Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween and the Jack-o-Lantern Contest

The author Nathan is not only prolific, but produces some of the best nut-busting stories around. His stories almost always end in the destruction in one or more gorgeous sets of nuts, while my tastes tend toward taking a stud's balls right to that razor's edge of destruction, holding them there for as long as humanly possible...and then letting them recover so that they can be busted again another day.

This particular story idea is one of my very favorite stories of Nathan's that I've found, and I modified it years ago to better suit my tastes. The men are bigger, the loads more copious, and best of all, no one loses their nuts! The ending is perhaps one of the most ridiculous I've ever come up with, I'll admit, but it made for a great fantasy nonetheless.

Once again, please don't try any of the activities described in this story at home. The men in my stories are trained professionals. :) So please, do not try to hang any pumpkins from your own nuts. Well, okay, maybe one of those really small pumpkins from the grocery store with the silly faces painted on them, but that's it! ;)

Happy Halloween to you all!

Halloween and the Jack-O-Lantern Contest

Based on an original story by Nathan

The largest pumpkin in the world weighed in at a monstrous 2,009 pounds, just over a full ton, and was as big as a Volkswagen Bug! This record-breaking pumpkin was grown in New Hampshire by a man I’ll just call Charlie H. Gigantic pumpkins like that can be carved into truly massive Jack-O-Lanterns, and Charlie had decided to do just that with his prize-winning pumpkin. But he also devised a contest around the pumpkin. A very special contest with very real consequences, which required 13 unwilling volunteers. And with just two weeks to go before Halloween, Charlie had to start gathering his “volunteers”…  


Alex Campbell had never really known fear before. 

At 6’4” in height and a whopping 325 pounds of enormous, rock solid, rippling muscle, the 19-year-old college football star had never faced a situation he couldn’t handle. Even that time when half a dozen big football players from the rival university had jumped him one night, hoping to beat the crap out of Alex, the huge young stud not only won the fight, he managed to pound the shit out of his six assailants. 

But the young blond football hunk had never faced a situation like this before. Over the past 12 days, 12 of his fellow university schoolmates had gone missing, believed to have been abducted by some unknown person or group. All of the abductees were young men from the campus, all very high profile athletes and jocks, all of them very handsome and in the prime of their lives. Some even included friends of Alex, like Matt, the handsome chestnut-haired captain of the baseball team, and Lou, the hunky blond star of the wrestling team. All of the university’s teams had lost their star athlete to the strange abductions – all teams, that is, except the undefeated football team. And Alex somehow knew that he would be the target of the next abduction, for he was the team’s MVP, and was breathtakingly handsome to boot. 

Alex Campbell was the kind of man that made women swoon and men green with envy. The corn-fed youth had an unbelievable physique, especially for one so young. At only 19 years of age, Alex had already managed to pack well in excess of 300 pounds of top quality muscle onto his tall and very broad frame, and time would only tell as to how much more bulging, rock hard muscle he would add in the future. 

While extremely massive, Alex’s physique was nonetheless perfectly proportioned, every muscle perfectly sculpted and extremely well defined. Alex’s massive arms stretched the measuring tape to 26.5 inches, giving him by far the most massive guns on campus, and maybe in the entire state. Alex’s hands were enormous, easily capable of palming a basketball. His cannon ball shoulders were just over a yard wide, meaning that he often had to turn slightly sideways to get through doorways. Alex’s chest was truly monumental, two broad, squared plates of incredibly dense muscle over half a foot thick, with a cleavage that could swallow a man’s entire hand. These paragons of masculine, meaty pecs were topped by two very large and succulent nipples that just begged to be sucked and chewed. Alex’s awesome back was just as broad and muscular as his chest, with lats as wide as a barn door. His back tapered majestically to an extremely narrow waist that measured a mere 32 inches. While such a waist may not seem particularly small, when you consider the mass of Alex’s upper body, and the fact that his chest measurement was nearly three times the size of his waist, Alex’s slender, muscular waist looked tiny in comparison. 

Alex’s lower body was every bit a match for his awesome upper physique. The young man’s powerful thighs were as thick as tree trunks, and covered in thick veins. Each mighty thigh had a circumference of 32 inches, matching the young stud’s waist! His calves were the shape of footballs, only larger, tapering down to very large, well-formed feet. And Alex’s ass was truly a sight to behold, two huge, perfectly formed mounds of muscle like two big melons, stretching out the rear of Alex’s pants to capacity. 

As if such an awesome physique were not enough, Alex also had the face of an Adonis. Alex’s features were strong and powerful, from his high forehead and prominent cheekbones to his well-formed nose and sensual lips to his powerful jaw and prominent chin. But it was his eyes that truly made Alex’s face so overwhelmingly stunning, two beautiful orbs of the brightest blue, eyes that seemed to be able to look into your very soul. His masculine beauty was so breathtaking that many people became speechless in his presence, and Alex had no end of admirers both on and off the campus. A web site had even been set up where people would post and share pictures of Alex, most of which were taken without Alex’s knowledge. So far, though several fans had tried, no one had yet managed to capture a photo of Alex naked, so the debate in the chat rooms continued over whether the massive bulge in the front of Alex’s pants was real. 

Oh yes, Alex was one grade-AAA hunk, and he knew it. That’s why he knew he would be the next target for abduction. 


Early evening, October 30th. Just one more day before Halloween. Alex had finished football practice for the day, and was getting ready to take a shower before going home. 

As was his custom, Alex waited until all the other guys were finished before striping off his own clothes. Though he was friends with all of his teammates, and didn’t mind that some of them were attracted to him, Alex was shy when it came to getting naked. Part of that shyness stemmed from his naturally shy personality, but part of it also stemmed from the fact that Alex was embarrassed by the size of his sexual endowment. He didn’t want others to see his genitals, as he was sure it would lead to ridicule and teasing. And since Alex was aware of a existence of a reward for a naked photograph of the handsome and colossally built stud, he took every precaution to make sure no one could get a glimpse of him. 

Such shyness and modesty is usually reserved for those who have very small endowments, but the exact opposite was the case for Alex. The young blond Adonis had been blessed with one of the largest sets of genitalia ever to grace a human being. 

Alex checked one last time around the locker room to make sure everyone else had left, and then he began to peel off his grass- and sweat-stained football uniform. Off came the jersey and shoulder pad to reveal his awesome upper body, and off came the cleats and pants to reveal his gargantuan legs and muscular ass. Alex was left with nothing but his jock strap, a jock strap that was built especially large just for him and yet still strained to contain its weighty, oversized contents. As Alex moved to put his dirty jersey and pants in the laundry bin, his entire jock-strap-encased package bounced heavily, speaking to the incredible mass of what lay within. Finally, Alex peeled off his jock strap, freeing his genitals to the air and giving them a welcome relief from the cramped quarters of the sweaty cotton undergarment. 

It is difficult to describe an endowment as truly massive as Alex’s with normal terminology, as the sheer size of Alex’s cock and balls almost defied description. The young man’s genitals were so large that they looked like they belong on a prize stallion, or maybe even an elephant. Alex’s cock looked like a third leg hanging heavily between his legs; though his cock was completely soft, it measured over 9.5 inches in length, larger than most men’s hard dicks. The massive schlong was incredibly thick and extremely beefy, with fat veins running down its length and a huge mushroom-shaped head concealed by a thick foreskin. 

Though monstrous even while soft, when fully hard, Alex’s cock was obscene, stretching the measuring tape to an unbelievable 14.5 inches, and as thick as a man’s forearm. And unlike many hugely hung men whose heavy bull cocks never get fully hard or that point downward because of their size and weight, Alex’s tumescent cock was as hard as steel and pointed proudly skyward, the super muscular penis more than capable of lifting its great weight and bulk skyward. 

The sheer size and girth of Alex’s great cock had earned him the nickname of “Lucky” in high school, for “Lucky 13”, the size of his cock. He had gotten caught in the showers his freshman year by the high school varsity football team, who caught Alex beating off when they had unexpectedly returned early from an away game. One look at Alex’s awesomely oversized rod, and the other boys were shocked and stunned with surprise. Alex beat a hasty retreat, utterly embarrassed and humiliated, and though he had earned a new nickname, he had also earned the respect of the football team. Though they called him Lucky, none of the guys would reveal to the other classmates what the name meant, for the football players were all secretly in awe of Alex and his monster cock. 

In the four years since that embarrassing encounter, Alex’s cock had added another inch and a half to its already titanic length, and swelled even more in its colossal girth as well. His old high school football friends would have no doubt been even more speechless had they had the opportunity to see Alex’s humongous horse cock today! 

