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Dethroning the King - Chapter 15 (DRAFT) - Aftermath

Dethroning the King
An original story by Jayse and D.

Chapter 15 - Aftermath

In the immediate aftermath of the epic battle, the three victorious wrestlers were paraded before the cameras, with Ian still waving around the astoundingly massive phallus of the fallen hero, Zach Sorenson. 

Medics meanwhile rushed the stage and began to attend to the unconscious young man, tending to the unchecked bleeding at the new eunuch’s empty crotch, and trying desperately to save the young man’s life. They rushed Zach off to the infirmary where they did indeed save the lad from dying…though the broken young man would likely never thank them for their efforts. 

The huge auditorium was quickly emptied with the assistance of the several hundred military personnel stationed around the facility, who insured that no spectators lingered or got too close to the stage in the stadium’s heart. Once the final audience members were gone, a team of scientists and technicians rushed the stage with dozens of specialized vacuums and cryo canisters, sucking up every last ounce of precious stud cum, scraping up every last scrap of torn and shredded testicular tissue, and storing it all in a secret vault for whatever uses Supreme Leader Billings deemed worthy. 

On the streets and in the barrios of New Angeles, the mood was sad and somber. It was as if the soul of the city had been quashed, the last vestiges of hope extinguished at the same time that Zach Sorenson’s manhood was destroyed. The spirit of the people was broken, despair had replaced hope, and it looked unlikely that such a spark of light would ever rise up again… 

Epilogue - One Year Later

It has been a year since that fateful fight.

People of the barrios still talked about the life of Zachary Sorensen from time to time. But traces of the heroic champ’s glory days can now only be found in the form of old newspapers and faded posters.

A frail figure shakingly made its way through a huge refuse dump on the outskirts of the city, looking for items to salvage, and stopped and stared at a tattered and torn life-sized poster of The King. A nearby group of dump trucks were delivering their loads of trash, and the cloaked figure made its way slowly and painfully to this latest refuse, hoping to find scraps of food or any other useful items. 

A harsh, dry wind blew a newspaper across the figure’s path. The cover was in garish and lurid colors, and continued the already month-long celebration of the births of the Supreme Leader’s 24 children. Over the course of the past month, all 12 of Gustav Billings’ wives had given birth to fraternal twins, each a remarkably healthy and beautiful baby with equal numbers of boys and girls. The newspaper article continued to gush about the Supreme Leader’s awesome virility, and the photo on the front page showed a massively grinning middle aged Gustav surrounded by his brood of two dozen children. The article also stated that there were strong rumors that each of Gustav’s 12 wives was already pregnant AGAIN, though that rumor was as yet unsubstantiated. 

Upon careful inspection of the photo, the cloaked figure could make out a tall glass cylinder on a shelf in the background, containing a long and thick flesh-colored object. The detail quality of the photo was high enough that one could just make out the lettering on the plaque at the base of the cylinder, which read “Zach ‘The King’ Sorenson”. 

Another dry gust of wind partially blew back the hood that had been concealing the figure’s face, revealing an angular face that must have once been beyond beautiful, but was now extremely gaunt and haggard. 

The cloaked figure read the inscription on the plaque and then crumbled to his knees, grabbing at his empty crotch and letting out a pained wail of loss. 

***** So, is there anything else we need to cover in order to close this dark tale? Do we need to discuss what happens to Ian, Annihilator, and Reaper? I tend to think that the Annihilator retired after the match, but that Ian goes on to create a big name for himself in the UFT. Whether he succeeds or meets his own grisly demise, I leave up to you. 

As for the future of humanity, Gustav still possesses his heavily guarded “sperm-pile” of Zach’s supremely potent and powerful spunk, which he has OBVIOUSLY used to impregnate his many wives. He intends for these children (and the more he plans to have with his wives in the future) to inherit his empire, but he will also use them to be advertising for the eventual sale of Zach’s sperm. These children will be reaching adulthood about the same time that the infertility crisis will be starting to peak, resulting in a worldwide panic. Gustav might then reveal the truth about his children, at least quietly to the rich and powerful around the world, and show just how beautiful, powerful, and gifted these children really are. He’ll then be poised to sell tiny ampules of Zach’s priceless male essence for massive fortunes, allowing him to amass even more power, influence, and territory. Who knows, Gustav could even leverage his position to become the world’s first planet-wide Emperor! Talk about a King who might eventually need Dethroning!! :) *****

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Dethroning the King - Chapter 14 (DRAFT) - A Traitor Revealed

Dethroning the King
An original story by Jayse and D.

Chapter 14 - A Traitor Revealed

***** This is it! The final chapter for Zach’s Herculean nuts and magnificent bull cock! *****

A collective gasp went up from the packed auditorium as the identity of the traitor was revealed. 

“Yes,” Ian taunted, “I was the mole in your own organization! I’ve shadowed your moments for years, reporting on you to our Supreme Leader! I was the one who spiked your water bottle and poisoned you with the serum! And I’M going to be the one to unseat you from your throne! I’m not only going to take your manhood and your championship title — I’m going to take over your gym and the whole fucking neighborhood! Everything Gustav Billings promised you will be MINE!!” 

“You had no way of knowing, but I’ve actually been Gustav’s loyal lackey for more than a decade now. Yeah, you ever wonder what ever happened to that ‘poor little orphan boy’ who your daddy gave his life for all those years ago? Well, that was me! Yeah, ME!! I was hired to stand in front of that truck on that fateful day, tricking your father into rescuing me. The ironic thing is, I really WOULD have died had Nathan not leapt into danger and saved my life!” 

“Fuck, you’re just like your father in so many ways. Yeah, yeah, you’re both drop dead handsome and hung like stallions and built like brick shithouses. But I mean more than that. You’re both got this ridiculous sense of right and wrong, this outdated sense of honor and morality, this constant urge to want to help your fellow man. Wake up, stud!! Can’t you see that it’s now every man for himself?! Hell, if you just played dirty like the rest of us, and not started stirring up the masses with your ‘honor’ and your ‘loyalty’ and your ‘compassion’, you wouldn’t be suffering like this right now! Your father deserved to suffer, too, but he got off way too easy, being instantly crushed to death by that runaway lorry. But YOU get to suffer mightily for your sins, Zach! And I’m so happy that I get to be the one to make you suffer.” 

Ian had continued to gently stroke and fondle Zach’s titanically swollen nuts as he spoke to the fallen champ, and the young wrestler once again began to feel a low rumbling in the depths of Zach’s huge nuts, a sure sign that they were once again nearing critical mass. The momentary reprieve of removing the two clamps from Zach’s clogged sperm ducts was at an end, and it was clear that the young muscle man’s mammoth gonads were getting ready to catastrophically explode. 

Turning to the Annihilator and the Reaper, Ian smiled and said, “It’s time.” The Reaper retrieved his discarded sledgehammer, and the trio of wrestlers stood in front of the supine hero, standing in the wide V between the handsome stud’s massively muscular legs with the Reaper in the middle and the two other wrestlers to either side. All three men gazed down upon the defeated champ with a mixture of hatred and contempt. 

“Get ready, Zach!” Ian said, addressing the handsome muscle man who had treated the blond wrestler as a little brother and best friend. “It’s time to say goodbye to these massive whale nuts of yours!” 

Ian and the Annihilator added their hands to the handle grasped in the Reaper’s massive fists, and as a unit, the three wrestlers raised the mallet up in the air, letting the enormous business end of the sledgehammer rest just a few inches above Zach’s terminally swollen testicles. They raised the hammer in unison, bringing it up by just a few feet and then letting it drop downward to gently tap Zach’s bloated nuts at the bottom of the swing, counting down as they did so. 

“FIVE!!” Tap

“FOUR!!” Tap

Zach began to struggle pitifully on the mat, his mighty strength still sapped from the wicked effects of the serum, but desperately trying to avoid the fate that was about to befall his beleaguered bull balls. 

“THREE!!” Tap

Zach was begging for mercy, sobbing in terror as he watched the three assailants raise the massive sledgehammer high in the air, three sets of phenomenally strong and thickly muscled arms adding their combined might in the hammer blow to come. 

“TWO!!” Tap

Zach’s behemoth bollocks began visibly quivering and quaking, their legendary resilience reaching its very end. The colossal storehouse of spunk in his straining and weakening nuts had become even more than the stud’s Herculean nuts could contain, and the seminal pressures inside of those two gargantuan gonads had reached such a critical level that the testicles themselves were just a moment away from rupturing under their own internal stresses. 





