Saturday, February 27, 2021

Weight Class - Jayse Version

I never played sports in high school and college, but I've always been fascinated by athletes and their relationships with their coaches. So here's a story that I adapted from another author's work, that explores what might happen if such a relationship turned very, very dark... :)


Weight Class

Based on an original story by Corbin Crow


A coach driven mad by obsession is willing to make his star wrestler pass his weigh-in by any means necessary. 


As he stood peering through the one-way mirror in his office, the tall and well-built man reflected for perhaps the thousandth time that there were a lot of perks to being a wrestling coach here at State. Coach J, as he was affectionately known by the young men under his tutelage (who usually avoided the far more cumbersome ‘Jaworski’), had himself been an accomplished wrestler in high school and in college, and he still kept his body in top fighting shape even though he’d graduated from college nearly 20 years ago. He certainly loved the sport and the chance to impart athleticism and a strong game ethic to the younger generation and all that. But to be honest, the main reason why he got into wrestling in the first place was the same reason he stayed in it all these years. 

To Coach Jaworski, there were few things in life better than getting an eye-full of hot, young, athletic men. 

Back in high school, Doug Jaworski had pondered all of his sport options carefully. Football attracted too many fat guys, or overly-muscular dudes who lacked that balanced sense of physical proportion that he found be be true masculine perfection. Baseball required too many clothes. The tall gangly kids on the basketball team weren’t of interest, and hockey was just a bunch of brutes in pads brawling on the ice. He had it narrowed down to swimming, gymnastics, or wrestling. All three sports featured perfectly-proportioned and conditioned young men, and all three required minimal and/or very revealing clothing. 

In the end, though, Doug had to give the edge to wrestling. Not only did the hot young men have to wear tight, immodest clothing, but he would get the chance to grapple with them as well. Hot muscular bodies pressed close to one another, limbs entwined, pitting their strength and skill against one another as they fought for dominance. What wasn’t there to love?! 

Doug had never shared his secret desires with anyone, though. He grew up in a strict Catholic background in a rough neighborhood, where any hint of homosexuality was met by brutal beatings and death threats. He had therefore learned very early on to hide his deepest and darkest desires, having no choice but to learn an incredible amount of self restraint. He had even gotten married straight out of college and had had four children with his wife, including three strapping teenaged boys who had inherited their father’s striking good looks, large frame, and muscular physique. Even in his most secret thoughts, Coach J had himself convinced that he was no fairy sissy, just a masculine heterosexual male who happened to have an acute eye for the male form. 

But decades of practice and self-control still could never have prepared him for the arrival of Blake Connor. 

Blake was a junior transfer student, just 20 years of age, who had already made quite a name for himself in collegiate wrestling. The extremely gifted and talented young athlete had won state championships all four years of high school, and had taken the state title his first two years in college as well. Blake was already well on his way for a record-shattering clean sweep of all high school and collegiate state titles, and his name was already being bandied around nationally as a favorite to qualify for the upcoming summer Olympics in two years! 

The official word was that Blake Connor had decided to change universities in order to better pursue his engineering degree. But rumor had it that the young man had left his previous college after some sort of scandal, but no one knew what that scandal might be. Coach J was never much interested in that sort of intrigue, but he WAS very interested in adding a two-time state collegiate wrestling champ to his already award-winning team. 

Coach J had read the lad’s bio before ever meeting him, and was extremely impressed with his past titles and accomplishments. When it came to the young man’s vital statistics, though, there appeared to be some sort of error or inconsistency. Blake wasn’t a tall man, as it appeared he’d reached his maximum 5’6” height by the age of 17. But his weight class kept right on advancing every year, with the young man moving up an entire weight bracket with each new wrestling season! Why, it said in his dossier that Blake competed last year in the 90 kg class, which would put him at just under 200 pounds!! That would be an enormous weight for a man of Blake’s height, let alone a lad just barely 19 years old! Coach J discounted what he read in the files, and figured that there had to be a typo or misprint of some kind. He looked forward to meeting the young man in person so that he could sort out fact from fiction. 

A week before fall semester classes started, Coach J was able to meet Blake Connor for the first time. As a transfer student, Blake got to move into the dorms a week early, which also meant that he could tour the campus and get to know the lay of the land before the return of the other students. But Blake made it very clear on a late summer phone call to Coach Doug Jaworski that he definitely wanted to meet his new wrestling coach as soon as possible, and that he was eager to resume his training and sparring as soon as he got to the university. Coach admired the young man’s dedication and approved of his eagerness, and so carved out some time to meet with him in person in his office. 

At the appointed hour, Coach J heard a knock at his office door, and told Blake to come on in. The Coach was seated at his desk when the knock came, and he stood up to welcome his new guest. What he saw nearly made the big man go weak in the knees. 

Coach Jaworski was a big man, standing a full 6’2” tall and weighing an impressive 245 pounds of pure muscle, without an ounce of fat on his powerful body. But what struck him first as Blake Connor entered the room was that, even though the lad was nearly a full head shorter than the Coach, he weighed damn near as much as the tall muscle bull! Coach J had never seen so much mass on a man that height except on a professional bodybuilder! 

The young man was wearing blue jeans and a pale pink Polo shirt, and the stylish clothes did very little to disguise the lad’s spectacular build. Blake was the very definition of a ‘fire plug’ — a short guy with thick, enormous muscles. Coach J was a long connoisseur of young muscle flesh, so he felt he could estimate with some accuracy that the lad had to weigh something like 200 pounds, and ALL of it was muscle! The pink Polo shirt strained to contain the breadth and rounded thickness of the lad’s huge deltoid muscles, and his thick protuberant chest muscles likewise seemed like they would burst forth at any moment. Blake had the most pronounced upper pec shelf he’d ever seen on a man of any age or height, and it was clearly visible even through the lad’s collared shirt. The small nubs of his nipples were also clearly visible, making tiny tents in the shirt fabric, and stirring something powerful deep inside Coach J’s loins. 

The 20-year-old muscle stud had the kind of arms that were so huge, so bulging with raw muscle and power that the cuffs of his sleeves couldn’t cover them at all. Blake was the kind of guy whose sleeves would always end just at the bottom sweep of his delts, not because the young man necessarily wanted to show off his massive guns, but because those mighty arms were simply too big for any sleeves to contain. 

