Friday, June 26, 2020

College Carnival Carnage - Part 4

College Carnival Carnage
Based on an Original Story by Sack Stomper


“Hey Billy, give another a guy a crack, will ya?” yet another deep, masculine voice said. 

Big Billy chuckled when he saw the darkly handsome form of Darius step out of the crowd. The tall and heavily muscled young man was the star batter on the university’s baseball team, and with his massive, powerful, and muscle-corded arms, it was no wonder that the gorgeous, dark-skinned stud had set a new record for the number of home runs scored during the previous baseball season. 

Darius’ clothing looked painted onto his body, from the blue jeans hugging his long, muscular legs and meaty bubble butt to the three-quarter-length, pale gray crew neck shirt that clung like a second skin to his massive pecs, enormous shoulders, and gargantuan arms, and was tapered to cling to his tight, waspish waist as well. Darius wore a red baseball cap on his shaved head, the color contrasting nicely with his flawless dark skin and chocolate colored eyes. The baseball stud was just as tall as Travis at 6’4”, and though he wasn’t as massively muscular as the younger football hunk, he had a very impressive physique indeed, weighing a lean and very muscular 270 pounds. 

Darius was also holding a heavy-duty aluminum baseball bat in his big right hand, and as he walked forward, he casually swung and twirled the large bat through the air. 

“What do we have here?” a smiling Darius said as he walked up to within just a couple of feet of the bound blond muscle hunk. “DAMN, dude! Your muscles are fucking HUGE!! You’re even giving Big Billy here a run for his money, and that’s SAYIN’ something! But I gotta say, it’s what you’ve got throbbing between your legs that’s REALLY impressive!” 

Darius lifted up his aluminum bat and lightly tapped the business end of the club against the side of Travis’ enormous cock shaft a couple of times, testing its rock hard turgor and springy resistance. “Geezus, son, your mom fuck a CLYDESDALE or something?! I’ve got a full 12 inches of thick man meat swingin’ between my legs, a real pussy buster, but your monster dick is even thicker and longer than MINE!! And HARDER, too!! What is that? 14 inches?! 15!?!?! Dude, you’ve gotta have one of the biggest fucking cocks in the WORLD! And on a WHITE boy no less!! That just ain’t right!” 

“But what the holy FUCK do you have stuffed in these briefs?!” an incredulous Darius said as he inspected the unspeakably enormous bulge straining out of Travis’ pale blue underwear. “Gawd DAMN but that’s a huge set of balls!! Bigger ’n anything I’ve ever seen on man or beast! I guess your teammates were right on the money when they nicknamed you ‘Bull!’ But even a big stud bull would be jealous of the set of door knockers you’ve got clacking between your legs, boy!” 

Darius lifted up the end of his bat and lightly tapped the unbelievably heavy underside of Travis’ pouch, gently bouncing the outrageously swollen pair of nuts in his straining briefs. Travis couldn’t help but wince in pain, as even the lightest touch caused his battered balls a great deal of fiery agony. “And tender, too! That’s good! Means that they’re still alive… which means that they can suffer even MORE pain!” 

“But let’s see what we’re dealing with here,” Darius said as he hooked the fingers of his left hand into the waistband of the trembling footballer’s undershorts. With one quick, powerful yank, Darius tore the overstretched underwear apart, ripping the thin cotton fabric right off of the blond stud’s heaving, sweaty, muscular body. Travis’ huge bull cock slapped back against his washboard abs with a loud SMACK, but his mammoth balls seemed to just tumble toward the ground. It almost looked at first like they weren’t even attached to the young man’s body as they plummeted toward the sand, but they were quickly drawn up short by the unusually long fleshy tethers that anchored them to his magnificent body. And with his mighty bollocks now freed from their cotton prison and hanging in the open air, the crowd could get its first look at the damage that had been done to the massive orbs. 

Travis’ gargantuan balls hung extremely low in their battered sac, hanging a good four inches below the incredibly thick base of his bloated and veiny bull cock. The neck of his elongated scrotum looked very narrow compared to the unbelievably massive double sphere of nuts sitting in the bottom of his fleshy pouch, but in truth that stretched out neck was actually quite large. The all-important cords and cables and blood vessels that attached Travis’ stud balls to the rest of his glorious body were far thicker than average — a necessary accommodation to carry the tremendous weight of his oversized bollocks — and those bundled tethers were bunched tightly together inside the thick neck of his scrotal sac. 

