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A Roman Experience - Part 2

A Roman Experience - Part 2
Based on an original story by Prisoner/J.D.


Round One

I took a sip of wine, wondering whether or not Marcus was playing us the fool. There were eight of us. Surely this boy could not be made to come EIGHT times, no matter the stimulation or the incredible size of his enormous balls! But we were all pretty well in our cups by this time, and I was prepared to meet the challenge. And from the sounds of the others, they too were going to rise to the occasion.

"I'll torture the juice out of him!" I heard Lepulius's voice exclaim. I looked over to see him get up, unsteadily, from his couch and proceed even more unsteadily over to the bound youth.

Half way across the circle he stopped, and weaving slightly, turned back to his couch. We started to jeer at his apparent change of mind, but he simply ignored us and, upon reaching his couch, picked up his ivory tweezers, and smirked. He then turned and made his way across the circle to the waiting boy.

Upon reaching the youth, he reached up and rubbed the back of his hand across a handsome rosy cheek. He let one hand drop to the massive chest, and a finger began to trace designs across the smooth skin. He smiled at the boy, reached towards his pubic hair with the tweezers, and taking one of the strands, pulled hard.

"Ah, ahh!" the boy gasped in pain as Lepulius began to pluck each of the blond pubic hairs from the boy's crotch.

"Aaah, oooh!" the boy continued to groan as the hairs fell away from his crotch. Occasionally Lepulius would reach up with the tweezers and pinch one of the large rosy nipples, eliciting further yelps of pain from the young stud.

As Lepulius continued the torment, the boy's cock began to harden, swelling larger and larger with seemingly no end in sight. By the time Lepulius was halfway through the pubic hair, the lad's cock reached its full, eye-popping length. His was truly a cock out of legend, measuring over 14 full inches in length, and thick as a man’s forearm! The massive cock looked like some sort of barbarous war club, which was fitting since it was attached to a Dane. Even at full hardness, the boy’s foreskin covered the apple-sized cock head. The gargantuan penis was covered in a tracery of thick veins and pulsed mightily, oozing its first drop of precum. 

Lepulius reached over and plucked at the frenum that hung loose underneath the head of the youth's cock. "Ah, aaah!" the boy complained, and pulled mightily but uselessly at his restraints. Lepulius ignored him and resumed the plucking of his pubic hair and the pinching of his nipples.

After ten minutes or so, the boy's crotch had been completely denuded of its hair, and though the thick precum flowed continuously, he had not been forced to come. The crowed began to jeer Lepulius's efforts. He looked over to us with a scowl, and reaching down, began to pull out the hairs on the boy's big scrotum, occasionally pinching the thick skin as well.

"Aah, oooh, hssssh!" the boy moaned and began to pull even more furiously at the restraints that held his wrists and ankles, his huge muscles bulging heroically.

Then we saw Lepulius smile, and redouble his efforts, pulling out hairs that rested at the base of the boy's cock shaft. The cock began to slowly pulse upward, and we knew that Lepulius had won his wager. 

"Uuuuuuhhh!!!" the young stud groaned deep and long as his chest heaved, his muscular hips thrust outward, and his massive cock jabbed the open air. The first blast was awesome, a massive slug of cum that blasted skyward with incredible force, shooting a good six or seven feet up into the air before landing on the marble with a wet splat. Even more amazing was that the second slug was even more massive than the first, as was the third, and the fourth, and so on. The handsome young muscle stud was cumming like most men urinate, spewing forth wad after massive wad of thickest, creamiest cum I had ever seen, quickly drenching Lepulius in his hot male essence. 

The orgasm seemed to go on forever, and the stud blasted over 20 huge wads before the titanic orgasm finally began to ebb and cease. 

The small crowd began to cheer wildly, amazed by this incredible display of hyper masculine virility. Lepulius turned to us and smiled broadly at our accolades. Marcus was cheering along with us and nodded to a slave who came up to Lepulius with a bag of coins. Lepulius bowed deeply at his host and strode triumphantly back to his couch.

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A Roman Experience - Part 1

Greetings my gentle (and not so gentle) readers!

I'm writing this note in mid February, and will be pre-loading a bunch of stories to cover the next few months. I just started a new job (a whole new career, actually) a little over a week ago, so it's unlikely that I'll be writing any new stories for a couple of months. Good thing I already have enough stories completed to see this blog through to the rest of the year! :D But I promise that I will be writing again soon...

Also, I experienced a mad rush of inspiration and creativity a few weeks ago, and completed 27 (!!!) new drawings that I'll be posting on my artwork blog in the months to come. My 2015 drawings will post through April of this year, and then the new 2016 artwork will start popping up. I hope you enjoy it!

So now let's turn to a period piece, set in ancient Rome...


A Roman Experience - Part 1
Based on an original story by Prisoner/J.D.


I must write this now, before any of the spectacular images fade in my memory. I have just returned from a dinner party at the home of Marcus Vintorius. Marcus is the most famous man in Rome today. Those who read these words at some later time may not know this, so I will take a few moments to explain. 

Marcus Vintorius is a free man, but it was not always so. He was brought to Rome many years ago as a slave, and sold to the circus to be trained as a fighter. He fought in the circus for many years, piling victory upon victory. Ten years ago he won his freedom at a special competition dedicated to the god Mars. Since then, he has built his own stable of fighters and charioteers. We knew of the fighters, but he had kept his chariot team a secret, training them outside of Rome. 

Today was the Barracticus, the most important chariot competition of the entire season. In fact, today's race was probably the most important race in the history of the sport. This is because the two favorite teams, the Blues and the Yellows, had been building up competitive wins over the past several seasons. Today's race was to decide the ultimate victor. Well, you can imagine the consternation when a third team entered the race, the Reds. We Romans like sport and intrigue, and so this secret team was welcomed vociferously by the crowd. Well, they won, and by six leagues! Pandemonium broke out, and both the new team and their owner were jubilantly crowned victorious by all Rome.

And that leads me to the purpose of this writing, which is to describe, as best I can, the most unusual and exciting dinner party I have ever attended. Marcus invited the leading citizens of the city, minus their wives, to a dinner in honor of his victory. In my own poor way, I will try to share that experience with the reader.

I arrived at twilight, and was greeted by Marcus himself.

"Welcome Belorus, welcome to my home," Marcus spoke openly as he grasped my hand and guided me into his house.

"Congratulations Marcus, or should I say Marcus Victorius" I replied.

"My only duty is to entertain Rome, and I do it as best I can," he responded with a chuckle.

Marcus's home was on a hillside, overlooking the Tiber. Like many of the homes of Rome's elite, it was plain on the outside, hiding its beauty from the eyes of the rabble, but inside it was a paradise. Like most such homes, it was built in a square shape, with the individual rooms opening not to the outside but to the enclosed garden in the center. What was unique about Marcus's home, as we walked through the various rooms, was the flooring and wall coverings. The floor of each room was a different, costly, marble. Much of which was not from the nearby quarries, but must have been brought in from quarries to the far south. The wall coverings for each of the rooms was a fabric of a color to match the marble floor. A very expensive decor, since such fabrics were quite rare. 

But these were nothing compared to the garden we entered. There were flowering plants and trees of every variety, some of which I had never seen before.

"We dine here in the garden tonight, as the heat has made it much too uncomfortable to eat inside," Marcus advised as he guided me past bushes and plants whose perfume wafted across the open spaces.

As we rounded a bush, I'm sure my jaw must have dropped, for Marcus began to quietly chuckle at my surprise.

"Part of this evening’s enjoyment," he offered as he guided me to a dining couch. Some of the other guests had already arrived and were lounging and conversing. They obviously were far less surprised than I, or had simply accepted the matter as the offering of a considerate host.

The dining couches had been arranged in a circle, and there were small tables before each that were piled with fruits, cheeses, meats, and wine. A slave was stationed between each couch to provide for the needs of each guest. Nothing unusual you say, no, of course not. But what was a little out of the ordinary were the columns that had been erected behind each couch. So, a simple matter of festive decor you might think. I suppose so, were it not for the fact that bound to each of these columns were the handsomest collection of young men and teens I had ever seen. Not only were they bound, but they were all of them totally naked. But that is not all, for each of their large penises were also completely erect!

"Here, does this please you?" Marcus asked as he guided me to a couch next to Practicus Selorius, a merchant I knew slightly.

"Of course," I responded, nodding to Practicus.

"No, I mean is this alright,” he added reaching over to fondle the lad bound to the column between my couch and the one occupied by Selorius. 

