Saturday, June 25, 2022

Dude Cums and Cums and Cums - Jayse Version

I came across the original version of this story years and years ago, and I always loved it. Now I've finally gotten around to crafting a version of my own. As I wrote it, I kept imagining my high school crush as I wrote about Ryan. My real life crush was never built as huge as Ryan, but he was absolutely just as handsome. :)

Happy Pride everyone!

Dude Cums and Cums and Cums

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I still can’t believe this just happened! It’s as if my most outrageous sexual fantasy came to life and stepped into my bedroom! But despite the impossibility of it all, I can still taste him on my tongue like the most delicious ambrosia, so I know it was all 100 percent real. 


It all started on a sunny spring afternoon. It was Saturday, so I didn’t have any classes that day, and I decided to trek off campus and go to one of the local department stores. As I got out of my car and started heading for the entrance, I noticed another guy pulling up on his bicycle, and I was immediately struck by just how incredibly big and beefy he was. He looked like he was college age like me, early 20s at most, and he was built like a wet dream. He was tall, around 6’2”, with jet black hair, and muscular in a way that I had never seen outside of bodybuilding magazines. He was wearing a form-hugging white ring tee with navy blue piping at the collar and sleeves, baggy khaki cargo shorts, and sneakers with low rise socks. The white t-shirt made the rich bronzed tan of his skin really pop. 

I walked closer as he began to lock up his bike, and I got to watch the interplay of muscles beneath that tight t-shirt, and my ever-randy cock began twitching in my jeans. Jesus, but this guy had a magnificent body! He was exceptionally broad shouldered, and the enormous swell of his deltoids and pectorals strained the tensile strength of that poor shirt, while his huge upper arms looked ready to burst right out of those sleeves, the piping looking like it was acting like some sort of pressure cuff on his enormous biceps and triceps. Those arms were cut and chiseled like they were formed out of a golden brown marble, so deeply etched and defined that even the smallest motion made them flex and dance in an almost hypnotic fashion. I had never seen such extraordinary definition before! 

He turned with his back to me, and the incredible sweep of his wide, flaring lats made me almost swoon, particularly in the way that they cut dramatically inward toward the bottom into his astonishingly narrow waist. I also got my first look at the tight, compact, and very muscular ass contained within those baggy cargo shorts, and though I couldn’t see his thighs, his calves were insane. They were huge, looking like someone had strapped a pair of turtle shells to the backs of his legs, with a chiseled definition that was difficult to describe. Just the enormous curve of those big calves and the beautiful way they tapered down to his slender ankles was enough to make my cock jump insistently in my pants. 

As I neared the store entrance, he turned around again, and we made eye contact for the first time. My heart seemed to stop for a moment, for the tall muscle stud had the most breathtakingly handsome face I think I’d ever seen, expertly sculpted into the most perfect vision of male beauty. At a guess, I would have said that his ethnicity was Hungarian or Turkish, perhaps with something Mediterranean like Italian or Greek thrown in. The rich brown eyes beneath those dark brows sparkled as he flashed me a friendly smile, showing me a perfect set of teeth and a dimple in his right cheek, which was all that kept him from being too overwhelmingly masculine. In fact, that dimple and disarming smile made him look almost boyish, and made me wonder if he was even 21! I flashed him my best smile in return, and dammit, I think I blushed as well. 

Now don’t get me wrong. I know I’m something of a hunky stud as well. I’m a bit on the short side at only 5’7”, but I work out almost every day, and I have a damn impressive body of my own. Not NEARLY on par with this huge raven-haired stud, but big and beefy and very well defined, particularly after years of competitive wrestling. I also have thick and wavy blond hair, stunning green eyes, and the kind of dashing good looks and natural charm that get me a hell of a lot of ass. Hell, most days I was confident enough to say that I was a 10, or damn close to it. But this tall, dark, and handsome stud flashing me his dazzling smile was a certifiable 20, and for almost the first time in my life, I felt totally out of my league. 

I’ve got the kind of confidence that normally, when I see a hot guy, I’ll approach him and start chatting him up. Nothing too forward or anything, just some normal dude conversation between two college bros. Then if I determine that he’s into guys, or at least flexible enough to seem interested, I’ll make my move. But this dark-haired stud was just so built and so unbelievably beautiful that I found myself tongue tied, so after I smiled back at him, I quickly averted my eyes to try to hide my blush, and kept walking into the store. 

Of course, at that point, any desire to actually shop for new clothes went out the window. 

I walked down one of the aisles, pretending like I was looking at clothes, when really I was trying to secretly watch this extraordinary hunk of a man. He came down the aisle next to mine and seemed engrossed in looking at some shirts. But then he suddenly looked up and made direct eye contact with me, making it clear that he’d known where I was all along, and that I hadn’t been nearly as stealthy as I thought. No, he knew I’d been watching him. And then he gave me that smile. Not the friendly ‘hello stranger!’ greeting he’d given me earlier, but the grinning and confident heat of the ‘I want you’ look. 

Fuck! I could have melted then and there! I’m sure the lopsided grin I gave him in return must have made me look like an imbecile, but he didn’t seem to mind, as he winked at me, smiled, and motioned with his head for me to follow him. He headed off toward the men’s restroom at the back of the store, and I followed maybe couple of dozen steps behind him, trying not to raise too much suspicion. I also got to watch the hypnotic way his big muscle butt bulged and bounced inside of his shorts, its impressive mass seeming to defy gravity, and the way that his extraordinarily chiseled calves flexed into even more insane relief as he walked. I found myself overcome with the sudden desire to press my naked, rock hard cock into the deep furrow between one of those twin muscle heads in his calves, and fuck that muscular crevasse until I splooged all over the bulging, swollen, diamond hard muscle! 

I was beyond rock hard by the time I entered the restroom. I could see my handsome stud standing at one of the urinals, so with my pulse pounding with excitement, I took the urinal next to him, my shoulder gently brushing his huge, naked arm. He was only about 6 or 7 inches taller than me, but man, he seemed to tower over me. I think his huge muscular build is what did it, and normally such a size difference might have intimidated me or made me feel nervous, but something about the handsome stud just made me feel safe and put me completely at ease. 

I unzipped my fly and hauled out my fat boner, giving it a few slow strokes and admiring its size. I’ve always been proud of my big circumsized cock, which at just over 9 inches in length was pretty damn big for any guy, but looked even bigger on my relatively short, smaller frame. I was impressively thick too, with a beefy girth that was a real hole buster. Yeah, I knew a lot of guys on campus who couldn’t get enough of my big dick. 

We stood at our respective stalls for a few seconds, playing eye tag over the top of the low dividing wall, both grinning and laughing at each other at the erotic awkwardness of it all. Then we both leaned back at the same time to reveal our hard cocks to each other. His eyebrows went up and a look of pleased surprise spread over his gorgeous features. I always like seeing the effect my cock has on other guys, so I watched his face first before looking down to see what he was packing. 

