Sunday, April 25, 2021

Sam vs. Skum

Thank you all for patiently awaiting my next story! This one is a one-off story, no additional chapters and no plans for one either. You'll understand why once you reach the end of the story. :) 

Though if you guys can come up with a creative way to continue this story, I'm all ears! 



Sam vs. Skum

Based on an original story titled “Barge vs. Skum” by Tuff Snuff


Samuel stepped gingerly from stone to slime-covered stone, moving with astonishing grace for a man of his tremendous size, and cautiously making as little noise as possible so as not to alert the tunnel’s potential denizens. He had by now been descending into the mountain’s extensive cavern system for hours, and he had no idea what monstrous horrors could lurk at such stygian depths. 

The proud and mighty warrior was delving into this deep cave system because he had heard tales of a rare and mysterious plant that, if used in an alchemical elixir, doubled a man’s strength and vastly heightened his virility and sexual stamina. To a giant of a man exceeding six and a half feet in height and with well over five hundred pounds of rock solid muscle packed onto his herculean frame, that represented a truly super human increase in strength. And for a man who also happened to be hung like some prehistoric beast with a virility and stamina that was already considered legendary across half the continent, the possibility of increasing his already epic manhood to even more stratospheric heights was an irresistible temptation to a man such as Sam. So much so, in fact, that the huge and hairy muscle giant felt the need to risk his life to obtain it. 

And according to the legends, the tiny, ghost-white plant could be found only in the darkest reaches of this very cave system.

The dim light, provided by diminutive glowing fungi, facilitated his stealth and allowed the titanic warrior to see in the otherwise lightless depths. The only sounds he could hear were the near-silent dripping of water and the light footfall of his huge bare feet as he leapt from stone to stone, avoiding the inky depths of the dark waters below. He pressed ahead, his massively muscular and nearly naked body filling the tunnel with his manly presence. 

Sam wished he had better protection than his skimpy leather loincloth, which strained heroically to contain the almighty bulge at the front of his crotch. But many of the passages leading to this point were completely submerged, and clothing and boots would have only created drag as he swam the long distances from air pocket to air pocket, let alone the thick plates of metal armor that he normally wore. The only other possession he’d carried with him was his enormous war axe, which was strapped to his wide and powerful back with a leather harness. He had little knowledge of what kind of monsters lived in these subterranean depths, but he figured that if it could bleed, then his mighty war axe would be sufficient. Still, it would have been nice to have some sort of protection to gird his enormous, bloated, vein-gnarled muscles. 

Water still glistened on his fair and flawless skin from his most recent swim, skin that glowed a pale white in the dim light of the phosphorescent fungi. That perfect, unblemished skin was stretched tight over a form of monumental proportions. Everything on Samuel’s magnificent body was built huge, and his proportions were simply otherworldly. His chest was utterly massive, his pecs two titanic plates of ultra thick muscle strapped across a huge, barrel chest. His shoulders were enormous spheres of meat, swollen with massive, striated muscles like two huge, rounded stones, and spanning well over a yard wide. Descending from those boulder shoulders were a pair of muscle-gnarled arms bursting with raw masculine power, with gigantic and deeply-chiseled tricep and bicep muscles and enormous forearms that looked formed from cables and ropes of forged iron. The hands at the end of those tremendous arms were huge and meaty and muscular as well, and so massive that they could easily palm — and crush — a man’s skull. Samuel’s back was as astoundingly muscular as his mighty chest and enormously-cobbled abdomen, creating a mountainous relief map of huge, dense, and chiseled muscles. His lats in particular were so huge that, when he flexed them, they flared so massively that they looked like a pair of thick, beefy wings. 

Sam’s midsection was a stout trunk of thick muscle, as chiseled and striated as the rest of his body. But thick and meaty as that midsection was, it looked almost waspish compared to the titanic upper torso it supported, with the extraordinary width of his shoulders and breadth of his magnificent pecs tapering down dramatically from his broad back and flaring lats to a relatively narrow belly and waist. The serratus and oblique muscles on Samuel’s chiseled flanks were so deeply pronounced and etched that even his slightest movement resulted in a symphony of flexing and rippling muscles. 

Beneath his pronounced and deeply etched Adonis belt, the warrior’s mighty body ballooned out again into a pair of gargantuan, hugely-corded thighs and enormous calves so big and blocky that they looked like a pair of huge tortoise shells had been strapped to the back of them. Those enormous and fantastically powerful legs ended in a pair of feet that were so big, broad, and muscular that they were the bane of boot makers across the continent. Two perfect globes of huge, dense, and ridiculously striated gluteal muscles were supported by those titanic legs. 

Atop the man’s bullish and thick, muscle-corded neck was a large head topped with a thick crop of wavy and shaggy dark brown hair. The face adorning that large head could never have been called pretty, for it was far too rough-edged and rugged for such an appellation. But his incredibly powerful jawline, square and jutting chin, large nose, prominent cheekbones, and heavy brow were nevertheless incredibly handsome in an overwhelmingly masculine sort of way, his features so pronounced and exaggerated as to be nearly a parody of male beauty. 

Dark stubble seemed to perpetually coat Sam’s lantern jaw and big square chin, and more of that dark brown hair covered the muscular giant’s hirsute body. A thick pelt of that rough and scratchy hair covered the muscle man’s glorious pecs and cobblestone abs, with more of that coarse fur covering his titanic legs and bulging arms. Sam’s back was surprisingly almost free of hair, with only a light dusting of short, dark-brown hairs across his upper back and shoulders, and a small patch of hair on his muscular lower back. His massive ass cheeks, however, were covered in a thick coating of dark brown hairs, with a veritable forest of fur residing in the deep and chiseled crevasse between those almighty globes. The largest and densest patches of hair, however, were reserved for the thick thatches of dark hair in his musty and muscular armpits, and the equally thick thatch of coarse hair at Sam’s crotch, currently hidden by his loincloth of cured leather. 

In short, Samuel was one of the biggest, strongest, most muscular, and most insanely powerful men the world had ever seen, and the mighty warrior was confident that he could take on any creature that might come his way. 

A sudden horrid croaking and grunting sound echoed through the winding tunnel from up ahead. Samuel instinctively pulled the huge war axe from the straps across his back, his mighty fists tightening around the axe’s handle so tightly that the leather bindings creaked in protest. His mighty heart sped up, but his resolve remained strong. Bravely, Sam crept onward, placing his broad, naked back against the jagged stone, and continued along one side of the tunnel. 

The tunnel soon opened up into a very large cavern, so large that he could not see the ceiling overhead or the far walls beyond in the dim, blueish-white light provided by the phosphorescent fungi. The uneven cavern floor contained numerous rocky stalagmites, the tops of some lost to the inky blackness overhead, as well as dark pools of dank, still water. Most immediate to Sam, however, was the tall, hunched figure occupying the center distance of the chamber. Though humanoid in shape, the mighty muscle man instantly knew that this was no human. The creature looked to be over 8 feet tall, and it’s lanky but powerful looking limbs were disproportionately too long to be human. Those limbs ended in webbed hands and feet with long, large-knuckled digits and short but sharp looking talons. The creature had a fish-like appearance, its slimy skin having a pallid greed color covered by a tracery of thick, dark green veins across thick and wiry muscles. Its head was a rounded, hairless dome of pale green, with a wide, amphibious mouth and small, red eyes atop its head. A ridged fin that ran from the top of its head to the end of its spine added to its piscine appearance. 

Samuel knew at a glance that the frog-like creature was a being known as a Skum. Though he had never encountered one before, legends told of the fearsome monsters, which lived in dark, subterranean lairs and lived on the flesh of others. They were known to be cunning and strong, and more than a match for most mortal men. 

After only a brief moment of analysis, Sam ducked his dark-haired head back into the darker shadows of the tunnel, pressing his back to the wall, confident that the creature hadn’t spotted him. He strengthened his grip on his axe, and waited for the creature to come into range. He trained his ears to the soft, wet slap of its feet on the stone, hearing it slowly wander towards him. Seconds now. He flexed his enormously powerful legs, preparing to spring the moment the monster entered the corridor so that the axe swing would be aimed at the height of its thick neck. He held his breath as it gurgled, only feet away, and closing in. 

Samuel waited until the creature’s faint shadow fell across his hiding place, and then he flexed his gargantuan arms and poured all of his fearsome power into a single, deadly blow. The axe blade swung through the air in a mighty arc, powered by the mighty warrior’s colossal strength…and buried itself several inches deep into the stone wall beyond. At the last moment, the monster had sensed Sam’s attack and crouched, narrowly dodging his attack. Its beady red eyes stared up at him with instant hatred and fury.

The freakish creature lunged at the warrior before Sam could react. The sudden, lightning-quick strike toppled him into the large cavern beyond, sending his heavy body to the cold stone floor with a beefy thud. The 8-foot-tall Skum was instantly upon him and wasted no time in continuing its assault, drilling its powerful, slimy fists into Sam’s unprotected abdomen and flanks. A thick and meaty thump-thump-thump echoed throughout the large cavern, sounding like a butcher tenderizing a huge slab of meat. The warrior held his massive arms up to try to block the creature’s attacks, but it struck with surprising speed and swiftness. The heavy amphibian was soon hammering Samuel’s extraordinarily thick pecs with all of its might, croaking and grunting with an angry, alien sound. The blows were landing with such tremendous force that most men’s ribs would have been quickly cracking and caving under the onslaught, but the incredibly thick, dense, and tough armor of steel-like muscles covering Sam’s massive frame cushioned those deadly punches. Still, the pain was intense, and the way that the monster was trying to clobber the air from Sam’s lungs made it quite obvious that the creature sought to kill the big, beefy intruder.

