held the pair of small plates high above the weight stack, a good 4 feet above the top plate. He was going for broke — instead of simply laying those final two plates on his balls, he was going to drop them from as high as his long arms could reach. After taking a couple of quick, steadying breaths, Zach dropped those final weights, watching with his intense gaze as they plummeted toward the waiting weight stack. 


The young man’s recoil was awesome. Every gigantic muscle in his spectacular physique flexed and bulged at the same time, and his handsome head was once more thrown back in unbearable agony. Zach felt like his precious balls were about to explode, simply unable to bear any more crushing weight. The entire weight stack quivered for several long seconds, the lad’s behemoth balls shuddering so hard that the entire tower of weights jiggled. The hunk’s mighty gonads were now squashed down to a fraction of an inch in thickness, the flattest they had ever been, resembling a pair of humongous, blood red pancakes. And it was clear that they were about to burst at any moment. 

Several long seconds ticked by, with Zach’s entire manhood hanging in the balance, but eventually the powerfully shaking and quivering of the young man’s nuts ceased, and the weights settled into stillness. Zach’s heroically powerful nuts had held, and were now supporting a fantastic 365 pounds of steel!! 

Only then did Zach start pumping out his heaviest set of reps yet, cycling through his curls, presses, and flys while an inhuman agony tore through his bollocks. It was just after Zach began to do a set of wide-spaced incline flys, using a 400-pound dumbbell in each hand, that his cock suddenly began violently throbbing with his second orgasm of the night. Blast after blast after great, milky white blast of pure stud semen shot out of Zach’s cock with terrific force, painting thick lines of hot goo across his rippling torso and colossal shoulders as he hammered out rep after rep with the enormous weights. (The only reason why the hunk’s devastatingly handsome face wasn’t also coated in thick lashings of his stud cum was because the great overhang of his colossal pecs was so thick and so meaty that any cum slugs aiming for his face were instead shattered against the great undercarriage of his phenomenal chest.) The mind-numbingly powerful orgasm tearing through his loins threatened to distract the titanic muscle god as he pounded out a mammoth load, but he managed to keep his tight focus and concentration even through this combination of great pleasure and horrific pain, hammering out more than 30 reps, with his cock blasting out great hot streamers of goo the entire time. 

It was a titanic orgasm, even by Zach’s rarified standards, but the young uber hunk was clearly just warming up. 

The panting muscular titan then removed the 365 pounds of weight bearing down on his balls, got up, and moved (with a slightly bow-legged stance) to his final station of the night, the squat rack. He loaded up 1,500 pounds on the barbell as his starting weight, skipping his normal warm up sets and heading right for the heavy lifting. He then attached the 50-pound kettle bell to his balls, the weight strap tightly encircling the neck of his baggy, hairless scrotum and forcing his ostrich-egg-sized bollocks to bulge out at the very bottom of their sac. He then began his usual nut-cord-ripping and ball-busting squat workout. 

Over and over, Zach heaved the barbell upward through the ferocious, tremendous power of his mammoth legs, and simultaneously hauled up the massive kettle bell by his almighty nuts. On each downward motion, the kettle bell would hit the ground with a heavy thud, followed by the sound of Zach’s huge, naked bollocks striking the top of the kettle bell and then getting smashed between stud and steel. 


The unbelievably powerful young buck would hammer out 4 or 5 sets with a certain barbell weight before upping the weight and repeating the process. Zach gradually built up the barbell weight by 100-pound increments until he was once again squatting with 1,850 extraordinary pounds, still his heaviest lift to date. He thundered out 6 sets of 30 reps at this mighty weight, and then re-racked the weight, his chest heaving with the exertion and sweat pouring off of his gargantuan muscles in rivers. His already gigantic quads had exploded to even more mind-blowing dimensions, and those humongous muscles visibly quivered after their most brutal workout ever. His terrifically bruised and swollen bull nuts continued to bulge bright red and shiny in the bottom of their overstretched sac, the 50-pound kettle bell still tearing ferociously at the mighty cables and cords that attached those magnificently massive bollocks to the young man’s muscular body. 

Normally, Zach would finish his workout here, proud of himself and confident in the knowledge that he had pushed himself farther than ever before. But not tonight. No, tonight Zach wanted to go for broke; he wanted to prove to himself that he was the toughest, strongest bull stud in history. 