And once again, I think my heart may have skipped a beat or two. 

Sprouting from a thick thatch of black pubic hair was the single biggest, longest, thickest cock I have ever seen!! The dude’s absolutely huge penis dwarfed mine by several orders of magnitude! I estimated that it had to be at LEAST 12 inches long, and likely an inch or two more, with a heavily veined shaft that was thicker around than my own wrist! He was gloriously uncut, with a broad and beautifully shaped helmet of a cock head that was completely encased within the silky fold of his smooth foreskin. It was the most gorgeous, magnificent penis I had ever seen, either in a photo or in person, and I longed to play with it. After a moment’s hesitation and a quick glance back at the restroom entryway, I reached forward and stroked two of my fingers down the broad and impossibly long column of his cock shaft, the silky warmth of his skin an amazing contrast to the steely hardness beneath. I was dumbstruck and at a complete loss for words, but the handsome hunk took pity on me and spoke first. 

“You’re a gorgeous guy,” he said in a surprisingly deep and resonant voice. God, everything about this man was just insanely sexy! “I’d love to fool around with you and let you play with this big beast. You know of anywhere we can go?” 

“Sure!” I responded, my mouth suddenly dry at the sheer enormity of what he was offering me. “We can go back to my place. My roommate is away for the weekend, so we’d have the place all to ourselves. I can even fit your bike in the back of my car and give you a lift!” 

“That would be awesome!” he replied, with a twinkle in those gorgeous brown eyes of his and another one of his steel-melting smiles. We stuffed our boners back in our pants - both with not inconsiderable difficulty - and headed out of the store together. He unlocked his bike and I helped him load it in my car, then we got in and headed back to my place. During the short drive, I learned that his name was Ryan and that he was studying kinesiology and sports medicine. I also learned that he was a sophomore and only 19 years old!! His physique was extraordinary for a man of any age, let alone a lad who was barely 19 years old! I told him as much, and he gave me an ‘aw shucks’ grin at the compliment and told me that he was just very lucky genetically, and that he put on muscle mass really easily. 

My poor cock remained rock hard the entire time, raging in anticipation, and starting to give me an aching case of blue balls, but the deep aching pain just turned me on even more. We were soon inside my apartment, and after maybe a minute or two of pleasantries, Ryan made the first move. His eyes filled with an intense heat, he wrapped those huge, brown, muscular arms around me and pulled me close, then brought that achingly handsome face closer to mine and started kissing me. Now I’ve been with some great kissers in my young life, and I know that I’m damn talented as well, but Ryan took kissing to another level. There was an element of raw and barely contained passion mixed with a surprising amount of gentle tenderness, and I darn near swooned in his massive arms. 

We must have kissed for at least 10 minutes, and as much as I was eager to explore the rest of his phenomenal body, I have to say that I was loving the kissing so much that I felt like I could have stayed in his embrace forever. Ryan could have taught a master class on making out, and the way that he used his lips, his tongue, and even his teeth to make love to my mouth was going to ruin me for any other man. 

After a delicious eternity, Ryan pulled back enough to grab the bottom of my t-shirt and, in one smooth and powerful motion, pull it up and off of my body. Even more heat poured out of his rich brown eyes as he took in my well-muscled body. “Nice!!” he said with real feeling as he started stroking his big, strong hands over my upper body. I grinned and flexed my big pecs, then popped my right arm up into a bicep flex, and he smiled in return as he groped my big softball-sized muscle with both of his huge mitts. Big as my arms were, Ryan’s massive hands engulfed my upper arm with room to spare, and I was once again struck by just how enormous this gorgeous young man really was! He then gripped both of my shoulders and gave me a firm shake, followed by a few quarter-strength fake punches to my thick pecs (almost knocking me backwards), clearly very pleased and impressed and turned on by what he saw. 

I waggled my eyebrows and motioned to Ryan’s own big guns, and he grinned and then raised them into a double biceps flex that nearly brought me to my knees! Those huge arms exploded into even more massive size as he flexed his arms for all he was worth, the already deep cuts and striations in his muscles springing into even deeper relief! Fuck, the astoundingly deep bifurcation between those gargantuan bicep heads looked like it went almost halfway to the bone! I tried to wrap both of my hungry hands around just one of those mammoth upper arms, and I don’t think I managed to get even halfway around that enormous mound of granite hard muscle. I then rose up on tiptoe and started bathing that enormous, bulging, flexing arm with my tongue, astounded by how much acreage there was to cover. His skin was perfect, smooth and soft and so warm to the touch, and the massive muscle beneath was like solid stone. 

Ryan let me enjoy exploring his huge arms for a few minutes, and then reached down and pulled his own t-shirt off over his head. I think my eyes really did bug out at the point, because his naked torso was even more extraordinarily beautiful and defined than I could have imagined. He was like a walking anatomy chart, every single muscle and sinew of his body magnificently defined and visible through his smooth, tanned, paper-thin skin. I had never seen abdominal muscles so deeply etched and chiseled, ditto for the incredible serratus muscles that framed that cobbled midsection. I didn’t even know it was possible for a man’s physique to be so exquisitely defined! I had also never seen a guy with an honest-to-goodness 8-pack before, but all eight cobblestones of his magnificent abs were standing out like chiseled perfection, and the mind-blowingly etched shape of his tight Adonis belt disappeared into the narrow waistband of his baggy shorts. I think I was momentarily mesmerized by the staggering beauty of it all. 

I looked further up and found myself staring at Ryan’s massive chest, which was just about at eye level for me. His swollen pectoral muscles were incredibly meaty and broad, with the skin stretched so tightly over them almost perfectly smooth, with only a light dusting of short, dark chest hairs clustered around the deep cleavage between the two mammoth plates of muscle. His nipples were small and tight, the areolas surrounding them a slightly darker shade of brown than his tanned skin, the small nubs themselves already hard and erect and standing proudly off of the massive broad planes of his amazingly thick and dense pecs. 

My hands rose up almost of their own accord, grasping and gripping as much of those thick overhanging slabs of beef as I could fit in my grip. Talk about an embarrassment of riches! His pec meat was extraordinarily dense and beefy, and I asked him to stop flexing them for a moment so I could get a better grip on them. He just chuckled and told me that he wasn’t flexing them. I glanced up at him with a look of doubt and disbelief on my face, to which he just smiled bigger. And then he DID flex his chest. Holy shit! Those massive mounds of muscle suddenly exploded into insane striations, dancing horizontally across both mammoth muscles like some deeply scored and etched relief map! My jaw literally dropped open at that point, and I once again tried to grope and fondle those huge muscle tits, but now they were hard as diamonds and wouldn’t budge or deform in the slightest. This dude was JACKED!! 

