Sunday, May 30, 2021

The G - Part 5

In this penultimate chapter, David (our narrator) has to come to grips with the fact that he needs to leave town for a couple of months, leaving behind the gorgeous muscle freak who he has only just met. He worries about what will be waiting for him when he finally returns, and whether Joe will even want him anymore, but what he discovers on his return trip is perhaps the most shocking revelation yet! 


The G

Part 5

The Pool

I arrived back at The G with more than ten minutes to spare, so I sat in the parking lot for five agonizingly long minutes before getting out of my car. The gym was obviously empty, with only minimal lighting coming from within, so I used my personal key to get in through the front door, and then used the key that Joe had given me to lock that door from the inside. Now no one could disturb our privacy. 

I’d barely used the indoor swimming pool during my stay in town, but I knew where it was, so I followed the lighted corridor around to the back of the building, and that’s where I found him. Joe was sprawled out on a towel at poolside, his nearly naked body looking as massive and magnificent as ever in the relatively dim lighting. In fact, all of the lights inside the room had been turned off except for the several spotlights shining from beneath the surface of the pool itself, so the only other illumination came from the clear panels of the enormous skylight overhead, which let in the moonlight and starlight, adding an extra magical quality to the lighting by limning Joe’s beyond-herculean body in a silvery glow. 

Joe had obviously heard me coming down the hall, for he rose up on one elbow, smiled at me as he appraised me from head to foot, and said, “I thought I wrote to wear casual.” I laughed in response, and he chuckled as well, as I quickly stripped out of my shorts and t-shirt, leaving me in just my skimpy bathing slip, the large pouch in front straining pornographically with my own enormous endowment. 

My staggeringly handsome muscle bull gracefully got to his feet as well, and that’s when I saw that he was wearing some sort of black, spandex-like shorts that clung to him like a second skin. The strong, extremely stretchy fabric somehow managed to contain his obscenely oversized genitals, though it was clear that his mammoth penis had been curled up and over the stud’s melon-sized nuts, and that the huge, bulbous glans must have been tucked up against his own taint. The resulting crotch bulge was so unbelievably colossal that it reminded me of one of those large inflated plastic balls that guests used on the gym floor for various ab workouts, only instead of one enormous sphere, Joe’s bulge showed every delicious curve of his two goliath sperm tanks, and every glorious inch of his arching mule dick. The shorts themselves looked like they were heat-shrunk onto him, and heaven knows how he managed to put them on at all. 

I know that I must have been smiling like some sort of simpleton, but I couldn’t help it as I rushed into his open arms and threw my own arms around as much of his titanic form as I could. Big as I was, my hands couldn’t meet across his insanely wide back! The wondrous heat coming off of his gargantuan muscles more than counteracted the slight chill in the room, and I melted into his tight embrace. I was so accustomed to being taller and larger than most of the men I’d been with that it was an odd, but very pleasant, sensation to be so completely enveloped inside another man’s arms. 

We stood that way for a long time, wordlessly holding each other tight and enjoying the press of our nearly naked bodies together. Joe bent his head down and placed it next to mine, while my own face was buried against the man’s enormously muscular and intensely sexy bull neck. After a time, we both pulled back just enough so that we could gaze into each other’s eyes, and it felt like a lifetime of communication passed between us though our eyes alone. 

Suddenly, Joe’s gorgeous green eyes took on a mischievous sparkle, and I instantly knew what he was about to do, though I was powerless to stop him. The huge muscle man effortlessly scooped up my 285-pound form in his titanically muscular arms, and then the laughing giant hurled me into the pool. And I mean HURLED! Joe flung me with such incredible force and power that I sailed in a great arc, my big limbs flailing, and I landed in the center of the huge, Olympic-sized pool. Damn, but that man was strong!! I quickly rose to the surface of the water, sputtering and sluicing my blond hair out of my eyes, just in time to see Joe jump in after me. He was again displaying those tremendously graceful movements that were so difficult to reconcile with his behemoth size as he expertly dove into the pool, creating very little splash in the process but displacing so much water that a large wave pushed me back another couple of feet. 

I could see Joe’s massive form gliding under the water like some great muscular sea beast, but then the limited lighting and the strange optics of the rippling surface hid him from view. I slowly swam to the other end of the pool, expecting him to surface at any moment. I reached the side, gripped the edge, and waited. 

And waited. 

And waited. 

With anyone else, I would have started to become worried, but I knew that Joe was just goofing around with me. Still, after more than two minutes went by, I popped my head back under the surface and looked for him. The chlorine stung my eyes for a few moments, but even after my vision adjusted, I couldn’t see more than a few yards. I swam slowly, looking around, coming up for air several times myself, but still no Joe. It had to be more than four or five minutes at this point, and even I had started becoming nervous. 

All of a sudden, I saw a figure moving through the water with incredible speed, coming right toward me. And then he surfaced, jumping off the bottom, which caused a small tsunami to crash into me, pushing me away from him just enough that we didn’t collide. His huge traps and goliath shoulders broke the surface like a mountainous island made of muscle. Joe just grinned at me, not the least bit winded, water streaming off of his face and shoulders. There is something about muscle and water that simply go together, and watching the water cascade off of him multiplied the sheer pleasure of looking at him. 

“Showoff!” I said, and he smiled even bigger, a shit-eating grin that was both exasperating and intensely sexy. “Do you have gills under your arms or something?!” I said. “You must have been under for more than five minutes!” Joe’s rasping chuckle reverberated off of the walls, almost echoing with the acoustics of the large indoor pool, as he swam with slow, measured strokes, still looking at me as he got farther toward the center of the pool. I guess that I shouldn’t have been surprised at Joe’s ability to stay underwater for so long; I mean, the guy had such an astounding lung capacity that he probably would have found living at the top of the Himalayas a minor nuisance. 

I swam towards him, but just as I came within reach, he lunged away, laughing playfully. The water streamed over the mighty muscular bulges of his back like some great cascading waterfall, and I longed to touch them once again. I swam towards him again, but he dove once more, evading my grasp and teasing me. ‘Oh no you don’t!’ I thought to myself, and began to doggedly pursue him throughout the pool. 

