Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Genital Weight-Lifter’s Club - Part 4

The Genital Weight-Lifter’s Club - Part 4
Based on an original story by Bagoas 

Men who enjoy hanging weights from their testicles, pushing the limits of what they can carry … and sometimes with disastrous consequences. 


Dave squatted down far enough for me to dismount his colossal schlong, though in truth I was loathe to break contact with that warm pillar of hard and turgid flesh. I wanted to hug that massive cock to my body and never let go! But I was eager to see what big Dave was going to show all of us next. 

The huge naked stud ambled over to the weight rack, his titanic tower of a cock leading the way. That’s when I got my first good look at his backside, and my knees almost went out from under me. Dave’s back was hyper muscular perfection, and I could better appreciate the man’s incredible WIDTH when I got to view him from behind. His legs were equally as spectacular, with massive and exquisitely defined hamstrings and calves that were so huge and so bulky that they looked like a pair of turtle shells had been strapped to the back of his shins. But it was Dave’s ass that truly took my breath away, for I never could have imagined that a man’s ass could be so outrageously muscular and shredded, so mighty, so powerfully erotic. I watched the titanic globes of Dave’s beautiful ass bounce and flex as he walked away from me, and I longed to explore the deep, lightly hairy crevasse between those mammoth mounds of muscle with my hands and tongue, and plant my cock deep inside of him. 

Then again, Dave’s ass looked so extraordinarily powerful that he could probably pinch off the dick of anyone who dared invade his backside just by flexing those ginormous glutes, so I knew I’d have to get permission first. 

The big muscle man effortlessly picked up a large 45-pound plate from the stack, and turned around, holding it in front of him. The rest of us gathered around the handsome muscle hulk to watch what he’d do next. 

Dave aligned the 3-inch-wide hole in the center of the plate with the tip of his nearly 4-inch-wide cock head, and my eyes went wide as I realized what he was about to do. The huge-dicked stud took a deep breath, clenched his powerful jaw muscles, and then yanked the heavy plate back toward his body with a sharp, determined thrust. 

Amazingly, the plate quickly passed over the bulbous cock head and the thick band of its crown. The astounding solidity of the meat in his ever-widening cock shaft resisted further movement, however. Dave closed his eyes, took another deep breath, and mustered all of the strength in those gargantuan arms of his, flexing those magnificent muscles and gripping the plate firmly with both of his big, meaty hands. Then he gave a second, even harder pull on the plate, twisting and torcing it as he did so. 

It was a monumental yank, pitting the steel of the plate against the steel of the stud’s own cock, and the plate won. Dave’s astounding cock girth gave ever so slightly, allowing the plate to jump another 3 inches up his cock shaft, but further progress was clearly impossible. Dave’s mammoth cock shaft continued to widen to about 4.5 inches in width about one-third of the way back from his cock head, narrowing slightly again as it traveled the rest of the way to his hairy groin. There was simply no WAY that the 3-inch-wide hole in the plate could ever be forced past the thickest portion of Dave’s monster cock. So maybe the steely cock won after all! 

Dave just stood there with his eyes closed for several long minutes, taking slow and steady breaths as he held the plate aloft with both hands. The incredibly tight constriction of the plate appeared to be causing Dave intensely pleasurable pain, and it looked for all the world like he was trying to hold back from cumming. Maybe fucking a tight steel hole with his massive cock was this stud’s version of sex! God knows that he was far too big and FAR too thick to fuck any human orifice! 

The weight was obviously causing some serious constriction of Dave’s cock, for as I watched, the head and exposed few inches of cock shaft turned a darker purplish-crimson as the blood that was being pumped into the area found it harder to escape. The already prominent veins in the three inches of shaft beyond the plate grew thicker and more pronounced as they, too, were forced to hold more and more blood within their channels. The fist-sized cock head became visibly hardened, swelling so huge that its shiny dome reflected the light, taking on the look of hot, hardened steel. 

I’ll never forget what happened next. Dave took a big, steadying breath, and then he let go of the plate with both of his hands. And his rock hard cock didn’t budge an inch!! That titanic cannon of a bull cock remained ramrod straight and maintained its 60 degree angle, despite the 45 pounds weighing down the humongous dork more than 12 inches up its colossal shaft! 

And then he began doing curls!! With his COCK!!! 

Dave would slowly relax the intensely tough muscles of his groin to let gravity have more and more control of the weight. The weight slowly dropped one inch, then two inches, then three inches, with Dave showing extraordinary cock control the whole while. Four inches, five inches. Finally, after dropping about six inches, Dave’s cock was perhaps 30 degrees up from horizontal, and that’s where he arrested any further droop. Then, with a small grunt of effort, he flexed his groin and cock muscles again, and the weight snapped upward with tremendous speed and force. 


The edge of the plate collided with the stud’s upper abdominal wall with a thick and beefy sound of steel-on-flesh, striking the top row of Dave’s cobblestone abs so hard that it must have hurt. Dave’s cock had regained all six inches it had dropped and then some, climbing nearly vertical before being stopped by the collision of the steel plate against his body! Hell, I have no doubt that his mighty cock would have easily struck his body if the plate wasn’t in the way! 

Then, with exquisite slowness, he lowered his weight-bound cock again, dipping it slightly further this time, and then snapped it back to attention, striking his abs once again! 


Over and over and over again, Dave curled the huge 45-pound weight with the sheer power of his cock muscles alone! It was an awesomely powerful sight! Any other man would have suffered an instant hernia from attaching such a huge weight to his cock, and likely would have ended up with a cracked shaft or even a sudden and violent penectomy from such an extreme weight lifting attempt. But Dave continued to prove that he was tougher and stronger than any other man alive as he set his cock through ten mighty reps. 

Then he grabbed the plate, resting for a few moments, and pumped out another ten reps! And then another ten reps after that!! 

After the third set, Dave grabbed the plate once more, and then beckoned me and another guy over and asked us to stand on either side and hold the plate steady. We did so, and then watched as he grabbed a second 45-pound plate. Dave lined this second plate up with his bloated and distended cock head, took another huge breath, and then rammed the plate onto his cock! He gave such a mighty yank that, despite the swollen state of his cock head and the even greater hardness of his bloated shaft, Dave managed to rip the weight rip past his bulbous cock head and down the couple of inches of exposed cock shaft to slam it hard against the first plate. God, what power!! We watched in stunned silence for what we all knew would come next. 

Sure enough, Dave took another deep breath, and released the two plates. This time, the stud’s huge cock quickly dipped a good three or four inches before arresting any further drop. Dave flexed his mighty cock, bringing the weights back upright, and then slowly started relaxing his groin muscles like before, letting the weights slowly droop toward the ground. 

So began Dave’s next three sets of cock curls, but this time with 90 pounds strapped to his uber cock!! The greater weight caused his cock to dip almost down to horizontal with each relaxation, but each heroic flex of his schlong created an even longer arc of travel than before, for the edge of the two plates still collided with Dave’s abs, just not quite as hard as before. Dave was also grunting a little harder with effort this time around, and sweat was once again beading all over his monumentally muscular body, dripping off of him in warm, salty rivers. His melon-sized boulder balls were particularly sweaty, the dark hairs covering his mammoth scrotum glistening with moisture. 

I was awestruck with the power and majesty of what this giant muscle man was doing. We all were. We were all mesmerized as we watched this muscular stallion pound out three more impossible sets of cock curls, and I know that at least a couple of the other guys in the club lost their loads then and there. 

But big Dave wasn’t done yet. 

Dave had me and my fellow weight bearer hold the two plates aloft while he grabbed a THIRD 45-pound plate! This time, Dave took several deep breaths before jamming the plate onto his swollen cock. The deep purple cock head was now so huge and hard, however, the he couldn’t get this third plate past the crown. He gave a couple more hard yanks, and still no success. A look of animal fury and determination took over Dave’s handsome features at that point as he mustered every ounce of strength in his colossal arms, and then gave one more violent yank, his hardest yet. The third and final plate popped over the thick ridge at the crown of Dave’s cock head, and was locked into place. He was now ready for his most daring and impossible feat yet. 

I stepped away, allowing Dave to take firm hold of all three plates. I took a moment to admire the fact that this huge man was holding 135 pounds of solid steel out in front of him like it was nothing, so powerful and mighty were his massive arms. Dave stood this way for a long, long time, clearly psyching himself up for the challenge ahead. Then he left go of the plates… 

The plates seemed to plummet at first, and it looked like gravity would finally win. I gasped - I know a lot of us did - and I thought for sure that my handsome, hairy hunk of a man was about to sustain a terrible injury. But Dave let out a short bark of pain and fury, flexed his groin muscles for all he was worth, and stopped the dangerous plummet of the three plates. His mighty 19-5-inch bull cock had dipped a couple of inches BELOW horizontal before the fall was stopped, shifting under the colossal load of weights, and he regained a good four or five inches as he threw all of his awesome power into his groin flex. His gargantuan column of manmeat was indeed stronger than steel! 