Zach reached down to the strap tightly encircling his straining elephant nuts and hit the quick release, sending the 100-pound weight plummeting to the ground with a very loud THUD!! He effortlessly picked up the massive kettle bell and hurled it to the side, the foot-wide sphere of solid metal sailing a good dozen feet before heavily striking the ground and rolling another few feet. The young man then reached for a new piece of gym equipment that he’d had made especially for this occasion. 

The kettle bell that Zach now heaved into place beneath him was the largest kettle bell ever made, a 200-pound monster, a solid steel sphere that was a full 16 inches diameter! He then added additional weight to the squat rack, bumping the weight up to an even 2,000 pounds! Zach squatted down beneath the barbell, then reached down and attached the kettle bell’s weight strap to his mighty nuts. He knew that this would be his greatest challenge yet, a test that could very well result in the loss of his colossal testicles, his most precious balls. But Zach was confident that his mighty gonads could endure even this insane abuse, so with a great inhalation of air, expanding his massive chest to the maximum, the young stud gave a deep grunt and then launched himself upward. 

When viewed in slow motion, Zach’s almighty upward push with his massive legs seemed to almost effortlessly lift the one ton barbell stretching across his gargantuan shoulders and back, but simultaneously seemed to leave his mammoth nuts behind. As his herculean body was propelled upward, Zach’s goliath gonads just stayed in place, and instead his thick and baggy scrotum just stretched longer and longer. The young bull-hung stud had a very modest hang to his nuts naturally, despite their great weight, but had succeeded in stretching them out to 3 or 4 inches from his straining groin on numerous occasions. With the 200-pound kettle bell tearing at his massive nuts, though, his extraordinarily heavy bollocks were almost instantly stretched down a full 3 inches from his crotch. But as Zach lurched upward, that stretch increased to 4 inches, and then 5 inches, and then an astounding 6 inches! It looked as if Zach was going to tear his own balls off in a valiant but vain effort to lift the 200-pound kettle bell with nothing but his spectacular testes! 

Then, at an unbelievable stretch of 6 and a half inches, the massive weight suddenly began to lift off the floor, hauled upward by only the power of a young man’s impossibly strong testicles! 

Zach propelled himself completely upright, his handsome face almost beet red with the strain and the unbelievable agony in his huge nuggies. He paused at the top of the motion, the enormous kettle bell tearing mercilessly at his screaming gonads. Then, with slow and exquisitely precise movements, Zach lowered all of that weight, letting the kettle bell hit the floor before crashing into that weight balls first, a full ton of weight across his massive shoulders only adding to the force of the impact. The 200-pound kettle bell made a thunderous bang when it struck the floor, followed by an equally loud and beefy slap as Zach slammed his bull nuts into the waiting metal sphere. 


Zach once again grunted with effort, and hoisted both sets of weights aloft, followed by the inevitable downward crash. 


Over and over Zach repeated his powerful and precise movements, ruthlessly stretching out his screaming scrotum and then pummeling his bollocks full force into the unyielding steel sphere. 


The young muscle man was drunk on his own incredible power, watching himself in the mirror was he hammered out an unbelievable amount of weight with his legs and balls. He was so powerfully turned on that, on about the 12th rep, his massive, chest-and-belly-slapping clydesdale of a cock began to spontaneously erupt with perhaps his biggest orgasm yet. His pulsating cock began painting thick, sloppy lines of his concentrated man juice from his feet to the wall, and a good 5 or 6 feet up the face of the mirror. So much of the thick ball crude was bursting from his loins that his reflected image soon began to be obscured, the mirror’s surface virtually shellacked with Zach’s supremely thick and chunky goo. 

Zach’s orgasm raged onward as the mighty lad continued to pound out rep after rep, blasting the one ton barbell into the air as he simultaneously hoisted the massive kettle bell with his balls. So much of the outrageously creamy and jellied spunk was squirting out of the young man’s quivering cock that a vast pool of the stuff began to form in front of him, seeping beneath his sneakered feet (the only clothing he wore during these late night sessions) and threatening to make the herculean hunk slip and fall in his own creamy nut paste. 

But Zach maintained his balance, and continued hammering out mega squats throughout his monumental orgasm. In the end, Zach completed 40 reps with the 2,000-pound barbell, TWICE his original goal, before letting the weight fall back into its cradle with a resounding CRASH!!

The mighty Zach continued to stand there, gazing at his sperm-obscured reflection in the mirror, the 200-pound kettle bell still tearing mercilessly at his bruised, battered, and nearly broken balls. The unbearably handsome and masculine young stud then struck a heart stopping double biceps pose in the mirror, flexing every one of his magnificent muscles at the same time, and let out a mighty bellow of power and triumph. 