I stepped back as I ran my hands down his huge shoulders and massive arms, completely stunned and overwhelmed by both Ryan’s size and extraordinary conditioning. And as I looked him over from a couple of steps back, I realized that, as enormously muscular as he already was, his frame was so big that he could easily carry even MORE weight! I was reminded that the handsome dude was only 19 and still growing — and my flabbergasted mind suddenly wondered just how much bigger was he going to get!! 

I started to reach for the waistband of Ryan’s cargo shorts, eager to unleash the massive mound of man meat that I could see straining at his crotch, but the big man gently grasped my wrists and asked if we could go to the bedroom. I smiled back at him, liking where this was going, and led him with one hand around his thick wrist, down the hall to my bedroom. Fortunately, I’ve got a big bed, so it was large enough to accommodate even Ryan’s massive form. We flopped down side by side and started making out once more, our muscular torsos rubbing against one another and inflaming my lust to even more stratospheric heights. The heat pouring off of his amazing muscles was intense, and I had a sudden happy thought that sleeping with Ryan would mean that I’d never need heated blankets in the winter time again! I could just wrap my body around all of that luscious, meaty warmth! 

I was soon reaching for the fly of Ryan’s tightly-packed shorts again, but once again he stopped me, looking a little shy and unsure of himself for the very first time. He gave me a very serious look and said, “Before we go any further, I’ve got to tell you something.” 

“Okay…?” I said in response, not sure what he might have to tell me, but fearing that it wouldn’t be good. 

“Before you see me naked, I need to tell you that I have a medical condition called macroorchidism. It’s a completely benign condition, but it means I have unusually large testicles.” 

“Like how big?” I asked, trying to keep the happy eagerness out of my voice. The only thing I loved better than a big cock was a big set of door knocker balls, and this impossibly handsome muscle hunk had BOTH! I could hardly wait to see them! 

“Like really fucking big, Stu. Big enough that I’ve had guys get scared or disgusted at the sight of them and walk out on me.” There was a pain and sadness in Ryan’s eyes that made me feel even more drawn to him, like I wanted to wipe that hurt off of his heart-stoppingly gorgeous face. 

“Ryan, you are the most outrageously sexy man I’ve ever seen in my life! You’re drop dead gorgeous, have the most incredible physique, and you’ve got the biggest, most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen! I also happen to love huge balls on a guy — I always think it makes them more manly and sexy. So trust me when I say that I will not be put off by the size of your nuts, no matter how big they might be!” 

“Thanks Stu, I’m really glad to hear you say that, and I hope you mean it,” Ryan said with a soft smile, still seeming rather shy and uncertain. 

“Dude, I don’t know if you haven’t figured it out by now, but I’m already head over heels for you!” I said. “Now let’s get naked!” 

“Not just yet,” Ryan responded with a small chuckle at my obvious eagerness. “I’ve got a bit more to tell you. My situation has also resulted in a condition called hyperspermia, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. My extra large balls produce sperm at a vastly accelerated rate, resulting in extremely thick cum and huge cum loads. Do you like to swallow?” 

“Fuck yeah!” I exclaimed, deeply turned on by what Ryan was confessing to me, as I totally love the taste and texture of a man’s cum. “At the risk of sounding like a man whore, I’m a cum junkie, Ryan! Swallowing spunk is one of my favorite pastimes!” I joked. 

Ryan chuckled again and said, “Well, then you may be in luck, as I can guarantee you that I cum bigger than anyone else you’ve ever met, and I’m always capable of cumming multiple times at one go.” 

I didn’t think my heart could pound any stronger or that I could get any more excited, but his words kept making me more and more horny and ready to jump his magnificent body. The naked eagerness and lust on my face must have been a lot, as Ryan smiled and laughed and said, “Down boy! We’ll be getting to all of that in just a minute. But I not only wanted to warn you about the size of my testicles and my cum loads, I also wanted to warn you that I might get a little… freaky… while I’m cumming.” 

“What do you mean?” I asked. Ryan had long since gotten 100% of my attention, and I was now hanging on his every word. 

The big, handsome stud looked embarrassed as he said, “Well, when I cum, I tend to goon pretty hard. My muscles will tense up, I make a lot of grunting noises, and, well, it kinda looks like I’m having a seizure. But I promise you I’m okay. I just need you to follow my lead and my directions. I may even ask you to get a little rough with me, but don’t worry, you’re not going to hurt me, and if you do everything that I ask, I think you’ll have a really good time.” 

“Awesome!! Let’s start!!” I gleefully replied, leaping playfully on top of Ryan’s far bigger and more muscular form, and attacking his shorts with both of my hands. This time the raven-haired hunk just laughed and let me at it. I all but ripped the fly open on his shorts, and then I shucked down both his shorts and his underwear at the same time, yanking them down over his enormously muscled and richly tanned thighs and exposing his crotch to the room. His colossal cock sprang upward and slammed into his corrugated belly with a loud smack, clearly happy to be freed from its fabric prison, and I was able to see these big balls he’d kept talking about. 

Even after all of Ryan’s explanations and warnings, though, I was unprepared for the sheer mammoth staggering SIZE of his behemoth testicles! They almost didn’t even look HUMAN, though truth be told, I’d never seen nuts on a full sized bull or horse that were nearly this big, either. Each gargantuan nut was the size of the biggest of cantaloupe melons, slightly oblong in shape, and resting inside the biggest, baggiest scrotum I had ever seen. Despite how thickly furred Ryan’s crotch was, his sac was much like his massive chest, and only lightly dusted with coarse dark hairs. His humongous balls were hanging so low and so loose that they actually rested on the surface of the mattress, looking impossibly huge and heavy and meaty and full. 

“Whoa…!” I finally said in a low, breathy groan, temporarily stunned at the extraordinary wealth of virile man meat displayed before me. 

The look in my wide eyes must have spooked Ryan, for uncertainty crept back into his deep voice as he said, “You okay?” 

I literally shook myself out of my stupor, gave a huge shit-eating grin, and said, “Hell yes!! Damn, Ryan, you weren’t kidding!! These are the biggest fucking nuts I’ve ever fucking seen!! And I LOVE them!!” 

I reached forward and gently grasped Ryan’s gigantic right nut, using both hands to cradle the enormous man orb, which filled both of my hands to overflowing. “Damn, dude!!” I exclaimed. “These are like fucking DINOSAUR eggs!!” Ryan’s massive bollock was insanely heavy, even heavier than it looked, and I quickly estimated that he had to have close to 20 pounds of testicle meat swinging between his legs! How did even even WALK with that pair of wrecking balls hanging between his legs!? Let alone bicycle!?! 

“Yeah, they’re fun for the whole family,” Ryan joked in response, but I could see the hurt creeping back into those thickly lashed, sultry eyes of his. 