Then, amazingly, Dave started his next set of cock curls. 

Concentrating as hard as he could, Dave slowly relaxed his groin muscles, letting his weight-burdened bull cock droop farther and farther down, farther than I’d ever seen it droop before. Lower and lower it sank, inch by inch, the stack of weights inexorably drawing the purple-hued head toward the floor. The prominent veins on the cock shaft started to stand out in deeper relief than ever before, swelling even larger as they struggled to carry the impossibly heavy burden. Even Dave’s huge bollocks began to bulge as the tremendously thick base of his cock shaft began to lever downward into their dense bulk, pushing down on their great mass from above. Dave’s cock was pressing down so hard on his balls that soon Dave’s own mighty nuts were carrying a portion of the heavy weight. Finally, Dave’s cock came to a rest at a greater than 30 degree angle BELOW horizontal, partially supported by his own straining balls! It was a more than 90 degree angle change from the stud’s unburdened cock!! 

Dave’s titanic thighs were spread wide as he struggled to carry the enormous weight with his cock, and he was breathing deep and fast as he concentrated on his screaming groin muscles. Then, with a bellow of fury and power, Dave began to flex those terrific muscles once more. 

It took a couple of moments before his cock began to move, then with ponderous slowness, it began to lift off the cradle of his balls and start to climb upward. Dave kept on uttering that thunderous bellow as he poured more and more strength into his crotch and cock. These were ‘concentration curls’ indeed! 

Higher and higher the weights climbed until, at about a 30 degree positive angle, Dave suddenly released the weights, and they crashed back down toward the ground. I thought for sure Dave’s cock was going to snap right off at the base, but at the very bottom of the arc, Dave flexed again, and slowly brought the weights up toward the ceiling, a little bit higher this time than before. 

He relaxed his heroically straining groin muscles again, letting the weight fall before catching it again and lifting it upward. He repeated this extraordinary feat of strength again and again, rep after rep, slowly increasing the arc with each rep. The strain was clearly incredible, for Dave was flexing every last one of his magnificent muscles in a glorious display of hyper masculine beauty, crying out in anguished lust with each forced rep. We were all silently counting along with the big stud, and it seemed impossible that he would reach ten reps…but he somehow kept right on going. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Each rep more of a struggle than the one before. 

Dave flexed his cock one final time to hit his tenth rep, throwing his flexing arms out wide for balance as he thrust his impossibly muscular hips forward, bellowing like some great, rutting beast. The plates rapidly soared upward as Dave achieved the greatest single arc of movement yet, going from 30 degrees below horizontal to his full upright angle of 60 degrees! And there he held the weights for second after second, roaring in fury and victory, holding 135 pounds aloft with nothing more than the awesome power of his titanic cock! This was no mortal cock, this was a power-tool unlike anything ever conceived or created by man before, and it belonged to a stunningly gorgeous, 380-pound mass of magnificent muscle!

That’s when his second orgasm hit. 

Dave’s cock began to pulse and throb like never before, the already ready-to-burst veins running all up and down its colossal shaft swelling bigger STILL as the mighty tool began to pump in a furious and violent ejaculation. But as I watched, the gigantic cum tube running down the length of the underside of that tremendous cock bulged and swelled to grotesque proportions as the almighty wellhead of Dave’s cum was stopped dead in its tracks by the triple constriction of the three weight plates secured behind the head of his cock! I thought for sure that that huge pipe was about to burst, for it doubled and then TRIPLED in size, bloating to impossible dimensions as the titanic load backed up in Dave’s aching loins. 

Judging from the deafening howl of agony erupting from Dave’s massive chest, it must have felt like a freight train had crashed directly into his cum-bloated nuts, and they, too, started swelling with the too-long-held spunk that was backing up into their dense meat. My heart filled with panic as I realized that I was about to witness the violent destruction of the most magnificent set of male genitals in the world, for it was clear that the horrific pressures building up in Dave’s loins were nearing the bursting point! Either Dave’s colossal cock or gargantuan balls - or both - were about to rupture as they catastrophically failed!! 

Then, with the suddenness and force of a cork shooting out of a champagne bottle, all three 45-pound weight plates popped off of Dave’s pulsing and trembling cock, forced off by the violent throbbing of Dave’s dick and the tremendous pressure of cum built up inside the cock shaft! The plates tumbled to the ground with a terrific clatter as the first gigantic jet of cum erupted from the huge stud’s bloated and distended cock. 

How can I describe Dave’s second orgasm? Words can’t do it justice! It was massive, violent, volcanic, cataclysmic, shattering the records of his previous cum load in both volume and force, and annihilating any conceivable upper limits of the male orgasm. Dave was facing the center of the club this time, so his load blasted out into the crowd of horny men, pelting them with his hot, chunky fluid. Great ropes lashed across a dozen men at a time, huge slugs splattered wetly against naked flesh, mighty salvos struck men so hard that they had to take an involuntary, stumbling step backward from the force of the blow. A chorus of grunts and groans met Dave’s own bellowing cries of release, as at least a dozen other men spontaneously shot their loads at the same time, overwhelmed with Dave’s super human feats of strength and virility. 

Even Dave staggered under the onslaught of his titanic orgasm, his great knees nearly buckling from the intense, agony-filled pleasure of finally getting his rocks off! I quickly lost count of the number of separate blasts of cum that spewed forth from Dave’s pulsating penis. 18? 20?! 25!?! All I know for sure is that it lasted a long, long time, and by the end, it looked like the mighty stud had shot TWICE as much thick hunk spunk than in his previous colossal load!! The dude was a walking sperm MACHINE!! 

A few more, weaker pulses jetted out of Dave’s gigantic cock, vomiting forth even more of his never-ending supply of stud seed to mix with the great morass of hot, slick nut oysters coating the floor. Dave then shuddered all over with the final aftershocks of his monumental orgasm and said, “Now THAT is what I call a pump!” 

I reverently reached forward and grasped the business end of Dave’s still diamond hard cock with both hands, profoundly awed by the extraordinary power of the stud’s mighty dong. I could see a triple band of reddened discoloration from where the three plates had tried to choke off the end of his gorgeous dick, but no other sign of injury or insult marred his magnificent tool. I placed my thumbs along the underside of Dave’s cock down near the base, wrapping the rest of my fingers around as much of the meaty shaft as I could, and slowly pulled my hands upward. Like squeezing toothpaste from the tube, I was pulling out all of the thick, clotted bull jizz that was still backed up in his pipes. Huge chunks of the stuff started pouring out of the distended tip of his bloated cock, slugs of nut juice so heavy and huge that when they struck my still jockstrap-clad cock on the way to the floor, they made my aching 9.5-inch boner bounce with each slap of spunk on cock. 

I must have had a dumbfounded look on my face, for as my gaze returned upward to meet Dave’s own blue, blue eyes, the handsome muscle man smiled down at me and pulled me in for another deep kiss. Since I wasn’t mounted on the base of his huge cock this time, I could really feel the height difference as he bent down to kiss me, gently placing a huge hand on either side of my face to pull me in close. This time, the titanic column of his cock was trapped between our two bodies, and I’ll be damned but the cum-slick tip of his cock was poking me just beneath my fucking chin!! 

The spell of silence over the rest of the room was broken at that point, and the other guys started hootin’ and hollerin’ over Dave’s most recent performance, slapping him on his huge back and congratulating the big stud. Even Big Bruno, who by now realized he was a distant second fiddle to the incomparable Dave, was grinning like an idiot and playfully punching Dave in a muscle-bloated shoulder. 

Dave smiled and thanked the other guys, even as he continued to hold me tight against his magnificently muscular body. I then saw a sparkle creep into the stud’s gorgeous blue eyes, and he said, “So, any of you big guys up for a game of tug-of-war…?” 

Friday, November 22, 2019

The Genital Weight-Lifter’s Club - Part 3

The Genital Weight-Lifter’s Club - Part 3
Based on an original story by Bagoas 

Men who enjoy hanging weights from their testicles, pushing the limits of what they can carry … and sometimes with disastrous consequences. 