Sam managed to grip the creature’s sinewy left arm at the forearm, and used this leverage to throw the creature off of him. kicking forward and sending the slimy green beast sailing overhead. The Skum was both taller and heavier than Sam, and it possessed lightning speed and a violent, monstrous strength, but the muscle-bound human was even stronger. In a head-to-head match of muscle, Sam was certain he would emerge victorious. 

The monster snorted as it struck a stone stalagmite, hissing in anger as it scrabbled to its feet. Sam proved he was just as swift, however, as he leapt at the thrashing beast. It screeched in anger and fear as Sam knocked the beast backwards and mounted it, and then began pounding his own meaty fists into its skull. The monster grabbed and clawed at him, painting his herculean physique with scarlet lines as it desperately tried to tear at him with its sharp and jagged talons. Sam ignored the pain and furiously struck at his opponent without mercy. The overpowered beast flailed helplessly, its struggles becoming weaker and more confused as it suffered blow after skull-cracking blow to its head. With one final, heroic strike, Sam punched the monster’s head, which snapped violently to the side. The monster’s twisted muscles spasmed, then instantly fell limp with a slimy smack.

The brave warrior took the time to catch his breath, his massive chest heaving as he pulled air into his huge lungs. Sam sat on the freak’s cold, wet stomach, his colossal thighs straddling the vanquished beast as he surveyed his mighty form for damage. He had several dozen lacerations on his arms, chest, and flanks, but the wounds were all very shallow and were hardly bleeding. His muscles were so terrifically dense and tough and fibrous that the powerful beast hadn’t done them any real harm, and even the cuts in his skin would likely heal without a scar. Sam was proud of himself for defeating the fearsome monster with his bare hands, and he couldn’t help but admire his massive muscles. The adrenaline thrill of victory, combined with the healthy admiration of his own enormously muscular form, made Sam’s huge cock twitch, and he could feel a familiar warm heaviness start to build in his meaty crotch. 

That’s when Sam noticed that his leather loincloth had been torn loose in the conflict. No doubt the Skum’s sharp talons had gotten caught in the thick, tough hide and torn the garment off of the human’s herculean body, allowing Samuel’s genitalia to spill forth. Finally released from their leathery confines, the warrior’s manhood looked monstrous, obscenely oversized even for this mighty warrior’s astoundingly muscular build. The limp log of Sam’s cock rested heavily across the beast’s cold and slime-covered chest, measuring well over a foot long and as thick as one of Sam’s own powerful wrists. The man’s huge balls were even more impressive, two titanic testicles each nearly the size of one of Sam’s own enormous, muscular fists. The massive orbs hung in a loose and exceedingly hairy nutsac, drooping so low in their scrotum that their huge, ovoid forms rested heavily on the beast’s cold belly. Sam liked how huge and meaty his manhood looked resting on the monster’s defeated form, as if to further prove his dominance over the vanquished beast. 

Sam rose to his feet, his immensely muscular and now fully naked form looking even more magnificent with the shallow cuts and scratches of his fallen enemy’s death throes, and made his way to where his heavy war axe still projected awkwardly from the stone wall. He stretched his massive arms over his head as he walked, limbering up after his short but violent battle with the Skum. 

Icy, muscular arms suddenly wrapped themselves around his muscle-girdled midsection, just below his mammoth, shield-like pecs. Clearly, the Skum had been only momentarily stunned and unconscious, not slain as the mighty warrior had thought! The monster growled as it lifted the massive human up into the air. Sam gasped and squirmed, struggling to free himself as the monster began to squeeze. The freakish creature was even stronger than Sam had anticipated, and he winced as the bear-like grip crushed his body. He thrashed around, choking and gagging, desperately trying to break the beast’s murderous grip. 

Perversely, Sam’s huge and heavy cock, which had begun to become aroused after he had initially felled the creature, began to grow even harder and thicker as Sam’s life-or-death struggle continued. Since his back was being crushed tight to the creature’s piscine chest, Sam’s cock was free to bloat and unfurl to its full, staggering size. Within the span of a dozen heart beats, the warrior’s mighty phallus had reached full mast, its swollen, helmet-shaped head slapping against the deep valley at the base of Sam’s mammoth, overhanging pecs. The colossal schlong measured well over a foot and a half in length and possessed a hole-busting girth, with a tracery of thick and angry veins coursing all up and down the titanic shaft. Sam’s struggles caused the pulsing pud to sway ponderously back and forth, as his unspeakably heavy sac of stones jiggled beneath. 

With over a quarter ton of massive muscle man thrashing in its arms like an enraged bronco, the monster found it difficult to keep control. It stumbled around the cavern, and nearly fell over several times. It was intent on keeping the deadly hold, however, and tightening its grip until the intruder no longer lived. The beast hissed with anticipation as it felt Sam’s rock-like abs begin to give in. The Skum wasn’t going to stop tightening its grip until it felt the man’s spine snap in its powerful clutches. 

Before it could finish crushing its victim, however, Sam managed to plant both of his flailing feet on the face of a massive stalagmite, and he kicked backwards with all of his awesome strength. Samuel’s kick knocked both combatants backwards, sending them tumbling down a smooth, rocky slope, deeper into the dark cavern. 

Both of the powerful fighters slid to a stop in a shallow pool of frigid, watery mud, several feet from each other. Sam involuntarily shivered as the icy cold soaked into his hot skin. He quickly shot back up and shook off the after effects of the surprise attack, feeling rejuvenated now that he could breathe freely. His reprieve looked to be short lived, however, for the creature also rapidly clambered to its alien, webbed feet and began to circle its opponent. It glared at Sam with its red and hate-filled eyes, puffing up and flexing its gnarled muscles like the apex predator it was. Sam simply snarled in response and flexed his own colossal beef. Thick veins bulged even bigger all over his extraordinary physique, making his great muscles look even more angry and imposing. Though the monster was decidedly taller and had a longer reach, Sam was far more densely muscular and considerably stronger, facts that he intended to make the beast realize before he conquered and killed it. 

The mountain of barbaric muscle roared and charged across the muddy chamber at his opponent. The beast met his charge as their two massive forms violently collided, and the pair became locked in a titanic struggle against one another. Hot and hairy flesh rubbed up against cold and slimy skin as their huge muscles bulged and flexed against one another. Their hands were locked with one another over their heads, and their feet slipped in the mud as they grappled with each other for dominance. Sam’s humongous, fully engorged cock was trapped between their two fighting and heaving forms, becoming even more stimulated and aroused as it was crushed between two unyielding walls of muscle. The mighty warrior ignored the powerfully erotic sensations coming from his squeezed and trapped cock, and ditto for the rough treatment his huge, low hanging balls were getting as they slapped hard against two sets of muscular legs, and were occasionally even smashed up against his pelvis by a flexing, thrusting thigh. 

But despite its straining and snorting, and being a full head and shoulders taller than his mighty-thewed opponent, the green-skinned monster began to finally lean backward as Sam gradually out-muscled it. Sam’s handsome face broke into an arrogant grin as he saw his victory approaching. With a mighty roar, Samuel drove the monster to its knees, and then threw it down to the muddy earth. Then with surprising speed, he leaned over and grabbed the monster by the throat and thigh, and in a shocking display of strength, hoisted the Skum over his head like a hunting trophy. The beast wriggled and croaked in fear, shocked and terrified by the warrior’s astounding display of raw masculine power.

The warrior groaned and strained as the beast slapped at his powerful arms. He slipped in the chilly gloop a few times, but managed to keep to his feet still holding the monster high above his head. Sam’s entire body shook, his enormous biceps bulging and his colossal thighs quaking with the effort of holding the great thrashing creature aloft, for the struggling beast outweighed him by close to two hundred pounds! But just to prove his utter dominance, the hirsute he-man held the wriggling beast over his head for another half minute or so, before violently heaving his opponent through the air. The screaming beast struck a huge stone stalagmite with crushing force before tumbling to the ground like a limp rag doll. The slimy monster sprawled face-down in the mud, spasming in pain and barely moving.

Sam thrust his flexing arms out wide and threw back his handsome head as he uttered a deafening bellow of victory. It was a tremendous war cry, one that would no doubt echo for miles down the twisting and turning caves of the deep cavern system, but the mighty warrior did not care — he was announcing his victory to the stygian dark, and daring any of the caverns’ other residents to try their strength against his. 

While Sam was thus occupied, he failed to notice as the trembling, winded Skum reached one taloned hand into a barely noticed pouch slung like a bandolier over one shoulder. The exhausted creature withdrew a single item, a sprig of a plant that glowed a soft, ghostly white in the dark cave. The Skum placed the plant, with its small and delicate white flowers, into its frog-like maw, and then quickly chewed and swallowed it. 

Sam finished his thunderous war cry and then swaggered towards his victim. He placed his massive paws on either side of the creature’s head and hauled it up to its knees. It hissed and resisted, but it was in too much pain, and Sam was clearly too strong for it. Sam then proceeded to beat his bare-knuckled fists against the beast’s large, smooth head, trying to bash in its brains with his furious punches. He bludgeoned it again and again, back and forth, dizzying the creature and keeping it stunned. It flailed about, but its weak struggles seemed too disorganized to be a threat. 

The creature was clearly becoming desperate, close to slipping into helpless unconsciousness. That’s when it noticed the objects swinging between its hammering opponent’s massively muscular legs. The Skum’s own genitalia were all internal, so it had no idea that the hairy sac swinging in front of it was the very source and wellspring of the human’s awesome masculinity. But it sensed it had found a potentially vulnerable target, and so, with all its remaining strength, it powered one of its webbed fists straight between the massive warrior’s naked legs, impacting perfectly with both of Sam’s dangling bollocks and crushing them mercilessly against his pelvis. 

