Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Viewer Poll

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I've had a long-standing correspondence with a friend named Johnny, who has been blessed (or perhaps cursed) with a truly enormous and 100% natural set of bull balls. From the photos and videos he's sent to me over the years, I can tell you with no exaggeration that his nuts really are as big as two huge, ripe grapefruits! He's also tall, buff, tough, sports a thick 11-inch erection, and is VERY much into ball busting -- both giving AND receiving. So he's basically my fantasy man come to life! :)

Johnny wrote me this morning and suggested a poll for my viewers. Here's the scenario he suggested: you're presented with a big lad with colossal, oversized nuts, and you can do anything you want with him and know you'll get away with it. What Johnny wants to know is -- what would you do?

I've got to be at least as eager as Johnny to see what you guys might write in response. Leave a comment in response to this post, and we'll compare results!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Showdown - Jayse Version

It's funny - even though I have a huge file of stories that I consider final versions and ready to post, I can't help but do a final re-read and edit to clean them up before posting. This story is no exception. I re-read it this morning, made a few minor edits and corrections...and added about three more pages of content! Like the stories I post aren't long enough already!! LOL! Hopefully you all don't mind too much...

This story is another rewrite from that master of erotic wrestling stories, The Mangler. Most of the action in this story was either inspired by The Mangler's version or taken directly from his story, including the hero's leap off the turnbuckle at the end of the match. MAN, but I love writing about beating up the massive balls of some handsome, cocky, hugely muscled young stud!!! :)


The Showdown
Based on an original story by The Mangler

It is hereby agreed by the parties signed below that the match shall consist of a no time limit bout. The standard rules of The World Pro Fight League apply with the following exceptions as agreed to by both parties: 

1. Each wrestler is entitled to one (1) second at ringside. Said second must be selected in advance and said name forwarded to the referee at least one week prior to the match.

2. Each wrestler is entitled at the time of the match to select one (1) additional rule or requirement pertaining to the attire, rules, and conduct of the match subject to previous agreement with the ref. Said rule will be announced to the other wrestler by the referee at the beginning of the match. If either wrestler chooses not to accept said rule change, he shall pay a fine of $100,000 to the other wrestler and be barred from the league for six (6) months. Said wrestler remains under exclusive contract to The World Pro Fight League. The following regulations will apply to any proposed additional rule: 
  • a. Each wrestler may discuss the proposed rule with the referee anytime up to one week prior to the match. The referee shall rule on the admissibility of the rule change and has complete and final say over the allowance of any rule.  
  • b. The referee shall show broad discretion in the allowance of the proposed rule; only those rules which are extremely dangerous or manifestly prejudicial to one wrestler shall be disallowed. 
  • c. The referee MAY NOT under ANY circumstances discuss one wrestler’s proposed rule, or the content of either wrestler’s discussion, with the other wrestlers. 

3. Wrestling attire shall be standard wrestling equipment. For purposes of “illegal or low blows” the area covered by said wrestling attire shall be considered off limits.  

4. During the course of the match, if one wrestler proposes a rule change and the other wrestler accepts, that rule is adopted and becomes one of the rules of the match. These rules DO NOT have to be discussed with the referee beforehand and the referee MAY NOT reject said rule, subject to acceptance by both wrestlers. However, interpretation of the rule change is COMPLETELY at the ref’s discretion.

5. The match shall take place within a cage built around the ring at a distance of ten feet on all sides. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The fans were highly excited about tonight’s match. The final “showdown” match between Dave and Craig was occurring tonight. The two wrestlers had shown increasing animosity and hatred for each other over the past year and were battling whenever and wherever they could, either legally in the ring or illegally outside the ring. The wrestling commissioner had finally suggested the showdown match. The negotiations had been as intense as their rivalry. However, final rules were finally agreed upon. The special stipulations of the match had been widely distributed via the Internet, word of mouth, and on the streets such that there was a large sell out crowd for the match. Most fans were awaiting the start of the match with increasing agitation. The first matches of the evening were over and they were now eager for the arrival of the evening’s main event – the wrestling match between Dave and Craig. 

Because of the advanced hype and ticket sales, it had been necessary to move the card to another, larger arena at the last minute. As such the setup wasn't quite "normal". The cage, as stipulated, was ten feet from the ring apron--far enough out of the way not to be a factor in the match. However, it had been necessary to include the first row of seats within the cage. There had been talk of selling these seats at a premium, but that idea was vetoed by both wrestlers.

The crowd had been so anxious for the main event to begin that it had been necessary to cancel two of the preliminary bouts. The crowd was getting much too anxious and fidgety and there was fear of violence.

The referee for the night’s match was Big John, so named because of his size. The red-headed giant stood 6 feet, 8 inches tall and weighed in at a massive 360 pounds, easily the biggest man in the League. He was all muscle with absolutely no fat (as were virtually all the combatants in the League). He was an extremely handsome mountain of a man, and known for being scrupulously fair. Big John had been in the wrestling game long enough to know most of the tricks of the trade, and could spot cheating a mile away. 

Dave had been a crowd favorite since he first joined the League almost 5 years ago, not only because of his masculine beauty and raw sex appeal, but also because of his extraordinary strength and talent in the ring. Now 26 years old and at the height of his game, Dave had been successful from the very start and quickly earned several of the lower-ranking titles, then rapidly moved up the ranks into the big leagues. He was regarded as having a "baby face", and he would have almost been considered “pretty” if his face wasn’t so overwhelmingly masculine. His stunning, super hero good looks went along well with his long-standing reputation as a clean and fair fighter. But as his feud with Craig had intensified over the past year or so, Dave had been gaining a reputation as a player who could ignore the rules and brawl with the best of them. 

His physique was the perfect match for his stunning face, for his body was perfectly proportioned and thick with powerful muscle. Dave was a big man by any standards, standing 6 feet, 3 inches tall and weighing 285 pounds of pure beefcake muscle. He had a classic bodybuilder's physique, thick with battle hardened muscle, hugely pumped yet lean and deeply striated, and with a perfect and dramatically V-shaped torso. To say that he was gorgeous would be an understatement, and Dave was widely regarded as being perhaps the handsomest and best-built guy in a League chock full of studly and handsome muscle men. The hunk had dark brown hair, cut short, and the kind of blue eyes that would melt the coldest heart. His massive chest was covered with a silky mat of dark curly hair that trailed into a single line down his abdomen and disappearing into his trunks. He had a preference for box cut trunks in bright colors that highlighted the rich tan of his skin. Tonight he was wearing his "lucky" red trunks, allowing his many fans (both male and female) to admire his big and tight muscle ass and his extraordinarily well-packed crotch. Speculation had been running rampant for years regarding whether Dave padded his shorts or not, for the titanic bulge in his shorts seemed beyond the realm of human possibility. For his part, Dave refused to speak on the subject, so his many fans and detractors alike could only wonder how much of that gigantic bulge was meat and how much was stuffing. 

Craig stood in opposition to Dave. He was a compact beef ball of a stud, standing slightly shorter than Dave at 5 feet, 10 inches but still weighing a massive  260 pounds, making him pound-for-pound even bulkier than muscle man Dave. Craig also has a bodybuilder’s shape, although he was more square and blocky than Dave’s classic V shape aesthetic. Craig had shaggy blonde hair, crystal baby blue eyes, and a dark sun tan -- in short, a perfect beach boy look. 

Like Dave, Craig was also extremely handsome, with a dark, bad-boy look. Although he had an innocent and open face, Craig could not be more opposite, as many of his opponents would attest. Craig would do anything to win a match, and no tactic, no blow, no maneuver was considered too extreme or off limits. In other words, rules meant nothing to him and winning was everything. He had a preference for singlet style attire (the better to cheat with), and tonight was wearing dark blue singlet. 

Big John knew of Craig’s propensity to cheat, and so he spent a large amount of time with Craig prior to the match and made it known that he would be enforcing the rules to the limit. Craig had responded with a "no problem", which, combined with the rules for the match, had made Big John somewhat uneasy. 

Craig's second for tonight, Jay, was also occasionally his tag team partner and had a very similar look. In the beginning of their career, they had wrestled together as the “Beach Boys”. Jay stood 6 feet, 1 inch tall and weighed 265 pounds of bulging muscle, another one of the “big boys” of the sport and a crowd favorite as well. Jay was also handsome in an overly-masculine, lantern-jawed sort of way. Jay’s white blonde hair was cut very short, and he had blue-green eyes. His wrestling philosophy matched that of his partner perfectly – “Winning isn't everything. It is the only thing!” 

The crowd went wild as the two combatants finally made their long-awaited appearance from opposite sides of the arena, and the screaming and cheering was deafening. The two big men entered the cage and met in the center of the ring with Big John. Jay took his position in Craig’s corner, but Dave was conspicuously alone, as his second had failed to show in time. He had attempted to select a replacement, but Craig had refused to waive the pre-certification rule, and thus Dave had no second. It was going to be Dave against BOTH Craig and Jay, but the handsome dark-haired stud gave no indication of being afraid or concerned.
“Okay, Dave, you get to announce your rule first,” Big John said as the two fighters met in the ring.

“My rule is that at any time during the match, either wrestler may call for a 30 minutes ‘no submission’ time period during which neither wrestler can submit and the only way for the match to end is with a pin. The rule can only be invoked one time.”

Craig appeared somewhat taken aback by the choice of the rule, not so much for the rule itself, but by the fact that Dave, a notorious “good guy,” would propose it.

Big John intoned, “Under the agreement, I find that the rule is acceptable, and would point out that, if invoked, the full 30 minutes would be allowed. I must point out that during this time, standard rules would still apply. Craig, do you accept this new rule?”

Staring into the blue eyes of his opponent, Craig replied, “With pleasure Big J. And you, asshole, are going to regret it.”

Big John then asked Craig, “And what rule do you propose?” 

With a wicked smile on his face, Craig stated, “I propose that my opponent wrestle naked.” 

A stunned looked crossed Dave’s face. The look became even more alarmed when Big John announced (with some obvious discomfort), “Under the agreement, I find that the rule is acceptable. Dave, do you accept this requirement?” 

A few seconds of silence passed before Dave responded, “Yeah, if this pussy wants to see a real man’s cock so bad that he wastes his rule on that, why not.” 

“The rules having been agreed upon, the match may begin once Jay has left the ring and once Dave has removed his trunks and boots.” 

Craig replied, "Hey Big J, have a heart. It's bad enough that Dave has to expose his puny sex tools to everyone. Let him keep his boots." 

"Man, it's your rule, so anyway you want to do it," was Big John's response. 

With that, Dave clenched his powerful jaw and removed his trunks, jockstrap, and cup in one smooth motion, handing them to Big J. Craig quickly snatched the trunks from the ref and threw them to Jay at ringside, who held them up like a trophy to the cheering crowd. 

A gasp went up from the audience once Dave’s naked body was revealed for the very first time, and all of the speculation regarding the size of his genitals was finally put to rest. Craig may have taunted Dave for the inadequate size of his junk, but in reality, Dave clearly had no reason to be the least bit embarrassed about his equipment. Quite the contrary, for he possessed not only a splendid, awe-inspiring physique, but also a set of “puny sex tools” that where anything but. Completely soft, his massive, meaty cock measured an awesome 8 ½ inches in length and was as thick as a man’s wrist, bigger and thicker than most men’s biggest and hardest boners. The thick slab of man meat was matched by a set of balls so huge as to be obscene. Each huge nut was the size of a clenched fist, so huge and oversized that they looked like they belonged on a brahma stud bull. Dave’s huge gonads rested very low in a low-slung sac, no doubt a testament to their great weight, stretching his big ball bag to a good three inches from his muscular crotch. The thick and baggy scrotum was naturally extremely hairy, but Dave kept his huge sac as smoothly shaven as his own face, leaving the silky skin of his ballsac completely smooth. 

No one in the rapt audience had ever before seen a man hung nearly so big as Dave, and they were temporarily stunned into near silence at the extraordinary sight. Then someone in the far corner of the arena shouted out a crude remark, and the dam broke – the crowd erupted into comments and laughter and and screams and jeers. Dave bore it all stoically, but his handsome face visibly reddened with embarrassment and anger. 

Once both wrestlers were ready, Big John signaled for the match to begin, and the bell rang. 

The two wrestlers warily approached one another before locking up in a refs’ hold. Dave was able to convert this to a headlock, using his superior strength and size to overpower his beefy opponent. He rotated his massive, muscular, 24-inch left arm several times, applying as much pressure as possible to the hold. He then released the hold, grabbed Craig by the arm, and threw him into the opposite ropes. As Craig rebounded from the ropes, Dave delivered a knee into Craig’s corrugated stomach, driving the air from Craig's lungs and dropping him to the mat. 

Big John moved in before Dave could press his advantage and admonished Dave “to watch out for the illegal blows.” 

“What do you mean illegal? It was a clean knee into the stomach,” Dave replied in surprise. 

“According to the rules, anything covered by wrestling trunks is off limits,” was Big John's obviously hesitant reply. 

Dave seemed to be at a loss for words, but noticed that Craig was regaining his feet. Dave quickly grabbed him and reapplied the headlock and tried to think. Craig began trying to apply pressure to the beefy arm and was slowly raising it. Dave realized that he was losing the hold, and so threw Craig to the mat with a hip check, maintaining the hold and following him down to the mat. He applied pressure for several more seconds before regaining his feet. As he released the hold, he pushed Craig chest first into the ropes and delivered a forearm smash across the man’s powerful lower back. 

Again Big John approached, “Watch the illegal blows Dave.” 

 As Dave began to protest that it was a legal blow, Big John reminded him “that anything covered with wrestling gear is considered 'below the belt' and off limits.” 

Dave was beginning to realize the problem that he was going to have. He quickly replaced the headlock, more to give him time to think than to hurt his opponent. Craig decided the time had come to show Dave just how much trouble he was really in. Reaching between Dave's muscular spread legs, he grabbed Dave's massive balls and began squeezing and pulling them back between the legs. 

“AAAHHH!!!” bellowed Dave. “Hey ref! Make him let go! He's got me by the balls!!” 

“Anything not covered by wrestling gear is fair game, Dave. Nothing illegal about the hold,” Big John intoned with obvious distaste. As these words sank in, Dave began to realize that he was in for a bigger match than he had anticipated. The rapidly mounting pain in his nuts finally reached an incapacitating level as Craig viciously clutched a massive nut in each of his big and very strong hands, and Dave released the headlock and dropped to his knees. Craig maintained the ball busting hold all the way to the mat.
“Welcome to hell, big man,” Craig sneered right in Dave’s ear. 

Releasing his grip on the massive nuts, Craig got to his feet, pulled Dave to a standing position, and threw him across the ring into the ropes. As he rebounded into the center of the ring, Dave was met by a knuckle sandwich into his exposed nuts, the blow striking right at the junction of the ball sack and the base of the cock. A combination grunt of pain and explosion of air was the result. 

“Hey, watch the fists, Craig,” was Big John's only comment.

Laughing, Craig pulled Dave to his feet and delivered a series of three powerful knee lifts into the crotch of his obviously hurting opponent, the blows landing with such force that the huge dark-haired stud was actually lifted several inches off of the mat. 

The explosions of pain in Dave's nuts and lower abdomen were intense. He realized that he had been "tricked" with the rules and knew that he had little chance of winning this match. Thinking of that old phrase "discretion is the better part of valor" he decided to simply surrender. He knew that he would be subjected to the humiliation of his decision, but at least he would still have his nuts, which he realized were now on the line and seriously in danger of being destroyed by his dirty-fighting opponent. 

Craig, however, had other ideas. As Dave struggled to regain his breath and utter his submission, Craig called out to Big John, “Hey ref, let's start the 30 minute no surrender rule that this pussy wanted.” 

No sooner were the words out of his mouth than Dave managed to sputter, “I quit!” 

“Sorry big dude, but according to the rules, once the 30 minutes begins, there is no stopping,” an obviously distraught Big John replied. 

With an evil laugh, Craig grabbed Dave by his thick, dark hair and pulled the big muscle stud to his feet. He reached down with his right hand, grabbed Dave's huge balls in a nut crusher, and began applying as much pressure as possible. The cries of agony and horror that escaped Dave's lips only encouraged Craig to apply even more pressure. 

