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Bull Cock on the Subway - Jayse Version

Hey there guys!

Sorry for the delays in posting -- I haven't had a chance to write more in the Pyntherian Saga series yet, and I might not get a chance to until after Halloween. Fortunately, I have several stories waiting in the wings, including this little gem. ;)

This story was inspired by a tale of a businessman getting edged and played on the subway by some young punk. I thought it was a super hot concept, so I expanded on it...and then took it in a WHOLE other direction! :D


Bull Cock on the Subway

Based on an original story by Antonio Soprana


It had been a long and challenging week at work, but it was Friday and I was looking forward to the weekend. I was still in my dress shirt, but had taken off my tie and suit jacket, as I knew how hot the subway could get in the summer, particularly when the trains were packed at the commute hour. I was looking forward to getting home, hitting the gym, and then maybe going downtown for some drinks. 

Sure enough, the subway was crowded, but I managed to get in the final car in the train, barely squeezing in before the doors closed. I’m a big guy, standing 6’3” tall and weighing north of 280 pounds of rock hard, chiseled muscle, so it wasn’t easy to fit into the packed car, but I managed. I was trapped next to the door, but since I’m aware of what an obstacle I would be to other commuters, I stood sideways so that people could get past me to get on and off at the various station stops. 

A couple of stops into the trip, another guy squeezes into my car, standing right next to me at the door. He’s a little guy at only 5’6”, so I tower over him. He’s also a few years younger than I am, and I peg him at no more than 22 or 23, barely even legal to drink. The guy is wearing a tank top and tight, faded jeans, so I could tell that he was only about 160 pounds or so, a fraction of my own weight, but he was all wiry muscle. In fact, the kid was damn hot, with his shaggy blond hair, tight and compact body, and handsome boyish face. I don’t let on that I even noticed him there — I mean, it’s public transportation, so the rule is that you don’t speak to or make eye contact with anyone — but I was very aware of his presence as his hot little body was pressed up against mine. 

As the train begins to leave the station, people start getting jostled around a little, which is the point that this ride starts to get interesting. The back of this little dude’s bare forearm brushes against the front of my dress slacks, grazing my cock. I try not to pay too much attention to it, but my dick’s got other ideas. I actually feel it waking up, which has the potential to be a problem as I’m hung huge. Like seriously huge. Little Dude’s arm grazes me again, and he half-heartedly apologizes, which I shake off, because I just think he has nowhere else to move. The fact that my crotch is exposed to his arm is not his fault, because I’m bracing myself so that I don’t fall on someone else. But the accidental fondling is starting to drive me crazy. 

My cock doesn’t care whether the touch is accidental or intentional, though, and it starts to fill up some more down my left pant leg. I’m trying to think about other stuff because I don’t want this kid to think I’m turned on to another guy touching my dick, even though I most definitely am. So I look away from this hot little guy, and try to distract myself with other thoughts. But just when I think I might be having some success in stopping my dick from growing to its full length, I feel his arm rubbing across the head of my cock, and this time it’s pretty clear this is no accident! 

My mind is reeling at this point. I look down at this handsome kid, but he’s studiously looking away, even while he’s letting his forearm and the back of his hand have a field day on my prick! He’s running the back of his knuckles across the head, caressing the thickening shaft with his forearm, and bumping his arm against the near fully grown 12+ inches of my massive meat. I keep telling myself that I should stop him, say something. I mean, damn, I have never had another guy fondle my cock in public, much less on a super crowded subway! Yet here I was, letting this sexy punk kid make all kinds of crazy with my cock like it’s his own personal toy! 

However, I can't deny how fucking hard I am, and he knows it. The train comes to another stop and he moves to let the other passengers in and out of the train — by backing his tight little ass right up against my fully erect cock! When the train starts moving again, I can't even look at him because I am ashamed that my dick has betrayed me so bad by getting hard for this damn punk! He gets back into position and starts running his forearm up and down, side to side, all around my aching prick. I’m looking away, trying to not give away my situation to anyone else, but my chest starts to heave as if this kid is going to get me off right there on the train! 

Just as I resign myself to that fact that I’m going to blast my wad in my pants, he stops. ‘What the FUCK?!’ I think to myself. Then it dawns on me — this little bastard is going to fucking edge me! And so it goes… start, stop, on, off, back and forth. This punk kid is playing me like a fucking fiddle, and my cock is screaming for more!

The train doors close after yet another stop, and this time, this little cock virtuoso stands facing the door, next to me, blocking the view of my hard drippy cock from the rest of the train. That’s when he full-on grabs a hold of the hard length of my cock, right through my trousers! And as he’s pumping my huge aching cock, up and down, he finally speaks to me with words I will never forget, his voice low and husky and pitched just for my ears. 

