Friday, August 28, 2015

Hanged by his Balls - Jayse Version

I've posted several stories by the amazing Nathan in the past. This story takes place in the old Wild West, and involve frontier justice for a handsome young lad who made the mistake of sleeping with the wrong girl.

I no longer have the original version of this story, but I do recall that the original version ended much more badly for the sexy farm stud.


Hanged by His Balls
Based on an original story idea by Nathan


God, this was a crazy town! And I should have ridden right on through instead of making the stop. 

The boy sure looked scared when I saw him at the jail yesterday, and hell, now I know why. He really hadn’t done anything any warm blooded horny young male wouldn’t want to do. And he sure as shit hadn’t raped anyone! That’s my opinion of course, and it doesn’t count for much. 

Still, most young’uns I guess can and do control themselves better than he did, and most teens are generally more careful when they first start fucking. Still, the girl was a hot number and it was easy to see where the desire had been and why the caution had been thrown aside. Then again, the boy was one hell of a fine-looking stud, too! I figured that the girl had probably asked for him to do her, begged him is probably more like it, and if not then she almost certainly went along with it. Yeah, just two school kids out fucking, that’s just what it looked like to me. Still, the town lacked any sense of humor and the puritan roots were sure coming out now. The township was looking to blame someone, and the boy got all of the blame, sure as shit he did. 

The bummer was he was a sharp and damn good-looking kid too, and if he had anyone speakin’ on his behalf he might have escaped this nightmare. If he had done her in a big city like Dodge or Laramie he probably wouldn’t have faced much in the way of consequences, and hell, he might have even gotten a pat on the back from his schoolmates. But this wasn’t a big city, and there didn’t seem to be anyone congratulating him. 

Yeah, this was some place! Hell, I’ve been through a LOT of towns in my lifetime, but I’ve never ever been to one as stuck up and old-fashioned as this one. Sure, I’ve heard of frontier justice and all that, but still, I’ve never heard of anyone being punished like this kid. God! Hell, he just fucked her cause she wanted him to! Yeah, that’s the way it seems to me. She didn’t say that of course, but no girl is gonna admit she asked for it...not if she doesn’t want to be labeled a whore she won’t. Still, I think it’s pretty plain that this boy didn’t rape anyone. 

What really gets me is I just don’t see why they all are so upset about it. Teenagers have been fucking since time began I suppose. Hell, I even remember myself when I was seventeen sneaking out after school and doing Mary Jane Tanner. God. Still you would think now, in 1852, that people would be more tolerant than they are. The kid probably could have gotten away with it, and nobody would have cared even, ‘cept that with her belly growing by the day it was sure obvious SOMEBODY had knocked her up, and there wasn’t any way THAT could be ignored. She had finally told on him and he hadn’t denied doing it...said he loved her and all that, and even agreed to marry her. 

But in this town that didn’t count for much. 

It sure didn’t help him that her father was the judge, and the girl swore it was all his idea and she had tried to tell him no but he had forced her. The boy claimed she had consented and had wanted him inside of her, and hell, as far as I was concerned his story was a lot more plausible than hers. But then I’m not the judge with the teenage daughter whose reputation I have to protect. But shit...her story just doesn’t fly with me. Hell, what else could she say with daddy hanging over her every word? While I didn’t see the trial I don’t imagine that he had much of a chance. 

Still, he did do it, fuck her that is, and that much isn’t really in question. I would have thought a quick little wedding might have been more appropriate, and if he had been from a family of money it might have even gone that way. They could have dealt with it in a lot of better ways than this. I would have even thought if they had to do something then a little jail time might have taught him a lesson and at least left him a man. MAYBE he might have deserved that. To me he was just a hot teenage boy, filled with raging hormones, doing what hot young males do when they get together with a hot girl and are left unsupervised. I wouldn’t have even given him jail time, no sir I wouldn’t. Looking at him, hell, he looked like little more than a kid to me, and if I had my druthers I’d have just put him over a knee and blistered his teenage bottom. Yeah, that’s how I would have handled it. He wasn’t too old for a good whipping and that would have been a lot more appropriate than the overblown reaction this crazy town is doin’. 

Yeah, that’s my opinion. But like I said before, my opinion isn’t worth much. Not here it ain’t. 

One thing for sure, this town sure lacks a sense of humor! Now, its true I’ve seen men hanged for doin’ a woman they should have left alone. But not when the woman wanted it as much as the man. Even so, I’ve never seen any man ever be sentenced like this boy has been sentenced. Yet, I can’t resist the temptation to stay and see it, and so along with the rest of the town I have come out to watch the spectacle, even though I may regret it later. 

And God...there he is! They are dragging him out of the jailhouse now. Shit... he’s only 18 years old! Poor kid! No matter, whatever his age he’s not too happy, and with his hands tied behind his back and the two big deputies at his side he looks petrified. He is getting half dragged out to the gallows. He’s one hell of a handsome looking lad, too, I gotta admit, with jet black hair and incredible blue eyes. 

They got him in just his pants, revealing a surprisingly powerful upper body, especially on one so young. It was the kind of body that hard farm work will give a man, big and lean and dense and strong. This kid is obviously beefy and powerful, but the two big deputies are holding him securely, and the young man’s terrified struggles are in vain. You can see him sweatin’ in the sun, his tanned skin stretched taut over his bulging young muscles, and his rippled abs visible as he struggles. His entire back glistens with his sweat and the fear in his eyes is unmistakable. Who can blame him? 

As they drag him closer I can see him better now. He’s even more handsome up close than I had first thought. Shit, the young lad is breath taking, with classically handsome features caught in that beautiful transition from boy to man. And yeah he’s young, but DAMN this kid is BUILT!! He’s about 6’2” tall, and his physique is just phenomenal! I’d guess that the young man weighed between 250 and 260 pounds of pure muscle, maybe even more, and his big, powerful muscles bulged and stretched mightily as he fought against the men dragging him to the gallows. 

Turns out that the young man is an apprentice to the local blacksmith, and so has been pounding and forging steel since he was a mere 12 years of age, building a body that looks just as solid as the iron that he shapes. Not a hair on his chest, and there ain’t any line of hair down below his belly button either. He’s got one of those ripped stomachs so many of the young guys have, except it’s more defined than most, looking like two stacked rows of big cobblestones. His smooth chest and his baby face definitely make him look young and innocent, despite his incredible muscular physique. Hell, I don’t think his face has ever seen a razor, and the way his cheeks are flushed red he looks like a boy in need of a spanking more than a man in need of a hanging. 


As he passes me, his eyes are wide with fear. I glance down at his crotch, and I can see a very significant bulge in his tattered breeches. He’s obviously old enough to have put that prick of his where it didn’t belong. It’s too bad, and yet looking at the faces in the crowd there doesn’t seem to be much sympathy for him and I’d even have to say they looked eager. 

There is a group of young men that appear to be his age, all watching with an intense interest, and I figure they must be his schoolmates. Some of the boys look more than eager, almost like they are excited to watch it happen. I look at them, wondering what they are thinking, and as I stare their way its apparent to me, if to no one else, that more than one of them has a prick that is stiff in his pants, eager to watch their schoolmate’s unmanning. I see that the girl has come out to watch too, and I see her belly with his seed growing inside of her, and I can’t help but think they would all be better off together. I see him look to his schoolmates and he blushes red, and then he notices her too, and as he looks her way she looks down at the dirt, trying to ignore his gaze with a look of guilt and grief written upon her pretty features. 

He really starts struggling then, desperate to keep from being dragged up the stairs. It’s no use, and as we all watch they half-drag, half-pull him up and then up again, stair after stair, with him fighting and pleading as they drag him all the way. The boys in his class giggle as they watch him struggle, and its obvious more than one of them is enjoying his misery. It doesn’t take that long and they have him up at the top. Thirteen. Yeah, thirteen stairs and then he’s on the platform...still struggling. 

As I watch they don’t hesitate, almost as if they are anxious to get it started. The deputies are grabbing his belt and pulling it off of him. He is fighting the two deputies but a third is there now, and as we all watch they unsnap his pants and then, as he struggles, they pull the youth’s pants down his large, impressively muscular legs and all the way to his ankles. His face goes red, bright red, and whatever he might have had on underneath his pants has already been taken from him at the jail, cause he doesn’t have nothing on now! God! The humiliation of being forced to stand so exposed is shocking to the can sense his humiliation as he tries to turn from the crowd to hide his genitals. The gesture is useless, and as the deputies hold him in place his balls and cock are on display and it’s obvious it’s almost more than the boy can stand. The entire town is staring at him and everything that makes him the man that he is. 

He is naked, stark naked, and as the boy’s prick bounces out, semi-rigid, jutting from his pubic mound, the crowd almost gasps as one, myself included. The boy’s cock is simply enormous, at LEAST 9 inches long and extremely thick, and clearly still completely soft by the way it’s still curving downward and wobbling like a limp noodle. 

However, it isn’t just the boy’s prick that catches everyone’s attention. 

The youth’s huge ball sack is hanging down under his prick, heavy and full and extremely large, and packed with the two largest nuts I have ever seen! Each massive testicle is about the size of a man’s fist, and together their tremendous weight tugs at his huge scrotum, pulling it down over 4” from his crotch! Talk about massive set of low-hangers!! The young man’s behemoth balls would make a stud bull jealous! Hell, it’s no wonder the young girl got knocked up by this young man…he probably filled her to overflowing with his seed! 

I suddenly find myself hoping that the young lady is carrying a son to carry on his father’s extraordinary gifts and legacy. 

What catches everyone’s attention, including mine, is that a small ring of iron is clearly visible around the top of the boy’s huge balls. The ring has obviously been put in place as part of the preparations for the teenager’s punishment, and I instantly realize why the blacksmith was out earlier when I went to look for him. How strange it must have been for the blacksmith to close this circle of iron around his own apprentice’s massive balls, knowing that it will be used as part of his punishment, as part of his unmanning. The boy’s entire sack is huge, just fucking enormous, and it’s easy to see that the metal ring at the top of his scrotum is so tight and has been made so small that both of his testicles are bulging out below, squeezed so tight that the skin of his scrotum looks almost paper thin, and the balls themselves very visible through the hairless skin. It’s almost like they are trapped like two huge oversized oranges ripe for the picking. The boy looks down at his own scrotum, and as he sees his bulging testicles and the iron ring that traps them, his face flushes even redder almost like it’s sunburned. 

The boy is struggling like a madman then. He keeps saying “No...oh NO...please, NO!!” over and over. But no one seems to be listening. 

Tied to the beam above his head there is a rope. Its fairly short and I can see there is no noose on the end. Instead, it has been tied to a small chain, and as I watch the deputies bring the chain down, until the end is next to the boy’s bulging balls. He tries to move away, but can’t, and then, as we all watch, they slip the chain around and through the loop of iron that entraps his massive balls, and then they slide a locking pin in place to hold it secure. It has only taken a few minutes, but it is done. My eyes follow the chain, up to the rope just above his head, and then to the beam that is higher still. Both the chain and the rope have been covered in thick grease, making them very slippery. There is a little slack in the chain, and it hangs down below his knees. As the boy stands there, I realize they have literally chained him by his balls to the beam that runs the length of the platform. God! They really are going to hang him by his balls...and the boy knows it! 

