Saturday, September 30, 2023

The Lifeguard

Summer may officially be over, but I still have one summer-themed story to post this year. Enjoy! 


The Lifeguard

Based on an original story by Bignuts


Luke was sitting in the tall lifeguard chair in front of the university’s large pool. It was a very hot afternoon, and a few beads of sweat ran trickled erotically down his massively muscled pecs and his ripped and chiseled abs to disappear into his tight red Speedo. The college senior was tall and massively built, with the sort of huge, gym-hardened physique that one rarely saw outside of bodybuilding competitions, and his smooth and perfect skin had been richly tanned by the summer sun. The handsome athlete knew just how amazing his body was, and he loved all of the attention that he got at the pool. All of the boys wanted to be him, and all of the girls wanted to be with him. Luke claimed that he had taken the lifeguarding job to make extra cash over the summer break, but really, he just loved showing off his amazing body to his fellow coeds. 

He straightened his perfectly-cut blond hair before descending the ladder of the white lifeguard chair, his big muscles bulging and flexing with every movement. He then took a slow lap around the pool, checking out his domain, bright blue eyes peering out from behind his designer sunglasses at all of the hot young women in bikinis, their hungry stares and flirtatious smiles following him at every step. Some of them he’d already fucked that summer, while others were still looking forward to getting their chance with the big, handsome, muscular stud. Summer was barely underway, so there would be plenty of time for all of the rest. 

Luke walked with a grace that was surprising in a man built so very large, and he didn’t need to swagger or strut; he knew what an alpha stud he was, and didn’t need to work extra hard to show it off. That said, he wore a pair of skin-tight red Speedos that did nothing to disguise his astounding wealth of masculine assets. Luke was hung pornographically huge, and the tight fabric of his skimpy Speedos left nothing to the imagination. The thick slab of his huge limp cock arched over two massive testicles, each bigger than the largest of lemons, all compressed into a tight, bulging package. The garment had to be specially made with an oversized pouch, and even then, Luke filled that straining basket of cloth to the max. The Speedo also showcased his glorious ass, a muscular bubble butt that seemed to defy gravity with its amazing size and hard, meaty mass. Luke’s thighs were so thick and muscular that they caused his entire package to mash and wobble from side to side as he walked, making the obscene mass quiver and bounce with every step. 

The young man’s epic crotch bulge was positively indecent, but Luke got away with it because he was such a studly and powerful alpha male — not even the university administration was brave enough to approach the big muscular bull of a man and tell him to change into something less revealing. Thus it was that the crowds at the pool kept growing week after week as the summer wore on, and the percentage of gawking and drooling young women at the pool steadily increased as well. 

After completing his circuit of the pool, Luke climbed back up to his lifeguard chair, making sure to flex his magnificent ass muscles on every step, and then sat back down. A small smirk played across his handsome lips as he casually readjusted his heavy package, thick strong fingers gently caressing his fat, turgid balls. He had yet another huge load sloshing around inside of those massive testicles, and he looked forward to blowing his thick stud spunk into another gorgeous babe tonight. 

The day wore on, with Luke standing guard duty over the many dozens of young people at the pool. The crowds began to dwindle as the warm summer sun dipped toward the horizon, and by the time the sun was low in the sky, the few stragglers had started to pack up and leave. Soon, only one group of three young men remained. All three were about Luke’s age and clearly athletes as well, though none of their toned hard bodies came close to the lifeguard’s staggering size and extraordinary muscular conditioning. Still, they were all big guys and strong swimmers, laughing and joking as they rough housed in the pool. 

Luke had watched their antics for several hours, disapproving of their rough play in the pool, but not interfering either. But now that it was getting close to closing time, he big blond stud finally blew a sharp note on his lifeguard’s whistle and said, “Alright guys, the pool is closing in five minutes. Time to get out and start gathering up your things.” 

One of the boys, a lean blond lad with a swimmer’s build, got out of the pool and went to grab his towel, but the other two guys swam closer to where the lifeguard was now standing at poolside and began to taunt him. 

“We’re gonna stay here as long as we want,” said the beefy ginger-haired guy with the thick football physique. “Whatcha gonna do about it, big guy?” 

“Yeah,” said the dark-haired Latino next to him. “You think you’re big enough to take on all three of us?” 

Luke just crossed his huge, vein-gnarled arms over his massive chest and gazed down, stern and threatening, at the two guys in the water. “You got exactly two minutes to get out of the water. Don’t make me come in there after you.” 

Meanwhile, the lanky blond who had been drying himself off had crept up behind the hulking lifeguard. He suddenly charged the bigger man from behind, shoulder-slamming him in the small of his back and toppling him forward. Luke was completely taken by surprise, and the smaller guy succeeded in knocking the big man into the pool, where the other two guys set upon him immediately, pulling him under and roughly pantsing him. 

Luke came sputtering to the surface to find that the other two guys had already gotten out of the pool and joined their third friend, and all of them were now laughing and taunting the angry and naked lifeguard. The three guys were tossing the wet Speedo back and forth between them, playing a childish game of ‘keep away’, and Luke wasn’t having it. 

The big, tanned lifeguard swam to the side of the pool and powerfully pulled his hulking form out of the water, completely naked and unashamed. He stood upright, the cool water still pouring off of his magnificently muscular body, his enormous block and tackle fully exposed and hanging loose and heavy between his legs. Without his swimsuit, the other three lads could see the stud’s tan line, showing the dramatic contrast between his naturally fair skin and his deep summer tan, the massive, rounded cheeks of his muscular buttocks looking almost milky white compared to the rest of his richly bronzed skin. 

The other guys continued to smirk and snicker, though Luke noticed that all three sets of eyes were focused on his ponderously swaying man parts. Big Luke was used to the attention and didn’t let it faze him as he stepped forward threateningly, blue eyes blazing, and said, “I’ve had it with you guys. Get out of here now before you really piss me off!” 

Luke unwisely allowed the trio of guys flank him, and therefore didn’t notice that the beefy ginger had gotten behind him. He realized his mistake, however, when a loud and meaty slapping sound came from between his legs. 


