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A Navy Boy Loses His Balls - Original Version

Here is the original version of that Nathan story. In this version, the handsome Navy lad does not escape intact...

A Navy Boy Loses His Balls

Submission Date: 2005-01-10
By: Nathan

This story is erotic fiction, and is adult oriented. It deals with the forced castration of an unwilling adult male, and is fiction only.   In this tale, a navy boy goes out with a woman he should have avoided.  It should not be posted on sites where minors are likely to see it. The courtesy of a comment is appreciated. Comments can be sent directly to me, or posted on the message board on the EA where I will see them. Thanks. --Nathan

A Navy Boy Loses His Balls

I don't mind telling the story really, but before you judge me just understand he wanted it. Or at least, I think he did. I met him on line, and he revealed a lot to me in the months we chatted while he was at sea. I had his picture long before I met him, and I liked his red hair and the shortness of it. He had a strong, powerful body, perfect in some ways, although he was self-conscious about it and thought he had too many pimples and zits. I liked that though, because it made him look like a teenager, even though he was in his twenties and hot as shit.
My name's Jessica, and I love navy boys. Yeah...I just love their hot bods and the crisp white uniforms they wear. Jeffrey was hot as hell, and horny too, the way most navy boys are horny when they have been at sea. They put so many men on those ships that it is hard to even imagine it, and I've learned from our chats and our conversations that it's a frustrating life. Hell, from what he told me, it's even hard for them to find a place to jerk themselves. Jeffrey told me he does it in his "rack" as he called it, because there isn't' anywhere else really, and I can only imagine the smell of his jism as he shoots into his underpants and stifles his grunts with his pillow. He says the noises of the ship hide the rustle of the sheets, and if he's careful he can pump out his wad and nobody will know he's doing it. I don't know why, but I can visualize him, and the navy boys like him, stealing a jerk when they can as they serve their country.
Jeffrey, like most navy boys his age, has sex on the brain, for sure he does, and I can only imagine all of those young hot horny men floating on their ship and dreaming of women and their tits and the holes we carry between our legs. Yeah, according to Jeffrey, sex is all they talk about it seems. I know Jeffrey for sure had it on the brain, because all he would say to me was how horny he was and how much he wished he had a woman to fuck.
The funny thing was he was into a lot of things, and the CBT scene was one of them. He wanted to find a mistress, a woman in high heels and leather that would put him in his place and whip him hard. That's what he said anyway. I kidded him on line, about how I'd work over his balls if I ever got the chance. I promised him that I'd punish his cock too if it dared to get hard. Most guys would have run, and fast, but not him. No, he thought I was so damn sexy, and he seemed to just drool with my words and it was obvious that even the thought of a woman dominating him was enough to drive him crazy with desire. He wanted it, dreamed of it even, and no doubt, masturbated to the thought of it when he could find the chance.
When his ship camp back to port he stayed on it, living in his "rack" because he didn't have the money to live anywhere else. Somebody has to stay on board of course, and while he could get off of the boat during the day, and over the weekends, still most nights he was there. He had a laptop computer, and he was on almost every night. Soon we got to be friends, internet friends, the horny sailor boy and the woman who he wanted.
When I first met Jeffrey he was a virgin, or said he was. He told me he had dated girls in high school, but had been too shy to get very far. I taught him a lot, and gave him confidence too, and he started asking for advice on what to say and how to say it. I gave it freely, telling him what girls want to hear, and then, well, out of the blue one day he surprises me and tells me he got laid.
He was in port and I had built up his confidence enough that he didn't run when a girl showed an interest in him, and he got up the nerve then to purchase a hotel room and finally lose his cherry. He told me all about it, thinking I would be happy for him, but I wasn't, and yet I never let him know it. Instead, it was then, as I listened to him tell me about how he had done what I had said and ended up with his hard cock inside of her pants, that I decided to seek him out. Of course, my plan was simple, and he never suspected anything. I wanted to feel his cock, just like she had, and to feel that sailor boy as he fucked me. But after that, after I had felt him and had enjoyed him, then I planned to take his balls and leave him with nothing.