After a few minutes, but what seemed like an eternity to Dave, the devastating hold was released. Instead of allowing Dave to drop to the mat, Craig grabbed him by the arm and threw him across the ring. As he rebounded from the ropes, he was met with a devastating knee to the crotch. 

The huge muscle man dropped to the mat like a stone, lying on his back and completely stunned by the intense pain in his gigantic nuts. For the next ten minutes, Craig subjected Dave’s huge balls to all sorts of brutal abuse, from a two-fisted nut crusher to pulverizing knee drops to the balls, incredibly rough treatment that would have quickly ruined another man’s balls. But even Craig had to silently admit his admiration for his handsome and huge-balled nemesis, for Dave’s mighty orbs absorbed every bit of abuse that Craig could inflict on them, and seemed almost eager for more. 

Craig alternated this brutal torture with gentle massage and rubbing, adding maddening pleasure to the brutal torments. Despite the devastating and terrible pain in his throbbing balls, the fondling and manhandling of his massive gonads soon caused Dave’s mighty cock to engorge to its full, eye-popping, beer-can-thick, 14+ inches, slapping heavily against his corrugated upper belly and terminating only a few inches shy of the dramatic overhang of his super thick, massive pecs. Anytime the pain threatened to allow the cock to subside, Craig would stop his pain torture just long enough to stroke and pet the man’s bruised and swelling balls until his monster cock returned to its full steely hardness. 

The fans by now were stunned and awed, and more than a little disgusted. “How could a real man get excited by having his nuts pulverized,” they asked? “How could a man’s cock possibly be so huge and so thick?” “How could his balls be larger than those of a bull?” “It’s not possible.” “It’s not natural.” “Sick fucker doesn’t deserve to have balls that huge!” were their replies. The crowd decided that Dave must be a freak and therefore deserved whatever was happening to him. 

Craig delivered a series of stomps, knee drops, and fists to the lower abdomen of his opponent, and then set him up for the "finish". Rolling the muscular Dave onto his intensely muscular stomach, Craig spread the man’s truly massive lower legs apart until the huge and now dark red balls were splayed out flat on the mat, between the mighty legs. Craig then stood, placed his booted heel on the ball sack, and began to twist back and forth like he was putting out a cigarette, all the while increasing the pressure. 

Big John stood by helplessly as Dave’s screams and pleading filled the air. Dave could feel his nuts becoming more swollen and mushy as the pain radiated from below. He bellows of “NO MORE!!! I QUIT!!! PLEASE STOP!!!” were ignored. 

Suddenly the pain was temporarily decreased (but by no means stopped) when Craig released the trapped nuts and then fell on Dave's back, getting him in a full nelson. Craig made sure that Big John was nearby as he began talking to Dave in a very gentle, singsong manner. 

"Hey pussy boy, how you doing, huh? Hurting a little bit down below? Well listen, I'm not a totally uncaring son of a bitch, so I have a little proposition for you. Hey, Big J, how much time we got left here?" 

Consulting the ringside clock, Big John responded, "About 8 minutes.” 

"Oh yeah, plenty of time for me to finish off your big bull nuts. I gotta admit, these huge fuckers of yours have proven much tougher than I would have imagined, but they’re startin’ to get positively squishy. It won’t take that much more to burst ‘em. Flatten ‘em out. Smoosh ‘em smooth. Yeah, plenty of time to take away your disgustingly oversized manhood, pussy boy," Craig crooned into Dave's ears, the words a harsh contrast to the gentle and quiet nature of the voice. "Would you like to negotiate to keep your nuts, boy?" 

Dave was scared shitless, and made even more so by the tone of the voice he heard. "What do you have in mind?" was his croaked reply. 

"Well, here is the deal. I will stop working on these big things you used to call your nuts, if you agree to extend the 'no submit' time by another 30 minutes AND allow my partner to join in the action." 

"Do you think I'm crazy?!" was Dave's only response as the words sank into his brain. 

"Don't know, are you?" Craig asked as he released half the full nelson, reached down with his free hand and grabbed his opponent’s nuts. Concentrating on the massive and swollen left nut, he began squeezing again. 

As the pain exploded to even more unbelievable levels, Dave realized that he was in deep shit either way he went. But one way at least let him keep his balls. “OKAY!! I agree, I AGREE!! Just stop!!” 

Craig released the nuts and said, "Okay, just so we all understand the rules, the 'no submit' time is reset for 30 minutes, Jay gets to join the action, and I agree not to touch the pussy boy's nuts. Is that what we are all agreeing too?" 

Dave squeaked out his agreement, and Big John, looking decidedly unhappy about the events, also agreed. Craig laughed as he released the downed wrestler completely and went over to inform Jay of what was happening. Big John informed the ring announcer so that an announcement could be made to the crowd. The crowd reaction was one of support and approval, a turn that Big John had not really expected. The shouts of derision and scorn directed toward the deeply hurting Dave began to seep into Big John's awareness. 

Jay simply laughed as Craig told him of the change of events, and quickly stripped down to his bikini style underwear before entering the ring shouting, "I don't want to get any of pussy boy's blood on my clothes!" The crowd cheered its approval.
Once Jay had finished stripping, the duo was ready to begin their assault. Dave had managed to get to a kneeling position while Craig and Jay had been planning their mode of attack. Jay strolled toward his opponent. As he walked in front of Dave, he was stunned by the sudden appearance of a fist swinging upward from the mat straight into his crotch, slamming Jay’s own big nuts up into his pubic bone with shattering force. A stunned look crossed his face as the air was forced from his body and he fell back onto the mat. Many of the fans yelled their approval, but most did not appear happy with the maneuver. 

Big John was immediately in front of Dave, yelling at him “Watch the fists and low blows. They are illegal here.” 

“Fuck you,” was Dave’s reply. 

Before Big John could reply, Craig, who had approached from behind, delivered a series of kicks to the Dave’s lower back forcing him to the mat, face first. “You lousy son-of-a-bitch! You’re going to regret that!” he yelled. He then proceeded to deliver a series of knee drops and stomps to the kidney area. The fan’s were screaming and yelling their approval by this point. Craig then pulled Dave to his feet, backed him into the corner, and threw his arms over the top rope, exposing the entire front of his gorgeous body.

Big John was on the mat checking on the condition of Jay but could see what was happening in the corner as well. Once Craig had Dave in position, he began delivering a series of blows into the man’s colossal chest and heavily muscled abdomen using forearm smashes and fists. Dave attempted to get Big John’s help, but the ref was still occupied with Jay. Craig finished his session with several fists into Dave’s battered balls, driving the final resistance from the big man. At this point, Big John had finally arrived in the corner and admonished Craig, “Hey man, the nuts are off limits to you at this time,” although there wasn’t much conviction in his voice. 

Dave was body slammed to the mat in the center of the ring. By now Jay had regained his feet and was ready to join the action. By agreement, he and Craig each took an arm, spread them out from Dave’s body and stood on the wrists, trapping them. Each then began delivering a series of stomps and kicks into the massive biceps and hairy armpit of their opponent. After several minutes of this, they both stepped back and delivered a double stomp to the biceps, jumping into the air and landing with both feet onto the massively muscular upper arms. They followed this by dropping their knees on the mighty limbs, and then began delivering a series of fists and punches to the enormous but steadily weakening muscles. Big John watched without comment as the assault continued and moans of pains escaped from Dave, who began protesting the fists. After a minute or two, Big John finally admonished the two wrestlers to “move on to something else. You know fists aren’t allowed.” But by the then the damage had been done, and Dave’s massive, powerful arms had been rendered useless. 

Jay pulled his devastated opponent from the mat and threw him across the ring into the ropes. As he rebounded into the open ring, he was met with a knee to the center of his abdomen. Craig repeated this maneuver, followed again by Jay and then a fourth time by Craig. After the final knee, Dave lay on his back gasping for breath. His merciless opponents then began delivering a series of knee drops, stomps, and leg drops into his stomach muscles, one of them holding his now useless arms out of the way as necessary. The pain in his abdomen slowly intensified, although the pain in his nuts was still by far the worst. 

After a final knee drop to the belly, Craig pulled Dave to his feet, scooped him up as if to deliver a body slam, but on the way down twisted him so that he landed stomach first across his knee, driving what little air was left from his lungs. As he was dropped to the mat, the fans shouted their pleasure at the move. Those few loyal fans that were still rooting for Dave had become silent, mainly because they were receiving threats from the surrounding fans. 

As Dave lay unmoving on the mat, Jay forced him over onto his back, sat on his hairy chest, and applied a stomach claw to the upper abdomen. Craig sat on the man’s gigantic thighs and applied his claw to the low abdomen, just above the crotch. Both began digging in as if trying to reach the man’s backbone. Dave’s weakened muscles offered little resistance. Cries of “I QUIT!!! PLEASE!!! NO MORE!!!” issued from his mouth but were ignored. 

Big John dropped to the side of his head and stated, “Sorry dude, but you can’t submit—just like you requested at the beginning of the match,” but now with a very taunting quality to his voice. Big John was surprised to find that he was enjoying what was happening to this big, handsome stud, and that he was eager to see just how far Craig and Jay were going to take this abuse. 

Dave’s two opponents continued with their claw hold and also discussed their next moves. They released the claws, stood up, and delivered a series of stomps to Dave’s massive, hairy pecs. With his massive arm and abdomen muscles now rendered powerless, there was nothing Dave could do to defend himself. 

“How much longer, Big J?” Craig shouted out. 

“About 6 minutes,” was the reply. 

With a smirk on his face, Jay shouted “Time for the surprise finish, Craig.” 

Whooping with joy, Craig nodded his head. He pulled Dave to his feet and applied a full nelson. However, instead of standing straight up, he crouched down a little forcing Dave to keep his legs spread out. With a leer on his face, Jay approached the exposed stud, reached down with his left hand, grabbed Dave’s swollen nuts and pulled them out from his body, stretching them over five inches from his sweaty crotch. This motion nearly doubled their already enormous natural dangle, and caused the angry red orbs to bulge even more monstrously at the bottom of their smooth ballsac. He then drew back his huge right hand and delivered a quick series of three devastating blows to the trapped nuts. The pain exploded his Dave’s body like a bomb had went off in his crotch. He managed to moan to Big John, “Hey! My nuts are off limits!”

With what appeared to be reluctance, Big John said to the two wrestlers, “He is right guys, no crotch blows. Another one and I will disqualify you.” 

Craig replied, “Hey Big John, that isn’t quite right. The rule was that I wouldn’t attack the groin, and I’m not. Nothing was said about my partner here.” 

Big John started to reply that that was bullshit, they both knew what the rule meant, but he had experienced a curious warm and tingling sensation in his own heavy nuts as he watched Jay continue to deliver the nuts shots and heard the pain in Dave’s grunts. He couldn’t believe that any man could endure such brutal punishment to his nuts, no matter how unnaturally big they were, and he realized that Dave’s mighty low-hangers must be made of some damn stern stuff. Like maybe granite, or steel. Big John also couldn’t believe that Dave’s cock was still rock hard throughout all of this recent abuse, and in fact had been drooling thick precum for quite some time now. Big John felt a stirring in his own shorts as he said, “Sorry Dave, but he has got you there. That was the agreement.” 

Jay laughed as he released the nuts, grabbed his two hands together, and delivered a powerful double-handed shot into the bruised, swollen nuts, starting between his own legs and swinging up into his opponent’s crotch. Dave felt his bull balls being driven into his pubic bone, and then felt them flattening out before rebounding. He nearly passed out from the force of the blow. 

“One or two more of those and you are going to have to change you name to Daphne,” cackled Craig into Dave’s ear. 

Dave looked pleadingly at Big John, who just smiled wickedly back at him. 

Jay stepped up to Dave and motioned Big John over. He grabbed Dave by the back of his hair and pulled his face up. “Okay, pussy boy, here is the deal. I am going to keep this up until you balls pop permanently. And I am going to enjoy the hell out of it. Nobody pops ME in the nuts without paying the ultimate price.” 

Dave knew real fear now. He had hoped to teach Craig a lesson tonight, but instead found himself on the receiving end and knew that little mercy was coming his way. However, he had never expected that he might be permanently mauled and crippled in the match, reduced to a nutless eunuch! Dave desperately wanted to save his nuts and so began to beg and plead with Jay not to finish off his big bull balls. 

Finally Jay smiled and said, “Okay pussy boy, we will make you a deal. Here are the rules. Number 1, we extended the no quit time for another 30 minutes.” At this Dave groaned with dread, knowing he wasn’t going to like what happened next. 

“Number 2, during that time, both Craig and I agree not to attack your cock and balls. All other holds are legal. And finally, number 3—you agree to do anything that Craig or I tell you—no limits, nothing illegal, nothing held back.” 

Even in his tormented state, Dave knew that he was asking for serious trouble if he agreed; however, at this point all he could think about was his saving his brutalized balls. The massive nuts had by now swollen to truly grotesque proportions and were so heavily battered that they were starting to turn from dark red to purple as bruises began to erupt all over their surface. Even more disturbingly, his formerly rock solid balls had been squishing more than halfway flat with each powerful blow that Jay had delivered into them, and Dave knew that his already mangled balls couldn’t endure much more abuse before bursting wide open. So he made the only decision he could. “Okay! Yeah! FINE! But once the time is out this time, the match is immediately over!”

Big John reached in, grabbed Dave’s huge balls in his even more massive hands, and applying pressure said, “Okay, but if you don’t abide by these rules, I’m going to give Craig and Jay here 15 minutes to finish off your nuts. And I mean for GOOD!” John couldn’t believe the sheer size and incredible weight of the handsome man’s enormous testicles, and his own huge cock lurched in his pants as his hands roughly gripped all of that behemoth ball meat. How could any one man be so enormously hung!?! Big John couldn’t get over how erotic and powerful it felt to have Dave’s thick ball meat oozing between his clenching fingers, and the sense of control he felt over the devastatingly handsome muscle man almost made his head spin. He now was beyond being a ‘fair’ ref, and he now just wanted to give Craig and Jay the most freedom he could to maul and abuse this big-balled freak. 

“Okay, ref, okay!” Dave grasped. Big John kept on squeezing Dave’s huge, hot nuts for several moments more, clearly reluctant to let go of the massive gonads, but finally released the stud’s big balls and stood back. Craig released the full nelson and Dave fell to the mat, clearly exhausted and defeated. Craig and Jay wasted no time in starting the big man’s final humiliation and destruction. 

“Okay, pussy. Get up on your knees, face on the mat, and then take your hands and spread your ass cheeks wide apart to show all the fans that pussy you have hidden back there,” Jay demanded. 

When Dave was a little slow to respond, Big John was by his side to remind him of the consequences of refusing, mostly by delivering a powerful upper cut from one of his awesome 26-inch arms into Dave’s huge, screaming nuts. Dave screamed in agony and then did as he told, bending over and parting his massively muscular butt cheeks to expose his hairy anus to the auditorium. The shouts of laughter and derision from the crowd was overwhelming. The flash of flashbulbs was nearly blinding. Jay walked to Dave’s head and put his boot next to the mouth. “Start licking, boot slave.”
With only a slight hesitation, Dave began to lick the boot. 

Big John reached down to readjust his cock, which was rapidly growing to its full 11-inch length. He was very surprised to find that he was actually enjoying this. Craig noted this too and filed the information away in the back of his mind. He and Jay now had a new ally for future mischief in the ring. 

Craig walked over the action and looked down, “Okay pussy boy, get up.” Dave slowly got to his feet. The pain in his lower abdomen and balls was still limiting his action, and all the abuse he had already suffered was slowing him down. 

Craig raised his right arm above his head and a powerful odor emanated from his hairy blond pit. “Whew, that stinks. Why don’t you get your tongue in there and clean it out for me?” 

Dave looked horrified and started to refuse when Big John stepped up and said in a very menacing voice, “15 minutes alone with those big nuts if you refuse, pussy boy.” When Dave heard Big John using that term to describe him, he knew that he wasn’t getting any break from the ref, so he began licking the hairy pit. The crowd went crazy. Any fans that were still rooting for Dave stopped at that point. Dave’s destruction was nearly over. 

