Monday, November 11, 2013

Jake the Farm Boy

One of my all time favorite authors is named Robert Moon (a.k.a. Lunatrick), who posted stories about a decade ago on various websites. I have only ever found 7 stories by him, and they're all amazing, despite the fact that they all ended with the handsome hunk being cruelly and violently nutted. I've doen my own "rewrites" of each of his stories, and of course changed the ending for each.

The original title of the story below was "Cruise-ified", wherein a hunky farm boy visiting his favorite local glory hole gets a whole hell of a lot more than he bargained for. Enjoy!

Jake the Farm Boy

Based on an original story by Robert Moon


A handsome country boy cruises the men's room at a rest stop. He gets his rocks off in more ways than one!


Jake pulls his beat up old Chevy pickup into the rest stop parking lot. At this time of the night, the few travelers still on the highway are weary, but Jake is wide-awake. His visits to the rest stop are pretty regular. Most of his friends are down at the local bar getting shit-faced drunk or making out with their girlfriends on a back road somewhere. The handsome 22-year-old is interested in neither of those diversions, however. Living in a small, country town definitely has its disadvantages when you've got a constant need to get off with another man. 

Jake surveys the nearly deserted parking lot. The State Patrol would have been by hours ago to run off any local kids who might be hanging out here. He won't have to worry about the law spoiling his fun.

Getting out of the truck, Jake ambles over to the men’s room. He wanders past the row of sinks and stands in front of one urinal. An older man is just zipping up. They nod at each other as the man walks to the sink to wash up. Jake sneaks a glance at him. The guy's older than he prefers. Still, he'd let the guy suck him off. There's no such thing as a bad blow job as long as you get off on it. The old guy dries his hands and leaves. Jake backs away from the urinal and inspects the three stalls. They're all empty. He enters the last stall and examines the divider between this stall and the one next to it. Sure enough, the glory hole has been filled with wadded up toilet paper. Jake removes the paper from the hole and then cleans the rim and surrounding wall. He takes a minute to read the graffiti scrawled all over it. The usual vulgarities and jokes are written there.

Jake leaves the stall and washes up. Looking in the mirror, he admires his handsome, tanned face. Working on the family farm, in the fresh air and sunshine, has sculpted Jake’s body into a fine specimen of manhood. And what hard work didn't give him, he was born with. His buddies still call him "Bull" - the nickname he got in high school. The pride he has in his own young, beautifully muscular body is surpassed only by the pride hanging between his legs. 

In high school gym class his friends used to tease him. They'd say his real father was the bull his family kept on the farm. Jake had been embarrassed until he discovered that they were envious of him, then he welcomed the attention and gentle ribbing. His cock is extremely thick and well over 8 inches long in its currently completely soft state. When aroused, however, Jake’s monster cock swells to a massive 14 thick inches of rock hard man meat. Supplying his meaty dick with manly juices are his two bull-sized nuts, each easily as big as a grown man’s fist. The sheer weight of his mighty balls pulls his scrotum down, giving him an awesome set of extremely low-hangers. 

Growing up, Jake would spend time alone in the barn or out in the woods. There, he would jack off, unleashing the huge quantities of pent-up cum that his overactive balls produced around the clock. On a few occasions, he had played around with one of his buddies, behind the bleachers or in the locker room after all the other boys had left. Jake and his buddies always had a good time jerking each other off. One time, one of his friends even went down on his dick. Jake had never felt anything like it. He shot so much jism down the boy's throat, he thought he'd choke him to death. 

That was the start of Jake's blow job fetish. Now, he wanders out to the rest stop several times a week, searching for the erotic release he craves. There's almost always some guy more than willing to relieve Jake of his massive load of manly seed.

Jake glances around the men’s room one more time and then leaves. At the vending machines, he gets a can of soda and some chips to snack on. Returning to the truck, he stretches out in the seat, pretending that he's a weary driver stopped for a little nap. A few cars pull in, but they're either families with kids or guys with female companions. Tonight is not looking promising for the handsome and horny country stud. He goes into the rest room once, to relieve himself, and returns to the truck.

After an hour of waiting, Jake decides to take matters into his own hands. He once again enters the empty men’s room and heads for the last stall. Sliding his jeans and briefs down his huge beefy thighs and bulging calves to his ankles, he gazes at his thick soft cock and huge swaying balls. He'd sure like to have some stranger vacuuming his nuts dry with their mouth. Sitting on the toilet, he begins to slowly stroke his dick. While his cock fattens and inches longer, Jake rubs his big nipples through the fabric of his tight t-shirt. Soon, his tits jut out erect from his perfect, rounded pecs. Letting go of his throbbing meat, Jake strips off the t-shirt and twists and pulls on his raised tits. He rubs his big hands over his thick, hairless pecs and his tight, corrugated belly, reveling in the feel of his perfect physique. At last, 14 inches of thick cock rises up between his thick and extremely well-defined thighs. He releases his nipples and begins rubbing up and down the meaty shaft. 