The balls themselves were grotesquely swollen, having ballooned to almost three times their normally bigger-than-mango-sized stature. It was hard to find a comparison for Travis’ balls in the natural world, for they had bloated as large as the biggest of breadfruit, and strained the capacity of even his oversized nutsac to contain them. Even worse, however, were the dark and shiny bruises covering almost every square inch of the young man’s colossal gonads. Both behemoth orbs were an angry dark red mottled with a deep and rich purple, visual evidence of the extreme trauma the mighty man nuts had already endured. Thick purple veins, almost as big as the ones snaking up the colossal length of Travis’ monster penis, covered the vast curved expanse of both gigantic orbs, making them look even more mean and powerful and intensely masculine. 

There was no doubt that Travis’ huge blond balls had sustained some truly epic damage, and might already be wrecked beyond recovery. But it was also plainly evident that neither of the young man’s mighty nuts had actually ruptured and burst, a fact which stunned and awed every single person in the large crowd, including the young man’s assailants. Travis may have been facing the very real threat of losing his mammoth bollocks forever, but if there was any consolation he could take from his predicament, it was that he had already proven that he had what must be the toughest nuts in the world, a true set of ‘balls of steel!’ Not that they would be lasting much longer, if Darius had anything to say about it… 

Darius reached forward one big hand and roughly gripped Travis’ sagging left testicle, pulling the massive orb forward and upward for closer inspection. Travis hissed through his gag at the pain, and steeled himself for even greater agony as Darius roughly kneaded and squeezed the unbelievably tender bollock in his meaty hand, rolling the huge, swollen nut in his overflowing palm and pressing his thumb into the softening ball meat to look for any sign of weakness. 

“Mmm!” Darius hummed appreciatively. “This fucker is HEAVY! Even heavier than it looks! Damn, this young dude is fucking UNREAL!!” 

The handsome athlete then started closing his strong, thick fingers around as much of that meaty flesh as he could, squeezing harder and harder as he watched his large digits sink deep into the traumatized tissues. “This thing is getting real soft, boys!” Darius announced to the other athletes surrounding the bound and terrified Travis, indicating the enormous testicle filling his large palm to overflowing. “Don’t think it can take too much more before blowing apart.” 

Darius let go of Travis’ left ball, watching as it fell heavily to the bottom of his sac and rubbed up against its equally swollen and battered brother. The handsome black stud gazed down at the blond’s magnificent package for a few more moments, as if searing it into his memory, before twirling his baseball bat in the air a few times. 

“Yeah, I think it’s time we test just how strong this bull’s massive manhood REALLY is!” 

With that, Darius planted his feet shoulder width apart, took hold of the bat handle with both hands, and cocked the bat back behind his head. Travis’ big blue eyes grew wide in terror, and he shook his handsome head from side to side in a desperate attempt to get the big baseball star to stop. A wicked smile played across Darius’ handsome, masculine face, and then he swung the baseball bat through a wide, powerful arc. 


A loud, beefy retort could be heard as the baseball bat slammed into the left side of Travis’ rock hard cock shaft. Travis cried out at the sharp, stinging pain as his massive schlong careened wildly to the right with the force of the blow, but then immediately snapped back to attention, quivering slightly as it resumed its previous position, locked and loaded and pointing proudly skyward. 


Darius struck the gigantic boner from the other side, making it swing wildly in the other direction, droplets of clear precum splattering across the sand as if from some sort of lawn sprinkler. 


Darius struck that behemoth bone again… 


…and again… 


…and again! 


Each blow resulted in a loud and meaty impact of steel on beef, and Travis’ beautiful, majestic, and utterly massive penis was forced to absorb every bit of each impact. The mammoth organ bounced and thrashed around wildly with every blow, flexing and throbbing reflexively as it snapped back to proud attention each time. The distended and hyper engorged tissues began to redden wherever Darius struck, a sure sign of some epic bruising that would come later, and Darius made sure to strike every mouth-watering inch of that monumental cock from root to tip as he hammered the young man’s fuck stick dozens and dozens of times. 

Darius took particular delight in hitting Travis’ huge, bulbous cock head. The enormous helmet-shaped sphere of his glans reminded Darius of a baseball, only slightly larger and more spongy. The muscular young baseball player put extra strength and power into his strikes at Travis’ cock head, trying to see if he could pop that massive glans right off the top of the footballer’s mighty cock shaft and send the severed bulb of meat sailing over the carnival tents. But Travis’ thick fuck meat proved to be just as insanely tough as the rest of the young man’s magnificent body, and refused to be torn apart. 

Nevertheless, the eagerly swinging Darius was inflicting some serious damage to the blond bull’s mammoth meat. Angry red welts were appearing all over its vein-gnarled length as the impact zones began to overlap and multiply, and the thick and fibrous tissues began to swell slightly under all of the abuse. Darius gave special focus to the base of Travis’ ultra thick cock, hitting him again and again right where the top of his stretched-out scrotum met the base of the finger-thick cum tube running the length of the underside of Travis’ wide, wide cock shaft. Darius hammered this region again and again and again, really trying to scramble the young man’s interior plumbing and inflict as much pain and damage as possible. 