I looked up at the boy, and my heart began to pound. I was certain that it could be heard by everyone. The boy was obviously Greek. He had dark curly hair, an olive complexion, and the most exquisite body you could imagine. As I looked at him, he smiled slightly, showing the tiniest of dimples. His eyes were blue, which I thought unusual, and set beneath the most luxurious dark eyelashes. I'm certain my mouth was agape as I continued to survey his beauty, from his graceful neck, down his smooth and well muscled chest to his rippled abdomen, to the soft luxuriant hair that caressed his private parts - a strange description for me to use in this context since they were exposed for all to see. 

His cock, which was hard and jutted out a full 10 inches from his crotch was, in itself, an amazing thing. The god Priapus himself would covet such a trophy. And the youth’s balls were very large and heavy, and looked to be full of ripe young cum. 

"Belorus, are you alright?" Marcus asked with some concern at my silence.

"Oh, yes, of course," I replied after a moment, recovering from my momentary surprise. 

"He is lovely, isn't he?" Marcus asked as he silently stroked the youth's cock. The boy closed his eyes and moaned softly.

"He is exquisite!" I responded.

"He and the others," Marcus spoke indicating the other bound youths with a wave of his hand, "are provided for your enjoyment and nourishment."

"Nourishment?" I asked, puzzled at his use of the word.

"Yes, let me demonstrate, " he replied. “Ordinos," he called as he motioned to the slave standing by the table laden with food, who picked up a piece of bread and handed it to Marcus.

Marcus smiled at my continued puzzlement, and began to slowly stroke the bound boy's cock. 

"Hmmmm," the boy moaned more loudly now that his penis was being masturbated in earnest.

"Hssssh, aaah!" the youth gasped, and shuddered as his cock gave up his youthful cum in spurt after thick spurt of milky white cream. Marcus held the bread to catch the boy's voluminous flow of juice. As the last bit of cum dribbled onto the bread, Marcus smiled at me and popped the bread into his mouth.

"Delicious," he commented as he chewed. "Ordinos, prepare some for our guest." he ordered. 

Ordinous looked at me quizzically, and I nodded in assent. He then picked up another piece of bread and came over and began to masturbate the boy. This time it took a little longer, but with a gasp and shudder, the boy gave up more of his youthful cum, his cock spurting the white cream over the bread in copious amounts. Ordinos handed the bread to me and I took it hungrily. He handed me a cup of wine.

"Enjoy yourself," Marcus urged as he left my side.

I lay back and began to sip my wine quietly, taking the time to look at the other diners and their own selection of bound "nourishers." The slaves that served each diner were also responsible for keeping the bound men and boys hard. As soon as one of them would  begin to lose his hardness, the slave would message it back to life. 

There were 8 dining couches and as many bound youths. It was clear that they came from every part of Rome's Empire. Marcus must have paid an enormous sum to collect such a selection of young male beauty.

"Uuhgh!" I heard a voice grunt. I looked over to where Practicus lay in time to see his boy, with a low groan, give up a load of his thick male juice. He was obviously a Gaul, for his body was pale and his hair the color of straw. He was as beautiful in his own way as my Greek boy, with thick, powerful muscles and a handsome face. 

He opened his eyes and his mouth gulped for air as the last dribble of cum was squeezed from his huge, hard, 11-inch cock onto the waiting bread. There was a hint of rose to his cheeks that told me that while he was perhaps more strongly built than my Greek, they were probably the same age, perhaps 18 or 19 years. His chest was smooth, and very well muscled, his definition being even more pronounced by the strain caused by his bindings. A trail of pale hair led from his navel down to the golden bush at his groin, which surrounded an even larger cock than my Greek boy's member, and huge balls that hung a good three inches below his hard cock. His legs were powerfully muscled, reminding me of a gladiator. 

"Pleasant, isn't he?" Practicus murmured, gesturing towards his Gaul.

"Quite," I responded. "As beautiful as my own,” I continued, pointing to my Greek.

"Ah, yes," Practicus replied, "that one is beautiful. I almost asked Marcus to place me where you are sitting, but Marcus thought I would appreciate this one more."

"I see," I responded with a small laugh.

"Yes," he continued speaking as he got up from his couch and stood by his Gaul. "Let me show you what Marcus did that made up my mind for me."

Practicus reached over with both his hands and took the boy's rosy nipples in his fingers and began to twist and pinch them violently.

"Hsssh, aaah!" the boy moaned in an obvious mixture of pain and pleasure.

The slave serving Practicus picked up another piece of bread and held it under the lad's cock. Then in only a moment, the boy shuddered and shot another massive load of cum over the waiting bread. No one had touched his cock. He had cum purely from the torment Practicus was inflicting on his nipples.

Practicus released the now reddened tits and returned to his couch. The boy sagged slightly in his bindings and breathed even more deeply. The slave handed the bread to Practicus, who popped it into his mouth and began chewing.

"Marcus knows that I like a little spice in my selection of boys,” he continued between chews. "I would venture to say that each of these,” he indicated all of the remaining bound figures, "were selected especially for the unique taste of each of the guests."

I nodded in agreement. My own enchantment with young Greek men had obviously come to Marcus's attention. I gazed up at my own boy, and he smiled tentatively. "Hmmm…" I wondered to myself how complete Marcus had been in researching my interests. I rose from my couch and stood by the youth.

Slowly I began to rub his chest, stopping to lightly trace designs over his two light brown nipples. I continued rubbing down to his corded abdomen, poking a finger into his navel, then brushing lightly down to his pubic hair and then along the shaft of his thick cock. I grasped his big cock and began to stroke it evenly. He closed his eyes and lay his head back against the column. A drop of precum appeared and I took it on a finger and rubbed it along the underside of the shaft. I moved my hand away from his cock and continued down his scrotum, grasping his big, heavy balls and pulling them down tightly in their sac.

"Uhhh!" he moaned softly at the mounting pressure on his delicate nuts. They were of truly large size, about the size of large lemons, and they felt hot and heavy in my hand, filling it to overflowing. I continued to manipulate them, pulling and squeezing lightly. More precum appeared and began to descend on crystalline threads. I took more and rubbed it along my finger.

I released his nuts and reached under them to the crack of his ass. He had been tied so that there was some movement possible away from the column. I reached up between his legs and pulled his ass cheeks away from the column. I probed the crack with my finger until I found his hole. Slowly I pushed the finger that had been lubricated with the precum into him. 

"Ah, uh!" he moaned. He opened his eyes and stared into mine. The slight flinching of the muscles around his eyes told me that he was a virgin where I was probing. I smiled and continued to push my finger up into him.

"Huuuh!" he uttered, sucking in a deep breath as my finger reached his prostrate. I began to slowly push and message my quarry. He gulped, his chest heaving with the deep breaths he was taking. Clearly he had never experienced what I was doing before. The precum was now flowing almost continuously. After a moment I saw his cock raise up slightly, on its own. Ordinos started to put a piece of bread under it's head. 

“No," I ordered, and Ordinos backed away. I put my mouth over the boy's cock head just at the moment when he arched his back away from the column and groaned loudly. Volley after volley of sweet cum shot into my mouth. I held his cock tight in my lips, feeling each pulse as another load coursed through the shaft and out the end.

"Uuuuuh, uhh, ah!" he moaned, thrashing his head from side to side, his whole body shuddering with the violence of the orgasm. 

After several moments, I felt the pulsing slow and then stop, and I released his cock from my mouth and stood up. His chest was still heaving, and was covered with a thin film of sweat that made it glisten in the fading daylight. His eyes were closed and his head was resting back against the pillar. I returned to my couch and Ordinos brought me some more wine.

"Yes, Practicus," I spoke to my dining partner, raising my cup in a toast to our host, "Marcus does know his guests well." I took a long swallow and looked around at the other diners. There were still a few places open, but the majority of the guests were here.

"Belorus!" I heard a voice call my name. I looked across the dining area to a couch opposite me. 

"Lepulius!" I called out and raised my cup again, saluting my old friend. 

"Some dinner, eh?" he responded, indicating my Greek boy. Obviously he had witnessed my "taking nourishment."

I smiled and nodded my head. He began laughing uproariously. 

"I see that you have been well provided for also,” I replied, ignoring his laughter, and indicating the boy tied next to him. The boy was pale, also well muscled, with dark curly hair, and a triangle of dark curly hair whose base went from dark nipple to dark nipple and whose apex pointed towards the dark bush that surrounded his heavy cock and balls.

"Ah yes, " Lepulius replied, "Marcus knows that I like my boy's to start with a little fur." 

I must have cocked my head a little quizzically, for I really didn't understand what Lepulius meant by "start" with a little fur. To my mind, either you liked hairy boys or you liked them smooth. Though as I thought about it, I knew of a few friends who liked to shave their boys.