Standing up, Jake faces the divider. He gently places the big flared cock head at the glory hole. He quivers as the cock head rubs against the hole's rim. With expert care, Jake continues feeding his fat cock through the almost too small glory hole. He reaches up and grabs the top of the divider with both hands when his meat is completely through the hole. Jake almost hangs from the wall as he begins thrusting back and forth against the tight hole. He enjoys the feeling of his pecs and nipples rubbing against the cold metal wall. His firm, round buttocks clench and release with every thrust, making the crazy striations on his massive, muscular ass dance and play to awesome effect. His thick cock completely penetrates the glory hole, jutting straight out into the next stall before partially withdrawing again. Both huge balls are slapping into the divider, sending a shiver of  excitement and mild pain into his groin. 

Jake keeps on humping the glory hole, fantasizing that it's some guy’s tight throat. The stall's doors and walls shake as the immensely strong, over-sexed youth pounds his pre-cum oozing meat repeatedly in and out of the tight opening. The sound of grunting and slamming balls echoes through the men’s room. Jake increases the speed and ferocity of his thrusting, sending his huge sweaty bull nuts literally bouncing off the wall with loud, beefy smacks. The pain intensifies in his balls, causing them to constrict and tighten up against the base of his thick cock, and the handsome young stud can feel a truly massive load building in his huge balls. 

Jake is getting close to orgasm when he hears voices approaching. With great difficulty, he ceases the nearly uncontrollable rhythm of his body. His heart races with both sexual excitement and fear. As quietly and quickly as he can, he pulls his slick, reddened cock from the glory hole. Jake's massive balls hug the base of his sensitive dick, all primed to unload their virile cargo. He sits on the toilet, breathing deeply, recovering from the aborted orgasm, and listens intently to the sounds of the new arrivals.


The voices of two men grow louder as they step into the rest room. Jake hears jeans being unzipped and then the sound of piss hitting the porcelain urinals. The urinals are flushed and the men wash up. 

"Hey, you want a soda?" one man asks the other. 

"Yeah, I'll be out in a minute." Jake listens while one man leaves. The remaining man walks back to the stalls. He pauses at each one before entering the stall next to Jake's. After rustling around for a moment, the unseen stranger leaves the stall. His buddy rejoins him by the sinks where they sip on their sodas and chat. Jake can barely hear their murmurs over his rapidly beating heart. His dick begins to soften and dwindle. Before he can decide what to do next, both men walk back to the stalls. One of them cheerfully says, "See what I found in here." 

"Is that what I think it is?" the other voice asks. 

"Looks like it. And it's still warm. Now I wonder how it got here!" laughs the first guy. 

The second man replies, "Me too. You know how I love the taste of cum. I'd love to wrap my mouth around some stiff dick right about now." 

Jake utters a small laugh, signaling his presence. 

"Hey buddy, need any help in there?" a good natured voice asks. 

Jake nervously answers, "Yeah, I think you could." 

Slowly, the door to his stall opens revealing the two smiling men. One appears to be in his thirties, while the other must be in his mid-twenties. Both of them are great looking dudes. Jake stands up covering his groin as best he can, but even his big hands can’t hide the sheer size and mass of his enormous cock and balls. The two men’s eyes grow large as they get their first look at the handsome face, herculean musculature, and gargantuan endowment of the young farm boy, and Jake flushes in both embarrassment and pride. 

The older man recovers first and introduces himself, "Hey there. I'm Tom and this is Kyle." With a playful grin he adds, "It looks like you need some roadside assistance, bud." 

"Yeah, you could say that. My name's Jake." 

"Well Jake, me and my buddy think we can help you out." Kyle nods in agreement, "We noticed your hot pre-cum in the next stall. Figured you might be up to play." Dropping his hands, Jake stands naked before the two men. His natural, super hero good looks and chiseled, perfectly defined, and extremely muscular physique catch the attention, and the breath, of both Tom and Kyle. The smooth, hairless chest with round, bulging pecs supports two brown nipples of tantalizing size. A thin trail of dark hair starts just above his navel and continues downward where it fans out above his penis. What really makes Tom’s and Kyle’s mouths go slack with wonder are the boy’s huge dick and mammoth balls. Jake's huge, limp cock doesn't even begin to conceal his two bull balls jerking in their stretched nut sack. His huge balls are smooth, devoid of any pubic hair. The men look at each other and back at Jake, grinning in anticipation of the fun to come.