Now I’m a damn strong swimmer, but Joe was like some big, muscular, warm-blooded fish, and try as I might, he was simply too fast and too nimble in the water, and I just couldn’t catch him! He would tease me, waving under water, and then surface seconds later somewhere behind me. It was maddening, but fun at the same time. We must have played like that for a good half an hour, laughing and splashing like a couple of school kids. Over time, he’d allow me to come closer and closer, sometimes letting me touch his skin or try to grab hold of him before swimming away. The guy was like an eel, though, slippery as hell, and his muscles were just so damn huge that I couldn’t grab hold well enough to hold on. I managed to grab one of his traps, a shoulder, a bicep, one of his wing-like lats, but they were just too insanely big, too ginormously thick, and he’d quickly wriggle out of my grasp and swim farther away, taunting me. 

Once, I managed to snag an arm around his bison neck, and I hauled myself forward so that I was bearing down onto both of his massive traps, trying to dunk him under. But Joe simply added a little extra force to his strokes, effortlessly treading water while supporting my weight on top of him, so that I ended up propped out of the water all the way to nearly mid thigh! Then all of a sudden, he sank straight down, taking me with him. I sputtered back up to the surface, spitting water out of my mouth as he escaped yet again, but this time his black shorts floated up to the surface just after I did. 

Seconds later, Joe surfaced clear at the other end of the pool, a huge grin on his devastatingly handsome face. In that deep, rumbling voice of his, he said, “Can you say ‘motivation’?” We both laughed at that, and I immediately started swimming toward him, determined to capture my elusive muscular merman. 

Just as I neared him, Joe swam towards me, a tactic I didn’t expect, and then right as I was upon him, he once again turned and dodged away. But I was faster this time, and I managed to grab him by his ankle, one of the very few parts of his monstrously huge body that I could actually grip with one hand. I held on for dear life as he dove deep, dunking me under and dragging me along with him at a surprising speed. He must have hauled me along for several dozen yards before I lost my grip and he got away once again, resurfacing and laughing. 

I could see his unbelievably huge body writhe around under the water, his colossal legs slowly pumping, their long muscle bellies flexing and bulging into fantastic shapes. It was maddening to look at the sheer size of them, and even his swimming moves were different, adapted to a man of his freakishly enormous size. 

His gigantic flaccid cock trailed after him as he slowly swam away using a powerful breast stroke, looking like a long tail of sorts, or maybe even a rudder, and suddenly I got an idea. 

I surfaced, panting, and stayed put until he started teasing, coming nearer and nearer when he saw I wasn’t going to move. He breathed slowly, making bubbles in the water by submerging himself until just his green eyes and the top of his dark-haired head were visible above the water. Even without seeing the bottom half of his face, I could see that Joe was smiling, thoroughly enjoying out little game of ‘keep away’. I slipped out of my swimsuit under water and flung it at him, which he easily avoided, chuckling. Then I started slowly advancing, but of course, he saw what I was up to instantly, but continued to tease, as I knew he would, swimming backwards and allowing me to slowly close the distance between us. Then, just as I was almost within reach, I lunged forwards with all of the power I could muster and grabbed at him. As Joe lunged backwards, my hands glided over his mammoth pecs and down the slippery cobblestones of his big abs, and then slid over the long hose of his humongous cock, and I knew I had him. 

The soft, spongy column of flesh slid like a greased pole through my hands, no matter how hard I tried to squeeze down, and I feared at first he would slip out of my grasp once again. But then my clutching hands reached the huge, bulbous, foreskin-covered head, and the flared coronal ridge of that giant cock head finally stopped my hands and gave me purchase. I squeezed down with a tight grip, and as Joe tried to lunge away from me, his loose and floppy cock was instantly stretched out to nearly the same outlandish length it got when it was fully hard, thinning out as the spongy tissue was forced to violently elongate. 

Needless to say, I stopped him dead in his tracks. In fact, he stopped so suddenly that his retracting, rubbery cock pulled me back toward him like an overstretched rubber band, and I practically crashed into him, colliding with the enormous mounds of his colossal chest. I felt like I’d hit a brick wall, those impossibly meaty pecs were so hard and dense! 

Aghast, I immediately released his cock, swimming backward and stammering, “Oh, I’m so sorry Joe! I didn’t mean to…” 

But Joe just cut me off, wrapping both of his gigantic arms around the small of my back and pulling me in tight. His ridiculously handsome face was now mere inches from mine, and it had turned serious, but there was a lustful glint in his gorgeous green eyes as he said, “Hey, no need to apologize, little man. I like it a little rough now and again.” 

The look in his eyes made my heart race, with equal parts of fear and desire, as I replied, “Oh yeah? You couldn’t hurt a fly!” 

“Oh yeah?” he said in turn, and then he dove back under water, with me still clutched tight in his enormous arms. I knew it was all play — or at least I was pretty sure it was all play — so I didn’t kick or struggle. I felt his arms move, one around my shoulders and the other down to my lower back and ass, pressing me to him as we languidly corkscrewed through the water. The tremendous warmth from his massive body was palpable even though the cool water, enveloping me in his heat. I knew that he could crumple me in an instant if he wanted to, or hold me underwater until I drowned, or do any other thing he cared to do to me, but I didn’t care. I was completely and utterly his. 

He squeezed me with such force that I thought I could actually hear my spine creak, but he knew the limits of my merely mortal body. Besides, my face ended up buried in those monstrous pecs of his, and I felt his crotch pressed against my own, his flaccid cock sandwiched against my belly, folded back on itself. The cold water likely had him as shriveled and shrunken as he could possibly get, and his cock still felt enormous crushed between our hard bodies like some great warm, coiled python. 

We finally breached the surface with Joe on his back and me laying atop his much larger body, his arms still wrapped tightly around me. We traveled backwards with slow, languid kicks of his powerful legs, traversing almost the entire length of the pool. 

We wound up in the shallow end of the pool, where we could both stand on the bottom. I was still clutched tightly, almost possessively, in Joe’s gargantuan, 30+ inch arms, and as I gazed upward at his breathtaking face, I marveled for the umpteenth time at how much bigger he was than me. Though he was only about four inches taller than my own 6-foot, 2-inch frame, he seemed even taller this up close. That was likely only amplified by the fact that he massed so very much more than I did, and had to weigh at least twice my own considerable 285 pounds. 