Jay jumped out of the ring and went to one of the metal barriers near the front row. Since the construction of the cage had required the first row to be inside the cage, the crowd barriers were also there, right in front of the first row of chairs. He dragged one of the barriers to the ring edge and placed it sticking out at a right angle and then crawled back into the ring. Dave was now hungrily working on Craig’ second meaty armpit, his thick tongue lapping at the smelly expanse of beefy under arm. Craig was quickly replaced by Jay, who demanded that Dave wash his beefy armpits as well. Dave quickly complied, no longer putting up any resistance or hesitation to the tag team’s commands. 

Time was now beginning to run short, so the diabolical duo decided the time had come for the coup de grace. “Okay, pussy boy, here is your next order of business. You will get down on your knees and then kiss my cock and balls through my trunks and then do the same to Jay there. After that, you will crawl out on the ring apron over there,” pointing to the side where the barricade had been placed, “stand up, raise your hands over your head like a victory pose, and then jump off the ring apron straddling the barricade.” 

Dave could not believe this. They were asking him to purposely pound his own nuts onto the barricade. He was so concerned about that aspect of the command that he overlooked the first part. 

“Hey, the deal was my nuts were off limits!” he pleaded, his voice cracking with terror and humiliation. 

Big John replied, “No, pussy boy, the deal was that Jay and Craig would leave your nuts alone. There was nothing about you not abusing your own nuts. Now there isn’t a lot of time left here, but if you don’t do as your told, they get 15 minutes alone with you, and I’m sure after that you won’t have to worry about your sorry nuts ever again!” 

Seeing the evil smirk in Big John’s eyes and lips, Dave knew that the alternative was indeed worse. He dropped to his knees in front of Jay and kissed both the man’s thick cock and big balls through his bikini trunks, planting his sensuous lips on the other man’s big meat. He then turned to Craig, who started backing up, making Dave shuffle on his knees to reach him. To the crowd and the video cameras it looked like he was eagerly chasing after the man’s cock and balls. Finally resting against the ropes, Craig allowed Dave to ‘catch up’ and put a comically horrified look on his face as Dave proceeded to kiss his cock and balls through his singlet.
“Bet you like that, pussy boy! Too bad we can’t give you the real thing, at least not here.” Craig winked to Jay at that last statement, eliciting further laughter and cheers from the bloodthirsty crowd.  

Dave then walked to the ring apron, climbed the turnbuckle, and assumed the required ‘victory’ pose, his battered arms raised to either side and flexed in an extraordinary double biceps pose. For the fans, this clearly displayed his monstrously swollen ball sac, throbbing 14+ inch monster cock, and glorious musculature. Even as battered and bruised as he was, Dave was still a spectacularly magnificent sight, the epitome of masculine perfection. However, the sight of the gorgeous muscle man standing atop the ring turnbuckle also cemented the audience’s newfound hatred for him. No true ‘man’ would have allowed himself to get in this position. It no longer mattered that Dave was perhaps the handsomest, most beautifully built, and certainly the biggest hung man to ever enter that wrestling ring. To the audience, the mighty wrestler would be forever reviled for being so soundly beaten and humiliated in the ring. 

Dave’s beautiful blue eyes scanned the crowd and found not a single sympathetic gaze looking back at him. The dejected warrior knew that his defeat was total. He looked down at the steel barricade more than 10 feet below him, and knew that this next step could very well result in the final destruction of his once proud stud nuts. But what choice did he have? If he didn’t do as Craig and Jay had demanded, Big John would make sure that his huge nuts would be permanently destroyed. His only chance at surviving the match as an intact male would be to jump down and slam his gonads into the unyielding metal bar below. 

Taking a deep breath, Dave jumped from the ring, his incredibly powerful legs carrying him even higher into the air before he began to plummet downward. Dave’s massive legs were parted so that, as his colossal 285 pounds of muscular bulk came hurtling down, one enormous leg straddled each side of the barricade, lining his huge, swollen nuts up perfectly with the steel frame. Dave struck the barricade perfectly with his nut sac square on the bar, the terrific force of gravity and nearly 300 pounds of handsome hulk slamming his horribly battered balls with catastrophic and annihilating force into the unforgiving metal bar. 

The recoil was awesome. Dave threw back his handsome head in absolute agony, bellowing in horrific pain and clutching at his shattered testicles with both beefy hands. At the same moment, his pulsing club of a cock somehow and completely unexpectedly hit orgasm. The utterly shocked crowd could only watch in stunned amazement as absolutely gigantic wads of white-hot cum began to rocket out of the pulsating penis. Each titanic salvo of stud cum was thick as a finger, nearly 10 feet long, and so unimaginably dense with sperm that the gloopy spunk was more solid than liquid. The pearlescent man cream jetted out with spectacular force, readily striking not only those seated in the front row, but also those shouting and cheering outside the cage. The open mesh of the cage wall did virtually nothing to halt each blast of sperm, and in fact broke up each mighty rope of cum into dozens of globs of sperm shrapnel that then rained down upon the stunned spectators.  

It was the most awesome display of hyper masculine virility that anyone had ever seen, and it just kept going and going and going as Dave pumped unimaginable quantities of pure stud sperm from his busted baby makers. Tears streamed down Dave’s handsome face even as he continued to bellow in inhuman agony, clutching his violently contracting balls as they jettisoned their heavy, heavy load. 

Nearly two dozen monumental slugs of cum hurtled out of Dave’s cock cannon onto the unsuspecting audience before his titanic orgasm finally began to taper off more than a full minute later, shooting out successively smaller and weaker wads until finally the dregs of his super human load were oozing thickly down his quivering horse cock. Those seated in the front row each looked like they had been on the receiving end of an epic circle jerk, covered in so much impossibly thick spunk that they were completely soaked, festooned with dozens of ribbons and ropes of gloopy, smelly spunk. Even the most avid bukkake freak wouldn’t have been able to believe the sheer amount of gamey jizz dripping off of the front row spectators in heavy, oozing, slow-moving blobs. The three or four rows behind them hadn’t fared much better, and even the dark gray metal mesh of the cage wall look liked it had been coated in a thick icing. Literally buckets full of splooge had been pumped out of Dave’s Herculean bull balls, and the proof was spewed out all over dozens and dozens of audience members. 

His monumental orgasm finally at an end, Dave’s soulful blue eyes fluttered closed, and the unconscious muscle giant toppled over like a mighty oak tree, his unconscious form crashing heavily into the concrete floor below and landing in a sticky puddle of his own male juices. Many eyes bugged out of their heads when the spectators saw the state of the barricade itself, for the top bar no had a profound downward bend where Dave had landed. The force of Dave’s collision with the barricade had actually managed to twist the thick steel frame at the top of the metal fence, distorting the bar with his own great weight and the toughness of his behemoth bull balls. 

Though it no doubt had felt to Dave like his mammoth balls had been reduced to a pulpy mass of broken ball flesh as a result of this final, self-inflicted brutality, the huge twin gonads had miraculously survived. The colossal cajones were hugely swollen and horrifically bruised, but still clearly formed two massive and intact spheres inside the man’s bloated ball bag. The handsome muscle man would surely be in tremendous pain for many days to come, but his balls would recover from the evening’s abuse. That is, if his opponents and the audience allowed him to recover…

Back in the ring, Big John raised Craig’s and Jay’s hands as the winners of the match, much to the overwhelming roar of the cheering crowd. Obviously, the feud between Dave and Craig had been settled, with Dave utterly defeated by the massively muscular blond surfer stud. The three of them — Big John, Craig, and Jay — then exited the ring to the cheering adoration of the crowd. 

Big John stopped to haul a barely conscious Dave to his feet and ‘assist’ him back to the dressing room, still playing the part of the impartial and caring ref. To show that he had no hard feelings and that it was just a wrestling match, Craig took Dave’s other massive arm, and they walked/dragged Dave back toward the locker rooms wit Jay pulling up the rear. Of course, they walked down one side of the aisle so that fans could reach out and further abuse the vanquished warrior. Hundreds of hands reached out to punch, pinch, slap, and fondle the handsome hunk, with most hands reaching for Dave’s big bruised nuts, roughly grabbing them, viciously squeezing them, and brutally punching them with clenched fists. 

It was another minor miracle that Dave was able to get back to the locker room in one piece. 

Once back in the locker room, the fun REALLY began, with Craig, Jay, and even Big John using their new ‘pussy boy’ in every way possible. Seeing the obvious excitement in his eyes and cock, Jay and Craig invited Big John to join in the fun and gave him the honor of taking the ‘pussy boy’s cherry.’ It was done with extreme delight by Big John and with extreme violence toward Dave. The handsome wrestling star had never been fucked in his life, and the brutal pounding Big John gave him was an extremely painful and humiliating blow to the proud man. 

Big John was so caught up in the action that he did not notice Jay videotaping the event, in case they needed something to keep Big John in line with in the future. But they didn’t have to worry; Big John had become convinced by his own aroused cock and tingling balls of the joys of illegal activity. The head ref was now firmly on the side of the rule breakers. As a matter of fact, he was anxiously awaiting the tag team championship match next week when the reigning champions, identical blond muscle gods Tim and Jim, put their titles on the line against Craig and Jay. Unknown to Tim and Jim, tonight’s events had already determined the outcome of that upcoming match. 

As for Dave, his huge stud nuts indeed survived the night, but only just barely. The young bull stud was forced to endure many hours more of tortures and torments at the hands of the muscular trio. His massive bull nuts were nearly beaten to sterility, but he surprised and wowed them all by pumping out no less than five more loads in the locker room and showers, each nearly as massive and monumental as the one he’d pounded out outside the ring. The lockers, benches, concrete floors, and tiled shower walls were all white-washed with Dave’s thick and heady spunk by the end of the night, and the much-abused muscle man was reduced to a mewling, sobbing mess. 

Dave would later learn that his intended tag team partner, Joey, had been drugged the night before the match by the nefarious Craig. Joey remained unconscious until well after the match was over, by which time Dave was far beyond helping. Dave had been utterly tricked and manipulated by evil tag team duo, and he paid a very heavy price. 

The next time the achingly handsome and heroically muscular stud was seen in public several months later, it was as the ‘valet’ to Jay and Craig, his new, permanent, and highly humiliating position in life. Dave was made to be totally subservient to the pair of blond muscle men, and forced to wear clothing that accentuated his massive musculature. Dave had been forced to work out even harder and heavier than ever before, and his already massive muscles had exploded into even more stupendous size. The handsome and Herculean hulk now weighed a colossal 335 pounds, and was STILL growing. Craig and Jay intended to force Dave to grow even bigger than Big John himself, and were willing to force Dave to take steroids if necessary, but thus far the stud had been able to pack on dozens of pounds of muscle all on his own. The guy was proving to be a true beast of muscle! Craig had to keep having larger and larger outfits made for his new slave, as Dave kept outgrowing them with his ever-inflating muscles, but Craig didn’t mind — it was a small price to pay to see Dave’s muscles bloat and swell to even greater dimensions. 

Dave’s new clothes further humiliated the fallen warrior by having a hole cut out of the crotch, allowing his enormous, almost elephantine genitals to swing freely between his columnar, muscle-engorged legs, making them constantly visible and always available for whatever abuse the blond duo wanted to inflict. And that abuse was inflicted often and without warning. 

Dave’s humiliation and defeat were utter and complete, and the formerly proud and fearless warrior had resigned himself to his new role as a meek and subservient slave. He was forced to weight train all day, endure beatings all evening, and then get fucked all through the night. But Dave accepted his role, even felt that he deserved it, for being so utterly defeated that evening in the wrestling arena… 

Bikers of the Apocalypse - Original Version

Here is the source and inspiration for my "Bikers of the Apocalypse" story. This original story is definitely hot and erotic in its own right, but if you compare the two, you can see that my version is VERY different than the original. The length is also different -- the original here is 6 pages long, while mine is about 30 pages long. :)

Sometimes when I'm doing a story rewrite, I stick closely to another author's original story, and sometimes (like here) I go off in a wildly different direction.


Bikers 2 - A New Story
An original story by topdog

A young man is picked up to be used by the bikers, and a rival gang is worked over.

Bikers 2 - A New Story

The three bikers had picked up a young hitchhiker and brought him along with them. As they were riding along, the young man had started to fondle the biker’s crotch. As they rode along the biker had shot his load of cum in the young mans hands. Arriving at their destination, they grabbed the young man and ripped his clothes off of him. They tied him up spread-eagled on the mattress on the floor. Grabbing a sharpened nail, they pierced the boy’s foreskin and inserted a padlock in it, closing the foreskin so that as the boy’s cock got hard it could not get out of the foreskin.

Taking down a board with a large wooden peg on it they placed it under the boy with the peg inserted in his asshole. Pulling down on the boy’s ample nuts they then took two nails, one at a time and nail ed his young nuts to the board, one nail through each of his quivering nuts. Forcing open the boy’s mouth, one of the bikers inserted his hard cock and started to fuck the boy’s mouth with long sure strokes until he shot his load of cum. Each of the other biker’s did the same, filling the boy’s throat with hot cum from their cocks.

Taking a sharpened nail the bikers pierced the boy’s nipples. Taking a fine chain they hooked it to the nipples with rings. This forced the nipples downward. Taking the chain, they attached it to the padlock on the boy’s cock, further forcing the nipples downward, and pulling the cock upward. They left the boy like this for a while, nailed to the board by his nuts while the peg was massaging the inside of his asshole and pulling his nuts downward while the chain was pulling his nipples down and his cock up. The sensations from all of this was causing the boy’s cock to harden. It hardened until it was trying to force its way out of its skin covering, which was padlocked shut.

This was stretching the foreskin to its limits. The bikers untied the boy and standing him up walked him over to the wall and inserted the board into an attachment on the wall made just for it, and left the boy standing there. The board, now attached to the wall, forced the boy to stand while his nailed nuts made sure that he could not escape. The weight of his now hard cock standing out in front of him with its padlock thro ugh the foreskin, pulled down on the kids nipples forcing them outward and downward. Stroking the kid’s cock, he was brought to full erection forcing the nipples out even further.

Finally the young man started to shoot his load of cum, his cock jerking and spasming as it shot out load after load of pearly white jism. Each time his cock shot out a load of cum it jerked forward, pulling harder on his nipples, causing even more sensations to swell through the young man’s body and causing his ass ring to tighten on the peg inserted into it. This caused more sensation to course through his now aching nuts and cock as it spasmed even more, trying to shoot cum. His cock stayed hard, his balls trying vainly to jump and squirm even though they were nailed down. All these sensations built up, one on another, to keep his cock hard.

After some time the boy was taken down from the wall and the nails removed from his aching nuts. A stainless steel pin was inserted through each of the holes in the balls with caps on the end so that they would stay in place until the balls healed. This would leave the boy with permanent holes through each of his fine young plum shaped nuts. Into these holes he could put decorative rings.

Each of the bikers undressed. It could be seen that each of them had the same piercing. They had nipple rings or chains, each one had some type of ring or padlock on their foreskins and each had some type of decorative ornament through their balls. One man had a ring through each of his balls, to this he had added weights so that his balls hung down from the weights hanging from each ball. The continual weight over the years had so stretched the nutsack that it hung down to just an inch above his knees.

It was an amazing sight to see those balls hanging so low down. The balls themselves were huge and pulled to the bottom of the sack so filled the sack that it was forced to the maximum full of nut meat. Above these amazing nuts the skin of the ballsack rose about eight inches until it joined the base of the mans cock.

One of the other bikers came over and sucked in those huge nuts and swallowed them. They could be seen making a bulge in the bikers throat just below his Adam’s apple. Working his throat the biker massaged the other mans nuts with his throat until the man started to shoot his load of cum all over his face. Pulling back, the nuts could be seen traveling up the bikers throat until they popped out of his mouth, gleaming with spit. Bending over, the man offered his asshole. The other bikers held his long nutsack and forced his nuts, one at a time in to the bikers asshole. Taking his cock, he pushed it in after his nuts until his whole cock and balls were inserted right up to the base. Stroking in and out the biker was being fucked by both the mans cock and balls.