While one of the deputies holds the boy steady, another one reaches down to the boy’s ankles and pulls off the youth’s britches that are bunched there. Then, he takes a set of leg irons and closes them around the boy’s ankles, keeping them closed together and making sure the boy doesn’t go anywhere. Next, having secured the boy, the other deputy reaches up to where the boy’s balls are, and as we all watch he takes another piece of leather, thin and only about a foot long, and loops it around the boy’s sack above where the metal ring rests. Then, with a jerk, he snaps the leather into a knot. As he jerks the knot tight, the boy grunts as his scrotum is suddenly shut completely closed like a purse. The boy spasms, and then he slams his thighs together like a trap in a useless gesture to protect his manhood, and as he does that a ripple of laughter goes through the crowd. His face reflects the pain, and his balls flush red as it is done. The boy looks down and sees it...his eyes taking it all in...the huge red balls bulging in their knotted sack, and the pain of the leather real and intense. He looks up, and I see him take in the chain going up, past his the rope and finally tied over the beam above him. He tries to can see him still wanting to turn and run, and he starts to waiver and almost falls from his legs that are chained together. One of the deputies steadies him...and the youth seems desperate then, the look on his face one of realization and fear of what is to come. 

The deputies then step away and off to the side, and the boy is left alone, standing on the man platform that is hinged on one side. As I watch, the young man’s cock begins to stiffen, apparently galvanized by the recently man-handling of his big nuts, or perhaps out of fear for his impending unmanning, almost as if it was eager to expose his balls and prepare them for their hanging. 

As the already huge cock stiffens and grows, it quickly becomes clear to me that the youth is actually a grown and not a shower! Shit, how big IS this kid’s horse cock!?! On and on it grows, stretching thicker and longer as it steadily rises from the small thatch of dark pubic hair at its base. Finally, the handsome youth’s cock reaches its full, eye-popping length of over 15 inches, thicker than a wrist, a truly mammoth cock. Another gasp goes up from the crowd at the sight of this almost unimaginably monumental cock, throbbing proudly before the boy in defiance of the hanging that was about to begin. 

Damn, I’m starting to question this kid’s guilt! I mean, with a monster cock that freaking huge, how the HELL could he have fucked that girl!?! It doesn’t even seem possible! The handsome lad’s cock is just too monstrously big!!

Suddenly, the judge is reading his sentence, and as he does so the crowd goes quiet and we all lean to listen. “You, Jason Robert Stillman, have been tried and found guilty of the crime of rape by a jury of your peers. You are a disgrace to your family and to your school and an embarrassment for this township. You have been sentenced to be hanged by your balls until they are dead. May God have mercy on your manhood. Do you have anything to say before the sentence is carried out?” 

There is laughter from the crowd, and from the expressions around me it’s obvious many are anxious to watch the lad’s castration. God! As for the boy, he is babbling...the fear so great he can’t find the words. He is begging, that much is apparent, and then he is crying and he starts to try and walk but he can’t move. I can make out the “Pleaseeeeeee” and the “NO”...and he seems to be repeating the words and as he glances around the crowd it is almost as if his eyes are desperate to find sympathy. Its obvious he is one petrified teenager, and the crowd seems to feed on his fear. 

There is a drum roll then and we all look to the platform and the hangman that holds the lever. God, is that what you call him? The hangman? The boy suddenly yells out “OH GOD!! PLEASE!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!! DON’T!!!!!” just as the Sheriff gives the nod and the lever is pulled. 

In that instant the entire platform beneath the boy’s feet falls away and he starts to slide, dropping in the process. He drops about half way to the ground, and as he does so he suddenly jerks to a stop, then bounces back up a few inches before he falls again with a snap. As his body jerks the boy screams, a blood-curdling scream as the chain snaps taught and his balls suddenly take his entire weight. 

We all gasp in surprise. I don’t think any of us were expecting that. I thought for sure that the boy’s huge balls would just rip right off, but somehow they held him there, suspended just above the ground, swinging literally by the essence of his manhood. Man, this kid must have some mighty tough balls! Particularly since the lad is as hugely muscled as a bull and weighs more than just about any other man in the crowd! 

He flips over, and then he is suddenly hanging, upside down...and spinning...oh-so-slowly about four feet from the ground. He is struggling...his body jerking in spasms as his balls stretch out...the boy’s entire scrotum literally stretching out almost a FOOT in length. The weight of the leg irons slowly brings him around, turning him in mid-air, and then only a few seconds after he made the drop he is upright, slowly spinning around and around held only by the chain on his scrotum. The boy is leaning back at about a forty-five degree angle, his head looking up and his balls stretched out and holding him.

He is delirious with pain, and from his lips the screams continue...more of a wail than a scream, something between an animal and a man...or perhaps soon to be less than a man. The expression on his stunningly handsome face is one of total agony. The young man must be wishing that he’d never had balls! His entire body jerks continuously... his legs flailing in and out as he bends his knees, then straightens them and then bends them again... struggling perhaps to release some of the pressure or to find some relief from the misery his balls have become. As everyone watches, the boy’s prick has grown harder still, and as we watch it continues to stiffen and grow. His big purple head pops out of his foreskin, and the end glistens with the fluids of his manhood. Soon it is so stiff and jutting it looks obscene, growing to more than 16 ½ inches in length, and yet he struggles like a madman seemingly not noticing the swelling change in his mighty prick, and his screams just blend slowly into a long, continuous cry that seems to have no beginning and certainly has no end. 

He slowly spins on the chain, dangling by his gigantic and hideously stretched out balls. His hands are still tied tightly behind his back, but you can see him working them, struggling to get them free and to try and save himself. He dances the hangman dance, but his struggles are useless, and it’s obvious he realizes he can’t work them free. His body shifts and he’s on his back, suspended in the air and slowly turning by his balls. He bends his waist and then straightens out, again and again, and it almost gives the impression he is humping the chain that holds him. He is one desperate teenager, struggling so hard to do something, ANYTHING, and then in his desperation he is jerking his entire body then like a wild animal in some kind of obscene trap. It’s almost as if he is trying to jerk hard enough to pull his balls off and in doing so get free! I hold my breath, and I find myself praying that will happen and they will tear free and separate and so end his misery. 

But minute after minute ticks by, and it doesn’t happen. 

The boy struggles, and his twists and turns grow even more desperate. can his balls hold him!? The muscular kid weighs a freaking TON!! Even balls as huge as his couldn’t possibly hold up a man’s entire weight, could they?! This punishment is beyond cruel. If only they would just castrate him and end his misery! 

But they don’t and his balls stretch out some more, the sac so grossly distended that it doesn’t even look human. He is mad with the pain, and try as he may he is unable to jerk his gigantic balls free. Cruelly, they somehow continue hold his great weight and suspend him several feet above the dusty ground. He is crazy with the pain, and he opens his eyes and closes them...then opens them again...then he is looking out at the crowd. His bright blue eyes are wide with the pain, desperate, and he is screaming for mercy from a merciless crowd. Everyone but me it seems is laughing. All of his schoolmates, except for one, are laughing so hard it is almost a roar, and the town is clapping and cheering and seeming to be enjoying every rotation of his body and every moment of his pain. 

I’ve never seen anything like it. As he jerks his legs and bends his knees, it forces his body to move about, still swinging from his sac. When he bends his knees his head swings straight down, and he hangs upside down, the boy’s balls so stretched out that it gives the appearance the skin will fail at any moment. Then, as he arches his back and straightens his legs, his body flips around, the weight of the leg irons enough to pull him back up, almost straight up and down...his head up in the air for a moment before he bends his knees again and rolls back over, slowly, spinning in two directions on his stretched out balls. The balls seem to twist in the process...his scrotum taking the twist and the boy’s huge balls bulging even tighter as it happens. 

Time seems to drag...and the boy is sweating, his entire beautifully muscular body glistening in the hot sun as he struggles and dances on the end of the rope. His life has become nothing but agony. His prick seems to jut out from his little patch of pubic hair, like some prehistoric beast of rutting sex. How he still has a hard on through all of this pain, I can’t comprehend. 

And then, as we are all watching, he suddenly starts to grunt, and then his prick spasms, and then, when you would least expect it, long lines of the boy’s semen just seem to jet out of his untouched cock. The boy is grunting and jerking as his mammoth horse cock spurts like a goddamn fountain, and the crowd roars as it happens. 

For the boy, his orgasm seems to bring him no pleasure. Instead, it’s more like a last, desperate act from a set of dying balls. 

The first blast is massive, a long and astonishingly thick rope of nearly pure white cum that spurts out with amazing force, splattering up his big, muscular chest to his shoulder, and then blasting beyond his body to the dry dirt beyond. The blast is so huge and so phenomenally powerful that you can actually HEAR it jet forth from his mammoth horse cock. The next blasts are equally as massive, one following the next in a seemingly unending stream of hot farm boy cum. He squirts again and again and again, the youth’s huge load splashing out of his dick and literally splattering like big, thick raindrops into the dirt as he spins from his gigantic purple balls. I can actually see his massive nuts visibly contracting with each pulse of his huge cock, the mighty bollocks violently convulsing in a desperate attempt to purge their colossal load and fertilize something before they are destroyed.  

On and on it continues, the young man’s cum literally white washing his chest and belly, and huge slugs of the stuff drip off of his body to the uncaring ground below. Finally, after nearly a full MINUTE of continuous cumming, the incredible stud is finally empty, the spasms of what must surely be his last orgasm dying with his balls. And as he ejaculates the last of his seed, the boy seems to almost collapse inwardly, slowly losing his strength as he spurts out the copious ropes of his thick essence. 

It is the most monumental, majestic orgasm I have ever seen in my life! Everyone in the crowd is utterly speechless after the boy’s spectacular display of super human virility. I wouldn’t have thought any man would be capable of such a load, not even with balls the size of those of a bull! It’s no wonder that the young lady got pregnant by him — this stud just shot out enough baby batter to knock up the whole damn town!!

After shooting his final, titanic load, the young man’s struggles slow and his screams turn into a babble, and then to a low, continuous whimper. He seems to be gasping for air and his balls change color. At first they were bright red, but they quickly became a dark red and then an angry purple, and as we watch they grow darker still. They do not look like the balls of a human anymore. They are so dark purple that they look nearly black, and they are distended like a grotesque bulge at the end of a thin tube of skin. Every vein on the surface of those two colossal balls is standing out rigid and swollen, his dying balls starved for blood even as they are slowly ripped out of the young man’s crotch by their very roots. 

He hangs and hangs. I feel my heart racing, wondering how long it has taken. Ten minutes? Twenty minutes? More? Some people begin to walk away. The boy is still conscious, but I have no idea how long he will stay that way. I do not see an end, and begin to wonder if they will leave him this way to die. He just slowly goes around and around, and whenever he bends his knees he upends himself and his balls seem to twist again. He grunts when that happens and arches his back, and as his extends his legs he flips back over and grunts again. God! I wonder if it will ever end! 

Suddenly, I see one of his classmates, the one boy who wasn’t laughing earlier, start to move toward him, and as he leaves the line of his friends and begins to walk up to the lad, I can only wonder what will happen. Nobody says anything. Then, as we watch, I see him reach to his waist and pull out his knife. The blade is long, and the metal glints in the sunlight. The hanging boy looks at him, and the two boys’ eyes meet. I am close enough that I hear it when the youth with the knife says, “I can’t do it for you Jason...I can’t cut you down.” 

Then as the boy spins around one more time, slowly, the youth with the knife reaches out and cuts the rope that binds his friend’s wrists. As he does so, the boy’s hands come apart...and he immediately reaches out desperately and grabs the chain that holds his balls and drives the pain that is still consuming him. He grasps the greasy chain that holds his balls with his hands so hard his hands turn white, and it’s apparent that he is pulling upward with a strength and a desperation that causes every huge muscle in his amazingly etched and massive body to strain mightily. He is gripping the chain like a crazed madman, and you can see his desperation as he tries to pull himself up and relieve the pressure on his balls. 