Dave slowly squatted down and lowered the huge weight stack to the floor, allowing me to start removing the sperm-drenched plates from the platform. Once the weights were removed, I disconnected the chain and ‘D’ right from the leather parachute, and then unclasped the parachute from around the neck of Dave’s huge purple nutsac. 

With the weights removed, Dave’s balls immediately shot back upward. Amazingly, despite the extraordinary stretching they’d just received, their dangle had been increased by only about half an inch, so that they hung just 2.5 inches below the base of his granite hard bull cock. With the horrific strain removed, the gnarled, protruding veins gradually receded and both of those twin bollocks were quickly drained of their deep purple color, returning to something approaching their healthy pink shade. I noticed, however, that patches of bright, glowing redness marred their vast surfaces where the dense mass of the bulky nuts had suffered the most punches from my hard-knuckled fists. 

Concerned that I may have inadvertently caused some actual harm to Dave’s goliath bollocks, I reached up with both cum-slickened hands and grasped as much of those two mammoth bollocks as I could, gently fondling and caressing those extraordinary lumps of warm man meat and looking for injuries. I gave a few experimental squeezes, and was stunned and relieved to discover that my recent assault had barely even made a dent in the unimaginable strength and resilience of Dave’s magnificent testicles. True, they felt just the littlest bit puffy and spongy to my clenching fingers, but they barely dented a few millimeters before refusing to deform any further. Any other man’s balls would have been ruptured and utterly demolished by the brutal pummeling I had just given them, but Dave’s behemoth balls were still nearly as firm and solid as they’d been at the start of the evening, and looked ready to endure even MORE abuse! AMAZING!! I couldn’t wait to see what this mighty muscle man had in store for all of us next! 

After I stood up, Dave bent down and scooped up more of his thick nut sludge up off of the floor. As he stood up, he positioned his titanic boner between my naked legs, so that as he stood up to his full 6-foot, 5-inch height, his cock was wedged between my blond, hairy thighs. Incredibly, as the V between his cock and his groin met the bottom of my crotch, I felt my bare feet leave the floor, for the unbelievably mighty bull was lifting me up by his cock!! 

I slid forward on the length of his cum-slick shaft until my torso was pressed tight against his mammoth muscles and my aching balls and ridiculously hard cock were smushed up against his steely hard lower abdominal wall. Even more amazing was the feeling of the base of his cock firmly planted beneath my balls and perineum, and the ridiculously thick shaft wedged between my solid, muscular ass cheeks. If I leaned my shoulders back a bit, I could even feel the great rounded knob of his gigantic cock head tapping me in the spine, just below my shoulder blades! Holy shit!!!

I instinctively clutched my muscular thighs tight around the thick column of warm, rock solid meat between my legs, both to hold on and to revel in the insane size of the monster cock that was now holding me aloft. My hands gripped the gigantic bowling ball shoulders of the handsome giant, and I couldn’t tell what felt more hard — the colossal muscles of his mighty delts, or the enormous tubesteak between my legs! 

I felt even more tiny and weak pressed up against Dave like this, yet at the same time I felt completely safe and protected. The feeling of smooth, hard muscle and coarse chest hair rubbing against my body was making me feel woozy with lust, with the solid nubs of Dave’s thick nipples digging into my own pecs making me moan with delight. Lifted up on Dave’s mighty cock, I was almost eye level with the devastatingly handsome stud, and our faces were just inches apart. His bright blue eyes were filled with an aching need that was mirrored in my own, as we stood locked in each other’s gazes for several long moments. 

Dave then lifted up his right hand, the one that had scooped some of his own baby batter off of the floor, and held his palm up to my lips. Like everything about this extraordinary man, Dave’s hands were huge, so it looked like he was cradling well over a cup of jizz in his hand. My lips parted and I tilted my head back as he poured the gloopy, still warm cum into my hungry mouth. His beautiful lips then parted as he leaned forward for a kiss, our mouths devouring one another as we passed Dave’s hot spunk between each other. 

There was so much spunk that some of it inevitably drooled out the sides of our mouths in long, ropey strings, but in the end, the vast bulk of it got swallowed (more like guzzled!) down our respective throats, followed by a great deal more passionate kissing. The rest of the world nearly faded away as I made out with the handsomest and hunkiest man in the world, astounded beyond measure that this epic paragon of manhood was clearly just as turned on by ME as I was by HIM! I could vaguely hear the sounds of moans and groans and hard cocks being jacked as the rest of the men in the club encircled us and got off on our erotic embrace. 

After a blissful eternity, our lips finally parted, and Dave gazed longingly into my eyes before saying, “I could easily fall for a man like you, Josh! You’re absolutely beautiful in every way, from your handsome face to your tight, muscular body to that thick, hard tool of yours that you’re trying to drill into my belly. Most of all, though, I can tell that you have a beautiful soul. I knew it from the moment our eyes met — the connection was instantaneous. I could easily drown in the depths of your green eyes and never come up for air.” 

Breathless and with a fluttering heart, I truthfully replied, “I feel the same way, Dave! I’ve never felt this way with another man before! It’s more than just the physical — though the physical is beyond anything from my greatest fantasies! I don’t know how it’s possible to feel something so instantly like this, but I feel like you’re my soul mate!” 

After blurting out those words, I blushed with embarrassment, and my insecurities started creeping back in. “I just can’t believe that YOU are into ME!” I said, looking down and away from this achingly handsome man before me to hide my shame. “I can’t even BEGIN to compare to you!” 

Dave wrapped both of his titanically massive arms around me, holding me in a gentle but very firm embrace, and replied in a teasing voice, “Oh, shut it, Josh! Are you kidding me?! Do you not see how insanely handsome and attractive you are?! Don’t assume that just because I’m 6-foot-5 and 380 pounds that I want the same exact thing in a partner. You, Josh, hit ALL of my buttons — short, beefy, boyishly handsome but with a man’s body. And you’re hung like a freaking mule!” he said, playfully wrapping his hand around my jock strap-clad boner and giving it a firm squeeze, making me moan with desire. “Don’t ever doubt for a moment how much I’m attracted to you, okay? I’m yours, and I’ve been yours ever since I looked into your eyes.” 

I looked back into Dave’s blue eyes, hope soaring in my chest, and read the truth of every word in his loving gaze. A stupid-looking grin split my face, and I lunged in again for more heavy, athletic kissing, which Dave returned with equal passion. 

After a time, our lips parted once more, and Dave said, “Now, as much as I like having you perched on my cock like this, I’m going to let you down now. I want to impress you with some more of my strength, but that requires that I have my cock free.” 

Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Genital Weight-Lifter’s Club - Part 2

The Genital Weight-Lifter’s Club - Part 2
Based on an original story by Bagoas 

Men who enjoy hanging weights from their testicles, pushing the limits of what they can carry … and sometimes with disastrous consequences. 


Dave looked even more impressive and god-like from my vantage point kneeling on the floor. He was chiseled, muscular perfection. His muscles were so gigantic that they should have looked ridiculous or overblown, but he was so defined and cut and exquisitely proportioned that he didn’t look ridiculous at all. On the contrary, he was the sexiest sight I had ever seen, or could have ever imagined. His colossal cock looked like a battering ram, measuring well over a foot and a half in length and standing upright at about 60 degrees. When I considered how unbelievably heavy his cock must be, I was even MORE impressed — Dave must have phenomenally strong groin muscles to be able to lever his massive cock so far against gravity! 

As if reading my mind, a grinning Dave flexed his mighty horse cock for me several times, causing it to slap against his rock solid abdominal wall one, two, three times with a staccato smack of beef on beef. It was with awe and wonder that I realized that the huge cockhead itself was colliding with the incredibly deep valley between his lush and voluptuous pectoral muscles, a crevasse so deep that it could have swallowed my entire hand with room to spare! It seemed impossible that any man, even the giant tank of muscle standing before me, could have a cock so insanely long, but my eyes beheld the truth — Dave was truly hung like some huge prehistoric beast! 

His mammoth bull balls were the perfect match for that heroic horse cock, so huge and heavy and hairy and full, begging to be put through their paces. And that was just what Dave intended to do. 

At Dave’s urging, I attached the ‘D’ ring and chain to the back of the testicle parachute, and placed the flat weight plate at the bottom of the chain. Then I started adding the weights. 

Now we’ve had some impressive sights here at the club in the past, with many a man proving his mettle by lifting huge amounts of weights with his nuts. I’m rather proud of my own personal record of lifting 80 excruciating pounds with my large nutsac, which is more than the majority of the guys here can lift. Of course, Big Bruno has us all beat, as he’s able to lift an extraordinary 150 pounds with nothing but his massive, lemon-sized bull balls. But nothing I’d ever seen prepared me for the magnificent feats of strength performed by Dave that night. 

