Sunday, July 10, 2022

Glory Hole Encounter - Jayse Version

It's been brought to my attention that there is a dearth of glory hole themed ball busting stories on the 'net, so here's an effort designed to correct that imbalance. It's my adaptation of one of the incredible stories to be found at


Glory Hole Encounter

Based on an original story by Breaking Bull Balls

Kraig licked his lips and casually rubbed the swollen bulge in his jeans, squinting his right eye through the glory hole. It was a Saturday night, nearing midnight, and he had the taste of cum from nearly a dozen men on his handsome and hungry lips. It had already been an eventful evening, but he was hoping to swallow a few more loads before ending his nightly debauchery. 

Creeeeak, SLAM!

Kraig’s big cock twitched in his pants as he heard the bathroom door open once again. Peeking through a slender gap between the stall door and wall, Kraig spotted a young man entering the room. The lad couldn’t have been more than 20 or 21, but he had an impressive build, and all the hallmarks of the quintessential college jock, from his square-jawed all-American good looks right on down to his letterman jacket. The handsome blond jock was clearly inexperienced in cruising, for he looked more than a little bit furtive and nervous, but at the same time he was obviously turned on by the prospect of getting his dick sucked. The prominent bulge in his pants was proof of why he was there. And in fact, it was an enticingly large bulge, and Kraig smiled in anticipation. 

The young man entered the restroom cautiously, glancing around nervously before hurriedly walking quickly to the stall next to Kraig and swinging the door shut. 

As always, Kraig had placed four tiny video camera in the adjoining stall, all of which fed realtime video streams to the laptop computer sitting open atop the toilet in his own stall. He had an additional four cameras placed strategically within his stall as well, the better to capture every moment of his nightly cock sucking rituals. Kraig never posted any of these videos anywhere, they were simply for his own personal library so he could relive the most erotic and memorable moments over an over again. 

“Hey there stud,” Kraig crooned in his deep and rich voice as he looked at the video feed on his laptop, watching as the young jock nervously fumbled with his belt and pulled down his pants. With no further prompting, the boy’s eager young cock slid through the glory hole. 

It was beautiful piece of meat, a delicious nine inches long and definitely on the girthy side, with a pleasant slight downward curve and a lovely helmet-shaped head. The young man’s blond pubes were neatly trimmed, framing a pair of solid hefty-sized nuts that were hugging tight against his shaft in arousal. Kraig took note of the drop of precum pearling at the tip of his large manhood and smiled in an appreciative appraisal as he prepared to suck the college boy’s cock dry. The big cock wafted a thick musky smell, and Kraig guessed that the young man must have recently finished a gym workout and come here directly afterward in order to burn off excess testosterone. 

Kraig knew that the young jock would likely last less than 5 minutes under his expert cock sucking techniques. He loved his college jocks with their heightened sexual energy and more than ample loads, but they always seemed to cum too soon. 

The kneeling cock sucker masterfully guided his tongue up and down the shaft of the horny college jock, easily enveloping the entire oversized organ down his highly trained throat. He began twirling his tongue in all the right places and highlighting the young man’s erogenous zones like he’d known them his whole life. He alternated from deep throating the lad’s big cock all the way down to its thick base, to focusing on the hyper sensitive cockhead, which was steadily depositing delicious precum into Kraig’s waiting mouth. 

Kraig masterfully tickled the underside of the glans with his tongue with each stroke, driving the kid insane with pleasure. With a steady rhythm, the big member was milked hands free, with only the stimulation of Kraig’s expert tongue and lips and mouth and throat. The restroom was soon filled with the college jock’s moans of pleasure, and out of the corner of his eye, Kraig could see the lad’s athletic form on his computer monitor as he began to shudder and quake with impending release. 

Surprisingly, the handsome blond stud lasted just over eight full minutes before his overstimulated cock swelled even larger still, and then began to powerfully inject the contents of his heavy balls into Kraig’s eager mouth. The cock sucker’s mouth was soon flooded with thick and salty man butter, and Kraig counted no less than a dozen substantial shots before additional pulses produced only dribbles of cum. Kraig swallowed the young man’s healthy load, feeling a warmth spread inside his stomach, and continued gently sucking the lad’s big cock even as it slowly wilted inside of his mouth. 

The handsome young jock seemed to revel in the afterglow for many long moments, his blue eyes closed and his lips gently parted as he slowly came down from his super intense orgasm. Then he seemed to suddenly come back to his senses, and hurriedly pulled his cock back out of the glory hole and stuffed it back inside his pants without even drying it off first. The blushing kid fumbled with his belt, opened his stall door, and fled the bathroom like the place was on fire. Clearly, the young jock was terrified about getting caught…but Kraig knew with near certainty that the young man would be back. That wasn’t arrogance on Kraig’s part, but simple fact — he was such a skilled cock sucker that almost every man came back for more. 

Creeeeak, SLAM!

It was only a few minutes before the restroom door opened again and another man came walking in. Kraig glanced under the stall door, and his heart almost skipped a beat, for one of his all-time favorite clients had just walked into the room. 

