Monday, October 30, 2023

Oops -- The Mammogram

The source of today's installment once again comes from the fertile and wicked imagination of Sack Stomper on his Cracked Nuts website. Hopefully this is a suitable horror story for Halloween. ;) 

 Oops - The Mammogram

Based on an original story by Cracked Nuts


It was just after three in the morning when the large glass doors of the Westwood Oncology Clinic opened with a whoosh, flooding the dark parking lot with light. Two masked figures made their way into the entryway, silhouetted like two angels returning to heaven, one of them holding a GoPro and both of them peering around nervously as they walked through the brightly lit but abandoned halls. 

“They don’t have an alarm or anything?” one of the figures asked incredulously.

“Nah, just key cards,” the other, Trevor Palmer, responded.

Trevor was a handsome and strikingly charismatic upperclassman at the local university, and his friend, fellow student Josh Trager, was one of the Big Jocks on Campus, a certifiable muscle stud of the highest order. Trevor and Josh were brothers from another mother, practically joined at the hip since they had met freshman year, and constantly engaging in outlandish pranks and stunts that they filmed on their GoPro and shared on social media with their friends and growing list of followers. Most of the pranks were as outrageous as they were harmless, just skirting the line of good taste and avoiding breaking any serious laws, but tonight was gearing up to be different. 

Trevor was as tech savvy as he was averse to student loans, so he spent any of his time that he wasn’t in class or pulling pranks with Josh doing freelance IT work for local small businesses. One of those small businesses was the Westwood Oncology Clinic, where he had happened across a pamphlet for mammograms, which had given him the devious idea to film Josh getting checked for lumps… only they weren’t going to be checking his big chiseled pecs. 

The plan was almost comically easy to pull off; Trevor used his boyishly handsome looks and natural charm to flirt with one of the nurses when he was onsite doing some of his freelance work, and he distracted her just long enough to lift her pocketbook out of her bag. Trevor was still clutching the nurse’s card in his hands as the two young men made their way down halls. He intended to give the pocketbook and key card back at the end of their visit, just needing the card access long enough to get inside the building. 

“Cameras!” Josh said in a sharp whisper as the big man froze in mid step, his big blue eyes visible through his black ski mask as he stared wide eyed at the ceiling-mounted camera looking directly at him.

Trevor laughed; he knew the only functioning camera was in the lobby, which they had slipped by still in their masks and black clothes, and the other cameras had been disconnected long ago.

“Oh relax, bro! I won’t let anything bad happen to you.” 

Trevor removed his mask, revealing his devastatingly handsome face and tousled blond hair, and gave his larger friend a smile and a wink, in full view of the decoy camera, as he opened a door marked ‘Examination Room 5’.

Despite Trevor’s assurances, Josh waited until the door closed behind him before removing his own mask, revealing his sweaty but also extremely handsome face. Where Trevor was boyishly handsome, Josh had the rugged but youthful looks of a MAN, with a chiseled jawline and strong angular features. Combine that with his sparkling blue eyes, full kissable lips, and gorgeous smile, and Josh was a certifiable hunk. His short, reddish-brown hair was matted by the ski mask and the fair skin of his face was flush with a mix of excitement and heat, somehow making him look even more handsome than ever. 

Now that they were standing side by side, it was even more obvious just how BIG Josh really was, a size that even his baggy black clothing couldn’t hope to truly hide. Trevor was muscular and fit, standing a respectable 6 feet tall and built like a prime athlete, but the 6 foot, 4 inch tall Josh dwarfed him in every way possible. Josh was built like the proverbial brick shithouse, with a thick neck, exceptionally wide shoulders, enormously muscular arms, huge firm pecs, and a chiseled washboard stomach that tapered down dramatically to a slim and muscular waist. Josh was a football player and star athlete who hit the gym HARD, and it showed. Even now, Josh’s bulky biceps were threatening to tear through the sleeves of his shirt, and hugely muscular, powerful thighs were straining against the legs of his black pants. 