Luke’s mouth formed a comical O and his eyes widened in shock as he looked down and saw a large, pale, muscular foot jammed upward into his naked bollocks. The full force kick from the ginger footballer had crushed his huge sperm factories to half their original size, compressing them dangerously flat against his hard and muscular groin. Paralyzed with pain and surprise, the huge blond lifeguard could do nothing as he felt a second, even stronger kick take him again, right in the plums. 

Even one such testicle-shattering kick would have felled a full grown ox, let alone two powerful kicks, but Luke was one tough sonuvabitch. Despite the inferno of agony raging inside of his poor nuts, the big man roared in fury and spun around to face his attacker, blocking a third kick and protecting his big balls from yet another dirty low blow. Luke lunged at the footballer, grappling with him. The ginger was just as tall and almost as massive as Luke, but the blond lifeguard was stronger, and he started overpowering the fair-skinned man. That’s when the dark-haired Latino threw his own impressive weight into the fray, attacking Luke from the side and locking the big blond in a two-on-one struggle. 

The lean, blond-haired swimmer took quick advantage of the opportunity, dropping to one knee directly behind the grappling lifeguard and looking directly at the massive sac of gonads dangling so huge and heavy right in front of his face. The blond grasped the neck of Luke’s low-hanging scrotum in his left hand and pulled down sharply, forcing the big man’s enormous testicles to the very bottom of their sac where they bulged bright red and shiny, and exceedingly vulnerable. 

Warning alarms were sounding in Luke’s head as he felt the blond’s tight grip on his precious nutsac, but he was powerless to react, already fighting the two big men holding him in place. Thus he was defenseless against the testicular assault that followed. 

The wiry blond began jack hammering his bony fist into Luke’s trapped nuts, pummeling them as hard and as fast as he could. Luke let out an even louder bellow of fury and agony as he felt his fat nuts forced to absorb punch after devastating punch. 





Luke began fighting even more violently and desperately against the two men grappling with him, but the pain in his tortured testes was crippling. He felt a queasiness rising in the pit of his corrugated stomach from his damaged masculinity. But the lean swimmer was just getting started. 





The brutal barrage of punches on Luke’s poor gonads was quickly sapping the huge man’s strength. His thickly thewed legs were starting to quiver and feel like jelly, and he was starting to see stars. But the huge blond bull valiantly fought onward, desperate to end the punishment of his massive testes, staying on his feet when almost any other man would have long since been reduced to a mewling heap writhing on the ground. 









Luke could finally take no more, and with a strangled cry of masculine agony, fell heavily to his knees. The ginger scrambled behind him and pulled both massive arms behind Luke’s back, holding the huge blond lifeguard in place. The wiry swimmer then knelt in front of Luke and pulled out a small Ziplock bag, fishing out a small, pale blue pill. 

“Let’s see if we can get this huge cock of yours out of the way,” the lean blond said as he started forcing the little pill into the piss slit in the tip of Luke’s big cock. The handsome hunk cried out in fresh pain and no small amount of fear as he helplessly watched the small blue pill disappear between the tiny lips at the tip of his bulbous cock head. And his cries turned into bellows as he felt the lean swimmer start sticking his pinky finger into his cock, forcing it down the young man’s cum tube and shoving the little pill deeper and deeper down the length of his huge, thick, floppy cock. The pain was excruciating, but almost worse was the sight of his cum tube bulging grotesquely and the swimmer’s slender pinky disappearing all the way down to its base. Satisfied that he’d shoved the pill as deep as it would go, the blond swimmer yanked his finger out of Luke’s burning and violently dilated urethra, and watched the blue pill work its magic. 

Luke’s monumental chest heaved and expanded as he tried to regain his breath after this latest assault, feeling like his poor cock had been torn apart from the inside out. But then a tingle started in the base of his cock, and against his will, his thick slab of man meat started to plump and grow. The blue pill did its job quickly, galvanizing Luke’s limp prick in a matter of a couple dozen heartbeats into its full, eye-popping size. The young lifeguard had been blessed with a truly enormous cock, measuring just over 11 inches in length from the vein-gnarled base to the swollen, bulbous tip. But perhaps even more impressive was his cock’s girth. Luke’s dick was THICK! Like as in DONKEY thick! It almost looked like another limb jutting proudly forth from his smoothly-shaved groin, damn near as thick as one of his own muscle-corded forearms! 

The blond swimmer let out a low whistle and said, “Wow, so THIS is the cock that’s been fucking all of our girlfriends! I can’t imagine how my Jenny could even TAKE such a huge dick!!” 

“And that explains why my Stacey was walking funny for a week,” the big ginger said behind Luke, angrily wrenching his arms even farther back and threatening to yank them right out of their sockets. 

“And that explains why my Angela is pregnant!” the hunky Latino said as he pointed accusingly at the two humongous bollocks dangling beneath that monster cock. Luke’s huge balls were now glowing an angry dark red from all of the abuse and were starting to visibly swell within their loose and baggy sac, approaching bloated grapefruits in size. “I wonder how many other men’s girlfriends this overhung stud has gotten pregnant. I say we take this dumb muscle man out of the breeding pool, permanently!” 

The handsome Latino dropped to his knees in front of the securely-held lifeguard and curled both of his big hands into hard fists. He then started using Luke’s nutsac like some sort of meat-filled speed bag, pummeling the low hanging ballsac like the expert boxer that he was. Luke’s huge, swelling nuts were violently knocked around like they were in some sort of pinball machine, swinging around wildly and colliding with beefy smacks into his massive thighs and huge, muscular ass. It looked like the angry Latino was trying to punch Luke’s huge balls right out of their sac! But even worse were the occasional vicious upper cuts, which crushed the lifeguard’s bruised and battered nuts hard against his pelvic bone, threatening to rupture the massive baby makers against the big blond’s own studly body. 

Luke kept on bellowing and screaming and thrashing throughout the brutal assault on his manhood, but he couldn’t break free of the two big men holding him. His deep voice was growing hoarse from all of the yelling, and even more of his ferocious strength was being literally beaten out of him. But perversely, his massive cock remained ramrod straight and hard as a crowbar, and even began leaking slender strands of clear lust honey. The big blond lifeguard had never known such primal pain and agony in his entire life, and he was desperate for the testicular punishment to end. 