It was a truly testicle-shattering blow, one that would have instantly pulped and pulverized a normal man’s balls. Fortunately for Sam, however, he possessed a set of stones that were as ferociously tough as they were freakishly gigantic. Though they pancaked more than halfway flat beneath the awesome force of the blow, the warrior’s tough and sturdy bull nuts survived intact. The pain, however, was incredible. 

Sam’s entire massively-muscled form froze in place, his eyes flying open wide as his mouth dropped open. The mammoth warrior gasped breathlessly as his muscles seized uncontrollably, and it was all he could do to not drop to the mud in knee-buckling agony. He stumbled backwards until he came up against another towering stalagmite, one hand clutching his damaged spunk bunkers and nursing his wounded pride. 

The warrior’s eyes grew even bigger as he saw the incredible transformation taking over the kneeling and battered Skum. The dark green veins coursing all over the creature’s slimy body began to pulse and throb, growing bigger and angrier right before Sam’s very eyes. Then the creature’s very muscles began to swell and grow, gaining size and thickness at an incredible rate! The beast was turning into a monster of muscle in front of Sam’s disbelieving eyes, bloating its previously lanky form with so much new muscle that the hulking beast’s new proportions eclipsed even that of the mighty human warrior. 

The stunned warrior realized that the Skum must have ingested one of the legendary ghost flowers, the very magical plant that he had been seeking! And judging by the truly monstrous size of the fantastically muscular beast now rising from the mud before him, Sam was dreadfully certain that whatever strength advantage he had once possessed was now long gone. 

In unison, the pair charged at each other once more. But this time, when the two collided, Sam felt like he had been struck by a charging rhino! His muscular form was hurled backwards as the pair crashed back into the huge stalagmite with bone-shattering force, instantly knocking most of the air out of Samuel’s huge lungs. As the muscular hero gasped for breath, the Skum wrapped its webbed left hand around Sam’s bullish neck to keep him pinned to the stone pillar, while with its other fist, it pressed its previous advantage. 

A fiery inferno erupted within Samuel’s lean and muscular crotch as the beast began to repeatedly pummel its bony-knuckled fist into the warrior’s dangling, defenseless balls, hammering them over and over again with rapid-fire punches. Sam finally found his voice and began howling in pain as the vicious Skum began to lay waste to his big baby makers. Sam’s fat balls were trapped against the rough face of the stalagmite itself, so now as each devastating punch landed into the heart of the warrior’s burgeoning manhood, the utterly unyielding stone surface forced the screaming bollocks to absorb the full force of each blow. 

The effects were devastating. The tough and rubbery meat of Samuel’s humongous balls was forced to bend and distort around each invading fist, forced into dangerously unnatural shapes as they were violently crushed nearly flat against the stone column. The huge balls themselves were quickly growing an angrier and angrier red color under the beyond-brutal abuse, and they looked like they were just beginning to swell as well. They were already enduring FAR more abuse than any man’s nuts had the right to survive and were still going strong, but who knew how much more they could take before they simply shattered under the relentless barrage of blows! 

Disturbingly, Sam’s monstrous bull cock hadn’t grown the least bit soft this entire time, and in fact was pulsing and throbbing wildly as the Skum’s deadly punches continued to steadily hammer his heavy, herculean man orbs into sterility. In fact, it almost looked like the towering phallus was actually enjoying having its huge stud stones pulverized into gravel, and some pain-wracked corner of Sam’s mind was embarrassed at his proud horse cock’s traitorous reaction. 

Several score punches landed in the battered meat of Sam’s heavily traumatized testes, softening up the huge orbs and making them swell even bigger, if that was possible. The mighty blows also sapped the powerful human’s fantastic strength, making him slump in the creature’s powerful grip, his massive limbs flailing weakly at his attacker. The monster suddenly stopped its testicular attack and released the stunned and light-headed warrior, who dropped face-first into the mud and muck with a wet and gloopy splash. 

Samuel managed to claw himself up onto all fours, his massive muscles quivering shakily. The entire front of his gloriously muscular body was coated in thick and cold mud, and thick slugs of the gloopy earth dripped off of his mammoth boner and swollen, battered bollocks. Before he could begin to clear his hand and stand up, however, a huge cold weight slapped against his back and slammed him back down into the mud, burying his sensitive manhood in the icy, wet earth. A massively muscular green arm suddenly wrapped around his bullish neck, and a giant, cold bicep was soon pressed against his throat. 

As the monster began to menacingly flex its now enormous bicep, Sam could feel the granite hard muscle begin to crush his windpipe. The mighty warrior was still dizzy and disoriented, but he immediately recognized the deadly peril he was now in. He grabbed at the beast’s arm with both powerful hands to try to pull it away, but it was locked tight and hard as iron. His thick fingers kept slipping over the creature’s slimy, muddy skin, unable to gain purchase or achieve any hold. 

Changing tactics, the muscleman clambered clumsily to his feet with the enormous, half ton monster still pressed tight against his back, maintaining its strangling grip. The creature leapt up and wrapped its powerful legs around Samuel’s tight, muscular waist, catching the warrior in a tight, crushing scissors and forcing him to bear all of the creature’s weight. The mighty muscle man was staggered beneath their combined weight, carrying over 1,500 pounds of muscle and bone, not to mention how much thick mud that was clinging to both of their bodies, on his thick and sturdy tree trunk legs. The creature thought for sure that its opponent would be immediately driven to his knees, but Sam proved his extraordinary strength again by staying upright. 

With dark mud now covering his magnificent, masculine physique, making him look like some sort of stone statue honoring a colossal god of sex, the mighty warrior began to thrash about, trying to throw the slippery creature off of his back. He was gagging and coughing with the effort to simply keep breathing, but as hard as he fought, the beast refused to let go, tightening its grip around his thick neck until the pressure inside his pounding head felt like it would explode. 

A gurgled roar of fury signaled Sam’s attack. The muscleman slammed his back against the nearest pillar of rough stone, crushing the beast between himself and the jagged rock, eliciting an angry croak from the clinging beast. The creature managed to maintain its vicious chokehold, however. His desperation growing and his massive body beginning to weaken from the lack of air, Sam repeated the motion as fast and as hard as he could. The beast yelped and growled, and he felt its grip slip, but it managed to stay attached like a vicious leech.

The wet mud suddenly shifted beneath Sam, causing the handsome muscle giant to lose what little balance he had and crash unceremoniously to the ground. Sam dropped heavily onto his big, beefy ass, the cold mud sliding up his deep, hairy crack. The huge slimy beast promptly jerked him against the wall and re-secured its powerful arm around the human’s thick, bullish, muscle-corded neck. The mighty warrior grabbed and squeezed the monster’s arms in an air-hungry panic, desperate to find an opening. He kicked and flailed, causing his naked heels to carve deep ruts in the wet muck, while his muscular back arched as he bucked and twisted. Sam’s rampant and rock hard cock looked like it was fucking thin air with each heave and buck, and slender rivers of clear precum were cutting trails though the mud coating the entire length of his massive penis. 

The fight was silent save for the slap and plop of muscle and mud, along with the occasional grunt or snort that escaped from Sam’s nearly closed-off airway.

Sam strained to roll to one side or another, but the monster’s incredibly powerful legs and the poor friction kept him securely in place. He clawed the creature’s shoulders and rounded skull as his bloodshot eyes began bulging out of his handsome face, which was now a fiery shade of red verging toward purple. His tongue flopped out of his mouth as he gagged and wheezed. To add injury and pain to the already agonizing hold, the green-skinned beast violently thrashed him side to side, but Sam simply flailed and grasped at the muscled monster cutting off his air supply. He pulled violently at the beast’s monstrously thick bicep, but it was locked tightly under his powerful square chin. His body breathed as a reflex, making his deeply chiseled, cobblestone abs flex rhythmically, but was now failing to get any air into his powerful lungs. His huge heart pounded like a war drum, a rhythm the beast could feel even through Sam’s thick, bullish neck.

The monster pressed the webbed fingers of its enormous free hand onto the back of the struggling man’s dark-haired head, adding even more pressure to an already devastating move. It hissed happily and sniffed the air while a smell of wet, cold earth mixed with a thick mammalian musk of sweat and fear wafted into its nose slits. Unable to escape the stranglehold, Sam began to fade. His struggles became weak and disorganized, stroking and squeezing the monster’s huge, sinewy arm, amounting to little more than muscle worship. His eyes were rolling to the back of his head and his tongue hung limply from his mouth, which drooled a steady stream of saliva down his chin and onto his utterly massive pecs. Deprived of air for too long, Samuel’s monstrous muscles seized as he began to slip into unconsciousness. 

In a final, desperate act to fertilize something before perishing, Sam’s galvanized bull cock suddenly reached its much-delayed orgasm. The big muscle warrior had long been famous for the size and power of his ferocious cum loads, but his final orgasm was monstrous even by his lofty standards, a violent and volcanic purging of every last sperm cell in his horribly bruised and battered balls. As his massive body gave a mighty arch backwards, Samuel’s monster cock unleashed its first colossal spurt of hero seed, which struck the creature right in its surprised and shocked face. The beast didn’t relax in the slightest, though, and kept right on choking the dying muscle man as slug after slug after massive slug of sperm shot out of his powerfully throbbing cock, coating both of their torsos in thick ropes and sticky streamers of his potent male brew. 

