Friday, March 27, 2015

Ball Busting in the Woods - Jayse Version

Be careful when you wander into the woods. You never know what dangers you might find...


Ball Busting in the Woods
Author of original story unknown


This past spring, Tina, my college sweetheart, and I were walking in the woods around my parents’ property one bright, sunny morning. The property includes twenty acres of woods and is very private, so we were enjoying a nice long walk, just the two of us. The weather had just turned warm that week, and so this was our first time that year out on their property, and I was enjoying showing her around the place. 

We had walked for an hour or so before stopping by an old car that had been left on the property since well before my parents bought it. The car was an old rust bucket at this point, yet made a surprisingly picturesque spot, especially with the tall grasses growing around its tires. 

We thought we were alone. Tina looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes, and I gently cupped her delicate face in my big hands. And then we began to kiss, the rest of the world dropping away from us as we lost ourselves in each other’s touch. 

That’s when the attack occurred. 

I suddenly heard the voices of several young men, and I quickly broke off my kiss with my girlfriend and looked around. No one else should have been on the property, as my parents live in a really remote and rural part of the county, but now there were two big, built guys walking toward us, cruel smiles on their faces. I thought I recognized them from our college campus, but didn’t have much time to consider that fact. 

As we looked at them, a third guy snuck up behind my girlfriend and grabbed her arms behind her back. I spun around at the sound of her startled cry, and found her struggling to get free from a really big, strapping young guy who leered at me as he held her in his powerful grasp. I rushed towards Tina and her big captor, and was almost there when the other two boys jumped me from behind and pushed me hard over the hood of the old car. I’m a mighty big guy myself, about 6’3” and 265 pounds of gridiron muscle, but these guys were damn strong themselves, and their strength, combined with the element of surprise, overwhelmed me. I fell forward hard onto the car hood and my chin slammed into the warm metal. 

The guys who had pushed me down pressed their hands into my back, holding me pinned to the hood. The forceful shove I'd received caused me to be slowed down, but my mind was swimming with pure fear, especially for Tina. I heard one of the boys holding my girlfriend say, "Okay lady, now you're going to get a little show from your man here!" 

One of the boys pressing on my back said, "Now watch real good, lady. Your man's gonna show us all some meat!" 

I managed to turn my head over onto the other cheek and saw Tina looking at me. She was fighting to free herself, but the big guy effortlessly held her arms behind her back. The two other big guys grabbed me, still bent over the car with the pressure on my back, and tied my hands behind my back. They then stuffed a rag in my mouth and tied a gag over that. They turned me around facing them and pushed me backwards up against the car. 

One of the boys said to me, "We’ve been up here before and we've seen you walking around naked out here in the woods. Does your girlfriend here know that?" They were laughing as they continued to push. 

"Yeah," another boy said, "he comes out here and beats his meat all the time." 

God, it was true! I had often walked out into the quiet solace of the woods and jerked off. I must have blushed crimson in embarrassment at the thought that I had been watched beating off, and more than once from the sound of things. 

The other guy holding me then said, "We just came up here to see if we could catch you jacking off again, but you had this here lady with you. So we decided to have a little fun and she's gonna get to watch." 

I tried to push myself away from the car with my powerful legs, but the big brutes pushed me hard again, causing me to slam back into the car. One of the boys grabbed my flannel shirt and ripped it open, popping the buttons off the front and exposing my big chest and muscular stomach. While he yanked my shirt up and started ripping the back to get it off of me, another set of hands was unsnapping my jeans. I tried to struggle, but there was really nothing I could do. My jeans were unzipped and roughly pulled down. Then my undershorts were yanked down and my cock and balls flopped out and hung exposed between my legs. 

Now I have to admit it — I’m hung huge. It’s something that has always been both a secret pride and a secret shame, and it was as a result of my huge endowment that I was still a virgin. I’d had only one girlfriend before Tina, and when things finally got serious and we were about to make love for the first time, she took one look at the size of my junk and all but ran screaming. Tina and I had been dating for more than six months, but I had made sure that things hadn’t gotten physical yet. I was terrified that she would have the same reaction, and I didn’t want to lose her as I was in love with her. 

And now here she was getting her first look at my enormous cock and balls, and the situation couldn’t have been more traumatic. 

My flaccid cock was bigger than most boners I’d seen in the locker room, a really thick and fat 9 inches of beef. Below my huge cock swung two enormous orange-sized balls that sat low in their hairy pouch. Like I said, I’m hung huge! I always got a lot of good natured teasing back in the locker room and the gym, but I could tell that most of the guys were really jealous of my size. And I was concerned now that these three guys might be jealous of my huge cock and massive balls and wish to do me some serious harm. 

My assailants pulled my dropped jeans and underwear over my feet and completely off of me. My shirt lay in shreds on the ground, and I was totally naked except for my socks and sneakers. The early spring day was sunny and pleasant, if a bit cool, but I didn’t even notice the temperature against my bare skin. My ankles were kicked hard to force my legs apart, letting my enormous equipment dangle heavy and free in the fresh spring air. Despite the slight chill, my huge balls hung especially loose in their big scrotum, hanging down a good three inches from the base of my thick cock. I realized then exactly how vulnerable my big balls were. 

One of the boys grabbed my balls roughly and said, "Yeah, man! This stud’s got a big fat set of nuts on him here! Biggest ones I’ve ever seen!! And I think your girlfriend likes them." He held my huge balls just under my cock and wiggled them back and forth, leering at Tina as he made my massive nuts jiggle. 

The other boys were laughing, and one said, "Yeah, let’s jack him off! Beat his meat in front of his lady here!" I felt the boy's big hand grab my thick cock. The hand held the bottom of my cock and waved it up and down, causing the big penis to flop and bounce obscenely in front of them. 

The boy said, "Just hold on, dude. Your old lady's going get to see your fuck meat working out!" 

With my hands tied behind my back and pushed backwards against the car by two of the big guys, there was nothing I could do to protect my meat from the boy manhandling it. He made grunting noises while he jerked his hand up and down my bare cock shaft. All of them were laughing, joking, and cheering him on as he gradually coaxed my cock to stiffen. The whole time I was getting beat off, I watched my girlfriend's shocked and terrified face. Tina couldn't help me as the boys forced her to watch. 

Against my will, my cock continued to inflate, growing thicker and longer and harder in the young guy’s beefy fist. I could see the eyes of my assailants grow wide as my cock continued to bloat larger and larger still. Even though they had apparently watched me jack off multiple times in the past, they still couldn’t believe the sight of my huge cock at full erection. Before long, 14 inches of thick, beefy, and rock hard stud meat was staring back at the three thugs, throbbing powerfully and defiantly. 

I had resigned myself to the fact that there wasn't anything I could do to prevent the boys from doing what the wanted with my meat, so I stood there lifeless against the car, trying not to provoke the guys to do any more harm than they had originally intended. 

The first guy’s hands went back to my balls, and he looked over at Tina and said, "Yeah! These are some damn nice balls your man has!" He grabbed the thick base of my powerful cock with one hand and slid his other hand up and down the swollen shaft. Despite the large size of his hands, it would have taken at least four of them to cover my cock from root to swollen tip. 

The boy continued to pump my cock with one hand and held my slack balls with the other. He looked up at my face, jerked rapidly on my fully erect cock, and said, "Ooo! Yeah! Come on! We’ve watched you, and we know that you shoot a hell of a lot of sperm when you cum with those huge balls of yours. Come on, stud, pump some of that thick baby batter out for your girlfriend." 

Tina's eyes were wide and staring between my legs as she watched him jack me off. Her eyes were full of fear, but since she had never seen me naked before, I wasn’t sure how much of that fear was due to our current situation and how much was her fear of the size of my gigantic cock. I quailed inside at what she must have been thinking of me right then, and I was almost as afraid at that moment of losing her as I was about whatever these college thugs planned to do with me next. 

