Wednesday, December 31, 2014

James the Bodybuilder - Original Version

Here is the original version of my recent James the Bodybuilder series. The original story is hot all on its own, but I thought it would be great to add more of a backstory about the young super teen, as well as a TON of additional ball busting. I also thought it would be even more erotic if the loss of James' mammoth balls was not consensual, as it was in the original version.

I hope you enjoyed BOTH versions! :)


James the Bodybuilder
Original story by Jeremy Tucker

James is a body builder that needs to make some money. There is only one easy way for him to get the money that he needs. 


James was a well known body builder that was now looking for a way to make some extra money. James was a very handsome with rock hard muscles and dark hair. Earlier this morning James scanned the paper and noticed an ad that read, “Wanted a Muscled Ripped Hung Stud for our Exclusive Private Event.” James continued reading the article and found out that in exchange for losing his balls in front of a crowd of a few thousand people he could be awarded one million dollars.

James didn’t like the idea of losing his nuts for a million dollars but because he was desperate and broke he knew that he had to do it. James called the number and interviewed the people the same day. James was interviewed by a lady and a man. To be accepted for the lucrative position James had to strip in front of them and let them feel the size of his testicles so that they could make sure that his balls were big enough. James’s nuts were about the size of two big golf balls. 

James then had to pose in different colored spandex bikinis and speedos. Finally, the man and the woman interviewing him both agreed that the baby blue colored spandex bikini looked the best on him. When all was said and done, James signed the contract that would give them the right to take his testicles from him in any way that they wanted in exchange for giving James one million dollars.

Three weeks had passed and it was time for James to head in early to the huge auditorium where preparations were to be made to make sure that all went as planned.

James walked into the building where he was greeted by a man in a white lab coat who was waiting for him. The man introduced himself as Mark. Mark then escorted James into a room and explained to James that he would be the one preparing him for the event. Mark had James strip down so that he could feel his testicles and he then injected his balls with a solution of glucose and peanut butter. Mark explained to James that he needed to fill out his bikini to the max for the audience. James asked why peanut butter was needed and Mark responded that would find out soon enough. Even though Mark’s answer was puzzling to James, all he could think about was getting a million dollars.

Mark then began to vacuum pump James’s cock and balls that enlarged his equipment even more. Mark then handed James a cock and ball ring to put on. Finally, James slipped on his blue spandex bikini which was now bulging with his enormous cock and balls. “You look incredible” Mark exclaimed. “You look as if you could knock up a few thousand women in one night and get them all pregnant.”

James smiled as Mark’s words stroked his ego. James went to the mirror to check out his reflection and was proud of what he saw -both of his balls looked like two army tankers ready to go to war. Mark stood close by watching in total amazement. 

“The crowd will be very pleased with you.”

“Yeah I would hope so even I like what I see.”

“If you want to have kids in the future you may want to set aside some of your sperm now.”

“Yeah that is a good idea.”

Mark handed James two empty flasks not expecting that he would soon fill them both to the brim with his hot muscled dick snot. Mark eyes were wide with astonishment as he watched him dump his load in both of the flasks. Never before had he ever seen anyone shoot eight cups worth of cum like that.

“Damn you are one loaded stud!”

“Yep I know!” James responded in a very egotistical stuck up way.

“Ok time to header on out and let the show began” the host announcer popped in to say to James and Mark.

“Got it I will be right out” James replied. 

James glanced at Mark real quick with a slight grin and walked on out to the door flexing his muscle butt along the way as if to tantalize Mark’s lustful eyes giving him a raging hard on. As soon as James left, Mark realized that he was drooling and was now staring down at the two flasks filled with James’s hunky muscle milk. Mark quickly took one of the flasks and lifted it to his lips and started guzzling all of James’s manly seed. Mark noticed how sweet and masculine it tasted.

Mark then started getting ideas of he would get a group of hot sexy men to milk and bottle their juice on a daily basis so that he could market it as a drink for men and women. He would then put a picture of every stud on the bottle to the load of the man that it belong to. Mark then would charge more to women that wanted to have a baby by one of the hot studs. 

After Mark finished the last few drops from the flask he then put the other cum filled flask into the freezer to be used at a later date. Mark then walked out onto the stage where the thousands of people were gathered in rows looking down below looking at James in his bulging bikini tied up to a pole unable to get away.

Many people had come up to have their picture taken next to James and his hot bulge. Of course everything that was going on was being videotaped nearly everyone wanted to have their picture taken next to this sexy hung body builder. Many people wanted to have their picture taken kissing James big bulging nuts. Two blonde chicks came up and positioned themselves on opposite sides of James’s bulging nuts and pressed their pierced tongued rings against his left and right spandex covered nuts flicking it against them repeatedly and smiling while the picture was taken. James’s cock hardened as they did that.

Some of the guys who were more of the rednecks posed for the camera gripping James’s entire bulge in their hands as if they were going rip off his entire manhood themselves.

Eventually everyone returned to their seats as there were anxious to see the grand finale.

After a few moments the host a fine Italian looking man announced, “The time has come to have this muscular stud fixed.”

The crowd cheered and applauded. Suddenly the side doors to the auditorium opened and slammed shut with a loud bang which made the crowd go silent as they turned and looked in the direction of the noise. Everyone could now see a gorgeous sexy hunk dressed up in a cop uniform that was made up of tightly brown colored spandex. The Cop wore big sexy black boots that gave him a definite look of authority along with the black belt wrapped around his waist that seem to make his massive bulge stand out.

As the hunky cop began walking there was a hush of silence and a small amount of “oh fuck yeah phrases” from some of the men in the audience as everyone could now see two big German Shepherds following behind him. James now realized why his nuts were injected with a peanut butter solution. James knew that peanut butter was one of a k9s favorite treats. A feeling of panic had come over James and was now struggling to get out of his handcuffs that were bound to the pole behind him but it was no use.

The muscular cop walked over to James with a slight grin on his face. The cop stared at James and reached out and grabbed James’s mouth and forced him to open it. The cop then spat into James’s mouth and ordered him to swallow it. James did as he was told. The cop then grunted and snarled and slapped James across the face. The cop then gripped James’s big bulging equipment with his left hand and said to him, “You call yourself a man, well let me see for myself.” The cop then fisted his right hand and slammed it into James’s balls while he held it in his left hand. Upon impact James shuddered and moaned in pain. The cop smiled and then took out his taser gun and held it up to James’s nuts and turned it on zapping James’s balls for a whole minute making him scream in wild pain. The audience shouted with loud cheers in response. 

The cop turned to the audience and asked them if a man like this should have his balls after screaming like a girl. “Do you think that this man deserves to have his nuts left intact after a display of girlish screams?? The crowd responded with an enthusiastic NO. Some in the audience yelled out, “rip those nuts off him.”

The cop stood back and put two fingers to his mouth and let out a loud whistle which was the signal for his German Shepherds to attack. Immediately, the two dogs ran up to James’s bulging nuts and latched onto them. One of the dogs was on his right nut and the other was on his left. The dogs began thrashing and drooling over James’s peanut butter filled testicles that were covered by the spandex. The crowd continued cheering and shouting as they watched James’s face fill with pain and agony.

James could feel both his right and left nut being held hostage in each of the k9s drooling jaws. The dogs drooled so much that it filled the entire inside of his bikini with dog slobber in which his cock was now completely soaked with dog drool. James never felt this kind humiliation in his entire life as this was happening in front of thousands of people. The two dogs didn’t seem to mind being watched by all these people James thought to himself as the two dogs continued tugging and thrashing his bulging orbs. In a flash of an instant James decided that he would act as manly as he could before he lost his precious nuts by flexing his muscles all over and making a sexy face despite the horrific pain. James also noticed that his cock grew harder as his cock sloshed around in his bikini with all the warm doggy drool. The crowd just ate this up. With one more whistle blow from the cop the two k9s gave James’s bulging balls one final thrashing and ripped his balls off. James’s nuts were now dangling from the dogs jaws dripping with drool.

James screamed and shook in pain. James’s entire body quivered and flexed in pain and his body thrashed back and forth after his balls were ripped away from him. The two dogs brought his studly balls to the front of the audience where they dropped it to the ground with a thud in front of them. Even though the two dogs wanted to devour the peanut butter filled nuts right away they knew better because they had to wait for the command of their master which happened to be the sexy cop. The cop walked up to the front of his two dogs watching them drool with delight all over James’s spandex covered nuts as they very much wanted to gobble up the tasty treat in front of them.

The cop smiled and turned to the audience and said, “Do you think they deserve to gobble up his nuts.” The crowd shouted with a loud YES! The cop bent down to take the spandex off of each nut. He then told him that they were both good girls and with that the two dogs quickly gobbled up the nut in front of them. The crowd of people went wild with excitement as the dogs licked their jowls with the delicious taste of peanut butter filled testicles. In the distance James could be seen watching in horror as he witnessed the final destruction of his studly baby makers.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

James the Bodybuilder - Part 4

Here is the final, fateful chapter in the James the Bodybuilder series. The handsome, awesomely muscular, and outrageously handsome bodybuilder is now put up for auction to the highest bidder, with the winner not only claiming the teen stud titan as their prize, but also getting to decide the fate of James' colossal baby makers.

Will James be allowed to remain an intact male for another day, or will his reign as the uncontested greatest stud bull in the world be cut tragically short? Read on to find out...


James the Bodybuilder - Part 4
Based on an original story by Jeremy Tucker

James is a freakishly massive teen bodybuilder with a desperate need to make some fast money. And there is only one easy way for him to get the money that he needs... 


After James’ earth-shattering orgasm had finally ended and the tremendously excited and cheering crowd had died down, Mark turned to face the audience once again and shouted, “How’s THAT for a demonstration, folks!?! Didn’t I tell you this kid was unbelievable!?! I’d say that was close to two fucking GALLONS of cum he just spewed all over the stage and the front five or six rows! I doubt that there’s ever been a bull stud anywhere CLOSE to as powerful and virile as this extraordinary teenager in the whole history of the human race!” 