On and on Sam’s orgasm raged, his magnificent, muscular body rhythmically convulsing and spasming with each colossal gout of splooge. The unbelievably massive orgasm lasted for nearly two full minutes, purging a hero’s worth of studly seed, before it finally ratcheted down to a close. Finally, after a few weak spurts of watery sludge, Samuel’s last, spectacular orgasm shuddered to an end. 

A few torturous moments of unconscious spasms and muffled gurgles followed, and then the sweaty, cum-drenched mountain of savagery and muscle relaxed, falling limp like a child’s doll. The beast felt the muscleman shudder briefly one last time before mighty pounding beneath Samuel’s gargantuan, shield-like pecs faded into silence. Only the distant dripping of water pierced the stillness that fell over the two warriors. 

After a few moments, the victorious monster quietly removed its huge arm from around the human’s throat and sat still, admiring its work. It allowed the savage’s impressive bulk to lay against it, his handsome and dark-haired head hanging limply on its huge, pale green shoulder. Its muddy fingers squeezed Sam’s gigantic biceps, which it was amazed to find were nearly as dense as granite even when limp. The mighty mounds of his warm and meaty pecs were like boulders, his enormous deltoids like huge, spherical stones. Even as the Skum played with its vanquished foe, the man’s powerful chest and chiseled abdomen deflated, releasing his final, prolonged breath, and rose no more. 

Mighty Samuel was dead.

The beast enjoyed the feel of its warm-blooded conquest against its body for several minutes longer, and ran its taloned hands through the sticky morass of thick and chunky nut slop that coated both of their mighty torsos. The deluge of spunk from Samuel’s industrial-sized bollocks had a heady but not unpleasant scent, which the creature found intriguing. 

After some time, though, the creature rolled the lifeless body off of it and stood. Its muscles were still bulging and swollen with immense power, and would remain that way for the next ten days or so until the power of the moon flowers wore off. It rubbed its battered head and back, but nothing felt broken. Confident the fight had been a total victory, the creature croaked cheerfully to itself and grabbed the man’s thick, vascular arms. It then began the long trek through the dark, muddy tunnels back to its den, dragging the strangled slab of muscle behind it.

The monster would eat well tonight. 

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Jon Fucks Up His Nuts - Part 3

And now for the conclusion of this short series... with some thoughts on how it might continue in the future... ;)

Jon Fucks Up His Nuts - Part 3

Based on an original story by Sack Stomper


Mark finally made his way around to the back of the huge residence, zeroing in on where the thumping sounds were the loudest. The large bank of windows in front of him were too high for him to peer through, so he dragged over a nearby large potted plant, his thickly muscular legs straining with the effort, and then hopped on top so that he could peer inside. 

What Mark saw took several long moments for his shocked brain to unravel and decipher. 

Before him was a largely empty room, in the center of which was an stout, oversized wooden chair. Seated in that chair and with his back to the windows was a colossally muscular giant of a man, who appeared to be both completely naked and completely helpless, his enormously muscular limbs shackled to the arms and legs of the chair. Unless the man had an identical twin, Mark knew instantly that the humongous form had to be none other than Jon Thorsten. 

Even as Mark watched, the seated muscle bull flexed and strained mightily against his restraints, clearly desperate to break free, and his flawless pale skin was slick with the sweat from his efforts. Even Jon’s short, blond hair was soaked with sweat and matted to his head. The loud THUMP-THUMP-THUMP sounds were coming from directly in front of Jon and blocked from Mark’s view by the giant’s mammoth body, but whatever it was, it was making Jon’s entire body buck and writhe as much as his tight bindings would allow, and the great muscular bull was bellowing and hollering in clear agony. 

As Mark tried to figure out what could be causing the huge muscle man so much pain, he looked beyond the massive figure and saw that there was a very large mirror standing in the doorway to the next room. It took Mark a moment to realize that the gilt-framed object was a mirror, however, as its surface was almost completely obscured by a thick film of some sort of creamy white substance that was running down the face of the tall mirror like some thick and gloopy molasses. Mark’s mouth gaped open when he suddenly realized what that custard-like substance was — it was at least a GALLON of Jon’s own bull semen!! 

Just enough of the unnaturally thick jizz had slid its way down the mirror by this point to allow a hazy reflection, and what Mark saw next make his heart catch in his throat. He could see Jon in the chair, and he was indeed very much naked, sporting a set of genitals that almost defied description, so far beyond the young man’s wildest erotic fantasy that his mind at first refused to accept them as real. He also saw that there was a low table set up in front of Jon’s chair, and that upon that table sat some sort of mechanical torture device — a box with a metal arm, tipped by an enormous wooden sphere, which was even now literally pounding the stuffing out of a bloated roughly spherical mass that must have been Jon’s gigantic testicles. The wooden ball was crushing that insanely massive sac of nut meat so hard that it was crushing the contents nearly flat with each brutal strike, only to have them bounce partway back to some semblance of a somewhat flattened spherical shape between each blow. 

Mark had no idea why Jon was tied to the chair or why his nuts were being pulverized by the strange contraption, but he knew he had to get in there and try to rescue the blond muscle giant. The young man tried desperately to pry open the window in front of him, but it was firmly locked and wouldn’t budge. In a panic, he wasted precious moments frantically looking around himself for something that would break the window, but there was nothing close at hand in the garden. He then ripped his brown UPS shirt off over his head, revealing a chiseled, tanned, and muscular torso that was a perfect match for his big and exquisitely formed legs. He wrapped the shirt several times around his right first, and then slammed it into the window, shattering the glass. He had to break the glass several times to clear a safe opening, and then he clambered inside as quickly as he could. He was desperate to save the handsome blond behemoth and his gargantuan manhood before it was totally destroyed. 


Some distant part of Jon’s pain-addled brain registered the sound of breaking glass behind him, but his mind was so focused on the blazing inferno of agony in his nearly shattered balls that he didn’t even notice it. All of his attention was on the large wooden ball that kept on hammering into his bruised and bloated nuts with ferociously destructive strength. 







Jon’s heart was breaking at the same time as his balls, for even though he was gay, he had wanted to be a father some day. Instead, he was being forced to watch as all of his unborn sons and daughters were being systematically murdered inside his nearly ruptured balls, his phenomenal genetic potential being wasted. His sorrow for all that he was losing was at least as great as the inhuman agony in his hideously mauled and mangled nuts. The handsome blond titan could almost curse the freakish density and super human toughness of his massive testicles, for their extraordinary durability was only prolonging the inevitable, and forcing Jon to experience so much more knee-buckling pain than if they’d already exploded half an hour ago. But he knew with a sick certainty that the end would be coming very soon, as he could feel the internal structures and tissues of his once-mighty balls giving way. Any moment now, and it would be all over… 







Suddenly, another figure appeared before Jon. The blond bull’s thought at first that his pale blue eyes must be deceiving him, for there in front of him stood a glorious angel made flesh. The young man standing before him was breathtakingly handsome, with thick, dark brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes. The handsome lad was wearing nothing but brown shorts and work boots, revealing a physique that was muscular, sculpted perfection. Jon felt his terminally turgid cock give a mighty lurch as lust flooded through his mangled loins, for the brown-haired young man was the most handsome stud Jon had ever seen. 

“How can I help you?” the lad yelled, both out of panic and to be heard over the loud and rhythmic pummeling of Jon’s squashed nuts. 



It took a moment for Jon’s pain-clouded mind to make sense of what the young man said, and his heart suddenly surged with hope. He shouted in return, “Plug socket!! HURRY!!”



A deep grunt of pain was forced from Jon’s huge lungs, for the next strike was even harder than any that had come before, and the impact sounds coming from his balls were decidedly more crunchy. The blond giant could actually FEEL the protective walls around his gigantic gonads start to crack and crumble. At the same time, he could feel a long-delayed orgasm rapidly building inside his very core, the combination of the arrival of this stunning young man, the unparalleled levels of pleasure/pain shooting through his racked and wrecked balls, and the impending loss of his herculean gonads sending him hurtling toward the edge. 

“OH GOD!!” the muscle bull bellowed. “My balls are about to BURST!!”



“WHERE?!?” cried the panicking young man. “I can’t find it!!” 



“On the wall! BEHIND you!!” 



“OH FUCK!!!” Jon screamed as he felt both of his burly balls simultaneously fracture. They hadn’t fully ruptured, not yet, but the tough and fibrous outer walls of his balls were now cracked and broken, offering virtually no protection for the tender and delicate tissues inside the nuts themselves. Even a light blow at this point would be guaranteed to blow Jon’s huge balls to smithereens, let alone another full intensity, boulder shattering strike from The Annihilator. 

“GOT IT!!” Jon’s erstwhile rescuer shouted as he yanked the offending plug out of the wall. 

Unfortunately, he was a fraction of a second too late…




Jon threw back his achingly handsome head and bellowed in unimaginable agony, feeling every moment of the annihilation of his mammoth, magnificent, majestic balls. Every gargantuan muscle in his beyond-Herculean body bulged and flexed in fantastic relief, a spectacularly masculine sight made sadly ironic as it came at the same instant that the mighty muscle bull was rendered into something less than a man. 

Mark’s timing could not have been worse, for not only did the huge wooden finial slam itself with terminal force directly into Jon’s cracked orbs, instantly smashing them completely flat, but it remained planted there in the heart of both of the blond giant’s broken balls, ruthlessly crushing them against the unyielding seat of the heavy oak chair, causing the utterly pulped tissues to bulge and distort grotesquely around the invading wooden sphere. 

True to its name, The Annihilator had obliterated Jon’s manhood, turning the biggest, baddest, toughest bull nuts in history into so much broken, worthless ball meat. 