The boy began to squeeze and pull roughly on my balls while he stroked my huge cock meat. He squashed my nuts hard in his hands on each downstroke of my cock, and yanked my prize-winning testicles another inch or two lower in my scrotum. I had to give the guy credit – he had amazingly strong hands, and he was soon squeezing so hard that my huge balls were distorting grotesquely in his massive fist. Though I tried not to, I was soon grunting and groaning in pain. 

"Stop it you shits, leave him alone!" Tina was shouting. 

The boys continued laughing and egging on the guy assaulting my sex organs. "Squeeze his balls harder, that'll make those huge puppies give it up!" a boy was saying. Smiling at his friend’s taunts, the boy jacking me twisted my nuts and pulled on them even harder, stretching them out from between my legs a good six or more inches, really yanking them hard. I began to worry that he might rip my nuts right off of me! I knew my nuts were tough from the many body slams and collisions I’d taken to my groin over my high school and college football career, but even my huge nuts we’re indestructible, and I knew that they were never meant to be stretched out that far. 

At the same time, I was amazed that my cock was still hard as a baseball bat despite the punishing abuse being inflicted on my poor bull balls. The big guy was mauling my huge nuts something good, and yet I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm building in my massive cock. 

I heard Tina saying, “Stop, him! He's hurting Nate’s balls! Make him let them go! Stop it!" 

The boy didn't stop tormenting my balls, and in fact began punishing them even harder. If I could have said anything, it would have been to beg Tina to stop protesting, as it was only egging them on harder. 

The guy jerking my cock suddenly noticed that it was swelling even larger still, and he knew I was close to shooting my load. After a few more strokes up and down my massive shaft, and a few more devastating squeezes to my aching bull balls, my cock suddenly spewed a long, thick string of hot sperm from it's puffed up head. The huge rope of cum flew a good ten feet in front of me before landing in the dirt with an audible splat. A second, even larger blast followed the first, followed by another and another and another in a massive barrage of my pearlescent male juices. 

I was completely helpless, and could only grunt as I pumped out one of the biggest loads of my life onto the dirt in front of me. Throughout my massive orgasm, the guy tormenting me continued to mash and stretch my big balls, further heightening the orgasm as spurt after spurt pumped from my hugely engorged cock head. 

The thug yelled out as even more huge, sticky wads hit the ground. So much cum was pumping out of me that it was starting to form a puddle in front of me, stretching out in a thick line of goo more than a dozen feet in front of me and turning the earth muddy. All of them were laughing and cheering as he continued to jack my cock until, at long last, the last few drops of cum oozed from its head. 

The guy holding Tina said, "Look at all that cum on the ground!! Fucking hell, I guess those big suckers were full!!” 

The third boy who was holding me against the car said, "You know what, I think we ought to bust those big ass balls so he can't use them on his girlfriend here." 

Yeah!" the one holding Tina said. "Let’s make her watch us trash his huge gonads." 

Tina twisted against the boy holding her, "No!!" she yelled, “PLEASE! Let him go!" 

The huge guy holding Tina said it was his turn, and switched places with the guy who had been abusing my cock and nuts. He grabbed my still rock hard cock and jerked it upward several times, really yanking hard on my huge cock and causing my monstrous balls to bounce and flap between my legs. Even that bouncing motion made my nuts ache after the brutal squeezing and twisting they had just been subjected to, and I dreaded what this guy might do to them next. 

"Check out this pair of bouncing balls lady," he said. "Here's some big fucking huge naked nuts for you!" 

He stopped yanking my cock and pulled it straight upward, letting my balls hang unprotected between my legs. Due to all the yanking and stretching they had already endured, my enormous nuts were hanging down a good five inches or more from the base of my huge cock, making them look even more massive – and more vulnerable. 

"Too bad we got them first, dude. I’ll bet you were planning on fucking your lady here with this monstrous horse cock of yours. But I’m gonna make sure you never fuck again, you stupid jock!” The big muscular thug then swung his free hand across in an open handed slap, landing directly into my ball sack. 


The pain shot through my huge nuts as they tossed wildly between my legs from being swatted. He swung his hand back again, backhanding my naked hanging sack. 


He popped them again, and again the backhand finds my helpless sack. 


And again and again! 


The boys are laughing as my huge balls jump and slam around between my legs. 


"Scramble his eggs!" one of them was yelling. Tina turned her head, trying not to watch as my swollen and aching balls were swatted again and again and again and again. 




God, my huge nuts were aching something fierce by this point! Especially after they had just pumped out a truly massive load!  

“Enough with the foreplay,” the huge guy said to me. “Let’s really get this show on the road!” With that, he drew his huge fist back and then swung. His knuckles smashed into my balls with a wet whapping sound. My huge balls swung back between my legs, slapped against the rusty grill at the front of the car, and swung forward again. I bellowed in pain, but the other guy held me fast against the car, and I was helpless as the big guy proceeded to punch my flopping bag repeatedly. 


“He guys, this dude’s huge sac is swinging around too much,” the big thug said. “I can’t land any really good punches with them flopping around like that. Let’s flip him up onto the hood of the car so I can get a good back board for my fist.” 

The huge guy and his equally muscular cohort flipped me around until I was facing the car, and then hoisted me up onto the car’s much-dented hood. They each grabbed a length of rope and pulled my legs open wide, tying my ankles to either end of the front bumper. They then untied my wrists from behind my back and stretched my arms out wide, tying my wrists to the upper edges of the windshield frame. I struggled mightily the whole time, my own huge muscles bulging and flexing as I fought with all my might, but in my compromised position and with two guys even bigger than me holding me down, it was to no avail. 

Once they had me repositioned, I knew I was in some serious danger. With my arms tied high up on the car’s frame, my upper body was lifted off the car’s hood, pressing my hips and upper thighs even harder against the unyielding metal. My rock hard cock jutted before me like some giant rutting beast, pointing its proud head toward the windshield opening, long since missing the glass of the windshield itself. Most importantly, my balls hung long, loose, and unprotected beneath my ass, resting heavily on the sun-heated metal of the car’s hood, all but begging for more abuse. And they didn’t have to wait long. 

“That’s more like it, guys,” the biggest thug said. “Now we’re ready for some REAL ball busting action!”

With that, the huge guy sent his fist careening directly into my unprotected balls. With the car’s hood acting as a back board, my huge balls had no choice but to accept the full force of the blow. I heard the dull, wet SMACK!!! of his fist connecting with my balls, and a split second later an agony greater than any I had ever felt exploded from my balls. I thought I was going to be sick, and the shock of the pain was so great that I don’t think I even made a sound. I found my voice on the second blow, however, and howled so loud I thought my voice would snap. 



The huge thug didn’t let up, and he punched my nuts again, and again, and again, and again. 



The pain ripped through my mind, and it was all I could do to stay conscious. 



I never knew I could feel such pain, and it tore into my very being. At the same time, to my utter surprise, my cock remained rock hard, and was swelling even larger. My manhood was being steadily obliterated by my assailant’s bludgeoning fists, and yet my massive cock was somehow more aroused and granite hard than it had ever been in my life! How could that be?! 

The annihilating blows kept right on raining down on my vulnerable and defenseless balls, and I thought for sure they would simply burst under the inhuman abuse. But then suddenly and without any warning, my cock erupted in a second mammoth orgasm, this one even larger and more powerful than the one before! And with each blast, another fist landed in my screaming balls, alternating left and right, over and over, harder and harder.













Each massive wad of cum burst forth from my huge, aching, 14-inch meat pole with a force and power even I had never seen, shooting clear through the interior of the vehicle, past the ruined front and back seats, our the rear window and onto the trunk of the car, landing loudly in great ropes and streamers of man sludge. The orgasm thundered on and on, longer than any I had ever had in my life, for something approaching two minutes. Two minutes that felt like an eternity to me, particularly with the devastating blows still raining down on my swelling man orbs. 

