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An Officer and Three Gentlemen - Part 5

An Officer and Three Gentlemen - Part 5
An original chapter inspired by a story written by Sack Stomper in 2000


A hot Detroit muscle cop has his massive balls busted wide open by 3 luscious hunks


“First things first!” Eric said. “We gotta make sure that no matter how hard this cop stud cums, none of his sperm can get outta his huge bull balls. Drake, you work on the stud’s cock while Sebastian and I take care of his balls.” 

The three young men sprang into action. Kneeling at Jason’s wide spread feet, Eric gripped the single metal cuff still shackled around the top of Jason’s impossibly low-hanging balls. The cuff still had a one-inch diameter opening around the neck of Jason’s ridiculously overstretched scrotum, but Eric quickly started to close that gap, squeezing the cuff with all of his impressive might. The metal cuff started to cut into the narrow neck of Jason’s elongated nutsac, but Eric kept right on squeezing, looking for all the world like he was trying to sever the stud’s gigantic nuts right off of his body. Jason’s deep grunts and groans of pain took on greater urgency as he felt the cruel shackle choking off his massive balls, even greater agony erupting in his battered balls as their life-giving blood supply began to be squeezed off. 

Sebastian soon joined Eric, bringing the other metal cuff that he’d detached from the fallen weights. Eric encircled this second cuff just below the first, pressing hard against the upper curvature of the young muscle man’s behemoth nuts, and started forcing it closed as well. Soon the second cuff was biting into Jason’s strangled scrotum just as hard as the first, crimping his scrotum and locking the young man’s gigantic testicles in the very base of his sac. But Eric wasn’t quite finished yet — he placed both of his hands around the two cuffs and began to squeeze with all of his mighty strength. His huge arms bulged fantastically as he poured all of his power into closing those two cuffs even further, and a harsh grin spread across his handsome face as he heard the cuffs click once, twice, three more times as the tiny gaps closed even more. 

While Eric and Sebastian were busy with Jason’s gigantic balls, Drake was working on the cop’s behemoth beast of a cock. He retrieved a dozen zip ties from Jason’s utility belt, the kind of white plastic ties that the police used to secure bad guys when they didn’t have enough metal handcuffs available. Drake took the first long zip tie and encircled it around the root of Jason’s prodigious manhood, both cock and scrotum together, and began to pull the tie tight. Drake possessed a nearly super human strength, greater than that of even huge Jason himself, and he was thus able to pull the tie tighter and tighter, crushing down on the very root of the stud’s mighty manhood. The base of Jason’s cock was impossibly thick, thicker than a pair of wrists placed together, but the zip tie inexorably crushed down on all of that steely hard thickness, powered by the monstrous, 400-pound muscle beast. 

When Drake could tighten the zip tie no further, he moved on to a second tie, placing it just above the first and cinching it closed as well. Then he placed a third tie, and a fourth, and a fifth. In a matter of minutes, all 12 zip ties were firmly secured around the root of Jason’s sex, stacked one atop the other, forming a ridiculously narrow tube of plastic rings nearly 2 inches long. The base of Jason’s monster cock was normally over 4 inches in diameter, thicker than a Louisville slugger, but Drake had managed to crush that mighty cock down to less than half that space, effectively choking off the stud’s beast of a cock just as Eric and Sebastian had strangled Jason’s humongous balls. 

As the three men stepped back to admire their handiwork, they could see the effects of their efforts taking place immediately. Jason’s magnificent 16-inch horse cock ballooned even bigger than ever, its blood supply all but cut off by the offending zip ties. The already huge veins snaking all up and down the great gnarled length of Jason’s cock shaft bulged in even greater relief, swelling almost to the bursting point. The entire bull cock also started turning several shades darker, its deep lobster red taking on a purplish hue as the massive prong’s oxygen supply was diminished to just a fraction of its normal levels. 

The effects of the zip ties and metal cuffs on Jason’s beleaguered balls were even more profound, however, for they were being choked off both at the base of his crotch and at the tops of the mammoth gonads themselves. The gigantic orbs had swollen so large and their now-hairless scrotal skin stretched so tightly around them that the thick veins coursing all over their tough, fibrous outer walls were now clearly visible through the paper thin skin. And as the three men watched in erotic fascination, those veins bulged larger and larger still, and were quickly joined by new veins popping up all over the vast surface of those enormous big baby makers, almost looking like new veins were forming right before their very eyes. The already reddish-purple bollocks themselves darkened even further, a dangerous darkness that signified just how brutally strangled those twin bull balls really were. Unlike Jason’s cock, which was still receiving some small fraction of its customary blood supply, the muscle stud’s mammoth balls appeared to be choked off altogether. 

The already intense pain in Jason’s mangled genitals began to ratchet upward once more, as both his cock and his balls began to starve for oxygen and nutrients. Waves of sickening agony pounded through the muscle man’s enormous balls, feeling like they were being bludgeoned by a 200-pound hammer over and over and over again. But the extraordinary pain also brought with it intense sexual pleasure, and Jason couldn’t stop himself from bucking and gyrating and trying to fuck the thin air in front of him. His humongous balls were swollen and turgid with need, and he simply HAD to cum! 

The three assailants decided to get more comfortable for their final round of tortures with the impossibly hunky young cop, and they started stripping out of their spunk-drenched pants. Jason’s heart rate quickened even further and his beautiful blue eyes took on a feverish gaze as he drank in the sight of his three handsome captors in the buff. His eyes didn’t know where to look first, for all three men were hung bigger than porn stars, with humongous cocks and massive, seed-heavy stones. Jason estimated that the smallest cock in the trio had to be at least a foot long! None of them rivaled Jason’s own colossal, unparalleled size, of course, but each huge endowment was spectacularly impressive, and any one of the three young men would have made a perfect mate for the lust-addled cop. 

Jason let out a deep, throaty grunt and his entire body seized up as a mighty orgasm wracked his massively muscular body, a spontaneous release brought on by the mere sight of the three handsomest, sexiest men that the young man had ever seen in his life. The powerful and rhythmic bucking of the young man’s tight, muscular hips made his massive purple bollocks swing wildly between his legs, reminding the three assailants of a huge steel wrecking ball. 

But as Jason’s cock began the thunderously pulse in his sixth orgasm of the night, the young man’s loins exploded in even greater pain as the awful congestion in his choked off balls seemed to expand tenfold. Every throb and pulse of his rampant, bloated bull cock caused a fresh wave of agony to hammer through his swollen nuts, the millions of tiny tubules and ducts within his dense and beefy balls backing up with more and more unspent sperm. 

The three brutal assailants chuckled amongst themselves as they watched the handsome muscle bull writhe and buck in an almost unimaginable combination of pleasure and pain. They were using the stud’s own super human libido and virility against him, bringing him to never before seen heights of agony through the power of the muscle man’s own oversized sex. 

