Saturday, April 30, 2022

Locker Room Encounter - Jayse Version

Happy weekend, my gentle readers! 

Apologies for being late with this month's tale. I haven't been nearly as prolific lately with my writing and artistic endeavors as I'd like. Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy this rewrite I recently did of an achingly hot encounter in the gym locker room...


Locker Room Encounter

Based on an original story by Juergen

I was relaxing in the locker room of my local gym late on a Friday night. It had been a grueling week at work, and I’d just finished a punishing work out, so I was taking a moment to re-energize before starting my weekend. I had already showered, but I hadn’t yet gotten dressed, instead just sitting naked on my big white towel on the bench in front of my locker. I frequently worked out late due to the late hours I kept at work, but fortunately I was friends with the owner of the club, so I had my own set of keys for the place. I had assumed that I was the last person in the club at that point, like I was most nights, but I soon discovered that I was wrong. 

I was mildly startled when I heard the door to the nearby sauna swoosh open and a very large and very naked man stepped into the locker room. I’m a fairly big guy myself, with a well-developed body from years spent working out at the gym, but this guy was freaking HUGE! One of the biggest men I’d ever seen in my life! Tall and muscular and hairy, and extremely handsome — he HAD to have been a new member to the gym, as I would have definitely remembered seeing him before. And he walked into the room obscenely bare except for the white hand towel that he was holding in front of his crotch, exposing the rest of his absolutely magnificent physique to the room. 

The dude was tall, at least a few inches taller than me, and incredibly stacked and jacked. This guy lifted HEAVY, there was no doubt about it! His chest and shoulders were enormous, and his huge arms were bursting with power, positively exploding with thick, corded muscle. His thighs were absolutely massive, chiseled with huge slabs of extremely well-defined beef, and his gigantic calves were cut into diamond hardness. His midsection was extraordinarily chiseled as well, the cobbled blocks of his abdominal muscles deeply etched, and framed by some of the most exquisitely defined serratus muscles I’d ever seen. His midsection was actually quite full and thick, but was still comparatively very narrow compared to the astonishing width of his massive pecs and ultra wide shoulder spread. 

The man’s face was breathtakingly handsome, rugged and extremely masculine, with a powerful jawline, prominent chin, and heavy brows over his deep set, dark blue eyes. He had thick, wavy blond hair on his head, as well as a thick whiskbroom blonde mustache and almost a week’s worth of coppery blond beard stubble, adding to his rugged male beauty. But despite the facial hair and enormously muscular build, the handsome bull couldn’t have been more than thirty years old, and was more likely only in his mid 20s, even younger than me! 

Almost his entire body was richly tanned, his perfect and unblemished skin burnished to a deep bronze, and covered with the thick sheen of sweat from the sauna so that his body virtually glistened. The exception was the area from just below the man’s glorious Adonis belt to his very upper thighs, which was a pale and milky white, evidence that he wore extremely skimpy box-cut swimsuits when tanning. The contrast between the his naturally pale skin tone and that deep tan was startling and extremely sexy. Most of his monumentally muscular physique was covered in a thick dusting of wiry, curly, dark blond body hair, which was particularly thick across his wide and insanely brawny pecs and corrugated, washboard abdomen, and over his huge, muscle corded forearms as well. Just judging from the amount of body hair I could see on the rest of his body, I was fairly certain that the genital area currently concealed by his terrycloth towel would also be thickly coated with wiry, dark blond pubic hair. 

In short, the big dude was a BEAST of muscle and manliness, pure and simple, and I couldn’t help but stare at him as he unselfconsciously paraded across the otherwise deserted locker room, his big, muscular bare feet making beefy slapping sounds as they met the tiled floor. The handsome muscle bull exuded a raw male sexual energy that was overwhelming and mesmerizing, and I simply couldn’t tear my eyes away from him. 