When the last dregs of my truly gargantuan load finally burped out of my spent cock and onto the car’s hood, the huge thug landed one last one-two punch into my colossally aching nuts — WHAM!!!!!—BLAM!!!!! — and then stepped away. I heard one of the guys declare with surprise that there was a big divot in the car’s hood where my balls were resting, that my beefy, burly balls had actually succeeded in denting the hood! Apparently the force of the hammer blows had actually passed THROUGH my balls into the thick sheet of metal below! 

Nearly oblivious to all of this, I panted in exhaustion, and was delirious with pain. I thought for a few fleeting moments that perhaps they were done with me and would let me go. But as I soon learned, they weren’t nearly done with me yet. Not by a long shot. 

The third guy, the one who had been holding me down previously and who had not yet had a crack at my nuts, declared that it was now HIS turn to punish my “oversized seeders.” Before he got to work, however, he made a show of slowly peeling off his baggy sweatshirt, revealing his torso for the first time. 

Now I knew the other two guys were big muscle heads, but one look at this guy’s enormous physique sent a cold shiver of fear through my body. I knew I was in REAL trouble now! This guy was simply a monster, standing 6’6” and weighing at LEAST 300 or 320 pounds, with muscles that I had only ever seen before on the biggest of professional bodybuilders. His chest was like two thick plates of steel, his shoulders were the size of cannon balls, and his arms made even my huge 23-inch guns pale in comparison. The giant muscle beast hit a few poses, flexing his impossibly huge muscles at me as a way of taunting me, and leered at me as he said, “Now it’s time to fix these fucking huge balls of yours for good.”

The massive guy them moved behind me and out of my field of vision. I could feel my body trembling with fear, and I almost leapt out of my skin when I felt his hand gently grasp my aching bull nuts. 

“Shit man!” he said. “These are the biggest, freakiest fucking nuts I have ever seen!! No WONDER you shoot so much damn splooge; these huge nuggies have gotta be fucking swimmin’ in the stuff!!”

He brought his other hand to bear, grasping one of my huge nuts in each of his even bigger hands, and said, “I wonder how much more of that man sauce you got locked in these big babies. Let’s say we find out!” 

With that, he began to squeeze my nuts. 

After the pounding and pummeling they had already received, even the lightest touch brought my balls tremendous pain. But this was no light touch. This guy’s strength was simply monstrous, and he was pouring all of that tremendous male power into his tightening fists. The unimaginably brutal squeezing had me screaming into my ball gag in a matter of seconds. I could feel my balls distending more and more in his ham hock like fists, slowly succumbing to his inexorable grip. It felt like a vise was closing on my poor nuts, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. His huge fingers were soon digging into the very heart of my huge nuts, and I felt for sure that my massive and over-tortured balls would burst at any moment. 

He squeezed even harder STILL, and I could hear a terrible crunching sound, like gristle or cartilage that was being slowly torn apart, and I wondered how much damage my balls had already received. I had no idea just how much more abuse my balls could take before giving out entirely, and wondered what would remain of my powerful virility if they stopped at that very moment. For all I knew, these violent and brutal thugs might have already permanently wrecked my plumbing with their hammering fists, and I might already effectively be a eunuch! 

“Look man!” shouted the thug holding a now silently sobbing Tina. “It’s working! You’re squeezing the cum right out of those humongous bull nuts!”

I looked down at my traitorous cock, which was again harder than it had ever been in my life, and saw that it was true. Thick white cum was pouring out of my cock in a lush river, almost like someone had turned a faucet on high. The cum was incredibly thick, almost chunky, and I realized with a start that it was pure sperm, undiluted with other seminal fluids. The thick, molasses-like jism gushed out of my cock and poured onto the hood of the car, quickly forming slow-moving rivers that flowed toward either side of the car and down toward my crotch, soaking my hips and thighs before seeping past my muscles and flesh toward the rusty grill at the front of the car. 

The massive thug was crushing my huge eggs to within an inch of bursting, giving them small periodic squeezes, daring fate to see if he could make them explode before he’d emptied them of their massive load. Each rhythmic squeeze caused the cum to jet out of my cock for several feet in an unbroken river, only to subside to the constant pouring once again. 

Despite the two earth-shattering orgasms I had shot in the past 15 minutes, the quantity of sperm being forced from my huge balls was unlike anything that had come before. Most of the hood was soon coated in my juices, and thick wads and slugs of the stuff were soon dripping off the front and sides of the battered vehicle. 

After what had to be three or four full MINUTES of the most brutal torture yet, the flow from my balls to my rampant cock slowed to a trickle, and then finally ceased. And STILL the huge thug would not let go of my nuts. He continued to give his pulsing squeezes, but they got harder and harder and harder, and I was sure my balls would burst like a pair of overripe fruit. I think my assailant thought the same thing, for he gave one last, mighty squeeze, holding it for many long seconds, and it seemed like he was trying to finish my balls off for good. 

Without warning, a heroically titanic slug of cum erupted from my cock, blasting with truly terrible force, shooting straight through the car’s interior and clearing the trunk to land in the weeds far behind the vehicle. My cock pulsed a second time, shooting an equally massive salvo, and then a third time, and then once again, the huge thug crushing my huge balls the entire time. The fifth shot had half the intensity of the ones that came before it, and the sixth landed somewhere inside the car. The seventh barely cleared the dashboard, and the eighth fell shy of the windshield itself. Two or three more weak loads spurted wetly from my gaping cock slit, and then, despite what was clearly the extremely powerful throbbing of my monster cock, only a small trickle of sperm oozed from the tip. After another 15 or 20 seconds, even that flow ceased, and I was reduced to a ferociously painful dry orgasm, so agonizingly painful that I could only writhe in terrible pain, my bound limbs contorting in a fruitless effort to break free. 

My tormentor gave my nearly busted balls one last mighty squeeze, very nearly finishing them there and then, and then relaxed his grip. He dropped my beaten and battered balls to the cum soaked hood, where they landed with a heavy SPLAT, causing my huge but useless muscles to jump spasmodically in pain. 

I felt a big hand press against my balls, flattening them against the car’s hood, and cried out hoarsely in agony. 

“Looks like there’s not much fight left in these huge balls,” the massively muscled thug said casually, mashing my brutally wounded balls against the steel hood. “Yup, they’re awfully squishy. I can smush them almost flat with my hand, and I’m not even trying! I bet it won’t take more than a dozen or so punches to finish these big bruisers off once and for all.”

“Yeah, Tank! Do it! CRUSH his huge balls!”

“Yeah man! Turn those huge bull nuts into MUSH!! End any chances that this fuckin’ stud will ever father any children, and leave his pretty girlfriend here with nothing but his huge, worthless cock and a useless ball bag full of goop!”

“Whaddya think, dude?” Tank said to me. “Time to finish off your monster nuts? Yeah, I think it’s time. We can’t have you walking around here thinking you’ve got the biggest set in the county. We’re going to bring you down a notch or two…permanently.”

The hand suddenly came off of my nuts, and was quickly replaced with a fist that struck my balls so hard I thought they would come popping out my mouth. My bellowing cries of agony, even muffled by the gag, echoed through the surrounding forest. I thought for sure there could be no greater pain…until the second blow hit. Tank was using all the power in his gargantuan arms to punch and pummel the life out of my huge bull balls. I could feel them flattening out more and more with each blow, and wondered if it was already too late to save them. Each blow, in addition to making a beefy smacking sound, was also accompanied by a wet crunching sound, and I feared my balls were already doomed. 

I quickly lost track of the number of blows after about 20, my mind spinning in a fog of brutal pain. Unbelievably, my cock was still rock hard and quivering, betraying the rest of my body to this terrible punishment. Tank was clearly trying to finish me off and burst my balls for good, and there was nothing I could do, nothing anyone could do, to stop him. 