Dave told me that he wanted to ‘warm up’ with a pair of 45-pound plates. I think I gulped so loud that Dave heard me, for he looked down at me, grinned, and assured me that he could handle considerably more than that. So while Dave squatted down and rested the weight plate on the floor, I loaded on two 45-pound steel plates. I also got to enjoy a very close up view of Dave’s titanically muscular thighs bulging and flexing even BIGGER as he squatted down - what a sight! 

With the plates loaded onto the base, Dave thanked me and then stood upright in one smooth, swift motion. Seemingly effortlessly, the 90 pounds of metal was lifted into the air by Dave’s gargantuan coconuts, the handsome stud just looking ahead and smirking as he started doing deep squats, over and over again, letting the weights clang against the floor and then hoisting them rapidly upward again. He must have done something like 40 repetitions, and I just stayed there kneeling on the floor with a ringside seat, marveling as this stud’s extraordinary strength and beauty. I also noticed that, despite the heavy weight dangling from them, Dave’s huge balls hadn’t increased their stretch by any appreciable amount that I could see, and still maintained their natural 2-inch dangle. ‘Fuck!’ I thought, ‘Those must be some damn powerful ball cords anchoring those mega nuts to his body!’

Dave then squatted down again and asked me to add two MORE 45-pound plates! I did the quick math in my head, and realized that Dave was about to break Bruno’s weight-lifting record by a good 30 pounds!! I quickly did what I was told, and then leaned back on my heels to watch the show. 

Sure enough, without even a grunt of effort, Dave’s mammoth thighs powered his body upward in one clean motion, hauling a full 180 pounds of solid steel behind him. God, the sight was breathtaking! His behemoth balls were bulging magnificently at the bottom of their hairy sac, but looked none the worse for wear as they carried the better part of 200 pounds from their mighty ball cords. This time, Dave’s scrotum looked to have stretched just a little bit farther than before, to perhaps 2.5 inches. Considering the awesome amount of weight that the stud’s mighty spuds were carrying, that was a ridiculously small stretch. 

I must have said something aloud about it, because Dave said, “Yeah, I’ve got a ferociously tough set of ball cords, and it takes a hell of a lot of effort just to get them to stretch at all. You’d think as huge and heavy as my balls are, their sheer weight would make ‘em naturally swing low in my nutsac, but nope. I think it would be super sexy if my big fuckin’ nuts hung halfway to my knees, but I’ve been stretching ‘em almost every day since I hit puberty, and I’ve barely gotten two inches of dangle. I keep hoping that if I stretch them long enough and hard enough, I’ll be able to make that stretch permanent.” 

“Wanna help me reach my goal, dude?” he asked, winking down at me on the floor. 

“Fuck yes!” I exclaimed, and then watched in awe as big Dave did another 40 or 50 deep squats with four 45-pound plates hanging from his huge nuts. 

After that massive set, Dave let the weights fall to the ground again with a loud CLANG, and then squatted there for a few moments to catch his breath. A huge smile broke across his breathtakingly handsome face as he looked at me, and I could tell that he was thoroughly enjoying himself. For that matter, so was I! Dave’s massive, muscular, magnificent, and perfectly hairy body was starting to glisten with sweat, but it was clear that Dave was still just warming up. And that became perfectly clear as he gave me the next command for weights. 

ANOTHER four 45-pound plates. 

‘Holy FUCK!!’ my mind shouted. ‘What’s he trying to do?! CASTRATE himself!?!’ There was simply no way a man could suspend 360 pounds of iron from his nuts without ripping them off, no matter HOW big or strong they were!! 

I immediately started protesting, and Dave said, “Yeah, you’re right… that’s not enough weight. I’ve done 360 pounds before, so I think it’s time to break my personal record. Let’s go for 380 pounds. I’ve always wanted to carry my own bodyweight from my big boys.” 

My thick, 9.5-inch cock gave a massive lurch in my cum-soaked jock strap as a huge jet of precum squirted right through the wet material. First of all, DAMN, this huge dude was even bigger than I thought!! In fact, he was TWICE my own body weight!! No doubt it was the sheer awesome density of this thick muscles that added those additional pounds to his overall weight. And second, he wanted to HANG all of that weight from his BALLS!?! It was fuckin’ INSANE!!! 

I must have been mesmerized by his beauty and sheer animal magnetism, though, for I immediately started obeying Dave’s wishes. While he squatted down, I added four more of the large, 45-pound plates to the tray, and then two more 10-pound weights for good measure. The thick stack of weights was now climbing more than halfway to the stud’s massive, dangling bollocks, and it looked utterly impossible that ANY man could lift such a load! Hell, only a small fraction of men could squat so much weight with their whole bodies, let alone just their delicate and fragile nuts!! I was already feeling tremendously protective of this handsome young man, and I didn’t want to see anything bad happen to him or his extraordinary genitals. 

At the same time, I ached to see him perform even more extraordinary feats of manly strength. 

Dave flashed another dazzling smile at me and thanked me, then turned to look straight ahead as he focused on the impossible task in front of him. I could see the huge muscles in Dave’s heavy, uber masculine jaw bulge and flex as he steeled himself for the Herculean task. Then he took a deep breath, expanding his chest to even more colossal dimensions, and then began to push upward. 

With my ringside seat, I watched as Dave’s body seemed to rise in slow motion, but his huge balls remained steadfastly in place. Instead of lifting the weights upward, Dave’s rising body was simply stretching out his thick scrotum, causing the neck of vitally important ball cords and blood vessels to elongate more and more as the massive stack of weights kept his huge nuts locked with the floor. My eyes slowly grew wider and wider as that scrotal stretched increased — 2.5 inches, 3 inches, 3.5 inches — with no movement in the weights below. Dave’s swelling and trembling leg muscles looked like they were going to rip his magnificent bollocks right off of his body!!! 

Then, at a stretch of 4 full inches, doubling the stud’s initial dangle, the massive stack of steel plates began to ponderously lift off of the floor! Dave let out a deep grunt of effort as he forced his gigantic legs to straighten out, hauling 380 pounds of dead weight up by nothing more than his own mighty mega nuts! When he was fully upright, Dave let out another grunt, a sharp bark of victory, and then hit a double bicep pose that had the whole room full of men cheering and shouting. 

I was utterly speechless, just staring at Dave’s heroically straining bull balls. Even as I watched, those mighty, melon-sized lumps of man meat grew a darker and darker shade of red, almost turning purple with the strain of carrying almost 400 pounds in the air. Veins began to pop out all over their vast curved surfaces, swelling bigger and thicker with each passing second. As I scanned upward, I could actually see the stud’s powerful ball cords through the stretched-out skin of his scrotal neck, and wasn’t surprised to see that those super human ball cords were much thicker than any cords I’ve seen on another man. Of course they were; EVERYTHING on this achingly beautiful muscle man was built big! 

Scanning higher still, I saw that Dave’s still diamond hard horse cock had been pulled downward by the extraordinary strain on his balls, but not by much. The angle of his rampant schlong had decreased from 60 degrees to about 45 degrees, a very small decrease considering the awesome amount of weight suspended from the stud’s groin. 

Dave stood that way for many long moments, huffing and puffing with effort and flexing all of his glorious muscles into even more spectacular dimensions as he held the great weight aloft by his heroically straining nuts. The pain in his groin must have been intense, but the huge dude was clearly powerfully turned on, as his gigantic cock continued to flex and pulse every couple of seconds, throbbing so hard that I swear I saw the weight stack lift upward by a few millimeters each time! God, what POWER!! 

After holding his stunning pose for another 10 or 15 seconds, Dave ever so slowly began lowering the weights, bending his knees and squatting toward the floor until the weight stack settled against the concrete with a dull CLACK. The huge man lowered himself until his bound bollocks were resting on top of the cold weights themselves, and then lowering himself even further until he was actually sitting on his huge nuts and squashing them partway flat against the unyielding iron. Dave paused there for just a moment, and then explosively straightened upward. The rapid rise jerked HARD at his lurching nuts, but just like before, they doggedly hauled the huge weight stack upward, straining on the edge of their powerful tethers as Dave tried to redline his massive baby makers. 

So began the most epic set of deep squats I’ve even seen in my life. I would have had a tough time squatting with 380 pounds spread evenly across my shoulders, and for all my smaller size I’m a very strong man; it seemed patently impossible that ANY man could lift that much weight just strapped to his nuts!! But this incredible muscle stud lifted that weight with nothing but his massive balls, over and over and over, again and again and again. I was not only in awe — I was in love! 