Satisfied that he’d sufficiently softened up the blond bull’s utterly massive bollocks, the handsome dark-haired Latino stood back up and took a few steps back, admiring his handiwork. Luke’s bullish bollocks had more than doubled in size by this point, and had left grapefruits behind to approach the size of ripe cantaloupes. The deep, dark red of his battered nuggets now showed mottled patches of disturbing purple, visual evidence of the heavy bruising being sustained by both massive testicles, and the growing number of broken capillaries inside the hulking gonads. Both titanic testes were still whole and intact, but they were heavily, heavily wounded. It was clear it wouldn’t take too much more abuse to wreck them for good. 

A cruel smile playing across his darkly handsome face, the muscular Latino backed up a few steps and lined up for a kick. Luke’s tear-filled eyes went wide as he noticed for the first time how huge and muscular and powerful the dark-haired lad’s legs were, even bigger than those on the hulking ginger and damn near as chiseled as Luke’s own. The big Latino had played soccer since he could walk, and he’d developed an extremely impressive and powerful set of muscular legs as a result. His quadriceps in particular were exaggeratedly bulky compared to the rest of his body. A terrified Luke knew that a kick from a set of legs like this could quickly wreck his profoundly injured nuts, and he began to stammer apologies and beg for mercy, but his words fell on three sets of deaf ears. 

Luke’s words were abruptly cut off as a devastating kick slammed squarely into his two battered sex organs, ruthlessly crushing the delicate tissues inside his sac against his hard pelvic bone. 

The big blond stud barely had time to cry out in agony before he felt the second impact, this time mainly hitting Luke’s poor left testicle. It was far too much force and pressure for any single gonad to take, even one as huge and dense and durable as Luke’s, and the hunky lifeguard felt something start to rip inside of his bloated bull nut. 

The third kick was the strongest yet, nearly lifting the immensely muscular stallion off of the concrete ground. The impact was suffered by both screaming testicles, causing the massive orbs to warp and distort into unnatural shapes as they were violently pancaked against his crotch. The dense and surprisingly tough tissues tried to deform and absorb the beyond brutal impact, but the force of the kick was just too immensely strong. Capillaries broke, tissues began to tear, and the men could even hear faint snapping sounds as the protective cartilage surrounding both swollen orbs began to crack. 

“Dude, did you hear that?!” shouted the excited blond to his friends. “This stud’s eggs are starting to crack! Won’t take more than a few more kicks before this bull’s breeding days are over!” 

“Oh yeah!” gloated the evilly grinning Latino, gazing down at Luke’s swollen and heavily bruised nutsac, looking more massive than ever between his powerful thighs. The man’s gigantic cock was hard as a rock from the Viagra, looking like it might blow a load at any moment, as if it was eager to lose its twin companions. “Let’s show this muscle freak what happens when you fuck with other guys’ girlfriends!” 

The trio easily knocked the weakly struggling and sobbing lifeguard onto his back, and dragged him by his ankles to the nearby poolside, where two large, curved, shiny metal poles provided hand rails to get in and out of the pool. Luke realized with terror what the three assailants were about to do, but the brutal ball beating had sapped nearly all of his mighty strength, and the huge muscle bull could only watch in horror as the three men lined him up with the base of one of the metal poles. He could barely even scream anymore, tears streaming down his classically handsome face as he prepared for the violent end to his manhood. 

The hulking ginger grabbed one naked ankle, while the blond and the Latino grabbed the other, and with Luke’s huge legs straddling either side of the thick steel pole, they pulled the muscle man with all of their might. 


Luke stared wide-eyed as those huge eggs between his legs hit the metal bar with devastating force. The greatest agony yet erupted inside of his delicate orbs as they were crushed between the unyielding metal and his own pelvic bone. The force of the blow was biased toward the right side this time, and Luke’s horrifically swollen right ball could not sustain so much pressure, and the protective membrane surrounding his meaty testicle fractured with a loud cracking sound. 

“NOOOO!!!” the stallion thundered in agony, his handsome head thrown back and his thick neck muscles bulging more enormously than ever. 

“Fuck yeah!! We’re cracking his eggs!!” heckled the ginger-haired football player. The trio of jealous young men were eager to destroy their hugely hung rival, so they violently pulled the sobbing stud against the metal bar again and again and again. 




Luke’s impossibly enormous gonads were weakening with each insanely powerful blow, their fibrous outer walls cracking and fracturing more and more with each strike, leaving the once round, ovoid orbs more crushed and deformed with every blow. The stud’s mammoth bollocks couldn’t bounce back to their original shape any more, sustaining progressively more and more permanent damage with each annihilating blow. 

It was painfully clear that Luke’s behemoth bull balls couldn’t take much mor—-


On the fifth and final blow, the most powerful of them all, Luke’s mighty bollocks lost their struggle. Loud and disturbing crunching sounds erupted from both cracked nuts as their protective walls finally gave way, fracturing in more than a dozen places, and the beefy contents of both gigantic sperm factories began to seep through the ruptured membranes and into the surrounding scrotum. 

The handsome blond stallion went cross-eyed with the inhuman intensity of the soul-shattering pain, his big blue eyes looking like they might bug right out of his head. His breath caught in his paralyzed lungs, only a short grunt escaping his beautiful lips, as every enormous muscle in his magnificent physique flexed into epic size and relief. Then his cornflower blue eyes rolled back into his head and every muscle went slack, the big blond lifeguard finally finding the blissful solace of unconsciousness. 

The three attackers dropped Luke’s limp legs to the ground and began whooping and hollering, high fiving each other as they gloated over the destruction of their hated rival. 

“We did it, guys! We’ve broken ‘em! We’ve BROKEN ‘em!!” 

“Look how mangled his big stud balls are! They’re all lumpy and misshapen now!” 

“Yeah, this rutting bastard better enjoy his big boner, as this is the last time it’s ever getting hard. The big stud has fucked his last pussy, and he’s never gonna father any children ever again!” 

The trio of athletes then fled the scene, taking Luke’s custom-built red Speedos with them as a souvenir. The hunky lifeguard certainly wasn’t ever going to need them again. What was left of his broken and useless balls had now bloated to over three times their normal size, so there was no way they’d have fit into the oversized pouch anyway. 