“That’s one hefty bull dick you got there, mister. I figured a guy as handsome and hot and big as you would have a nice piece of meat, but fuck, I sure as shit hit the jackpot today! Most guys I try this with don’t respond, but some do. But you are something else entirely! Your huge cock was MADE for milking. And your cock knows it even if you don’t. That’s why you have to let me do this. Me, some hot little punk you would probably beat the shit out of somewhere else. But I got you where you live. I got you by the stud bull cock and it rules you, and right now, I rule it. I’m gonna punk you right here. I’ve got you by the cock and I’m gonna milk you dry, you big muscle bull!” 

With that, he deftly unzips my fly, fishes inside my boxer shorts, and pulls out my huge, dripping cock! Then he reaches back into my fly and hauls out my equally massive nuts! Like I said, I’m hung huge, with a set of nearly grapefruit-sized testicles that were a perfect match for my enormous, more than foot long cock. His calloused hands feel amazing, one stroking my beer can thick cock and the other fondling as much of my huge sac as he can. 

The handsome young punk’s eyes grow wide as he sees and feels my naked junk for the first time, and he says, “God DAMN, son, but those are some fucking huge balls you’ve got there! Biggest damned bull nuts I’ve ever seen!! Heavy, too! I’ll bet there’s a massive load churning in these huge balls of yours, isn’t there? Aw man, I’m gonna make you goon and blow your nut all over this damn train!” 

That’s when everything became jumbled. I was trying my best not to moan or buck my hips, and this scorchingly hot young blond kept whispering dirty words in my ear. Talking about things like “mule cock”, “bull balls”, “muscle stud”, “punk you”, “milk you dry”. Telling me how handsome I am, how much he loved my big muscles, how much he was owning my huge swollen cock and bloated balls. He had me completely under his spell, submissive, wrapped around his little finger. I could feel a massive load building in my big stud balls, and I knew that I was powerless to stop him. He was going to make me unload right there in the train!! 

I was right on the verge of cumming as we pulled into another station. I was holding back as hard as I could, muffling my groans as I headed toward the cliff. A couple of passengers shuffled on and off around us, oblivious to the power struggle taking place between two randy young men. But just as the doors were about to close, the blond punk wrapped his hand around the base of my junk and pulled hard as he jumped off of the train, violently yanking my whole crotch forward! The kid’s timing was impeccable, as the doors closed around my cock and balls, clamping hard around the base of my huge genitals and trapping them on the outside of the train! My big body was pressed up tight against the glass of the doors, and the strength of my huge muscles was rendered useless, as there was no way I could pry the doors open! 

Despite my shock and surprise, my cock was nevertheless still teetering on the razor’s edge of orgasm, just needing the tiniest amount of stimulation to put me over the edge. And man, did that punk ass kid give it to me! The grinning little fucker hauled off and kicked me right in my trapped bull nuts, burying his sneakered foot deep into my huge man eggs and crushing them mercilessly against the unyielding doors! 

I instantly bellowed in knee-buckling pain as my gigantic balls were crushed to half their usual thickness, and every head both inside and outside of the train car was suddenly turned in my direction. Just in time to see me blow my load. 

The punk ass kid pointed, laughed, and mocked me a humongous ropes of cum belched out of my pinned cock, more than a dozen rapid-fire blasts painting thick lines across the concrete subway floor. The kid wasn’t counting on the sheer force of my orgasm, though, and he had to quickly dance out of the way before getting lashed by multiple thick streamers of my chunky white goo. 

I could feel my face burning red with the gasps and cries of the dozens and dozens of spectators to my embarrassing ejaculation, and I wanted nothing more than to flee the scene. But even after my volcanic ejaculation, I remained trapped by the door, my rock hard cock and bulging balls still protruding proudly out the train doors. My thoughts of embarrassment quickly evaporated, however, as I felt the train begin to move. Instead, my thoughts turned to desperate attempts to free my junk from its prison. 

As the train started to pull away, the cackling punk made eye contact one last time, flipping me the bird with one hand while he pointed ahead down the tracks with the other. I turned to see where he was pointing, and my panic redoubled, for I could see a long line of safety bollards stretching out ahead of me and lining the track. These were the kind of slender bollards made of hard plastic that were there to protect pedestrians from wandering onto the tracks themselves, and they lined the track extremely close to the outside edge of the train, extending only a few inches beyond the hull of the train itself. 

In other words, the bollards were perfectly lined up to slam into my protruding man meat! 

The first impact felt like a hard, stinging slap to my cock and balls, and I yelped loudly in surprise and pain. But the subway train was still moving slowly at that point, and as it picked up speed, the impacts came harder and faster. 

WHACK!     WHACK!     WHACK!  

Then growing to a WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!!

And soon becoming a staccato WHACK!!!WHACK!!! WHACK!!!WHACK!!!WHACK!!!WHACK!!!