"Here," Lepulius continued, "let me show you." He got up from his couch and stood by his boy. Reaching down, he picked up a pair of ivory tweezers from the table. Reaching up to the boy's chest, he began to pluck the curly hairs.

"Hssh, aah, oh!" the boy moaned in pain as each of his hairs was pulled out. At the same time, Lepulius was rubbing the boy's cock with his other hand. Even though the boy was obviously in pain from having his hair pulled out, he was being kept hard by the stroking he was receiving at the same time. 

"Aaah!" the boy groaned more loudly as Lepulius took the tweezers and pinched one of the boy's nipples. He then stopped, tossed the tweezers back onto the table and sat down.

"By the end of the night,” he mumbled between sips of wine and pieces of cheese, "I'll have this young chick plucked completely smooth."

I did not comment, but merely saluted him with a raised cup and continued to look around at the other guests. There was much conversation going on between the diners. I continued to eat quietly, exchanging occasional conversation with Practicus to my right, and with an older, very fat, merchant on my left, whom I didn't know. Periodically the various bound boy's would be milked, and their cum presented on bread to the guests. Occasionally a guest would get up to do something else with his boy, which ran the gamut from simple fondling to more complex entertainments. 

The fat merchant on my left had tied a leather thong around the balls of his boy and would every so often pull on the thong until the boy gasped in pain, at which the man would chuckle and order his slave to milk the youth for more cum. His boy was a Gaul, with pale blond hair and startlingly blue eyes. His body was pale and completely smooth, flawless. He was hairless, but it appeared to be a matter of youth rather than genetics, for he could not have been more than 18. Despite his youth, however, the young boy was well muscled, with an impressive physique. His cock was large, at least 10 ½ inches long, and looked even larger since his pubic hair had been shaved away. But what was truly impressive about this handsome young stud was his balls. The blond youth had some of the largest balls I had ever seen, each massive hairless orb the size of a large apple. The thong tied around the boy’s big scrotum stretched his gigantic orbs a full four inches from his crotch, where they bulged obscenely, looking monstrously huge. 

"Honored guests," I heard Marcus's voice thunder and looked up to see him stride into the center of the dining circle.

"I hope that you are enjoying your meal," he offered, at which point all of the guests, myself included, began cheering and raising our wine cups in toast to our host.

"I thank you humbly for the honor you do me to be my guests," he replied. "It is time, I think, to begin the evening's entertainments." He smiled and clapped his hands, and then strode towards his own dining couch, which had been empty until this time. He lay down and took up his own wine cup and raised it to signal his majordomo, who bowed and then clapped his own hands.

Two youths then stepped out from behind a large bush and strode into the center. They were both tall, powerfully built, and very handsome. One was dark and the other light in hair and complexion. They wore loincloths, and their wrists and ankles were wrapped in leather.

"We start with a wrestling match," Marcus explained. “Feel free to wager on either combatant. They are of equal ability and skill," he continued. He nodded towards the wrestlers and they bowed.

Then they assumed their opening postures, stalking one another warily. The dark one made his move first, grabbing the neck and arm of the lighter one, and trying to trip him with his leg. They struggled for a few moments and broke free of one another. Slowly they maneuvered around one another. The lighter one then struck, grabbing both arms of his opponent and trying with his leg to trip him. This time it worked, and the dark one fell backward, with the lighter one trying to pin him down. They struggled and rolled over and over, each one trying to gain the advantage.

By this time the guests were cheering and wagering wildly. The dark one broke free and stood up, but before the light one could also stand, he kicked his opponent in the abdomen, causing him to double over in pain. Taking this advantage he pounced on the other man, grasping his arms and pinning them behind his back with one arm, while the other arm was wrapped around his neck. The boy gasped for air and struggled to break free, his mighty chest heaving with exertion. It was obvious that both were also excited by the battle, for each of their loincloths poked outward from the large hardened cocks underneath.

The light one broke free and rolled over, causing the dark one to fall forward. The light one quickly rolled back on top of the dark one and pulled his arms behind his back. The dark one bucked suddenly, tossing the blond off his back, he quickly stood up, as did the blond. They grabbed one another's arms and began struggling again.

By this time the diners were screaming for their favorite, and the wagers were increasing in size. The boys appeared to be oblivious to the commotion, being more concerned with one another in this duel. 

Suddenly the dark one kicked upward with his foot, and tossed the blond over his head. The blond landed on his back, and before he could get up, the dark one jumped on top of him and kicked him in his groin. 

"Aaah!" the blond gasped in pain as both hands went to his groin to grab at his balls. The dark one rolled him over and pulled his arms behind his back, the blond was doubled over in pain and made no move to fight his opponent. 

Marcus tossed a leather thong to the dark boy, who immediately bound the blond’s wrists together. Another thong was tossed by the majordomo, and the dark one went to the blond’s ankles, pulling them together and binding them tightly. He then stood up to the cheers of his followers. The blond boy lay quietly at his feet, clearly still pained from the blow that felled him.

"Fuck him! Fuck him!" a chant began to rise from the diners.

"Fuck him! Fuck him hard! Show him who is master!" the diners continued to chant and clap their hands.

The dark one looked to Marcus, who smiled and nodded his head. The majordomo tossed yet another leather thong to the victor, who then pulled the blond up on his knees, and bound his legs just above the knees. He looked around at the diners who were cheering him on, smiled, and reaching down, ripped the loincloth off of his victim. The diners screamed their approval at the sight of the now naked blond, whose cock was no longer hard, but hung heavy and limply between his legs. 

The dark victor was not limp, for as he stood up, his cock still pushed against his loincloth. He reached down and ripped it free, and his cock bounced upward in the air. It was huge, jutting out at least 11 inches, and was thick in circumference. I pitied the youth about to be impaled. 

He stroked his cock a few times and knelt down behind the other boy. The blond's head rested on the floor, his ass held upraised by the bindings behinds his knees. The dark one began to pry at the pale ass cheeks with his fingers. Finding what he sought, he pushed into the blond with a thick finger.

"Ugh!" the bound youth groaned.

The victor stood up and began to probe with his cock. As its head entered the other's hole, he thrust forward with all his force, burying the full 11 inches into his vanquished opponent in one mighty thrust.

"AAAAHH!!" the blond youth screamed in pain as the other's cock invaded his backside.

"Aaah, aaah, aaaaah!" he continued to scream as the other continued his methodical fucking, pushing in and out, oblivious to the pain he was causing the other.

The diners were cheering and applauding at each thrust and scream of pain. In only a few minutes, the dark one closed his eyes and gasped, then pulling his cock free of the other, sat back on his haunches as his cock erupted, sending a spray of cum over the blond boy's muscular back. The dark one's cock continued to jab the open air, shooting load after load of male juice, until the blond's back was covered with the viscous liquid, slowly dribbling down his sides.

The dark one stood up and raised his arms in victory. The diners went wild. Marcus beckoned to the boy and he walked over to where his master reclined. Marcus reached down and picked up a laurel wreath, and placed it on the still hard cock. The diners screamed their approval. 

Slowly the dark one marched around the center of the circle, his cock jutting out defiantly, carrying his victory wreath. The diners tossed coins and flowers in his direction, which a slave gathered up. He strode proudly out of the area, ignoring his opponent who still lay bound and exhausted from the battle and the fucking. Two large slaves came into the area as the dark one left, and picked up the blond youth, not bothering to even untie him, and carried him out silently, dragging his feet as they went.

"Now," we heard Marcus exclaim, "another entertainment." he clapped his hands, and ten young men came tumbling into the center of the circle. 

They were all completely naked and oiled, their bodies glistening in the flickering light of the torches. Obviously they were an acrobatic troupe, for they proceeded to jump and roll and tumble, forming shapes and movements with one another. They were certainly entertaining, but not nearly as exciting as the wrestlers had been. 

I suppose it is a fault, but we Romans do like our entertainments a little on the harsher side. But these youths were pleasant nonetheless, and some of them were even beautiful. They continued their acrobatics for several minutes and as a finale, formed a tall triangle by standing on one another's shoulders.

We were feeling quite magnanimous by this time and applauded loudly at their efforts. Marcus smiled and clapped his hands and the youths tumbled down from their stance and stood together, bowing deeply. Marcus tossed them a pouch of money, which their leader grabbed up. They all bowed again and ran tumbling from our midst.

"Honored guests," we heard Marcus again call out, and turned our attention to our host.

"Honored guests, I am pleased that you liked this pleasant interlude," he spoke, indicating the acrobats that had just left.

We all applauded and shouted our thanks. 

"Thank you, thank you,” he continued with mock humility, "but this was only a momentary pleasantry. I know my fellow Romans, and I know that you like your entertainments somewhat more, shall we say, sophisticated." The diners, sensing another entertainment more to their liking, screamed their agreement.