At first it appears to be working, despite the thick grease coating the chain and the rope, and he manages to pull himself up and then up some more...but the beam is high over his head and the platform has fallen away and is no more. There is nothing he can climb up to, but he climbs anyway, up the chain. About half way up he hesitates, and he stays suspended then, not going up and his balls are no longer stretched, regaining more of a healthy color as blood returns to the huge gonads. Nothing moves, and the boy seems to be stuck there, stranded as he grips the chain with all of his might, his great muscles trembling and quivering visibly with the effort. But, after his huge orgasm and the pain he has already endured, there is little strength left in his powerful arms, and it’s obvious he is unable to go any further. Worse, he starts to slip, the grease causing his grip to loosen, and you can see him desperately trying to maintain his grip. His arms are shaking, and then the quivering intensifies and, to more laughs from the crowd, the youth loses his grip, falling back to the end of the chain. 

The chain snaps taut, yanking once again at the young stud’s brutalized balls. And again, the youth’s awesome bull nuts hold, stretching over a foot from his crotch and keeping him suspended in the air. He convulses from the impact, and the shudder seems to rack his entire muscular body. As he falls back and jerks with the impact, he screams so loud I want to cover my ears, the scream so intense as his bulging, bruised balls are jerked once again, taking all his weight one more time as he cries out from the misery. 

The brutal yanking of the chain snaps something deep in the young man’s balls, however, and as he hangs by his balls once again, he lets loose with a second magnificent load. The crowd of school boys watches in awe and amazement as the cum pumps out of the young man like a geyser, and it appears that this load will be every bit as massive as his first. Gout after mighty gout blasts forth from his 16 ½-inch monster cock, much of it landing on his massive chest and cobblestone abs, but the bulk of it sailing past his cannon ball shoulders, shooting with such astounding force that it lands nearly 20 feet behind him. 

Again, the young bull stud cums for nearly a full minute before the titanic orgasm finally begins to ebb and then cease. Both the young man and the gallows platform itself are drenched and dripping with his freshly milked cum, and the ground beneath the muscular stud is actually turning to mud! Even more strength seems to leave the young man’s powerful body, and he just hangs there by his balls, moaning softly. 

His eyes are wide with desperation. He looks to his friend and croaks “PLEASE HELP ME...PLEASE!!” No one says anything and his friend does nothing at first. Then, slowly, the boy simply reaches out and offers his knife to the boy hanging by his balls. You can see the lad’s desperation, and then he grabs it and in a flash tries to climb up the chain to the rope above. But the grease makes everything far too slick, and the handsome lad cannot reach as high as the rope. So instead, he brings the knife up and tries to saw the chain itself. His one massively muscular arm pulls upward on the chain again as he tries to take some of the pressure off his hanged nuts, and with the other he saws the knife back and forth and back and forth against the metal chain, hoping and begging and desperate to somehow cut through it and get himself down. He is screaming, “God...oh please... please...oh pleaseeeeee knife cut it...cut the chain!” as he works the knife and slices the steel against the chain. He saws and saws but makes no progress against the links of iron. Links he may have likely forged himself when he worked as the blacksmith’s apprentice! 

While we watch him sawing with the knife, dulling it, his body begins to spin around faster. Suddenly he cries out again and his hand loses the grip on the chain, once again causing his balls to take the full weight of his massive, muscular body. The tears are flowing down his handsome face then, and you can almost sense that moment when he realizes it is hopeless. Everyone is suddenly cheering:  

“DO IT.....DO IT.......DO IT........DO IT.......DO IT.......DO IT.......DO IT!” 

The teenager is beside himself...and as the realization of what he must do consumes him, he slowly moves his hand with the knife down...down to the only thing he can do to cut himself free. He hesitates...holding the knife against his own balls...against his awesome manhood, purple and distended and bulging enormously in his overstretched scrotum. He’s got the knife right up against the metal ring, which is an inch away from the leather tie. Time slows again...and he seems to think about it...the crowd cheering him on and encouraging him to finish his own castration. 

“DO IT.....DO IT.......DO IT........DO IT.......DO IT.......DO IT.......DO IT!” 

You can see him hesitating, but the pain is so great and the hope is totally gone from him and it’s apparent that he realizes he has no options. He looks out to the crowd and his eyes lock with the girl. She is screaming too... “DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!” 

Suddenly, he closes his beautiful blue eyes, and then his hand is in motion, and as I watch the teenage boy begins to saw the now very dull knife at his own balls. They are stretched so tight that I know it won’t take long for even the dull knife to start to rip the skin, and I am desperate for the boy, wishing there was something I could do, some way to save his enormous and fantastic bull nuts. 

The young man screams as he begins to castrate himself, and while the knife is working to make its first slice, the young man’s rampant, randy prick spasms once AGAIN, shooting forth yet ANOTHER monumental load of his cream, his last, gargantuan load, his last act as a man. 

But while I watch, I suddenly notice that the rope above the boy is beginning to unravel, unable to support the young man’s great beefy weight any longer. The threads of the rope begin to snap, just a few at first, and then faster and faster. I see the young man still sawing at his balls, oblivious to the fraying rope above him, and I pray that the rope will snap before the young man finishes his own unmanning. 

Suddenly, the rope snaps, and the surprised young man is dropped to the ground below. He hits the ground flat on his back, landing with a splash in a muddy pool of his own semen and splashing mud all around him. Everyone else stands there stunned in wide-eyed disbelief – the young man has survived the hanging of his balls intact, saved by his own great muscular weight! – and while everyone else remains motionless, I decide to act. 

I know that the townspeople will just hang the young man again if given the chance, finishing what they started, so I dash forward to the naked, prone, and helpless youth, scoop him out of the mud, sling his great weight over my shoulder, and run for my horse. It is only a short distance to my horse, but the handsome young man’s great weight slows me down, and I fear that I will not reach the beast before the school boys catch me. I throw Jason’s muscular body behind the saddle, leap onto my mount, and gallop away just before the young men catch us. 

As I gallop out of town, knowing that the townspeople will soon be in pursuit, I glance back at my young companion to make sure he is alright. Sure enough, I can clearly see Jason’s gargantuan testicles, and they indeed unharmed and still fully attached to his body. They still look swollen and distended, but their coloring is quickly returning back to normal. I see a small cut on the side of his scrotum, a shallow gash that is only lightly bleeding, and I realize with great relief that he hand’t managed to cut himself deeply before the rope snapped. Other than that shallow cut, and the fact that his gargantuan bollocks are hanging an incredible full 7 or 8 inches from his crotch, permanently stretched by his horrific ordeal, the handsome farm boy’s massive nuts are miraculously otherwise unharmed. 

As I glance back at Jason’s behemoth balls and massive, muscular physique, Jason lifts his handsome head and meets my eyes. His beautiful blue eyes are filled with gratitude, and not a little bit of awe, at his rescue, and I smile at him, assuring him that he will be alright. 

We both know that our adventures together have just begun…

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jungle Boy and the Snake Gods - Original Version

And here is Jotto's original story...


Jungle Boy and the Snake Gods
by Jotto

The young jungle boy had no name, but with a huge cock like his, he didn't need one. The citizens of the lost city dubbed him, “The Gifted One,” a title given to his impressive musculature and majestic endowment. Falling prey to his beauty, the men believed his virility to be unparalleled and that his semen was able to impart great strength and long life. The women also desired his essence for the strong offspring that it would produce. Every time the jungle boy left the forest and came into the city, he was more than eager to satisfy their demands for his seed. With little provocation, he would discard his skimpy loincloth that did little to hide his pendular manhood, and then would publicly rub out a load in exchange for food. He was fed well. 

Once, during a long drought, the lost city elders decided it was once again time for a sacrifice to the snake gods in hopes that it would make it rain again. And it was so decreed that the perfect sacrifice would be the potent jungle boy. With the collaboration of the citizens, a plan was conceived and a trap was set for the virile lad. 

On The Gifted One's next visit to the city, he went to his favorite fruit stand, and as usual, shed his loincloth and started to jerk out his payment for food. A crowd gathered around the masturbating jungle boy and cheered him on. The extra attention always made him cum quickly and profusely. As the thick geyser of white man juice shot from his pulsating member, the crowd rushed at him with their goblets, bowls or cupped hands to catch what they could of the jungle boy's pearlescent broth. As the people scavenged and scraped the residue of the orgasm from his body, he was offered a very special fruit, a fruit laced with a powerful tranquilizer. After only two bites, the tower of muscles started to sway, and just as he was about to hit the ground, the crowd caught him and gently laid him out on the fruit stand. As the jungle boy slipped into unconsciousness, he could feel his body being caressed and worshipped by many hands. His balls were being tugged at and fought over by the crowd as his glory hole was poked and prodded by many fingers. His proud cock was being worked over and robbed of its sperm one more time. He tried to break free, but all the jungle boy could do was fall into a peaceful sleep. 

As he slept, his body continued to fulfill the needs and desires of a perverse and rambunctious crowd. The jungle boy lay atop that display of fruit donating sperm to all who pillaged his loins. Defenseless against the storm of lust that consumed him, he became a sperm receptacle for the first time in his short life as men lined up by the hundreds and pumped load after load down his throat and up his ass. For the rest of the day and through the night, the jungle boy remained the unconscious host for a festival of debauchery and rape until the priests and constables retrieved his body the next morning. And as the boy's body was washed and geared up for the sacrifice, he was to suffer another wave of sexual assaults from the priests and constables that had retrieved him.

When he awoke, he found himself facedown in the dirt and his arms tied around a log behind his back. As he struggled up to his feet, he realized a thick and heavy iron chain and ball were shackled to his nuts and tugged heavy at his groin. As the jungle boy's wits came back to him, he saw the hordes of people gathered in the rows and rows of seats above the smooth walls that surrounded him. Then he knew where he was, in the pit of the snake gods. He knew why he was there, for there was only one reason to be in the pit. He was to be sacrificed to the snake gods. He searched desperately for a way out as his voluminous testicles towed the heavy ball and chain behind him. The audience watched silently as the jungle boy tried to scale the wall with his feet, but was held back by the hefty weight attached to his balls.

Then the arena erupts with uproarious cheer, startling the hapless hunk. He looks to the center of the ring as a trap door opens and six giant snakes emerge. Even with his balls weighted down, the jungle boy is quick to avoid the snakes, but the snakes are faster. The godly serpents are swift and soon have him surrounded. The king snake, the most colorful of the bunch, approaches the boy first as the other snakes leave the jungle boy nowhere to run. The king snake winds its way up his leg and soon is face to face with the shivering lad. The snake licks some of the sweat from his cheek, slithers once and then starts to wrap its way around the boy's neck. The crowd goes wild. The jungle boy's muscles ripple violently as he tries to wiggle his way free, but his motions excite the creature as it tightens even more around his neck. The serpents glassy smooth scales slide across his body and brush against his genitals and then his nipples. And even as his breathing is cut off, the sensation of it all causes him to have an erection. The chants from the audience become rhythmic as his vision starts to fail. Just before he passes out, his body shoots out one last load of his fertile juices. With the failure of his heart, the jungle boy falls back to the ground, and the other snakes rush in and make a quick meal of him. One serpent takes in his right leg while another snake swallows his left leg. The queen snake has the honor of gulping down his still erect massive manhood and family jewels. The two other snakes take an arm each as the king snake starts with the boy's head and gags down his torso. Then as if by some intelligent coordination, each snake jerks back and away at the same time, pulling the boy apart into six pieces. The crowd becomes silent as each creature envelops its part of the jungle boy, slowly making their way back to their subterranean den, where they will finish digesting their meal. 