I was soon bellowing in agony, my poor swollen genitals being hammered mercilessly by the hard plastic bollards. My cock was bobbing and swinging wildly with each stinging hit, but as much as that hurt, the impacts to my nuts were infinitely more painful. Not only were my big balls inherently far more sensitive than my cock, but they were also straining against their taut scrotum with no ability to bounce or move with each hit, meaning that they were forced to absorb the full force of each blow. And my poor right nut was getting the worst of it, as it was being struck dead center with each impact, sending the worst fiery ache imaginable into my muscular belly. 

I was screaming and writhing and desperately trying to pry the doors open, but the agony erupting in my cock and balls was debilitating, sapping my strength even as I fought desperately to free myself. I knew that even my tough and oversized genitals couldn’t take much more of this abuse before being wrecked and ruined, and that knowledge fueled my scrambling search for a way to force open the doors. In fact, after one particularly vicious hit, I was certain I could feel my huge right nut fracture, and the subsequent strikes were beating my failing nut to a pulp. My partially-shielded left nut wasn’t doing much better, and I knew that it, too, was facing imminent destruction. 

The train was nearing full speed at this point, and that’s when I realized I had yet another deadly obstacle ahead of me — the train was fast approaching the end of the subway station was was about to enter the next tunnel! The tunnel opening was only a couple of inches wider than the train car itself. If I couldn’t free my junk before the final train car entered the tunnel, then my cock and balls were doomed! At these speeds, my genitals were going to hit the cement wall so hard that they would be simultaneously sheared right off of my body and explode in a shower of gore all over the subway wall! My very manhood was on the line!! 

Even as the bollards continued to hammer and pound my screaming cock and balls, I mustered all of my strength, wedged my fingers in the small gap in the doors created by my trapped horse cock, and pulled with all of my might. The tunnel entrance was now approaching at a nearly blinding speed, and I bellowed an animal war cry as I threw everything I had behind my bulging and flexing arms. I could hear and feel the fabric of my dress shirt tearing as it was subjected to excessive stresses, my huge muscles swelling to truly massive dimensions as I desperately tried to force those doors open. All looked hopeless, and I was only moments away from losing my proud and magnificent manhood forever! 

At the last moment, the doors flew open and I fell backwards, yanking my battered cock and balls back inside the train cabin just inches before they would have been catastrophically pulverized against the concrete wall. The entire crowd had backed away from me in horror, so I fell onto the hard train floor and clutched at my screaming and throbbing genitals. 

I must have looked a hell of a sight — my dress shirt torn and shredded in a dozen places, my fly gaping open, and my hands wrapped around as much of my still rock hard cock and gigantic balls as possible. Even my big hands weren’t big enough to hide all of that meat, though, especially as it was all quickly swelling after suffering all of that trauma. The right side of my battered cock was covered in angry, ugly welts, and my poor balls looked even worse, already starting to turn a mottled purplish red with fresh bruises erupting all over their surface. 

I could only roll around on the floor and gently cradle my wounded orbs, moaning and groaning in agony. Even when the train pulled into the next station and paramedics were called to the scene, I didn’t have the strength to get up on my own, and I had to be lifted onto a gurney and wheeled to a waiting ambulance. And instead of having a fun weekend of drinks and friends, I spent the weekend at the hospital, and the following week convalescing at home. 

Fortunately — or miraculously, as the doctors put it — I ended up making a full recovery. 

My cock suffered only bruising and mild lacerations, all of which healed nicely. The doctors were surprised that my cock hadn’t snapped sideways by the force of the dozens and dozens of blows, and they can only figure that the sheer thickness of my cock and the fact that it was still so fully engorged and erect is what saved it from that fate. I’m now more proud than ever before by the size and stiffness of my huge bull cock! 

My balls were apparently an even more remarkable survival story. My left nut was badly battered and bruised after the ordeal, but was otherwise intact. My huge right nut, on the other hand, was very nearly wrecked. The bloated orb was indeed fractured in nearly half a dozen places, and the doctors are still baffled about how my ball was able to maintain its structural integrity after being compromised like that. But my mighty right nut somehow survived and made a full recovery as well. It took a few weeks to heal, though, and I was walking funny the whole time, but it was soon just as strong and firm as ever before. 

It was a while before I could muster the courage to commute using the subway again, and I still occasionally get funny looks or stares from fellow commuters who must have been witness to my embarrassing and nearly emasculating encounter. 

As for that sexy young kid, I have yet to run into him again, though I’m keeping my eyes open, both in the subways and in the bars. I know he’ll turn up at some point, and when he does, I’ll take my revenge on that dirty little punk! 

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Pyntherian Saga - Part 11

Hey there readers! Here's the latest chapter of Jake Spanner's bondage at the hands of the evil Emperor Khrang! I can't believe that I managed to crank this out during a busy work week, but I guess I just got 'inspired!' :D

I'm already a couple of paragraphs into Part 12, and I have some very mean ideas for Part 13 (hint - Prince Conrad makes a surprise reappearance), but I would love your input. Here are some basic areas that need filling:

  • What additional abuses should be visited upon our gigantic hero, Jake Spanner? 
  • What should become of those nearly 5,000 beautiful and muscular young men that Jake mated with and thus saved from the fertility plague? Should they remain in hiding, or should Khrang capture them one by one? Maybe even brutally castrate them in front of Jake, to show that all of his hard work trying to save these gorgeous young men was for nothing? 
  • What will be Jake's fate? Will he somehow survive and escape, or will he follow in the footsteps of his unfortunate father, and be emasculated by the evil Khrang?