Jason’s sixth orgasm seemed to last even longer than his previous ejaculations, almost as if the young man’s body was desperate to purge the swelling load in his strangled balls. Indeed that was very much the case, for the continued stoking of Jason’s sexual fires caused his huge nuts to continuously churn out more and more of this thick, rich baby batter. And with nowhere to go and no way to relieve their heavy burden, the cop’s mighty bollocks began to visibly bloat and swell even bigger still, becoming more and more engorged with spunk. 

“Oh man, this is going to be AWESOME!!” Sebastian exclaimed as he watched Jason’s mammoth cock buck and twitch in a failed and useless orgasm. 

“You said it!” Eric replied. “Let’s give this big bull stud a night he’ll never forget!” 

All three men crowded forward and, to Jason’s utter surprise, began to stroke and fondle and worship his magnificent body. Three sets of strong hands began to caress the young man’s sweat-slick skin, feeling up on the enormous mounds of the cop’s hyper developed muscles. Blond Sebastian nuzzled his achingly handsome face against Jason’s thick, bullish neck, licking and nibbling at those corded muscles and driving the young man nearly crazy with lust. Even more lust inducing were the erotic words that Sebastian uttered into Jason’s ear. The beautiful blond’s voice dropped into a deep, husky octave as he praised Jason for his goliath muscles and exquisitely sculpted physique, his breathtakingly handsome and masculine face, and the utterly monstrous size of his 16-inch super dong and elephantine bollocks. Jason secretly longed to be worshipped as the alpha bull stud that he was, so Sebastian’s dirty talk did as much to hurtle the huge muscle cop toward orgasm as the lavish, rough, and insistent physical attention to his body. 

College stud Eric focused on the twin erect nipples standing proudly atop the young man’s herculean pecs, sucking and licking and insistently gnawing on one of those big, rubbery paps while one of his hands pinched and pulled and scratched at the other. The rough workover of his super sensitive nips had Jason clawing the air with this tightly bound hands, toes curling with a pleasure so intense that it felt like pain. 

Big Drake took a more direct route. He scraped one massive hand across the tremendously wide expanse of his own mammoth pecs, scooping up a small portion of the thick nut sludge that Jason had blasted across Drake’s body during one of his previous orgasms. Drake’s huge paw was quickly filled to overflowing with an enormous, gloopy mass of Jason’s quivering nut oysters, and he used the warm, pearlescent fluid to further lubricate the young man’s already cum-slick horse cock. Then, using both of his massive hands, Drake began to jerk off Jason’s bloated and distended bull cock, expertly and roughly masturbating the humongous prong in his powerful, two-fisted grip. 

All of this attention had Jason rapidly hurtling toward orgasm once more, the unbelievable pleasure actually eclipsing the insane levels of pain throbbing through his choked off cock and mangled marbles. Within mere minutes, the hirsute and hunky cop was once again bucking and braying in the throes of an intense orgasm. 

Just as before, however, Jason’s epic need for release went unfulfilled, as the cruel zip ties and handcuffs choked off the lad’s compounding bull load from any hope of escape. The hammering agony in his beyond-bloated balls cranked up even higher as his strangled cock bucked and lurched in a desperate attempt to relieve the rising pressure in his loins. The constant stimulation was forcing his gigantic testes to manufacture more and more sperm, heedless of the fact that the previous loads were still trapped within their dense and steadily swelling interiors. The congestion in his swollen spuds was mind-rendingly painful, but Jason couldn’t keep himself from forcefully fucking the two big fists wrapped around his bloated meat, further intensifying the orgasm that was slowly wrecking his internal plumbing. 

The three young assailants kept right on stroking and fondling the panting and grunting muscle beast throughout his insanely painful orgasm, mercilessly driving him to ever greater heights of pleasure and pain. And when Jason’s seventh orgasm of the night finally ended, the trio just kept on going, quickly driving him to an eighth, a ninth, and then a TENTH orgasm!

After that, the three young punks quickly lost track of how many times they ripped another orgasm out of their writhing and trembling captive, for it was soon clear that they couldn’t STOP the guy from trying to blow his bloated cookies over and over and over again. In fact, the greater the swelling in his grossly distended balls and the greater the unearthly pain erupting from their deep and dense interiors, the more frequent and intense his orgasms! It was like some sort of twisted positive feedback loop — the greater Jason’s pain, the more intense his orgasms, which stimulated his gigantic nuts to whip up even more of his supremely thick jizz, which caused even greater congestion and agony inside his swelling nuts, which forced even more intense orgasms on the hapless hunk. 

There seemed no end to how many times they could get the grunting muscle bull to cum, or how big they could get his strangled and darkening bollocks to bloat. The normally grapefruit-sized mega balls were now surpassing cantaloupes in sheer size and mass, and rivaled bowling balls in their stupendous weight…and they were STILL GROWING!!! 

After more than an hour of constant man-handling and aborted orgasms, Eric decided to up the level of stimulation a few notches. He bent forward and scooped a huge double palmful of Jason’s slowly cooling semen off the spunk-flooded floor, and standing in front of the bound and heaving muscle cop, used the big man’s own hyper abundant jizz to start lathering up his own massive column of man meat, taunting the big guy with his obvious intentions. 

Jason’s eyes flew open wide when he realized where Eric intended to stick that massive man sausage. The huge muscle cop had fooled around with a few dozen lads in his teens and early 20s, but most of those encounters involved wrestling, fondling, groping, and mutual masturbation. Most encounters also included some kind of ball busting session, for when guys saw just how unbelievably huge Jason’s nuts were, and how monumentally tough and dense and heavy they felt in a guy’s hands, few dudes could resist punching and squeezing and otherwise abusing those great nuts, much to Jason’s great enjoyment. But in all of that time, Jason had never been fucked. Hell, he hadn’t even had a proper blowjob before, since his bloated cock head was simply too damn big for anyone to get their lips around! So his big, beefy, and breathtakingly muscular ass was truly virgin territory. 

Something in Jason’s wide and terrified eyes telegraphed that knowledge to young Eric, who’s shit-eating grin grew even wider as a result. In addition to everything else that they were doing to the huge and impossibly hunky cop, Eric was going to deflower the stud’s magnificent ass as well! 

Eric slowly walked behind Jason’s bound and helpless form, and while one hand frigged his own massive, cum-slickened cock, his other hand felt and caressed the muscle man’s enormous left butt cheek. The stud’s skin was so soft and warm, making an erotic contrast with the rock solid density of the huge muscle beneath. Eric squeezed the unyielding butt flesh beneath his powerful grip, and was astounded when the thick beef barely dented at all. Jason then flexed his magnificent ass, sending striations upon striations dancing across the enormous expanse of his twin ass cheeks, and any minor denting that Eric had achieved was utterly obliterated. The big cop’s muscles were harder than GRANITE! 