At some point, my body seemed to transcend the pain, and I reached an almost euphoric state. I was grunting and groaning, but this time it wasn’t in pain, it was in pleasure. As each blow landed deep into the beefy meat of my nuts, a jolt of pure ecstasy shot up my body and through my cock. 

That’s when the impossible happened. My balls, which had been crushed empty of spunk not 5 minutes before, found some hidden reserve of sperm. A massive reserve. My cock, which had been dry cumming for the better part of 10 minutes, suddenly stopped its throbbing, and instead began to quiver. It grew even longer, and then thicker, and then darker, attaining a size I had never seen before. And then it cut loose with what would prove to be the greatest orgasm of my life. 

My body arched backward, every great muscle in my body bulging in deep relief, pointing my straining cock up at a higher angle, as the first goliath ribbon of cum burst forth from my purple cock. The force and size of this wad was indescribable, and it shot a good 6 or 7 feet up in the air. Due to the angle of my cock, the massive wad shot up and OVER the car, clearing the vehicle entirely to land with a loud splat in the dirt and weeds well behind the vehicle. 

A torrent of cum followed, each mighty wad as massive as the one that came before. I was howling in a mixture of the greatest pleasure and pain a man could ever know, and my whole being was focused into the pummeling of my bull nuts and the spurting of my humongous cock. Over and over and over and over I shot my load in an unending river. As the pummeling continued and my balls rapidly approached their destruction, the world around me turned a blinding white, and then I remembered no more. 


I regained consciousness in the hospital several days later. I awoke to a dull throbbing pain in my crotch, and suddenly remembered the ordeal I had been through. Tina was there by my side, calming me and telling me that everything was going to be okay. She then told me what happened after I had lost consciousness. 

Tina told me that my final orgasm lasted for nearly five minutes, and throughout the entire Herculean load, Tank continued pummeling my balls like some sort of punching bag. None of the three assailants could believe that any balls, no matter how huge, could endure such abuse, but somehow my balls refused to burst, even under this most horrific abuse! When the super human orgasm finally ceased, I had collapsed unconscious on the hood of the car, and Tank was panting from his exertions. Behind the car, an actual puddle of cum had formed, several feel across, that took more than an hour to eventually soak into the earth. 

But it turned out that the brutal thugs were not yet done with me. The car I was on was an old Mercedes, and the circular hood ornament was still intact, minus the symbol inside the circle. Tank thought it would be funny to thread my nuts through that hoop, despite the fact that, in their currently horrifically swollen state, they were easily three or four times the size of the opening. But with my nuts so mushy and soft from all the punching and abuse, Tank was able to squeeze first one and then the other massive orb through the hoop. Tina said that she watched the entire event in terror, for my balls distended and deformed so much as Tank attempted to force them through the hoop that she feared they would burst. Somehow, though, they survived even this abuse to hang, heavy and bruised to the point of being nearly purple, from the car’s hood ornament. 

The guy holding Tina then had the idea of further abuse for my balls, and so he tied Tina’s wrists behind her back and her ankles together so that he could join the fun. He grabbed yet another length of rope, tied it around the base of my swollen bull balls, and then pulled down with all of his might. My balls, which had started the day hanging at a hefty 3 inches, were stretched to 6 inches, and then 7 inches, then 8 inches, and then 9 full eye-popping inches, tripling their original dangle. Tina said that my scrotum was stretched so taut that it was shiny, and it looked like my balls would burst forth at any moment. She couldn’t believe how narrow the neck of my scrotum was, and that it made my balls look even more enormous, more monstrous than before. 

After they had stretched my balls as far as was humanly possible, the guys tied the other end of the rope off on the bumper. My balls were now stretched beyond the hood of the car, and were hanging down in front of the rust grill itself. 

Choking back tears, Tina then described what happened next. The three thugs took turns wailing on my bloated and horribly bruised balls, using fists and elbow smashes and knee thrusts and booted kicks to crush my nuts against the unforgiving metal grill. This went on for a long time, she said, and every so often a couple of pulses of cum or a couple of weak trickles of semen would be forced from my steel-hard cock, but nothing like the orgasms they had seen before. My cock seemed to be in a near-constant state of orgasm, but it was clear that my balls were nearly tapped out and that they wouldn’t be getting much more cum from me. 

The thugs continued to be amazed at my resilience and staying power, though, and they resorted to ever more brutal punishments in an effort to make my balls burst. When the squeezing, punching, and kicking didn’t seem to do the trick, they guys got more creative. 

One guy grabbed a length of thick, 1-inch chain and began to beat my balls with that, using it like it was a whip. Tina said that she will never forget the awful sound of that chain connecting with my immobilized balls. All three men took turns with the chain, and by the time they were done with it, my balls truly were a deep and angry purple. 

Becoming bored with the chain, Tank grabbed a thick baseball bat from their gear bag, took position in front of my balls, and swung the bat with all his awesome might. Tina said she couldn’t believe the raw power behind his swing, the way his gigantic muscles bulged and strained as he brought the bat to bear full force onto my nuts. Tina said my whole body, otherwise limp with unconsciousness, shuddered with the impact, and continued to do so as the blows landed again and again upon my unprotected nuts. 

Tank would stop from time to time and clutch my balls with both hands, each time digging his fingers deeper and deeper into my pulped ball meat. Each time he would flash a crazed smile and declare that I was still intact, pick up the bat, and land a couple dozen more blows to my nuts. 

After at least another hour of this awful abuse, Tank could squeeze my balls like a pair of water balloons, squishing them in every direction with virtually no resistance. Tina thought that my balls were done for, and the other two guys were also convinced that my balls were already history, but when Tank would release my nuts, they would spring back to their normal, healthy (if ridiculously and dangerously swollen) egg shape, and Tank told them that no, my balls were still very much alive and whole. 

Tank seemed to be angered by my nuts’ defiance and unwillingness to burst, and so he picked up the final weapon in his arsenal, a large iron sledgehammer, and set to work again on my nuts. The huge muscle man threw all of his strength into this final attack, giving everything he had with each swing, and expecting each time to find the broken ruin on my bull balls hanging in the grill of the car. 

But once AGAIN my tough and burly balls defied him. Each blow landed with brutal force into my nuts, striking with such power that the grill behind them began to dent and deform. Over and over, Tank bludgeoned my screaming balls, his grunts of exertion all but drowning out the sounds of the metal groaning and straining and snapping with each blow. After several dozen blows, the metal grill was a ruin, but my balls were impossibly still alive! 

Furious now, Tank hurled the sledgehammer away, narrowly missing one of his friends, and pulled out a large pocket knife. With his free hand, he struck me in the balls three more times with rapid rabbit punches, and then he opened his knife and brought it to bear on the portion of my horrifically stretched scrotum, just above the hood ornament. 

“Okay, you fucker!” Tank shouted. “Maybe we can’t burst your fucking obscene bull balls, but we can sure as hell castrate you!” He then placed the knife beneath my nuts and prepared to end my life as a man forever. 

During all of this, Tina had been working to break free of her bonds. The guy who had tied her had done so in a hurry, so it didn’t take her long to get her ankles free. Her wrists took longer, and she knew she couldn’t run fast enough to escape without untying her hands. 

Just as Tank was preparing to slice off my huge balls, she got free, leapt up, and began running back toward my parents’ house, shouting at the top of her lungs. The trio of assailants was stunned for several moments, which allowed Tina to get a head start. All three of them dashed after her, with Tank dropping his knife into the cum-soaked mud at his feet. Tina was a star athlete on the track and field team, and so she easily outdistanced the bigger, slower men. As she neared the farmhouse, her shouting got the attention of my parents and both my older brothers (who are also big muscle studs like me). The men rushed out of the house armed with shotguns to see what the disturbance was about. The three thugs got one look at those weapons, turned around, and high tailed it for the hills. 