But if Alex’s cock was heroic, his humongous balls could only be described as legendary. Had the high school varsity football team gotten as good look at Alex’s balls as they had at his cock, they might have nicknamed him “Bull” as well, for Alex’s balls indeed looked like they belonged on a prize stud bull. Each beefy, meaty orb was easily as big as a man’s fist, equaling the very largest of grapefruits in size. The beefy flesh of Alex’s twin balls was incredibly dense and heavy, for these were two mighty sperm factories built for endurance and power, capable of generating truly astounding amounts of cum. So while the burly man nuts might be as big as grapefruits, they were easily ten times as juicy. 

Alex’s balls hung in a thick, oversized scrotum that, despite its enormous size, struggled to contain its huge, weighty contents. And when I say weighty, I mean these great bull nuts weighed a freaking TON! The combined weight of the two orbs was nearly that of a large bowling ball, and stretched Alex’s baggy scrotum a full 4 inches from his tight muscular crotch, allowing his beefy nuts to swing ponderously between his gigantic thighs. The scrotum itself was extremely hairy, coated in coarse dark blond hairs, a testament to the incredible amounts of testosterone pumping through Alex’s behemoth bull balls. 

Alex absently fondled his gargantuan package, unaware at the effect the sight of his mammoth endowment would have on someone walking in, and headed off to the showers. Alex was also unaware that he had in fact been seen by someone, someone who was hiding in one of the lockers, waiting for his chance to get closer to Alex…  

Once he could hear the water running in the shower, Charlie carefully opened the locker door, stepping out of the cramped interior and tiptoeing toward the showers. He peeked his head around the corner, and there before his eyes was Alex in all his glory. The young man had his back to Charlie as he let the water run all over his beautiful, gargantuan, glorious physique. Thus, Alex was unaware that a stranger was standing behind him with a dart gun aimed at his almost impossibly broad back. 

Alex suddenly felt a sharp sting in his right ass cheek, and when he reached down to see what had caused the pain, his hand gripped a 4-inch-long dart that had been sunk to the hilt into his beefy ass flesh. A look of confusion and surprise settled over Alex’s stunningly handsome features, and he looked up to meet the eyes of his assailant for the first time. The man walked into the communal shower area like he owned the place, slowly putting the dart gun back into a holster at his hip. Alex quickly realized that he had been drugged by the dart, and already his great strength was leaving his body. His legs began to tremble, and he dropped to one knee, then to both knees. The man continued to approach him, clearly unconcerned that Alex could do him any harm. Alex tried to call out for help, but all he could do was mumble. He slumped even further, his bare back now against the cold tile walls as his muscular legs slid out from under him, depositing him on his beefy ass. 

The stranger now stood before Alex, and Alex couldn’t help but notice the menacing smile on the man’s lips. To Alex’s horror, the stranger reached down and gripped Alex’s humongous, low-hanging balls, hefting the massive bull nuts in his hand and giving them a few short tugs. 

“Very impressive!” the stranger said. “I think you will be the star of the show!” Before Alex could try to make sense of what the man had just said, his vision narrowed to nothing, and everything went black…  


Alex came to sometime later in some sort of dungeon, manacled at wrist and ankle with thick iron bands and chains. The room was a large one, with a high domed ceiling, and a raised stage or platform in the middle of the room upon which he stood. 

Alex quickly realized he was not alone, for ringing the outside of the stage were the 12 other abductees, all naked like he was, with their ample cocks and balls hanging loose and free. They were all manacled to individual X frames, which also appeared to be on treads that allowed the frames to move forward and back from the center of the stage. 

Located in the center of the stage was a huge orange object the size of a compact car. The object was so huge that at first Alex couldn’t tell what it was, but he quickly realized that it was a pumpkin. And it was easily the largest pumpkin he had ever seen. Carved around the perimeter of the pumpkin were a number of holes, not the typical jack-o-lantern carvings one usually sees at Halloween, but round holes about 2 inches wide. The one directly in front of Alex was larger than the others he could see, with a width of about 4 inches. From within these holes, Alex could see the strong flickering of a warm, yellow light, and he realized that the pumpkin must be filled with dozens if not hundreds of candles. The jack-o-lantern looked evil, and seemed to have a look of hunger on its odd, malevolent face. 

Alex looked about the room, and quickly located his friends Matt and Lou, both of whom showed fear in their eyes. Alex also saw Brent, the water polo champion with his broad chest, tanned body, and close-cropped brown hair; and big Jay, the massive blond powerlifter who, at 6’6” tall and an incredible 335 pounds, was the only man in the room larger than Alex, though his massively muscular body could not compete with the beauty and symmetry of Alex’s awesome physique. He also saw Kevin, the diving champ with the black hair, incredibly tight physique, and beautiful blue eyes; Craig, the muscular blond shot putter who was known on campus as “Mr. Personality” for his ability to make friends with everyone; Adam, the dark-haired, handsome, and quiet track and field star that all the girls swooned over due to his mysterious nature and his soulful brown eyes; Mike, the short, beefy, auburn-haired gymnast with the adorable dimples; Doug, the handsome, dark brown-haired soccer player with the huge, beautiful legs and stunning blue eyes; Ken, the tennis star with the black hair and the lean, muscular physique; Greg, the brown-haired cycling star with the ready smile and easy laugh; and B.D., the big, red-headed hockey player with the masculine good looks and the “bad boy” image. Thirteen men altogether, a collection of the handsomest, hottest, and most athletic men on campus.  

But the question remained, why were they there? 

The college jocks didn’t have long to wait to find out their answer, for shortly, their abductor entered the room. The man was the same one that Alex remembered from the showers, and this time, he was able to get a better look at the man. He was of about average height and muscular build, and approximately 30 years of age. He had dark auburn hair worn short, and hazel eyes, and he might have been considered handsome if not for the cruel expression on his face. 

The man stepped up to the edge of the stage and began circling the men, speaking to them as he walked. “My name is Charlie,” he said, “and I have assembled the 13 of you handsome young stallions together for a Halloween contest, the first of its kind.” 

“In front of you all is the largest pumpkin ever grown. 2,009 pounds of gourd, over a ton of squash, measuring over 8 feet across. It is sitting on a plate of steel with a metal spike passing through the top of it to keep it in place – like a one ton pumpkin is gonna move at all! Beneath the steel plate is a trap door nearly the size of the entire stage, opening onto a large, empty grain silo 50 feet deep.” 

“The rules of the contest are very simple. It is a game of elimination, where 12 of you will be winners and sent home unharmed, and the loser will lose his precious young balls.” 

There were looks of surprise and terror from the assembled jocks as Charlie continued. 

“The object of the contest is to not be the last man to cum. In a moment, I will be moving your harnesses forward and inserting your cocks into the holes carved into the pumpkin. Your job is to fuck that hole as fast and as hard as you can so that you are not the last man to cum. As each of you reaches orgasm, a metal cord will be looped around your balls. The first 12 cords are 60 feet long, while the final cord is only 30 feet long. The ends of these cords are attached to the pumpkin itself. Once the last man has cum and had the final cord attached to his balls, the trap door will open, dropping the pumpkin into the silo below. For 12 of you, this will not be a concern, as the cords wrapped around your nuts will be longer than the silo is deep. But for the 13th contestant, the 30-foot cord will spell certain doom for your balls.” 

Charlie hit a switch, and the harnesses with their captives move forward several feet, so that each man was now pushed up against the pumpkin itself. Charlie starts walking around the men, lubricating one cock after another with generous amounts of oil to prevent chaffing and abrasion, and inserting each cock into the designed hole. The manipulation of the men’s cocks causes most of them to get hard, and though none of the men are nearly as hugely hung as Alex, the young blond football stud can readily see that none of these guys are hung small. 

Charlie gets to Alex last, and eagerly takes the young man’s huge, flaccid cock into his already well oiled hand. As he starts to manipulate Alex’s penis and coat it with oil, he whispers into Alex’s ear, “I am hoping that you are the last man to cum, Alex, as I would love to see those monstrously oversized balls of yours get torn from your body. What a sight that would be! I’ve stacked the deck somewhat against you as well; these other men have not been allowed to cum for between several days and two weeks, meaning that their balls are churning with their seed. Plus, the tranquilizer I used on all of you has a subtle anti-orgasm effect. This has long since worn off on the other men, but you received your dose recently enough that it will serve to slow your approach to orgasm. You’ll have to try twice as hard as the rest of these men to bust your nut.” 

Alex’s cock begins to get rigid in Charlie’s hand, so before it gets too hard to insert into the pumpkin, Charlie maneuvers Alex’s big cock head to the opening and thrusts Alex’s huge penis into the pumpkin’s interior. 

