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Rupture Fest: Two-Ball Golf - Original Version

Rupture Fest: Two-Ball Golf

The air in the small, brightly lit room was chilly but not quite cold. Light bounced off three of the highly reflective steely gray walls. On the fourth was an enormous flat panel television, easily 70 inches on the diagonal, playing a test pattern. Cables hung lazily from the bottom of the television to the ground. On the floor directly in front of the screen was a chalk outline of a spread eagle body, with cuff like restraints where the arms and legs would be.

The silence of the room was broken as a dozen sharply dressed businessmen ranging from their early thirties to mid-sixties filed in, casually chatting about business and the weather. None of them were particularly impressed by the 'small' television displaying nothing, but a few of them did remark at the odd marking on the floor, wondering aloud what the point of it was. When they had all gathered, a handsome Asian gentleman in his thirties dressed entirely in black walked into the room and took a spot in front of the screen. The gathered men grew quiet, the titans of industry silenced in anticipation as if the most important person in the world was standing before them. The game had begun.

"Gentleman, welcome! I hope you've all been having a great time this weekend. But what would a weekend at a country club be without a round of golf..."

The confusion in the room was palpable.

"Bring him in," the announcer shouted calmly, ostensibly to no one.

No sooner had he given the command than two tall, broad shouldered men in black enter, their faces obscured by large mirror lens sun glasses. One of them got to work silently handing each of the businessmen a golf club, his stoic expression never wavering. Meanwhile, the other man in black was literally dragging a naked young man into position in front of the screen. The victim, a relatively short but powerfully built blonde who couldn't have been more than 25 had been bound and gagged, but was still managing to put up quite a fight, screaming loudly even through the gag. When he was in front of the screen, the man in black threw him to the ground and before the blonde could gain his bearings, the man in black who had been handing out golf clubs took the last one in his hands and proceeded to beat the young man into submission. The two men in black quickly got to work rolling the young man on his back, outstretching his arms and legs so that he was spread eagle, in the shape of the chalk outline, and shackled him to the floor. The blonde was starting to stir out of the daze of his beating in time to feel one of the men in black roughly grabbing his huge round testicles and banding them tightly in what felt to be athletic tape but it much stiffer. The man kept winding the tape around the base of the blonde man's sack until his large, round nuts were several inches from his body, the stiff binding making his balls stick up perpendicular to the ground, looking like two golf balls waiting on a tee.

The gathered men quickly began to realize what was about to happen, a few of them openly rubbing their swelling crotches at the prospect. One of the men in black, his job finished, abruptly left the room without saying a word. The other proceeded to attach two electrodes held by tape to each of the blonde's bulging testicles, then ran the attached wires and connected them to the apparently useless cables hanging from the television. As soon as he did so, the monitor came to life. As he left silently, two large computer generated golf balls appeared on the screen against a black background. They were rotating slowly.

As soon as the last man in black left the room and closed the door, the announcer continued "This is Rupture Golf. The sensors attached to each of our man€™s balls is telling the system how round, or not, his golf balls are..." 

The announcer knelt down between the muscular blonde's quivering legs and grabbed the enormous right nut in his hand. He squeezed, eliciting a squeal of pain from the trapped stud and, like clockwork the golf ball on the right side of the screen, while still rotating, started to change from while to pink. He held the pressure steadily, the animated golf ball corresponding to the blonde's right testicle turning more and more pink.

"See, the more damage you inflict, the more red it gets. The point of this golf game is to get the golf balls on the screen as red as possible."

The men chuckled.

The announcer loosened his grip on the doomed right nut and the golf ball on the screen slowly transitioned back to white. The men formed a line, their clubs at the ready.

"Whenever you're ready, gentleman."

The announcer had barely gotten out of the way before the first man cocked back his club and let it swing wildly into the teed 'golf balls' on the floor. The blonde squealed and tried desperately to close his legs, but he was constrained tightly to the floor. His large, round balls still perched helplessly aloof. As the club connected, both of the animated golf balls flashed red and, for a moment, the left ball stopped rotating. They were both still transitioning from red to pink when the next man took his spot.

The businessman took his time carefully lining up his aim, the crowd behind him cheering him on.

"Fore!" he shouted playfully as he sent the heavy wooden club sailing with a whoosh through the air.

It connected solidly with the left testicle. The left golf ball on the screen shook violently and flashed.

The third man, noticing that the left golf ball on the screen was still vibrating slightly and wasn't turning from red to white as quickly as the other, purposefully took aim at the poor blonde's left nut. 

"I think I'm gonna' get a hole in one..." he joked mockingly, not breaking eye contact with crying stud as his club collided full force with his left testicle. 

The golf ball on the left side of the screen rocked violently and flashed to burgundy. The ball on the right turned more red.

The fourth man took up position, lining up his club so that it would smack in the middle of the bound sack and swung the club so hard that, when it connected, the resultant shockwaves actually caused pain in his upper arm. The damage to the blonde's junk was equally devastating. To everyone's surprise, an animated 'crack' appeared down the middle of the right golf ball. The left was shaking and pulsing from blood red to dark burgundy. 

"Uh oh. Doesn't look good for our friend," the announcer said mockingly. Everyone, except the blonde, laughed.

Amazingly the blonde was still conscious for the fifth and sixth hits. By now the golf ball on the right side of the screen had split into two pieces and the one on the left had developed a large crack. They were now both dark burgundy. No longer fading back toward white. 

"Look at how detailed the animation is," the seventh man remarked coolly, impressed at how life like the golf ball animation was.

"Fore!" with a whoosh his club sailed into the young man's swollen sack. There was a sickening, wet SPLAT as the golf ball on the left exploded into four pieces. The one of the right shook violently and began to crumble into chunks.

"My turn!" the eighth man laughed, taking a casual golf stance. By now the blonde's sack was a swollen mass, the once obvious outline of two balls was starting to disappear.


POP! The animated golf balls both shattered into multiple pieces. The computer was now rendering them not as solid objects, but as gooey masses that were starting to 'drip' and 'ooze' on the screen. The men laughed and pointed. 

"Did you hear that? It actually went 'pop'" said one of the onlookers. Indeed, the blonde's right nut had exploded with an almost comical sloshing 'POP' sound.

The ninth man took his spot. He wanted to be sure to do the most damaged, so lined up his shot carefully, grabbing the club firmly with both hands.


The image on the screen looked less and less like two broken golf balls and more like two piles of red goop.

The tenth man wasted no time, swinging wildly into the deflating sack. There were now just two piles of mushy goop showing on the screen.

"I think we broke them,"

Everyone laughed.

"I still get a shot!" came the eleventh golfer as he took his spot. 

He had just let his club sail toward the purple, mushy mass between the blonde's legs, stopping just before the head of his club connected. 

"I have an idea, Jon, come up here." 

Jon, the twelfth and final golfer, a tall attractive man in his forties, stood next to the eleventh golfer.

The on looking group looked on curiously as Jon and the other man whispered amongst themselves, clearly coordinating a finishing finale to the blonde's sex life.

"Okay, let's do it," 

The two stood on either side of the doomed sack and raised their clubs. They were going to slam their clubs into each other, with the blonde's sack being mashed in between.

"Three... two... one..." 

"FORE!" everyone shouted at once as the two clubs sailed toward each other. 

The pulpy mass was viciously crushed between the two golf club heads, which were practically touching the contents had been so liquified. And before anyone thought anything of it, the clubs were retracted...

"Three... two... one... FORE!"

The clubs again slammed into each other, only this time they connected completely. The blonde, who had long since passed out, shot his head up and let out a guttural scream as his assaulted nut sack burst open, splattering the two men standing over him with the gooey remains of his once truly enormous testicles. The golf balls on the monitor, now looked to be nothing more than piles of unrecognizable goop. 

Golfer 11 and Jon threw their clubs down, making sure the goo covered heads landed on the blonde's face.   They gave each other triumphant high fives as they joined the others.  Without prompting, the door of the room opened and the two men in black from early swooped in, quickly uniting the passed out young man and carrying him out of the room. The gathered businessmen looked on, almost in pity, as the desexed muscular jock was carried off. 

The announcer again took this spot in front of the room as the door closed behind the men in black.

"Well, gentleman. I'm glad you enjoyed that practice round. Let's see if we can't get a hole in one on the next go,"

Again, demonstrating the amazing choreography of the whole affair, the door opened right on cue, the men in black again carrying in a bound and gagged man. A strikingly good looking, olive skinned Italian in his early thirties, with rippling muscles and enormous, swinging nuts dangling between his tree trunk legs. As he was being restrained to the ground, the second man in black began exchanging the golf clubs from the first round with croquet mallets with heads so heavy some of the businessmen -- none of them particularly frail -- actually had difficultly holding them up.

When the two men in black left, the first golfer took his position between the doomed Italian's muscular legs. The animated goofballs had returned to the screen, white and pristine. 
The Italian, begging and sobbing through his gag was able to lift his head just far enough to look down over his rippled chest at his huge balls perched straight up in the constraints. His eyes bugged out and he struggled futilely against his restraints as he saw the first heavy mallet being lined up. The businessman holding it, a tall man in his forties, was clearly struggling to control the bottom-heavy  mallet... this was going to be quite an impact...


The Italian screamed into his gag so loud even the businessman who had just took a swing look startled. But it was too late. The animated golf balls on the screen were both instantly turned to animated piles of red goop. There was a vicious, wet double SPLAT as the mallet head collided with -- and blew apart -- the huge Italian bollocks in a single blow. The Italian's eyes rolled as he watched a gooey mixture splatter all over his washboard stomach.

"Oops!" The businessman laughed derisively.