Despite the fact that it was shortly past midnight, the Latino businessman who walked into the room looked as fresh and gorgeously put together as if he’d just left his house to go to work, not like he’d just finished working an exceedingly long day. His three-piece suit was immaculate, his tie perfect, his black leather shoes polished to a reflective shine. The only evidence of the lateness of the hour was the dark 5-o’clock shadow that graced his rugged, square-jawed face, making the man look even more insanely handsome and masculine than he already was. 

Kraig didn’t know anything about this dark-haired stud’s background — hell, he didn’t even know his name — but the hunk was clearly a high-powered executive. All he knew was that the handsome Latino was a frequent repeat customer, sinking at least one load a week into Kraig’s ever-hungry belly. 

The man was in his late 20s or early 30s, and at the absolute peak of his masculine power and virility. He was also almost impossibly handsome, from his heavily-stubbled jawline to his captivating brown eyes to his high, sculpted cheekbones to his thick, expressive lips. Lips that were even now curling into his customary cocky grin as he stood before the glory hole and slowly started to disrobe. There was no nervous fumbling this time; unlike his previous customer, the hunky businessman was a veteran to the cruising scene. 

As always, Kraig was utterly captivated by the strip tease show that this sultry stud would put on for him, and he eagerly stared up at the big man through the glory hole. Kraig knew that he was capturing the moment from no fewer than four camera angles, but there was nothing quite like seeming the real thing in person, so he kept his eyes trained on the Latino hunk. The man took off his coat and vest first, revealing a crisp dress shirt beneath that was straining to contain an exceedingly impressive musculature. The fabric seemed to strain across his wide and thick pecs, the boulder-like spheres of his shoulders, and his heavily-muscled arms, while tapering in dramatically around his narrow waist. Though the man was of average height, standing 5’10” or 5’11” tall, he was of uncommon size. Kraig estimated that the hunky Latino was well north of 270 or 280 pounds of some of the most chiseled and shredded muscle that he’d ever seen on a man. 

The stud took off his tie next, and then started unbuttoning the top buttons of his dress shirt, revealing the wide expanse of his astonishingly thick and meaty pec muscles. Kraig felt his huge cock lurch in his jeans as that massive chest came into view, with its astounding width and thickness, the gorgeous overhang of his chiseled pec shelf, the two dark, rubbery nipples standing hard and proud on each of those huge pecs, and the perfect dusting of dark hairs across their vast expanse. Kraig could feel a wet stain start to grow as the tip of his painfully erect cock as precum began to seep into his pants. The man’s chest ALONE had been the source of more than a dozen of Kraig’s nighttime jack off sessions! 

When the Latino reached the bottom buttons at his waist, he pulled the dress shirt open and untucked it from his pants, revealing the perfectly symmetrical cobblestones of his rock hard abdominals and the narrow, chiseled sides of his muscular waist. Next revealed were his enormous deltoids and even more massive arms. Kraig had seen big musclemen where the man’s size looked to be just for show, but that was definitely not the case with this hirsute hunk. The Latino’s huge muscles were clearly bursting with raw power, and Kraig had no doubt that this Latino bull was insanely strong. 

Next, the man kicked off his shoes, unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his pants, teasing Kraig as always with a slow reveal. As the hunk slowly pulled down his pants, Kraig’s hungry eyes devoured the man’s enormously muscular, hairy legs, which were every bit a match to the power and beefy perfection of his gorgeous upper body. Soon, all that was left were the man’s boxer shorts, and the enormous, lumpy mass concealed beneath them. 

With a knowing grin on his beyond-breathtaking face, the handsome Latino hooked the thumbs of his big, muscular hands on either side of the waistband, and slowly pulled down his boxers. 

As many times as Kraig had seen the man’s block and tackle, the sight never ceased to amaze him, and a small gasp involuntarily escaped his lips as his eyes soaked in the sight of the Latino’s heavy man meat. Kraig had seen untold thousands of sets of cocks and balls in his life, and he could honestly say that only a tiny handful of them could compare to the staggering size of this young man’s herculean endowment. 

Freed from its fabric prison, the Latino’s large, juicy cock went from merely spongy to fully rock hard in just a half dozen heartbeats, staring Kraig almost eye to eye through the glory hole. It was one of the biggest cocks Kraig had ever seen, both in terms of length AND girth, for it measured a full 12 inches long and was very nearly as thick as a beer can. The man’s cock was so hard that the thick hood of his foreskin was almost completely retracted, revealing the huge purple knob of the helmet-shaped cock head. Thick veins coursed up and down the length of the mighty shaft, and an extraordinarily thick cum tube ran along the underside of the mighty phallus like the barrel of a small cannon. It was one of the most beautiful and magnificent penises Kraig had seen in his life, and he longed to bury that mighty member down his throat. 

The man reached down and cupped his two fat, meaty low-hangers with both hands and gently lifted them up for Kraig’s inspection. The man’s nuts were positively HUGE, and big as his hands were, the two enormous clean-shaven orbs filled them to capacity. The mighty bollocks always reminded Kraig of a pair of juicy, ripe grapefruits, and he knew from past experience that those huge balls packed some of the biggest loads he’d ever swallowed in his life. He couldn’t wait to get his own hands on those huge, heavy bollocks and feel their tremendous weight in his palms. 