Eric dropped to his knees behind the huge stud, used both of his cum-coated hands to part those massive muscle globes as much as possible, and then buried his face into that hot crevasse. Jason moaned in urgent, desperate need as he felt a man’s muscular tongue lapping at his asshole for the very first time. The sensation made his entire body arch backwards, forcing more of his man meat into Drake’s strong, expert hands and parting his ass even wider, giving Eric greater access to the muscular ring of his shit chute. 

Eric’s powerful tongue circled and probed Jason’s tight sphincter for several long minutes, driving both men nearly wild with lust. When Eric simply couldn’t take it anymore, he lurched to his feet, grabbed the thick base of his foot-long cock with one hand, and then slammed his swollen cock head against Jason’s muscular back door. 

The handsome college hunk had intended to slam his cock to the root in one powerful thrust, but he hadn’t counted on the sheer muscular power of Jason’s magnificently beefy butt. The huge muscle bull clamped down with all of his awesome might, at first halting Eric’s attempts to drill his cock into Jason’s tight hole. Eric gripped Jason’s muscular hips with both hands and pushed his hips forward with all of his might, and after a few more seconds of resistance, he felt his broad, swollen cock head start to burrow its way inside of Jason’s hot shit chute. 

Eric plundered Jason’s ass with agonizing slowness, fighting hard for every inch of progress as he slowly plowed his huge cock forward. Jason roared in fury and agony as a burning pain ripped through his ass, for even slickened as it was by the cop’s own slimy cum, Eric’s horse cock was so big and so thick that it threatened to tear the muscle man’s tight, virgin ass apart. Eric roared in response, his own massive muscles flexing dramatically as he fought his way inside of Jason’s heroically powerful body. 

Finally, the young college bull could feel his own huge, lemon-sized nuts pressing up hard against Jason’s granite-hard butt cheeks, and he knew that he was now buried to the hilt up the big man’s virgin ass! Eric slowly withdrew until his cock was nearly pulled free of Jason’s tight, muscular embrace, then he slammed his cock home again, causing the cop’s entire muscular frame to tense and buck in response. Eric pumped his cock up Jason’s ass again, and again, and again and again and again, soon finding a steady rhythm as he raped the mighty muscle man’s fantastic ass. The blunt tip of Eric’s broad cock head slammed into Jason’s swollen, bulbous prostate with each and every stroke, sending the cop’s joy buzzer into overdrive. If his cock hadn’t been choked off at the base, there was no doubt that the handsome hunk would have been precumming like crazy from the pummeling abuse of his swollen sex gland. But as it was, all of those slick and slimy juices remained pent up inside of the lad’s bloated prostate, which only continued to swell with more and more seminal fluids, much like his tortured and traumatized bull balls. 

The erotic sensations surging through Eric’s mighty loins were also unlike anything he’d ever felt before. Never before had Eric encountered an ass that was so hot or so tight, and it took all of his self control to not bust his nut within seconds. As it was, it took an heroic effort on the college stud’s part to last even five minutes, but soon the handsome stud’s libido couldn’t take any more, and he cried out in release as he began to fill Jason’s guts with his own massive load. 

Eric kept right on thrusting his muscular hips as he blasted bolt after bolt after enormous bolt of his own stud jizz up Jason’s hairy hole, pumping out even more spunk than the notoriously virile college stud would have thought possible. It was the most intense orgasm of the young man’s life, and even when it was finally finished, the handsome man kept right on slowly plowing his cock in and out of Jason’s tight ass, basking in the afterglow of his best nut ever. 

When Eric finally withdrew his cock from Jason’s well-plundered butt, Sebastian immediately took his place. The lean blond stud didn’t even bother lubing up his huge cock first, instead just using the thick slugs of Eric’s own juices slowly drooling out of Jason’s deflowered hole to slick the way as he drove his own foot-long cock in to the hilt in one brutal thrust. Jason bellowed anew as his recently raped ass was forced to accommodate a second intruder, and the brutal plowing of his huge muscle butt began again. 

Dirty talking Sebastian proved to have even greater willpower than Eric, lasting almost twice as long before he blew his own cookies up the stud cop’s defenseless ass. The handsome blond grabbed ahold of as much of Jason’s massive muscles as he could and held on for dear life as he too experienced the most powerful and knee-buckling orgasm of his life, feeling like he was pumping a month’s worth of chunky stud cum up Jason’s ravaged backside. 

Eager for his own turn, the mammoth form of Drake strode behind Jason’s bound form and gently but firmly forced the much smaller Sebastian out of the way. The 400-pound muscle giant possessed the biggest cock of the trio, a true monster of a cock that measured a full 14 inches in length and had to measure at least 3 inches across at its widest point. Drake had wrecked countless holes with his colossal trouser beast, assholes and pussies alike, and he now aimed his titanic dong at the heaving cop’s cum-drooling hole. The muscle giant placed his massive hands on either side of Jason’s much more slender hips, pressed the tip of his cock against the man’s puckered hole, and then drove his colossal fuck stick home in one mighty, brutal, violent shove. 

Jason’s eye’s flew open wide as a guttural bellow was torn from his lungs, his entire body flexing and spasming around the enormous anal invader. The long-suffering stud couldn’t believe that such an enormous tube of man meat could fit up his muscular backside, and he thought for sure that his entire body would be split in two. But after the first dozen or so violent thrusts, Jason’s entire muscular body shuddered and suddenly relaxed, allowing the gigantic cock to plow his back 40 with much greater ease and far less pain. 

The two muscle giants soon fell into their own rhythm, two great muscular beasts rutting in the most primeval way possible. Eric and Sebastian could only watch in raptured awe as the two gorgeous muscle men went at it, Jason thrusting his great big ass backwards on each of Drake’s mighty thrusts, causing their two bodies to collide over and over and over again with bone-shattering force. The two huge men seemed to not be registering any pain, however, for they had both been reduced to lust-crazed monsters, hungrily feeding off of each other’s raw masculine power as they both hurtled closer and closer to an epic shared orgasm. 

Jason’s own massive whale cock had been slowly turning darker and darker as the zip ties continued to do their dastardly work, and his mammoth prick was now purple with choked off blood. Even more amazing, however, was that the combination of constant stimulation and brutal constriction had caused the young man’s already record-breaking phallus to grow even BIGGER!   Eric’s eyes could barely believe what they were seeing, for Jason’s titanic battering ram of a cock had already exceeded 17 inches in length, and was well on its way to 18 inches!! A full FOOT AND A HALF of impossibly thick, vein-gnarled stud cock!!! The sight wasn’t even remotely human, and none of the three assailants would ever forget it as long as they lived. 

The spectacular mating of these two freakishly muscular bulls lasted even longer than Sebastian’s heroic fuck session. Drake held back for nearly 15 whole minutes before his own herculean libido could stand no more, and he began emptying his balls’ massive load into Jason’s guts. The handsome muscle cop could actually FEEL each enormous jet of spunk as it flooded his insides, such was the power and sheer SIZE of Drake’s colossal ejaculation. It felt like a YEAR’S worth of thick stud cum was being pumped up his ass, and Jason could feel his abdomen actually starting to distend with the enormous volume of sperm being blasted inside him. The sensation caused Jason to hit a mind-shattering orgasm of his own, his umpteenth orgasm of the night, and he thought his hideously swollen and slowly dying bollocks would explosively burst under the mighty force of the contractions pulsing through both strangled orbs. 