“Now that the demonstration is over, we’ve come to the ‘climax’ of the evening, so to speak,” Mark said, laying a hand against the side of James’ chiseled midsection and smiling at the titters of laughter in the crowd. “We’ll be opening the bidding on this gorgeous, glorious, and utterly unique young muscle giant in a few moments, so get your accounts ready. And don’t forget — the winning bidder will not only get to take this handsome hunk home with them, but he or she will also be the one to decide the fate of the young man’s colossal bull nuts, right here in front of the entire audience. So let’s make it interesting, shall we? Brutus! Samson!” 

At the shouted commands, the two biggest Rottweilers James had ever seen trotted out of the shadows and into the spotlight, obediently sitting to either side of their obvious master. The huge canine beasts had to be close to three feet tall at the shoulders, and where so thick and densely muscular that they easily topped 200 pounds each. Even their enormous heads and bullish necks were simply massive, and the perpetually grinning faces of the two beasts belied the awesome crushing power of their big, muscular jaws. 

Mark affectionately petted the two slobbering beasts on their enormous heads, and then pointed at the bound and helpless bodybuilder and barked out, “Guard!” The two massive canines immediately loped over to the terrified young muscle giant and began growling threateningly at the handsome young stud, standing to either side of the herculean hunk and exposing their long and pointed teeth as their lips curled back in a fearsome snarl. James’ heart was thundering in his mammoth chest as he saw the two dogs looking up at him with hunger and hate clearly written in their liquid brown eyes. But despite the young man’s terror, his monstrous whale cock was just as hard as ever, having not flagged in the slightest even after his recent and utterly spectacular ejaculation. The mighty tool was galvanized by a heady combination of fear and the continued plowing of his muscle ass by the relentless steel vibrator. 

“Grip!” Mark called out in a loud voice, and the two huge dogs both lunged forward, opening their slavering jaws wide, engulfing one of James’ massive nuts each, and snapping their mouths shut on their meaty prize. James screamed in pain as he felt the sharp fangs puncture his tender flesh and bury themselves partway into his thick ball meat. The young man threw back his handsome head as the loud cry was torn from his lungs, and every titanic muscle on his phenomenal body stood out in extraordinary relief as he once again thrashed against his bonds and struggled in vain to break free. 

“Hold!” Mark quickly shouted, and the two huge Rottweilers effectively froze in place, holding the future of James’ phenomenal manhood in their powerful, drooling jaws. 

The two massive Rottweilers had clenched down hard with their powerful jaws, crushing James’ gigantic orbs more than halfway flat, but they clearly were not using their entire strength. If they had, James was entirely sure that even his incredibly tough nuts would have surely burst in the dogs’ mouths. Instead, the two vicious canines only bit down part way, crushing the gigantic balls in their fearsome jaws but not rupturing them, stretching the huge orbs out to either side by at least 6 full inches but not tearing the colossal cajones from the young bull stud’s muscular groin. 

Not yet, anyway. 

The two Rottweilers showed remarkable restraint — the growling and slobbering beasts clearly wanted to chomp down on the feast of thick ball meat clenched so tightly in their jaws, but Mark’s expert training made both dogs utterly obedient to their master, and they would not bite down further without the proper shouted command. Nevertheless, the dogs couldn’t help but worry at their meaty prizes now and again, shaking their massive heads and stretching out James’ screaming balls even more. Small rivulets of blood ran from the relatively superficial puncture wounds in both of the muscle boy’s humongous balls, sliding hot and tangy across the dogs’ slavering tongues and dripping in great crimson drops onto the cum-stained floor. 

“We want young James here to understand the severe gravity of his predicament, so we’ll let Brutus and Samson here maintain their ‘protective custody’ of James’ gargantuan gonads throughout the bidding process. When we’re done, the lucky bidder will get to decide if the dogs get to claim their meaty treats, or if James will survive with his colossal testicles still intact. So let’s start the bidding off! Do I hear one penny for this paragon of youth, beauty, and muscle?” 

Large digital displays set up along the perimeter of the huge auditorium lit up and showed an amount of $0.01 in big red numbers, but this value very quickly ballooned and skyrocketed as the silent and invisible bidding war began. The original one cent figure was immediately replaced by a staggeringly huge $50 million — the most that any previous subject had ever sold for — and then continued to rapidly climb from there. 

The bidding was fast and furious, and the occasional shouts of frustration and disappointment could be heard coming from the dark as the bidding price exceeded the pocketbooks of more and more of the wealthy elite. Minute after minute, the young man’s bidding price shot up like a missile into the stratosphere. Mark followed the bidding along on his computer tablet, and was as shocked as everyone else present as the price soon climbed into the hundreds of millions. The amount of money being offered for this fantastically handsome, hunky, and hung super stud was making Mark’s head spin (particularly since he would be earning a fat commission off of the final sale price), but his eyes remained glued to the screen as the war continued. 

Eventually, the bidders were winnowed down to two of the wealthiest members among a cabal of insanely wealthy elite. The first bidder was an aging but still beautiful aristocrat from the south of France, a harsh and cold woman known for her exquisite taste in men and who owned a reportedly unrivaled cadre of handsome and ultra hung sex slaves for her personal pleasure. She loved to torture and sexually abuse her beautiful men, but she never castrated them, as that ended any future fun and enjoyment. 

The other bidder was a Caliph from Saudi Arabia, more known for his collection of fine female flesh than for his men. The Caliph was said to have a harem of more than 500 women from all over the world, each one a model of physical perfection and beauty. He also had a small stable of extraordinary stud bulls that he used in his own private breeding program with his harem, but he was just as well known for nutting his male acquisitions as he was for adding them to his breeding stable. The nutted males, and even some of the breeding bulls, were used for the cruel and brutal sexual depredations of the Caliph and his favored soldiers and advisors. 

Mark much preferred James’ chances with the French aristocrat. She might viciously use and abuse the hulking teen titan, but at least Mark was confident that she wouldn’t remove his spectacular nuts. Mark did not feel as confident of the young man’s future with the Caliph. 

The bidding price topped one billion dollars — more than the annual GDP for several smaller nations!! — and kept right on climbing! Mark couldn’t believe his eyes! This was going to be an auction that would be remembered forever! 

The bidding finally started to slow down as the two adversaries approached the end of their war, each one desperate to outbid the other. 

The chittering conversations in the invisible crowd grew louder as the bidding climbed to utterly unheard of levels, reaching a crescendo when the bidding finally stopped. Everyone stared incredulously at the digital displays, which showed a final bid of $1,217,000,000. 

Mark called out, “We had a final bid of 1.217 billion dollars going once...! Twice...!” The handsome man gazed out over the audience once more, letting the moment build... “SOLD to the Caliph from Saudi Arabia!” 

Loud clapping from the audience signaled their appreciation and approval of the utterly unprecedented sale price. Mark had no doubt that the French bidder was fuming and stewing in her seat at that moment, furious at being outbid for this extraordinary specimen of muscular male flesh. He knew from personal experience that she was NOT one who was accustomed to disappointment… 

“Okay folks, we have our lucky winner! Now it’s time for the Caliph to decide the fate of James’ big, burly, behemoth bull balls! Turn on the display, please.” At Mark’s request, a series of three horizontal lights lit up high above the audience. The light display looked like a sideways traffic light, with a yellow light in the middle and a green and red light to either side. “A green light will mean that this beautiful young stud gets to remain a bull for at least another day, while a red light will result in the handsome hunk being immediately made into a steer.” The green and red lights went out, leaving just the yellow light shining like a beacon overhead. “Honored Caliph, please take your time making your final selection.” 

Time seemed to come to a standstill and a hush fell over the entire crowd. Everyone’s eyes were trained on the lights overhead, where the fate of James’ manhood would be decided by the whim of a single man. The tension in the air was extraordinarily high, and continued to build as the seconds continued to tick by with no response from the Caliph. 

James was openly sobbing, his unusually deep voice begging and pleading with them to not take his balls. He continued fighting mightily against his restraints, but even his extraordinary, super human strength couldn’t hope to shatter such huge bonds forged of solid steel. The beautiful young muscle man was utterly helpless, and could only wait in mounting fear as his fate was being decided. The two huge dogs had never stopped their snarling or their worrying at the trapped and half-crushed nuts held hostage in their muscular jaws. The beasts were clearly eager to claim their massive prizes, and were only awaiting the proper word to rip the young man’s nuts off. 

The seconds stretched into an eternity, a magical moment between young James being allowed to continue his reign as the most colossally hung and virile stud in the world, and the handsome hunk being ruthlessly and viciously gelded and turned into something less than a man. Even James’ beautiful eyes were locked on the bar of lights overhead, praying that he would be seeing a green light at any moment. 

The yellow light blinked out, and was replaced half a second later by another light. 

A roar of thunderous approval erupted from the crowd, even as James screamed in terror. The light that shone overhead was the ruby red light signaling his manhood’s destruction. 

“TEAR!!” Mark shouted to his waiting pets. 

Both Rottweilers instantly reared back with tremendous force, their powerful legs launching their 200+ pound bodies backward as they pulled at James’ trapped balls with all of their might. Any other man’s balls would have been instantly torn from his body, but James’ mighty bull nuts somehow held, stubbornly refusing to be ripped from his crotch. At the same moment, the mightiest cum wad yet exploded from the young man’s straining horse cock, an extraordinarily thick rope of cum that stretched more than a dozen feet long! The unbelievably brutal pulling at his tortured balls had also pulled James’ cock downward to nearly horizontal, so the massive slug of spunk burst forth like it was being launched from a cannon, hurtling incredibly far out into the audience. 

James bellowed in unimaginable agony as a second titanic wad shot from his cock, and then a third. The two Rottweilers were viciously and ferociously thrashing their heads back and forth as they leapt backward again and again, yanking and tearing harder and harder at the huge balls clenched so tightly in their powerful jaws. More blood began to ooze wetly from their jowls as they bit down harder still, driving their sharp teeth even further into the straining and convulsing ball meat. But STILL James’ almighty nuts continued to doggedly and heroically endure, pumping out colossal slugs of his male essence even as his humongous balls fought valiantly against being torn free. Four blasts, then five, then six! The thick fleshy tethers anchoring those most massive of gonads to James’ muscular body were stretched to their absolute limit, elongating his horrifically overstretched sac to more than 12 inches in either direction. The scrotum itself was stretched perilously tight, the gossamer-thin skin stretched so taut over their enormous contents that the grainy surface of each of his squashed balls could be clearly seen. Two ridiculously narrow and grotesquely long tubes of flesh were all that was keeping James’ most massive of balls attached to his body. And it was clear that they couldn’t hold out much longer. 