Blake’s tremendously wide shoulders and enormous chest tapered down dramatically to an extraordinarily tight and narrow waist, giving the young man the most pronounced chest-to-waist ratio Coach J had ever seen! With his slender waist and narrow hips, Blake’s waist couldn’t have been more than 28 inches around, 29 inches tops! And the lad’s blue jeans HAD to be custom tailored, for his tight, narrow waist was accompanied by a big, gorgeous bubble butt and what looked to be some VERY powerful and muscular legs. 

Coach J took in Blake’s extraordinarily muscular size and stature at a glance before his eyes landed on the young man’s face… and his heart once again skipped a beat. The Coach had seen literally hundreds of devastatingly handsome young men in his career, but none of them had been as drop dead gorgeous as Blake Connor. The lad’s face was both boyish and intensely masculine at the same time, with a powerful jawline, chiseled chin, and squared-off features combined with a smallish, button nose, high cheekbones, full expressive lips, and long, blond lashes framing his stunning sky blue eyes. A thick and stylish mop of golden blonde hair rested over his forehead slightly, but was shorn almost to the skin on the sides and back. A light dusting of that same golden blonde hair adorned his beefy yet exquisitely shapely arms. His face, arms, and bullish neck showed off a light tan that contrasted beautifully with his blonde hair, blue eyes, and pink Polo shirt. 

The lad could have clearly had a very successful career in modeling, if he ever decided to give up wrestling. 

Blake smiled, flashing a dazzling grin of perfect, white teeth, as he closed the door behind him and then confidently stroke forward to grip Coach J’s hand in a handshake. The kid had surprisingly big hands for a man of his height, meaty and muscular, with large knuckles and a very strong grip. Close up, he could see just how densely corded with muscles Blake’s forearm was, and the complex tracery of thick veins that ran all over that forearm, and that got even bigger as they coursed up over his enormous biceps. That huge biceps muscle bulged and flexed as Blake shook Coach J’s outstretched hand, and the amazed older man estimated that massive upper arm to measure at least 21 inches! That was a staggering upper arm measurement for any man, let alone a mere lad who stood barely five and a half feet tall!! 

The touch of Blake’s warm hand in his sent bolts of electricity right to Coach J’s groin, and it was only with the greatest self control that he didn’t instantly throw a big boner right there and then. 

Coach J invited Blake to sit down, and they spent the next half hour or so getting to know each other. Blake was personable and extremely likable, and clearly a sharp and intelligent lad as well, mature for his tender young age and with many laudable dreams and goals. One of those goals was to win the collegiate wrestling state championships again this year, and this time competing in the under 100 kg category. 

Coach J’s brown eyebrows shot up in surprise at that statement, as virtually no one of Blake’s relatively short height competed in the heavier weight categories. Shorter guys ended up being severely disadvantaged by taller men with longer limbs. But Blake steadfastly insisted, prompting Coach J to inquire deeper. 

“Well, Coach Jaworski,” Blake began, his unusually deep and resonant voice making the short beef ball even MORE sexy to the deeply repressed Coach. “I don’t really know how to explain it. I don’t really have any other CHOICE but to compete at a higher weight bracket.” 

The young man cast his eyes down and actually blushed at this point, making Coach J’s heart pound even faster. His deep voice sounded embarrassed as he continued, “You see, I gain weight easily. REALLY easily. As in, I can’t KEEP from gaining weight. I try to diet and cut my calories, but every year as I train and practice, my muscles just keep on getting bigger and more dense. All throughout high school, I gained at least 10 pounds a year, and I was excited by that at first, because I kept getting bigger and stronger, which helped me win more and more of my wrestling matches.” 

“But the past two years, I’ve gained almost 15 pounds a year, and this year, I’ve already gained nearly 20 pounds, and the competition season is still more than two months away! I’ve never used supplements, growth hormones, or steroids ever in my life — hell, I’d be terrified of how big I’d be if I DID try them! — but I just can’t stop growing. At this rate, I’ll be forced to compete in the unlimited over 100 kg category by next year, where I’ll be wrestling guys even bigger than YOU, Coach! I don’t know what to do!” 

Blake’s innocent blue eyes were shimmering at this point with unshed tears, as the young man bared his soul to his brand new Coach. Coach J was simultaneously deeply touched by the lad’s trust in him, and yet also powerfully aroused by the kid’s tale of uncontrolled muscle growth. Damn, if the stunningly handsome young man were only 4 or 5 inches taller, such massive musculature and boundless strength would make him literally unstoppable in the unlimited weight category! But at only 5’6” tall, even a wrestler as obviously strong and talented as Blake would have a very hard time competing with men who might be up to a foot taller than him and outweigh him by 100 pounds or more! 

“I can hear the pain in your voice, Blake, and I understand your struggles with weight,” Coach J said, empathy and concern clear in his voice. “All of us wrestlers have had to struggle now and again to make weight. So I promise that I’m going to make extra time to work hard with you so that you are in peak physical shape, yet under your 220-pound weight limit. How much do you weigh right now?” 

“I weighed in at 210 pounds this morning, sir,” Blake replied, earnest hope and trust shining in his beautiful sky blue eyes. 

Coach’s half-hard cock lurched again in his shorts at the confirmation of Blake’s weight, which was a full 10 pounds heavier than the muscle expert would have guessed, meaning that the young man’s huge muscles must have been even more dense and heavy than they looked! Coach J kept his voice calm and steady, however, as he replied, “Then here’s what I propose. I’m going to personally work with you every day, both on the wrestling mat and in the gym, to get you as strong and powerful as possible prior to the championships in December. And I hereby prohibit you from weighing yourself between now and then. The scale can be your worst enemy, and I need you to focus on getting even stronger and perfecting your wrestling skills, not stressing about your weight. As we get closer to competition weigh in, we can use diuretics to flush the water weight out of you, getting you as dry and lean as possible before you step on that scale. Will you do that for me, Blake? Will you trust me to be your coach?” 

The hopeful trust blazing in Blake’s gorgeous eyes made Coach J’s heart melt as the lad eagerly said, “Yes, Coach! Whatever you say! I know I can trust you, and I am deeply honored that you would take that extra time to help me!” 

“You’re very welcome, young man!” Coach J said in return, beaming his own smile at the excited and guileless blond muscle stud. “Now go and get yourself settled in. I look forward to starting your training in one week.” 

