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Haunted Mansion - Chapter 6

We're already halfway through the collection of 10 gorgeous and heroically hung hunks that Professor Samuel White has brought to the old Harper Mansion. And none of these beautiful studs has been able to survive an encounter with Corbin Harper's ghost intact.

What do you think handsome Lance's chances are of making it through this chapter in one piece? I'd say slim to none...  ;)

Haunted Mansion - Chapter 6
Based on an original anthropomorphic story by Wyndfeld

Lance, the track and field star, is assigned to the basement, where he becomes the latest victim in Corbin’s hidden laboratory. 


Lance stood at the bottom of the basement stairs, standing close by the door to what must have been Corbin’s hidden basement laboratory. He had stumbled upon the hidden and well-disguised door by mistake, and now that he’d opened it, the handsome blond stud found that he really didn’t want to enter the room. The place was a wreck, with broken glass and empty vials and containers laying where they had been tossed so long ago. Cabinet doors were hanging open, and most of the cupboards had been stripped bare of anything except for dust. Still the room had a strange, lingering chemical scent and an evil foreboding presence to it. 

The big, broad shouldered young track and field star shifted from foot to foot uneasily, wondering why it was he always seemed to get the creepiest rooms on these field trips. Ryan, the beefy hockey player, had gotten the kitchen, the lucky dog! 

“The kitchen!” Lance snorted. “I mean, what supernatural event could possibly happen there?” The handsome blond athlete grunted uncomfortably. “And I get sent to the damn basement!” he grumbled, shivering in the chill of the unheated room. He knew that Dave — a.k.a. ‘Moose’ — would have been perfectly happy in this creepy place. Nothing seemed to faze that big dude… 

Lifting the rented camcorder to his eye and shaking a stray lock of his shaggy blond hair out of the way, Lance wandered around the disheveled room. The young man stepped gingerly over the ever present debris, his long runner’s legs nimbly avoiding the worst of the mess. The handsome blond stud was dressed in simple blue jeans, sneakers, and a white t-shirt, the kind of shirt that hugged his muscular frame like a lover. While not nearly as huge as Tor, Dave, and Logan - or Darin, Ryan, and Brett, for that matter - Lance was built thick and muscular for a track and field athlete and the shirt showed off all of those muscles to great effect. His larger frame and musculature made him one of the strongest field competitors in the Tri-State area, but surprisingly, his larger mass and upper body strength did not seem to be an impediment to his track times, and he was one of the fastest runners the university had ever seen. 

Lance stepped over a plastic bin full of green rubber bands, all melted and fused together with age. “Guess the cops really tore this place apart!” he explained for the camera. “They thought this was going to be the place were Corbin kept all his… ahem… trophies.” The handsome hunk grunted in disgust at the thought. He could all too easily almost imagine the dirty, stained jars full of grisly cuttings. “Of course they never found a thing…” the big stud explained for the camera, sweeping it over jars of mildewed preservative bottles, all empty. “They think that he must have…” Lance swallowed hard, his throat bobbing as he worked to hold down his bile, “eaten them.” 

The young man paused to check on his stallion meat and his two big baby makers, which made a huge bulge in his tight blue jeans. Yeah, everything was there and accounted for. Lance breathed a sigh of relief, and then scanned the dark dirty shelves with the camera’s light. 

His sharp eyes suddenly caught something on one of the shelves that almost made him jump out of his skin. There was one filthy jar on a back shelf, and it contained what appeared to be a long, slender, and slightly curving dark object in it! 

Lance did a quick double take, his rational mind kicking in. 

“No way the police would have missed that!” he assured himself, quickly turning away. 

Lance quickly set the camera down on a nearby countertop at about waist level. As he set the camera down, the recorder had a great view of the young man’s enormous crotch bulge, his maleness really giving the worn denim a workout as it struggled to contain its meaty contents. He adjusted the light, moving the camera this way and that, panning it back and forth. As he did so, Lance thought about going upstairs and asking Ryan if he’d like to trade places. The young track star was distinctly uneasy in this room, especially with the discovery on the back shelf. But no, the Professor would be pissed if he did that. 

He unconsciously rubbed at the tight material covering his hefty bulge again, as he looked over his shoulder at the mysterious jar. 

“I wonder what that is in the jar?” he said aloud. 

The thought seemed to pop into his head from nowhere. Lance shook his handsome head, his shaggy blond hair shifting with his motion. “I probably don’t want to know!” he grunted under his breath, as a shiver ran down his spine. 

Still, curiosity gnawed relentlessly at his mind, until with a determined grunt, he flicked his flashlight on and stomped back towards the filthy jar and its mysterious contents. 

“No… this is ridiculous!” The big stud muttered, turning to start back towards the door. 

“Then again...” He turned around and headed back to the jar. He picked up the fluid filled jar, as if holding a live grenade, and very gingerly stepped back to the camera. He wasn’t really comfortable showing his face on the camera, so he stood a little closer than he needed to. 
He was quickly convinced that he was holding the severed maleness, the penis, of a guy who had been butchered and killed decades ago. He held the jar up for the camera to see, giving the lens a very clear view of the black and slender coiled up inside the jar, looking very much like a shriveled and pickled cock. 

“I think this may be one of Corbin’s… uh… trophies?” Lance said uneasily to a camera. “It looks like a really thin penis, all shriveled and curled up…” The young man trailed off. 

“Huh… wait a minute… maybe it’s not. Hold on.” 

He looked around, grabbing an exam table and pulling it over. The metal screeched and the heavy vibrations made the camera shake. The big table was very heavy, but the burly young athlete moved it like it weighed virtually nothing. Lance may not have been the biggest guy on campus, but he was definitely among the strongest. 

He perched back against the table, his gorgeous bubble butt resting on the edge, long thighs spreading a bit. 

“I think this isn’t a penis after all…” 

Lance felt a flush of excitement race through him… as well as relief that he wasn’t holding a pickled cock! He crammed the jar between his strong, muscular thighs and then wrapped a big hand around the lid. Slowly, he twisted the lid, the threads shearing off with all the torc he put into the motion. The lid crumbled in his fist, and the yellowish preservative fluid inside the jar spilled all down the side of his leg. 

“AAAW SHIIIIT!!!” Lance exclaimed, setting the jar off to the side a little to quickly. The quick motion accidentally knocked the jar over, causing the smelly fluid to spill down the length of the table and onto the crotch of his already stained and soaked jeans. 


The long, slender black object spilled onto the counter. Lance was distracted by all the fluid splashing onto his pants, so he did not notice the black noodle-like thing twitch, but the camera picked up the motion. 

Disgusted with the mess of his pants, Lance quickly shimmied out of his snug jeans, stepping out of his big sneakers to get the pants off of each leg. The young stud then stood back up, and it took a minute for him to realize that he was naked from the waist down. He’d not worn any boxers that day, and he belatedly tried to cover up his prodigious cock and balls. It was no use, though, for even his big hands couldn’t hope to completely hide his thick tubesteak and meaty balls. 

“Shit, shit, shit! Sorry for the show, folks! Well, we’ll just have to edit this…” He hastily reached for the camera, and then stopped. “Fuck.” He swore leaning back against the table, and chuckling as he blushed slightly. “Well, I guess I got nothing to worry about! I mean, everyone knows I’ve got a huge cock, so I don't need to be shy.” 

A mischievous look filled Lance’s sparkling blue eyes, and he flashed the camera his famous Colgate smile. He stepped back a pace, hefted his thick, uncut sausage in his right hand, and proceeded to show the camera how a real man was equipped. 

“This is my sheath…” he snickered, grabbing his thick foreskin and skinning it back to reveal the large glans beneath. “And this is my cock…” He bent it to the side, showing off it’s profile. “Notice the nice flare? That’s what makes my girl friend scream every weekend.” 

Lance continued to snicker as his thick hose began to stiffen and fatten up, pulling his sheath even farther back. The young stud spread his muscular thighs wide and pulled up his weighty balls. “These are my big, fat nuts… the things ol’ Corbin would have given his right eye to have!” He stretched and rubbed them a bit, making them bulge bright red and shiny in their smooth sac. “As you can tell, Cindy’s going to get a hosing tomorrow night. These bad boys are packed full of thick stud cream, cuz I haven’t blown a load all week.” He stroked the big balls, fingers splayed lovingly over their surface. “Just right for a growing girl… and trust me heh.” He grabbed his by now half-hard, long, floppy cock and wiggled it at the camera. “Some parts of her are stretching out just fine!” 

He chuckled, the fear of the place lost as he goofed around. He dropped his heavy cock, which only half hard was still already nearly 10 inches in length and approaching the thickness of a beer can. It continued to grow as he turned his attention to the wet mess on the table. 

Lance turned around to pick up the jar, and he finally noticed the black worm-like thing sprawled out on the table. His fingers dug around in the smelly fluid, and fished out the noodle-shaped thing. 