As the seventh monumental slug of sperm erupted from James’ cock, a tear could be seen in the young man’s scrotum right beneath the base of his pulsating horse dick. By the time the eighth epic blast of nut slop shot from his dick, that tear had widened, and as the ninth titanic wad of stud sperm shot from James’ cock cannon, it was obvious that the young man’s whole sac was about to fail, and with it, his mighty balls. James screamed louder still, and his whole immensely muscular body shook with the inhuman pain. 

Just as a tenth utterly majestic gout of sperm erupted from the young man’s thundering cock, both enormous balls simultaneously and spectacularly ripped free of the handsome hunk’s muscular groin. Both Rottweilers tumbled backwards half a dozen feet at the suddenness of the event. James uttered his loudest bellow yet, a sobbing cry of unimaginable pain and epic loss. His huge and traitorous cock continued throbbing in release, but only a thin drool of spunk burped from its tip. The great source and wellspring of the young man’s extraordinary virility had just been brutally torn from his loins, so that mighty flesh cannon would never again launch a colossal volley of sperm out its tremendous length. 

While the crowd continued to erupt in thunderous applause, the two massive Rottweilers trotted over the Mark and then obediently dropped their huge fleshy prizes onto the floor. Even over the deafening roar of the audience, Mark could clearly hear the loud and meaty thud as those two magnificent balls hit the stage. Freed from the young man’s heroically muscular body, the two severed testicles looked even more enormous and impressive, despite the massive bruises and puncture marks that marred their otherwise intact exteriors. 

The two massive dogs sat back on their haunches and waited patiently for Mark’s next command. He let the two huge beasts sit there for several long moments before saying, “EAT!” Then, before James’ own terror stricken eyes, the two dogs lunged down and engulfed the two massive morsels of man flesh in their huge jaws, and then began to feast on their meaty treats. It only took a few mighty chomps of those ferociously powerful jaws to rupture those spectacularly tough nuts and reduce them to so much broken ball meat, which the beasts then hungrily swallowed. James’ legendary and heroic manhood was now permanently and irrevocably destroyed. 

The huge muscle man slumped in his restraints, his head hanging forward in humiliation and despair as he continued to gently sob. Where once hung a pair of proud, powerful, and insanely oversized stud balls there was now just a few torn shreds of his empty scrotum. One slender cord could also be seen hanging from the torn sac, the last visible vestige of his colossal nuts. There was surprisingly little blood dripping from the wound. A pair of masked medics came forward and began to patch up the wound, trimming away most of the remaining scrotum and using the rest of the sac to smooth over the spot where his big behemoth nuts used to hang. James’ heroic boner finally started to flag as the reality of his emasculation, wilting to hang dejected and forlorn from his otherwise empty crotch. 

Mark knew that hormone treatments would be used to allow James to keep his phenomenal muscle mass — and perhaps grow even bigger — as well as to get his colossal cock hard again. Heck, the big muscle stud would even be able to achieve orgasm again. But he would never, ever be able to ejaculate again, let alone father children. Mark was overwhelmed by a mixture of both lust and pity for the handsome and innocent young man, and he almost wished he would be traveling with the young stud to his new home in Saudi Arabia. As horrible as the young hunk’s castration had been, Mark knew that James’ descent into hell had only just begun. 

Mark turned back to address the audience as the house lights came up, saying, “Well, that concludes our show and our auction for this evening. Thank you all for your attendance and participation. You will all be receiving extensive video coverage of tonight’s events, as well as hours and hours of DVD footage of the nine months I spent tracking and shadowing this young muscle giant. You’ll get to watch him at work, pumping massive amounts of weight at the gym, and strutting around naked in his apartment. The DVD series ends with a video of James jerking off in his bathroom, and filling up multiple sample jars with his incredibly copious sperm! Believe me when I say that this is a series of DVDs that you will want to watch over and over and over again!” 

The happy and excited audience clapped enthusiastically at that news, but Mark wasn’t done yet. 

“Also, you will each be receiving a vial containing just over an ounce of the stud’s super potent ejaculate. This spunk was collected in the very same ejaculation that was caught in the aforementioned video. And now that James’ balls have been so completely and memorably destroyed, these vials contain the sole source of the young man’s thick cum in the whole world. Well, and of course the several gallons of the stuff coating half of this auditorium!” 

Several dozen people in the audience chuckled at this last comment, for the whole huge room indeed reeked of the young stud’s thick and gamey splooge. Mark could see that James’ first colossal orgasm had indeed liberally splattered the first five or six rows of tables and chairs in the audience, coating a wedge about 30 degrees wide and perhaps 80 feet deep with the young man’s slick nut sludge. The sight was unbelievably erotic and masculine, the veritable deluge of spunk from James’ late balls nearly flooding the front of the auditorium. 

But as if that wasn’t extraordinary enough, Mark could also now see that the young man’s most recent salvos of sperm, those final ten slugs of cum as an intact male, has sailed impossibly, inconceivably farther. Mark wouldn’t believe his own eyes at first, but there against the far wall of the vast warehouse, some 200+ feet away, were a series of very large and very wet splotches of slimy, gunk-covered concrete walls. There was no mistaking the intensely thick and chunky fluids slowly oozing down the face of the wall as anything other than the young muscle man’s supremely potent spew! In a super human display of ultra masculine power and virility, James’ final wads of cum shot over the ENTIRE audience to strike the far wall of the huge room!! 

Mark couldn’t comprehend the extraordinary POWER that must have been required to propel a wad of sperm, particularly one so awesomely thick and clotted with raw sperm, more than two-thirds the length of a football field! He could only figure that, since James’ cock was pointing nearly horizontal at the time it began firing for the last time, the aim and trajectory of his cock allowed his slugs of sperm to travel even farther than with his previous mega load. 

A small army of technicians was already hard at work suctioning up as much of the gloopy syrup as they could from the stage and the floor and the chairs and the tables and even the far wall into special receptacles designed just for this purpose. This considerable volume of additional sperm (which would prove to be nearly THREE TIMES the volume that Mark had brought back with him from James’ home town) would be frozen and later made available to members of the consortium…for a premium price, of course. 

Mark continued, “The vial of James’ stud sperm will be for use as you see fit, but we suspect that most of you will use the young man’s extraordinary muscle milk for the purposes of insemination. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have children that stand to inherit this young bull stud’s magnificent genes!? If used judiciously, there is enough spunk in each vial to father hundreds, if not thousands, of children! Just think — in only a couple of decades, there could be thousands of James’ beautiful and hunky offspring out there in the world! No doubt many of his boys will inherit his beauty, his spectacular brawn, and his monumental endowment. A brave new world may be in store for all of us!” 

There was even more enthusiastic applause at the mention of the portioning out of James’ cryogenically frozen sperm. And Mark was correct; most of the patrons in the warehouse or viewing the events of the evening remotely would indeed be using their vial of James’ precious fluids to father thousands and thousands of the young stud’s beautiful and genetically blessed children. Some would be heirs to power and colossal fortunes, others would be used to create a private army of super soldiers, and still others would be cruelly used as sex slaves and play things for the wealthy and elite. But all would carry the indelible stamp of their extraordinary father. 

“Good night to you all, and safe journeys home!” With that, Mark bowed to the clapping audience, which had begun to pack up and file out the rear doors into waiting limousines and town cars. These members of the super wealthy elite would be heading home with their new DVDs and vials of precious man milk. And one member, the wealthy Caliph, would be flying home with the greatest prize of all, the most massively muscular and hung eunuch stud slave in history. 

As Mark prepared to exit the stage, he first walked up to the still bound and gently sobbing teen muscle hunk, and wrapped his arms around as much of the lad’s sweat-slick torso as he could. James didn’t even flinch as Mark hugged him tightly, laying his head onto one of the young man’s mammoth, mounded pec muscles like it was some gigantic beefy pillow. He then lifted his head and sucked the big nipple hanging off of that mighty pec into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the thick knob several times before planting a wet kiss onto that colossal chest and stepping away. He then leaned forward and used both hands to lift James’ wilted but still monumentally huge cock upright. A single thick rope of cum hung huge and heavy from the tip of the young man’s glistening cock head, the teen titan’s very final batch of potent and powerful sperm. Mark leaned his head forward, stuck out his tongue, and collected that thick and gelatinous glob of splooge on his tongue, bringing it into his mouth to savor the unforgettable flavor and pungent, overwhelming taste of the stud’s man cream. 

Mark then reverently lowered the enormous, columnar dick, turned on his heel, and walked away, exiting toward the rear of the auditorium. He let out a sharp whistle, and the two massive Rottweilers, their bellies full with the delicious, beefy prizes, trotted up behind him. Mark didn’t once look back at the ruined muscle stud hanging suspended in the center of the stage, utterly defeated and mourning the loss of his big, beautiful balls. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

James the Bodybuilder - Part 3

James now travels to Chicago for his one-night gig, hoping to make the money he needs to get to Las Vegas and the upcoming Teen Nationals bodybuilding championship. He's instead going to find a world of pain and hurt.

Get ready for some SERIOUS ball busting in this chapter, with an even MORE brutal and intense final chapter, which will post tomorrow...

Happy holidays! :D


James the Bodybuilder - Part 3
Based on an original story by Jeremy Tucker

James is a freakishly massive teen bodybuilder with a desperate need to make some fast money. And there is only one easy way for him to get the money that he needs... 


A nervous young James arrived at the assigned location exactly one week later, dressed in his traditional baggy and form-hiding sweats and anxious about the night’s job. He had used the advance given to him by Mark to take a bus into Chicago, and then a taxi out to the address provided to him. The fact that the designated address was in a run down and largely abandoned warehouse district did nothing to ease the young stud’s nerves. But he was here because he desperately needed the money, so he knocked on the side door to the appointed warehouse, and was extremely relieved when it opened to reveal Mark’s handsome and smiling face. 