Joe’s arms were wrapped below mine, his huge hands holding me by the base of my own thick lats… which were rudimentary compared to the goliath wings of muscle sprouting from the sides of this stud’s huge torso. My own hands were stroking the unbelievably bulbous and deeply striated mass of Joe’s gargantuan pecs, marveling once more at their staggering size, my fingers lightly brushing the thick nipples that were pointing almost straight down from those mammoth mounds of muscle. My hands wandered down further, feeling the topmost ridge of his bulging abs, traveling across the tight and chiseled bands of his big intercostal muscles, and then moving up to grip his lats. Their shape and thickness were awe inspiring, the foot-thick slabs of beef thickly gnarled with large protruding veins. I slowly stroked upward along those flaring lats, going up as far as I could, before my hands got trapped between those enormous lats and his equally astonishingly huge triceps, not being able to reach his armpits at all. 

“You are so huge and so strong, Joe! Big as I am, I am dwarfed by your monstrous size!” I shook my head and laughed ruefully. “God, listen to me, I sound so stupid! Like something out of a fifty cent love story!” 

We both laughed at that, before I got control of my voice and my emotions again, once more staring into Joe’s hypnotic green eyes. “Not that a word of what I’ve said isn’t true. You’re the most handsome man I’ve ever met, and you’re built like something out of my most extreme and impossible fantasies!” I moved my hands from his lats to his monstrous shoulders, holding on tight as I said, “You’re also the sweetest and most gentle man I’ve ever known, and I don’t want this moment to ever end.” 

I then hugged him as hard as I could, and he hugged me back, and kissed me. And then we were both once again making out, licking each other’s faces, warring with our tongues. It lasted seemingly forever, but not nearly as long as I wanted it to last. 

We pulled back to gaze into each other’s eyes again, and Joe’s green orbs crinkled with amusement as he said, “That was some dirty trick you pulled in the water back there.” 

“I’m so sorry about that, Joe!” I hurriedly said, once again feeling deeply apologetic for tugging so hard on his flaccid dick. “It was the only way I could think to catch you! I hope it didn’t hurt! I didn’t think…” 

But Joe only smiled in response. “It was pretty rough fondling,” he admitted, his eyes still sparkling with humor. “But like I said, I sometimes like it kinda rough. Besides, my equipment is as tough and durable as it is huge, so it would take a lot more than a little bit of playful tugging to hurt me.” 

My heart skipped a beat at his words, and a thrill of lust surged through my loins. I glanced down at Joe’s groin, which was only partially submerged beneath the shallow water, and saw that the great hose of his flaccid cock was floating on the surface, forming a soft and pliable ‘S’ shape that had to be more than two feet long. His mammoth, melon-sized balls were also bobbing on the surface in their loose and floppy sac. As heavy as those balls were — and indeed, they were as astoundingly heavy as they were freakishly massive — they were surprisingly buoyant as well, and I longed to worship them with my hands, lips, and tongue. 

I felt the tip of a large, blunt finger beneath my chin, tilting my face upwards once more to meet Joe’s green gaze. “Just promise me that any time you stretch my cock out like that, you hang around to take care of it afterwards.” 

His words reminded me that I would have to leave tomorrow, and the painful pang of that reminder made it difficult for me to share in his laughter. He must have seen the pain in my eyes, as he stopped laughing as well, concern somehow making his features even more overwhelmingly beautiful. 

“What’s wrong, David?” he asked, stroking my back with his enormous and meaty hands, and trying to meet my averted gaze. 

“Oh, nothing,” I said, the ring of my lie clear even to my own ears. 

“Come on, Dave. Don’t lie to me. Tell me what’s wrong.” He kept trying to meet my gaze, but I wouldn’t look at him, feeling so much anguish inside that I feared I would cry if I looked directly at him. 

After a few moments, Joe broke our embrace. His discarded shorts had somehow floated near to where we stood, so he fished those out of the pool and tossed them near where our towels lay next to each other. He then lifted himself out of the water in one smooth motion, which made the great muscles of his arms and back dance in a symphony of male beauty. He ended up sitting at the edge of the pool, his feet and lower legs dangling in the water, and — I couldn’t help but notice — his enormous limp cock dangling down so far that the massive, fist-sized cock head dipped into the water as well. I stood there looking rather forlorn, wondering if I’d made the big guy angry with me. 

Joe then stood up at the edge of the pool, reached down, and plucked me out of the water, lifting me by my armpits. There was no effort in it at all — he simply leaned forward, grabbed me, and hauled me up like I weighed nothing at all! 

He carried my dripping body right to my towel and gently set me down. He then sat down on his own towel, cross legged, something I wouldn’t have imagined his body could have accomplished until I saw it with my own amazed eyes. The bloated, oblong spheres of his mighty bollocks rested in what little space remained between his incredible calves and his lean and muscular crotch, his humongous cock resting on top like a dormant serpent, partially curled back upon itself. 

“Sit down, Dave,” Joe said, looking up at me from his seated position. “Talk to me and tell me what is going on.” 

I sighed in resignation, sitting down across from Joe on my own towel. 

Three days ago, it would have been so easy to talk to anyone about anything without any undue emotion at all, but now I found that my emotions were raging like a storm inside of my chest, and I didn’t know how to get the words out. I didn’t really know anything about the man sitting in front of me, but I knew that I was falling for him, hard. This man, this ultra stud bull of a man — he was so big, so powerful, so incredibly handsome, but much more than that, he was just so… good! Like, there wasn’t a mean bone in his body. I mean, here he was, freakishly blessed in ways that went far, far beyond the realm of human possibility, and yet all of the insecurity that us humans were subject to, all of the arrogance, and all of the hidden pain and the learned responses and complexes and frustrations — they just weren’t there in Joe. Sure, he was masculinity personified, a god of sex, the Olympian ideal, the most perfect male on the planet… yet he was so much more than that. I had never met a person like him in my life, and I knew I probably never would again… when I went away. This business trip / family visit that I’d been planning for more than a year had now lost all of its appeal, and in fact was now a lodestone around my neck. I wanted more than anything to stay here with Joe, for as long as he would have me, and now cruel fate was tearing me away from him just after we’d finally met and started to get to know each other. 