"I also know that many of you lost some hefty sums of money by wagering on that unfortunate excuse for a wrestler," he continued.

At this last comment there was laughter from the winners and much grumbling from the losers. We also noticed that the slaves had begun to move away two of the serving tables at one end of the dining area.

"Yes, yes, there are losers and there are winners, but, let it never be said that guests in Marcus's house had only once chance to win,” he continued. Now our interest was really piqued. What did Marcus have up his sleeve, we all wondered.

The slaves, having removed the serving tables, were now erecting an X shaped cross out of heavy wooden beams where the tables had been. I don't know about the other guests, but at this sight, my own heart began to pound with excitement.

"So," Marcus began to speak again after the murmuring had died down, "I give you an opportunity to regain your losses or win even more." He clapped his hands and we all turned towards the direction he was facing. 

The slaves had finished erecting the cross, and now two more came marching out from behind one of the hedges. They were massively muscled slaves, and they held an even larger naked young blond man between them. The slaves marched him over to the cross, untied his wrists and then pulled up on his arms, securing each wrist to one of the uprights of the cross. Once his wrists had been secured, they pulled his legs apart, and bound his ankles to the lower parts of the cross. They then stepped away, leaving him spread-eagled and in full view of the small audience.

I now had a chance to really look at the boy. He was breathtaking! Spectacular! Perhaps the most glorious man I had ever laid my eyes upon! Judging from his pale blonde hair, fair skin, and incredibly handsome features, I guessed this young man was a Dane. He was extremely tall, at least 6’4” in height, and was massively, powerfully built. I had never seen such a thickly muscled man in my life! His neck was thick like that of a bull, leading to incredibly broad, muscular shoulders that were straining with the pressure of the bindings. His arms were thickly muscled, bulging with raw male power, and his massive, thick, squared chest was enormous, completely devoid of hair and with two of the largest, most succulent nipples I had ever seen. His nipples were the size of coins, and dusky rose in hue. His hugely muscled upper torso tapered dramatically to an incredibly narrow and tight waist, with rippling washboard abdominal muscles like corrugated iron. His long, massive legs were the perfect match for his huge upper body, thickly muscled thighs like oak trees, and bulging muscular calves. 

His face was almost feminine in its exquisite beauty, but was intensely masculine at the same time, with high cheekbones, an extremely powerful jaw, and a strong prominent chin. His pale flaxen hair hung limply over his forehead, matched by thick flaxen eyelashes. His cheeks were touched with a hint of rose, indicating his youth, though it was hard to believe that a man with such awesome muscular development could be only 18 or 19 years old. His soulful eyes were the most startling blue color, like a deep sapphire, the color of deep pools of water. 

As my eyes reached the platinum bush at his groin, I let out an involuntary gasp. Even limp, his cock was enormous, easily 9 inches in length and as thick as a man’s wrist. Erect, I imagined it to be even larger than the one possessed by the dark wrestler from the night’s earlier entertainment, or any of the young men bound to the 8 columns. But his balls were truly monumental, the largest, most heroically oversized testicles I had ever seen on man or beast! These mighty gonads put even the merchant’s Gaul slave’s balls to shame with their sheer size and mass. Each huge orb was the size of a large fist, and hung ponderously and pendulously in their big sack, swinging slightly. Due no doubt to their great weight, the gigantic balls hung over three full inches from his crotch. The young stud’s nuts were so massive that they would have looked outsized even on a prize stud bull!

"Here is my wager, " Marcus began to explain, "I will double the money you lost, or double the money you won.” The guests shouted and cheered, making it difficult to hear what Marcus was saying. He stopped talking and smiled, and motioned for the guests to quiet themselves.

"Please, please," he asked, "let me finish my wager." The shouting slowly died down.

"As I said," he continued, "I will double the amount of your wagers if...," he paused for effect, and the silence was complete, as each diner waited for the conditions of the wager, "if you can cause this young man to cum," he indicated the bound blond muscle man, "through torture." There was a momentary silence as he finished, to be replaced in a split second with roars of approval.

"Wait, wait!" he continued, motioning us to be quiet once again, "there are conditions." He stopped again, and we remained silent.

"Each of you must make the boy cum, using whatever means of torture you choose," he indicated towards the youth again and we looked to see his majordomo setting up a table of implements.

"But, you must leave no lasting marks, and you may not stroke or in any way massage his penis. He must cum from the torture itself." 

The guests looked at one another, and soon the cheering and applause started again.

Marcus smiled, and opened his mouth to speak again, motioning for quiet.

"I will give you one advantage," he indicated. "I will tell you now that I have trained him myself, and warn you that he can withstand more pain before orgasm than you might think. He is the most amazing stallion in my stable, and I believe you will be impressed." He stopped speaking and smiled as the diners screamed their own challenges.

"Very well, very well, who will be first?" he asked simply.

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Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 40 - Epilogue

Hello everyone!

Here is the FINAL chapter in the Cyborg Saga. I sure hope you've enjoyed this journey!

I have several more series in the works, including one inspired by an unpublished and unfinished work of the incomparable Robert Moon ("Lunatrick"), and several series that I'm working on in collaboration with some of you.

It will be a while before any of these other series are ready for posting, so in the meantime, I'll be returning to individual stories and short series.

And as always, thank you for visiting my blog and for your amazing comments! They are always greatly appreciated!



Captive of the Cyborgs -- Part 40

It took nearly two days for Eric’s gigantic balls to heal the entirety of the extensive and very nearly total damage they had suffered. It was still unclear how the two titanic testicles hadn’t shattered on that final, pulverizing blow, and it would likely forever remain a mystery. But the happy fact remained that his beefy balls had indeed survived, and were completely healed in less than 48 hours. 

Optimus begged forgiveness for himself and the entire Cyborg race, both for their actions against Eric personally and against his race -- and all other biological races -- as a whole. He also informed the stunned and overwhelmed young man that the Cyborg race was now and would forever more be the servant of Eric and his progeny, to be commanded and serve at humanity’s will. Optimus even offered the immediate self destruction of every Cyborg in the galaxy, himself included, if Eric so wished it, but the wise young man chose to forego revenge and instead use this historic turn of events as an opportunity to change the future of the galaxy. 

As soon as Eric was healed, an official ceremony was held in the enormous arena, the same arena where the young man’s fantastic manhood had very nearly been destroyed just days before. The ceremony was broadcast throughout the entire galaxy, with untold trillions of Cyborgs and female former thralls alike watching with undivided attention. Eric strode proudly into the arena, walking down a wide aisle in the otherwise crowded arena floor, completely naked and unadorned. His spectacularly muscular and beautiful body had been oiled and glistened in muscular perfection, and his extraordinary and heroically oversized genitals slapped proudly back and forth between his powerful thighs. The mighty young stud mounted the stairs to the top of the central dais, and then turned and addressed the unimaginably vast audience scattered across hundreds of millions of light years of space. 

Eric’s incredibly deep voice reverberated off of the far walls of the arena as he spoke of a new dawn and a new golden age for all intelligent life, both biological and cybernetic. All of the trillions of females that had been held in thrall by the Cyborgs had been instantly released upon Eric’s ascension to dominance, and the young man now ordered the Cyborgs to establish homes for the survivors of all of the formerly dominated races. Many biological worlds had been heavily damaged or even seared clean by the Cyborg plague, so Eric set the Cyborgs to restoring life and beauty to these many hundreds of worlds so that the released slaves would have a place to rebuild their lives and their civilizations. 

For the trillions of female members of his own race, Eric offered his supremely bountiful seed for all who desired it. The young man’s massive cock had been milked on an almost continuous basis, and already starships carrying large quantities of his sperm were streaming toward the far reaches of the galaxy, rushing to deliver Eric’s precious baby batter to the clamoring masses. Despite the almost unimaginably monumental task of fathering a new generation among the trillions of human females in the galaxy, Eric’s huge and heroically prodigious balls were more than up for the task. His first sons would be ready to assist him with the task of spreading his extraordinary seed across the galaxy in less than a score of years, but the Cyborg scientists estimated that mighty Eric would be able to father three or four children with every female of his species in that time. 

Cyborg scientists made another extraordinary discovery just a few weeks after the young stallion’s rise to supreme power. They were experimenting with merging Eric’s sperm with the eggs of other sentient biological species, and came to the spectacular conclusion that the young human male was actually able to cross breed with several dozen other species. These species were all terrestrial, oxygen-breathing, bipedal beings that bore certain similarities to humans, but nevertheless, the discovery sent shockwaves throughout the galaxy. Suddenly, young Eric wasn’t just the savior of the human race, but was now the father of nearly 50 separate races of people. The crossbreeding of Eric’s seed with these alien females always produced a new hybrid species that combined the very best features of humanity with the host race. 