Alex gasps as his cock enters the inside of the pumpkin. He was unprepared for the warmth of the Jack-O-Lantern, the many candles heating up the inside like a warm oven. Alex then realized yet another factor that would not stand in his favor; since he had the longest cock by at least 2 or 3 inches, Alex’s huge horse cock would penetrate deeper into the pumpkin’s interior than the other men’s cocks, and thus would be subjected to the greatest heat from the candles, which were concentrated in the center of the pumpkin. 

“There’s one more thing I want to tell you,” said Charlie. “This entire event is being filmed, and a live feed of tonight’s proceedings is being played as we speak on the internet. There are two dozen cameras hidden around the room, as well as a number of small cameras inside of the pumpkin to catch all of the hot action on the interior. For your pleasure and amusement, I will show the film from the interior of the pumpkin on these monitors placed around the room. I guarantee you that you will all be stars by the end of tonight! Oh, and Alex, now that you have been caught naked on film, the secret of the gargantuan size of your cock and balls is now common knowledge. No more hiding for you, big guy!” Charlie then laughs cruelly at the obvious distress on Alex’s handsome face. 

Once the contestants all have their erections, there is only one more thing to do. Charlie goes behind each man and reaches up between his legs. He feels each set of young balls that he finds there and holds them, touching them as he caresses the dangling essence of their manhood. Whose scrotum will be lost? It is THE QUESTION, and Charlie is eager with anticipation. He then takes a small iron ring and slides the hinged ring around the top of the scrotum of each man. One by one the iron rings are closed, and as they click in place the men’s balls are trapped below the steel. The rings of metal compress the tops of the men’s scrotums, pushing their balls down and stretching the skin. The rings of steel are sharp, with an edge, and as the young men feel the bite their faces change expression. 

And so, finally, it is time for the contest to begin. It’s an intense time, between sex and sexless, between manhood and nothing, between knowing and not knowing. It’s that time, those moments between when the first and the last of the men cum, when all the sperm is flying, that defines the contest and makes it what it is. 

Charlie announces that the contest has begun, and the 13 young men get right to the point, trying to be the first to shoot, to be a winner, to be one of the first men to spray his seed and pump out his wad as he fucks the Jack-O-Lantern. To not be last is to win, and to win is everything. 

These are all young men in the prime of their manhood, and the thought of losing their balls in enough to strike terror into all of their hearts. And so they push with their hips, driving their cocks in and out, in and out; their tight muscular asses bobbing up and down as they do their fucking. The candles’ flames are hot, and as the men push deep inside they feel the sharpness of the flames on the ends of their cocks, and that’s when they jerk their cocks outward, withdrawing them to the edge. Then, because the need is real and the win demands it, they push back inside, and play the game of heat and fire as they fuck the ghoulish pumpkin face with a vengeance. 

It’s like a devil’s fuck, their cocks moving in and out of the candle flames, the thirteen asses moving up and down as the ring of men fucks and fucks. Charlie loves it of course, and he eagerly watches the events on the monitors overhead. The young men move their big cocks like pistons, slamming their slender, muscular hips against the big Jack-O-Lantern hard and fast and oh-so-eager. 

The ones with the longest cocks feel the flames the most, and they tend to pull them out and right to the edge of their holes. In and out they slide their cocks, the bite of the flames in stark contrast to the coolness of the pumpkin’s edge. Sometimes they let them linger there, trying to cool off the ends of their cocks before they make another thrust. It’s a game of strategy as much as it is a simple fuck, trying to decide how hot to let it get in order to keep the erotic feeling building as they thrust. 

Lou, the hunky blond wrestler with the tight, muscular body, seems to figure it out and is the first to shoot, only five minutes into the contest. In another situation, Alex would almost laugh, as Lou was well-known for being oversexed, so the fact that he shoots first doesn’t surprise Alex. Lou arches his back and opens his eyes, and then suddenly he just ejaculates. His sperm shoots out, straight out across the inside, and you can see it from the cameras as the stud empties his balls. He’s squirting a really big load, and there is a sizzle as one of the candles takes a hit with his sperm. 

As Lou cums, Charlie reaches down and picks up one of the thin cables. Because Lou is first, Charlie takes one of the long cables. It was coiled along with the others at the base of the Jack-O-Lantern, and it runs out from the base of the great gourd. The other end of the wire is attached to the steel spike inside, the one running up through the pumpkin. As the blond stud finishes shooting his wad, Charlie reaches up and clips the wire through the ring that encircles his nuts, so that while he is cumming Charlie has literally clipped him to the pumpkin by his balls. After blasting his load, Lou relishes the post-orgasmic rush, and he waits, his dick slowly receding. Satisfied and with his seed deposited, he pulls his thick cock out of the hole and enjoys the coolness of the room while he waits for the others and for the end to come. 

Craig, the big and beefy shot putter, shoots next, a violent shudder running through his enormously muscular body as he reaches climax. You can see his blue eyes, wide and staring, as he grunts out his load and shoots in front of the other guys. As he does so, as he blows his huge wad into the pumpkin, a wad even bigger than Lou’s big load, Charlie reaches under Craig’s big legs, and while the young blond stud grunts out his load, Charlie clips his balls to another of the thin little cables. Craig’s cable is one of the long ones, and the relief in his expression is real and obvious. 

The third man to shoot is the tennis player, Ken. His cock spasms next, and his load pumps out with a surprising fury. He grunts and grunts and as he does so he is grinning, knowing he is one of the 12 that will survive unharmed. As he shoots, Charlie is clipping in his balls, attaching another long cable to his spent nuts. 

Both Brent the water polo star and B.D. the hockey stud start shooting next, and both at the same time, blowing their wads together as they fuck the huge pumpkin. Brent’s load is big, but B.D.’s is huge, the largest yet, blasting copious amounts of thick man cream into the pumpkin. In and out they thrust, their ropes of cum crossing within the flickering light, their wads thick and powerful as if they were fertilizing the great pumpkin. Their expression is priceless...relief they are not the last, that they have escaped from the nightmare the contest will now become. The fear is real and its still there, their ultimate fate still unknown, and so as they shoot their wads they can only wonder if it will be their last. Soon, Brent and B.D. have had their own wires attached to their scrotums, the little cables running beneath the pumpkin that will be someone’s undoing. 

Jay, the huge powerlifter, cums next. He grunts, and then his big balls just seem to explode, dumping out his cream in great gobs that splatter within the pumpkin and onto the candles. His load is even bigger still than the massive load just dumped by the sexy B.D.! A few candles go out, but the flare from the others is no less intense and powerful. Jay grunts, and his whole, massively muscular body seems to shudder as he ejaculates, his entire body convulsing as he pumps out his great wad. Charlie has the cable attached to his big balls long before he finishes, and so by the time he has shot his wad and withdrawn his hot cock, he is a part of the pumpkin like the others. 

The next three men cum in quick succession – the dark-haired diver, Kevin; the handsome young track star, Adam; and the sexy cyclist, Greg. The candles sizzle and pop as the men shoot their cream and squirt inside the big pumpkin, shooting powerful loads into the pumpkin’s interior. Their balls are soon clipped like the others. 

Only three men remain now – Mike, Matt, and Alex. Mike, the handsome young gymnast with the sexy dimples, is the next to cum, his handsome features straining as he finally hits his mark and releases his big load. Sweat runs down his face and body, for he knows he was close to being the last man. 

Now only Matt and Alex remain. It is down to only two now, the last two, and they are both aware that it is almost over. Everyone is watching the two, everyone, including the pair themselves. Alex is terrified, both for himself and for his good friend, and he knows that one of them will end up losing this contest. 

Desperate to not be the last man, Alex continues thrusting with a vengeance. True to what Charlie said, the tranquilizer’s after effects have been hampering Alex’s ability to reach orgasm, but the big hunk can feel his load beginning to slowly build. The huge purple head of his cock, as well as the first four or fiver inches of the underside of his shaft, is slowly turning red from going in and out of the fire, almost like a sunburn, but still he thrusts onward. 

Alex is pumping his muscular hips like a piston, slamming his huge cock in with great force and causing his massive, low-hanging balls to slap solidly against the side of the pumpkin. Because the pumpkin has been partially hollowed out, Alex’s mammoth bull balls beat on the side like a drum, SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! Alex is getting off on the feeling of having his enormous balls beat out a staccato rhythm against the unyielding pumpkin, and he feels his cum begin to rise. Precum is now flowing out of his cock freely, and in such copious amounts that, as it drips and pours onto the candles below, several sizzle and go out. 