And for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why I was here. Me. When it could have been any of man on the planet. Why, if Joe weren’t so secretive, hiding his magnificent body from sight and masking the fact that he was hung like a blue whale, there would be fucking pilgrimages to this very spot! Men would be lining up by the thousands just to get a glimpse of this fantasy made flesh! Yet here I was, the lucky one, sitting in front of this amazing giant of a man, getting to experience the almost indescribable pleasure of his company. 

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore, and I asked the question that had been plaguing me since the moment we first met. 

“Why did you pick me?” I asked. I was surprised at the quaver in my voice, and realized with a start that I was on the verge of crying. I hadn’t cried in YEARS! I was a tough, solid, sturdy alpha male who kept all of his emotions safely bottled up inside, but now, sitting across from this impossibly wonderful man with that look of deep concern and compassion in his stunning green eyes, I felt like that dam was about to burst. The huge, cavernous room had shrunk down to a small, intimate space containing just the two of us. 

“Because you made me see that it’s not easy being the man in the ivory tower,” he said. 

“Now what kind of a stupid, fucked up answer is that?!” I exploded, frustrated beyond measure. “Next thing you are going to say is that you were all sincere and truthful the night we met, right?” I realized I was becoming furious, furious because of my own frustrations, but it didn’t stop me. “You could have anyone! ANYONE!! And you pulled that macho, super-stud stunt on me, letting me think I was actually doing something for you, when you could have gotten that huge thing of yours” — and I pointed at his heavy crotch, my finger shaking with anger and pain — “UP any time you fucking wanted to, and don’t even try denying it! You don’t need me! Why would you possibly need me?!” I was crying now, my words forced out between sobs. “Why are you so good to me? Why am I here today when you could just dump me any day and… and…”

My hands just fell limply into my lap as I ran out of anger and steam. I had the feeling my soul was all black and dying inside. He started raising his hand to touch me, but I just lifted mine in a gesture to stop him. I felt tears streaming down square-jawed my face and I wiped them away with the same hand. It took me a good minute or two to calm down, and I could no longer look him in the eye. God, I had never lost it like this! Not ever! 

“If you only knew how easy it would have been if the act stayed an act,” he said, and there was a subtle change in that deep, godlike voice of his, and it made me look at him.

His face and eyes were a mask of sorrow such as I have never seen, so much so that it made my breath catch in my throat. It made his face change, understanding and sadness written all over it.

“You know, when I first started growing,” he said, “for a long time, I thought it was so that I could enact righteous revenge on all of those bullies who’d kept teasing me as a skinny, gangly kid. In no time at all, I was so much bigger, stronger, and — so I thought — better than any of them, and it went to my head. It was a feeling of superiority, of total domination, and it made me only want more and more. When I remember those days, I’m not surprised people could not deal with me. I was really wild.” 

Joe’s voice trailed off for a moment, and he looked lost in his own memories before continuing. 

“It was like the ugly duckling getting to become a swan, and then some. Hell, even the swans started looking like ugly ducklings compared to me. But it didn’t matter, I still wanted more. I wanted to be bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, better than everyone else. I thought that would make me happy, would make me feel safe. And yet every time I looked in the mirror, I wasn’t satisfied. I’d see someone who could become even bigger, even stronger, and it made me… Well, I jacked off so many times to that desire to be even bigger, I’m not going to lie. And in a way, it’s still like that today, but you already know that. But there’s an emptiness and an insecurity about this never-ending quest as well. When would I be big enough? When would I be strong enough? How would I know when I’d reached the pinnacle of achievement, and would I finally be happy when I got there?” 

My heart ached for the young man I was picturing in my mind. I think all serious weight lifters, myself included, have some degree of ‘bigorexia’, but what Joe was talking about went to a whole new level. 

“When I was younger, first in boarding school and later in college, I would go out at night, traveling into the heart of the big city, and be a flasher for the night. I’d wear a mask to cover the top of my face, almost like a Zorro mask, and then I’d sneak up on people in dark alleys, either alone or in small groups, and open my big overcoat, flashing my body at them. Sometimes I’d just show them my naked torso, but as I grew braver and the need for affirmation grew more pronounced, I’d flash everything.” 

A pained smile came over Joe’s achingly handsome face at the memories. “Oh, the looks on people’s faces when they saw me, the shock, the lust, even the disgust, they turned me on so much, and I’d go on it for days, powered by the reactions that my humongous body engendered in other people. And it made me want still more and more, to grow ever bigger. Then, as I did get bigger, people’s reactions got even more extreme. Most people were terrified when they saw me like that, and many would simply scream and run from me, like they’d just seen some feral monster. But a few would overcome their fear and approach me, and those few I’d take into a quiet corner somewhere and let them have their way with my body in any way they liked. They behaved like someone mesmerized, entranced, repeatedly moaning things like ‘You’re the biggest!’ and ‘You’re a beast!’ But they said it with such detachment, like I wasn’t really a person, but rather just a thing, an enormously muscular and freakishly hung plaything. It was like I wasn’t real, because someone like me couldn’t BE real. So, in time, these random encounters lost their appeal, ceasing to be sources of affirmation and empowerment for me, and becoming empty, unsatisfying, and emotionally painful.” 

“By the time I’d finished college, I’d long since stopped my nightly forays into the city, stopped having random hook ups, or ANY hook ups at all. I decided that I didn’t need affirmation from other people. I started actively hiding my body, becoming more and more of a hermit. But the drive to be bigger, to be better, was still there, but it became something I pursued privately. It became something of a personal curiosity — how far could I go? How far could I push my body? How big could I get? And that was also satisfying in its own way, even if it was a lonely existence…” 

He sighed and then looked me in the eyes again. “And then I saw you, Dave. I’ll never forget the first time I saw you, when I came into the gym to meet with Grady, and you were up on that ladder fixing the HVAC system. Man, you had a way of looking without looking!” Joe chuckled at the memory, while I was hanging on his every word. “I could see you sizing me up even in my bulky sweat clothes, and the realization in your eyes, and then the sheer lust, for you knew exactly what you’d laid your eyes on. Even my attempts to disguise my massive body couldn’t hide it from someone like you. And you were so incredibly handsome, and it had been so many years since I’d been with another man, so I decided to play the game again. I thought you’d be the same as all the other men, wanting to use me and lose me, but then you surprised me…” 

“That first night together,” Joe said, looking at me with such an earnest and open look in his eyes that I thought I might cry again, “I made you think that I had a problem, and you wanted to fix that problem. At first, it was just like all the other times, and I thought I’d just go with it and give you the surprise of your life, have a quick tumble and then never see you again. But then, I realized that you were doing it as much for me as for yourself, and well, that turned me on so much that, you see, there was some truth in what I’d said after all.” He paused for a moment, trying to find the right words. “I realized that, if your parlor trick had failed, you would have blamed only yourself, and that you would have felt bad for ‘failing’ me. I was so shocked that someone would care for me, would be concerned about my feelings and happiness, when everyone before you had cared only for their own pleasure and fantasies, and didn’t see me as a person at all. You were different than all of the other men who’d come before you, and you awakened feelings in me I didn’t even know were there…” 

“By the next morning, I would have done anything… I didn’t know how to get out of pretending, and I wanted to tell you so badly, but I was afraid you’d be angry with me. You managed to corner me Sunday morning, but your own curiosity let me off the hook.” 