Mark dropped limply to his knees in despair, devastated that he hadn’t acted in time to save the manhood of this paragon of hyper-realized masculinity. If only he hadn’t spent so much time jacking off in that parking lot! If only he hadn’t hesitated for those precious minutes in his truck! If only he hadn’t taken so long to break through the window and unplug the wicked torture device! Tears streamed down his handsome face, for he was overcome with grief as he watched the mighty muscle man continue to buck and writhe and bellow in agony, having witnessed the mighty bull being turned into a steer right before his very eyes! 

Almost unnoticed, Jon’s 3-foot-plus mega cock gave a mighty lurch, heaving itself upward so hard that it collided with the unbelievably solid wall of Jon’s abs and pecs with a resounding and very beefy SMACK!! The towering phallus lurched again, and again, and yet again, growing even thicker and veinier, if that was even possible. And then, on the next tremendous throb, an absolutely colossal rocket of nearly snow white jizz virtually exploded out of the grapefruit-sized head of his mammoth whale cock. 

Mark would later reflect on the absolute impossibility of a man ejaculating without a functioning set of nuts. But at that moment, he could only fall back on his beefy backside and watch in stunned awe and amazement as big Jon Thorsten shot out the single greatest cumload in human history. 

The first goliath blast of stud spew shot out with such enormous power and fury that it actually sailed up and OVER the tall standing mirror, slashing to the ground several dozen FEET into the next room. The second shot was just as powerful but was aimed slightly lower, hitting the mirror about a foot from its top, splattering all across its surface. The next shot struck the same location, as did the next, and the next, completely shellacking the upper portion of the oversized mirror with Jon’s scalding hot brew. The colossal cum wads were striking the mirror so unbelievably hard, in fact, that they actually caused the heavy mirror to rock slightly backward on its wide and sturdy legs. 

The sixth shot struck with such tremendous force and unspeakable volume that it actually tipped the mirror backward, felling it in slow motion like some great tree in the forest. The standing mirror crashed to the floor with a thunderous sound of wood on wood and the almost deafening crackle of shattering glass. 

Superstitious folk would be worried about seven years of bad luck, but it would’ve been safe to say that Jon’s seven years of bad luck had already been condensed and compressed down to the past hour or so. 

Mark watched in open-mouthed wonder as Jon continued to hammer out slug after slug after impossibly voluminous slug of the thickest, whitest, chunkiest sperm he had ever seen in his life. It was almost like a pulsating fire hose set to its maximum setting was launching titanic bolts of semen into the next room. The overwhelming scent of Jon’s nut sludge was so heady and so powerful that it made Mark swoon. The fragrance was extraordinarily thick and pungent, a musk so masculine and raw that it could only come from a gigantic Alpha Stud of Jon’s unparalleled caliber. If Mark hadn’t already been in love with the heaving and bucking muscle titan, then the delicious and addicting smell of his potent spunk would have sealed the deal. 

Jon grunted, flexed, and roared from his trapped position in the heavy oak chair as rope after rope after massive, knock-you-to-the-ground rope of cum erupted from his belching and quivering cock. A dozen blasts, TWO dozen blasts, THREE dozen blasts, and STILL Jon’s orgasm raged onward with no end in sight. It was the greatest hyper-masculine display of super human virility that the world would likely ever see, seeing as it was being pumped from the shattered remnants of Jon’s beyond-behemoth bull balls. 

It took SEVERAL minutes more before Jon’s cataclysmic orgasm finally ebbed and ceased, leaving both men panting and breathless. Everything in an arc extending up to 50 feet in front of the shackled super stud was positively coated and drenched in his gloopy, pearlescent spew. There had to be at least 4 or 5 GALLONS of the outrageously thick baby batter festooned across the two adjoining rooms. Mark would never have believed it if he hadn’t witnessed it with his own two eyes. 

His monumental cum load finally complete, Jon collapsed back in the chair, his massive chest heaving for air. The freakishly tough bull was still fully conscious, despite the agony still raging inside his throbbing ballsac, and he continued to moan and groan in pain and loss. 

It took Mark several moments to break free from his stunned paralysis, and then he rushed to Jon’s side to see how the broken muscle man was doing. The blond’s gigantic cock was still powerfully throbbing, and oozing a continuous stream of milky fluids down its entire towering length, clearly nowhere near ready to go soft yet, despite the man’s clear exhaustion and the destruction of his massive testicles. 

The man’s eyes were shut closed as he panted for breath. Mark reached out his trembling hands to touch this erotic dream made flesh, placing one hand on the enormous boulder of one shoulder while the other hand pressed flat against the vast plane of one gargantuan pec. The moment he touched the man’s sweat-slickened skin, Mark felt an electric jolt course clear through his entire body, and his rock hard cock almost shot off inside his shorts all by itself once again. Jon’s skin felt like warm, soft, and unblemished velvet stretched taut across enormous blocks of granite, for the man’s spectacularly huge muscles barely dented in the slightest, no matter how hard Mark squeezed. Mark was dumbfounded at the man’s behemoth SIZE, and the raw power he felt coursing through the man’s magnificent muscles made his pulse race harder than ever. 

The young man finally looked up from his muscular exploration to meet Jon’s pale blue gaze. When their eyes met, sparks flew, and Mark was instantly turned into a stuttering fool, for he suddenly found himself at a loss for what to say. “I’m Mark,” he stumbled out, almost tripping over his own tongue at the speed of his words. “I’m the UPS driver who delivered a package to you a little over an hour ago. I came back because I had to see you again, and when no one answered the door, I crept around back to see if you were home. When I heard the sounds coming from this room and saw you in distress, I got to you as quickly as I could. I’m so, so sorry that I didn’t get here sooner.” Tears once again coursed unnoticed down Mark’s handsome, blushing cheeks as he admitted both his infatuation with the colossally muscular blond brute and his failure to save him from being turned into a eunuch. 

“Thank you for coming to my rescue, Mark, and I know you did all you could. It’s completely my fault. My personal ‘play time’ has always been decidedly on the rough side, and today it clearly got out of hand from me. Now I’ve suffered the consequences.” Continuing agony could be heard in Jon’s intensely deep and rich voice, but he was sincere in his thanks to this ridiculously hot and handsome young stud. “Please don’t blame yourself. I think I was done for long before you even arrived, but thank you for being my knight in shining armor.” 

Mark blushed furiously at Jon’s words, confirming Jon’s suspicions that the lad was hopelessly smitten with him. He’d seen that look many times before and he knew it well, for it was the reaction he had been generating since he was a young teenager. The other clue, of course, was the impressively large tent poking out the front of Mark’s dark brown shorts. But the throbbing ache in his screaming nuts broke Jon out of his lustful reverie about the handsome delivery stud and back to the matters at hand. 

“The shackles binding my wrists and ankles are on a timer, and I’ve got nearly an hour to go before they release, so I need your help. The wooden ball is crushing what’s left of my nuts flat and it hurts like FUCK, so could you see if you could get that off of me?” 

“Oh shit, yeah, of course! Right away!” Mark quickly answered, and started trying to lever the mechanical arm off of Jon’s broken balls. The steel arm wouldn’t budge a single millimeter, however, no matter how hard Mark pulled. Meanwhile, the agony in Jon’s balls continued to build to ever greater levels, and the huge muscle stud thought he might finally pass out soon if his broken nutsac wasn’t freed. 

“That’s not going to work,” a nearly breathless Jon grunted. “Grab that wrench off the side table, and see if you can unbolt the device from the table. That might be the only way to get what’s left of my nuts free.” 

Mark immediately set to work, removing the bolts securing The Annihilator to the wooden table. He worked as fast as he could, but Jon had very thoroughly bolted the device to the table, and it took Mark more than 5 minutes to work the device completely free. The agony in Jon’s crushed and pinned bollocks continued to build the entire time, and Jon wondered how the pain could keep on increasing, even when his beefy nuts had already been shattered! 

“YES!” Mark exclaimed as the final bolt came free, and he was able to lift the entire device up off the table. As he lifted the wooden finial off of the wreckage of Jon’s pulverized nut, both men couldn’t help but stare at the ruin of the blond’s mighty manhood. As both men watched, the bloated scrotum started to plump back with agonizing slowness, and Jon hissed through clenched teeth as fresh agony hit him like a freight train. The feeling of fluids rushing back into the flattened tissues was intense, as was the reshaping of the thicker, fleshier contents. The nutsac regained about a third of its original girth, and then stopped reinflating. It was impossible to see where one ball ended and the other began, as they now formed just one big blob of shapeless goo. The sight was terrible to behold, and both men were devastated at the carnage wrought by the aptly-named Annihilator. 

Mark set the device aside and knelt beside Jon once more, reaching forth with both hands to ever-so-gently cradle the huge and surprisingly heavy half-flattened sphere of the stud’s shattered nuts. Mark scooped the heavy sac into his vastly overfilled hands, tears dripping off of his cheeks  and onto the mangled flesh. 

He silently cried for almost a minute before he started noticing something strange. As the weight of the heavy sac shifted slightly back and forth between his hands due to Mark’s small movements, he realized that the weight inside the bag appeared to be coming from two distinct objects. Confused, Mark gently lowered the huge nutsac back onto the oak chair, and then used both hands to isolate the mass on the left side of Jon’s scrotum. As the huge, bound blond nodded his assent, Mark placed his hands on either side of that mass and began to slowly press his hands together. Jon grunted against the terrible pain, but continued to watch in fascination as the huge, flattened blob of soft and mushy tissue began to plump into something that more and more resembled a familiar, oblong, spherical shape. 