The gigantic young football stud looks up, and he can see that Matt is getting close, too. In fact, he notices that Matt alternates between staring at Alex and staring at the monitor of Alex’s huge cock pistoning inside the pumpkin, and Alex realizes for the first time that his friend Matt is sexually attracted to him. Matt is getting himself off by watching Alex! 

The end is going to be close. 

Alex is pumping with a true fury now, and Charlie begins to fear that Alex’s thrusting will actually break through the thick, tough wall of the pumpkin itself. Alex is obviously getting close, his great muscles bulging and straining, his breath coming shorter and faster, sweat running off of his glistening, spectacularly muscular body in sheets. The flow of precum from his cock slowly ebbs and then ceases. Incredibly, Alex’s cock swells larger still, increasing in girth and adding nearly an inch in length, and then his orgasm hits. 

Now, all of the other men had shot big loads, loads that they could be proud of. B.D. and big Jay had shot loads that most men could only dream of shooting, blasting out truly awesome quantities of cum. None of these men could even begin to compare to the load that now issued forth from Alex’s monster cock. 

The first blast was a mighty salvo over six feet long and thick as a pencil, blasting out with such force that it struck the pumpkin wall directly opposite Alex, where is exploded like a bunch of white shrapnel. The second blast was just as large and powerful as the first, as was the third, and fourth, and fifth. In fact, each subsequent wad was as big as the one before it, and there seemed no end in sight to the super human load bursting from Alex’s behemoth bull balls. 

Matt was almost directly opposite Alex, and his cock was struck by several lashes of Alex’s he-man spunk. The sight of this paragon of masculinity blasting out a super human load, plus the feeling of the stud’s white-hot cum blasting against his own cock, was too much for Matt, who let loose with his own huge load. Matt had really big balls, and as one of the first abductees, he hadn’t been allowed to cum for nearly two weeks. Therefore, his load was massive, nearly reaching the proportions of the loads blasted by B.D. and Jay. Again and again, Matt thrust his hips forward and let off another salvo of cum. After 9 big blasts, Matt’s orgasm finally ebbed, and then ceased. 

But Alex’s orgasm still thundered onward, quickly passing the realm of the possible into the unbelievable. A dozen blasts, 15 blasts, 20 blasts, each as massive as the one before and with no end in sight. Many of the candles had gone out from being struck by huge globs of Alex’s incredibly thick and copious cum, but most continued to flicker and burn. A pool of cum was starting to form in the interior of the pumpkin, growing larger and deeper as Alex’s orgasm continued unabated. The men present, including Charlie himself, watched in open-mouthed wonder at the awesome, hyper masculine sight. 

Finally, after 25 massive gushing streamers of cum, Alex’s orgasm began to ebb. The shots remained just as gigantic as the first one, but became more spread out, taking longer each time. And then, with one last thrust, Alex blasted out his 32nd slug of sperm, and then hung in his restraints exhausted, his cock still rock hard and his body coated in sweat. 

He also sighed in relief, for he was not the last man to cum. 

Charlie fastened a cable to Matt’s big balls while the handsome young baseball player trembled with fear, and then he walked over to Alex to attach his cable. But as Alex watched in disbelief, Charlie attached the short cord, painted red, to Alex’s gargantuan bull nuts. Alex wanted to protest, to scream, but Charlie seemed to know what he was thinking, and addressed the captives and the cameras. 

“Alex is unquestionable the loser of the contest. While he wasn’t the last to BEGIN to cum, he was the last to FINISH his orgasm, and thus he forfeits his mighty balls. The rest of you will be able to go home unscathed once the sentence has been carried out. Congratulations, men, and sorry about your loss, Alex.” Charlie then chuckles at his own joke, and heads over to the trap door lever. 

All the men are now tied to the pumpkin by the cables that run from within its hollow soul. Out from under the great pumpkin they go, and then from there to between each man’s legs to the iron ring around their individual sets of young and virile balls. The moment seems frozen in time...and no one moves, save Alex who is now struggling desperately against his restraints, hoping beyond hope to free himself before the inevitable happens. 

Then, without any warning, the contest is over and Charlie pulls on the lever to open the trap door. In almost slow motion, the big trap door on the stage opens, and the huge pumpkin disappears, falling slowly like some huge orange creature, turning in flight as it disappears beneath the stage and drops toward the basement floor at the bottom of the silo. It’s a long fall, as the silo is 50 feet deep, and the cavernous basement welcomes its treasure. From the base of the great pumpkin, attached to the spike buried deep within the gigantic squash, the cables issue forth, streaming out in a blur and attached to the men above. Alex bellows as the pumpkin disappears from view, knowing that in a few moments his precious balls will be ripped from him. 

Alex feels incredible agony as the slack on his short cable is taken up, and the huge pumpkin, weighing well over a ton of gourd, candles, cameras, and 13 huge loads, begins to pull directly at his awesome bull balls. 

Then, the unbelievable happens. 

In a split second, the dangle of Alex’s enormously low hanging balls more than doubles from 4 inches to over 8 inches! 

Impossibly, the pumpkin’s descent begins to slow! 

9 inches, 10 inches, 11 inches! 

The pumpkin is indeed slowing down!! 

12 inches, 12 ½ inches!! 

Surely no balls could hope to support such a weight! 

13 astounding inches!!!

Unbelievably, the gigantic pumpkin is yanked to a halt by Alex’s mighty elephant nuts. Stretched beyond the limit of human endurance and bulging obscenely in their hairy sac, Alex’s huge bull balls bulge enormously and threaten to burst forth at any moment. His ball cords at stretched incredibly taut, impossibly bearing over a ton of weight. Alex bellows in unimaginable agony as the colossal weight rips mercilessly at his defenseless balls. 

The pumpkin itself gently swings at the end of the steel cord attached to Alex’s balls, pulling brutally and violently at the man’s huge meaty eggs. The other men cannot believe what they’re seeing, and Charlie cums in his pants without even touching himself. A one-ton pumpkin is actually being suspended by nothing more than a man’s balls! Alex Campbell must truly have balls of steel!! 

Alex continues to moan and groan in horrific agony, his rock hard cock still jutting skyward and throbbing powerfully. What Charlie and the other guys didn’t know was that Alex secretly got off on ball abuse. He had been beating and stretching his huge bull nuts since puberty, gradually increasing the severity of his self-abuse over time until his balls could endure some really hardcore shit. But nothing that Alex had done to his own balls remotely compared to the unimaginable torture they now faced. Nevertheless, having his colossal stud nuts stretched beyond the limits of human endurance was turning into a powerful turn on for Alex despite the agony, and he could feel another orgasm beginning to swell in his abused and battered loins. 

Then, as the men all watch in disbelief, the pumpkin slowly began to inch its way back up the silo shaft. Beyond all possibility or reason, Alex’s balls were starting to reel themselves back in, lifting the unbelievably massive weight as they climbed back with agonizing slowness toward his crotch. This young muscle stud was truly incredible! A veritable GOD of sex! 

Ever so slowly, Alex’s balls cranked upwards, lifting the unimaginable weight with them as they climbed towards release. Alex’s awesome body flexed and bulged as he fought against the terrible pain, and he thrust his powerful hips, humping the air with his cock, in an effort to get his rocks off. This thrusting action actually added to his horrific pain by causing the pumpkin to swing even more, but Alex’s pain-addled brain doesn’t realize this, so intent is the young man on his desperate need to cum. 

The minutes tick by, and Alex’s huge nuts look positively swollen, bright red and shiny in their extraordinarily overstretched sac. They are up to 10 inches, and then 7 inches, and then 4 inches, their usual dangle, and still they climb upwards. Three inches, 2 inches, and then just one inch to go. Ten minutes have elapsed since the pumpkin was dropped, and Alex’s balls are nearly at the top now. Finally, Alex’s balls lock into place at the base of his rampant cock, hugging the base of his humongous mule cock so tightly it looked like they wanted to go inside his body, but of course they were far too massive to do that. 

Alex fucked the air even harder now, a massive orgasm continuing to build in his loins, even though he had just blown the largest load in the history of the world not 15 minutes prior. The men could only stare transfixed as Alex’s breathing became deeper, his spectacular body tensed in awesome detail, and his cock swelled once more into even more unbelievable dimensions. Finally, Alex bellowed, and the second orgasm began to rock his body. 

Maybe it was the added stimulation of the weight tugging brutally at his balls, or the knowledge that this could very well be his final orgasm, but Alex’s second orgasm was, if anything, even larger than his first. The first blast was an eight-foot-long rope of cum that shot nearly 10 feet straight up into the air before falling toward the pumpkin below. Just a couple of seconds later, a second blast, just as huge as the first, rocketed up into the air. As the first blast was striking the pumpkin with a very loud splash, a third wad erupted from Alex’s powerfully throbbing cock, blasting high into the air before following its fellows into the silo below. 