“I'm not sure what this is. It looks like… I dunno… a very shiny centipede perhaps, but without any legs. Hmmmmm... Definitely a preserved animal of some sort.” The thick fingers massaged and maneuvered the creature, stretching out the dead, pickled corpse into an approximately foot-long strand. 

“I wonder if this is… huh…” 

He laid the worm-like thing against the length of his penis, noting that it was just as long. “Maybe...” His dick hardened even further, throbbing hot and heavy against the creature’s preserved body. “But I didn’t think they were real… Professor White taught us about Corbin's… errr… ‘penis bugs’, I think he called them. I forget their scientific name… sorry Professor.” 

The hunk maneuvered the dead creature around his big hard on, picking up his long, thick, rubbery cock in one hand. He then angled it towards the camera, as the other hand held the worm about three inches back from the camera. 

“This bulbous part here, yeah,” he said, holding the creature close to the camera, the tiny mouth in a little snarl. “This part was the front… the head... and it went down into a man’s piss slit.” 

He had no idea why, perhaps just to show the camera, but he pulled back the foreskin on his cock and pointed the glans at the camera, showing his gaping piss slit. The opening was unusually wide, for Lance love to play with metal sounds and other instruments that he could stick down the length of his huge cock. He was a particular fan of sticking a straw down the length of his mule dick and having his girlfriend suck on the other end like it was some kind of Hi-C fruit drink. He’d always reward her with a thick load of splooge that she would suck straight from his balls. 

Without stopping to think, Lance shoved the head of the worm down into the open glans. The worm was thicker than the sounds Lance would normally shove down his dick, but Lance managed to wedge the worm down the tight fitting tunnel, aided by the fact that the worm was slick with the preservative fluids. 

“And the thing would crawl down into the victim’s penis… Ahem!” he grunted, almost imagining that he had felt the creature move. “Supposedly it would like eat a man from the inside out, or something.” 

Lance grinned off camera, and seductively began to stroke the thing into him. A few inches in, and then pulling out, then pushing it a little further in. 

“There are no fucking ghosts down here!” the handsome stud grunted, quite thoroughly aroused by now. “So I’m gonna show you a little jerk off trick I call the pipe cleaner.” His dick surged with heat and firmness, swelling out rock hard with all of its veins and bulges sticking out. 

“Yeah, now that’s hot… See how my thick cum tube is all swollen and bulging? This fucker is  stroking my cum chute real nice.” He grunted as he shoved the creature up and down inside of his urethra. 

“I can feel it… it’s… Wait a minute!” Lance grunted as he definitively felt it wiggle and expand this time. “Whoa!” He grunted again as a shiver of fear and pleasure ran up his spine. 

“What the… Oh shit! It can’t be…! The HELL!?!” he squealed, as the slender black creature’s body suddenly began wriggling like a snake in his big hands. Lance gripped the exposed half of the creature’s body and yanked powerfully at it, hoping to pull the suddenly living and squirming invader out of his steel hard cock. But the wet and fluid-slick body slipped right out of his fists, and as he watched in abject horror, it slithered in deeper. 

“Mother… fucking… HELL!!! the big stud screamed and quickly grabbed at the few inches still hanging out of his piss slit. Again he tried to pull the wiggling and squirming creature out of his mighty cock, grunting with the strain. Lance felt the thing’s fat body dig against the tender flesh inside his swollen cock, painfully preventing him from pulling the creature out by more than a millimeter. 

The young man’s mind was racing, trying to remember everything he could about the nasty penis grubs. But all he could really recall was that they didn’t start eating until they were imbedded all the way in a man’s plumbing. He knew there was some reason for that, but couldn’t remember what it was. At the moment, though, that hardly mattered; what was most important right now was getting the squirming and wriggling black worm OUT of his huge horse cock. 

But the more Lance struggled, the further the slug wormed its way inside him. The young stud’s grip slipped again on the creature, letting another couple of inches slide up inside of him. 

“NO!!! FUCK NO!!!” Lance squealed, clamping his grip down tightly again. This was bad, Lance realized. Very bad. He was going to need medical help, and quickly. The handsome jock trotted over to the door, hands still firmly gripped on the slippery creature’s tail, but he immediately realized that as long as he held the creature with both hands, he couldn’t open the door. Lance stood there in an indecisive panic for a moment, but then released one hand to reach for the door knob. 

“NOOO!!!!” he screamed as he felt the creature surge through his single-handed grip and climb even deeper into his precious cock. He immediately released the door knob and wrapped his other hand around the wriggling tail, swearing as he did so. 

“Shit shit shit shit!” 

Lance was getting desperate, for just a couple of inches of the slender black worm were still visible dangling from his achingly hard cock. “HELP!! HELP!! SOMEBODY!! PLEASE!!! the young man bellowed before remembering that Corbin had all the rooms, especially those in the basement, completely sound proofed so that his wife and little daughter wouldn’t hear any of his depraved and murderous activities. Nobody would be able to hear him screaming even if they were right outside the door. His only hope was that the Professor or one of his jock classmates would come down to look in on him. And how embarrassing would that be? Standing there naked with a huge boner and gripping the black worm that was still struggling to plunge the rest of the way into his meaty dick? Still, it was better than having this… this hideous, horrific THING chew his huge cock off! 

He hadn’t noticed that the camera lens had been following his every move, catching every moment of his panicked and desperate attempts to remove the invader from his loins. 

Lance quickly moved back over to the table he sat again, spreading his hefty thighs wide and unknowingly giving the camera an even better view of his nude groin and his desperate struggle. He tried to clear his mind and think. There HAD to be a better way to get this creature out of him! 

The young man’s blue eyes lit up with a sudden idea. Gripping the creature’s tail even harder with one hand, Lance reached down to almost the base of his very wide cock and pinched down hard on the underside, closing off his urethra just in front of the worm’s head. The creature wiggled and struggled even harder against the pinched off tube, then suddenly relaxed. 

“Ahhhh that’s easier!” the big stud sighed in relief, momentarily relaxing his grip on the long slimy tail, when a sudden sharp pain flared in the base of his cock. 

“OUCH!” the big stud shouted, his fingers reflexively releasing the pinched urethra. Instantly, the creature began slithering deeper into his stallion hood. “Son of a fucking BITCH!! Lance grunted, grabbing at the tiny bit of tail left hanging out of his distended piss slit. 

Suddenly, his mighty cock leaped up in his grasp, pleasure tingling through it. “Uunnnhh!” Lance groaned. It felt like the creature’s long slender body had begun to vibrate within his cock. The intense pleasure was making it hard for him to concentrate, his fingers losing what little grip they had left. He was so consumed by lust and pleasure that he hardly noticed as the last inch of the worm slithered into his cock. 

Lance’s handsome head rolled on his broad and powerful shoulders. 

“Unnnnhh! FUCK!! he moaned, clutching at his big organ now with both powerful hands, stroking up and down along its entire length. The pleasure kept growing and building within his swollen loins, feeling like they might explode, and then he felt that sudden rush of orgasmic release. 

Strangely, it almost felt like his big load was going from his cock into his balls instead of spurting out of his huge, over-full nuts and out of his cock. The cum tube on the underside of his throbbing cock was so packed by the foot-long worm that his massive load couldn’t escape. Lance looked down and could see a thick drool of pearly white cum oozing out of his distended urethra, as well as the little pin of a black tail wiggling around in his copious white spunk. 

“OH GODS!!!” the big stud squealed, realizing that the thing was fully inside of him! He gripped his colossal cock tightly in both hands and tried to milk the creature out of his pulsating cock, but to no avail. In fact, the rough frigging of his cock only sent Lance into greater orgasmic bliss. The combined sensations of an earth-shattering orgasm and of having his huge load backed up and trapped in his balls was just too much for the handsome stud, and he passed out, sliding slowly to the floor even as his gorgeous body was wracked by massive spasms of pleasure. 


Lance came to some unknown time later, awakening from an intensely erotic dream. It took the handsome stud a few moments to blink himself awake and remember where he was. He sat up with a start, realizing that he was completely naked with an almost painfully hard and swollen boner in Corbin Harper’s famous basement laboratory. His heart began to thunder again in his chest with terror, but when he looked down, he saw a little, wrinkled black noodle lying there on the floor next to him. It was the slender black worm, and it looked as dead and shriveled at it had when he first saw it in the jar. There were a couple of ounces of whitish fluid surrounding it and leading in a trail back to where the young man’s bone-hard cock had been resting on the floor, but other than that, there was no evidence that the creature had ever been alive or had been inside his huge cock. 

Maybe Lance had imagined the whole thing. 