Even though the rains did return the following week, the citizens of the lost city came to miss the seminal contributions of the jungle boy and eagerly awaited the maturing and puberty of his many male offspring. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Jungle Boy and the Snake Gods - Jayse Version

I love everything that the artist and author Jotto creates! I've done a few rewrites of his stories, and one of those is today's post!


Jungle Boy and the Snake Gods
Based on an original story by Jotto


The young jungle boy had no name, but with a huge cock and heavy bull balls like his, he didn't need one. The citizens of the lost city dubbed him ‘The Gifted One’, a title given to honor his most impressive musculature and unbelievably massive, majestic endowment. 

Falling prey to his great masculine beauty, the men of the city believed his virility to be unparalleled and that his semen could impart great strength and long life. The women also desired his essence for the strong offspring that it would produce. Every few months when the jungle boy left the forest and came into the city to trade for goods, he was more than eager to satisfy their demands for his seed. With little provocation, he would discard his skimpy loincloth (that did little to hide his spectacular, pendular manhood), and then would publicly rub out a load or two (or three, or six, or twelve) in exchange for food. 

The handsome jungle boy was fed well. Very well fed indeed! 

Once, during a long drought, the city elders decided it was time for a sacrifice to the snake gods in hopes that they would make it rain again. And it was so decreed that the perfect sacrifice would be the potent are heroically virile jungle boy. With the collaboration of the citizens, a plan was conceived and a trap was set for the beautiful and muscular lad. 

On the Gifted One's next visit to the city, he went to his favorite fruit stand, and as usual, shed his loincloth and started to jerk out his payment for food. A crowd gathered around the masturbating jungle boy and cheered him on. The extra attention always made him cum quickly and profusely. As the thick geyser of white man juice shot from his pulsating member, the crowd rushed at him with their goblets, bowls, or cupped hands to catch what they could of the jungle boy's pearlescent broth. They all secretly knew that this would be their very last opportunity to obtain the beautiful young man’s most powerful seed, so they made sure to capture every last drop. 

As the people scavenged and scraped the residue of the orgasm from his perfect and spectacularly muscular body, the jungle boy was offered a very special fruit, a fruit laced with a powerful aphrodisiac and tranquilizer. After only two bites, the tower of muscles started to sway, and just as he was about to hit the ground, the men in the crowd rushed forward, caught him, and gently laid him out on the fruit stand. As the jungle boy slipped into semi-consciousness, he could feel his big body being caressed and worshipped by many hands. His balls were being tugged at and fought over by the crowd as his glory hole was poked and prodded by many fingers. His magnificent proud cock was being worked over and robbed of its sperm once again. He tried to break free, but all the jungle boy could do was fall into a peaceful sleep. 

As he slept, his body continued to fulfill the needs and desires of a perverse and rambunctious crowd. The jungle boy lay atop that display of fruit for hour after hour after hour, donating sperm to all who pillaged his loins. Defenseless against the storm of lust that consumed him, he became a sperm receptacle, as well as a sperm donor, for the first time in his short life as men lined up by the hundreds and pumped load after load down his throat and up his ass. Countless loads were also plundered from his fantastically bountiful loins, enough precious seed to impregnate every woman of childbearing age in the city with enough left over to make over a hundred potions of strength, virility, and beauty. 

The handsome jungle boy was truly a god of virility! 

For the rest of the day and through the night, the jungle boy remained the unconscious host for a boundless festival of debauchery and rape. The priests and constables retrieved the boy’s exhausted and thoroughly used body the next morning. And as the jungle boy's body was washed and geared up for the sacrifice, he suffered yet another wave of sexual assaults from the priests and constables that had retrieved him. Still MORE of his precious male fluids were drained from his profoundly overworked nuts, until his massive bollocks were aching and utterly spent. 

When he finally awoke, the jungle boy found himself facedown in the dirt and his arms tied around a thick log behind his back. As he struggled up to his feet, he realized a thick and heavy iron chain was shackled to his nuts at one end and a very large and heavy iron sphere at the other. The chain and sphere tugged heavy at his groin, no doubt intended to keep the young stud immobile. 

As the jungle boy's wits came back to him, he saw the hordes of people gathered in the rows and rows of seats above the smooth walls that surrounded him. Then he knew where he was — the Pit of the Snake Gods! And he knew why he was there, for there was only one reason to be in the pit -- he was to be sacrificed to the gods! The jungle boy searched desperately for a way out, his voluminous testicles painfully towing the heavy ball and chain behind him. The audience was amazed at the sight, for they had thought the iron sphere too heavy for even the strongest man to lift, let alone drag through the sand with nothing but his testicles. But the beautiful young lad soon proved that his mammoth bollocks were as fantastically strong as they were colossally huge, and he dragged that sphere across the entire sandy floor, heedless of the terrific strain he was placing on his aching and throbbing boy balls. 

The crowd watched in stunned silence as the jungle boy tried to scale the nearly sheer, 20-foot-high wall, and they feared for several long moments that the terrifically powerful stud might actually escape. But even the jungle boy couldn’t endure the searing pain of the hefty weight attached to his balls, which tore mercilessly at his phenomenally massive balls and pulled him back again and again to the arena floor. The achingly handsome lad would manage to scale several feet up the wall face, hoisting the gigantic iron sphere off the sandy floor with nothing but the awesome strength of his own nuts. But each time, the beautiful stud would cry out in great agony, his massive arm and leg muscles quivering, and he would eventually drop back down to the floor. 

It was obviously no use — the jungle boy was trapped inside the arena floor, unable to escape as long as the massive weight was attached to his massive nuts. 

The arena suddenly erupts with an uproarious cheer, startling the hapless young hunk. He looks to the center of the ring as a trap door opens and six giant snakes slowly emerge. Even with his balls weighted down, the jungle boy is quick to take evasive actions. He lunges and leaps in an attempt avoid the snakes, but the snakes are many and they are swift, and the boy is greatly hampered by the lodestone attached to his precious balls. In a short time, the godly serpents soon have the beautiful young man surrounded. 

The king snake, the most colorful of the bunch, approaches the boy first as the other snakes leave the jungle boy nowhere to run. The king snake winds its way up the youth’s powerfully muscular leg and soon is face to face with the handsome, shivering lad. The snake licks some of the sweat from the boy’s handsome cheek, slithers once and then starts to wrap its way around the boy's neck. The crowd goes wild. 

The jungle boy's muscles ripple violently as he tries to wiggle his way free, but his motions excite the creature as it tightens even more around his neck. The serpent’s glassy smooth scales slide across the lad’s perfect, tanned skin and brush against his bountiful genitals and then his thick nipples. And even as his breathing is cut off, the sensation of it all causes the jungle boy to have a massive, final erection. 

The chants from the audience become rhythmic as jungle boy’s vision starts to fail. His struggles grow weaker and weaker as the life is slowly crushed out of his phenomenal body. Just before he passes out, the handsome lad’s gargantuan and ferociously hard horse cock shoots out one last magnificent load of his fertile juices, thickly painting his gloriously muscular body and the bodies of the six massive serpents with mighty blasts of his thick and chunky spew. The audience is utterly amazed at the sight, for they all knew that the lad’s massive balls had been plundered so brutally and so thoroughly that they wouldn’t have been surprised if the lad had been rendered permanently sterile by the ordeal. But instead, here the boy was, pounding out perhaps the most enormous and spectacular load in his life, almost as if he hadn’t cum in a month! 

The jungle boy’s monumental orgasm rages on and on, blasting out several DOZEN titanic blasts of cum. The lad’s entire, gorgeously muscular body spasmodically jerks with each mighty gout of spunk, his lean and muscular hips automatically thrusting with each and every blast. 

But even the extraordinarily virile lad’s colossal orgasm must finally come to an end. The boy’s massively muscular body gives one last mighty lurch, accompanied by one last colossal jet of spunk, and the beautiful young man’s powerful heart finally falters and becomes still. 

With the failure of his heart, the jungle boy’s magnificent physique falls limp, his tremendously muscular form now held up solely by the king snake’s muscular coils. The other snakes rush in, knowing it is finally time to make a meal of the fantastically meaty lad. One serpent engulfs the boy’s massive right leg while, another snake swallows his left. The queen snake has the honor of gulping down his still erect massive and heroically manhood and truly enormous family jewels, stretching even her unhinged jaws to the maximum. The two other snakes take a meaty arm each as the king snake starts with the boy's head and gags down his torso. 

Then, as if by some prearranged coordination, each snake chomps down with its fangs and jerks back and away at the same time, pulling the boy’s body apart into six big pieces. The crowd becomes silent as each creature swallows its portion of the beautiful jungle boy, and then they all slowly begin making their way back to their subterranean den where they will finish digesting their most enormous and delicious meal. 

Even though the precious rains did indeed return three days later, signaling the great pleasure of the snake gods with the spectacular quality of the city’s sacrifice, the citizens of the lost city came to miss the great masculine beauty and bountiful seminal contributions of the gentle and handsome jungle boy. They consoled themselves with the knowledge that the heroic young man had fathered literally thousands of beautiful children over the course of the last few years, particularly with his bountiful offerings on his last and final visit, and the citizens eagerly awaited the maturation and puberty of his many male offspring. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Captive of the Cyborgs - Chapter 10 - Cock Tortures

Lest you all think that Dalton is only focusing his tortures on Eric's behemoth bull balls, here's an installment about some of the abuse the Cyborg heaps upon the young man's magnificent 19.5-inch stud cock!


Captive of the Cyborgs – Part 10
Cock Tortures

Days and Weeks that Followed

Eric’s bellows of agony echoed through the jungle valley every night as Dalton repeatedly tore into the young man’s massive and mighty bull nuts with almost wild abandon. The Cyborg’s methods were many and varied, but were always aimed at the same two goals – forcing the handsome stud into spectacular ejaculations while simultaneously causing the young muscle man the maximum amount of testicular pain and agony possible. 

The tortures continued throughout the next night, and onto the next night, and the next, and the next. Dalton was in sadistic heaven, for Eric proved himself able to endure any abuse and punishment that the wickedly cunning Cyborg could devise, all while pounding out load after load after MASSIVE load of his hyper abundant seed. The Cyborg had a virtually endless series of tortures planned for the unfortunate young man, and refused to stop until the young man survived every challenge or his goliath bull balls were utterly obliterated in the process. Dalton would only pause in his tortuous ministrations at sunrise to provide his hunky prisoner a chance to heal and refill his vast cum tanks before resuming the tortures at the next nightfall. 

The wicked and cruel Cyborg focused the bulk of his torturous attentions on Eric’s massive balls, using every conceivable method to beat, bust, bash, pummel, pound, pull, stretch, yank, squeeze, crush, squash, and otherwise punish the stunning young man’s colossal baby makers. But Dalton certainly didn’t ignore the rest of the young muscle man’s glorious and magnificent body. Dalton beat and stretched and punished virtually every square inch of Eric’s fantastic physique, continually testing every aspect of the young man’s super human strength and unparalleled powers of endurance. And the handsome young stud continually proved his mettle by passing each and every challenge that the cruel and devious Cyborg threw his way, though all too often by the barest of margins. 

Dalton spent almost as much time and attention on Eric’s huge and almighty horse cock as he did on the young man’s behemoth balls, torturing and punishing the massive schlong with such brutality that the magnificent dick was almost destroyed on countless occasions. Part of Dalton’s fascination with the young man’s cock was that, proportionally, it was even more massive and oversized than the gargantuan and outsized penises possessed by the human-shaped Cyborgs. In fact, Eric’s titanic mule cock was inch for inch bigger than most cocks on Cyborgs TWICE his size! Dalton was immensely impressed that a purely biological human could even POSSESS a cock so monumentally huge, and he loved seeing just how much abuse the mighty horse cock could take. But no matter how brutal or cruel the Cyborg’s tortures, Eric’s almighty crank of a cock proved to be just as incredibly tough and resilient as the rest of his gorgeous and extraordinarily powerful physique, and his colossal cock survived every torture that Dalton threw at it. 