As the biker started to shoot his hot load his body twitched and jerked. Finally his cock subsided and he pulled out his cock, then his balls one at a time popped out of the biker’s ass. They were shiny with the injected cum. Grabbing his long nutsack, he pulled it between his legs and inserted each of the nuts into his own asshole. Stroking on his long hard cock he finally shot his load of cum, and as he did so, his twitching asshole massaged his nuts until they finally popped out of his asshole. They dangled down low between his legs as the last of the cum from his cock dribbled down and made them slick and shiny.

The bikers had an ongoing war going with a neighboring gang. One day they were in the midst of a fight with the other gang and finally won. The bikers that were defeated were tied up and transported back to the clubhouse. Each of the captive bikers was stripped of their clothes and tied with their arms stretched up above their heads. Their legs were spread wide and tied to stakes so that they were spread-eagled, standing up. The captive bikers were all sizes and shapes, from overweight to skinny, tall and short. Their now exposed genitals varied in size and shape. There were large heavy cocks, medium sized and small sized. Their balls were in all ranges of sizes from small to lemon size. There were hairy sacks, hairless sacks, long loose sacks and short body hugging sacks. Each of the captives had weights attached to their nutsacks, dragging the balls downward as far as they would go. Their cocks were stroked to hardness and then cords were tied around the cock bases to force them to stay hard.

The bikers sent out a notice to friendly groups that a group of captives were available for any sex act. Many came and paid admission to get into the clubhouse to see and use the captive sex slaves. Many and varied were the ways that they were used. Most of the captives had never had another man use their bodies sexually. They were reluctant participants. They hung there with their stretched nuts and hard cocks sticking out in front of them, scared of what might befall them in the next hours. If their cocks had not been tightly bound, the fear would have shriveled their distended penis’.

One particularly good looking young biker was bound there his large fat cock sticking straight out in front of him. His large lemon sized nuts hung low, stretched by the weights attached. A visiting biker came up to him and pulled out a razor. Starting with the long golden lo cks on the young bikers head, he started to cut off all the young mans hair. Using the razor he shaved the boy’s head bare, continuing to his chest and armpits, shaved them bare also. As he continued downward the boy’s pelvis and nuts were shaved bare as were his legs, front and back. Prying apart the ass cheeks his rectal area was also shaved. When finished, the biker had shaved the boy completely. There was not a hair on his body. This tended to make the boy’s cock and nuts seem even larger than before. Taking off the nutsack binding he let the boy’s shaved nuts hang loosely and freely. The stretching had lengthened the nutsack so that it hung low and loose. Some of the visitors came over and started to stroke and pet the hanging boy until his now deflated cock started to harden up again, until it stood rigidly upward pressing hard against his stomach.

This was the boy’s first experience with man to man sex and it was really turning him on. One biker stood behind the boy and inserted his hard cock into the boy’s ass while another sunk the hard cock of the boy into his throat and sliding it in and out started to suck the boy off. The sensations at his rear and a t the front caused the boy’s cock to harden even more. As the boy started to shoot his cum, his ass ring spasmed causing the cock inserted into it to receive more massaging until it also started to shoot its cum deep into the boy’s asshole. As all this was going on, the boy’s balls were jumping up and down in their sack. The boy was then taken down and laid in a sling with his asshole presented for use by anyone who wanted to. His large balls hung down so low that they were covering his pink ass hole. Even though he had just shot a large load of cum, his cock was still hard and lay stiffly over his stomach.

Evidently the boy had greatly enjoyed his first experience with male sex. Another of the bikers was being used. He had a large overweight belly and was hairy all over. His large cock and balls hung down below the large belly. The stretched balls and bound cock had been untied and now hung limply d own between his trembling legs. He was untied and made to kneel and then retied. As he knelt there, his vulnerable balls hung down between his legs, low and large. The now deflated cock was shriveled in fear and the foreskin on it was long and wrinkled.

As cock after hard cock was shoved into his virgin mouth, the sensations started to harden the cock up. As it inflated, the foreskin started to disappear. After it was totally hard, the foreskin still covered the head of his cock and beyond it about an inch. His face and chin were drenched in expended cum as cock after cock exploded in his mouth and all over his face. It dripped down from his chin and made streams of dripping hot cum down his chest and in the hair covering his body. As the feelings of the mouth fucking and dripping cum on his body excited the captive his own cock started to shoot cum. The long foreskin stopped it from shooting out but from the end of the foreskin poured large amounts of hot white cum which dribbled down his hairy legs.

As the captives cum was pouring out of his foreskin, another man was squeezing and twisting his sensitive balls. The man had his thumb inserted in the captives ass-ring and was forcefully squeezing the captives balls at the same time. These totally new sensations were causing great excitement in the captive as his cock continued to spew out large amounts of man juice. As each spasm of cum traveled down the captives cock it would jerk and jump, sending the shooting cum in all directions.

Several other men had come over and were shooting their loads of cum all over the kneeling captive. The leader of the gang had been tied up and was laying on his back on a table. He had be thoroughly whipped and his body was striped with welts. His soft cock lay over a set of immense balls. One of the men was working over the captive’s nuts. The mans balls had been paddled hard and squeezed. They were tender from the paddling. Each touch on them caused the man pain. A man came over and placed a clamp over one of the huge nuts and then began to tighten it. The nut bulged as the clamp tightened and the captive screamed for mercy. When the clamp was tightened as far as it would go, the man put a wire around the other nut and twisted it tighter and tighter until the wire finally cut through the skin. Further tightening finally cut the nut off completely with the skin covering it. The captives cock was masturbated until it was hard and throbbing. The clamp was removed from the other aching nut and the mans legs were raised and tied to his arms so that his pink ass bud was exposed. Hanging down between his legs was the one remaining nut the captive still had. One the men came up with his oversized hard on and shoved it into the asshole, dry.

As his cockhead popped through, the captive screamed in pain.

With a lunge the cock was forced all the way into the asshole. The man had grabbed the mans one ball and pulled on it to help force the cock into the captives ass. With fast and hard strokes he fucked the captives asshole, all the time pulling of the mans tortured nut. Shooting his cum, he pulled out and shot the remaining cum on the mans asshole. This made it slippery. Inserting one finger at a time he managed to get all five fingers inserted in the ass using the cum for lubricant. Forcing his hand hard the ass ring stretched until he was able to force his whole hand into the asshole. Turning his hand he started to stroke the captives prostrate until the captives cock hardened and started to shoot wads of cum. Leaning forward he took the mans remaining nut in his mouth and started to chew on it. Using his teeth he ground away at the nut until finally biting really hard, he bit the nut off. Pulling out his hand from the ass ring, he inserted the ball up the captives ass, leaving it inside.

Taking the mans still spewing cock he started to bite and chew on it also, until it was bleeding and lacerated. Working on the head of it he finally managed to chew off the plump cock head, leaving the shaft still dribbling its last vestiges of cum.

Taking the mutilated captive outside they inserted a stick of dynamite into his asshole and lit the fuse. The resulting explosion blew the captive leader into little bits. The leaders first lieutenant was still tied spread-eagle. His balls stretched with a weight. Adding more weights they stretched his now purplish balls to the limit. A pound at a time they added more weight until the mans balls were torn from his body. Gouging out the man’s eyes they took the mans smallish nuts and forced them into the empty eye sockets. His cock was cut off and forced down his throat until only the reddish head of the mutilated co ck stuck out of his mouth. He was untied and shoved naked out the door to blindly stagger around until he expired from loss of blood.

The rest of the captives were castrated and had their asses branded. They were released to serve as sexual objects by the rest of the biker gang. As long as they freely offered their asses and mouths to the gang they would be taken care of and accepted into the gang.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Bikers of the Apocalypse - Jayse Version

This long story is one of my older works, and I had THOUGHT it was one of my completely original stories. But I learned when reviewing my computer files this week that this story was actually inspired by a much shorter story. In fact, the only real inspiration I got from the original story was to write about a group of bikers who torture and castrate other men. So every word of the following story is mine, but the actual INSPIRATION came from elsewhere. :)

I'm actually rather proud of this story, and how I take the hunky hero to depths of tremendous depths of agony that even most of my other heroes never experience. I hope you enjoy it!


Bikers of the Apocalypse
Very loosely based on an original story by topdog 


On post-apocalyptic Earth, only the strongest survived, and that mantra was especially true in the remains of war-torn Los Angeles. Radiation, plague, and famine had decimated the world’s population, and only a handful of the strongest survived. And since there was strength in numbers, the surviving remnants of humanity banded together in tribes and gangs, defending their territory and their possessions from all rivals in the ongoing battle against extinction. 

The most feared gang of them all were the Bikers, for this gang seemed bent not just on their own survival, but on the extermination of every other member of the human race. The Bikers rode great armored motorbikes from which they got their name, and had terrorized North America for decades, sweeping through like a human plague. 

The Bikers were composed entirely of sterile men. Widespread radiation had rendered many males infertile, and the Bikers took this as a sign from God that all males should be sterilized. They thus pursued a holy war against men, torturing and castrating every male they came across - including children - and usually killing them in the process. Those few males who survived capture and castration by the Bikers were allowed to join the gang. Women were virtually ignored by the Bikers, left to mourn their lost males and to know that — without access to virile and potent males to father a new generation — the human species would slowly die out. 

The Bikers had swept across the entire continent over the years, butchering every struggling pocket of humanity along the way, no matter how small or how well hidden. It looked like the evil and brutal gang would soon achieve its goal, as only one group of fertile males remained — the Shielders of Los Angeles. 

The Shielders, like most of the other now-fallen tribes, had been born out of the chaos immediately following the apocalypse, but it had survived and thrived where others had failed and died. The Shielders started as a ragtag band of ex-soldiers and desperate refugees who had clung together for safety, but as they became more successful, other small groups joined and merged with them until they had managed to lay claim to almost the entire Los Angeles Basin. They had grown to become nearly one thousand strong, and were just starting to turn the corner from extinction and perhaps even bounce back from the horrors of the apocalypse. 

The Shielders were humanity’s last shining beacon of hope in the dark, dark night...until the Bikers arrived…


The Bikers attacked without warning, descending like a tidal wave over the less numerous Shielders. The Shielders put up a tremendous fight, killing many hundreds of Bikers and succeeding in buying time for most of the women and children to escape, at least temporarily. The Bikers didn’t immediately pursue the fleeing refugees, for they knew that the women and children had nowhere else left to run and that they could hunt them down at their leisure. But first, the Bikers wanted to have fun with their male captives. 

Though most of the defending Shielders had died in the battles, the Bikers succeeded in capturing nearly 100 of the men, and brought the prisoners back to their headquarters for torture, castration, and death. The Bikers herded their captives into a massive ancient warehouse, where they stripped the Shielders of their clothes and bound them to great metal racks. Each man had his arms stretched above his head and tied with metal chains, while his legs were spread wide, exposing his naked and vulnerable genitals to the cruel predations of the Bikers. 

The captive Shielder men were of all sizes and shapes, from lean to muscular, short to tall, teenagers to middle-aged. Their now exposed genitals also varied in size and shape. Decades of war, famine, and radiation had weeded out all but the most hardy of men, and this was true when it came to their genitals as well, for none were small and some were very large indeed. There was still a wide variety to be found among the captives’ junk, however, for there were stout cocks, long cocks, vein-gnarled cocks, and smooth cocks; hairy sacks, hairless sacks, long loose sacks, and short body-hugging sacks. And each and every Shielder captive knew that he was soon going to be painfully losing the contents of those scrotums. 

Each of the captives had varying amounts of weights attached to their nut sacks depending on the size of their balls, dragging the balls downward as far as they would go. Their cocks were then stroked to hardness, and cords were tied around the base of each cock to force them to stay hard. 

The Bikers began to use the captive men for countless depraved sex acts. Most of the captives had never before had another man use their bodies sexually, and all were reluctant and unwilling participants. They hung there with their stretched nuts and hard cocks sticking out in front of them, terrified of what might befall them in the next hours, knowing that it was only a matter of time before they were tortured and killed. If their cocks had not been tightly bound, the fear and upcoming agonies would certainly have shriveled their distended penises. 

In time and after hours and hours of visiting countless tortures on the Shielder men, the Bikers began to tire of toying with their captives, and one by one, the Bikers began to castrate and kill the Shielder captives. Often, the castration was really more of a formality, for the tortures were so indescribably brutal and cruel that many men’s heavy nuts were reduced to a worthless mush long before they were severed from his body. For many hours, the screams of the dying men echoed through the huge warehouse, fading into the uncaring night, until only one Shielder remained. 

The Bikers had saved the best for last. 

The final Shielder male was an extraordinary specimen of man and that rarest of apocalypse survivors — an example of that exceedingly rare situation where radiation damage resulted in positive and beneficial genetic changes. The stunningly handsome young blond man may have been no more than 19 years old, but he already managed to pack more than 350 pounds of pure muscle onto his enormous 6-foot, 3-inch frame. His physique was simply awesome, each muscle bulging with raw power and perfectly proportioned with the rest of his body. His dimensions were almost a parody of hyper masculinity, with shoulders a full yard wide, 25 ½ inch arms, a mammoth 88-inch chest, and hugely flaring lats that tapered majestically to an incredibly muscular and narrow 31-inch waist. Few men in history had ever achieved a chest dimension that was twice their waist size, but this young muscle hunk’s awesome chest was nearly THREE TIMES the dimension of his waist! The young stud’s great muscles flexed, swelled, and bulged mightily as he tried futilely to escape the thick manacles and chains binding him to the metal cross, but the fear on his exquisitely handsome face only served to goad the Bikers to further torments. 

But not only was this Shielder male both the most beautiful and most muscular of all the captives, he also had by far the largest set of genitals of any prisoner the Bikers had ever seen. To say that the young man’s cock and balls were huge would be an understatement; colossal, mammoth, and gigantic only began to approach the truth. The young Shielder’s magnificent bound cock jutted proudly before him, pointing skyward and throbbing with the youth’s powerful heartbeat. The enormous horse cock measured over 16 ½ inches in length and was considerably thicker than a beer can. Thick veins traced up the rock hard and ramrod straight length to the enormous glans at the top, a cock head nearly the size of a man’s fist. When soft, the lad’s cock had measured over 10 inches in length, and had the thickest, longest hood of foreskin any of the Bikers had ever seen. Now that it was hard, however, the skin of the young man’s cock was stretched so tight that no evidence of his foreskin remained. The young man’s colossal cock was magnificent, a true monument to masculinity. 

And if the young stud’s cock was heroic, then his proud, gargantuan nuts could only be described as legendary. Whatever spectacular genetic fluke had gone into creating the handsome young man’s gorgeous body and enormous cock had gone into overdrive when creating his colossal testicles. The youth’s twin orbs were so monstrously oversized as to be obscene. Each mighty testicle was larger than the largest grapefruit, and looked to be ten times as juicy. The huge, heavy orbs were so meaty and dense that they profoundly weighed down his massive scrotum and naturally hung extraordinarily low in their sac, swinging nearly 4 inches below his huge cock. However, the 120 pounds of iron currently hanging from the massive bull nuts had stretched the young hunk’s mighty ball cords to over twice that length, causing the huge orbs to bulge even more obscenely at the bottom of their over-stretched scrotum. 

Until very recently, the young man’s awesome balls had been coated in a thick thatch of blond pubic hair, the thick locks curling around the base of his mammoth fuck pole and heavily dusting the surface of his voluminous sac. Earlier in the evening, one of the Bikers had walked up to the tied and helpless young buck and pulled out a razor. The young muscle boy had begun to tremble as the Biker reached out a grabbed the base of his hot, gargantuan nuts, but to the young man’s immense relief, the Biker proceeded to carefully shave the great orbs of their furry coating, leaving his ball sac hairless and silky smooth. As he gripped the mighty testes, though, the Biker couldn’t help but notice how unusually solid and hard the massive nuts felt in his grip. He even tried to squeeze the huge nuts a few times, but couldn’t even cause the mighty orbs to dent. Eventually, the Biker shaved away the rest of the young man’s thick public bush, leaving his genitals completely bare, which actually made them look even larger than before. 