At that same moment, Zach’s phenomenally massive cock, which had just finished pounding out a heroically massive load not 30 seconds before, started erupting with ANOTHER mighty deluge of spunk. Thick splashing sounds could be heard even over Zach’s triumphant roar as rope after huge rope of fresh stud spunk splattered against the mirror, coating the glass in additional thick layers of the young man’s impossibly copious man spew. 

Zach held that awesome pose for more than a minute while his mighty orgasm thundered through his muscular loins. Only when the last dregs of his colossal load - his 4th of the night - belched and oozed out of the end of his still pulsating cock did Zach finally relent, relaxing his enormous, muscle-girded arms and releasing the snap that held the kettle bell tied to his straining, purple-colored balls. The 200-pound weight instantly plummeted to the ground, landing in the sperm puddle with a loud SPLASH!! and sending sticky slugs of sperm shrapnel in all directions. 

Zach leaned his great muscular bulk over the barbell bar for more than a minute, his mighty chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. He knew he had just completed the most staggeringly brutal ball workout of his life, and he needed a few moments to regain his senses and wrest his raging libido under control. The young bull felt like he could easily pull out another dozen loads then and there, so powerful did he feel after this most recent accomplishment, but he managed to get himself back under control and start cleaning up the enormous mess he had made. 

As he surveyed the great sperm swamp he’d made of his gymnasium, a wry smile crossed the young man’s devastatingly handsome features. It looked like he’d need TWO towel carts to mop up all of his manly gloop… 

While Zach set about cleaning up his enormous explosions of cum with stacks and stacks of bath towels, the hidden intruder was still shuddering in the aftermath of his own unexpected orgasm, having pumped a big load of his own into his black pants. It took all of his will to not make any sound throughout his surprise nut, but it would have been unlikely that Zach would have heard him over his own bellowing and the sounds of the crashing weights, slapping balls, and slugs of cum splishing and splashing all over the place. 

Zach made quick work of the clean up, having had years of practice cleaning up such huge and sticky spills, and was soon finished with the mop and with washing down the mirrors. He began to push the two towel-laden carts toward the laundry room, unaware that the intruder was silently following him, getting ready to make his move. 

Inside the laundry room, Zach had to use all six of his oversized washing machines to accommodate the cum-sodden towels he’d created, but he soon had all six machines packed and started. He retired up to his private quarters, where he took a shower and pulled out three MORE loads in quick succession, still on a power high from his extraordinary physical achievements that night. Afterwards, he fell quickly asleep, fatigue and exhausting finally claiming him, a satiated smile on his handsome and peaceful lips. 

Meanwhile, the intruder acted quickly. He knew it was too late to salvage any of the spunk-laden towels in the first five washing machines, as they’d already begun their cycles, the industrial strength detergent and heavy bleach no doubt having already killed the sperm contained in those towels. Instead, he rushed to the sixth machine, turning it off and flipping open the lid. He’d been just in time; the bleach- and detergent-filled water was already less than a foot from the top, inundating the bulk of the towels already in the machine. But the top few towels looked like they were not yet immersed. 

The intruder took a large black plastic bag out from his belt, opening the bag wide and placing it on top of the neighboring machine’s lid. With gloves of black leather, the man began pulling the top towel out of the washing machine. The towel was surprisingly heavy, utterly soaked with Zach’s thick jizz, and as the intruder pulled it out, dozens of great streamers and thick strings of splooge stretched from the top towel to those below it. Even with the black mask on his face, it was obvious that the intruder was disgusted by the sight, and the unbelievably heady odor of male musk was almost making him gag. But he managed to haul out that first towel, using both hands to steady the cum-dripping cloth, and placed it into the waiting bag. He determined that another two towels were similarly mostly free of bleach and detergent, and hauled those out as well. The other dozen or so towels were too soaked in cleaning products to be of any use, so the intruder closed the machine’s lid, resumed the cycle, and cleaned up any of the splooge and male juices that had been spilled on the machine and the floor in the process. 

The black-clad intruder then placed the plastic bag over his shoulder, and was amazed by its weight. The three towels felt like they weighed in excess of 20 pounds! How was that even POSSIBLE!?! The dark intruder just quietly grunted under his load, and made his way back through the now dark gymnasium. He came to the exit that emptied into a back alley, let himself out, and then locked the door behind him with his own pirated key. He then got onto a waiting motorcycle, and sped off into the night.