The effects of the hammer blow were immediate and devastating. 

The three men had timed their blow perfectly, for the impact of the huge hammer head coincided with the final failure of Zach’s overstressed ball walls, resulting in a testicular explosion that was more massive and catastrophic than either result would have been on its own. 

As Zach uttered his most deafening bellow of the entire evening, a shriek of soul-rending agony, the entire contents of Zach’s colossal nutsac exploded across the stage in all directions, chunks of pinkish-gray testicular matter splattering all the way to the ropes and beyond as literally GALLONS of raw, unspent sperm splashed in an expanding, violent wave across the ring, adding a thick new layer of fresh nut sludge to the floor. 

At the same moment, the force of the blow caused the C clamp at the base of Zach’s pinched-off cock to shatter with a loud SNAP, finally releasing the throttling stranglehold on the lad’s thick cum tube. The volcanic eruption that then burst out of Zach’s colossal cock was unmatched by anything that had come before in sheer power, fury, and volume as the stud’s heaving and pulsating cock vomited forth the shattered contents of his pulverized nuts. The first titanic blast was pure cum, an almighty blast of fecundity that whitewashed an already cum-soaked stage. Each subsequent blast grew thicker and chunkier, however, as Zach’s violently throbbing cock purged his very nut guts out across the stage in the most obscene and macabre orgasm anyone had ever seen. 

The sight was unforgettably erotic and brutal as two, three, four, five more monumental blasts of liquified nuts shot out of Zach’s thundering, spasming cock, the thick pink-gray gloop coating the young man’s heaving, muscular body and much of the floor with the once-proud remains of his raw, procreative power. After that, the size and power of Zach’s cannon blasts quickly tapered off until his throbbing cock was left drooling a thick oatmeal consistency of mixed splooge and nut mush. 

Poor Zach was too phenomenally strong and powerful to pass out into merciful unconsciousness, even at the unspeakably brutal annihilation of his mighty testicles, and the emasculated champ could do nothing but sob and flop around weakly on the floor as his legendary manhood was stolen from him. 

The three assailants lift the mallet off of the mess on the floor, long strings and tendrils of ball matter clinging to the gory surface of the hammer head, as they gleefully inspect the destruction they had just caused. Ian could see that chunks of ball flesh had ‘survived’ being pulverized outright by the hammer, simply from the benefit of having been on the outer edge of the behemoth ballsac and therefore outside the edge of the massive hammer head. Though there was no way that these still temporarily vital and alive chunks of man meat could ever have been salvaged and stitched together into something approaching a hale and virile testicle, the three men nonetheless dropped to their knees around the ruptured nutsac and searched for these unsheltered pieces of Zach’s balls. Each thug then took turns gripping one of these segments of unbroken nut meat and crushing them in their bare hands, trying to squeeze out every last drop of virility from the young muscle man. 

Ian’s right hand encircled a lemon-sized chunk of ball meat, the last semi-solid lump of testicular tissue remaining in Zach’s shredded and splattered scrotum. This chunk was still connected to Zach’s groin, so the young man could feel every agonizing moment as Ian slowly clawed and squeezed the lump of raw flesh. The fallen champ groaned and cried as he felt Ian slowly maul and mangle the last chunk of his once fabled virility. He was too weak to fight back, and his left hand could only paw uselessly at Ian’s strong, mounded bicep, trying to stop the destruction of his manhood as Ian steadily increased his pressure on the last, lone nut chunk. 

Zach’s beautiful hazel eyes met Ian’s cold, blue stare as many long seconds ticked by. Zach wordlessly pleaded with his former best friend, while the younger stud just sneered in response and flexed his muscles for the former king of the ring. The former champ knew that this was the end for him, that the legend of Zachary “The King” Sorenson was about to come to an end at the hands of Ian “The Kingslayer”. 

Zach’s eyes started to glaze over, and his beautiful lips parted in a soft moan as he tilted his head back. His massively muscular body began flexing uncontrollably, and he began to gently rock his slender hips, all the telltale signs of an impending orgasm! Incredibly, impossibly, Zach was about to hit orgasm yet again, powered only by the sole remaining chunk of his manhood that hadn’t yet been pulverized to gloop by his three assailants!! 

Ian’s eyes flew wide as he felt the nut lump convulse and contract in his hand, and he saw a gout of fresh hunk spunk pump out of Zach’s throbbing dick, the last testament of the champ’s awesome virility. The lush pulses of cum were nowhere near as gargantuan and majestic as they had been when Zach still possessed two whole and intact nuts, yet it was an extremely impressive purging of prime stud spunk nonetheless. Two, three, four more large pulses of sperm shot out of Zach’s cock, but then on the fifth blast, Ian suddenly closed his right fist with all of his might. 


Zach’s last remaining nut chunk exploded with almost no resistance, squirting through Ian’s clutching fingers and splattering all over the cum- and gore-flooded floor. Zach bellowed in agony as he felt his last ball lump burst, and one final, chunky spurt of sperm and nut guts splashed onto his own handsome face, the very last vestige of his epic manhood dripping out of his magnificent bull cock. 

Zach Sorenson’s mighty nuts, the biggest, strongest, toughest testicles ever to grace a man, the sole source of a possible cure for the Fertility Plague, had been finally and utterly annihilated. 

Zach could only moan and sob as Ian bent over his quivering, muscular form, taunting the fallen hero as his wiped his gore-covered hand across Zach’s vast, massive, cum-drenched pecs. Ian could see that a dozen or so slender filaments and fleshy tethers were dangling out the gaping cum hole at the tip of Zach’s still rock hard cock, the pulped remains of the former stud’s titanic testes. Ian wrapped two fingers around these slender cords and, with a sharp yank, tore them out of Zach’s colossal cock and smeared them over the muscle man’s boulder-sized shoulder. 

Ian then pulls out a short, sharp carving knife, and one again kneels between Zach’s titanically muscular legs, the blond wrestler’s knee pads sloshing around in the inch-thick lake of splooge and ground up nut meat. The young man wraps his left hand around the neck of Zach’s empty, shredded sac and pulls downward, stretching the empty bag out to a tremendous length. Despite the fact that his nuts had already been completely destroyed and ruined, Zach once again began to beg for Ian to stop, but the cruel wrestler just placed the edge of his knife against the base of that stretched out nutsac and, with one powerful upward stroke, sliced the vacant bag right off at the groin, symbolically removing the final traces of Zach’s ability to father children and the source of his extraordinary masculinity.

Unfortunately for Zach, his assailants aren’t done with him yet. 

Supreme Leader Gustav Billings had instructed the three wrestlers that he wanted to collect a trophy from today’s match, and the three men know far better than to refuse a directive from Billings himself. 

From beneath the stage, Ian retrieves a three-foot-long segment of steel pipe, and a coiled wire. The wire quickly proves to be a garrote, a length of hardened steel cable with a large handle at either end. The pipe is over two inches thick of solid steel. Smiling cruelly, Ian stands before Zach holding the steel pipe, while the Annihilator wraps the cable around the midsection of the pipe and hands one of the handles to the Reaper. 

Then, at a signal from Ian, the two mighty muscle giants begin a sawing motion back and forth. The harsh sound of metal grinding on metal rang throughout the hushed auditorium as Zach’s terrified eyes watched the steel cable disappear into the thick pipe. Despite the great, solid thickness of that pipe, it takes the two obscenely muscular giants less than 30 seconds to saw the pipe in half, the top half landing with a splash in the lake of cum at Ian’s feet. 

An evilly grinning Ian took several short lengths of stiff steel cable and began securing them around the base of Zach’s colossal cock, encircling the root of that great, fleshy torpedo right where it joined the young man’s lean and muscular groin. After encircling the first segment around Zach’s 5-inch-thick cock root, Ian twisted the ends of the wire together and began crimping the wire closed, tightening the circle around the base of the muscle man’s huge cock. He tightened the first segment of cable as tight as he could, and then moved on to a second, and a third, and a fourth, each time cinching the loop down further and further and strangling the base of Zach’s cock. 

The extreme throttling action crushed down the base of Zach’s cock shaft to barely half of its original girth, trapping all of the blood inside of his already fantastically bloated and distended horse cock, and making it balloon even BIGGER, if that was even possible! The constriction also caused the mighty battering ram of a cock to darken as its customary blood supply was virtually cut off. 

Then what was perhaps the cruelest of the night’s tortures began. 