Now that this magnificent young muscle hunk was the only prisoner that remained, all eyes turned to the young buck, and they gazed upon his gorgeous face, awesome musculature, and titanic genitals with a mixture of lust, jealousy, and malevolent glee. These were the last intact set of virile male nuts on the continent, and perhaps in the world, and it seemed somehow fitting that the greatest and largest testicles in the history of the human race would be the last to face the violent and destructive wrath of the Bikers. The terrified young man knew that it was now his turn to face the brutal and unspeakable tortures of the Bikers. 

The cruel Bikers decided that they would first test the strength of the young muscle hunk. For this first test, they decided to see exactly how much weight the young man’s awesome nuts could carry. The young bull stud was already carrying more weight from his pendulous nuts than any other man before him, but the Bikers suspected he could carry more, and whole lot more. So confident were they in the strength of the young Shielder’s mammoth nuts that they decided to see if those great orbs could carry the full weight of a man. And to see exactly which man that would be, the Bikers all drew straws. Much to the young Shielder’s horror, the winner among the Bikers was the biggest, baddest, heaviest Biker of them all, a beast named Bruno. 

Bruno was a true monster of a man, standing a full 6 feet, 6 inches tall and weighing a gargantuan 425 pounds of pure, ripped, vein-corded muscle. The huge Biker had taken so many steroids that he was bigger than any other man the young Shielder had ever seen, and he knew he was in serious trouble. Over a decade of juice abuse had given Bruno a musculature of unparalleled size and strength, but his overblown muscles were blocky and bloated and obscene compared to the beautiful lines and exquisite proportions of the Shielder’s smaller but perfectly-formed physique. 

By winning the lottery, the dark-haired brute had earned the right to administer the test to the young man. Leaning down to a stack of weights, Bruno picked up a huge 45-pound weight and, smiling, added it to the 120-pound burden already mercilessly tugging at the young lad’s bull balls. The young man grunted in pain, but his balls held, stretched just a little further from his crotch. 

Bruno smiled cruelly as he picked up another 45-pound weight and added it to the stack. This time the young buck groaned loudly in pain, a full 210 pounds of metal hanging from his straining bull nuts. This was already twice as much weight as the Bikers had ever seen anyone endure, but Bruno knew that those mighty nuts could take a lot more abuse. Grabbing yet another 45-pound weight, the huge brute attached it to the stack pulling at the young man’s screaming nuts, stretching them further still. 

This time the young Shielder bellowed in pain, his deep baritone voice echoing off the walls of the huge warehouse. His gigantic balls were now stretched a full 10 inches from his crotch, and were growing dark red with all the strain. What’s more, his throbbing cock began to ooze thick slugs of precum, a heavy flow of boy cream that dripped in long, thick ropes to the cold cement floor below. When the Bikers saw this, they thought at first that the young man was cumming, so astonishingly thick and white and copious was the young man’s precum. But when they realized that the young stud was actually getting his rocks off by getting his rocks off, they encouraged Bruno to add even more weight. 

And add weight Bruno did. He added another 45-pound weight, bringing the stack to 300 pounds, and then another, bringing it to 345 pounds. The young muscle lad was screaming and thrashing against his restraints, but his balls continued to stoically endure. Bruno then picked up a small 5-pound weight and, flashing an evil grin to his cronies and fellow torturers, added the tiny weight to the stack. The weight now viciously tearing at the young man’s gargantuan nuts now reached 350 pounds, equally the weight of the fantastically muscular young prisoner. The young stud bellowed once again in tremendous agony, his huge straining nuts feeling like they would tear loose at any moment. His precum began to run thicker and heavier, and a steady stream of the viscous fluid was now pouring out of his grotesquely swollen cock and beginning to form a sizable puddle on the cement floor beneath him. 

At this point, Bruno decided to make the game more fun and stretch out the torture. He began to use smaller amounts of weight, slowly creeping up on the seemingly impossible goal of hanging 425 pounds from the young man’s colossal nuts. Bruno began adding weight in 5- and 10-pound increments, slowly increasing the already enormous load of iron gently swinging between the young man’s wide spread and intensely muscular thighs. 

Slowly the weight grew — 360 pounds, 370, 380. The young man was bellowing continuously now, the agony in his balls having long since become unbearable. But still those mighty bull nuts continued to endure, defying even the horrifically cruel tortures of Bruno and the other Bikers. At 390 pounds, the young stud’s massive nuts were stretched to a full 12 ½ inches from his crotch and refused to stretch any further, despite the continued addition of weight. The mighty, steel-like ball cords were stretched completely taut and could stretch no further. The young man’s thick ball sack was likewise stretched perilously thin, and threatened to tear at any moment to let his huge balls erupt from their recently shaved sack. The balls themselves had swollen even larger still, and were nearly purple from all the pain and abuse. 

Bruno knew that he was finally nearing the end of the young stud’s astounding and unprecedented strength and endurance, so he continued adding weight in only 5-pound increments — 395 pounds, 400, 405, 410, 415, 420. Each new weight seemed certain to be the one to rip the mighty stud’s massive balls off, but the huge nuts proved that they were made of incredibly stern and durable stuff, for they continued to somehow survive. 

Now only one weight remained. The Shielder’s cock was spewing so much thick precum that the Bikers thought for certain that even his huge ballast tanks must be empty, for nearly a quart of the stuff had pooled on the floor below, but each new weight only seemed to increase the amount of the sticky spunk pouring from his kid’s huge, distended member. His gaping piss slit was so dilated and distended that even one of Bruno’s immensely thick fingers could have been plunged to the hilt down his massive cum tube without too much effort. 

With a dramatic flourish, Bruno tossed the final weight to the stack, bringing the total to an unbelievable and awe-inspiring 425 pounds. The impact of the last weight onto the stack caused the great orbs to strain mightily for a moment, quivering like they were about to finally tear free from their roots, but they somehow held on and continued to endure. A great cheer went from the assembled throng of Biker thugs, for the young hunk had managed to pass the first test. 

While the rest of the Bikers still cheered, Bruno leaned over and picked up a 45-pound plate. Meeting the Shielder’s beautiful but pain-wracked blue eyes, the huge brute smirked and casually dropped the weight onto the stack with a resounding CLANG. A full 470 pounds of steel now tore at the young man’s screaming nuts! The young muscle man threw his beautiful head and bellowed in abject agony as his balls quivered on the very edge of destruction. A great gasp rose up from the crowd as they watched the young man’s straining nuts, knowing that any second now they would be torn free from their moorings to land with a beefy splat on the cold cement floor. 

But then the miraculous occurs. 

The thick and continuous flow of precum suddenly stopped. The young stud’s mighty horse cock swelled even larger still, gaining at least another inch in length and swelling in thickness to the size of the young man’s own fantastically muscle-corded forearm. The huge cum tube running along the underside of the mammoth cock grew thicker than even Bruno’s huge fingers, distending obscenely. The great cock quivered for a moment, gave a short squirt of watery cum…and then began to erupt with the greatest single orgasm any of the men had ever seen. 

Great gouts of cum began to rocket out of the mightily pulsating cock, blasting forth with such force that they arced high into the air before crashing to the earth as much as 30 feet in front of the muscular captive. One titanic blast followed the next so closely that it looked more like the hyper-virile stud as peeing cum, as a nearly continuous stream of impossibly thick nut slop poured from his great cock with a force not unlike that of a fire hose. Each cum blast was over eight feet long and contained more sperm than an average man could produce in a month of steady and continuous milking. 

The Bikers, Bruno included, could only watch in stunned and paralyzed awe before this sight of hyper-masculine virility. They all knew that it was impossible for a human male to produce so much cum in one orgasm, but this young super man was somehow proving them all wrong. This handsome young stallion represented everything that the Bikers hated — strength, beauty, and pure masculine virility — and they grew even more eager to see his extraordinary manhood destroyed forever. 

The monumental orgasm kept going and going with no end in sight. The young captive’s mighty cock was throbbing so hard that it actually lifted the enormous weights suspended from his bulging bull balls, making the weight stack bounce several inches vertically with each powerful throb and causing it to pull even more harshly at the young man’s already brutally — and perhaps even terminally — overstretched nuts. So much cum had poured from his cock already that the floor before him was slick with his hot man juices, and the first several rows of Bikers were drenched in thick ropes and mighty slugs of the thick, smelly, and intensely gamey ball-goo. And yet even more of the unnaturally thick and copious gloop continued to pound forth in a never-ending deluge! The kid was proving that he was an absolute god of sex, a true paragon and masterpiece of masculinity! 

After several long, awesome minutes, the young man’s orgasm finally began to ebb. The blasts began to get spaced farther and farther apart, and then began to diminish in size. But it still wasn’t until after a full 5 minutes that the final dregs of the most titanic orgasm imaginable finally began to ooze and squirt from the youth’s monstrous cock. 

The young man continued to bellow in unrelieved agony, however, and it was clear that the 470 pounds of iron tied to his massive nuts, now even heavier since they had been coated with several GALLONS of ball juice, were finally overcoming the strength of his mighty ball cords of steel. His monumentally oversized bollocks were entering their final death throes, and it was clear that they would soon tear from his body. 

Showing no sense of urgency, Bruno casually strode forward, massive slugs of the captive’s recently blown nut juice coating his enormous body and hanging from him in huge ropes and wads, and stood before the young man, watching his huge nuts strain against their destruction. It looked as if the brutish Biker would simply watch those gorgeous nuts be destroyed, but at the last moment, Bruno reached forward and began to remove the massive weights, starting with the final 45-pounder. 

With the first weight removed, Bruno let the captive hang for a time, the remaining 425 pounds still pulling with dangerous ferocity at his aching balls. Bruno then put his foot forward and gave the weights a push, causing the huge mass to swing back and forth between the young man’s ultra powerful legs. The swinging of the huge weight brought new agony to the young stud, who felt his poor, brutalized bull nuts must surely rip free at any moment. 

The gorgeous lad then surprised everyone by unexpectedly beginning to cum for a second time, mere minutes after his first titanic orgasm had ended! 

Although it seemed utterly impossible, the second orgasm proved to be just as huge and powerful as the one that had come before, perhaps even more so, pouring buckets and buckets of cum from the young stud’s awesome balls. The Bikers could only watch in stunned disbelief as this young super stud, who had just shot the largest load ever blown just moments before, was blasting out a second load that was just as titanic and awe inspiring as the first. Blast after almighty blast of pearlescent spew shot from the young stud’s mighty cock, lashing the already cum-soaked Bikers with even more of his fresh stud cream. Once again, the young buck’s mighty orgasm lasted several long minutes before beginning to ebb and finally ceasing. 

After blasting this second and most utterly prodigious load, the young muscle man slumped in his restraints, temporarily exhausted and panting with his exertions. The massive weight continued to swing between his legs, causing tremendous agony to the lad’s swollen nuts, and threatening once again to tear them asunder. But, exhausted as he was, the young muscle stud could only groan and moan against the pain, too tired to cry out any longer. 

Once again, Bruno casually stepped forward, and halted the swinging of the weight with his booted foot before beginning to remove more of the weights. Bruno removed the weights as slowly as he had added them, prolonging the agony of the young man, for now even a small amount of weight caused great agony to the stud’s swollen and purple bull nuts. Nut pain was already the worst pain that a male could suffer, but nut pain after orgasming - TWICE! - was a whole new level of agony, and Bruno wanted to make the ridiculously handsome and powerfully build young man suffer as much as humanly possible. 

Finally, the last of the weights was removed, along with the binding tied around the base of the young man’s huge balls, allowing the gigantic testicles to hang loose and free once more. The brutal stretching had lengthened the huge nut sack to such a degree that his massive bull nuts now hung unbelievably low, stretching now to over 8 inches from his crotch, just inches above his knees. This was more than twice as low as the young stud’s nuts normally hung, and due to the brutality of the weight torture, might now be the young man’s permanent new natural dangle…for the remaining few hours he would still have his balls, of course. The Bikers were amazed at the sight of those twin mammoth man orbs stretched to such an obscene distance, the long, narrow neck of the scrotal sac making the nuts at the bottom look even larger and more vulnerable than before. They were even more amazed that the young stud had not lost his raging hard-on, which hadn’t softened a bit since the entire torture episode had begun more than an hour before. The mighty horse cock stood rigidly upward, pressing hard against his washboard, corrugated, cobble stoned stomach, and still leaking cum onto the young man’s flawless skin. 

Bruno decided to give the young captive a short “break” to regain his strength. He called over two other Bikers, who kneeled in front of the captive. The young man’s nuts now hung so low in their sack that they were at eye level with the two kneeling men. The first Biker opened his mouth wide and began to stuff the stud’s huge left nut into his mouth. Since the massive orb was far larger than the Biker’s mouth, he had to cram the great ball into his mouth using his fingers, and none too gently either. This action caused the young captive new pain, and he groaned in agony as his super tender ball was roughly and mercilessly crammed into the man’s mouth. Eventually, the Biker’s perseverance paid off, and the bulk of the gigantic orb was stuffed into his mouth, making his cheeks bulge obscenely. 

The second Biker now opened his mouth wide and took the remaining right nut into his mouth, forcefully cramming the huge, cum-bloated nut into his mouth as the first Biker had done. The pair of Bikers then began to work those huge nuts over with their hot mouths and powerful tongues, bathing them in their spit and reveling in the sheer size and mass of the titanic testicles. They even managed to force the huge orbs down their throats, making a huge bulge in their throats just below the Adam’s apple. As they forced the young man’s orbs down their throats, the Bikers were once again stretching the massive orbs even farther away from his crotch, pulling them down to the very end of their fleshy tethers. 

The brutal combination of the merciless stretching of his balls and the ruthless and rhythmic squeezing of the huge orbs in the men’s throats soon brought the young man to the edge again, and he began spontaneously blasting out yet another load, his third such orgasm in just over half an hour. 

As the mighty young stud began to cum, the two Bikers began to squeeze the trapped nuts even harder with their throats, stretching the straining nuts even farther from his crotch and adding to the already intense agony in his balls. It felt to the young stud like the men were trying to swallow his very balls, and he found the strength to bellow once again, nearly deafening the Bikers with the intensity of his deep-throated cries. 

The third orgasm proved to be just as enormous and majestic as the two that had come before, and the two Bikers beneath the young man were quickly covered in white hot spunk as it poured down the young man’s huge cock and rained down from above. Part way through the orgasm, both Bikers allowed the huge nuts to travel back out of their throats into their mouths. There, they began to forcefully chew on the hunk’s huge gonads, chomping down as hard as they could on the thick ball meat with their molars and back teeth. Any other man’s balls would have been quickly ground to a pulp under such violent treatment, but the young man’s monstrous bollocks once again proved themselves to be the toughest bull nuts in creation, squashing and distorting grotesquely in the men’s powerful jaws but simply refusing to burst. The incredible pain caused the young buck to orgasm with renewed vigor and intensity, and thus when the orgasm finally ceased several minutes later, he had actually pounded out even more hot cum than in either of his first two earth-shattering orgasms. 

Long after the muscle lad’s third colossal orgasm was finally complete, the two Bikers finally relented on their torture of the young prisoner’s huge balls, and let them both pop wetly out of their mouths, the mammoth and baby smooth orbs gleaming with spit and glowing an angry red from all of the chewing. 

Despite having blasted out the three largest loads the world had ever seen in little more than a half-hour span of time, the young muscle man’s 16 ½ inch cock was still hard as a steel girder, and as Bruno reached down to fondle the kid’s enormous, aching nuts, he could tell that there was - incredibly! - still a hell of a lot more cum in those big bruisers. The huge twin cum factories felt positively turgid with unspent cum, and throbbed with raw power, the heavy man meat pulsing with life and vitality. Even testicles as unbelievably massive as those possessed by the handsome young muscle man shouldn’t have been able to contain such a spectacular quantity of cum! 

As Bruno roughly fondled the mighty melons, he determined that the incredibly heavy and dense ball meat was somehow able to store a super human amount of sperm under great pressure, and he speculated that the young man also possessed a greatly ability to manufacture fresh sperm. The beautiful muscle boy was no doubt even now recharging those massive ballast tanks of his, getting ready to pound out yet another magnificent load! Bruno smiled cruelly, reveling in the tremendous pleasure of having the last and greatest set of virile nuts resting in his mammoth hands, and wishing he could somehow destroy such bloated and bountiful nuts a thousand times over. 