For the hundreds of other species that had been kept under thrall by the Cyborg race, however, the future was more uncertain. Those races without males of their own to propagate their species and who were not compatible with Eric’s extraordinary sperm faced continued reliance on Cyborg technology to impregnate the females with more females. Most of the remaining species accepted this fate, perhaps even holding the slender hope that someday one of their own lost males might also be found, just as Eric had been found for the human race. A few of the others, though, chose extinction over continued one gender existence. These species would be provided with their own worlds to live out the rest of their lifespans until old age claimed the last of their kind. But most chose to carry on, overjoyed to finally be free of their slavery to begin to recover their own dignity and grace. 


Eric stood within a large room on the outer shell of the vast planet ship Primus, looking out an enormous window at the vast panoply of stars. A suction hose was attached to his gargantuan, 22 ½ inch monster cock, gently siphoning out the latest thick batch of creamy white jizz out of his massive seed factories. In the weeks since his ultimate trial in the arena, Eric’s cock had been milked on an almost continual basis, for his behemoth bull balls were the sole source of life giving sperm in the entire universe for nearly 50 different species. Not a single drop of the precious fluid was being spilled or wasted, as every single sperm cell was destined to find a home in the womb of a female, and grow into a healthy and beautiful new child. Needless to say, the demand for his powerful and precious spunk was overwhelming, but fortunately, his mighty baby makers were more than up to the challenge, so extraordinarily hyper productive that they could now whip up more than a gallon of sperm per minute! It might take a little while, but soon the galaxy would be teeming with trillions and trillions of his extraordinarily gifted offspring, each and every one of them inheriting the tremendous strength, beauty, intelligence, and awesome fecundity of their magnificent sire. 

The young man could still only barely believe the extraordinary and completely unexpected turn of events that had not only spared his huge balls and his very life from destruction, but that now made him the honored and almost worshipped leader of this brave new world. He could only smile in wonder as he gazed out across the vast array of stars and pumped his chunky splooge into yet another collection tank, realizing that because of him, humanity and its allied races would soon once again be spread out across countless worlds. Life, which had been teetering on the brink of extinction, was about to explode forth once more in the greatest diaspora of intelligent life the galaxy -- and likely the universe -- had ever seen. 

Eric closed his beautiful blue eyes and smiled again as another wave of blissful orgasm washed over him. Yes, he decided, the future most definitely looked bright. 

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Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 39 - Conclusion

Here is the penultimate chapter to my longest story series to date.


Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 39


The massive piston collided with annihilating force into Eric’s horrifically battered and damaged bull balls, crushing them utterly flat against the steel backstop. The handsome young man shrieked in unimaginable pain, his entire, gloriously muscular body going absolutely rigid, and his mammoth whale cock emitting one final, titanic gush of semen. Eric’s body shuddered and quivered for several long moments, the stunningly beautiful man’s face a twisted rictus of agony, and then he collapsed. Every great muscle went limp as the huge male slumped in his restraints, and it wasn’t immediately clear if he was merely unconscious or actually dead. Only his gargantuan cock seemed to possess life, as it pulsed and quivered several more times before it, too, became still. 

And then, for the first time in more than three months, that mighty shaft of man meat began to grow soft, the puffy and grossly distended organ wilting after the obliteration of the young stud’s behemoth balls. 

The piston remained slammed up against the backboard for several more long moments. The Cyborg Overlord was horrified at what he had just done, destroying the long sought paragon of masculinity just at the moment of its discovery, and he was temporarily too paralyzed to act. He had instantly transmitted his recent epiphany to every Cyborg in the galaxy at the moment of his revelation, so trillions of cybernetic beings were also simultaneously reeling from the momentous realization, one that had come just moments too late to save this most spectacular and precious of men. 

For the first time in his hundreds of millions of years of existence, Optimus felt fear and panic. With the young muscle man’s extraordinary balls ruined forever, the only remaining samples of his fantastically potent male seed were what the handsome young stud had shot within the arena. The overwhelming vast bulk of his voluminous discharge had already been gobbled up by the titanically bloated testicle slugs on the arena floor, so there was unlikely any viable seed left down there. The gigantic ropes of splooge that Eric had blasted onto the shaft of the huge piston had already been destroyed by grease, friction, and heat. That left the relatively tiny fraction of spunk that had cleared the 100-foot distance from the bound muscle man to the edge of the disc. Optimus immediately began to order server robots to harvest this sole remaining supply of Eric’s sperm in existence, hoping that he could at least extract the male sperm from the semen and produce male offspring from the herculean super stud.

In the meantime, it was only with great reluctance that Optimus began to retract the piston, dreading the sight of the gore splattered mallet that had once represented the two most powerful and virile balls in the universe. As the piston began to retract, Optimus also unlatched the ring that encircled the neck of Eric’s scrotum, releasing the titanic, 75-ton sphere of titanium that had been mercilessly tearing at the young man’s burly nuts for more than 24 hours. The 10-foot-diameter sphere plummeted several hundred feet toward the arena floor. The mammoth, bloated testicle leeches were still crowded beneath the hunky hero, waiting with open maws to collect even more of the lad’s powerful effluvium. The gargantuan creature directly below the falling sphere had just enough time to produce a loud and angry hiss before it was obliterated. The sphere landed with such force that the slug’s body simply disintegrated, spraying gore and gallons of half-digested sperm in all directions and scattering the other four dozen or so giant grubs as well, killing several more in the process. The massive ball of metal was imbedded more than halfway into the arena floor, creating a huge crater of broken and twisted metal. 

But the immense audience, both in the arena and across the galaxy, paid no attention to the falling sphere. All eyes were trained on the slowly retracting piston, hearts filled with dread and despair as they waited to see the bloody, broken mess that had once been Eric’s beautiful balls. 

The piston had only been pulled back perhaps three or four inches when suddenly Eric’s supremely overstretched scrotum snapped upward. Everyone expected the battered sac to have burst wide open, spilling its formerly bulky and massive contents and leaving behind nothing but  a torn and empty flap of skin. The utter surprise in the vast arena was therefore palpable when the battered and bruised sac hauled up a huge mass of shapeless flesh. The mighty testicles themselves may have been shattered beyond any hope of repair, but somehow the huge sac itself had not burst open! 

Any initial excitement was short lived, however, as it was clear that the contents of that oversized sac were no longer a pair of healthy, if ridiculously oversized, human balls. Eric’s scrotum looked like it now contained just one huge shapeless mass of goo, a 20-pound fleshy sack of useless, broken nut guts. Eric’s proud bull nuts, after heroically enduring months and months of countless and horrifically brutal tortures, had finally been destroyed. 

Optimus reached out with a dozen or so of his smaller tentacles, gently stroking and caressing the young man’s magnificently muscular but limp body, hoping for some sign of life. Even the young man’s colossal cock now appeared utterly flaccid and dead, hanging long, loose, and limp from his muscular crotch like a bloated and puffy third leg. Despite the despair that was tearing at the core of his being, Optimus couldn’t help but once again be impressed by the sheer size of that massive cock, which - even limp - was bigger than the biggest human hardon that had ever existed. 

The Overlord quickly checked Eric for any vital signs, and was overjoyed to discover that the young man had a weak but steady pulse. The young stud was still alive! He then began to explore the other damage to the young man’s glorious, gargantuan body, but leaving the shattered nutsac for last, as if afraid to confront the truth. Optimus quickly determined that the rest of the young man’s physique was undamaged and that he would survive, though the Cyborg Overlord wondered if the young stud bull would even want to live once he realized he had been made into a steer. 

Finally, it was time to explore the young man’s heavy hanging sac of liquid nut goo. Optimus tentatively prodded the dark purple sack with several tentacles, wincing when the probes met absolutely no resistance. The metal digits plunged deep into Eric’s yielding scrotum like it was just a huge sack of mush and fluid, which wasn’t far from the truth. There didn’t seem to be evidence of a single solid chunk of matter in the entire sac, and it appeared that every last trace of the young man’s herculean balls had been obliterated. 

Not a single sound could be heard in the vast arena, except the profoundly disturbing squishing and squelching sounds as the Overlord’s tentacles continued to gently prod and explore the bag of shattered nuts. Optimus and every other member of the Cyborg race was filled with despair, and the hopelessness of the trillions of female human thralls across the galaxy was without measure. 