A good 20 or 30 reps into his latest set of monster squats, Dave started talking to me again, grunting out his words between each squat. 



“…I want you…” 


“…to do something…” 
“…for me.” 
“I’m getting close…” 


“…to cumming…” 


“…but I need your help…” 


“…to put me over the edge.” 


“I want you…” 


“…to start punching my balls…” 


“…hard as you can…”


“…and fast as you can!” 




“…gets me off more…” 


“…than having a hot, sexy stud…” 


“…like you…”


“…wailing on my huge nuts!” 


“Don’t hold anything back!” 


“I can take it!”

Fuuuuuuuck!! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!! This achingly handsome, monstrously muscular, fantastically hung god of a man wanted me to use his gigantic nuts like some sort of sparing bag!! It was my greatest secret fantasy come to life!! I think I would have shot off a second spontaneous orgasm then and there, but I think I was actually TOO turned on to cum. You ever get that feeling that you are so ferociously turned on that you’re PAST the point of orgasm? Well, that’s what this felt like. I wanted to cum, I was DESPERATE to cum, and my big balls felt like they might burst with need, but it was like my entire crotch was paralyzed with too much lust. 

But that didn’t stop my fists. 

I waited until Dave was at the top of one of his squats, took aim, and launched a brutal one-two punch into each of his straining, purple, vein-gnarled bollocks. They were impossible targets to miss, as each mammoth whale nut was bigger than both of my fists combined, so it was easy to land my punches dead center in the middle of both of Dave’s goliath gonads. 


Fuck, it felt like my fists had collided with two huge spheres of flexed, rock hard muscle! There was hardly any give to that dense tissue at all, and the fact that they were stretched out so taut and tight by the 380 pounds of steel weights suspended below them meant that they didn’t even budge, but were instead forced to absorb the full force of my blows. 

Dave let out a little grunt — of pleasure or pain, or both, I couldn’t tell — and he said to me in a deep, lust-roughened voice, “I can tell that you’re holding back, little buddy. I know those big, sexy muscles of yours have a lot more strength in them than THAT. Give me all you’ve got, Josh. Wreck my huge baby makers. I promise you I can take it.” 

He was right, I realized; I HAD held back a lot of my strength on that first set of punches. But come on! I don’t care HOW big your balls are — NO ONE can take full force blows to the balls without risking serious permanent damage! A man’s balls simply weren’t BUILT to withstand that kind of abuse! They were too fragile, too delicate by far! But Dave’s monstrous bull balls were clearly built of sterner stuff. And hell, if big, handsome Dave wanted me to bust his nuts, to turn his massive spuds into mashed potatoes, then who was I to say no? 

I hit his balls again, only harder this time. 


Then harder still. 


And then harder still. 


Until I was indeed throwing all of my considerable strength behind each and every blow. 

And big Dave just seemed to love it! He grunted and groaned with every squat and every punch, and his titanic cock seemed to swell even bigger and began leaking thick ropes of clear, slick precum. More precum than most men could pee! I was definitely priming his pump, that’s for sure! My fists and forearms were soon getting lashed with ropes and streamers of the stud’s copious precum until they were nearly drenched in the slick effluvium. The dude’s huge nuts were soon similarly coated, and each of my devastating, ball-busting punches sent clear droplets of that hot goo splattering in all directions. 

I think every man in the club was mesmerized by the incredible show that Dave and I were putting on. None of us would have believed that a man’s balls could be so strong or so resilient or so freakishly tough if we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes…and even then, I think many of the guys refused to believe what they were seeing. But believe me when I say that Dave endured every knee-buckling blow like a fucking champ, never slowing or wavering in his continuous deep squats, never crying out or begging for mercy. He was like some sort of relentless MACHINE, just pumping out squat after ball-ripping squat while I tried to reduce his bollocks to mush! 

I don’t know if it was the beyond-brutal and repeated yanking at his balls or the never ending flurry of blows I was landing on those big beauties — perhaps it was a combination of both — but over time, I noticed that Dave’s huge balls were sagging lower and lower in their bound sac. Dave’s scrotal stretch increased to 4.5 inches, and then 5 inches — further than I’d ever gotten my own big balls to stretch — and while that added stretch was deeply and powerfully erotic, my fears continued to increase regarding whether or not Dave’s big bollocks could continue to handle the super human strain. Nevertheless, my punches never flagged in their speed or their intensity, as I tried to pound the stud’s huge stones into rubble. 

Dave kept on talking to me throughout the marathon ball-yanking and -busting session, his deep voice giving me encouragement saying things like, “Oh yeah, baby, work over my big bull nuts,” and “Aww fuck, that hurts so fucking good,” and “God, you’re so sexy, Josh. You’re churning my bull milk into butter,” and “That’s right, Josh; keep on punching my big, fat nuts. Let me show you just how fucking tough I really am!” I happen to love dirty talk, and this scion of hyper realized masculinity was pushing ALL of my buttons! I was now his willing love slave. 

God, I lost count of how long I hammered away at Dave’s burly, beefy, and seemingly indestructible nuts! Was it 50 punches? 100 punches!? Even more!?! I honestly have no idea! All I know is that sweat was literally dripping off of Dave’s herculean body, both from exertion and from testicular agony, but the big guy showed no signs of slowing down. Hell, even through the grunts and grimaces, the achingly handsome stud kept right on grinning throughout his self-induced torment, proving to all of us just what an extraordinary epic alpha stud he truly was! 

Suddenly, Dave’s grunts and moans became even more urgent, and he started saying, “Oh yeah, Josh! I’m gettin’ fuckin’ close! Keep on punishing my big bruisers! I got a hell of a load boiling inside of them, and it’s just for you. Now keep on punching ‘em! Harder! HARDER! FUCK!! That’s right! Oh YEAH!! UH! UH! UNH!! Oh FUCK yeah!! I’m gonna cum!! Here it comes!! UUUNNN!!!” 

At the top of his squat, Dave locked out his legs and threw another extraordinary double biceps pose. His gargantuan guns looked bigger than ever, pumped with blood and covered in a tortured array of incredibly sexy veins. His entire sweat-soaked body flexed in the most insane display of hyper muscular glory I could have ever imagined, and then he hit his nut. 

At that moment, Dave’s humongous balls contracted so fucking hard that — hand to God — they lifted all 380 pounds of weight even HIGHER into the air, reclaiming just about every bit of their forced dangle as they flooded the stud’s loins with their thick ball juices! 


His 19-5-inch flesh cannon simultaneously unleashed the single most massive, voluminous, and powerful jet of semen I had ever seen!! The titanic rope of cum had to be as thick as my pinky finger and at least 5 or 6 feet long, and it shot out with such incredible force that it sailed way up and over my kneeling body to strike wetly against some obstacle behind me!! The bar? The shelves of bottles BEHIND the bar?! I couldn’t tell, and there was no way I was tearing my eyes away from this beyond beautiful man to find out! 

That first, single rope of cum looked to contain more sperm than a typical guy could produce in a full MONTH of forced ejaculations, and that was just the FIRST blast!! After that first magnificent pulse, Dave’s great nuts relaxed, allowing the huge stack of weights to forcefully drop and stretching out his thick, hairy ballsac to 5 inches again… only to immediately and violently contract once more, lurching the weights upward again as they forced another gigantic bolt of cum out of the young man’s titanic horse cock! 


The second rocket of splooge was just as massive and powerful as its previous brother, and I could hear it impacting wetly somewhere behind me. My mouth hung open in worshipful awe as I watched this god of virility keep on pumping out mind-blowing volumes of spunk, over and over and over again, in what simply HAD to be the single greatest purging of seminal fluids in human history! 

SPUUUUUUUURT!!! two… three… four…

SPUUUUUUUURT!!! two… three… four…

SPUUUUUUUURT!!! two… three… four…

SPUUUUUUUURT!!! two… three… four…

SPUUUUUUUURT!!! two… three… four…

Good GOD!! It didn’t seem that even balls as huge as those gorgeous gonads hanging so full and ripe from Dave’s hairy crotch could contain so much thick splooge, yet they kept right on pumping out the stuff as if from some bottomless well! The only explanation that my lust-addled mind could think of was that Dave’s sperm must be stored under tremendous pressure within his impossibly dense and beefy nuts. No WONDER they felt so freakishly rock solid to the touch! 