Bruno found that he was immensely enjoying the young man’s repeated hyper masculine displays of virility, but realized that, without proper hydration, the stud’s mammoth balls would eventually run dry, or worse, he would purge so much of his essential fluids that he would expire from dehydration before his bull nuts were destroyed. The massive Biker wanted to guarantee that the brutal tortures lasted for as long as humanly possible, so he ordered his men to insert IVs into both of the young man’s outstretched arms. Bags of a protein- and electrolyte-rich fluid were then fed into the young man’s sweaty and heaving body, replenishing his fluids as quickly as they were expelled out of his colossal horse cock. Satisfied that the young man now had a limitless supply of fluids to create ever more of his amazingly thick, chunky, and deliciously gamey cum, Bruno returned to the tortures at hand. 

Bruno once again approached the beautiful captive and, with deliberate slowness, wrapped his huge hands around the massive nuts, firmly securing the two globes of heavy man meat in his massive fists. Then he began squeezing his mighty paws, ruthlessly crushing the mighty gonads in his powerful hands. Though a few of the Bikers had tried and failed earlier in the night to squeeze the stud’s huge bull balls, foiled by the sheer unprecedented solidity and toughness of the gigantic bollocks, Bruno was succeeding in causing them to begin to squish in his massive hands. The muscular blond captive bellowed anew as his nuts began to deform in the Biker’s hands, crushed by Bruno’s unbelievable power. Bruno’s massive, 30-inch arms bulged and swelled to even greater dimensions as he forced all of his awesome strength into crushing the young man’s gigantic nuts. But the outrageously powerful thug could only squeeze the boulder-like bull nuts part way, and Bruno could only marvel at the great strength and resiliency of the young lad’s twin testicles. The massive, meaty orbs defied even his best efforts at rupturing them, and Bruno realized that this kid truly had balls of adamantium. 

Bruno eventually released his crushing grip, and then immediately yanked down firmly on the boy’s big balls with his left hand. Then, using this hand as a backstop, Bruno began to punch the trapped nuts with his right fist. The brutal Biker began to land uppercut after brutal uppercut into the unprotected stud nuts, each blow landing with a loud slap of flesh on flesh, and causing the gorgeous muscle stud to bellow in agony at the unbelievably brutal pummeling being inflicted on his tender balls. The crowd loved the display of brutal abuse, and cheered Bruno on, egging him to strike harder and harder still. Soon, Bruno was bashing the young captive’s balls with reckless abandon, each mighty blow enough to shatter concrete blocks, let alone a man’s delicate testicles. But not only did the Shielder’s massive balls survive, his cock was also beginning to get that powerful quiver that the Bikers now knew heralded one of his trademark majestic and overabundant orgasms. 

Sensing the kid’s impending climax, Bruno began to strike even harder still, the frighteningly powerful blows now seriously threatening to rupture even this stud’s gargantuan bull nuts. His fist smashed into the young man’s balls with such incredible force that the massive, egg-shaped orbs bent around the huge fist with each blow, their weighty contents all but battered into a jellied, broken mass of useless ball meat. The extraordinarily muscular captive threw back his beautiful blond head in agony and bellowed once more, and at the same moment, his quivering horse cock began to thunder out yet another impossibly enormous load of his super sperm. The young man’s massive cock jerked and thrashed more than ever before, sending huge, long ropes of his scalding hot cum flying in all directions. 

Bruno continued his merciless pounding of the lad’s screaming bull balls throughout the kid’s mighty orgasm, increasing his pain and extending the length and intensity of the orgasm far beyond anything possible in the natural world. When the young stud’s fourth titanic orgasm FINALLY came to an end many long and agonizing minutes later, Bruno gave the horrifically bruised and battered balls one last mighty punch, causing a final huge gout of cum to blast forth from the hunk’s distended cock. This wad shot like a rocket almost straight up into the air, and it was launched with such force that it actually struck the hanging light fixture over 20 feet above their heads, striking with a loud splat and coating the light with his thick, creamy ball goo, which sizzled against the hot bulb. 

By this time, the Bikers had all come to the conclusion that they had a once in a lifetime opportunity on their hands, for they had a massive, masculine, muscular prisoner with the face of an Adonis, the body of Hercules, and the genitals of a prize bull, who could endure all the abuse they could dish out and then some. And it also seemed fitting that the last intact, virile adult male on the entire North American continent should also be the most spectacular male who had ever lived. 

Bruno stood aside to let other members of the Biker gang step forward and abuse the hapless and helpless young muscle stud. Many and varied were the tortures that followed over the next several hours, for the Bikers were nothing if not inventive with their tortures. Naturally, most of these tortures were centered on the young buck’s super human balls, but the rest of his glorious body was not ignored. And as a testament to both their young captive’s strength and awesome virility, not only did he endure these tortures, but he came another 7 times, each orgasm a mighty deluge of hot powerful super cum just as mighty and copious as his first awesome load. 

The Bikers continued to stretch and beat the stud’s already bruised and battered balls for a seeming eternity. They used paddles to slap the thick sex orbs, each blow landing with a loud smack, and then moved on to aluminum baseball bats. Each man would take several turns landing blows to the young man’s swelling bull nuts, striking as if they were trying to break open a piƱata. Others struck the young stud’s balls like they were trying to hit a home run, and hoped to send the huge nuts flying over the fence. But the titanic testicles endured all the brutal and terrible pummeling that the Bikers could dish out. The mammoth orbs were swelling larger and larger still, turning nearly purple with angry bruises and gradually becoming softer and squishier as the punishments continued, but they refused to die. On the contrary, the lad’s might bull balls seemed almost eager to absorb even more abuse, judging by their continued ability to manufacture and pump out mind-boggling quantities of his male spew. 

Another game was devised where the men would swing from the young stud’s aching, over-stretched nuts, pulling them even farther from his crotch. The young bound muscle stud was hoisted higher into the air, and then each man would run at the young, spread-eagled captive, leap into the air, grasp the base of the stud’s huge nuts in their hands, and swing to the other side, their weight yanking brutally at the already monstrously distended nuts. Though none of the other men were quite as massive as Bruno, none weighed less than 200 pounds, and each of the over 500 Bikers present took at least three or four turns swinging from the mighty low-hangers. By the end of this game, the young man’s bloated and swollen nuts were stretched even farther from his body, so that they naturally hung a full 10 inches from his crotch, a stretch that was easily as long as the enormous length of the young man’s cock in its flaccid state. 

After several hours of such horrific abuse, the young man was exhausted and delirious with pain, though amazingly still conscious. An impossible amount of cum had been forced from his huge, aching orbs, so much cum, in fact, that the floor of the huge warehouse was several inches deep in the stuff! The young muscle hunk was simply and utterly super human!! There seemed to be no end in sight to the amount of hot sticky juice available in those mighty low hangers, and the Bikers seemed determined to pummel, punch, squeeze, and crush every last drop of his precious male juices from him before permanently destroying his unparalleled manhood. 

At this point, the tortures turned even more brutal as the Bikers began to push the envelope of their young captive’s endurance to the limit, and to see exactly what it would take to actually bust his awesome and spectacularly tough nuts. 

For one of these tortures, they brought out a huge tree stump from the back of the warehouse and deposited it in front of the young man. One of the Bikers then hefted the young man’s huge nuts, which hung several inches below the top of the stump, and almost reverently placed the naked balls on the top of the stump so that they rested in the very center of the large, flat surface. 

Another Biker came forward, this one wielding a huge mallet with a massive wooden head shod in iron. He stood before the young captive and, with great effort, lifted the mallet high into the air, and then brought it down with brutal, crushing force directly onto the young man’s defenseless bull nuts. The young muscle man cried out in renewed agony as his bruised nuts were brutally squashed by the huge mallet. At the same time, the incredible force of the blow actually forced a slug of cum to erupt from the young boy’s 16 ½ – inch super cock, a huge, 8-foot-long gusher of cum that arced over a dozen feet into the air before splashing back into the vast pool of cum that lay before him. 

A second Biker took the place of the first one, grabbed the mallet, and landed a second, even mightier blow to the young man’s stud nuts, forcing another wad of thick, creamy cum from those bruised and battered bull nuts. This wad shot 4 or 5 feet higher into the air, coming just a few feet shy of striking the hanging light fixture over 20 feet overhead. 

A third Biker then took over the mallet, followed by a fourth, and a fifth, and so on, as each Biker took a hand at bashing the stud’s huge gonads and seeing how high they could make him spurt. The game was to see who could make the virile super stud strike the light overhead. Every Biker gave at least one shot at making the boy hit the light, and though a few came close, none quite managed to succeed. 

Bruno stood aside and watched the proceedings, waiting to take his turn after all the other men had exhausted themselves. He crossed his massive 30-inch arms over his humongous barrel chest, smirking as he watched each man try and fail to reach the goal. Bruno knew with complete confidence that he would be able to make the handsome young buck cum hard enough to hit the light…just as he knew he would also be the one to bash those beautiful nuts to smithereens with the iron-shod mallet. He patently waited his turn, his own massive cock making a pronounced lump in the crotch of his pants and snaking almost halfway down a pant leg. 

Eventually, the Bikers grew tired, and each realized they could not make the young stallion hit the light overhead. Somehow, the stud’s amazing nuts had survived even this brutal torture, pounding out an astounding amount of cum and more than doubling the thick layer of overripe splooge covering the floor and coating every surface and every Biker within 40 feet. The gargantuan nuts were now such an angry dark purplish-red from all the abuse that they bordered on black, but they were still nearly as solid and resilient as ever, as if daring the Bikers to do even worse harm to them. The great orbs had swollen considerably from the many hours of abuse, and were now larger than the largest of coconuts, more like honey dew melons in size, visibly throbbing in unimaginable pain. 

The massive, hulking form of Bruno then stepped forward, and the other Bikers almost involuntarily backed away, giving Bruno room before the hunky prisoner. The beautiful young man’s head was slumped forward in exhaustion and his body was slick with sweat and sheets of his own cum, making his massive and perfectly formed muscles glow and shine in the harsh warehouse lighting. Bruno lifted the young man’s strong chin in one massive hand, and the youth opened his weary but beautiful blue eyes to meet the sinister stare of the hulking brute. Bruno smiled evilly, his cruel intensions clearly visible on his ruggedly handsome face, and he released the boy’s head. 

Stepping back, Bruno grabbed the handle of the huge mallet with both of his massive hands. Effortlessly, the mighty Bruno lifted the mallet from the floor and stood before the young prisoner. He placed the head of the mallet lightly on top of the huge, swollen bull nuts as if taking aim. He then lifted the mallet high into the air, his gigantic muscles bulging obscenely with the effort, and then, using all the incredible might in those twin 30-inch guns, brought the head of the mallet crashing down into the lad’s defenseless balls with devastating and annihilating force. 

The result was awesome. The young man’s mighty bull nuts were crushed nearly flat by the horrific blow, and the blond stud bellowed in animal agony. The blow forced the largest slug of cum yet from the young hunk, a single wad over 12 feet long and thick as a man’s finger. The wad shot into the air with incredible force, and made a perfect trajectory for the light overhead, smacking into it so hard that the entire light fixture shuddered with the impact and began to swing erratically on the end of its electrical cord. 

A great cheer went up from the Bikers as Bruno succeeded where none of them had been able. Smirking once again, Bruno lifted the mallet once more, swinging it high overhead before slamming it down a second time into the boy’s already smashed and quivering nuts. A second bellow and a second gusher of cum were ripped from the young man, with the wad also striking unerringly into the lamp overhead. 

Bruno followed this up with a third blow, and a fourth, and a fifth, each blow mightier than the one before. Each mighty strike of the mallet was so powerful that it nearly ruptured the young man’s huge, burly nuts, but somehow they miraculously continued to survive, sending slug after slug of rich man cream to strike the light high overhead. Surely no mortal man could endure such abuse, but somehow this young stud did. The crowd began to chant with each blow, counting them out. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. 

So many powerful blows all in a row had the young stud on the brink of passing out, and even his mighty, titanic balls were on the verge of rupturing into a broken mass of ruined ball flesh, each blow weakening them further and causing them to crush flatter and flatter with each strike. But still he endured. Bruno readied for his final blow, lifting the huge mallet high into the air once more. Adjusting his grip, Bruno let out a ground-shaking bellow, throwing all of his colossal power and 425 pounds of goliath, muscular weight into this last blow. 

As the mallet crashed into the youth’s swollen, distended, and horrifically battered nuts, the sound of a mighty CRACK!!! shook the chamber. The young muscle-hunk’s mighty balls were smashed completely flat by the blow, and the young captive all but shrieked at the incredible pain, his deep, powerful voice reverberating off of the warehouse walls. Every muscle on the young muscle-stud’s body bulged and strained in deep relief as the biggest wad yet, a massive, baseball-sized slug of cum, blasted from the stud’s massive cock as if from a cannon – which, in a sense, it was. The massive wad shot straight as an arrow toward the light overhead, and struck the light bulb with such force that it shattered the fixture, sending sparks and tiny shards of shattered glass raining down on the men below. 

Somehow, through all the incredible agony of hour after hour of brutal, terrible abuse, the final hammer blow caused the incredible young super stud to reach orgasm, his first true orgasm in several hours and his twelfth of the night (for all the mighty slugs of cum in the past few hours were individual gouts of cum forced by crushing from his massive man orbs, and were not actual orgasms). The boy groaned in incredible pleasure/pain as slug after huge, massive, almost inconceivably enormous slug of cum burst from his bloated cock, jettisoning vast amounts of his male essence over the awed and appreciative crowd of sadists. 

While the young muscle-hunk continued to shoot his awesome load, Bruno bore down on the huge mallet head, using his own enormous weight to further grind and crush the stud’s pulverized nuts. The young man felt as if his titanic boulder balls were being ground into gravel, but the unspeakable agony only caused him to shoot that much harder. 

When the blond super stud had finally finished blowing his load many, many minutes later, literally everything and everyone within a 50-foot radius was festooned and white washed with multiple layers and coatings of the young man’s sticky white cum. The stuff was so incredibly thick and viscous with sperm that it was almost more solid than liquid, running slowly like molasses and hanging in great, thick ropes from every surface. When one stopped to consider just how thick the young man’s cum truly was, it was even more extraordinary that his colossal cock was able to expel his spunk with such force and across such distance; the ejaculatory muscles of the young man’s loins were mighty indeed, just like the rest of his stupendous body. 

Convinced he had finally busted the young man’s behemoth balls, Bruno finally lifted off the mallet. The Bikers expected to find a pair of broken, shattered bull nuts, reduced to a meaty and messy smear across the surface of the tree stump. But to their immense and awestruck surprise, the removal of the mallet revealed two intact, if horrifically bruised and swollen, bulging bull balls. In fact, they discovered that the huge cracking sound they had heard when the final blow fell was not the sound of the stud’s mighty balls finally breaking, but was actually the sound of the massive tree stump itself, which had split straight down the middle, sundered by the awesome force of the blow. As the mallet was removed, the two halves of the trunk slowly fell to each side, allowing the stud’s goliath nuts to swing freely once again between the youth’s columnar thighs. 

Another cheer spontaneously erupted from the Biker gang, this one in admiration of both the immense strength required of Bruno to split the massive trunk with a hammer, and the awesome might and stamina of the young man’s beefy bull nuts to survive such an unthinkably powerful and devastating hammer blow. 

The young stud’s nuts were excruciatingly tender to the point where even the lightest touch caused them incredible pain. Just their own massive weight pulling down on their brutally overstretched ball cords was enough to make the muscular lad groan with agony. He didn’t know how much more of this abuse he could take. 

