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How to break a Super Hero - Chapter 8

As of June 26th, this is the final chapter that I've completed. I hope to have time in the next few weeks to catch up and start writing the final chapters of the Brick Haus saga. Again, I haven't entirely decided the fate of Brick's magnificent bull balls, but I will certainly be taking the results of last month's poll into consideration...  >:)


How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 8 — The Tortures Continue

At the end of the first three months of the handsome young super heroes’ captivity, the entire student body of some 350 mutants had (literally) had a crack at Brick’s almighty bull balls four or even five times each, and somehow, impossibly, those massive man orbs had survived intact! And that was an even more amazing and remarkable feat considering that a goodly percentage of the evil mutants had been secretly defying Doc Evil’s express commands and were actually TRYING to permanently destroy the young super hero’s fantastically powerful and ridiculously oversized nuts! 

In that relatively short span of time, Doc Evil had harvested an astounding 10,000 gallons of hyper virile super stud sperm from the muscular young hero. That was an average of more than 50 five-liter canisters being filled each day, with another 50+ canisters filled each night during Behemoth’s secret and illicit nighttime visitations! It was enough thick and incredibly gloopy splooge to fill a good-sized swimming pool!! 

Brick desperately hoped that, now that every villain at the academy had taken several turns violently abusing his huge, defenseless nuts, they’d finally ransom him or perhaps even set him free. 

But that was not meant to be. 

As soon as the last mutant had completed his brutal assault of Brick’s mammoth balls, Doc Evil posted all new sign up sheets, and the cycle of brutality would begin again. Sign up sheets were soon posted stretching all the way to the end of the 36-week school year! What’s more, he not only permitted team participation, he encouraged it! Students were free to sign up in pairs, trios, or even larger teams, combining their skills and talents in an all-out assault on the handsome super hero’s long-suffering bollocks. 

The already beyond-brutal testicular abuse was cranked up by several orders of magnitude as time went by, and if it hadn’t been for the fact that Brick’s big balls continued to toughen up and grow ever stronger under the relentless beating and milking, his huge gonads would surely have perished somewhere along the line. 

The mutant students proved to be as creative as they were sadistic, and they devised terrifyingly cruel and vicious ways to tag team the young stud’s huge nuts. Once again, it would take several volumes to fully catalog and describe the many brutalities suffered by Brick Haus in the many weeks and months that followed, but suffice to say that the astounding resilience of his mighty nuts was sorely tested on a daily, and indeed often an hourly, basis. 

One of the most memorable and celebrated team match ups was when Frost and Furnace Mouth joined forces to attack Brick’s behemoth balls at the same time. While Frost gripped one mammoth nard in his cold and deadly hands, trying to suck the heat out of the massive sphere and turn it into a frozen lump of dead flesh, Furnace Mouth sucked the other into the white hot oven of his mouth and began to immolate the gigantic nugget of manhood. 

Brick uttered a mighty bellow of agony as he was simultaneously subjected to the extremes of heat and cold, and his gargantuan muscles bulged and flexed most appealingly as he thrashed about uselessly in his unbreakable restraints. But his roars of agony doubled in ferocity and volume when, after about 5 minutes, the two evil mutants traded places and traded balls. Frost took the glowing red ember of Brick’s nearly cooked nut into his freezing cold hands, and Furnace Mouth engulfed the nearly frozen-solid boulder of Brick’s other ball into the raging inferno of his gaping maw. As they once again turned their talents on high, the handsome hero’s agony was increased ten fold, as each of his massive, mighty nuts was forced to quickly go from one extreme of temperature to the other. 

The bound muscle stud thought for sure his mighty bollocks wouldn’t survive this most extraordinary and extreme of tortures, and he was very nearly right. The stress on his giant balls as they were taken from searing hot to bitterly cold and back again was extraordinarily trying and dangerous, and became even more potentially deadly each time the evil mutants switched places and began their tortures anew. 

Brick shot a total of 8 titanic loads during this hour-long torture fest, each as powerful and violent and mammoth as the last. While his nuts continued to stoically and doggedly endure the abuse, the brutal torture of his testicles was having a cumulative effect on his sperm loads, for with each gargantuan orgasm, a smaller and smaller percentage of his sperm cells were still viable, the rest having been cooked or frozen to death. 