After the other two men’s previous bigger-than-porn-star loads and now Drake’s freakishly virile monster load, Jason’s whitewashed guts simply couldn’t take any more, and great spurts of well-churned cum began to jet out of the young man’s ravaged ass with each thrust of Drake’s muscular hips. Each time Drake’s mammoth dong plunged forward, huge gouts of fresh spunk would spew out of Jason’s overfilled ass, splashing wetly against Drake’s crotch and gigantic thighs and adding to the flood of spunk pooling on the cabin’s wooden floor. 

Drake and Jason’s combined orgasm lasted for more than two full minutes, and by the time they were both done, both men were positively coated in spunk from the waist down, their heroically muscular bodies a mess of sweat and cum. Drake slowly pulled his cock out of Jason’s thoroughly fucked ass, making a sound like a Wellington boot being pulled out of the mud, and when his huge cock head finally popped free, a huge gush of sperm shot out of Jason’s gaping asshole. The painful distention of Jason’s flooded guts slowly subsided as he shit out a truly spectacular amount of cum, the combined stud loads of his three handsome and extraordinary hunky assailants. 

But that was simply the first round of the epic and brutal rape of Jason’s magnificent, muscular ass. The three men took turns over the next four or five hours, plowing the big cop’s bountiful ass over and over and over again, and pumping load after load into his hungry chute. Mighty Drake came the fewest times at ‘only’ four, but he still pumped out more chunky bull sperm than the other two men combined. Eric fucked Jason an impressive six times, but Sebastian shocked them all by fucking the huge muscle cop an extraordinary TWELVE times! The ever randy young blond just couldn’t get enough of Jason’s big, meaty butt, and even though his brutally aching nuts were well and truly empty after his ninth orgasm, Sebastian just couldn’t resist fucking the big bull another three times, his rock hard cock incapable of pumping out even a thin dribble of cum by the end. 

It was perhaps only an hour before dawn by the time the trio’s weary nuts were finally and utterly spent, their every last sperm cell shot up the cop’s incredible ass. The massive, meaty poles had finally grown limp, almost as if their were acquiescing before Jason’s even greater masculinity. 

The hairy muscle hunk himself was now a sorry sight indeed. The exhausted young cop hung limply in his restraints, his magnificent muscles drained of nearly all of their strength after hours and hours of struggling and fighting against his unbreakable restraints. Jason’s achingly gorgeous ass, which had started the evening tighter than tight, was now a loose, gaping hole, steadily drooling out the dregs of his rapists’ combined bull loads. The three grinning punks doubted that the young man’s hole would ever be the same again. 

Jason’s impossibly huge bull organ also looked heavily abused, the tight-as-a-drum skin all up and down the colossal shaft looking raw and abraded after hours and hours of relentless masturbation. Ditto the swollen and bloated cock head, which Sebastian liked to doorknob over and over again, bringing the young cop to countless painful and useless orgasms. Far worse, however, was the crushing strangulation being created by the dozen plastic zip ties choking off the base of Jason’s magnificent cock. The monstrously thick root of that massive organ had been crushed to a fraction of its normal, herculean girth, and it was a wonder that the mighty tool hadn’t snapped off at the base. As it was, the blood supply to that titanic bull cock had been very nearly cut off, forcing the mighty organ to endure and survive on only a portion of its usual oxygen and nutrient flow. 

But by far the most dramatically damaged and injured portion of Jason’s powerful body was his oversized bollocks. In sharp contrast to his assailants’ depleted testes, Jason’s own mega nuts were so hideously swollen with jizz that they didn’t look even remotely human anymore. The world’s largest set of nuts had started the night the size of the biggest and juiciest of grapefruit, but had now left that size far, far behind, very nearly TRIPLING in size to approach the utterly monstrous size of bowling balls. They were also extremely heavy, much heavier even than they looked, and they were so densely packed with ripe, unshot sperm that it was a true wonder that they hadn’t simply BURST under the intense internal pressures. And they were STILL manufacturing even more sperm, their rate of seed production seeming to accelerate along with the increases in erotic pain being inflicted on the young bull stud. At the rate they were swelling, it seemed very likely that Jason’s bollocks WOULD explode under their own internal pressures, an ironic ending indeed for these supremely hyper virile lumps of man meat. 

As if the awful swelling wasn’t bad enough, the more immediate threat to Jason’s mighty nuts was the fact that they had been completely cut off from their customary blood supply for many hours, choked off both at the root of the young man’s manhood by the plastic ties, and at the top of the great orbs themselves by the cruelly squeezing metal handcuffs. Jason’s utterly mammoth testicles had now turned a purple so dark as to be nearly black, and the terrific throbbing pain in those strangled nuts had now diminished to a dull ache — a sure sign that those massive man nuts were slowly and steadily dying from lack of oxygen-carrying blood. But their continued ache at least let the exhausted young bull cop know that his huge balls were still alive, at least for the time being. 

But despite all of the suffering that Jason had endured that night, the young cop’s herculean form was still a majestic and spectacular sight, his battered body and swollen loins only acting to enhance his already extraordinary erotic beauty rather than detracting from it. The three young punks paused in their sexual assault of the huge bull stud to admire the sight, and to take photos of the captive cop on their cell phones, even posing with the battered hunk and mugging for the camera. They wanted to remember the extraordinary power and masculine beauty of their bound and battered bull stud before they out an end to his manhood forever. 

And with dawn fast approaching, the three handsome punks decided it was time to start their end game… 

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An Officer and Three Gentlemen - Part 4

An Officer and Three Gentlemen - Part 4
An original chapter inspired by a story written by Sack Stomper in 2000


A hot Detroit muscle cop has his massive balls busted wide open by 3 luscious hunks


Eric stood in front of Jason’s bound and helpless form, holding up the young cop’s police-issued taser and taunting the huge muscle hunk. “Now THIS is a weapon I can really get behind,” Eric says with an evil grin. “A weapon that causes terrific pain, but doesn’t cause any lasting damage…at least not when used at a lower setting and in short bursts. But what’s this?! Why, there’s a dial on the side here that can increase the voltage! Well, will you look at that! Hmm, what could this red bar mean? Let’s crank up the power out of the green range, skip yellow altogether, and go right to red, shall we?” 

Jason now understood that he would be receiving no quarter from his three captors, so he stared back at Eric with icy cold silence, clenching his powerful jaw. The handsome cop’s nostrils flared with barely contained fury. Jason was done begging for mercy — he was going to show these fuckers just how tough he really was. 

The gorgeous but cruel college jock began to circle Jason’s massively muscular form, admiring the young man’s magnificent physique from all angles while simultaneously trying to decide where to strike first with the high-powered taser. 