He changed after he fucked his first girl. Suddenly, he knew what he wanted, and his cock seemed to think for him. He kept pestering me, to come and see him, to let him fuck me too and to spend a night together. I kidded him back, about how he needed to be tied up, and to have his "balls spanked." I told him I would spank his balls with a wooden spoon if I ever did see him, and that excited him to no end and he was begging me to come and do it.
Out of the blue one day he asked me to read a story on the internet, which was posted to a site known as the Eunuch Archive. I had never seen anything like it before, and there were certainly a lot of stories there, by a lot of different people. But what was interesting to me about the site was Jeffrey's interest in it, and after he pointed it out to me and asked my opinion I had the thought that he subconsciously at least, really wanted to lose his balls, as long as it was a woman who was taking them.
He had this fascination with one story in particular, written by a guy named Nathan, and it was titled "Banded by Two Women." I read it with interest, because Jeffrey liked it so much, and that got my mind going and after that I wanted to meet him. I of course had never really castrated a man, not for real anyway. But I had sure fantasized about it, because while I like men, and like seeing their dicks stiff and eager, for some reason after I've let them fuck me I always want to unman them. I suppose its because I was brought up to think about sex as being dirty, or wrong, so I guess it all grew out of that. For whatever reason, I always felt this need to punish the boy after he had fucked me, but of course it was just a fantasy and nothing more.
Jeffrey liked to go to Kinkos and use their computer, because the service was faster and he had a webcam there he could use. Our chats grew more intense then, and finally I decided to go forward and to meet him for real. I made up a story that I just happened to be coming to the city near him. He didn't have a car, or own one, but that didn’t matter and for my purposes it made things simpler. With a little prodding he purchased a hotel room, and I told him that I'd meet him there when I could "get free." I told him to be in his uniform, the white one, and to be ready for a fuck he'd never forget. Of course, there are lots of ways to fuck a man. Lots of ways. He just had no idea.
I'll never forget that night. Not as long as I live I won't. I was so damn horny, as was he, and when I knocked on the door and he opened it he reminded me of an adolescent school boy. I had dressed up in the high leather boots and in a short skirt, with a halter top and a little flogging whip for effect. His eyes bugged out of his head when he saw me, and he was so damn cute. He looked especially hot in his white sailor outfit, which he was wearing with these spit shined boots. I loved the boots, especially, and the way his white uniform looked so spiffy and clean. He liked my outfit as much as I liked his. He stared at my tits and I could see the bulge in his pants and right away it was obvious he was anxious to get me in the sack. I put him off though, and played with him a while, toying with him and putting him down when he tried to move too fast. Of course, I had all night, and I wanted to feel him fuck me first, before I nutted him, so I was letting things progress and move toward where I wanted them to go.
But still, I played the role he wanted and soon I had him down on his knees licking my boots, and then up on the edge of the bed with me running my hand down his chest, and then, THERE, between his legs over the white pants. I made him sit there, not moving, while I felt his body and gently let my fingers dance over his crotch. He was stiff in his uniform pants, and eager too, and yet his moves were awkward the way they are on a young man who lacks experience. He wasn’t confident, that much was obvious, and yet his need was there and his desire was intense. Still, he was easy to play with and to put off, because he didn't know what to say and so he was figuring it out as he was doing it. He was drooling as he stared at me, reaching out for my tits which I wiggled and let him view. I just let him have the view, but not touch anything. I wanted him in a frenzy, so I held him off for a while. God he was so damn horny!
Finally, I slid off his white navy pants, and his cock pushed up on his base exchange under shorts, eager, thick, the end wet with his desire. I slid down his underwear too, and as his cock popped up, eager, bouncing to his heartbeat, I took it into my mouth and let my lips slide down his pole. Jeffrey tossed his head back then and moaned, his eyes staring at the ceiling as he felt a woman's lips on his pole. He gasped, and then, looking at me, he said "Oh...don't....oh GOD. Stop....stop or I'll CUM!"