The Latino bull carefully squeezed his balls through the opening in the stall wall — one at a time, as the glory hole wasn’t large enough to accommodate both at once — and he let them drop through on the other side. The man’s huge balls bounced against the metal wall with a beefy slap and hung heavy in their hairless sac. Kraig lustfully reached his both of hands up to gently cup and caress the beyond-impressive baby makers. 

“Man, I’m always amazed at just how fucking HUGE your balls are, Papi!” purred Kraig, gently pulling on the man’s massive orbs, feeling their extraordinary weight and unusual density. Their unique musky odor was a true aphrodisiac to Kraig, and he could feel his huge cock lurch even harder in his damp jeans. 

With no hesitation, the Latino bull began to thread his massive, drooling cock through the glory hole. The hole in the wall was barely large enough to fit the tremendous girth of his thick latin rod, especially with his scrotum hanging through the hole as well, but with a little elbow grease and the help of the stud’s own slick and slippery precum, the mammoth member was soon jutting out the other side of the wall. The huge, olive-toned horse cock was eagerly twitching with anticipation, and even without touching it, Kraig knew that the gigantic phallus was diamond hard. 

This particular man was one of Kraig’s clients with what were known as ‘alternative’ tastes. A significant percentage of men that came to this restroom due to Kraig’s well-known proclivities toward kink play and sadism. He had became legendary among the local kink community as an expert ‘ballbuster’ who would leave your balls bruised, battered, and empty if you so desired. About a third of the traffic Kraig experienced was from masochistic, sexually frustrated men that came to this glory hole in hopes of getting their nuts smashed around. And a handful, like this businessman, were true masochists who got off on the idea of having their manhood ruined permanently.

Kraig gently pressed his thumbs into each nut, noting the resulting twitch in the man’s massive member as his balls dimpled under this strong hands. He carefully massaged the tissues of each orb with his fingers from the base of the testes to the connective tissue at the top, feeling for weaknesses and finding none. Kraig knew from past experience that these were extraordinarily tough balls, conditioned to hard abuse and astonishingly resilient. He could also feel that the latin huevos were even more incredibly dense than usual today, and positively churning with semen. And Kraig was prepared to squeeze every drop out of the swollen and overfilled balls.

“You can do whatever you want to with them, man,” the muscular bull said is his deep, lightly accented voice, a voice so deep and resonant that Kraig would have won he could feel the man’s balls faintly vibrate with every word. The Latino stud’s breathing was already becoming deep and rapid in anticipation of a heavy ball busting session, and he was pressing the front of his magnificently muscular body tight against to the stall to give Kraig full access to his entire sexual package.

“Be careful what you wish for,” Kraig replied with a malevolent tone to his voice. “I’ve been wanting to test my full strength on one of your massive nuts for a long time now…” 

The businessman shivered and moaned aloud in arousal to the threat. He knew all too well just how strong Kraig’s hands were and the damage that could occur if he applied all his strength towards extinguishing the man’s sex life. The Latino muscle man had left this very stall dozens of times in the past with swollen and profoundly bruised balls after one of their sessions, but always came back eager for more. And despite the threat coming from the man who was even now gently cradling both of his enormous man orbs, the stud’s 12-inch monster cock engorged even further at the thought of losing his precious sexual organs. His desire to experience intense testicular pain had led him toward dangerous levels of nut play, and the explosive loss of one of his massive testes was one of his greatest fantasies.


Kraig let the dense baby makers fall against the stall, where they struck the metal loudly and bounced gently in their sac.

“Let’s get started then.” 

Kraig started by taking only the head of the huge latin cock into his mouth, slowly twirling his tongue under the man’s thick hood of foreskin and eagerly sucking down the pearls of precum that were now steadily streaming from his bloated cockhead. Just the glans itself was quite the mouthful, the broad, bulbous head being roughly the size of a ripe apple! He grasped the man’s heavy, hulking nutsac with his left hand and pulled the huge balls to the very bottom of the sack, making them strain at the ends of their ball cords and bulge bright red and shiny against the thin, stretched-out skin of his scrotum. The businessman gently bucked his hips against the dividing wall, causing Kraig’s hand to tug even harder at his balls as he tried to drive his cock deeper into the sucker’s expert mouth. 

Eager himself to deep throat that mighty, meaty organ, Kraig didn’t tease the beefy Latino long before guiding his mouth over the entire massive length of the man’s cock, swallowing it whole. With a wet schlicking sound, Kraig’s muscular throat was forced open wide as he took the entire length of the latin rod, choking off his own airway as the man’s mammoth cock plunged all the way down Kraig’s neck and into his very chest. Wet and sloppy sucking and slurping sounds echoed in the restroom as Kraig went to town on the massive meat stick, sucking it right down to the base as if his throat was made to be the perfect sheath for the man’s enormous penis. 

Kraig let the man’s cockhead rest deep within his esophagus before rotating his head to stimulate the stud’s massive shaft with the entirely of his oral and throat cavities. The muscles in his throat caressed the super sensitive organ, eliciting moans of pleasure that were soon all but drowning out the wet sucking sounds. At the same time, Kraig undid the front of his jeans to release his own grateful cock into the open. The front of Kraig’s jeans had become completely soaked in precum by this point, and he used that slick fluid as a natural lubricant to slowly and gently stroke his own meat. He anticipated these loads — both his and the hunky, hulky businessman’s — to be an explosive end to his evening of debauchery.