Excited but not wanting to get his hopes up, Mark repeated the process on the other side of Jon’s nutbag, and succeeded in shaping another rough sphere on the right side of his pouch. For all the world, they looked like a pair of titanically oversized, grotesquely swollen, and hideously bruised testicles! Could it be that some portion of Jon’s monumentally battered and pummeled manhood had somehow survived!?! 

As is snapping out of a dream, Mark suddenly said, “Oh my God, I need to call an ambulance!” and began reaching for the cell phone in his back pocket. 

“No!” Jon barked, and then continued in a softer tone, “No, Mark. No ambulance, and no police. They wouldn’t understand. I’ve worked had to maintain my privacy, and if they got one look at me, then I’d be all over the news. I’d never have a moment of peace again. So please, Mark, no ambulance. No doctors.” 

“Okay,” Mark said, worry still clear in his voice. “But let me at least get some ice for you, so we can pack it around your nuts.” 

Jon agreed that was a good idea, and gave Mark directions to the kitchen. The young man rushed off and came back minutes later with the entire tray of ice from the freezer, along with a roll of small plastic trash bags. He quickly filled two of the bags with ice, and then gently packed the bags around Jon’s purple and puffy nuts. Jon winced as the ice packs were placed against his bruised and tender flesh, but the cold was a relief, helping to numb the worst of the pain. By then, his mammoth horse cock had finally begun to grow soft, slowly and majestically deflating until it lay protectively over the front of his mangled balls, stretching more than halfway to the floor. 

Mark went back to the kitchen to bring back a pitcher of water for the huge, sweaty stud, which he greedily drank in a series of huge gulps. Mark then brought in some couch cushions from a nearby room so that he could more comfortably kneel by the trapped muscle bull, and the two talked in hushed tones with each other as they waited for the timer to end on Jon’s restraints. 

By the time the timer ended and the restraints automatically unlocked, Jon had regained a fair measure of his awesome strength, but he still needed assistance to get up out of the chair and to walk toward the master bedroom. The weight of his massive balls as they swung ponderously between his legs caused Jon tremendous pain, especially as Mark helped him up a long flight of stairs, but the big man was able to make it the whole way to his bedroom. And that was a good thing, for as strong as Mark was, there was no way he would have been able to move a stack of 658 pounds of pure muscle on his own! 

Mark was grateful to find that Jon owned a larger than king-sized bed, as that made it easier to maneuver the blond’s gigantic form into the middle of the bed. Jon lay flat on his back, his monumentally muscular legs spread wide to allow his freakishly bloated and swollen nutsac to rest on the bed in the crook between his legs. Mark rushed back downstairs to retrieve the ice bags, and then packed those around Jon’s swollen eggs once again. 

Once Jon was situated in the bed and the shades drawn to block out the late afternoon sun, Mark found himself without any remaining tasks to do, and he began to feel awkward about his continued presence. He was about to make his shy and self-conscious goodbyes when Jon interrupted him. 

“Please don’t go, Mark,” Jon said in his deep baritone voice, looking rather vulnerable and self conscious himself. “It would mean a lot to me if you would stay with me tonight.” 

Mark’s heart leapt in his chest at Jon’s words, and a crooked smile broke out across his devastatingly handsome face as he agreed. He then sheepishly asked if he should get naked, too, and both men laughed. The young man quickly stripped out of his shorts, underpants, and shoes, and then gingerly climbed into bed next to Jon’s enormously muscular form. 

The blond giant gave off a tremendous amount of heat, so Mark kicked off all the covers and snuggled in next to Jon’s chiseled right side. Jon wrapped one goliath arm around the smaller man and drew him in tight, pressing their muscular bodies together. The feeling of all of those rock solid muscles, the heat coming off of his skin, and the incredibly manly scent coming from the deep, hairy armpit near his face were all overwhelmingly erotic to Mark, and the poor lad couldn’t help but throw a massive and painfully hard boner. More than 10 inches of thick and diamond hard stud cock were soon pressing insistently at Jon’s muscular flank, making Mark blush with embarrassment. He started to apologize profusely, but Jon said that he was tremendously flattered, and just pulled the younger man in even closer. 

Mark thought he would die of terminal horniness. Here he was, wrapped in the arms of the handsomest, biggest, beefiest, sexiest man in the world, a blond god from his wildest fantasies. He wanted more than anything to begin exploring that tremendous wealth of muscle with his hungry hands and mouth, but he knew that he shouldn’t. He wondered how he would EVER be able to fall asleep next to this paragon of manliness! But as Jon’s breathing slowed and the blond giant drifted off to sleep, Mark found the sound of his breathing and the rhythmic inflating and deflating of his colossal chest somehow hypnotic, and with his boner still quivering with need, Mark surprised himself and actually drifted off to sleep… 


Mark awoke four or five hours later to the rhythmic rumble of Jon’s light snoring. It came as no surprise that the big man was sleeping so deeply, considering what he’d just gone through. Mark gently disengaged himself from the man’s mighty embrace, and then snuck downstairs to grab a quick bite to eat out of the refrigerator, and to get more ice. He came back upstairs and replaced the ice bags around Jon’s bruised nuts, giving them a quick inspection at the same time. It was too soon to tell how the huge orbs were doing, but it did look like the swelling had gone down a little bit. All Mark could do was hope for the best. 

He then climbed back in bed and pressed himself up against Jon’s utterly enormous, herculean form, all without rousing the man from his deep, deep slumber. Mark was wide awake at this point, and once again hornier than he’d ever felt in his life. But as he gazed upon the peaceful, sleeping face of the blond behemoth, a feeling of great tenderness came over the young man. He reached out one hand and gently stroked the perfectly-formed cheek of the beyond handsome man, then ran his fingers up and down along the stud’s almost ridiculously heavy jawline and strong, prominent chin. He stroked the man’s bullish, thickly muscled neck, traveling up and down the enormous ropes of muscle girding that stout column and feeling his slow and steady pulse thundering through his fingertips. 

Next, his fingers traveled over the collarbone nearest to him, and was astounded at how the thick, long, gently-curved bone had been almost totally subsumed by the upper portion of Jon’s insanely thick and wide pectoral muscles. Mark had never before seen a chest that even remotely approached the monstrous proportions of Jon’s fantastic pecs. Even the most stacked comic book images of Superman didn’t come close! Mark gently ran his flattened hand over the incredibly vast expanse of thick, thick pec meat in front of him, marveling at the man’s unparalleled hugeness. He also noticed that, even in its perfectly relaxed state, each of the muscle groups comprising Jon’s colossal pecs were clearly and distinctly visible through his skin, each muscle belly swollen to near bursting with raw masculine power. Mark had thought Jon’s chest to be entirely hairless from a distance, but up close he could see that there was a light scattering of short, downy hairs, such a pale blond as to be nearly white, and so soft that even to the touch, Jon’s chest felt completely smooth. Considering the thickness of the blond hair on the big man’s handsome head and the thick forest of darker blond hair in his deep and muscular armpits, Mark was surprised as how relatively hairless Jon’s big body was. 

Mark eventually trailed his fingers over to the plump, succulent-looking nipple that topped Jon’s protuberant pec. The large pebble of firm flesh was set in a beautiful, coral-colored areola, and felt amazing between Mark’s fingertips. He gently rubbed and tweaked the nubbin of flesh, and felt it harden into an erect point under his ministrations. He more firmly pinched the swollen nipple a few times, and heard Jon give a soft moan of pleasure in response. Mark was pleased to find one of Jon’s erogenous zones, and was even happier to see that it was one that he shared as well. He filed that information away for later use and continued his explorations of Jon’s magnificent body. 

Jon’s midsection was so lean and chiseled that it looked like he was striking an abdominal crunch even when he was fully relaxed and asleep. Hell, Mark thought he could shred cheese on the deeply corrugated serratus muscles on Jon’s flank, and the etched cobblestones of Jon’s perfectly proportioned abdominal muscles really did look perfect for washing clothes. And as prominent and pronounced and chiseled as these muscles looked right now, Mark had seen these muscles in full flex earlier that day, and knew that they could explode into even GREATER definition. 

Mark raised himself up onto one elbow as his wandering hand finally traveled down to the base of Jon’s abs, where his absolutely spectacular ‘cum gutter’ muscles joined his muscular crotch. A triangle of trimmed, dark blond pubes framed Jon’s magnificent sex. The blond’s colossal flaccid cock was hanging limply over Jon’s left hip and onto the mattress next to him, pointing away from Mark, so the young man reached over and grasped the soft and spongy shaft just behind the massive head, and lifted the massive member upward for better inspection. Everything about this gigantic phallus fascinated Mark. Even in its fully flaccid state, Mark’s fingers could barely wrap more than halfway around the mighty shaft, and the foreskin-hooded head was bigger than the young man’s own fist. Part of Mark was saddened by the fact that Jon was hung so thick and so huge that he couldn’t hope to get even the soft head into his mouth, let alone even a portion of the mighty shaft… yet at the same time, he celebrated Jon’s monumental size, and reveled in all of its insane glory. Mark couldn’t believe how HEAVY the huge limp dick was, and estimated that he was easily holding up a good 10 pounds of man meat, maybe even more! Mark gently laid the enormous penis on the centerline of Jon’s abs, loving how the narrow chiseled channel between the ab muscles helped keep the mighty shaft in place. He was even more amazed and impressed at how the huge knob at the tip of that mighty cock nestled in the deep crevasse at the base of Jon’s gigantic mounding pecs. Mark slowly and languorously stroked the entire length of that fat shaft from root to tip, over and over again, not trying to stimulate the huge cock as much as to worship its staggering enormity, committing every inch, every snaking vein to memory. Mark felt a pang of great sadness at the thought of this mighty phallus never rising to tumescent glory again, and once again began to hope and pray that even some small portion of his massive testicles had survived their beyond-brutal pounding. 