I hadn't sucked him thirty seconds. Still, I felt his jism then, just oozing up and out of his cock as he lost his control and shot his wad. His big dick pulsated in my mouth, his cream flowing up and out of his pole, pumping out of it really, and he grunting with wide open eyes as he experienced his orgasm. His wad didn't spurt out like it does on most guys I've sucked, but still it was a thick wad and he had plenty of cream. He hadn't lasted a minute, and he knew it was way too quick. Of course, like a teenager in heat, he was just so damn horny, and the very thought, much less the reality of being with a woman, was just way too much for him.
After he shot his load he apologized, and sat there, breathing hard and realizing of course that something was expected of him. He sat up and started kissing me then, working on my tits, one after the other. I fondled his spent pole, which softened further in my fingers, and I let him lay me down, on the hotel bed, and lick my tits. He had no experience, and while he did his best simply put he wasn't that good with his technique, and it was obvious he didn't have much of an idea of what he was supposed to do. Still, he sucked on my tits, and ran his tongue around in circles there, and that at least felt good and I let him do it.
He sucked me for a while, as I held his spent slimy pole, feeling it in my hands, and as I did after a while he grew thicker and soon was hard once again. That's one of the things I like about navy boys, how hard they can get and how often they can that way. He was no exception. I liked his cock, with his red pubic hair, and as I felt his pole growing in my fist and let my fingers work themselves over the delicate skin of it he seemed to grow even stiffer.
Soon, he was completely hard, all over again, and when he sensed that he moved to place himself up between my legs. I was ready for the sailor boy, and I wanted his dick now. So, I let him slide down my panties, and when he saw my shaved snatch he gasped, and his eyes went wide and I could literally see him mentally feasting on the view. God he wanted my pussy then! I decided to let him have his fuck, because I too wanted it at that point, and yet while I was lying there with my legs apart and my hole opened to him I knew I was going to nut him when he was done. He had no idea of course, and it was obvious all he was thinking about was getting his rod into my hole. But the funny thing was he didn't know what to do.
It was obvious at that point that whoever the girl was that he had fucked before, she must have guided in his rod and set him in place. This time, I didn't help him, and so he was there, kissing me, on his hands and knees and with his cock eager and stiff and jutting up between my legs. He pushed it forward but was way too high, and so he stabbed me high and I wanted to laugh.
He pulled back and tried again, and he kissed my right nipple then and rocked forward trying once again to find my hole. He missed a second time. Then he made several thrust attempts, but each of them missed my hole and I could see him frustrated and embarrassed as he tried to start his fuck. Finally, he looked down then and using his right hand he guided his dick into my hole, and as he slid inside he grunted and then he said "Oh....OHHHH GOD YOU FEEL SO GOOD!"
As cocks go his wasn’t anything special, although I said "You are so big sailor boy!" just to make him feel good. He grinned as I said it. I don't know why that is, but all guys seem to like when a girl tells them they have a big dick. He started making his thrusts then, and they were just straight in and out motions, his hips rocking up and down as he pushed and pulled his cock in and out of my pussy. In and out. In and out. For a guy in his twenties he thrust like an amateur. He really did fuck like an inexperienced teenager, just doing it, making his thrusting and enjoying his own feeling, not knowing any better and not knowing what to do differently.
I think he would have ejaculated quickly the way he was thrusting except for the wad he had just finished shooting only a few minutes before. Thankfully, his cock held off and I got to feel his pole for a while, which was good, but even so it was obvious the feeling was way beyond anything he was used to and I knew he wouldn’t last too long. Yeah, there are some things a girl can just tell, and I knew right away he'd never hold out for me, so I slipped my own hand down there and started to massage my clitoris to gain something out of his fuck session before he satisfied himself.