Unnoticed by most in the crowd, Eric’s huge flaccid cock gave a slight twitch. And then another. And then another, a little harder this time. Slowly, impossibly, the massive schlong began to bloat larger, still pointing straight down but swelling once more with fresh blood. Soon, everyone in the arena began to notice the change, especially as the humongous bull cock began to crank upward, getting harder and harder as it swelled ever bigger. No one could believe their eyes -- somehow, despite the utter annihilation of the young man’s huge balls, Eric’s mighty cock was growing rock hard once again, pointing proudly and defiantly skyward!!! How could this BE?!?!?

The beautiful young man gave a weak groan, and then his head rolled to one side as he began to weakly struggle in his manacles once again. His groaning became louder and more insistent, and within a few minutes, the emasculated stud began gently bucking his hips, sending his huge, heavy bag of ball goo slowly rocking forward and back like some huge meaty pendulum. If the Cyborgs didn’t know better, they would have said that the young hunk was about to cum. But that would be impossible without a functioning set of balls! 

Eric kept rhythmically fucking the air, his handsome head now tossed back and his beautiful lips gently parted as he moaned and groaned in a heady mixture of pain and arousal. The Cyborgs couldn’t believe the sight -- even utterly emasculated, the young stud was still a god of sex! Precum was once more pouring out of the hugely swollen bull cock, but the slick goo was completely clear without a single visible trace of cum. The mighty muscle man was somehow, incredibly, still aroused despite the destruction of his balls, but it was clear that no more life-producing sperm would be forthcoming from his shattered sac of nuts. 

The young man’s pelvic thrusting became more urgent and labored, his frenzied bucking sending his huge bag of ruined testicle meat caroming powerfully between his legs and occasionally smacking wetly against his gargantuan thighs. The pain from these beefy collisions seemed to only spur the young man on, and it was obvious that he was about to achieve orgasm. 

Eric began grunting loudly as he hit his mark, thrusting his muscular hips harder still as the wave of his orgasm crashed over his hugely muscular body. Once, twice, three times his cock gave a powerful jerk, pulsing rhythmically as it fired like a huge meaty cannon, but not a single drop of fluid appeared at the swollen tip. With nothing left to give from his annihilated bull balls, the young stud’s final orgasm was a defiant but ultimately fruitless gesture. Eric’s magnificent manhood was history. 

Then suddenly, on the fifth or sixth massive pulse of his cock, a gargantuan slug of lush sperm erupted from the thundering dick, laying a thick river of white and chunky splooge the entire 100+ feet to the huge disc itself! It was impossible!! But then a second, equally colossal wad of cum burst forth, and then another and another, and it was quickly obvious that something extraordinary and miraculous was occurring. Optimus recovered within moments of his initial shock, and sent out a small army of scuttling and flying robots to catch and collect the voluminous white spew. And as these robots began collecting the thick pearlescent nut sludge, their sensors very quickly relayed to Optimus that the hyper abundant sperm contained in Eric’s cum was as healthy, vital, and potent as anything else the young man had ever shot. 

Could it be that the young man’s balls had somehow, impossibly, SURVIVED???

As Eric moaned and bucked and pounded out one of the most spectacular loads of his life, Optimus and the rest of the Cyborg race quickly discovered that the massive young muscle stud was even more fantastically strong and powerful than they could have ever dreamed. Eric’s bruised and swollen ballsac convulsed powerfully with each pulse of his overgrown elephant cock, and as it contracted and pulled several inches upward, the thick sac squeezed its heavy contents, and two huge lumps could be clearly seen within. They were lumpy, swollen, misshapen, and did not look much like a pair of human balls, but there were undeniably two roughly egg-shaped globes the size of melons inside that battered nutsac. 

It took a few more hours -- and a few more spontaneous, spectacular orgasms -- before Optimus could be certain, but Eric’s almighty bull nuts had indeed survived!! They had already healed the worst of the damage done to them, and they were steadily regaining their healthy size, shape, and color. Against all odds, against all reason, Eric and his heroic, legendary manhood had survived the worst brutalities that Optimus and his Cyborg minions could inflict, and he had proven to be infinitely more tough and powerful than any other biological creature that the Cyborg race had ever seen. 

Eric was so exhausted and wracked with pain that he barely registered the hours and hours of thunderous applause coming from the more than one million Cyborgs crammed into the arena. It was hard to say if he even realized that the applause for the very first time was for him, and for his awesome and unforgettably performance in the arena that day. The stunningly handsome young hunk barely even noticed when the great metal ring was gently lowered to the ground and the manacles shackling him at wrist and ankle were released. He was tenderly lifted from the hard metal cradle by the very 12 Cyborgs who had spent the past 30 days brutally torturing him. With infinite gentleness and care, the dozen former torturers lifted Eric into the air. They then formed an honor guard, led by Dalton himself, who carried the young and exhausted muscle bull to the infirmary, where he could rest and heal. 

Though the young muscle man had not yet realized it, he had gone in an instant from the latest and most celebrated victim of the Cyborg’s great purge of male life, to the undisputed master of the entire Cyborg race, and in turn, the whole galaxy itself. But there would be time enough for these facts to sink in; for now, Eric, the last and greatest surviving male of the human race, was taking a well earned rest. 

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Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 38 - History Revealed

Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 38
History Revealed

It only took a matter of milliseconds, but the entire course of human history, and indeed the future of the whole galaxy, changed in an instant. 

The moment Eric’s slimy and creamy cum touched the gigantic column of blue energy, circuits long buried in the Overlord’s programing flared to life, and the vast super computer’s true purpose was revealed for the very first time. 


Hundreds of millions of years ago and halfway across the galaxy, a brilliant scientist and engineer neared the completion of his masterpiece -- the most brilliant and complex super computer ever created. The scientist, a humanoid being not too dissimilar from a human and living on a beautiful blue and green world much like Earth, had long been obsessed with a single goal -- to refine and perfect his species. His race had reached a pinnacle of technological advancement, and had eradicated disease, hunger, and war. They were a beautiful and noble people, and they lived peaceful and fulfilled lives. But the scientist wanted more for them. 

The scientist feared that his people had stagnated, for they seemed to lack a drive to expand and grow, to develop more refined technologies, to create ever more beautiful artwork. In short, they lacked a drive to improve themselves as a species. And he thought he could remedy that. 

Thus it was that the brilliant, obsessed scientist hit on a plan, a plan that would force his people to grow or die, that would cull the biological “dead ends” from his species and make the survivors that much more strong, intelligent, beautiful, and powerful. 

The super computer that the scientist created was the first weapon manufactured by his people in millennia, and it was aimed at his race as a whole. The computer, which the scientist named Optimus, was tasked with seeking out and destroying any male of his species deemed flawed in some way, allowing only the strongest, brightest, and most handsome males to survive and reproduce. The brilliant but clearly deranged scientist was convinced that this was the best way to save his people from a slow slide into stagnation and oblivion, to force them to grow and struggle and improve themselves or face annihilation. 

The only problem was that the obsessed and power-mad scientist set the computer’s settings for what constituted a “perfect male” too high, far too high for any male of his species to meet. 

The scientist completed his master creation and set it free, and became the very first victim to the murderous cybernetic being. Optimus quickly grew and expanded, and began creating cybernetic minions to assist him in his quest to stamp out all inferior male life. Thus was the Cyborg race born. Optimus’ minions spread like a plague throughout the home system, slaughtering every last male it encountered and enslaving the entire female population. Within a mere matter of months, the entire male gender of the species was utterly eradicated. 

Optimus was momentarily confused by this victory, for it seemed to have fulfilled its initial mission. But the mad scientist had instilled the computer with the notion that somewhere out there existed the perfect man, the male who would embody every possible virtue of masculinity and who would be a worthy paragon to father the next generation of super men. When Optimus failed to find this male among his creator’s people, he decided to search farther abroad for additional forms of intelligent life, to study, to cull, and to refine until it found that singularly perfect man. 

The vast super computer thus subverted and twisted its own programming, and became the scourge of the galaxy. Over hundreds of millions of years, the Overlord and its Cyborg minions have traveled all across the Milky Way, seeking out other signs of intelligent lifeforms, and then hunting down and slaughtering every single “flawed” male until no males remained. Hundreds of intelligent life forms had suffered this cruel fate, either driven extinct as in the case of the creator race, or reduced to an exclusively female population kept as thrall slaves by the Cyborgs. Over time, Optimus’ programing was further corrupted, and he lost the overriding goal of finding that perfect specimen of man, and instead focused solely on slaying every male it encountered, mercilessly slaughtering and butchering every male being in the galaxy. 

Until now. 


As Eric’s cum entered the brilliant column of blue light, the Overlord immediately began to analyze the young man’s sperm. 