The huge black athlete even swung his bat straight down on top of Travis’ humongous dick, almost like he was trying to hammer a massive tent spike into the earth. Any one of these blows would have shattered another man’s cock due to the ferocious power behind each brutal swing. As it was, Darius more than half expected Travis’ cock to snap in half, collapse like an accordion, or even split itself lengthwise from tip to base like he was splitting a log. But instead, Travis proved his Alpha Male status yet again, his mighty cock enduring and surviving each and every blow like a champ, and continuing to point proudly and defiantly heavenward despite the unbelievably brutal beating it was taking. 

Darius began to intersperse his battering cock blows with strikes to Travis’ impossibly huge and heavy-hanging nutsac. Unlike the blows struck by the previous athletes, Darius did not hammer the young man’s blond balls against the backboard. The baseball stud knew that those heavily damaged orbs likely wouldn’t survive much longer if they were crushed against the solid wooden boards again, and he was in no huge rush for the ‘fun and games’ to end. Darius therefore instead struck the wounded balls from above, below, and either side, smacking them brutally hard with the thick business end of his aluminum baseball bat. The big black stud imagined that the blond lad’s balls were a pair of ridiculously oversized baseballs, and he kept trying to hit them out of the ballpark. Even without hammering Travis’ huge nuts against the backboard, these ball blows were still unbelievably brutal, and would have reduced almost any other man’s balls to mush with just a handful of blows. Travis’ almighty globes somehow continued to survive, however, even as they were repeatedly struck so hard that they looked like they would rip right out of his bruised and tattered nut bag! 


Darius swung away with abandon, heedless of the damage he was causing to the young muscle man’s battered manhood. The black man’s blows were steadily wearing down what little strength remained in Travis’ grotesquely bruised and swollen bollocks, while at the same time trying — so far, unsuccessfully — to break the young man’s colossal bull cock. Travis continued to howl and bray in almost unimaginable agony, and his struggles were so intense that sweat was pouring off of his massive, blood-engorged muscles in rivers, dripping to the sands below. The blond football stud’s manhood was being slowly and steadily demolished right before the crowd’s disbelieving eyes! 

After what had to be more than ten full minutes of violent cock and ball beating, Darius paused in his assault to once again feel up on Travis’ pummeled nuts, gripping them one at a time and thoroughly squeezing and fondling them. The young man’s behemoth bollocks were even softer and squishier than before, putting up almost no resistance to his clutching fingers as they sank deep into the traumatized tissues. 

“Oh shit, Dawg!” Darius exclaimed with a laugh. “I’ve fucking thrashed and TRASHED these big bull balls of yours! Really roughed ‘em up something good! Man, there’s hardly ANY firmness let in these fuckers, but they STILL haven’t burst!! Amazing!! But I really don’t think they can take any more…” 

Darius cradled both of Travis’ huge blond balls in his dark, muscular hands for several minutes more, reveling in their awesome size and weight, and their profoundly battered appearance. Judging from the massive tube-shaped object snaking down the left leg of his super tight jeans, it appeared that Darius was deeply turned on by having the young muscle man’s entire sex life literally in the palms of his hands, and the power that he had over the handsome long stud’s future as an intact male was almost dizzying. Finally, however, Darius dropped both of Travis’ balls, letting the hideously swollen bollocks drop unceremoniously back to the bottom of their pouch, before turning to his fellow athletes and co-conspirators once again. 

“Yeah, we’ve racked his sac something good boys. But do you think he’s had enough? Do you think this muscle-bound pretty boy has learned his lesson? Should we let him keep whatever is left of his oversized nuts, or should we finish what we started and totally wreck this dude’s bull balls for good?” 

An eager chorus of deep-voiced young males cried out, “NUT HIM!!” “WRECK HIM!!” “BREAK HIS FAT BALLS!!” “RUIN HIM!!” “POUND THOSE BALLS FLAT!!” “BURST THOSE FUCKERS!!” 

Darius flashed a dazzling white smile as he chuckled and said, “I was HOPING you all would say that!” He picked up his baseball bat and started casually twirling it through the air again as he addressed Travis. “Well stud, looks like it’s time to break those big balls of yours. Try not to take it personally — we just couldn’t have a huge-dicked bull stud like you making the rest of us look bad. Besides, you had one hell of a good run as an Alpha Muscle Bull. I sure hope that you enjoyed it while it lasted…” 

He chuckled malevolently as he gripped the bat in both hands and began winding up for another blow. This time, unlike his previous blows, he was clearly aiming to strike Travis’ bloated balls face on, smashing them against the hard wooden backstop. And in their sorry, mangled state, it was clear that the young man’s behemoth balls couldn’t hope to survive. At the same time, the young man’s traitorous cock throbbed harder and thicker than it had ever been in the football stud’s life, slick and glistening with his clear precum and looking for all the world like it was actually about to hit orgasm at any moment! 