“Yes, Coach! Thank you Coach! See you in a week!”

They shook hands again, and as Blake was about to exit his office, Coach J called out to him and said, “Oh, and Blake, I have one more rule for my young men during training and competition season. No sex from now until after the state finals. And that includes masturbation! The extra hormones and testosterone make my boys wrestler harder, keeping their head focused on their training. You got it?” 

“Um, okay Coach,” Blake said, blushing most appealingly once again and with an odd hesitation in his voice. “If those are the rules, then I’ll follow them.” The lad then flashed another dashing, gorgeous smile, waved cheerfully, and headed off, his achingly gorgeous muscle butt bulging and flexing and bouncing most appealingly as he walked away. 

Coach J meanwhile immediately headed off into his private bathroom, where he quickly pounded out a huge cum load while trying hard not to think about Blake Connor… 


Coach Doug Jaworski mentally punished himself the entire next week for his momentary weakness, and for allowing himself to fantasize about his new, young protege. He was fully confident that he had his hated, lustful urges back under control, and that he was ready to start off a new school semester with his new and returning wrestling students. 

All of his hard-fought confidence instantly crumbled, however, the first time he saw Blake Connor in a wrestling singlet the following week. Coach J knew instantly in that moment that it was going to take every ounce of his self control to get through the upcoming wrestling season. 

As with every young man who had shown up for wrestling practice, the singlet hugged every lush curve and corner of Blake’s incredible body — the main difference was that Blake had so much MORE body to show than any of the other young men on the team, even the tall guys in the unlimited weight category. Blake’s physique was utter perfection. It was what Coach Doug imagined one would get if they combined the bodies of Hercules, Thor, and Adonis into one compact, 5’6” form, and then blessed him the boyish face of an angel. Blake’s bare arms and shoulders were positively exploding with muscle, and his huge pec muscles looked positively titanic pressed up against the lycra fabric of the singlet. Blake’s legs were equally as enormous and chiseled, bursting with muscle and raw power. It was also clear how ridiculously lean and conditioned the young man was, for the deep etch of his cobblestone abdominal muscles and chiseled serratus and oblique muscles were clearly visible even through the stretched fabric, almost like the singlet was merely painted on him. Even the deep cuts and fan-shaped striations of his spectacularly muscular bubble butt were evident through the seat of the lad’s singlet, a sight that almost made Coach Jaworski weep inside for its sheer masculine beauty. 

Coach J was fully prepared for the sight of Blake’s magnificent body, however, and though astonishing to finally see in such a revealing fashion, it was what the coach was expecting. What Couch Doug hadn’t expected to see, however, was the pornographically colossal bulge at the front of Blake’s crotch! 

Blake’s beyond-prodigious manhood bulged obscenely out of the pouch in the front of the singlet, his huge cock snaking to the right in an attempt to conceal and contain it. But despite the garment’s best efforts, every bit of that massive prick was perfectly displayed, from the large, circumsized head all they way down every inch of the shaft, and there were a LOT of inches. Even the thick vein that ran the length of the dorsal surface of that thick, beefy shaft was visible through the straining fabric! Nestled in the fabric just below the dramatic sweep of that monster cock were two distinct, jumbo-sized testicles, looking like a pair of large Meyer lemons had been shoved into the bottom of the lad’s singlet. And judging by the motion of the entire package as Blake moved, those oversized bollocks were encased in a loose, low-hanging scrotum. It wasn’t an accident that the coach always kept the temperatures high in the wrestling room and locker room. Coach J liked to see his wrestlers’ young balls hang low between their powerful thighs, as he thought it made them look stronger and more manly. 

The other young wrestlers, all of whom were red-blooded heterosexuals (well, at least as far as Coach Jaworski knew), also couldn’t help but steal surreptitious glances at the blonde’s humongous package, and as his tight, massively muscular body in general. It was obvious that the lad’s stunning good looks, magnificent physique, and colossal genitals could easily lead to jealousy and resentment among Blake’s teammates, and Coach Jaworski began to worry about team cohesion and dynamics. But almost as soon as those worries began, Blake himself washed them away. Blake clearly knew the impact his body had on other guys, particularly other wrestlers, and the friendly, outgoing, and personable young man knew exactly how to defuse those negative feelings. The lad immediately began talking to the other wrestlers, making friends and earnestly wanting to learn more about each and every one of them. Coach watched, fascinated, as Blake expertly gained the approval and friendship of each and every young man on the team, quickly becoming everyone’s pal. 

That initial base of friendship came in handy when, throughout the remainder of the first training session, Blake managed to quickly pin and beat not just every young man in his weight class, but all of the big guys as well. And that’s how Blake earned their respect as well. 

At the end of training that day, Coach shouted, “Alright! Good practice, boys! Let’s hit the showers!” 

The randy coach could barely contain his excitement as he rushed back to his office in time to see the show. His office, with its wrap-around one-way glass windows, was situated about 10 feet above the floor of the locker room and showers, affording him a nearly unimpeded view of the entire area. Normally, he would stand proudly at the windows and survey the two score wrestlers as they stripped down and showered, rough housing and laughing with each other, ignorant of the fact that their Coach was watching their every move. 

But today, Coach only had eyes for Blake Connor. 

Down the third row of lockers, Coach J saw a sweaty but glowing Blake approach his locker. As a late addition to the team, Blake had been forced to use a locker where the baseball team normally changed, which meant that he was alone in the entire row. 

As he peeled off his singlet, Blake’s magnificent muscles rippled and trembled, and his huge package likewise jiggled and wobbled from all the motion. Coach’s hungry eyes (among other parts of his anatomy) widened even further the moment Blake slid the shorts down his immensely powerful legs. The monstrous manhood so keenly displayed in the singlet was even more impressive when only gravity was acting upon it. The huge cock stretched down to easily his mid thigh, bouncing about ponderously as he stepped out of his shorts, the huge, low-hanging nuts swaying along beneath it. 

The boy was clearly not shy as he strode into the crowded shower room, where his teammates happily greeted him and gave him some good-natured teasing on the truly immense size of his prodigious manhood. The shower room was one large open space, with shower heads lining three walls and additional metal poles with mounted shower heads scattered evenly in the middle of the room. There was therefore no privacy in the showers, and Coach Jaworski was able to watch everything from his elevated office room. 