Tina’s quick thinking and brave actions had saved my life, but had they saved my balls? She quickly led my family to the site of the attack, where they found me trussed up like some huge side of beef, my cock still rock hard and bloated beyond all reason, dripping watery drops of cum, while my balls were swollen to nearly twice their normal size and had turned a dark, dangerous purple. They were able to quickly untie me, but one of my brothers had to run back to the barn to get a pair of metal cutters to free me from the hood ornament. My balls had swollen far too large to even THINK about getting back through that loop, so they cut the hoop off of the car and left it encircling my balls. 

When I first arrived at the hospital, the doctors feared that my balls had already been ruined and urged that they be cut off. They didn’t realize that my balls were enormous to begin with, and thought that what they were seeing was the result of extreme trauma. Tina protested against that idea, telling them that my balls were naturally bigger than oranges, and that the doctors should try to save them. The doctors, who had never heard of balls being so large, were openly skeptical, but when my father and two brothers unzipped their pants and hauled out their own equally enormous gonads, the stunned doctors changed their tune. They promised to do all they could, but other than packing my heroically bruised and swollen bull balls in ice and hoping for the best, there was little they could do. 

Over the course of the next few days, the swelling went down tremendously, and my balls regained their healthy color. As the days worn on, their firmness returned as well, and it was clear that they were going to survive. The only question was – was I now sterile?

Two weeks after the assault, my balls were fully healed, at least visibly, and I was up and about and ready to leave the hospital. Before I did, however, the doctors wanted to run tests on my plumbing. They feared the trauma had rendered me forever impotent, and frankly, I was worried as well. I was guided into a special room, given a host of pornographic materials, and told to provide a specimen into a small jar. My mouth quirked in a smile when I saw the tiny size of the jar, but then a worried frown replaced that smirk. Sure, I used to blast loads that could fill that jar 20 times over and still have enough left over to make a huge mess on the floor, but would I be able to that anymore? 

I striped out of my clothes, put in a videotape, and got to work. My cock quickly swelled to its massive 14 inches of vein gnarled man meat, and I started beating that huge pole with my muscular fist. 

One after effect of the attack was that my balls now naturally hang a good 6 inches below my huge horse cock, the brutal stretch they suffered during the attack becoming permanent. The doctors tell me that that dangle will only get more pronounced over time, due to the enormous weight of my balls. Though I find the sight of my gigantic balls hanging so far from my crotch to be highly erotic, I’m already sick of hoisting them out of the toilet bowl and trying to avoid sitting on them, so an even greater dangle is not something I am looking forward to as of yet. 

The video was now well underway, and I felt that familiar tingling in my crotch. The video was a really good one, and as I expertly manipulated my huge tool, I knew if wouldn’t be long before I reached orgasm. The feelings built and built and built, and I got the cup ready as I neared my crescendo. 

The orgasm hit me like a thunderbolt, and I cried out in ecstasy. My cock gave a mighty throb, and then again, and then again…but nothing was coming out! Fear gripped me and threatened to cut my orgasm short. I looked down at my pulsating tool, watching the gaping piss slit throb open and closed. Was I now incapable of shooting a load? 

Just as I had that thought, the most enormous slug of cum I had ever seen erupted from the tip of my cock and struck me in the face so hard that it stung. I jerked my head back in surprise, and narrowly missed being hit by the second salvo as it burst from my thrusting cock. It wasn’t until the fourth mighty blast was erupting from my cock that I was ready with the cup, but the huge jet of cum filled the cup to overflowing, knocked the cup over, and the majority of the shot landed on my hand, the TV, and the floor. I quickly looked around in a panic for another receptacle for my huge load, and spotted the waste basket in the corner. I rushed over to the basket, shooting massive blasts of my cum all over the place in the process, and dumped the rest of my huge load into the trash can. 

When the final shudder ran through my body, and the last of my truly massive load was dumped in the bin, I looked around incredulously at the mess I had made. There was cum everywhere, dripping from tables and desks, the TV, the walls – just everywhere! And in the waste basket was at least a quart of cum, sloshing around like some sort of really thick, clotted milk. 

More than a bit embarrassed, I cleaned myself up as best I could, placed the cap on the overflowing cup, and went to the nurses’ station. I quickly handed over the cup, which caused the nurse’s eyebrows to go up in shock and surprise – clearly no one had ever filled the cup before – and I quickly left the clinic. As I was leaving, I heard a gasp of surprise from the nurse sent to get the room ready for the next patient, and I all but ran to my car to get away. 

The test results were back a few days later, and proved that my virility was off the charts. My huge nuts had not only survived, they proved to be powerhouses of sperm production. 

Tina and I were married six months after the attack – I guess the size of my cock and balls didn’t scare her off after all! My gargantuan cock has since proven too big to fit into any human orifice, but there are many ways to please a woman, and believe me, my woman is satisfied. 

As am I. Tina admitted to me that she was turned on by much of what she saw that fateful day, and so in bed she likes to play rough with my nuts. Very rough. And it never fails to get me off with a mind blowing orgasm. 

Despite the fact that I can’t fit my cock anywhere inside Tina, it doesn’t mean we can’t have kids. In fact, Tina is currently three months pregnant with our first, a boy. We had no problem whatsoever conceiving – all I had to do was press my cock head against her vagina while she beat up my balls, and I filled her with so much sperm that it was flowing off the bed. 

Oh yeah, my wife has no complaints. 

The only thing that has troubled me since the attack is that the police never found a trace of the three men who assaulted me. But I'm still looking for them, and if I ever find them, we'll play the game again. Only this time, THEY will be paying the price…

Friday, March 20, 2015

A Big Night with Big Brian - Jayse Version

This story is a slight departure from the more heavy handed torture scenes in most of my stories. In fact, this one is downright romantic...

Enjoy! :)


A Big Night with Big Brian
Based on an original story by an unknown author


A few years ago, right after I turned 19, I got the chance to work a summer job just north of Daytona Beach, Florida. Since I had a cousin still living within a less than a mile off the beach, it gave me a place to crash, so I gladly took the job. My cousin, Eric, was 22 and loved basketball, and wasted no time getting me in a game with him almost every free afternoon. 

There was a recreation center down by the beach not far from his apartment, and we started the summer using the basketball court there pretty heavily. The center had all we needed, including locker rooms and showers that we used after a game. 

On my fifth visit to the recreation center, Eric and I finished a very close game and then headed for the locker room to change and shower. As I was getting undressed, I looked over a couple of benches away, and my breath was almost taken away by the sight of the man dressing just a dozen lockers down from me. 

I’m no slouch, as I’ve got a good amount of lean and hard muscle on my 5’9” frame, but the man I saw absolutely dwarfed me in every possible way. I was staring at the back of a tall and extraordinarily muscular stud wearing nothing but his tight white underwear. The hunk had to be at least 6’4” tall, and I didn’t even know how to guess his weight, as he was of super heavyweight bodybuilder proportions! Every muscle was rock solid and swollen with strength and power, from his bullish neck, awesomely wide shoulders, and thick and muscular back down to his enormous rock hard ass, massive legs, and football sized calves. This stud was BUILT, there was no doubt about it. And with his deep, sexy suntan on his perfect and unblemished skin, his musculature was showing to awesome effect. 

As I was staring at this dark-haired muscle god, he turned around, and I caught my first glimpse of the bulge at the front of his skimpy white briefs. My eyes widened when I saw the sheer SIZE of the bulge in the front! The briefs looked several sizes too small to hold the awesome mass of the package he carried, barely containing a very long and thick cock and what looked to be a pair of huge lemons for balls. I thought, “Here's a guy so ready for action, he's got a hard-on already, and it’s just barely fitting!” 

I quickly turned away so as not to stare, and I could feel myself blushing furiously. I finished getting undressed as quickly as I could, trying to stay calm enough not to throw a  hard-on of my own. Before I could head to the shower, I heard a baritone-deep, incredibly sexy voice ask, “Is the court still open after five?” It took me a moment to realize that the tanned muscle giant was addressing ME, and so I looked up, only to be captured by two eyes of the purest blue in what had to be the handsomest face I had ever seen. 