Eric’s fantastically powerful forebears were the result of desperate but brilliant genetic modification by the brightest scientific minds of the human race. The super men created by this eugenic program were given every beneficial advantage conceivable -- vastly superior strength and endurance, tremendously increased IQs, lifespans more than ten times greater than normal men, stunning masculine beauty, and enormous and extraordinarily durable sexual equipment that was also spectacularly virile. Their hope was that, if even one male could survive, he would have the capacity to repopulate the human race. 

Over time, this genetic manipulation became self perpetuating, and even without conscious human intervention, successive generations of men became even more powerful, masculine, and virile. The Darwinian law of the survival of the fittest further improved the dwindling male stock, as only the strongest, bravest, and most cunning of men survived long enough to father another generation of even more powerful sons. 

This process continued for close to one thousand years, with each generation of males being culled further and further by the relentless Cyborg depredations, culminating in Eric’s birth. The beautiful young man was the inheritor of every conceivable genetic gift and was by far the mightiest and more perfect specimen of man that had ever lived. And the past six months of the young man’s captivity had taken his epic raw power and further refined it in the crucible of constant torment and abuse, making him even more strong, powerful, and virile than before. The handsome young muscle bull had been hammered and tempered to absolute perfection. And the genetic code carried in Eric’s supremely potent sperm, and now being analyzed within the Overlord’s titanic column of blue energy, was unequivocal proof of this perfection. 

Optimus felt a joy that transcended any merely biological emotion. He had fulfilled his long-buried mission and finally discovered the paragon of man, a male worthy of fathering a new generation of super beings. 

This euphoric joy was almost instantly converted to terror and despair, however, as Optimus realized that he had already launched the enormous piston, which was even now on an obliterating collision course with Eric’s nearly shattered balls. The unimaginably vast machine roared in horror and frustration as it watched and witnessed the final intact moments of Eric’s paragon of manhood...

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Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 37 - Eric Faces Optimus

Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 37
Eric Faces Optimus

After Eric’s second near-brush with destruction at the hands -- or rather, the sharp-toothed maws -- of the testicle leeches, the young muscle hunk was allowed several hours to rest, recover, and gather his strength. The Cyborgs were eager to witness the handsome stud’s final match against the Overlord Optimus himself, but they wanted the hunky prisoner to be healed and at full strength so that he could survive the overlord’s brutal punishments for as long as possible. 

But even for the extraordinarily powerful young muscle bull, the Cyborgs didn’t think that would be too terribly long. 

As the appointed hour drew near, the crowd grew excited and restless. This would be Optimus’ first appearance in the arena in nearly 500,000 years, and so it was a momentous event for the entire Cyborg race. 

Eric had been left in much the same position as he was at the end of the neuron whip torture -- bound and suspended within the huge metal ring, and a 10-foot-diameter sphere of solid titanium weighing a colossal 75 tons dangling from his gargantuan gonads. The stunningly handsome young lad was in excruciating, constant pain, almost wishing for the final torments to start so that his short life of agony and loss could come to a merciful end. He had been brutally and cruelly treated by his cybernetic captors for more than six months now, and he knew escape was beyond hopeless. The young muscle bull now longed for the sweet release of death, and he knew that moment would not be far away now. 

With a great grinding of metal and gears, the huge blue eye imbedded in the arena ceiling several thousand feet overhead began to expand and separate from the domed roof. The ceiling was opening wide to allow Optimus himself to enter the vast chamber. The roar from the crowd was deafening as the Cyborgs welcomed and honored their great Overlord. 

Eric looked up and terror filled his proud and strong heart. The Cyborg emerging from the ceiling was beyond gargantuan. The visible portion of the creature alone was as large as a mountain, and the young man knew that this was just a fraction of the unimaginably vast super computer that was the Cyborg Overlord. He knew that he would soon be experiencing pain of epic proportions, and that his end would not be swift. He was filled with despair, both for himself and for the future of the once proud human race. The future of his race was contained in his two mammoth balls, and those mighty factories of potent, life-creating sperm would soon be annihilated forever. 

As the ceiling continued to iris open, the huge blue eye began to descend, and more of the Overlord came into view. The gigantic mechanical “eye” was just the tip of the vast being. Gigantic columns and struts of metal extruded from the ceiling, and hundreds of metal tentacles of various lengths and widths began to extend from the circular rim of the eye itself. But most arresting and awe-inspiring of all was the enormous column of coruscating blue light that pulsed from the base of the eye to a vast network of pipes and cables overhead. This column of pulsating power was the mind of the Overlord, the awesomely vast reservoir of the being’s unimaginable power. 

The titanic being descended more than halfway downward, filling the center of the vast arena and still only exposing a fraction of his total size. With a loud clank of metal on metal, the Overlord stopped descending and locked into place. Optimus was ready to accept the offering, a massively muscular sacrifice who had proven himself worthy to be destroyed by the Overlord’s own hands. 

A dozen large tentacles began to reach down toward the bound and immobilized young stud, who fought with every ounce of his being in a last desperate attempt to break free. But even the young man’s enormous muscles couldn’t hope to break the titanium alloy shackles that held him fast. The tentacles wrapped themselves around the large upright metal ring, and a loud series of metallic clicks could be heard as the bolts holding the ring to the arena floor were released. The tentacles began to drag the ring high into the air, hauling upward both the young stud and the massive metal sphere still tied to his balls. 

The acceleration as he was lifted effortlessly into the air only served to increase the strain on his aching bull balls, and Eric couldn’t help but cry out in pain. The added stress nearly finished off the heroically straining ball cords, but somehow they again managed to find some deep well of strength and endured. 

Eric was hoisted hundreds of feet up into the air until he was even with the top of the giant blue eye. The Overlord held the young bull about 100 feet away from the edge of the eye, and Eric could see from this vantage point that the top of the eye was actually a vast disc, studded with struts and beams but essentially a nearly flat plate with the gigantic column of blue light striking the center of that plate. He could also see that the plate sloped gently downward toward the central pillar of light. The disc itself had to be more than 1,000 feet across; if the visible portions only represented a fraction of his size, then Eric shuddered to think of how gargantuan Optimus must really be. 

The Overlord stayed motionless for several long minutes, and though no movement was visible, Eric had the sense that he was being scanned and analyzed by the incredibly huge Cyborg, perhaps even more minutely scrutinized than he had been at the hands of the extremely thorough Cyborg scientists. Dozens of smaller tentacles, some as narrow as Eric’s own thick fingers, extruded out from the edge of the disc and wriggled toward the bound muscle man. These fingers poked and prodded at every inch of Eric’s epically muscular anatomy. Optimus was being relatively gentle by his standards, but the manhandling of the young man’s physique was still rough and painful. One particularly thick tentacle entered the gaping cum hole at the end of the stud’s enormous whale cock, wriggling its way down the entire 22 ½-inch length of that monster tool and then painfully rooting around in the depths of his loins. A half dozen slender tentacles crammed up Eric’s intensely muscular ass, violating his dark interior and prodding roughly at his swollen prostate. The burly young man felt as if the metallic invaders from the front and rear were going to meet in the middle, and tear his manhood apart from the inside! 

But even more painful was the attention paid to Eric’s goliath and overstretched horse nuts. Optimus prodded at the two massive, egg-shaped spheres with rough force, pushing his exploring digits deep into the beefy ball meat and forcing the tough and fibrous walls to bulge and distend dramatically. The agony only increased when these tentacles wrapped themselves around the cum-bloated bull balls and squeezed tightly, making the huge gonads bulge even more grotesquely around the clutching coils. But Eric thought he was truly done for when those encircling coils yanked down on his screaming balls. The 75-ton titanium sphere was already threatening to rip the young man’s supremely powerful nuts off, and the added force of the Overlord’s sharp tugging seemed destined to finish the job. Optimus could clearly gauge exactly how much the hugely-hung stallion could take, however, and Eric’s heroically struggling ball cords managed to accommodate the added stress and strain, if only barely. 

The Overlord’s exploration of the young man’s phenomenal physique lasted for more than an hour. Eric could only squirm and writhe in response, unable to avoid the clutches of the cold metal tentacles as they slithered and crawled all over his stunningly beautiful body. The handsome young man was simultaneously horrified and disgusted by the Overlord’s intimate attentions, and when he was forced to blast out three mammoth loads in succession, all from the stimulation of his overactive prostate and the squeezing of his massive balls, the super stud felt even more of his dignity and humanity being stripped away. 

Eventually, Optimus seemed satisfied with his exploration and critical analysis of this most extraordinary of young males, and it was time for the final torture to begin. Eric would now be brutally and savagely emasculated by the cold, heartless, and sadistic Cyborg Overlord. 