“Mmmmm! Oh yeah! Play with my huge nuts, dude!” murmured the Latino bull in his deep and resonant voice. Kraig could see that the big muscleman was now gripping the top of the dividing wall with both of his big hands, and pressing his whole body against the wall as hard as he could, offering up the entirely of his gigantic package to Kraig’s sadistic pleasure. And Kraig never liked to disappoint a client. 

With a methodical and rhythmic pace, Kraig’s mouth and throat engulfed the massive cock down to the base, pulled back until just the huge head was inside his mouth, and then plunged down the hot and tight tunnel of his throat once again. Kraig’s own big cock was dripping from the feeling of the monstrous member sliding deep down this throat. He began to squeeze the businessman’s gigantic nuts in time with his deep throating, making the huge man’s groans of pleasure quickly amplify as Kraig’s strong fingers sank into the firm yet vulnerable latin flesh. The handsome man’s humongous cock seemed to rage even harder at the cruel misuse of his huge and heavy nuts, spasming down the cocksucker’s throat with each powerful squeeze. 

“Aw fuck yeah, dude! Squeeze ‘em harder!” the hunky businessman almost shouted in a lustful haze, forcing his gorgeous, muscular body even more tightly against the stall and clenching the top of the stall so hard that his knuckles were turning white.

Kraig masterfully crushed the man’s dense but fragile orbs, making sure to apply pressure to every part of the super sensitive organs. With each increasingly brutal probe of the man’s goliath  baby makers, louder and louder moans of pleasure were elicited, echoing loudly throughout the restroom. Kraig cruelly pressed his fingers harder and harder into the delicate procreative tissue with little care to his victim’s future reproductive potential. The man’s sack was quickly turning an angry red from the cruel treatment, and his left testicle in particular, which Kraig had singled out and targeted for even more abuse, was beginning to swell from the brutal squeezing and crushing. 

But as with previous sessions, the Latino bull’s behemoth balls were enduring every ounce of crushing strength that Kraig could pour into them, far more than any man’s balls had the right to endure, proving once again just how freakishly tough and durable the man’s huge balls truly were. Almost any other man’s balls would have long since cracked and ruptured after all of this crushing abuse, yet Kraig hadn’t managed to crush them even halfway flat yet! 


Kraig released his vise-like grip and let the man’s bruised and swelling testicles fall against the stall with a beefy slap, much to the temporary relief of his handsome and extraordinarily hunky play partner. Quickly, the stud’s tortured and half crushed bollocks plumped back up to their full size, bright red and inflamed. Kraig allowed the man’s monstrously tumescent cock to slide from his throat until his lips were resting at the very tip of his cock, and then he smiled and gave the cock an appreciative kiss. 

“Your massive bull nuts are looking nice and tenderized, Papi. I can stop now and finish sucking you off if you like. Or perhaps those mighty balls of your need a little harder treatment…?”

“Y-yes please!” the hirsute muscle man growled, the throbbing ache in his balls making his huge muscles nearly shudder with pleasure. “Work ‘em over HARDER! I can fucking TAKE it!”

The Latino bull was panting heavily in excitement, his enormous muscles bulging and flexing dramatically as he planted his feet on the other side of the stall and gripped the top of the dividing wall even harder in his huge hands. His nuts were throbbing with that deep, deep ache from the rough probing, but this pain only turned him on even more and made his dick get even harder. The stud could only imagine what his mighty bollocks were about to go through next, but he hoped they wouldn’t be let off easy… 

The handsome cock sucker gave a wicked smile, slid his tongue around the glans of the man’s harder-than-granite cock, and closed his hand into a fist.


The unbelievably thick latin testes were smashed against the metal stall with no chance at escape from Kraig’s invading fist. His knuckles sank deep into the flesh of the trapped testicles, instantly compressing them to a fraction of their usual girth.

“FUCK!!” the Latino bull screamed at the top of his lungs as his nuts were nearly pulverized by Kraig’s strong fist. Waves of agony rushed from his loins, overwhelming the typically stoic masochist. He could feel his bull nuts compressing against the unyielding metal surface, pancaking out until they felt like they were nearly flat. If they got any flatter, then they might even… 


Before the handsome young businessman could even react, his nuts were further pounded by a relentless volley of blows. Kraig methodically smashed each fat nut with both fists, over and over again, dropping his own erect cock to focus on smashing the massive Latino testes to a pulp. 

“YES!!” the muscle stud bellowed, his body shaking against the partition wall. “HARDER!! Hit my fucking nuts HARDER!!!”

Kraig was only too happy to comply…


With each strike, the muscle man’s gargantuan testicles were hideously distorted and compressed from the brutal blunt force, the incredibly dense and meaty orbs completely absorbing the entirety of each strike. The testicles were getting massively swollen at this point, and their dark red color was taking on a distinctly purplish hue. Each subsequent blow pushed the Latino bull’s humongous orbs to their absolute limit, and further darkened the bruised tint the mangled testicles were taking on.