The young man picked himself up off the floor and brushed himself off, chuckling nervously to himself. This damn house gave him the creeps, that was for sure! And some damn weird dreams as well. Lance decided that he didn’t care if he flunked Professor White’s class — he was getting dressed and getting out of here! 

At that moment, a powerful wave of pleasure washed over Lance’s gorgeous body, making his runner’s legs wobble and almost buckle at the knees. His huge cock gave a mighty lurch, slapping hard against his washboard belly with an intensely erotic rush of energy. A second wave washed over him, and he felt a strange tingling in his balls. He reached down to cup his huge jewels, and was amazed at how hot they felt to the touch. Almost like they were feverish. 

As Lance held his huge nuts, he felt the right orb jiggle in his hand, then a twitch in his left ball. His heart started racing even faster as he looked down at his two heavy, sperm-packed nuts and felt them twitch and spasm again, harder this time, as if they were coming alive on their own. 

Then, to his extreme horror, Lance saw the wriggling motion of a tiny worm beneath the silky smooth skin of his nutsac. 

Unbeknownst to Lance, the penis grub had laid hundreds of tiny little eggs deep inside the young man’s huge and sperm-rich nuts. Though themselves only about the size of tiny sperm cells at first, these eggs quickly hatched, releasing microscopic worms that had wriggled and squirmed their way throughout the hardy, over-juiced meat of Lance’s massive balls. They had anchored themselves inside all that beef and begun to feast on the massive stud supply of spunk contained in those two orbs. As they fed, the worms had grown larger and fatter, sucking down the young man’s sperm even faster, twinning through the young man’s balls and making them swell ever larger until they were now one and a half times their normally huge size, looking massive and bloated and intensely masculine. 

The only problem was that the tiny worms had now exhausted Lance’s enormous supply of sperm and now had to look elsewhere to feast… and they chose that moment to begin feasting on the young man’s testicles themselves. 

Lance screamed in sudden, overwhelming agony as hundreds of tiny mouths began to chow down on the delicate and fragile interiors of his two huge balls. He immediately dropped to his knees at the extraordinary pain, still cupping his balls as they began to writhe and twitch with the bodies of hundreds of tiny, feasting worms. His scrotum swelled larger and larger still, growing lumpier and more distorted as the worms grew bigger and bigger. Lance uttered shriek after shriek of unimaginable agony as he felt his proud bull balls consumed bit by bit, piece by piece, every nerve ending raw and flaring with a pain that he didn’t think was possible. 

At the same time, the young track star’s cock was somehow just as incredibly hard and randy as ever, and was in fact approaching orgasm. Lance released his quivering and swelling scrotum and instead clutched both hands around his throbbing pole, holding it steady as his orgasm suddenly crashed into his loins with the force of a steam engine. 

One, two, three throbs of his massive cock, but nothing came out of the gaping tip. Lance was alternately moaning and screaming in a mind-tearing blend of ecstasy and animal agony. On the next pulse, half a dozen tiny black worms, each just a few inches long and no more than a millimeter wide, erupted out of his cock like some sort of dark party streamers. The next pulse sent out more than a dozen of the little creatures, as did the next and the next and the next. Lance’s humongous horse cock had now turned into a fountain of baby penis grubs. 

Lance could only watch in rapt horror as more and more of the tiny worms blasted out of his cock, shooting out up to ten feet from his cannon of a cock and then crawling and wriggling in every direction. As his cock thundered out his final, excruciating load, Lance’s horribly swollen ball sac began to sag lower and lower, deflating as the sperm- and meat-engorged worms were pumped out of his body. 

It took more than a minute, but after several dozen blasts birthing hundreds of worms, Lance’s mighty orgasm came to a shuddering end. The young man’s voluminous scrotum, once packed with two huge, healthy stud balls, was now completely empty and almost flat, hanging floppy and loose between his legs like a deflated child’s ball. Every trace of Lance’s proud bull nuts was completely gone. 

The young man let out a final whimper of terror and loss, and then he blacked out, dropping heavily to his side. His massive cock twitched and lurched a couple more times before it too wilted, draping heavily over a muscular thigh as if admitting defeat. Lance was a man no more. 

A cold breeze swept through the laboratory, whispering between the tables and pieces of broken equipment, and creating a sound that very much sounded like a dry, raspy chuckle…

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Haunted Mansion - Chapter 5

I'm so glad that you all have been enjoying this series thus far! I think I've already had more comments on the first four chapters of this series than I have had on any of my other posts! Thanks and please keep the comments coming! :)

Nothing encourages me to write and post these stories more than knowing that at least someone out there is appreciating them.

This next chapter has long been one of my favorites in this series, and was probably my biggest inspiration for wanting to put my twist on this story. It doesn't hurt that I have a distinct image of Rafael in my mind, and he's absolutely smokin' hot. Shame what happens to him in this week's chapter, though...  ;)


Haunted Mansion - Chapter 5
Based on an original anthropomorphic story by Wyndfeld

A handsome Latino soccer star runs afoul of Corbin’s ghost while taking a bath. 


Rafael shook his flashlight as the beam once again flickered. Shit, this was ridiculous! He’d just put new batteries into the flashlight earlier that day! How could they possibly be failing already?!The hunky Latino stud paused to adjust his massive loins in his baggy sweat pants before struggling some more with the flickering light. He’d taken this class as a laugh, thinking it would be an easy A, but he’d not counted on that dick White’s stupid field trips. 

“God, I’m sick of haunted houses!” the dark-haired stud rumbled, his soft accent only making his deep voice even sexier. He’d not seen, heard, or felt a single thing on any of the field trips he’d taken as part of this class. In fact, the studly soccer player thought the whole thing was a complete load of shit. 

“Paranormal my hot, muscular ass! I’ve got your paranormal right here!” he joked, grabbing at his fat bulge as he felt his way down the dark hallway. 

“Fuck it!” Rafael finally said, and turned on a light switch in the hallway. To his surprise, several sconce lights on either side of the hall immediately switched on, revealing nothing out of the ordinary other than a very dusty hall. The young man smirked, his full lips pursing into that heart melting, dimpled smile that he knew worked so well on both men and women alike. He switched off his failing flashlight and started poking his head into the rooms on either side of the hallway. 

Each room was unremarkable - a couple of bedrooms, a sewing room, and a room filled with a girl’s dolls and toys, all of them thick with the dust of decades - creepy perhaps, but not unusual. 

Rafael then came to a large bathroom and stopped up short. While all of the other rooms had clearly been abandoned for 60 years, this bathroom looked clean and pristine, almost as if a maid had come through earlier that day. The walls and all the fixtures were in gleaning white tile and porcelain, and there were white fluffy towels on the racks. Rafael stepped into the room and sniffed one of the towels, and was surprised to find that the towels smelled fresh, as if they had been dried outside in the summer sun. The young man grinned, and decided that Professor White or one of his teaching assistants had come through the mansion earlier and provided fresh linens. How thoughtful! 

The muscular young stud then noticed the extra large claw-foot bathtub against the far wall of the large room. “Hmmm,” the young and eternally randy stud thought to himself, “that tub sure looks inviting. And I haven’t cum all day. Perhaps I can just take some time to have a hot bath and pull out a big load…” 

Smirking again at his idea, Rafael grabbed the bottom of his tight t-shirt in both hands, and peeled it up and over his head in one clean motion. The young man revealed a spectacular physique beneath, and a lean but impressive musculature that would make any man jealous. Rafael had powerfully developed muscles, far bigger than one would expect on a soccer player, but he wasn’t overdeveloped or bulky. His waist was almost ridiculously slender, a truly ‘waspish’ waist with a belly of etched, corrugated muscles. His amazingly slender waist only served to accentuate his large and exquisitely defined pecs and wide shoulders. Rafael’s chest was particularly stunning, two twin globes of perfectly proportioned muscle topped by two small but very succulent nipples. Not a single hair marred the caramel perfection of the young man’s chest and abs, and the thick hatch of dark hair in his armpits only served to amplify his masculinity. 

Rafael was without a doubt one of the hottest young men at the university. 

The young hunk then shucked his sweat pants down and easily stepped out of them. As usual, Rafael wasn’t wearing any underwear - his crotch felt too constricted even by boxer shorts - and so his lower body was now revealed in all of its glory. Rafael’s gorgeous legs were thick with powerful muscle, more like a rugby player’s legs than those of a soccer player, and were deeply cut and defined. Unlike his virtually hairless upper body, Rafael’s massive legs were covered in a thick dusting of dark hair. His incredibly shapely legs met at one of the most spectacular, muscular bubble butts in the university, two meaty globes as breathtaking as the young man’s face and chest, and with a thick trail of dark hair leading up from his legs to disappear in the crack of his monumental ass. 