Please leave your ideas in the comments section below. In the meantime, here's Part 11...


Pyntherian Saga — Part Eleven
Based on an original story idea by Robert Moon


Jake slept fitfully that night. His heroically muscular body continued to hang suspended and spread eagled above the floor of the large dais, preventing the young Space Ranger from relieving the pain in his stretched out muscles and making it difficult for him to find rest. Far worse, however, were the nightmares that haunted his dreams whenever he did manage to fall into a fitful sleep, recurring horrific visions of his father’s emasculation and murder. Thus it was that when Emperor Khrang appeared on the video screen again hours later, big Jake was more exhausted and worn out than ever. 

“Good morning, Jake Spanner!” Emperor Khrang said in a honeyed voice dripping with sarcasm. “I trust you slept well last night. You’re going to need all of your strength to face the challenges ahead!” 

As the cruel megalomanic spoke, panels once again began to slide open in the floor beneath the suspended muscle man, and all manner of equipment began to rise from below. Jake flexed his extraordinarily powerful jaw at the sight, mustering his courage to face whatever horrors lay in store. 

“Today, I shall start the process of harvesting your supremely potent sperm for my breeding program, while I simultaneously begin the work to augment and accelerate your already super human virility. For even as fantastically virile as you naturally are, Jake, you could not possibly keep up with the demands I have planned for you. Even your legendary father, after all of the work I did to increase his fabled virility, was only barely able to keep up with my most modest designs. Now that I have an entire planet full of women that require fertilization, however, my needs have grown exponentially. Fortunately, I believe that you have the potential to vastly outpace your progenitor in that regard.” 

“It took me almost three full years of experiments, trials, and errors to achieve the phenomenal degree of augmentation that I obtained with your father Brock. I made many mistakes along the way, and nearly destroyed your father’s mighty genitals in the process at least a dozen times. Why, in the end, almost half the volume of Brock’s titanic testicles was scar tissue resulting from my various experiments. But I learned a great deal, perfecting the augmentation process and greatly reducing the risks.” 

“And I now believe I can maximize your size and virility in as little as three MONTHS!” 

“Of course, the process WILL be painful,” Khrang continued in an almost offhanded manner. “Needles will need to be jammed deep into the flesh of your cock and your balls so that I can pump them full of the special growth hormones, accelerants, and nutrient baths that I have created to stimulate tissue growth and vastly increase the rate of your sperm production. Additional IVs will be placed in your veiny forearms so that even more of these chemicals and fluids can be injected into your body. But as agonizing as the insertion of the needles into your private parts will no doubt be, that pain pales in comparison to what will come next.” 

“I learned from experimenting on your father that tissue growth is maximized when that tissue is placed under stress, with the most extreme stresses resulting in the most rapid and impressive tissue growth. And since the focus of my attentions will be to grow the size of your already staggeringly prodigious mutant cock and monstrous balls, the various ‘stresses’ I will use will focus on these portions of your body as well. Varying degrees of blunt force trauma will be your daily bread and butter, to be augmented by stretching, pulling, crushing, and my personal favorite, the vacuum chamber. I will also subject your genitals to varying amounts of electrical stimulation, from the mildly uncomfortable to the excruciatingly painful, all designed to force your genital tissues to grow and expand, and your sperm output to vastly increase.” 

“Any questions before we begin?” 

“Just one,” Jake replied. “When do you let me break out of these chains so that I can find you and kill you?” 

The evil Emperor Khrang just laughed in response. “Oh, Jake my boy, you do amuse me so! I see you’ve inherited the famous Spanner bravery from your father as well! Good. Good! I like for my subjects to resist. It brings me even greater pleasure when I finally and utterly dominate them to my will!” 

The large video screen grew dark once more, and Jake heard the whirring of machinery as the various implements of his impending torture maneuvered into place. He felt the sting of a dozen large IV needles sinking into the thick and ropey veins of his massively muscled forearms. He felt the cold embrace of a steel manacle being locked around the base of his nuts, and the agonizing stretch as his gigantic, melon-sized testicles were instantly and very painfully yanked to a good 9 or 10 inches from his straining, muscular crotch. He felt his cock begin to stiffen against his will as the Emperor’s diabolical cocktail of stimulants and aphrodisiacs started to pump into his body, his majestic cock unfurling and inflating until it reached its full, eye-popping length of 24 hard-as-a-rock inches. 