With each punch, Kraig twisted his tongue around the latin shaft and torqued his throat around the bloated and bulbous head, methodically milking the stud’s erogenous zones. A huge squirt of fresh precum filled Kraig’s mouth with a salty flavor as the crushing blows began to literally force drops of cum from the gigantic reproductive organs. The latin nuts were literally being juiced, and threatened to turn to jelly under the vicious onslaught they were receiving.


The sexy Latino businessman was openly howling and bellowing from the excruciating pain emanating deep within his balls, and tears were streaming down his handsome, dark-stubbled cheeks. His entire, massively muscular and supremely powerful body shuddered and flailed with  each well-aimed strike, and spittle flew from his mouth as he yelled and gibbered unintelligibly. Yet the mighty bull stud did absolutely nothing to protect his balls or halt the rain of destruction being unleashed upon them, and in fact continued to press his gloriously muscular body tight against the metal wall. And despite the inhuman amount of agony shooting from the young man’s battered and beleaguered balls, the stud’s foot-long horse cock remained rock hard inside of Kraig’s mouth and throat, steadily depositing fresh precum down the cock sucker’s gullet, precum that was becoming steadily thicker and milkier as the cum began to be literally pounded out of his nuts. And Kraig realized that if he didn’t stop punching the Latino stud’s magnificent bollocks soon, that precum was going to start tasting bloody…


Kraig used all of his considerable strength to smash and pummel the writhing muscle man’s colossal cajones. Ripples of shockwaves coursed through each nut into the metal wall as they were pounded against the unyielding surface with dangerous velocity and force. The latin balls were now being compressed to barely a third of their normal width with each blow, and Kraig’s slightly protruding knuckles were driven even further into the now extremely malleable flesh. The unusual firmness and unnaturally solid density of the Latino stud’s massive balls was now a thing of the past, replaced by two heroically swollen, hideously bruised oblong orbs that were getting downright mushy. Nevertheless, it was a remarkable testament to the incredible strength of the young man’s mammoth nuts that they hadn’t fractured or broken yet. Kraig had never seen a set of nuts endure even HALF this much abuse and remain intact, and he was profoundly impressed by the power and might of the Latino bull’s goliath gonads. 

But how much longer could they possibly last?! 


THUD! squick

On the last blow, the knuckles of Kraig’s right hand sank deep into the young man’s monumentally swollen left testicle, causing the huge orb to dimple dramatically. As if in slow motion, the big fist sank deeper and deeper, surging forward with virtually no resistance into the deepest part of the man’s reproductive organ.

“OH GOD!!!” the handsome Latino bull bellowed so loud that the very walls seemed to shake. His gorgeous head was thrown back in agony, and every muscle was locked in the most magnificent flex Kraig had ever seen. Even the metal partition wall between the two men began to audibly groan with the strain the huge man was placing on it, and Kraig feared that the wall might buckle at any moment. The young man’s agony was unimaginable as he felt part of the fragile membranes of his left nut finally give way, allowing Kraig’s hammering fist access to the deepest part of his precious sex organ. Sweat suddenly broke out from every pore in the young man’s spectacular body as his mind attempted to process the feeling of his titanic left nut fracturing, and his massively muscular legs were trembling as he attempted to remain upright despite the horrific pain issuing from his cracked bollock. 

Slowly, Kraig allowed the handsome Latino’s diamond-hard shaft to slide from his throat with a wet slurp. The mighty organ was steadily drooling large globules of thick and creamy white semen onto the tile floor. So much cum, in fact, that if Kraig hadn’t seen the stud orgasm before, he’d swear that the burly businessman was shooting his load in slow ropes and ribbons. But Kraig knew better; despite the impressive amount of splooge leaking from the man’s humongous cock onto the cold floor, that was only a paltry fraction of the amount of thick baby batter that Kraig knew was still stored inside both of the stud’s mangled nuts. 

The magnificent phallus was literally steaming in the cool air, and violently twitching and throbbing despite the wails and bellows of agony that were still issuing from the Latino’s powerful lungs. The muscle man’s bull cock was still as rock hard as ever, inflamed to stratospheric levels of ecstasy as the masochist received the most exquisite nut pain of his life, and Kraig could tell that the handsome, dark-haired stud was getting close to blowing his mammoth load. 

After grinding his knuckles into the steadily failing bollocks for nearly a full minute, Kraig finally relented and removed his fists from the nearly crushed organs and watched as they began to plump back up. The Latino’s right ball regained its normal egg-like shape in the matter of a few seconds, inflating to nearly double its normal size and mottled an ugly dark red and purple, but otherwise still intact. His much more damaged left organ took far longer to plump back up, however, and even when fully inflated it no longer had a perfectly oval shape of a healthy testicle. The almost uniformly dark purple bollock was even bigger than its twin, so grossly swollen that it no longer even looked like a testicle. The heavily brutalized teste was now easily the size of a large coconut, leaving its formerly grapefruit size far behind. There was also a small bulging mass near the top of the mammoth organ that was an even darker purple than the rest of the colossal nut, and was clearly the location of the testicular fracture. 