The tortures on Eric’s magnificent 19 ½-inch horse cock were as varied as they were cruel. The young man’s cock was fantastically hard and rock solid when erect, but that didn’t stop the overwhelmingly strong Dalton from twisting and pulling and bending the mighty penis into all sorts of unnatural and grotesque shapes. Among the more brutal involved twisting the shaft just behind the swollen and bulbous head and seeing how many rotations could be achieved before the powerful fibers and ligaments holding the huge cock together were shredded into uselessness. Dalton was repeatedly able to twist Eric’s monster cock just over a full one and a half rotations, taking the engorged and tortured flesh right to the brink of ripping apart...and then holding it there for sometimes hours at a time. When the vicious Cyborg made Eric cum with his cock cannon held in such a torced and twisted state, the mighty pulsations and contractions of the young male’s awesome penis very nearly finished the job of shredding the behemoth fuck tool, violently bucking in the Cyborg's deadly grip, and the agony it caused the colossally hung stud was extreme. 

An even more cruel and painful torture was to bend Eric’s massive cock downward. The muscles and ligaments that supported the humongous cock were incredibly strong -- they needed to be to hold nearly 30 POUNDS of immensely thick and intensely engorged flesh completely upright -- and they powerfully defied any attempt to bend or move them. But the huge Cyborg was far, FAR stronger and more powerful than any mere flesh and blood human. Dalton would grasp the enormously thick cock right behind the huge head and, ever so slowly, begin to pull his arm downward, taking the trapped bull cock with him. Eric’s gigantic cock naturally had a slight upward curve along the shaft, but that upward curve soon disappeared as the young man’s huge cock was slowly bent in the other direction. The mighty ligaments and muscles of Eric’s cock fought ferociously against bending, and then later, as they continued to lose their battle of strength against the Cyborg’s relentless pulling, they struggled just to keep from snapping and breaking. The ordeal was intensely painful for young Eric, and became only more painful as his cock was forced to point ever lower. Dalton pulled down very slowly, for he knew that a quick tug on Eric’s bull cock would likely snap it in half. Still, it was dangerous going, and the Cyborg could actually hear the mighty muscles and tendons of the young muscle man’s cock groaning and creaking as they fought to accommodate the ever more pronounced downward curve. 

Finally, the Cyborg would succeed in bending the enormous schlong until it was pointed directly down. The downward curve in the young man’s heroically straining cock was unbelievably profound, looking both highly unnatural and intensely erotic at the same time. The great tendons and muscles holding the mighty cock together were forced to their utter limit, but they always held. The Cyborg would often tie the huge cock off, keeping it painfully and hideously bent, sometimes for days at a time. He would also frequently beat the extraordinarily bent cock with clubs and steel pipes, pummeling and beating the incredibly tough and solid column of man flesh for hours. Dalton especially enjoyed pulling the young man’s melon-sized bull balls downward as well and making sure that Eric’s cock was aimed directly at the trapped and overstretched testicles. When the handsome young stud would inevitably cum from the brutal and extreme cock and ball tortures, his ferocious and incredibly powerful loads would be blasted right at his own balls. Not only did the awesomely powerful contractions of his monster cock nearly finish the job of rupturing his bent and tortured cock, but the incredible force of his ejaculations slammed into his helpless bull nuts like they had been launched from a water cannon. Slug after slug after enormous slug of cum would slam into Eric’s gargantuan balls with incredible velocity and force, and acted as an alternative form of pummeling torture on the two massive nuts. Dalton relished the sounds of Eric’s moans and groans of agony as the young man’s own extraordinary and hyper active virility was used to pound and pummel the young stud’s own huge balls into brutal submission. 

Another of Dalton’s favorite tortures on Eric’s stupendous penis was to insert various sizes and shapes of sounds down his thick and very pronounced urethra. The surface of these sounds could be perfectly smooth or covered in knobs and bumps, and ranged from the width of a slender straw all the way up to rods the size of railroad spikes that were an inch or more in diameter. Dalton’s favorite sound was actually nothing more than a steel pipe that was a full inch and a half in diameter and nearly three feet long! The Cyborg really had to shove that pipe to get it to go down Eric’s cum tube, stretching his gaping piss slit almost to the breaking point, but he was always able to drive it home into the very depths of the young man’s straining plumbing. The Cyborg managed to insert a full two feet of the pipe into Eric’s cock, driving it all the way down the monstrous 19 ½ inches of its colossal length and almost 5 inches into the plumbing inside his loins! The inserted pipe caused Eric’s already enormous cum tube to bulge and distend dramatically, making the extraordinary girth of the young man’s huge muscle cock swell to even more mind boggling dimensions. The thick steel pipe also had the benefit of not blocking the passage of Eric’s sperm, allowing the straining muscle stud to ejaculate even while his cock was otherwise plugged with the enormous invading pipe. Since the contractions of his monster cock were focused around the huge, invading metal pipe, his cock wasn’t able to jettison Eric’s loads with their typical force and intensity, and the massive slugs of cum instead burped and spurted out much more weakly, but still impressively. It turned out that the rhythmic orgasmic contractions in the young man’s gigantic balls were themselves powerful enough to propel his monstrous loads of cum a good half a dozen feet without the assistance of his mighty bull cock! Those were powerful nuts indeed!  

Dalton especially enjoyed beating Eric’s massive cock while a thick sounding rod was inserted all the way down its colossal length. The astoundingly thick and beefy flesh of the young man’s cock would be repeatedly crushed between whatever club or pipe or hammer was delivering the blow, and the metal rod inserted inside the depths of the young stud’s dick. The muscle man’s throbbing cock was very much caught between the proverbial hammer and anvil, and the young hunk’s cries of agony were like music in the night. 

In one very memorable session, Dalton combined the bending of Eric’s cock with the insertion of an inch-thick curved metal rod. The exposed tip of the metal rod was locked in place by being attached to a two ton metal block between Eric’s feet, thus both maintaining the profound bend in Eric’s straining cock and keeping the monstrous appendage pointed downward. The cock beating and ball busting that followed were legendary, with Eric’s cock suffering such an extraordinarily brutal beating that the metal rod in his cock was bent and twisted out of form, further distorting the young man’s bull cock into even more grotesque shapes. When Dalton had finished with this particular torture and went to remove the sound from Eric's bruised, battered, and profoundly misshapen cock, he had to savagely pull and tug on the metal rod to try to free it, so twisted and bent had it become inside of the young man's cock. The ferocity with which the Cyborg finally removed that sounding rod very nearly tore Eric's cock apart, but the young man's heroic beast of a penis proved how astoundingly tough it was yet again, surviving even this brutal treatment. 

The Cyborg also combined the use of the sounds with other vicious tortures, especially the use of electricity. The cruel giant would attach electrodes to the exposed end of the metal sound and then force massive surges of electric current to burn down the inside of Eric’s titanic, tumescent cock and into his heroically muscular loins. Dalton quickly discovered that Eric’s nutrient rich sperm was a fantastic conductor of electricity, so he would also often attach huge and vicious clamps to the young man’s bull balls and force huge bolts of electricity into them at the same time that he was electrifying the man's monstrous cock. The ferocious energy would course through Eric’s sperm-bloated balls, causing them to bulge and swell to even more enormous dimensions as his super heated spunk threatened to cook his titanic nuts from the inside out! Dalton very nearly fried Eric’s humongous balls and towering cock to a crisp more than a dozen times, but somehow the young super stud always managed to survive. 

Dalton also took great pleasure in pulling and tugging on Eric’s colossal meat pole, stretching the already impossibly enormous cock to even greater dimensions. This stretching torture typically involved placing some sort of manacle or collar directly behind Eric’s swollen cock head, clamping it down exceedingly tight, and then using a chain or cable attached to the collar to start pulling the mammoth cock away from the young man’s monumentally muscular body. The handsome young stud would buck and bellow in tremendous agony as Dalton threatened to pull the lad’s gigantic cock out by the roots, but the great muscles and ligaments attaching that behemoth bull cock to his body proved too strong to break time and time again. The Cyborg did manage to pull the huge cock several inches farther away from the lad’s body, pulling the hidden root of Eric’s titanic cock partway out of his loins, but the mighty cock simply refused to tear free. The tension and pressure were often so great that it looked like the cable might rip the fist-sized cock head right off the tip of Eric’s dick, but the young man always managed to survive intact, and blow a dozen loads or more in the process. 

Choking was another favorite pastime that Dalton inflicted on the young man’s much suffering bull cock. After Eric’s performance during the inhuman twisting of his scrotum, where his balls threatened to rupture under the ungodly internal pressure of trying to contain DOZENS of gallons of overripe spunk, Dalton experimented with other ways to choke off the young man’s hyper abundant supply of cum and keep his precious fluids trapped in his steadily swelling balls. The simplest ways to do this simply involved choking off Eric’s mighty horse cock, which the Cyborg did in a number of ingenious ways, from extremely tight cock rings to multiple metal clamps and collars to metal rods with a large bulb or sphere at the end shoved all the way down the length of his cock and imbedded into his groin. Each of these methods caused Eric’s behemoth bull balls to swell and bloat to dangerously huge levels, doubling or nearly TRIPLING in size and mass as they swelled with more and more unspent seed. Dalton would always take Eric right to the very edge of destruction, until his colossal baby makers threatened to violently explode under all the pressure, and then, and only then, would he finally remove the choking obstacle and allow Eric to finally release his gargantuan load. 

But through it all, no matter what other tortures he inflicted on his handsome prisoner’s huge and gloriously muscular body and heroically majestic cock, Dalton always came back to the young stud’s massive, dense, beefy, and intensely sexy bull nuts. 

Dalton was surprised to discover that he was in no rush to castrate and kill his prisoner, for he hadn’t had such pleasure in abusing a prisoner for thousands of years, if ever. So while the Cyborg knew that he could very readily destroy even Eric’s most mighty of bull balls with just one hammer blow of his fists, or just one sharp yank with his massive arm, or just one crushing squeeze of his enormous hand, Dalton chose instead to postpone his prisoner’s ultimate destruction, taking the young man to the very edge of obliteration over and over and over again, but stopping just shy of nutting the big superman. 

The pool of sperm beneath Eric’s suspended bulk grew and grew as load after load after mighty load was forced out of his massive balls and through his mammoth cannon of a horse cock. The thick and spectacularly copious white fluids quickly overwhelmed the ground’s capacity to absorb the spunk, causing the pool of sperm to grow ever larger and deeper, quickly becoming a small lake in its own right. As Dalton moved around his prisoner each night, he churned up the spunk-soaked earth beneath the thick layer of spunk, producing a sticky and smelly miasma of mud and male juices. This “sperm swamp”, as Dalton liked to think of it, produced a gamey and heady aroma of male essence that was so strong, it kept most of the insects and other small animal life away from the captive hero throughout the scorching jungle days. 

As the nights passed, Eric proved that he could endure ever greater tortures and abuses, encouraging Dalton to continue pushing the young man’s limits. The tortures became a game for the Cyborg and a test of his own prowess and expertise, to see how many times he could bring the young man to the brink of destruction without ruining his awesome masculinity, to see how long he could make the tortures last before his favorite bull prisoner of all time was rendered a neutered and impotent steer. 