Considering the usually risqué content of their social media posts and the fact that they were almost always paling around together, there had long been speculation that the two handsome studs were secretly a couple. But tales of their legendary sexual exploits on campus — and Josh’s fabled sexual prowess — usually misspelled such rumors fairly quickly. Even the fact that they liked to bang chicks together at the same time in the same bed was simply explained away by the fact that the two best friends truly shared everything together. 

Trevor gave Josh a nod and another playful wink as he eagerly motioned toward the mammogram machine in the center of the room, setting up a tripod for the GoPro and training the camera on both the machine and his friend. Less nervous now that they were in the examination room with the door closed, Josh broke into laughter as well, his smile radiantly lighting up his devastatingly handsome face, and without hesitation started to strip out of his clothes. He first peeled the tight long-sleeve black shirt over his head, needing Trevor’s assistance to get the clinging fabric up and over the magnificent swell of his muscular lats, and revealed his gloriously muscular physique to the room. He then started stepping out of his black pants, shucking them down to the floor. Josh had purposefully not worn any underwear tonight — why bother, when it was just going to come off anyway — so his extremely thick cock and huge pendulous balls swung freely into view as soon as he shucked off his pants. 

It was immediately very evident why Josh was so often the focus of their playful and risqué videos, for the young college football star was hung almost comically huge. His cock was an enormous slab of uncut meat, over 6 inches long in its completely flaccid state and nearly as thick as a Coke can. His huge, cleanly-shaven bollocks were perhaps even more impressive, each immensely fat oval orb easily the size of a ripe grapefruit and just as juicy. Even on a man of Josh’s considerable height and impressive muscular bearing, his testicles looked outsized and overgrown, ridiculous parodies of a normal man’s testicles. Josh’s bull balls were also extremely heavy, their great weight dragging his sac down over 6 full inches, creating a long channel that seemed custom built to cradle his huge limp cock. 

Josh’s nuts were just as tough as they were massive, as the pair of lads had proven in countless video posts. The two boys loved to think of ever more creative and outlandish ways to showcase just how huge and solid Josh’s nuts were. Punching and kicking videos had given way to tougher challenges, such as enduring baseballs thrown from an automatic pitching machine, getting slammed with billiard balls on a pool table, and dropping shot put weights from greater and greater heights onto the young muscle man’s monstrous bollocks. Josh’s naturally sturdy nuts had toughened up even more under several years of such frequent and often intense abuse, and now he could endure even the most brutal of strikes with little more than a grunt and a toothy grin. 

Trevor couldn’t help but admire his friend’s magnificent physique and pornographic equipment as his balls bounced a full half a foot from his body. The handsome blond lad felt his own large cock starting to chub up in his pants at the sight of Josh’s overwhelmingly masculine beauty and his staggeringly huge genitals. Trevor considered himself to be 100% straight, but the sight of his best friend naked never failed to bone him up. The dude was a sex god, there was just no denying it, and Trevor was always proud to count him as his best friend. 

“Okay, how are we gonna do this?” Josh asked in his deep, resonant voice once he’d stripped completely naked. The pair turned toward the mammogram machine itself, and Trevor set about figuring out how it worked while Josh ‘prepped’ himself for the video, using one of his big, meaty hands to start stroking his flaccid dick. 

The mammogram machine consisted of a solid white pillar extending from floor to ceiling, with a control panel attached and a large, flat metallic plate protruding midway down the shaft. Above the metal plate was a thick slab of what appeared to be plexiglass attached to a hydraulic mechanism that could lower the glass plate so that it pressed downward onto the metal surface. Both the metal and plexiglas plates were quite large — almost 2 feet wide and about 1 foot deep — which made sense, as they had to be large enough to accommodate the largest of breasts. It took Trevor a few minutes to figure out how to operate the machine, and to lower the metallic plate enough so that it would be at the correct height for Josh’s crotch. 