"Bring in the next one," the Italian heard the announcer shout out before mercifully passing out.

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Rupture Fest: Two-Ball Golf - Part Two

Rupture Fest: Two-Ball Golf
Based on an original story by Sack Stomper


The new subject was a strikingly good looking young man with olive skin, dark brown hair, and stunning blue eyes, his features and coloring marking him as being of Italian extraction. This new man was in his early thirties, and significantly taller than the previous blond stud. The Italian hunk had perhaps even bigger muscles than the previous bull stud, gigantic, rippling muscles that bulged and flexed most dramatically as he struggled against the grips of the equally massive men in black. But bound and outnumbered as he was, the handsome Italian was no match for his two handlers. 

The gorgeous Italian’s cock was as rock hard as the blond’s had been, and while it wasn’t quite as monstrously thick as the previous man’s member, it looked to be at least a couple of inches longer! A true beast of a cock, and perhaps even record breaking in terms of its colossal length! And beneath that tree limb of a cock swung a set of enormous, pendulous nuts that were even MORE massive than the previous bloated set! The dark-haired stud’s were so outrageously oversized that they were utterly obscene, and even on his huge frame and against his massive muscles, the huge bollocks looked almost ridiculous. The elite country club was certainly able to obtain some truly exceptional talent! 

As the mighty Italian stud was being restrained and secured to the floor, the third dark-clad man reentered the room carrying what looked like huge croquet mallets, and began replacing the businessmen’s golf clubs with there far heavier weapons. These new mallets were huge, oversized affairs, with heads that looked more like sledgehammers than the mallets used for a sedate lawn game. This more dangerous appearance was reinforced by the fact that the mallet heads themselves were made of solid iron, easily weighing at least 50 or 60 pounds each, and actually making them two or three times larger than standard sledgehammers. The croquet mallet heads were so heavy, in fact, that some of the businessmen — none of whom were frail — actually had some difficulty holding them up and wielding them. 

The men in black left in short order, and the handsome host had the dozen businessmen draw straws to determine who would go first. By chance, the youngest and most largely built of the impeccably dressed business tycoons won the contest, and so would be the first to take a whack at the handsome Italian’s doomed testicles. 

The men noticed that the latest victim had been prepared slightly differently than the blond. The tall stud’s even more enormous and voluminous bollocks had been stretched out with the athletic tape like before, but owing to the unusually baggy and low-hanging nature of the young man’s ballsac, his gigantic nuts had been stretched out an astounding 5 full inches from his muscular crotch, making the mammoth orbs bulge huge and enticing in their silky smooth bag. Also, instead of making the young man’s balls jut upward like they were on some sort of golf tee, the Italian’s impossibly huge and heavy nuts had been stretched out parallel to the floor, and were resting on a block of solid steel that was a good 12 inches square and 6 inches thick — a pedestal to hold what had to be some of the largest nuts in the whole world! 

The animated golf balls had once again returned to the screen, white and pristine, and a size or two larger than the previous bull-sized set. All was in readiness. 

The first golfer took his position between the handsome Italian’s enormously muscular legs, smiling with a gruel grin as he gazed down upon the massive, meaty targets resting innocently on the steel block. He hefted his huge croquet mallet, getting accustomed to its unusual weight, and gently brought the iron head down on top of the Italian’s massive sac. 

The feel of the cold metal pressing against his warm flesh made the handsome stud start to panic, screaming and pleading through his gag as he thrashed against his restraints. The dark-haired hunk had a truly massive build, as big and as cut as a professional bodybuilder, but even his impressive strength was rendered useless by the thick bindings at his ankles and wrists. 

The golfer relaxed his grip on the mallet, letting the weight of the head be completely supported by the young man’s massive balls. The 60-pound weight was more than enough to crack some men’s balls, but the young Italian’s balls seemed to effortlessly carry the load, squashing only halfway flat under the huge weight. Still, having 60 pounds of steel crushing down on his bollocks must have been extremely painful, for the young stud bellowed in agony and thrashed his gorgeous head from side to side, tears of pain coursing down his handsome cheeks. 

Laughter erupted from the small crowd of men at the Italian’s predictable reaction. The golfer, clearly a showman, lifted the mallet off of the man’s balls, letting it hover just an inch above the extraordinarily massive balls…and then let the entire weight drop again. 


The young muscle man cried out in even greater pain as his behemoth balls were once again quashed halfway flat. 

Seizing upon this new game, the golfer repeated this action over and over again, each time raising the massive mallet another inch higher then before, and then letting gravity once more haul the huge weight down into the young man’s unprotected bollocks. 













With each repetition, the falling weight caused the man’s incredibly thick and tough balls to squash just a little bit more, before rebounding to their only half-crushed size. The muscle man’s grunts and cries and bellows of pain became more and more urgent and strident as the ever-increasing pummeling continued. At the same time, however, the young man’s magnificent cock throbbed harder and harder with each hammer blow, looking for all the world like the handsome stud was rapidly approaching orgasm. 













After more than two dozen blows, the mallet was now being raised more than two full feet above the young man’s bright red and slightly swollen balls. The animated golf balls were a similar bright red and pulsing with an almost visceral pain. It was clear that while the dropped weights were helping soften up the two massive, fleshy targets, the pummeling abuse wasn’t actually causing the huge orbs any serious damage. These were without a doubt a tough and resilient set of bull bollocks, and it would take a lot more than this ‘mild’ abuse to cause them to start to weaken. 

The lad’s mammoth bull cock had impossibly grown even larger and harder under the relentless ball abuse, and was now pouring long strings of clear precum all over his upper abdominal muscles, painting them with a sticky sheen of wetness. 













Even from a height of three feet, the huge mallet seems to do little more than partially flatten the Italian’s heroically tough and resilient bollocks. As if to prove that point, when the golfer finally removes the mallet after one final smackdown, the two huge golf balls on the screen quickly start fading back to pink, and then turning even more pale as they start verging back to white. The young man’s balls were so fantastically strong that they were already almost completely recovered from more than three dozen steadily harder hammer blows! 

Without warning or preamble, the golfer suddenly heaves the heavy mallet into the air, both hands gripping the thick wooden handle with impressive strength, wobbling only slightly as the awkward, bottom-heavy mallet reaches its perch at the top of a wide arc. The handsome businessman locks his gaze with the young muscle man’s pleading and begging eyes, reflecting only lust and disdain in return. An unspoken communication passed between both men, and the gorgeous Italian muscle hunk began to bellow into his gag in sheer terror as he realized his phenomenal manhood was about to be pulverized into oblivion. 

Time seemed to almost stand still, that magical, timeless moment between being a man with a massive set of stones between his legs, and being a useless and sexless thing. 


The enormous mallet cut a wide and powerful arc through the air, aimed directly at the young man’s power-packed scrotum. The golfer was obviously throwing every ounce of his considerable might behind the swing, and it was clear that there was going to be quite an impact…


The mallet collided with annihilating force smack dab in the middle of both of the young man’s nuts. In an instant, both mammoth gonads were utterly destroyed as the mallet head collided with -- and blew apart -- the huge Italian bollocks in a single blow. The handsome man’s blue eyes almost bugged out of his head as he watched the gooey matter splatter all over his washboard stomach and tree-trunk thighs. More of the shattered testicular matter sprayed the men standing around the doomed hunk, festooning their tailored pant legs with chunky clots of balls meat and an astounding volume of raw, un-shot sperm. 

At that same moment, a single monumental blast of jizz — the Italian’s last load as an intact male — erupted out of his magnificent cock to burst against the thick overhang of his massive pecs. The young man’s final load of viable sperm, his entire future as a potential father, now shellacked the underside of his colossal chest, his supreme genetic potential as utterly wasted as that of the beautiful blond who’d come before him. 

“Oops!” the businessman laughed derisively, and was met with the chuckles and applause of his fellows.

“Bring in the next subject,” the handsome host said. The gorgeous, pain-wracked Italian saw the door open and a stunning, heavily muscled red head be forced into the room. The dark-haired stud took in the sight of the massive and extremely hairy ballbag swinging wildly between the handsome ginger’s thick thighs, a set of bull bollocks that rivaled the size of the mighty stones that until so recently had hung between his own muscular legs, and then the gorgeous Italian mercifully passed out. 

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Rupture Fest: Two-Ball Golf - Part One

Hello gentle readers! At the time that I'm writing this message (March 19, 2016), the story that I'm posting below is the final completed story in my personal archives. In other words, I will have posted ALL of my stories! But never fear, I have plenty more stories in the works...and I can only imagine that between March and now (December), I'll have finished even more new stories and rewrites to share with all of you all.

But just in case, I wanted to make sure that everything that I've got that's 100% complete had been pre-loaded to this blog.

Enjoy the holiday season (it's so weird to be typing that in March!), and I hope to be sharing more with you soon!


Now for this week's story. Sack Stomper remains one of my all-time favorite authors, and I finally got around to putting my stamp on one of his awesome stories earlier this year. I hope you enjoy the results...  :D

Rupture Fest: Two-Ball Golf
Based on an original story by Sack Stomper


The air in the small, brightly lit room was chilly but not quite cold. Light bounced off three of the highly reflective gray concrete walls, while on the fourth wall was an enormous flat panel television, easily 70 inches on the diagonal, playing a test pattern. Cables hung lazily from the bottom of the television to the ground. On the floor directly in front of the screen was a chalk outline of a spread eagle body, with cuff restraints where the wrists and ankles would be.