“Oh Ryan!” I quickly said, looking him straight in the eyes with every ounce of sincerity in my being while I lovingly cradled his huge right nut in my hands. “I think your big balls are absolutely beautiful! I think everything about you is beautiful! You are the most amazing, sexy, gentle, sweet, gorgeous man I have ever met! Please don’t feel insecure around me. Hell, if anyone should feel insecure, it’s ME! I just feel so lucky and honored to be here with you!” 

“Are you kidding?!” Ryan said in response. “You’re the sexiest hunk I’ve seen at the university! I’ve seen you on campus a few times, and I’ve watched you jog by my dorm room a bunch of times, and I was hoping our paths would cross some day!” 

The look of incredulity on my face made Ryan laugh out loud, and he said, “Well, I guess we’re BOTH rather taken with each other, then!” 

“Guess so!” I said with another huge grin, and I turned my attention back to the massive whoppers hanging so warm and full between his legs. I placed a hand under each of his huge man udders and lifted them up, hefting them separately and marveling at their tremendous mass and weight. “Wow!!” I whispered in awe. I then wrapped one hand around the long, thick neck of his sagging scrotum and tugged gently downward, making the two humongous orbs bulge even bigger at the bottom of their sac. Beneath my clutching hand, I could feel the cords and cables connecting those huge sex organs to Ryan’s magnificent body, and I could tell just by feel that those all important vessels and tubes were much thicker and firmer than those of normal men. No doubt their increased size was necessary to accommodate the herculean size of his massive stones. 

Ryan finally started laughing and said, “Well, if you’re finished fondling the goods, Stu, we can get started!” 

In response, I leaned forward and playfully motorboated both of Ryan’s humongous bollocks with my face, making Ryan throw back his handsome head and laugh even harder. “Okay!” I finally said, grinning like a maniac as I kneeled between the bigger man’s enormous thighs. 

“For the first time,” Ryan instructed, “just suck my cock nice and slow, and very lightly. You won’t need to suck more than just the head and maybe the first inch or two of my shaft.” 

“‘The first time?’” I said teasingly, waggling my eyebrows at him again. 

Ryan just laughed again and said, “Hey, like I said, I cum multiple times! I hope you’re hungry, as you’re going to be shocked by just how many loads I’m carrying in these huge balls of mine!” 

“I can’t wait!” I said with a huge grin as I repositioned myself between Ryan’s legs, grasped the huge, warm column of his cock with both hands, and guided the enormous, foreskin-covered head toward my waiting mouth. The wide, flared head of Ryan’s fat cock was so huge that I had to stretch my lips wide in order to force it into my mouth, but once I did, I was in heaven. That huge bulb of meat filled my mouth like nothing I’ve experienced before, and his ample foreskin felt like soft warm velvet as it slid over his huge swollen glans. I bathed Ryan’s cock head with my muscular tongue, and also worked the first two inches of his huge shaft into my mouth as well. 

Following Ryan’s directions, I went down on his cock as far as I could (which was just over half way, as his mighty schlong was just too thick and girthy for me to easily accommodate it down my throat) and lightly sucked my way back up to the tip of his loose foreskin. That produced a happy moaning sound from the big, handsome stud, so I kept doing the same thing, slowly and languorously pumping his massive cock in and out of my mouth. I released my hold on his hard and veiny shaft to cradle both of his humongous balls, gently fondling and rolling those huge whoppers around as I sucked his gorgeous dick. I could taste his salty, slimy precum spill across my hungry tongue, and I happily knew that I was pleasing my big muscular bull. 

Surprisingly, it was only a few minutes before I started to feel Ryan’s massive balls flex and contract, and his dick get that super hard stiffness that always seems to happen before a man cums. I guess he was more turned on than I realized! He gently but urgently bucked his chiseled, muscular hips, let out a loud cry, and started to cum. 

Now I’ve been with a LOT of guys and have experienced a lot of different orgasms, but no one came quite like Ryan. His orgasms were unique to say the least! First off, he didn’t shoot in a rapid fire fashion like most guys, with short, hard blasts of cum spaced close together. Instead, Ryan’s cum shots were longer, lasting an incredible two to three seconds each, and were spaced farther apart, like anywhere from three to five seconds. It was an intense and utterly erotic way to orgasm, and I absolutely loved it. 

Second, Ryan came with the thickest, chunkiest, most delicious spunk I’d ever tasted. His flavor was rich and beefy and salty, but with an undertone of sweetness, too. The stuff was so outrageously thick that I almost had to chew it to get it down, and the almost scaldingly hot cum warmed my belly as he fed me his male essence. 

The stud’s first shot was really large, surprising me with both its volume and viscosity, but I quickly adapted and swallowed the chunky fluid down. The first pause was so long that I thought for a moment he might be a one-shot-and-done kind of guy, which would have kinda disappointed me, but then a second, larger blast filled my mouth and caused my already full cheeks to balloon out further. I must have yelped in surprise around his huge cock head, but I swallowed his second shot and kept right on sucking, just like he’d asked. Ryan’s whole body was vibrating from the orgasm, his big, glorious muscles flexing and tensing in extraordinary relief as he filled my mouth over and over again, and I swallowed about a dozen huge mouthfuls of his sweet, meaty, tangy semen. I was in cocksucker’s heaven! In fact, I nearly shot my own load onto the mattress, my untouched nine incher vibrating with need. 

After more than a full minute of orgasming, Ryan’s cock finished spurting, his body relaxed with his hips falling back to the bed, and his huge, tensing balls loosened up in my hands. But amazingly, his cock stayed absolutely rock fucking hard. I guess he wasn’t kidding about being able to cum multiple times, as he clearly wasn’t finished yet. 

“Fuuuuck!” Ryan said in a deep, breathy sigh. “That was amazing! But don’t stop, Stu. Just keep on sucking, nice and slow.” 

I kept slowly pumping his massive cock in my mouth and down my throat, managing to get a little farther down its extraordinary length this time, but still having many inches of shaft to go before ever hoping to reach his hairy and muscular groin. I kept his foreskin up and covering his huge glans, just like he instructed, and just reveled in the unbelievably massive size and power of his gigantic cock, and the unbelievably massive and gorgeous muscle man it was attached to. 

About five minutes into round two, Ryan asks me to suck just a little bit harder, and I do, quickening my pace just a little bit as well. I’m still going slow and not sucking nearly as hard as I could, but this gentle attention seems to be working on the big handsome lad, for I can feel his mammoth balls start to contract again. His dick gets that super steely hardness again, he bucks his hips like before, and then sure enough, he explodes again. The same as before — long spurt, big pause, long spurt, big pause. I understand now why he’d asked me earlier if I swallowed; there was otherwise no way to suck Ryan’s cock, as he came so fucking much that it was either swallow or choke! Intense, powerful lashings of his hot, viscous cum filled my mouth with each lush pulse, the long pause giving me just enough time to gulp down that sweet and savory nectar before the next huge wad flooded my mouth. 