But when he came upright, Rafael finally revealed what really made him famous - and notorious - all over the campus. His thick, uncut cock hung down a full 8 inches when completely limp, nearly as wide as his wrist and covered in a thick tracery of veins. The young stud was known as the ‘Latin Lover’ on campus, for the hot young co-eds could not seem to resist the sexy stud’s combined charm, beauty, and swaying man meat. Hanging beneath that thick cock were a pair of huge nuts that were bigger than Grade AAA hen’s eggs, fat huevos that powered the young man’s awesome masculinity. Rafael's balls hung very low and loose in their baggy, hairy scrotum, naturally hanging down an astounding 5 or 6 inches from his crotch, the bottom of his big nuts hanging even lower than his thick, flaccid cock. Rafael loved the feel of his big, low-hanging balls bouncing against his partner when he fucked, whether it was the pussy of some hot chick or the ass of some handsome college boy. 

Rafael turned on the shower head, and at first all he heard was the banging of the pipes in the old walls. Then after a few seconds, a deluge of white water began to pour from the shower head, scouring the long unused pipes of decades of dust. After about a minute, the white water turned clear, and steam began to rise from the tub as the water went from chillingly cold to pleasantly hot. The iron drain in the center of the porcelain tub made a peculiar noise, almost like a belch, as the water washed down into it. Another gurgling sound came up as the drain swallowed the water. Rafael was not quite sure what could make that sound, but he eventually just shrugged his muscular shoulders and stepped into the tub. 

The young man entered the porcelain tub and let the hot water cascade over his gorgeous form. The steaming water poured its heat into Rafael’s muscles, soothing him and slowly transporting him into a state of deep relaxation. The young man’s mind began to wander, and he started fantasizing about the other young men who were on this field trip with him, all of whom were handsome and strapping young men that he would love to fuck. He fantasized about the hot and cocksure hockey player named Ryan, and the stunningly handsome swimmer Darin with his famous Speedo-encased pouch of massive man meat. He thought about the tight-bodied gymnast, Josh, and the two hulking muscle men, the blond and Nordic-looking Tor, and the dark haired, Polish-looking guy, Moose, both of whom had massive bulges in their jeans to match their enormous muscles. 

But over and above all of them, Rafael fantasized about Logan, the quarterback of the university’s undefeated football team. Logan looked every inch like a comic book superhero, from his chiseled and achingly handsome all-American features; to his massively muscular body that eclipsed even those the other two big boys, Tor and Dave, in both size and aesthetic perfection; to his utterly charming and friendly personality. Just a little over a week ago, Rafael had been fortunate enough to be showering in the virtually deserted locker room at the same time as the ultra hunk Logan, and had finally seen the super stud in the nude. Logan’s physique was unreal, bulging with massive muscles that were thrumming with power and might, and yet perfectly proportioned, deeply defined, and utterly beautiful in a completely masculine way. It was hard to believe that the handsome stud was barely 18, as a seasoned bodybuilder twice his age would have been jealous of the young man’s awesome mass and muscle maturity. 

Then Logan turned around, and Rafael caught his first glimpse of the young football star’s massive equipment. The Latin stud actually gasped in surprise, for even Rafael’s horse-hung member and fat balls were utterly dwarfed in size by Logan’s awesome endowment. Logan’s cock had to be close to a full foot long - completely limp! The huge member hung down almost like a third leg, thick as a beer can but at least twice as long. Like Rafael, the massive head of Logan’s pale bull cock was covered in a thick, beautiful fold of foreskin. The Latino had never before seen a cock like it, for it looked like it belonged on some sort of massive beast and not a man, now matter how big and muscular he might be. 

And hanging from beneath that truly heroic cock were a set of balls so huge that they made Rafael’s big goose eggs look like grapes in comparison. Rafael had never seen balls so huge even on the stud bull’s back home on his family’s cattle ranch. Each massive orb was easily the size of the largest of grapefruit, impossibly fat and meaty and juicy, and hung loose and heavy in a sac that was so large it could have accommodated a bowling ball. The twin testicles looked immensely heavy, and they hung down almost as far as Rafael's own colossally low hangers. In Logan’s case, the 4- or 5-inch-long neck of his elongated scrotum looked ridiculously narrow when compared to the massive bulk of stud nuts contained at the bottom of that huge sac. 

Rafael had been stunned into immobility at the sight of this muscle god with his super human endowment. The Latino’s young cock went from soft to painfully rock hard in only about four heartbeats, and he thought he would cum then and there. Suddenly, Rafael could feel the man’s eyes on him, and he glanced up and made eye contact with Logan’s stunning blue orbs. The young superman gave a disarmingly shy and tentative smile, and Rafael could see his thick schlong twitch and start to thicken. 

The sight was too much for the usually uber confident Rafael, who fled the showers with his achingly hard boner bouncing before him. He threw on his clothes without drying himself first, and had to stuff his boner into his wet pants. His hardon refused to go down, and he had to race back to his apartment and jack off 6 times before his cock would finally go limp. As it was, he jacked off another 6 or 7 times that day, thinking about Logan’s titanic man meat and gorgeous smile, and had dreamed about the stud almost every day since. Having the uber stud along on this field trip was blissful torture for the Latin hunk, and he hoped he’d get a chance to finally say hi to the handsome quarterback. 

All of these thoughts quickly had Rafael sporting his famous, 11 1/2 inch monster boner. He reached one hand down and began to idly play with his thick cock, stroking it gently and massaging the pliant head and rock hard shaft with his fist. His other hand reached down to cup his huge heavy nuts and roll them around in his hand. Yeah, it was definitely time to clean his pipes and pull out a massive load. 

Rafael knelt down in the unusually large and wide tub, sitting back on his heels and continuing to stroke his cock. He faced the shower head, and let the hot, pounding water bathe his magnificent chest, his rippling belly, and his thrusting groin. His other hand continued to roll his heavy nuts around, and he could almost feel the male juices sloshing around inside them, for they felt thick and heavy with need. He grinned and encircled the big balls with his fingers, and then began stretching them out even further from his body. A powerful bolt of lust pulsed through his throbbing groin. 

It all felt so good that Rafael soon closed his beautiful brown eyes with their dark, thick lashes, and let his imagination take hold, fantasizing about sex with Logan and all of the other hot men in the group. He didn’t pay any attention to the gurgling sound still coming up from the drain, and so he didn’t notice at the sound had changed and was growing louder. And with his eyes closed, he didn’t see the shiny black tentacle begin to rise from the drain like some hungry, evil cobra, snaking back and forth as it slid over the smooth wet floor of the tub toward the young man’s thickly muscled and wide spread thighs. 

Rafael lifted up his big twin balls, softly squeezing them one at a time. “Yeah,” he grunted under his breath, dropping them to the tub’s solid bottom where they struck with a dull and meaty thud, his naturally elongated scrotum allowing more than enough slack for his big nuts to collide with the porcelain floor. He loved the feeling of his big balls thudding against the tub and splashing into the water streaming down his tight and muscular body. So he did it again, and again, and again, lifting up his huge balls and letting them drop heavily to the tub floor. 


Each beefy slap of balls on porcelain seemed to call to the black, almost translucent tendril, and it slowly drew ever closer to the young man’s kneeling form. Finally, it spread itself into a wide, spatula-like shape, and placed itself just underneath of the young stud’s mighty nuts. 


Rafael huffed, feeling his balls land not against the hard porcelain of the tub, but instead into something soft and jelly like. “Hmm, is that soap?" he wondered, slowly rubbing those huge balls down into the thick muck, not quite understanding what it was, but then really not caring at this point. 

The tentacle for its part began to squeeze back, sticking to the young man’s big floppy scrotum and slowly expanding and sliding around to engulf those massive, hairy nuggies. Rafael’s fingers moved back up to continue to slowly jack his long, thick dick, stroking it as the peculiar sensation of the expanding tentacle slid over his tingling balls. 

When it finally had them fully captured, the tentacle began to squeeze slowly and gently, massaging the huge balls and gently crushing them against one another. 

“Ummmmm!” Rafael gasped in pleasure and stopped stroking. He opened his eyes, but the water poured hot and steamy into them. He reached down and fondled over his big nuts. They felt funny, strange, thicker, almost numb as if they had been anesthetized. 

“Must be the hot water…” the Latin stud thought, though something still troubled the back of his mind. But then his thoughts returned once more to Logan, and he moaned softly to himself. His fist began to stroke his huge cock again, the other rubbing over his magnificent chest. He tweaked his erect nipples and rubbed the thick muscle of his hard pecs as he thought of the handsome, massive, and colossally hung football star lying naked in bed. Rafael’s dick pulsed thickly and urgently between his fingers as he thought of Logan’s huge cock and gargantuan balls. How large would Logan's cock get when it was fully hard? Rafael wondered. What was the size of the load waiting in those massive testicles? Rafael’s own nuts pulsed at the thought, eager to unleash their own mighty load. His arousal intensified, and as it did, his massive organ grew even harder. 

