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Pumpkin Pounded - Chapter 4

Pumpkin Pounded - Chapter 4
Based on an original story by Sack Stomper


Nathan addressed his hunky captive once again, saying, “Now, I’ve been pounding these big puppies of yours from the front, but to be really effective, I ought to be slamming them from all sides, don’t you think? So I therefore believe that a little repositioning is in order!” Without warning, Nathan jabbed both of his tasers into Brad’s deep, hairy, muscular armpits and shocked the huge hunk full blast, this time tasering him even longer than he did the first time. Brad’s eyes crossed as he convulsed in his restraints, unable to escape the searing agony of the electricity coursing through his massively muscular body. 

When Nathan finally removed the tasers, Brad fell limp against his chains, rendering him temporarily helpless once again. Nathan used that opportunity to flip his massively muscular form around so that he was now facing the tree, his enormously muscular arms embracing the mighty trunk and his equally mammoth legs wrapped around the tree’s base. His still rock hard cock was trapped between his chiseled abdomen and the rough bark of the oak tree, while his gargantuan gonads hung down, massive and vulnerable, between his widely-spread thighs. 

“Hmm, your gigantic thighs and big, beefy ass kinda block those huge balls of yours from view. Let’s see what I can do to make them a better target… Ah, here we go!” Nathan first pulled a short segment of log from the wood pile and placed it between Brad’s legs, face up, so that it created a simple stand. He then pulled a particularly large pumpkin from the pile, using both hands due to the pumpkin’s great weight, and carried it with some effort over to Brad. He placed the pumpkin on the short wooden stump between Brad’s feet. The pumpkin had an unusually long and thick stem, one that curved back on itself to make the perfect handle. 

Nathan next grabbed a short length of metal cable from his duffel bag and made a very large loop at one end and slipped it over Brad’s bloated stud nuts, pulling the loop tight so that both massive nuts were trapped at the bottom of their oversized sac. Then he made a second loop at the other end of the cable, one that was barely long enough to slip over the pumpkin’s thick stem. Brad’s huge nuts were now in essence connected to the huge pumpkin. 

Without warning, Nathan kicked the log stand out from under the pumpkin, letting the huge gourd fall toward the ground…and taking Brad’s bound balls with it! The huge orange pumpkin easily weighed 80 or 85 pounds, maybe even more, enough weight to yank most men’s nuts right off of their body, but Brad’s mighty whoppers managed to pull the gourd up short just a few inches from the cum-spattered earth. The huge muscle hunk cried out in surprise and pain as his humongous nuts were roughly and brutally stretched to a full FIVE inches from his body, but the mighty cords and conduits connecting his huge nuts to his magnificent body held strong. The huge pumpkin was left hanging in midair, gently swaying back and forth, as Brad’s mammoth nuts supported the gourd’s entire weight! 

“THAT’S more like it!” Nathan gleefully exclaimed. “Now those huge balls of yours will be MUCH easier to hit!” 

And indeed they were. Nathan returned to using the smaller pie pumpkins, wanting to stretch out Brad’s torture and emasculation for as long as possible, and shot gourd after gourd unerringly into Brad’s bound and defenseless nuts. Instead of being trapped between the pumpkin and Brad’s own crotch, his battered bollocks were now being crushed against the rough and unyielding trunk of the oak tree itself, an even more solid surface than the young man’s own muscular crotch. Nathan launched the pumpkins as quickly as he could, often with only 2 or 3 seconds between the ejection of one pumpkin and the next, allowing Brad’s nuts the barest minimum of time to recover from one devastating blow to the next. 

Sometimes, the pumpkins would burst upon impact with the young man’s impossibly dense and super tough gonads, coating them and the tree behind them with stringy vegetable guts and slick pumpkin seeds. Each time one of the pumpkins exploded in this manner, Nathan imagined that it was Brad’s own massive nuts splitting wide open, spilling their own meaty guts and raw man seed all over the uncaring ground, and this imagery spurred him to continue hammering and abusing Brad’s screaming bollocks without mercy or respite. 

Other times, the pumpkins would remain solid and intact even after colliding with Brad’s great bull nuts. It was these harder, denser pumpkins that did the most damage to the young man’s low-hanging bollocks, crushing Brad’s balls with unbelievable force and threatening to squash them flatter than pancakes. These pumpkins would often strike so hard that pieces of the bark beneath Brad’s nuts would crack and chip away, shattering in all directions like wooden shrapnel. This rough bark also began to abrade the silky soft flesh of Brad’s huge nutsac where it was pressed up against the tree trunk, the sharp edges creating dozens of scrapes and shallow lacerations all over the face of the gigantic ballbag. 

Nathan also had the bright idea of setting the huge dangling pumpkin to gently spinning, which would twist Brad’s ridiculously stretched out scrotum first one way and then another. He would then time the pumpkin cannon to shoot its next volley to strike at Brad’s nuts from whatever direction he desired — the front, the rear, the sides, and everything in between. When Nathan managed to hit Brad’s nuts directly side on, it forced the outside nut to absorb the initial impact, and then send it crashing into its twin. The brutally powerful blows threatened to force the outside ball to pass THROUGH the one closest to the tree, and more than once, it looked like one  or the other of Brad’s huge bollocks would break apart in the process, but somehow, doggedly, they continued to endure. 

Over time and after many, many impacts from the offending gourd cannon balls, the rough bark had abraded the young man’s soft and delicate scrotal sac on all sides, and soon its entire surface was covered in scratches and abrasions. But these superficial injuries were nothing compared to the damage being inflicted upon the thick, beefy core of each of Brad’s mighty bollocks, and a sobbing David feared that even if Nathan were to stop right now, the injuries already inflicted on those two massive, swollen bull nuts might be fatal to the huge sex glands. The gargantuan bollocks had swollen bigger than ever under all of the relentless abuse, and had now turned an ugly and mottled shade of reddish-purple, clear signs that the delicate testicular tissues were already heavily traumatized. Just how much more could the handsome stud’s mighty nuts take before they simply burst apart in their bruised and battered sac?!?

Meanwhile, Brad’s goliath bull cock remained just as rock hard and erect as ever, even though it too was suffering scratches and abrasions from being pressed so hard against the rough tree trunk. With every flex of his huge muscles or involuntary buck of his hips, Brad was rubbing the underside of his magnificent penis against the rough side of the tree, almost like he was fucking the mighty oak. The hard and crackled surface of the tree trunk was rougher than sandpaper, though, and before long the impossibly thick underside of Brad’s mega schlong was bright red and raw from all of the rubbing. 

None of that reduced the young stud’s boner in the slightest, however. In fact, Brad’s cock seemed to swell even larger and harder as the slow demolition and obliteration of his nuts continued. It shouldn’t have been a shock, then, when the handsome hunk’s massive dong hit orgasm for a second time through nothing more than the brutal pummeling of his nuts and the rubbing of his angry cock against the rough tree bark, but both Nathan and David were nevertheless caught completely by surprise when this second orgasm slammed into Brad’s muscular, straining crotch with the force of a freight train. 

After more than three dozen pumpkins had thudded against the young man’s aching and screaming balls, hammering them from every direction and threatening to reduce them to nothing more than a huge fleshy sack of ground chuck, Brad’s hyperactive libido just couldn’t take it anymore. As had been obvious with his first orgasm, the searing, inhuman pain exploding inside of his battered testicles had crossed wires with his sense of pleasure, so the continued abuse was hammering at his pleasure centers as much as it was his sense of pain. And no pain that a man could experience was greater than having his most delicate man parts systematically bludgeoned and beaten to death. 

The first awesome seminal blast was completely trapped by Brad’s own extraordinarily muscular body, and gushed wetly into the tiny spaces between his deeply etched abdominal and chest muscles and the wide tree trunk itself. But so voluminous was even this first blast that it immediately overflowed the limited space between the tree and the young man’s body, and big slugs of the super human cum wad spurted out messily to either side of the young stud’s heroically flexing body. 