While all of these initial preparations were painful, they were child’s play for an ultra tough muscle bull like Jake Spanner. Hell, in other circumstances, he would have considered these attentions ‘foreplay’. But the next part of Emperor Khrang’s plans was decidedly more painful. 

Multiple robotic arms ending in very long, very sharp hypodermic needles rose out of the floor, and took aim at his massive and engorged man parts. The upper row of needles struck first, springing forth like serpents to jab themselves to the hilt in the tough, beefy, and fully tumescent flesh of his mighty horse cock. Jake bellowed in shock and pain as more than three dozen of the very slender metal spikes impaled his throbbing member, from the thick and wide root to the bloated, shiny, mushroom-shaped tip. A few heartbeats later, an equal number of long needles plunged into Jake’s stretched out and bulging bull balls, sinking deep into the thick ball meat and tearing an even louder bellow of pain from the huge muscle stud. 

Jake thrashed in his restraints as his gigantic genitals were harpooned by scores of wicked barbs, his colossal muscles bulging and flexing dramatically and creating a stunning display of magnificently oversized musculature. But even the ferocious strength contained in his utterly massive, 6’6” tall, 525 pound form was insufficient to budge his shackles by a single millimeter, and thus he remained powerless to stop the savaging of his loins. 

An unpleasant warmth began to spread inside of his cock and balls as Khrang’s special cocktails were injected directly into the heart of his man meat. Jake could actually SEE the flesh of his genitals bloat and swell as the inpouring of fluids caused them to inflate larger than ever. His great balls in particular seemed to balloon outward, achieving dimensions that even Jake had never dreamed of, as their meaty tissues were bathed in a combination of drugs, chemicals, and growth hormones. Yet despite the pain and discomfort, the young Ranger could already feel a fresh load building inside of his nuts, a load that kept swelling bigger and bigger by the minute. 

As if sensing that an orgasm might be near, another robotic arm telescoped out of the floor, this one ending in a long section of clear tubing. It didn’t take a rocket scientist (though that was one of Jake’s several advanced college degrees) to realize where that tubing was going next, and sure enough, the end of that plastic tube was soon pushing its way through the piss slit at the tip of Jake’s fist-sized glans and worming its way down the thick channel running along the underside of the young man’s colossal cock. No lubricant was used for the insertion process — beyond Jake’s own slick and copious precum — and the plastic hose was actually thicker than the young man’s enormous cum tube, so the ordeal caused a fair amount of burning pain as the hose was pushed down all 24 inches of that towering beast of a cock, and then even further into his interior plumbing. 

The tubing locked in place just in time, for Jake’s mighty loins began throbbing and pulsing with an intensity that surprised even Jake. Never before had the urgent need to cum built so rapidly, or felt so powerful! The insides of the exposed tubing suddenly turned a creamy white as his first cum load began to be purged from his painfully turgid balls. The mighty contractions of his convulsing nuts increased the terrible pain of the dozens and dozens of needles buried inside of their quivering meat, ditto for the needles spearing through his violently throbbing cock, but the fiery pain did nothing to reduce the awesome power and intensity of the young muscle man’s ejaculation. More than two dozen gigantic bolts of cum thundered out of Jake’s wildly pulsating cock, to be immediately whisked away by the suction tube into a waiting storage container. The young muscle bull watched as the gelatinous product of his emissions started to splatter into the bottom of the waiting storage cell, and the gloopy white mess looked even thicker and chunkier to him than normal, the paste-like substance appearing almost more solid than liquid. The huffing, panting, and grunting Space Ranger realized that the enhancement medications were already making his splooge even thicker with sperm than ever before! 

The orgasm lasted for longer than a minute, and in the end more than a full gallon of the hero’s power-packed spunk had pooled inside the bottom of the container. It was a heavy load even by Jake’s lofty standards, but while he normally needed a little while afterwards to start recharging, the young man almost instantly felt the heaviness of another load starting to build inside of his nuts. 

The young man then heard a low humming sound, and he felt the dozens of needles inside of his impaled flesh start to tingle and vibrate. Khrang had activated the electrical current, and now that electrical power began to course through his punctured prick and skewered balls. Jake began to roar in pain and angry defiance as a second load soon began to erupt out of his cock and into the waiting storage cylinder. The epic raping of Jake Spanner’s manhood had begun. 


As the hours passed, a vicious cycle began to emerge. Jake’s oversized genitals would be harpooned by the dozens and dozens needles for a time, pumping them full of fluids and growth hormones until they felt like they might burst. Then those needles would be retracted, and various tortures and punishments visited upon the young stud’s mighty cock and balls. The cycle would then repeat, with more needles being speared into his tender flesh, and his genitals once more pumped full of Khrang’s diabolical cocktail. The litany of tortures seemed endless, and an agonizing and suffering Jake had to admit that Emperor Khrang was as inventive as he was cruel. 