The tentacle slowly began to pull at his Rafael’s huge balls, gripping more tightly around his fat nuts, squeezing them together and stretching them out. The sensation felt exquisite, and Rafael unconsciously scooted forward on his knees when the pressure on his balls became a bit too tight, the tension on his big balls pulling him forward toward the drain itself. But he didn’t care, lost as he was in a haze of his own inflamed lust. 

Soon Rafael was kneeling directly over the drain, continuing to frig his cock and blissfully unaware of the tendril wrapped completely around his powerful balls. The tentacle continued to pull on his straining nuts, pulling the huge balls ever downward and stretching them out more and more. They were already stretched well beyond 6 inches, and were now a mere inch above the drain itself. 

The strain on his bull nuts only made the randy soccer player more aroused, and he yanked on his rock hard cock fast and hard, feeling the beginnings of an earth shattering orgasm starting to build inside him. 

Unseen by the young soccer star, a second tendril snaked out of the drain, followed by a third and then a fourth. The first two gently wrapped themselves around Rafael's scrotum, just above his trapped balls, adding their strength to the insistent tugging on the young man’s hairy nuts. The last tendril, however, split off from the rest and reached up between the young man's glorious ass cheeks, seeking the virgin pucker between them. 

Finding its target, the wet and slimy tentacle suddenly thrust its way up Rafael’s shit chute, spearing past his tight sphincter to plunge deep into his hot depths. The young man gasped in shock and utter surprise, his beautiful eyes immediately flashing open, as the cold tentacle thrust its way into his achingly hot interior. “What the FUCK!?!” he grunted as he tried to back away from the violating tendril, but very quickly discovered that his bull balls were firmly locked in place. Any attempt to pull away would result in the young man tearing his own goose eggs off. 

The violator in his virgin ass began to swell larger and larger, a huge and boneless mass filling him up. AAAAAHH!!! he squealed in surprise and fear, reaching down to grab at the wiggling thing in his ass and try to yank it out. But then the thing twisted, punching against his prostate, and the young man gasped in overwhelming pleasure, his eyes all but bugging out of his head. 

“OOOOHH!!!” Rafael moaned, flopping back on his heels. His whole body spasmed as it tried to orgasm, but he somehow couldn’t. His fingers fell limp from his powerfully throbbing and pulsing cock as if he was paralyzed by the cold invader in his ass. The young man was helpless, and could only watch as yet another black tendril issued forth from the drain and wrapped around his thick organ like the stripe on a barber pole. It snaked, squeezed, and stroked the massive member, engulfing it as it pulsed up and down the enormous shaft. 

Rafael moaned softly, watching wide eyed as his dick got masturbated by the alien tendril. It was terrifying… but at the same time, it was incredibly erotic and pleasurable. The tendril was slimy and cold, but wonderfully tight around his huge cock. The young man hunched up, groaning as the tentacle pulled and pushed at his cock, while his ass was simultaneously being stretched and filled by the massive tentacle that had pouring into him from behind. He was now stretched so wide that he wondered if his ass would never be the same. Sordid slurping sounds could be heard coming out of his completely fucked ass. Rafael's prostate was being prodded and pounded, beaten and battered, the massive tentacle grinding powerfully against the swollen organ. 

Yet still he could not cum. 

The young man began to feel the tendrils pulling even harder at his aching nuts, drawing the already overstretched orbs closer and closer to the large metal drain. Paralyzed still by the icy chill that even the hot water couldn’t wash away, Rafael could not resist it, even as the straining on his nuts became almost too much for the poor young stud to bear. His strong and muscular body twitched and jerked involuntarily, as his balls were stretched to the point where they were flush against the drain itself, easily a full 8 inches from his straining crotch. 

This can’t be happening!!! Rafael bellowed, terror making his heart thunder in his powerful chest. 

And yet the tendrils did not stop their brutal pulling, and continued to yank and stretch the fat bull nuts. Had Tor been in this position, there was no way his massive bull balls could have been forced down that drain, and the idea of fitting mighty Logan’s colossal nuts down the drain would have been beyond laughable. But even Rafael’s hefty, oversized hen’s egg were each far larger than the drain opening, yet the tendrils refused to let a small detail like that stop them. The building pressure caused Rafael’s huge balls to bulge and distort against the drain opening, distending monstrously against the relentless pulling. Rafael felt like his balls were going to explode, and his bellows of agony took on an even more urgent sound. 

Finally, with a wet plopping sound, Rafael’s left nut was forced into the drain, squashed down to half its normal size and forming a cylindrical plug in the drain pipe. The young man’s ballooning right nut soon followed, and both mighty orbs were now fully wedged in the drain. Tears were streaming down Rafael’s stunningly handsome face, for his screaming nuts were now pulled to almost 10 inches from his body, almost twice their already astounding natural dangle. He didn’t know how much more his poor balls could take before they were ripped off of his body. 

However, the combination of the relentless pounding and grinding of his prostate, the masturbation of his entire pole, and the brutal stretching and grinding of his beefy nuts was causing the semen to bubble and broil deep in his thick ball meat. To the young man’s utter surprise, the mixture of pleasure and agony had him quickly rocketing toward his long denied orgasm. 

A low rumble started deep in the young man’s muscular chest, and began to quickly build as his seed climbed toward release. The rumble turned into a growl, and then a roar, as the first massive slug of cum erupted from the young stud’s quivering, tentacle-wrapped cock. 

The first wad of cum launched with astonishing force and power, blasting from the hunky Latino’s massive cock and striking high up on the tile wall, just a few inches below the shower head itself. A second powerful wad followed, and a third, and a fourth, and a fifth, as the monumental orgasm washed over Rafael’s sexy, muscular body. The young man was shuddering in ultimate ecstasy, even as his balls were being pulled closer and closer to being ripped from his body. They were now at nearly 11 inches from his crotch, and the tendrils still refused to let up on their tug of war. 

Blast after blast of cum burst forth from Rafael’s pulsing cock, whitewashing the tile wall and dripping in long ropes of thick cum down the face of the shower. Each blast struck a little lower on the wall, but all were extraordinarily powerful and contained a thick wad of Rafael’s powerful young stud spunk. 

After nearly a score of powerful blasts, Rafael’s orgasm began to ebb, until only a steady drool of thick and chunky cum poured forth from his stiff, aching, and throbbing meat. His tortured bull balls had long since disappeared down into the depths of the dark drain, and only the ridiculously thin neck of his supremely overstretched scrotum proved that the mighty orbs were still attached to his body. 

Rafael’s lustrous brown eyes flew open wide once again, and he began to shriek in even greater agony. The tentacle up his ass began to pound on his prostate with devastating power, forcing a few more thick but watery streams of cum to pour from Rafael's ravaged cock into the tub. Soon, however, nothing more would come from the young man’s swollen cock despite the continuing hammering of his swollen prostate. 

When the young man’s well of virility had run utterly dry, the tentacle finally shrank and exited his raped and violated ass. Rafael almost sighed with relief as the fullness in his ravaged bowels was finally removed. But then he stared in renewed horror as the tentacle wrapped around the very base of his rock solid cock and began to constrict. The tentacle was fantastically strong, and despite the thickness of Rafael’s mighty man meat, the wicked black tentacle was rapidly crushing the tissues at the base of the massive joint. Rafael’s cock swelled larger still in response, larger than the cock had ever grown before, bloating with the blood that was being trapped inside its massive girth. 

At the same time, Rafael could feel his nuts being pulled harder still. They had already exceeded a full foot of stretch, and refused to budge any farther without ripping. The young man knew that the end was near. His whole muscular body clenched as he fought to somehow stay intact. 

Suddenly, with a loud and wet tearing sound, Rafael felt and saw his massive sex organs simultaneously pull free from his body, his now colossal cock rending at the base with a fountain of blood while his scrotum snapped and allowed his big bull balls to disappear down the drain, their familiar, comfortable weight gone forever. 

The sudden loss of resistance caused Rafael to flop onto his back at the far end of the tub, his gorgeous brown eyes wide in shock and horror at his brutal and sudden emasculation. Blood continued to pour from his denuded crotch as he watched the tentacles begin to retract down the drain. The last two tentacles were still wrapped tight around his bloated man meat, and were now trying to force the huge cock base first into the drain. The massive cock was even thicker than his huge balls, and it seemed an impossible and ridiculous notion to fit such a huge slab of beef down the drain. But with a sudden powerful jerk and a wet, crunching, slurping sound, the entire length of his huge penis disappeared down the hole. All evidence that Rafael had ever been a man was now gone. 

The pain and shock of his emasculation, combined with his continuing blood loss, forced Rafael to pass out, his mind traveling into blessed oblivion. As his consciousness fled, a disembodied voice coldly chuckled in evil glee… 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Haunted Mansion - Chapter 4

This week's installment features Tor, the 6-foot, 6-inch blond shot putter, who proves that even 24-inch guns and nearly 300 pounds of prime stud beef are useless against a violent and horny ghost.