Ian formed a loop with the steel garrote and worked that loop down the tremendous two-foot-plus length of Zach’s monster cock until it was flush with the tightly bound root of his cock. He gently pulled the looped garrote closed until it was snug with the crushed base of Zach’s cock, nestled in the tiny gap between the bottom of the cinched root and the young man’s groin. Then he stood up, handed the two handles to the Reaper and the Annihilator — who stood to either side of the helpless young muscle man — and bent down to grip the shaft of Zach’s mighty schlong with both hands, right beneath the swollen, bulbous, dark purple cock head. 

Zach began blubbering incoherently once again, begging the three men to stop hurting him, but his pleas fell once again on deaf ears. 

At a shouted signal from Ian, the blond wrestler pulled upward with all of his might, trying to rip Zach’s cock out by the crimped root, while the Reaper and the Annihilator started sawing through the base of Zach’s cock stump with the steel garrote. 

Zach’s screams of terror and agony were harrowing and gut wrenching, but they didn’t stop the three brutes in their assault on his mighty bull cock. 

Even with the multiple steel bands crushing down the very base of his cock to a fraction of its normal size, it still takes quite a few hard passes with the sawing garrote before Zach’s monster cock finally rips free. In fact, as a true testament to the unbridled and unequaled power and strength of Zach’s mighty meat pole, it takes the two muscle giants more than a minute to saw through that huge log of beef, twice as long as it took to saw through the steel pipe! 

But in the end, even Zach’s mighty cock is no match for the steel garrote, and Ian stumbles backwards with the gigantic severed penis clutched in his hands. With a great cry of victory, the jubilant Ian thrusts the massive cock skyward in one big hand, almost like he’s carrying some huge sword aloft. The gigantic slab of meat looks even bigger than before now that it’s been severed from its host, for Zach’s Herculean musculature made the great beast of a cock look almost proportional when still attached to his mammoth form. 

A surprisingly large portion of the crowd erupts into thunderous cheers, the more blood thirsty and brutal among them enjoying seeing the heroic figure of Zach “The King” Sorenson brought so low. But many others are stifling tears or the urge to vomit, unable to believe that this handsome young man, this noble figure that had ignited hope in so many hearts, had been defeated and completely unmanned before their very eyes. 

A wide-eyed Zach also gazed upward at a grinning and victorious Ian, with his still pulsing and quivering penis held aloft like some sort of grotesque trophy, for many long moments. Then the combination of exhaustion, agony, and blood loss proved to be too much for even Zach’s extraordinary constitution, and the young muscle man finally slipped into merciful unconsciousness… 

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Dethroning the King - Chapter 13 (DRAFT) - Slow Testicular Demolition

Dethroning the King
An original story by Jayse and D.

Chapter 13 - Slow Testicular Demolition

***** I envision this as being perhaps the longest chapter in the whole story, or maybe even a SERIES of chapters if there’s too much material to place into one chapter. The purpose of this chapter is to begin the slow destruction of Zach’s magnificent manhood, pummeling, punching, stretching, squeezing, and crushing the lad’s huge cock and balls to within an inch of their annihilation, all while swelling bigger and bigger and pumping out ever larger volumes of his ripe spunk. But Zach’s mighty genitals do not get destroyed in this chapter — mauled, mangled, and wrecked, but not destroyed. That’s saved for Chapter 14! ;) *****

Satisfied that he has harvested MORE than enough stud sperm for his nefarious needs, and that the shocked audience is ready for the next phase in the night’s entertainment, Gustav gives a quiet signal to the three muscle goons to move on with the next part of Zach’s punishment and destruction. 

The three big dudes don’t want their fun to end too soon, so they start with just their bare hands, punching and squeezing and kneading Zach’s swollen and aching cock and balls. The beefy SMACK, SMACK, SMACK of fists on flesh is music to their ears as they pummel the young man’s heavy meat from all angles. 

I would like to see lots and lots and LOTS of descriptions of the various brutalities these three men inflict on Zach’s bloated fuck meat. Keep in mind, Zach’s balls are insanely tough, so this chapter can be as long as you all would like it, with dozens and dozens of unique and varied abuses heaped upon the hapless champ’s mighty gonads. The hours-long assault on Zach’s nuts should be accompanied by a lot of “CRACK” and “SNAP” and “CRUNCH” sounds as the thick walls of those twin orbs are slowly broken down. The vulnerable “man yolk” within those two mighty fortresses will still remain intact, pumping out ever growing volumes of spunk, but those protective walls will finally start to crumble. Near the end, Zach’s cock will reach a previously unheard of length, and his balls will be titanic.

Here are some ideas and suggestions, in no particular order: 

Each man takes turns isolating one of Zach’s bloated, cum-engorged nuts and pinning it to the hard arena floor. He then starts pummeling the trapped nut as hard and as fast as he can, flattening it against the solid wrestling mat. The Annihilator likes to focus his attention on the epididymis along the back and top of the goliath nard, grinding his knuckles deep into that tender tissue and ripping howls of agony from the handsome champ. Reaper favors brute strength, using his titanic arm muscles to power his huge fist like a battering ram over and over and over again into Zach’s wounded and screaming nut. Kingslayer is perhaps the cruelest and most effective of them all, however, slipping his brass knuckles over his hard fist and punching and pummeling Zach’s helpless ball from every angle, unleashing a world of hurt on the sobbing muscle stud. He particularly likes laying a huge nut down sideways and trying to bash in its tough and fibrous outer wall from the side. All of this work is intended to slowly wear down the phenomenal strength in both of Zach’s humongous nuts, and eventually crack their insanely tough and thick outer shells to get at the dense and beefy “yolk” contained within the heart of his man eggs. 

One man stretches out Zach’s nuts as much as his over-bloated nutsac will allow, then wraps a nylon noose around Zach’s sac and ties the other end to the handle on the Annihilator’s 220-pound kettlebell, maintaining the epic stretch to the young man’s massive balls. The men then take turns raining down brutality on the elongated scrotal neck, hammering away at the cables, cords, blood vessels, and sperm ducts that connect Zach’s bull nuts with his body and that give those fantastic gonads life, joking all the while that they are giving the handsome stud a vasectomy. The pain is sharp and extreme, perversely sending Zach into even greater fits of ejaculatory agony, but in the end even the tissues anchoring Zach’s mighty bollocks to his body prove to be too tough for the three wrestlers to easily destroy, and they survive even these brutalities intact…for now…

All three men are highly jealous of Zach’s magnificent penis, and they do all they can to wreck that monument to masculinity. Lots of punching and twisting action should ensue. I particularly like the idea of punching that huge cock from several directions simultaneously, causing the iron-hard member to bend and twist in all sorts of unnatural directions, but somehow refusing to break. This action should culminate in the Reaper grasping Zach’s huge cock with both hands — one around the thick root of that monster cock right at the wide base, and the other just behind the fist-sized, purple cock head — and then start bending that huge prick downward. Zach’s swollen cock is fantastically strong, but the Reaper is even stronger, and he succeeds in forcing a powerful and disturbing downward bend into Zach’s otherwise ramrod straight horse cock. The huge mountain of muscle can actually feel the fibers and tissues inside of Zach’s cock straining and stretching to the breaking point, and he holds the bellowing champ in that position for a seeming eternity, sometimes giving short, sharp jerks to his hands to further amplify the agony and bring Zach’s cock to the very razor’s edge of snapping in half at mid shaft. The Annihilator and the Kingslayer join in the fun by taking the opportunity to punch and hammer Zach’s grotesquely bent cock from all angles, further redlining the titanic spear of fuck meat and nearly finishing what the Reaper had started. 

The Reaper finally relents, allowing Zach’s battered but otherwise intact cock to snap back to rigid attention…only to repeat the process in the other direction, bending the young man’s mighty mule cock backwards towards his belly! The Reaper succeeds in getting an even MORE profound bend out of Zach’s cock this time, while the other two men focus on beating and pummeling the stretched out cum tube running the length of the ventral surface of that gigantic cock like some sort of thick, ridged spine. 