The coach couldn’t take his eyes off of the motion of the beefy boy’s massive genitalia. The sight was mesmerizing, overpowering. Turning on the water at the leftmost shower head facing the office, the gorgeous blonde lad was immediately doused in a glistening coating of water. Coach Jaworski, normally the model of brutal self control, realized that a hand had drifted down to massage the throbbing erection straining his shorts, but he was too awed and entranced by the sight of a naked Blake soaping up his utterly magnificent form to stop himself. 

From the beginning of his tenure as wrestling coach, Coach J had carefully measured the distances from various key points within the shower room in order to accurately estimate the size of other objects in the room. He used those tools now in order to gauge the size of Blake’s own tools. The beefy boy possessed a flaccid cock that measured at LEAST 8 inches long, possibly even 9 inches, with a stocky, sturdy girth that was thicker than almost any hard penis the Coach had ever seen. Blake’s soft cock was so incredibly long that his totally loose ball sac weighted down by the most massive balls he’d ever seen stopped short of the tip of the bulbous, helmet-shaped cock head. And those BALLS! Seeing them naked and exposed, Coach Jaworski had to up his estimation of their great size — those mighty spunk bunkers were bigger than any lemons he’d ever seen, and looked to be more like hefty mangos in size! 

Coach’s hand grew more impulsive, reaching into the shorts to retrieve the man’s own healthy 8-inch prick (the kid was bigger even soft!) for easier access. At one point, Blake casually treated everyone to an amazing view as he bent over to clean his feet, his ample genitals obscenely displayed under his tight bubble butt. It was about that time that the Coach realized that he had painted the inside of his window with copious amounts of blazing hot cum, his orgasm barely noticed as he drank in the gorgeous, glorious sight of a naked Blake Connor. He quickly regained his composure and hurriedly cleaned up the sticky mess, in case any of his students should wander in. By the time he was done and could look out his window again, Blake was returning to his locker, his massive genitals slapping back and forth against his mighty, tree trunk thighs, and his astounding and gravity-defying butt cheeks clenching and bouncing as he walked. Even though he had just pumped out a massive load, Coach Jaworski very nearly came again at the spectacular sight. 

Coach Dough Jaworski chastised himself once more for his momentary weakness, and vowed to lock away his dark desires for good, and help Blake and his fellow teammates train for the upcoming state championships. 


For the next few weeks of the semester, events proceeded well for Coach J and his wrestling team, and Doug was able to keep most of his erotic thoughts and feelings tamped down. He looked at it as the greatest test of resolve and will power in his life, and he was confident that he was up for the challenge. 

Coach Jaworski saw Blake every single day. He tutored the promising young stud through their wrestling sessions, helping him perfect his skills and wrestling techniques. He coached the beefy bull through truly grueling weight training sessions in the gym, pushing the lad to lift heavier and heavier weights, constantly amazed by the staggering power contained in the young man’s massive muscles. He helped tailor the lad’s meals, keeping his food as clean and lean as possible, helping the kid to add strength and power while minimizing gains in actual weight. 

As time went by, he began to bring the charming and lovable young man home to meet his family. His wife was instantly taken by the lad’s kind, respectful manner and his obvious intelligence, and his sons were awed by the young man’s heroic musculature and tremendous wrestling talent, following him around like puppy dogs and becoming fast friends with him. And his youngest, his 12-year-old daughter, was immediately smitten with the ridiculously handsome, sweet, and gentle young man. Soon, Blake was having dinner with Doug’s family several nights a week, and he was becoming more and more like the Coach’s adopted eldest son. 

A month went by, though, and Coach Jaworski’s resolve began to weaken. Young Blake just kept getting bigger and stronger all the time, his muscles virtually exploding into more massive dimensions, while simultaneously becoming more shredded and striated than ever. The kid was getting sexier and sexier every single day, and the constant exposure to the breathtaking young man was getting harder and harder for the coach to handle. 

What’s more, the young man himself has starting to experience problems with his sparring sessions on the wrestling mat. He was still winning all of his practice matches — the powerful lad still remained undefeated since starting at the university, even when he went up against the biggest guys on the team — but the Coach could tell that there was something wrong. Blake sometimes took a while to get back up on his feet after a particularly grueling match, and Coach J caught the young man rubbing at his crotch several times, as if he was in pain. He also noticed that Blake was starting to use the ice-filled tubs in the locker room after almost every practice, sometimes sitting in there for half an hour at a time or more. The young man was also becoming more withdrawn and less playful and carefree, both with his teammates and Coach J’s own family. Doug began to get worried about his young star wrestler… 

The issue finally came to a head about a week later. Coach J was having some private one-on-one training with Blake, demonstrating a new wrestling technique on the young man. He was hunched over the younger man, assuming the starting position for a match, when the back of his forearm accidentally knocked against the undercarriage of Blake’s huge, singlet-encased nuts. The blow was hard, enough to make a man wince for sure, but not crippling by any means. Nevertheless, Blake cried out in pain and dropped to the mat, clutching at his huge gonads in apparent agony. Surprised and concerned, Coach J tried to pull Blake’s big meaty hands away to inspect for possible damage, but Blake swatted his hands away, lurching painfully to his feet and turning his back on his coach. For an instant, Coach J caught a glimpse of Blake’s crotch, and the young man’s massive cock looked even thicker and longer than ever, snaking partway down one of the legs of his singlet. The lad seemed immediately embarrassed and ashamed of his outburst, and apologized profusely as he rushed off, saying that he had to get back to his studies. 

Coach Jaworski watched Blake even more closely than ever after that. He soon suspected that he knew the cause for the lad’s change in mood and genital tenderness. The blonde bull had clearly taken the Coach’s command to heart, and was refraining from any form of sex, including self gratification. That explained the moodiness, the tender crotch, even the frequent immersion in ice cold water. And now that he was looking more closely, Coach Doug noticed that Blake’s huge balls looked even more enormous than ever, fat and bloated looking, and that their healthy pink color had taken on a faint reddish-purple tinge. The heroically virile young lad must have a severe case of ‘blue balls’! 