Meanwhile, the humongously muscular football player had been busy. By the time Trevor had the mammogram machine set up, Josh’s massive cock had swollen and unfurled to its full, eye-popping size. Trevor never could get over the size of Josh’s epic boner, for the sight stunned and amazed him every single time. Protruding proudly from the stud’s russet-haired crotch was by far the largest cock Trevor had ever seen, a true monster of a penis that measured just over 12 inches long and had a truly hole-busting girth. Trevor grinned as he reached over and wrapped his hand around as much of that rock solid shaft as he could and gave it a few playful tugs, making Josh almost giggle as he gently batted his best friend’s hand away. The towering organ swayed ponderously before the big man, visibly throbbing to his heartbeat and stretching halfway past his navel toward the bulging underside of his huge curving pecs. 

Josh confidently stepped forward and pressed his chiseled, muscular thighs against the mammogram machine, positioning himself so that his goliath dangling nuts rested heavily on the metal surface. The stainless steel plate felt cold against the backside of Josh’s warm, freshly-shaved nuts, and he hissed through his teeth as he acclimated to the cold, the heat from his titanic nuts quickly warming up the metal. As huge as Josh’s nuts were, the metal plate was plenty large enough to accommodate their bulky mass, for it had seen breasts far larger than even the football stud’s oversized balls. Trevor quickly checked the camera set up to make sure that he captured all of Josh’s beefy and sculpted body within the frame, focusing of course on those massive balls resting so heavily on the flat metal plate. 

“Okay, we’re all set and already rolling. Let’s get started!” Trevor said as he stepped up to the machine’s control panel. He tapped in a few commands, but to his surprise, nothing happened. Trevor tapped the keyboard again, and there was a beep and the sound of motors whirring inside the hydraulic press, but again nothing happened. 

“Man, hurry up! We’re gonna’ get caught!” Josh stage whispered, chuckling but clearly still a bit nervous about breaking into the medical building. 

“Hang on, hang on!” Trevor said assuredly as he continued tapping away at the control panel. 

What Josh couldn’t see was that his friend had been presented with a password screen. Trevor hadn’t anticipated that and none of the security codes he knew from the other equipment were working. He was just about to call off the stunt when he noticed the brand of the touch panel was the same as the new digital clipboards he had set up for the clinic the week before. 

“Worth a shot,” he thought aloud as he positioned his thumbs and index fingers in an uncomfortable position on the screen, tapped his left thumb three times and waited. Just like the clipboards, the sequence unlocked a backdoor to the mammogram machine with only one option illuminated. 

“What do you think ‘diagnostic calibration mode’ means?” he asked Josh. 

The handsome and naked jock just shrugged, his beefy shoulder and back muscles flexing enormously with even that one small movement, and his massive and rock hard schlong still wagging languidly in front of him. 

Trevor took that as permission to go ahead, and he tapped to start the diagnostic mode, whatever that meant, tapping so quickly that he totally skipped past the ostentatious warning screen that appeared.

“I wonder what that…”

“Oh shit!” Josh gasped in his deep voice as the thick plexiglas plate suddenly slammed downward with almost pulverizing force into the young man’s vulnerable testicles, instantly crushing both enormous, meaty orbs almost halfway flat and pinning them to the metal plate below. But the sturdy spuds halted the plexiglas plate from descending any farther, and the machine seemed to pause. 

“Calibration error. Lower plate not detected,” came a pleasant female voice from control panel.

Both Josh and Trevor were looking down at the football player’s trapped balls with a comical look of shock and surprise on their handsome faces. Josh’s halfway flattened balls were turning white where they pressed against the glass surface, whereas the bulk of the two pink nuts were blushing a rosy red from the pressure. Trevor knew how unusually dense and solid Josh’s big nuts were — he’d certainly punched, kicked, and squeezed the gigantic testes himself during their many hilarious videos together enough to know just how outrageously tough the stud’s balls really were — so he knew that the mammogram machine must have been pressing down extremely hard in order to get his friend’s fat nuts to compress that much. Although the constant pressure was evenly distributed and his balls weren’t actually being compressed too much, they were starting to ache a bit, and Josh was relieved that the upper plate hadn’t pressed down any harder. 