Yeah, he fucked like an amateur. But, even so, I managed to get the feeling to build anyway, until finally I felt the waves of my own orgasm begin, and then as they coursed through my body the boy gasp and shuddered and then he too started to ejaculate his jism. He grunted loudly when his cock started to expel his second load of cream, and as he unloaded his spunk into my pussy his eyes were closed and he bit his lip. His navy balls were big, and full, and even though I had swallowed a load from him only a few minutes before, he still pumped out a shitload of goo and it flowed out around his cock and made a wet spot on the sheets between our legs. Then, he was done.
He got up and went to the bathroom, and I lay on the bed and listened to him piss. It took a little bit before he was able to urinate, but eventually he pissed in the toilet and emptied his bladder. He came back to the edge of the bed, and threw his shirt on, and as he reached for his underwear I stopped him. I don't know why it is, why a man will have his fuck and then want to leave, but I had no intention of ending things right yet and so I pulled him to me and kissed him deep.
Jeffrey hadn't expected that, but he was satisfied, and his brain wasn't on fucking at this point. Still, he wasn't sure what to do, and so he held me, and I slid my tongue deep down his throat and he gasped as I was doing it. He pulled away, and looked at me, and then he asked if I wanted to go out and get something to eat. For an answer, I pushed him over on his back, and stood up, and went to the bag that I had brought but had yet left unopened. I pulled on my halter, and then my short skirt again, and then I reached into the bag and lifted out the handcuffs.
He saw them and grinned. Then he said "Ah....I...I don't know Jessica. Perhaps we ought to do that some other time."
I looked at the sailor boy, and then I let my face grow serious. I held up the cuffs, and said "No've been a bad boy, and I need to spank your balls. I promised you a ball spanking, and you are going to get one. Do you understand me sailor?"
He looked at me, and I could see a sparkle in his eyes. His cock was laying flat on his belly, totally spent and all fucked out, and yet as he looked at me it stirred, and moved slightly on his belly. Then he said "Yeah.....I...I guess so. But...."
I interrupted him then, and said "You're response to me sailor, is YES MAM. NOTHING ELSE. YOU WILL DO AS YOU ARE TOLD....TRY AGAIN BOY. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME SAILOR?"
He swallowed, and his military training kicked in. He answered me then, "Yes...YES MAM!"
I came to him, and slid one of the handcuffs over his left wrist, snapping it in place. Then I moved his hand to the hotel headboard, and slipped it around one of the wooden posts there. Bringing his other wrist up to the cuffs, I locked it in place, securing him to the corner post of the bed, his arms stretched up high over his head. I then got up and went back to my bag, where I had the rope stashed. When he saw it his eyes got big, and he grinned from the excitement of having a woman tie him in place.
He never fought me and never even tried to get away. Instead, his dick moved some more, and it started to thicken as I made the knots and pulled his feet wide apart one after the other. Soon I had him, his feet spread and his two arms up and over his head, cuffed together at the wrists and he now totally helpless. He had no idea of course where things were going, but I had that familiar feeling of wanting to take his balls after he had had his fuck. In the past it had always just been a fantasy. This time however, I was planning to make it real.
I got the spoon next, and lay down then beside him and started to tap it gently against his balls. He was staring at me doing that, smack-smack-smacking his scrotum, and as I did he started to squirm and as the feeling registered, he bucked his hips and jerked against the ties. Even so, he was enjoying it, and after a few minutes I popped it a little bit harder along his soft cock. Balls...then cock. Balls and cock. RAP RAP RAP RAP. His cock stiffened, and it grew eager then. Very eager. Soon, his cock was lifting off of his belly, thick and eager and anxious. You would never have known he had just shot a wad. Like a typical navy boy's cock, soon it was anxious for another fuck.
I laid the spoon against his balls and increased the rapidity of my slapping, and soon I was beating his bag with that spoon hit after hit after hit. It didn't take long. Suddenly, he bucked his hips and pulled hard against the restraints, and then he said "Whoa!!!!! Hey....Oh...ouch! HEY....NOT SO HARD!!!!! SHIT MAN....BE CAREFUL JESSICA..... THAT HURTS!"