This time I counted, keeping track of how many times he blasted his thick baby batter across my tongue and tonsils. Pulse after pulse after mighty pulse filled my mouth, and I swallowed every drop of him down while sucking his bulbous cock head and coaxing even more of the thick splooge out of his massive bull nuts. I counted a total of 14 shots from his cock, which would have been a fantastic achievement for any man, but was even more incredible since it was Ryan’s second load in less than ten minutes! 

Ryan’s whole body was shaking even more violently than with his first orgasm, and he started to get those post-orgasm aftershocks where your arms and legs just kind of jerk about. I was concerned if he was okay, and I took my mouth off of his still granite hard dick to ask him, but he immediately shouted with a strained voice, “I’m okay! I’m okay! Please don’t stop! I’m not done yet!” 

Not done yet!?! Oh my god, how could one man cum so much!?! I was in ecstasy, however, and hungrily gobbled down even more of Ryan’s thick horse cock, eager for more of his delicious spew. So I kept right on sucking, following his requests to suck slower, suck faster, suck only the foreskin, and so on. I kept doing this for eight to ten minutes this time, and pretty soon, sure enough, same as before, his huge balls tightened, his muscular body stiffened, his hips started thrusting upward, and here comes another orgasm. Spuu-u-u-uurt (pause) spuu-u-u-uurt (pause), and he looks like he’s almost passing out from the intensity of his orgasm, his whole body quivering from it. I was expecting there to be considerably less sperm in his third testicular purging, but damn, I would say there was just as much hot, steamy spunk in this third load as there had been in the first two! And I hungrily sucked it all down just as fast as it would erupt out of the swollen, bulbous head of his massive cock. 

Afterwards, Ryan’s entire body seemed to go limp, his huge balls completely relaxing and going slack inside of their huge pouch…but still that amazing dick stayed hard! 

“I just need to rest a few minutes,” Ryan said in a deep and husky voice. “Hold your mouth on my cock and I’ll tell you when to start again. Hold my balls, too. You’re amazing, Stu, and thank you for working so hard on my cock.” 

I just mumbled a happy and garbled affirmative around the huge tube of thick cock meat I had stuffed inside my mouth, cuddling his warm, goliath balls against the sides of my jaw and chin with both of my hands. I could feel the huge trouser beast throbbing against my tongue, and every once in a while I could feel him tighten and squeeze. I really don’t remember how long this went on, but it probably wasn’t too much more than maybe ten minutes. I wanted to ask what he was thinking and feeling, but that would have meant taking his penis out of my mouth, and I wasn’t about to do that. But before too long, he must have been sufficiently rested and ready, because I felt those huge balls quiver and shudder in my hands, and his dick gave a few big, mighty pulses. 

“Okay, I’m ready,” Ryan said, briefly opening his beautiful brown eyes to once again meet my eager gaze. “You’re terrific, Stu! This is already the best blowjob I’ve ever had in my life. Now go nice and slow like before, and I’ll tell you when to go faster.” 

So I resume my up and down strokes, lightly, gently, pulling upward on the thick hood of glorious foreskin with my lips. I must have gotten him primed really quickly, though, because after only about a dozen strokes, he tells me to go faster and harder than before. I really start putting some english into it now, using both of my hands to pump that long expanse of thick cock shaft as I suck him. That must have really set him off, for his fourth orgasm hit fast and unexpected. His hips bucked upward and his massive legs shot out to either side of me, flexing into astounding relief as he once again started filling my mouth with huge spurts of his thick, sweet, chunky cream. I think I must have died and gone to blowjob heaven as he unloads another 14 or 15 huge mouthfuls of his rich and gamey splooge into my mouth, his entire, gorgeous body writhing with the intense joy of it all. 

We’d been at this for almost an hour now, and Ryan was STILL hard as a steel girder! I was beyond impressed! 

Ryan suddenly lifted his magnificent upper body up on his elbows so that he could gaze down at me, and asked, “You doing okay? I’m not making you too tired yet, am I?” 

I pulled his enormous raging boner out of my mouth with a wet pop and replied, “Tired?! Hell no!” I said with a laugh. “I’ve never had so much fun blowing a guy in my life! I could do this all day! And I get to skip dinner tonight, as your cum is one hell of a protein-packed meal!” We both chuckled at that as I took a few broad swipes at Ryan’s huge cock head with my tongue. “Seriously, though, how DO you cum like that? It’s a-fucking-MAZING!” 

“I dunno,” Ryan replied. “When I was a kid, I thought everyone came like that. It wasn’t until I started hooking up with guys and having sex a couple of years ago before I realized how different I am from everyone else — cock, balls, orgasms, all of it.” He gave me a shy smile at that point, making his face look even more radiantly handsome than ever as he said, “If you’re up for it, I could do two or three more regular cums, and then have the big one. Sound good?” 

‘BIG ONE!?!’ I thought to myself. Each of his four monster loads had already been vastly bigger, stronger, and more insanely copious than anything I’d ever experienced before, and yet here this stud was, telling me that he still had a few more of those loads packed into his ginormous bull nuts, AND that his final load was going to be even BIGGER! If that wasn’t incentive and motivation to keep going, then I don’t know what was! 

Out loud, though, I said, “Sure! I’ll suck you as long and as hard as you want me to! There’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be than in my bed here with you, and with your huge cock lodged down my throat!” 

Ryan smiled and laughed, the momentary uncertainty fleeing his gorgeous brown eyes, as he raised his upper body up even farther to kiss me. One of my hands was on his abdomen to steady myself as he curled his body forward, and the complex bulging and flexing of those incredible stomach muscles beneath my hand was utterly fascinating. He laid back down after a long and thorough kiss, heat once again rising in his eyes, and he said, “Okay, for these next few loads, I’m going to ask you to start getting a little rougher with me. I promise you, you won’t hurt me, okay? Just follow my lead, and I’ll fill your belly with more of my creamy ‘dinner’, and then give you a huge helping of dessert at the end. How’s that sound?” 

“Fuckin’ A!!” I shouted with a huge grin, and then started chowing down on his huge dork once again. 

We were soon going to town once more, my head bobbing up and down on that unbelievably massive schlong as he gave me directions. Over the course of the next hour, true to his word, Ryan came another spectacular three times, pumping another pint or two of his thick man chowder into my stomach. And just like he warned me, for each of these next three loads, he asked me to get more rough and brutal with his engorged manhood. 

For his fifth orgasm, Ryan asked me to grip the neck of his gigantic scrotum with both hands, and then start tugging down on his balls. I happened to like a little rough ball play myself, whereas most guys’ balls are far too sensitive and delicate for that sort of attention, so I was thrilled when Ryan asked me to get a little more firm with his humongous huevos. I got a strong two-handed grip on that low-hanging ballsac, forcing his huge man eggs to the very bottom of their scrotum, and started to give some slow, gentle tugs to his freakishly huge bollocks. 