Haunted Mansion - Chapter 4
Based on an original anthropomorphic story by Wyndfeld

Tor, the big blond giant, wanders into the drawing room and sits down where he shouldn’t. 


The massive form of Tor emerged from the hallway and into the kitchen. The huge muscle man looked more than a little concerned to not find Ryan here in his assigned room, but his expression eased a bit when he saw the very normal-looking kitchen, and a plate of what looked like a huge, freshly-cooked hamburger patty sitting on the counter. The meat patty was huge, nearly an inch thick and filling up almost the entire plate, and it smelled delicious. 

Tor picked up the plate in one huge hand and examined what looked and smelled like pork sausage, only cooked with a waffle griddle shape seared into the top. The smell was very enticing, and since the big man hadn’t eaten for several hours and nothing else looked to be available, he decided to chow down. 

“No ketchup? Hmm, oh well,” Tor said in his deep, rumbling voice. 

He picked up the huge flat sausage patty off of the plate and took a big bite, and moaned in appreciation at how good the hot, sweet meat tasted as he slowly chewed it. “I wonder where Ryan got this,” Tor thought. “I hope he doesn’t mind that I’m taking it.” Shrugging his massive, cannon ball shoulders, Tor took the plate with him back to the drawing room, his assigned room for the evening’s paranormal experiments. 

The large drawing room was virtually empty except for a rusty steel chair squatting ominously in the center of the room. All of Tor’s cameras and equipment were trained on the chair, which had a plaque on its base that read ‘Corbin’s Emasculation Chair’. The steel chair looked sinister and malicious, with its rust stains looking like blood, and it had horrified and frightened the big and hugely muscular shot putter when he first saw it. But as he had later examined it, seeing its cordless electric motors and its gears frozen in rusty blocks, Tor’s fear had vanished. This was definitely an old, broken down piece of equipment, and would clearly never function again. 

Tor didn’t want to remain standing to eat the rest of his sausage, so he flopped his great muscular bulk down onto the cold steel seat, and began consuming more of the huge sausage waffle. Spreading his thickly muscled legs, he could see that the machine’s gears were there… big nasty interlocking teeth just ready to rip and pulverize a male’s nuts between them. Tor shivered at the thought, but kept on eating. 

His mind drifted aimlessly as he enjoyed his delicious, meaty treat. Finishing his repast, Tor sat back in the big chair, licking the grease off of his lips and setting the empty plate aside. As so often happened to the young tank of a man, Tor realized that he was becoming really horny. Something about being in a supposedly haunted house on Halloween night, and sitting in an old chair that had probably unmanned more than one young stud, made Tor unaccountably aroused. So after taking a quick look around to make sure no one else could see him, the big man unbuttoned his tightly packed jeans and freed his enormous, but still mostly flaccid, man meat. 

Tor's gigantic cock was as spectacularly massive as the rest of his huge body, and as he fondled and stroked himself to hardness, his randy cock quickly grew for him, bulging with power and masculinity, the cooling air of the room caressing it as it grew to its full, mammoth size. Tor's truly enormous hard on measured more than 12 inches in length and was every bit as thick as the business end of a baseball bat, protruding proudly like a sturdy oak limb from between his massively muscular thighs. 

The young blond giant reached back into his open blue jeans with his other huge hand and then hauled out a colossal pair of balls easily the match for his penis in both size and sheer mass. Tor’s nuts were the size of a huge pair of oranges, and hung extremely low and loose in their floppy sac. The enormous gonads were nearly the size of the shot put weights that the young man hurled so expertly on the field, and appeared to be very nearly as heavy as well. Such was the enormous weight of the great orbs that they stretched his scrotum to well over 4 inches, and that was at the tender young age of 19; who knew how far they would hang by the time he was 30! Or 40! 

Hauling his huge nuts out into the chill air, Tor squeezed the mighty orbs down to the bottom of their sac and toward the wicked looking metal teeth of the chair below him, making his huge testicles bulge bright red and shiny, and if anything looking even more enormous than before. The big man continued to grip and fondle his huge stud nuts in one hand while he continued to frig his massive cock with the other. 

Forgetting for the moment he was on camera, Tor began to fist his gigantic cock, thinking of the pleasure he would soon be getting from his studly roommate, Jon, when he returned to campus. Very few of the other jocks knew that the blond titan was actually gay, and the quiet young giant wanted to keep it that way. As he sat back in the chair, slipping his jeans down over his columnar thighs, Tor pictured Jon, his hot and hunky friend and fellow track and field star, squirming under him, writhing around his massive cock. He pictured the handsome young man grinning over his shoulder at him, hugging his huge stallion stud dick with that gorgeous, tight, muscular ass of his. 

Feeling hot despite the chill in the room, Tor paused in his self-pleasuring long enough to strip his baggy sweatshirt up and over his head, revealing his fantastically muscular upper body for the first time. Tor's body positively bulged with huge, perfectly formed muscles. His shoulders and chest in particular were extraordinarily huge, a perfect match for his colossal arms. It was no surprise that the young man was already breaking records in strength events like shot put with massive muscles like these powering his every move. Tor’s lats flared nearly as wide as barnyard doors, yet he tapered down dramatically to a tight, very muscular waist. A dusting of blond body hair lay scattered across the top and plunging down the cleavage of his massive pecs, and also surrounded his thick, succulent nipples in a fine halo of golden hairs. A faint trail traveled the rest of the way down to the young man's hairy crotch, where his spectacular endowment sprouted like some monument to masculinity. 

Tor had his sweatshirt off in seconds, and was quickly back to jacking his cock and roughly fondling his mighty bull balls. The big stud panted, fist sliding up and down over his thick sturdy meat, as more thoughts of his lover’s sweet tight tail made him grow even harder. His eyes clamped shut, feet pushing at the floor, leaning back in the chair as he stroked his man tool and dreamed of spurting up his boy’s tight rear… young Corbin squeezing his cock so hard… Corbin holding a pair of scissors and winking at him evilly. Corbin… Wait! WHAT?! Corbin!?! 

The young muscle stud immediately stopped his stroking, his mighty orgasm mere seconds away, heart thundering with fear in his massive chest. Whoa! This place must be getting to him, Tor thought. His breath frosted in the now much colder air as he pulled his huge hand off from around his cock and rested his mighty forearm on the arm of the chair. His roommate was Jon, so why was he thinking of Corbin? He needed to collect his thoughts... 

He blushed furiously as he suddenly noticed the camera watching him silently. “Good god, that thing’s still on! I’d better go turn it…” As Tor prepared to push up off of the chair, a loud shriek of scraping metal tore from the chair beneath him, and iron claws sprang up from the chair’s arms, instantly pinning Tor’s thick wrists down on the armrests. Before Tor could do more than shout his surprise, a second clamp sprang from the back of the chair and encircled his thick bull-like neck, pulling him against the back of the chair and effectively immobilizing the huge muscle stud. 

“Son of a…!!” the huge shot putter roared as he struggled mightily against the rusty metal restraints, his enormous muscles bulging and flexing dramatically. The wooden chair was sturdily built out of thick planks of oak, but Tor was brutally strong - he should have been able to snap the chair apart like kindling, but instead the seat barely even budged despite all of his frantic efforts. 

“What is this, some kinda trick?!” 

Fear was clearly evident in the handsome man’s deep blue eyes, and his struggles were driven by terror and desperation. 

After nearly a minute of futile struggling, Tor was able to regain some composure, and in a shaky voice, chuckled and said, “Okay, Professor, you got me...” The young man fervently hoped that this was all some kind of game, a practical joke put on by the Professor and the other young guys. 

But these hopes were quickly dashed as the chair began to vibrate. He heard a sound that was impossible – the electric motors beginning to hum. “No way!” Tor grunted, knowing he had seen the motors himself. Ruined, rusted, useless, and without even their power cords to provide electricity. A rush of air kissed his heavy, naked ball sac. 

He glanced down between his legs and could see the whirling gears, spinning and grinding just inches from his extremely low-hanging ball sack. Silently and for the first time, Tor cursed the fact that his bull sack hung so huge, so low, and so floppy. Cursed also that earlier that morning, Jon had spanked and slapped those huge sperm tanks around but hadn’t let him cum, making his balls even bigger and more swollen than usual, and hanging particularly low. If Jon hadn’t done that, then his mighty balls wouldn’t now be just a couple of inches away from being sucked into those whirring gears and destroyed. 

Still, his balls hadn’t fallen into those gears, so perhaps he would still be okay. “Man, I’m so glad that I didn’t get castrated,” Tor whispered to himself. 