Another pumpkin slammed into Brad’s battered nuts just after the first slug of stud sperm left his body, and as Brad arched backwards and uttered a deafening bellow of agony, the tip of his cock head was revealed as his mammoth chest and upper abs were peeled away from the trunk’s surface. The second mighty jet of spume was therefore unimpeded as it rocketed skyward. From Nathan’s vantage point 40 feet away, it looked like a fountain of white cream had been placed between the young man’s magnificently muscular body and the massive oak tree, for the volume and force behind this second sperm salvo didn’t seen even remotely humanly possible. The gigantic rope of cum blasted at least half a dozen feet above Brad’s own head, nearly catching in the lower branches of the oak tree, before reaching the apex of its climb and then falling downward in a shower of big, gloopy slugs of stud jizz. 

What followed was an inhumanly monstrous orgasm that easily matched Brad’s titanic load from just some 20 minutes earlier. Astoundingly massive and unbelievably thick streamers of cum erupted from the young man’s pulsating cock as if the handsome stud hadn’t cum in a year. And by the time his mighty balls had finished purging themselves of their second goliath cum load more than a full minute later, the entire front of Brad’s exquisitely muscular body was completely coated in his own pearlescent spew, and the front of the massive oak tree was similarly shellacked in a liberal coating of stud jock man jizz. 

But cruel Nathan didn’t let up for a moment. Not only did he continue hammering Brad’s balls with cannonball-sized pumpkins throughout his colossal ejaculation, he kept right on pulverizing the stud’s screaming bollocks long after his second orgasm was complete. Nathan gleefully noted that Brad’s mighty bull balls had begun to weaken and soften over time. Initially, the pumpkin missiles could barely put a dent in the muscle stud’s massive balls, but over time, each impact started to compress the incredibly dense nuts flatter and flatter. Brad’s huge balls continued to immediately rebound to their egg-like shapes as soon as they had repulsed the latest gourd missile, but there was no doubt that their phenomenally thick and tough outer walls were finally starting to break down under the relentless abuse. Now, more than half an hour after the first pumpkin had been launched into Brad’s magnificent man nuts, each new collision of gourd-on-bollocks was causing the young man’s titanic testes to flatten to only half of their original thickness. Nathan knew he was well on his way to breaking those huge nuts wide open! 

Brad’s mind was such a whirl of pain that he didn’t notice at first then the continuous pummeling of pumpkin missiles had suddenly ceased. His massive, cum-slick chest heaved as he tried to regain his breath, the underside of his cock felt like he had been fucking a bed of broken glass, and his throat felt raw from all of the hollering and bellowing. But none of that pain could even BEGIN to compare to the atomic surges of pure agony pulsing from his horrifically bruised and battered nuts. Since he was bound face-first against the huge oak tree, Brad couldn’t see his own balls from his current vantage point, but they felt like they had been reduced to a mangled mess of ruined nut meat. 

Nathan could see, though, that while Brad’s nuts had indeed swollen to nearly twice their already monumentally enormous size and were almost uniformly covered in purple bruises, the two massive orbs were clearly still whole and intact. The young man was astounded by his captive’s strength and staying power, and he walked forward to investigate. 

Brad’s entire body tensed as he felt the unexpected touch of Nathan’s hands once again grasping his beyond-massive balls. This time, though, the man’s touch felt gentle, almost reverent, as his hands softly cradled the enormous mass of battered nut meat hanging between the young man’s gargantuan thighs. Nathan gently rolled the enormous orbs in his hands, awestruck by how utterly massive they’d swollen. Each mammoth whale nut had originally been too big to fit in one of Nathan’s big hands, and now they had bloated so huge that even with both hands, one titanic nut would fill them to overflowing. 

Nathan released his hold on Brad’s right nut and wrapped both of his hands over the goliath left orb, lacing his fingers together around the rear of the huge bollock and placing his thumbs side-by-side on the front. Then, without warning or preamble, Nathan began to press with all of his might, drilling his thumbs downward into Brad’s softening nut meat. 

“GAAAAAAARRRRRGH!!!!!” Brad bellowed in renewed agony as he felt Nathan’s thick thumbs plunge deep into his left ball. Nathan’s eyes grew wide and his grin took on an insane cast as he watched the titanic orb distort in his hands, bending into shapes that no man’s testicle was meant to endure. Brad’s gorgeous green eyes felt like they would bulge out of his head as Nathan’s thumbs dug deeper and deeper into the bloated and distended nut. Brad was sure Nathan wasn’t going to stop until his fingers and thumbs were touching, and he began bracing himself for the wet, loud ‘POP!’ of his great nut bursting at any moment… 

Nathan was in absolute heaven. The object of his greatest sexual desire, the most magnificent human male to ever walk this earth, was bound to an oak tree and absolutely helpless before him. And he was now clutching half of this epic stud’s heroic manhood in his hands, feeling it slowly crumble and collapse in his annihilating grip. The young muscle man’s bellowing and frantic efforts to break free of his heavy steel chains only served to further heighten Nathan’s already extreme arousal, and he felt like his own big cock would spurt its long overdue load into his pants at any moment. He was determined to totally ruin this gorgeous stud, to turn him into something less than a man, and he knew that the handsome hunk’s bulging left nut only had seconds more to live. 

But try as he might, Nathan simply could not get that massive bollock to burst! His face was flushing a deep red with the effort he was pouring into his big hands, and his own arms started quaking. Nathan could feel Brad’s huge, round nut getting flatter and flatter, and flatter still, big bubbles of softening nut meat oozing between his clutching fingers. But he soon reached a point where the colossal nut refused to compress any further, remaining a rock hard, firm meaty patty in his hands. Nathan uttered his own warlike bellow as he pressed down as hard as he could, willing his thumbs to dig through that final inch or so of hard flesh separating his thumbs from his fingers, expecting at any moment to feel his thumbs plunge through that dense, beefy barrier and feel the juicy stud nut implode in his hands. 

But that moment never came. 

With a final cry of frustration and fury, Nathan released Brad’s nearly cracked bollock, and watched the tortured orb quickly resume its usual oblong shape. He could see that his fingers had left marks of fresh trauma in the young man’s tortured nut flesh, but the huge ball had defied him yet again, maintaining its structural integrity against the greatest force he could exert on the mammoth orb. 

After panting for a few moments to catch his own breath, a wry smile crept over Nathan’s handsome features. “I gotta hand it to you, Brad,” he said, with a note of admiration in his voice. “You’ve got a pair of supremely tough coconuts there! Any other man’s nuts would have long since been reduced to nothing more than a bloody smear against that tree trunk, but your ridiculously oversized balls are somehow still in one piece! I would have said it was impossible for a man’s nuts to endure so much abuse, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Yup, you are a stud among studs, Brad, no doubt about that!” 

Nathan absently gave the huge pumpkin hanging from Brad’s overstretched balls a short, sharp kick, sending the huge gourd to swaying once again and ripping another grunt of pain from Brad’s barrel chest. 

“But you know what, I think I’ll give your balls a rest for a little while. Give ‘em a chance to firm up a bit for the fun still ahead. Besides, there are other parts of your body I’d like to torture as well.” 

With that, Nathan took his tasers in his hands once again. He jabbed one into the small of Brad’s phenomenally muscular back, just above the twin meaty globes of his humongous bubble butt, and thrust the other into the base of Brad’s skull at the very top of his impressively thick, bull-like neck. The young muscle god managed to choke out another bellow of pain as his entire body was sent into convulsions. Nathan hit the discharge button on both tasers for more than 20 seconds this time, far longer than he had in the past, reducing Brad to a limp stack of muscles, completely unable to defend himself. The cruel captor used this opportunity to once again reposition his studly victim, shackling him so that he once again faced forward. The huge gourd was still hanging from the young man’s tortured balls, and it swung around wildly during the stud’s repositioning, causing even further agony to the handsome hunk. 