One of the Bikers stepped forward with a large metal clamp in his hand. Grabbing the stud’s mighty nuts, he began to place the clamp — more like a vise — over the coconut-sized orbs. Though the big clamp was intended for bodywork on automobiles, the large steel device was barely large enough to encompass both massive nuts. Finally securing the clamp over both bull nuts, the Biker began to tighten the clamp. The huge nuts bulged as the clamp tightened, causing the young man’s moans of pain to become louder and more urgent. The Biker tightened the clamp as far as it would go, squeezing the now more than 6-inch-thick orbs to less than half that size, and making the incredibly thick meat of the huge testicles bulge obscenely to either side of the clamp, nearly overflowing even the large, foot-and-a-half by foot-and-a-half steel plates of the vice. The squeezing of the vicious clamp caused the young stud to begin precumming copiously once again, the pain causing his nuts to go into overdrive to produce even vaster quantities of cum than ever before. The big Biker strained to twist the clamp tighter, his large, muscular arms bulging with the effort, but the clamp refused to close any further. 

Bruno pushed the smaller Biker aside and grasped the clamp in both of his massive hands. The respite of the twisting of the clamp was only short lived for the youth, however, for, grinning once again at the muscular and handsome young captive, the huge beast of a Biker began to twist the clamp even tighter, exerting even more incredible pressure on the tortured nuts. The mammoth testicles were squashed even further, flattening down to 2 inches, then 1 ½ inches, and then an amazing 1 inch. At this point, the muscular beef of the young hunk’s awesome balls was actually oozing out the edges of the clamp, looking like a pair of incredibly large and dark red hamburger patties, and both tremendous nuts threatened to pop at any moment. 

From this point, each turn of the clamp brought a smaller and smaller increment of crushing to the youth’s huge nuts, for the mighty orbs began to resist harder and harder against any subsequent squashing, struggling to retain their structural integrity against ever increasing pressure. Precum was flowing in steady rivers down the lad’s glistening super cock, dripping in thick ropes onto his throbbing balls and the vicious nut clamp. Thick strings and ropes of the young man’s thick goo dripped heavily to the floor below, which was now so thickly covered with the stud’s magnificent spunk that it was starting to pool around the gathered mens’ ankles! The virility of the young buck was nothing less than phenomenal! 

Bruno turned the clamp again, and again, and once again, and then the remarkable happened. On the next turn of the crank, a thick and almost blindingly white deluge of glutinous cum began to run down the lad’s quivering cock in multiple thick rivers. The clamp was now squeezing the trapped nuts so tightly that it was crushing the very cum from the huge orbs like toothpaste from a tube. The cum that flowed forth was pure sperm, undiluted by any other seminal juices, and was thus incredibly thick and chunky and nearly pure white. The sperm ran in thick, clotted slugs down the length of the boy’s huge cock, dripping in huge globs to splash into the veritable lake of cum below. 

With each successive turn of the clamp, another thick deluge of sperm was forced out of the stud’s throbbing horse cock. The Bikers couldn’t believe that one man’s nuts, no matter how colossally huge, no matter how supremely tough and powerful, could make that much sperm in one day! It was as if someone had turned on a fire hose, unleashing a tanker-truck full of sperm onto the floor! And yet still MORE of the thick ball goo continued to flow from the mighty cock with no end of the flow in sight!! 

As the huge nuts continued to slowly flatten by smaller and smaller increments, Bruno carefully watched the edges of the mighty, horrifically bulging testicles. He could see the fibrous shells of the nuts straining to contain their massive and highly compressed contents, and he knew that with one turn too many, those outer walls would rupture and the thick, beefy interior ball meat would burst out like jam from a doughnut. The mega muscular teen had already endured far more ball crushing pressure than Bruno could have ever imagined, and the massive Biker wondered at just how much this young stud would take before his balls finally gave out. 

And the monstrous Biker intended to find out exactly how much the young man’s mighty balls could take. 

The youth’s huge nuts were slowly crushed to ¾ of an inch, then an unbelievable ½ of an inch, forcing ever more astounding quantities of fresh stud cum directly out of those twin behemoth bull balls. And STILL Bruno continued to twist the clamp, compressing the tortured nuts even farther! Bruno was now himself beginning to strain to turn the clamp, and his great muscles bulging heroically as each new turn became a mighty struggle. Meanwhile, the lad’s nuts continued to flatten, and each new twist brought the very real threat of a cataclysmic rupture. 

Finally, the mighty nuts were flattened to a mere ¼ inch in thickness, the thick ball meat distorted dreadfully and the thick, tough fibers of the testicular walls strained to the utmost maximum. The huge nuts quivered on the razor’s edge of destruction, flattened past all possible endurance, and seemed ready to burst at any moment. 

Bruno released the clamp for a moment, letting the great weight of the metal clamp pull harshly at the trapped nuts as it swung between the young man’s muscular legs, hanging well past his knees. The crushing force against the young stud’s screaming nuts caused the hunk to involuntarily buck in agony, trying futilely to shake the vise’s death grip off of his huge balls, but he only succeeded in causing himself greater agony as his bucking motion caused the great weight of the vise to swing ponderously between his huge thighs, stretching his nearly crushed bull nuts even farther from his crotch. The big brute of a Biker admired the awesome sight for several long moments, reveling in the torture of the young muscle stud. He wished that the tortures could go on forever, for here was the perfect subject, the perfect man, a muscle stud who could take punishment like no other mortal human could. Bruno knew that he would never see his like again, and that thought made him strangely and unaccountably sad. 

Bruno threw off those fleeting, sad thoughts and once again admired the feast of male flesh before him. He knew that the young man’s balls were at the very limit of their capacity for crushing punishment, and that even a fraction of an inch more would most certainly spell their doom. But Bruno simply couldn’t resist one last turn. Grabbing the clamp again, Bruno gave the clamp another mighty twist, crying out in exertion, his muscles bulging majestically as the vise slowly turned one full revolution, the thick metal plates creaking in protest. 

Once again, something snapped in the young man’s balls. As his aching orbs were flattened farther still, if that was even possible, the kid bellowed in unbelievable agony as yet another orgasm began to erupt from his cock, spraying his thick man juices out over the gaping men. The Bikers had thought for sure that every last viable sperm must have already been forcibly crushed from the young demigod’s mighty balls, but the achingly handsome stud surprised them once again with his heroic virility. In fact, if anything, this thirteenth orgasm of the day looked like it might make his previous loads seem paltry in comparison! 

The young man bucked his muscular hips in time to his gargantuan blasts of cum, causing the clamp to swing even more pendulously back and forth between his wide-spread legs, stretching his crushed balls farther still and adding to his already soul-shattering agony. The cum erupting from his cock was thicker and whiter than ever before, packed full of powerful stud sperm, and the orgasm went on and on with no end in sight. The slugs of ultra thick cum struck the crowd of evil Bikers with such force that it made the men wince in pain, actually bruising flesh and raising welts then the monumentally huge bullets of cum struck bare skin. Men began to shout and try to dodge out of the way of the young man’s cum cannon, scattering before the kid’s spermy assault. 

Bruno simply ignored the massive bolts of cum that shattered against his colossal form, and instead reached out and caught the swinging clamp in his big hand. He then began to twist it yet again, turning the crank again and again with all his might even while the young super stud continued to orgasm. This really put the young muscle god over the edge, and the power and intensity of his orgasm increased anew. 

Bruno seemed doggedly intent on busting the hunk’s huge stud nuts, and continued twisting the clamp as hard as he could and with growing frustration. Never before had a male put up such an astonishing fight, and Bruno was stubbornly determined to end the young man’s legendary manhood even as he pounded out his final, magnificent load. The young man’s nuts began their final death quiver, crushed far beyond even their super human limits of endurance. In just a few moments, the lad’s heroically oversized balls would surely rupture, destroying the biggest and most virile testicles the world had ever seen and spraying the farthest corners of the room with the shattered shrapnel of what had been the young Shielder’s utterly fantastic and super human nuts. 

And then, for the umpteenth time that day, the amazing happened. 

Moments before the stud’s bull nuts would have exploded in a shower of broken ball meat, the clamp itself began to groan. Bruno gave one last mighty turn of the crank, and all hell broke loose. In a display of hyper masculine strength surpassing even that of the massively muscle-bound Bruno, the young stallion’s mammoth balls caused the clamp itself to actually shatter, sundering into two pieces and clattering to the floor, releasing the young man’s nearly busted nuts, which returned to swinging, heavy and hard, between the young man’s thickly muscled legs. The incredible strength of the stud’s mighty bull nuts had actually succeeded in breaking the iron clamp itself, proving once and for all that his behemoth balls were tougher than steel! 

As the young man continued to thunder out the last of his thirteenth monumental orgasm, grunting and groaning in a mixture of ecstasy and agony, the rest of the crowd looked on in stunned disbelief, and began to worry and wonder if maybe the young man’s massive gonads were truly indestructible. 

When the young man’s orgasm finally ceased, Bruno broke free of his awed paralysis first and slowly reached down to grasp the lad’s swollen bull balls, inspecting them for the extent of damage that they had suffered. Incredibly, though the pounding, punching, and crushing had definitely softened the stud’s humongous balls, weakening their tough and solid outer protective walls, the mighty orbs appeared otherwise intact and unharmed! Even Bruno began to doubt his ability to destroy these impossibly tough, resilient, beefy bull nuts! But feeling the now somewhat squishy nuts bulge and ooze in the grip of his huge fingers, Bruno knew he was finally wearing down the mighty nuts’ awesome stamina and resistance. He knew it wouldn’t take too much more to crack open the kid’s colossal nuts and spray their beefy contents all over the floor. 

Tiring of these games and not wanting to be defeated, Bruno decided that it was time to destroy the beefy young blond stud once and for all, and in so doing, push humanity beyond the point of no return in its slow creep toward extinction. All he would need to do afterwards to finish the job would be to hunt down the fleeing Shielder women and children and castrate the 50 or so male children hiding within their midst. Once those males were violently and permanently rendered impotent, then the last hopes for a future generation will have been dashed, and humanity’s extinction would be guaranteed. 

After a short time of careful consideration, drinking in the gorgeous sight of his mighty and magnificent male who had already been made to suffer more than 100 other men combined, Bruno finally hit upon a method of destruction that would be remembered until the last of humanity died out. 

Upon Bruno’s barked orders, a large portable generator was wheeled into the room and placed in front of the muscular young bohunk. Bruno picked up a thick, flat copper hoop from the top of the generator. The hoop was connected to the generator by a series of thick electric cables, and was big enough to fit around someone’s head, which was the original purpose of its design. Bruno, however, had a different use planned for this machine. 

Bruno walked up to the young muscle stud and began to fit the copper hoop over one of the young man’s battered testicles. It was a tight fit, for the lad’s bull balls had swollen to truly immense size after all the abuse, but the brute of a man was eventually able to fit the 3-inch-wide band over the first of the mammoth testicles. Bruno then grabbed a second, identical copper loop and placed it over the young man’s remaining, swollen bull nut. To make sure that the copper bands wouldn’t snap, particularly if the young man’s balls continued to swell even larger (!), Bruno grabbed four large steel hoop clamps and fastened them one by one tightly around the entire bloated mass of the young man’s scrotum, copper hoops and burly bull balls and all, squeezing them together so tight that the thick, somewhat mushy ball meat bulged obscenely between the gaps in the metal bands. 

Bruno walked back to the machine, and looked at the hunky young prisoner again. The boy was certainly a fantastic sight to behold. His gorgeous face was twisted with anguish, his thick blond hair plastered to his head with sweat and cum. His monstrous muscles bulged almost obscenely against their restraints, showing his glorious body to great effect. His mammoth, mighty cock was bright red and visibly distended from being forced to stay brutally hard for so many hours, and looked to be considerably thicker and longer than before the torture began, possibly approaching a fantastic 18 inches in length. 

But the most incredible sight by far was that of the young man’s gloriously behemoth bull nuts. The titanic orbs had swollen beyond all mortal comprehension, leaving their former  grapefruit size far behind to grow to the size of ripe melons, and had proven themselves to contain a hell of a lot more juice than any mere fruit. They were a dark and mottled angry red and purple with bruises, having been beaten and battered and crushed to within an inch (or considerably less) of their destruction. The thick copper hoops and thicker steel clamps squeezed at the tightly packed nuts, causing them to bulge slightly and very appealingly around the edges of their metal bindings. 

The naturally low hanging balls had been stretched ridiculously far by all of the previous tortures, and now hung a full, unbelievable, and intensely erotic 10 ½ inches from his sweaty and cum-soaked crotch. The impossibly long stretch of scrotum between the boy’s crotch and his gargantuan balls made the massive orbs look even more vulnerable, hanging out there unprotected and defenseless and swinging ponderously between the stud’s knees. Bruno longed to take a knife and slice the young man’s thick scrotum, nutting the boy in one swift and utterly final motion, but that would end the torture too soon and would not give him the satisfaction of having broken these most resilient and powerful of all balls. No, this paragon of manhood must be made to suffer in the most painful way possible, and the young stud must be made to feel every moment of his mighty balls’ ultimate demise. 

Smiling with anticipation, Bruno announced to the crowd that the prisoner’s final destruction was about to begin, making their victory against the Shielders — and thereby all of humanity — complete. As a great cheer erupted from the crowd of Bikers, Bruno threw the switch and turned on the generator. Once the machine had powered up, he turned the dial setting to 2, and watched the hunky young prisoner for his reaction. 

Even at this comparatively low setting, the generator began sending thousands of volts of electricity through the cables to the steel-banded copper hoops and directly into the young man’s trapped, bulging nuts. The pain was indescribable, particularly due to the extreme tenderness of the young stud’s already aching nuts, and caused the young muscle man to begin bellowing in renewed anguish. The electricity coursing through his aching bull nuts felt like it was ripping the massive orbs apart, and the vast amounts of electrolyte-rich cum sloshing and churning around in those massive, mighty testicles only added to the intense agony. 

This was, in fact, what the cruel and evil Bruno was counting on. The cunning brute had realized that he could use the young prisoner’s super human virility against him, for the vast reservoir of seminal fluids inside the blond muscle hunk’s cum-engorged balls would actually amplify the effects of the electricity, causing even greater pain. Bruno knew that, in time, the electricity would begin to cause the thick, juicy cum to boil, which would in turn begin to cook the massive, meaty, beefy nuts from the inside out. The boiling cum would also expand within the huge, twin orbs, causing them to swell ever larger with pent up male juices until they finally exploded from their internal pressures. Bruno thought it only fitting that the young man would die as a product of his own awesome virility, and wondered just how much electricity they could take before exploding in a shower of cooked ball meat. 

As insurance that the ever increasing amounts of hot, thick cum would continue to build in the young stud’s screaming nuts and not be released out of his quivering horse dick, Bruno grabbed a C-clamp off of one of the nearby tables and fastened the heavy metal device around the thick, pulsing base of the young muscle stud’s massive, 18-inch monster cock. The 4-inch wide clamp had to be roughly jammed around the base of that meaty cock shaft, but Bruno was eventually able to secure the clamp into place, and he then began to tighten the clamp further around the huge shaft. The tightening clamp placed a strangle hold on the underside of the huge cock shaft, completely throttling the stud’s mighty cock and preventing even a single drop of precum from being able to escape. The clamp also caused the stud’s huge cock to swell larger still, gaining another half inch in length and thickening to the size of a massive tree limb. The kid’s huge cock head alone swelled so huge and so dark that it looked like it would pop right off of his shaft, so bloated and distended with blood that it resembled a dark red beefsteak tomato, the kind that would have one a first place blue ribbon during a pre-apocalyptic county faire. Satisfied with his work, Bruno returned to the generator. 

Bruno then began a pattern of ever so slowly increasing the voltage, turning the dial ever higher to send even greater bolts of electricity into the young man’s long suffering bull nuts. After each increase, Bruno would leave the generator to inspect the young man’s steadily swelling bull balls, careful not to touch the massive orbs and be jolted with electricity himself. 

Bruno held the young muscle stud at each new plateau of electricity for 20 minutes or more, wishing to prolong the handsome hunk’s unbearable agony for as long as possible. Bruno would spend this time finding new ways to add even more agony to the young blond’s huge, beefy nuts. His favorite such torture was to place a large steel block behind the young man’s heroically low-hanging nuts as a back stop, and then take a huge, insulated metal club and bash the kid’s burgeoning stud nuts against the metal block. The hunky lad somehow found the strength to bellow anew with each awesome blow of the club, the frightening blows further tenderizing and softening the incredibly thick and dense ball meat. Even the dense steel hoops bound around those mighty twin testicles started to deform under the unimaginably brutal pummeling, but they continued to choke the young man’s screaming balls and keep the electrified copper strips securely encircling their astounding girth. 