He didn’t speak or even glance in my direction as he passed by, arrogantly disregarding my presence as if I wasn’t even there. As he walked toward a bank of tall lockers, I could see that his back was just as heroically muscular and chiseled as his front. His back was tremendously wide and thick, his lats enormous and flaring, with more of that same coarse body hair scattered across his huge traps and shoulders, and below his broad scapulae as well. His ass was a marvel of chiseled and striated muscle, two pasty, pale white globes of enormous size and gravity-defying mass, gloriously bulging and flexing and bobbing as he walked. The entire surface area of both of those massive ass cheeks was coated with more of that sexy dark blond body hair, which appeared to get even thicker near the deep crevasse between those two magnificent mounds of muscle. 

The big dude stopped in front of his own locker about twenty feet away from me, dropped his white hand towel on the bench, and opened his locker. His back was to me as I continued to stare, marveling at the sheer awesome SIZE of him, and hoping to steal a glimpse of his crotch. He leaned over to grab something out of the bottom of his locker, and his phenomenally muscular buttocks spread open slightly, revealing the thickly furred channel of his crack. His titanically massive torso cast a huge shadow, but I thought I could see the bulbous shape that appeared to be the rear of the guy’s oversized scrotum hanging exceedingly low between his muscular, hirsute thighs. 

Suddenly, the huge muscle stud squatted down on his heels, which forced his big, hairy butt cheeks to spread open even more. I could now see the pink sphincter of his anus, surrounded by a thick forest of dark body hair. I also got a far more clear view of the dude’s ballsac, and what I saw made my jaw drop. The guy’s balls were simply ENORMOUS!! Each massive bollock looked to be the size of a ripe grapefruit, maybe even bigger, and hung so low in their thin-skinned chamois pouch that they damn near brushed the tiled floor! I had never seen a pair of balls so huge or that hung so low, and they truly looked like they belonged on a full-grown bull! My heart was racing and my naked cock was rock hard as I gazed with undisguised lust at this utterly magnificent male. 

He casually shifted his weight from one heel to the other, making his gigantic scrotum lightly swing back and forth in the most lewd fashion, like some sort of heavy meaty pendulum. Evidently not finding what he was looking for, the huge stud stood back up, placed the hand towel in front of his groin again, and turned around. And then, without warning, he started walking toward me! 

I found that I was still completely unable to look away from him as he walked provocatively across the tiled floor to where I sat. He could have been coming over to beat the crap out of me for staring at him, and I still wouldn’t have been able to stop! Within seconds, he was standing right in front of me, the white towel at my eye level, and neither one of us had said a word. 

It was obvious to me that the huge muscle bull hadn’t showered yet, as a wall of musky odor hit me now that he was standing so close to me. Man, but the dude was ripe, and in the best possible way! He smelled of stale sweat and man musk, like he’d worked hard at a construction site all day, then did a heavy workout at the gym, followed by an hour in the sauna. His strong male scent was nearly overpowering, but it was a heady and delicious fragrance, and I found myself breathing deeply of his man musk, filling my lungs with his erotic male odor. 

With his right hand, the huge stud reached up to his left nipple and slowly started to rub and pinch it. He continued to hold the small towel over his bulging groin with his left hand, but as he noticed my obvious interest, he began to slowly lower the towel to expose the upper growth of his thick and lush pubic bush. He stared directly down at me, but I was unable to meet his eyes, my gaze instead glued to that small white towel and what was hiding underneath. He continued massaging his nipple, at the same time lowering the towel even further until the thick, corpulent, white-skinned root of his heavy sex was uncovered. My eyes nearly bugged out of my head as I saw how incredibly THICK the base of his limp cock was, and even though I could only see a portion of his partially bared sex organ, I knew that even if he proved to be only a few inches long, the girth alone would be staggering enough. But I was growing more and more certain that he would be considerably longer than that… 