“What a gorgeous sight!” Nathan exclaimed as he stepped back to admire his handiwork. And it was true — the bound college stud was indeed the most stunningly beautiful sight that either of the other two men had ever seen. The achingly handsome and magnificently muscled young bull was looking much the worse for wear after all of the brutal treatment he’d endured, but that only served to make him look even more powerful and masculine and brutally sexy. The whole front of his body, from his chest down to his ankles, was completely coated in a thick layer of his own chunky effluvium, filling the air with the heady reek of raw male sex. The underside of his gargantuan horse cock was covered in abrasions and lightly bleeding from several shallow cuts, but was just as rock hard and magnificent as ever, pointing heavenward and drooling even more of his seemingly endless supply of clear lust honey. 

But it was the young man’s behemoth balls that took center stage. Further loosened up by the relentless pounding and by having a nearly 100-pound pumpkin hanging from them for more than half an hour, Brad’s bloated bag of bollocks was now hanging down an astounding SIX INCHES from his crotch, creating a ridiculously elongated rope of nutsac containing the all-important cords, cables, and vessels that kept the young man’s balls attached to his body and gave them continued life. 

The balls themselves had swollen so large that they looked too big to belong on any creature, man OR beast! Each massive, egg-shaped orb had now bloated so huge that they were bigger than most of the pie pumpkins that had been hurled against them. But though they felt softer and squishier than any pumpkin, Brad’s bollocks still had a hard and solid core, which they had proven time and time again against an onslaught of more than 100 pumpkins. The healthy pink color of less than an hour ago had been replaced by a mottled dark red and deep purple, visible evidence of the terrific trauma that had been meted out to the young man’s mighty bull balls over the course of the afternoon. 

The herculean hunk nuts had stoically endured savage abuse that would have destroyed any other man’s balls dozens and dozens of times over. And not only had the massive bollocks survived and remained whole, they’d blown the two most freakishly massive loads that either of the other men had ever seen, back to back, simultaneously proving both their super human toughness and their supreme virility. But the question remained — exactly how much damage had those two massive balls already received? Even if Nathan stopped now, would those twin lava factories survive the damage they’d already endured? Were they so heavily mauled and mangled that the young man was already sterile, effectively a eunuch? Or was is possible that they could still recover from even THIS level of abuse…as long as the torture stopped right now? 

These questions seemed moot, however, for as Nathan once again manned his pumpkin cannon, it seemed clear that the jealous and lust-crazed college student was determined to redline the young jock’s balls to the breaking point and beyond. 

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Pumpkin Pounded - Chapter 3

Pumpkin Pounded - Chapter 3
Based on an original story by Sack Stomper


Nathan had been hiding in the lower branches of the oak tree the entire time, gleefully awaiting the arrival of his friend, David, and the object of his greatest desire and envy, Brad. True to his word, David had led Brad to the big tree like a bull to the slaughter, and Nathan was at first wickedly overjoyed with how the shorter man was so clearly and so effectively seducing the unsuspecting muscle stud. But Nathan soon realized that David’s seduction was no mere act; his friend was clearly as infatuated with Brad as the big man was in him! It was almost like David was rubbing Nathan’s face in the fact that he could have what his friend could not. The sight made Nathan furious, and he toyed with the idea of punishing David as well… 

Nathan stealthily crept down on the far side of the tree, took out a few tools from his duffel bag, and waited for the right moment to strike. Seeing David shellack Brad’s mammoth bull nuts with his own stud gruel was the signal Nathan had been waiting for, and with both men so distracted, Nathan attacked. 

With lightning speed, Nathan jammed two tasers into Brad’s body — one into his solid muscular right flank, and the other into his hairy groin, right next to the thick base of his impossibly huge cock. Both tasers were at their maximum setting, shooting enough combined electricity into the young man’s gloriously muscular body to fell a bull elephant. David had stumbled backward onto his ass in surprise at the attack, and thus was spared any secondary voltage from the tasers. Brad, on the other hand, was completely paralyzed by the double-barreled shock, his eyes flashing wide in terror and pain as all of his powerful muscles were suddenly locked in a mighty contraction for five full seconds, and then fell limp. 

Nathan quickly grabbed Brad’s enormous shoulders and pressed him back against the tree, keeping the huge man from bonelessly toppling forward, and shouted to David, “Quick, help me get this stud tied up!” 

David was so stunned by the suddenness of the attack that he quickly jumped to obey, not yet thinking about the consequences of his actions. As the last dribbles of his unforgettably powerful load oozed out of his still rock hard cock, David helped Nathan secure thick leather cuffs around Brad’s wrists and ankles, and then attach each of these cuffs to stainless steel chains. Brad’s powerfully muscular arms were pulled down and back by the chains, which Nathan locked together on the far side of the massive tree trunk. Brad’s massive legs were similarly secured, spreading his goliath thighs wide to fully expose the young man’s gigantic cock and balls. 

With his prey fully immobilized, Nathan smiled wickedly and said, “Well isn’t THAT a glorious sight! The biggest, best looking stud on campus tied up to a tree, all helpless and vulnerable, with his ridiculously oversized dick and nuts just hanging out there for the world to see! And all completely at my mercy!” 

“Hey Nathan,” David said, a note of uncertainty and fear in his voice. “What do you plan on doing to Brad now that you’ve got him all tied up? I mean, I think you’ve already made your point. The big guy is clearly really scared, so I think he’s learned his lesson. Besides, he’s a really sweet guy, and you know that he didn’t MEAN to hurt your feelings.” 

“Didn’t mean to hurt my FEELINGS?!?!” Nathan shouted, raw anger in his voice. “Parading around our dorm room every day in all of his studly glory?! All of those muscles just a few feet away from me, but always out of my reach?! Always PRETENDING to be nice to me, flashing me those brilliant smiles of his, and acting like my friend, when all he really wanted was YOU?!? Pumping out a gargantuan load into his sheets every single fucking NIGHT as he dreamed about YOU?!? No, big Brad hasn’t even BEGUN to pay for how much he’s hurt me!!” 

“And speaking of hurt and betrayal…” Nathan said ominously, before suddenly spinning around and slamming a taser into the underside of David’s big balls, jamming the fat nuts into the young man’s pelvis while simultaneously unleashing a massive surge of electricity into the short stud’s privates. Agony exploded in David’s groin, and his eyes flew open wide in response. Nathan tased David for only a couple of seconds and at a far lower setting than he’d used on Brad, but it was more than effective, for the young man crumpled to the ground in a limp heap, temporarily paralyzed. 

“Leave him ALONE, you BASTARD!!” Brad bellowed in a dangerously deep voice. The big stud was already recovering from the double taser blast he’d received, far faster than Nathan would have thought possible, and was pulling against his steel chains and restraints with all of his considerable might. 

“Or what?” Nathan replied in a teasing tone. “You gonna help your little lover here? No, I think you should be more worried about yourself, big guy!” 

Nathan quickly went to work on David, binding his wrists together over his head and dragging the naked little muscle pup over to a nearby tree stump. He wrapped a chain around a big exposed root, one that was more than 8 inches around, and locked David’s bound arms in place. The young man was only weakly moaning and groaning, and only just beginning to shake off the effects of the taser blast to his balls. 

With David immobilized, Nathan was able to turn his full attention on big Brad. 

“Well, Brad, you’re certainly the man who has it all,” Nathan said, sneering at the big muscle man as he ran his eyes hungrily up and down the stud’s magnificently muscular body. “You’re more handsome than ANY man has a right to be, you’ve got a rockin’ hard body that would be the envy of any pro bodybuilder, and you’re hung like a freaking BEAST! I just don’t think that’s fair, do you? It’s not like you got dealt a royal flush — it’s like every fucking card in your entire fucking DECK is a fucking ACE! You’re an utterly perfect man, Brad, and you should have been mine. None of this would be happening if only you’d wanted me instead of David. And I’m going to make you pay for that poor judgment…” 

Locking eyes with the terrified but defiant Brad, Nathan reached forward and grabbed one of Brad’s behemoth balls in each hand. The colossal orbs filled Nathan’s hands beyond overflowing, but that didn’t deter the vengeful man, and he began to squeeze down with his strong fingers. Nathan could see pain flicker in Brad’s stunning green eyes, and the big man’s muscular jaw flexed and tensed as he grit his teeth against the growing agony in his nuts, but the huge stud refused to give his assailant and roommate the satisfaction of making him cry out. Nathan wasn’t deterred, though, and in fact was hoping it would take a while to break Brad to his will…and break his ridiculously oversized balls in the process. 