The coach also noticed that Blake appeared to be throwing semi boners from time to time during wrestling practice. That wasn’t uncommon among his students — these were all virile young men, after all, so any form of physical contact or stimulation was often all it took for these handsome young studs to throw wood, especially since they were prohibited from jacking off or having sex for the entire fall semester. But with a set of genitals that were pornographically oversized at the best of times, Blake’s arousal was visible clear across the gymnasium, and clearly caused the young lad considerable distress and embarrassment. The handsome blond muscle tank would quickly retire to the bleachers whenever he began to get hard, and he would remain there until he wrestled his libido back under control. Coach J watched these struggles with his own barely-restrained cock wanting desperate attention. It was if both men — the coach and his student — were fighting at the same time to control their sexual urges. 

But as a testament to the young man’s strong will and admirable work ethic, Blake became even more laser focused on his training, pumping even heavier weights in the gym and becoming more and more aggressive and fierce on the training mat. Low blows were a constant occurrence in a sport where men grappled with each other but wore no crotch protection, so wrestlers had to learn how to suffer through searing testicular pain and still pin your opponent. Blake was taking this aspect of his training to the extreme, for Coach Jaworski witnessed a number of occasions when Blake would suffer an accidental low blow or sac tap, and he would seem to channel that agony into ferocious wrestling power. The Coach even saw the powerful young lad purposely slam his own junk hard against an opponent’s iron-hard thigh muscles or a hard and bony hip, racking himself hard enough to cause what must have been truly knee-buckling pain, but fighting through it time and again to vanquish his foes. 

The sight was both frightening and powerfully erotic to Coach Doug. 

And as Blake’s obvious testicular agony increased, so did the Coach’s difficulty with controlling his repressed instincts and emotions. During his daily voyeuristic sessions watching the locker room and showers, Coach slipped and began to paint his windows again and again to Blake’s unwittingly erotic displays. He began to fantasize about the handsome muscle bull more and more frequently, and it became harder to behave appropriately with the young buck. He touched the lad more and more often, though he tried not to — patting him on his enormously muscular shoulder, slapping his hard-as-granite buttocks when he walked by, playfully mussing up his thick blonde hair, and touching, poking, and prodding various beefy body parts when he took Blake through one of his grueling weight training sessions. 

Coach Jaworski’s fantasies were getting darker and darker as time went by, and he feared all of his repressed frustrations might soon come to a head… 


Starting two weeks out from the state championships, Coach J started Blake on a rigorous weight loss regimen. The lad’s daily caloric intake was slashed, and the Coach implemented the judicious use of diuretics and water pills, all with the goal of making sure the beefy little behemoth came in at 220 pounds or less on competition day. The constant state of near starvation made young Blake even crankier, as was to be expected, but he took it all in fierce determination and stride, utterly intent on making his goal weight. 

Blake’s magnificent body became even more lean and shredded as each day went by. He was more than beefy enough to be a professional bodybuilder at this point, but even the most well-conditioned bodybuilder would have been envious of how dry and chiseled the young man’s muscles were becoming. The lad was looking a little tired and drawn by the end of the week, but he was 100% on board with the program, wanting more than anything to stay below his 220-pound weight goal. 

Then the fateful day arrived. A week out before the competition, Blake met Coach Jaworski alone in his office early on a Saturday morning, and the coach took out his hidden scale to finally weigh the young man. Blake unashamedly stripped naked before his beloved Coach — he had gotten naked in front of Coach Jaworksi so many times at this point that he never even gave it a second thought — and he stepped up on the scale, Coach J muttering words of encouragement and support the entire time. Blake closed his gorgeous sky blue eyes and let the scale settle before opening them again and reading his weight. 

230 pounds. 

Both men’s jaws dropped open in stunned amazement at the sight. They had done everything they could to minimize the lad’s weight gain, and the beefy bull had managed to shed at LEAST 5 or 6 pounds of water weight in the past week alone. And yet he’d STILL gained 20 pounds of rock hard muscle since arriving at the university just two short months ago! That was more than 2 pounds of lean, shredded muscle a WEEK! 

Blake stared down at that number in shock and disbelief for several long moments, and when he looked back up and met his Coach’s sympathetic gaze, the young man looked like someone had just shot his puppy. His beautiful blue eyes were brimming with unshed tears and his full lower lip began to tremble. Coach Jaworski, near tears himself, reached forward and roughly pulled the lad into a tight embrace, which broke the dam. Blake threw his massive arms around his beloved Coach and began to sob, devastated that he hadn’t made his goal weight and therefore could not compete in his chosen weight class. 

As Coach Jaworski held the young man’s naked and gloriously muscular body tight against his own and gently rocked and soothed the sobbing lad, something cracked inside of him. His twisted love and obsession with his young wrestling star finally won out over his nobler intentions, and a dark plan started forming in his mind… 

The coach didn’t realize it, but all of his complicated efforts to control his own lustful urges had built up a massive and dangerous powder keg inside of him. The floppy 9-inch monster cock and huge bull balls hanging naked and exposed on this perfect muscle boy were more than enough fire to ignite it. As he slipped further into delusion, Coach J decided that the source of the problem certainly wasn’t inside himself. It must be that boy! In his wild, lust-addled thoughts, Doug said to himself, ‘It’s not even the boy’s fault! He can’t help that he’s so handsome, so muscular, or so hugely hung. But maybe removing the source of the problem would cure us both!’ The tall man had secretly planned and plotted for a moment like this for weeks now, and even though he kept excusing it as merely pretending to act out a fantasy, he now knew that he’d always planned on going through with it. 

Coach J gently steered the sobbing lad over to one of his office chairs, sitting the naked lad down while he got the him a large glass of water. With his back to Blake, the older man quickly poured a small packet of fine white powder into the glass, ground up sleeping pills that his wife occasionally used. He made sure that the powder had completely dissolved before handing the glass to the distraught young man and encouraging him to drink it. The obedient and innocent blond boy did exactly as he was told, his big Adam’s apple bobbing up and down in his bullish neck as he swallowed the entire glass down in about a dozen big gulps. 

Doug kept hugging and consoling the seated wrestler as the drugs took effect, and it wasn’t long before the lad was getting woozy and dizzy. 

“I dun feel so good,” the handsome blonde wrestler slurred out, his gorgeous sky blue eyes looking glazed and only half focused. 

“Don’t worry, son. You’re just a little dehydrated from all of the weight loss pills,” Coach J lied. “We still have a week to help you make weight.”