The silence of the room was broken as the door opposite the television opened up, and a dozen sharply dressed businessmen filed in. These handsome and distinguished men ranged in age from early 30s to mid 50s, and they were casually chatting about business and the weather. None of them seemed particularly impressed by the ‘small’ television displaying nothing, but a few of them did raise an eyebrow at the odd marking on the floor. When elegant businessmen had all gathered, an additional gentleman walked into the room, this one an exceptionally handsome young man in his early thirties dressed entirely in black. This young man took a spot in front of the screen, and smiled patiently as the rest of the men gradually ceased their conversations and turned their attention to the new arrival. The gathered men grew quiet, these titans of business and industry silenced in eager anticipation of the commencement of the latest new game. 

“Gentleman, welcome!” said the handsome young newcomer. “I hope that you’ve all been enjoying our special weekend event, and I trust that we’ve been providing sufficient amusements that cater to even your understandably jaded tastes.” A murmur of approval came from the dozen businessmen. “But I ask you, what would a weekend at a country club be without a round of golf…?”

A new low murmur came from the assembled men, both affirming the idea of a round of golf, and wondering what special twist was in store for them. 

“Bring him in,” the announcer shouted calmly.

No sooner had he given the command than three tall, broad shouldered, and very muscular men entered the room. They were dressed all in black, like the host, but their square-jawed faced were partially obscured by large mirrored sunglasses. One of them got to work silently handing each of the businessmen a golf club, his stoic expression never wavering. The golf clubs themselves were strangely menacing looking, with club heads that were easily twice the size of a normal driver, and far heavier as well. These were the kind of golf clubs that wouldn’t just send a golf ball sailing for 400 yards or more, it would also pulverize said golf ball to dust in the process! 

Meanwhile, the other two men in black were literally dragging a naked young man into position in front of the screen. The naked victim was a relatively short but very powerfully built blonde who couldn't have been more than 25 years old. He had been bound and gagged, but was still managing to put up quite a fight, screaming loudly even through his gag. When he had been dragged in front of the screen, the two men in black threw him heavily to the concrete floor with a loud smack of naked, beefy muscle on stone. They then quickly proceeded to stretch the lad’s powerful limbs into a spread eagled position on top of the chalk pattern, and made short work of securing the wrist and ankle restraints onto the struggling young man. 

With the young blond firmly secured to the cold stone floor, the other gentlemen could finally get a good look at the bound lad. The young man possessed an absolutely beautiful physique, packed with formidable-looking muscles that were impressively chiseled and defined. The lad continued to struggle uselessly against his bindings, which made his extra large muscles bulge and flex most appealingly. The young man was also extremely handsome, with square-jawed, blue-eyed, all-American good looks. The young stud looked like an all-star college football player — most likely a linebacker due to his thickly muscled and sturdy build — and his masculine beauty set the cocks of every man present to start stirring in their impeccably tailored pants. 

Perhaps even more impressive than the lad’s beauty and build, however, was the size of the beefy meat hanging between his powerfully muscled legs. The handsome young man was spectacularly well hung, even by the jaded standards of the ultra rich business tycoons. Despite the young man’s obvious terror, his enormous cock was rock hard, the insanely thick phallus hovering only an inch or so above his granite-etched abdominal muscles and quivering with sexual need. The mighty man tool was deceptively long, its apparent length looking shorter due to its phenomenally sturdy girth, but easily measuring at least a full foot in length. 

Hanging heavy and full beneath that colossal cock were a set of huge nuts that were an equal in size and power to the lad’s extraordinary phallus, a set of massive bollocks that truly earned the moniker ‘bull nuts’. Each fat, oblong orb was nearly the size of a ripe grapefruit, and together completely filled the young blond’s freshly shaved scrotum to the max. 

One of the large men in black bent down on one knee between the lad’s powerful legs and roughly grabbed the blond’s humongous rounded testicles around their base. The big thug then began to wrap the base of the lad’s huge balls with a roll of white athletic tape, stretching the gigantic orbs away from the blond’s muscular crotch as he wound the tape around and around the neck of the lad’s big sac. The tape was unusually stiff, so by the time the dark-clad man was done, the lad’s mammoth nuts were stretched several inches from his body, the tough binding making his balls stick up perpendicular to his crotch. The end result looked like two enormously oversized and fleshy golf balls waiting on top of a golf tee. 

The gathered businessmen quickly began to realize what was about to happen, a few of them started openly rubbing their swelling crotches at the exciting prospect. The kneeling man in black, his first task completed, proceeded to attach two electrodes held by tape to the back of each of the blond’s bulging testicles, then ran the attached wires and connected them to the apparently useless cables hanging from the television. As soon as he did so, the monitor came to life. As the trio of dark-clad muscle men silently left the room, closing the door behind them, two large computer-generated golf balls appeared on the screen against a fake golf course background. The two dimpled white balls rotated slowly, filling up most of the screen. 

After the black-clad men had left the room, the handsome young host continued. “This is a game that we like to call ‘Rupture Golf’. As you can see, sensors have been attached to this young man’s magnificently oversized bollocks. These sensors tell the computer system detailed information about the status and structural integrity of his big balls, including how round…or not…his golf balls are.” 

The announcer then knelt down between the muscular blond’s quivering legs and grabbed the enormous right nut in his hand. The gigantic testicle filled the host’s big hand to the max. He then squeezed his fingers with all of his might, slightly distorting the mammoth gland in his vise-like grip and eliciting a squeal of pain from the trapped stud. Meanwhile, the large rotating golf ball on the right side of the screen started to change color from bright while to pink. He steadily increased the pressure, and the animated golf ball corresponding to the blond’s right testicle turned more and more pink.

“The more damage you inflict on the young man’s ball, the more red it gets on the screen. The point of this golf game is to get the golf balls on the screen as red as possible…before shattering them altogether.” 

The gentlemen chuckled, and more than one rock hard cock could be seen to visibly pulse and flex in their pants.

The announcer loosened his nut-mangling grip on the doomed right nut, letting the massive orb plump back up to its regular shape. Simultaneously, the golf ball on the screen slowly transitioned back to white as the brutal pressure was removed from the aching gonad. 

The businessmen eagerly formed a line, their clubs at the ready.

“Whenever you’re ready, gentlemen.” 

The host moved out of the way to allow the first man to step forward. He lined up the huge, heavy head of his club with the young man’s even larger testicles, taking a few practice swings to make sure his aim was true. The handsome young blond bellowed into his gag, his massive muscles flexing dramatically as he tried desperately to close his legs, but he was powerless to protect his huge, round balls perched atop the tightly wound cylinder of athletic tape. The other businessmen chuckled with aroused amusement at the lad’s thrashing and muffled pleas, eager to see the effect of the heavy golf club striking such fantastically oversized nuts. 

The first man finally cocked his club back and, with a mighty swing, slammed the club directly into the young muscle stud’s titanic nuts. 


The head connected solidly with a beefy sound of steel on flesh, and the sturdy stud bellowed in agony. Both of the animated golf balls flashed red and, for a moment, the left ball stopped rotating. They were both still transitioning back from red to pink when the next man took his spot between the lad’s gorgeously muscled legs. 

The second businessman took his time carefully lining up his aim, the crowd behind him cheering him on. “Fore!” he shouted playfully as he sent the heavy wooden club sailing with a whoosh through the air. 


The club connected solidly with the left testicle. The left golf ball on the screen shook violently and flashed a darker red. The young man screamed even louder this time, his entire body arching off the floor as much as his restraints would allow. The muscular stud was clearly in a world of pain. 

“Wait until you guys feel this!” the second businessman exclaimed. “This kid has got a freakishly TOUGH set of bull nuts on him! I hit those mighty bollocks with everything I had, and they hardly even seemed to dent against my club!” 

It was true, the handsome blond hunk did indeed have an unusually solid and dense set of stud nuts. But no man’s balls were ever designed to suffer such extreme abuse, and the lad’s behemoth bull nuts were already starting to swell and darken from just those first two strikes.  

The third man, noticing that the left golf ball on the screen was still vibrating slightly and wasn't turning from red to white as quickly as its twin, purposefully took aim at the poor blond’s huge left nut. 

“I think I'm gonna get a hole in one…” he mockingly quipped, not breaking eye contact with crying stud as his club collided full force with his left testicle. 


The golf ball on the left side of the screen rocked violently and flashed to burgundy. The ball on the right turned more red as well. 

“Jesus!! I see what you mean!” exclaimed the third gentleman. “I thought for sure the kid’s bollocks would blow apart with the power of my swing, but instead they just stopped my club dead in its tracks! This lad is a BEAST!” 

The handsome young man was oblivious to the compliment, however, for he was steadily yelling into his gag, tears of agony, terror, and desperation streaming down his handsome face. His enormous whale cock remained hard as a rock, however, as if daring the assembled businessmen do visit their worst upon his oversized manhood. 

The fourth man took up position, lining up his club so that it would smack in the middle of the bound sack and swung the club so hard that, when it connected, the resultant shockwaves actually caused pain in his upper arm. 


The line of businessmen each took their turns striking the lad’s steadily swelling nuts with all of their might, each amazed at the fantastic resilience of the young man’s massive balls. 
















“UUUHH!!! UNH!!! NNHHH!!!”

Any other man’s nuts would likely have been obliterated with no more than three or four solid blows, but the heroically hung muscle jock managed to endure all dozen ball breaking blows with his manhood still miraculously intact! 

After the last man landed his strike into the stud’s red and swollen balls, both animated golf balls were flashing a dark red, pulsing in time to the agony that was assaulting the lad’s battered manhood. The animated balls had also swollen visibly larger, reflecting the bloating occurring in the young man’s bollocks due to the heavy trauma they had received. Astoundingly, however, the stud’s massive horse cock was still hard as warm granite, and in fact had been leaking slick precum all over the upper expanse of his cobblestone abs. If the group of businessmen didn’t know any better, they’d have guessed that the hugely hung lad was getting close to orgasm! 