Mark warmly welcomed the enormous bodybuilder into the building. The warehouse was one of the largest buildings in the area, a huge brick structure that stood at least 40 feet tall and covered nearly a whole city block. But the room James entered was relatively modest, just a typical office room about 20 by 20 feet in size and nearly empty except for a few spartan chairs and tables. Mark apologized for the lack of decor, but explained that this room was James’ dressing room, and that he was there to help the young man get ready for the show. He had James strip out of his baggy clothes, and could only silently marvel once again at the utter muscular perfection of the 18-year-old’s colossal, 395-pound physique. The humongous kid was a walking god of muscle, pure and simple, impossibly beautiful with his stunningly handsome and masculine features, a muscular build unrivaled in the history of the human race, and a set of cock and balls so huge and so powerful that they looked like something bestial or prehistoric. 

The unsuspecting teen was perfect for tonight’s entertainment. 

Mark held up a pair of baby blue posers for James’ inspection, and the young muscle hunk was obviously skeptical that the small posing suit could ever accommodate his great bulky man meat. Mark assured the young man that the posers would fit, and then he bent forward to have James put his size 18 feet through the legs of the posers. The much smaller man hiked the posers up the young bull’s unbelievably enormous legs and up to his crotch. The pale blue fabric was obviously made of some sort of advanced, space age material, for it was able to expand dramatically. Mark held the posers open with one hand and then, while James blushed furiously, gently lifted up one cum-bloated bull nut and forced it down into the bottom of the blue pouch. He repeated the procedure with James’ other mighty ball, and then struggled to stuff the stud’s enormous sausage after them. Mark had to push and press and pull at James’ junk and the poser material, but he soon had everything tucked inside the heroically straining briefs. The bulge that was created in the front of that pouch was comical and grossly obscene, and the most erotic thing Mark had ever seen in his life. 

The gargantuan teen looked more naked in the baby blue posers than he would have without a stitch of clothing as the posers were so tight and so snug that they functioned like a second skin, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.  

James was terrified of the upcoming event, utterly uncomfortable with his body and his genitals on such lewd display. But he kept reminding himself of the $10,000, fought to get his thundering heartbeat under control, and followed Mark through another door into a long black hallway. There was a small room at the end of the hall with a platform inset in the middle of the floor. Mark motioned for James to stand on the platform and to get ready to go on stage. 

Mark looked the herculean muscle teen over one last time. He couldn’t have been more impressed with what he saw. The spectacularly handsome teenager was the most massive and beautiful muscle beast that had ever lived, and his magnificent body had been built and conditioned to absolute perfection. The light blue posers were the perfect touch, really bringing out the blue in James’ gorgeous eyes, and Mark marveled yet again at the sheer size of the genitals that threatened to burst out of the overstretched fabric. James’ huge cock looked like a massive artillery shell and his two gigantic balls looked like a pair of army tankers ready to go to war. Mark knew that this was the most unutterably masculine sight he would ever see in his life. 

“You look absolutely incredible, James!” Mark said with real feeling. He almost felt guilty about what he’d gotten the innocent young muscle man into, like he was leading a lamb to the slaughter, and that helped him express some honest sentiments as he prepared to elevate the platform. “They are going to absolutely love you out there tonight, big guy!” 

“You think so?” James said, almost looking like a little kid with the nervousness so evident on his hauntingly beautiful face. 

“Oh yeah, I know it! Now go out there and knock ‘em dead, you big stud!” 

With that, Mark threw the lever that activated the platform, and James felt himself rising upward toward the trapdoor in the ceiling about 10 feet overhead. 

The trapdoor opened, and all that James could see as he rose out of the stage floor where the blindingly strong spotlights focused on center stage. The frightened young man could sense that he was in a large auditorium with dozens or perhaps even hundreds of people in the audience, but the bright lights only let him get the vaguest impression of the room’s vast size and cast the entire audience in shadows. He heard appreciative gasps of shock and approval roll in from the hidden crowd, and some light but enthusiastic applause from dozens of approving hands. 

James suddenly heard the music of his posing routine piped in over the room’s sound system, and he immediately started his performance. The shy teen may have had terrible anxiety and stage fright, but he was a natural performer, and the audience was almost immediately transfixed to the sight of the colossal muscle man as he absolutely owned that stage. Mark had told James to prepare a 10-minute routine, which was exceedingly long for a competition performance, but James had done as he was commanded, and he paraded back and forth across that stage, shocking the hidden audience with his monumental size and stunning conditioning. 

The audience was almost silent at the beginning of his routine, and James feared that they weren’t enjoying his performance, but in reality, the crowd was simply too stunned by the young man’s colossal size and undeniable masculine charisma to react at first. But as the audience members were able to shake themselves out of their paralyzed shock, they began to clap and then cheer and then roar with approval. The waves of thunderous applause coming from the invisible crowd made James blush and smile self-consciously, but also encouraged him to be even more powerful and bold and dynamic with his poses, striking them harder and longer and making his magnificent mammoth muscles almost explode off of his body. 

James hit pose after pose after stunning, awesome, mind-blowing pose. Twisting rear double biceps. Front lat spread. Side chest. Abdominals and quads. Front biceps. Side triceps. Rear lat spread. Vacuum belly. Rear double biceps and glutes. Hamstrings and calves. And finally the most muscular, which for the first time ever truly lived up to its name. Each pose showcasing the most massive, the most cut, the most insanely developed muscles to ever hit a stage. The crowd was eating it all up. James began to stride proudly back and forth across the entire length of the stage, smiling exuberantly and making the audience beg for more as he hit one eye-popping pose after another. Even after his 10 minutes of music ended, he kept right on going, the wildly cheering crowd spurring him on to ever greater feats of hyper muscular display. 

The handsome teen muscle hulk was grinning from ear to ear as he finally returned to the center of the stage, basking in the thunderous applause of a very appreciative audience. He was joined there by his friend Mark, who also applauded the young man before turning to the audience and speaking through his microphone. 

“WOW!! Wasn’t that amazing folks? Let’s give it up again for this phenomenal young talent, James!” 

The crowd roared once again, and it took several more minutes for them to calm down again. All the while, the stunning lad was grinning like a little boy on Christmas morning. He had never experienced a moment like this before in his life. This made his experience at last year’s Teen Nationals seem like a nearly-forgotten bad dream. 

Once things had quieted enough for Mark to speak again, the smiling man once again addressed the audience. 

“Can you believe the SIZE of this guy?! It’s hard to believe that this young man just turned 18 only two weeks ago! This handsome, 6-foot, 3-inch-tall lad is packing more muscle onto his mighty frame than any other bodybuilder that’s ever lived! Anyone want to take any guesses as to how much James weighs? Anyone?” A bunch of numbers are shouted out by the excited crowd, a few overshooting the young bull’s weight but most coming in far under. “Well, a few of you got close. This extraordinary young man standing before you is a whopping 395 pounds of pure stud muscle, with a bodyfat somewhere on the order of 3 to 4 percent! Amazing, right?!”

The crowd roared again, and James smiled and blushed most charmingly. 

“James, would you be so kind as to flex your muscles again, one at a time, for your adoring fans?” 

“Sure!” James’ deep voice boomed into the microphone, a dashingly handsome lopsided grin lighting up his face. 

Mark then had James flex each spectacularly developed muscle one at a time for the cheering audience, while Mark squeezed and gripped each fantastically bulging muscle and made exaggerated faces for the appreciative crowd. Mark also got a measuring tape out and made a big production of measuring each flexed muscle and then calling out the resulting numbers to the crowd. The audience really went wild when Mark got to James’ monumental chest, as the 6-foot-long tape wouldn’t nearly wrap around the huge teen. The entire audience, Mark included, was absolutely stunned by the 18-year-old’s freakishly massive dimensions. 

“There’s still another set of measurements that we need to take. James, would you give us another spectacular double biceps pose again?” 

James smiled and nodded, then looked back over the crowd and blasted out another mighty double biceps pose, the peaks of his gargantuan arms almost reaching his clenched fists and the awesomely thick mass of his hanging triceps looking like two huge slabs of beef. The handsome teen was so engrossed in the cheering of the crowd that he never noticed the four large men coming out of the shadows behind him until it was too late. 

The four large, black-clad men moved as one, and in a flash simultaneously latched four very thick sets of steel manacles around each of James’ wrists and ankles. These manacles were in turn attached to very thick steel cables, and as soon as the shackles were locked and in place, these cables retracted, forcing the surprised and frightened young man’s limbs to stretch out and away from his body. 

It was all over in an instant. James went from a proud and grinning bodybuilder strutting his awesome stuff around on the stage to a trussed up and helpless side of beef. Confusion and the first signs of real fear were clearly written across the young man’s achingly handsome face. 

“Like I was saying, there are still a few dimensions that I’m sure all of you are just dying to measure. I’m sure none of you will forget the infamous photo posted of our handsome stud here almost a year ago, showing how truly gifted this muscle hunk really is. Well, I’m here to tell you that this big boy has grown since then in more ways than one!” 

Mark then pulled a large switchblade from his back pocket and walked over to the bound and helpless stud. James stared at the knife, his eyes widening with fear, and his whole body shook with terror as the blade was aimed at his spandex-clad genitals. But Mark carefully pulled the side strap of the posers away from the young man’s muscular hip and deftly sliced through the fabric, never touching the blade against James’ flawless skin. A quick slice on the other side, and the overstretched poser fell off of James like a leaf falling off a tree, allowing his genitals to tumble forward into full view. 

Several hundred voices let out a collective gasp of awe, and then the most thunderous applause yet echoed throughout the huge auditorium. Mark bowed to the crowd like an expert showman, and then brandished his measuring tape again and placed one end against the base of the stud’s enormous limp cock. He slowly unfurled the tape down the astounding length of that mighty phallus, letting inch after inch of tape stretch over the beefy shaft. When he finally reached the tip of the apple-sized head, Mark called out to the crowd, “12 1/2 inches of monstrous man meat! That’s one of the biggest cocks ever recorded, folks — and he’s still completely soft!!” 

More wild cheers erupt from the crowd. 

“No for the next couple of measurements, we need to get this huge cock out of our way. Gentlemen, if you will?” 

One of the black-clad men stepped forward and handed a large vibrating dildo to the smiling Mark. The showman gave a flourish, displaying the large metal penis to the crowd before walking behind the terrified young man. Mark lubed up the spectacularly muscular cheeks of the hunk as the big stud bucked and struggled against his bonds. But James was unable to free himself or stop the impending rape of his huge and tight muscle butt. 