“Then came that epic workout, and I got so high on my pump and on being there with you that I felt like I was 18 again. And then after that, up at my place… For the first time in my life, I felt someone sleep in my bed next to me, someone who wanted all of me, for what I am, for who I am, who was warm and tender and… and… mine.” 

My heart was thundering in my chest. There was so much to process in what Joe was telling me, but the bottom line was that this sweet, kind, handsome, and outrageously muscular BULL of a man was as much taken with ME as I was with HIM! 

“You asked me what that thing is I do with my eyes,” he said, his green eyes crinkling with a smile, “but I really don’t do anything much, no more than what you do when you look at me. I guess it’s the look of joy when I see you enjoying me, and understand how I enjoy myself, and it makes me feel… well, it makes me feel that I was made for someone, that I was made for YOU, and I just want to give you more and more. And when I see that ‘I know you, you’re mine, I want more of you, I want all of you’ look in your eyes, I…” 

Joe just left the words hanging there for a few moments, and then continued.

“It’s like sometimes you know me better than I know myself, and it’s only been what - two days? I don’t know if this makes any sense to you, or if you feel the same way,” he paused again for a moment, and then once again looked straight into my wide and startled eyes before saying, “but I’m convinced that we were destined for each other.” 

To say that I was stunned, flabbergasted, and overwhelmed would have been an understatement. 

Joe then lunged forward and wrapped both of his mammoth arms around me once again, pulling me in tight against his warm, monumentally muscular body, and this time I had no intention of stopping him. He gave me one of his absolutely incredible hugs, his goliath muscles almost enveloping me whole, and I hugged him back just as tightly. He then shifted his weight together with mine until we were lying side by side on the towels. One of my hands wound up on top of his abs, and I explored them almost unconsciously, feeling how the now dry skin felt stretched so tightly over those incredible protruding cobblestones of muscle. I traced the slender treasure trail of dark hair down the deep crevice between those two parallel stacks of muscles to the thicker hair at his crotch. 

“So, when are you leaving?” he said, still holding me tight.

At this point, Joe’s remarkable powers of intuition no longer surprised me, and I replied, “Tomorrow afternoon,” the sadness clearly evident in my voice. My hand still went up and down over his spectacular abs, tracing lazy patterns over the most outrageously muscular belly I’d ever seen. 

“You’re no doubt leaving me for some old fat guy with a gut like this,” Joe jokingly said, trying to lighten the mood, and made his abs almost plop out of his skin in a sort of weird reverse-flex. His rippled, washboard abdomen suddenly protruded into a huge gut-like shape, bigger than a medicine ball, which looked it would rip his skin and drop right out of his belly! 

“Jesus, don’t do that!” I almost shouted, my hand still resting on Joe’s abdomen. But this was clearly not a belly of a fat man, for even sticking his gut out nearly a full foot from his body, it was obvious that the handsome giant’s belly was one hundred percent steel-hard muscle. 

“And why not?” he teasingly asked, now exhaling as much as he could, which made the muscle seem to bulge even more! I looked at him, and he made a face, plumping his cheeks with air and trusting his lower lip outwards in a comical imitation of a fat man, but it was so funny and ridiculous on him I almost choked trying not to laugh, which in turn made him laugh, and that made his abs snap back into their cobblestone shapes, rippling with his laughter, almost catching my fingers between them, they were so big. I jerked my hand away, jokingly saying “Ouch!” and that made us laugh even more. 

We laid side-by-side on those towels for a good long while, our wandering hands gently exploring each other’s muscular bodies. It wasn’t overtly sexual, though lord knew how incredibly beautiful and sensual and sexy I found Joe’s body — rather, it was like we were just getting to know each other better, and that included our respective bodies. Amazingly, even my cock mostly behaved himself, staying largely soft the entire time, despite the staggering wealth of muscles and masculine beauty displayed before me. Though truth be told, I think that even my proud pecker was a little worn out after two days of unprecedented overuse, and I think that contributed to my ability to keep it ‘under control’. 

Joe eventually suggested that we go back upstairs to his place, and I wholeheartedly agreed. We gathered up our towels and discarded clothes, stuffing them back into Joe’s big duffel bag. And then all of a sudden, Joe scooped me up in one massive arm, effortlessly hugging me tight to him while he hoisted the duffel bag over his other shoulder, and then carried me toward the locker room. I had no choice but to hang on tight as this insanely powerful man carried me down the hall… but not like I was protesting in the slightest. 

He let me down in the locker room, and then we started putting our clothes back on for the brief trip outside and up the back stairs to his apartment. And as I absentmindedly put on my own clothes, I kept my gaze fixed on Joe as he put on his clothes, and it was really something to watch. 

First, he fished out a fresh pair of those spandex-like shorts, and I could now see for the first time that they had a zipper up the side of one leg. Joe squeezed his absolutely enormous right thigh into the normal leg, having to use a considerable amount of elbow grease to get the stretchy fabric up and over those mighty mounds of muscle. Next, he stuffed both of his behemoth bollocks into the large pouch at the front of those shorts, making them balloon dramatically outward, and then grasped the enormous length of his thick, flaccid cock and stuffed that into the pouch as well. He really had to work to get the huge, limp log tucked up and over his two massive balls, until his meaty cock head was indeed tucked up somewhere between his mammoth thighs. Fuck, I realized that he met be literally crushing his big, bulbous cock head with every step, mashing it between those mighty pillars of muscle, and I almost swooned. Finally, he stretched the open leg of the shorts over the massive circumference of his left thigh, lining up the zipper and securing it closed. 