“Okay, okay, turn it off Trevor. My balls are…” Josh’s sentence was cut short and his blue eyes bulged out of his head as the plexiglas plate unexpectedly lurched lower, crushing his huge bollocks even harder.

Trevor’s eyes grew wide as he watched Josh’s massive, grapefruit-sized balls suddenly compressed to less than half their girth, flattening between the glass and the metal surface with only about 2 inches of space left between them. Josh’s eyes watered and he choked back a grunt of pain as he instinctively reached for the glass plate and tried to pry it open, desperate to get his balls out of the merciless jaws of the machine. But even his tremendous strength was no match for the machine’s hydraulics, and though his massively muscled arms bulged and flexed to even greater dimensions, thick veins erupting all over their muscle-gnarled surfaces, he couldn’t free his trapped bull nuts.

“Oooh! FUCK!! Trevor, help me!!” Josh screamed as the plates lowered again.

“Calibration error. Lower plate not detected,” came the disembodied voice again.

“UUUUHH!!” Josh screamed as the plates lowered yet again. His fingertips of both hands were wedged in the shrinking gap between the two plates, pulling upward with all of his awesome might, but the infernal machine wouldn’t budge. His massive balls were now being compressed disturbingly flat, their tremendously meaty girth now squished into a space barely and inch and a half wide, and continuing to close in short, sharp, lurching spurts. 

Perversely, Josh’s over foot long cock remained granite hard even as his precious balls were being steadily crushed to smithereens between the two unstoppable plates. In fact, if anything, the stud’s stallion cock seemed to get even harder and more rigid, the tortured veins running all up and down the shaft starting to swell to even greater dimensions as more and more blood was forced into the bloated, turgid organ. 

“Turn it off!! Turn it off!!” Josh croaked as Trevor frantically tapped at the control panel, but he couldn’t get the machine to abort its calibration mode. 

“Calibration error. Lower plate not detected.” 

“OOOFF!!” Josh’s breath was forced explosively from his lungs as the deadly plexiglas plate lurched lower still, compressing his bull balls dangerously flat. His huge testicles were starting to resemble blood red meat patties, squashed so flat that they were now spread across a considerable acreage of the large plates. 

“Calibration error. Lower plate not detected.” 

The glass plate lowered yet again. Josh was hysterically screaming now, viciously tugging at his own nuts to try to free them. But his big bollocks were well and truly trapped, squashed more than three quarters flat, and all he succeeded in doing was yanking painfully at his own thick ball cords, nearly ripping his own nuts off by the roots in the process, but coming nowhere nearer to working his precious testicles loose of the relentless machine. 

“Calibration error. Lower plate not detected.” 

Josh looked down at the device in terror as he felt the plexiglas plate lower once again, watching in exquisite detail as his hefty huevos got flatter and flatter, and then flatter still. Barely an inch was separating the plates now, and even that minuscule distance continued to decrease as the handsome muscle man could only look on in abject horror. He continued to scrabble at the upper plate with both hands, but his thick fingers couldn’t find any purchase on the slick glass surface. 

At the same time, a thick slurry of sperm and seminal fluids started to burp out of Josh’s terminally engorged cock, thick slugs of cum running down the sides of his gigantic shaft in hot, gloopy rivers. But Josh wasn’t cumming. No, his enormous reservoir of spunk was being literally crushed out of his nuts, the plexiglas plate now pressing down with such tremendous pressure that it was forcing the young man’s prime stud cum right out of his steadily collapsing bollocks. 

“Calibration error. Lower plate not detected.” 