“Bye bye balls!” Darius taunted as he swung the bat with all of his might. 


Travis’ blue eyes almost bugged out of his head as he let out a bloodcurdling scream. The whole backboard shook with the force of the blow, and even more splinters of wood broke free as the bat sank deep into the mushy balls, crushing them almost completely flat. The bloated orbs quivered like jelly-filled balloons as the offending bat was removed from their battered interiors, and though they quickly bloated back, the twin testes were starting to take on a rather deflated, lumpy appearance. 


The next blow was even more devastating, and every one of Travis’ massive muscles stood out in flexed, shredded, stunning relief as the inhuman agony racked his glorious form. Darius could actually FEEL fractures forming in the failing walls of those spectacularly tough and resilient man nuts, and he knew with perfect certainty that his next blow would spell certain doom for the crumbling testicles. It was his last chance to spare Travis from permanent emasculation, from being forced to live out the rest of his life as a nutless eunuch. 

But Darius had made up his mind WEEKS ago — Travis could not be allowed to continue to live with such a spectacularly massive set of bull balls swinging proudly between his massively muscular legs. 

Darius cocked back his baseball bat and flexed his enormous, powerful arms, and visualized striking Travis’ gigantic balls and sending them into low-Earth orbit. He then focused all of his awesome strength into those two huge arms, and swung the bat with every ounce of his might. 


A deafening retort of cracked beams and shattered wood echoed like a thunderclap over the stunned and horrified audience. And as Darius’ metal bat fell away, there at first appeared to be nothing at all left where Travis’ massive ball bag had once hung. The big sac and the two battered bollocks were simply… gone! 

As all eyes peered toward the vacant space beneath Travis’ mammoth cock, they could see that Darius’ last blow had actually torn a ragged, 6-inch-diameter hole THROUGH the backboard, pulverizing hardwood planks that were more than two inches thick! Whatever shattered remains of Travis’ big, beautiful balls were now hanging on the OTHER side of the broken backboard!!

But as loud as the sound was of the metal baseball bat striking the young man’s pulped and pummeled balls, it was nearly drowned out by the deep, thundering, baritone ROAR of agony wrenched from Travis’ huge lungs. An atomic bomb had just detonated in the munched and broken remains of the blond’s behemoth balls, sending fiery white spikes of inhuman pain shooting through his muscular belly. Even the meanest, cruelest badass in the crowd shuddered and took a stumbling step back at the sound of Travis’ deep, rumbling bellow of unforgettable pain. The quivering and quaking recoil of the young man’s gigantic muscles was a beautiful and terrible sight to behold, for they had just witnessed the muscular young paragon’s titanic manhood get obliterated right before their very eyes. 

The full gravity of what had just happened began to sink in. Even most of the athlete assailants began to snap out of their mob mentality, realizing the cruel severity of what they’d just done to another helpless young man. Regret began to fall hard on the heels of their raucous jubilation, and some of the young man began to back up, as if to both mentally and physically distance themselves from the scene. 

Then, a couple of heartbeats later, the incredible happened. 

Travis’ gargantuan horse cock gave a mighty, muscular lurch, and then another, and then another. And on the fourth mighty throb, a blindingly white rope of cum shot forth from the distended tip of the young man’s bruised and battered cock with almost unimaginable force. The unbelievably massive wad of cum looked to be thick as a finger and nearly a dozen feet long, and it streaked out over the warm sand in a great, graceful arc of top quality male essence. The first blast had barely cleared the head of Travis’ pulsating cock before a second, titanic bolt of creamy white cum shot forth with equal size and vigor, painting a second thick line of slick and chunky stud seed across the ground. 

What followed was an unimaginably epic orgasm, and a sight that none of the hundreds of young men present would ever forget for the rest of their lives. 

Jet after rope after impossibly huge streamer of white bull bullion pumped out of Travis’ heroically throbbing and thundering cock in a shocking display of super human virility. One shot followed so closely on the heels of another that they formed an almost unbroken river of lush male virility, painting thick lines of man cream across the tawny sands. It was an utterly impossible amount of splooge for ANY man to shoot, even the fantastically gifted Travis, and it almost seemed like the young muscle bull must be emptying the very contents of his meaty balls! There was no other way to explain the sheer VOLUME of the stuff!! 