"My god, you sure have a lot going for you, Jake!" Tom exclaims. 

"Wow, I've never seen balls that big before!" Kyle chimes in. "No wonder there's so much cock snot dripping off the wall and floor next door!" 

"Kyle, go out and make sure it's okay outside. I'll get young Jake here ready." While Kyle checks the parking lot, Tom helps Jake remove the jeans and underwear bunched up around his ankles. Tom takes the opportunity to run his hands over Jakes bulging thunder thighs and football-sized calves. "Man, what gym do you go to?!" Jake just laughs as his cock starts to harden again in anticipation. 

Kyle returns outside the stall, "The coast is clear. Let's get busy!" 

Tom and Kyle immediately drop their jeans. Kyle's white briefs have a more than ample bulge to them, but the outline of a very long dick can be seen in Tom's. They have Jake turn sideways in the stall. Tom stands behind him and begins massaging his back. Kyle goes over to the next stall and kneels in front of the glory hole. "Mmm, that feels so good," moans Jake as Tom reaches around and fondles his fat, pulsing cock. The feel of another man's hands on his dick excites Jake. 

Tom guides the tip of Jake's dick to the glory hole, "Feed it to him, Jake." Bit by bit, Jake's thick penis is threaded through the hole. He can feel Kyle's hands on his cock head, rubbing a finger along the ridge of his piss slit. Kyle spits into his hand and then rubs it over the protruding shaft, lubricating it. Jake gasps as the warm spit is slathered over his humongous meat. When all of his enormous dick is hanging through the hole, Tom begins caressing Jake's heavy, dangling nut sack. "Oh yeah, stroke my balls!" Jake grunts. His cock stiffens even further while Tom and Kyle work on his genitals. 

"His dick is getting even bigger!" Kyle exclaims. "I don't think I can get even part of that fat puppy in my mouth. Hey Jake, you mind taking me up the butt instead?" 

"Hell no! Back onto my meat buddy!!" 

"Great! Tom, I'm gonna get some lube outta the van. I'll be right back. Don't let him pop his load!" Kyle teases as he pulls his jeans up and runs outside. 

Tom runs his hands up Jake’s sides, lifting his enormously muscular, farm-work-swollen arms. Jake clenches the top of the divider as Tom continues rubbing down his muscular back. Reaching his huge, meaty buttocks, Tom gives them a firm squeeze. Jake feels Tom's chest press into his back. Tom begins dry humping his underwear-clad crotch against Jake's naked ass. "Uhmm, that huge muscular ass feels so damn GOOD!" Tom whispers in his ear. Jake responds by tensing and relaxing his massive buttocks. He spreads his huge legs wider, letting Tom know that he's willing to be fucked. 

Kyle returns, "I found the lube and some other goodies." Jake is moaning as Tom presses against his butt. 

"Jake, let's see if we can get your cock AND balls through that hole. It'll be easier for me to take your ass that way." 

"Yeah, that sounds good." Jake whispers. 

Tom says, "Kyle, hang on a second. We're gonna double your pleasure!" Grasping Jake's narrow hips, Tom steps back, keeping his crotch tightly pressed against his buttocks. Jake's spit slicked dick is slowly pulled from the glory hole. "Help me with these." Tom asks Jake. They both reach down and squeeze first one, then the other fat ball through the glory hole. At first Jake doesn’t think they'll fit, as his enormous bull balls are much larger than the glory hole itself. The pain took his breath away. But with much rough prodding and squeezing, his pliable balls make it through unscathed and feel great hanging against the cool wall. 

Kyle kneels and watches in amazement as each bull nut plops into view. Jake’s scrotum is so stretched that his huge balls hang well below the opening carved into the dividing wall. Jake manages to force his slightly soft dick down and into the glory hole. It is an even tighter fit now that his ball sack is threaded through the opening. Luckily, Kyle has rubbed lubricant along the rim, smoothing the way. Finally, Jake has his crotch pressed against the wall once again, and all of his massive junk is now protruding out the other side of the metal wall. 

Kyle takes more lube and coats the massive cock that's poking out of the wall. Jake bucks his hips slightly. Kyle’s lubed hands feel like a warm mouth on his dick. 

"Easy there big boy." whispers Tom, "don't even think about cumming yet. The best is yet to come." Jake simply groans in ecstasy. 

He hears Kyle's excited voice, "Tom, you've got to see this. This is some fuckin' awesome, prime grade-AAA bacon and eggs hanging here!" 

"I'll be right back. Don't go away." Tom laughs as he pats Jake’s mammoth ass and slips over to join Kyle. 