And so it went, shot after shot, blast after blast, even more monumental and earth shattering than the previous load, if that was even possible. Several of the guys, including Matt and Lou and, most surprisingly, B.D., shot a second load themselves at the sight of this super human muscle stud pounding out the most incredible load ever seen. And STILL the stud thundered on -- 20 shots, 25 shots, 30 shots, 35 shots. Finally, after a full 44 unbelievable blasts of the thickest, whitest cum any of the men had ever seen, Alex’s second orgasm ended, and his still rock hard cock burped out the dregs of its most titanic load to date. 

Below, in the silo, the massive pumpkin was literally coated in Alex’s thick ball juices, white-washed with his sticky and chunky cum. Huge slugs of his sperm dripped off the pumpkin to join the large pool of cum at the bottom of the silo. 

Despite the gargantuan size of Alex’s behemoth bull nuts, no one would have believed that they could carry such a vast quantity of cum if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes. 

With his second orgasm finally complete, Alex’s resistance and strength began to fade. As the other men watched in fear and awe, Alex’s gigantic balls began to sag once again, their weary ball cords slowly lowering them toward the floor. The pumpkin began to descend once again, and this time it didn’t look like Alex would have the ball strength to lift it back up again. 

Two inches, then 4 inches, then 6, then 8, Alex’s balls began to descend rapidly, their strength clearly fading. 

Ten inches, then 12, they still haven’t stopped yet. 

13 inches, then 14, they have descended even further then before, and threaten at any moment to tear from his body. 

14 ½ inches, 15 inches, the sight is absolutely mind boggling, the absolutely gargantuan balls held by an incredibly narrow, stretched neck of his scrotum to the rest of his body, the mighty ball cords clearly visible through the overstretched skin. 

15 ½ inches, 16 inches, such a dangle isn’t even possible! 

16 ½ inches. 

At 16 ½ inches, the pumpkin’s descent finally ceases, as Alex’s ball cords are at the absolute limit of their endurance. They cannot stretch a millimeter further without tearing from Alex’s body. His enormous balls bulge mightily in their sac, a hairsbreadth away from destruction. The pumpkin remains suspended like this for quite some time, slowly twisting back and forth on the end of its steel cord, the sound of huge globs of cum dripping off it to the puddle below echoing back up to the chamber above. Everyone watched in rapt anticipation of what would happen next. 

Maybe it was fatigue from being forced to carry so much weight. Or maybe it was the added weight of Alex’s second load coating the pumpkin and adding even greater weight that finally signaled destruction. No one can really say. But as Alex hung there in his restraints, his balls moments away from finally tearing from his body, the miraculous happened. 

With a loud, sharp SNAP!! the metal ring around Alex’s balls shattered, detaching the cable from Alex’s balls and sending the pumpkin careening toward the ground. The 2,000+ pound pumpkin was moving quickly now, its great mass headed for the floor and its own destruction. There is a crash then, as the great pumpkin hit the floor far below, wetly smashing into a pile of mush and sending a spray of Alex’s cum all over the bottom of the silo. As it disintegrates, the pumpkin frees the other cables still attached to the other dozen young men. 

At the same time, Alex’s beefy balls hurtle upward toward his crotch like an overstretched rubber band, and his huge manly orbs strike the base of his cock with considerable force before falling once again to the bottom of their scrotum. Alex bellows in agony as his brutalized balls strike his body, and then once again as they fall to the bottom of their sac. Even without the weight of the pumpkin to pull them down, Alex’s balls have been stretched incredibly far from his body by the ordeal, and they hang at 8 ½ inches, over twice their normal dangle. But they have done the unbelievable, surviving the most brutal ball torture imaginable! 

And as the men stare in wonder, Alex spontaneously lets loose with his third orgasm, the pain and ecstasy of his balls’ release sending him over the edge once again. Despite the fact that this orgasm was less than 10 minutes after his previous, and that it was his third orgasm in less than half an hour, Alex’s third load was on par with those that came before, a monumental deluge of cum that splashed onto the shattered remains of the pumpkin far below, as if establishing his savage victory over the huge gourd. 

Alex was still cumming when the door to the dungeon burst open and a dozen police officers with their weapons drawn poured into the room. Charlie was so dumbfounded by what he had just seen that he put up no resistance as the officers handcuffed him and led him away. The remainder of the officers helped free Alex and the other young men, and made sure that they were unharmed. 


In the weeks and months that followed, there was a great deal of fallout from the events of Halloween. Charlie was found guilty of a great number of charges, and sent away to prison for life. This made all 13 of his victims very happy, allowing them to once again sleep at night. 

The live feed of the contest was viewed by hundreds of people Halloween night, and it was one of these viewers who recognized the location and tipped the police off to where they could find the abducted jocks. If it had not been for the concerned viewer, then perhaps none of the young men would have escaped intact. 

Since the contest, the video of the night’s events has gone viral and been viewed by hundreds of millions of people all over the world, becoming an internet sensation despite the government’s repeated efforts to delete all copies of the film. Alex was, of course, an instant celebrity and star, as were the other 12 young men. Word quickly spread about the ordeal, the size of his awesome genitals, and his super human virility and power, which caused Alex no end of grief. It took months for the media blitz to die down to a low roar, but he knew that he would never again be able to hide his enormous endowment or fade into the woodwork. 

Requests for Alex’s sperm came in from everywhere, as women the world over clamored to have a baby fathered by this super stud. Though at first he rejected the idea, Alex has begun to seriously consider these offers…

Finally, one good thing did come out of this for Alex. He and Matt have become lovers since the ordeal, having passionate sex every single night. Some of the other jocks from that night have taken part in these intimate affairs as well, including Craig, Mike, and big Jay, and even a couple of the super straight men like B.D. and Lou. Alex’s sexual magnetism was such that it defied sexual orientation, so that even straight men sometimes found themselves irresistibly attracted to him. 

Yes, overall, Alex’s life was good. But always, in the very back of his mind, Alex wondered when the next sicko would come out of the woodwork and try to destroy his huge bull balls. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ball Busting Party

Hello gang! Sorry for the week-long delay in posting -- I was in New Orleans for a long weekend and didn't have computer access. I'll try to be more regular with future postings, perhaps every other day. Even with one new story every other day, I already have enough stories currently ready to post to last for nearly an entire year of blog postings.

I don't know who the author was of the original story I've adapted below, and sadly, I didn't keep a copy of the original. The rewrite below isn't my favorite of my adaptations, but it's a fun group-busting story nonetheless. Besides, I think the original story may be one of my friend Alex's favorite ball busting stories, so this one is for him. :)

Ball Busting Party

Original author unknown

The six college jocks had gotten together for something new. It was going to be a party of nasty sex and fighting. The six sexy guys would have to strip and fight each other depending on the whims of chance and a roll of the dice. They varied in ages from 18 (the youngest) to 22, and all of them were handsome, muscular stud jocks. 

After they settled the rules, they got to it right away. The guys would fight in pairs on a mat in the basement until one guy got his balls busted, and when a guy was totally busted and couldn't fight any more, the other guy could fuck him. They had it all worked out but didn't know how it would come out. 

Round One

They rolled the die for the first time, and it came up Jason. Jason was a lanky but muscled 19-year-old blonde who was handsome-looking and very athletic. He wore gray sweat pant shorts and a white T-shirt stretched tight across his broad chest and washboard abs. He had short, straight hair that offset by green eyes and a gorgeous smile. 

His opponent would be Kyle, a gorgeous dark-haired young stud, also 19. Kyle was well tanned with bright blue eyes, and his intense, sultry stare bore into his handsome blond opponent. Kyle wore orange and blue sports shorts with a colored tee and black Nikes. He was also athletic in build, and though he was the same height as Jason, Kyle had a thicker, beefier build. The two faced off. 

The two boys moved in on each other and exchanged some punches, but Kyle pushed Jason back with a glancing blow to his cheek. Kyle then slammed a punch home to Jason's gut and the boy grunted and fell back still trying to fight but without success. Kyle then grabbed Jason by the hair and tried to yank him into position for a killing shot as Jason struggled to recover. Kyle decided to punch him in the stomach again and connected once more. 

By now Jason knew he was in trouble. As Kyle yanked his head back, Jason struggled back up and yanked Kyle's hands away from his hair. Kyle let go and slammed his foot straight into Jason's very large blond balls. Jason turned white and doubled up. His breath whooshed out of him as he hit the floor and curled up in pain. 