But that very volume begged an even bigger question — how? HOW was it possible for a man to shoot ANY load, let alone the titanic deluge of thick and potent sperm rocketing forth from Travis’ shuddering loins, without a viable, functioning set of balls to power it!?! The answer to that question very quickly dawned in the mind of every stunned man present. Travis’ mighty balls were still ALIVE, and still intact enough to power the most outrageously copious cum load these men would ever see in their lives. The young blond’s behemoth balls might be dying, mortally wounded and beyond repair, but if so then they were going to go out with one hell of a bang! 

On and on Travis’ monumental orgasm raged, his freakishly engorged fuck tool pumping out well over a score of utterly colossal ropes of cum before the size of the epic spunk wads began to slowly taper and diminish. Even then, Travis shot at least another dozen gradually lessening slugs of cum before his super human ejaculation came to an end, with even the smallest spurt of cum large enough to make even the most talented and virile porn star green with envy. 

By the time Travis’ orgasm finally came to an end and the last slug of cum splattered onto the sun-warmed sands, a hush had fallen over the awed and stunned crowd. The only sounds were Travis’ own grunts and groans of pain and exhaustion, and the SPLUT-SPLASH-SPLOOSH sounds of the dregs of the young man’s gargantuan load leaking out of his rock hard cock and dripping heavily to the cum-soaked sands below. 

Darius was the first to react, snapping out of his temporary paralysis. He reached forward and grabbed the thick neck of Travis’ nutbag where it disappeared into the hole in the backboard, and began pulling the young man’s nuts back through the jagged hole. The blond muscle man’s nuts were so grossly swollen by this point that Darius had to haul them through the hole one by one, and even then the mushy orbs had to squeeze and contort to fit through the ragged opening in the wall. The handsome black athlete then dropped the heavy bag, and everyone had their first chance to gawk at the mangled man meat. 

Travis’ big bull balls were now a sorry sight indeed. Gone were their firm, ovoid shapes and healthy pink color. The young man’s balls were now positively lumpy and misshapen, barely recognizable as a pair of human testicles at all, and their color had become a mottled purple that was so dark in places as to appear almost black. But despite the hideously brutal beating they had endured, Travis’ balls were still a powerfully virile and erotic sight, particularly because they STILL formed two distinct, roughly spheroid shapes within their battered pouch! Yes, impossible as it may have seemed, Darius’ final, devastating blow had NOT succeeded in breaking Travis’ mighty balls, and the two fantastically tough and resilient orbs were still somehow intact, if only just barely! No one knew what could possibly be holding the structural integrity of those two massive sex organs together at this point, but there was no denying the fact that they were still alive! 

“What the…?” whispered Darius, his chocolate brown eyes bugging open wide at the sight of Travis’ still living and throbbing bull balls. His knew that last hammer blow with the metal baseball bat would have shattered CONCRETE, so he couldn’t even BEGIN to comprehend how Travis’ big, beautiful bollocks could still be alive. It just wasn’t POSSIBLE! 

“Step aside little man!” the huge form of Big Billy barked as he shouldered the much smaller baseball player out of the way. “This is a job for a REAL man!” 

Friday, June 19, 2020

College Carnival Carnage - Part 3

College Carnival Carnage
Based on an Original Story by Sack Stomper


“I want a turn!” a deep voice boomed as another young man stepped forward. Travis’ baby blue eyes grew wide in terror and surprise as the hulking form of the university’s championship shot putter stepped forward. 

Very few men on campus — or even the world at large, for that matter — could begin to compete with Travis for sheer muscular mass and power. But the massive behemoth that now strode confidently forward wasn’t just one of the few men in the world who could COMPETE with Travis, he actually SURPASSED the handsome football star! 

Big Billy was a gigantic mountain of a man, standing a full 6’9” tall and weighing an absolutely monstrous 420 pounds, nearly 100 pounds heavier than Travis himself! The titanic beast of a man was mostly muscle, though he did have a bit of a thick but sexy gut. Billy’s physique wasn’t nearly the muscular perfection of Travis’ fantastic body, but there was no doubt that his herculean muscles were bursting with raw power, and his colossal 28-inch upper arms eclipsed even Travis’ mighty guns. 

The towering titan was actually rather handsome in a brutish, heavy-featured sort of way, with a powerful jawline, heavy brows, and deep-set light blue eyes. He wore his pale, strawberry blond hair short in a crew cut, and a light dusting of freckles crossed the bridge of his nose. More of those freckles covered his unbelievably brawny arms and massive cannonball shoulders, evidence of years of sun exposure to his otherwise fair and unblemished skin. 

Billy was a senior, making him just a couple of years older than Travis, and he had already set regional records in shot put and other strength events. The goliath was also lined up to set yet another record later on this spring if (when) he won his fourth first-place regional championship in a row. Billy had already qualified for the Olympic Games that coming summer, making him one of the youngest men to ever qualify for shot put, and he was widely considered a favorite to bring home the gold. 