But the latter was proving to be far, far tougher than Nathan would have ever expected. The huge orbs in his hands were incredibly hard, harder than should have been possible for a man’s testicles, so dense with thick nut meat that they resisted more than the most minor deformation no matter how hard Nathan squeezed. He changed his grip so that his thumbs could dig into the middle of each mammoth nut, and started trying to drill his thick thumbs into the very heart of the young stud’s manhood. Again, however, Nathan was foiled, for his strongest efforts yielded only the barest of dents into the sides of the stud’s mighty bull balls. 

Nathan refused to be daunted and kept up his ball mauling action for a very long time, squeezing so hard that he was certain any other man’s bollocks would have long since exploded in his hands, but Brad’s herculean bull nuts just absorbed every ounce of power that Nathan could pour into them, and seemed to just beg for more. The slow, methodical squeezing and crushing went on and on and on for minute after minute, abuse that would have reduced any other man to blubbering tears, but Brad simply returned Nathan’s cold stare and refused to cry out. And even though Nathan could tell that Brad was experiencing a world of hurt from the ball bending abuse, the stud’s behemoth horse cock remained just as rock hard as ever, and even began to ooze the first few drops of slick, clear precum. For all the world, it looked like Brad was ENJOYING having his grapefruit-sized gonads cruelly crushed in another man’s hands! The sight was unbelievable! 

After nearly 10 minutes of relentless ball squeezing, Nathan finally released the bigger man’s enormous testicles in disgust, furious that he hadn’t even begun to soften them up yet. Brad’s colossal cajones were glowing a bright red with the imprint of Nathan’s big hands, but were otherwise completely unharmed by a level of brutal abuse that would have liquified any other man’s balls. 

Nathan wasn’t worried, however, for he knew that he had a surefire way of permanently breaking Brad’s big nuts, and he set about putting his next plan into action. 

“Don’t move,” Nathan quipped, “I’ll be right back!” Nathan set off at a slow jog around the corner of the nearby corn maze, and less than half a minute later started working his way back, dragging a large device behind him. Neither David nor Brad could at first make out what the contraption that Nathan was dragging behind him. David figured it out first, however, and as he let out an involuntary gasp of fear, Brad’s green eyes widened in understanding as well. And both men instantly knew that Brad’s huge balls would soon be in terrible, mortal danger. 

“Is that…? Oh FUCK, man, you CAN’T be SERIOUS!!” David cried. 

“Oh, I’m deadly serious,” Nathan replied, a cruel smile on his lips. 

As Nathan moved the contraption into place about 40 feet away from the massive oak tree, the other two men could get a long, hard look at the device. 

The large assembly of steel and hardwood was something of a combined catapult and slingshot. It had been used during the recent Harvest Festival as part of one of the more popular carnival games. The catapult had been set up at one end of an open field, and a series of heavy wooden targets had been set up on the other side of the field, up to 100 or more yards away. Festival goers would pay for their ammunition, which consisted of small pumpkins up to the size of ripe cantaloupes, and would load and aim the slingshot at the far away targets. With a pull of a lever, the pumpkin would launch forth as if shot from a high-powered cannon, sailing through the air at great speed. All three of the young man had watched others play the game, and delighted when a well-aimed pumpkin would collide with a target with an explosive and messy SPLAT. 

It quickly dawned on Brad what his cruel captor intended to do with the pumpkin cannon, and his powerful and valiant efforts to free himself of his iron chains became even more violent and frantic, but remained ineffective. 

Nathan tinkered with the cannon, adjusting its height and position, and clearly taking aim at the gorgeous stud of a man chained to the oak only a mere40 feet away. When he was satisfied with the set up, he then stepped over to the nearby pile of discarded pumpkins and started searching for his first gourd missile. 

“Hmm, I think I’ll start with this one,” Nathan said in a nonchalant voice, picking up a small pie pumpkin and weighing the gourd in his hand. “Don’t want to start TOO big, after all, as I don’t want to break your big bull nuts too soon,” he cruelly teased, loading the orange pumpkin into the slingshot cannon. 

Nathan began rubbing the bulge in his denim-clad crotch, turned on at the prospect of the big jock’s imminent de-nutting. He did some final tinkering with the cannon’s aim, placed his hand on the big wooden lever, and fired. 

Time seemed to stand still for all three men as the pumpkin shot forth like a rocket, a streak of orange aimed directly at the bound muscle stud. The aim was a little high, as the pumpkin collided with terrific force against the uppermost row of Brad’s granite-hard abs…and caught the young man’s huge, swollen cock head directly between the speeding missile and the impenetrable wall of muscle. The pumpkin struck the underside of that massive spongy plum and crushed it against the young man’s corrugated belly with punishing force, colliding so hard that the solid pumpkin actually shattered on impact. But not before pulverizing the tip of the stud’s rock-hard dick and nearly knocking the breath out of his lungs! The sharp, stinging pain in Brad’s cock was ferocious, but with his diaphragm momentarily paralyzed by the force of the strike, he could only utter a soft, deep grunt of pain. 

“Seems my aim is a little high,” Nathan joked, though it was now obvious that he’d intended for the first gourd to strike high. He adjusted the settings, loaded a second pie pumpkin, and shouted, “Ready! Aim! FIRE!” 

The second pumpkin launched with equally devastating force, and this time collided with the midpoint of Brad’s heroically thick, columnar cock shaft. Unlike his spongy cock head, which had been squashed nearly halfway flat by the first pumpkin, his steel-hard shaft barely even dented as it was caught between the speeding pumpkin bullet and the solid wall of his rock hard abdominal muscles. The gourd struck with such force that its thick wall, instead of shattering like the previous pumpkin, actually split in half right down the middle along the axis of Brad’s mammoth horse cock, the two pumpkin halves bouncing off of Brad’s concrete abs to the ground below. 

This time, Brad let out a loud grunt of pain through his clenched teeth, but still refused to cry out. It felt like his cock had been snapped in half by the force of the blow, but other than a large circular patch of bright red at the point of impact, his mighty truncheon of a cock was unharmed. 

David now realized that his friend was taking his revenge far past the point of a mere prank. Nathan was now clearly setting his aim for Brad’s massive, unprotected jewels, the source of his fantastic musculature and heroic manhood, with the intent of not just causing the young man pain and humiliation, but of actually castrating the young muscle bull!! 

“NO, Nathan! This is INSANE!! Please stop it now! Don’t hurt Brad any more!” David cried, begging for mercy for the achingly hot and handsome hunk. 

“Almost there!” Nathan gleefully shouted, ignoring his friend’s protests. “Just a few more adjustments…” He loaded in a third pumpkin, this one identical to the previous two except for its yellow color, and fired the cannon. 

Although the pumpkin only took a few milliseconds to cross the intervening distance between the cannon and his undefended crotch, to Brad it seemed to take forever. His stunning green eyes were fixated on the solid pie pumpkin as it came closer, and closer...


Brad’s bellow of agony almost completely drowned out the sound of the pumpkin crashing full-force into his huge balls. The aim was spot on and the force was tremendous. The pumpkin split on impact into three or four big chunks before falling the ground, revealing two bright red, slightly battered-looking balls. Brad writhed and hollered like a wounded bull, tearing at his iron chains with greater force and urgency than ever, and his gigantic muscles bulging and flexing most dramatically in a display of awesome masculine might. He had never before felt such extreme, explosive pain and was sure his testicles had just ruptured, even though they were still quite whole. 

“Perfect!” Nathan cried. “Right on target! Let’s try a bigger one this time.” Nathan picked a slightly larger white pumpkin from the pile and loaded it onto the cannon. Brad’s reddened nuts were bouncing wildly in their huge sac as he frantically — but uselessly — tried to escape his heavy steel bonds. Nathan watched the gorgeous interplay of Brad’s flexing muscles for several long moments, enraptured by the beautiful and intensely masculine sight, before pulling back on the lever and letting the next heavy gourd sail through the air. 