God, big Joe Fiedler couldn’t even get dressed like a normal human! 

Then came the t-shirt, which was more or less normal. Or, at least as normal as a t-shirt could get when it was sized for a 600-pound gorilla. He really struggled to get his arms through the massively oversized sleeves, and just his shoulders alone stretched the poor fabric to near bursting. The lower half of the shirt looked very loose and baggy, but that was inevitable — for the shirt to be large enough to accommodate the man’s huge boulder shoulders and colossal chest, there was no way for it to taper properly for his slender waist. 

Next came the blue jeans, which I’d never seen him wear before. Like his shorts, the sides of the pant legs came with a long and very sturdy zipper, allowing him to fit the fabric over his gargantuan thighs and impossibly bulky and meaty calves. With the zippers all zipped up, the jeans actually looked pretty normal, all things considered, and were baggy enough to not hug his legs like a second skin. I idly wondered who his tailor was, for it was clearly someone very skilled at creating attire for a super human body! The telltale was the belt he had to use, though, for his waist was so tight and narrow compared to the rest of him that the waist of the jeans had to be cinched closed. Considering the sheer mammoth size of his meaty ass and muscular legs, though, there was no way on this green earth that Joe’s pants could have ever fallen off of him, belt or no belt. 

The compression of the black shorts and the bagginess of the blue jeans did a remarkably good job of disguising the fantastically huge bulge of his crotch. Now that I knew exactly what I was looking at, I could trace the outline of his great curving cock, as well as the twin bulges of his titanic testes, but the cut was pretty subtle. Besides, most people who might look at the front of Joe’s pants would likely just disregard what they were seeing, dismissing the sight as simply impossible. 

When he was finished dressing, he was now looking at me, his face beaming. I barely resisted jumping onto him and just licking him all over. Instead, we gathered up our gear and exited the back door, going up the stairs to Joe’s place. Once inside, we took great pleasure in stripping right back out of our clothes, and then hopped into his bed together. 

That beautiful and magical night, we didn’t make love; instead, we cuddled and hugged and got to know each other in a totally different way — as friends. We talked, listened to music, and just spent time with each other. It was a perfect night, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way, and I could tell that Joe felt the same. I will never forget that sleep-over, our naked bodies together in that bed, using nothing but each other for covers (although I was well aware I got a better bargain), so warm and calming and peaceful to be together for what short time remained to us. There was no sex, but the night was still so sexual, so sensual, so tender and understanding, and — I now feel confident saying — so loving. 

The next morning, he helped me pack and drove me in his big pickup truck (of COURSE he had a big pickup truck!) to the airport almost three hours away. Dressed in his baggy jeans and massively oversized t-shirt, Joe certainly got a lot of stares from strangers as he helped me unload my suitcases curbside, but we only had eyes for each other. Our parting itself was beyond bittersweet, though I felt emotionally numb and we’d both been silent for almost the entire drive. In fact, after our final embrace, only Joe seemed to be capable of words. His gorgeous green gaze locked with mine and he said, “I…,” and after a long pause, “You know where to find me.” 

Joe’s final words haunted me over the next seven weeks, as I took care of business in New York and visited with my family upstate. I focused in particular on that single letter ‘I’, wondering what he had originally intended to say after that, and deeply regretting that I hadn’t offered any words at all. 

I kept very busy throughout my trip back home, as I had a lot to do and so many people to see, but my thoughts kept returning back to Joe. He visited me in my dreams every single night, sometimes in beautiful and romantic ways, sometimes in sad or troubling ways, and often in very, very sexual ways. I hadn’t been plagued by wet dreams since I’d been a horny teenager, but now rare was the morning I’d wake up without a huge sticky mess gumming up my sheets, sometimes several times a night! That same randiness followed me throughout the day, and I gave myself more hand jobs thinking about my handsome muscle man than I would have believed possible just a couple of months prior. It was like my three days with Joe had sent my poor libido into extreme overdrive. 

The weeks passed with agonizing slowness, but as my New York ‘holiday’ started drawing to a close, my eagerness and anticipation about returning to Joe’s side grew. But my insecurity grew at the same time, and I worried what I would find when I got back. Would things have changed between us? Would he still feel the same way for me that I did about him? Would he even want me there anymore? The magic I had found with Joe seemed too good to be true, especially with time and distance, and I grew more and more convinced that I had imagined the depth of his feelings toward me. 

I even called the main office at ‘The G’ about midway through my trip, getting Grady on the phone. I instantly felt like an idiot for calling, so we exchanged some useless, meaningless pleasantries before I hung up a few minutes later. I was just desperate for some sort of reassurance that Joe wanted me back. 

But eventually, finally, the day came when I’d tied up all of my loose ends in New York, finished my business obligations, and bid farewell to my family. I can’t even describe the level of butterflies I felt in my stomach as I boarded the plane for that return trip, equal parts of eagerness and uncertainty warring inside of me. After I landed and gathered up my luggage, I dialed up the number at ‘The G’, hoping to reach the manager before he left at 6 p.m., and once again got Grady on the line. 

“Oh, hi Dave!” the friendly gym manager said when he heard my voice. “Good thing you finally got here! Strange to say, but the place hasn’t been the same without you. In fact, I haven’t seen the boss even once since you left. No one’s seen him, far as I can tell. But he did call me a couple of days ago and left me a note for you. I’m damned if I can remember the last time he’d called me, either…” 

“What? You said that Joe… I mean, the boss called asking about me?” I asked, cursing myself inwardly for my slip of the tongue, but my heart racing with the knowledge that Joe had been thinking about me, too. 

“Yup, sure did!” Grady replied amicably. “He seemed pretty anxious that I get this note to you. Now where did I put that bloody thing…?” he said to himself as he noisily rummaged amongst the heap of paperwork and magazines that always seemed to litter his large desk. I was beside myself, mentally trying to hurry Grady up so that I could hear the contents of Joe’s note. 

Finally, Grady said, “Ah, there it is! And it’s a strange note, too. Real brief. It just says, ‘The usual time.’ I hope that makes sense to you, as I’ve got no clue what it means.” 