And now, Billy was preparing to use all of that phenomenal and super human strength against Travis’ trapped testicles! 

Travis then noticed the large buckets carried by each of Billy’s gargantuan arms, and his thundering heart began to beat even faster. Filling each large bucket nearly to the brim were a total of more than a dozen large blue balls, each about the size of a ripe cantaloupe. Each large sphere consisted of a core of solid lead more than six inches in diameter encased in a thin coating of hard plastic. Travis instantly recognized the spheres for what they were — shot put balls! But these were not the ‘merely’ 7 kg (16-pound) balls used for competition; oh no, these were the shot put balls that men like Billy used to train with, weighing a massive 21 kg — over 46 pounds — each!! These were metal spheres that were the size — and weight — of large cannonballs!!! Travis knew just how heavy those balls were, as he had trained with them himself. The handsome young footballer knew he was about to be in a world of hurt… 

Billy stepped up to the newly-drawn line in the sand and then dropped the buckets to the earth with a loud THUMP. The grinning giant never broke eye contact with the terrified Travis as he leaned to the side and lifted up one massive sphere. The young stud’s bright blue eyes couldn’t believe how perfectly the huge ball fit into Billy’s massive, meaty hand, allowing the giant to easily palm the enormous sphere. Perversely, Travis felt his mammoth schlong give a mighty pulse at the sight of all of those heavy metal orbs, almost as if the handsome hunk was looking FORWARD to having his huge nuts pulverized. 

A wickedly grinning Billy gently tossed the huge metal orb in his hand a couple of times, taunting the trapped footballer. He then cocked his truly massive right arm back, flexing his titanic bicep muscles, and then hurled the shot put weight with tremendous force at the bound blond muscle stud. 


The breath was instantly knocked out of Travis’ powerful lungs as the lead sphere rocketed like a cannonball directly into the center of his cobblestone abdominal wall. As phenomenally strong and impenetrable as Travis’ muscular belly was, the shot put ball plunged several inches deep into those flexed and rock hard muscles like they were made out of blubber, and it felt like the huge sphere was stopped only just a couple of inches shy from striking against the young man’s spine! The blond bull’s stunning blue eyes all but bugged out of his head with the sheer force of the blow, and the metal ball seemed to remain lodged in Travis’ guts for several moments before being ejected and falling heavily to the sand below. 

As Travis gasped and choked and struggled to regain his breath, Billy leaned over and whispered something into Kevin’s ear. The handsome Asian hunk chuckled in response and nodded his head in approval, and Billy picked up his two buckets of weights and took two big strides forward, narrowing the distance between him and the bound and trapped muscle hunk to perhaps half of the original distance. He then slowly drew a new line in the sand with his sneakered foot, mocking Travis with a big, malicious grin on his face. The huge muscle giant then cocked back his massive arm once again, and then launched his second shot put ball. 

This time, his aim was right on track. 


The lead sphere was more than large enough to strike both of Travis’ huge balls at the same time, and the orb sank more than 3 inches into the traumatized tissues as the stud’s mighty nuts were instantly crushed at least halfway flat. It seemed impossible that ANY man’s balls could survive such a blow without simply exploding in a shower of gore, but as a testament to the fantastic strength and toughness of Travis’ humongous bollocks, the lead weight bounced off of the young man’s battered testes like they were made out of some kind of galvanized rubber. 

Travis threw his handsome head back and howled in extreme testicular pain. Though not yet a soprano, the young man’s agonized scream was several octaves higher than his normal deep and rich baritone, and he thrashed wildly against his bindings like some wounded beast. The young bull hunk was clearly in tremendous pain, and though his balls still appeared to be intact, there would clearly be a limit to how much abuse even HIS huge nuggies could take! 

A look of smirking contempt crossed Billy’s brutish features as he hefted the next weight, cocked back his colossal arm, and sent the next shot put flying. 


Travis screamed even louder this time as his hulking balls were compressed flatter than before, looking like they might burst under the horrific force of the blow. Every one of his magnificent muscles flexed to spectacular size, the nylon ropes binding his wrists and ankles audibly creaking as the enormous muscle man used his phenomenal strength to try to break free. But his herculean struggles were for naught, as even the mighty Travis wasn’t strong enough to break the tough cords tying him to the heavy wooden backboard. 


The young man’s agonized shriek was nearly - but still not quite - a soprano, but was likely as high as the young man’s deep and powerful voice could get. His traumatized testes were burning with a white hot fire, an agony unlike anything the young man had ever felt in his life. Tears were streaming down Travis’ achingly handsome face as he thrashed against his bindings, and his blue eyes silently begged Big Billy to stop his insanely brutal assault. 