Brick’s final cum load of the session was so mutilated by the endlessly repeated process of heating and cooling that at first it appeared that the duo of Frost and Furnace Mouth had succeeded where none had before, and forced Brick to ejaculate a completely dead and useless load of ruined spunk. But on more careful analysis, Doc Evil discovered that there were several hundred sperm cells still alive, a minuscule fraction of the untold billions of potential babies that the young hero had just pumped out of his 23.5-inch mega cock. But the fact that ANY sperm cells could have survived such horrific temperatures was miraculous in and of itself, and the Doc was careful to delicately harvest and save each of these special cells. He knew that these represented the very strongest and most powerful of the lad’s mighty procreative cells, and Doc Evil intended to make sure that these particular cells were reserved for breeding purposes…

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How to break a Super Hero - Chapter 7

How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 7 — Astounding Data

Doc Evil was awestruck by Brick Haus’ stunning abilities long before he’d ever captured the achingly handsome, fantastically muscular, and freakishly huge young man. His great strength was legendary, his resilience and stamina simply off the charts, his will indomitable, his ability to shake off damage and heal even the most grievous wounds nothing less than extraordinary. Now that he finally had the enormously muscular young lad in his cruel and sadistic clutches and had begun exposing the mighty super hero to extremes of experimentation, Doc Evil was even more impressed by the lad’s super human abilities, further reinforcing the villain’s belief that Brick Haus was perhaps the most incredibly powerful mutant to ever live. 

On the very first day of the young man’s torture and training, Doc Evil was stunned to learn of perhaps the lad’s most extraordinary power of all — his utterly herculean virility. Brick’s monumental orgasms had no equal among man or beast, stupendous cum loads that were so insanely powerful, so freakishly copious, so ferociously and utterly MALE that they seemed impossible, even from a super hero of Brick’s immense size and colossal strength. But the truth had soon begun filling dozens, and then hundreds, and then THOUSANDS of huge plastic canisters in Doc’s deep freeze storage facility. Brick possessed a nearly bottomless well of hyper masculine virility, capable of producing truly staggering amounts of the thickest, chunkiest male spew Doc had ever seen, even under the greatest of torture and duress. In fact, the greater the testicular pain, and the more imminent their danger of collapse or rupture or destruction, the more powerful and copious were the lad’s colossal loads! 

Analysis of Brick’s thick and creamy effluvium revealed even more fantastic results. Each ounce of the young man’s hyper abundant cum was so packed with sperm cells that it was virtually undiluted by other seminal fluids. No wonder why the young man’s spunk was so thick and clotted and chunky — it was almost pure sperm! The sperm cells themselves were even more extraordinary, for they were nearly 10 times the size of a normal human male’s reproductive cells, with a far thicker protective outer wall and a whip-like tail more than twice as long and orders of magnitude more powerful than those of a mortal man’s sperm. These were mighty sperm cells indeed, and in any race or contest to fertilize a female’s egg, there would be no question of who the victor would be. 

The super fertile sperm cells proved to be nearly as tough and indestructible as their progenitor, for Brick’s mighty sperms could endure extremes of temperature, pressure, electricity, acid, vacuum, and a host of other factors that would instantly kill another man’s spunk. Big Brick proved the superiority of his mighty man spunk time and time again in the hundreds of tortures that he was subjected to in the first couple of weeks alone. 

As time went by, however, and Brick endured his brutal tortures far longer than even Doc Evil could have imagined, the data starting showing some additional extraordinary results. The surprising new data start showing up as early as the end of the lad’s first week of captivity, but it wasn’t until the third week that the doc was convinced that the data was accurate. 

The relentless, endless, merciless abuse was actually making Brick STRONGER! In every way possible! 

The lad’s brute strength, already the golden yardstick by which to measure all other mutants, grew with each passing day. His levels of stamina and endurance grew as well, and his recovery time from each new torture sped up in tandem with his gains in power. Doc Evil was at first baffled by these extraordinary changes, but when he finally solved the mystery by the end of the third week, all of the pieces fell into place. 

Doc Evil knew that Brick Haus’ magnificent bull nuts were both the ultimate source of his phenomenal power as well as his single greatest weakness, but he hadn’t foreseen how constantly redlining those mammoth gonads might affect the young man’s abilities. Exposing Brick’s whale nuts to constant abuse had forced the massive orbs to adapt. They had grown tougher and more resilient under the maddening punishment and abuse, their fibrous walls getting thicker and their beefy interiors becoming even more dense and hard with toughened nut meat. They also became faster at healing and repairing damage, and as time went by, injuries that used to take 10 minutes to heal were now wiped away in less than half of that time. Doc began to shorten the time intervals between torture sessions from 15 minutes to 10 minutes, then to 5 minutes, and finally doing away with these break periods altogether. Soon, torture sessions were each a full hour long, with no breaks in between, forcing Brick’s behemoth bull balls to become ever tougher and more resilient to be able to endure the now truly constant abuse. 