Another cock torture would involve one man (or maybe requiring two men) pushing down on the base of Zach’s mighty cock to slowly lever that huge trouser beast downward until, with great effort, it’s finally pointing straight down and pressed flat against the cum-flooded mat. This position allows the men to take turns hammering the lad’s aching cock into the unyielding floor. They’ll start with their fists, but then move on to their steel-toed boots, kicking and stomping all over Zach’s beautiful cock and causing the magnificent member to erupt in new welts and bruises, even as the throbbing and quivering cock continues to periodically pump out more and more jizz. The Annihilator particularly likes stomping down with the steel-studded heel of his heavy black boot onto Zach’s swollen and bulbous cock head, crushing it to a fraction of its normal size over and over again. The Kingslayer prefers kicking Zach’s cock head on, trying to drive that huge head into the iron hard shaft behind it. The Annihilator can use his 220-pound kettlebell like a rolling pin, pressing its enormous weight downward onto Zach’s steadily softening tissues of that tortured cock and running it up and down that titanic length like he’s kneading dough. The Reaper is perhaps the most brutal of them all, using his gargantuan sledgehammer to pound Zach’s mighty elephant cock like he’s trying to tenderize a steak. The Reaper seems to particularly like to hammer and bash Zach’s relatively softer cock head, squashing that humongous bulb of flesh nearly flat with each terrible blow, only to have that mighty sphere of meat immediately regain its normal size and shape as soon as the hammer is once again lifted, bruised and battered but otherwise still intact. 

As Zach lays supine on the mat, Reaper and Annihilator will place themselves on either side of the fallen hero — one on the left locking his huge fists around Zach’s left wrist and ankle, and the other doing the same thing on Zach’s right. The two huge brutes will then plant their feet on either side of Zach’s bullish neck and the bottom of his ribs as anchors, and then they’ll lean back, pulling with all of their might on Zach’s arms and legs as if they wanted to rip his limbs right out of his body. This punishment was brutal enough in its own right, but it also opened the young man up to additional punishments on his fully exposed genitals. 

The Kingslayer could then position himself in front of Zach’s exposed package, the shrine of his epic manhood. The smaller man plants his booted feet into the underside of Zach’s ballooning bollocks and then grips the shaft of the young man’s colossal cock shaft, just a couple of inches beneath the bulbous and drooling head. Tightening his fierce grip, the Kingslayer begins to pull Zach’s cock downward, while simultaneously pushing upward into the stud’s smooth and hairless balls with all of his might. Zach’s bloated erection was so huge, so hard, and so resilient, even after all of the beating, that it initially fought against the Kingslayer’s attempts to lever it downward, and it took both of the wrestler’s hands and all of his considerable might to pull it down. But eventually he succeeded, bending Zach’s erection on an unnatural angle, and threatening to snap it off right at the base! 

The Kingslayer reveled in the punishment he was inflicting on Zach’s behemoth genitals. He could feel the tree-trunk sized root of Zach’s stallion cock straining to remain attached to his groin. At the same time, he could actually FEEL the mighty heartbeat in the champ’s squashed bull balls - even through his heavy boots! - as he crushed them against the stud’s rock solid pelvis. The Kingslayer imagined that he could almost feel the thick, sperm-laden hunk spunk that must be continuously churning and sloshing around inside of his dense and meaty nut guts. 

After allowing himself some time to enjoy these sensations, the Kingslayer suddenly lurches back with all of his might, pulling and twisting Zach’s monstrous horse cock harder still, while all but driving Zach’s mammoth nuts back inside his pelvic cavity, threatening to finally wreck Zach’s mighty manhood. 

The agony pushes Zach over the edge, and he begins to cum for the umpteenth time. The unbridled force of Zach’s throbbing orgasm is enough to rip his pulsing cock out of the Kingslayer’s grip, allowing the gigantic phallus to snap back upright and collide with Zach’s bulging and rippling pecs with a loud SLAP. Humongous jets of thick cum sprayed forth in every direction, spraying both Zach and his opponents in even more of his pearlescent spew. It almost looked like the defeated muscle man was waving forth his own liquid “white flag” as his mighty “flagpole” shuddered and throbbed through yet another monumental orgasm, dousing his heaving, insanely muscular body with multiple layers of his thick and chunky baby batter. 

The other men release a limp and sobbing Zach as he ejaculates all over himself in abject defeat. 

The punishments get more and more brutal as time goes by, and the wear and tear really starts to show on Zach’s swelling junk. His monstrous cock is puffy and distended, covered in angry welts and purple bruises, yet still utterly magnificent, measuring nearly 21 inches in length at this point and damn near thick as a traffic bollard. His mighty, oblong-shaped bowling balls look even worse, his scrotum looking raw and abraded, and the balls themselves so utterly covered in bruises that they are a nearly uniform angry red/dark purple in color. But the champ’s monstrously oversized plumbing remains completely intact and functional, as he continuously proves with the jettisoning of load after load after sticky load of his pungent baby batter. 

Also tiny stretch marks start to appear up and down the colossal length of Zach’s monster cock, as well as all over his hideously overinflated nutsac. These stretch marks were further proof of the outrageous growth and swelling that his mammoth genitals were experiencing due to the effects of the serum, and the three brutal wrestlers began to wonder if there was going to be an end to how huge Zach’s sex organs could grow! 

The Annihilator begins using his 220-pound kettlebell once again, this time on Zach’s balls. He swings the huge weight in a devastating upper cut into Zach’s defenseless balls, crushing them nearly flat against his muscular crotch, then drops the huge weight from a height of 6 or 7 feet right down onto those bulging bollocks. Zach lets out his most thunderous bellow of pain yet as his proud balls are very nearly pulverized, crushed almost completely flat by the heavy iron weight. But his battle-hardened balls hold, even as the Annihilator leans on top of the kettlebell and starts using some of his own massively muscular weight to twist and turn the iron sphere deeper into Zach’s nut meat, almost like he’s trying to crush out a cigarette. Thick and wet squelching and crunching sounds can be heard coming from Zach’s ground up gonads, but they STILL refuse to burst. 

The Reaper suddenly pushes the Annihilator out of the way, and then quickly lumbers on top of the kettlebell, adding his own gargantuan 525 pounds of pure muscle to the 220 pounds of iron already bearing down on Zach’s valiantly straining nuts! The young man’s hazel eyes grow wide and a silent scream is stretched across his achingly handsome face as he feels an incredible 745 pounds bearing down on his crumbling nuts, more than DOUBLING the greatest amount of weight he’d ever before placed atop his mighty nuts!! The loudest crunching and scrunching sounds yet came from Zach’s profoundly crushed nuts, which ballooned around their spherical intruder like jelly. The iron sphere was digging so deeply into the heart of Zach’s nuts that it looked like it was resting on the mat itself, with nothing between it and the floor. The lad’s utterly squashed nuts were visibly convulsing around their intruder as they pumped yet ANOTHER gargantuan load out of Zach’s violently pulsating cock. desperately trying to inseminate something, ANYTHING, before they exploded under the awesome weight. 

Incredibly, however, Zach’s mighty nuts somehow held, though in truth it was a very close call. The centers of Zach’s nuts were crushed nearly as flat as pancakes, and truly SHOULD have burst wide open, but those tough and stubborn nuggies simply refused to crack! The Reaper even jumped up and down several times on top of the huge kettlebell, and STILL Zach’s nuts wouldn’t die!! The handsome dude’s behemoth balls were proving to be nearly indestructible!! 

Zach’s big bollocks are profoundly traumatized by this point, but the Reaper thinks he can push them even further. With Zach’s grotesquely swollen and intensely bruised balls resting helpless on the surface of the solid mat, the Reaper hefts his massive sledgehammer and gives a cold, hard stare at the young man’s hideously bruised and bloated bollocks. The muscular giant gently places the flat face of his hammer against the reddish-purple orbs, allowing the great weight of the iron head to partway squish the heavily wounded and weakened balls. The face of the sledgehammer head is so wide that it can easily cover both balls at the same time, despite their hideously swollen size, and could easily crush them as flat as pancakes in just one awesome blow. Zach’s balls clearly have some fight left in them, though, for they only squash down by a couple of inches despite the great weight of the hammer, all but taunting the huge Reaper to do his worst. And it’s clear that’s exactly what the mountain of muscle intends to do. 

The Reaper tauntingly, almost playfully, lifts the hammer head up a few feet and let’s it fall back toward Zach’s balls, arresting the free fall just as the cold, flat surface smacks into the young man’s heaving, heavy nuts. A terrified Zach winces with each soft impact, knowing that the cruel giant is only building up to some serious nut rupturing action. The Reaper repeats his teasing maneuver five, six, seven times, gently tapping Zach’s nuts each time. Then, with a grunt, the huge man raises the huge, blunt-faced business end of that hammer high above his head, flexes both of his gargantuan arms, takes careful aim, and then brings the sledgehammer down with utterly pulverizing force directly into both of Zach’s heavily bruised gonads. 