“I jus’ wanna compete, Coach!” Blake said, looking heartbroken, his tear stained cheeks more handsome than ever. “I’ll do anythin’!” 

Sensing his opportunity, Coach Jaworski went in for the kill. “Well… there is ONE option I can think of, Blake.” 

“Really, Coach?” the young man exclaimed, his glassy eyes shining with hope as he stared up at his trusted and beloved coach. 

“I’m sure that we could find ten pounds or so of non-essential flesh that we could lop off.” 

“Wha?” Blake replied, clearly confused in his heavily drugged state. “Like where?” 

“Well, look down between your legs, Blake. See that huge cock and balls you’ve got hanging there? A set that huge has got to weigh at LEAST ten pounds, right? And you don’t exactly NEED a set of cock and balls to wrestle.” 

Blake stared at Coach Doug with a mixture of shock and confusion on his achingly handsome face, trying to process what his coach had just suggested. “I dunno, Coach. Soun’s drastic.” 

“You wanna win, don’t you? Your next state title is just one win away! Besides, I’ve been watching you and I’ve seen how much your huge genitals have been getting in your way. The way even the smallest nudge to your big nuts makes you wince and your muscles to bulge and clench. The way you keep trying harder and harder to not throw a boner during a match. Wouldn’t it be easier if you didn’t have to worry about those things any more?” 

A look of mild shame and embarrassment fell across Blake’s unfocused gaze as he considered his coach’s words. “Maybe you’re right, Coach. B’sides, I never really tol’ you why I had ta transfer schools in the firs’ place. Y’see, I los’ control and threw a boner during my las’ state champ’nship match. A real BIG boner! People’re all shocked an’ horrified, an’ I was so hum’iliated tha’ I had to leave that school.” 

Blake’s admission of his most private shame made Coach J’s own rock hard cock lurch spasmodically in his shorts, but he continued to express understanding and concern as he said, “Well then, maybe I should help you get rid of your source of shame and humiliation, Blake. Would you like that?” 

“You’d DO that for me, Coach?!” an almost painful amount of gratitude was evident on the innocent lad’s guileless face. “You’re thuh best, Coach! I love you!” 

Those last three words struck Doug to his core, and almost made him feel guilty for what he was about to do next, but his obsession and lust had taken over by now, and there was no stopping him. 

Coach Jaworski had to half support Blake as he led the heavily drugged lad over to a nearby massage table and had him sit on the edge. Blake’s enormously muscular, chiseled legs were spread wide, allowing the blonde bulls’ more-than-ample genitals to dangle over the edge of the table, swinging ponderously back and forth. Coach J then gently encouraged the young man to work his cock into a hardon, suggesting that making it as big as possible would lead to the greatest weight loss. That simple logic made sense to Blake’s drug-fuzzed brain, and so the handsome lad used one meaty, beefy hand to start to slowly stroke his enormous 9-inch limp dick. 

It appeared at first that the heavy dose of sleeping medication that Coach Jaworski had given him might have dulled Blake’s senses too much for him to get an erection. But after about a minute of steady fondling and stroking, the lad’s awesome virility began to win out, and his colossal cock began to swell and bloat and grow. Doug’s eyes grew wide as saucers and his mouth gaped open as he watched that enormous penis engorge and rise bigger and bigger with each heart beat, swelling into a boner of titanic proportions. Coach Jaworski had assumed that with such an enormous and meaty flaccid cock, young Blake would have been a ‘show-er’, but as he stared at the monument to masculinity now throbbing powerfully before him, he was forced to admit that this spectacularly gifted young man was actually a ‘grow-er’! 

Doug hastily grabbed his tailor’s tape, pressing one end against the thick root of that mighty cock and then lovingly draping the strip of cloth down the entire dorsal length until he reached the tip of the mammoth member, and then read the resulting length — over 14 and a quarter inches!! He quickly whipped the tape around the thickest part of that heroically sturdy and powerful column, the over 3-inch-wide section of shaft just behind the huge, bulbous cock head, and read yet another staggering measurement — the circumference of Blake’s rampant stallion cock was just over 10 hole-busting inches!! The majestic phallus bounced and throbbed with each of the lad’s powerful heart beats, making the huge veins coursing up and down the enormous shaft almost visibly pulse with vibrant masculine power. 

As the drugged wrestler placidly sat there, letting his coach manhandle his stupendously oversized endowment, a suddenly dry-mouthed Doug took his measuring tape and started sizing up Blake’s titanic testicles. Up close, it was clear that the lad’s sperm bloated bollocks had indeed swollen even bigger in the past two months, choking on too-long-held spunk, leaving even their normal mango size behind to engorge into the size of a ripe pair of huge grapefruits! Blake winced slightly as Doug wrapped the cloth tape around their combined bulk and snapped the fabric tight, cinching around the widest part of those tender testes, but he otherwise made no move to stop his coach as the big man measured the size of his bull-like boy balls. Their combined circumference of 21 inches — nearly as big around as Blake’s own massive upper arms! — made Doug gasp aloud, and their tremendous 3-inch dangle made his pulse race even faster. When he reached up to cradle those two titanic orbs — needing both big hands to do so — he was even more surprised by their staggering weight, for the two behemoth bollocks were even heavier than they looked! In fact, he was surprised that the astoundingly heavy balls didn’t hang MORE than ‘just’ 3 inches below his lean and muscular crotch. The weighty orbs felt like warm marble in his hands, and his gently squeezing fingers found both testes to be so dense that they barely even dimpled under even moderately strong pressure. 

Coach Jaworski realized with a start that just the lad’s mammoth genitals might actually weigh MORE than the ten pounds needed to help the young wrestler make his weight class. He was now fully committed to the rest of his plan, and nothing would deter him now. 

Blake looked down at his coach, oblivious to the look of amazement and awe on the older man’s handsome face, and said, “I did jus’ like you asked, Coach. I haven’ jerked my big cock ev’n once since tha season started. I’ff been a good boy, an’ followed all your rules.” 

“That’s a good lad!” Coach Jaworski responded, his big hands still gently fondling and massaging Blake’s beyond-massive bollocks. He rolled the unbelievably heavy and solid orbs in his hands, letting his large, blunt fingers pinch the tender epididymus along the backside of each bloated ball and confirming that the young man must have indeed followed directions and avoided any sort of ejaculation for the past two months. “I can tell that you must have a really huge load stored up in these big boys of yours. How about I help you release it?” 