The host once again knelt between the blond’s muscular legs and gripped his bruised and swollen right bollock. This time, when he squeezed his large hand, his fingers sank noticeably deeper into the battered tissues of the lad’s mammoth nut, clear evidence that the mighty bull testicle was softening up under the punishing abuse. 

The host addressed the group of businessmen, saying, “It looks like our friend here is indeed still intact. We obviously select all of our subjects for their size and beauty, but we reserve only our toughest stock for games like Rupture Golf. That said, this handsome young specimen is clearly exceptionally tough, even by our country club’s high standards.” 

He squeezed the bloated and puffy bollock even tighter, watching as the corresponding ball on the screen flashed an even darker burgundy, pulsing even harder as the crushing pressure began to approach critical levels. 

“Yes, if we stopped now, this astoundingly tough and resilient young man would no doubt heal from even this abuse, and be ready for another round of ‘golf’ in a week or so.” 

The host paused for effect, his big hand continuing to maul and mangle the blond’s impossibly beefy bollock. 

“Of course, we never bore our patrons and guests by repeating the use of the same talent. Therefore, who would like to take a second swing at these massive goolies?” 

The gentlemen all chuckled out loud, and eagerly lined up once again for a second round of Rupture Golf. They were all extremely aroused by the game and by the stunningly handsome young muscle stud shackled in front of them, and they all wanted to be the one to break the lad’s seemingly indestructible mega nuts. 





Over and over again, the massive heads of the oversized carbon steel golf clubs collided with annihilating force into the young man’s swollen and bruised nuts, and again and again, they defied each man by enduring every blow and surviving intact. Dark purplish-red bruises were erupting all over the lad’s scrotum, proof of the heavy trauma and damage the massive orbs were sustaining. But both orbs continued to maintain their oblong shapes, despite swelling to nearly twice their already monstrous size and becoming softer and mushier on each successive swing. 

The young man’s incredibly thick horse cock also seemed to have swollen even larger and harder than ever before, and the drool of precum from its bloated tip had become a steady stream of clear crystalline juices. The lad was clearly a stallion among men! 





More than halfway through the second round, and the young stud’s beefy balls are now clearly in serious trouble. The heavy golf clubs are now crashing deep into the traumatized tissues of the young man’s balls, the huge club heads disappearing halfway into the distorted nut meat. The awesome balls continued to plump back to their regular shape after each crippling blow, but they were taking longer to bounce back after each successive strike. It was clear that their mighty endurance was rapidly wearing out. 

At the same time, the lad’s magnificent elephant cock was bloated to a truly fantastic size, the thick veins snaking all up and down its length looking like they would pop right out of the skin, and the entire mighty organ visibly quivering like a plucked bowstring. Against all reason, the gorgeous young stud looked like he was just about to cum! 


The next blow was apparently more than the young lad’s overactive virility could take. With a mighty bellow of agony, the young man’s colossal cock gave a violent pulse, and a titanic wad of thick white spunk erupted from its tip. The wad was a fantastic gusher of sperm, an impossibly voluminous purging of the young man’s steadily crumbling bollocks. The achingly handsome stud’s cock reared up like some sort of prehistoric beast as the first deluge sprayed from its tip, so the unbelievably thick rope of cum cleared the lad’s body entirely, instead painting a blindingly white stripe of pearlescent nut sludge across the cold concrete floor almost the whole way to the closed door. 

All of the men in the room were momentarily frozen by the unimaginably powerful and erotic sight. 

A second and even more magnificent wad of splooge erupted from the young man’s shuddering bull cock, and this second wad DID strike the door more than a dozen feet away, exploding in a huge gooey mess across the lower half of the door. 

What followed was the most massive and awe-inspiring cum load that any of the men had ever seen. The young muscle man’s humongous cannon of a cock continued to thunder out wad after colossal wad of thick and chunky sperm, painting and repainting the floor and door with a thick shellacking of the lad’s immensely powerful male essence, and also spilling a considerable volume of the hot and sticky goo all over his own magnificent torso, massive shoulders, bull-like neck, and breathtakingly handsome face. 

The next businessman in the queue shook off his momentary shock, lined up his golf club, and slammed his heavy club into the lad’s violently constricting balls, clobbering them full force even as they were purging themselves of a load of legendary proportions. 


The lad screamed into his gag with even greater agony, the pain of the blow magnified tenfold due to the simultaneous orgasm that was still tearing through his lean and muscular loins. The next slug of cum was even larger and more voluminous than any that had come before, the sperm literally crushed from his balls with the insane ferocity and force of the mighty blow. 

The next man in the queue quickly stepped forward and sent his club sailing with blinding speed into the lad’s rapidly failing nuts. 


And the muscle stud’s titanic load STILL raged onward, pumping out truly epic quantities of the thickest and whitest splooge imaginable. It was an utterly incredible and awe-inspiring sight, an orgasm that would go down in legend, and a fitting swan song to the young man’s heroically oversized and powerful manhood. 


The last man in the queue got in his second swing as well, his club head colliding with the lad’s balls with devastating force. The young man bellowed even louder than ever as his cock continued to pump out what had to be the largest load in the history of mankind. Now, however, these mighty wads of sperm were tinged with tiny streaks of pink, proof that blood starting to mix with all of that rich sperm as the structural integrity of the young stud’s bull balls finally started to fail. 

The small crowd watched in awed silence as the young man continued to thrash and holler, and his mighty crank of a cock shot out another 5 or 6 heavy wads before his unutterably epic orgasm finally began to slow and cease. The blond muscle god had just shot out at least two DOZEN almighty blasts of cum, each containing more volume of pure sperm than the greatest porn star’s entire load. What’s more, the lad’s brutish bull cock remained rock hard and quivering, looking for all the world like it was ready to shoot out a second load at any moment. 

The volume of raw spume that had slashed and splashed across the room was simply super human. There had to be more than a QUART of the rich and gamey man juice sprayed in a thick and chunky line from across the lad’s abs, chest, and face, to the door more than a dozen feet behind him. It was the most intensely and insanely masculine and powerful sight that any of the men had ever seen, and more than one man discovered that he had cum in his own pants during the lad’s epic sperm eruption, his own orgasm virtually unnoticed during the lad’s colossal display of hyper virility. 

Even the host appeared flabbergasted by the manly sight, and he once again knelt between the young man’s sweat-slickened and muscular thighs. The young man’s beefy bollocks had swollen so disgustingly huge by now that it required BOTH of the host’s hands to envelop the blond’s bloated and angry right ball. And this time when he squeezed, his fingers appeared to plunge easily into the insanely meaty depths of the horrifically swollen nut, grossly distorting the mangled bollock and tearing a fresh cry of agony from the young man’s hoarse throat. 

The host continued to squeeze and crush the terrifically battered orb for what seemed like several minutes, his strong hands producing disturbing sloshing and crunching sounds as the colossal orb tried valiantly to maintain its structural integrity during the brutal manual assault. The animated ball on the screen pulsed and flashed like some sort of fire alarm, the gigantic golf ball glowing the deepest and darkest red. Both balls had now swollen so large that they nearly filled the television screen, and neither orb was fading in color in the slightest. The lad’s titanic balls were clearly on the brink of destruction. 

The host finally released the tortured orb and addressed his audience again, a note of shock and no little amount of respect in his slightly trembling voice. “Well, this is a first for the country club! We’ve never had a subject survive even a single round of Rupture Golf, let alone two! The power in this young man’s huge balls is simply mind boggling!! Even after all of the brutality they’ve suffered, and despite how much damage has already been inflicted on their beefy interiors, both of the young man’s bull nuts are still whole! And despite their profound weakening and battering, and how squishy they are in my hands, they’re still so strong that I cannot force his bull ball to break!! This is doubtless going to be a game of Rupture Golf for the record books!” 

The dozen gentlemen all heartily voiced their agreement, equally impressed with the stamina and staying power of their young charge…and equally eager to see the stud’s heroic manhood and epic virility utterly annihilated. 

Sensing the raw lust and hunger in the other men’s eyes, the young host smiled and said, “Who’s ready for round three?” 




The men were once again lined up to rain terrible ruin upon the blond muscle boy’s utterly vulnerable and helpless bollocks. The fantastic force of each blow made both mammoth, mangled orbs quiver like they were made of jelly, and they were swollen so large and had become so mushy that it was hard to tell where one ball ended and the other began. 

But they were still somehow, impossibly, intact! 

The fourth man, one of the youngest and most sturdily built of the gentlemen, lined up his heavy-headed club with the bloated reddish-purple mass that was the beautiful blond’s massive nutsac, and let fly with a truly ball-busting swing. 


The effect of the colossal blow to the blond’s bloated junk was equally devastating. To everyone’s surprise, an animated ‘crack’ appeared down the middle of the right golf ball. The left was shaking and pulsing so violently that it looked like it was about to explode on its own, and it had turned such a dark shade of burgundy that it was almost black. 

“Uh oh! It doesn’t look good for our handsome friend,” the announcer said mockingly. Everyone chuckled and laughed…except for the hunky blond himself, of course! 

Amazingly, the blond’s mighty and massive gonads survived the fifth and sixth blows as well. By now, however, the golf ball on the right side of the screen had three large cracks in its crumbling walls, and the one on the left had developed a large crack as well. They were now both the darkest shade of burgundy, and there was not the slightest hint of either ball’s color fading any time soon. 

“Wow, look at how detailed the animation is!” the seventh man remarked with an astounded tone to his normally jaded voice, impressed at how life like the golf ball animation was. The other men voiced their agreement, all clearly exceedingly entertained by this new sport. 