Zach bellowed in animal agony as his proud bull balls were immediately flattened to a mere fraction of an inch. At the same time, his mighty battering ram of a cock swelled even larger still and began erupting with a truly volcanic deluge of semen, the titanic force of the blow actually forcing out a tremendous gout of undiluted sperm. Zach’s already unnaturally thick and dense splooge was now thicker than ever, spraying out in semi-solid clumps of raw procreative matter all over the bellowing champ and his three assailants. 

The one blow was nearly enough to permanently wreck Zach’s huge balls, but the Reaper didn’t stop there. He raised his steel mallet up high, and then struck Zach’s balls again. And again. And again and again and again. Hammering the young man’s helpless orbs over and over, crushing them flatter and flatter each time, barely giving them time to plump back up to their oval fullness before squashing them again. A weeping Zach howled in agony as he felt his once-proud bollocks smashed into smithereens by the repeated hammer blows, spewing his thick cum all over his body as his nuts are steadily and brutally ruined. 

More than a dozen more deadly hammer blows fall onto Zach’s massacred bollocks, surely more than enough brutal punishment to break even Zach’s mighty man eggs! But when the Reaper lifts the sledgehammer away after his final thunderous blow, Zach’s behemoth balls once again swell back up to something approaching normal shape!! They regain their shape slower than before, and stop a couple of inches shy of a full re-inflation, but there can be no doubt about it — Zach’s balls are somehow, miraculously, still alive!!! 

An incredulous Kingslayer drops to his knees next to the defeated muscle stud, and reaches forward to scoop up both of Zach’s humongous nuts into his hands. The Kingslayer has large hands, but Zach’s bullish bollocks have by now swollen so huge that they more than overflow the wrestler’s cupped hands, displaying more thick and beefy nut meat than should have been humanly possible. But the proof of their fantastic size was resting heavily - VERY heavily - in the Kingslayer’s almost reverently cupped hands. 

The Kingslayer began to slowly grope, fondle, and explore Zach’s battered nuts, and quickly found that the former nearly rock-hard firmness of the young man’s behemoth balls was clearly a thing of the past. While both huge orbs were technically still intact and whole, their tough and fibrous outer walls had been almost completely broken, their tremendous strength worn down by several hours of testicular abuse. The dense flesh within was now soft and malleable, like a firm jelly, yielding but still intact. The Kingslayer roughly kneaded both traumatized orbs for several long moments, reveling in how his fingers could now grip deep into Zach’s balls with only minimal effort, whereas at the beginning of the evening, even his strongest grip could barely deform those tough outer walls. The Kingslayer realized just how close the Reaper had come to annihilating Zach’s bull balls for good — the handsome muscle stud’s titanic gonads were so weakened and damaged at this point that just a single blow more from that sledgehammer, or at most two or three blows, would have undoubtedly caused these amazing sex glands to finally burst into ruined chunks. 

The Kingslayer suddenly and secretly found himself of two minds. On the one hand, he was thrilled with how much harm had already been inflicted on his opponent’s magnificent cock and oversized nutsac, and he was eager to start the final phase of the handsome champ’s emasculation. On the other hand, however, the Kingslayer wished that the brutal tortures of the handsome stud’s mammoth manhood could go on forever. Slowly wrecking this hunk’s freakishly oversized cock and balls was the most exciting and erotic thing he had ever done, and the Kingslayer didn’t want the fun to end. Big Zach had already lasted far longer than should have been humanly possible, and yet the Kingslayer found that he didn’t want this moment to end. 

Finally accepting that Zach’s fate had been sealed the moment he set foot in this area, however, the Kingslayer heaved an exaggerated sigh of resignation and let Zach’s huge marble bag plop back to the floor with a beefy SMACK. It was nearly time to finish the destruction of Zach’s legendary manhood once and for all.

After a time, the Kingslayer is shocked to realize that Zach’s mighty genitals have ceased growing. He had received a full report on the effects of the scientists’ serum, and knew that all previous experimental subjects experienced penile and genital growth that only ended with the catastrophic rupturing of their sexual organs. Considering the already naturally goliath size of Zach’s genitals, coupled with their unexpectedly accelerated rate of growth under the serum’s wicked effects, the Kingslayer would have fully expected Zach’s sex organs to have reached critical mass by now and exploded under their own overinflated and overstressed size. But instead, incredibly, IMPOSSIBLY, Zach’s massive man meat had achieved some sort of homeostasis with the serum, bloating to a spectacular size but then ceasing to grow any further. 

An utterly incredulous Kingslayer realized that Zach could actually SURVIVE the effects of the serum, perhaps indefinitely, with a permanent doubling in the mass of his genitals and a thousand-fold increase in his already super human virility! All that Zach needed was a continuous supply of fluids and nutrients, and he would remain a one man, industrial-sized sperm factory! 

The Kingslayer retrieved a cloth measuring tape from a pouch hidden inside his trunks, and set about measuring the final bloat of Zach’s mighty meat, starting with his whopping stallion cock. The masked wrestler planted one end of the tape at the wide, vein-gnarled base of that tremendous truncheon of a dick, and then slowly unfurled the tape along its titanic length. The Kingslayer was gentle, almost reverent, as he pressed the soft fabric against the steely hard flesh bazooka, his eyes growing wider and wider as the numbers went higher and higher. When he reached the cum-drooling tip of that enormous crotch rocket, a low whistle escaped his lips as he read the final result — 24 blood-bloated inches of the thickest, juiciest cock in the world!! The swollen. dark purple head of that monstrous cock tapped against the upper swell of the young man’s colossal chest, just a couple of inches below his powerful chin. The girth of that mighty python was equally as jaw dropping, with the narrowest portions of that huge, torpedo-shaped cock at both the wide base and just behind the swollen head measuring a full 14 inches around, and thickening to just shy of 17 inches at mid shaft. Zach’s bloated cock represented a full 50% increase in overall length, and very nearly a tripling in its overall mass. In some sane corner of his mind, the Kingslayer found it comically ironic that this towering, godlike masterpiece of penile flesh was so unutterably huge that there was no longer a single creature on earth that Zach could successfully fuck with it! 

The increase in size of Zach’s big, bountiful bollocks was even more stunning and impressive, if that was even possible. Those two blue ribbon bull balls had started the evening the size of ostrich eggs, with a combined circumference of a nearly unimaginable 28 inches, very nearly as big as a basketball. Now, EACH of Zach’s dense, cum-bloated balls was almost the size of a basketball, and the circumference of his overloaded nutsac was now a whopping 45 inches!! As big around as a large man’s CHEST!!! Their great weight was just as astounding, for the weight of Zach’s behemoth bollocks had nearly quintupled to an outrageous 50 pounds!!! The Kingslayer doubted that Zach would even be capable of walking with so much oversized nut meat hanging between his humongously muscular legs! 

The serum had turned Zach’s from ‘merely’ super human to a veritable GOD of sex! 

The Kingslayer was somewhat angry and frustrated by this turn of events. Zach Sorenson, already the envy of every man on the planet, was now even MORE monstrously hung and virile than ever! While the masked wrestler was strangely turned on by this unexpected result of the serum’s properties, he was also more determined than ever to end Zach’s reign as both the UFT champion AND the greatest alpha male that had ever lived. 

And he knew just how to do it… 

The Kingslayer decided that Zach’s time as an intact male was now rapidly coming to an end, and he wanted to conduct an experiment before the handsome champ was reduced to a worthless eunuch. He retrieved the C clamps he had used earlier on the hunky stud’s huge muscles and, with the help of his two compatriots, repurposes the clamps for use on Zach’s bloated and swollen genitals. 

The IVs inserted into both of Zach’s massively muscular biceps have been feeding the huge stud with bucket loads of fluids and nutrients throughout his epic torture and ejaculation session, and his hungry bollocks have been consuming those fluids as fast as they can be pumped into the stud’s body, fuel for the untold GALLONS of spunk that the young man has been shooting all over the arena floor and surrounding apron. In fact, the entire 30-foot by 30-foot wrestling arena was utterly awash with the young man’s thick spunk funk, and all four combatants were drenched head to toe with the stuff, with more massive gouts and blasts of cum rocketing out of Zach’s 24-inch monster cock on a nearly continuous basis. Thick white splooge dripped over all four sides of the arena in thick sheets and dense ropes, dropping heavily and sloppily to the concrete apron, collecting in puddles so huge that they very nearly reached the first row of spectator seats. It seemed absolutely inconceivable that one man could have produced so much spunk in a matter of a few hours, for it looked like every adult male in New Angeles had ejaculated on the stage in the most epic circle jerk in human history! 