They left the unconscious stack of muscles lying motionless at poolside, his stout stallion cock still arching rampant and obscenely erect over his corrugated abs, while his pulped and ruined nuts rested heavily on the sun-warmed concrete, turning ugly shades of deep purple and dark red as they oozed into his scrotal sac. 

That’s how he was found several hours later by the horrified janitor, who immediately called 9-1-1. Luke was rushed to the local hospital, where an equally traumatized group of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals raced to salvage whatever they could of the young man’s once epic manhood. 

Initially, there was little hope that they could save anything, for the damage to Luke’s horrifically battered and bludgeoned testicles looked beyond repair. But as they rushed the big muscle man into the operating room and began surgery, they soon learned that the bulk of the meat inside of Luke’s humongous gonads was still alive and intact. Terribly mangled and a hairsbreadth from permanent destruction, but still potentially salvageable! 

Luke was in surgery for many hours, as the doctors coaxed the thick beef of his oozing testicular tissues back into their previous homes, and then began stitching closed the multiple ruptures in each of their fibrous shells. It had clearly been a near thing, for the doctors were convinced that if even a single additional blow had been landed into Luke’s completely fractured testicles, they would have blown apart into smithereens. As it was, they were doubtful that the nearly mortally wounded testicles would survive, and once the long surgery was over, all they could do was wait and see if even a fraction of the handsome blond lifeguard’s formerly epic virility would recover. 

The doctors needn’t have worried, for Luke’s behemoth bull balls made a miraculous recovery. Not only did both of the big blond’s testicles survive, but his virility was still off the charts. What’s more, his already massive bollocks were now of truly monstrous size, permanently swollen to more than twice their previous mass due to all of the scar tissue from the brutal attack and subsequent surgery. The fibrous ball walls themselves were more than twice as thick as before, and ironically, even stronger and sturdier than ever. Big Luke’s status as the prime alpha male bull on campus remained unassailable, and his bull nuts now damn near indestructible. 

The hunky lifeguard was able to identify all three of his attackers, who were summarily expelled from the university and brought up on assault charges. All three landed considerable prison sentences. And to add insult to injury, Angela, the former girlfriend of the handsome Latino assailant, decided not to abort the baby that Luke had planted in her earlier that summer, and she gave birth a few months after the trial to a healthy and beautiful baby boy. In fact, no fewer than five of the young women Luke had fucked at the beginning of the summer later gave birth to his offspring, one of them with twins, further underscoring the incredible fecundity of the handsome blond’s mammoth baby makers. 

Luke made a full recovery just a few weeks after his assault, and soon returned to his summer lifeguarding job at the university pool, where more women than ever before were flocking around him and throwing themselves at the hunky blond stud. The horny college senior was happy and content, once again fucking his way through a slew of gorgeous coeds. 

If the big, cocky muscle stud had one complaint, it was that his bollocks were now so outrageously huge that he had to go up multiple sizes in his specially-made Speedos. But the hulking walking sperm factory didn’t really mind… 

Monday, September 4, 2023

Summer Night

Greetings everyone, and happy Labor Day! Apologies for once again neglecting this blog for a few months. I even had a couple of summer-themed stories all set up to post this summer, but the time got away from me. So to correct that, please enjoy this story about Logan and his obsession with self abuse... 


Summer Night

Based on an original story by Bignuts


Have a good time at the movies, and don’t come back too late!” Logan said as he smiled and winked at his parents and closed the front door of their house. 

From the entrance window, the young man waved goodbye to them as they got into their car. He stood patiently waiting, watching until they’d driven away. His parents went to the movies every Thursday night, followed by dinner at one of their favorite restaurants, so Logan knew that he had at least three or four hours of freedom and solitude before they came back. Smiling, he walked to the kitchen and grabbed one of the apples from the fruit bowl. It was a large apple, ripe and solid looking, Logan's favorite. He ran up the stairs to the second floor of his home, playing with the apple in his hand and smiling even wider with building excitement. 

Logan passed a mirror in the hallway on the way to his room and paused for a few moments to admire his reflection. Staring back at him was a staggeringly handsome 19 year old male, with the kind of devastatingly handsome features normally reserved for matinee idols and young comic book super heroes. He smiled at himself as he combed a hand through his extremely thick dark brown hair, the same color as his father’s, and ran a finger over his pronounced and very masculine jawline, another feature he’d inherited from his dad. His huge blue eyes with their thick lashes were from his mother, and they sparkled and danced whenever he flashed one of his perfect smiles, which was often. His slightly upturned nose gave him a boyish and innocent air, which combined with his big blue eyes, let him get away with just about anything. Yeah, Logan was a devastatingly handsome young man, and he knew it. 

He striped out of his baggy t-shirt to further admire himself in the mirror, revealing a spectacular physique built from almost a decade of hard work in the gym and playing sports. Logan had started working out in junior high school, wanting to get bigger and stronger for athletics, and he took to weight lifting like a fish to water, his body quickly bursting with big, powerful muscles. He’d kept it up in the year since graduating from high school, and in fact had redoubled his dedication to the gym, and it showed in every inch of his stunning phsyique. The handsome teen now had a body that would make mature men ten years his senior jealous, and with the sort of conditioning that would be the envy of any competition-ready bodybuilder. 

His blue eyes gazed admiringly at his tremendous physical achievements. His pectoral muscles were thick and dense, looking like wide plates of heavy, meaty armor, and like the rest of his body, were so lean that every slight movement caused an explosion of horizontal striations to dance across their vast expanse. His wide shoulders were capped with unusually large and dense deltoids, each big sphere of muscle expertly chiseled into wedge shapes showing each individual band of thick muscle. Logan’s huge arms were particularly spectacular and one of his favorite features, bursting with lean and extremely vascular muscles. His powerful, larger-than-softball-sized biceps were especially shapely and beautiful, and he liked showing them off every chance he got. 

Beneath the deep overhang of his impressive pecs, with the small nubs of his hard, rubbery nipples set in their wide, coral-colored areolas, was a set of abdominal muscles that could make a grown man weep. His perfectly stacked and proportioned 8-pack was exquisitely defined without even the need to tense them, and when he DID flex those abs, they hardened into the most deeply chiseled wall of abdominal beauty imaginable. His serratus and oblique muscles were just as fantastically cut and chiseled as his abs, and tapered down in a dramatic V shape to a waist that looked too improbably narrow for the muscular size and mass of his stacked and jacked upper body. 