It was immediately and painfully apparent that any further play could result in potentially permanent damage to the handsome Latino’s left ball, as the testicle’s structural integrity was now compromised. Kraig was confident that, if he stopped right now, the stud’s fractured bollock would likely survive. The Latino bull was one mighty and resilient stud, after all, so he could probably make a full recovery from even this extreme abuse. It might take a few weeks, but the hunky muscle man could be back cruising in almost no time, his balls stronger and tougher than ever. But only if Kraig stopped the brutal ball play now. RIGHT now. 

“How are you doing, Papi?” Kraig asked, his own rampant lust making his voice husky and low. “Want me to stop hammering your balls and finish off your cock? You look ready to blow at any moment.” It was true — Kraig was staring the young man’s cock dead in the ‘eye’, watching the twitching organ that was now begging for release.

“P-please… I don’t… I can’t…” 

The Latino stud was now whimpering and seemed barely conscious. He was weak in the knees and barely able to hold his massive body against the bathroom stall, but was still determined to give unbridled access to his manhood. His knuckles were white against the top of the stall, which indeed had warped with the strength of the young man’s iron grip, as he attempted to keep his cock within targeting distance of Kraig. Despite his situation, it was clear that the young bull ached for release even if that meant even greater agony.

“What’s that, Papi? Had enough?” 

“I… M-my nut, man… It’s totally fucked, isn’t it?” 

“No, not yet. Not completely, anyway. Oh, lefty here has definitely cracked, dude, and it wouldn’t take a whole lot to break it wide open and spill all of its beefy contents into your sac. But I think we both know it can take a little more…” 

Kraig saw the young man’s gigantic cock twitch aggressively at the thought of losing his nut. If they stopped now, they both knew that the injured organ could likely still be saved. But if the session continued… 

“I don’t… I… I need to cum, dude! So p-please… please… Destroy me!!” the Latino businessman managed to spit out through gritted teeth and a clenched jaw. The mighty muscle stud took a deep breath in anticipation and tensed every muscle in his magnificent body. 

Kraig beamed in sadistic glee. It wasn’t very often that he got a chance to completely wreck a man’s ball, let alone a monstrously oversized gonad like the one dangling there before him, fractured and bruised and swollen and gravely wounded, but still very much alive. He grasped his own thick cock with his left hand and gripped the man’s dying left nut with his right. Kraig took a deep breath and allowed the latin cock to slide back down his throat in one long pull, effortlessly engulfing the enormous prong with his expert throat. He was planning on milking an incredible load out of the man while crushing the chosen bloated, doomed testicle with his bare hand.

He started with some light squeezing to test the malleability of the organ. It was dramatically softer than before, and his fingers slid deep into the humongous huevo with little effort, causing the colossal organ to bulge and distort grotesquely around his invading digits. But while its texture was markedly mushier, the titanic teste still retained a remarkable amount of firmness given how much abuse it had already received. Kraig was hoping to change that firmness in an explosive fashion. Without any warning, Kraig began to drive his thumb deeper into the orb rather than relax his grip. 

“FUUUUCK!!!” the beefy businessman bellowed, once again throwing his handsome head back in abject agony. 

The Latino stud’s scream echoed loudly through the enclosed space of the restroom, making Kraig wince in sympathetic pain, but not tempering his crushing grip in the slightest. The bull’s left testicle was quickly crushed to half its usual girth, then a third, and the distance between Kraig’s invading thumb and clutching fingers was continuing to decrease. The organ was bloating and deforming horribly at this point, turning even darker under Kraig’s strong fingers as blood vessels were burst within. Astonishingly, Kraig felt the massive cock inside his throat twitch with even more violent thrashing. An incredibly huge load was desperately attempting to release itself before the demise of it’s fleshy receptacle. Kraig increased the speed of his masturbation to compensate for the quickening end to the humongous sex organ.

The orb bulged greater still under his relentlessly crushing grip, and the dimple in the center of the ball continued to increase in size and depth. Kraig imagined that he could almost hear the sperm screaming within the trapped gonad as he steadily increased the pressure. The young stud’s left ball had started the evening incredibly dense and firm, and despite the horrific beating it had already taken, it would have still been impossible to crush it this much with his hands alone… if it wasn’t for the gland’s already damaged structural integrity. 

The center of the stud’s bloated testicle was now a mere quarter of its normal stature, and Kraig could no longer even see the first knuckle of his thumb, as his blunt digit was buried so deeply into the Latino’s reproductive flesh that it was no longer visible. Membranes were now breaking at a rapidly accelerating rate as the distance between Kraig’s thumb and fingers diminished. The small fracture at the top of the testis was slowly increasing in size under the insane pressure, allowing more of the vulnerable components to escape into the scrotum. The stud’s coconut-sized bollock assumed a doughnut-like shape as the organ prepared to split wide open. 