“You know, I’ve heard that the higher settings on these tasers can be quite dangerous,” Eric said in a conversational tone. “Too powerful a jolt, and you can stop a man’s heart! And if the taser is engaged too long, it can actually cook a man’s flesh! I guess I’ll just have to be super careful then, right?” 

Sebastian and Drake both snickered in response — it was clear that Jason’s safety was the LAST item on their lust-crazed minds. 

Eric was standing somewhat behind Jason, outside the young man’s field of vision, as he said, “Yes, I think I’ll start here. I need to start small and work my way up to the good stuff!” Jason braced himself for impact, but had no idea where the taser might strike. Thus he was caught off guard as he felt the taser’s two sharp metal prongs dig into his rock solid and muscular right flank, followed immediately by a searing, fiery pain unlike anything he’d felt before. 

Jason could feel every muscle in his hyper developed body seize up all at once, the thousands of volts of electricity coursing through his body making every single enormous muscle bulge and flex in phenomenal definition. Eric kept the taser planted into the young cop’s muscular flank, discharging an unrelenting barrage of electricity into Jason’s trapped and paralyzed body. The huge hunk clenched his teeth against the searing agony, trying his hardest to not cry out, but after 10 seconds or so of continuous heavy-duty electrocution, he could hold back no longer and he uttered a bellow of deep animal agony. Even then, Eric continued pressing down on the taser’s button for a good 15 or 20 seconds longer. 

After a good half minute shock, Eric finally withdrew the taser, and watched with glee as all of Jason’s massive muscles went from full, outrageous flexion to complete flaccidity in an instant. Well, every muscle except the gigantic love muscle jutting proudly from between the hunky cop’s powerful legs. If anything, Jason’s mammoth cock seemed to swell even bigger still with the electricity coursing through his powerful body, almost like the massive tube of man meat was becoming even MORE energized and aroused by the taser’s fearsome power. 

Jason’s handsome head slumped forward as the young muscle hunk panted in exhaustion, a fresh sheen of sweat suddenly breaking out all over his magnificent body. The bound bull had no idea how he would be able to endure another such shock, let alone the dozens he knew were sure to come, for the taser was unlike any torment he’d felt before. 

“Well Jason,” Eric said, his honeyed voice tinged with gleeful malice. “I have to admit that I lied to you. That last strike was actually on only a moderate setting. THIS is what the high setting feels like!” 

With that, Eric thrust the taser into the small of Jason’s tight, muscular back and discharged the device again, sending a far larger jolt of electricity coursing up the big man’s spine and throughout his body. 

Thus began the electro torture of Jason’s big, beautiful, and fantastically muscular body. Eric took great pleasure in discharging the taser over and over again all across the vast expanse of the cop’s hyper developed physique, bringing the handsome cop to ever greater pinnacles of inhuman agony. The evil college jock seemed to pick his targets almost at random — a deep and hairy armpit, a muscular inner thigh, the great bulge of an enormous bicep, the center of his deeply corrugated abdomen, the thick muscles of a hamstring. When Eric jammed the taser into the stupendously thick plate of Jason’s left pec, even Drake’s and Sebastian’s eyes flew wide for fear that the taser might stop the huge cop’s powerful heart and end their fun too soon. Their eyes grew wider still when Eric thrust the taser into the side of Jason’s enormously thick and muscular bullish neck, threatening to scramble the young cop’s brain. But each and every time, the almost impossibly beefy stack of muscles proved to be far tougher than seemed humanly possible. Jason bellowed and shrieked in agony with each taser strike, his gorgeous body frozen and paralyzed in a rictus of pain, but his extraordinarily powerful body endured. 

By this point, the three assailants were no longer surprised when their continued torture of the muscle bull caused the young man’s mammoth horse cock to start drooling clear precum anew. Deeply amazed and astounded by the stud’s heroic staying power, yes, but no longer surprised. And as Eric’s targets got closer and closer to the young man’s massive genitals — the lower abs, the top of an inner thigh, the ‘cum gutters’ of the deeply etched Adonis belt to either side of Jason’s majestic penis — the closer and closer the stud drew to yet another orgasm. 

Sensing the bound stud’s impending release, Eric began to zap all up and down the tremendous length of Jason’s incredibly long and girthy man sausage, hitting the huge meat with short bursts of electricity along every inch of its nearly foot-and-a-half length. The mammoth organ flexed and expanded spasmodically with each and every strike, the thick veins on the columnar shaft seeming to grow thicker and angrier with every powerful shock. Eric knew that he was driving the big cop closer and closer to the brink. 

Jason’s breathing came even faster than ever as he started letting out short grunts and his massive body began to buck and twist against his bindings. The hunky assailants had learned by now that these were sure signs of an impending ejaculation, and Eric was ready for it. 

As the first massive wave of Jason’s fifth orgasm crashed into his loins with the force and power of a freight train, Eric threw a brutal upper cut into the underside of the big man’s huge balls, slamming the taser into the juncture between those two dense and meaty globes of sensitive man meat and driving them upward into the solid wall of Jason’s crotch. Eric had also turned the taser up to its highest setting, and he now sent the maximum voltage into Jason’s already heavily wounded and damaged nuts. 

The effects were phenomenal and terrible. 

Jason’s fifth orgasm hit with a fury to rival his previous four epic cum loads, but the more than 100,000 volts of electricity pouring through his goliath meat balls into his groin all but paralyzed his ejaculatory muscles. Therefore, instead of shooting out massive bolts of pure stud spunk all the way across the room, Jason’s swollen and quivering cannon of a cock simply poured out a steady, pulsating flood of jizz that ran down the tremendous length of  his mighty organ in lush rivers of life-creating fluids. 

Chunky baby batter poured over Jason’s massive bull balls, completing a circuit that ran back down the length of his cock tube into the heart of his plumbing, amplifying the effects of the taser and causing his balls to spasmodically quiver and shudder with frightening violence, looking like they were about to spectacularly explode.

“What the FUCK!?!” Eric exclaimed as Jason’s thick and rick seminal juices flowed over his hand and down his forearm in a torrent of unnaturally chunky male seed. “There’s no WAY he can be pumping out his spunk like this!! There’s enough electricity flowing through his balls right now to stop a bull rhino dead in his tracks!! His cock and balls ought to be COMPLETELY paralyzed! FUCK, but this dude is one tough fucker!!” 

“Fortunately, I took his partner’s taser as well! THIS ought to do the trick!” 

So saying, Eric reached into his back pocket, took out Officer Schmidt’s stolen taser, and cranked it to full power as well. Then, with a great roar of effort, the hot college jock slammed the two tasers full force into either side of the base of Jason’s cock, burying the twin prongs of both tasers right into the very root of the young muscle bull’s almighty manhood. 