"Holy fuck, you aren't kidding!! Hey, how about greasing up his balls too!" They can hear Jake's grunts of pleasure as Kyle thoroughly wets his low-hanging nuts with lube. "Wish you could see this Jake. Your cock looks like a meat balloon bulging out of the wall! Man, that's hot looking!" Tom reports. Indeed, his cock is fully hard now. The glory hole acts like a cock ring, keeping his dick rigid and parallel to the floor. 

Jake moans, "Kyle, let me feel your ass on my cock. Tom, give me your dick up my ass while Kyle takes mine!" 

"I'll be right there stud." Tom watches as Kyle starts jerking off Jake's shiny dick. More moans erupt from the other stall. Tom returns to see Jake hanging against the divider, his spectacular muscles standing out in perfect definition. 

"Now that's a beautiful sight!" laughs Tom. Jake flexes his buttocks, inviting Tom to invade his ass. "Hey Kyle, pass me the lube, will ya." Tom reaches underneath the wall and takes the bottle from Kyle. He can hear the sloshing sounds of Kyle’s fist rapidly stroking Jake's cock. Tom presses the bottle of lube between Jake's butt cheeks. When he reaches the anus, he squeezes a good bit of lube into the tight opening. Jake gasps as the cold liquid jets up inside him. Tom yanks his briefs down, exposing his own thick 10 ½ inch cock.

Tom slides his huge dick up and down along the spectacular valley of Jake's muscular ass. His already erect dick quickly gets rock hard as he rubs it between those gorgeous twin mounds of muscle. He puts his hands on Jake's straining shoulders and presses his cock tip on Jake's anus. 

"You ready for this?" Tom breathes heavily into Jake’s ear. 

Jake moans and nods his head. 

With one shove, Tom mercilessly penetrates Jake's asshole, sending 10 ½ inches of stiff meat plunging deep into his bowels. Jake howls with pain. Every enormous muscle in his beautiful body tenses and bulges, but Tom just laughs and shouts, "C'mon, take it like a man, Jake!" 

Caught by surprise, Jake cries out, "Oh fuck! Take it out! Please, take it out!!

Tom ignores his pleas and starts plowing Jake's spasming anus. 

Attracted by Jake’s howls of pain, Kyle releases the greasy, pre-cum spurting dick, gets up, and stands in the doorway of the next stall. Kyle’s own big cock lurches angrily in his pants at the amazingly erotic sight. "Hell yeah! Fuck that pretty ass, Tom!" Kyle looks on while Jake is literally pinned against the divider by Tom's body. Tom keeps thrusting his cock in and out of Jake's muscular butt. 

"Uhhnn, oh god! That hurts! Stop it!! Please stop!" Jake gasps. 

"Ride Tom's big dick, Jake! It'll feel better when he sperms up your butt!!" Kyle laughs. Returning to the other stall, Kyle resumes his vigorous stroking of Jake's swollen, bright red cock. Despite all his protests, Jake's mammoth dick remains hard as a rock. Every one of Tom's deep thrusts causes the country stud to yelp and the divider to shudder. Kyle watches as Jake's bull nuts bounce off the shaking wall, striking the metal again and again with a loud SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT!   

"Ahh, uhhn, yeah, that's it! Push it in deeper!!" Jake's cries of protest have quickly turned to moans of pleasure. His huge cock is now drooling a continuous, copious stream of pre-cum, the clear, sticky fluid running out the gaping pee hole of his cock in a lush river. Tom's 10 ½ inch dick has found Jake's prostate gland, massaging it to Jake's obvious delight. Jake enjoys the sensations on his body - the thick dick pistoning in his big butt, the hands on his massive throbbing dick, his huge cum-swollen balls slapping on the divider, and his sensitive nipples and pecs rubbing against the wall. Kyle catches a generous amount of the oozing pre-cum into the palm of one hand. He places his palm against the sensitive cock head and vigorously rubs it, driving Jake wild with lust. 

"Oh yeah!! Oh fuck!! Uhhnn!!" Jake moans. His massive balls throb and constrict, pulling up inside his scrotum. 

Kyle watches the heavy nuts rise up towards the glory hole. "Hey Tom, he's gettin' close, buddy!!" Jake's moans become more throaty and his enormously muscular legs start to spasm. Tom begins short stroking his dick into Jake's butt, stabbing at his prostate gland. 

"There ya go Jake, how's my hot meat feel up your ass?!" 

Jake is delirious with pleasure and wriggles his butt around on the end of Tom's shaft. Jake's huge balls turn hard as they prepare to unload their pent up sperm into his dick. Kyle rubs Jake's slick knob for all it's worth. When he sees those bull balls hugging the glory hole and trying to squeeze their way through to the root of Jake's shaft, he knows the stud is about to climax. He presses his thumb on the thick cum tube, just below the cock head, squeezing it completely shut. 