Knowing Dalton’s unsurpassed skills at torture and abuse, however, he would no doubt be able to keep his charge alive and intact for many weeks – if not months – to come…

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Captive of the Cyborgs - Chapter 9 - Twisting the Scrotum

Today's installment of the Cyborg series involves a torture that's brutal and extreme even by MY I KNOW you'll all enjoy it! :D


Captive of the Cyborgs – Part 9
Twisting the Scrotum

Day 8 - Twisting the Scrotum

Surpassing even Dalton’s wildest expectations, young Eric had survived an unprecedented full WEEK in captivity, and the spectacularly gifted stud was still going strong. The young bull’s extraordinary resilience was goading the cruel Cyborg to push the young man’s limits even farther and faster, becoming more and more heedless in the level of brutality he inflicted on the young man’s colossal testicles. But no matter how devious, cruel, and brutal the tortures, Eric’s magnificent balls somehow continued to survive. 

As night falls and Eric’s 8th day in captivity begins, Dalton prepares a wickedly ingenious, yet very simple, torture method for his gorgeous young prisoner. 

The gigantic Cyborg forced Eric’s cum-bloated bull balls to the bottom of their huge sac, and then started slowly turning his balls in a clockwise direction. This action caused the thin neck of the young hunk’s scrotum to begin to twist and start building ever increasing strain on the powerful cords and ligaments that connected his humongous balls to his fantastically muscular body. 

In previous torture sessions with other human males, Dalton had learned that stretching out a captive’s scrotum first helped achieve a greater number of turns in a man’s scrotum, so he started this scrotum twisting torture by first stretching Eric’s balls as close to their limit as he dared. Each time Dalton had stretched out the young man’s incredibly resilient ballsac over the past week, he had pulled just a tiny bit farther than the previous time, hoping to elongate the muscle stud’s giant scrotum to even greater lengths. He had already managed to increase the extreme stretch of Eric’s goliath gonads another half inch to an extraordinary 18 ½ inches, and he was hoping for even more. The stretching also had the added benefit of “priming the pump”, making Eric ache for release and thrust his muscular hips into open air in a desperate effort to reach orgasm. The pent up juices in his mammoth nuts would play into a later part of the torture, so Dalton cruelly denied the handsome young man any release. 

Dalton’s greatest previous success with this torture was over 5,000 years ago, and involved a young male with very large testicles and an unusually heavy dangle. The Cyborg managed to twist this young stud’s scrotum a full 8 times before the huge balls tore free from his crotch, castrating the young buck. Dalton already knew he would achieve even greater success with bull balled Eric. 

Due to the awesome and apparently permanent 8-inch dangle to Eric’s massive nuts, the first couple of twists to his scrotum were easy and elicited only minor discomfort from the huge muscle stud. The subsequent turns became progressively tougher, however, as the young man’s ballsac began to resist further twisting. But with a strength far surpassing that of his merely flesh-and-blood prisoner, Dalton knew that even these powerful monster balls were no match for his unstoppable might. 

After 4 full turns, Eric was in serious pain, and the neck of his scrotum was beginning to look like a braided stretch of flesh-colored rope. Dalton kept the massive balls stretched to more than 8 inches from the young man’s muscular crotch, so as the number of turns increased to 5, then 6, and then 7 full twists, Eric’s balls were effectively being stretched further and further from his body. 

With each subsequent half twist, Eric’s balls bulged and ballooned more and more obscenely at the bottom of their sac. The skin of his trapped scrotum stretched tighter and tighter across the surface of the two massive orbs, allowing every detail of the mighty balls to be visible through the perilously thin skin that struggled so valiantly to contain its burgeoning contents. At the same time, the pressure on Eric’s bull balls caused them to turn a darker and darker shade of purple, visual evidence of the strain they were under and the gradual choking off of their precious blood supply. The tremendous agony hit Eric’s balls like thundering hammer blows, and the young man could not help but moan loudly in pain. 

At 8 full turns, Dalton knew he was about to break his previous record. And despite Eric’s bellows of agony and the way his massively muscular body was writhing in his restraints, the Cyborg knew that there was still a lot of strength in the young man’s thick ball cords. In fact, Dalton was so full of confidence that he gave a series of four very quick half twists, going for broke as he added two more full twists to Eric’s tortured scrotum in seconds, shattering the previous record of 8 turns and achieving an unbelievable 10 full twists to the young man’s heroically straining scrotum! 

But he was confident that he was still far from shattering this heroic he-man’s bull balls. 

Ignoring the young man’s increasingly urgent screams, Dalton gave yet another half twist to Eric’s purple and straining orbs, and then another, and yet another. Eric’s scrotal skin was now stretched so taut that it looked like glass, and his balls were bulging so bright purplish-red and shiny that they look like they would burst forth from his overstretched sac at any moment. 

Another half twist, and another, and yet another! Tears were streaming down Eric’s handsome face as he realized the Cyborg had no intention of stopping, and that the cruel giant would very  soon be twisting his awesome bull balls from his body! The pain was unimaginable, causing his massive muscles to bulge and strain dramatically as he redoubled his futile efforts to break the mighty chains that bound him and left him completely vulnerable and helpless. 

Another half twist! And another!! Eric’s ballsac was now perilously thin that it was threatening to tear in a dozen places. And still the Cyborg did not let up! 

Another half twist!! And ANOTHER!!! Surely no man could endure such abuse!!! 

Dalton realized that he was nearing the very end of Eric’s awesome endurance, and that the young man’s bullish ball bag was no more than a few twists away from completely rupturing. He fought his destructive urges somewhat under control and progressed more cautiously at this point, twisting Eric’s screaming ballsac much more slowly, and forcing the young man to feel every millimeter of strain and agony in his extraordinarily powerful ball cords. The Cyborg also took extraordinary care to feel for any signs that Eric’s ball cords were about to snap or give way, for he didn’t want his game to end too soon. 

A half twist. 

Another half twist. 

Eric was literally at the very end of his rope. The young muscle man was bellowing in extraordinary agony, his glorious bull balls just a hairsbreadth from being torn from his massive and powerful body. His incredibly strong ball cords were stretched more taut than bow strings as they desperately fought to keep his massive balls attached to his body. At the same time, his mighty horse cock was so swollen and engorged as to be painful, and was throbbing so powerfully that it was beating a staccato rhythm against his massive and beefy barrel chest in time to his thunderous heart beat. 

The young man’s scrotum was now stretched more than 10 inches from his body and twisted a full 16 times, fully DOUBLE the previous record for the number of twists endured by a man’s ballbag. The ridiculously overstretched and over-twisted nutsac looked like a twisted and tortured pink rope, and the massive trapped balls were an angry dark purple and visibly throbbing in agony, starved of their blood supply and threatening to burst forth from their perilously thin ball sac. 

Dalton could feel Eric’s mighty bull balls actually quivering in his massive hands, and knew that any more twisting would almost certainly result in the nullification of Eric’s awesome masculinity. He knew that even Eric’s mighty ball cords couldn’t take any more abuse before snapping like overstretched rubber bands. He knew he really should stop here if he wanted to keep his beautiful muscle stud intact. 

But he just couldn’t help himself. 

With a quick turn of his wrist, Dalton gave Eric’s balls one last half twist. 

Eric’s entire body went instantly rigid, every muscle flexing and bulging in tremendous relief, and the beefy young man threw his handsome head back and uttered the most deafening bellow of agony yet. At the same time, his massive, quivering cock finally reached its much delayed orgasm, and began pulsing with tremendous force. 

But nothing issued forth from the gaping mouth of the grossly distended mule dick. Pulse after pulse of Eric’s mighty crank produced nothing but a tiny trickle of clear precum. 

For several long moments, Dalton feared the worst, that he had finally pushed his captive too far and that the precious and all-important tubes, cords, and cables anchoring Eric’s mighty balls to his crotch had torn and snapped. The Cyborg found himself momentarily filled with a strange new feeling -- regret. Regret for having destroyed this paragon of masculinity so soon when there were so many more tortures left to inflict upon him. 

But as he continued to grip Eric’s quivering, cum bloated bull nuts in his massive hands, Dalton could still feel the powerful life and vitality thundering through those two awesome lumps of man flesh. With a start approaching joy, the Cyborg realized that Eric’s balls were still alive and still firmly attached to his body! The only reason why his orgasm was not producing his trademark deluge of cum was because the horrible twisting of the tubes leading from Eric’s balls had choked off the flow of his male essence, and left his sperm trapped in his aching bull nuts! 

Dalton smiled, once again deeply impressed and pleased by his captive’s extraordinary performance, and prepared for the next and even more insidious phase of the scrotum twisting torture. 

Renewed Pummeling

While Eric continued to thunder through a powerful but fruitless orgasm, the Cyborg held Eric’s throbbing and quivering stud nuts in one massive hand, and with the other took a slender nylon cord and tied off the young man’s massive and swollen nuts. Dalton secured a noose of rope tightly around the base of Eric’s bull balls, further choking off the massive gonads and ensuring that the brutal twisting of his scrotum was not lessened in the slightest. The rope was so tight, in fact, that the already ridiculously thin neck of the young man’s scrotum appeared to almost disappear beneath the noose. Eric’s massive and mighty bull balls were now well and truly trapped. 

Dalton then tugged on the end of the rope several times, trying to get an even greater stretch out of Eric’s distended nutsac, but the scrotum refused to stretch even a millimeter farther. Dalton knew that if he tugged any harder, he would finish what the nut twisting started, and rip the young man’s nuts from his body. Not wanting to destroy his captive just yet, the Cyborg used his free hand to effortlessly drag a nearby two-ton block of solid steel in front of the captive male, and then tied off the other end of the nylon rope to the far side of the steel block. Eric’s balls were now resting heavily on the cold surface of the flat steel block, stretched more than 10 inches from his body and looking more vulnerable and exposed than ever. 

The Cyborg’s hands were now free and he was ready for the next phase of the torture. 

Behind the Cyborg stood a rack filled with various implements of torture, including hammers, mallets, steel pipes, meat tenderizers, and other devices used to pummel and punish flesh. These implements had a wide variety of surfaces, from smooth to knobbed to studded to spiked. Dalton grinned and grabbed the first implement off the rack, a thick length of steel pipe, and prepared to use it on his handsome captive’s trapped, twisted, and heroically bloated bull balls. 

What followed was a torture of nearly indescribable brutality. 

Starting with the steel pipe, Dalton began to beat Eric’s trapped nuts, battering them with terrible force and smashing them against the unforgiving surface of the solid steel block. Eric’s reaction was primal, as he threw back his handsome head and howled in unbearable agony. The young man’s bellows and screams only urged the cruel Cyborg to greater abuses, and he struck harder and harder still, pummeling Eric’s mighty nuts with a force that would have quickly reduced any other man’s nuts to mush. But Dalton knew that Eric’s mighty bull balls were far tougher than any other human balls in history and could endure even this level of brutal abuse, at least for a time, and so he struck the trapped balloon of colossal elephant nuts with reckless abandon. 

In short order, the pummeling of Eric’s huge nuts brought the young muscle man to his second orgasm. Like his first orgasm, however, Eric’s colossal load of spunk remained trapped in his screaming nuts, adding to the already awful congestion in his massive orbs and giving him a raging case of blue balls on top of the trio of other pains – the stretching, the twisting, and the pummeling – all fighting for dominance in his agony-addled mind. 

Dalton continued using the steel pipe on Eric’s nuts for the next couple of orgasms, then discarded the pipe once it became too bent, dented, and warped from slamming repeatedly into Eric's rock solid balls to be of further use. He then moved on to a meat tenderizing mallet with a studded surface, bringing fresh pain to Eric’s already horrifically bruised and battered balls. The Cyborg intended to use any and all of the implements at his disposal to beat and batter Eric’s trapped monster nuts to within an inch of their destruction, and force him to reach painful and empty orgasm again and again and again. 