  • Clubs and hammers of wood, leather, steel, and bone were used to rhythmically pound and pummel the muscle hunk’s swollen man flesh, including the entire length of his mammoth cock and every square inch of his impossibly massive and voluminous balls, sometimes taking them to the very edge of rupturing. 
  • Vises squeezed and crushed his meat, sometimes just one ball at a time or just one segment of his goliath horse cock, and at other times his entire set of genitals would be pressed between thick ceramo-plastic sheets and mercilessly crushed to a mere fraction of their normal girth. 
  • Vacuum chambers were placed around the entirety of Jake’s ginormous junk and the vacuum pressures steadily increased, forcing Jake’s man meat to painfully bloat and expand larger and larger still or face the very real possibility of exploding, just as his father’s mighty cock had done. 
  • Various robotic arms would latch onto the young bull’s enormous cock and pull, stretch, bend, and twist the mighty meat in every conceivable direction, testing the tremendous strength of the tough tissues and muscle fibers and taking the huge member right to the brink of breaking or cracking. 
  • Weights, chains, and robotic arms were used to yank and pull at Jake’s massive man melons, stretching out his ball cords to their limit and making his behemoth balls bulge out more dramatically than ever at the very bottom of their brutally straining nutsac. 
  • Varying levels of electricity were forced into his genitals, from warm vibrations to painful shocks to brutal surges of raw power that were so extreme, they threatened to cook Jake’s man meat right on his body. 
  • Jake’s massive family jewels were exposed to extremes of heat and cold, bathed in caustic fluids, choked and strangled by ligatures, and mauled and deformed into countless tortured shapes, all in an effort to make them grow ever larger. 

All of these beyond-brutal tortures and more were visited upon Jake’s magnificent manhood, and the brave young Ranger endured it all, shouting defiance at Khrang when he could, and bellowing in inhuman agony when the pain became too much for even him to bear. And throughout it all, the mighty muscle man kept on blowing out load after load after colossal load of his precious baby batter, plundered and spirited away by Khrang and his artificially-bred minions. Jake knew that, even now, his supremely potent sperm was being used to forcibly impregnate the first unwilling women in the Emperor’s evil breeding program, and he silently begged the forgiveness of the people of Pyntheria for his role in Khrang’s vile schemes. 

The times spent with his genitals encased within the vacuum chamber were often the most painful for the valiant young Space Ranger. His manhood was already being pushed to the absolute limit to grow as fast and as huge as possible, and the vacuum chamber only served to further redline the process. Each time that they were subjected to the extreme pressures of the vacuum pump, it felt like the brutal forces were tearing his cock and balls apart from the inside out, and in actual fact, that’s almost exactly what was happening. The vacuum forces exerted on Jake’s giant junk were so great that they caused micro tears to erupt throughout all of that thick and beefy flesh, creating microscopic injuries the spurred Jake’s body to make even more tissue as a result. There was a very real danger, however, that the young man’s extraordinarily sturdy equipment would suddenly and catastrophically fail, exploding inside the clear vacuum chamber, and indeed that very nearly happened almost each and every day. Emperor Khrang eliminated any semblance of a safety margin that he might have otherwise put in place, and pushed Jake’s genitals far harder and faster than he’d pushed Brock’s magnificent meat, and it was only due to the unparalleled strength and durability of Jake’s titanic cock and balls that they were able to endure — if sometimes only just barely — each day’s brutal ministrations. 

It took less than 24 hours before Jake started to notice that his cock and balls were indeed growing larger than ever before, though Emperor Khrang’s delicate instrumentation detected these changes within a matter of hours. Jake thought at first that he was just witnessing tissue bloat from all of the fluids being injected directly into his aching flesh, but he soon realized that more and more of that expanded size was his own cock and ball meat, and not the artificial and temporary enhancement of injected fluids. Jake’s gargantuan bollocks grew noticeably larger and heavier, forcing his tough nutsac to expand bigger and bigger to accommodate their increasing mass. His colossal cock grew larger as well, adding to both its extraordinary length and its hole-busting girth. Almost every day, Jake could see new veins erupting all over his tremendous cock shaft as it ballooned ever larger. 

Unbeknownst to Jake, Emperor Khrang was being stirred to greater and greater frenzy by the rapid progress he was making on the young muscle man’s genitals. Jake was growing even faster than Khrang’s wildest dreams, so he cranked up the process even higher and faster. The vile dictator was drunk on sadistic lust, and seemed wholly unconcerned for the continued well being of his extraordinarily handsome and hunky stud bull. Extremes of abuse that would have quickly obliterated even Brock Spanner’s cock and balls were heaped upon his even mightier son, and somehow Jake continued to endure, his monstrous man parts growing ever more freakishly enormous with every passing hour. 

Throughout it all, Jake kept on cumming and cumming and cumming, ejaculating harder and faster and longer than ever before, and pumping out truly staggering quantities of his priceless nut juice. His rate of sperm production skyrocketed as the days turned into weeks, and even Emperor Khrang was shocked by the young bull’s seminal output. The reservoir of Jake’s harvested spunk grew exponentially, and Khrang was soon shipping huge quantities of the thick and chunky baby batter all over the globe. Dozens of factory creches had been constructed seemingly overnight in every population center on the planet, and thousands of Pyntherian women were being forced into these facilities and unwillingly impregnated by the Space Ranger’s supremely potent male essence. 