Instead, the muscle giant picked up his bucket once more and took ANOTHER two huge strides forward, closing the distance to a mere ten feet. At this point, the uneasy crowd began to surge forward, realizing that the ‘game’ had crossed the line into full-on assault, but the angry athletes pushed the crowd back. Some of the big young men were armed with baseball bats, chains, and other improvised weapons, which they used to threaten the crowd and keep them at bay. The worried members of the crowd could only watch in growing horror and helplessness as the assault of the handsome football stud continued to unfold. 

Big Billy then addressed Travis for the first time. “You must think you’re some sort of hot shit, Mr. Football Stud,” Billy said in a deep voice heavy with sarcasm and contempt. “With that beautiful face of yours, those big beautiful muscles, and those BIG beautiful balls, you think you can just reign over the rest of us like some sort of ‘King of the Campus.’ Well, buddy, we’re here to take you down a peg or two…permanently! And we’re gonna START with those ridiculously oversized balls of yours!” 

Travis glanced down the length of his fantastically muscular torso at his underwear-clad crotch, and the tears flowed even faster. The already enormous bulge in his shorts had grown to truly obscene dimensions as his mammoth testicles began to swell even more under all of the abuse. His previously nearly untouched left ball was rapidly catching up with its twin as the unbelievably brutal pounding caused it to balloon to ridiculous size from all of the trauma. The fabric of his underwear was literally straining to contain the massive man lumps, and Travis could see the sides of his balls starting to spill out of either side of the overstuffed pouch. 

He was almost equally horrified to see the big, bulbous head of his rock hard cock staring him back in the face. The young muscle stud had never been so hard in his life, and his bloated dick head was now tapping his muscular belly just a few inches below the massive, heavy overhang of his deliciously protuberant pectoral muscles. Shame and embarrassment at being rock hard in front of his assailants and the rest of the crowd only added to the agony wracking the young man’s magnificent body. His only solace was the fact that his balls still formed two distinct, ovoid shapes inside his overstuffed underwear, proving that his mighty man orbs hadn’t broken — at least not yet. 

But who knew how much more of this insane abuse they could possibly take?! 

The shot put champion savored the sight of the blushing and beaten footballer for several long moments, then cocked his huge hand back again and launched the next big steel sphere at Travis’ defenseless nuts. With the distance between Travis and his massive attacker halved, the huge lead ball struck with even greater force than ever. 


“GAAAAHHH!!!” Travis howled in unbelievable agony, his humongous balls violently compressed to a mere fraction of their normal beefy size. The entire backboard reverberated with the inhuman force of the blow. It took slightly longer for the metal sphere to bounce off of Travis’ balls and for his huge nuggets to plump back to their normal shape, signaling that the mighty bollocks were indeed weakening under the onslaught. 


Big Billy wasted no time, launching the next cannonball on the heels of the one before, and with similar results. Travis was howling in continuous agony, violently shaking his handsome head from side to side in a desperate attempt to convince Billy to stop the violent and brutal assault on his failing nuts. 

But Billy had other ideas. 

“Dude!” the muscle giant exclaimed. “You keep shaking your head like you want me to stop, but just LOOK at that monstrous horse cock of yours! That enormous log is as hard as fucking STEEL, and covered with even more huge veins than your own big forearms! And FUCK, is that PRECUM that I see drippin’ down the sides of that mighty shaft?!? How is that even fucking POSSIBLE!?! Oh yeah, dude, you fucking WANT this! Your big ol’ dick is droolin’ like a leaky faucet, and swollen so fat it looks like it’s gonna BURST! So I don’t care what you say — secretly, I think you’ve always wanted to be destroyed like this, taken out by an even BIGGER bull stud like me.” 

“So get ready, big guy,” Billy continued to taunt the helpless and sobbing football jock. “Your days as the alpha stud, ‘big man on campus’ are about to be OVER! Get ready for the trip of your life, as we’re gonna rupture those ridiculously oversized nuts of yours. Time to kiss those fat bull nuts goodbye!” 

Big Billy then placed the next lead ball beneath the right side of his powerful jaw, took his shot putter’s stance, and hurled the huge sphere with all of his super human might. The lead shot put seemed to travel almost in slow motion to Travis’ horror-filled blue eyes, shooting straight as an arrow and aimed unerringly as his two defenseless, cotton-clad balls. 


The explosion of white-hot agony inside of Travis’ beefy balls was so great that the young man’s powerful heart almost stopped. As it was, the pain was so intense that it took the handsome stud several seconds to find his voice, but when he did, his bellow of agony was almost deafening. 