“Oh, but the castration will come soon enough, my handsome and hugely muscular friend. And it will be a spectacular castration indeed, with testicles as huge and heavy as yours! First, though, I have something better for you.”

The mysterious voice was in Tor’s ear, cold and frosty, and the big man couldn’t even turn his immobilized head to see who was speaking. 

“Who…? Who’s there?” Tor said out loud, his deep voice shaking with fear. “Show yourself!” 

“I’m afraid I can’t do that right now. But you’ve shown yourself to me plenty… tell me again about your boyfriend’s hot tight ass…” 

“What!?! I... You don't know anything about my boyfriend!!” 

Tor shuddered as he felt invisible ice cold fingers begin to toy with his massive erection, and the sensation was terrifying and extremely erotic at the same time. The fingers slowly stroked up, and then down, and then back up again. The feeling was incredible, and very soon, a large bead of precum began to form at the tip of Tor’s mighty horse cock. He had already been very close to cumming before the chair trapped him, and the adrenaline had kept him rock hard through the ensuing time of his capture – now he was once again close to blowing his massive load. His huge dick pulsed hot in the cold, cold grip, and the evil snickering echoed in his ears as the invisible entity seemed to appraise his huge appendage. 

“I know quite a bit about your boy toy, Tor, and about his love for big stallion dicks like yours. But he will be very disappointed next time you meet up…” The bead of precum on the tip of Tor’s dick flattened down as an invisible finger smeared it over the broad cap of his flared and almost painfully swollen glans. The huge bull stud groaned in pleasure. The metal blades were now running smoothly under his massive balls, which had relaxed even further under the ghost’s attentions and now hung oh so close to their destruction. Amazingly, the threat of his impending castration had Tor's cock harder than ever before, so swollen that it looked like it might split his skin wide open. 

“Who…? What are you?! Why are you doing this to me?!?!” 

“I should think the who would be obvious…” Fingers caressed and tweaked his huge, steel-hard cock, causing Tor to groan again and his beautiful blue eyes to close in pleasure. “I exist because good needs balance. I feed off of the dark fantasies of those within my walls. And I will have to thank Samuel. He has brought me such beautiful and bountiful supplies of raw sexual energy! And speaking of supplies… I believe it is time for your harvest…” 

A thick plastic cylinder with metal curving ‘leaves’ at the end lifted up magically between the young man’s mighty legs. It looked kind of like the milking tubes for dairy cows that he had studied earlier in the spring, but much larger and subtly different too. Wicked. Dirty. 

His thick cock strained as the sucking tube slid against the extremely broad head. It wouldn’t fit! It COULDN’T fit!! Tor smirked triumphantly, proud that his mighty stud cock was too thick to fit inside the tube. But then he felt those fingers, those cold invisible fingers, coaxing his sensitive glans. He could feel them spreading more of the abundant precum around his dick head, making it slick, and before he knew it the thick plastic tube had slid tightly over his tip and the first few inches of his massive cock. 

Tor gasped as the tube turned on, and a powerful suction pulled his massive cock even deeper into the tube. The feeling was amazing, like he was getting an expert blow job and penetrating a tight ass at the same time, but his eyes kept telling him that it was just a clear, solid, plastic tube.  

Suddenly, his head was filled with memories and fantasies of his beautiful lover, Jon. And standing in the background of every image was the smirking, handsome Corbin. Angrily, Tor tried to force the evil invader out of his mind, but Corbin just shook a finger at him and grinned. Opening his eyes, Tor watched the clear tube inch its way down the length of his supremely big cock. In short order, it was pressing against the base of the enormous unit, sucking the entire length of that massive schlong down the hard plastic tube. The tube’s rim was rubbing against the thick base of his cock root as the suction tugged the last inch of him in. Tor groaned uncontrollably, as the pleasure was greater than anything he’d ever felt before. 

Closing his eyes again, Tor found that the images had changed. Now it was him laying face down in the bed, taking a huge male organ up his massive, muscular ass, all while the evil Corbin watched from the shadows with a gloating expression on his cruel, handsome face. 

“Time to go from he-man top to bottom pussy, Tor!” Corbin’s cold and amused voice purred in his head. 

Suddenly, the clear tube began to spin on Tor’s huge, swollen cock. At first, this spinning motion only made the big man moan in even greater delight, his long-denied orgasm finally and rapidly approaching. Without warning, the pleasure turned to searing pain as Tor felt the metal leaves at the base of the tube begin to very slowly retract and begin to slice into the thick base of his gigantic cock. 

“FUCK!!! OH FUCK!!!” Tor bellowed as the burning pain shot through his loins. The big muscle man humped and roared wildly as the tube spun faster and faster, steadily cutting deeper and deeper into his incredibly thick cock. 

“I’m afraid you’ll never fuck anyone again, my friend,” Corbin’s cool voice sadistically gloated. 

And then, just as the big man was about to shoot his hot load, all sensation stopped. The tube was still spinning, and the massive cock within it was still throbbing with great shuddering pulsations. Tor's humongous balls quivered and spasmed with an aching need to expel their load, but were unable to do so. 

“Oh God!! I… I need to…to cum!!” Tor panted, feeling like his balls were going to burst with unspent seed. 

Tor’s masculine jaw went slack as he watched the tube suddenly begin to retract… taking his big male organ with it! 

“Oh my G…G…” the big man whimpered. It suddenly dawned on him what the ghostly voice had meant! 

“God gives them… I take them away!” Corbin’s icily amused voice gloated derisively. “But if you really want to cum, I could help you!” The cold voice offered. 

“Wha… how…?” Tor half-sobbed, half-grunted, so in need at that point that he had forgotten he was conversing with a ghost. The young man’s huge nuts lurched as he watched the awesome 12+ inches of his mammoth cock lifted up, thick and gleaming, trapped within the retreating plastic tube. The metal leaves had indeed closed in on the root of his mighty cock, cutting it off at the base and leaving him completely emasculated. 

Except for his nuts, of course — his huge, heavy, heaving nuts that continued to throb in their low-slung sac. He had just been emasculated, but he still NEEDED to cum. He ground his huge and immensely powerful thighs together, hard, wedging his swollen and rock solid balls between them in a futile effort to try to reach orgasm. He squeezed his massive thighs harder and harder, grinding his huge balls between twin columns of unforgiving muscle, but he simply could not squeeze the sperm from his mighty nuts. 

Cold fingers pushed his thighs apart, revealing Tor’s denuded crotch to the camera. There was a  red and raw wound where his gigantic cock had once been, but there was surprisingly almost no blood. Tor whimpered until cool ice fingers wrapped around the base of his enormous nuggies. 

“Heh, heh, heh... Poor dumb muscle jock. Got you really riled up, taking your cock, didn't I?”  The sly voice purred. Tor gasped, panting and nodding his handsome, blond-haired head. He spread his thick legs wide so the ghost could tease his big aching nuts. 

Tor watched with wide eyes as a rawhide string lifted up from the floor beside him and began to carefully truss up his fat, swollen sac. The thick leather cord was first wound around the top of Tor’s thick scrotal neck where it met his muscular crotch, cinching a noose around it so tightly that it made Tor’s entire massive body jump in the chair. The cord was then slowly wrapped around the length of Tor's very loose scrotum, tightly binding the thick sac and turning it into a very narrow neck of braided leather. Once Tor's huge and heavy balls were forced to the very bottom of their elongated scrotum, the cord began to wrap around first one ball and then the other, again and again, forcing the two balls apart from each other and making them bulge even larger in their overstretched sac. 

The huge, dick-less stud groan uncontrollably throughout the whole process, the feeling of the icy fingers on his lava hot bull nuts driving him to even greater heights of arousal. Tor began to pant even more heavily as the leather began to separate his big floppy balls from one another, making the skin stretch lightly around them as they strained to contain their huge and weighty contents. 

The phantom fingers then began squeezing Tor's massive balls, hard and without warning, gripping them nearly to the brink of bursting them, and then relaxing and starting over again. Tor was so highly aroused at this point that even this brutal treatment of his balls only brought him pleasure, allowing him to overcome the deep pain that would normally result from such abuse. 

“Of all the males I’ve ever tried this on, I’ve never gotten one to climax from it…” Corbin’s ghost said idly to himself. Pre-cum began to ooze out of the red and raw hole where Tor’s proud and massive cock used to be. 

“I-I will! I promise! Just please don’t stop!” Tor begged in a deep, breathy voice. The icy fingers pulled the young man’s huge balls out even more, pulling them slowly down. The hot air from the machine’s whirring gears was soon washing over the trapped nuts, the rusty teeth of the spinning gears parting the fine golden hair coating the huge nuggies. 

“Oh Gods… please not that!” Tor begged as the hard little nubs of the gear teeth made his balls bounce up and down, vibrating with the speed of their passage. 