Optimus retracted most of his slender tentacles as a huge slab of solid steel began to telescope out of the underside of the disc. This steel slab formed a long circular column measuring a good ten feet across, that curved upward as it come out of the platform. The column curved up behind the young man until the cold, flat face of the column was perpendicular to the floor and was pressed up against the back of Eric’s huge bull balls. Eric could see that his huge mega nuts were positioned dead center in the middle of the column’s face, and he knew with a sick certainty that this massive column would soon be serving as the unmovable backstop for whatever hideously brutal and barbaric torture was about to be inflicted on his long suffering nuts. 

Eric could only watch in horror as a large hatch opened in the side of the disc facing him, and a second enormous column of steel started to emerge. The head of this column was a truly massive club of steel, a flat hammer head nearly five feet across and ten feet long. The shaft behind that huge club was very nearly as thick, and disappeared into the opening in the disc. About 30 feet of this enormous steel piston slowly extruded out of the wall before the motion ceased. 

Time seemed suspended for many long moments. Eric hovered in that magical space between being a vital and intact male, the most phenomenally masculine and virile male in the history of the human race, and being an emasculated eunuch, suffering the utter destruction and annihilation of that most magnificent manhood. Not a soul seemed to breathe across the entire galaxy as masters and slaves alike awaited the end. 


In the past, the young muscle stud had experienced impacts that felt like a freight train had slammed into his balls. This time, however, the impact was like a 20-car freight train traveling full speed and crashing directly into the handsome young man’s prized gonads. 

Eric’s head flew back, his blue eyes open impossibly wide and his mouth wide open in a silent scream. The blood vessels in his thick, bulging neck looked like they would burst, and his entire body arched with his enormous muscles totally rigid. The colossal piston had slammed into his huge, defenseless nuts with almost blinding speed, burying itself so deep into his testicular tissues that barely a half inch separated the piston from the massive and solid backstop. The titanic blow was the greatest single blunt force trauma yet inflicted on Eric’s massive balls, and the sheer force of the impact was so great that it forced an astonishingly huge slug of cum to burst from the young muscle man’s profoundly crushed nuts. This mighty rope of cum erupted with extraordinary power, even for Eric, a lush river of ball spew more than 20 feet long. The colossal slug of cum painted a thick wet stripe down the length of the piston, with a thick gooey glob at the tip of that mighty rope actually clearing the 100+ foot distance to the Overlord and plopping wetly on the edge of the vast disc itself. 

The young man’s entire, spectacularly muscled body shuddered at the unbelievably brutal force of the blow. The piston remained buried in his crushed nuts for several long seconds, intensifying the agony ripping through the handsome stud’s pulverized loins, and then slowly began to withdraw. Even the most optimistic members in the audience were certain that such a titanic blow to the balls must have surely shattered Eric’s mighty bull nuts, but as the piston withdrew, the surprised and awed crowd could clearly see two whole and intact testes still pressed against the steel backstop. 

Eric took a huge gulp of air, found his voice, and uttered a deep, thundering bellow of unimaginable pain, just as the piston slammed forward again into his already extraordinarily aching balls. 


The entire arena seemed to reverberate with the deafening sound of the column of metal striking Eric’s nuts once again. The huge piston buried itself just a fraction deeper into the young man’s balls this time, a sure sign that the awesomely thick and powerful walls of Eric’s magnificent nuts were already beginning to weaken under the insane abuse. The mighty stud bull had already endured a pair of blows that would have annihilated just about anything else that had been put in the piston’s path, but not even Eric’s heroically tough and battle-hardened balls could hope to endure such a ferocious pounding for long. In fact, tiny fractures had appeared in the tough and fibrous outer walls of Eric’s massive balls on the very first strike, and these minuscule fractures multiplied and grew on the second blow. Truly, any single, titanic blow could spell the end for Eric’s mammoth nuts. 


A third gargantuan slug of cum was brutally forced from Eric’s crushed balls, laying down another thick stripe of pungent splooge on the piston’s great shaft. The tremendously virile young super stud had already blown so much spunk on the first three hammer blows alone that it looked like he was trying to further lubricate the piston, allowing it to travel even faster and slam even harder into his crumbling balls. As before, the big, gelatinous head of the cum slug had slapped wetly onto the edge of the vast disc above the Overlord’s eye, adding its mass to that of its two brothers and causing the huge, congealed mass of sperm to start oozing slowly down the gentle incline of the vast plate, running with great ponderous slowness like a huge glob of molasses. 


Eric’s tortured mind couldn’t comprehend the ungodly pain emanating from his battered balls. The gargantuan orbs were already a bright, fiery red from the initial pounding and they were looking much the worse for wear. 






Eric was openly sobbing now. His huge nuts felt like they had already been reduced to rubble, but the continued mighty jets of spunk erupting from his quivering, horizontal cock proved that they were somehow still whole. Huge slugs of his spew were dripping off of the pistoning shaft, dropping hundreds of feet to the waiting and hungry testicle leeches below, while a chunky core of his load had slid perhaps a few dozen feet down the length of the huge disc. 

The cracks in the young man’s huge balls were multiplying and expanding, and the dense, spongy tissues inside those great nuts were being battered and heavily traumatized. It seemed unbelievable that Eric’s mighty balls had survived even one hammer blow from the huge piston, let alone seven, but it was clear that his herculean balls were failing fast. 






TEN almighty hammer blows into the torture, and Eric’s balls were clearly done for. The mighty orbs were being crushed to a mere quarter inch thickness with each blow, and were taking a bit longer each time to plump back to their healthy egg shapes after each blow. The goliath orbs were also starting to swell from all the trauma, bloating even larger as they struggled to cope with the relentless and inhuman abuse. They kept right on heroically pounding out blast after tremendous blast of cum, however, coating and recoating the piston and adding to the slow, chunky river of spunk that was flowing towards the huge plate’s center. 






Eric’s balls were now quivering like two globes of jelly, their tough walls heavily cracked and fractured and their beefy interiors being slowly turned into a puree of broken ball meat. And STILL they endured, pumping out wad after colossal wad of jizz in a final act of defiance against the cruel and murderous Cyborg race. 






Nothing could possibly endure such horrific abuse, let alone a man’s delicate and vulnerable testicles!!!






The abuse was unspeakably inhuman, and yet the mighty young male tenaciously hung on. His huge balls, so recently the most massive and beautiful set of testicles in human history, were now hugely swollen and decidedly lumpy, gradually losing their healthy egg shapes as they were gradually broken down and distorted by the Overlord’s merciless hammer blows. 


















Only the cum still pumping out of Eric’s gargantuan whale cock provided evidence that the young man’s horribly mangled bull nuts were still alive, for they certainly weren’t whole or intact. The mighty, massive orbs were now so swollen and misshapen that it was hard to differentiate one great ball from the other. The young man’s bloated sac was mottled with purple and dark red bruises, and bulging with what looked like one gigantic mass of tenderized and pulverized ball flesh. Eric’s mammoth nuts were almost surely ruined beyond repair already, yet they refused to burst, despite the fact that the hammering piston was now squashing them so flat that it was hard to see any space at all between the pounding club and the solid backstop. 

The enormous river of cum on the vast disc of the Overlord’s eye had by now reached the flat central portion of the huge plate. The gigantic column of coruscating blue light traveled almost the entire height of the vast arena, originating among the complex pipes and circuitry in the ceiling to the center of the huge plate below. The titanic beam of energy filled almost the entire central flat portion of the plate, with a rim about 10 feet wide encircling the base of the beam. Eric’s chunky ball splatter was now collecting and starting to fill this flat area, and edging slowly closer and closer to the beam itself. 
























More than three dozen unimaginably brutal hammer blows had been delivered to Eric’s all but shattered bull nuts, and it was abundantly clear that just one more blow would end the young man’s masculinity forever. The tough ball walls were now almost totally broken, and thick ball meat was now oozing out of both terrifically swollen balls into the heavily bruised sac itself. The tough ball meat itself was similarly shattered and shredded, somehow holding together just enough solidity and integrity to continue manufacturing and pumping out copious quantities of his awesomely potent spew. But for all intents and purposes, Eric’s manhood was now history, over, destroyed, annihilated for all time, and with it all hopes for humanity. 

All the remained was for Optimus to deliver the final hammer strike that would blow Eric’s legendary manhood into smithereens. 

The unimaginably vast number of spectators around the galaxy watched with excitement and dread as the cruel Cyborg Overlord cocked back the pistoning ram one last time, paused for dramatic effect...and then sent the colossal club hurtling forward toward Eric’s balls and their date with destiny. 

At that same moment, the trailhead of Eric’s slow-flowing river of cum connected with the gigantic column of light that was the Overlord’s core.