The gorgeous Latino was now wildly thrashing about, but Kraig maintained a firm hold on the man’s cock with his throat and his doomed left ball in his right hand as the pressure increased. The handsome, dark-haired businessman was no longer forming full sentences, or even intelligible words, gibbering nonsense while overwhelmed with the intense pain emanating from his condemned left testis. Inhuman sounds were echoing through the deserted bathroom and a puddle of sweat was forming under the stall between the men. The Latino was slurring his words and howling continuously, yet was also begging Kraig to continue. The feeling of his testicle slowly spitting under Kraig’s crushing grip was sublime and indescribable, even as the white-hot pain threatened to knock the mighty muscle man unconscious. His brain could barely comprehend the intense feeling of the permanent, brutal reshaping of his proud testicle, yet his cock was savoring ever moment of it. 

Yet even now, Kraig was confident that if he stopped squeezing, the young man’s mighty testicle could still be saved. It might require skilled surgery at this point, but this gorgeous, mighty, magnificent testicle could still survive. But only if he stopped RIGHT NOW! 

Kraig clenched his fingers closed with all of his might, and he would feel the outrageously thick shaft buried deep in his throat start to pulse and throb in response to the testicular pulping. His heart raced as he gazed down upon the distorted and misshapen organ clutched in his hand, a profoundly damaged testicle that was moments away from bursting into chunks. He felt a truly massive load building inside his own balls and squeezed the dying nut with all of his might. 


Wave after wave of thick sperm flowed down Kraig’s spasming throat, causing him to choke in surprise. Kraig could actually FEEL the immense gouts of stud sperm shooting right down his throat and directly into his stomach. And judging from the violence of the young man’s throbbing and the sheer size of the mammoth cum wads steadily filling his gullet, this might be the largest load he’d ever seen the Latino bull shoot, maybe even the largest cum load he’d ever seen in his entire life! And with the imminent loss of his left testicle, it would certainly be the largest load the handsome hunk of a man would ever release again! 


Kraig didn’t even need to swallow, as the massive loads were being shot directly into his gut. He continued squeezing the life out of the dying nut clutched tightly in his hand, trying to wring every last sperm out of the steadily collapsing orb. The volume of spunk was so extreme, it was as if the contents of his left nut were pouring out in their entirety, a desperate attempt to pass on their reproductive material before turning to mush. 



Kraig’s eyes grew wide as the deluge of sperm continued unabated, and his face began to turn red from lack of oxygen. More than two dozen almighty slugs of cum had already been deposited in his stomach, which was actually beginning to grow round and protrude in front of him. Holy fuck, how much cum did this mighty bull have STORED in those titanic nuts of his!?! Kraig feared that he might pass out or choke to death on the Latino’s herculean cum load, and with a strength born of desperation, he brought his left hand on top of his right and began to squeeze with even greater strength, using BOTH hands to crush the stud’s trapped left bollock. 

And that’s when he felt it. 


Reflecting on it later, Kraig decided it was a combination of factors that led to the inevitable conclusion. The purging of so much ballast from his mammoth cum tanks had robbed his left nut of the last bit of internal pressure that was helping keep it from rupturing. At the same time, the combination of a second hand clutching and squeezing the already PROFOUNDLY mauled and mangled testicle was more than the fractured orb could endure. Or maybe it was simply time — the handsome Latino muscle man’s mighty left testicle had endured all the abuse it could stand, and it couldn’t take an iota more. 

Regardless of the reason, Kraig suddenly felt his thumb and index finger touch as the center of the man’s massive bollock as it was permanently and irrevocably crushed. The organ fractured spectacularly under the pressure, spewing forth its untold thousands of reproductive tubules into the Latino bull's bruised nutsac at incredible speed. It hadn’t so much as ruptured as simply exploded! In an instant, the once proud baby maker was turned into reproductive jelly, disintegrating into a thick and gooey pulp in less than a second.

Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat!

At the same moment, Kraig began plastering the tile floor of the restroom with numerous thick ropes of his own thick spunk. The feeling of the ridiculously handsome and muscular stud’s massive bull ball splitting into putty made him orgasm harder than ever before in his life! In fact, he was cumming so hard that his cum shots rocketed right on through the gap beneath the dividing wall and began to paint the muscular shins and big, meaty feet of the Latino hunk in a thick sheen of creamy man juice. The volume of sperm blasting forth from Kraig’s spasming cock was simply incredible, and soon both the dirty restroom floor and the stud’s lower legs and feet looked like a gloopy Pollack painting. The waves of orgasmic bliss rocking through Kraig’s body were unlike anything he’d felt before, and seemed to continue without end. 

Conversely, the violent and catastrophic destruction of the left side of the Latino stud’s nutsac instantly halted his titanic orgasm. The huge man froze, utterly paralyzed by the agony erupting from his shattered nut. His brown eyes looked like they’d bulge right out of his head, and every muscle was locked in a rictus of pain. Even his colossal cock, which had been thundering and pulsing and throbbing violently only moments before, froze in mid pulse, quivering like a plucked bowstring. 

A high, keening wail began to escape from the big man’s lips, even as Kraig continued to press and squeeze the resulting chunks of broken ball into a pulp within the battered latin sac. Kraig violently hauled the still rock-hard monster cock from his spasming and clutching throat with a loud schlicking sound, allowing the master cock sucker to gasp and cough for air. The mighty phallus reared upward like a springboard, its dorsal side smacking painfully hard against the metal wall as the dregs of his ruined load continued to pour down the length of the magnificent shaft. Then, even as Kraig continued to hack and cough and gasp for breath, he watched as that towering spike of man meat finally began to wilt, flopping on top of a bulging scrotal mass that could barely be distinguished as a ball sack. 