Mark poked his head from around James’ gigantically flaring right lat muscle and said to the crowd, “Oh, and by the way, James is a virgin.” Then with that, Mark shoved the huge dildo in to the hilt and turned it on high. 

James bellowed in agony and terror as his cherry was violently busted and the dildo plunged deep into his guts, his deep and powerful voice filling the entire auditorium with the sound of his pain and despair. Every spectacular and glorious muscle flexed to near bursting as his body was forced to accommodate the massive intruder. The teen titan thought for sure that the massive steel dildo would rip him in half, and his bellow quickly turned into a gasping sob of agony. 

But the vibrating dildo was pressed up hard against the young man’s swollen prostate, and the colossal kid was simply far too virile a stud to resist the shuddering, stuttering stimulation of the overactive gland for long. Within less than half a minute from the initial plunging invasion of the vibrator, James’ mammoth cock began to twitch and swell and grow. The crowd watched in rapt fascination as the already massive schlong grew longer and fatter, and then slowly began to lumberingly crank itself upward. The sheer size and colossal WEIGHT of that gargantuan cock was simply unreal, which made the fact that his stupendously powerful groin muscles were able to hoist all that mass to near vertical even more impressive. 

With the monumentally massive cock at full mast and pointing proudly skyward, Mark was able to resume his measurements. “Doesn’t that look like something out of a fantasy? Even Tom of Finland didn’t imagine cocks as huge as that! Now it’s time to measure the length of this weapon of ass destruction!” 

A number of the audience members laughed at Mark’s joke as he unfurled the tape once again, starting at the incredibly thick base, stretching the tape over the even thicker shaft, and finally ending at the tip of the enormously swollen and bloated head. Even Mark couldn’t keep the slight tremor out of his voice when he read the final measurement to the crowd -- “16 1/2 inches!!!” 

The crowd roared wildly at this number while Mark wrapped the tape around the thickest part of the shaft, about two-thirds of the way up the colossal length. “That’s a whopping 13 inches around at its thickest point, which means James’ cock is just over 4 inches wide! Can you imagine anyone trying to accommodate such a huge cock?! There’s not a mouth, ass, or vagina in this world that could fit such a huge slab of meat! Though I bet there are more than a few of you out there who would dare to try!” Again scattered laughter and applause filled the large warehouse. “I guess it’s no wonder that our horse hung stud boy here is — or, should I say, WAS — a virgin, is it?” 

“Last but certainly not least, I want to move on to my very favorite part of this young man’s utterly fantastic physique — his colossally oversized bull balls. These enormous baby makers are like something out of legend, and are nearly as big as the nuts of a bull elephant! And let me tell you, folks — these are no mere showpieces! These mighty sperm factories are capable of producing truly mind boggling quantities of his grade AAA stud spunk. So let’s just see how humongous these mighty testicles really are.” 

The handsome showman gently wrapped the measuring tape around the young man’s pendulous sac of bull nuts and then pulled the tape tight. cinching the plastic tape around the widest circumference of the two massive orbs. Mark gave a low whistle as he read the number on the tape, and then said, “Get ready for some more record-shattering numbers, everyone. Circumference of both balls together is 27 1/2 inches! And the circumference of just one colossal nut,” Mark paused while he lassoed only James’ bloated left nut, “is 16 inches, which means that these mammoth stud nuts are each just over 5 inches in diameter!! Un-fucking-believable, right!?!” 

Even louder roars from the crowd. 

“Now you wouldn’t believe just how HEAVY this guy’s nuts are!” Mark said as he casually bounced one of the gigantic orbs in his open palm. “They’re incredibly dense with nut meat, and they’re even heavier than they look. What’s more, I’ve made sure that this horny young buck hasn’t ejaculated for an entire week, so his bull balls are now extra heavy with his unspent seed. So for our final measurement, let’s see just how low these goliath gonads hang.” 

Once more, Mark brandished the measuring tape, planting one end at the base of the huge cock and then stretching the tape over the narrow neck that contained the all-important cords and vessels anchoring those massive testes to James’ heroically muscular body. Mark whistled once again as he said, “Folks, I don’t know if this sets any world records, but it’s damn fucking impressive! James’ balls are so freakishly heavy that they stretch his poor sac down an awesome 6 1/2 inches!! Now keep in mind, James is only 18 years old! Just think how far these wrecking balls would hang if he was 30! Or 40!! Of course, James may not be in possession of these proud nuts of his for much longer, so such speculation may be moot…” 

James’ beautiful blue eyes grew even wider when he heard Mark utter this last words, and an even greater sense of terror settled over his colossally muscular body. Were they going to castrate him?! Rob him of his precious bull balls!?! This couldn’t be happening to him!! 

Meanwhile, the continued raping of his ass was starting to have its intended effect, as thick gloopy drops of clear precum began to ooze out of James’ grotesquely swollen and trembling whale cock. Glistening strands and ropes of the transparent goo were soon trailing from the tip of his mighty cock all the way to the stage floor, forming a steadily expanding puddle of the slick and slippery substance. 

Mark again addressed the audience, “So now you’ve had a chance to see this stud strutting in action across this stage, and you’ve heard how enormous each of his pumped and swollen muscles are. But I bet you’re wondering just how strong this teen hunk is. Well, I’ve seen this titan tossing the weights around in the gym, and let me tell you, this kid is phenomenally strong. Like super human strong. Now I could recite to you the colossal amount of weights he pushes around for each exercise, each a staggering and record-breaking number all on its own, but how boring that would be. Those are just numbers, right? No, I think the real way to test a man’s might is to test his strength at his weakest and most vulnerable point — his balls.” 

As Mark spoke, he took a set of brass knuckles out of his pocket and casually slipped them over his big right fist. 

“Nearly all men, even the biggest, toughest, most muscular ox out there, can be reduced to a sobbing wreck on the floor with just one well-placed blow to the balls. But not James. As befits a man of such spectacular size and strength, James possesses by far the toughest set of bull balls I’ve ever encountered. This guy gives ‘self abuse’ a whole new meaning! I videotaped this young stud masturbating a week ago — a recording that you will all be receiving at the end of the evening, by the way, as well as full coverage of tonight’s proceedings — and as he jacked his huge horse cock, he also pummeled his huge balls against his rock hard thighs so hard that any other man’s nuts would have cracked, but it just spurred James to blast out a titanic load. Let me see if I can show you what I mean.” 

Mark had a wicked grin on his face as he grasped the base of James’ sperm-swollen nuts with his left hand, pulling them sharply down and forward until they bulged bright and shiny at the extreme bottom of their smooth-shaven sac. James jerked in his bonds at the rough treatment to his balls, and his terrified eyes silently pleaded with Mark to stop. Mark just grinned even larger, took careful aim, and delivered a brutal upper cut punch right into the young man’s trapped testicles! 


The sickening smack of metal-studded fist on nuts could be heard at the back of the auditorium, but it was immediately drowned out by the deafening bellow of mind-blowing pain that was torn from the young man’s powerful lungs. James’ stunningly handsome face became a twisted mask of agony, and the hulking teen thought that a nuclear explosion had detonated in his balls as the brass knuckles plunged deep into the tender and delicate meat of his huge nuts. 

The kid barely had a moment to recover his breath before the second devastating blow collided with his enormous bull balls. 


James shrieked in even greater agony, though his rock hard cock gave a wild lurch and a huge splurt of clear goo shot a good 7 or 8 feet in front of him, painting a slick wet slash nearly to the front of the stage. The young muscle man’s huge balls became two spheres of searing pain as Mark delivered three more brutal punches, all in rapid succession. 




The muscle-bound teen thought he would die from the pain, but his extraordinarily tough balls continued to stoically endure. In fact, the massive load of cum inside those nuts began to churn under the violent and horrific abuse, and the smiling assailant knew that he was driving the big bull stud closer and closer to orgasm. Mark refused to let up until he’d achieved his goal, and kept right on pummeling the kid’s screaming balls, varying the aim of his blows to make sure he covered every last square inch of the vast acreage of heavy nut meat immobilized by his other hand. 







James was now openly sobbing in sheer agony, unaware until that moment that a man could feel such unbelievable and overwhelming pain. But Mark showed no mercy, threatening to pound the very life out of those twin titanic orbs. 







After nearly a score devastating blows, any one of which would have completely annihilated any lesser man’s testicles, Mark could feel the teenager’s gigantic and ridiculously tough balls finally starting to soften up a little bit. As he continued to rain brutal destruction down on the mighty, meaty orbs, Mark could feel the brass knuckles slowly and gradually digging deeper and deeper into the heart of the young man’s unnaturally dense and tough ball meat, and the sounds coming from the battered balls started becoming wetter and squishier, like gristle and cartilage slowly being broken down by a hammer. 









The young man’s gut-wrenching hollers and bellows of agony echoed throughout the huge auditorium, but still couldn’t totally drown out the progressively sloppier and slushier sounds coming from his weakening nuts. The sounds when Mark’s fist hit the swelling and reddening nuts was now profoundly disturbing, almost like the man was hitting a sack full of wet oatmeal. Even the black-clad men on stage couldn’t help but wince at some of the sounds. 

But James’ pulsating bull cock kept pounding out greater and greater quantities of his slick precum, which was starting to turn whitish and milky with sperm. Mark knew it wouldn’t be too much longer now, and he started hammering the young man’s crumbling nuts with even more powerful and deadly blows, determined to crack open those massive monster nuts. 














As Mark’s metal-encased fist all but disappeared into James’ positively mushy and horrifically bruised and swollen bull nuts with one final, devastating upper cut, the young muscle man threw back his handsome head and screamed his deepest and loudest bellow yet. At that same moment, an unimaginably colossal slug of spunk erupted from his cock with a fury and force that couldn’t be believed. The titanic rope of cum was an unbroken ribbon of splooge easily 8 feet long and nearly as thick as a man’s pinky finger. The blindingly white spunk caught the beams from the spotlights as it arched at least 6 or 7 feet up into the air and rocketed straight toward the crowd. ‘Only’ the first 20 or so feet traveled by that almighty slug of cum was caught within the beams of the spotlight before it disappeared into the darkness and the awestruck crowd. A few cries of shock and surprise could be heard a moment later as the mighty cum missile exploded within the front ranks of the audience, lashing indiscriminately on anyone and anything within firing range. 