Even in his baggy basketball shorts, Logan could still admire his beautifully formed and thickly muscled legs and his big and gravity-defying bubble butt. The young man had played football, rugby, and soccer since he was 10 years old, and had built tremendously powerful legs in the process. In fact, he’d worked hard these past few years to finally bring his upper body in line with the astonishing development of his thick thighs, bulging calves, and mouth-watering ass. Just like his upper body, Logan’s lower body was exquisitely etched, chiseled, and defined, without a drop of fat to be found anywhere. His magnificent ass was another one of his favorite features, and he loved showing off by slowly flexing his powerful glutes, and watching as ridiculously dense striations exploded across their meaty bulk. 

A thick dusting of very fine dark hairs coated his massive thighs and muscular calves, but was thus far almost completely absent on his upper body. But Logan knew that his dad hadn’t started growing chest and belly hair until his 20s, so he expected to start growing a sexy pelt of his own in a few more years. 

Logan stood directly in front of the mirror and placed a hand flat on either side of his groin, stretching the fabric of his shorts and further accentuating the truly enormous bulge at his crotch. The young man almost always wore shorts and pants that were a size or two too big for him, in a largely futile effort to hide and mask the pornographic size of his hefty genitals. Logan had certainly been blessed in the cock and balls department, and though he was thrilled to be hung like a bull, he didn’t always like the gawking stares that wearing tighter clothing would elicit. But now, here and alone in his own house, Logan reveled in the massive size of his heavy manhood, and admired the spectacular view from several angles before finally moving on to his bedroom. 

Arriving in his room, Logan opened the large windows wide. The open windows let in the soft, warm air of the mild summer night, but that wasn’t really why the muscular young stud opened his window. No, the main reason lived inside the house directly next door. Logan’s bedroom faced that of his neighbors’ son, a young man who was the same age as Logan and had even gone to the same high school. But that was about where their similarities ended. Where Logan was tall, athletic, and had a spectacular muscular build, his neighbor was of average height, bookish, and slender. Where Logan was friendly and outgoing, his neighbor was quiet and shy. Where Logan was dashingly handsome, with a stylish haircut and attractive clothes, his neighbor had glasses, shaggy hair, and didn’t pay much attention to his appearance. 

The two boys had barely spoken to each other when they’d been in school together, and even now, their conversations on the street didn’t go beyond a cordial greeting. But for the past few years, every Thursday night, everything between the two of them changed. 

This night, like always, his neighbor’s bedroom was completely dark, but the window was wide open, and Logan knew that the young man was watching. He’d first caught his neighbor watching him a few years back, and he’d decided right away that he liked being watched. It quickly became their private thing, something they never spoke about outside of their Thursday nights, and rarely even then. About a dozen feet separated their open windows, but Logan often felt like his neighbor was right there in the room with him, so intimately did he feel their connection. 

Logan put the apple on the nightstand, shucked off his shorts, and lay down on top of his bed wearing nothing but his overstuffed underwear, in full view of his neighbor’s open window. He closed his big blue eyes and began to run his strong hands all over his magnificent body. He caressed the wide planes of his smooth chest, admiring the thickness of his large pecs, and then pinching his nipples harder than necessary to make them stand out as sharp, hard points. His hands continued down the rugged washboard of his amazing belly, running over his cobblestone abdominal muscles one by one, before finally slipping both of his hands under the waistband of his underwear. 

The amount of prime stud meat concealed beneath those undershorts was almost beyond imagining. Logan’s hands first brushed against his penis, still loose and limp despite the lust starting to build inside his loins. His cock was a real showpiece, even when limp, and was big enough to make even a porn star jealous. But Logan just pushed his huge dick aside, a smile of satisfaction spreading across his achingly handsome face as he reached his target — two orbs of such colossal size that a bulky bollock barely fit within each of the lad’s big hands. The dark-haired lad began to play with his humongous nuts, gently fondling them and squeezing them between his fingers as the fantasies in his head ran wild. 

Logan had had an obsession and fascination with his testicles from a very young age. Up until he was maybe 11 or 12 years old, his little nuts had been the size of two cherries, the same as all of the other boys his age. But right about then he hit puberty, and everything began to change. Logan’s testicles began to grow at an astounding rate, doubling their size every 6 months and swelling exponentially larger. Within a couple of years, he realized that his growing package was already much bigger than any other boy his age. And at the age of 14, when he accidentally caught his big, muscular football coach showering in the boy’s locker room, he verified that his balls were already bigger than those of most adults, too. 

From there, his growth just exploded all over, but especially in his big balls. By the time he was in high school, his bollocks had become very heavy and obscenely large. His nuts seemed to outpace the growth of his sac, which was pulled so tight around its burgeoning contents that it looked like it might split wide open. Finding clothes that fit properly and that didn’t draw even more attention to his gigantic genitals had already become a problem, and proper protective equipment for sports was a non starter, for companies simply didn’t make cups large enough to accommodate the young man’s growing junk. 

That was how Logan first learned that he enjoyed getting bashed in the balls — he was playing football one day, and during an unusually rough tackle, another boy’s bony knee had gotten crammed right into Logan’s tightly packed and completely unprotected balls. It was like a light switch had been flipped in his brain; somehow the wiring for pain and pleasure got twisted when it came to the lad’s colossal cajones, and the erotic pleasure he felt from a solid strike to the nuts was unlike anything the young man had ever felt before. From that point forward, the handsome young stud couldn’t get enough blows to his balls, the harder and rougher, the better. He longed for those moments on the soccer field, football gridiron, or rugby pitch when he’d get slammed in the nuts by a stray knee, elbow, or cleated foot. He found himself picking fights with the toughest, dirtiest fighters in school, always protecting his face but purposely leaving his crotch unprotected, tempting his opponent to punch him in his most sensitive parts. 

And when he came home from a particularly rough game or brutal fight with sore and swollen balls, he would retire to his bedroom where he would shut the door, roughly fondle and squeeze his gigantic balls with his hands, and masturbate while reliving the experience over and over again in his mind. Those were always his best orgasms. 