‘The usual time?’ I said to myself, not certain at first what Joe meant. But then it clicked! Yes, of course! 9:40! The time we’d first met in the locker room at ‘The G’! 

“Thanks Grady!” I said. “I appreciate you keeping that note for me. Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna get off the line so that I can get my taxi…” 

“Actually, Dave,” Grady said, “I’ve got a question for you, since you’ve been such a handyman around here. You know your way around an arc welder? Someone somehow managed to break one of the weight machines here, and I was hoping that you might be able to fix it.” 

I had a strong suspicion I knew who had broken that machine. Joe, what in heaven’s name have you been up to?! 

“Uh, yeah, sure thing Grady!” I said, already distracted with thoughts of that huge muscle man. “Let me get settled in town, and I’ll come by and see you in a couple of days, okay? Gotta go!” Then I hung up the phone and stood there for a few moments, excitement and worry fighting one another in my chest, before I went to the taxi counter and secured my transportation back to town. 

The drive itself was a blur. I just know that I eventually found myself stepping out of the cab in front of my old apartment building a few hours later. I opened the front door and hauled my bags inside, and that’s when I found a thick envelope that had been pushed through the mail slot in the door. There was nothing written on the outside, no return address. Inside were a set of keys and a short note that said, “My place, 9:40 sharp. Wear nothing, and I mean it!” I thought my heart would leap out of my throat at his words! And glancing at the clock, I realized I had no time to waste, either, as it was already more than a quarter past nine! I quickly stuffed some spare clothes into a duffel bag — though where I was going, I was hoping to not need them at all — and shot out the door. I practically ran through the small downtown to get to ‘The G’, my straining hard on trying to rip out of my jeans the entire way. 

I rushed to the back of the gym, using one of the keys to open up the back door into the locker room. There, I hurriedly stripped out of all of my clothes, freeing my achingly hard cock, and threw my clothes into the now overstuffed duffel. I then went back out the back door into the cool night air, as unashamedly naked as the day I was born, and locked the door behind me. I bounded up the stairs to Joe’s front door, my boner bobbing wildly before me. Part of me thought I was being too blatant leading with my enormously engorged cock, but as I turned the key in the lock, opened the door, and entered Joe’s flat, nothing could have prepared me for the sight that was awaiting me. 

“Oh my…” I just let my breath escape and it came out that way. 

Joe was standing there not ten feet inside the front door, obviously waiting for my arrival. He must have recently come out of the tub, for his dark brown hair was still tousled and damp, and a large bath towel was wrapped tightly around his narrow waist and hips, exposing him from the waist up. He was even more gloriously handsome than I had remembered, and the sight of him just standing there was simply… unbelievable! 

“Hi!” he just said as he stood there and looked at me, a small smile playing across those extraordinarily kissable lips of his, and a look in his dazzling green eyes that once again sent ecstatic shivers up my spine. 

“What…” I realized my throat was dry, and my head was spinning. “What in God’s name have you been doing while I was gone?!” I asked, stunned, staring at him, trying to remember if there was somewhere I could sit before I fell down. 

The Joe Fiedler I had left almost two months ago had been monstrously big, preposterously big, but now he was… I didn’t have the words! Simply bigger, though that one word couldn’t even begin to encompass the breadth of his stunning transformation! I know that sounds impossible, especially considering how I’ve already described him, and even staring at him in that moment it didn’t seem remotely credible, but the proof was standing right there in front of me. Joe had gotten even bigger!! Much, MUCH bigger!! 

I knew that it was his heavy training day today, assuming he hadn’t changed his schedule, so I had been expecting that he’d be fresh out of the gym and massively pumped. And there certainly was that, for it was obvious to see that his mammoth muscles were even more monstrously swollen and bloated with a truly epic pump. But at the same time, it was obvious that he’d grown so much bigger in the relatively short time we’d been apart, making it look like he’d nearly doubled in size! I wasn’t even going to GUESS at what he weighed now!! Jesus Christ!! 

He even looked taller to me, though I reminded myself that that might have just been an illusion, for his boulder shoulders were simply so much wider, his massive traps so much thicker, that he seemed to tower over me even more than before. I found myself mumbling incoherently, trying to find words as the magnitude of Joe’s growth started sinking in. He was so much bigger that I could see a loss in his range of motion, though considering just how astonishingly flexible the big man had been two months ago, any slight loss in movement would have been a small price to pay for such a staggering gain in sheer muscular size! And the shapes of his mammoth muscles were simply mind boggling! The enormous wedges of his segmented deltoid muscles, the bifurcated halves of his colossal biceps, the individual muscle bellies of his gargantuan pecs — every muscle was bloated and swollen and hypertrophied to the absolute max! 

And then Joe let the oversized bath towel fall to the floor, revealing the lower half of his magnificent body. 

I think several dozen of my brain cells just short circuited and died in that moment, and my big balls violently cramped so hard that I thought they might crack. Joe’s goliath bison cock was nestled between his gargantuan thighs, pointing straight down toward the ground and looking bigger than ever! I thought at first that he must be already more than half hard, but as he moved, the great beast of a cock shuddered and wiggled in such a way that I instantly knew it was almost completely soft, a slight puffiness providing only an inkling of the beyond-titanic boner it could become. His massive, softball-sized cock head extended all the way down to the — well, the ‘edges’ of his gigantic calf muscles, that was the best way I could describe them. His mighty calves were bloated so huge that their shapes had actually acquired edges, stretching the skin taut over them. 

I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by my dizziness, and I guess I just let myself fall onto him. The next I knew, my hands were all over him, furiously exploring the expanded size and thickness of the man who had already been the largest human male ever to walk the earth. 

“Aaahhhh…” Joe moaned in a combination of lust and contentment, pressing our two bodies even more tightly together, which in all honestly didn’t work all that well because his muscles were now so monstrously huge and so incredibly dense that I could barely make a dent in them, even when pressing hard and when he wasn’t flexing at all. My hands shot over him, and I tried to step back to be able to see more of him at once, but I didn’t do very good simply because I wasn’t willing to trade sight for touch. And boy did I touch! 