“FORE!!” the seventh man shouted with glee. His heavy club made a loud WHOOSH! sound as it sailed through the air and collided with devastating force into the lad’s failing sac of bull nuts. 


A sickening wet crunching sound emanated from the young man’s nearly pulverized bollocks. Meanwhile, the left golf ball on the screen was now covered in at least a dozen large cracks, and the ball on the right was shaking violently and threatening to crumble into chunks. 

“Well, it looks like this is it folks!” exclaimed the young host. “Against all odds, our handsome young hunk here has survived 31 unimaginably brutal blows from your oversized golf clubs. But his magnificent bull nuts are now so fractured and heavily damaged that it will take only one more blow to destroy them forever.” 

“Even now, however, the lad’s epic manhood could be saved. If we were to stop now, and I mean RIGHT now, the young man would almost certainly be able to heal even this nearly mortal damage to his monstrous bollocks. In just a few weeks, he could be back to shooting even more record-breaking loads of his hot stud ball cream, and entertaining us with future opportunities to rain brutal tortures and agonies upon his truly awe-inspiring nuts. So what say you? Shall we allow this handsome and muscular stud beast to rest and recover, sparing his bollocks from utter annihilation?” 

“NO!!!” shouted all dozen businessmen in unison, and then laughed at the vehemence in their combined voices. 

“I was hoping you’d say that!” the host said, an evil smile playing across his handsome features and a twinkle in his eyes. “Please, sir, step forward and claim this young muscle man’s fantastic nuts as your prize!” 

“Ha ha! My turn!” the eighth man laughed, striding forward and taking a casual golf stance. By now, the blond’s nearly shattered sac was one great swollen mass, the once obvious outline of two balls starting to disappear. The businessman lined up his heavy club against the swollen side of the young man’s bloated bag, and took more than half a dozen short, gentle swings into the screaming orbs, admiring the way that the titanic testicles were now profoundly deforming at even the slightest pressure. The man was clearly toying with the sobbing, pleading muscle boy, drawing out the upcoming annihilation of his manhood for dramatic effect. 

“So how does it feel, stud?” the man said, taunting the bound muscle hunk and locking his gaze with the lad’s terrified blue eyes. “Everything that makes you a man is contained in those two monstrously oversized nuts of yours. All of your potential babies, the future of your genetic line. And it’s all just sitting there, helpless and exposed, waiting for me to take them away. To render you a eunuch, something less than a man. I’m about to steal your future as a hot muscle stud. Say goodbye to your precious nuts, stud!” 

The man swung the huge and heavy club backward in a slow and graceful arc, paused for a moment, and then with a loud grunt sent the club sailing toward its date with destiny, throwing all of his might into the most powerful swing of the evening. 


As the blond muscle stud shrieked in inhuman agony, both of the animated golf balls shattered into multiple pieces. The computer was now rendering them not as solid objects, but as gooey masses that were starting to drip and ooze on the screen. The men laughed and pointed.

“Did you hear that?! I actually heard one of the stud’s bull nuts go ‘POP!!’” said one of the onlookers. Indeed, the blond’s majestic right nut had exploded with an almost comical sloshing ‘POP’ sound, exploding into useless meat inside of his horrifically bruised sac.

The ninth man rapidly took his spot. He wanted to be sure to do the most damage possible, so he lined up his shot carefully, grabbing the club firmly with both hands. 



The image on the screen was looking less and less like two broken golf balls and more like two piles of dark red goop.

The tenth man wasted no time, swinging wildly into the deflating sack. 


There were now just two piles of mushy goop showing on the screen. The former balls remained a steady dark, dark red now, and were no longer flashing or rotating in any way. It was clear that the young man’s fantastic bollocks had been demolished. 

“I think we broke them,” one of the men joked. Everyone laughed.

“I still get a shot!” came the eleventh golfer as he took his spot. Many of the men snickered, however, for there were clearly no longer any vital, virile stud balls remaining in the horrifically battered sac. Where once there resided two mighty bollocks of truly prodigious dimensions, there was now only one massive, lumpy, shapeless mass of shattered nut meat. 

Nevertheless, the eleventh man pulled his club back and set it sailing toward the dark purple, mushy sac between the blond’s muscular and beautifully formed legs…but stopped his club’s progress just before the head connected with the lad’s broken nuts. 

“Wait a minute, I think I have an idea,” he said with excitement. “Jon, come up here.” 

Jon, the twelfth and final golfer in the group, a tall attractive man in his forties, stood next to the eleventh golfer with a quizzical expression on his face. 

The rest of the group looked on curiously as Jon and the other man whispered amongst themselves, clearly coordinating a finishing finale to the blond’s already annihilated sex life.

“Okay, let's do it,” Jon finally said. 

The two men stood on either side of the doomed sac, pressing the faces of their clubs into either side of the grotesquely bloated ball bag, and raised their clubs high. It was clear that they intended to slam their clubs into each other…with the blond’s broken ballsac stuck smack in the middle.

“Three...            two...            one…” 

“FORE!!!” everyone shouted at once as the two clubs sailed toward each other. 


The enormous, pulpy mass was viciously and violently crushed between the two golf club heads. The contents of the lad’s massive sac had been so liquified at this point that the two heavy golf club heads were practically touching. And before anyone could react, the clubs were retracted once more...


The clubs again slammed into each other, only this time they connected completely with a dull CLANG!! The blond’s entire body tensed in a spectacular display of muscular perfection, and he let out a deep, guttural scream as his mercilessly abused nutsac finally burst open. Both men were spattered by the gooey, gory remains of the handsome young man’s once truly enormous testicles, the mammoth gonads making a terrifically huge mess as their shattered contents were spewed everywhere. The golf balls on the monitor were also reduced to nothing more than a single pile of unrecognizable goop. 

Almost unnoticed among the cheers and applause of the dozen businessmen, the gorgeous muscle man’s colossal cock hit orgasm for the final time in his young life, pumping and throbbing even more violently than during his first orgasm. Thick clots of pink and gray gloop pumped out of the majestic organ, splattering all over the lad’s cobblestone abs and densely-muscled chest. With no viable sperm left to shoot, the young man’s cannon of a cock was forced to blast out the pureed remains of his once phenomenal manhood, shooting out nearly a dozen disturbingly thick and chunky wads of gore, a mixture of raw sperm and nearly liquified ball meat. The handsome lad’s once fantastically powerful genetic potential was now nothing but a gigantic mess. 

The final two golfers tossed their gore-covered golf clubs to the floor next to the quietly sobbing blond, ignoring the now de-balled and sexless stack of muscles as they gave each other triumphant high fives. 

Without an visible prompting, the door of the room opened and the two men in black from earlier strode in. They quickly untied the handsome young blond, who was now limp and unresisting, and carried him out of the room. The gathered businessmen looked on, almost in pity, as the de-sexed muscular jock was carried off. 

The host again took this spot in front of the room as the door closed behind the men in black.

“Well, gentleman. I'm glad you enjoyed that first round of Rupture Golf. Now let’s see if we can’t get a hole in one on the next round.” 

Again, demonstrating the amazing choreography of the whole affair, the door opened right on cue, with the men in black again in another bound, gagged, and naked man… 

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Hi there everyone!

As sadly happens so often, someone has decided to crap all over my blog by hitting me with spam. I'm getting about a dozen "comments" a day from a spammer, and while I can delete each comment one by one, I cannot block the spammer. Hopefully this spam storm will blow over soon, but if not, then I may have to consider abandoning this blog.

It royally sucks when one person decides to ruin something fun for everyone else, doesn't it?

Anyway, if my blog suddenly disappears in the weeks ahead, then it's because I got tired of dealing with spam. I just wanted to let you all know ahead of time, in case it comes to that.


Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Ravaging of Giovanni - Original Version

“The Ravaging of Giovanni” By

        Eager to improve on his bodybuilding and martial arts skills with the use of steroids, Giovanni reports to the doctor's private laboratory located in the abandon industrial park. Giovanni walks in to the dingy and musky office, and is immediately intimidated by Dr. Onan’s presence. Giovanni’s five foot and eight inch Filipino body is buff and well defined, but the doctor is a powerhouse of muscle easily twice his size.  The doctor was equally impressed with Giovanni, specifically, the sizable bulge of his manhood pressing against the inside of his blue jean cut-offs.  The one size to small tank top Giovanni was wearing showcased a major set of guns and did the best it could to cover his chiseled chest.  The doctor knew immediately that he was indeed the perfect subject for his experiments.

     “Hi, I’m Giovanni, my sensei sent me…”
     “Strip” Dr. Onan’s Russian accent interrupts him.
     “Hey dude, I just came here to get…connected.  You know, steroids”
     “Not without exam.  Strip.”

        Giovanni ponders leaving for a moment, but it took him too long to get hooked up with this guy since his last contact got arrested, so he begins to strip by kicking off his flip-flops.  Just three undersized articles of clothing kept the boy from breaking laws against nudity.  As Giovanni peals the clothing from his muscular body, each reveal confirms the doctor’s judgment of his capacity. When Giovanni is down to just his jock strap, the doctor almost loses his composure at the sight of what he knows will soon be the next trophy on his wall.  The pouch of the athletic supporter is stretched well beyond its design limits as his carefully balanced privates roll and peek out from the sides of the skimpy garment.  As Giovanni pushes off this last little bit of clothing, his freakishly huge cock and balls are revealed.  His colossal testicles drop, fully extending his scrotum until the sack is tight.  A phallus with enormous girth and significant length, heaves forward and swings low, seeming to inhale as it comes to rest above his knees.  As the boy shifts his weight, the Herculean cock sways gently against a set of hefty balls that roll across muscular thighs.  Giovanni's unclad body stands proudly before Dr. Onan.  Years of Judo and bodybuilding have turned him into a Filipino god of tight flesh and rippling muscle.  Dr. Onan swiftly walks over to Giovanni and harpoons him in his ass with a syringe.