As if reading my mind, the big dude suddenly let the white towel fall to the floor, exposing his sex to me all at once. I think I actually gasped at that point, for I was gazing upon a wealth of man meat unlike anything I’d ever seen. His flaccid cock was exceedingly thick, and had to be at least eight inches long even in its present limp state. Unusually large, bluish veins snaked down the length of his burly shaft, and he was beautifully uncircumcised, the long hood of his foreskin fully encasing his large, helmet-shaped glans and extending a good inch or so beyond, ending in a long, rosebud-like pucker. That massive uncut prick rode protectively over those two huge bull’s testicles, which hung exceedingly low in their pale pink, sagging, hairy sac. Up close, those twin bollocks looked even more massive and powerful, the two slightly oblong orbs looking nearly as huge as my clenched fists. The narrow neck of his scrotum had to stretch a good five inches or more, and his balls were so massive and beefy that they hung down a couple of inches farther than the tip of his huge dick. 

That limp and meaty cock started to slowly plump, filling with blood as it started gaining even more length and thickness, like some slumbering beast slowly awakening. The big dude used his massive left hand to start gently massaging his steadily growing prick. I watched as he slowly pulled his long fleshy foreskin back, just enough to reveal the beginning of the hidden purple-hued glans. His penis was growing harder and longer by the second, until it stood out cantilevered into the humid locker room air, rock hard and tense, like a soldier at attention. It was by far the biggest cock I’d ever seen, easily an inch or two over a full foot in length, and thicker than my wrist! By now, the huge hood of foreskin was retracted halfway back over the moist purple head, vulgarly revealing his open piss slit. It was oozing out a sticky, stringy, slightly milky white liquid, staring at me like a small weeping eye. I could smell an overpowering stench issuing out of his opened foreskin of stale sperm and urine, mixed with the musky and nearly rancid man-sweat of the rest of his body. The man’s obscenely huge erect penis with its seeping eye continued to glare at me as his deep male voice finally broke the lewd silence of the locker room. 

“You like my big dick?” he said in a deep, husky voice. His directness was as startling as it was erotic, but I still wasn’t sure what he intended with me. “You like to watch what I’m doing to it, dontcha buddy?” 

I nodded my head a little too vigorously, feeling like a rodent caught in the predatory stare of a deadly snake. 

“Yeah, I figured as much,” he continued. “I’ll let you watch me play with it.” 

He started to sensuously masturbate his thick uncut horse cock, stroking all the way from the bloated tip to the thick and hairy root and back again. After a few strokes, he pulled the foreskin all the way back to show me the huge moist mushroom-shaped head. 

“Yeah, look at the size of that head. You like the big head on it, dontcha?” he said, his deep voice a gravelly rumble that I could feel vibrating inside my chest. “Yeah, look at the cream coming out.” 


I could see a copious formation of fresh, sticky precum seeping out of his open piss slit. He caught the stringy fluid on his pointer finger just as it was about to drop to the floor and used it to lubricate his big fleshy prick as he continued to slide the skin back and forth, constantly re-exposing the big, wet, plum-colored, piss-smelling, swollen gland to me. 

“Look at them big balls I got, man! I got some heavy duty low hangers. And they are packed full of scum and need to be milked.” 

I watched him as he then reached down with his right hand and began to massage his two big bull testicles, lifting them up and pointing them in my direction. He was roughly squeezing and kneading them as if they were two huge oval-shaped lumps of clay, causing them to profoundly bend and distort around his clutching fingers. Damn, but that amount of testicular mauling would have had me sobbing and crying out for mercy, but the big stud just let out a low, grumbling moan of pleasure, and his cock throbbed even more powerfully! His twin orbs did indeed look painfully swollen with semen, looking exceedingly firm and turgid, and no doubt needed desperately to be emptied. He pulled and twisted them with raw male force, kneading them like they were made out of an exceptionally thick dough, and my own bollocks clenched in sympathetic pain at the incredibly erotic sight. 