“Aw man, Coach! You’d do that fer me?! Than’ you, Coach!” Blake drawled in his half-conscious stupor, too drugged to feel any shame or embarrassment at having another man fondle his huge equipment. 

Coach released the heavy, blonde-haired balls to swing back down below the edge of the table, and then wrapped the fingers of his big, calloused right hand around the lad’s thick and beefy cock shaft. The heat coming off of that massive organ was amazing, as was its solid density, as it felt like a solid beam of warm steel wrapped in a thin skin of the softest velvet. Even though Doug’s big hand could grip barely more than three-quarters of the way around that mammoth shaft, the coach started to stroke the gigantic organ in long, steady strokes from thick base to huge, purple-hued head. 

Blake’s sky blue eyes glazed over even more, their thickly-lashed lids drooping. His mind was swimming with drowsiness and erotic pleasure, his months of rigid self denial making his cock even more sensitive than normal. The young man’s magnificently muscular body was flushed with pleasure, and both his breathing and his heart beat sped up as the incredibly erotic sensations slowly built to an earth-shattering crescendo. 

Coach brought both big hands to bear on that massive schlong, and watched in fascination as the humongous cock began to twitch and spasm, the huge mushroom head flaring even bigger and the urethra opening a bit. The massive bollocks flexed and tensed as well, drawing partway up in their huge and hairy sac as they prepared to jettison their overripe contents. Coach J furiously frigged that mammoth slab of man cock as he felt the sap start to rise in Blake’s young and virile loins. Blake began to moan aloud, a baritone rumble that Doug could feel even in his pistoning fists. Shudders went through the young man’s entire body, his utterly massive muscles bulging and flexing and twitching in spectacular glory, his muscles rippling in a fantastic display of prime masculine power. Blake closed his eyes and leaned back, forcing his 14+ inch cock even farther forward into his coach’s hungry hands. 

When Blake’s orgasm finally hit, Coach Doug Jaworski was not remotely prepared for the power and fury of the lad’s utterly colossal cum load. The first titanic wad of sperm shot out of Blake’s pulsating penis with such incredible volume and force that Doug could actually hear it squirt forth. The fluorescent lights overhead made the pearlescent spew almost sparkle and shine as it shot out in a tremendous, graceful arc, sailing more than halfway across the large room and laying a huge and messy stripe of stud splooge from one end of the coach’s large, oak desk to the other, and onto the floor beyond. A second mammoth wad shot forth, bigger than the first, and then a third that was bigger still, as young Blake began to purge his spectacularly virile loins of more than two months worth of cum all at one go! 

Coach Jaworski was literally staggered by the hyper masculine display as Blake shot out a monstrous cum load that was many orders of magnitude larger than anything the horny wrestling coach had ever seen. But he had the presence of mind to keep on stroking that huge, convulsing organ with one hand, even as he freed the other to roughly jiggle and fondle the massive, spasming nuts as they clenched and squeezed and pumped out perhaps the largest single load in the young man’s life. Over and over again, lush pulses of life-giving seed sprayed out of Blake’s thundering cock in huge, sticky ropes, laying more and more thick lines of the blonde’s chunky baby batter across the big desk. It was an utterly epic display of pure virility, and Doug knew he’d never forget it for as long as he lived. 

It wasn’t until more than a score of colossal streamers of spunk had shot forth from Blake’s cock before the lad’s titanic orgasm began to ratchet down, and even then another dozen or so steadily decreasing sperm salvos shot forth before the almighty cum load finally ceased. Thick, gelatinous slugs of slippery cock snot were oozing all over Doug’s slowly pistoning hand by the end, making the lad’s ultra-sensitive cock completely slick with his own spew. Blake shuddered several times in the aftershocks of his record shattering orgasm, and his magnificent, muscle-girded chest heaved as he tried to regain his breath. 

Coach J surveyed his office in shock and amazement. Thick, messy lines of spunk extended across the floor, up the near side of his desk, across its broad surface, and out onto the floor beyond. The vast bulk of the chunky, clotted mess appeared to have sprayed atop the wide expanse of the smooth oak desk top, coating the majority of the large surface area with the lad’s unbelievably copious seed. The entire room positively reeked of sex, a heady and not altogether unpleasant smell that fill Doug’s own big lungs and made his own terminally rampant cock twitch and heave untouched in his cramped shorts. 

Blake’s monumentally engorged cock still felt hard as a crowbar in Doug’s cum-slickened hand, and his big and bulky testicles still felt bloated and full, despite having just pumped out what had to be the largest single cum load in human history! Though the incredibly bulky and muscular young wrestler was almost completely slumped against his beloved coach, the randy, hyper virile lad looked more than ready to go again! The kid was utterly INCREDIBLE!! 

But Coach Jaworski was determined that the gorgeous young muscle man would never cum again. 

Acting quickly before the stud’s titanic, 14-inch monster cock could flag in the slightest, Coach J fished something out of his back pocket. It was a length of thick, coiled wire with sturdy wooden handles fixed to either end, forming a deadly garrote. A barely conscious Blake was oblivious to the danger as Doug looped the fat wire around the base of Blake’s entire, monstrous package, gently cinching it tight against the very base of the young stud’s epic manhood. The entirety of Blake’s massive, rock-hard cock and humongous, low-hanging balls were caught on the other side of the wire loop from the rest of the young man’s magnificent body. 

And then, after a few slow and steadying breaths, his eyes focused on the enormous, trapped package in front of him, Coach Jaworski suddenly pulled on the two wooden handles with all of his impressive might. 

Blake’s entire body gave a mighty convulsion as the steel wire suddenly bit into his flesh, steadily crushing the tissues beneath it as it threatened to tear through the young hunk’s spectacular manhood. Blake’s enormous 14-inch horse dick bulged even larger as blood was trapped within the massive member, and his titanic testes began to turn an unhealthy shade of purple as they were cut off from their customary blood supply. The nearly unconscious muscle stud merely moaned in response, making no effort to save his colossal manhood as the offending steel wire began to slowly cut deeper and deeper into its meaty base. 