As his obsession with rough ball play grew, Logan started playing hard with his balls during his own private free time. Very hard indeed. Logan prided himself on toughening up his big, burly balls every chance he could get, making them ever stronger and more durable even as they continued to grow bigger and bigger. He stopped picking fights at school, instead picking fights with his own balls at home, punching and squeezing and crushing them with wild abandon, constantly pushing their limits and forcing them to grow tougher and tougher in order to survive. And now, at the ripe old age of 19, Logan had the biggest and toughest nuts of anyone he knew. 

Logan shucked off his underwear, exposing his gargantuan genitals to the warm night air, and letting the evening breeze gently tickle his skin. He never tired of admiring the sheer mammoth size of his goliath gonads, because they were bigger than any balls he’d ever seen, even on the Internet. His mighty bollocks were now bigger and fatter than a pair of ripe, juicy grapefruit, and though their rate of growth had finally begun to slow significantly in the past year or so, his meaty orbs were still gaining mass all the time. Some small corner of his brain worried that his balls might one day grow so large that it might be hard to run or even walk, but otherwise, Logan reveled in the staggering size of his genitals, and wanted them to grow even bigger. 

The young man’s massive cock began to chub up as he gazed lovingly as his huge man eggs, the shaft steadily pumping and bloating with blood, the big spongy head ballooning to even greater dimensions. Logan possessed that most rare and elusive of sexual organs — a cock that actually measured over 12 inches in length! And unlike many oversized penises, Logan’s cock became as solid as granite when it got hard, like it was doing right now, its girth swelling to hole-busting size even as the meaty head pushed past each ridge of abdominal muscles to very nearly reach the mighty overhang of his humongous chest. Logan had pleasured hundreds of women, and more than a few men, with his mighty truncheon of a cock in his 19 years, for as if his breathtaking masculine beauty and sublime physique weren’t incentive enough, the embarrassment of riches he had packed so tightly in his pants by itself was enough to earn the lucky lad a constant river of eager and willing lovers. 

Logan reached over with one of his long, thickly-muscled arms and grabbed the apple and a tube sock off of the night stand, and began stuffing the large apple into the sock. This was the latest toy he’d created to abuse his balls with for the past few months, and he was loving it. He’d swing the apple-laden sock through the air, gathering up momentum and force, and then strike the apple-heavy end of the sock directly into his huge bollocks. His big scrotum was so tight that it rendered his nuts almost completely immobile, forcing them to absorb every ounce of force from each blow. He’d rack himself over and over and over again, harder and harder each time, until he blew his utterly massive, messy, funky load all over his huge pecs, completely coating them with his stud spew. 

And then he’d keep right on pounding his bruised and screaming nuts, until the hard, solid apple finally cracked and shattered within the sock, not stopping until mushy apple sauce was dripping out of the limp and soggy sock. 

A wide grin of lust and anticipation spread over Logan’s heartstoppingly handsome face, and he raised his slender, muscular hips off the bed a bit to give himself a bigger target as he got ready to start swinging the apple-filled sock. 


The sudden, unexpected sound made Logan look toward the window, where the end of a long, hollow tube had just landed on his window sill, disgorging a shiny metal ball that plopped down onto his bed. The other end of the tube disappeared into the darkness beyond his neighbor’s open window. 

“Why don’t you try something different this week?” said a young man’s voice from that inky darkness. 

Logan picked the metal ball up off of his bedsheets and examined it. The sphere was about the same size as the big apple, only much, much heavier. It appeared to be made out of solid metal, and was shiny like chrome or stainless steel. The young man tossed the heavy ball up in the air a few times, assessing its weight and heft, while his lust-filled mind considered the erotic possibilities. 

A small voice in the far back of his head was already screaming that the sphere was too heavy, too dangerous, and could do some serious damage to his balls. But another voice in Logan’s head, stronger, louder, and more forceful, said, ‘You’re not gonna let a little metal ball like that scare you, right? You’ve got the toughest balls in town, probably some of the toughest nuts in the world. You can do this! Besides, it’ll be fun!’ 

The young muscle stud remained undecided for a few moments more. He wasn’t sure about this, it seemed very risky, it was probably a bad idea… On the other hand, he’d never backed away from a challenge in his life, and his mighty bollocks had never let him down before. A look of resolve mixed with lust spread over Logan’s beyond-studly features as he emptied the apple of out his tube sock and inserted the weighty steel ball, which fell heavily to the bottom of the sock. He they lay back on his bed with his enormously muscular legs spread wide, his prodigious balls fully exposed between his thighs, ready to receive their weekly torment. Logan spun the sock through the air, the metal orb quickly picking up speed and force, and then he slammed it with crushing force into the heart of his masculinity. 


The metallic sphere struck directly between the gigantic testicles with devastating force, crushing the internal tissues of both huge sex organs and causing them to bulge and warp dramatically around the deadly invader. 

“OOOOMMPH!!!” The breath blew explosively from Logan’s lungs as the agony of the ball busting blow reached his brain. He gorgeous blue eyes crossed as his jaw dropped open, a look of comic surprise on his heroically handsome face. It felt like his huge bollocks had just exploded inside their tight sack! 

But at the same time, a massive wave of intense pleasure surged through the young man’s loins, making the veins on his groaning and swollen bull cock bulge even larger, the meaty organ smacking hard against the rock solid wall of his upper abs. A squirt of crystalline precum shot out from his throbbing cock, splashing wetly against the large undercarriage of his huge pecs, painting them with a glistening sheer. His cock wanted more. Needed more. 

Almost without thinking, Logan spun the sock again, slamming the steel sphere into his already screaming balls a second time. Logan was right handed, so this time the blow was biased toward the left, taking his hulking left bollock dead in the center. 


Logan’s enormous left ball was pulverized by the metal sphere, trapping the huge gonad between the cold steel orb and his rock solid groin, instantly compressing his oversized egg to barely half of its original girth. 

“OH FUUUUUUCK!!!” Logan bellowed as toe-curling agony shot through his mighty bollock. Every magnificent muscle in his gym-hardened body flexed and convulsed as he rode out the agony, his hyper engorged horse cock spraying more of his clear, slick lust honey across his pecs and his upper abs. A sheen of sweat broke out all over his body, making his gorgeous muscles glisten in the overhead light. 