And unlike previous pummeling and clubbing sessions where the mighty stud was able to spew out vast quantities of his impossibly overabundant nut slop, the C-clamp secured around the young man’s mightily throbbing cock prevented a even single drop of sperm from being released. The internal pressures within the young man’s balls continued to build to unprecedented levels as the trapped cum back up his internal plumbing and started creating a fearsome congestion in his massive balls. 

As the pressure continued to build within the young man’s screaming nuts, Bruno realized that the young man’s powerful and resilient balls were going to take even longer to cook than he thought. Though no mortal man could have survived even the lowest setting on the generator’s dial, the young Shielder’s gargantuan balls were so incredibly tough and so thick with dense ball meat that they were enduring hammering bolts of electricity that would have burnt any other man’s balls to carbonized cinders. Bruno cranked the wicked machine ever higher, secretly amazed and impressed that any man could endure such awesome abuse. And STILL the young man’s bull balls endured, stimulated to produce ever larger quantities of cum under all the abuse, which remained trapped within his beefy ball flesh and further increased the internal pressure and stresses within his already battered and wounded balls. 

Over the course of more than three hours, the generator dial was slowly cranked up to 4, and later to 5, then 6, then 7, and later still to 8, and then 9. Judging by the reddening and further swelling of the young man’s already incredibly swollen nuts, it was clear that his powerful male juices were starting to heat up to painful levels, the tremendous bolts of electricity cooking the young stud’s very male essence from within his aching ball meat. But amazingly, impossibly, the young man’s extraordinary balls were still very much alive, enduring even this most extreme of treatments. 

Realizing that the young man’s super human balls could take it, Bruno cranked the generator to 10, its highest setting. The effect was awesome. Over 50,000 volts of electricity were sent crashing into the young stud’s screaming balls, inflicting horrific pain on the young hunk and causing the awesome reservoir of cum in his huge nuts to finally begin to boil. The continuous blast of pure energy into his mighty gonads once again snapped something in the young stud’s nuts, for he finally hit his much-delayed fourteenth orgasm of the night. But while his cock pulsed and shuddered mightily in orgasm, none of his precious fluids were jettisoned from the mighty penis due to the clamp secured around the base of the thick and meaty shaft. Therefore, the orgasm only caused the big muscle teen even greater pain, the failed orgasm increasing the terrible congestion in his balls and causing even his thick ball cords to swell visibly and alarmingly through the neck of his supremely overstretched scrotum. 

As the unrequited orgasm thundered on and on, the young stud bellowed in animal agony. His humungous nuts were beginning to cook from the inside out, slowly killing his awesome masculinity, while the pressure of the pent up, boiling cum within his mighty balls caused them to swell even further toward their spectacular destruction. 

The awesome display went on and on, minute after minute. The crowd of Bikers moved in closer and closer, hoping to get the best view of this mighty muscle stud’s final emasculation. Ten minutes became 20 minutes, which became 30 minutes, and STILL the young man endured, his mighty horse cock continuing to powerfully but futilely hammer out an orgasm that would never come. The delicious smell of his slowly roasting ball meat wafted through the crowded warehouse, making the men’s mouths water. It wouldn’t be long now before the young stud’s prize bull nuts would be cooked clear through. 

Sensing that the time of the young man’s destruction was near, Bruno produced a thick bundle of cables with a large socket at its end. Smiling wickedly, the huge brute of a man held the socket up for the crowd’s appreciation, and then with a flourish, plugged it in to the generator. 

The lights in the warehouse dimmed nearly to black before coming back on at less than half power. Meanwhile, an earth-shattering shriek was ripped from the young man’s throat as he bucked on the cross in his greatest agony yet. Bruno’s evil grin turned into a full wicked smile as he watched the young man’s awesome response, for he had just plugged the generator directly into the still-functioning City of Los Angeles power grid. Millions and millions of volts of electricity were now crushing with cataclysmic force into the young stud’s battered testicles, beginning to rapidly finish off the job of cooking the young man’s huge nuts. 

All 500 of the assembled Bikers crowded in closer still to see the stud’s final and spectacular destruction, and all of them were now standing within the sunken floor of the warehouse, more than ankle deep in the young man’s awesomely thick and inhumanly profuse ejaculate. They watched in amazement as the young stud’s roasting nuts grew larger and then larger still, exceeding the largest of bowling balls in both size and weight and stretching well past his knees, swelling with the increasing pressures of his rapidly manufacturing and boiling jism. With great anticipation and glee, the Bikers realized that the young man’s nuts were actually going to explode under their own internal pressures, the steadily graying meat about to explode in a tremendous shower of broken beef, finalizing the young super stud’s emasculation. Bruno and the others watched as the massive balls grew even larger still, their incredibly tough and fibrous outer walls about to shred apart in their failing efforts to contain their burgeoning contents, and entered into their final death quiver. 

The young man bellowed in excruciating agony, every massive and perfectly formed muscle bulging mightily against his steel restraints. His mighty cock stopped pulsing in orgasm, and it, too, began to swell in time with his balls, growing even longer and thicker before everyone’s eyes. The Bikers couldn’t believe their eyes as the massive cock grew to 18 ½ inches, and then 19 inches, and then a full 19 ½ inches, well over a full foot and a half of bulging, rock-hard man meat. The great veins running up and down its awesome length thickened to the size of fingers, and looked ready to explode right from the surface of his skin. With great shock, the Bikers realized that the young man’s cock was about to explode as well, the ferocious amounts of electricity pummeling into his crotch causing the titanic column of man meat to expand toward oblivion as well. 

Bruno counted down the moments, reveling in these last few seconds of the young man’s masculinity, and knowing that the Bikers would soon be the only force left in the City, the continent, and perhaps even the entire world. 

And then the truly impossible happened. 

The metal clamp strangling the base of the young man’s penis began to groan and creak, the pressure of the mighty cock expanding inside it causing the thick metal to weaken and bend. Suddenly, mere moments before the young stud’s balls would have exploded in a gory shower of broken and cooked ball meat, the metal gave one last groan and sundered into two pieces, which splashed loudly into the lake of stud cum below. Immediately, a tremendous river of white hot cum raced up the young man’s horribly distended cum tube and erupted like a fountain high into the air. The young buck screamed in agony as the boiling fluids seared the delicate interior lining of his mammoth cock, as yet more super-heated sperm erupted from his pistoning mule dick in a continuous, pulsating flow. 

None of the Bikers could believe their eyes as the two-inch thick clamp shattered and the most awesome orgasm yet erupted from the youth’s horrifically engorged cock. The great fuck stick was now too swollen to pulse in ejaculation, and could only quiver on the edge of destruction as gargantuan amounts of cum erupted out of its shaft. The sheer volume of cum trying to escape his burgeoning balls caused his cum tube to expand larger still, threatening to burst under the awesome pressure. The cum itself erupted in a continuous geyser, a river of cum over an inch thick that blasted forth with such force that it arced over a dozen feet in the air and landed some 20 or more feet away. Directly onto the generator itself. 

Even with the release of the strangle hold on the young man’s cock and the awesome display of his super human ejaculation, the pressures in the handsome stud’s elephantine nuts continued to build past all critical levels, and his balls began to self-destruct. At the same time, the deluge of cum erupting from his cock continued to pour out onto the generator itself, splashing thickly all over the machine and covering it within seconds with thick layers of his boiling man cream. 

Sparks began to fly from the generator as the juicy cum penetrated into its interior circuitry and began to short out the large machine. The generator shuddered and thick blue sparks began to arc all over its length. The Bikers began to back away in fear, worried that the large generator might explode, but it is already too late. 

With a sharp, resounding snap, the generator cracked and released the energy of the City’s entire power grid into the lake of cum beneath the Biker’s feet. The vast pond of electrolyte-rich sperm acted as a super conductor, causing the electricity to immediately fill the entire warehouse floor, paralyzing all 500 of the Bikers in its deadly grasp, including Bruno himself. 

The horrific screams of the Bikers mixed with the bellows from the young stud as they all cried out in agony, millions of volts of electricity coursing through their bodies. The Bikers all stood frozen in place as second after second ticked by. Finally, the generator gave a final shudder and spectacularly exploded in a shower of sparks and metal, throwing the room into total darkness and near silence, the only sound being the continuing groans from the young stud and the loud splashes of his cum pouring like a shuddering waterfall into the lake of his male essence. 

After about 30 or 40 seconds, a warm rosy glow began to appear through the warehouse’s high windows, signaling that the long night had ended and a new dawn had finally arrived. As the warm glow increased and spread, it revealed an astounding sight. Heaped in piles on the floor of the warehouse are the bodies of all 500 of the evil Bikers, lying dead in the 6-inch deep pool of stud cum that was their ultimate downfall, their bodies smoldering from the electricity that had cooked them where they stood. The only living figure in the entire building was that of an incredibly handsome young man, his fantastically muscled body bound securely to a large steel cross frame, and his perfectly tanned skin shining wetly with a mixture of sweat and thick sheets of cum. More of this same cum continued to erupt from his awesome, nearly 20-inch-long cock, the sperm erupting with the force and quantity of water from a fire hose. As the gorgeous young blond stud grunted and groaned, his cum thundered out of his penis in a majestic arc to splash to the ground over 20 feet away, crashing into the massive chest of his arch nemesis, the huge Biker leader Bruno, who lay dead on his back, his vacant and surprised eyes staring blindly at the ceiling. 

The rain of cum continued unabated for nearly ten full minutes, pouring out gallon after gallon of the young, hyper virile super stud’s powerful sperm, which added to the lake of cum beneath him and increased the cum lake’s depth. Finally, the super human fountain of cum began to slow and ebb to a trickle, clots of congealed sperm burping and spurting from his cock for nearly another half an hour as the young man’s mighty bull nuts emptied themselves of the dregs of their cooked and dead sperm. 

Miraculously, the young man was not only alive, but his supremely massive and powerful masculinity was still intact! Against all odds, his heroic cock and legendary balls had survived a night of torture that would have killed any other man a thousand times over. His cock had grown from its normal, astounding 16 ½-inch length to just over 19 ½ inches of impossibly beefy man dick, so bloated and puffy and distended that it was several hours before the mighty erection began to soften. Even when his dick would fully recover days later, the hours of abuse and over stimulation would leave the young man’s cock even larger than before, a true monster of a cock at a full 18 inches of the beefiest, burliest, veiniest man meat the world had ever seen. 

But it was his balls that were most remarkable. Though some of the immediate swelling from the sheer pressure and volume of recently released sperm had gone down, the young man’s mighty orbs were still enormously swollen from all the beatings and torture they had endured, bloated to well over twice their normal size. The huge orbs were an angry red with mottled purple bruises from the tremendous beating they had received, making them tremendously sore to even the slightest touch. They were also half cooked from all the electricity that had been forced through them, but they had endured and persevered through even this horrific abuse to survive with their strength and virility intact. The mighty bull nuts were also more than a bit squishy and mushy from brutal vise crushing and hundreds and hundreds of pulverizing hammer blows that would have burst any other man’s balls on the first strike, but they would soon heal and recover from even this abuse to be just as tough and rock-solid as before. In fact, the beatings and abuse would only serve to further toughen the thick fibrous walls of the young man’s massive balls, making them thicker and stronger than ever. 

The young man’s naked balls had been brutally yanked and stretched to such a degree that their normal and already awesome 4-inch dangle had been more than tripled, and they now hung a full 12 eye-popping inches from his crotch, the long neck of his scrotum looking ridiculously small and narrow, and looking to be incapable of holding the huge double sphere of oversized bull nuts at the bottom of his hairless sac. But the thick ball cords that ran from those mighty orbs to the young man’s crotch had proven themselves to be stronger than steel, and more than capable of supporting the nearly 20 pounds of dense and battle-toughened ball meat swinging from their ends. 

In time, the young man’s balls would recover from some of this stretching, but they would forever hang a minimum of 8 inches or more from his muscular crotch, a permanent reminder of his near brush with castration and emasculation. 

The brutal beating, repeated forced ejaculations, and severe electrical torture had not only caused the young man’s huge nuts to become tougher and more resilient to such abuse, but these tortures had also stimulated the sperm production within the twin spunk factories to even more gargantuan levels, causing the young man’s nuts to permanently swell to an even greater size than before, increasing the size of his already monumental orgasms, and accelerating his balls’ already prodigious ability to recharge. The dense and beefy meat within the young man’s balls had grown and swelled to such a degree that his normally grapefruit-sized balls were now larger than the largest of coconuts, and produced more thick and incredibly rich man milk in one day than 100 other men could in their entire lifetimes. The size and virility of the young man’s awesome super balls had gone from freakish to nearly beyond comprehension. 

But these revelations were all to come in the days ahead. For the time being, the utterly exhausted young man continued to hang on the metal cross for hours as the morning light bathed the warehouse. He was nearly unconscious from pain and exhaustion, and his great, muscular physique hung limply in its bindings. His great cock had finally gone limp, but was still so puffy and distended that it was over 13 ½ inches in length and fatter than a man’s arm. Even when full recovered, the young man’s dick would never be less than 12 inches in length even when completely soft. The bruised and battered young man couldn’t even comprehend that he had survived, let alone triumphed over his brutal adversaries, and he drifted into a black and dreamless sleep…


This was how he was found in the late morning by the women of the Shielder tribe, who had cautiously reentered the City to find out what had happened to their men. They had despaired as they had entered the old freeway into the City, for lining both sides of the crumbling asphalt road were the crucified and nutted remains of the men of their tribe. But when they found ever last one of the Bikers lying dead in a vast pool of milky white spunk, and the alive, intact, and barely conscious form of the handsome young bohunk still strapped to the metal crossbeams above, they rejoiced. 

The women gently unbound the sole surviving male in the City, indeed the sole intact adult male in all of North America. They first removed the iron hoops and electrical cables attached to the young muscle stud’s aching testicles, eliciting a groan from the beaten and bruised young man and bringing him back to semi-consciousness. They then unfastened the steel restraints at the youth’s wrists and ankles, and gingerly lifted him off of the cross. 

The young man was taken to a secure Shielder holding, where he rested and recovered for the next three days under the careful and loving watch of the Shielder women. At the end of these three days, the young muscle stud was fully healed and recovered from his ordeal, and he set about rebuilding what the Bikers had tried so hard to destroy. He gathered up all the women and children of his tribe and he began to repair what time and plagues had tried to destroy, rebuilding a civilization that had been on the brink of extinction. 

In the weeks and months that followed, news spread of the Biker’s defeat and the rise of a new power in Los Angeles. Women and female children who had survived the Biker’s attacks were once again filled with hope and began to migrate west to join this new society. The Shielders welcomed each new arrival into the City, and they all fell under the handsome young muscle man’s protection. In this way, the tribe grew from barely 500 souls to 1,000, then 5,000, and then 10,000. Within 5 years of the Biker’s defeat, nearly all of the surviving humans in North America had gathered in Los Angeles. 

Shortly after surviving the Biker attack, the handsome young man began to father children with the women of the City, bringing humanity back from the brink of extinction itself. They all realized that the fate and future of humanity rested solely within the young man’s behemoth and bountiful balls, and so he began to mate with as many women as possible, filling them with his seed and fathering a new generation of offspring. 

At first, with just the surviving Shielder women to impregnate, the heroically virile young stud “only” needed to mate with approximately 20 women each day, and had all of them pregnant inside a month. But as the colony grew and refugees swelled the City’s ranks, the spectacularly handsome and muscular teen had to work harder and harder to keep up with the demand. Soon, he was mating with 50 women a day, a task that would have been utterly impossible for a normal man. But for a bull hung stud with gigantic testicles the size of melons and a libido to match, the young stud found that he could easily fulfill these daily mating duties and still have plenty of cum left over to beat himself off a couple of dozen times a night. 

The fantastically handsome and muscular young man became the hero of the human race, and the father of a whole new generation of mighty men and women. His great strength, beauty, and unsurpassed virility was carried on to his progeny, creating a race of super humans that would be the heirs to the world. A brave new world of hope.