The Kingslayer intended on cutting off that supply of fresh splooge for good. 

The wrestler’s first target was the base of Zach’s titanic truncheon of a cock. He opened his first C clamp to its widest setting, fixed it around the base of that massive schlong, and started tightening it down. Zach was in mid orgasm as this work began, and as the clamp started squeezing down on the enormous cum tube that ran along the underbelly of his bloated and distended cock, the stud’s gargantuan ejaculation was tamped down and then halted altogether. A grimace of agony quickly spread across Zach’s unbearably handsome face, as the thick splooge began to back up in his sexual plumbing, unable to achieve release out of the young man’s thundering bull cock. 

Working quickly, the Kingslayer roughly fondled the top of Zach’s scrotum, digging into the young man’s delicate plumbing and isolating the unusually thick sperm ducts that siphoned the creamy products of Zach’s overactive virility and prepared them for ejaculation. Another pair of C clamps were used to crush those two big pipes closed, trapping all of Zach’s burgeoning sperm load inside of his powerhouse balls, while simultaneously allowing the free flow of the blood supply, fluids, and nutrients that kept the young man’s balls alive, productive, and oh-so-incredibly fertile. 

All three sperm-soaked wrestlers then stepped back to admire their handiwork. 

Zach’s moans and groans of pain began to increase in volume and intensity, for the trio of clamps pinching off his urethra and sperm ducts caused an almost immediate and steady increase in congestion inside the young man’s already bloated and burgeoning balls. The steady manufacture of fresh spunk began backing up his vas deferens and his epididymis, causing them to bulge and swell to dangerous levels. But it was his balls themselves the bore the brunt of this new and cruel torture. 

The work of the insidious serum forced Zach’s nuts to churn out nut butter faster than any other man’s nuts in human history, regardless of the consequences or the effects on the stud’s own beleaguered balls. No man’s balls, not even Zach’s titanic testes, were meant to store so much raw sperm inside of them, and the young man’s already fantastically huge and swollen balls began to swell even larger still, struggling to make room for all of the thick and chunky spunk that kept being churned out by those dense, beefy, and overworked tissues. 

As the size of Zach’s balls slowly and inexorably expanded, they regained the oblong spherical shapes that had been considerably flattened after the multiple blows from the Reaper’s sledgehammer, the lad’s huge nuts bloating as every available space inside those orbs became saturated and then flooded with unspent spunk. The stud’s huge nuts then became even more spherical still as their damaged and crumbling outer walls expanded under the extreme internal pressures. The many veins that coursed over the expansive surfaces of both massive balls began to swell and bloat as well, growing thicker and more tortured as the strain on Zach’s nuts grew. Those veins soon resembled the thick purple snakes that twisted up the length of Zach’s colossal cock shaft, so bloated and angry that they looked like they could burst at any moment. 

And speaking of bursting, it soon became evident that Zach’s balls were now at a very real risk of exploding under their own awesome internal pressures, their serum-augmented tissues continuing to pump out ever more thick spunk regardless of the testicle-rupturing danger! 

It wasn’t long before all three opponents started groping and fondling the helpless and hapless hunk, stimulating each and every one of the young man’s erogenous zones in order to further enhance and accelerate the stud’s awesome virility. Rough and calloused hands stroked his raw and distended uber cock, thick fingers pinched and tweaked the nubs of his hard and rubbery nipples, hungry mouths licked, nibbled, and nuzzled at the muscular sides of Zach’s bullish neck, powerful hands massaged and kneaded his aching and battered muscles. All of this erotic attention pushed Zach’s wild virility into hyperdrive, further hastening his impending and inexorable doom. 

The strain on Zach’s steadily swelling bollocks was visibly obvious as they expanded beyond any conceivable capacity…and kept right on swelling larger still. The cruel wrestlers started getting rougher with the defenseless muscle stud, smacking his bloated nuts around, swatting them with open palms and smacking them with half-strength punches. They were careful to not bash Zach’s nuts TOO hard, for in their horribly battered and weakened state and hideously swollen size, they knew it wouldn’t take much to make them explode. The three big wrestlers knew they were already redlining Zach’s bloated and battered genitals past all conceivable limits, but they just couldn’t help from pushing them even farther. 

Zach’s nuts had initially been extraordinarily firm and solid at the beginning of the match, but had gradually grown more and more soft and mushy after hours of trauma and abuse, nearly reduced to jelly by the horrific tortures. Now, however, Zach’s rocks had grown hard and unyielding once more. Only this time, it wasn’t due to the toughness of the fibrous outer walls surrounding his nuts, or the unnatural density and beefiness of the balls themselves. No, it was the staggering amount of unspent stud cum choking and bloating Zach’s ginormous bull nuts that was giving them such a granite-hard firmness. The extreme pressures building up inside of the champ’s Herculean testicles was so great that the other three wrestlers could once again barely dent their outer walls, even with harder and harder punches. 

Finally, it was clear that Zach’s hideously bloated bollocks couldn’t swell any larger, and that their imminent rupture could only be mere minutes away. The Kingslayer once again grabbed his tape measure and wrapped the cloth tape around the vast expanse of Zach’s visibly straining nutsac, gently pressing the fabric against the glassy smooth skin that was stretched more taut than a drum across its burgeoning contents. A low whistle escaped the masked man’s lips as he read the final number — 60.5 inches, over five FEET in circumference, just a few inches shy of the stud’s heroic 68-inch chest circumference!! 

The Kingslayer pressed his lean, muscular body against the even larger physique of the moaning and sobbing Zach, the thick and clotted mixture of sperm and sweat gluing their gorgeous bodies together. He leaned in close to Zach’s devastatingly handsome face, and with one hand gently fondling and caressing the colossal bag of nut meat straining between the champ’s muscular thighs, he spoke to the defeated hero. 

“Damn, Zach, these behemoth bollocks of yours look ready to blow! I can’t even begin to imagine the sort of agony you’re in right now, but I think it’s gonna be even worse when your balls finally explode!” the Kingslayer taunted with a cruel chuckle. 

“You know, you were doomed from the moment you stepped into the arena tonight, Zach. The plan from the start was to not just defeat you, but destroy you, and take away everything that made you a man. A secret chemical formula was placed in your water bottle tonight, a serum that greatly accelerates sperm production while also increasing the size of a man’s genitals, and you pounded that drink down to the dregs. For any other man, that would have been a death sentence for his balls right there, for the drug was SUPPOSED to make your humongous balls burn out and explode. But no, not you — YOU had to prove just how fucking tough you are yet AGAIN by overcoming the serum, too! Sure, your cock and balls have grown so freakishly large that there’s no way you could ever compete in the ring again, and sure, you would be forever reliant on constant nutrient infusions through IVs to avoid dying of dehydration in a matter of hours, but still, you survived. And not just survived — you have transformed into something even more than super human, you’ve become a GOD of manhood!” 

“Hell, if we stopped the tortures now — and I mean right the fuck now — you’d heal from all of your injuries and remain intact! You would regain your phenomenal strength, your massive muscles would regain their rock solid firmness, and all of the bruises and welts would disappear leaving with your prefect, unblemished skin once again. Of course, there would be a FEW changes! Your two-foot-long mega cock would remain perpetually hard as steel, your huge bollocks would remain the size of basketballs, and you would live the rest of your life in a near-continuous state of orgasm. But you would otherwise be intact!” 

“And I cannot allow that to happen.” 

The Kingslayer could feel a quivering rumble start to build in Zach’s swollen-to-bursting nuts, and not wanting the fun to end too soon, he turned to his compatriots and said, “Let’s undo the clamps on his sperm ducts. That should relieve some of the pressure on his bloated nuts, at least for a few minutes.” The two hulkingly muscular fighters complied, each grasping one of the C clamps secured tightly over Zach’s thick sperm ducts, and with a series of short, sharp turns, removed those two clamps from the champ’s groin. 