One of the guys yelled "Oh! That's gotta hurt!" 

Kyle just left him laying there. Five minutes later, Jason had coughed a couple more times and barely managed to recover and join the other boys. 


Kyle decided to strip to just his undershorts, which got some of the other jocks to start stripping as well. Kyle looked real hot with his tanned body and white jockeys, filled to capacity with his more than ample endowment. His thick penis was tightly wrapped in an upwards position that arced over his right hip, with his enormous balls cupped below. Kyle was of amazing size and muscularity for his age, and he proudly stood and let the other guys look him over. 

Next, Scott stripped to his shorts too. Scott was 21 and had strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and very fair skin. Scott had very straight short hair, cut short on the sides and a bit longer on top where it sort of flopped in an appealing way. He was extremely good looking and knew it. His tight jockeys revealed the outline of his dick and balls to the other boys. They, too, were very large, and he was proud of them. 

Then Jason had to strip, too. Jason wore these long gray Calvin Klein shorts. You could see his big sack hanging at the bottom of his shorts when he wasn't cupping his battered balls in pain. 

Then Shane, the 18-year-old, stripped as well. Shane was a bit smaller than the other boys because of his age, but still had an impressive, beefy, muscular physique. He also wore a pair of tight jockeys that he had carefully packed his big dick and balls into. He would always put them on and lift his dick up, cupping his young, virile balls carefully underneath. He had thick light brown hair, almost blonde, with a very short haircut and bright blue eyes. 

Round Two

Mike got chosen next. Mike was 22 years old and a really stunning blue-eyed blonde. He had somewhat wavy hair, and he wore black sneakers with a pair of tight blue shorts and a white T-shirt. Mike was tallest and by far the biggest guy in the group, standing 6’4” tall and weighing a whopping 285 pounds of pure muscle, and he filled both his t-shirt and his shorts to capacity. 

Mike was going to have to fight Dan, who was a younger, 20-year-old blonde guy. While Mike had the super beefy, collegiate jock look, Dan was a blue collar kind of a boy. Where Mike’s awesome physique had been built in a gym, Dan’s beefy body had been built doing heavy manual labor back on the farm. Though he was several inches shorter than Mike, Dan was very nearly as heavy, and his awesome 23” arms were the biggest of the bunch. Dan had well-tanned skin, golden hair bleached nearly white by the sun, shining blue eyes, and a dazzling white smile. He wore tight jeans with an extra-large bulge, and a pale blue tank top that showed off his huge chest and mighty arms to great effect. Dan knew he was more than ready to bust this jock pussy's nuts. 

The two boys faced off. Though Mike was a bit taller and heavier, it looked like Dan had the bigger muscles. Both of them circled each other looking for an opening as they got ready to fight. Dan suddenly lunged at Mike, but the other guy dodged his clumsy blow and gave the tough farm boy a solid punch in the gut. Dan grunted out in pain, grabbing his washboard stomach and falling back as Mike followed up with a brutal kick to his crotch. Dan managed to avoid the blow, but he was driven back to the wall. 

Dan yelled out in anger "Fuck you, faggot!" as he launched himself at his enemy again, but Mike was ready. The big college guy blocked the shorter man’s punch and met him with his big foot slamming into Dan s over-ample crotch. Dan’s mouth opened in surprise and his hands clamped down on his huge balls as he doubled up. 

Mike taunted "Who’s the fag now?" as Dan just moaned and hit the floor, coughing and gasping as the waves of pain swept up from his battered balls into his guts. Dan had gotten hit with a hockey puck last year full in the nuts, so he knew something about ball pain, but this was bad! Real bad! 

As the minutes passed, though, the worst of it ebbed and he got mad again. This gave him the strength to grimace and pull himself back into the group. Mike smirked at him "Feeling any better yet, Dan?" and the boys all laughed. Dan just gave him a hard look and spat "I’ll get you next time!" 

Round Three

Kyle was picked again, and looked anxious to fight, especially then he got Jason again! It was a great coincidence, and he looked forward to putting his handsome opponent out for good. Jason looked a bit sick, but he was game, and he hoped to get some revenge. 

Kyle went with the tried and true, punching Jason in the guts and slamming the handsome blond jock hard. 

"Uggghhhhh!!" Jason cried out as he lost his breath. 

‘Shit, this was easy!’ Kyle thought as he grabbed Jason’s arms to pin him back. 

Kyle’s grip slipped and Jason punched madly, hitting Kyle multiple times in the gut. As Kyle let him go, the two boys grappled with each other. As they struggled, Kyle got the upper hand again and tried to kick Jason in the groin. He missed, but Jason was thrown off balance. Kyle slammed Jason into the wall and grabbed his throat. Jason tried to fend him off and grab Kyle’s arms. 

Then Kyle slammed his knee sharply up into Jason’s low-hanging sack. His knee slammed into the stud’s massive, meaty balls and drove them into the wall, crushing them against the unyielding surface. Jason just groaned and slumped to the floor as Kyle let him free. Jason could not believe the pain, and he curled up in a ball on the floor. Kyle almost felt bad for him. But remarkably, the blond stud slowly got back up and rejoined the group, proving that his balls were made of some pretty tough stuff. 

Round Four

Amazingly, Kyle got picked yet again, and this time he got to face off with Scott. The two boys were about the same size but contrasted nicely. Scott had that fair skin and strawberry hair, and Kyle had a nice tan and black hair. Both wore only their tight jockey shorts. 

Scott went for a hold, since he knew some wrestling, but Kyle tried to kick him. Scott blocked the kick easily but missed the hold, so he threw a punch that connected with Kyle’s cheek. Kyle fell back flailing and couldn’t land a good punch. Scott punched again but missed badly as Kyle dodged and tried to slam his knee into Scott’s balls. Scott quickly moved to protect his groin and barely avoided getting nailed. This gave Kyle back the initiative and he grabbed Scott by the arm, trying to drive him to the floor where he could pound him. 

However, Scott knew the wrestling moves better than Kyle, and shook his hold off and slammed a fist into Kyle’s belly. Scott threw more punches at his gut, but Kyle fell back and was able to stop most of the punches as he broke free to regain his strength. 

Scott then attacked again, kicking and aiming for Kyle s balls. He missed and Kyle grabbed his leg, trying to kick Scott in the crotch as he struggled to break free, but missing and losing his grip. Scott regained his balance and slammed Kyle into the wall, trying to get him into a hold. Kyle slammed Scott in the kidneys and Scott lost some of his steam as he winced from the pain. 

When Kyle tried to free himself, however, he tripped and fell to the floor. Scott promptly stomped on Kyle, but Kyle squirmed and avoided the worst, turning around and kicking back from the floor. Scott then jumped on Kyle, pinning him to the floor and trying to choke him. As Kyle was choked, he used his big, strong arms to break Scott’s hold and his legs to throw Scott off of him and reverse their positions. The two kept grappling on the floor, each trying to get a good shot on the other, but finally Scott punched Kyle’s solar plexus, making him let go and break off his attack. 

The two boys fell back from each other, taking a breather. As Kyle moved back in to renew his attack, Scott threw a fast instep kick that hit Kyle right in his tightly packed, dark-haired balls. Kyle grabbed at his big nuts and fell back, starting to moan. He leaned up against the wall clutching his nuts as the wave of pain and nausea hit him, but he refused to drop to the floor. Scott decided he had won the fight and left Kyle to recover. After a few minutes suffering in silent pain Kyle, brought himself back to the other boys without further comment. "You just pissed me off,” he told Scott. "Just wait until next time!” he warned. 

"We’ll see," Scott replied uncertainly. He knew he had gotten in a lucky shot. 

Round Five

Next, the beautiful young Shane got chosen, and his opponent would be big Dan. Though Shane was not as hugely muscular as Dan, Dan was a bit weakened from the pounding his balls had taken earlier. Besides, Shane wasn’t afraid of anybody or anything. 

Dan stripped to his briefs, revealing the huge bulge of his super-thick cock and extra large, randy balls, making his briefs nice and tight.

The two boys faced off, Dan still rubbing the sore bulge in his jeans and Shane looking awesome in his jockeys. Both boys circled each other warily, making a few tentative moves but nothing definite. Then Shane struck, trying to kick Dan in his sore balls, but missing. A few punches then flew back and forth, but nothing connected hard. 

Dan got tired of the sparring and grabbed one of Shane’s arms, pinning it behind his back. Shane tried to break free but fell as Dan tried to punch him in the face. Dan missed and he also lost his hold, and Shane broke free and got back up remarkably quickly. He backed away from Dan, who pushed the boy back towards the wall. 