SPUUUUUUUURT!!! two… three… four…

SPUUUUUUUURT!!! two… three… four…

SPUUUUUUUURT!!! two… three… four…

SPUUUUUUUURT!!! two… three… four…

SPUUUUUUUURT!!! two… three… four…

Dave’s monumental orgasm thundered on and on, and all the while, the stunningly handsome hunk kept on grunting and hollering and flexing every one of his massive, magnificent muscles into diamond hard relief as he fucked the open air with his gigantic pulsating cock. It was a sight I knew that I would never forget for as long as I lived. 

SPUUUUUUUURT!!! two… three… four…

SPUUUUUUUURT!!! two… three… four…

SPUUUUURT!! two… three… four…

SPUUURT!! two… three… four…

SPURT! two… three… four… five… 

SPURT! two… three… four… five… 

SPURT! two… three… four… five… 


After well over a dozen gigantic slugs of stud sludge, Dave’s epic seminal pulsations gradually tapered off into smaller and weaker (though still enormous) cum wads before ending in a steady trickle of chunky white goo. There was a hushed silence that followed the end of Dave’s colossal orgasm, and the only sounds that could be heard were Dave’s own heavy breathing, and a steady ‘PLOP! PLOP! PLOP!’ sound of thick globs of the dude’s monstrous cum load dripping to the concrete floor. 

The final slugs of cum had landed on the floor next to me, not having enough power to hurtle all the way to the bar behind me. I reached out one hand and scoop a huge palmful of the nut oysters off the floor and cradled the hot goo in my open hand. The heavy gloop was by far the thickest and chunkiest spunk I’d ever seen, creamy white with a consistency thicker than tapioca pudding. The sludge quivered in my hand, so thick with stud sperm that it looked more solid than liquid, and it gave off a heady, pungent odor of man, musk, and sex. Unable to resist, I poured that palmful of stud sauce into my hungry mouth and let it bathe across my tongue. The flavor was heavy and beefy and 100% male, and it was so outrageously copious and thick that it took a good three or four swallows to get it all to go down to my gullet. 

I spared a glance behind me at that point, and was shocked at the enormous mess that Dave had made. I thought the puddles and streamers of spunk at my feet were big, but the mess coating the bar and the shelves behind it was HUGE! It looked like someone had taken a large bucket of thick white goo and splattered it all over the whole central portion of the bar. The face and countertop of the bar itself was liberally coated in Dave’s thick funk, and even MORE of the stuff was plastered all over the various bottles of booze sitting on the various shelves behind the bar. It was an OUTRAGEOUS amount of cum, and my senses could barely comprehend the enormity of what I was seeing. 

I turned back to look at Dave, who had finally stopped flexing and was just standing there in a relaxed stance, his mighty, hairy chest still heaving as he recovered his breath, and his colossal cock still throbbing and rock hard as if it hadn’t just shot the greatest cum load in history. The huge, 380-pound stack of weights was still suspended in the air by Dave’s heroically straining nuts, with huge clots and slugs of spunk dripping down their steel sides. The sight made me think of an oversized stack of pancakes covered in a thick coating of coconut-macadamia syrup. 

Dave’s behemoth balls were by now a deep, vibrant purple in color, bulging titanically in the very bottom of their sac and absolutely covered with thick, protruding veins. After the final contractions of their orgasm, his hulking balls were now fully relaxed and sagging even lower in their much-abused nutsac, hanging at least 5.5 inches down below his hairy crotch. Dave’s thick ball cords were plainly visible through the narrow neck of his scrotum, and I was absolutely in awe of the fact that they hadn’t torn free of their moorings by now! 

The huge, handsome muscle man had just proven how insanely and impossibly strong he was, and I was sure that he was going to call it a night. I was therefore stunned when he looked back down at me with those blue, blue eyes, smiled, and said, “Well, Josh, my warm up is over. How about you help me REALLY put my big balls through their paces?” 

And I almost passed out then and there…

Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Genital Weight-Lifter's Club - Part 1

Hello everyone, and thank you for your patience. It's been a busy past couple of weeks, and I haven't had a chance to get to my blog. I also haven't had a chance to write more in the Pyntherian Saga series, so in the meantime, I'm going to start posting another series here. This one is a 7-part series, and I've already finished writing it, so you can rest assured that you'll get an appropriate end to this story.

Happy November to you all!


The Genital Weight-Lifter’s Club - Part 1
Based on an original story by Bagoas 

Men who enjoy hanging weights from their testicles, pushing the limits of what they can carry … and sometimes with disastrous consequences. 


The Genital Weight-Lifters’ Club is a private group of men who get together weekly to see how much weight each man’s cremasteric muscles, spermatic cords, and scrotum can support, and to see who has the toughest and mightiest balls. Some of the guys also like to hang weights from their cocks, sometimes when limp but more often when erect, trying to strengthen the power of their boners. Some of us do not increase the weight much or at all from week to week for many weeks, hoping to strengthen the muscles so that we can safely increase the amount of weight they can bear. Others throw caution to the winds, increasing the weight as much as possible each week. 

The club meets in an old warehouse in a dark and rundown part of town, which for one night a week becomes a bar and night club. Nearly all of the guys who attend the club are gay, so the warehouse also becomes something of a sex club as well. Knowledge of the club spreads by word of mouth; we’re not exactly open to the public, so we don’t advertise much. There’s an online website that has some details about the club, but that’s about it. 

Most of the men disrobe to briefs or boxers or just get completely naked once they arrive at the club, but I prefer to wear a jock strap until the fun really gets started. I’m young, athletic, and built like a wrestler, so a jock strap really shows off my assets well, including my thick cock and extra large balls. 

Of course, our ball cords and bags stretch permanently after a while, and all of us eventually develop abnormally low-hanging balls. Bruno Braccio, our present champion genital weight-lifter, has absolutely huge nuts that hang over seven inches below his crotch, creating the most erotic and powerful dangle any of us have ever seen.

I’m one of the younger guys in the club, and I’m also one of the cautious ones, as I want to have longevity in this particular hobby, and sure as hell don’t want to damage or lose my nuts. I increase the weight slightly about once a month. I use a weight-hanger, a large metal disc attached to a giant U-bolt made of a 3/8-inch steel rod. The weight hanger is tied to my bag with a nylon rope and weights are piled on the disc. Right now, I use ‘only’ 80 pounds, which is a very respectable amount of weight. But Big Bruno has lifted over 150 pounds this way, making his huge lemon-sized nuts bulge obscenely in their grotesquely stretched bag. Needless to say, Bruno is our current record holder for most weight suspected by his nutsac… 

Others prefer to tie a bucket to their balls and have the members drop weights into it. One guy uses 5-pound ingots of plumber’s lead, gently lowered in one at a time into the bucket. He tries to add another each week. Another guy likes people to file by and add iron washers one at a time to the pile in his bucket. When he can’t stand the pull any more, he says so and then the bucket is lifted and weighed. The weight he can stand usually varies back and forth between 80 and 90 pounds.

Yet another guy ties a stirrup to his entire package with a clothesline and invites people to put their hands on his shoulders, step up on the stirrup, and then take their hands off his shoulders for as long as they can stand without falling over.

We all enjoy the feeling of our balls being stretched for all their worth, and we really get off on seeing how much each of us can endure. But the fetish/hobby is not without its risks… 

Unfortunately, accidents and injuries aren’t all that uncommon at the club. When you’re all trying to see how far you can push your endurance, when your friends and comrades shout out encouragements and egg you on, when you’re just too fucking horny and take things too far, disaster can strike. I’ve lost track of the number of hernias and groin pulls I’ve witnessed at the club. I’ve even seen guys crack their penises and rip open their scrotums, and twice, I’ve seen guys accidentally castrate themselves by trying to carry too much weight, ripping their testicles right off of their bodies! Some of the more mild injuries heal on their own, while the more moderate injuries like hernias often require surgery. The worst injuries, however, like the accidental castrations… well, there’s no coming back from that. But almost everyone who suffers an injury ends up coming back for more. Hell, even one of the castrated guys still comes back every Friday night to watch and cheer his fellows on! 

Yeah, it’s a tight-knit group that attends the weekly Genital Weight-Lifters’ Club. 

But last week, a new guy joined our club, and the unforgettable show he put on for all of us was so unbelievable, I’m still processing it! 


We were just about to start our Friday night meeting when the door opened and this new guy walked in. Conversation ceased as we all took in the sight of the uber hunk that sauntered confidently into the room. This guy was HUGE in just about every way possible! He stood a full 6 feet, 5 inches tall, and the blue jeans and t-shirt he was wearing did nothing to hide the sheer massive size of his enormous, bulging muscles. I’ve been a bodybuilding fan my entire life, and have a damn respectable build of my own if I do say so myself, but this guy put even the biggest pros to shame! My first estimate was that the dude was well north of 300 pounds, every ounce of it muscle, and he was perhaps the largest person I’d ever seen in my life. 