Jason let out the greatest bellow of pain yet as more than 200,000 volts of electricity smashed into his heaving loins. The hunky cop’s fifth thundering orgasm was halted dead in its tracks — his utterly paralyzed bollocks were unable to unleash their flood of sperm-rich semen into his loins, and his equally paralyzed horse cock was unable to even twitch, let alone pulse with its usual incredible power. Jason’s massive nuts seized up, unable to contract and convulse and purge their huge and heavy load. Any feelings of erotic pleasure instantly turned into nut-wrenching agony as the great bulk of the stud’s fifth monstrous cum load was trapped inside of his aching, screaming, overstuffed nuts. 

So much energy was pumping into Jason’s loins that it felt like his massive, meaty genitals were being cooked alive — and indeed they were!! Wisps of smoke rose from Jason’s groin, and even more disturbingly, big arcs of blindingly bright blue lightning began to course over the vast expanse of the young man’s behemoth balls and up the mighty length of his towering bull cock. What little hair had once coated Jason’s voluminous scrotum was quickly burned away, as was the thick thatch of dark hair at his crotch. The acrid smell of burning hair soon filled the small cabin as all of Jason’s thick crotch hair was burned away. 

The sheer volume of electricity surging through Jason’s massive body would have killed most men outright. Thus it was that much more astounding that the young muscle bull remained conscious throughout the brutal cooking of his loins, the hunky cop simply too damn tough to pass out. The agony in Jason’s crotch was unreal, his massive balls feeling like they were being torn apart from the inside out and his cock feeling like it was being cooked by a blowtorch. 

A look of maniacal glee was on Eric’s handsome face as he poured more and more juice into Jason’s steadily cooking cock and balls. The cop’s humongous genitals were quickly turning a lobster red color as all of that thick meat heated up under the tasers’ discharge. All of that thick cum from Jason’s aborted fifth orgasm was painfully backed up in his internal plumbing, and the electrolyte-rich seminal fluids acted as a terrific conductor of electricity, further increasing the devastating and destructive effects of the massive electric surge. 

Jason knew that his mighty and magnificent manhood was done for this time. No man could endure such brutal abuse, not even a stud as big and powerful as this handsome young cop! The muscular stud helplessly bellowed and brayed in excruciating pain as he felt his prized genitals cooking to death right on his body. 

The delicious smell of cooking meat soon replaced the odor of burnt hair, and Eric’s grin grew even wider. Not much longer now! But STILL he continued tasering the root of Jason’s mammoth cock, wanting to make sure that he destroyed this ultimate paragon of manhood. One long minute ticked by, and then two, and the cruel college jock showed no signs of letting up. It wasn’t until more than three whole minutes had gone by before Eric finally shouted in victory and turned off the two tasers, throwing them to either side of the small cabin and gazing in pure lust at the havoc and devastation he had wrought on the captive cop’s massive genitals. 

Jason immediately slumped in his restraints the moment the tasers were shut off, driven to the brink of unconsciousness by the inhuman agony inflicted on his massive cock and balls. Steam was rising off of his parboiled genitals, which had turned a dangerous dark red. Jason’s cock looked even bigger than ever, the thunderbolts of electricity having forced the massive organ to puff up to even greater dimensions than ever. His goliath gonads were looking even more swollen than ever from the combination of the merciless beating and cooking, and the now melon-sized orbs were hanging down at LEAST 9 inches in their hairless, purple scrotum. The stud’s once-glorious manhood was completely and utterly wrecked. 

Eric raised one hand to cup Jason’s dangling left bull nut, but yelped in pain and pulled his hand away a moment after grasping the humongous orb. 

“SHIT!!! That fuckin’ goolie is SCALDING hot!! We done those big fuckers but GOOD! Cooked ‘em right on the fucking VINE!! Drake, go grab a bucket of water from the well. We need to cool this stud’s cookies off to find out if they’re truly dead or not.” 

A grinning Drake loped off out the front door and was gone for a couple of minutes. Sebastian and Eric just stood in front of their gorgeous captive and kept rubbing the huge bulges in their own pants, obviously powerfully turned on by the sight of the handsome muscle cop suffering such extreme tortures. Even with his huge nuts so heavily traumatized and both his cock and balls glowing an angry shade of dark red, Jason was the most gorgeous hunk of a man that either of the two assailants had ever seen, or would likely ever see again, so both Eric and Sebastian were trying to memorize every detail of the stud’s phenomenal physique and stunningly handsome face. They both knew that the young muscle cop would not be surviving the night intact — and would likely not be surviving the night at all — so they gloried in the handsome bull’s epic suffering. 

Drake was soon back with two large metal pails filled with water, and without ceremony, he dumped the first pail’s entire contents over Jason’s still-steaming man meat. The water was so cold that it stung, but the biting pain also brought with it a welcome relief to the big bound bull stud. Even more steam poured off of his beet red genitals as the cold water drew some of the scorching heat out of his half-cooked flesh. 

Drake then took the second bucket and lifted it up and under Jason’s insanely low-hanging balls, fully immersing the unnaturally dense and heavy orbs in the cold, cold water. A low groan escaped Jason’s sensuous lips as his behemoth bollocks plunged into the frigid water, the stinging cold feeling like sharp needles were being inserted all over his mangled nutsac. Drake held the bucket in place for more than 5 minutes, long enough for Jason’s nuts to almost become numb from the cold, before removing the bucket and letting the cop’s dripping wet nuts hang freely once more. 

“Okay, let’s see how much damage we’ve caused,” an excited Eric said as he once again knelt in front of Jason and lifted up a hand to cup the stud’s utterly massive left nut. The skin of his scrotum was initially cool to the touch, but as soon as Eric firmly grasped as much of that massive whale nut as he could in his big hand, he could feel tremendous heat emanating from deep within the huge nard. At first, he thought the heat was coming from the thoroughly cooked mass of man meat from a completely dead monster nut, but as he tried to dig his fingers into the warm, heavy flesh, he felt an unusual amount of resistance. What’s more, the firm squeeze from his powerful hand tore a fresh groan of agony from the young muscle stud. Could Jason’s balls still be alive!?! 

“Holy FUCK!!! You guys have gotta feel this!! I think our bull stud’s oversized balls are still ALIVE!!!” 

“No fucking WAY!!!” Sebastian exclaimed as he dropped to the floor next to Eric and used both of his hands to cup and fondle Jason’s equally massive right nut. Despite the terrible pain still throbbing from his brutalized and mangled balls, the firm man handling of his behemoth baby makers was making Jason start to groan in pleasure. His randy, rampant bull cock began leaking precum like a broken faucet, only this time his normally clear cock snot was tinged a milky color, no doubt from all of the spunk backed up in his nuts from his aborted fifth orgasm. 

“Well I’ll be gawd damned!!” Sebastian exclaimed. “You’re fucking right!! You used enough electricity to cook an entire fucking COW, but this stud’s fucking nuts are still tickin’!! This dude’s fucking UNREAL!!! I can only guess that his big monster nuts are just so fucking HUGE that the electricity didn’t cook them all the way through! Those are some TOUGH fuckin’ NUTS!!!” 