I think I just sat there for a couple of seconds with my mouth hanging open. Finally, my brain kicked back in and I said, “Uh. Sure! Yes! Right up ‘til eight.”

He said, “Thanks!” and flashed me a smile so charming and handsome that I thought I would swoon, and then he headed out. 

I had to sit on the bench for a few moments to regain my composure (and to let my instant raging boner go down) before I could head to the showers. Eric didn't know about my unrequited desire for hot muscular studs, so I kept quiet about the encounter. But as I showered, I couldn’t help thinking the whole time what it would be like to actually touch that handsome and HUGE hunk of beef. 

About a week later, Eric wanted to meet some friends at a straight club in Daytona, and invited me along with him. It was a Friday night, so the place was packed. The Florida summer left no room for jackets or heavy clothes, so I was able to get a good look at the hot bodies of everyone there. We all sat down at a table together, overlooking the dance floor. After about 20 minutes, Eric's friend got a call on his cell phone, and when he got off the phone he told us that he needed to unload some furniture for work. He said he needed a few guys to help and that it would only take a short while, so we all offered to help. Eric asked if I would stay and hold the table for the group, since the club was getting more and more packed. He promised that they wouldn’t be long and that he’d leave the car behind just in case, so I agreed. 

I was sitting alone for about 10 minutes, when a deep voice from alongside me asked, “How's the basketball practice coming along?” I didn't even have to turn to see that it was the tall and monumentally muscular stud from the locker room, now dressed in a red tank top and tight blue jeans. The tank top showed off his massive arms and cannon ball shoulders, and also accentuated his extraordinarily full and beefy pecs. He must have been lifting some damn heavy weights at the recreation center to obtain this much size and definition! 

As before, I was temporarily awed into speechlessness. But I recovered quickly and asked him to sit down for a while, not wanting to miss the chance to spend a few more minutes looking at his physique. 

He graciously accepted, and we talked for a good half hour, taking about sports and fitness and what it was like living in Daytona. I learned that my new friend’s name was Brian, that he was just about to turn 22, and that he had been living in Daytona his whole life. I asked if he had a girlfriend there in the club with him, and if she wanted to sit down and join us, and he said, "Nope. I don't have a girlfriend. Never have." He gave me a slight glance with his captivating blue eyes as he said this, and it got me wondering if this incredibly hot guy was as interested in me as I was with him! That couldn’t be possible!!

As we continued to talk, we got on the subject of cameras, and it turned out we had a common hobby and interest. He mentioned that he had a new Nikon at his place, and wondered if I wanted to see it the next time I had a chance. My mind raced to come up with the right thing to say, considering it was a chance to head over to where this epic stud lived! This would be quite the friend to have for the summer! With my pulse already racing, I asked Brian to give me a minute to check on where my cousin was, and I pulled out my cell phone to check up on Eric. 

I got Eric on the third ring, and he said it was unfortunately still going to be a while, and I could leave the club if I got tired of waiting. I told him that I was going to leave the club, but not to wait up for me. Eric chuckled and asked, "You got a hot girl in your plans for later, eh?" I laughed and said, "That's about right!" 

My heart was pounding a little harder when I got off the phone and faced Brian again. I told him that my friends were stuck elsewhere, and that I had all the time in the world if he wanted to go over his camera equipment. He said, "Sure! I'll just finish my drink, and you can follow me to my place.” With his deep and sexy voice, that sounded like music to me. I still didn't know if he was straight or gay, so I wasn’t letting my hopes get too high, but I just had to find out! And any time that I got to spend with this gorgeous mountain of muscle was fine by me...

It was only a short drive before we were at his house. Brian had a really nice condo that looked out over the ocean, and he told me that he bought the place after his grandparents died. As we went in, he offered me something from the fridge, and began showing me his cameras. He had enough there to start his own studio if he wanted, and it was also right up my alley. 

When we sat down, my eyes once again fell on the massive bulge in his jeans, and I wondered if he was getting hard (and hard for me, besides!). Since I am only 5'9", everything about him looked big up close -- his arms, his chest, his legs, and that huge bulge in his pants. 

Trying to keep composed, I looked at one camera, and Brian said, "This one isn't mine. It's Tony's, a friend I'm close to." I half-jokingly asked, "How close?" just to tease him, and he surprised me by saying, "Tony doesn't have a girlfriend either, so once in a while we get together." 

My heart must have skipped a beat at that comment. Brian gave me another quick glance as if to check my reaction, and I tried to calmly think for a second. Here was the hottest stud I had seen all summer — hell, the hottest man I had seen in my whole life! — and he had just revealed to me that he was into gay sex! This evening was quickly turning into an epic wet dream come true!

I quietly responded, "I have a few friends like that too." 

Brian put his big hand on my shoulder, and his touch sent tingles right down my back. He said, "I wanted to say something back at the club, but I didn't want to scare you off. I was pretty sure you swung the same way, especially after your reaction to me in the locker room the other day, but I wanted to be sure. I have been watching you play basketball the past couple of weeks, and you look really hot out there!" 

I swallowed hard, and answered, "After I saw you in the locker room last week, I thought the same thing." 

By now, we were both looking excitedly at each other, and he said, "I'd love to see you without your shirt again." Trembling, I got up from the couch, looked in his blue eyes, and saw he was really serious about everything. This ridiculously handsome, mammoth stack of bulging muscles wanted to see me, ME, with my short off!!! I began to slide off my shirt, pulling it off over my head and tossing it next to him on the couch. I could feel my rock hard cock straining in my jeans as I told him, "Don't forget, I'd like to see you, too." 

He looked incredible sitting on his couch, seductively biting his lower lip as he pulled off the tank top. His abs were revealed first, looking like flexible cobblestones that bunched and flexed as he took off his shirt. His chest was thick and wide and tanned, packed full of beefy muscle, topped by two of the juiciest nipples I had ever seen. No wonder they had nearly poked clear through his tank tap! 

Brian stood up, and he let me run my hands over his rock hard shoulders and amazing, meaty pecs. I let one of my hands slip to the waistband of his jeans, wrapped tight around his narrow hips, and undid the top button without a problem. As I ran my other hand over his corrugated abs, he bit his lip softly and said, "Your hands are so warm. Keep going, please." 

I was breathing a little harder as I held the zipper on his jeans, and pulled it down, rubbing the back of my hand against his bulging crotch as I did so. I put my hands on his hips, and slowly let his jeans fall to his knees, exposing the impossibly long hard-on in his briefs, which up close looked even more huge than what I had seen in the locker room. My own cock was painfully stiff by this point, and mightily straining in my jeans. Brian's soft moans made my cock lurch almost spasmodically, and I was so horny I thought I might shoot my load then and there. 

I swallowed hard again at the sight of this stud's hard cock and massive balls so tightly encased in the thin cotton fabric, and then I slowly slid his underwear down, slowly releasing the biggest cock I had ever seen. I have always been proud of my own thick cock, which was something of a monster at 9”, and I had once seen a guy whose cock measured a massive 10 ½”, but this guy’s cock had to be even bigger! 

I was nervous at the thought of touching this awesomely proud member, and I tentatively reached out a hand to grab the middle of his shaft. To my surprise (make that utter shock!), his incredibly thick cock was easily pliable and flexible in my hand! I looked to Brian with my surprise clearly written across my face, because he chuckled and said, “No, I’m not hard yet. It usually takes a while for me to work on it before it gets hard.” 