"UHHHN!! I'm cumming!!! AHHH!!!" Jake cries out. His balls pump massive amounts of sperm into his dick. Unfortunately, Kyle is pinching off its escape. The tube running along the underbelly of Jake's cock swells larger and larger. It fills with awesome amounts hot boy spunk, aching to get released. 

"UHHH! Let it go! LET IT GO!!" Jake screams. Kyle just laughs at Jake's distress. The stud’s orgasm turns painful as his fluids back up and stretch his cock and nut veins to abnormal sizes. Jake feels like his entire sexual plumbing is about to explode under the terrific pressure. 

Finally, Kyle releases his grip. An impossibly thick and long jet of pearlescent white cum  shoots out of Jake's cock with terrific force. It splatters against the opposite wall with an enormous wet SPLUT!!, running down the metal wall in thick white slugs. 

"OHH! YEAH!! YEAH!!" Jake yelps in relief. His orgasm rages on, unloading more and more huge wads of sperm from his quivering nuts. 


Kyle can't believe the amount of jism this country boy is shooting, one huge pulsing jet following the other in a seemingly unending flood of hot man milk. Jake's bulging thighs are pressed hard against the wall as he tries to force his groin through the glory hole. He's milking his climax for all it's worth, riding wave after incredible wave of pleasure as his massive nuts unleash their heavy cargo of spunk. 

Tom starts grunting behind him. In seconds, Jake feels something warm begin sloshing about inside his butt. "Ummph! UMM! UMMPH!!" Tom yells as he unloads his own thick load of man seed deep inside Jake's bowels. Tom shoots a mighty load into Jake’s massive muscle butt, but even after Tom’s huge orgasm ends, Jake’s magnificent load is still raging onward. 


It takes just over a full minute for Jake’s monumental orgasm to quiet down, allowing the young man to gulp in much needed breaths. 

Tom lets his cum-soaked dick slip out of Jake's ass. White goo leaks out from between the boy's flexing buttocks, dripping on the floor between his feet. Jake leans against the divider, his huge chest heaving and his rock hard monster cock spitting up a few more thick globs of nut milk. This has been his best glory hole experience ever! 

Tom joins Kyle in the other stall. He can't believe the volume of spunk coating the walls and floor, very nearly white washing the entire stall with hot male essence! Tom guesses that the hot young country stud has just unloaded close to an unbelievable QUART of man juice!! 

"Man, you really ARE a bull, aren't you Jake?" Tom jokes, truly astounded by the handsome young hunk’s colossal and unparalleled virility. Jake laughs weakly, basking in the afterglow of his intense orgasm. Kyle lightly squeezes Jake's huge balls, forcing another few thick dribbles of sperm from his softening cock. 

"Hey Jake. Kyle here hasn't gotten his rocks off yet. What are we gonna do about that?" 

Jake half-jokingly replies, "Gimme about 10 minutes to recover and I'll feed him some more country steak." 

"Oh, that won't be necessary. Just stay right where you are and I'll help myself!" Kyle says. 

Tom returns to Jake's stall and rubs the hunk’s massive shoulders and softball-sized biceps. 

"Yeah, that feels so good!" Jake utters. His body relaxes under Tom's sensual touch. Kyle grasps Jake's huge dick and presses it up against the unyielding metal wall, marveling at how astounding long and thick it is, and the fact that it’s still hard as a rock and ready and randy for more action. 

"Feeling good, Jake?" 

"Uh hum, you guys are great." Jake sleepily says. 

"Great, we aim to please!" Kyle says. 


Without warning, Kyle lifts his foot up and stomps hard on Jake's huge, relaxed bull balls. 

"AARRGGGHH!!!" screeches Jake in surprise and agony. 

Kyle stomps again, mashing Jake's humongous nuts flat against the wall and crushing them against the unyielding metal divider. Jake's entire muscular body jerks as indescribable pain radiates from his groin. Tom holds him pinned against the divider, preventing him from withdrawing his screaming genitals from the glory hole even as Kyle stomps them again, and again, and yet again. Jake starts dry heaving and his massive legs tremble, barely able to support his weight. Kyle utters an evil laugh from the other stall as he stomps Jake’s already red and swelling balls five more times in quick succession, all but knocking the huge farm boy out cold. 

"Nail him, Kyle! You wanna get off don't ya?!" Tom commands. 

"NO! My balls!! Please, not my balls!!!" Jake coughs, pleading for mercy. 