As the long hours of the night dragged on, Dalton discovered that Eric’s orgasms were coming closer and closer upon each other. He realized that the brutal abuse of Eric’s behemoth bull balls was actually stimulating their production of ever greater quantities of cum, and that the mounting congestion in his balls was making each attempt at ejaculation more desperate and violent. The combination of the stimulated sperm production and the mounting congestion was not only giving the handsome youth the worst case of blue balls imaginable, but was making him orgasm more and more frequently in a desperate attempt to relieve the agonizing pressure building in his gigantic testicles. 

But the cruel Cyborg had absolutely no intention of allowing the young muscle man to release any of that pressure any time soon. 

As Dalton gradually moved through his selection of torture implements, he delighted in the sight of Eric’s balls turning an angrier and angrier shade of purple under the awful abuse, vivid bruises spreading over every inch of their massive surface. The young man’s mighty balls had begun to grow slightly mushy under the onslaught of beatings, but they still had a tremendous amount of strength left in them…just as Dalton had a vast array of bludgeoning instruments still at his disposal. 

Dalton also noticed that Eric’s beefy man eggs had been steadily swelling. Some amount of this swelling was no doubt due to the beating that the Cyborg was visiting upon them, but Dalton realized with surprise and more than a little admiration and awe that the majority of the swelling was actually due to the increasing concentration of sperm packed in those mighty vessels of masculinity. Dalton figured that the pressures building inside those twin lava factories must be truly astounding, and wondered at just how much sperm those massive seed sacs could carry. With the young man’s heavy scrotum already stretched and twisted well beyond any safety margin, the already overstretched section of his ballsac had to strain and stretch even farther to contain those steadily swelling orbs. Dalton wondered how much more the stud’s scrotum could take before it split wide open, spilling out his huge balls into the open air. The cruel Cyborg chuckled to himself, and thought how ironic it would be if the stud’s own awesome virility ended up being the cause of his own emasculation! 

The Cyborg resumed the beating of the young man’s glorious bull nuts, reveling in every beefy smack and every bellow of agony. As time went by, Eric’s orgasms continued to grow closer and closer together, until finally the young man was in one constant, continuous state of orgasm, his body desperate to expel the truly Herculean load of cum that even now was still continuing to build in his massive testicles. Eric’s body was now continuously wracked by mighty jolts of ecstasy and agony, as his bloated and distended horse cock continued to pound out a load that would never come. Rivers of clear precum were now flowing down the sides of that massive schlong, making the mighty cock slick with the young man’s own clear juices. But no matter how much of that clear liquid broth poured forth from Eric’s almighty cock, it did nothing to relieve the unimaginable pressures growing in the young man’s super human bull balls. 

Finally, with the horizon just beginning to show signs of an impending dawn, the Cyborg took a short break to inspect his handiwork. He looked closely at Eric’s monstrously swollen balls, which were now bloated to nearly twice their normally monstrous size, and began inspecting them for damage. To his surprise, he could see fresh stretch marks forming on the surface of the young man’s overstretched scrotum as his huge ballbag tried desperately to expand and accommodate its swelling contents. He could also see dozens of tiny micro tears in the sac itself, as the combination of the hideous twisting and stretching of the young man’s sac and the monstrous swelling of his balls had reached some critical mass, threatening very soon to cause Eric’s heavy scrotum to rip wide open. Dalton knew he likely had very little time left before the young man’s ballsac simply shredded under the brutal strain. 

Dalton grasped one of the huge gonads in his massive hand and began to squeeze. Just as he had suspected, the young stud’s massive nut had lost a great deal of its resiliency under the merciless pummeling onslaught, and had become markedly mushy and squishy. His huge and thick fingers met little resistance at they plunged their way deep into Eric’s ball meat, ripping a fresh bellow of agony from the tortured muscle hunk. Dalton just smiled and squeezed harder still, threatening to not only finish the job of ripping open Eric’s scrotum, but also to burst Eric’s dangerously over bloated ball. But the Cyborg still sensed great reserves of strength in the young man’s mighty balls, and determined that they could endure even MORE abuse. 

And the wicked and cruel Cyborg had saved his very favorite implement for last. 

As Dalton released Eric’s nearly busted dinosaur egg, the young man slumped in his restraints, panting loudly and grateful for the much needed – if fleeting – break in the tortures. But as he raised his handsome and exhausted head a few moments later to see what is next in store for him, his insides ran cold with fear and dread. 

Standing before the young captive was the giant Cyborg, and in the Cyborg’s massive hands was a steel-headed sledgehammer that was so large, so ridiculously oversized that it looked like some sort of mallet of the gods. Even the mighty Cyborg had to use both hands to wield it, such was its enormous weight. The shaft of the hammer was as thick as Eric’s massive upper arm, and almost 10 feet long. The head of the hammer was itself almost 4 feet long, with a face that was at least 2 feet across. The head was made of solid steel, and must have weighed close to two TONS

Certainly nothing struck by that hammer could hope to survive! Wielding such an oversized mallet was simply overkill, even on a pair of gigantic stud nuts as massive and incredibly powerful as Eric’s! 

Eric’s spasming cock began to flex with even greater force, as if it realized that it only had a few moments to expel his pent up spunk and have a chance of impregnating something, ANYTHING, with his sperm. The young man pulled at his restraints with all of his might, desperate beyond measure to free himself, as he watched the Cyborg raise the massive sledgehammer effortlessly above his head. The Cyborg’s eyes sparkled with evil delight as he held that pose for several long moments, reveling in his captive’s terror. 

Then, with tremendous, destructive might, the Cyborg brought the sledgehammer crashing down directly upon the trussed up and defenseless boy nuts. 


A tremendous, deafening boom echoed throughout the valley as the massive sledgehammer struck home, squashing Eric’s massive balls almost completely flat against the unyielding steel block beneath them. The young man’s recoil was awesome, as every muscle in his massive body stood out in rigid relief and he uttered a bloodcurdling scream. Even his massive horse cock ceased its pumping and flexing for several long moments as it stood as rigid as the rest of his glorious body. 

Dalton let the colossal weight of the two-ton sledgehammer rest completely upon the utterly flattened balls, enjoying the bellows of agony and rippling interplay of the young man’s spasming muscles. 

Eric was convinced that his balls had just been obliterated, but as the Cyborg finally lifted the huge hammer off of the steel block, the young man was shocked and overjoyed to discover that his massive balls were indeed still alive. Though dark purple from bruising and starvation from a fresh blood supply, the young man’s colossally swollen balls bounced right back to their orb-like shapes and were clearly still intact and whole. Eric’s joy was short-lived, however, for the Cyborg promptly raised the hammer high into the air, and once again brought it down with bedrock-shattering force upon Eric’s already nearly busted nuts. 


Again Eric bellowed in sheer agony, but once again his balls survived. Dalton was tremendously pleased at the young man’s incredible resilience and endurance, which had proven to be greater than anything in his wildest dreams. But the evil Cyborg was determined to find and surpass even this young man’s awesome limits, so he raised the mighty mallet and brought it down again directly into Eric’s screaming, spasming nuts. 

BAM!!!  BAM!!!  BAM!!!

Again and again and again – three more terrible blows rained down upon Eric’s steadily crumbling balls. Eric’s massive testicles heroically survived each blow, but Dalton could tell that the sledgehammer was now plunging ever deeper and deeper into those mighty balls with each blow, flattening them more and more, and wearing down their last reserves of strength. Any blow could now be the one that ended Eric’s awesome masculinity forever, but Dalton was determined to push forward anyway and actually began increasing the severity and power of his blows. 

BAM!!! BAM!!! 

BAM!!! BAM!!! 

BAM!!! BAM!!!

Another half dozen almighty blows! Eric’s balls were now being smashed almost as flat of pancakes with each strike and were taking longer to regain their healthy egg shape after each blow. The twin mighty orbs were quivering after each blow like they were filled with jelly, and it was obvious that their impossibly beefy interiors had already been virtually reduced to mush. Eric’s magnificent, colossal balls simply could NOT take much more abuse! 


Yet another almighty blow of the hammer. The young muscle stud’s balls were squashed so flat that the hammer face was barely a quarter of an inch from touching the surface of the steel block. Eric’s bloated and distended balls were actually bulging AROUND the edges of the hammer face on each blow, squashed so flat that they were oozing out the sides! The young man’s stretched, twisted, cum-bloated, and brutalized balls were about to explode!!


Another even more massive blow crashed into Eric’s supremely agonized bull balls. The young stud was crying freely, tears streaking down his handsome face, as his mighty balls were steadily reduced to rubble. The micro tears on his scrotum had grown larger under each successive blow, and now the pale gray flesh of his naked balls was readily visible in several dozen places, the gossamer thin scrotal skin starting to tear and give way. Some of the tears were several inches long and over an inch wide, and it seemed miraculous that the badly shredded scrotum hadn’t already just fallen apart in tatters. As it was, an ever growing expanse of pale gray nut flesh was becoming exposed to the open air for the very first time, and Dalton could actually see the tough and fibrous outer walls of the orbs straining against both the incredibly brutal beating and the awesomely intense internal pressures of their titanically overburdened volume of cum. Just one more blow must surely finish him off for good! 


With a final and supremely powerful blow, a lust-crazed Dalton planted the sledgehammer directly into Eric’s bull balls with epic and purely destructive force, fully expecting the young man’s shattered nut guts to burst forth and festoon the trees for a hundred feet in all directions with his broken ball meat. Eric nearly passed out from the pain, and his staggering bellow of agony was cut short as he faded to semi-consciousness. 

Dalton was overwhelmed and consumed by lust, and he ground the colossal head of the massive sledgehammer into Eric’s utterly flattened nuts. The sickening crunching and squishing sounds emanating from between the two mighty blocks of steel were like sweet music to the Cyborg’s ears, and he crushed the busted nuts even harder still, using enormous amounts of force that would quickly reduce the hardest stones to a fine dust. The Cyborg’s normally rational mind was lost in a fog of destructive fury, and he had long since completely lost sight of any desire to keep his captive intact and spare his spectacular nuts from annihilation. At that moment, Dalton wanted nothing more than to hear and feel those two titanically beefy and powerful orbs go POP!!!’

The Cyborg kept on crushing and crushing for many long minutes, grinding the remains of the young man’s once-proud bull balls into paste and causing the barely conscious young muscle stud to moan and groan weakly in tremendous agony. Yet despite the utter annihilation of his titanic testicles, Eric’s Herculean horse cock as still as solid as steel and pumping and thundering like it was still in the throes of orgasm, seemingly ignorant of the fact that there were no testicles left to supply it with its hot liquid cargo. 

Dalton kept right on grinding Eric’s collapsed and ruptured nuts for several minutes more, a rictus of a grin on the Cyborg’s brutally handsome face and a thin stream of drool dripping from one corner of his mouth. As always seemed to happen when he tortured Eric’s behemoth balls, a spontaneous load of the Cyborg’s own nut goo had exploded in his tight uniform pants, soaking an entire leg of the pants and plastering the material to the colossal muscles of his thigh and calf. Dalton had never known such lust or orgasmic bliss in his 6,000+ years of existence. 

Suddenly, Dalton seemed to snap out of his lust-filled fugue, and he instantly let up on the overwhelmingly crushing force he was inflicting on Eric’s trapped and flattened bull nuts. The Cyborg knew he had come dangerously close to losing his willpower dozens of times in the past when torturing this most spectacular of males, but never before had he lost his mind entirely. The giant Cyborg was more than a little concerned at this unprecedented turn of events and what they might mean for his own psyche. He was also saddened that he had finally lost control of himself and destroyed his favorite prisoner of all time. So it was with some regret that Dalton finally lifted up the massive, two-ton sledgehammer, fully expecting to see the squashed and ruined remains of young Eric’s once proud, virile, and mighty balls. 