Brad thought he might pass out from the pain exploding in his nuts as the larger, heavier pumpkin smashed into his dangling ballsac. Brad’s defenseless bull nuts had no choice but to absorb the full force of the devastating impact, partway flattening against his rock solid pelvis before the heavy pumpkin broke into a dozen messy chunks and rebounding harmlessly away. His mind was swimming in agony, and he was sure that Nathan was already inflicting some serious damage to his...


Brad hadn’t even had time to process the last impact before another white pumpkin, this one even larger and easily the size of a bowling ball, collided with his defenseless genitals. This pumpkin’s tough shell was harder than any that had gone before, so didn’t immediately split on impact. That meant that the big white pumpkin possessed even more crushing force as it flattened Brad’s screaming nuts against his pelvis. Brad’s howls of agony went up an octave (though were still a deep, rumbling baritone). His gorgeous face was flushed red with his continuous bellows of pain, and his tremendously thick and broad chest was heaving most appealingly as he struggled to catch his breath. 

After three devastating impacts — any of which could have easily pulverized another man’s balls into uselessness — Brad’s already huge balls were starting to swell even larger, making the skin of his massive sac stretch even tighter across its enormous contents. His balls were becoming beet red from the ball bursting impacts, but were still just as rock solid and intact as ever. But how long could even his mighty bollocks stand up against such punishing abuse?! 

Nathan selected another, slightly smaller pumpkin — this one a vibrant yellow — and gave Brad an evil smirk as he weighed the big pumpkin in his palm. This pumpkin, though slightly smaller than the two white pumpkins that had come before, was significantly denser and heavier, and Nathan knew it had the potential to do some really serious damage to Brad’s sexual equipment. His rock hard cock was pressing insistently against his jeans at this point, for Nathan was powerfully turned on at the prospect of unmanning this massive muscle stud, and he eagerly loaded the next pumpkin into the launcher. 

“Careful there dude! Looks like you’re in danger of popping your load!” Nathan might be teasing his big, handsome captive, but his words were true. Brad’s monumental horse cock was just as bone hard as ever, and the thick veins coursing up and down its tremendous length looked like they might burst right of its skin. A steady stream of clear, glistening goo was pouring down the extraordinary length of that monster cock, the young man’s slick love juices dripping to the leaf- and mulch-strewn ground below. It did indeed look like Brad could blast his load at any moment. But how was that even possible, considering that his gigantic balls were being slowly hammered into sterility?!?

“Ready... aim... FIRE!! 

Brad was going hysterical, writhing wildly but unable to break free of his restraints. He was totally defenseless as the pumpkin, nothing but a yellowish blur, zeroed in on his manhood.

“AAAAARRRRGH!!!” Brad screamed as the pumpkin unerringly found its target. The yellow orb landed squarely at the seam of Brad’s bulging nutsack. As Nathan expected, this denser pumpkin dug even further into the fleshy, softening orbs than the previous ones. Brad felt his testicles pressing against his pelvic bone, being crushed as the pumpkin sank deeper, and deeper, …and deeper still. For a horrifying moment, Brad was sure this pumpkin wasn’t going to stop until it was touching his pelvis, obliterating the huge jock nuts caught in between. 

But after collapsing down to half their normal girth, Brad’s impossibly fat bull nuts refused to be crushed any further, and the heavy yellow pumpkin bounced off of his crotch to land in the growing heap of shattered pumpkin guts littering the ground before him. 

“PLEEEEASE!!” David begged, tears streaming down his handsome face as he helplessly watched the slow destruction and emasculation of the hottest, handsomest, most hugely-hung stud he’d ever seen. “You’re gonna BREAK his big balls, Nathan! Please don’t hurt him any more!! I’m sure he’s learned his lesson! Just don’t hurt him any more!!” 

“Let’s go inspect the damage, shall we?” Nathan said, again ignoring the pleas of his sobbing friend. He walked up to the captive hunk and once again grasped his dangling goolies, fully expecting them to be positively mushy after four full-force blows from the pumpkin cannon. But to his amazement, though both orbs were now glowing an angry red and were starting to stretch their scrotum tight, they were barely any squishier than before the abuse had begun. These were some tremendously tough stud nuts indeed! Nathan couldn’t help but be powerfully impressed by the sheer raw STRENGTH he could feel coursing through those two massive lumps of man meat captured in his clutching hands. 

Nathan noticed that Brad’s monstrous horse cock was visibly quivering, pulsing even harder than ever with the young man’s thundering heart beat. He wondered if it could actually be possible that this young muscle titan could be on the verge of blowing his load! A leering smile of both lust and awe crept across Nathan’s face as he squeezed down with all of his might, digging his fingers as far as they could go into the slightly softened ball meat. 

And that was all it took. 

“GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Brad roared as his thick bull cock gave a series of mighty pulses, and then began ejaculating the most insanely colossal load that either of the other two men had ever seen. The first wad was a gigantic rope of cum that painted a thick white stripe more than halfway to the pumpkin cannon. A second mammoth slug of cum followed, spraying the jock’s blindingly white seed even further. The third impossibly huge gush of sperm spurted out a little to the left, lashing across David’s bound and naked body and painting a messy white stripe against his tanned, olive skin. The incredibly erotic feeling of the muscle stud’s hot, chunky seed splattering across his own body sent David into his second, mind-wracking spontaneous orgasm, and he pumped his own big load into the dirt even as Brad pounded out literally DOZENS more humongous gouts of prime alpha jock stud cream. Even Brad’s titanic testicles didn’t look capable of producing so much thick, thick jizz at one go, but the proof was already strewn across the earth before them, and even more of the stuff was still pouring out in great ropes and streamers of cum. 

Brad’s monumental orgasm lasted more than a full minute, and both Nathan and David quickly lost track of the number of individual huge spurts of cum that burst out of his wildly pulsating bull cock. Nathan, standing to one side with his death grip on Brad’s spasming stud nuts, was untouched by the deluge of sperm, but David had been hit by half a dozen or so massive slugs of the sticky, gloopy stuff, and the short stud looked like he’d been on the receiving end of an epic bukkake session involving the ENTIRE rugby team, not just its biggest, beefiest member. 

Nathan stood there with a dumbfounded look on his face, his mouth gaping open in utter awe and amazement even as his fingers still clenched deep into the groaning stud’s tortured nut meat. After several long moments, Nathan finally found his voice, exclaiming, “HOLY FUCK!!! What the hell was THAT!?! You came like a fucking FIREHOSE, dude!! Man, I thought your nocturnal emissions were huge, but those now look like little squirts compared to THIS fucking flood of jizz!! Those are certainly some mighty baby batter factories you got there, Brad!” 

Nathan finally released Brad’s tortured eggs and gave them a firm but friendly pat. “Yeah, mighty tough fuckers, too! I woulda thought they’d be nice and soft and mushy after a couple of pumpkin blasts in the nuts, but your big bollocks have hardly softened up at all! I guess it’s just gonna take a bit more time and effort to wear them down…and fortunately, we’ve got all day!” 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Pumpkin Pounded - Chapter 2

Things start getting romantic and decidedly heated between Brad and David in this second installment...


Pumpkin Pounded
Based on an original story by Sack Stomper


Nathan looked up at the clock to check the time. His friend David was running late, as usual.

Nathan ran through his entire plan once again, the plan that he had hammered out in part with David’s eager assistance. Both young men were eager to teach big Brad a lesson, though perhaps for different reasons. Nathan suspected that David viewed their plans as a bit of good-natured fun, ultimately intended to help bring Brad out of the closet. But Nathan viewed things differently. His bitterness and anger had created a dark space in his soul, and he wanted to hurt Brad even more than Nathan himself had been hurt by his roommate’s perceived betrayal. Nathan felt that Brad was an immature, fickle young bull who needed to be turned into a steer, so he wouldn’t hurt anyone else ever again. He had therefore concealed the totality of his plans from David, fearing that his shorter friend might not be up for all that Nathan had in store for the big, handsome, and enormously muscular rugby player…

The young man was so lost in his thoughts that at first he didn’t notice the knocking on his door. It wasn’t until a second, more insistent set of knocks broke him out of his reverie that a startled Nathan got up and opened the door. The handsome, smiling face of his friend David greeted him on the other side of the door. The short, muscular stud was clearly excited to carry out their plan, and he all but leapt into the room with his unbridled energy. 