The young man spent the next several hours slowly and thoroughly exploring every accessible bit of Jon’s titanic form. The muscle stud’s huge shoulders, arms, and legs all received their appropriate share of Mark’s rapt and worshipful attentions. Jon’s right hand alone Mark must have studied for a good quarter hour, marveling at its truly enormous size and the extraordinary thickness of its muscles, but also at its gracefulness, its perfect shape, its amazing beauty. Jon’s mighty, muscular feet also received similar attentions, as Mark’s hands explored every plane and curve of the stud’s huge and shapely feet. 

Mark’s own cock maintained a state of aching hardness throughout his detailed study of Jon’s magnificent physique, but the young man virtually ignored his own huge and insistent boner. It felt wrong to gratify himself while the object of his desire remained asleep, wondering when he awoke whether he would even still be a functioning male anymore. So Mark never once stroked his own cock, never brought himself to the orgasm that was boiling inside of his large and heavy balls. Instead, he lavished all of his focus and attention on the mighty male beside him. 

Hours later, Mark finally grew sleepy again, and with a very satisfied and content smile on his face, he once again curled up in the crook of Jon’s enormous arm, and fell asleep. 


Jon awoke from a deep and healing sleep just after dawn. He realized that he’d hardly moved a muscle for the more than 12 hours that he’d slept, so exhausted had he been after yesterday’s ordeal. 

He also realized that Mark, the handsome young delivery man who had come to his rescue, was still curled up asleep next to him, and Jon felt a wave of tenderness and protectiveness wash over him. He had rarely allowed people into his life over the years, as he’d been disappointed and hurt too many times in the past, but he realized that this gorgeous young man was already worming his way into his heart. Jon smiled at the realization, and gently hugged Mark even closer, using his free hand to tenderly brush a lock of his dark brown hair out of the younger man’s eyes. 

The gentle touch woke Mark up, and as their eyes met, an unspoken communication traveled between them both, making both gorgeous men smile. 

“Good morning, handsome!” Jon said in a voice even deeper than normal. Mark could feel the bass rumble of Jon’s voice through his whole body, as it was pressed tightly to Jon’s vastly larger form, and he could feel his cock quickly grow rock hard again. Mark began to feel the ache of what was sure to be a massive case of blue balls, but he didn’t care — the fact that he was waking up next to this incredible man was all that mattered. 

“Good morning yourself!” Mark said in response, and pressed his eager cock against the side of Jon’s muscular hip. Then he seemed to remember their situation and said, “Hey, I want to look at your balls and see how they’re doing.” 

“Yeah, good idea,” Jon replied, moving the enormous weight of his huge arm to free Mark’s smaller form, and letting the young man rise up on his knees. The ice inside the plastic bags had melted many hours before, and the water inside now matched Jon’s own body temperature. Mark gently removed the bags from around Jon’s nuts, discarding them over the side of the bed, and then bent forward to critically examine the blond man’s gigantic bollocks. 

The first thing he noticed was that the swelling had gone down considerably, but since he didn’t know how big Jon’s balls were normally, he had no way of telling if they were back to their regular size yet. He just knew that he was seeing what had to be the two largest natural testicles in the world. They made him think of grapefruits, and coconuts, and cantaloupe melons, only Jon’s balls were bigger than any of these items. In fact, the only object he could think of that approximated the size of Jon’s mammoth orbs were a pair of 12-pound bowling balls! 

He next noticed that the angry dark red and vibrant purple that had colored Jon’s scrotum yesterday had faded as well, replaced by the ugly blue and black and yellow mottling of bruises that were a week old. Confused, Mark shook his head and said, “I don’t get it. Your balls are still covered in bruises, but they look like they’re from a week ago, not barely more than half a day.” 

“I’ve always been a very fast healer,” Jon truthfully responded as he also gazed down the length of his huge pecs and corrugated abs to visually inspect his own nuts. “But yeah, now that you mention it, they DO look way better than one would think! I’m scared to touch them, though. I’m just feeling a dull, throbbing ache coming from them, which has me worried. Would you mind feeling them for me?” 

A lump of nervousness caught in Mark’s throat, but he pushed past it and said, “Sure, Jon. Anything for you.” 

He then crawled down the bed until he was kneeling between Jon’s wide spread legs, facing Jon’s package. If Mark didn’t know better, and if he could ignore the ugly old bruising that marred the entire scrotum, then he would have said that there were two perfectly formed and completely healthy testicles sitting comfortably in Jon’s sac. But after seeing the ruin that was Jon’s manhood yesterday, he didn’t believe that that could possibly be the case! 

Mark reached forward with both hands to gently grasp as much of that heavy sac of nut flesh that he could, caressing their great curved surfaces and palpating for any obvious deformities or fractures. Not feeling any, Mark pressed and groped a little harder, a little firmer, and to his great surprise he could not find any flaws or weaknesses in either mammoth orb. He gripped both huge nuts even harder still, really trying to dig his fingers in, but his hands felt surprisingly firm resistance. While still highly malleable and pliable, Jon’s huge nuts were a far cry from the soft, mushy, and squishy mess that they were yesterday. Could it be that Jon’s nuts hadn’t been shattered after all, that the beefy tissues had survived even that final, crushing blow?!? Could it be that Jon’s balls had healed such a huge portion of their injuries simply overnight?!?

“How does this feel?” Mark inquired as he dug his strong fingers as hard as he could into the side of Jon’s bloated left ball, his fingers plunging almost halfway into the thick meat but then unable to squeeze any deeper. 

Jon winced and said, “That aches quite a bit, but not too bad. But how does it look, Mark?” worry and concern coloring Jon’s voice. “Do you think I’m going to lose my nuts? Do you think they’re gonna die?” 

Mark met Jon’s pale blue gaze with his own bright blue eyes. Wonder filled his voice as he said, “I dunno what to tell you, Jon. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’ve got a perfectly healthy and hearty set of bull nuts between your legs! I mean, they’re still pretty soft and squishy, and I wouldn’t go around pounding on them again for a little while, but yeah, I’d say they’re gonna pull through!” 

A look of tremendous joy and relief spread across Jon’s outrageously handsome face, and he lunged forward to give Mark a great big bear hug. They both laughed and hugged each other for a good long while, neither one wanting to break the embrace. But after a shockingly loud growl emanated from Jon’s empty stomach, both men laughed and realized that it was high time for some breakfast. 

As the got up, Jon explained that he normally had a small staff that worked at his home — a cook, a housekeeper, and a small team of gardeners and landscapers that took care of the grounds — but that they only worked on weekdays. In fact, he’d given them all the Friday off so that he could play with his new toy. They would therefore have the house to themselves for the entire weekend. Mark beamed at the thought, and Jon smiled in response, offering to make his guest breakfast. 

It was an unspoken agreement that both men would remain unclothed and fully naked all weekend, and Mark couldn’t help but openly gawk and stare at Jon’s incredible body every time he could… which was all the time. But he also caught Jon frequently checking him out as well, so he quickly lost all self consciousness about it. 

They both went downstairs to the enormous kitchen, where Jon proved yet another amazing talent by cooking a gourmet breakfast for them both. The two men sat outside on the back patio, the summer morning warm enough to be more than comfortable, and broke their fast in the glorious morning sun. They began sharing about themselves with the other, and Mark was amazed at how easy it was to talk with the huge muscle man. His earlier intimidation was gone, and he now felt perfectly comfortable and at ease with the blond titan. He didn’t even feel embarrassed anymore at the frequent erections he threw in the stud’s presence. 

The two men spent the entire day together, talking amiably, sharing intimate secrets, and otherwise getting to know each other. Mark was amazed to learn about Jon’s work, and how the huge muscle man was the focus of dozens of research projects. Mark told Jon about his time in the Peace Corps, and that he had begun going back to school part time to earn a degree of his own, though he laughed when he revealed that hadn’t yet decided between environmental sciences, biology, horticulture, or the humanities. Jon was taken by Mark’s kindness and compassion, and his tremendous energy and eagerness for life. The more they got to know each other, the more they liked each other, and the closer they became. 

Jon took Mark on a tour of the entire house, and later they wandered the lush and beautiful grounds, still as unashamedly naked as ever. At one point, Mark offered to clean up the mess in the dining room, and Jon suggested that they do it together. They put on boots and gloves - but nothing else - and worked together to clean up the glass from the broken window, and clear away the shattered standing mirror. 

Mark had expected all of Jon’s spunk from the previous day to have dried and hardened into a crust, but to his great surprise, much of the man’s beyond-prodigious bull load was still very wet and gloopy. He could only figure that it was so thick and there was just so much of it that it hadn’t had sufficient time to dry up yet. When he offered to get a mop and start cleaning up that part of the mess, Jon told him to not bother. He explained that the housekeeper was accustomed to such accidental ‘emissions’ now and again, and was very understanding and more than equipped to handle a job even as big as this. 

Finally, when the mess was largely cleared away, Mark lifted up the cum-spattered Annihilator and asked Jon what he wanted to do with it. Jon had hours before explained his proclivity for self-busting, and the constant training and punishment he put his balls through to make them grow ever stronger and tougher, and to increase their already astronomical rates of cum and testosterone production. So it therefore didn’t come as much of a surprise to Mark when Jon said that he wanted to keep the mechanical torture device. But what DID surprise Mark, and gave him his umpteenth boner of the day, was when Jon suggested that Mark help him using it in the future, to make sure he didn’t get out of hand again. 