I laughed. Then I smacked his balls harder, and as I did he bucked his hips, and then he started getting mad. He didn't like it....not at all, and suddenly the fantasy of having his balls worked over by a dominating woman was contrasting with the reality of having it happen. As he struggled and his eyes with wide I laughed even louder, and I felt this warmth then between my legs and I knew at that point my juices were really flowing. I had him, and he was mine!
In spite of his protests I worked on his nuts for a long while, until he started yelling really loudly, and when he did that I had to stop before he brought unwanted company. I sure didn't want to attract anyone, so I went back to my bag and pulled out the gag. My gag was one of those ball gags, the kind you slip over a person's head and slide the rubber ball in place. It's very effective, and it can't be spit out. I put the ball gag on the navy man, and when I did his eyes were wide and I think it was then that he started to get scared. Once I had gagged him, I went back and started up with the spoon again, smacking his balls really hard then, much harder than before. Boy he grunted and squirmed! I knew then I was really hurting him, as I was really smacking his nuts hard. Very hard. Still, all he could do was to buck and grunt and scream. He squirmed and pulled against his restraints, and his eyes were begging as he struggled and hollered into his gag. He might have hated what I was doing to him, but his dick was hard, and it stayed that way.
I thought he might pass out, and so I stopped and got my flogger, along with a plastic bag that I had filled with a few fingers of ginger root. You can buy the ginger at any oriental food store, and there is nothing like a big thick piece of fresh ginger to get a man going. I pulled out one of the thick pieces, about the width of my thumb, and I had cut a notch in it the night before so it was ready to go. I took the big piece of root and set it up, between his legs, and then as he grunted and shook his head I pushed it into his rectum, stuffing his ass with the piece of root and pushing it in far enough that it hit the notch I had cut in it. That kept it in place, deep in his rectum, and as the sailor boy experienced his first "figging" I laughed and laughed and laughed.
In less than twenty seconds the burning and itching began, and his eyes went wide open then as his asshole began to feel the fire. They say it is the most intense feeling on earth, and while I don't know really I do know this. He bucked his hips and struggled like a madman, pulling against his ropes and fighting with every muscle in his body. I could see the piece of ginger root moving as his hole quivered and turned red around it. I could tell too that his asshole must have felt like it was on fire, and he was bucking his hips and grunting so hard that I thought he would break his bonds. I had to grin, as I watched that piece of ginger root attack his hole with a vengeance. What I especially liked about it was that I didn't have to do anything but just watch it work and watch him struggle. Yeah, I just watched him struggle and buck and jerk as his hole pulsated and quivered as he fought to expel it. His eyes were wide open, and yet his cock jutted upward, growing up out of his red curls of pubic hair even harder than before, so stiff and eager than it was amazing to see. Soon, a bead of precum anointed the tip of it.
I took up the flogger then, and worked it over his rock hard dick, and then over his left nut, and then the right nut, making sure I really flogged them well. He screamed the entire time, but his gag held most of it, and what made it out into the room the tv covered. I had a good porn station going by then, with lots of grunting and fucking from the television, and as he stared at the images and watched me working that little flogger over his nuts and dick I could see him going crazy. It was obvious this wasn’t what had been on his mind. Well, realty is like that, and as far as I was concerned if the sailor boy was stupid enough to let me tie him up, then he deserved to have happen whatever happened to him.
When I didn't think he could take any more whipping on his dick, I paused his whipping and got my scissors and clipped his pubic hair. I wanted it, as a souvenir, and I didn't figure that once I had taken his balls it would be appropriate for him to have at any more. Sexless boys don't have pubic hair, and like it or not that was where he was heading. So, I took it. I didn't shave him exactly, as I didn't want the mess, but I clipped him close and bagged his hair. When I got down to where there was only about a half inch left, I went to my bag and came back with the tape. I used duct tape, as it is easy to buy and it is quite effective. Using it, I taped up his groin and then, with a jerk, I pulled out his hair. He didn't like that! I taped and pulled it off him again and again, until his groin was completely bald, and after that he looked like a ten year old. Of course, his cock was hard and stiff and big, a man's cock, and as it jutted up from his bald mound it looked ridiculous.