He then released his huge balls and once again grabbed his massive, turgid penis, waving it at my face like a huge meaty club. He then started smacking his massive dork against the side of my face, making beefy thwacking sounds as that hot, smooth column of male flesh struck the side of my eager face. I could’t believe how thick and solid his man meat felt as it collided with my cheek, leaving behind warm, slippery strands of his clear male effluvium on my skin. 

“You wanna suck this bad boy?” he asked as he continued firmly batting his mammoth sex organ against the side of my face. I once again nodded my head in the affirmative, my mouth already starting to open wide to accommodate his huge cock. 

“Then suck my dick!” he growled commandingly at me, grabbing the back of my head with his huge and burly left hand and pressing it towards his muscular, hairy crotch. His enormously erect dick was pointed straight towards my mouth, and my eager lips were almost touching the bloated magenta head. I could smell the strong raunchy male odor issuing out of his groin, and it was heady and intoxicating. 

“Lick my dick, man,” he said hoarsely. “Yeah, lick my foreskin!” 

With that, he pulled his long meaty foreskin back over the organ’s bulbous head, causing the purple glans to be swallowed up entirely and ending in a pale pink pucker of loose skin. I nervously reached my tongue out to lick the extended tip of his pursed up foreskin, and it tasted salty and tangy and gamey. Using his powerful left hand, he pushed my head even closer to his cock, pressing his rigid member against my lips until I was forced to swallow the skin covered one-eyed organ. The head felt enormous in my mouth. My lips hugged its perimeter, as I worked his fleshy foreskin back with my tongue until I felt the spongy flared ridge of the penis head. I then wrapped my tongue around the head and began to lingually masturbate him. 

“Oh yeah, suck on it, man!” he growled again, clearly enjoying the workout I was giving the tip of his uber stiff member. “Suck my dick! Yeah, work it over real good!” 

The big guy released his grip on my head and spread his burly legs apart slightly, tensing his huge muscles to balance himself. He then propped himself over me with his work-callused hands flat against the cool locker room wall as his muscular hips forcefully shoved his rigid meaty shaft deeper into my throat like a fat, turgid snake. He continued to pump his hips over and over again, driving his humongous cock deeper into my throat each time, until my nose was suddenly buried in his funky, sweat-soaked pubic hair. I could feel the long neck of his hairy scrotum bag pressing against my chin, while the testicle-filled pouch itself was tucked up under my jaw and pressed hard against my neck. I was soon gasping for air as he began abusing my mouth, using it like a woman’s vagina. His huge and supremely potent balls were slapping against my neck with each inward thrust, eager to unload their heavy ballast of prime male stud seed. 

“Work my balls over, man!” he moaned as he continued to powerfully pump his swollen penis into my mouth, his enormously muscular body thrusting and bucking like some sort of slow-moving human pile driver. “Squeeze the milk out of them baby makers!” 

I reached up and grabbed both of his balls, the huge, warm, heavy orbs filling my hands to beyond overflowing. I began to squeeze and knead them in the same manner that I’d watched him use, really trying to dig my fingers into all of that meat, but the dude’s huge bollocks felt like they were made out of a tough rubber. They were barely malleable at all in my hands, the slippery sex organs feeling far more tough and solid than any man’s nuts had a right to be. I steadily increased the contorting pressure to his nuts, but I guess I wasn’t nearly as strong as the muscular bull, for I couldn’t get them to deform nearly as much as he could. I was soon squeezing with all of my might, my knuckles turning white with the strain. 

“Ah, fuck yeah, man!” the huge dude said in a deep, breathy moan. He clearly liked it rough, and I wanted to do everything I could to please him. 

After deep throating his mammoth cock and mauling his huge nuts in my fists for a good four or five minutes, the big man said, “Now suck on my balls!” 

