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How to break a Super Hero - Chapter 6

The next 3 chapters were written before all of the sections of chapter 5, but they still serve to continue the story. The brutal ball abuse of handsome super hero Brick Haus continues...  :)


How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 6 — Nightly Visitations

At the end of each long day of agonizing torture, the heavily bound and brutally abused Brick was wheeled into a separate, secured chamber and locked away for the night. Though the Extractor continued raping the handsome and heroically muscular young hunk of his thick and extraordinarily abundant pearlescent fluids throughout the night, these nighttime hours were dedicated to allow Brick to rest and recuperate from the day’s brutal events, allowing him to be fresh and fully recharged at the start of each new day and the next battery of unspeakably brutal tortures. 

Only that wasn’t what actually happened. 

Starting the very first night of the young super heroes’ captivity and continuing for each night thereafter, the handsome Brick was visited by the colossally huge and grotesquely muscular Behemoth himself! 

The titanic mutant had declined to sign up for any of the allotted daily time slots to torture the handsome super hero in front of his peers. He had instead chosen to perform his own private nightly sessions with the handsome and fantastically muscular lad. The humongously muscular villain wanted to get to know Brick’s stunningly beautiful anatomy on a most intimate basis, particularly the anatomy and physiology of the young stud’s phenomenally massive and rock solid bull nuts. 

How Behemoth got past Doc Evil’s multiple layers of security to get to Brick’s locked chambers each night, the handsome hero never knew. But bypass security Behemoth did, arriving in the dimly-lit chamber each night at the same time, like clockwork, just a couple of hours after the academy was locked down for the night. 

What happened during these nightly sessions was unspeakably brutal, even more violent and harsh than what the young muscle lad faced during daylight hours, if that was even possible. Behemoth was honing his already extraordinarily well-developed talents for torture, while simultaneously exploring the very outer limits of Brick’s most extraordinary powers of endurance and ability to heal. 

Behemoth would take Brick’s herculean bollocks to the very brink of rupturing a dozen or more times each night, holding them there for unbelievably long periods of time, and then giving them just enough time to heal the worst of their injuries before starting in on them again. The methods that Behemoth used to punish Brick’s mammoth balls were as varied as they were diabolical and cruel, and tended to focus on three avenues of abuse — crushing, stretching, and Behemoth’s favorite, blunt force trauma. The titanic mutant bashed and bludgeoned Brick’s screaming nuts every single night, using them like a huge, meaty speed bag until the entire mangled sac was black and blue and the twin nuts within very nearly reduced to a ruined pulp. 

And then Behemoth would let those battered orbs heal until they were just strong enough to endure more tortures, and then start laying into them once again. 

Behemoth knew that he could very easily permanently destroy the super hero’s mighty nuts when they had been reduced to such a sorry state, and he was sorely tempted to do just that many countless hundreds of times in the days and weeks and months of Brick’s captivity. But each time, Behemoth would spare Brick’s balls, if only just barely, allowing them to knit and mend and heal and rebound from the latest barrage of attacks…only to be tortured anew. This wasn’t an act of mercy on Behemoth’s part. Quite the contrary! The oversized mountain of muscle wanted Brick’s agony to last as long as humanly possible, so he refrained from castrating the handsome hunk time and time and time again, fantasizing about the day when he could nut the troublesome super hero for real and end his reign as the strongest man on the planet once and for all. 

These nightly tortures took Brick to levels of pain he had never before imagined, and thus also resulted in producing consistently larger loads from the stunningly handsome young hunk. Early in the school year, these loads were very frequently greater than 5 liters in size, exceeding the storage capacity of the large plastic containers that had been dedicated for just that purpose. Behemoth discovered this fact the very first night he tortured the handsome prisoner. The massive mutant’s bludgeoning fists caused the herculean hunk to blow a load so insanely massive and powerful that it filled the canister to overflowing, and began to back up inside the plastic suction hose and into the young man’s own straining internal plumbing. The plastic tubing began to dangerously expand under the awesome internal pressures, threatening to burst inside the young man’s cock, while the young man’s bellows of pain took on a new sense of urgency and agony as the gigantic cum tube running along the underside of Brick’s monumental horse dick swelled to even greater dimensions. Behemoth feared that the young man’s mighty cock might actually burst under the strain, but in the end it was the storage canister itself that succumbed to the extreme pressures. The thick plexiglas walls of the container, no longer able to endure the impossibly heavy load, cracked and then split and finally shattered, spilling a deluge of thick and chunky stud goo all over the cold cement floor. The blockage suddenly removed, Brick bucked and brayed and blew the rest of his colossal cum load all over the floor, pumping his chunky spunk out of the end of the thick plastic tubing like some great, pulsating water cannon. 