Big Drake strode forward and began stroking Jason’s massive, drooling cock with one of his huge hands, his rough and calloused skin scraping across the scalded and extremely sensitive surface of the mighty mule dick. “Yeah, and it looks like his huge fuck stick is still fully functional, too. Just LOOK at all of the fuckin’ goo oozing outta this big beast! You’d have thought the fucker hadn’t cum in a MONTH! I’ll bet his big, battered bull nuts are aching even more with all of the spunk they’ve got trapped inside ‘em!” 

“Hey, that gives me an idea!” said a grinning Eric. “This big stud loves cumming so much, how’s about we give him some orgasm denial!” 

Equally huge grins broke out across Sebastian and Drake’s handsome faces, and the trio set to work on their next round of tortures. 

Tortures that could well spell doom for Jason’s magnificent bull nuts. 

Friday, October 12, 2018

An Officer and Three Gentlemen - Part 3c

An Officer and Three Gentlemen Part 3c
Based on an original story written by Sack Stomper in 2000


A hot Detroit muscle cop has his massive balls busted wide open by 3 luscious hunks


With grinning nods of approval from his friends, Sebastian grabbed a 10-pound weight and added it to the already overloaded chain hanging from Jason’s screaming nuts. He then kept quickly adding weights in 5- and 10-pound increments, knowing that Jason’s balls were nearing the end of their strength and that any one of these weights could be the one to finally castrate the handsome muscle hunk. 

At first, the added weights had no visible effect other than to make Jason buck and groan in agony. His ball cords appeared to have reached their absolute limit and refused to stretch any further. Then, at an unbelievable 300 POUNDS, something remarkable happened. Perhaps something snapped or tore loose deep in Jason’s groin, or maybe his taut ball cords found another reservoir of strength, but his nuts suddenly began drooping again, and with greater speed. As weights continued to be rapidly added, Jason’s nuts stretched to 12 ½ inches! 

Then to 13 inches! 

Then to 13 ½ inches!! 

Then to 14 inches!!! 

Finally, at an awesome 365 pounds -- 15 pounds more than Jason’s own goliath 350 pounds of pure muscle -- Jason’s nuts reached an unbelievable stretch of 14 ½ inches, and once again refused to budge another millimeter! His straining bull balls were now hanging literally to his knees, and could not be stretched further, despite the continued addition of even MORE weights. 

Jason knew that he was done for, that his big beautiful nuts were probably ruined already, and he began to panic, uttering gut-wrenching, animalistic bellows of terror and agony. His nuts were already supporting far more weight than they could sustain, more than they were ever designed to carry. And STILL the captors added more weight, trying to rip his nuts off of his body! At the same time, the horrific tearing at his balls was sending his insanely bloated horse cock into overdrive, and it would be a race against time to see if Jason would get the chance to cum yet again before his manhood was brutally taken from him. 

The three men sensed Jason’s impending orgasm as well, and Drake and Eric helped Sebastian add weights even faster. 

370 pounds! 375, 380, 385, 390, 395!! 

Jason had left the realm of mere world records far behind now. 

400 POUNDS!!! 405, 410, 415, 420!!! 

The great mass of steel tearing at Jason’s nuts now exceeded the titanic mass of big Drake! Surely no man’s balls, no matter how oversized and monstrous, could POSSIBLY carry so much weight!! 

425 POUNDS!!!! 430, 435, 440, 445!!! 

Jason suddenly hollered in the most agonizing pain yet, and his monstrous cock began to let loose with his fourth orgasm of the night, pounding out yet ANOTHER monumental load of stud cream. His profoundly bruised and battered balls were visibly quivering on the edge of destruction as they convulsed and contracted and pumped out truly AWESOME amounts of sperm. And STILL the men added more weights, intent on emasculating their victim even as he thundered out his final load! 

450 POUNDS!!!!! 455, 460, 465, 470!!!

Micro tears were appearing in the gossamer-thin skin of Jason’s heroically overstretched scrotum, and it was clear that his sac could shred at any moment, even as more and more thick and pearlescent cum spewed forth from Jason’s achingly hard cock. 

475 POUNDS!!!!! 480, 485, 490, 495!!! 

Not even Jason’s super human nuts could endure this much abuse!!! 

Then, with an awesome 500 POUNDS of metal weight tearing at Jason’s almighty bull nuts, the truly amazing happened. 

A great snapping sound could be heard, and the weights suddenly crashed the final few inches to the floor with a great racket and clanking of metal. For a moment, the three men thought for sure that Jason’s bull nuts had finally been ripped from his body, but to their utter and unending astonishment, Jason’s mammoth balls were still hanging there between the young man’s muscular legs! They were horrifically bruised, beaten to within an inch of collapse and annihilation, and stretched to over 8 INCHES from Jason’s sweaty and muscular crotch, but they were still alive!! 

Instead of the young man’s powerful ball cords snapping, the thin metal chain that linked the handcuff secured around Jason’s behemoth balls to the other cuff connected to the weights had finally given way, shattering under the great weight his balls had been forced to carry! Miraculously, Jason’s nuts had survived!!! 

For a few long moments, the only sounds in the room were Jason’s grunts and the wet and sloppy splashing sounds as the young bull stud pounded out the remains of his FOURTH gargantuan load of the night. The gloopy, wet splats sounded loud in the small cabin as the enormous volleys of cum splashed onto the floor, adding to the already colossal sticky mass of chunky spunk already drenching a large portion of the cabin’s floor, the front door and far wall, and all three of the young man’s vicious captors. 

Finally, Jason’s fourth raging orgasm sputtered to an end, and the young man’s handsome head hung in exhaustion as the struggled to regain his breath. His massively muscular chest rose and fell dramatically like he had just run a marathon. 

“Holy SHIT!!!” Sebastian uttered, finally breaking the silence. 

A visibly shaken Drake stepped forward and examined Jason’s swollen balls and horribly distended scrotum. He found the huge gonads to be whole and still firmly attached to his crotch. The thick scrotum, though now stretched to twice its normal dangle, was also miraculously intact, though Drake doubted that the young muscle man’s balls would ever hang at a ‘mere’ 4 inches again. 

Eric let out an explosion of breath and drawled, “Impressive indeed! I gotta say, I’ve never seen a man like you before, Jason. Those huge balls of yours are harder than granite, and your ball cords must be made out of steel. Under different circumstances, I would be delighted to keep you around indefinitely, torturing those humongous balls of yours and seeing just how much more abuse they can take.” 

Eric gently lifted and rolled the sweat- and cum-slick bull balls around in his big hands, marveling once more at their tremendous, unnatural size and colossal weight, and also admiring the colorful purple and red bruises that were erupting all over their vast and swollen surface. Oh yes, Eric and his friends had indeed visited significant trauma upon the young man’s Herculean balls, but the handsome college jock longed to hurt them even more. 