“What have you done?!” finally came out of me, my voice sounding almost accusatory, while in reality I felt terminally aroused by the gorgeous muscle man’s stupendous gains in size. But Joe’s huge hands kept stroking and exploring my body with as much eagerness and hunger as I was exploring his, and he merely responded, “Mmm, later…” 

He then scooped me up into his staggeringly massive arms like I weighed less than nothing, hugging me close to his pecs as he carried me farther into the room. I started ravenously licking and groping the vast expanse of glorious chest muscle in front of me, and could both hear and feel the low and heavy thuds of his footsteps as he walked toward his huge, oversized bed. 

Joe started bending forward, gently lowering me toward the bed, and I felt something huge and hot sliding along the crack of my ass. I looked in the mirror opposite the bed, and could see that Joe’s cock was very obviously becoming aroused - VERY aroused! And unlike on our very first encounter where his cock struggled to rise under its own staggering weight, Joe’s engorging horse cock was very powerfully cranking itself skyward even as it continued to grow ever longer and thicker and harder! The sheer STRENGTH it took to lever such a phenomenally long and colossally HEAVY cock upward just blew my mind! 

“Oh shit! Oh…! Oh FUCK!!” I stuttered, utterly enthralled as I watched Joe’s dick inflate to an impossible size. “You… you look like you’re gonna fucking BURST!!” I was stroking his swelling and elongating cock with both hands as I sat on the edge of the bed, awkwardly trying to look at both him and his mirrored reflection at the same time. 

“No I’m not. Not yet!” Joe mumbled, clenching his ridiculously heavy jaw and concentrating on forcing more and more blood into his already titanically engorged member. Then he did what had already become one of my favorite things, dropping to one knee and doing a sideways twist, flexing one of his mountainous biceps for the mirror. As he did so, his mighty cock never even came close to brushing the ground. Even though it still wasn’t fully hard yet, Joe’s cock had already locked in its shallow upward curve, pointing upwards from his crotch at a 45 degree angle like some enormous, vein-gnarled steel beam. 

That’s when I noticed that there was some sort of thick metal ring encircling the very root of his protuberant phallus, evidently a cock ring of sorts, though of a gauge multiple orders of magnitude larger than what would be required for my own huge — but merely mortal — cock. The ring was hard to notice at first for, as huge as it was, it was almost fully engulfed by the unbelievably thick root of his choked-off cock. “What is THAT?!” I asked, one of my hands moving to touch the tree-trunk base of his monumental manhood, but Joe just quickly brushed my hand away and said in a husky whisper, “Don’t touch, or it will be over too soon!” 

I pulled back like he asked, and merely watched as his already yard-long cock became even longer, thicker, and harder, rising proudly upwards before him like some mighty lance. Joe started doing his thing, puffing himself up slowly and flexing his gargantuan muscles. I was so hot I thought I would melt through the floor, and I knew that at this rate I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. Deprived of touching him, I ached to touch myself, but I refrained in an attempt to make this last as long as possible.

He had pumped himself up, and I mean all of himself, managing to bloat his cock into diamond  hardness in the process. I had no idea how even his cock hard grown so much larger, but by that point I didn’t care. His stance was such that his cock was jutting up at an even greater angle now. He held his arms down to the sides, and he inhaled slowly, teasingly, already larger than ever before, all of him, and he was getting even bigger as I watched. He kept on inhaling more on every breath, and his cock was still twitching and expanding in little spurts. He was looking into the mirror, and his face upper torso were flushed, but his pecs became higher and higher, his breastbone disappearing between the two colossal mounds of muscle, completely subsumed by their paramount size. 

I kept moaning, asking him for more, begging him for more, and he grew, inhaling, his chest expanding even larger. His pecs were so pumped that when he flexed them in short twitches, they became all veiny and glistened with the sweat of his exertion, and they were so huge they were already standing straight out from him, but he continued on heaving, his hands groping the empty air as his enormous arms went up and down. I watched him, stroking my corrugated washboard belly right over the root of my own painfully hard shaft, making me feel ecstatic pangs in my head. I felt my own precum ooze down my shaft and onto my nuts, which felt so incredibly heavy with seed that it was like someone had hung heavy weights off of them, dragging my huge, engorged, purple-hued bollocks toward the floor. I thought I was going to burn up, but somehow I held on. 

Joe’s monstrous cock was now visibly larger than I’d ever seen it before, and it was again all veiny and distended, and purplish red, except for the head which looked like an oversized and elongated grapefruit, engorged until it had a dark, glassy, purple-brown sheen. The shaft glistened, the skin stretched taut until the tissue underneath formed small lumps all over, sweaty and straining. Precum positively gushed from the gaping piss slit and oozed down the virtually the entire length of it in a steady stream, making almost the entire penis slick with his clear and copious juices. 

I looked upwards and saw him trembling, his face breathtakingly handsome flushed with extreme effort. He could not move his head anymore because his big chin was wedged between his massive pecs, a look of total abandon in his gorgeous eyes, and still he was trying to suck in one more breath, his chest trying to rise even more in small, violent, shuddering jerks. His chest looked like it was going to rip open every time he did that, swelling bigger, wider, and higher than ever, looking like it could explode any second. His monstrously thick and flaring lats jutting out at the sides made him look even bigger, impossibly bigger, and I knew that I could take no more. I started furiously stroking myself, and within no more than a dozen frenzied tugs I felt the first cramp in my balls, heralding the most powerful, violent, explosive, and toe-curling orgasm of my young life. I began spraying his swollen chest with impossible amounts of jizz, just as I knew he wanted. And then, with a visible wince, he brought his arms up in a staggeringly powerful double biceps pose, and flexed his abs and his biceps all at once. In that same instant, I felt like I was cumming all over again, watching his abs segment into eight huge bricks, seeing his chest rise even more until I thought I could hear his ribs crackle, and witnessing his triceps becoming so huge that the bulges connected with his jutting lats, while his bloated biceps swelled up to his fists and pushed them out of the way. 

For a moment everything stood still, and I remember thinking that he was really going to burst, splitting open from the top of his sternum to the tip of the biggest cock in human history. I then heard a short, sharp, metallic pop, and I think I went somewhere else for a few moments. I felt like my entire being was shooting out of my cock, and I felt a splash of something wet and hot on me, drenching my body. There was a roar like the sky was falling, or a tone like every key was being pressed at the same time on the largest imaginable pipe organ. Everything was shaking, and the whole world had turned white, and I didn’t have a body anymore. It thundered on and on, becoming unbearable, and then there was silence…