Dan drove in on the younger guy and they both grappled with each other against the wall, trying to land a crotch shot. Then Dan got Shane in a real hold around his neck and pinned his arm back. Shane screamed as his arm was almost dislocated by Dan’s much stronger arms, which bulged mightily with the effort to pin the younger guy. Then Dan slammed his fist into Shane’s washboard stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Dan knew he had the stud now, and grabbed a hold of both his arms and twisted them behind the guy’s back. Then, victory in hand, he nudged open Shane’s legs for the ball shot. 


He slammed his shoe down hard into Shane’s big, unprotected balls from the rear and crushed them into the concrete floor. As Shane cried out and twisted to protect his testicles, Dan looked down and demanded "Give up yet, boy?"  

In real pain now, Shane was still defiant. "Fuck you!"  he managed to get out as he tried to get out of the hold, but failed. 

Dan brought his foot down again into the stud’s proud nuts and started to grind them down. The pain was excruciating and Shane begged, "No! Please!! (cough) I give!!" 

Dan let the boy out of the hold and Shane curled up into a ball, clutching his poor mashed balls. Even ten minutes was not enough for Shane to recover, so they went on with the game. There was some debate as to whether Dan had cheated by nailing Shane in the balls twice, but they decided that it was OK since Shane had refused to give when he had the chance to. 

Round Six

Jason got picked again, and by now he had recovered enough to battle. He had to strip, and he dutifully pulled off his shorts, revealing his enormous genitals. His huge limp dick looked even bigger on his body, as if he had not yet fully grown into it, and his beefy balls hung huge below. Jason easily had the largest, meatiest balls of the bunch, and now that they were swollen to the size of two fists, they looked obscene in their low-hanging, naturally hairless sac.

He was matched with big Mike, who still had all his clothes on. Mike had beaten Dan and did not think he would have trouble with Jason, who was already weakened by two previous attacks on his huge balls. 

The two circled each other and then grappled. It looked like Mike, who had the superior height and mass, was getting the upper hand, and he pushed Jason into the wall as Jason swung at him and missed. 

Mike punched but missed, hitting the wall behind Jason and cracking the cinderblocks with his mighty blow. Jason then jerked his knee up quickly and connected with Mike’s huge, football jock nuts. Mike fell back, putting one hand rather lightly on his balls and backing away. He looked a bit surprised, and Jason watched as Mike fell to his knees moaning. 

"Shiiit!" Mike moaned softly, followed by a cough. Jason looked just as surprised that he had finally won, and sat back down. A few minutes later, Mike recovered and joined the other guys with a bit of a sick look on his face. 

Round Seven

Jason got the nod yet again and began to think the dice were loaded, but he got paired with Shane, who was just busted twice by Dan. Shane had recovered in the meantime, and despite his pain had brought back his brave demeanor, although it looked more strained this time. Jason decided to wait and let Shane make the first move. 

Shane tried to kick him in the groin, but Jason easily blocked it and grabbed his leg, jerking Shane to the floor with one leg up, the other down. Jason swung his foot down and connected with the 18-year-old’s balls so hard you could hear them crunch. 

Shane gave a loud bellow, clamping his hands to his busted balls and whimpering "I give (gasp)... I give!" 

Jason let him go, flushed by his easy victory. Shane just laid there and began to sob. 

Scott commented "Damn! I don t think he’ll make it again."  

Round Eight

Now Dan was chosen and given Mike to fight again. A rematch! He really wanted to pound this dumb jock. Mike looked a little less confident as he moved out to face Dan again. 

Dan was in briefs only, but Mike still had all his clothes. He took a moment and took off his t-shirt, revealing his thick, massive chest. His brawny chest was a bit sweaty, and he had some light hair growing near his naval and on his upper pecs, but was otherwise hairless. 

He now faced Dan and made his move. He attacked and got Dan in a hold, starting to choke the golden-haired blonde. Desperate to break the hold, Dan brought his foot back and it slammed into Mike’s big nuts. The hold broke and Mike moaned "Fuck, not my balls again!" as he hit the floor. 

Dan came up between the big dude’s wide-spread thighs and kicked again, crushing the stud’s big nuts against his sweaty crotch. Mike cried out, then stayed on the floor moaning as Dan looked down at him in satisfaction. He wanted to do more, but he knew he had to wait. 

Round Nine

Mike was immediately picked again, and was forced to strip out of his clothes. He was clearly having troubles after the two recent kicks to his balls, so Dan came over and helped strip the big muscle stud. Mike wore white jockeys, and his swollen balls hung very loosely from the pain and pressure. He then pulled off his underwear to reveal a thick patch of blond crotch hair and a truly massive cock, one that was well over 12 inches in length when hard and had earned him the nickname “Tank”. His balls were also huge, and his normally baseball-sized nuts had now swollen to the size of softballs from the brutal beating they had received, and they had gone from a healthy pink to an angry red.

This time, Mike would be paired with Scott, the strawberry blonde. Scott still had on his jockeys and was as yet unbusted. He got ready to finish off Mike. 

The fight was over quickly. Mike was in too much pain to fight well, but he tried. Mike faked Scott out as they met, but Mike’s guard on his balls dropped to protect his face. The next thing he knew, Scott had drop kicked him in the balls full force. His huge, loose balls were smashed up into his crotch and flattened as he was hurled back bodily from the force of the blow. Mike turned white and fell to the floor, and finally the big dude passed out from the pain. The other guys knew he was history, but waited ten minutes anyway. For now, Mike was definitely out.

Round Ten

The resurgent Jason got picked again, and now he had to fight Scott, the only as yet unbusted guy in the room. Scott was good, too, and that take down of big Mike had been masterful. 

Scott confidently moved in on Jason, and threw a punch at him. It connected with his gut, but Jason exaggerated the effects to get Scott overconfident. 

It worked. 

Scott moved forward carelessly, sure that he had another easy kill, until he saw Jason slam his foot upwards into his groin. He tried to block it, but it was too late, and it hit him squarely in his balls. Scott turned away and dropped to his knees breathless, choking in pain. Scott just made some whimpering noises as he lay on the floor and Jason looked jubilant at his victory. His massive balls bounced heavily as he did a little victory dance. 

Scott had only just began to recover and move five minutes later when the game resumed. 

Round Eleven

Jason was picked once again, but he got Mike as a partner. Mike could not fight any more as he was too busted, so instead he was tied up. The boys grabbed his arms and cuffed them to a bar about three feet off of the floor and left him kneeling. They then spread his big, muscular legs and cuffed them to a couple of rings in the floor. He was tied up kneeling and spread-eagled, still sobbing in pain as the guys slapped his huge, low-hanging balls a few times for fun. 

Round Twelve

Dan was chosen next, and he stripped naked this time. He was extraordinarily well hung, with a cock that, completely soft, measured over seven inches in length and was as thick as a beer can. His huge balls were the size of tennis balls and hung very low, and he had a bush of darker blond crotch hair that contrasted with the rest of his bleach-blonde hair and smooth body. He sat down and looked around, starting to get semi-hard in anticipation of fucking up the next guy.

The die rolled, and Dan got paired with poor young Shane again! Shane was a whimpering mess, so he was tied up and stripped as well. Dan pulled off his shorts with glee, revealing a large penis and the guy’s swollen, peach-sized balls. They cuffed his hands together to a pole about three feet off the floor, but left him kneeling and his legs free. “Two guys already out!” Dan announced. 

Round Thirteen

Jason was again chosen, but he got paired with Mike once again. He looked the big sobbing stud over as he worked up a huge boner. He rolled for what he was allowed to do to the jock and got a nice result. 

He spread the dude’s enormously muscular legs and took a look at his big, hairy balls. His boner was huge now, arcing up to over 11 inches of thick, hot stud meat, and he started the fun with a powerful kick between the football jock’s legs! 

Mike cried out again as white hot pain shot through his body and his mighty balls were mashed again. The big muscle guy was a total mess now, and he felt like his huge, proud nuts were being reduced to a jellied, meaty pulp of broken ball meat. 

Then he felt Jason’s big dick slipping into his ass. Jason pushed inward, but he couldn’t get in Mike’s tight hole. "Oh, yeah! Where s the KY?" he pulled out and lubed up the jock’s ass, then began to fuck the huge virgin muscle butt. His enormous low-hangers slapped into Mike’s ass as he pumped his dick in and out of the guy, bringing back some of the pain in Jason’s own battered nuts. But Jason ignored the pain and just relished the feeling of screwing this huge muscle stud, who started to squirm and struggle in pain. 

Jason reached down and grabbed the huge double handful of Mike’s swollen nuts and squeezed, hard, demanding that the big guy quit squirming. Mike obeyed, and Jason let up the pressure. 