Even as the first massive slug could be heard landing wet and heavy within the screaming and wildly cheering crowd, a second and equally magnificent jet of creamy white spume erupted from James’ cock, following a similar trajectory into the now scrambling audience. And then a third, and then a fourth, and then a fifth, in a seemingly never-ending and colossal purge of the bodybuilder’s impossibly thick and chunky splooge. 

Mark stopped his destructive pummeling of James’ now unspeakably bruised and battered balls, which had turned from a healthy pink color to an angry and glowing purplish-red from all of the violent pummeling abuse. He instead grasped as much of the softening ball meat as he could in his big hands and began to squeeze, clenching and crushing the massive balls in his extremely strong grip and mashing the two orbs up against one another, even as they convulsed and contracted and continued to pump out the young man’s titanic load. For the first time, Mark found that he could deform the massive testicles in his clenching grasp, the incredibly dense nut meat finally softened up to the point where his strong fingers could dig deep into their meaty interior. The added agony to James’ powerfully convulsing balls only seemed to add to the power and volume of his monumental discharge, so Mark continued the crushing and squeezing torture throughout the young muscle man’s spectacular orgasm. 

The audience continued to gasp and scream and cry as the mighty teen pumped out slug after slug after slug after fucking colossal almighty slug of bull sperm into the milling crowd. But these were not cries of disgust or panic; rather, there were cries of amazement, of awe, and of orgasmic bliss as dozens of the spectators reached their own shuddering orgasm in time with that of the teen muscle freak. But the loudest cries of all were those that came from the captive young muscle giant as his huge ass was plundered, his mammoth testicles beaten and squeezed and crushed, and his body violently raped of his unbelievably copious and powerful and studly male essence. 

Mark was in a state of euphoria beyond mere orgasmic bliss. He had the largest and toughest set of bull nuts in the world resting within his clenching fingers, and he could actually FEEL their awesome virile power as the impossibly heavy orbs clenched and convulsed and pumped out literally BUCKET loads of sperm. He doubted any merely mortal man could produce this much thick, top-quality baby batter in a whole LIFETIME of constant milking, but this young super stud was already well on his way toward outshining his titanic load from the previous week, and he still showed no signs of slowing down. 
James’ herculean orgasm raged on and on and on, minute after minute, his bloated and battered balls purging themselves of an entire week’s worth of pent up stud cum at one go. A wide swath of real estate at the front of the brightly lit stage was soon completely drenched with the young man’s outrageously thick white bullion, and Mark could only imagine how things looked out in the audience, as the greater bulk of each gigantic sperm salvo cleared the stage entirely and landed somewhere in the distant darkness beyond. 

In the end, it took more than five minutes before the inhuman, insane, and impossibly huge orgasm finally ratcheted down and ebbed to a stop. Mark kept right on brutally squeezing the young man’s freshly sperm-depleted bull nuts, forcing the final dregs of the handsome lad’s behemoth load to burp in thick globs out of his cock, running in a slow slick river down the length of his humongous dick to coat his huge balls and Mark’s own clutching hands with the lad’s own thick and chunky nut spew. 

There were a few long moments of near silence in the audience, and then there was an eruption of applause unlike anything heard previously. People were on their feet, clapping and cheering and stomping and shouting with wild abandon. These were perhaps the most jaded and hedonistic people in the world, and a stunned Mark had never before heard them react with anything close to this much enthusiasm. The showman and torturer smiled inwardly, knowing that this night would undoubtedly be the crowning achievement in his already extremely illustrious career. Hell, he thought, he might as well retire after tonight, because nothing would ever again compare to the show put on by this extraordinary hunk of muscle and might. 

Mark softened his death grip on the young stud’s brutally tortured genitals, surprised at how much strength he still felt in those enormous globes. They weren’t nearly finished yet, not by a long shot! Mark had landed more than three dozen nut-busting, testicle-annihilating blows into the kid’s monster nuts, followed by nearly 10 whole minutes of gonad-bursting squeezing in his vise-like grip. And while he had certainly softened them up quite a bit, Mark could tell that there was still a lot of fight left in those big bruisers. A whole lot of fight! Mark guessed that those mighty balls could endure TWICE as many blows and still not crack open. This teen stud was built fucking tough all OVER, Mark thought with great admiration and more than a little awe. The kid’s awesomely tough and resilient set of bull testicles had to be made out of freakin’ STEEL!! 

And Mark once again thought for perhaps the hundredth time what a shame it was that this gorgeous young muscle stud could be losing those proud and pendulous bull nuts tonight. Still cupping the massive, bruised, swollen, and cum-coated bull testicles in his equally cum-soaked hands, Mark leaned forward an pressed his lips against the side of James’ enormous right nut. He wanted to wish these most mighty of nuts farewell, particularly if they were not fated to survive the night. As he stood back upright, Mark absently licked the mustache of thick stud cum that had clung to his lips, once again marveling at the deliciously meaty and gamey flavor of the teen titan’s thick muscle milk. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

James the Bodybuilder - Part 2

In this chapter, the innocent and naive James meets a potential benefactor named Mark, but has no inkling of the danger he's putting himself into.


James the Bodybuilder - Part 2
Based on an original story by Jeremy Tucker

James is a freakishly massive teen bodybuilder with a desperate need to make some fast money. And there is only one easy way for him to get the money that he needs... 


The ad read, ‘Wanted: One Handsome and Super Hung Young Muscle Stud for an Exclusive One-Night Private Event.’ The notice said that a qualified applicant would earn $10,000 for a single night’s work. That was more than enough to pay for James’ new posers, his tickets, and his rent and grocery bills for the next six months!! James had some queasy misgivings about what he might have to actually do to earn that money, but he had grown truly desperate, so he called the number at the bottom of the ad and made arrangements to meet up with the guy who had listed the notice. 

Little did James know that he was being set up... 


If you want to find someone hard enough, then there were ways to find them. And Mark Dupree was a master at finding what others wanted to keep hidden. It was amazing how far dashing good looks, a disarming smile, and a charming southern drawl would get you. People told Mark all sorts of information when they were asked the right away, and he had a knack for tracking. 

And really, when it came right down to it, a nearly 300-pound young muscle bull, no matter how secretive and reclusive, couldn’t be that difficult to find if you knew where to look. 

Like bodybuilding aficionados all over the world, Mark had been floored when he saw photographs and footage of James’ appearance at last year’s Teen Nationals. Video sales of the event had shattered all previous bodybuilding event sales records, and Mark was one of those many thousands who owned a copy of that DVD...and had nearly worn both it and his cock out watching the stunningly handsome young teen parade nearly 300 pounds of beefy perfection back and forth across that stage, sporting the most massive crotch bulge ever caught on film. The devastatingly handsome 17-year-old had the most fantastic potential that anyone had ever seen, and was already bigger than all but the very biggest of the professional super heavyweights. When you added to the mix the nude photograph showing off the kid’s gigantic package, it was no surprise that the young man had become an overnight sensation, particularly in the gay community. 

And not surprisingly, the famous photo of a naked James was Mark’s favorite photo in the world — Mark had even had it enlarged to poster size and hung prominently in his bedroom so he could gaze at all that naked masculine perfection every night. 

Mark, like so many millions of men and women all around the globe, had fallen instantly in lust with the young uber stud when he burst so spectacularly onto the bodybuilding scene. But unlike the rest of James’ fans, Mark had a special reason to seek out the handsome and hung super hunk. 

Mark represented a very special consortium, an exceedingly secretive and exclusive cabal of some of the richest men and women in the world — corporate moguls, landed aristocracy, international political and military leaders, and more. The consortium contained several hundred very rich and very private individuals who shared some rather — unusual — tastes. And Mark was their primary go-to man who always found ways to procure the special sorts of ‘entertainment’ that these incredibly wealthy — and incredibly jaded — men and women craved. 

And they all craved young James. 

Mark had managed to track down the hot young bodybuilding super star just a few months after his highly publicized competition. The handsome southern man was actually surprised at how tough it had been to track down his quarry; he’d thought such a handsome and humongous bull of a man would cause a stir wherever he went, but the kid kept such a low profile that even most people in his own small home town barely even noticed him or knew who he was. And no one in his town had any idea of the fame the young man had garnered at last year’s bodybuilding competition. The kid was almost a living ghost! 

Dupree quickly set up shop in the small town, blending in with the population with his own brand of country boy southern charm. He began shadowing the young man’s movements, at the gym, at his various places of work, and at home. Mark was thrilled to have the object of his own overwhelming desire as the subject of his latest job, and he took to his work with great joy and dedication. 

Mark was therefore on hand to track the young bodybuilder’s progress as he started gaining even more and more weight, bulking up like a fucking tank as he started pushing the maximum boundaries of human size and musculature. The expert tracker set up hidden cameras at all the places that James frequented, but concentrated the bulk of these cameras at the gym, where Mark witnessed James throwing around truly enormous stacks of weights. The cameras caught the still 17-year-old muscle beast pumping world record breaking amounts of weight for multiple reps and multiple sets, and the kid just kept on getting stronger as he swelled ever larger and larger. An utterly awed Mark knew that if the rest of the world was aware of this teen titan’s phenomenal strength as well as his enormous size and ginormous genitals, there’d be no end to the hounding the kid would get from the press. Mark therefore felt very privileged to be the sole witness to the super human workouts of this true paragon of man. 

The unobtrusive tracker watched in ever mounting wonder as the freaky teen bloated bigger and bigger with muscle, swelling into the largest muscle beast Mark had ever seen or imagined. He secretly gazed in undiluted lust as the young bull reached his maximum bulk weight of 420 monstrous pounds, and then watched in even greater lustful fascination as the incredibly talented and gifted young man quickly leaned down to a staggeringly ripped and shredded 395 pounds. 

But none of the young man’s glorious expanse of pumped up stud muscle was ever visible at the gym, as James always wore extremely baggy clothing and long sleeved sweat shirts, both at work and when he was working out. In the first month of Mark’s arrival, the handsome tracker quickly became extremely frustrated that he hadn’t managed to catch even a glimpse of the young man’s phenomenal physique. It wasn’t until he rented a tiny apartment unit immediately adjacent to the one rented by James that Mark finally got to see the beautiful body hidden beneath all of those baggy clothes. The expert surveillance specialist drilled tiny holes in the wall separating his tiny apartment from James’, and installed more than two dozen cameras that provided a full view of the young man’s cramped living room/bedroom and small kitchen. The only area that Mark didn’t have access to was James’ small bathroom, located on the other side of the apartment. 