Josh was now bellowing at the top of his lungs as the plate lurched downward yet again, begging Trevor to turn off the machine and babbling in terror and agony. Trevor was horrified as well, the whites of his eyes showing as he frantically searched for an off switch or a power cord for the diabolical mammogram machine. The power source was recessed into the floor and inaccessible, however, and the machine had no visible power button that he could find. Panicking, Trevor threw himself against the column of metal itself, hoping to knock the machine loose from its moorings and break it that way. But the sturdy machine was bolted firmly in place, and he just bounced uselessly off the machine and landed heavily on the floor, flat on his ass. 

Tears were streaming from Trevor’s eyes as he looked up at his screaming and suffering friend, and he was powerless to help him. From his vantage point on the floor, Trevor had a perfect view of Josh’s titanic testes as they were crushed flatter still between the two plates, the dense flesh itself changing from an angry dark red to a dangerous purple as the pressures inside those twin orbs were rapidly reaching critical levels. 

“Calibration error. Lower plate not detected.” 

Josh had to pull his fingertips out from between the plates as they pressed even closer together, and he grabbed the vertical pole of the machine and gave it a violent shake, his enormous muscles flexing dramatically. But even the football star’s awesome strength was insufficient to budge the machine at all, and it continued its inexorable crushing press onto the stud’s steadily squishing balls. 

Cum was pouring down the sides of Josh’s titanic tumescent tubesteak in enormous rivers now, huge amounts of raw spunk being forced out of his squashing baby makers. The hot and funky spew was even thicker than the handsome hunk’s normal cum, as it was almost pure sperm, undiluted by other seminal fluids as it was crushed like chunky, cream-colored toothpaste out of his massive spuds. 

“Calibration error. Lower plate not detected.” 

As the upper plate cranked downward yet again, it closed the gap between the plates to a mere half inch, barely more than a tenth of the normal healthy girth of Josh’s colossal cajones. Both young men were now continuously screaming now — Trevor in panic and Josh in agony — as the two helplessly watched the handsome hunk’s legendary manhood get slowly crushed to death. 

The veins on Josh’s cock were now so swollen that they looked like they might burst, and his entire cock was quivering and violently throbbing, looking almost like it was about to hit orgasm. But that would have been impossible! Not while his treasured testicles were being pulverized to paste! 

“Calibration error. Lower plate not detected.” 

The upper plate attempted to lurch downward again, but it couldn’t seem to make any further progress. The dense meat of Josh’s herculean bull balls was now compressed to such a fantastic degree that they refused to crush any flatter, even as the upper plate lurched again and again and yet again. It wasn’t making even the tiniest bit of progress with every powerful downward lurch, as Josh’s mighty nuts valiantly fought back, reaching a temporary stalemate as the unstoppable force finally met an immovable object. 

Over and over and over again, the upper plate pressed down onto Josh’s nearly busted nuts, rhythmically crushing and compressing them with terrific force, while the helpless young muscle bull could only scream and writhe and uselessly beat his fists against the relentless machine. Yet his behemoth bollocks somehow held, proving their supreme mettle against their toughest opponent yet. 

Trevor began to regain hope that somehow Josh could survive this insanely brutal attack on his nuts and come out intact, and he began once again furiously looking around the room for a power source or an off switch, or some other way to stop the soulless machine. But that’s when he noticed that Josh’s bellows of pain were starting to take on that familiar deep grunting sound that the big muscle man made whenever he was approaching orgasm. Trevor knew that sound well, as he’d heard it hundreds of times. The blond-haired lad could only watch incredulously as Josh’s monster cock swelled even larger still, slapped against his corrugated abs with a mighty lurch, and then began to jettison the single largest cumload Trevor had ever seen in his life. 

Josh’s entire, massive frame shook and shuddered as his huge horse cock began spewing utterly colossal ropes of cum in great powerful arcs. Trevor had seen his best friend cum countless times — when sharing a bed with the stud when they were both having sex with gorgeous coeds, when they were both pulling one out in the communal showers at the gym, and when they would watch porn together and sometimes even wank each other off — and he already knew that Josh came with a force and volume that porn stars could only dream of. But this almighty bull load put all of the stud’s previous ejaculations to shame. 