“Harder! Mmm, yes, harder, Stu!” Ryan moaned from between softly parted lips. I took up any slack I could find in his sac and started tugging harder, and harder, and harder still, really yanking and stretching out that impossibly huge nutbag. My eyebrows were going up at the big man’s insistence that I tug harder and harder, as I was already yanking his bollocks hard enough to really hurt. But he was clearly loving every moment of it and he wanted more, for he was soon shouting at me to yank and tug with all of my might! 

My huge arms were soon bulging and my whole body was sweating with the effort I was throwing into it, yanking and pulling on Ryan’s big behemoth balls for all I was worth, and the big dude was STILL begging for more! Ryan was one tough fucker, and his thick ball cords must have been made of steel, for by now I had more than doubled their natural 4-inch dangle, making his titanic testes bulge all bright and shiny at the very bottom of their nearly smooth sac! Hell, I was pulling as hard as I could, hard enough that I would probably have torn any other man’s sac off, and this big bull of a man wanted even more!! I cannot even TELL you how erotic it was to have this man’s monstrously oversized manhood in my hands and stretched halfway to his fucking knees! In fact, I was so incredibly turned on that my own outrageously overstimulated cock just couldn’t take it any more, and without me laying even a finger on it, my big boy came spontaneously and painted a big load of my splooge all over the bed sheets. I didn’t even miss a beat as I came, either, but just kept right on sucking Ryan’s massive cock while tugging brutally on his straining bull balls. 

I think that the sounds of my moaning and groaning, along with my messy orgasm, are what finally tipped Ryan over the edge, and he started pumping his fifth load of the afternoon into my eager and ready throat. I choked down yet another massive bull load from my handsome muscle stud, incredulous that his fifth load was just as voluminous and powerful as the previous four! This insanely handsome muscle stud was simply a GOD of sex!! 

Load number six was just as huge, but took considerably more coaxing from Ryan’s mighty loins. After a short rest period, Ryan soon had me tugging and violently yanking on his huge balls once again, and this time asked me to squeeze his tough and dense balls as well. That was easier said than done though, both because Ryan’s balls were so spectacularly huge that my poor hands could only grip a fraction of their mass, but also because they were so freakishly and unnaturally dense and hard that they barely deformed in even my strongest grip. I soon discovered that my most effective method of squeezing Ryan’s balls was to crush the two massive orbs against one another, grinding the two humongous sex organs together and forcing the slippery glands to squish and warp around each other. Even then, though, the fantastically tough testicles barely deformed, even as I ground them together with all of my considerable strength. 

Incredibly, the insatiable stud could endure every ounce of abuse I could dish out and then some, writhing and moaning and groaning on my bed in tremendous pleasure. His utterly magnificent body was gleaming with sweat, and his herculean muscles had been doing so much flexing and straining and bulging that I swear he looked even more insanely massive than ever, his physique blowing up into dimensions I’d never even dreamed of before! And somewhere in all of that squeezing, mauling, ball-grinding pleasure, Ryan hit his mark yet again, and nutted down my throat in well over a dozen lush pulses of his heady, masculine brew. 

Ryan REALLY had me start getting freaky on his big bull nuts as we got into round number seven. The gorgeous muscle bull looked at me with pleading, anguished eyes, his face a mask of sexy sweat, as he said, “Stu, please continue to trust me. For this next load, I need you to spank my balls around. Hard. Can you do that for me?” 

By now I was in an almost fugue state. I was more turned on than I’d ever been in my life, and Ryan had already proved that he possessed balls of steel, so I was more than willing to spank and smack those huge spunk bunkers around. I maintained a death grip around the elongated neck of his sac with one hand, still pulling those bull nuts down extremely hard, and with my free hand I started lightly but firmly spanking the rotund underbellies of his two humongous whale nuts. 

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! 

The beefy staccato of flesh on flesh made my cock swell almost painfully hard, but I continued to ignore my own big penis as I gobbled down on Ryan’s huge cock and smacked around his titanic balls. Ryan was writhing and flopping around like he was in tremendous pain, but from the sounds he was making I knew that he was getting off on the brutal ball abuse. I know that I would have been huddled in the fetal position, cupping my wounded balls and bawling like a baby if someone had mistreated my seeders like this, but Ryan fucking LOVED it! 

Again, he kept having me increase the intensity of the ball abuse, and soon I was smacking his huge balls around like they owed me money! Open-faced slaps, full backhanded bitch slaps, and everything in between. Ryan was jerking around on the bed like he was having a seizure, but whenever he was coherent enough to speak, it was to grunt out “Harder!!” or “Faster!!” The dude was a BEAST! 

I must have loosened up any sperm he had remaining in those ill-used bollocks of his, because his seventh load hit him like a freight train. His bucking hips managed to shove his mammoth cock more than two thirds of the way down my throat, and he pumped my gullet full of even more of his delicious baby batter. 

By now, just over two hours had gone by, and my gorgeous and supremely hunky friend had pumped an absolutely astounding seven loads down my hungry throat. He fell back against the sweat soaked sheets after that last load, his body limp and exhausted, and I thought for sure that he was done at this point. But as I started to take my mouth off of his still granite hard bull cock, he reached over and laid one huge hand gently on the back of my head to stop me. I paused with his bloated cock head and the first couple of inches of his hole-busting shaft filling my mouth, very slowly and gently stroking him and feeling his huge cock give an occasional throbbing pulse. He only rested like that for a couple of minutes, though, before he started speaking again. 

“I’m ready now,” Ryan said in a soft and gentle voice, like he had fully relaxed into the moment. “You are the best I’ve ever had, Stu! This afternoon has been amazing with you! But I’ve still got one more load to shoot, and if you’re willing to help me, then I’m sure we can get there together. Please do exactly what I say. Don’t be frightened or concerned at anything. I promise you I’m okay. You ready?” 

I briefly pop his massive dick out of my mouth to say, “I’m ready, Ryan. I’m with you on this ride to the end, and I just want to make you happy.” 

“You’ve done that already, Stu,” Ryan said, looking down his sweat-slickened body at me with tenderness and affection in those soft brown eyes of his. We both smiled at each other, and then he curled forward again to give me another long, passionate kiss. I’m sure he can taste the beefy tang of his own seminal emissions on my tongue and lips, but that just seems to make him kiss me even harder, and we’re both left panting as he finally falls back on the pillows. It’s time for me to begin. 