The handsome Latino’s overinflated scrotum was now a hideous mass of dark red, deep purple, and a disturbing black, swelling dangerously and pulling the skin drum tight as the sac continued to inflate with fluid. On the right side, a still healthy and hale ball could be seen, though the gonad was swollen to unbelievable dimensions and would no doubt be sore and bruised for weeks to come. The left side, on the other hand, was a complete wreck, a fluid-filled sac with the consistency of water-logged Cheerios. The soupy nut remains were amorphous and easily deformed with gentle probing, which Kraig tested with his own fingers out of a sick and sadistic curiosity. The once mighty and proud sex organ, one of the largest balls Kraig had ever seen, was now nothing more than a mass of reproductive pulp, broken beyond any hope of repair. 


The young man’s massive cock wilted just enough for it to slide through the glory hole, dragging the broken ballsack behind it as the mighty muscle stud finally passed out. However, the man’s nutsac was now so huge that it wouldn’t fit through the glory hole, and in fact, his remaining right ball alone was now bloated so huge that it looked impossible that the titanic orb would ever pass through the relatively narrow opening. As the big man began to collapse backwards, his entire weight began to pull at his nutsac, which was trapped on the wrong side of the metal wall. The battered scrotum began to bulge larger and shinier as more and more tension was placed on the ball cords of the young man’s right nut, and Kraig realized with a sudden panic that the stud’s own great muscular bulk was about to be responsible for his complete castration! More and more of the stud’s enormous weight was pulling at the bruised and battered bollock, and Kraig knew that even the Latino bull’s mighty ball couldn’t endure such brutal stress for long! 

Kraig stood up on shaky legs, numb from so many hours on his knees cock sucking, but he ignored the numbness and pain and flew into action. He tried using his fingers to push and prod the mammoth orb back through the hole, but the increasing stretching and tension was actually making the nut grow ever harder and less malleable. Kraig knew that he was almost out of time! 

In desperation, Kraig pressed his back against the opposite stall wall, lifted up his booted right foot, and shot the heel of his foot straight forward into the stud’s trapped ball.


Kraig had hoped that the brutal force of his kick would force the mega nut through the hole, but he was unsuccessful. The entire wall shook with the force of the blow, and the incredibly thick and dense ball was compressed to a fraction of its normal size, but it refused to squeeze through the glory hole. 

Glancing down at the laptop screen sitting atop the toilet, he could see that the unconscious Latino was bending over almost backwards, and that his scrotum had stretched more than half a FOOT from his crotch! He knew it was now or never — if he couldn’t force that massive nut through the hole, it would be ripped right off of the devastatingly handsome stud, turning him instantly into an impotent eunuch! Kraig had taken great pleasure in destroying the stud’s massive left nut, but he wanted this gorgeous hunk of a he-man to still remain a functioning male. So he raised his booted foot once again, and began to stomp his heel directly into the heroically straining orb. 


On the fifth kick, the bloated right nut deformed just enough that it popped through the glory hole, dragging the even larger fluid-filled sac of its shattered twin right behind it. 


The beefy impact of the huge Latino businessman falling heavily to the floor echoed throughout the otherwise strangely silent restroom. His achingly gorgeous and superbly muscular body came to rest in a puddle of his own sweat and Kraig’s copious semen, completely unconscious and numb to the world. 

Kraig quickly stuffed his limp cock back in his pants, gathered up his cameras and laptop, and rushed over to the adjacent stall. He looked down at the broken stud, who was still breathtakingly beautiful even in unconscious defeat. His slack features were still devastatingly handsome, his limp body spectacularly beautiful, his flaccid cock still one of the largest and most shapely he’d ever seen. It was only his hideously engorged, bruised, and pulpy sac that looked out of place. 

Concerned, Kraig knelt next to the huge Latino bull and gently cupped his profoundly battered right ball. He was worried that he may have broken the huge orb in his panicked rush to kick it through the hole, or that it may have already been torn from its fleshy tethers and already be effectively dead. To his great relief, however, the gigantic orb still pulsed with life, and appeared to be fully intact and still attached to the young man’s magnificent body. 

Breathing a sigh of relief, Kraig retrieved the hidden camera’s in the Latino bull’s stall, and then looked down one last time at the shattered stud. A faint smile graced the Latino’s achingly handsome face, and the sight made Kraig smile as well. He had helped the hunky businessman realize one of his greatest fantasies, the brutal loss of one of his massive bollocks. With that smile still on his face, Kraig exited the restroom, stopping at a nearby payphone to make an anonymous call to the police about an injured man lying unconscious in a restroom. Then he left the scene and walked home. 

Kraig hoped that some day soon, once the handsome Latino businessman had recovered from his injuries, the massively muscled stud would return for future visits. The expert cock sucker didn’t doubt that, even with just one ball, the Latino stud could still cum bigger than almost anyone else in the world. 

And who knows, maybe someday the stud would let Kraig finish what he started, and destroy his last remaining ball!