It took the young muscle man almost half a minute to recover from the brutal, soul-rending pain, his glorious body giving occasional shudders and tremors as his mind tried to wrap itself around the searing agony in his left bull ball. A very sharp pain was radiating from his left nut, and it was already starting to swell and turn a little red. 

He explored both huge testicles with his big, strong hands, running both hands over the shiny, hairless skin of his silky smooth scrotum. Veins large and small were visible all over his sac, running through and feeding the huge eggs inside. Logan looked down at his aching gonads and noticed a small, almost imperceptible indentation on the surface of his left ball, right where the metal sphere had struck. He decided to press a little on that tiny divot on his left nut, feeling a sharp pain as he did so. His huge testicles were normally very dense and solid to the touch, but that one slightly depressed point seemed slightly less firm as he pressed one thick, blunt fingertip against it. He pressed a little harder, and could now tell for certain that that one spot on his left gonad exerted a little less resistance to his invading digit than did the rest of the solid, fibrous surface of the testicle. 

“Looks like you might be exceeding even your balls’ ability to withstand abuse,” came that voice from the window next door. The two young men almost never spoke to each other. His neighbor was usually a completely passive observer, waiting in his darkened bedroom every Thursday night to silently watch Logan work over his huge nuts and blow a massive stud load. They had already exceeded the longest conversation they’d ever shared

Logan looked through the open window to the bedroom beyond, but all he could make out was a dim reflection of his neighbor’s glasses as he watched him squirm and gently buck on his bed. The young hunk turned his attention back to his wounded left ball. He decided to press a little harder, his finger penetrating a little further into the meat of his ball. The pain was strong and growing ever more intense the harder he pressed, but his cock wanted more. His mighty schlong was the hardest it had ever been in Logan’s life, and the increasing pain only seemed to make it bulge and swell even bigger, feeling like it might burst right out of its skin. He continued to dig his finger harder and harder against the weak spot he’d discovered, trying to drill into the heart of his colossal gonad, sweat beading all across his forehead as he bit his sexy lower lip in concentration… 


“Oh shit!” Logan gasped as the damaged, fibrous outer wall beneath his probing fingertip suddenly gave way, allowing his finger to plunge disturbingly deep into the delicate and tender tissues beneath, aiming toward the very center of the massive rubbery orb. Agony lanced through Logan’s wounded left ball, and the young man immediately withdrew his finger and started furiously masturbating his straining meat pole. 

Logan could hear unmistakeable fapping sounds coming from next door, his skinny neighbor masturbating right along with him. He could feel the beginnings of an awesome orgasm starting to build in his battered loins, and felt the sap start to rise in his aching, straining cock. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he was blasting out a colossal cum load. 

“Mmm,” his neighbor said in a low voice from across their open windows. “I’m guessing that your left ball isn’t going to be making any babies for a while.” 

The lad’s voice stopped Logan in his tracks. The little dweeb was questioning the almighty strength and virility of his nuts!! That was an insult that could not be allowed to stand! He knew that his sturdy stud balls had PLENTY of fight left in them, and had still had hours to go before his parents came home. Ample time to play some more with his favorite toys. 

Flashing a look of mild irritation and defiance out his darkened window, Logan picked up the steel-loaded sock and started spinning it again. He’d show his pipsqueak of a neighbor just how tough his massive bull balls really were! He picked up even more speed than before, and this time aimed for his aching left bollock. 


“GAAAH!!” Logan exclaimed as the sphere once more collided with deadly force into his screaming left nut, again crushing it to a fraction of its normal size before bouncing free. The pain was even greater this time, and alarm bells started going off in his brain. But Logan was now like a young man possessed, and he spun the metal ball even faster this time, quickly bringing it back with unerring accuracy directly into his battered spud. 


“OOOOOOOOOOHHH!!!” Logan let out a long and painful cry, his entire body shuddering with the terrible impact of that blow. His left ball was visibly swollen now, and disturbing dark red bruises already verging toward purple were erupting on its vast surface wherever the latest impact struck. The agony was the most intense he’d ever felt in his life, but he was convinced his bludgeoned bollock could take even more. He spun the metal sphere as hard as he could this time, bringing it down with catastrophic force into his weakened left ball. 


“AAAAAAARGHHH!!!” Logan bellowed, almost his entire body arching off the bed, massive muscles flexing spasmodically as insane amounts of pain coursed through his failing nut, churning through his muscular guts and making the handsome hunk want to retch. Those bells in his head had become a five alarm fire, begging him to stop. His lust-fogged brain was full of contradictions. Part of his mind knew it was far too risky to strike his left ball again, that he was already at risk for causing permanent damage to his beloved masculinity. But another part of his mind longed to feel that pain again, to push his manhood even farther, to prove his alpha male status to the insolent lad next door. His body fell heavily back to the bed, writhing in agony, his muscles a glorious symphony of flexing and stretching forms, has his mind warred over what to do next. 

Lust won, and he decided to try his luck yet again, using his extraordinarily powerful right arm to spin the metal sphere faster and harder than ever before, plunging the solid ball of steel directly into his heavily damaged left bollock. 


“RRRRRRAAAAAHH!!!” the young man roared like a wounded beast into the silence of the night. The sphere had crushed his immense left gonad to barely a quarter of its usual turgid girth, very nearly causing it to explode like some huge fleshy water balloon. Its fantastically tough protective membranes were battered and failing, barely offering up any resistance to the metal invader that plunged into the nut’s meaty depths. Slightly muffled crunching sounds, like that of cartilage breaking, were emitted from the mangled orb before it once again repelled the deadly metal invader, the rubbery tissues immediately plumping back to their ovoid shape and swelling immediately bigger, thoroughly traumatized by the beating they were receiving. 

Something was definitely profoundly wrong in Logan’s left testicle. It had already been pushed past all possible endurance, and several sizable fractures had formed in its fibrous outer wall, the incredibly tough shell around his rotund gonad unable to stand up against such inhuman levels of abuse. 