For the first time, Ryan instructs me to shuck down his amazing foreskin to expose his wide, flaring, helmet-shaped cock head. The purplish-pink head is so swollen and engorged that the skin looks positively glassy, shining in the late afternoon light streaming in through my windows. I engulf that massive bulb of meat into my mouth and start door-knobbing it with my lips, cheeks, and tongue. The sensation of having his naked cock head so thoroughly stimulated, particularly after seven back-to-back orgasms, must have been fucking intense, for Ryan was soon writing and groaning in extreme pleasure once again. I could see that his powerful jaw muscles were tightly clenched and bunching as he fought against crying out, his eyelids fluttering as if he was struggling to maintain consciousness. 

I started deep throating him again, and my throat had grown more and more accustomed to his phenomenal girth by this point, so that I was able to finally take him all the way to the thick and swollen root! I saw his eyes shoot open with shock and incredulity when he felt my lips lock around the base of his massive penis, and I could tell by the look of happy wonder in his eyes that no one had ever managed to deep throat his entire cock before. I would have smiled back up at him with more than just my eyes, if my mouth and throat hadn’t been filled with 14 inches or so of salami-thick jock cock. 

Presently, he had me start tugging on his huge balls again, slowly at first, and then harder and more violently. The ball slaps returned as well, but now he instructed me to close my fist and start actually PUNCHING his colossal bollocks! Stinging slaps were one thing, but full force closed-fist punches were quite another, and I was more than a little hesitant at first. I mean, I don’t care how huge your balls are, or how tough you think you are — a fist to the balls is going to cause knee-buckling pain! 

Ryan’s nuts were so freakishly massive that I could only hit one of them at a time, so I ball up my right fist and give a less than half-hearted punch to his huge left ball. It was a glancing blow at best, but still strong enough that it would have brought me to my knees, but Ryan just said, “Harder!” 

Fearful but powerfully turned on, I land a second, harder punch into his goliath left ball, but Ryan once again says, “Harder!!” 

A third punch, this time back into Ryan’s bloated right nut, but with much greater force. 

“Stu!” Ryan croaked, panting, his voice sounding hoarse and dry. “Stu, I promise you that you won’t hurt me. My big balls can take a hell of a lot more abuse than this. I need you to really punch my balls. Don’t hold anything back. I want you to beat the shit out of these massive gonads of mine. Really knock ‘em around and FORCE them to give up their man milk. I really need you to make me nut like never before, and using my big bollocks as an oversized punching bag is the only way to do it. So PUNCH me! HARDER!!” 

With his added encouragement, I ball my fist again, and send it sailing full force into the seam between Ryan’s goliath bollocks, really burying my hard-knuckled fist into all of that glorious man meat. 

“YES!!” Ryan roars with a throaty rumble. “That’s it, Stu!! Fuck! YES!! Hit ‘em even HARDER if you can!!” 

A malevolent and determined grin spread across my face, and I think a snarl even escaped my cock-stuffed lips as I started hammering Ryan’s nuts with my hard fist, clobbering both huge sex organs for all that I was worth. Rapid fire punches — BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! — dead center into those mammoth goolies, like they were some sort of meaty piƱata and I was trying to break ‘em open to free all of the gooey candy inside! 

Ryan reacted like a man possessed, his massive body thrashing against the bed, his big powerful hands clawing at the sheets, his heels digging into the mattress as he thrust his slender, muscular hips and bucked nearly his entire body into the air. It was like trying to ride a bucking bronco, deep throat an elephant, and pummel a huge fleshy speed bag, all at the same time! But I was holding on for dear life, determined to break this mighty stallion and get him to nut one more time! 

My mouth and throat are working in a pistoning frenzy on his massive cock, sucking faster and harder than ever before, with his naked cock head driving nearly down to my stomach with every thrust. My powerful arm is hammering my bony fist into his shuddering nuts with almost blinding speed, using enough force to splatter a less man’s nuts into oblivion, but Ryan’s mighty testicles were barely denting with each ball shattered blow. We were both grunting and bucking and moaning like two wild beasts, and it was by FAR the most rough and violent sex I’d ever had in my life — and I LOVED it!! 

Suddenly, Ryan’s body went completely rigid. His massive legs sticking straight out, toes pointed. His long and powerful arms stiff, muscles bulging like never before. His hands clenched into fists, white knuckled, balling up the bed sheets in his frighteningly powerful grip. I spare a glance upward, and Ryan’s teeth are tightly clenched, jaw muscles bulging like never before, eyes squeezed tightly shut. His muscles are so rigid and so hard that his skin seems to almost melt away, allowing the extreme graininess of his extraordinarily dense, thick, and shredded muscles to show through. The big dude isn’t even breathing at this point, and I know that he’s hurtling toward the point of no return. But I keep on slurping on that huge cock and beating the shit out of those freakishly mammoth balls, driving the big bull to even greater heights of pleasure. 

Ryan’s cock suddenly swells bigger still, becoming like a huge steel rod lodged down my throat. A moment later, those enormous testicles clench so tight that they are ripped out of my grip, slamming so hard against his lean, muscular crotch that it must have HURT! Then he literally screams at the top of his voice. arms are stiff, hands clenched in fists. I look up and his eyes have rolled back in his head. A deafening bellow so loud that it would have been terrifying if it weren’t so full of extreme ecstasy and rapture. 

Then he starts to cum, the ‘Big One’ as he’d called it… and he hadn’t been exaggerating. 

The very first spurt literally floods my mouth with semen, and I have to gulp to get it down. It was his biggest single shot yet, and my eyes all but bugged out of my head at the sheer volume of spume contained in that one pulse of cum There was that pause again, but longer than before, and then his massively muscular body begins to almost violently shake. He shouts again, and the next spurt fills my mouth, spurting out the sides as I struggle to gulp the rest of it down. There’s that long pause again, and I look up at Ryan’s stunningly handsome face. He appears to be in a semi-conscious state, lost in the moment and in a nirvana of pleasure. 

Another shout and the third spurt erupts into my mouth, and I swallow quickly in anticipation of more, unaware of how long this orgasm will last. A pause, and I taste the wonderful nectar streaming out of him again in a thick, unbelievably lush rope of cum. I taste and swallow the chunky splooge, and I keep sucking up and down, holding down the foreskin like he’d told me so that my rough tongue was probing and licking and bathing his naked and exposed cock head. 

Ryan now appears completely disassociated with any reality except his orgasm. His body is shaking ferociously, but still I have the sense that somehow he is aware enough so he will not do anything to hurt me. Another screaming moan of pleasure and more quantities of semen flood into my mouth. I am still kneeling between his mammoth legs, sucking his rock hard dick and clutching and punching his colossal balls, but I am so powerfully aroused that I simply cannot take it any more. I stop punching Ryan’s balls so that I can grip my own hard and vibrating cock, and it takes no more than a dozen strokes before I’m pumping out my own second load. I don’t think I’ve ever shot so hard and so fast in my life, and my balls were cramping so hard that they felt like they might implode. Thick bolts of my hot cum shattered against the underside of Ryan’s vast, massive nuts, splattering across their huge surface as if I was offering up my own sperm to this vastly superior male. 