Dalton’s subsequent shock of surprise was therefore visceral and profound. As the massive head of the sledgehammer was lifted off the huge steel block, it revealed two monstrous, battered, swollen, and FULLY INTACT testicles!! The twin testicles were horribly swollen and bruised, the goliath balls themselves misshapen and lumpy and flattened, the scrotum torn in over a dozen places, the walls of the massive gray orbs visible through the large tears in the ballsac…but they were still alive!! 

Unable to control himself, Dalton dropped the huge sledgehammer to the swampy, cum-soaked ground below with a thud and a splash, and quickly scooped up the two burly and beefy balls in his huge hands. The Cyborg squeezed his thick fingers into the virtually liquified ball flesh, tearing fresh screams from his handsome young captive. His huge fingers easily passed into the very heart of Eric’s massive balls, meeting almost no resistance. Once again, the Cyborg had succeeded in utterly busting Eric’s mighty balls, but somehow stopped himself one final moment shy of destroying them forever. Dalton knew he was an expert torturer virtually without peer in the entire Cyborg Empire, but even HE realized that he had been incredibly fortunate to not destroy his prize captive. He had been repeatedly pushing his luck with his glorious and beautiful muscle hunk in the past week, but this time he had thrown all caution to the wind and redlined his captive beyond any conceivable safety threshold. It was only Eric’s supremely super human strength and unsurpassed powers of endurance that had enabled him to survive in one piece. Bruised, battered, misshapen, and almost destroyed, but still intact. 

Almost reverently, Dalton released Eric’s huge balls and let them fall heavily to the steel block, landing with a beefy but disturbingly wet ‘SMACK!’ The Cyborg then untied one end of the nylon rope from the far side of the block, and gently lifted the still stretched and brutally twisted balls up off of the block. 

That was when the Cyborg received his second great shock of the night, for there on the steel block were two orb-shaped depressions pressing almost an entire inch into the face of the block. Somehow, the force of the hammer blows had passed THROUGH Eric’s supremely beefy gonads and INTO the solid steel below, deforming the metal beneath the young man’s bloated nuts! The young muscle stud’s huge and glorious bull balls were indeed tougher than steel!! Dalton had never seen anything like it before!! The Cyborg also realized that these two twin depressions had played a critical role in allowing Eric’s titanically battered balls to endure the final blow and subsequent crushing, for the two shallow depressions had provided JUST enough of a gap between the sledgehammer and the steel block to allow the young muscle man’s humongous nuts to survive. 

Dalton absently lifted the massive steel block up with one hand and effortlessly tossed it dozens of feet away, clearing a path to allow him to come closer and inspect his beautiful captive. He then began to untie the noose from around the young man’s horribly choked and oxygen-starved nuts. Any other man’s balls would have long since perished from being kept from their life-giving blood supply for so many hours, but not Eric’s mighty balls. They were screaming for nourishment and so dark purple as to almost be black, but they were very much still alive. And now with the huge nuts free of the restraining rope, it was only the 16 ½ twists to the young man’s scrotum that still kept fresh blood flow from reaching his aching nuts, and that also kept his gargantuan load trapped in his horribly swollen and bloated balls. 

As the Cyborg looked more closely, he could see that the exposed gray walls of the two bloated balls THEMSELVES were starting to pull and shred. The incredibly dense and astoundingly tough walls of Eric’s balls had saved them from utter annihilation from the merciless pounding and crushing they had so recently received, but they now looked about ready to fail the even GREATER strain of containing the young man’s monstrously swelling ball meat! The orbs themselves had now swollen to much more than twice their normal size, and even as Dalton watched, they swelled larger still! Impossibly, those mighty sperm factories were still churning out ever greater supplies of his thick and chunky man milk, even though they were already so packed full of the stuff that the balls themselves threatened to explode! 

Dalton could barely believe his eyes, but Eric’s mammoth, monstrous, magnificent bull balls were about to self destruct under their own internal pressures!!! 

Eric’s equally bloated and distended horse cock had not ceased its constant throbbing in painful and fruitless orgasm for many hours now, trying desperately to relieve the ever mounting pressures inside his supremely cum-bloated balls. This internal pressure was now far exceeding critical levels, and Dalton knew that if the young man didn’t cum very soon, his goliath balls would simply and catastrophically explode. A part of Dalton wanted nothing more than to see the young man self destruct from his own outsized and spectacularly powerful virility, while another part of him wanted to save the young man from this fate before it was too late, to allow him to heal and face endless new sets of tortures. 

This war continued inside Dalton’s mind for many long minutes. Meanwhile, the titanic testicles continued to swell and grow in his massive hands, swelling so big that even his huge paws could barely contain them. The young man’s once-silky scrotum was badly torn and shredded now, revealing more of the slick gray ball flesh than it concealed. And even the nut walls themselves were starting to crack and split, a sure sign that they were about to detonate from their own extraordinary internal pressures! It was now or never; if Eric wasn’t allowed to cum, his mighty testicles were sure to explode!! 

Dalton finally ceased his dithering and decided that it was time to reward the young stud’s epic performance that night with well-deserved release. So with that, Dalton let go of the young man’s brutally twisted nuts. 

With amazing and whirring speed, Eric’s huge nuts began to spin counter-clockwise and unwind themselves. They spun so fast that they were nearly a blur. The force of their spin – and their now colossally bloated size – caused them to slam into Eric’s own massively muscular, columnar thighs on each rotation, further pummeling his already deeply aching balls and making the young man cry out in fresh agony. 

It was only a matter of a few moments before Eric’s behemoth balls had completely unwound themselves, and the monumental thunderhead of cum that had been trapped in the young man’s nuts for so many agonizing hours was finally able to geyser to the surface. 

Eric had already far, far exceeded anything that Dalton had seen before in terms of the human male orgasm, producing extraordinary quantities of spunk on a nightly basis. But even the jaded Cyborg was wholly unprepared for the titanic eruption that now began to spew from Eric’s almighty crank of a cock. 

A thick river of pure white cum, thicker than the flow from a garden hose, began to blast from Eric’s cock in a continuous, pulsating stream. The violent fountain of white spew rocketed well over a dozen feet into the air in a graceful arc before landing with a very loud and wet splash in the swampy soil below. The deluge of cum was ferocious and constant and unbroken, a continual stream of spunk unlike anything the Cyborg had ever seen before. The spunk itself was so thick and chunky that it ran slower than molasses, almost seeming more solid than liquid, and Dalton realized that Eric was spewing pure sperm, almost completely undiluted with other seminal fluids. 

The Cyborg could only stand by and watch dumbfounded as the awesome eruption of cum continued minute after minute, epic and massive and unbridled. Thick and gamey cum poured all over the Cyborg's colossal body, coating and recoating it in a thick sheen of Eric's hyper abundant male juices, and that was only a fraction of the pearlescent spew erupting from the young man’s gigantic cock. 

As 5 minutes became 8 minutes, and then stretched to 10 minutes, the Cyborg began to grow concerned. The terrific and profound swelling in the young man’s critically bloated gonads had not yet started to decrease, and the awesomely powerful, rhythmic contractions pulsing through his burgeoning nuts threatened to rupture the weakened walls and cause the massive and beefy contents of his balls to explode across the cum-drenched meadow. Their color had significantly improved, as the massive, monstrous orbs were no longer starved for oxygen and nutrients, though they still bore ample evidence to their recent brutal beating in the dark red and purple bruises that mottled their entire surface. Dalton worried that the titanic testicles might yet explode from their internal pressures! 

But then finally, after more than 15 minutes of continuous, pulsating purging of his high pressure spunk, Eric’s massively swollen balls began to very slowly contract. Though not out of the woods yet and still critically close to catastrophic failure, Eric’s balls appeared to be coming back from the precipice of destruction, and Dalton began to breath a sigh of relief. 

The already vast pool of cum beneath the muscle stud's feet began to visibly expand with his fresh emissions, rising higher and higher until it finally reached a level where it overtopped the flooded sperm swamp, and the overflow of pearlescent fluid began to trickle in a thick and creamy stream toward the placid lake itself more than 100 feet away. 

Finally, at about 20 MINUTES, the continuous orgasm began to be broken up into individual ropes of cum, still massive beyond anything the young muscle hunk had ever shot before but finally at least blasting out as separate wads of spunk. The young man’s colossal nuts were still very swollen, but they were starting to approach ‘normal’ size. More importantly, the many cracks and tears that had started to appear in the walls of Eric’s horrifically swollen nuts had closed and completely healed, and even the dozens of tears in his scrotum were starting to close and mend themselves. The young super stud was starting to heal himself of every last bit of damage done to his balls, right before Dalton’s unbelieving eyes! The handsome young muscle god was nothing less than perfection! 

The minutes CONTINUED to pass, and the size of Eric’s cum salvos slowly reduced in size until they were “merely” his normal mega-sized wads. And as yet more minutes went by, even these wads began to lessen in force and volume until finally, after more than 30 FULL MINUTES of cumming, Eric's monumentally epic orgasm drew to a close. 

The Cyborg was utterly dumbfounded and amazed by what he had just seen. The young power house of a stud had cum for an extraordinary and utterly unprecedented half an HOUR, jettisoning some 30 GALLONS of his vital and heroically powerful splooge!! The massive Cyborg would not have believed that even testicles of such tremendous size and power would have been capable of manufacturing -- let alone containing -- even a fraction of that much fluid, and he marveled at the incredible internal pressures that must have existed in Eric's balls prior to this monumental purge of his extraordinary male essence. No WONDER his humongous bull balls had been on the verge of exploding!! 

As Eric panted with exhaustion, his mighty horse cock finally began to grow soft for the very first time that night. The thick tube was once again bloated and distended from being kept iron hard for more than 12 hours, and in a constant state of orgasm for at least half of that time. As the great knob dropped below the horizontal, a thick flood of cum -- the dregs of the most massive load of his young life, and in the entire HISTORY of humanity -- burped out in a thick ribbon and splashed to the huge pool of cum below.  Even ‘limp’, Eric’s puffy and distended cock still measured more than 16 inches in length, and Dalton knew it would still be a number of hours until it would shrink to its ‘mere’ 14 ½ inch flaccid measurement. 

Dalton knelt down to inspect the young man's swollen and horribly bruised testicles, which now hung an extraordinary 9 inches from his muscular crotch. The Cyborg had noted that Eric’s relaxed hang seemed to be getting slightly longer with each ball busting session, and the giant torturer wondered just how low he might get these spectacular orbs to hang…before he destroyed them permanently, of course.  

Dalton gently lifted up one of the massive orbs for closer inspection, eliciting a deep groan of pain from the young man. The Cyborg gave the huge testicle a gentle squeeze, and the normally rock solid ball deformed easily in his grip. The huge orb was very soft and squishy, but Dalton could tell that the durable and resilient bull ball had already begun to recover its toughness and solidity, and he knew that in just a few hours, both behemoth balls would be good as new. Though the massive orbs had been nearly liquefied by all of the terrible abuse, the mighty nuts had proven their mettle once again and survived intact. Even the micro tears in Eric's hideously overstretched scrotum had closed by now and were already visibly healing, and the fresh stretch marks were disappearing as they were absorbed into Eric's body. 

Dalton knew that, next time, he would be able to twist those huge bull balls just a little farther, or smash them just a little bit more, and perhaps finally use the spiked mallet on them. 

But for now, the massively muscular young hunk had earned a rest.