“I can’t wait to get things started!” David exclaimed. “This is gonna be so much fun! And I can’t wait to see what you have planned for our big lover boy!”

Nathan half-chuckled in reply. “Yeah, I’m excited, too.” 

David noticed the sepia photograph lying on Nathan’s desk, and teased, “Geez, obsessed much?” 

The other man blushed a little bit and replied, “Yeah, I guess. But can you really blame me?” 

“No, not at all,” laughed David. “I’d be fucking obsessed with Brad, too, if I had to see him every day, and sleep just a few feet above him every night! I don’t know how you stand it! I’d have rubbed my dick so raw by now that it would be in danger of falling off!” The short stud laughed at his own joke, rubbing his own crotch through his denim pants in mock pain. Nathan just returned a half-hearted grin, a bit distanced and distracted by his own thoughts. 

“So, is everything ready?” David asked, motioning to the large duffel bag that sat next to Nathan’s desk.

“Yup,” said Nathan. “I’ll be waiting for you by the big oak tree. Just as long as you can keep him distracted — which, with those big, brown, puppy dog eyes of yours should be no problem — I’ll be able to spring our little trap.” 

“Excellent! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a ‘date’ before,” David laughed. “The poor guy won’t even know what hit him!” 

“No, he certainly won’t,” Nathan replied, a flicker of menace in his cold blue eyes. 


Brad couldn’t remember ever being this nervous in his young life as he pulled his truck up to the entrance of the main quad. His roommate’s best friend, David, had called him out of the blue three days ago and asked if Brad wanted to hang out with him today, just the two of them. The big rugby player had immediately agreed, and he was now meeting up at their predetermined rendezvous point so that he could pick David up. 

Thoughts of David threatened to make Brad throw a huge boner, so the young man had to quickly quench his heart-pounding feelings by thinking about old nuns, and kittens, and old nuns holding kittens. He soon had his libido back under control, even though his nerves were still strung as taut as bow strings. 

David was the single-most beautiful man that Brad had ever seen in his life, and he had been powerfully attracted to the student and fellow athlete the moment he first met him. As he had started getting to know the dark-haired stud, though, his feelings had only grown deeper and more profound. David was so easy to talk with, and they shared so many interests and likes in common. David always laughed at Brad’s corny jokes, and had a habit every once in a while of putting his hand on Brad’s forearm, or giving him a friendly pat on the shoulder, or sitting close enough that their knees would sometimes touch. These little gestures drove Brad crazy, but he wasn’t sure if these were simply careless gestures on David’s part, or if the gorgeous little stud was actually flirting with him. Brad desperately hoped for the latter, but since he didn’t really know any gay people or how gay people acted with one another, he had no idea about how to interpret David’s actions. 

For example, was David’s invitation to hang out today intended as a date, or just two friends spending time together? Brad just wasn’t sure. 

Brad pulled up to the curb and started scanning the milling crowd of students for David’s dark hair and hunky little muscle body, and he spotted him right away. David had seen him first, and was waving and flashing one of those crooked smiles with the big dimple that made Brad go weak in the knees every time. 

David jogged up to the car as Brad reached over and opened the passenger side door. “Hey there big guy!” David said as he hopped up into the car, giving Brad a fake punch in the shoulder and sending the rugby player’s heart into overdrive. “Thanks again for picking me up and hanging out with me today!” 

“Don’t mention it,” replied Brad. “I’ve been really looking forward to spending time with you today and getting to know you better,” the big man said, blushing just a little bit at the less plutonic and more carnal reasons that played through his mind. 

“Me too, big guy!” David crowed. “Let’s head on out!” 


At David’s direction, Brad drove them both out of town and into the rural farmlands surrounding the college community. David had said that he wanted to go back to the site of the harvest festival, even though it had been shut down for the season a week ago. The late morning weather was crisp but clear, the earlier light drizzle having burned off to reveal a sunny and brisk autumn day. Brad was secretly thinking about how romantic it would be to walk the grounds with just David, and with no one else around. 

David’s conversation in the car was as animated and fun as always, and their easy rapport helped Brad relax a bit. There was a special twinkle in David’s eyes today, though, that seemed to promise something more, and Brad found himself hoping more and more that his instincts about the gorgeous young man were true. 


David was in heaven. He was sitting next to the biggest, handsomest, hunkiest stud he had ever seen, and it was clear that the big guy was getting all worked up and nervous. David found Brad’s nervousness strangely endearing, especially considering that the huge dude was literally nearly TWICE David’s weight and could easily snap him in half like a twig. It was amazing to think that Brad was feeling intimidated by HIM! In almost any other situation, you’d have thought it would have been the other way around. 

The little Italian stud couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for the big guy, and a little guilty about the fact that he was leading him into something of a trap. He just hoped that Brad wouldn’t be too mad with him about it afterwards. He was taking part in this scheme to help his good friend Nathan get over his epic crush, but David was finding that he also had feelings of his own for the charming and handsome muscle man. Powerful feelings, if he was being honest with himself. And heck, who wouldn’t?! The guy was built like the proverbial brick shithouse, was ridiculously handsome, and was one of the nicest, funniest, sweetest guys David had ever met! Yeah, he secretly hoped that the two of them would remain friends after today, and who knows, maybe even blossom into something more… 

David stole another covert glance at Brad’s jeans-clad crotch. The man sure did have an enormous crotch bulge, that’s for sure! It was the talk of the campus, actually. It seemed everyone, men and women alike, were secretly in awe of the handsome rugby player, and that no one could believe that the 285-pound muscle giant was just barely 18! But once people noticed the massive, almost bowling-ball-sized bulge at the front of Brad’s pants, that’s just about all anyone could talk about. David still had a hard time believing that Nathan’s stories about Brad’s nocturnal fantasies weren’t at least a little exaggerated. No man could be hung THAT huge, right?! But his glances at the young man’s humongous crotch mound gave truth to the possibility that Nathan might not be exaggerating in the slightest. The thought made David’s own more than ample cock give a powerful pulse in his pants. David knew he’d be finding out soon enough if Nathan was telling the truth about big Brad’s big endowment… 


Brad pulled his truck into the empty parking lot, remembering how dusty the lot had been just a few weeks ago. The early morning’s light rain had really helped tame all of that dust, and Brad knew that the rainstorms to come in the next few weeks would turn this parking lot into one great big mud puddle. Good thing they were here today, he thought, and not a couple of weeks from now. They’d soon need Wellington boots to navigate through the inevitable mud! 

All of the produce stalls, carnival booths, and the gift shop were boarded up for the season, as expected. The two young men slowly meandered past those abandoned buildings, David chatting animatedly about all sorts of topics, while Brad kept stealing glances at the gorgeous dark-haired hunk from time to time. He kept trying to work up the courage to brooch the subject of the feelings he was having for the shorter stud, but he was terrified that he’d freak the guy out and be rejected. 

Before long, the pair had wandered near the entrance to the old corn field maze. The corn stalks were now all pale tan husks, dying back for the winter, but the maze was otherwise still intact. The local farmer who owned the land had not yet gotten around to mulching all of those corn stalks and tilling them back into the soil. 

David turned to Brad with that telltale sparkle in his amazing brown eyes, and said, “Let’s go through the maze again!” He then completely shocked Brad by reaching out and taking his much larger hand and pulling the huge dude toward the maze entrance. The feeling of David’s hand in his sent an electric surge through Brad’s entire body, and he felt almost giddy. With a big smile breaking out across his face, Brad eagerly followed the smaller guy as they both jogged into the maze entrance. 