Needless to say, after cleaning up the tremendous sticky pool of stud spunk and disposing of the shattered remains of the broken canister, Behemoth took measures to insure that such a messy disaster didn’t occur again. The solution, in fact, was quite simple — Behemoth merely added a connector at the end of the plastic tubing that allowed Brick’s sperm to funnel into the next canister in line once the first was filled, working in an assembly line fashion to reap the stud’s endless supply of supremely powerful seed. 

Behemoth forced young Brick to cum 3 or 4 or even 5 times an hour, often collecting more thick stud splooge in an 8-hour night than was collected throughout the entire 16-hour day! When the students would return to the classroom and review the computer readouts and collection totals from the previous night, their stunned minds could only conclude that the higher nightly suction settings on the Extraction machine must simply be plundering the handsome lad’s mammoth loins more efficiently than they could accomplish through their tortures during daylight class hours. None of them knew the truth — that Brick’s record-breaking nightly emissions were being brutally coaxed from his loins under tortures so extreme that they made the daytime activities look like child’s play! 

Of course, as the days and weeks went by, the volume, force, intensity, and even frequency of Brick’s magnificent cum loads gradually increased, driven to ever more spectacular heights by the constant abuse and rigorous exercise the young man’s herculean nuts were receiving on a continuous and merciless basis. So too did the awesome toughness and stamina of that most magnificent set of stud nuts increase. The choices were to grow stronger or perish, and every day, Brick’s might balls chose to become just a little bit stronger, just a little bit tougher, just a little bit more resilient to all of the terrible abuses that were being heaped upon them. 

Behemoth was amazed how, over time, Brick’s entire body — and especially his bloated bollocks — could endure ever greater extremes of torture and abuse, and he wondered just how strong those titanic testes might someday become if allowed to continue grow and toughen and survive. It seemed that each night, it took greater and greater force to cause Brick’s bull nuts to flatten nearly as thin as pancakes, and greater and greater torc to force those goliath orbs down to the very bottom of their stretched-out nutsac. It also took more and more brutal punches, upper cuts, kicks, knee drops, and other forms of brutal bludgeoning to soften up Brick’s granite-hard bollocks and take them to the brink of rupture. The young man’s progress pleased Behemoth greatly, for Brick’s improved levels of strength and durability allowed the massive mutant to inflict ever greater agonies upon him, taking the handsome hero to levels of pain never before dreamed of, even among mutants. 

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Poll results!

Hi there everyone, and sorry for the brief hiatus. I have been having chronic computer problems since late last year, and I'm very happy to say that they seem to be resolved now! Got my computer back from the shop about a week ago, and haven't had a single problem since! Fingers crossed that it keeps working, so that I can keep on writing...  :)

The voting was neck-and-neck on my recent poll regarding the ultimate fate of Brick's mighty balls, but in the end, the more violent ending pulled off a won at the last minute. The final tally was 121 votes for Brick's balls to burst in a final blaze of glory, 122 votes for those massive and meaty nuggets to survive to fight another day, and 8 votes in the category of "other". I haven't begun writing the final chapters of Brick's saga yet, and I can't PROMISE that the ending will match the winning votes from this poll, but I'll be strongly influenced to end Brick's reign as having the biggest and toughest set of nuts around. The only question might be - how to put a proper end to such a spectacular specimen of manhood! ;D

I hope to post the next chapter by this Friday. Until then, take care!