The titanic thunderhead of cum raced upwards into Zach’s plumbing with the force of a freight train, nearly rupturing the over expanding pipes and tubes. This mammoth wellhead of sperm was halted in its tracks seconds later as it crashed into the remaining C clamp that was still crushing down like a vise on the base of Zach’s goliath, two-foot-long monster cock. Zach bellowed in unimaginable agony as every part of his aching loins felt like it was going to burst, and these bellows grew louder and more urgent still as the Kingslayer and his companions hammered mighty punches and blows into his lower abdomen, particularly the deeply chiseled Adonis belt that framed either side of his swollen and battered crotch, pummeling Zach’s plumbing almost to the point of failure. Even Zach’s walnut-sized prostate gland was quickly bloated to near bursting, swelling to the size of a large lemon in mere seconds. But somehow, Zach’s sexual plumbing survived the seminal onslaught, and the hideous strain on his overinflated balls was decreased by a fraction, at least momentarily. Long enough for the Kingslayer to continue taunting his hated foe. 

“DUDE! That looked like it HURT!!” the Kingslayer said with an evil laugh. “Good! You deserve a bit of pain, after all of the hurt you’ve caused the rest of us. You deserve to be taken down, you overgrown Boy Scout. You, with your ridiculously handsome face and perfect body. You, with your oversized genitals and phenomenal strength. You, with your righteousness and morality and sense of fair play, giving false hope to the people of this city that they can ever be anything more than scum. You disgust me! You NEED to be taken down! And I’M the man who’s gonna do it!” 

“You see, Zach, I’ve hated you for years, and have longed to destroy you. But I never had the chance, and never thought I would. But when our Supreme Leader approached me with the plan to finally take you out, I jumped at the opportunity. And before I destroy your balls and take your manhood, I want you to see who it was who defeated you, who proved that he is even more of a man than YOU are!” 

And with that, the Kingslayer tore off his mask, revealing a face nearly as handsome as Zach’s own unparalleled masculine beauty, framed by blond hair and with piercing blue eyes, locked in a cruel stare with Zach’s own hazel orbs. 

“IAN!!” Zach croaked with his deep, scream-roughened voice. 

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Dethroning the King - Chapter 12 (DRAFT) - Draining the Champ

Here is the wettest chapter of the series, where the three villains finally start raping handsome Zach of his overabundant male fluids! :D

And the NEXT chapter is where the real ball busting begins!

Any input / advice / suggestions / story text is highly appreciated. Enjoy!


Dethroning the King
An original story by Jayse and D.

Chapter 12 - Draining the Champ

After all of the beatings and the effects of the insidious serum coursing through his veins, Zach’s awesome strength has been obliterated, rendering the heroically handsome muscle man completely helpless. His magnificent body is covered in welts and bruises, his massive and once rock hard muscles now soft and swollen after hours of brutal punishments and tortures. The King of the Ring and hero of the people has been defeated, and now lies nearly motionless in the center of the arena floor, panting heavily and barely even conscious. Strangely, almost perversely, Zach looks even more beautiful than ever, the vulnerability of his beautiful and battered body only adding to his appeal. 

And despite all of the hurt and harm that had been inflicted on his fantastically muscular physique, the handsome hunk is sporting the largest and most granite hard boner that any of the thousands of spectators had ever seen! As if his defeat wasn’t humiliating enough, Zach’s greatest secret - the gargantuan size of his genitals - has now been revealed to the shocked and stunned public. 

But Zach’s true humiliation had only just begun… 

All three opponents had received very clear instructions before the match that they were required to drain Zach of his manly fluids as many times as possible before permanently wrecking his nuts. And yes, the destruction of Zach’s magnificent manhood was a foregone conclusion — not only did all three opponents long for the opportunity to nut the handsome bull stud, but the fact that Zach had also gulped down a testicularly fatal dose of the serum guaranteed that his balls’ death was now an inevitability. Nevertheless, none of the three opponents identified as gay, so they weren’t turned on by the idea of jacking off another man, even one as devastatingly handsome and gloriously hung as young Zach. Still, masturbating the hunky hero in front of thousands of fans in the arena and millions more watching at home would cause the young man a great deal of physical and emotional pain and shame, and all three cruel and brutal men were eager to inflict as much hurt as possible on the handsome champ. 

The three opponents start fondling and mauling Zach’s gorgeous body, paying special attention to his cock and balls. Lush streams of clear bull honey have been running down the great length of Zach’s colossal cock, making the thick and vein-gnarled shaft slick and slippery, all the better for jacking by large, calloused hands. These same big hands roughly fondled and kneaded the two gigantic lumps of man meat still concealed inside of Zach’s red trunks, assessing their great weight and density, and enjoying the moist warmth flowing out of the two big orbs. After several minutes of ungentle foreplay, they finally pull those trunks off of Zach’s body and expose his naked orbs to the hungry eyes of the audience and the cameras. Another collective gasp goes up from the crowd as the sheer mammoth size of Zach’s behemoth balls is finally revealed, the two rock-hard lumps resting side by side in their smooth, hairless scrotum, looking bigger than any testicles the audience had ever seen on man or beast. 

At this point, I think IVs should be started in the thick veins coursing over each of the stud’s boulder biceps, so that they can start feeding him the fluids and nutrients he’ll need to keep up with the sperm production that’s going to start accelerating in his balls from the serum. I also think that the bad guys are going to take their time with Zach. They’re not going to be particularly gentle, but they’re not going for any nut bursting action - yet. They’ve been ordered to make Zach cum, and cum a lot, and they’re going to take those orders seriously. 

This would be a good time for lots of descriptions of Zach’s massive cock and balls. For example, Zach’s 16-inch monster cock is so tremendously thick that even Reaper’s massive hands can’t wrap all the way around it, and his nutsac is so huge and bloated that it takes two hands to hold it, even for the Reaper. I’d love more details about Zach’s balls, too, like how they’re a perfectly matched set, beautifully and perfectly formed, and even heavier than they look. Despite their great weight, however, Zach’s nuts don’t hang very low; they’re only about an inch from his crotch. But when one of the big guys wraps his huge hand around the base of that massive sac of nuts, they can force them down an impressive (and erotically painful) distance from Zach’s muscular and chiseled groin. 

Despite the epic (and growing) fullness of his huge nuts and the horniness caused by the serum, Zach tries to hold back his first orgasm for as long as he can. He knows that his ejaculations are freakishly huge compared to those of normal men, and he’s desperate to not bust a nut in front of a live audience and in front of cameras that are live streaming to millions of people at home. But even a super stud like Zach cannot hold out forever, especially with three sets of extremely strong hands roughly handling his swollen and bloated goods, and after perhaps 15 minutes or so, Zach cuts loose with his first volcanic cum load. 

In the several hours since Zach guzzled down a massive overdose of the serum, the already phenomenal rate of his virility has been slowly but steadily accelerating, packing his nuts full with more and more of his oversized sperm. Thus even Zach was unprepared for the sheer size, volume, and ferocity of his first load. There were actually screams heard in the audience as the first titanic jet shot out of Zach’s quivering cock, an almighty streamer of jizz as thick as Zach’s pinky finger and more than 12 feet long. The Annihilator, who had been kneeling at Zach’s feet and roughly kneading his huge bollocks at the time, was struck in the chest by the massive blast of cum. The huge muscle man actually stumbled backwards in shock, surprise, and not a little bit of disgust as Zach painted a thick line of gloopy spew across both of the man’s humongous pecs and over his left shoulder, shooting the rest of his first streamer of spunk nearly all the way to the ringside ropes. 

The next blasts of cum were unobstructed by the muscular wall of the Annihilator’s giant form, and thus were able to sail their full distance to the edge of the arena and beyond, painting thick white stripes all over the arena mat. Each massive jet was as powerful and voluminous as the one before, and shone brilliantly in the overhead lights as they arced majestically over the ring. Zach’s cum was so thick and so concentrated and so heavy that the wet thudding sounds of his splooge striking the mat were audible over the gasps and loud murmurs of the shocked audience. Salvo after salvo after salvo shot from Zach’s colossal cock like some sort of meat cannon, and unbelievable display of hyper masculine virility. Dozens and dozens of thick ropes of cum — more than 50 in all — were festooned across the arena mat in gelatinous rivers and streamers before Zach’s first monstrous cum load came to an end. It looked like every man in the arena had come forward and jacked off a load or two onto the wrestling mat, but incredibly, impossibly, this almighty cum load had come from one set of balls, from a single orgasm, from the most fantastically virile man who had ever lived. 

And this first cum load would prove to be Zach’s SMALLEST ejaculation of the night, for as the serum continued its insidious work, the handsome champ’s loads would keep on getting bigger and bigger and bigger! 