The corn field maze wasn’t huge as such things go, but the pair still found that it took them more than a little while to get through it all. Both were laughing and joking the entire time as they played in the maze. David would sometimes let go of Brad’s hand to dash ahead and around a corner, forcing the bigger man to chase after him. They played this game for a while, Brad getting more and more worked up by the other man’s mere presence. 

Finally, after one particularly difficult chase that had them both laughing hysterically, Brad caught up to the other man and scooped him up off the ground, his extraordinary strength lifting up the smaller guy like he weighed almost nothing. A laughing Brad suddenly found that he was holding David against his body in a tight bear hug, lifting him more than a foot off the ground so that their faces were level with one another. Brad was suddenly very aware of the feeling of his huge arms wrapped tight around David’s lean and narrow waist, the heat of his body pressed up to Brad’s own, the scent of his breath in Brad’s own face. David seemed to notice the instant change in their energy as well, and for several long moments, both men stopped laughing and simply stared into each other’s eyes. 

David must have liked what he saw in Brad’s sparkling green orbs, for he suddenly threw his arms around the other man’s thick, muscular bull neck and planted a big, open-mouthed kiss on the surprised rugby player’s mouth. A shocked Brad was stunned only for a moment, and then he began returning the kiss with even greater passion and intensity. 

The two young men must have been locked in that tender and passionate embrace for at least ten full minutes, their eager tongues exploring each other’s mouths, lips pressed firmly together. David’s eager hands explored as much of Brad’s huge muscles as he could reach, which given how he was being held so tightly against the bigger man’s huge body meant that he was mostly grabbing the stud’s gigantic shoulders and thick, flaring traps. Brad was doing some exploring of his own, his huge hands running up and down David’s muscular back and buttocks, marveling at how tight and solid the man’s compact frame was. The little guy’s waist couldn’t have been more than 26 inches around, but his muscular shoulders looked like they were twice as wide. The lad was an absolute hunk, and Brad was hungry to explore every inch of his solid gymnast body. 

After 10 minutes of epic making out, their powerful hearts beating hard and fast against one another, Brad slowly and gently set David’s feet back down on the ground. Their gazes remained locked, however, with each man appearing to be equally enchanted with the other. A huge grin then suddenly broke out across David’s face, and he said, “Come on. Let’s get out of this maze. There’s a special spot on the other side that I want to show to you. It’s completely private and out of the way, where no one else can bother us.” 

With that, David took the smiling Brad by the big, muscular hand once more, leading the huge stud through the remainder of the maze and out the exit on the far side. 

The maze exited into a large field that was dominated by a huge, old oak tree a few dozen yards away. Piles of discarded debris from the harvest festival were spread about the massive tree, including hundreds of pumpkins of various sizes, segments of logs from some downed trees, old hay bales, and other assorted organic refuse. David led the eager and excited Brad to the tree, gently pushed the much bigger man up against the enormous trunk, and began unbuttoning the young man’s flannel shirt. Both men were breathing heavily with excitement as David’s trembling fingers undid the last of the buttons, and he opened up the front of Brad’s shirt to reveal the spectacularly muscular torso beneath. David had never before seen the muscular glory of Brad’s naked flesh, and he gasped at the utter masculine beauty and refined perfection of the young man’s massively developed muscles. And not only were Brad’s muscles swollen to magnificent proportions and bursting with raw power, but they were also extraordinarily lean, almost like his skin was merely painted on top of the utterly shredded muscles. 

David couldn’t help himself, and he began to rub his hands up Brad’s corrugated abdomen, marveling at the deeply etched divide between each perfectly formed cobblestone. He then cupped as much of the stud’s great overhanging chest as he could, his smaller hands barely able to encompass even a fraction of all of that thick pec meat. He tried squeezing down with his fingers, but the extraordinarily dense beef would barely even dent in his hands, it was so thick and tough. Brad then flexed his gargantuan pecs, and David nearly swooned, for those two massive plates of muscle got even harder, and deep striations appeared all across their wide, wide expanse. David ran his hands all over those massive twin mounds of muscle, reveling in the feeling of the coarse chest hair under his fingers, so different from the completely smooth skin of his own chest and abs. David located the nubs of Brad’s hardened nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and gave them a firm squeeze, and was rewarded with a low, throaty rumble from Brad’s deep and massive chest, a vibration that reverberated through David’s own excited body. A look of ecstasy filled Brad’s half-lidded green eyes, and a breathy moan escaped his gently parted lips as David pinched those twin nubs of flesh even harder. 

Hungry to see more, David worked the thick flannel over Brad’s truly enormous shoulders and then down over his astoundingly huge arms, tossing the discarded shirt aside so that he could run his eager hands over these new muscular treasures. David couldn’t even begin to guess Brad’s dimensions as he ran his hands all up and down the big man’s arms and shoulders. The 6-foot-2 muscle giant was just so much bigger than his own compact, 5-foot-5 frame, and David found the huge size difference intensely erotic. Apparently, so did Brad, who kept on moaning and huffing and groaning as David continued his exploration. Why, Brad’s upper arms looked to be only an inch or two smaller around than David’s own narrow, 26-inch waist! The huge rugby player was simply one massive BEAST of muscle! 

David insistently pushed up on one of Brad’s enormous arms, and the grinning man complied and lifted the huge limb up for the shorter stud, revealing a deep, muscular, and very hairy armpit, right there at David’s eye level. The dark-haired stud immediately buried his face in the warm, furry pit, inhaling deeply of the big man’s intoxicating scent, a clean manly musk that made David’s already rock hard cock strain even harder against the confines of his tight blue jeans. David began to lick at the slightly moist arm pit, lapping up all of the big man’s delicious, slightly salty sweat, while his hands hungrily explored the unbelievably massive and granite hard muscles of the man’s flexed upper arm. 

David finally broke away from Brad for a moment, and began lifting his own shirt off over his head. Brad lent his own assistance, helping work the tight-fitting shirt off of the shorter man, and revealing David’s own breathtaking physique. David might only weigh half as much as the muscular giant standing before him, but his own muscles were just as lean, chiseled, and refined as those of the big man he had pressed up against the oak tree. Brad apparently liked what he saw, too, for an almost pained expression passed across his achingly handsome face as a half-whimper, half-groan escaped his lips. David flashed a brilliant smile in return, delighted that such a gorgeous stud of a man was so obviously turned on by a little guy like him. 

Brad reached down, enveloped David’s denim-clad bubble butt in his two huge hands, and effortlessly lifted the smaller man in the air. Brad then pulled David’s lean muscular body against his own, bringing David’s face level with his, and then began to passionately make out with the dark-haired stud once more. Brad firmly pressed their bodies together, hairy muscles rubbing up against smooth ones, as his huge hands gently but insistently explored and kneaded David’s ass and back. Their muscular tongues fought for dominance inside each other’s mouths, with both of them simultaneously winning. David could feel a huge, hard mound pressing up against the underside of his own crotch, while his own painfully hard cock was mercilessly ground up against the impenetrable wall of Brad’s rock-solid abdominal wall. The smaller man could feel a tremendous orgasm already starting to build in his loins, so turned on was he by being in this massive young man’s tight embrace, and he desperately struggled to hold on to his load. 

After many long minutes, David wriggled free of Brad’s firm but gentle embrace, stepped back a couple of feet, and started to unbuckle his pants. David grinned at the bigger man as Brad’s lust-drunk eyes followed the smaller man’s every move. 

“You’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen,” Brad suddenly blurted out, his normally deep voice pitched even lower and thick with lust. David was immediately halted in his tracks, amazed by what the big man had just said. Brad misinterpreted the other man’s shock, and quickly looked away, blushing with embarrassment. 

“Are you KIDDING me?!” David exclaimed a moment later. “Oh my god, big guy, do you even OWN a mirror? You are the most gorgeous stud of a man that’s ever LIVED! A gay man’s wet dream come true! And the fact that a guy like YOU is even remotely attracted to a guy like ME is just fucking blowing my mind!!” 