I immediately let go of his slightly reddened testicles and allowed his big dick to slide out of my mouth with a wet, juicy slurp. I held the hot, rigid, spit-slickened pole up against his hairy belly with my right hand as I worked my tongue down the underside of his oversized shaft, teasing the enormous cum tube with my lips and tongue. When I reached the base of his colossal cock, I started working my way down the long neck of his extremely hairy scrotum, sucking and chewing on that thick neck of flesh before reaching the double-barreled massiveness of the balls themselves. His enormous testicle bag reeked of ripe male sweat and rancid sperm. The man had evidently had sexual intercourse recently, or maybe he had jacked himself off to ease his apparent chronic horniness. I breathed deeply through my nose, savoring the heady aroma of his maleness as I rubbed my face against his mammoth testicles. 

“Suck my balls into your mouth and chew on ‘em, man!” the huge dude growled, his voice sounding impatient. 

With my face this close to his scrotum, I could see the guy’s huge nuts stirring around in their warm fleshy sack, working overtime producing his lusty male sperm. I stuck my tongue out and licked his salty ball bag. At the same time I began to masturbate his big wet dick with my free hand. He moaned gruffly as I engulfed his huge right nut with my lips, filling my mouth his his oversized teste. I sucked his bloated sperm maker entirely into my mouth and began to twirl and chew on it as if it were a piece of saltwater taffy. He moaned again from deep within his belly, loving the harsh treatment I was giving his right testicle. 

“Suck on both of them,” he ordered. “Don’t forget the other big boy.” 

My eyebrows shot up at his command, for I had no idea how I was going to fit BOTH of his mammoth seed pods into my mouth. Just one of those impossibly fat orbs was nearly filling my mouth to overflowing! I maneuvered his rotund right egg over to the corner of my mouth, pressing my molars down partway to hold it in place, and then started using both of my blunt-fingered hands to start stuffing his equally massive left bollock into my mouth. I took a lot of poking and prodding, and any other man would have been crying out in agony from the rough treatment of his testicles, but I eventually managed to force the other mango-sized orb into my overstuffed gob. My cheeks were now comically bulging like I was some sort of chipmunk, but my mouth was now packed with the two largest bull nuts I’d ever seen. 

At this command, I started chewing on both of them as hard as I could, as I continued to pump his enormous stiff rod up and down, gradually increasing the speed with each movement. 

“Yeah, chew them balls, man!” he growled, small wild shudders starting to rack his monumentally muscular body. “Fuck yeah, chomp on ‘em real good! Milk me, man, milk me!” 

He continue to moan obscenely as I chewed as hard as I could on his man-eggs while at the same time furiously abusing his rock hard shaft with my right hand. My back teeth were damn near bisecting the stud’s huge, tough nuts, but he kept shouting for me to chew harder and harder still. Damn, but this was one tough stud!! 

“Pull on ‘em, man!” he barked. “Pull on ‘em as hard as you can while you’re chewin’ ‘em!” 

I was already incredulous at the amount of testicular abuse that this bull of a man was willingly suffering, and yet he wanted even more! I held both of the man’s gigantic, sperm-swollen testicles in my mouth, chomping down on them with all of the might in my powerful jaw, and now I started pulling on them as hard as I could. I was soon stretching his ball sack out as far as it would reach, damn near doubling his five-inch dangle, and tautening the skin to the point of almost ripping. The unusually thick cords and tubes connecting his huge balls to his body were standing out like thick wire cables through the thin skin of his hairy scrotum, remaining firmly anchored in place even as I tugged and yanked on his bollocks as hard as I could. 

He began to buck with his muscular, chiseled hips as I continued to roughly and violently tug and chew on his nuts, while simultaneously milking his rock hard prick, using the abundant precum as a lubricant. With my free hand, I reached behind and began to roughly knead his enormous, granite-hard ass cheeks, my hand groping all over the vast sweat- and hair-covered acreage of his magnificent muscular butt. I fingered my way into his deep, hairy crack, finding his tight, puckered hole and forcing two sweat-slickened fingers inside. He really began to buck wildly then, grunting with the effort and his utterly massive legs trembling as he hurtled toward his orgasm. 

“I’m coming, man!” he suddenly roared. “Fuck yeah, I’m coming! Grab my fucking nuts and squeeze ‘em as hard as you fucking can!” 