It was at James’ apartment that Mark hit the jackpot, for it turned out that in the privacy of his own home, James preferred to be totally naked and never wore clothing except in the coldest months of winter, and even then, the guy’s incredible muscular density kept him so warm that he usually remained scantily clad. Mark recorded untold hours of footage from James’ apartment, documenting the huge kid’s titanic muscularity and freakishly colossal genitals from every conceivable angle. Mark was able to see firsthand just how much James had ‘grown’ over the course of the year, and the mercenary tracker found that he simply couldn’t make it through a single day without beating off multiple times to the sight of this most extraordinary of men. 

But to Mark’s extreme frustration, he could never catch James so much as fondling himself, let alone jerking off what had to be the largest boner in the world. The most Mark ever saw was the young bull stud waking up and walking around with a puffy and bloated ‘soft-on’. The brutally handsome kid would walk across the room with his 14+ inch half swollen cock slapping back and forth against his stunningly colossal thighs, go to his bathroom, and then close the door, blocking any of the cameras from catching whatever happened next. Mark would hear the shower turn on, and then for the next 20 or 30 minutes, all that he could hear was the cascade of water and the unmistakeable sounds of a man beating his meat. Only the volume of beef smacking on beef was far louder than that produced by a normal man, almost sounding downright violent, and the grunts and moans from the deep-voiced stud sounded as much animal as human. The kid beat off his meat at least once every morning -- sometimes two or three times -- and usually before bed as well, always retiring to the bathroom and closing the door. The bull-hung stud no doubt carried a hell of a heavy load in those gargantuan balls of his, so it was no wonder that he had to clean out the pipes multiple times a day. But Mark was bound and determined to film James masturbating his colossal meat pole before this private investigation job was over. 

Throughout his 9-month, 24/7 vigil, the silent stalker also learned all about James’ money woes, for he tracked the young stud’s meager earnings and his expenses closer than any IRS auditor ever could and knew that the young bodybuilder was far short of the cash he needed to make it to the upcoming competition. Thus it was that Mark came up with a plan to lure the young stud with a job offer that the desperate bodybuilder simply couldn’t refuse. The job was simply a trap, of course, and the normally hard and callous Mark couldn’t help but feel a sense of pity for the heroically handsome buck. The poor young muscle monster had no idea what he would be getting himself into… 


James spoke to the friendly guy on the phone for a good 15 minutes, and they agreed to meet up the next day at the local diner in town. The guy who had posted the ad, a man named Mark,  drove into town all the way from Chicago just to meet with him, and James felt really lucky to be offered this chance to apply for the job. Mark was very easygoing and friendly, and quickly put the normally shy young man at ease with his charm and wit. The pair sat in a corner booth at that diner for several hours, as Mark interviewed the handsome young bull and learned details about the kid’s past. (The fact that the teen stud was an orphan with no living relatives was just icing on the cake as far as Mark was concerned. When the kid eventually disappeared, no one would even notice!) 

Mark explained that the private event was in a week’s time in Chicago, and that if hired, all James would be required to do would be to stand on stage run through his bodybuilding routine in a pair of posers, and then stand around as ‘window dressing’ for the rest of the evening. The whole event would only last four or five hours, and the gig included accommodations in Chicago for the night and transportation home the next morning. Mark emphasized that it was likely going to be the easiest money that a guy could make. 

The friendly guy then looked James up and down with obviously appraising eyes. Even in his typically oversized sweat clothes, there was no mistaking that James was an extraordinarily huge kid, as his bullish neck alone must have measured close to 25 inches around, thicker than most men’s thighs! Mark surreptitiously let his eyes roam across the vast expanse of the impossibly wide young man sitting across from him, and then he gave the shy kid a conspirational wink and told him that a big muscle bull like him with so much obvious talent should have no trouble fulfilling the duties required of this particular job. 

James blushed in response, but he smiled as well, squirming a bit with discomfort at the unaccustomed flattery, but liking it as well. 

Mark then got to the delicate point of asking James about one of the job’s specific requirements — namely, that the muscle man in question be impressively hung. The smooth-talking guy said that James was clearly a very handsome lad and massively built, but he wondered if James could fulfill that last part of the requirements as well. James blushed even deeper at these words, cast his handsome gaze down to the table, and quietly said in an almost ashamed voice that they would need specially-made posers to contain the enormous size of his junk. Mark responded with an upraised eyebrow and a lopsided grin, and said that such needs could be readily accommodated. But he then said in an almost apologetic voice that he would be required to obtain proof that James’ endowment could pass muster before he could be offered the job. 

James blushed deeper still and looked down in extreme embarrassment. Mark reached a hand across and gently placed it on the handsome teen’s colossally muscular shoulder and said that he understood the lad’s shyness, but that it was okay; he was a professional, and he just needed to make sure his clients were receiving the quality of goods that they were paying for, nothing more than that. He then suggested that they go back to James’ apartment so that the big guy could show him his meat in total privacy. James finally agreed, and Mark then paid their bill and the pair walked back the five or six blocks to James’ tiny second floor apartment. 


Mark could barely contain his excitement. He had finally come face-to-face with his ultimate male fantasy, the muscle man of his wildest dreams in the flesh! Mark thought his trembling legs would buckle out from under him when he first gripped James’ massive and muscular paw in their first handshake, and he had to use all of his tremendous experience and talent to keep his voice steady and not betray his overwhelming excitement and lust. He thought he had held it together very well, though when he had laid his hand on the young man’s fleece-covered shoulder, he very nearly came in his jeans. The kid’s shoulder was fucking enormous! Big as a fucking wrecking ball, and as hard as warm steel! Mark was nearly overcome by the urge to rip those baggy clothes off of the humongous hunk and start worshipping those enormous muscles then and there, in front of everyone in that diner. 

But the expert tracker got hold of himself and remembered that he had a job to do. 

Now he was walking alongside this muscular behemoth, going back to the kid’s tiny apartment so that the stud could haul out his junk for Mark’s close personal inspection. It was on days like today that the handsome ‘procurement specialist’ really loved his job. 

The mismatched pair walked up the flight of steps to the front door, and James unlocked the door and let ushered the friendly man inside. Mark excused himself for a moment to use the restroom, closing the door behind him and turning on the sink to make it sound like he was taking a pee. In reality, the clever tracker was using this opportunity to plant nearly a dozen hidden mini cameras all throughout the cramped room. These cameras had a direct wifi feed to the recording equipment in Mark’s apartment next door. This was finally Mark’s chance to catch the stud masturbating on film, and he wasn’t about to lose the opportunity. 

When Mark was done placing the cameras, he flushed the toilet, washed his hands, and came back out to where James was nervously waiting for him. The mammoth teen bodybuilder was obviously nervous about dropping his pants in front of this near stranger, but Mark assured him that his interest was purely professional and that he was required to obtain proof of ‘the goods,’ as he called them, before he could hire someone for the event. The young man nodded his head in understanding, and then reluctantly dropped his pants and displayed himself for Mark’s inspection. 

Mark feigned shocked surprise at the colossal size of James’ monstrous cock and elephant-sized balls — which actually wasn’t hard for him to do at all. Even after watching untold hours of video recordings and even looking through the peep holes himself, Mark just could not get over the sheer monumental SIZE of James’ junk! His eyes grew wide as he saw James’ cock and balls up close for the first time, and his heart skipped a beat or two, for the enormous genitals looked even larger in person. 

James kept his entire body completely shaved of body hair — chest, armpits, crotch, balls, everything. So Mark was able to clearly see every gorgeous and oversized detail of the young man’s extraordinary endowment. Mark then told James that he had to inspect his genitals to make sure he was healthy and free from infections or hernias, and he then reached forward with one hand and grasped the shaft of James’ enormous limp cock. The soft member was just huge, easily a foot long and thicker than a beer can, and as Mark lifted the mighty cock upward off of his cradling balls, he couldn’t believe the awesome WEIGHT of the huge organ! The behemoth bull cock was even heavier than it looked, which was saying something!! 

He then reached forward his other hand and cupped one of James’ extremely low hanging testicles. Just the one orb filled Mark’s big hand to overflowing, and the warm and silky-smooth skin of the kid’s shaved sac felt amazing in his hand. Mark was again astounded by the phenomenal weight of the huge bull nut, and he estimated that that one bloated moose gonad alone must have weighed a good 7 or 8 pounds! The behemoth ball was easily as big as the cast iron shot put balls Mark used to throw in high school, and damn near as heavy! With his mind reeling in lustful wonder, Mark then guessed that all told there must have been upwards of 25 pounds of man meat swinging between the kid’s colossal thighs!! 

Awesome didn’t even begin to cover it. 

James just stood still and silent, with his gargantuan arms at his sides and his handsome cheeks red with embarrassment, while Mark thoroughly inspected his massive meat and potatoes for at least a good five minutes. Mark explained that this was part of the detailed medical evaluation that was required of all prospective new hires. James, innocent of so much in the world, readily believed him, and allowed the guy to fondle, tug, and otherwise manhandle his equipment for as long as he wanted. 

For his part, Mark was in absolute heaven, unable to believe that this enormous mountain of a man was letting him grope and grab his enormous junk. He used both of his hands to grasp James’ two colossal testicles, and he couldn’t get over how incredibly dense those two orbs felt. He gave them an experimental squeeze, hard but not excessive, and the massive mule balls barely even deformed in his hand. The stud had some extremely TOUGH nuts, that was for sure! His strong fingers also probed and explored the collection of tubes and cords that connected these magnificent balls to the young man’s muscular crotch, and was surprised at how thick all these various vessels felt. The rough and indelicate probing and prodding of his most intimate sexual parts must be caused the huge stud great discomfort, but James bore it all with quiet stoicism. 

With his extremely thorough inspection of James’ huge cock and ponderous family jewels finally — if reluctantly — complete, Mark informed the hulking teen titan that the last thing he needed was a sample that he could take back to the lab for analysis, to screen for genetic defects, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. He pulled a series of clear, half-quart plastic jars with screw top lids out of his briefcase, and explained to James that he just needed the young man to provide a sperm sample in one of these cups, and the interview would be complete. 