The huge hunk’s muscular hips bucked in short, sharp jerking motions, tugging even harder at his trapped bollocks, as his enormous cock violently throbbed and pulsed, pumping out rope after rope of the thickest, chunkiest, whitest spunk Trevor had ever seen. Each majestic slug of spunk contained more sperm than most guys could pump out in a week, and Josh just kept right on pumping out rope after rope of the stuff in perhaps the greatest testicular purge in human history. Trevor was sprawled on the floor directly in the line of fire, so the handsome blond lad was lashed with slug after messy slug of Josh’s outrageously copious hot male juices, quickly drenching his face and torso with jaw-dropping quantities of his friend’s pearlescent sludge. Even more of the stuff was plastering the mammogram machine itself, shellacking the pole, the plates, and even the control panel with ungodly amounts of prime alpha stud spunk. Josh’s orgasm thundered on and on with no end in sight, almost as if the handsome stud’s proud cock was declaring its dominance over the enemy machine, dousing it with his masculine essence. 

The infernal device kept right on rhythmically compressing Josh’s balls throughout his titanic orgasm, however, crushing down on his squashed balls even as they tried to blow off their ballast. 

“Calibration error. Lower plate not detected.” 

The woman’s calm voice was an odd counterpoint to the cries and growls and deep grunts of the orgasming and bucking super stud, and the wet splashing sounds as his enormous slugs of spunk struck various surfaces around the room. 

“Calibration error. Lower plate not detected.” 

Fresh fear made Trevor’s heart race even faster as he noticed that the plexiglas plate was starting to lower once again. Only by tiny, almost imperceptible amounts with each crushing squeeze, but with such a ridiculously tiny gap still separating the two plates, even these tiny amounts of incremental progress could swiftly spell doom for Josh’s beleaguered bollocks. 

Josh must have felt it, too, for his tremendous bellows of pain started taking on an even greater sense of urgency. He was beating his knuckles bloody as he punched and pummeled the mammogram’s pole, but he seemed oblivious to the damage to his hands, so great was the agony in his nuts and so desperate his need to free them from the crushing device. 

Small crunching and crackling sounds could now be heard coming from between the plates, audible proof that Josh’s ferociously strong balls were finally starting to lose their epic battle against the machine. Tiny micro fractures were forming in the thick and fibrous walls of the stud’s heroically straining nuts, even as his orgasm thundered on unabated, his mighty horse cock seemingly oblivious to the impending destruction of his twin balls. 

Trevor realized with a sickening start that the very purging of Josh’s massive load of sperm was directly leading to the imminent destruction of his balls. The unbelievably vast store of cum inside of Josh’s huge spunk bunkers had been helping bolster their structural integrity, keeping them pumped up just enough to defy any further downward compression of the thick plexiglas plate. But with that monstrous reservoir of sperm rapidly draining out of his nuts and spraying wildly across the room, that extra element keeping Josh’s powerhouse bull balls hale and whole was quickly diminishing. 

“Calibration error. Lower plate not detected.” 

Each downward press was now gaining more ground each time. Still just a tiny fraction of an inch with each crushing, grinding press of the hydraulic press, but the cumulative effects were wreaking devastating harm to both of Josh’s straining balls. Both nuts were now hideously distorted, filling more than three quarters of the surface area of the two plates and squashing flatter with every passing second. Their dark purple color had been almost completely blanched from them, for the crushing pressure was so intense that Josh’s body could barely even pump any blood into the massive vessels of manhood any longer. 

“Calibration error. Lower plate not detected.” 

The crunching and squishing sounds were taking on a disturbingly wetter tone as the various micro fractures in the stud’s ball walls propagated and spread, growing larger and larger, the final bits of structural integrity in his mighty cum factories being crushed to oblivion. 

“Calibration error. Lower plate not detected.” 

The gap between the two panels had diminished to a mere quarter of an inch, a ridiculously narrow gap, an impossibly small space for such an heroically colossal set of bull nuts! Josh’s nuts were normally well over 4 inches thick!! How could they possibly endure such extreme abuse!?! 