I immediately released his hideously overstretched balls from my mouth, letting the bright red orbs sling shot back to his hairy crotch, and shoved his throbbing, pulsating penis into my mouth to receive his imminent seed. At the same time, I grabbed both of his humongous, sperm-engorged bollocks in my hands, crushing them in the hardest grip I could manage while simultaneously yanking them toward the floor. All of that extreme stimulation seemed to do the trick, for the mighty bull let out a deep, guttural yell as he started to cum. 

I suddenly felt his already rock hard horse cock swell even larger and harder in my mouth, and then it began to explode in orgasmic spurts, jetting off in my mouth with a force and a power that was difficult to describe. I could feel gigantic gobs and pulses of hot male sperm flooding my mouth, gushing across my tongue as I brutally sucked off his spasming cock, draining his convulsing baby makers of their prime crude. 

“Fuck, man! FUCK!! I’m coming!” he roared again, his deep voice reverberating off of the locker room walls. “Take it all! Drink me down! Swallow all of that nut sludge!” 

That was proving to be more difficult than I could have ever imagined, for the huge, hairy muscle stud was cumming with a speed and a volume that were both simply super human. Just the first two or three lush pulses were enough to fill my mouth to the point where excess fluid was spurting out the corners of the mouth and running down my chin in thick rivers, and more was on the way! What’s more, the dude’s gamey, beefy spunk was so unbelievably thick that it was a genuine struggle to swallow, almost feeling like I’d have to chew it first to get it down! It was the most outrageously copious and hyper abundant ejaculation I’d ever experienced, and it seemed to go on forever! 

The huge muscle beast just kept right on bucking his hips and thrusting his throbbing cock down my throat, pumping me full of his monster load. His flavor was tangy and salty and a little bit caustic, but 100% delicious, though I had little time to savor the taste as more and more of the stuff kept pumping into my face. 

It was only after a good 18 or 20 monumental pulses of stud cum that his volcanic orgasm finally started to wind down, and even then he still ejaculated another half dozen or so steadily diminishing ropes of cum across my tongue before he finally came to a stop. My muscular belly felt filled to the brim with his powerful seed, and I knew I’d be burping his monster load for the rest of the week! 

The handsome muscle bull remained leaning over me against the locker doors, blue eyes closed and breathing heavily as his mighty body began to relax post orgasm. My lips were still locked around his spent penis, and I continued to hold it in my mouth and gently suck at its extraordinary mass as it began to slowly soften and shrink. I didn’t want to let it go. He straightened up as he tried to pull my face away from his now hyper sensitive crotch area, but I resisted, holding onto his huge, chiseled ass cheeks with both hands and pressing my face against his furry crotch. Eventually, I let go, and his drained-out dick slowly slid out of my mouth. Even flaccid and spent, it was still a massive piece of man meat. I could see a final drop of his thick semen oozing out of his drooping foreskin, so I extended my tongue and lapped up that last, delicious dollop of his potent and gamey male seed, savoring it on my tongue before swallowing it. 

My chin and neck were drenched in more of his seed, which had run down the front of my body and dripped heavily to the floor, forming a not inconsiderable puddle of spilled splooge. I could also see that the dude’s huge balls were hanging even more loose and heavy than ever, temporarily purged of their powerful sperm. They were glowing bright red and shiny from all of the abuse, and I could see the indentations of my molars all over their massive curved surfaces, but they otherwise looked none the worse for wear, having endured a level of punishment that would have wrecked and ruined any other man’s nuts. I was beyond humbled and beyond impressed, grateful for this opportunity to suck off this superior alpha male, and eager for the chance to do so again. 

But the big dude said nothing. He simply picked up his hand towel from the cum splattered floor, modestly covered up his enormous genitals once more, and wordlessly walked off toward the showers. The last I saw of him were his milky white, hairy buttocks bouncing heavily over his massively muscular legs as he disappeared out of sight.