Kyle grabs some of the other goodies he had fetched from the van earlier. Tom whispers into Jake's ear, "Kyle really likes those huge bull nuts of yours, pretty boy. You know, we haven't seen a pair nearly that big before. And we think they deserve something special." 

"What are you gonna do to me?!?" the handsome young man asks, his deep, husky voice full of fear. 

"Hell, I've had my fun with you, Jakie boy! I've impregnated your huge muscle butt with a thick load of my sperm. You'll be shitting my wad out for days, Jake! Kyle, on the other hand, likes to work with his hands. See, he's a carpenter by trade and enjoys working with big tools. And I've gotta admit, you've got an awfully big set of tools hanging out there!" Tom replies.

Jake trembles in fear as he feels something cold and hard pressing lightly against his huge right nut. What he can't see is Kyle holding the business end of a nail gun over his squirming ball. 

"I'm ready Tom!" Kyle calmly says. Tom braces himself, pressing Jake's weakly struggling body onto the divider wall. 

Kyle pulls the trigger. Jake shrieks a high-pitched scream as the sharp, 6-inch nail plunges straight through his nut sack, spearing clear through his enormous right ball and impaling it on the metal divider. The handsome hunk is clawing at the wall, trying to get away from the tremendous agony in his scrotum. He doesn’t even feel it when Kyle places the nail gun on his left testicle, but Jake's fantastic body spasms a second time when Kyle shoots another nail into the left nut. This time, Jake mercifully passes out from the extreme pain. 

Tom gently releases his hold on the unconscious stud. Jake's massive, masculine, muscular torso arches over backwards, his big arms hanging loosely behind his back. His groin is still pressed firmly into the hole. His powerful thigh muscles are turned outwards while his spread legs are jammed up tight on the wall. Jake's crotch and thighs look like they're glued to the divider. Tom leaves his sweaty, tanned body hanging in the stall. He joins Kyle who is putting down the nail gun. 

"You do excellent work, Kyle!" Tom laughs. 

Protruding through the glory hole is Jake's jism- and lube-slathered bull-sized cock, still rock hard despite the agony due to the constriction of the tight glory hole. Below the fat cock are Jake's mammoth nuts, each massive orb skewered with a large nail. Huge quantities of his thick and potent boy sperm ooze out of the holes punched through his twitching balls, running down the metal wall in thick clots of gooey spunk and dripping down to the cold cement floor. Jake's huge nuts visibly jerk and throb, the gigantic mortally-wounded orbs skewered against the metal wall. 

Kyle says in a low voice, husky with lust, "He doesn't have bull balls any more, does he Tom?" 

With his nuts nailed to the wall, Jake's body is trapped in its current position. Kyle pushes his briefs down and hauls his rock solid dick out. He masturbates while he stares at Jake's newly pierced balls. 

"Yeah, pretty boy! What you gonna do with that enormous queer mule dick of yours now, huh?!? You ain’t got no more balls to power that fuck stick now! You’re just some useless pile of muscles now!" 

Kyle's big cock grows even harder, and his eyes never wander from Jake's massive speared nuts. Jake's copious and virile seed now coats both stall walls, and still more of the powerful sperm continues to ooze from the puncture wounds in the mighty orbs. 

Kyle starts bucking his hips, "Here's a real man's cum for ya! UHHN! AHHH!!" He shoots wad after wad of sperm onto Jake's huge, spasming nuts, adding his own hot cream to that oozing from the boy’s wounded bull balls. Finally, Kyle's orgasm ebbs, his hot jism covering Jake's swollen, bulging nut sack with a fresh coat of seed. Both men watch Kyle's cum mingling with Jake's, smiling at the intensely erotic and brutal sight. The slimy goo slowly drips off the farm boy's pierced scrotum in long, thick, ropey strands. 

Tom picks up the lube and nail gun while Kyle pulls up his briefs and jeans. The two men spend a few long, last moments staring into the last stall. Jake's perfectly muscled physique almost looks peaceful. "That'll teach you a lesson, farm boy!" Kyle shouts as both men turn and leave. The muscular farm boy is left alone, crucified to the wall by his convulsing bull balls.


Jake remains unconscious, hanging by his spiked balls, until he's discovered a few hours later by a horrified trucker who immediately calls the police. When the paramedics arrive a short time later, they're stunned to see a stunningly handsome young man with a beautiful, muscle-packed body on one side of the bathroom wall, and the young man’s gargantuan, 14-inch monster cock and huge, sperm-drenched balls protruding proudly out the other side. 

They then notice the pair of massive nails spearing through the young man’s colossal bull nuts and impaling them to the metal wall, and they quickly realize that his awesome nuts are nailed so tightly to the dividing wall that they can’t release him. One of the paramedics faints dead away at the sight, while the other contacts the local emergency room over the radio. 