After I noticed the sheer mammoth SIZE of the man, I was able to take in his face, and what I saw nearly took my breath away. The huge muscle man was outrageously handsome in that square jawed, intensely masculine, super hero kind of way. I was also struck by how YOUNG he looked, for despite his gargantuan size, his face looked like it was only barely into adulthood. He looked even younger than ME, and I pegged him at no more than 22 or 23 years old at the most. The gorgeous stud had a thick head of short dark hair, and as he scanned the room, I could tell even from across the bar that his eyes were a striking bright blue. As he stood there for a few moments, completely filling the doorway, I thought for a second that Superman himself had come to our meeting, so handsome and enormously built was this studly young man. 

With a charming, friendly, and confident smile, the big guy started introducing himself to the lads nearest the door. I stepped closer (as did many of the other guys) and learned that the dude’s name was Dave, and that he was new in town and wanted to join our club. We’re more than open to new members, and considering how incredibly hot and stunning this young man was, there was definitely NO ONE who wished to turn him away! 

As he stood there chatting with some of the guys, I drank in more of Dave’s awesome form. His tight t-shirt did absolutely nothing to disguise the dude’s awesome muscularity, and I had a raging hard-on tenting my jock strap just absorbing the size of his monumental chest, cannon ball shoulders, and incredible arms. As my eyes dropped lower, I could see that his tree trunk legs and bloated calves were every bit a match for his amazing upper body. This guy was BUILT! I had to recalculate my estimate of his weight, and decided that he had to be at least 350 pounds, maybe even more! Dave might be only in his early 20’s, yet he was already packing the kind of musculature that usually only a man a decade or more his senior could ever hope to achieve, and even then only with incredible genetics! 

It was then that my eyes caught sight of the immense bulge in the crotch of Dave’s worn, form-hugging blue jeans. I’m sure my mouth gaped open when I took in the size of the package that Dave was displaying to all of us, for I couldn’t BELIEVE the mass of cock and balls that looked to be ready to burst right out of those pants! Bruno is famous in our club for his big, thick cock and truly huge balls, but even his mighty package paled in comparison to that of this unutterably gorgeous young muscle man. 

People starting warming up to the newcomer’s presence right away, and soon clothes were starting to come off as people stripped down to their underwear, jockstraps, or less. One of the other guys invited Dave to strip as well (for we ALL wanted to see what this huge muscle bull looked like naked), and he smiled that charming smile of his again and started the strip out of his clothes. 

Dave’s straining t-shirt came off first, and several of us almost fainted dead away on the spot as his awesome torso and upper body were revealed. Dave’s muscles were even more amazing and beautiful than I could have dreamed. As huge as those muscles were, they were also incredibly etched and chiseled, with striations upon striations dancing across them with even the slightest movement. His massive chest had the two widest and thickest pectoral muscles I had ever seen on a man, and that vast expanse of musculature was covered in a thick dusting of dark hairs that only enhanced the exquisitely sculpted mass of all of that thick muscle. I longed to run my fingers through that forest of dark hair, and the pert, rubbery nipples that topped the young man’s mammoth chest seemed to be begging to be pinched and sucked. More of that thick dark hair formed a perfect trail down the deeply etched cobblestones of his washboard abdomen to disappear below the waistline of his pants. His arms and shoulders were simply gigantic and bursting with raw masculine power, with biceps that were easily 25 or 26 inches in size, maybe even larger! Few men in HISTORY had ever achieved arms so phenomenally huge, and never at such a young age! Dave’s wide lats flared out majestically, two tremendously thick wings of rock hard muscle, true barn yard door lats. These wide and flaring slabs of muscle tapered down majestically to an amazingly slender, chiseled, muscular waist, creating the most beautiful “V” shape I have ever seen. 

Dave took off his shoes and socks next, revealing big, muscular feet that were a match for his big, powerful hands. Finally, Dave began to unbutton the fly of his jeans, and I could see the top of his pubic bush. Wow, this guy didn’t wear underwear! What a wet dream come true! As he began to work his pants off of his narrow hips, Dave’s incredibly thick cock began to come into view. The base of his thick but flaccid cock had to be as wide as a beer can, and as the young man reached in one big paw to haul out his huge limp dick, inch after inch of Dave’s horse cock came into view. I think I began to pant at this point, and my head was swimming – how could a man’s cock be so huge?! And still more and more of this massive snake came out of those pants with no end in sight! 

Some distant part of my mind was somewhat disappointed, however, for I had hoped that the huge bulge in Dave’s crotch was concealing a pair of massive balls. Nothing in the world turns me on more than a huge set of balls, and it truly would have been too much to ask for this paragon of muscular manhood to ALSO be blessed with a set of bull nuts. But with the sheer mass of cock that was being hauled out for us all to see, it didn’t look possible that anything else could have fit in those pants. 

With a good six inches of his cock shaft showing, Dave reached one meaty hand into his pants and hauled out the rest, letting his huge member hang free from his pants. Shit, his cock was at least 12 inches long completely limp, and thick as my wrist!! Christ, it was already longer and thicker than any rock hard boner I had ever seen in my life, and it was still completely FLACCID!! I couldn’t WAIT to see that baby get hard!! 

But to my even greater amazement, the bulge in Dave’s packed jeans was STILL enormous! Could this handsome young he-man also be packing a set of gigantic bull balls?!? Dave continued to shuck his jeans down over his slender, muscular hips, and several inches of thick and hairy scrotum were revealed. Then the tops of two truly massive, hairy globes started to come into view, and I knew that my greatest fantasy had indeed come to life. I think my thundering heart actually stopped beating for those last few seconds as Dave’s titanic balls finally came free of his pants, and I distantly remember the sounds of several men grunting as they spontaneously orgasmed at the sight of this muscle god fully revealed. 

How can I describe the sheer size and mass of Dave’s monstrously oversized bull nuts? They were beyond anything remotely human. Some would have called them revolting, grotesque, even obscene, but to me, the sight of big Dave standing there with his colossal gonads dangling freely beneath his massive, flaccid cock was the most beautiful and erotic sight I had ever seen! 

Each unbelievably massive lump of man flesh was easily as big as a ripe coconut, and just as hairy. Together, the two gigantic egg-shaped orbs formed a rough sphere that was the size of a 12-pound bowling ball! Now I know what you’re thinking — surely such mammoth gonads HAD to be enhanced in some way, either through pumping or saline injections or silicone implants, right? Well, believe me, I know my nut flesh, and I could tell just at a glance that these beyond-bull-sized testicles were the real deal! 100% natural and almost visibly pulsing with raw sexual energy! 

With his clothes finally off and standing there in all his naked glory, Dave was like a young god descended upon us. He stood with his massively muscular legs open wide, letting his gargantuan balls sway gently between his thighs. His huge balls only hung down a couple of inches, which was surprising considering their obvious weight, but the orbs themselves were so incredibly huge that the bottom of his nuts hung halfway to his knees! And those columnar thighs were so outrageously thick with muscle that they looked capable of grinding boulders to gravel between them, and I remember fearing what would happen should Dave’s huge nuts ever got caught between those monstrous thighs when he walked. 

Now normally by this time in the evening, a bunch of us guys would be securing tape or rope or harnesses around our balls and preparing to start adding weights to them to stretch them out. But with this spectacularly handsome and horse hung newcomer in our midst, it was clear that everyone else was waiting to see what Dave was going to do first. 

Dave continued to chat in a friendly and animated manner to the guys that had surrounded him, and I couldn’t help but conjure an image of a bull elephant surrounded by hungry hyenas. Though in this case, I had no doubt that this particular bull elephant could easily overpower every hyena in the room if he wanted to. Instead, the handsome young hunk invited the guys to feel up on him, which they very eagerly did. More than half a dozen pairs of hands began to explore the great big massive muscles of Dave’s extraordinary body, running them over his spectacular chest, his boulder shoulders, his chiseled eight-pack, his monstrous arms, his hugely muscular ass, and his titanic legs. Several guys gave the huge stud playful punches in his chest and shoulders, and even from a distance, I could tell that the stud’s rock solid muscles didn’t budge a millimeter. One guy reverently lifted up Dave’s gargantuan flaccid penis with both hands, cradling the 12-inch mega dork in his big hands, and gently shucking back the thick hood of foreskin to expose the big, bulbous, helmet-shaped head while the other guys just gaped in awe. Two other guys dropped to their knees on either side of Dave, and each reached up to cradle one of the young man’s fat, hairy, and impossibly huge nuts. The dude’s bollocks were so freakishly large that they would have filled any man’s hand to overflowing, so these two guys used both hands each to gently cup and fondle those massive beauties. 