David’s words brought such a happy and charming and hopeful smile to Brad’s handsome face that David couldn’t help but answer with a similar smile of his own, and he resumed stripping out of the rest of his clothes. The sun had warmed the field to a comfortable temperature, but David probably wouldn’t even have noticed if it was below freezing, as his own tremendous arousal felt like it was creating enough heat to melt a snow bank. 

With teasing slowness, David worked his pants and underwear down over his own mounding crotch, releasing his big, rock hard cock to slap upward against his tight, corrugated abs with a beefy smack. The young man might be short but he was hung big, his cock stretching the measuring tape to just over 9 inches long and with an impressive and formidable girth. Such a cock would have looked rather big even on a man of Brad’s huge size, but on a small and compact guy like David, it looked positively enormous! A thick hood of foreskin almost fully covered the big, juicy head, and as an awe-struck Brad watched, the first dewy bead of precum appeared at the tip, a promise of more manly fluids to come. 

David pushed his pants down his lean, muscular legs, tossing off his pants, underwear, and shoes all in one go and standing there in just his socks. Brad’s eyes clearly didn’t know where to go first as they hungrily devoured the stunning sight of the young man standing in front of him. Flawless olive skin covered a body of utter perfection, a physique that looked like it had been carved by a master sculptor. Brad got his first glimpse of David’s big, dangling balls, and saw that they were a perfect match for his big, thick cock, a set of extra large door knockers that would have made any man proud, no matter his size. 

David knelt in the soft grass at Brad’s feet, his soulful brown eyes looking up and locking on Brad’s own, as he reached up and began to undo the big man’s pants. Brad was almost trembling, with fear or desire or both, David could only guess. The back of David’s hand brushed against the obscene mound at the front of Brad’s pants, and he began to wonder if his friend Nathan hadn’t been exaggerating about Brad’s enormous size after all… 

It took a surprising amount of effort to wiggle the blue jeans down over Brad’s behemoth muscle butt and start working them over his gigantic muscular quads, but David was nothing if not determined. As the pants started to fall, David got his first glimpse of Brad’s cock root, and the sheer thickness of the mammoth cock was startling. And as he steadily worked the pants down Brad’s colossal legs, inch after inch after thick, vein-gnarled inch of the biggest, beefiest cock David had ever seen gradually came into view. David’s eyes just kept getting bigger and bigger, for Brad’s cock seemed to be without end! The pants were well past halfway to Brad’s knees before the thick coronal ridge of Brad’s enormous cock head finally came into view. Another couple of inches finally freed the unbelievably massive cock from its denim prison, and David was barely fast enough to dodge his head to one side to avoid being smacked in the face by the huge meat log as it finally sprang free. As it was, the gargantuan cock reared upward with frightening power and speed, slapping so hard against the big stud’s muscular belly that it sounded like it HURT. But Brad didn’t even seem to notice, a look of pure lust and infatuation, and perhaps even something more, filling his stunning green eyes. 

David knew that his mouth was gaping wide open in awe and wonder, but he just couldn’t help it. He was now staring upward at what simply HAD to be the biggest cock in the entire world! The gigantic horse cock had to be at LEAST half again as long as his own huge 9 incher, and its girth was beyond anything he’d thought possible. He reached up with both trembling hands and wrapped them around the center of that colossal cock shaft, and was astounded that his fingertips barely touched. Forget beer-can thick; Brad’s monster cock was thicker than a 40-ouncer!! David could feel the tremendous heat coming off of that freakishly huge cock on his own face, and as he tried to gently squeeze that monumental shaft, he quickly learned that the mighty piece of man meat was even harder than the stud’s own granite hard muscles! The steel-hard man pole wouldn’t even DENT in his clutching hands! 

Brad’s pants had now fallen all the way to his ankles, revealing a spectacularly muscular pair of legs that perfectly matched the beefy, studly perfection of what lay above them. But David’s eyes barely even noted those sturdy, ultra powerful pillars of muscle, so focused were they on the gigantic nutsac hanging down between those massive thighs. 

David’s mind had a hard time at first gauging the size of Brad’s colossal nuts, for they were many orders of magnitude larger than any man’s testicles he’d ever seen. Each goliath gonad was larger than a ripe, ruby red grapefruit, and judging from how heavily they hung in their loose, oversized sac, they appeared to be ten times as juicy. Despite their obviously great weight, Brad’s freakishly massive balls only hung down about an inch in their sac, jiggling seductively just below the thick, thick root of his magnificent cock. Surprisingly, despite the liberal coating of coarse hair across the young man’s expansive chest and chiseled abdominals, and the much thicker thatches of dark brown hair at his armpits and groin, Brad’s massive, double-barreled ball bag was only lightly coated in coarse, wiry hairs. The sparse dusting of pubic hairs on Brad’s balls somehow made them look even more gorgeous and manly and powerful, if that was even possible. 

The young kneeling man reverently cupped both of Brad’s titanic testicles in his hands, overflowing his palms with the muscle man’s utterly tremendous gonads. David’s estimate of their great weight wasn’t even close to the mark, for the gigantic nuts were even HEAVIER than they looked! The young man gave a few gentle, experimental squeezes with his strong fingers, and was amazed at how astonishingly dense Brad’s nuts felt; like his monumental cock and mammoth chest muscles, they barely even dented in his hands! These had to be the biggest, heaviest, hardest bollocks in human history, and David couldn’t believe that they were resting right there in his trembling hands! 

A look of shyness and embarrassment crossed over Brad’s achingly handsome features. Then, in a rich, deep voice that David could feel reverberating in the man’s gigantic nuts, Brad quietly confessed, “I think I ought to tell you — I’m a virgin.” 

That tender and shy revelation was the last straw for David, simply too much for his ramped up sex drive to take, and he immediately lost his tenuous hold on his burgeoning orgasm. His eyes almost crossed as his big nuts gave a mighty convulsion, contracting so hard they actually HURT. The first blast of his load shot forth with a force he’d never before experienced, rocketing straight upward and shattering against the underside of Brad’s boulder-sized bollocks in a mighty splash of virile joy juice. A second shot followed, and then a third, and then a fourth, all slamming directly into Brad’s herculean gonads and whitewashing their fat undersides with David’s own thick and rich baby batter. It was almost as if David’s manhood was paying submissive obeisance to the behemoth bollocks of a vastly superior male. 

David could only grunt and buck his hips in involuntary release, his mind reeling with the fact that this stunningly handsome stud, this mountain of perfectly-formed muscle, this paragon of raw masculine power and virility, was a VIRGIN! He was therefore the very first person to ever have the extraordinary privilege of exploring the young man’s gigantic, glorious muscles with his hands and mouth. He was the very first to ever grip the stud’s mighty fuck stick with both hands to worship its unparalleled length and girth. He was the very first to grasp these stunningly, impossibly huge gonads in his hands, to feel their great weight and power, to feel the heat and raw energy emanating from them. 

It was therefore no wonder that David experienced a spontaneous orgasm, kneeling at the feet of this gorgeous god of muscle and sex. In fact, it was a testament to his extraordinary control that the young, dark-haired stud had been able to last as long as he had! Now, he was blowing one of the most massive and most violent orgasms in his life, worshipping at the altar of this impossibly perfect young male. 

Nearly a dozen more lessening blasts of thick cum spurted out of David’s completely untouched cock, none of them having quite the force or volume to paint the underside of Brad’s balls like the first four shots had, but still creating quite a mess of stud boy splooge against the lower portion of the tree trunk. David caressed his own recently-spilled sperm into the silky smooth skin of Brad’s behemoth balls, gazing up at the handsome, blushing man with awe and wonder in his eyes. David also realized at that very moment that he was falling in love with the sweet, tender, and impossibly beautiful muscle man. 

David had completely forgotten about his original purpose for bringing Brad to this quiet and secluded location. Had he remembered, and had he known or suspected just how far his friend Nathan would take his revenge, David would have taken Brad by the hand then and there and pulled the big muscle man to safety. David would have plenty of time to reflect on ‘what if’s’ in the weeks and months to come, wondering how different things would have been if only he’d acted sooner. 

As it was, both young men were completely taken by surprise when Nathan pounced.