The first paramedic quickly recovers, and the pair inform the hospital of the situation. The doctor at the other end of the radio listens to the report and informs the paramedics that the prolonged constriction of the young man’s genitals threatens his life, and he advises that the paramedics take drastic measures to save Jake's life. 

The paramedics are hesitant to do what they know is needed to free Jake. They aren't trained to do anything like it. One of the paramedics rushes out to his truck and returns with a large set of odd-looking pliers, the same sort of “jaws of life” that are used to cut through the metal of wrecked cars to rescue people trapped inside. He has the other paramedic brace the massive dangling body while he kneels between Jake's powerful legs. He works the special pliers up along the wall, between the glory hole opening and Jake's muscular groin. Taking a deep breath of regret, he prepares to squeeze the huge pliers shut and sever the thick flesh caught in between the sharp blades. 

Just then, a local fireman, Jake's best friend Luke, drives up to assist with the tragedy unfolding at the rest stop. He rushes into the restroom and can't believe the sight unfolding before his eyes. His handsome buddy is hanging naked by his cum-soaked genitals! The huge nuts that he played with when he and Jake were boys are bruised and swollen, with two huge nails skewering them clear through, and Jake’s massive cock an angry dark red, bloated to even greater than normal dimensions by the hours of constriction! He sees the paramedic about to castrate his best friend, and he shouts for him to stop, halting the paramedics actions just moments before he would have nullified the horse-hung muscle stud. 

Big Luke enters the stall with Jake, and sees the sharp ends of the nails protruding through the metal wall. He knows that these nails must have been delivered with great force to drive them through more than four inches of thick and dense ball flesh and over an inch of steel, and he cringes at the thought of the pain Jake must have felt as those spikes plunged through his nuts. He asks the paramedics for an opportunity to save his friend’s mighty genitals, and the paramedics reluctantly agree, warning Luke that he will have to work fast to save Jake’s life. 

Using a hammer, Luke strikes the pointed end of the first nail, slowly working it back through the wall in order to free Jake’s first nut. The pounding of the hammer and the movement of the nail elicit fresh groans from the semi-conscious Jake, but Luke pays him no attention, knowing that this is the only chance he has to save his friend’s life as well as his awesome bull balls. 

After several minutes of pounding, the handsome fireman frees Jake’s huge left nut from the wall. He then starts work on the other nail, and in a few minutes has Jake’s right nut free as well. Returning to the second, cum-drenched stall, Luke has the paramedics hold Jake steady as he prepares to yank the first nail from Jake’s left nut. With all his considerable might (for Luke’s physique is nearly as massive and powerful as Jake’s), Luke pulls the first nail free, eliciting a bellow of fresh pain from a reawakened Jake. Luke repeats the procedure on the other skewered nut, bringing a fresh cry of agony from his battered friend, but finally freeing both speared bull balls. 

Now Luke faces the problem of how to get Jake’s massive cock and swollen balls back through the tight glory hole. Cutting the wall with pliers or blowtorches isn’t an option, for such a method would likely castrate or severely injure the young stud. Luke knows that the only way to free his friend is to get his genitals out the same way they got in. 

Jake’s dick has to move first, but since it obviously won’t go soft this side of death, Luke knows that its going to have to be the hard way. He has the paramedics start pulling gently on Jake’s narrow, muscular hips, slowly pulling the heroic boner out of the wall. However, the same action stretches Jake’s battered ball sack, pulling his wounded and beaten balls further from his crotch. Luke only hopes that Jake’s famous low-hanging sack will stretch far enough to let them free his 14-inch horse dick. 

The scrotum stretches to 4 inches, then to 6 inches. Luke remains kneeling in the other stall, his knees and pants quickly soaked in thick ball juice, watching Jake’s balls for any sign that they can stretch no farther. 

7 inches, then 8 inches, then 9 inches! Jake’s huge nuts are hugging the wall to either side of his huge cock, the skin of his naturally hairless scrotum stretched so thin that he could see the veins in his balls pulsing beneath. 

10 inches, then 11 inches!! Luke couldn’t believe that any man’s balls could be stretched so far, but he knew that there were several inches yet to go before Jake’s cock was freed, and he prayed that his bull nuts could survive. 

12 inches, then 13 full, eye-popping inches!!! Jake’s huge nuts quiver against the divider wall, ready at any moment to burst forth from their ridiculously over-stretched sack. The constriction is so tight that huge globs of fresh cum are squeezed from the swollen orbs, oozing from the nail wounds in giant wads and dripping onto Luke’s large thighs. The strong paramedics are pulling at Jake’s hips with virtually all their strength, but their muscles are shaking with the effort of straining against Jake’s awesomely powerful ball cords. Jake’s huge cock head was still trapped in the glory hole, however, and Luke said a silent prayer that his friend’s mighty balls could survive that last inch. 