It should have been no wonder, therefore, that this extreme workout of Brick’s massive bollocks resulted in strength and stamina gains throughout his entire, spectacular body, unlocking the hidden physical potential in an already spectacularly gifted young man. After all, his titanic testes were the wellspring and source of his phenomenal masculinity and power. 

Doc Evil was perhaps most impressed, however, by the astounding gains the young muscle hunk made in his already otherworldly virility. Similarly to how working out a muscle will make it grow in size, strength, and efficiency, so too did forcing Brick’s mighty testicles to work overtime make them begin to grow and produce their hyper abundant seed with even greater speed and volume. 

The gains were small and incremental at first. The rate of sperm production was the first to be noticeable, with the volume of each colossal orgasm slowly climbing as the days and weeks went by. Five-liter loads became the norm by the end of week two, with 6 liters being the average after week four. Another month later, and the volume had jumped to an incredible 8 liters per orgasm, more than TWO GALLONS of prime stud spunk per ejaculation! 

What’s more, the frequency of Brick’s epic testicle purges increased as well. Where two or three loads per torture session had been the norm initially, Brick was soon blasting four, five, or even six loads an hour as a matter of course, and once even managed to cum TEN TIMES in one hour! Considering how long each epic orgasm took to finish, it was as if as soon as one orgasm had ended, the next one would hit, and the beautiful muscle hunk would bellow in agony as yet another freak load of his joy juice was brutally raped from his loins. 

The other change was easy to miss at first, or to just chalk up to testicular swelling from all of the brutal tortures and trauma that the young man’s mighty gonads were being forced to endure on an around-the-clock basis. But by the end of the fourth week, the reality could no longer be denied — Brick’s already record-breaking elephantine balls were growing even LARGER! The growth was hard to spot at first, but as the weeks wore on, the growth in testicular mass and size became undeniable. The growth of Brick’s behemoth balls wasn’t as dramatic as his other spectacular gains in strength and virility, but they were still impressive indeed. 

Brick’s fantastic nuts were already the size of ripe cantaloupes before his captivity had even begun, each mighty, oblong orb measuring just under 5 inches in diameter. After the brutal abuse began to trigger the young man’s stunning testicular growth, however, his mammoth nuts began to break into all new territory in regard to size, mass, and weight. After just over a month, Brick’s huge nuts had added a full inch each in diameter, and had nearly doubled their mass. Another two months later, and Brick’s titanic balls had tripled their original mass, measuring a full SEVEN inches in diameter each! And STILL they continued to grow! 

The increase in weight of those most massive of orbs even outpaced their gains in mass, for their growth was concurrent with their equally extraordinary gains in density and hardness. Those beefy oblong spheres had weighed in at a massive 5 pounds each at the time of Brick’s initial capture, yet a month later, after doubling in mass, those colossal cajones had MORE than doubled in weight, reaching a fantastic 12 pounds EACH, heavier than most bowling balls!! And adding that gain in testicular weight to Brick’s total body weight would have brought him to an unbelievable 499 ground shaking pounds, just one pound shy of 500 pounds of rock solid muscle and beefy cock and ball flesh!!! But as it was, the young man’s spectacularly massive muscles had also gained in size and density, easily packing on another 50 pounds to the young man’s already awe-inspiring weight, making him top the scale at a whopping 555 pounds!! 

That weight became even more extraordinary about three months in, when Brick’s balls had fully tripled in mass. Their weight at that point actually QUADRUPLED, such that the young man’s straining ballsac now carried a full 40 POUNDS of granite-hard ball meat!! That was a full 20 pounds EACH!!! It was no wonder that Brick’s behemoth nutsac was now sagging well past 4 inches in length, struggling as it was to carry a pair of huge lead weights. The lad’s fantastic musculature became even more impossibly dense and huge as well, adding another 100 pounds and bringing his epic total to a full 670 pounds of stunningly gorgeous and insanely muscular super man. 

And perhaps most amazing of all, as the weeks continued to slowly roll by, was the fact that the impossibly handsome young muscle monster was STILL GROWING…