He was going crazy at that point, and his eyes were begging me. He had really jerked and struggled when I stole his pubic hair, and perhaps it was the thought that his navy buds might see him in the showers. Of course, when I got done with him that wouldn't be much of a worry, but right now I could tell something was on his mind and with the root still working in his ass and his bald cock jutting up from his pube-less crotch he wasn’t too happy with me.
Finally, it was time. I picked up his black navy boots, the ones that were spit shined and looked so hot when he was wearing them. I took out the long nylon laces, and then brought the two strings over to his balls that were waiting for them. He had no idea of course, none, and when I took that first lace and made a small loop in the end of it I could see his look of trepidation. I pulled the end of it through the little loop, making a lasso of sorts, and then I pulled down his bag and slipped the loop over it, until it was high up his scrotum and next to the place where it hung from his body.
God his eyes were wide with fear! I smiled, and then I jerked that string so hard that he grunted, and as I did the little loop closed tight, strangling the top of his scrotum and trapping his balls in the bottom of his bag. He bucked his hips and screamed, and then he was going crazy, feeling a woman noosing off his nuts and he powerless to stop her. I was grinning of course, feeling the power as I began his unmanning, watching his stiff cock jut and bounce as I tied up his bag.
I then pulled out on the string, stretching the black bootlace as hard as I could, pulling it tight as I wrapped it around his balls. I wrapped that lace around and around the top of his sac, keeping it as tight as I possibly could, and making sure that I cinched down his scrotum as I was doing so. His balls turned dark as I was doing that, and it was obvious from the color of them that they weren't getting the blood supply they were used to. He screamed and fought as I tied his balls, and yet he was powerless to do anything but live through having it done to him.
Finally, I tied the end. Then, I picked up the other lace, and showed it to him. He was staring at it, and that's when I said "Don't fret Jeffrey. It's just a bootlace. Of course, I'm going to use it to noose off your balls, to make sure they are really tied well, but then you already know that. Remember sailor boy, you are the one that told me your fantasy, and all I'm doing is making it come true."
He shook his head, and jerked on the restraints so hard that the bed wiggled. I made another slip knot, and set it up and over his balls, about a half inch below the first one I had tied. I jerked the end tight, and he grunted all over again, and then as I wrapped it around his scrotum again and again he slammed his head back into the pillow, totally frustrated at his inability to stop what was being done to him. God he was so frustrated! Of course, he was powerless really to do anything but just lay there with his legs apart and feel me noosing his balls. He was scared, and yet, even so, his dick jutted up, rock hard, the sailor's cock totally eager for his fantasy, even if he himself no longer wanted it.
Soon I had his bag doubled tied, and his big nuts were trapped in his sack, dying there, and it was obvious they hurt like hell. I have no idea what it feels like to have balls, much less to have them strangled, but from his expression and struggles it must not be a very pleasant feeling. He sure fought hard at any rate! Still, I could feel his jism seeping out from between my legs, and more than anything that made me want to continue. I wanted to nut him! I wanted to! And as I went and picked up my knife, I was feeling so hot it's hard to describe.
He stared at me, and then, on a whim, I decided to castrate the sailor as I was riding his dick. I think I just wanted to feel his cock in my pussy one more time, and perhaps it was just the way it was so thick and dripping that made me want it so bad. The entire end of it was purple, flared wide, and he was as hard as any man I've ever seen. I showed him the knife, and he screamed into his gag. Then I climbed up on the bed, and slipping off my skirt and panties, I straddled him and then slowly, very slowly, I lowered myself down onto his pole, until I felt his eager rod slide into my pussy until I was up against his balls.