Splinters of wood were broken loose from the backboard from the unreal force of the blow, and it took an extra moment or two for the young man’s laboring balls to repel the lead weight from their nearly-ruptured interiors. But after a slight pause, the latest heavy projective fell from Travis’ nearly pulverized balls and landed with a loud CLACK against its brothers on the sand below. 

Travis was now sobbing pitifully, the big muscle man still struggling mightily against his bindings in a desperate attempt to save whatever was left of his proud and powerful nuts. He knew that his huge stud nuts must have taken some very heavy damage — hell, he might even be ruined and permanently sterile already! — but he was overcome by a primal urge to save his mangled manhood from complete destruction. There was nothing he could do, however, as Big Billy cocked back his arm yet again and hurled another lead sphere directly at Travis’ ballooning crotch. 


Travis was dry heaving into his gag, the knee-buckling pain ripping through his guts like talons of molten lava. When was this brutality going to stop!? Wasn’t anyone going to help him!?! 

Billy took yet ANOTHER two big paces forward, closing the distance to barely five feet! Pure terror and panic filled Travis’ big blue eyes as a grinning Billy picked up one of his four remaining lead balls, weighed it in his hand for a few moments, and then hurled it with annihilating force into the young footballer’s crumbling nuts. 


“WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!” Travis cried in insane agony, feeling like his huge balls MUST have ruptured after this beyond-brutal blow. But as the latest sphere dropped heavily to the sand below, two distinct ovoid lumps plumped back up to their bloated and swollen shape, showing that the young man’s heroically tough and durable bollocks had survived yet AGAIN! 

But Billy’s desire to punish Travis for DARING to be such a handsome and sexy bull stud would not be denied, and he hefted two of the massive lead weights, one in each hand, and fired them off in quick succession at the young man’s defenseless groin. 


The staccato impacts of the two shot put balls colliding one right after the other into Travis’ heaving, bloated balls almost sounded like a mighty crack of thunder, and the agony was so all-consuming that Travis’ scream died in his throat. The big blond bull could barely even breathe for all of the pain, and he prayed for the sweet release of unconsciousness. Unfortunately for the handsome and massively muscular young man, Travis was far too tough and resilient to pass out, even under this inhuman amount of pain, and he was therefore forced to endure every agonizing moment of his slow and methodical unmanning. 

Billy reached into a bucket and pulled out the last of his 46-pound shot put balls, cradling the huge sphere in his massive hand as he critically studied his bound and captive victim. Yup, there could be no doubt about it — Travis was definitely one mighty handsome stud! The young footballer had the face of an angel and the body of an Olympic God, not to mention the genitals of some great beast. In his most secret thoughts, Big Billy realized that he wasn’t just jealous of the outrageously handsome and genetically-gifted blond hunk, he was more than a bit enamored with him. Though Billy considered himself a straight stud through and through, Travis’ overwhelming masculine beauty was so great that even a staunchly heterosexual bull like Billy couldn’t help but be powerfully turned on by the handsome blond hunk. 

That very arousal powered Billy’s final throw, and he put every bit of the power in his massive, 420-pound physique behind it as he launched his last lead sphere like a rocket into Travis’ thoroughly racked and wrecked bollocks. 


The effect of the final blow was immediate and unforgettable. 

A loud CRACK!! could be heard as at least one of the wooden boards behind Travis’ pulverized balls actually snapped under the force of the blow, and the young man’s huge bollocks, trapped between the unstoppable sphere and the immovable backstop, were instantly crushed almost completely flat. Travis let out a deafening bellow of animal agony, a howl so gut wrenching and intense that even the malicious athletes themselves cringed in sympathetic pain. Every one of the young man’s magnificent muscles stood out in glorious relief, flexed to the absolute maximum, as incomprehensible pain surged through the young man’s herculean body. 

The huge metal sphere remained imbedded deep within the young man’s traumatized testes for several long seconds, the lead orb almost completely engulfed in the soft and mushy tissues of Travis’ busted balls. Then, with ponderous slowness, the shot put ball plopped out of Travis’ mangled nuts and plummeted to the ground. All eyes then strained to see what was left of the young man’s once-mighty balls. 

At first, it appeared that Big Billy had succeeded at his task, and had obliterated Travis’ humongous balls. But then, with agonizing slowness, the severely traumatized tissues began to swell and plump and bloated back into two hideously oversized but still distinct orbs within the young man’s epically straining underpants. Against all possible odds, Travis’ burly bull balls had SURVIVED!! They might be wrecked, ruined, and mortally wounded, but they had defied the super human power of the titanic muscle giant, and they remained intact! 

But as yet another big college athlete stepped out from the crowd, that was clearly a situation that wasn’t going to be allowed to stand…