When all was said and done, however, it turned out that Emperor Khrang had miscalculated the length of time it would take to augment Jake Spanner’s genitals to their maximum possible size. It didn’t take the three months that Emperor Khrang had estimated — it took just TWO months! It was as if Jake’s junk WANTED to grow larger, heaving and lurching larger and heavier and huger every single day until the absolute maximum capacity was reached! 

And the finished results were beyond the evil fiend’s wildest dreams. 

The changes to Jake Spanner’s magnificent whale cock were perhaps the most dramatic. The young man had already been blessed with the largest human male cock in the galaxy, a marvel of manhood that had measured a mammoth 16 inches long when completely limp and an extraordinarily gigantic 24 inches long when hard, with a fantastic 5-inch girth and a hardness approaching that of stone. Now, after two months of brutal inflation and augmentation, Jake’s cock left all mortal dimensions behind. Even completely limp, Jake’s monstrous member was a full 26 inches long, even longer than his original hardest boner, and had easily doubled in weight at 30 incredibly beefy pounds of flaccid flesh. Its completely engorged and erect dimensions defied the laws of nature, pushing the measuring tape to 39.25 vein-bloated inches of the largest, fattest, juiciest cock in the universe! And that was just his standard boner — that meat blimp could be pumped to even more mind blowing dimensions, having achieved a length of just over 42 inches — three and a half FEET of cock!!! — in the vacuum chamber! 

At first, the amount of blood it took to engorge his mega cock was so great that it would leave Jake feeling woozy and dizzy, but his body soon compensated by manufacturing even more blood. Jake could now effortlessly maintain a behemoth boner that was literally as hard as steel!  

Jake’s cock’s great girth was equally stupefying, with its narrowest point measuring a full 6.5 inches across at the very root, and then rapidly swelling to a whopping 8.75 inches wide along the majority of the shaft. The young man’s original cock length had already been greater than any human being could take, but at least his colossal girth hadn’t been so great as to preclude intercourse. Sure, very few people, even the genetically-advanced humans of Pyntheria, could accommodate such a tremendously thick and fat cock, but enough could (if just barely) to allow Jake to have known the pleasures of sex. Now, however, with a cock circumference of 27.5 inches, even thicker than the young man’s mammoth, muscle-gnarled forearms, sexual intercourse with humans was absolutely out of the question! 

The mighty, muscle-bound Ranger silently wept for the loss of his ability to ever fuck again. 

The growth to Jake’s burly boulder balls was just as extreme, and had a far more impressive effect. After the marathon workout they’d received during Jake’s attempts to cure the men of Pyntheria from the infertility plague, the young man’s behemoth bollocks had already grown to the size of healthy honeydew melons, measuring a full 8 inches long and weighing a fantastic 12 pounds each. Now, after two months of Emperor Khrang’s ungentle attentions, Jake’s mighty bollocks were like two overinflated medicine balls, colossal spheres of nut meat measuring 14.5 inches long! The monstrously meaty orbs had more than TRIPLED in volume!! And due to their even greater beefy density, they had actually QUADRUPLED in weight, tipping the scales at a colossal 50 pounds!! EACH!!! These were mighty sperm tanks indeed!! And it was a testament to the incredible strength of his thick ball cords that Jake’s mighty gonads ‘only’ dangled about 4 inches from his crotch — though they could be stretched to nearly five times that length by the various weights and chains and scrotal stretchers at Khrang’s disposal! 

But if the size increase in Jake’s mighty testicles was amazing, then their concomitant increase in virility was nothing short of earth shattering. The muscle man’s colossal ejaculations were now volcanic eruptions virtually on par with Krakatoa. Each orgasm could last as much as ten minutes and could produce up to 100 GALLONS of top quality stud splooge! That was two and a half times the utterly epic sperm output of his late father, and enough gloopy spunk to overflow a large bathtub! What’s more, Jake’s loins now had virtually no refractory period, meaning he could shoot up to five such loads in a single hour! Considering that Jake was milked continuously for 20 hours each day (giving him a miserly 4 hours a night to rest and recover), that meant he could produce upwards of 10,000 gallons of spunk in a single day!! At that rate, the muscle bull could fill an entire Olympic-sized SWIMMING POOL in just 66 days!!! The mighty Space Ranger was now a one man, industrial-sized sperm factory!! 