I thought, “Dear GOD! Just how big does this thing get!?” and ran my hand over his soft length. I could resist the heat of his cock for only so long, and I brought my mouth to his thick, pink, helmet-shaped head, and ran my tongue over it. Brian moaned again, and I worked the head in and out of my wet mouth. I placed one hand over the base of his soft cock, and began to lower my mouth onto a few inches of it. His cock was immense, but still soft enough to work into my mouth easily. With my other hand, I reached up to cup his gargantuan testicles. Brian’s mighty balls were so huge that I could only cup one of his gigantic spuds at a time, and I was amazed at both their great weight and the heat that came off of them. They felt like they were churning overtime to produce his powerful seed. 

I pushed down and got 4 inches of his soft cock into my throat, and I bobbed up and down on it a few times until it glistened, then went down on it again, pushing it back into my throat. Brian's hands caressed my hair as I lowered 5, then 6, then 7 inches of his cock down my throat, and it felt wonderful! After a few minutes, I adjusted to his size, as he had begun to get hard, and got 8 then 9 inches down. I slid the long length in and out of my throat, making him moan and breathe a little harder. My own cock was close to exploding in my jeans at the realization that I was actually sucking this gorgeous hunk's enormous cock. 

I had 9 inches of his cock swallowed, and still there were about 3 inches of soft cock left to dive down on. I could slowly feel his cock swell like a thick flesh balloon in my mouth and throat, and his big cock head was beginning to throb deep in my esophagus. I didn't want to release this huge cock and miss the incredible feeling of it, so I stayed clamped on 9 inches of it, and felt it swell further. My eyes widened as I felt my jaw open further with his expanding girth, and I wondered just how big he was now. Even though I wasn't backing off on my mouth's grip, I could see that there was now 4 or 5 inches still outside of my mouth – and he was still getting longer! 

As he continued to grow bigger, my teeth gently scraped his thickly veined shaft as his length increased out of my mouth. I tried to push in more to make up for it, but I could only push so far, and my jaw was actually starting to get sore from the girth he was growing to. My free hand was now wrapped around the base of his very low-hanging nuts, pulling those monstrous orbs to the bottom of their smooth sac so that they bulged all bright and shiny. The tugging at his balls made Brian moan harder still, and I gasped, shooting a huge, messy load of cum into my jeans. The excitement may have proven too much for my aching cock, but not for me! I was still wild with desire for Brian's growing shaft. 

Brian looked down and said, "I can't believe you're able to swallow me that deep! No one has taken me that far in their throat before!" By now, he was absolutely rock hard, and I felt completely stuffed with his monster meat. I looked at the 5 or 6 inches outside of my mouth, and it was enough to firmly grip my hand around with room to spare. Of course, he was too thick for my hand to completely encircle, for he had grown thicker than a beer can, stretching my mouth and jaw to the limit. 

I had to see just how big this stud’s cock had become, and slowly slid inch after inch of his pulsing cock out of my throat. With a feeling almost too wild to describe, I slid it out, and it kept coming. And coming. And COMING! By the time his swollen cock head popped out of my sore mouth, I was left tightly holding the base an enormous, glistening horse cock beyond anything I'd seen on the Internet! The greatest porn legends of all time paled in comparison to this handsome muscle stud with his enormous mule cock! 

I was flushed with excitement, covered in sweat, and my jaw almost too sore to talk. But I told Brian, "You're INCREDIBLE! This huge cock of yours has GOT to be over 14 or 15 inches long!" 

Brian said in a voice so low it was almost a whisper, “Actually, I’ve measured it out to about 16 ½ inches. Please keep going, I was close to cumming.” 

As I stared at the shiny horse cock, I quickly threw off the rest of my sweaty clothes, including my cum-stained jeans and underwear, all gummed up with my sperm. Brian stepped out of his jeans and socks, revealing his awesome physique in all its naked glory. God, but this man was like Hercules and Superman and Samson, all rolled into one! We were both completely naked as I had Brian sit back on the couch, and I got on my knees before him. His cock seemed to pulse with its own life, and his shaft seemed even hotter as I wrapped a nervous hand around its base. 

He was now thick enough that my fingers could grip perhaps only two-thirds of the way around his girth. I squeezed gently but firmly, and a drop of pre-cum oozed at the end, and I quickly swallowed it up. 

"I love the taste of this! I hope you have more in there for me!", I teased. 

Brian smiled and said, "You're sure going to be glad you said that!" 

Even though his cock was truly gigantic, even when compared to what I started with, I took inch after inch of him in my mouth, and struggled to get it down my throat. Brian winced a couple of times as my teeth scraped along his sensitive shaft, but I managed to cram inch after inch of him down toward my gullet. I felt comfortable with it only until I got about 10 inches down, at which point I was stuffed with as much as I could take. 

After a minute of adjusting, I was able to pick up a rhythm of sliding him in and out several inches at a time. Brian followed by bucking his hips just a little, until I was fucking his mammoth cock with my mouth! Brian's breathing became harder and faster, and I had a good idea what was coming next. I had gripped his lemon-sized balls again with my free hand, pulling them down toward the floor, and I could feel that they were churning with what I hoped would be more of what had been leaking from his cock. 

He seemed to like having his balls tugged on, as I could feel his cock head deep in my throat swell even thicker. I pulled harder and harder still on his balls, amazed at how strong his ball cords were and how much the rough ball abuse made Brian squirm with lust. I even began to roughly squeeze as much of his huge nuts as I could fit into each hand. The squeezing seemed to drive Brian even more wild, and I knew he was hurtling toward the edge. 

Soon, Brian gasped, “Get ready, get ready, please! Oh God! It's almost there! Get ready! I'm gonna...” And by the time he got the last word out, I was tightly clamped onto the first 10 inches of him, ready to take what was next. 

I felt his enormous cock head swell larger still, threatening to split my throat open, and then it erupted with an incredible pulse of cum. It felt like my entire throat was splashed and coated with the first blast of his hot, thick load. Before I could react to the first massive blast, another one shot forth, then another, and another and another, all very powerful and extraordinarily thick and heavy. 

Brian bucked his hips a little harder, making my hand tug even more frantically at his trapped bull balls, as blast after blast shot forth faster than I could handle! I could feel the hot cum clogging up my throat, and it soon seeped into my mouth, filling my cheeks before I could gulp the big wads of it down. 

After a few more blasts, he was still cumming like a fire hose, and I knew I was losing the battle, but loving every massive wad! My cheeks were bulging with his cum, and as he continued to buck and shoot, I could feel thick strings of it seep from my lips, drooling down my face. Brian's moaning was still intense, and his blasts were still coming once every two seconds! Not only was his cock a wonder to behold, but his cumshots were turning into something out of legend! 

With his massive, pulsating nuts still trapped in one grasping hand, I released the base of his monster cock with my other hand and started roughly slapping Brian’s huge balls around. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!!! Harder and harder and harder! Brian all but bellowed at the painfully erotic feelings that tore through his loins, and I swear that his monumental orgasm actually increased in intensity, dumping even larger slugs of cum down my eager throat. My slaps grew harder and harder still, and then turned to punches, and still Brian wanted more! He wanted me to bust his balls, to really make him give up his massive load, and I was more than willing to oblige. 

Thick rivers of cum continued to ooze and spurt from my mouth, for even my talented throat could not hope keep up with Brian’s incredible virility. But no matter how much I was choking on his sperm, I refused to release the 10 inches that I had lodged in my throat, pulsing deeply. His thick cum was running down my chest in thick rivers and sheets, and STILL he was cumming! I felt literally bloated with his splooge, and began to slide the humongous length of his still pumping 16 ½-inch cock out of my throat. As I got the massive cock head to my lips, yet another mighty shot of cum hit the roof of my mouth, filling my mouth almost completely with his rich and tasty sperm. I felt like I had swallowed a gallon of cream, with still more running down my front, and yet this super stud still had more man milk to purge! 

As I slid his monster cock out of my mouth, a few more thick streamers of cum burped forth, much smaller cousins to the mammoth slugs and blasts of cum that had shot down my throat, but still larger than what most men could shoot in a week. I stopped pummeling his meaty bull balls and slowly began to jack off Brian's huge cock, slickening it further with his own hot cum. 