     “Fuck, that hurt!  What was that?”

     “Vitamin cocktail.”

     “How about a little warning next time, Doc?”  The boy protests.

     With a quick grasp on his shoulder Dr. Onan marches the boy out another door.  Giovanni, now nude and stripped of dignity, is guided down a long and dark hallway.  His bare feet stumble over the uneven floors and through puddles of water.  Unknowingly, a cow being lead off to slaughter.  Onan can’t keep his eyes of Giovanni’s privates as the boy’s thighs play a naughty game of tennis with his thick penis.  As he walks his legs paddle the plump head of his cock back and forth.  Giovanni is put off by the condition of the building.

     “What a Dump.”

     “Yes, but rent is cheap.”

        "Where are we going?"

        "To finish the testing." Dr. Onan's response is curt.

        "What about my clothes?" Giovanni asks.

        "You won't need them any more."

        Giovanni is spooked, "What did you mean by that?  I think I’ll go home now."

        "Amazing how a stack of muscles like you can be such a pussy."

     That shuts up Giovanni as they walk into a dilapidated room that is lit by a small dingy window and a glass door.   The boy recognizes his jeep through the window and thinks of making a nude sprint for his car. 

     “Is that your vehicle?”  Onan asks.

     “Yeah, I didn’t know where the front door was.  I had to walk around this whole building.  If you give me a minute, I can park it in a better spot.”

     “It can wait.”

     As Giovanni’s eyes adjust to the dim conditions, he sees a metal butchers table, an old desk and a chair are the only furnishings.  Water boils frantically in a coffeepot.  Giovanni becomes anxious not only by this site, but from the smell as well.  A scent that is more familiar to an adult movie theater.  The doctor guides the stud against the table and falls to his knees confronting Giovanni's raw beauty and his exposed massive manhood.  With firm hands, he rolls Giovanni's huge penis between his fingertips.  Giovanni is dismayed by the aggressive handling of his goods, but is willing to put up with the doctor’s antics to get the drugs he wants.
     "Never have I seen genitalia of such gross excess" Dr. Onan quietly remarks.

     "You can thank my father for that" is Giovanni's sheepish reply.

     “Your sizable ham and eggs would make an excellent addition to any collection of hunting trophies mounted on a wall.”

     “Yeah, right.”  Giovanni laughs nervously, but little does he know the doctor was not kidding.  That is exactly what Onan has planned for the boy’s manly package.

     “Have ever considered doing adult video?”

     “Dr. Onan, really.”

     “Nothing to be shamed of.  I have many clients in that line of work.”

     “Well if you must know, some old guy once paid me a lot of money to jack-off at a nude beach while he video taped me.”

     “Ah yes, you’re the one on rock surrounded by waves while doing fellatio on yourself.  I thought to recognized you.”

     “You mean that old fuck is showing that tape around town?”

     “Actually, selling many copies for big price, on web-site”

     “Well fuck me!  I’m going to kill that bastard.”

     Dr. Onan laughs, “You already porn star and did not know.”

     “And I thought he was doing me a favor when he gave me a copy.”

     Dr. Onan then brushes his meat to one side and starts juggling his voluminous balls with both hands.  After a few minutes, the doctor pulls out his stethoscope and holds it to Giovanni’s sack.  He asks the boy to cough and as Giovanni complies, his nuts wiggle in the doctor’s hand.

     "Perfect.  Absolutely perfect for the needs of my pets."  Onan mutters.

        "What was that, Doctor?"

        "I was not talking to you."

   After minutes of this, the doctor releases his hold on the boy.  With a touch to Giovanni's hip, Dr. Onan guides the nude stack of muscles to turn away and face the exam table.  As the stud turns, he starts to feel lightheaded. 

     “Hey dude, what vitamins did you say were in that shot?  I don’t feel right.”

     The doctor doesn’t answer as he places one hand on Giovanni’s thigh and the other on his back, guiding the dizzy boy to bend over the examination table.  The doctor's firm touch makes Giovanni compliant as he grabs onto the cold metal of the table.  The underdeveloped muscle in Giovanni’s head begins to suspect that there were more than vitamins in that shot.  Dr. Onan stands, places one hand on the back of the studs neck, licks the long middle finger on his other hand, and then without warning or permission, plunges his finger into Giovanni's tight muscular ass. Giovanni lurches and tries to brake free, but the doctor's single digit grip has great authority.
     "Ow!  Hey!  What are you doing to me?”  Giovanni shouts out.

        "Relax, boy while I examine you.  This probe will only take several minutes."

     After ten minutes of fingering the stud’s manhole, the doctor finally pulls his finger out of Giovanni's ass and surreptitiously raises his hand to his nose and takes in the boy's perfume for a moment.  Then he sucks on what little of Giovanni's juices accumulated on his trespassing digit.  Then with two fingers, the doctor fiercely reenters the boy’s ass.  Giovanni recoils and tries to stand, but the doctor over powers him and forces him face down on to the cold metal of the table.

     “Hey!  That really hurts!”

     "Shut up, boy!"

     “This ain’t cool!  Take your fingers out of my ass now, you mother fucker!”

     “Take like man and learn to like it, muscle boy.”

     Secure in the knowledge that his prey is now properly sedated, the doctors fingering becomes more aggressive as his long and thick digits painfully pop the Filipino’s cherry.  Giovanni refuses to believe his body is being violated like this.  He struggles helplessly with huge muscles that are now too weak from the drugs.  The pain of insertion gives way to the odd sensation of an uncaring probe removing any last trace of virginity that Giovanni may have had. Then the doctor finds what he has barbarically been searching for and presses down with great force on Giovanni's prostate.  With youthful autonomic response, the boy's body responds quickly with an erection. 

     “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

     “I think I am having fun.”  Onan laughs.

     “What?  Oh, no fucking way.”

     Giovanni can no longer deny what is taking place on and in his body.  The once proud assemblage of muscles starts to quiver like a frightened schoolgirl as he realizes that he is being, RAPED!  Giovanni takes what’s left of his strength and tries to break free once more, but he is now as frail as a kitten.  All the boy can do is scream.  But this little struggle still earns him the doctor’s ire.  Onan rips his fingers out of the boy’s glory hole and races around.  He whips off his belt and tightly binds Giovanni’s hands to the far edge of the table. 

     “Hey!  Don’t do this to me, man!  Okay, okay, wait a minute.  Untie me and I’ll do what ever you want.”  The boy pleads.

     “You already are doing what I want.”

     The doctor then pulls two sets of handcuffs out from the desk and locks the boy’s ankles down to the legs of the table.  Onan grabs him by his ponytail and yanks up his head.
     “Now you struggle all you want, you go nowhere!  I no more nice guy, I get busy on your man pussy now, boy!”

     As the doctor strolls back to the boy’s rear, he caresses the tight body and then slaps his firm ass for a while.  The boy distresses over his fate as the doctor punishes his hard buttocks until they’re bright red.  Onan then pulls a seat up to Giovanni’s ass and sits down for the feast he’s been looking forward to.  He buries his face into the boy’s ass and starts with a simple licking of his manhole.  His tongue digs deep into Giovanni’s glory.  As Onan revels in his feast, Giovanni fights off the thought that this new sensation actually feels good.  But all too soon, the boy screams out in pain as the smooth tongue gives way to vicious teeth that chew down on the Filipino dish.  The doctor spreads his butt-cheeks apart to the point of almost tearing Giovanni’s brown-eye open.  Onan sucks powerfully at the stud’s anus.  Giovanni feels like he’s being pulled inside out.  He is dizzy from his endless screaming and squirming.  The doctor flicks his tongue at the bits of anal flesh that are trapped between his teeth.  Desperately, Giovanni tries to fend off the doctor’s appetite by letting go of what’s left of his morning power meal.  But to Giovanni’s disgust, Onan chows down on the anal discharge like an undisciplined kid sucking on the end of a frozen yogurt machine.  The boy almost tosses his cookies at the thought of what Onan is doing, of what he is eating.  After Giovanni gives his all, the doctor wipes his lips with the back of his hand.

     “I love eating Asian.  Always so spicy.” Onan teases.

     “You disgusting sick fuck!  Oh please dude, just let me the fuck out of here and I wont say a thing to anyone!”

     “Shut up, boy.”

     Giovanni begs, “Just let me go and I’ll let you eat all of my shit!  I’ll shit as much as you want!  Huh, is that what you want from me?  I can do that for you!  I want too, really!  All the spicy shit you want!  Huh?”

     “Let me spell out for you.  You never leave here and your body now belongs to me!  This is the rest of your life.”

     Onan sticks his finger into Giovanni’s ass and pulls out a dollop of the boy’s shit.  He swings a hard punch in to Giovanni’s kidney.  As the stud cries out in agony, Onan shoves the slug of excrement into the boy’s mouth.  Giovanni gags to the point of barfing.  Copious amounts of vomit violently gush out from his mouth, flooding across the table and then pooling under his arms and chest.  Giovanni, still gagging on the taste of his own shit, starts to cry hysterically.

     “Oh God!  Oh God!  Oh God help me!  I’m in hell!  I’m in hell!”

     Onan mocks him, “Oh poor baby, you did not like that?  Let’s see if you like this, my little cry baby.”