“OH GOD!!!” Josh hollered. The muscular football player threw back his handsome head and uttered his most powerful bellow of agony yet, every muscle in his gloriously built body flexing and bulging to insane dimensions as he felt the final moments of his balls’ destruction. And yet his huge mega cock was STILL pumping out cum like there was no tomorrow, speeding his testicles toward their date with destiny. 

“Calibration error. Lower plate not detected.” 

With the next pulsing lurch of the upper plate, both of Josh’s mighty man orbs were finally pushed beyond all conceivable endurance. A sickeningly loud CRUNCH was heard as both enormous testicles catastrophically shattered within Josh’s flattened ball bag. Josh’s nuts didn’t just crack or split — they were blown to smithereens. The handsome hunk’s final bellow was choked in his throat, his vibrant blue eyes growing wide as he felt his mighty nuts go. His spectacular orgasm was also cut short in mid spurt, the source of his super human virility instantly pulverized beyond any hope of repair. 

But the cruel machine wasn’t done yet. It kept pulsing the plexiglas plate lower and lower. With only shattered nuts and sundered chunks of ball meat now keeping the two plates apart, the plexiglas plate was able to move with far less resistance, and it took only three more mighty pulses before… 


There was a sick, wet splashing sound, like a huge water balloon full of something thick and viscous had just burst. The front of Trevor’s entire body was suddenly splattered with a gigantic gout of nut guts, the liquified remains of Josh’s once proud bull balls violently spraying out from between the two plates as they finally touched, utterly annihilating every bit of virile nut flesh that had been trapped between them. 

“Calibration complete. Lower plate detected,” came the pleasant woman’s voice from the control panel, as the mammogram finally wound down its calibration mode. 

Josh, finally freed from the machine with his entire scrotum pinched off nearly at the base, stumbled back a few steps, and then dropped heavily to his knees in despair, wailing and sobbing as he gazed upon the pulped and shattered remains of his once legendary manhood. For the moment, his massive schlong was still rock hard and drooling the remains of his final, magnificent load, but in some quiet corner of both boy’s minds, they realized that Josh’s mighty boner would soon wilt and die, never to rise again. 

Trevor used both hands to scoop huge slugs of meaty nut guts and thick spunk out of his eyes, too shocked and paralyzed to react. Thick clots of ruined ball meat were still dripping heavily from the edges of the mammogram’s closed plates, and a thick pile of the gooey, pinkish-gray matter had formed on the floor beneath the machine. As Trevor looked down the front of his body, he saw that an ever greater volume of shattered testicular tissue was festooned all over his chest and belly and legs. There looked to be more ruined ball guts splattered around the room than could have possibly fit inside of Josh’s humongous gonads, but the proof was strewn all around them. 

It was a good 20 minutes or so before Trevor could shake off his shock and paralysis, and get out his cell phone to dial 9-1-1. The paramedics arrived a short time later, but there was obviously little that they could do for poor Josh. Every last speck of his manhood had been utterly destroyed, reducing him in an instant from the greatest stud bull on campus to a nutless steer. 

To add insult to injury, not only did the two college buds capture every moment of Josh’s tragic unmanning on their GoPro, but the terrible accident was also caught from two additional angles from a pair of cameras — very much active cameras — located in two corners of the ceiling. The footage from all three cameras was eventually leaked anonymously to the public, where the whole world got to watch the painful and gut-wrenching destruction of two of the largest human bollocks in the world. 

Perhaps the only saving grace in the whole debacle involved the actions of a quick-thinking paramedic, who used a urine specimen cup to scoop up a thick batch of Josh’s warm and quivering nut oysters, capping the cup and quickly sending it off to a cryogenic lab to be frozen and stored. The handsome and massively muscular former football sensation could still be a father some day, and perhaps pass his extraordinary genes on to a son. 

Hopefully, any future son will be more protective of his massive manhood than his father had been…