His titanic orgasm finally thundered to a close, and Brian gasped, "That looked like it was good! Mind if I try some?" 

I thought he meant he was ready to swallow my own stiff cock, but he surprised me again by looking at his cock while I jacked it off, and lowering his head towards it. I released my hand and watched in awe as he placed his tongue on the throbbing cock head and licked off a big fresh drop of cum. He then bent over further and placed almost the whole cock head in his mouth, sliding his tongue around its huge, swollen, slippery mass! 

In the course of the next few hours, I had what remains to this day the hottest sex I have ever had. Brian and I made love throughout the night. He brought me to orgasm three more times, while he shot an unbelievable 8 loads altogether! Brian really loved having his humongous balls worked over, and I punched and pummeled them until they were all but black and blue, making them cough up their precious contents over and over and over again. 

I fell in love with Brian that night. 

Over the next days and weeks, Brian and I spent every available moment together. He would even come to visit me at my job during my lunch breaks, and we would have hot, passionate sex in his car, or behind a building, or in a basement. It didn’t matter where we were, we just couldn’t get enough of each other. 

As summer began to draw to a close, I realized that I didn’t want to leave Brian. I transferred to a local college and moved in with Brian at his beautiful oceanside condo. We have been together ever since, making love multiple times a day every day. He has gotten even more muscular and more beautiful in these past few years, and he has helped me get bigger and stronger as well. We even play around with other hot muscle men that we meet from time to time, but that’s another story…

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Manfred Wanks in the Woods - Part 2 - Original Version

Here is the conclusion to the original version of this story. The author left a note at the end asking his readers if they wanted another chapter about Manfred -- sadly, to my knowledge, no additional chapters were forthcoming. I rather wanted to know that was planned next for this unfortunate and extraordinarily hunky young stud!


Manfred's Only Half a Man 
by paladinblue 

This story follows the one titled “Manfred Wanks in the Woods.” It is my first attempt at writing a story, so comments, negative or positive, are appreciated. 


Manfred hung from the sturdy birch all night, unable to sleep. He was hungry, having had no dinner, but the dull ache in his stomach was nothing compared to the continual waves of pain emanating from his pierced nipples, dick and balls. But the pain had lessened now, and Manfred could bear it. Besides building his biceps and calves, weight training had given the young man a high pain threshold. 

In a way, the pain was comforting and reassuring to Manfred. As long as they hurt, Manfred knew that his dick and balls were still alive.... 

It was morning, and Manfred was still struggling to get free from his bonds when the five men returned. 

“Well we’ve carried away the real goods we came for,” said he fifth man, the leader of the lot, “we took all the goodies from your big house. Hope you won’t be missing your TV and computers. Although I guess you have more pressing issues to worry about.” He eyed Manfred’s right nut, still with two pins stuck into it. 

Manfred gave the man a defiant look and snarled a curse. The fifth man ignored him, and gruffly tore out all the pins in Manfred’s cock, balls and nipples. Their removal drew fresh blood, and renewed the sharp pain in Manfred’s genitals. 

“Look what else we found when we ransacked your house,” the man said, while lifting up one of Manfred’s dumbbells. At 40 lb, it was one of the lighter ones. 

Suddenly, the fifth man rammed the dumbbell into Manfred’s ballsac, making the boy yell in pain. 

“Ugh! My balls....stop. My balls, oh my balls....” Manfred’s yells died down into whimpers. 

“What’s the matter? I thought you were strong? Can’t you take a little weight lifting?” he mocked as he rammed the dumbbell into Manfred’s bulging sac again. 

After ramming Manfred a dozen times, the fifth man dropped the dumbbell and squeezed the thick slabs of muscle that formed Manfred’s pecs, then moved his hands lower to feel the definition of the washboard abs of his flat stomach. He couldn’t help being in awe of how exquisitely _virile_ Manfred was. Even now, although he was helplessly tied to a tree, the young man’s powerful body oozed masculinity. 

“Let’s see how much sperm your damaged balls can make,” he muttered. 

The man grabbed Manfred’s flaccid dick and began stroking it. When it was pulsing with a full 8 inch erection, he also grabbed Manfred’s right nut and began savagely squeezing it while continuing to stroke Manfred’s cock. After many long minutes of this mixed pain and pleasure, Manfred arched his back and ejaculated. A dozen streams of copious white cream shot out of Manfred’s cock and hit the fifth man’s chest squarely. The man was shocked at the power of Manfred’s ejaculation. Each shot of cum felt like a water cannon shot on his chest through the thin fabric of his shirt. The fifth man’s entire shirt front was drenched with Manfred’s sperm. 

Once again, he was in awe of how utterly virile young Manfred was. The man cupped Manfred’s swollen testicles in his hands. And now all that virility, the fifth man thought, was in my hands and in MY control. Inside his pants, the man’s own penis stiffened at that thought. 

“So, you had your orgasm. What do you think, wanker, should I crush your testicles now and leave you sexless forever?” The fifth man asked. The very thought of robbing Manfred of his manhood was so very arousing to the man. He thought of turning this stallion into a steer even before it was old enough to discover its sexuality, of robbing Manfred of his future sex-life, and of making his young and firm muscles wilt away from the lack of testosterone. He imagined how Manfred would look like as a fat eunuch, with wobbly moobs growing in the former place of his pecs, and how Manfred would sound like with a high-pitched girly voice instead of the low masculine one he now had. 

But Manfred was in too much pain to think coherently. His mind was like that of a senseless animal, and he could only make low grunts as answers to the fifth man’s question. 

The fifth man smirked, “Well, looks like you’re gonna lose your balls, boy.” 

“Leave the guy alone,” one of the man’s companions said, stopping him,“we already have all the valuables and money from the house, we don’t need to take any more from him. We’ve taken all his mother’s jewels, let’s just leave him his own family ones.” 

But the fifth man was already too aroused to just leave Manfred be. He ached to take away Manfred’s balls, ached to destroy the young man’s manhood. 

“Fine, we’ll compromise. I’ll crush just one of his precious orbs.” 

The fifth man knelt down, and took Manfred’s large right testicle into his mouth. It was a young man’s ball, still developing in the midst of Manfred’s puberty. The testicle tasted salty with sweat inside the fifth man’s mouth. He rolled the teen’s boy-ball with his tongue. Half of Manfred’s manhood, half of the source of testosterone that helped Manfred build his powerful bulging muscles, half of his sperm-makers and with them half of all the possible children Manfred could ever have: Half of what made Manfred who he is - a MAN - was in his mouth, and between his teeth, ready to be destroyed. Never before had the he felt so POWERFUL. 

The fifth man carefully positioned Manfred’s testicle between his molars, hesitated, then bit down hard. He heard a silent ‘pop’ sound in his mouth and felt the boy-ball burst like water balloon into several chunks. Manfred let out a guttural scream. His body shuddered in agony, and all his muscles flexed against his restraints and nearly tore off the thick branches of the old birch tree he was tied to. The fifth man was still kneeling with the remains of half of Manfred’s manhood in his mouth. He chewed them into a consistent, liquid mush, savoring the control he had over Manfred. In his mind, he pictured Manfred with only one ball left, with half his endowment gone, how ridiculous Manfred will look in speedos with an imbalanced bulge, how grotesque Manfred will look like naked while having sex with only one huge babymaker dangling in a scrotum with too much spare room.... 

Finally, the man spat out Manfred’s half-empty sac when he was finished. 

“Oh, pretty boy, I’ve ruined you forever! I’ve destroyed your precious testicle, you’re now only half a man!” he laughed, and his friends laughed with him. 

“I bet you won’t be making as much boy-cream in the future with only one nut, wanker!” the fifth man mocked, as he and his friends walked away and left the unconscious Manfred dangling from the tree. 


Should there be a revenge story to follow, or is it best to leave Manfred dangling?