A strong wave of nausea almost made Logan vomit, but he choked it down and rode out the visceral pain as best he could. The agony made his clutching abs tense into outrageous relief, looking hard and sharp enough to cut glass. The muscles in his thick neck bulged even more enormously as he continued to yell and holler, his handsome face turning beet red with the strain. His entire body was screaming for him to stop… except for his monstrously bloated and engorged cock, which looked positively inflamed and distended, swollen to a size it was never meant to achieve. Veins like tortured snakes coursed all up the colossal shaft, looking like they would break right through the glassy, overstretched skin at any moment. Logan’s mighty cock was throbbing with a life all its own, spitting out so many slugs and ropes of precum that it looked like the young man had pissed all over himself. The entire vast expanse of his massive pecs were drenched in his clear male juices, as were his rock like abs, where big puddles of his spew collected in the deep grooves between the muscles. Even the sheets to either side of him were becoming soaked with the stuff as it ran off his sides in slick, glistening rivers. 

“Come on, stud,” came the quiet, encouraging voice from his neighbor across the way. “Hit that giant egg of yours again. It can take it. You’ve got the toughest nuts in the world. Show me what a he-man you are, and smash it with all of your might.” 

The lad’s soft, insistent words cut through the fog of pain in Logan’s brain. He turned his head and looked out the window, and he could now faintly make out his neighbor, leaning against his own window frame, an impressively large penis in his own hand as he masturbated furiously, his eyes laser focused on the stunningly handsome young muscle man who was steadily beating his balls into oblivion. 

“Come on, don’t hesitate,” the lad continued. “Do it now. Don’t think about it anymore. We’re going to cum together, you and me. So hit it hard. As hard as you can. Show me what a powerful male stud you really are.” 

Logan was still panting from the agony of the last impact, but his neighbor’s words had their desired effect on him. He was determined to prove that he had balls of steel. He also knew that he was one more testicle-crushing blow from cumming, and that he wouldn’t even have to touch his vibrating, quivering cock. He began to spin the sphere in the air one last time, faster and faster, faster than ever before, and then slammed the projectile with terminal velocity into his dangerously vulnerable left gonad. 


A loud, explosive, and disgustingly wet sound came from the left side of Logan’s battered masculinity. The young man’s gorgeous blue eyes flew open wide, as did his gaping mouth, but no sound came out. In that same instant, several events happened all at once. 

As if in slow motion, the big metallic sphere plunged deeper and deeper into the far larger, but very much flesh and blood, beefy sphere of manhood, advancing with horrifically crushing force into the stallion’s left gonad. The poor testicle put up a valiant fight, but after all of the terrific abuse it had already received, the heavily damaged bollock could offer little resistance. The metal projectile continued its way into the very heart of the testicle, causing it to bend and warp and distend until the battered tissues could take no more. The smaller fractures all over the surface of that vast egg spread and grew and combined as the metal sphere caused the fragile tissues beneath it to crack and shatter. At the end of its arc, the metal ball impacted directly with Logan’s groin, separated from the young man’s body only by the thin skin of the scrotum itself. 

Logan’s magnificent left testicle had exploded into multiple huge chunks, spilling its precious contents — a porridge of pulped testicular tissues and the young man’s own unborn babies — into the young stud’s rapidly swelling nutsac. 

At the same time, Logan’s hyper engorged cock began to erupt with the most violent and voluminous orgasm of his entire life. Tremendous thick spurts of creamy white semen plastered Logan’s chest, neck, chin, and hair, with some particularly powerful shots clearing his writhing, bucking body altogether to strike the pillows and wall behind him. More and more lush and fertile streams of man milk pumped out of the young man’s wildly pulsating cock, drenching his upper body in his procreative goo. After the first 15 or 16 massive shots, however, the thick pulses of chunky and viscous sperm started to diminish in size and power, spilling out all over his pecs and abs. More disturbingly, however, these diminishing shots were tinged with pink, his fertile sperm mixed with blood and possibly even some of the shredded and pulped internal tissues of his titanic wrecked and ruined left testicle. 

Upon hearing the unmistakable sound of Logan’s bulky left testicle catastrophically rupturing inside of its bruised and battered sac, the next door neighbor couldn’t contain himself anymore, and he began to ejaculate his own powerful load out of his window. Several of the milky ropes landed on the thick tubing bridging their two windows, with the rest of his spunk splattering to the ground below. It was a big load, the kind that any man would be proud of, but the slender lad nevertheless finished shooting his jizz long before Logan’s almighty seminal geyser stuttered to its messy finish. 

Somewhere during his epic orgasm, the extreme mixture of pleasure and pain finally proved too much for the young man, and Logan’s brilliant blue eyes rolled back in his head as he fell into sweet unconsciousness. The stunningly gorgeous adonis lay unmoving on his bed, legs spread open wide, seemingly peacefully asleep, with a small smile of satisfaction and pleasure on his beautiful lips. The entire upper half of his body, as well as much of his bed and the wall behind him, was covered in a thick shellacking of his own fertile semen. His huge cock, which was still half hard and looked angry and distended from its previous extreme arousal, was lying on top of his chiseled abs in a messy, sloppy pool of his own smegma, and still drooling out the dregs of his gargantuan cum load. He looked the absolute picture of young masculine beauty and perfection… except for the enormous bag of broken masculinity hanging unevenly between his colossal thighs. 

The right side of Logan’s sac was a little bruised and swollen, but clearly still contained a huge, heavy, and very healthy ball of titanic proportions, oozing with raw male power and virility. The left side of his battered scrotum, however, no longer contained anything resembling the massive and hale bull nut that had once produced such staggering amounts of fertile male milk. Instead, that mighty bollock had been caved in at its center, permanently crushed at the point of impact of the deadly steel sphere, and shattered into multiple huge chunks that floated around freely in the thick slurry of raw sperm and pulverized nut guts that had until recently been Logan’s equally gigantic left nut. The elongated tube sock containing that heavy weapon of ball destruction lay discarded in the wide V between the stud’s massively muscled legs, looking innocent and harmless. 

Logan’s neighbor silently pulled the long tube back into his bedroom and shut his window. He gazed one last time at his gorgeous, hunky, unconscious neighbor, drinking in the sight of the fantastically handsome man and his massive, half-ruined nutsac. It was clear that young Logan would never be the same again…