     The doctor reinserts his fingers into Giovanni’s anus, but this time he forces his whole hand into the boy’s ass.  Giovanni screams out in agony and panics uncontrollably as the doctor twists his fist around inside the stud.  The doctor reinserts his fist over and over, then faster and faster, until he’s doing it with the force of a boxer hitting a punching bag.  Each punch causes Giovanni’s walloping stiff cock to slap against the undercarriage of the table. The doctor’s free hand forces its way through Giovanni's thunderous thighs and callously grabs onto his nuts.  Onan yanks violently on his colossal family jewels to raise his ass higher, giving is fist deeper reach in to sobbing mass of beef. His cock swings like a pendulum across the surface of the table, leaving a trail of pre-cum in its wake.  Giovanni‘s expelled tears, mucus, and saliva coat a face that is red with pain. Judo never taught him how to get out of this hold.

        "Perfect.  Absolutely perfect." The doctor muses.

     Giovanni’s once tight and beautiful asshole is now a loose tenderized mess of blood and shit.  His glory hole is now so numb, that it allows the Filipino’s uncontrolled hysteria to simmer down to a steady painful moan.  The doctor eventually stops when he tiers of this exercise.  He releases his hold on Giovanni’s nuts and his limp body falls to the table pinning his hard cock between him and the cold metal.  Onan releases the cuffs from Giovanni’s ankles and spreads his legs causing them to drape towards the floor.  The fluids of Giovanni’s emotional breakdown glue his face to the table.  Onan reaches over to his desk and grabs a teapot of boiling water and pours it over Giovanni’s ass.  The near searing liquid burns its way into the open wounds that once was his anus. Giovanni starts screaming again, his body heaves violently and he raises his head to look back.  Onan swings the glass pot and smashes it over the boy’s head, knocking him senseless.  Blood gushes out from beneath his hair and mixes with his tears.

     “Don’t look pussy boy!  You cry like little girl you pussy boy!  You disgust me!  You have such big muscles but you cry like little pussy boy you are!  Go, cry, cry all you want, nobody hear you!  We all alone here in middle of nowhere!  Just you and me pussy boy!  Just you and me!

     Dr. Onan drops his pants, revealing a harden cock that almost rivals Giovanni’s huge phallus.  Without hesitation or lubrication, Onan fucks the boy’s numb ass.  As his body rolls around on his cock, the only indication Giovanni has of the violations taking place in his ass is the back and forth motions of his body causing his face to smear bloody and emotional juices across the table.  Shards of glass grind between his face and the cold hard metal of the table.  Giovanni’s huge balls madly slap against the table’s edge.  A face that could have launched a thousand ships now looks it has launch a thousand ships.  As painful and humiliating as it was to be fucked by a man, he was grateful it didn’t hurt as much as the fierce fisting he had received.  And as he started to convince himself that being fucked actually felt good, he was able to stop crying for a moment and catch his breath.  He then knew that there was only way for Onan to successfully get away with a crime of this magnitude. Giovanni realized that Onan has to kill him.  The logic was cold, simple and true.  With his beautiful body trashed, his humanity stripped away, and his manhood compromised, he did not wish to go on anymore.  Even if someone did manage to rescue him, what was there to rescue? Onan had successfully crushed Giovanni’s spirit.  Giovanni readied himself for the sweet release that only death could bring.  The boy closed his eyes as he drifted in to an unconscious bliss.

          It wasn’t until after Dr. Onan had shot his load that he realized his new sex toy had passed out.  He unties the hands and flips the limp heap of muscles on to its back.  Arms and legs spread out and daggle flaccid over the table’s edge.  The forced erection now towers majestically over its host’s body.  The doctor is astonished at the site of the excessively massive cock throbbing to the beat of a frantic heart.  With consternation, Onan grabs onto the mighty phallus, shakes it vigorously and then slaps it around for a while.  The cock remains rigid as a liberal amount of pre-cum surges from its tip.  The doctor aims the shaft of flesh at his mouth and samples a taste, and it is sweet.  Seminal fluid meanders down the side of the soaring cock like wax on a burning candle.  Both of the doctor’s hands reach out and work the clear fluid around the throbbing member. The massage becomes more and more energetic and then rude over the next half hour, until, the mountain of flesh erupts with a pearlescent magma.  A fountain of sperm floods a terrain of placid muscle.  Dr. Onan falls back when he’s hit by the persistent orgasm.  After nearly a minute, the torrent of semen throttles down to a trickle.  Rivers of white flow through valleys between muscles and then descend down cliffs of tight flesh, forming pools of life generating juices around the unconscious body.  Dr. Onan wipes the boy’s sperm from his face and is greatly disturbed by what he’s just witnessed.
     “What are you, boy?  Are you a god or just a freak of nature?  What or who created that monster between your legs?  I will cut off that beast of yours and take it for my own!”

     Onan grapples the mighty cock and pulls a switchblade from his back pocket.  The blade springs open as he holds it against the base of the shaft.  Just as he’s about to cut the member free from its owner, he calms down and reconsiders the mutilation about to take place.

     “No, not yet. I need you intact for the experiment.  I will deal with you later.”

     Onan puts his blade away and wheels the table and its contents out to the deserted street.  The doctor walks back to the office, leaving the emasculated body to bake in the hot summer sun.  As the minutes pass by, the bodily fluids that coat the young flesh start to crust over. The proud cock slowly relaxes, coming to rest on a bed of chiseled abs.   Flies congregate on the body and concentrate their efforts around the face and groin.  Just as they start to feast, the insects are frightened off by a spray of water from a hose in Onan’s clutches.  He returns to wash off the mess that was Giovanni.  The water turns the dry fluids into a pink tea that cascade off the table and to the gutters beyond.  The water also brings the boy back to this world.

     Giovanni slowly opens his eyes.  With the cool water flowing across his body and the bright light in his eyes, he thinks he is entering heaven.  But then his view of the sun is replaced with the face of Dr. Onan.

     “You awake now?  Here, have drink.”

     Onan shoves the hose into the boy’s mouth.  As he chokes on the water, Giovanni hasn’t the strength or desire to fight back and lies limp and spread-eagle in the midday sun. He hopes the water will drown him as Onan washes the cruel morning from his ravaged body.  The doctor’s ruff hands scrub away at his muscles, his face and spends some time on his hefty package.  The hose is then crammed up his ass washing out Onan’s residue.  Then he feels the doctor’s hands clamp around his neck as the flow of air to his lungs is cut off.  Is this the death that Giovanni has been looking forward too?  Dr. Onan looks into the boy’s eyes.

     “You go to sleep now.”

     “Kill me.  Please, kill me.” Giovanni pleads.

     “No boy, that honor belongs to something else.”

     As Giovanni’s world fades to black, he looks at the sun for what he knows will be his last time.  In what seemed to be a blink of an eye, Giovanni awakes sometime later to a new world that is dark and filled with lights coming from machines.  As he slowly regains his senses, he sees that he is still naked.  Thick metal shackles around his arms and legs restrain him vertically to a huge steel pipe in the middle of this room.  His time out has allowed a filament of hope to return to him.  However, that hope may be short-lived as the familiar figure of Dr. Onan emerges from the shadows.  As the doctor approaches, Giovanni starts to cry and tries to squirm out of restraints that are much stronger than him.  Onan casually reaches out and handles Giovanni’s impressive man-meat.

     “It is pity you have to die.  I would like to tame this beast of yours before I cut it off from your body.

     Giovanni doesn’t believe what he just heard. “WHAT?”

     Onan pulls out his knife and holds it to the boy’s face.  “When I done with your body and you are dying, I will stick this blade into your body just behind scrotum.”

     Onan demonstrates with his other hand as he jabs Giovanni in that very spot with his fingertips.  “Then I slice back and forth and work the blade up through your body, cutting your manhood free from your loins.  Then I use my taxidermist skills to preserve and mount your impressive genitals to a beautiful piece of wood.  And I will even hang in the right center of my trophy wall, a true place of honor for such a proud addition to my collection.  Oh, I wish you could see it”

     Giovanni starts to hyperventilate as fear of his fait sets in.  Onan pockets his knife, reaches out and strokes the boy’s massive but flaccid cock.

     “You like me to rub you out one last orgasm before you are dead?”

        "You God damned mother fucker.  I hope you rot in hell you perverted..."

        But Giovanni's ranting and attempts to escape are cut short when Dr. Onan pulls a remote control out of his pocket and thumbs the center button.  A low but powerful electrical current surges through the boy's body.  All of his huge muscles are frozen in a permanent flex by the electricity that races from cuff to cuff by way of his body.  Dr. Onan takes the rest of the day to enjoy the view of Giovanni's weighty package joggling to the motions of his electrocuted body.  Giovanni glares at the doctor and tries to spit at him every now and then, but the best he can do is drool. 

     Many hours later, Onan walks over to the vibrating heap of young muscles, and begins to molest him for a while.  Giovanni can barely feel the doctor’s violations through all the pain.  Finally, Onan smiles and walks out of the room. Giovanni occupies his time with thoughts of escape and revenge as he pisses on himself for a third time.  But then those thoughts are interrupted by the sound of two sets of footsteps coming down the hall.  Dr. Onan walks into the room followed by Giovanni's sensei.  Giovanni can't believe his eyes, but there he is.  The two men then turn and kiss each other passionately in full view of Giovanni.  The betrayal becomes all too apparent and hopelessness challenges him once again.  Giovanni's sensei was the one who sent him here and the only one who knew where he was going.  The doctor uses the remote to reduce the electrocution to half power, giving Giovanni the opportunity to express himself through the tears.

        "How could you Sensei?  WHY?" Giovanni cries out.