Provided that his balls had survived their first encounter with The Annihilator, of course. 

Mark continued inspecting Jon’s gigantic bollocks throughout the day and into the evening. Their swelling did not decrease appreciably throughout the day, and Jon indicated with interest that they were still considerably larger than they’d been before their epic busting session. Both men speculated as to whether that increase in size might in fact be permanent — perhaps the ball walls had thickened with scar tissue after being so brutally and thoroughly cracked and fractured, or perhaps the dense ball meat itself had grown in size and mass. There would be no way of knowing until Jon got a chance to return to his research lab. 

The heavy bruising of both of Jon’s massive nuts, however, did continue to diminish and fade at an astonishingly rapid rate, such that by the evening, no trace of their godawful bruising remained! Both big balls had returned to a healthy pink color, glowing with vibrancy and life. But the great unknown was whether they were still a functioning set of gonads, or whether they’d been reduced to mere showpieces, enormous lumps of non-functional nut meat. 

Jon treated Mark to a delicious homemade dinner that night, and the two retired to a comfortable sitting room to talk for hours more. Finally, as the clock neared midnight, the two decided that it was time for bed. 

Despite the unspoken assurances Jon had given Mark throughout the day, which included frequent touching and hand holding, Mark got nervous around bedtime, and asked in an uncertain voice if he could share Jon’s bed again that night. Jon reached forward and grabbed Mark into a huge embrace and told Mark that he was welcome in his bed tonight, tomorrow night, and for as many nights thereafter as he wanted. The happy smile that broke across Mark’s gorgeous face at that moment was the only further assurance Jon needed, as he leaned forward and began to passionately kiss the shorter, younger man. Mark returned that first kiss with equal eagerness and passion, and the two maintained that tight embrace for a long time. 

When they finally did disengage, Mark grabbed Jon’s larger hand and led the blond titan to his own bed. Though his balls fiercely ached at this point with more than 24 hours of backed up cum, Mark once again ignored his insistent libido and instead crawled into bed, pulling a smiling Jon in after him. They cuddled and made out some more before Mark turned his back to Jon and snuggled his body up as tightly against the far bigger man as he could. Jon grinned and wrapped his arms around Mark and pulled him into a tight embrace, and gave Mark a spooning unlike anything he’d ever experienced before. 

And that’s how they spent the night, with Mark wrapped tightly in Jon’s mighty embrace, both of them sleeping better than they had in years… 


The next morning, Mark awoke with an almost painful fullness and pressure in his balls, and he realized that there was something large and warm lodged between his big legs. He slowly opened his eyes and looked down, and realized he was staring at the business end of the most outrageously enormous cock he had ever seen! Jon’s body was still pressed tightly against Mark’s back, and the blond giant had obviously thrown a colossal boner in the night, his first boner since his injury on Friday afternoon! Could this mean that Jon’s nuts were actually working?!? 

Jon’s bazooka of a boner was wedged between Mark’s legs, pressing against the underside of the lad’s overfilled balls and all but crushing them against his own groin. The rest of the mammoth organ strained in front of Mark, the over three-foot-long column of warm steel reaching all the way to his own chest! 

Grinning with pleasure and aching with lust, Mark wrapped both arms around Jon’s titanic penis and hugged it tight to his body, spooning the massive phallus much like Jon was spooning his own body. It was the very first time Mark had touched Jon’s hard cock, and he was amazed that the tumescent member was just as hard as Jon’s massive muscles, or maybe even harder! And the heat and the scent coming off of the massive whale cock was beyond intoxicating. Mark bent his head forward and placed a kiss directly onto the pouting lips at the tip of Jon’s cock head before hungrily exploring its surface with his wet and eager tongue. 

“I was WONDERING when you’d wake up!” Jon chuckled behind him, the rumble of his chest against Mark’s back making the young man writhe in pleasure. 

“And it looks like someone ELSE is finally awake and ready to play!” Mark eagerly responded. 

“Shall we take this beast for a test drive and see how it’s working?” Jon asked. 

“With pleasure!!” Mark responded. 

And over the course of that lazy summer Sunday, the pair proved more than a dozen times that Jon’s sexual plumbing was indeed working in tip top order. In fact, by the end of the weekend, there were so many thick puddles and sticky messes of Jon’s insanely copious spunk that even Jon admitted his housekeeper would have a hard time cleaning it all up, and so the pair of them happily mopped up the worst of the mess themselves. 

Monday morning, Mark drove his UPS truck back to the warehouse and gave his notice, effective immediately. He then drove his car back to his apartment, gathered his clothes, and drove back to Jon’s house, moving in with him that same day. 

The following day, Mark accompanied Jon to his lab, where he and the other scientists ran a battery of tests. Fluoroscopy showed that the size increase of Jon’s testicles was indeed permanent, and as he’d suspected, was a combination of thicker, tougher outer walls surrounding both orbs, AND a substantial increase in growth of the interior sperm and hormone producing meat inside the testicles themselves. What was shocking, however, was that absolutely no evidence of damage could be found inside either massive gonad. There was no scar tissue of any kind, no evidence of fractures or cracks in the testicular walls, no sign of any kind that Jon’s nuts had been brought to the very brink of utter and complete destruction just three days before. 

Fluid tests revealed even MORE startling discoveries. Their greatest fear was that Jon’s balls’ near brush with obliteration would have left them impotent, no longer able to manufacture viable sperm. Jon feared that while he could still clearly get hard and achieve orgasm, his balls might no longer be able to create living sperm, and that his dreams of someday having children and passing along his genetic legacy may have been destroyed. The test results put those fears to rest forever, and in a very big way. 

Jon’s rate of sperm production had more than DOUBLED!! And the sperm cells themselves were just as amazingly fecund and potent as ever. Jon could easily populate an entire PLANET if he put his mind to it, so needless to say, his worries about his potential to be a father someday were not just dismissed, they were obliterated. 

As for the rate of testosterone production inside of Jon’s unbelievably massive balls, that production rate had increased by an entire order of MAGNITUDE!! Jon’s bollocks were positively SWIMMING with the stuff, and flooding his muscles with even greater power. When the scientists then warned Jon to expect an imminent and significant increase is size, strength, and muscle mass, Mark got light headed and had to sit down. 

Apparently, Big Jon still had a lot of growing to do. 

In the days and weeks that followed, Mark and Jon fell more deeply in love with one another. A month after he’d moved in with Jon, Mark announced that he wanted to change his major to anatomy, physiology, and genetics, so that he could better assist Jon with his research. Jon was powerfully moved by Mark’s decision, and the two kissed and embraced. 

But the younger man had a gleam in his eye, and he clarified that he wouldn’t just be assisting Jon at the research laboratory — he would also be helping Jon’s ‘experiments’ at home. Mark then presented Jon with a medium-sized wrapped gift, sitting on the table behind him. Jon opened the cube-shaped package and saw a gleaming metal sphere inside. Confused but excited, Jon reached in with both hands and hauled out the very heavy sphere, and noticed that there was a deep hole drilled on one side of the sphere. As realization dawned on Jon, Mark spoke up. 

“Meet the latest attachment for The Annihilator,” Mark said with an evil grin on his handsome face. “You’re holding a 12-inch-diameter sphere of solid titanium, weighing a good 150 pounds. Your balls have grown so big that I figured an 8-inch-diameter sphere just wasn’t big enough anymore. And now that your ball walls gave gotten so much thicker and tougher after LAST month’s beating, I knew that a wooden sphere simply wouldn’t do. We need to keep challenging those big, rock hard BOULDERS you’ve got swingin’ between your big legs!” 

Jon felt his pulse begin to race and the long snake of his limp cock start to pump up and inflate. At a loss for words, Jon just examined the heavy metal sphere resting in the palms of his huge hands for a few moments, and then looked up at Mark and said, “Can we try it out tonight?” 


That’s all for now regarding Mark and Jon, though I’d love to visit them again in the future. 

For example, I wonder what would happen if someone consumed a steady diet of Big Jon’s power-packed cum. Mark is no doubt swallowing buckets of the insanely thick and chunky stuff every day, really having to work those throat muscles hard to swallow the intensely viscous gloop. All that testosterone and pure protein would certainly have some kind of effect on Mark’s already gorgeous body. Maybe it will make his muscles explode into even greater size. Maybe his 10-inch cock and lemon-sized balls would grow and expand as well. Mark could never be nearly as huge as Jon (not the least because he’s more than a full foot shorter than the blond titan), but on a steady diet of Jon’s super potent cum, maybe he’d get a hell of a lot closer. 

For that matter, just how much bigger can Jon get? His height isn’t going to increase, and as huge as his frame is, I’m not sure how much larger his muscles can swell before they start impeding his mobility. Maybe his muscles get bigger, but then instead of continuing to grow, they simply get denser and heavier, almost like his muscles are growing in a constricted space. His weight keeps on ratcheting upward, but to all appearances, he looks the same. Except for his cock and balls, of course, which keep on growing…  ;) 

And what would happen if evil forces learned of Jon and his super cum, and wanted to catch him for nefarious purposes? I was thinking about Mark and Jon going on a vacation together, renting an uninhabited tropical island for a few weeks so that they could enjoy the sand and surf but still keep Jon away from prying eyes. Perhaps some evil cabal or group of mad scientists use this opportunity to capture both gorgeous young men. This could provide a perfect venue to further test the tensile strength and raw power of Jon’s titanic balls, as they are pitched against ever more brutal tortures and torments, while Mark is forced to watch. Ideas, anyone?