Coach Doug had thought for sure that the deadly wire would make quick work of even Blake’s massive package, but his monstrously oversized cock and balls were proving to be even tougher and more hardy than Coach J could have imagined. Instead of quickly slicing through all of that dense and fibrous flesh, letting that enormous package fall to the floor with a loud and beefy splat, the lad’s cock and balls were valiantly resisting being severed from the young man’s body. Thick veins stood out all over Blake’s huge cock and balls as they swelled even bigger, thickening and darkening as the constricting assault continued. The wire had by now almost completely disappeared, digging so deep into the base of Blake’s cock and balls that the thick and powerful root had been crushed to merely half its normal thickness. 

Coach Jaworski grimaced and redoubled his efforts, pulling with even greater might at the handles and strangling the kid’s colossal package more and more. A hideous grin spread across Doug’s fevered features as he saw small trickles of blood begin to form on either side of the cutting wire. He knew that in another few moments, Blake’s entire package, the biggest and most beautiful set of cock and balls he’d ever seen, would be cleanly sliced right off of the lad’s magnificent body, ending his extraordinary alpha male bull status forever… 

Just then, the office door suddenly crashed open, and four noisy and laughing coeds stumbled into the room. The two young men were a pair of Blake’s wrestling teammates, and they were accompanied by a pair of giggling young women. The boys had decided to end their two-month-long run of celibacy, and had had the brilliant idea of breaking into their coach’s office and fucking their girlfriends there. Since it was the weekend, they had expected a completely vacant gymnasium. 

They were therefore beyond surprised to see their trusted Coach Jaworski kneeing on the cum splattered floor before a naked and monstrously aroused Blake Connor, a thick and deadly wire wrapped around the lad’s massive junk as the coach tried to emasculate the incredibly gifted young man. 

Both parties were equally stunned by their surprised meeting, but the two young athletes recovered a split second before their coach. Even as the older man prepared to give the wooden handles the last, mighty tug that would have chopped off Blake’s big package forever, the other two wrestlers collided with their coach and toppled him to the floor, knocking the garrote handles out of his big hands. 

At that point, the fight seemed to go right out of the older man, and one wrestler was easily able to keep the big man pinned to the floor with the other rushed to Blake’s aid. He quickly unwound the wire from around the root of Blake’s manhood, and watched as a healthy color once again surged through the tortured tissues. A dark purple ligature mark marred the base of Blake’s huge cock, and superficial lacerations oozed blood on either side of the thick meat. It had been a very close thing, but Blake’s humongous cock and balls had survived the brutal strangulation and near severing intact! 

Even after the police and paramedics arrived on the scene to treat the nearly comatose Blake and cart Coach Jaworski off to jail, the older man just kept on mumbling, “I was just helping the boy. I was trying to rid us both of that monstrous problem.” His glazed eyes were unfocused, for his hands could still feel the warmth and staggering size of Blake’s massive genitals in his clutching grip, a set of genitals that he’d very nearly destroyed forever. As the officers hauled the unresisting man to his feet, they were disgusted by the streamers of fresh cum running down both of the man’s muscular, naked legs, the remains of his own hands free orgasm as he was madly strangling Blake’s big, heavy meat. 

Meanwhile, the paramedics were treating the superficial wounds around the base of Blake’s groin, and were struggling to rouse the drugged lad. They rushed him to the hospital, where doctors tended to him and nurses watched him overnight, concerned about a possible drug overdose. But when the boy awoke the next morning, groggy but otherwise unharmed, he was discharged from the hospital with a clean bill of health. Other than some angry bruising around the base of his cock and balls that would quickly fade in the weeks to come, young Blake Connor was miraculously physically unharmed by his near-brush with emasculation at the hands of his beloved and trusted coach. 

The aftermath of the event swept through the college town like a tidal wave, and even made the national news. 

The much loved and celebrated wrestling coach was utterly ruined by the event, and the entire student body was shocked and horrified to learn what he had done. Doug Jaworski’s trial was cut short when it became obvious that the man’s mind was now broken, and he spent the rest of his days in a mental institution. His wife quickly divorced him, and she and her four children moved out of the state to start a fresh life elsewhere. 

The four college students who had interrupted Coach Jaworski as he was on the cusp of finishing his vile and twisted plan were hailed as heroes, especially the two young wrestlers who tackled the coach and saved their friend and teammate in the nick of time. 

Blake Connor’s story was perhaps the most amazing of all. After being discharged from the hospital, Blake immediately returned to his training with a vengeance, seeming to completely block the recent assault from his mind as he focused all of his energies on the upcoming state championships, now less than a week away. He skipped his classes that week and barely spoke to a soul, so intent was he on his training. When the day of the official weigh-in arrived, the largest crowds ever gathered to watch the wrestling tournament, many drawn by the news headlines and eager to see the gorgeous young man who had narrowly escaped a date with disaster. The handsome blonde lad looked even more massive and beefy than ever as he walked up to the scale, wearing nothing more than his skin-tight singlet, which only amplified and accentuated every swollen and muscular curve of his magnificent body. 

When the scale’s needle finally came to a rest, the entire crowd gasped at the resulting number — 242 pounds of rock hard young bull meat! The stone-faced young man had ceased all attempts to decrease his bodyweight, regaining all of the water weight he’d lost with Coach J’s diuretics, and even managing to pack on another 5 or 6 pounds of muscle in the final days leading up to the competition! The kid was now a mighty BEAST of muscle! 

Blake clearly no longer qualified for the under 100 kg weight class, so he would now be competing in the unlimited weight class, facing a stack of wrestling opponents from all across the state who were all taller and bigger than him. 

And that mighty little ball of muscle beat every single one of them, securing his third State Wrestling Championship in a row! 

Blake kept a low profile over the following year, training in secret and focusing on his studies, but when he returned his senior year for his fourth and final state championships, he came in like a freaking TANK! He had gained a staggering 30+ pounds of muscle over the previous year to now top the scales at a monstrous 275 pounds! The devastatingly handsome blonde bull was just as shredded and incredibly conditioned as ever, without an ounce of fat to obscure and hide his heroically colossal muscles. 

And he AGAIN took the State Wrestling Championship title, his fourth in a row, with ease! 

International eyes would soon be focusing on the mighty 22-year-old muscle bull when he competed in the upcoming Summer Olympics, especially when the handsome young man stated his intention to compete at a mind boggling 300 pounds! Knowing the singular focus and drive of this incredible young muscle mountain, it would not be surprising if he significantly exceeded his stated weight goal. Time would tell…