While all of this was going on, I could feel an ugly spark of jealousy burning inside my chest. What had to be the greatest stud on earth was standing not 20 feet away from me, and I was too shy and intimidated to approach him. Instead, I seethed in impotent anger as my friends and fellow club goers did what I couldn’t bring myself to do, and touched and fondled and groped the sexiest man alive. I knew that it wasn’t fair or kind of me to feel that way, but something about this muscle fantasy man made me feel instantly possessive. 

All of that changed instantly the moment a smiling Dave looked up from his many groping admirers, and our eyes met for the first time. 

Dave’s crystal blue orbs seemed to bore into my own, laying my soul bare and leaving me feeling even more naked than my jockstrap-clad body would allow. He smiled even bigger and nodded his head in greeting, a warm sparkle in his eyes, and I would have sworn that my already rock hard cock added another inch in length then and there! The powerful electric current between us was undeniable, and my heart was hammering so hard at this point that I thought it would burst right out of my chest. 

Without breaking eye contact, Dave said something to the guys surrounding him, and they seemed to magically part, allowing the huge muscle man to start walking toward me. Now I have to say, I’m not exactly a small man — I may be only 25 years old and stand only 5 feet, 7 inches tall, but I’ve managed to pack just over 190 rock solid pounds of muscle onto my lean and chiseled physique, so I’m a rather largely built man myself. But I felt positively tiny as Dave drew closer. It wasn’t even just the 10-inch height difference, either, but the vast disparity in our weight that really got me. Fuck, the dude easily had 150 or 160 pounds on me, maybe even more! I was dwarfed in every way possible! 

“Hi there!” the huge stud said as he reached the bar. Up close, his deep voice seemed to resonate in my own body. He reached out his huge right hand and said, “I’m Dave. Nice to meet you!” 

I gripped his enormous hand in my own and gave the firmest handshake that I dared, and replied, “Hi! I’m Josh.” Yeah, I know, what a sparkling conversationalist, huh? Well give me a break! Let’s see how you react when the handsomest, sexiest man you’ve ever seen walks up and starts to talk to YOU! 

“I was wondering if I could borrow some of your equipment. I didn’t have any of my own to bring.” 

“Uh, yeah, sure!” I responded. I can only imagine how stupid I sounded, but Dave’s warm smile never wavered. 

“Thanks, buddy!” he said. “Can you show me how to put it on?” 

Holy fuck!! He wanted me to help him get into the gear! I was going to get to touch this god made flesh! 

“Yeah, sure!” came my lame but exuberant response. 

After a short discussion, Dave decided that he wanted to use the parachute so that he could hang weights from the chain hanging down from the leather ball harness. I explained how the equipment worked, giving the huge man every out if he wanted to put it on himself, but he gently insisted that he’d like my help. So, with my heart still hammering away and my hands slightly trembling, I knelt before this mighty man and prepared to secure the leather parachute around his mammoth balls. 

I could feel all eyes in the club on the two of us as I knelt there before him, his colossal genitals just inches from my face. Up close, the man’s huge junk was even more impressive — the awesome beer can girth of his limp cock shaft, the giant foreskin-covered glans that was nearly the size of a ripe apple even in its flaccid state, the tracery of veins I could see all over his voluminous scrotum despite the heavy coating of coarse, dark hair. But most of all, the sheer massive SIZE of the gargantuan gonads encased inside the furry sack, the largest balls I’d ever seen by SEVERAL orders of magnitude. 

The scent of him was absolutely intoxicating, a mixture of soap and sweat and male musk that was intensely arousing. Damn, the stud even SMELLED amazing! I longed to worship this muscle man in the manner that he deserved, to service him in every way possible, to enslave myself to his every whim. 

Instead, I reached up to secure the parachute around his balls. 

As my fingers brushed against the tops of his hairy bull balls, a thrilled coursed through my entire body. Good GOD but he had some huge nuts! The skin of his scrotum was surprisingly soft and smooth, despite the thick covering of coarse hair, and the juxtaposition of coarse and smooth was strangely arousing in its own right. I noticed that the neck of his nutsac was surprisingly thick — not a big surprise, really, considering the awesome size of the two behemoth bollocks that they contained — and it was only with some difficulty that I was able to pop the metal snaps closed on the parachute. With the leather harness in place, Dave’s mammoth balls were choked off in the very bottom of his scrotum, with the two inches or so of his scrotal neck exposed above the parachute. And as big as the parachute was, it really only covered a fraction of the upper curvature of those two mighty man lumps, leaving the vast bulk of his balls fully exposed to view. 

I was so focused on getting the harness affixed over Dave’s balls that I completely ignored the rest of him for a little bit. There was no other way that I could get the job done; if I was paying attention to the rest of that insanely glorious body, I would have been too fucking nervous to be any help at all! I was therefore taken completely by surprised when something very warm and heavy and solid smacked up against the side of my face. 

I glance at the offending object and discovered that it was Dave’s massive dick! Only it was bigger than before - a LOT bigger - and was swelling larger by the moment. The huge cock was still semi soft and curving toward the ground when it batted against the side of my face, but even as I watched with wide eyes, that masterpiece of manhood quickly grew even longer and thicker and harder, rising upward from the cradle of his monumental thighs to start cranking skyward. 

I never let go of my grip on Dave’s gigantic balls as I watched Dave’s huge flagpole unfurl before me. I’m sure I had a stupefied, gaping-mouthed expression on my face, but fuck, it’s not every day that you get to see the largest cock in human history grow to epic hardness right before your eyes! 

In less than a dozen slow and ponderous heartbeats, Dave’s cock reached its full, eye-popping size, towering above me like some great monument to masculinity. Incredibly, the mighty stud was a grower and not a shower, for his 12-inch limp bull cock had transformed into a mighty 19.5-inch truncheon of granite hard flesh, with a hole-busting girth that was more than a match for its impossible length! Fuck, that was TWO of my cocks placed end-to-end, and I’ve always been proud of the size of my cock! An amazing tracery of veins, some as thick as pencils, snaked all over the titanic shaft, only adding to its raw masculine power. The thick cum tube running along the underside of that massive cock was easily as thick as my finger, an appropriately wide barrel for such an enormous cannon of a cock. His cock had grown so heavy and huge that his thick foreskin was almost completely retracted, exposing the magnificent, purple-headed helmet at its tip. 

I was so stunned by the wondrous sight that I was virtually paralyzed. After several long moments, I was finally able to tear my eyes away from Dave’s stallion staff and gaze upward into the blue, blue eyes in that achingly handsome face. The smiling muscle bull seemed to blush a bit, shrugged those massive shoulders of his, and said, “What can I say, Josh? I think you’re one hell of a sexy stud, and you’re turning me on something fierce!” 

That was apparently the last straw for my poor overworked libido. Without ever once touching myself, my jockstrap-trapped cock suddenly shot off with one of the most powerful and violent orgasms I’ve ever had in my entire life! It was so sudden and explosive that my fucking balls were cramping something awful, but I barely noticed. I just clung to Dave’s impossibly heavy nuts for dear life as my body convulsed in unexpected release. My cum was blasting out with such fury that huge clots of my jizz squirted right THROUGH the overstretched cotton fabric of my jockstrap, painting thick lines of my chunky goo all over the cement floor. I must have shot a good 12 or 14 big ropes of nut sludge before my orgasm began to ratchet down. I’ve always cum big, but this was a huge load even by my standards, and my whole body felt limp when it finally ended. 

“Damn, dude, that was one hell of an impressive load!” Dave said, the sound of approval in his deep and sexy voice as he grinned down at me. “But I hope that you’ve saved some cum in those big, beautiful balls of yours. You’re gonna need it later…” 

That’s when I suddenly noticed that I was holding myself up by the hands that I had wrapped so tightly around the top of Dave’s voluminous, voluptuous balls! Holy shit, I had to be supporting close to HALF of my bodyweight by the stud’s gigantic bollocks!! I quickly let go, tearing my hands away like they’d just been burned, and stammered some sort of apology. But Dave just smiled down at me and said, “Hey, don’t worry about it, Josh. I LIKED it! Besides, I can carry a whole hell of a lot more weight than that by my nuts!” 

And over the next few hours, Dave proved exactly that!