     Sensei coldly replies, "For our perverse pleasures, my boy.  And ever since I saw that video of yours, the one where you eat yourself and devour all three of your own ejaculations, I knew you would be perfect for our desires.”

     "But Sensei!" Giovanni sobs.  “You took me in as your own son. You personally trained me for years to be one of the best.  And I grew to loved you like the father I never…”
     With Judo precision, the sensei shuts up Giovanni with a bludgeoning back of the hand to his face.
     “You have never been anything more than this to me, just some dumb animal that has been fed and primed for slaughter.  This moment is what I’ve been training you for.”
     Giovanni rambles hysterically. “You’re lying!  You loved me!  You said so!  You can’t mean this!”

     The sensei makes way as the doctor wheels over an aquarium.  Dozens of slug like creatures cling to the walls of the tank.

     Giovanni pleads more desperately now.  “Tell me what I did wrong and I’ll be a good boy!  Please Sensei, please!  I’ll make it right!  I’ll do what ever you want!  Oh God, this can’t be happening to me!”
     Dr. Onan plucks out a handful of the leeches and walks over to Giovanni.  The sensei takes one and holds it up to his student's face for one last lesson.

     “They are semen leeches, the doctor will insert them into that huge cock of yours.  They will claw their way to those man-milk producing orbs between your legs.  There, they will latch on and feed on your sperm until their bodies have become fully distended."

     "Oh God, oh God, oh God, this can’t be happening to me!”  Giovanni prays.

     The doctor adds, "Don't worry, the pain of their migration should drive you insane and then make your heart fail long before they become fully engorged.  It's quite Zen-like really, your body continuing to provide pleasure and sustenance long after its death.

     Desperately, Giovanni asks, "Why, Sensei?  Why are you doing this to me?"

        Sensei instructs him, "Giovanni, you know the art we practice is largely about enduring pain.  So, the next logical step after that is the enjoyment of pain.  And with the ability to enjoy high levels of pain comes, rapture.  But since such enjoyment is usually accompanied by death, we must be content to only witness such pleasure.  But you, my prodigy, will know this rapture.  And you are our conduit to that exalted and divine level of emotion.  Goodbye, Giovanni"

     Giovanni is consumed by disbelief and desperation.  The sensei hands the semen leech back to Dr. Onan.  Dr. Onan walks over to Giovanni and kneels before him.  Giovanni tries to regain control of his body from the electricity running through him one more time, but he can't even manage to unclench his fist.  The doctor takes hold of Giovanni's ample phallus and guides a semen leech to its maw.  The leech doesn't take to Giovanni at first, but once the doctor massages some seminal fluid out of the boy, the leech quickly takes the scent.

     Desperately, Giovanni cries out, "Oh God, this is not happening!  Please don't do this to me!  I'll do anything you..."

        Giovanni's last plea is cut off by his own screams, as the semen leech digs in and starts to claw its way up his dick.  The pain is unlike anything he's ever experienced.  How could so much pain come from such a little creature?  The leech's tiny claws dig in quick and hard, shredding the inner walls of Giovanni's cock.  It then swiftly squeezes its entire body inside the doomed boy's penis.  Giovanni can feel the beast is now half way up his member and can hardly breath through his screaming.  The boy dares to look down and can make out the leech's stirrings through the thick flesh of his meat.  And the sight of blood dripping out of his penis is more than he can bear.  Extreme pressure quickly builds up in his head as the pain causes massive synaptic discharge, overloading the neurons of his brain.  He can feel his psyche starting to slip away as he becomes delirious and confused. 

     Giovanni regains control of his thoughts just long enough to see his cock is engorged to its full glory.  An erection caused by the current location of the leech in his reproductive system, but the added pressure is killing him.  The doctor coaxes a second semen leech in to his ruined manhood.  Giovanni tries to look away as the second leech enters him.  The pain of the two leeches ravaging his manhood almost proves too much for him as he chokes on his tongue.  The sensei quickly reaches into Giovanni’s mouth and straightens out the oral muscle, allowing the boy to breath.

     The sensei commands him, “Not yet my son.  You have a ways to go first.”

     He can feel the first leech reaching the base of his scrotum while the second does even more damage to the deep recesses of his loins.  Just as he thought it was impossible for the pain to get worse, the first leech reaches his right testicle and bites down hard.  This new level of pain pushes Giovanni far beyond his grasp on this reality.  Everything he knows and everything he is drift away as the overcharged neurons start to burn out like bulbs on an old string of Christmas lights.  The over pressured blood vessels in his brain burst like fireworks.  And just as the last neurons wither away, his screaming stops.  Giovanni now knows the euphoria, ecstasy and rapture that his sensei spoke of, the nirvana that exists only on that fine line between life and death.  Then all to soon, these precious last thoughts fade away.  Even though the body breathes and the heart beats on, Giovanni is gone.  What little of his brain that survives is like that of a feebleminded dog.

     Dr. Onan and the sensei have mad torrid sex at the foot of the silent shrine that was Giovanni.  As the two men are about to finish up, Dr. Onan notices, much to his surprise, Giovanni's heart is kept pumping by a brain that is now nothing more than a triple A battery.  Not being ones to pass on perverted opportunities, the two men release the stack of muscles from the restraints and leash him up like the dog he’s become.  They guide this sexual beast of burden over to a bed in the next room.  Though blood still courses through Giovanni's body, the only signs of brain activity come from his ability to walk and feel to pain. Pain caused by the semen leeches that continue to feed on the retarded stud’s balls.  Giovanni's body was now part of their perversions as the two of them took turns fucking his beautiful ass.  Forcing a blowjob out of a nearly comatose Giovanni was easy with the use of a special rig applied to the boy’s mouth.  And this macabre three-way went on for days and then weeks. The sensei and the doctor become captivated by the boy’s ability to survive the constant and vigorous abuses and violations that are done to his body.  Eventually, they invite a few privileged friends over to join in and have a crack at him.

     Once the leeches have had their fill, they leave the way they came.  Though mostly brain-dead, the boy reacts violently to the leech’s exodus and even more again when Dr. Onan introduces new leeches into the dumb boy’s massive cock.  Now nothing more than a breathing sex toy, he spends his last few days tied to the end of a leash, at the feet of his masters.  A beast of sexual burden, he unconsciously takes on the severe abuse, pain and humiliation dispensed from his owners.  Whips, paddles and chains are his only stimuli.  The semen leeches are his pets.  The electrocution post is his bed.  His body is repeatedly given over to the depraved and perverted aristocracy who are more than delighted to abuse his body.  His geyser-like ejaculations are the stuff of local folklore and worship, as many believe his sperm to have youth preserving properties.  The late Giovanni encouraged worship of his collection of muscles and genitalia, and was now unable to protest the pain and suffering inflicted on to his young and tight brown flesh. 

     Every so often, the doctor and the sensei would let this beast that was once a young man out of his kennel, and wash him down with a fire hose.  They would take it for walks and feed it dog food in between its sexual duties.  Once every morning, they attach a sump pump to the boy’s morning wood too suck out a pure sample of his semen for future cloning efforts.  On two occasions, they release the boy into the woods.  Then with bow and arrow, hunted him down like the beast he’d become.  This goes on for three weeks until the semen leeches, constant abuses and sexual performances take their toll on the sex toy’s body.  The slovenly stud’s heart starts to give out.  Too weak to move or even have a prolonged erection, it has out lived its usefulness to the doctor and the sensei.   

     The doctor fulfills the destiny he had earlier reveled to the boy, to collect a souvenir of their time together.  Onan binds the living sex toy to the electrocution post and electrifies him one last time.  The muscles of the sex beast tighten up as its eyes roll back.  And then, like a master thespian taking one last bow, the mighty phallus swells up to its full glory and becomes erect one last time.  Onan whips out his pocketknife, takes a chokehold on the young man's junk and prepares to slice it from the once proud body.  As the knife is shoved through the base of his ball sack and then his cock, the boy lets out a blood-curdling scream that bellows out of the building and echoes through the surrounding valley.  As Onan’s blade exits the body just above the base of the penis, the screaming stops.  Blood drains out of the boy and coats the floor.  The beautiful olive brown tone of his skin slowly fades to a deadlier hue.  The doctor looks up to a pair of eyes that seem to be looking back at him.  Could it be one last glimmer of Giovanni, the doctor ponders.  With both hands, he holds the severed and still erect genitals up to the boy’s face and presses them against his lips.

     Onan offers the boy one last perversion.  “You like to kiss them good bye?”

     A tear rolls down Giovanni’s cheek as he takes one last breath and spits on Onan’s face. 

     Onan laughs, “You earned that.  Now go to sleep.  It’s all over.”

     The doctor turns off the electrocution post and the boy’s muscle simmer down to a dead calm.  Giovanni's last protest is nothing more than a couple of flinches across his body and the last few beats of his heart as his head rests into his chest.   Giovanni's burial is short and covert.  They place the naked and ravaged body in his jeep and drive it over to a nearby wrecking yard, where both beautiful bodies of Giovanni and his jeep are crushed and folded into a net little cube.  Later that night, with great care and craftsmanship, the doctor preserves and then mounts Giovanni’s huge manhood to a plaque.  He hangs his new artwork on the center of his wall, beside his diplomas, precious keepsakes and other trophies. 

     Those of you wishing to pay your last respects to Giovanni can either visit his cock and balls hanging in Onan’s house, at your own risk of course.  Or can visit his body at the sensei's backyard where Giovanni, and twenty-one other cubes of former students and their cars, have been arranged to form a shrine, a shrine honoring all those that have their lives stolen while testing the ultimate limits of pain and pleasure.  The sensei is currently looking for his next prodigy.