Speaking of Jake’s sperm, the young muscle stud’s ejaculant had already been off the charts for sperm count and density, with billions of power packed sperm cells in every tablespoon of his thick and chunky jizz. Now, his goo was so impossibly thick with sperm that there were hardly any other seminal fluids in it, and the resultant spunk was so thick that it had the consistency of glue or paste, and bore little resemblance to the more liquid spunk of a typical human male. Just one colossal bull load contained so many trillions of vibrant sperm cells that Jake could impregnate every single female human in the galaxy and still have spunk to spare! In fact, his splooge was now so tremendously thick that a typical man’s loins would have been unable to ejaculate the dense and super thick matter. It was only due to the tremendous strength of Jake’s own groin muscles that he was able to ejaculate at all…and MAN, could he ejaculate!! 

More than once, the sheer power and volume of Jake’s orgasms was too much for the reinforced plastic tubing inserted into his cock to bear, and that tubing would shatter, allowing Jake to spray the huge vaulted chamber with gallons and gallons and gallons of his precious spunk. Even with the mighty size of his three-foot-plus cock cannon and the frighteningly strong ejaculatory muscles in his balls, crotch, and cock, it was still shocking to see just how far the mighty stud could shoot his epic load. Titanic wads of ropey cum, each more than a dozen feet long, could reach distances of 100 feet or more from the bound muscle giant! 

The sheer power of each ejaculation caused Jake a great deal of pain, even as it brought him stratospheric levels of erotic pleasure. The thickness of his splooge meant it took great effort to propel it out of his loins, and the unimaginable volume of the chunky stuff tested the limits of even Jake’s enlarged and hardened plumbing to accommodate. But the most painful aspect of each ejaculation was the series of convulsions and contractions that would take place inside of his utterly mammoth nuts. The thin sheets of muscle encasing both of the young man’s colossal gonads had grown so strong and so powerful that they threatened to pulverize the dense beef within those twin orbs with each almighty contraction. Jake felt like his mighty nuts were being insanely crushed in a powerful vise over and over again, hundreds of times with each orgasm. Any lesser man’s testes would indeed have been instantly ruptured under such brutal squeezing, but fortunately Jake’s boulder balls were as tough as they were enormous, and so they withstood even this brutal and near constant assault, aching but unharmed. 

The changes to Jake’s magnificent body were not just limited to his freakishly oversized cock and balls, however. Those growth hormones and augmentation serums had been flooding his entire body for a full two months, and every single muscle in his spectacular body grew larger and stronger in response. The young Space Ranger had already been a masterpiece of hyper masculinity even before falling into Emperor Khrang’s clutches, the 525 pounds of perfectly chiseled and proportioned muscles seemingly maxing out the amount of beef that could be stacked onto his massive 6-foot, 6-inch frame. But bathing Jake’s highly reactive tissues in the advanced growth chemicals had utterly shattered the limits of human dimensions, propelling the handsome muscle beast into the realm of gods. 

Jake’s genital growth alone had added nearly 100 pounds to his colossal bulk, but that was only a fraction of the weight he had gained. The rest of the young man’s massive body had exploded as well, packing on close to 200 pounds of MORE muscle — the size of a good-sized adult male — to his already muscle-bloated form. Even his bones grew under Khrang’s ministrations, growing thicker and longer and denser, and actually adding two more inches to the young man’s already staggering height. Mighty Jake now tipped the scales at a whopping and mind bending 785 pounds on a 6-foot, 8-inch body, making him without a doubt the most titanically muscular man in the universe! Every last inch of his body was absolutely bursting with the thickest, densest, heaviest muscle imaginable, muscle so unbelievably hard and tough that it actually could deflect bullets! 

Space Ranger Jake Spanner had become the ultimate pinnacle of masculine achievement, an almighty male who was unparalleled in every conceivable way. And that made his continued captivity by the cruel, wicked, and vile Emperor Khrang all that much more infuriating and fundamentally wrong. 

But a prisoner Jake most certainly was, as Emperor Khrang reminded him on a daily, and sometimes hourly, basis, frequently appearing on the huge video screen above to gloat and taunt the mighty muscle man. Khrang provided Jake with frequent updates on his diabolical breeding program, showing the young man footage of hundreds and thousands of oppressed and demoralized Pyntherian women as they began to show evidence of their pregnancies. Jake railed and swore and cursed the vile dictator as evidence of his crimes against humanity were broadcast planet-wide, but the brave and valiant young hero was utterly powerless to stop him. 

At the end of those first two months of Jake’s captivity, Emperor Khrang appeared on the overhead video screen to celebrate his own momentous achievements. He read a full accounting of Jake’s growth and new physical dimensions to the bound muscle man, congratulating him on achieving such an unprecedented size, and in an even shorter time frame than Khrang could have ever predicted. 

An exhausted and drained Jape Spanner looked down the length of his fantastically muscular torso to the grotesquely oversized sexual equipment jutting so enormously from his turgid loins, and cried, “You’ve ruined me!” 

“No, my dear Jake,” Emperor Khrang replied with a gentle shake of his head. “I have not ruined you. I have made you GLORIOUS!” 

“Now let us continue once more with your milking, my beautiful stud bull…”