Soon, Jason was ready to cum, and he started squeezing Mike’s huge balls harder and harder as he rode him. The intense, ball-busting pain made Mike bellow in deep-throated agony, which put Jason over the edge and he finally came. He pumped five big blasts into Mike’s guts, then pulled out and shot the rest of his massive load out onto Mike’s big ass and broad, muscular back, criss-crossing the fantastically muscular expanse with another half dozen or so long, thick ropes of young stud cum. He then fell onto his back and relaxed, temporarily spent from his efforts. 

Mike was officially fucked and now out of the game, so they untied him and the big muscular football jock curled up on the floor crying. 

Round Fourteen

The next match was Dan with Jason, and the two boys knew this would be for keeps! 

The two naked blondes circled each other and then crashed together, trying to knee each other in the groin. Dan’s knee came up first and barely missed, but Jason’s followed quickly and struck dead on! His knee slammed Dan’s huge balls up into his crotch and crushed them almost completely flat. 

Dan’s breath whooshed out of him and he fell back doubled over and quickly hit the floor. Dan moaned as the pain hit him in waves from his crushed nuts. Jason stood over the huge blond muscle man in victory, savoring the moment. After getting nailed three times now in his balls, even big Dan was not getting up any time soon. 

Round Fifteen

Next Jason was linked up with Kyle, who had not fought recently and looked more than ready. Kyle had beaten Jason twice already, but in the meantime Jason had gotten a few victories himself. Kyle peeled off his shorts for this next match, revealing a thick dick with dark pubic hair and a really large set of bull balls. 

The two boys circled each other warily. Kyle didn’t waste any time, and he kicked and aimed for Jason’s huge, low hanging balls. Jason was ready, though, and blocked Kyle’s well placed kick and tried to grab Kyle’s leg. Kyle freed his leg and tried to push Jason back into the wall, and the two boys grappled with each other trying to get a hold. 

Kyle was pushing Jason back, and Jason tried to bring up his knee into Kyle s crotch but missed. Kyle grabbed Jason’s leg and threw him to the floor, landing on top of the boy and punching, but Jason’s knee came up and slammed him in the gut. Kyle fell off of Jason as his breath was knocked out and barely avoided a kick that the recovering Jason aimed at his balls. Kyle avoided a kick to his stomach as he brought himself back up, throwing a punch at Jason’s gut and scoring. 

As Kyle moved in to press his advantage, Jason kicked again and his foot connected with the dark-haired stud’s meaty balls. Kyle had almost reacted in time, and he avoided the full force of the kick, but the pain was still bad. Kyle fell back doubled up and leaned against the wall with a moan, hands tightly clutching his nuts. Kyle coughed and managed to stay up as Jason approached and asked "Do you give, Kyle?" 

Kyle looked up and with a pained expression and gasped "I give."  

Jason had another victory. 

Round Sixteen

Scott then got picked and had to fight again, but he got unlucky and picked himself. This meant that someone got a free shot, and Scott looked horrified at the prospect. 

Kyle was the guy chosen, and he smiled wickedly. Scott gulped and was led to a pole and cuffed and blindfolded. They blindfolded Kyle, too. He would get a free kick, but he had to aim from memory. 


Kyle kicked out hard, and his heel nailed Scott in his balls dead on, slamming them with crushing force against the pole. The pain hit Scott a second later and he bellowed out in pain and squirmed in his restraints. They freed him up and he quickly hit the floor with a groan. His fair skin had turned white as a sheet, though his balls were so red they were nearly purple! 

Round Seventeen

Kyle got chosen next, and he was given the defeated Shane to play with. 

Shane was tied to the floor kneeling with his legs spread, and although still in pain he had recovered some of his senses. Kyle came up to him and grinned "Now I get to fuck you, Shane! But first you have to suck my dick!"  

Kyle went around to Shane’s mouth and forced it open, demanding that the boy suck his cock. Shane refused, and Kyle looked at him and said, "OK then, Shane."  Kyle came around and gave Shane a vicious kick to his exposed testicles. 

The boy began to cry again from the kick to his poor balls, and Kyle asked him again if he would suck his cock. This time Shane complied as best he could. Kyle got hard just looking at the beautiful young man struggle, and he let the wretched boy suck him for a few minutes. When he was good and hard, Kyle went around and greased up Shane’s ass. Then he stuck his dick in the sweet ass and started to fuck him. 

As he fucked Shane, he gave the boy no relief. He grabbed a hold of Shane’s large, loose testicles and used his sack as a handle. Shane’s big balls were crushed and kneaded as Kyle continued to fuck him. Kyle finally felt himself ready to cum, so he gave Shane’s brutalized balls one last vicious twist then let go. He pulled his dick out of Shane’s ass and came buckets, spilling his huge load onto the young guy’s balls and ass until it was dripping onto the cold floor. Kyle then wiped his dick off on Shane’s ass and they untied the violated boy. Shane was out. 

Round Eighteen

Dan got picked again, but despite having been kicked three times in his balls, he refused to give up. He decided to fight and ended up paired with Kyle. Kyle was on a hot streak and Dan was still looking a bit sick from his previous bustings. 

Kyle went right for Dan’s balls but missed, and Dan met the onrushing boy with a powerful punch in the stomach. As Kyle fell back from the mighty blow, Dan followed up with a kick and connected with the dark stud’s sack. 

"Fuck!" Kyle yelled out as balls were smashed for the third time, made all the more painful since he had just blasted out a huge load. 

This time Kyle dropped to his knees and clutched his balls, hardly able to breathe. He was lucky again, though, in that he had once again avoided the full force of the kick. 

Dan was jubilant at his unexpected victory and taunted Kyle "Do you give in, pussy?" 

Kyle was pissed, and he refused to give. "Fuck you, asshole!" he retorted as he got his breath back. 

Dan was surprised, but he moved in to attack again as Kyle got back up off the floor. Dan threw a punch but was surprised by Kyle s quickness. Kyle dodged and kicked Dan in the balls as he was trying to recover his balance. The kick took Dan square in his huge low hanging basket and smashed them hard, real hard. Dan doubled up in surprise and pain as his already damaged manhood took yet another pounding. As fell sobbing to the floor Kyle grabbed his blonde hair and mounted the big stud. "I am going to fuck you here and now, asshole!" Kyle announced. 

Kyle threw some hard jabs into Dan’s iron-walled sides, smashing his kidneys to weaken him further, and then started to hump the muscular farm boy. He quickly got a boner and slammed it in, nailing Dan to the floor and riding the big stud. After a few minutes dry humping the boy, Kyle finally came again all over the blonde’s thickly muscled back and ass, pumping out a second massive load all over the big hunk. 

Round Nineteen

While Kyle was fucking Dan, Jason realized the game was almost over, so he challenged Scott. 

"Strip those shorts off and go for it, Scott. This is the final fight!" 

Scott had recovered by now and he was not about to let Jason ride roughshod over him. 

"Make me take them off!" he challenged. 

Jason attacked, trying to pull Scott down. Scott stopped him and punched, but landed only a glancing blow. The two boys struggled with each other, and then Jason reached down to yank off Scott’s shorts. He got them down his ass and his dick popped partly out of the front as the two fell to the floor, still struggling. Then Jason let Scott’s shorts go and punched him in the gut. Scott grunted as he tried to protect himself and break free. 

Jason then grabbed Scott’s shorts again and yanked them half way off, revealing a large uncut penis and a nicely packed set of big balls with a bit of pale reddish blonde crotch hair. Scott twisted to escape and extracted himself, losing his shorts in the process. 

As he turned to face Jason again, Jason yanked him by his foot and kept him on the floor. Jason stood up, trying to keep his grip on Scott’s foot, but he lost it as the boy broke free. Scott was still on the floor, so Jason jumped on him and caught him around the throat, choking the boy. As Scott fought to protect his throat, Jason reached down and grabbed him by the balls. He yanked Scott’s balls hard and held him by both his throat and nuts now. 

Scott tried to plead "I give!" but Jason ignored him. 

Jason got his boner back and started to hump the struggling boy, fucking him in the ass as he crushed his balls in one hand and kept up the pressure on his throat in the other. Since he had already cum once today, it took longer this time and Scott’s balls were extensively kneaded and twisted as he was brutally screwed. 

Finally, Jason came and shot his entire huge load in Scott’s ass, pumping out an even larger load than before with big Mike. With a final twist of the balls, he let Scott go and the violated boy curled up sobbing. 

The two victors, Kyle and Jason, were now too exhausted to fight anymore, particularly since they had both shot their loads twice. The party was finally over.