“But you’re a fuckin’ cop, Jason, and therefore you don’t deserve to keep your balls.” Then Eric said almost wistfully, “No matter how big and beautiful they are.” 

“Okay boys,” Eric said, addressing his two cohorts. He then picked up the taser out of Jason’s discarded utility belt and said, “We’ve thoroughly scrambled this stud’s huge eggs. Now I say we fry ‘em!” 


What’s next for our beefy hunk? How much more abuse can his tortured balls possibly take? Will he survive the next diabolical torture that Eric and his men have devised for our young muscle cop, only to face even more brutal and punishing abuse? 

Only time — and the suggestions from YOU, my gentle readers — will tell… 


Friday, October 5, 2018

An Officer and Three Gentlemen - Part 3b

An Officer and Three Gentlemen Part 3b
Based on an original story written by Sack Stomper in 2000


A hot Detroit muscle cop has his massive balls busted wide open by 3 luscious hunks


“Let’s have some more fun,” Eric suggested with a wicked smile. “Drake, you stand in front of our hung stud here and give a shove to those weights, making them swing backwards. The pendulum action should cause even more pain to those huge fuckers, and make them stretch even lower in their sac. I’ll stand behind our handsome hunk, and when his balls swing back towards me, I’ll be ready for ‘em.” 

Big muscle giant Drake smiled in acknowledgement, and stepped in front of the helpless Jason. The young captive watched his balls being drawn forward as big Drake easily pulled back the 200 pounds of weights, and he braced himself for the epic pain to come. Drake pulled back the weights until they were nearly horizontal with Jason’s muscular crotch, temporarily lifting the great weight from his aching nuts, and then released the 200 pounds of steel to swing back down toward the ground. The weight once again tore at Jason’s monstrous balls, causing intense searing pain, particularly as the weight reached the bottom of its swing. But so focused was Jason on the tearing and tugging of the weight that he was not prepared for Eric standing behind him, armed with Jason’s own night stick. 

As the weights reached the top of their swing, brutally pulling Jason’s nuts back behind his fantastically muscular ass, Eric gave the black billy club a mighty swing, clobbering Jason directly in his gigantic balls. The shock of the blow was so great that at first Jason couldn’t utter a sound. It wasn’t until the weights swung forward and then back again and Eric landed a second mighty blow into his nuts that Jason found his voice, and he uttered a mighty bellow of unimaginable pain. Night sticks were intended to break bones and quickly incapacitate criminals, and Eric was clearly an expert in their use. The ferocious power behind the two blows felt like they had completely shattered both of Jason’s titanic nuts. 

At the same time, intense pleasure also flowed through Jason’s heroically muscular body, and almost against is will, he found himself bucking his hips forward on the next backward swing, intensifying the stretch to his nuts even as Eric was landing his third fearsome blow. 

The process was repeated again and again and again. Drake shoved the weights backward, making the 200 pounds of steel plates tug mercilessly at the young stud’s aching nuts, while Eric brutally clubbed the massive testicles from behind at the opposite end of each swing. Jason grunted and hollered and bellowed with each mighty blow, begging for the men to stop, sobbing in agony, yet bucking his hips into each blow and further intensifying the knee-buckling pain erupting from his wrecked and mangled bollocks. And yet somehow his balls continued to survive, enduring abuse that would have easily broken another man’s balls a dozen times, perhaps even a hundred times over. 

Jason’s mind was a blinding blaze of agony and ecstasy, and he quickly lost count of the number of blows his huge nuts received from the big black billy club. He was only aware of yet another huge load of cum welling and churning in his thoroughly busted balls and making ready to rocket out of his quivering horse cock. Another blow, and another, and another, and it was time. 

Incredibly, Jason’s third load proved to be even MORE massive and spectacular than its previous two brothers, a colossal and gut-wrenching deluge of spunk. This time, Drake was there to catch the unnaturally mammoth load, and Jason painted stripe after thick white stripe of sperm across the vast expanse of Drake’s muscular chest, shoulders, and abs. 

The three captors just couldn’t believe the sheer SIZE of Jason’s third load, and wondered aloud how he could possibly STORE so much sperm in those brutally massive nuts of his. It was patently impossible that THREE such stupendous loads could have been stored in Jason’s super human bollocks, so the only possible explanation was that the young cop’s mighty spunk factories were simply churning out fresh sperm at a ridiculously accelerated rate, replenishing the stud’s vast storehouse of prime baby batter in his supremely bulky nuts nearly as fast as it could be pounded out of them. And pounded they were, for Eric continued to beat on Jason’s bull nuts throughout his awesome orgasm, forcing even greater quantities of the sticky stuff from his huge man eggs. 

And the spunk gusher just didn’t seem like it was ever going to stop! Over 20 incredibly copious wads of cum erupted from Jason’s huge cock, accompanied by an equal number of additional blows from the nightstick, and STILL Jason’s epic load blasted onward! It took nearly a dozen more oversized slugs of clotted cop cum before Jason’s magnificent orgasm began to slow down. And by the time Jason’s third epic cum load had finally ceased, Drake’s colossal form was positively drenched in fresh jism, and Jason’s bull nuts felt like they had been reduced to a quivering, swollen, fleshy bag of gelatinous goo. 

Jason groaned in agony, temporarily exhausted and utterly spent. The weights continued to swing in ever-decreasing arcs until they slowly came to a rest at the bottom of their swing, the big weights hovering just a few inches above the floor. Jason’s enormous balls were bulging monstrously at the bottom of their now ridiculously overstretched sac. The massive balloon of ball meat was now a mottled angry dark red with vibrant patches of purple erupting all over their gigantic surfaces, evidence of the utterly profound bruising that was starting to blossom across their vast and meaty acreage. The scrotal skin was stretched over the huge nuts so tightly that every vein beneath the skin was clearly visible. The balls themselves had become grotesquely swollen, leaving their normally grapefruit size behind and now approaching the size of ripe cantaloupes. His scrotal neck was now stretched impossibly long and thin, scarcely a quarter of an inch wide and just over 12 inches long!! The mighty cords and sperm ducts that connected the humongous bollocks to the stud’s powerfully muscled body could now be clearly seen through the thin tube of skin, as could the thick blood vessels that gave the massive testicles such vibrant and virile life. The incredibly long scrotum made Jason’s swollen nuts look even more bloated and obscene than ever, both completely vulnerable and intensely erotic at the same time. 

Sebastian stepped forward and roughly fondled Jason’s huge nuts, causing the muscle stud to grunt in exquisite pain. To the blond’s surprise and delight, Jason’s testicles were somehow miraculously still intact, though their outer shells seemed to have weakened considerably further from this most recent round of abuse. He wrapped one hand around the base of Jason’s huge balls and gave a few short, sharp tugs, testing the remaining strength of his brutally overstretched ball cords. 

WOW!!! This fucker STILL has some strength left in these mighty ball cords of his!! Let’s go for broke and see just how much more weight this young bull can take,” Sebastian said, the lust and eagerness plain in his voice.