“Ha, ha, ha!” Corbin’s cold voice chuckled as an icy cold hand powerfully continued to powerfully knead the young stud’s massive balls. “You owe me a climax first!” the darkly amused voice snarled, as strong hands squeezed Tor’s huge trapped balls, kneading the massive orbs against one another and grinding them so hard that they began to bulge and distort into ever more grotesque shapes. 

“Yes…yes…” Tor panted. “Make me cum!” 

“As you wish!” Corbin said, his cold voice sounding particularly lewd and amused. Suddenly the young muscle giant felt an icy cold finger rubbing around the rim of his hot anus. Then without warning it speared into the taut pucker, forcing it open. 

“Son of a…!” Tor yowled. “I don’t…!” he started to protest, but was silenced when the cold voice replied. 

“Not like you can do much else, Tor, now that you’re a cock-less pussy!” the evil voice taunted. The first icy cold finger was quickly joined by a second, further opening up his virgin hole. The second finger was soon joined by a third, and then a fourth. 

In short order, and with a sobbing Tor unable to resist, Corbin’s entire ghostly fist was being brutally forced against his virgin anal ring. The big stud tried valiantly to fight the intruder, his powerful ass and sphincter muscles clenching to prevent this violation, but the ghost was even stronger than the handsome Nordic giant. 

“Noooo!! Oh please… no… it’s to much!!” the big shot putter screamed, bucking his hips and trying to escape the invading hand. The deathly cold fist did retreat, but only to punch savagely back against the tight hole once again. Out… in… out… in... out... steadily wearing down Tor's resistance. 

Then the icy cold fist finally plowed through the last of the young man’s crumbling defenses, and punched its way inside. 

“AAIIIEEEEEEE!!! YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!!!” Tor roared as he felt the fist forced deep into his virgin rectum. Just as abruptly, the fist was yanked all the out, only to plunge right back in again, making the huge muscle giant squeal even louder. 

As the big hand was slammed home a third time, Tor could feel that the hand was now balled into a clenched fist. The fist pounded with brutal force into the hard knot of the young man’s swollen prostate, sending an electric shock of pleasure through his muscular body. Tor moaned uncontrollably at the unexpected pleasure. 

“Liking that are we?” the leering voice mocked, pushing harder. More of the deadly cold arm entered the helpless hunk’s ass with each stroke, pounding harder and harder against the young man’s prostate and sending his already heightened sexual need into unbearable overdrive. 

“So it would appear!” a second voice commented leeringly. Tor’s handsome head jerked back up to find Professor White kneeling right in front of him. 

“PROFESSOR!” Tor cried in shock, and a spark of hope lit in his heart. The professor would rescue him! 

“So, are you?” the ruggedly handsome professor asked with a wicked smirk, his warm, powerful hands rubbing the young stud’s big, bound balls. 

“Huh?” Tor asked with pleading eyes, confused by his teacher’s sudden presence. 

“Are… you... enjoying... what... is... happening... to... you?” The older man slowly, as if talking to a dimwit. 

“Ooooohhh!!” The big muscle man moaned as the icy fist stopped moving in and out of his debauched asshole, and now remained firmly wedged inside of him, feeling around with its ice cold fingers. 

“Ha, ha, ha, I’ll take that as a yes!” the professor chuckled. “Now look into the camera and tell us exactly what you’re feeling!” he ordered, smiling wickedly as he watched the blushing athlete’s handsome mouth work soundlessly. 

“I… I’m… feeling… he’s got his hand in my… my…” Tor tried to explain, but was both too aroused and too self-conscious to do more than babble. 

“Would you like to see me make him cum, my love?” Corbin purred, a soft, liquid, sexy voice that seemed out of place in this horrific tableau. 

“Of course! You know how I love watching a cock-less male orgasm!” Samuel answered with an evil grin. 

“You… you can hear him too?” Tor grunted, too surprised to understand what the ghost had said.  

“Just watch what happens when I squeeze his prostate gland from inside,” the ghost said. 

Tor knew that Corbin was going to hurt him, and that there was nothing he could do to stop him. Icy cold fingers found his sensitive prostate gland, and started to close into a fist around the tight knot of flesh. The big muscle giant could feel the mounting pressure as the ghost squeezed down. His balls starting to pulse and quiver as the phantom fingers squeezed. 

“Umm! Oooh! Unh! UNH! Ooh dear GOD!!” the big stud exclaimed, throwing his handsome blond head back and bucking in the chair. 

“That’s it… come on… make him squirt, my dearest one!” The Professor panted, clearly very excited by the action. His strong hands were going wild on the stud’s huge, sagging nuts, squeezing and smacking them around roughly, brutally. So hard that a lesser man’s balls would be breaking down under the terrific abuse, but sending the mighty Tor into even greater heights of pleasure. 

“I could never refuse you anything, Samuel,” the ghost cooed, suddenly closing his phantom hand so hard that Tor screamed from the instant pain. The brutal squeezing of Tor’s prostate had the desired effect, however, and all of the stored up cum in his giant nuts began to pulse from his groin. So powerful was his orgasm that, even without his cock, Tor’s massive load managed to shoot several feet from his empty crotch. Tor bellowed in agony and ecstasy as his pent up juices were finally released, rope after massive rope of cum flying from his crotch to spill all over the whirring gears of the chair and the floor below. 

The icy death grip would let up on the pressure for a moment, and then clamp viciously down again, which only served to heighten and prolong the orgasm. 

“UHHHN!!! AAHH!!! UUUUUUNNH!!! UUUH!!!” the big stud roared, bucking and plunging his hips up and down wildly with each massive jettison of his powerful seed, as a truly extraordinary amount of cum poured from his naked crotch. Even for the huge-balled Tor, it was a monstrously big load. 

His ghostly rapist continued relentlessly working his throbbing prostate gland until no matter how hard the phantom fist squeezed, no more cum would come out. 

“Ha ha ha!! It looks like I’ve finally drained this bull stud dry!” the ghostly rapist laughed as the professor continued to wring and twist the huge stud’s tortured and recently emptied horse nuts. 

“More than two dozen shots, Corbin! That may very well be the largest orgasm I have ever seen!!” exclaimed Samuel. This exclamation only served to double Tor’s shame, for he had not only been emasculated in front of his teacher, he had been forced to cum before him as well. The sight of Tor's handsome, blushing features only made the Professor laugh harder. 

“Looks like someone’s going to be a real ass slut without his cock!” the Professor snickered, kneading and squeezing the stud’s huge nuts and pulling even harder on his already overstretched scrotum. He neglectfully began toying with the loose bit of the leather thong that hung down a few inches below the trussed up bull balls, letting the end of the cord dangle dangerously close to the spinning gears below. As the Professor cruelly groped and mauled those huge trapped nuts in his big hands, he could feel the awesome strength and vitality still pulsing through them. These were mighty nuts built for long endurance, already starting to recharge with their next monster load, but they were now completely vulnerable and at the mercy of two madmen. 

“Samuel, lover...” the ghost said softly, almost lovingly, as the Professor held and pulled the two balls taut from the groaning young man’s denuded groin. “I want you to do the honors of finishing off these mighty balls!” 

“Why of course, my love…” the Professor replied. He locked his gaze with Tor’s horror filled eyes, and with a wicked grin, dropped the loose end of the leather cord into the chair’s spinning gears. Tor bellowed in terror and agony as the cord was instantly pulled into the gears, quickly yanking down on the young man’s already brutally overstretched balls. His screams suddenly became a high pitched shriek as his massive balls themselves began to be drawn into the metal teeth of the gears. 

Blood and small chunks of meaty man balls began to spray in a messy fountain from the chair, as the gears struggled to swallow the entirety of the two huge balls. So massive were Tor's fat nuggies that he almost choked the machine, and the Professor could hear the gears grinding for a moment as the machine was almost halted in mid-destruction of the young man’s awesome masculinity. At the same moment, Tor somehow reached orgasm again, mere minutes after shooting the largest load of his young life. A few powerful jets of cream shot from his naked groin, and then his already half-ruined balls were well and truly emptied. 

After a few stuttering moments, the gears finally won the day, and with a series of short jerks, the rest of Tor’s once proud and massive balls were drawn in to the whirring machine, where they were pulverized and shattered and ground to a pulp of broken ball meat. As the last of his titanic orbs were drawn in to their destruction, the young man’s thoroughly chewed and overstretched scrotum finally snapped in half, and the lower half was also drawn into the gears and destroyed. 

With a final wail of utter agony and loss, Tor lost consciousness, his massively muscular form slumping lifelessly in the chair, his massive chest, corrugated belly, and thunderous thighs painted with the gore of his ruined testicles. 

The machine ground to a stop, and both the Professor and Corbin laughed at the demise of yet another set of massive, masculine genitals. The Professor then got up and left the room while the ghost disappeared as well, for they both had other students to attend to…