The Annihilator tried to scrape Zach’s first humongous rope of jizz off of his chest, but the thick and chunky goo proved to be so viscous and dense that he only succeeded in smearing it even more evenly across his bloated muscles. Zach’s splooge was thicker than any custard, thicker than paste, thicker than anything the young man had ever shot before, for it was a virtually solid mass of sperm cells, nearly undiluted by any other seminal fluids. It was so thick, in fact, that most men’s groin muscles would not have been strong enough to even pull the jellied goo out of his nuts, let alone shoot the heavy stuff for nearly three dozen feet! 

Though initially disgusted by Zach’s colossal ejaculation, his three opponents quickly get over their revulsion and turn it into something of a game, working over the young man’s huge balls BIG time and milking them of their thick nut juice over and over again. Load after load after colossal load is roughly pulled from Zach’s gigantic giga nuts, each load bigger than the last, coating the arena floor with a soupy morass of chunky stud spunk. 

After the fifth or sixth load, a battered and exhausted Zach starts becoming even more horrified than ever before. He still knows nothing about the serum that he drank, and thus is shocked and terrified by the size and ferocity of his ever-increasing loads. Even HE has never before cum this much in so short a period of time! He knows that something must be wrong, but he doesn’t know what. 

Meanwhile, his powerhouse nuts keep on churning out nut butter faster and faster, ready with a fresh load of stud slop within mere minutes after blowing his previous load. In less than an hour, Zach has already cum 15 times, and everything within 30 feet of the hunky stud is completely coated with his spew, including the stud himself. All three of his opponents are drenched in his sticky and chunky jizz, long ropes of the stuff are hanging from the ropes, and even the 20-foot-wide apron surrounding the ring is splattered with large puddles and ropes of the stuff, stopping just shy of the front row seats and the nearest audience members. The whole auditorium positively reeks of Zach’s sex juice, the scent a heady mixture of chestnuts, pancake batter, hints of bleach, and a musky, gamey odor that is distinctive to Zach himself. 

The small, 6-inch-wide sieve drain in the center of the arena floor is working overtime trying to drain the gargantuan lake of Zach spunk accumulating on the mat. In previous matches, this drain has functioned countless times to drain the blood and entrails off the arena floor after particularly bloody events, the janitors using high-powered hoses to sluice away the residue of defeat. But for this match, the drain was serving an entirely different purpose. Supreme Leader Gustav Billings knew just how valuable Zach’s seminal emissions were, a true “white gold”, so he intended to harvest as much of the thick stuff as possible during the match. Hidden beneath the mat were a complex series of pipes, pumps, and suction devices, whisking Zach’s baby batter into waiting storage containers that could then be cryogenically frozen, creating a stockpile (or a “spunkpile”, as Gustav jokingly called it) of the young man’s priceless genetic legacy. 

For after tonight, Gustav will possess the sole supply of Zach’s man juice. 

Gustav had several near-term uses in mind for Zach’s powerful splooge, but his main plan would be to hoard his spunkpile for the next several decades, until the Fertility Plague had become a true worldwide crisis and humanity cried out for a solution to avoid extinction. Then, he would be able to sell tiny vials of Zach’s thick effluvium for outrageous sums to the rich and powerful, trading Zach’s genetic material for ever more power and influence. Who knows — Supreme Leader Gustav Billings could conceivably leverage his monopoly on humanity’s salvation to become the first person ever to establish dominance over the entire planet! 

But such plans required an enormous supply of Zach’s thick baby batter. Thus was Gustav’s brilliant scheme born — having his inside man spike Zach’s drink with the special spunk-accelerating serum, having his three muscular goons jack off the handsome hunk endlessly on the arena stage, and suctioning up all of that precious fluid into the collection containers. Heck, the Supreme Leader even had a team waiting in the wings once the match finally ended to go around the concrete floor of the arena apron and scrape up every last ounce of sperm there as well. Gustav knew from the experiments conducted on Zach’s first stolen batch of jizz that the vast bulk of his sperm cells could easily survive for hours on the cold cement floor and remain completely viable. Gustav intended to collect every drop of spunk that he could from this prime stud bull. 

The raping of Zach’s loins goes on for hours, with the three cruel opponents taunting and jeering at the defeated champion throughout his painful and humiliating ordeal, all while the young man’s millions of fans are forced to watch the horror unfold either in person or from their television screens. Literally GALLONS of splooge had already been secretly harvested beneath the stage, with gallons more on the arena floor and the surrounding concrete apron just waiting to be vacuumed up. 

As time went by, Zach’s gargantuan genitals started to very slowly swell to even more obscene and impossible dimensions. At first, it just looked like his cock and balls were getting puffy and swollen from extreme overuse, and it was true that Zach’s bull cock was indeed becoming red and somewhat raw from the hours of rough manhandling. But the truth was far more shocking — the serum was starting to go to work on the very structure of Zach’s sexual plumbing, forcing his cock and balls to start to grow and add even more mass in order to manufacture and ejaculate ever larger volumes of his robust and super potent sperm. 

Zach’s genitals were already so insanely oversized that it was difficult at first for most people to tell that they had grown even bigger. But eventually, even the most unobservant could tell that Zach’s junk was swelling larger and larger. His already monstrous cock had grown thicker and longer, the veins running up and down the gnarled shaft bloating bigger and bigger until they looked like they would burst right out of the skin. The head of his naturally 16-inch bull cock used to slap against his corrugated abs just below the mighty overhang of his thick, thick pecs, but now the bloated, purple glans was smacking him mid chest, meaning it had to have grown at least 3 or even 4 inches in length! Below that purple cock head, the entire shaft was an angry shade of red, the skin stretched tighter than a drum over all of that rock hard beef, looking like it could split open at any moment. Zach had already been too big to fuck any human orifice — now, he was too big to fuck ANYthing! 

But the stupendous growth of his mighty horse cock paled in comparison to the growth that had been inflicted on Zach’s behemoth balls. The young man had already been blessed with a super human virility and gonads more than ten times the size and mass of a typical healthy human male. After consuming an overdose of the special serum, Zach’s virility was being cranked up to truly mythic levels, and his mighty balls were striving to grow and create even more testicular tissue to keep up with the demand. Zach’s ostrich-egg sized nuts, already bigger than the bollocks on a prized Brahma bull, grew larger and larger as the hours ticked by, and soon had more than doubled in mass and heft until they were bigger than dinosaur eggs, approaching bowling balls in size but weighing even more than the 12-pound bowling balls they resembled. They had grown so large, in fact, that they strained the capacity of Zach’s smooth scrotum to contain them. Both monstrous bollocks now hugged the base of the young man’s utterly towering horse cock, the scrotal skin stretched so tightly across their vast mass that the fine tracery of bluish veins on the surface of those two mammoth orbs could be seen through the overstretched sac skin. 

A hungry-eyed Gustav took special interest and delight in the rapidly swelling size of Zach’s monster nuts. The dictator had been wondering even before this match began how the serum would affect Zach — would his insanely tough balls be able to last for days and days on end, or would the virility accelerator in the serum quickly redline the lad’s already fabled virility to terminal levels. It was now clear that the latter was taking place. The handsome champ’s balls were already growing so fast that there was no WAY they were going to break the current three-day record of survival. In fact, the continued life expectancy of those insanely virile bollocks could very likely be measured in just hours, not days. Even if the three muscular opponents did nothing more to Zach and his powerhouse nuts, those behemoth orbs looked like they would likely reach critical mass in just a few hours, exploding under their own goliath weight and size. 

Of course, Gustav Billings had no intention of letting Zach’s status as an alpha bull stud end so easily. 

And STILL the epic masturbation of Zach’s loins continued, pumping ever larger volumes of white hot man lava all over the stage. Zach is now shooting so much splooge, and it is so fantastically concentrated and thick with his clotted spunk, that it actually HURTS to orgasm. But the handsome young man has no choice, as load after load is forced from his spasming and swelling nuts. His orgasms have gotten longer and longer, and the time between loads shorter and shorter, until the muscle hunk is finally experiencing the painful and legendary nirvana of a continuous, unending orgasm, a cum-junkie’s wildest fantasy come to life! 

The shocked audience has become almost numb to the sight of their greatest hero being forced into some sort of tantric orgasmic state, pumping out truly impossible quantities of stud sperm all over the arena. Gustav had been monitoring the crowd’s energy and reactions closely, and being the consummate showman that he was, he knew when it was time to move on to the next step of the night’s entertainment. He had already collected far, far more of the stud’s sperm than he could have ever hoped for, so it was time for the next phase of the hunk’s torture and humiliation — the slow breakdown and destruction of his titanic testicles!