14 inches!!!! Jake’s balls swelled even larger in their paper-thin sack, and Luke knew they were about to burst forth. At that same moment, however, Jake’s cock head came free of the glory hole, slapping upright against Jake’s corrugated washboard belly, sticking with a loud SMACK!! and shooting one thick jet of cum onto Jake’s incredibly powerful chest. The paramedics immediately released Jake’s hips, which slammed forward into the wall like a rubber band, causing the wall to quiver so hard that it nearly tore loose from the wall. On the other side, Luke cried out in joy, for Jake’s mighty bull balls had survived the stretching! They now hung lower than ever before, but the super human testicles had been stretched to over a foot from the stud’s crotch and survived! 

Next, Luke knew he had to get Jake’s great nuts through the glory hole. It had been a nearly impossible task to get the massive bull orbs through in the first place, for the glory hole was barely more than two inches in diameter, and now that they were swollen larger than the size of grapefruit, Luke didn’t know if they could be forced back through. Luke grasped Jake’s huge, heavy left nut in his powerful hand, placed it against the opening, and began to push. The incredible agony of having his ball torced and squished brought Jake back to semi consciousness once again, and he moaned and groaned in agony. Luke pushed with all his might, his strength threatening to burst the great orb against the solid metal, but it finally began to deform and squeeze through the tiny opening. Luke continued stuffing the huge gonad through the hole until it finally popped out the other side, dropping heavily to the bottom of its scrotum. 

The handsome young fireman breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that he had freed one of his friend’s massive nuts. He had just one more to go...

Luke repeated the procedure on Jake’s right nut, and soon it, too, was freed from the glory hole, finally freeing the handsome young farm stud from the wall. As the paramedics gathered the unconscious but beautiful form of Jake into their arms, Luke smiled for joy, knowing that he had just saved not only his best friend, but also most likely the largest set of genitals on the planet. Jake was rushed to the local hospital, where a team of doctors was waiting to repair the damage done to the young man’s colossal cajones. 

A few weeks later, Jake had fully recovered from his terrible ordeal. As a testimony to their super human strength and durability, Jake’s bull balls made a complete recovery. Remarkably, not even a scar marred their beautiful surface, and he was back to pounding out his trademark massive loads of beefy man cum in no time. As a permanent reminder of his ordeal, however, Jake’s mammoth, burly balls dangled just over 6 inches from his crotch, permanently stretched halfway to his knees. Though he had to be careful not to accidentally sit on his own balls or let them splash into the water when he sat on the toilet, Jake rather enjoyed the attention his super low hangers now elicited from others. 

Jake and Luke became boyfriends once Jake had recovered, and the two beautiful, beefy farm boys now spend nearly every chance they can get to bring each other to sticky, gushing orgasms. They were quickly known as the two hottest couple in town, and they soon had everyone begging to have sex with them. 

Of Tom and Kyle, no trace could be found. The police searched for them for several weeks, but the two assailants had disappeared. But Jake and Luke were ever vigilant, and maintained a watch over the rest stop, waiting for the day who the two men would return, hungry to wreak their revenge. And just over a year later, their opportunity finally came. But that is another story… 


  1. Hot! Any chance you'd share the original works? Definitely piqued my interest!

    1. Hi there Jake! And sure, I'd be happy to share the original story with you. There's a limit to the number of characters I can put in a reply, though. You can either send me your email address, or I can try posting the story on my blog -- just let me know which you would prefer.

      I have original versions of approximately half of my rewritten stories, so just let me know if you want any of the others...

  2. Hey this is Jake. My email's The stories you've been putting out are some of the best I've read. I'd love to get whatever originals you have!

    1. This is my OpenID btw. I just saw this option but made a Blogger account just to comment here before I knew that.

  3. Nice stories please post the originals too.

  4. "They'd say his real father was the bull his family kept on the farm. " Technically, this would be true. It is only a matter of time before mankind realises the potential to breed "bulls" from farmboy stock

    1. Judging by Jake's extraordinary musculature and the sheer size and mass of his gorgeous genitals, I wouldn't be surprised if some bovine or equine DNA somehow got mixed in with his... ;)

    2. now that you mention it, there is a reason to believe Jake's grandfather was probably a horse. Makes us wonder what else is in the family tree of these fine young men whose bodies are literally turning into hunks of muscle. Luke should come along to a visit to the local vet just to be on the safe side and get "checked" .