Even as I quaked and spunked all over Ryan’s nuts, the massive muscle dude kept right on flexing and bucking and pumping out his load, one huge, slow pulse after another. Another blast of hot semen fills my mouth and I drink it down, and then another, and another, and yet another. As the orgasm goes on and on, Ryan’s huge body seems to shake and jerk even more violently during the long pauses, as if it is working up the next great cascade of cum. He becomes even MORE rigid, lets out another loud grunt, and the next huge volley of fresh semen surges into my mouth. I can feel my belly starting to distend from all of the thick and chunky splooge he’s shot into my gut already, and STILL his orgasm thunders onward! A long pause and his fists start to beat against the mattress, but undaunted I keep right on sucking. This time he jerks up his hips and holds steady while another next great geyser of cum erupts down my throat. Now he seems to get into a rhythm of frantic shaking, jerking, screaming, and cumming. His legs and arms have swollen to monstrous size, rigid and stiff and hard as marble. His eyes have all but rolled into the back of his head, and sweat is just pouring off of him. He screams and more sperm shoots like a fountain into my throat. 

This went on for at least 15 or 16 cycles, and I was beginning to think he’d just keep cumming forever if I kept sucking. Then unexpectedly I hear him grunt and shout, “Grip my balls and squeeze them as tight as you can, and suck my cock for all that you’re worth!! Here comes the big one!!” 

I threw out all the stops at that point, going down on his massive cock like some rabid beast, and gripping as much of that insanely thick and abundant ball meat as I could in my hands and trying to squeeze the life out of them. Ryan threw back his head and hollered, and two more pulsating streams of cum filled my mouth, but I kept right on going. The next pause was even longer. Ryan’s entire body became stiff as a board for a few moments, then he threw his massive upper body upright for a second, looking completely wild, before slamming himself back to the bed and shaking violently, pounding the mattress with his big fists. I knew he was building to one hell of a crescendo, and when he let out his loudest scream of exultation yet, I knew he’d finally hit his mark. 

The most cataclysmically enormous deluge of extra thick cum shot out of him like a cannon, filling my mouth beyond capacity and spurting back down almost the entire length of his huge cock shaft. My eyes bugged out and I tried to swallow the insanely thick splooge, but Ryan suddenly went into a rapid fire orgasm, spurting out his cum so fast and so hard that I couldn’t keep up. Wad after wad after wad sluiced into my mouth and splattered all over Ryan’s cock and groin, and I swear some even sprayed out of my nose! I did the only thing I could think of, and crammed that thundering, pulsating log of a cock all of the way down my throat, letting his dump his staggeringly mammoth load directly into my already distended stomach. Again and again and again, slug after slug after slug of stud splooge splashed into my guts, and I feared that I might pass out from lack of air, but I wasn’t letting go until he was done. 

Ryan’s eighth and final load lasted well over two minutes, and I have no earthly idea how many blasts of cum he shot, or how much cum he’d pumped out of those incredible balls of his. When his orgasm finally started to settle down, I pulled his massive schlong out of my throat until the head was once more resting within the warm confines of my mouth, and I felt him shoot another half dozen or so smaller loads across my tongue. His epic, colossal, legendary bull load finally came to a shuddering end. 

The raven-haired muscle hunk collapsed against the sweat- and sperm-drenched bed, breathing heavily and looking limp and exhausted. His gigantic balls finally relaxed, dropping heavily to the bottom of their huge sac, looking temporarily spent, and his enormous cock, which had been rock fucking hard for at least two and a half hours, finally began to grow limp and spongy in my mouth. I kept right on gently sucking at that big beast, though, until it had shrunk as small as it could get… which was still bigger than my big cock at full mast! Only then did I release his gorgeous cock from my mouth and gaze down at his magnificent and mammoth manhood. Ryan’s huge cock hung huge and limp over his emperor-sized bollocks, slick with my spit and a hell of a lot of his own splooge. His huge balls were glowing a bright red from all of the abuse they’d suffered, but incredibly looked otherwise no worse for wear. Damn, but this dude had an insanely tough pair of bull nuts!! 

I let out a sudden, deep, and very long burp, tasting Ryan’s thick and beefy stud sauce across my tongue. We both laughed at the suddenness of my burp, and then I crawled up the length of his sweat-slickened body to collapse next to him. Ryan held me in his massively muscular arms and pulled me close, and we kissed once more, passionately but gently. 

It was several minutes later before we both came up for air, and Ryan said, “Thank you, Stu! That was the most incredible sex I’ve ever had in my life! Most guys get grossed out by how much I cum, freaked out by my requests for rough play, or frightened by my reactions, so I never get to finish. And when I’m alone, I get far too out of it to finish myself off. So I’ve almost never cum as fully and as completely as I have today. It was amazing!” 

I gazed up into Ryan’s soft brown eyes, still stunned that such a handsome, built, and magnificently hung bull of a man had wanted to be with me, but loving every minute of it. 

“My pleasure, Ryan! That was the most extraordinary experience I’ve ever had with a man, and I am beyond honored that you chose to spend this afternoon with me!” 

Ryan actually blushed at my words, looking so sweetly shy as he asked, “Can I see you again tomorrow, Stu?” 

“Well I sure hope so!” I said. “Cuz you’re spending the night here with me! I wanna fuck you until the sun goes down, then collapse in your arms in exhaustion, only to awaken in the morning and start all over again! I’m crazy about you, Ryan, and want nothing more than to get to know you better and date you for real!” 

Ryan’s face lit up, making him look even more ridiculously handsome than ever, and he exclaimed, “I’d love that, Stu!! Yes!! I will gladly spend the night with you, and as many future nights as you’ll let me. I’ve had a crush on you for months, and now that I’ve met you, that crush is already growing into something more. But I have one request — can we order dinner? I’m already famished, and if I’m going to keep my strength up, I’ll need some food.” 

I laughed as I patted my bloated and visibly distended belly, saying, “Well, I won’t need anything more to eat tonight, but I’m sure we can arrange something for delivery. Now come over here and kiss me, you big, beautiful stud!” 

That night was the most epic night of lovemaking in my entire life. I learned that Ryan was a bottom, which was a good thing, as I don’t think I could have fit his mammoth bull cock in my ass. But he loved having me plug his big, muscular butt with my thick and heavy cock, and I lost track of how many loads we both shot that night… and the next day. 

It’s now Sunday night, and Ryan has finally left to bicycle home to his own apartment and get ready for tomorrow’s classes. Hopefully the burning ache in his ass will make him think about me his entire ride home. We already have plans to meet up after class tomorrow, and are clearly so smitten with each other that we’re already making plans for next weekend. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if we’re both looking to find an apartment to rent off campus together within the next month or so. 

Like I said, the man of my dreams has suddenly landed in my life, and I’m never letting him go!