I was facing him as I did that, and so I could see his expression as I felt his rod pulsating and quivering inside of me. I rode him, up and down, up and down, moving the muscles in my vagina until I was pulling on his cock as I fucked him. He was staring at me as I was doing that, me feeling his cock and him feeling my pussy, and as I rode his pole he grimaced, probably because his nuts were hurting as I moved against them.
Finally, I worked my way up and off of his rod, and then, turning around, I set back down on it again. Facing away from him, I could look down between my legs and see his cock disappearing inside of my pussy. There was no hair to interfere with the view, and I liked the picture of it and I slid up and down and watched it for quite a while. Up and down, faster and faster, I fucked his hairless pole and felt it growing even larger as I did. Suddenly, he grunted really loudly, and then I felt him cumming, and then I was too, the two of us, he and I, each enjoying our own orgasm as we came together. Of course, for me it was one of many more to come, while for him, it was his last and final load of sperm before I finished his castration.
I let him grunt out his sperm as I enjoyed my own feelings of ecstasy. As I finished living the best feeling in the world, I reached down with the blade, and set it between the two ties, and then, slowly, I began to move the knife and saw the skin there, that was all bunched up between his shoelaces. He screamed and went crazy then, bucking his hips wildly. He bucked so hard he was literally slamming his still hard rod up and deep into my pussy, screaming as I castrated him. So, in a very real way I cut off his balls as he fucked me hard, and as I was doing that I felt the feeling and came all over again. My orgasm then was the most intense one of my life, even more intense than the one I just had had. I felt it and screamed as I came. Even so, I never stopped moving my hand, slicing with the knife, and so as I was cumming and he was slamming his hips up and down in his desperation, my pussy swallowed his moving dick and I lived the feeling of ecstasy. As that was all happening I finished the deed and sliced off his balls.
I dropped his bag of stones on his belly, and let them quiver there. I got up off of him then and slid back on my panties and skirt, and then I gathered my things and put them back in my bag. He was staring there, at his belly, and his severed scrotum that was sitting there. His cock went flaccid almost immediately, and it lay spent and shrank after that and was soon just a stub of a rod, a wilted noodle of a dick and nothing to look at. The end of it still glistened though where he had fucked me, and yet now, without balls to feed it, it didn't look impressive and there was little doubt it that it would never be the same again.
He looked totally defeated, and I think he knew it was over for him. He stared at his nuts, and I noticed then that they were quivering in their sac, almost as if they were trying to stay alive even as they were dying. It made me laugh. I picked up his bag, and walked to the bathroom, which was across from the bed, and there, as he watched me, I tossed his severed scrotum in the toilet. He stared in disbelief perhaps, and as he watched I winked at him, and then, with him still watching, I flushed the commode and flushed his manhood into the sewer.
I came back to the bed then, and then I said "I'm leaving you now sailor boy. The maid will be in this afternoon, sometime, and when she comes in I'm sure it will be interesting."
Then, looking at the television, where the porn movie was still playing, I watched as the man on the screen was busy fucking a beautiful woman. I stared at the big cock on the screen and watched the porn stars big balls slapping up against her pussy. As I looked at that, I said "In the meantime, enjoy the movie."
I walked out of the room then, and his life, and then I just drove back home and called up my boyfriend. For some reason, I was horny all over again.


  1. That is absolutely sick. This woman should be executed immediately! Disgusting bitch!

  2. AMAZING story!!!!!! Hope to see more from you!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment!

      And yes, you should continue seeing more of me for quite a while to come. I'm still posting at least one story (or one chapter of a story series) per week, and already have enough backlog of completed stories to take my blog most of the way through 2017.

  3. I love it. Hot as hell. More Please.

  4. I love it. Hot as hell !!! More Please

  5. Wow! I read completely read your story and the more I read, the harder my cock got! I could literally picture you slicing his balls off with that evil looking grin. The part of lying his severed balls on his stomach added spice to this castration ritual. Keep it up & the next time I read one of your castration stories, I can take my own cock in my hand and beat it off until I explode and shoot my cum all over my chest, belly & genital area.