James was particularly nervous at this point, as he’d never been asked to do something like this before in his life, but the charming and affable man convinced him that it was no big deal. Standard practice and all. So James agreed and, surprising Mark yet again, took the entire armload of containers into the bathroom with him. 

James thought he was giving himself some privacy by retiring to his bathroom, but Mark managed to film everything that happened in there from multiple angles with his dozen hidden cameras. And the almost terminally infatuated tracker watched that footage over and over and over again in the days and weeks to come, rubbing his cock raw and all but turning his balls inside out at the awesome and erotic sight that he managed to catch on film. 

The young bodybuilder closed the door and stripped out of all of his clothes, once again revealing his gargantuan physique in all of its awesome glory. He then unscrewed the lids off of all 8 half-quart jars and placed them all in the ancient and chipped porcelain sink. Next, he took his massive slab of beef in his huge hand and began stroking it. Nothing happened for the first few minutes — the huge kid was obviously more than a bit nervous and experiencing some performance anxiety — but soon enough, his mighty love muscle began to inflate, swelling and bloating larger and larger as the stud got more and more aroused. 

It turned out that the hunky hulk was more of a shower than a grower after all, for his massive cock elongated by ‘only’ another 4 inches or so, pushing the measuring tape to a record-shattering 16 1/2 astounding and mouth-watering inches of glorious stud dick. But what was even more amazing was how unbelievably THICK that huge cock became! His cock’s already stupendous girth swelled thicker and thicker and thicker still, attaining truly insane dimensions. When James’ cock finally reached full mast, it was thicker than the business end of a baseball bat, thicker than a 40-ounce beer can, thicker even than Mark’s own considerably muscular forearms!! Massive veins as thick as a pencil traveled up and down the length of that titanic shaft, and an enormously swollen cock head bigger than a man’s fist topped the mighty organ. James’ foreskin had completely concealed the bulbous head when his cock was soft, but now that it was finally and almost frighteningly hard, that foreskin was painfully retracted, revealing the massive shiny head in all its magnificent and succulent glory. 

James took a while to build up his load, again no doubt a bit nervous with another man waiting for him in the other room. Mark had to suppress his own raging boner as the young man’s moans and groans easily traveled through the thin bathroom door. In that tiny room, James had one huge hand wrapped around his columnar cock, pumping it and pistoning it with rough and vigorous strokes, while his other hand had a strangle hold around the neck of his smooth, extremely low-hanging scrotum. When Mark watched the footage less than an hour later, he saw James yank downward on his balls, HARD, stretching them farther than Mark had ever seen a man’s balls stretched. Then the stud began swinging his massive man fruits in a blurring arc and slamming them against his rock solid thigh, producing a loud and very beefy SMACK! with each strike. Mark couldn’t help but wince each time he watched the recordings, as James slammed his huge balls against his thigh with enough force to do some serious damage to any lesser man’s delicate testicles, but the brutal ball abuse only seemed to drive James to even greater heights of pleasure. The kid’s mammoth nuts must have been made of fucking STEEL!! 

Finally, after 30 marathon minutes of pounding his enormous pud, James was finally ready to let loose with his load. The cameras caught every moment of what followed, but even after watching the footage a hundred times, Mark couldn’t believe that what he saw was real. 

Sweat was dripping off of James’ handsome brow and the massive muscle stud was grunting and huffing like a rutting bull as his climax built to its peak. The stud had to press down on his cock with considerable strength to point it downward toward the sink and the waiting jars, but he took careful aim as the first wave of his orgasm washed over his spectacular body. 

Mark thought that perhaps the stud had somehow started to pee, for his first blast of cum was a massive deluge of spunk thicker than a pencil and more than 5 feet long. Surely no man could actually CUM that big, no matter the size of his balls!! But the blindingly white color and thick and creamy consistency of the fluid jetting out of the young man’s colossal cock proved that the gloopy stuff was indeed sperm and not piss. The titanic slug of spunk landed wetly inside one of the jars, substantially filling the bottom of the half-quart container even as the second great gout of splooge erupted from James’ pulsating dick. 

What followed was the most amazing, unbelievable display of hyper masculine, super human virility that Mark had ever seen or heard of. Pulse after pulse after gargantuan pulse of pure white cum burst out of James’ thundering whale cock, steadily filling the first jar in the sink. 

James tried to be as careful with his aim as possible, but even his colossal legs were trembling with the force and fury of his orgasm, so his aim was not always true. A substantial volume of his splooge missed the jar altogether and landed in the sink itself, slowly oozing down the drain. A couple of particularly ill-aimed shots blasted across the mirror hanging over the sink, painting thick stripes of sperm across its dirty and pitted surface, and one gigantic blast even took out one of Mark’s hidden cameras, completely gumming up its lens. The stud’s incredibly potent cum was obviously extremely thick with sperm, for the stuff had the gloopy consistency of a thick custard, and the huge globs of the spunk plastered to the mirror’s surface ran slowly down the slick glass almost like a thick white molasses. 

Nevertheless, the great bulk of James’ insanely massive load landed inside the jar. Or jars, rather, for the young man’s insanely abundant spunk filled the first container after only the first 6 or 7 blasts, and the young man had to quickly switch to a second jar, and then a third, and then a fourth! When the young sex beast was finally spent more than three full minutes later, James had succeeded in filling 7 of the jars to overflowing with his hot muscled dick snot, while the final 8th jar was just past halfway full. He squeezed the dregs of his titanic cum load into this final jar, then used a half dozen large bath towels to mop up and clean the messy and sticky sides of the jars as best he could before screwing on the lids. The achingly handsome stud then put back on his baggy clothes before opening the door and rejoining Mark. 

A patiently waiting Mark was utterly stunned by what he saw as the young muscle bull exited the bathroom. Cradled in the lad’s colossally muscular arms were all 8 jars, 7 of them filled to the absolute top and the 8th filled more than halfway with the young man’s precious and supremely potent nut goo. A completely floored Mark realized that he was looking at very nearly a full GALLON of cum, pumped out by one exceedingly handsome and immensely muscular young bull stud in one titanic, monumental orgasm! The kid was simply unreal!! A true god of muscle and virility!! 

James broke the ensuing silence by apologizing for not filling the last container to the top, explaining that he’d had a little problem with his aim and that some of his load had gone down the drain. 

Mark’s eyes were still wide with astonishment, and before he could stop himself he exclaimed, “Gawd DAMN!! You are one fucking LOADED stud, James!! There’s enough spunk here to knock up all of Chicago, with some still left over!!” 

The teen muscle bull blushed even redder than before, but then Mark quickly recovered his poise and thanked James for his sample, telling the embarrassed kid that he had done an excellent job and had far exceeded Mark’s expectations in every way. 

Mark then happily announced that James would be perfect for the job and offered him the position on the spot. He took out some paperwork out of his briefcase, including the contract for James to sign. The enormous young bodybuilder was tremendously excited and elated to be offered the job, as it was the answer to all of his financial troubles. Now he would be able to earn the money he needed to compete at Nationals! The handsome young lad was so excited and eager that he completely neglected to read the contract. 

He would, of course, learn to regret that mistake in time to come, along with so much more. But for the time being, the handsome herculean hunk was over the moon. 

Mark had James sign and initial on all the various dotted lines, then packed up his paperwork and shook James’ massive hand again, congratulating the big handsome stud on winning the job. He said he would look forward to seeing James in Chicago in another week, and left the unbelievably handsome young lug with one final request. Mark asked the young man to not jerk off over the next 7 days. He wanted to be sure that the young man’s big balls were as full as possible so that they would make the largest possible bulge in his new posers. James blushed but agreed, and waved at the friendly man as he got into his car and drove off. 

Mark only got a few blocks away before he had to pull over. He was breathing heavily like he’d just finished a mile-long sprint, and he couldn’t turn his eyes away from the duffle bag in the passenger seat containing 8 packed jars of James’ impossibly manly seed, the most potent stud load in the whole world! Mark couldn’t stop himself as he tore open the bag, pulled our a jar, and guzzled down half a quart of the mighty bull’s hot and hunky muscle milk. He couldn’t believe how extraordinarily thick the spunk was, rich and gamey and utterly masculine. As he choked down the funky and tangy splooge in a series of huge swallows, his own achingly hard and insanely aroused cock could finally take no more, and completely untouched it shot off a massive, sticky load into Mark’s jeans. The man’s entire body shuddered with the furious force of his orgasm, which was unlike anything he’d ever experienced before, and he felt his eyes all but roll back into his head. It felt like nearly 20 blasts of spunk shot into his shorts, a truly massive load, but one that paled in comparison to the load contained in the 7 remaining jars. 

It was only with a great effort that Mark stopped himself from draining the other jars of James’ overwhelmingly powerful seed. The consortium wanted a sample of the man’s unearthly load as well as the beautiful muscle teen himself, so the handsome southern man knew that the rest of James’ phenomenal load would need to be protected and saved for his employers. Mark finished the last few delicious drops of gloopy sperm from the flask in his hand, mopped up his cum-drenched crotch as best he could, and then transferred the remaining 7 jars into the portable cryo-freezer he’d kept in his trunk for just this purpose. As he gazed at those 7 cum-filled containers all in a row, he could feel his rock hard cock beginning to drool again in his pants. The consortium was never going to believe that this motherlode of cum came from just one titanic orgasm, but they were definitely going to be tremendously pleased at the enormous quantity of the stuff that Mark was bringing back with him. 

As Mark restarted his car and headed back toward Chicago to prepare for the upcoming event, he couldn’t help but daydream about all the uses the consortium would have for this gigantic load of teen muscle titan nut sludge. He also loved the idea that James would now be refraining from pumping out any more of that incredibly thick goo for the next seven days. By the end of the week, the congestion in the young guy’s humongous bull balls would be reaching epic proportions! Mark smiled at the thought of the gorgeous stud suffering from the same kind of blue balls that he’d now been living with for months, watching the stunning hunk every single day with no relief but from his own calloused hands. 

And best of all, Mark was able to prove with the continuing live video feed from the young man’s bathroom that the bull-balled stud did indeed honor that promise over the course of the next week.