Saturday, January 22, 2022

Warning: Contents Under Pressure - Jayse Version

CrackedNuts is not a prolific author -- he's posted less than half a dozen stories on his blog over the past few years -- but what he does write is utterly fantastic! I've adapted and expanded one of his epic stories  of self abuse, and I hope that you enjoy it!


Warning: Contents Under Pressure

Based on an original story by CrackedNuts at the Breaking Bull Balls Blog


It was half past midnight, when most of the residents of the sprawling suburban town were already fast asleep. The house in question looked like so many others — charming, quaint, and well maintained, but otherwise blending into the surrounding neighborhood. The house looked completely dark from the front, with the only light coming from a series of three high basement windows that faced the secluded back yard. The basement in question was exceedingly well insulated and utterly soundproofed, with even the basement windows made of triple-paned glass, and frosted to avoid prying eyes. All of this sound proofing and privacy had been installed for a very good reason, for the debauchery performed inside this basement would have utterly shocked the community, resulting in social exile at the very least, and possibly even jail time if the local law enforcement ever became involved. 

The owner of the modest, unassuming home slowly made his way down the wooden stairs to his secret subterranean lair, the steps creaking ominously in protest under his tremendous, muscular weight. Wyatt Anderson was an almighty bull of a man, with a massive body built and honed by a lifetime of working out and pumping iron. The big man stood several inches over six feet tall and weighed well north of 350 pounds, all of it solid, hard-as-granite muscle. Wyatt’s freakish, monstrous size was the very first thing most people noticed about the enormous muscle man, for how could you not — he was the most titanic muscle stud that most people would see in their entire lifetime. 

But what people usually noticed immediately after Wyatt’s enormous size was his face, which was handsome almost to the point of causing physical pain. His features were strong and overwhelmingly masculine, with thick brows, a largish nose, a wide prominent chin, and a jawline so strong and pronounced that it would have looked ridiculous on almost any other man, but which worked perfectly with his face. His Viking ancestry was evident in his fair, unblemished skin, clear blue eyes, and thick auburn hair, worn in a short and stylish cut. His thick beard stubble contained more red than the hair on his head, and even though he’d last shaved less than a week ago, he was already nearing full-fledged beard status. 

Even with his massively muscular size, heavy beard stubble, and chiseled, rough-hewn features, Wyatt looked no more than 30 years old. That was even more remarkable considering that the hirsute he-man was nearing his 44th birthday. The staggeringly handsome muscle hunk was simply phenomenally blessed with stupendous genetics, and would no doubt remain in the absolute prime of his life for at least another decade or more to come. 

As Wyatt neared the bottom of the steps, his striking blue eyes took in the entirety of the well-illuminated room. The basement was quite large, encompassing the entire footprint of the house above, and was lit by several dozen overhead lights. At least half of the room was taken up by Wyatt’s home gym, a temple of iron that rivaled even the best kitted out fitness club. The big man spent at least several hours each and every day hitting the weights, pumping his massive muscles to even more extraordinary dimensions, forever growing and building upon his already spectacular physique. 

The rest of the large space was what Wyatt thought of as his ‘play room’, containing all of the tools and devices that he used to pleasure himself on a nightly basis. And it was just such a session that the hunky man intended to pursue tonight. 

Also placed strategically around the room were more than a dozen hidden cameras, all of which were hooked up to the big man’s state-of-the-art computer network. Wyatt made his livelihood solely from his daily livecam appearances on the internet. Eager clients from all over the world paid handsomely to watch the huge muscle man punish his massive body during his daily workouts… and then punish his genitals during his nightly sessions. Wyatt earned a hefty salary catering to voyeurs who liked their men handsome, huge, hung, and into heavy pain. 

The cameras turned on automatically as Wyatt had entered the room, and the huge man now began to undress for the pleasure of his viewers. His movements were practiced and unhurried, for Wyatt was as comfortable naked as he was fully clothed, and he made no special effort to pose or show off for the cameras. There was no need — the stud’s magnificent body required no assistance to naturally look utterly magnificent from every angle. 

Wyatt started by unbuttoning his specially-tailored dress shirt, which was that perfect combination of snug and loose fitting that set off his physique to best effect.The front of the shirt opened, revealing the vast expanse of the man’s gloriously pec-proud chest and cobblestone 8-pack of abdominals. The pale muscles were covered in a thick fur of reddish-brown body hair, further underscoring the man’s overwhelming masculinity without obscuring the deeply etched definition of his impossibly beefy form. His chest muscles were particularly impressive, his gravity-defying pecs so huge and so thick that they cast a heavy shadow on his corrugated midsection. 

The big man struggled a bit to get the shirt over his yard wide boulder shoulders and tremendously thick traps, for Wyatt was in that elite class of mega-weight bodybuilders for whom dressing and undressing was a considerable challenge. As his pale shoulders came into view, the deep striations and sheer graininess of his huge muscles was even more evident. Wyatt’s skin looked almost painted on, for every thick cable and swollen muscle fiber was clearly visible, and even the slightest movement sent a stunning cascade of muscles to bulge and flex most dramatically. The big man also had to work to get the sleeves off of his mammoth upper arms, for his bicep and tricep muscles were eye-poppingly huge. Wyatt periodically measured his huge muscles for his rapt audience, and his most recent upper arm measurement was nearing the 26 inch mark. There was little doubt that the huge muscle man must be nearing World Record territory, and he was still growing! 

Wyatt finally pulled the shirt off of his brawny, fur-covered forearms and started working on his relatively baggy pants. He rarely wore underwear, and judging by the size of the absolutely massive bulge at the front of his pants, it was clear that the handsome muscle man would have had a very hard time finding any undergarments that would fit him. 

As devastatingly handsome as Wyatt was, and as staggeringly colossal his extraordinary musculature, his most remarkable and memorable features were attached between his thickly thewed legs, and they flopped heavily into view as he shucked his pants to the floor. 

Wyatt was freakishly well hung, with a monstrous schlong that measured just over 9 inches long in its completely flaccid state and was easily as thick as a beer can — an extremely veiny beer can. It was a true stallion cock, measuring bigger, thicker, and longer when limp than the vast majority of fully tumescent boners in the world… and it got even more jaw-droppingly impressive when it was hard. But even THAT wasn’t Wyatt’s most extraordinary and memorable feature. 

The big muscle man always walked with a slight waddle in his step, legs spread slightly too far apart. Most people assumed that this sexy waddle was simply the rest of being built so unbelievably HUGE, and the fact that his thighs were so massive that they had to walk around one another. But the true reason for Wyatt’s slightly awkward gait became clear the moment his pants came off. 

Wyatt had a condition known as monorchidism. Instead of a healthy pair of testes hanging between his legs, the handsome stud had been born with single lonely egg floating solo inside his scrotum. In Wyatt’s case, he had begun developing two normal testicles in the womb, but the two organs had somehow merged into a single orb prior to birth. This gestational mishap had been both a burden and a blessing to Wyatt, for despite Mother Nature only granting him a single ball, she had more than compensated by the sheer mass of nut meat that filled his sack nearly to bursting. 

The cyclopian organ lay in his sac like a super-sized softball in a sock, an overripe cantaloupe of dense reproductive tissue, perpetually stuffed to the brim with churning stud semen. It swung heavily from his groin like a great wrecking ball, bouncing from thigh to massive thigh with each step like a monstrous and fleshy hacky sack. Wyatt’s solitary testicle was positively gargantuan, far, far bigger than any PAIR of balls the huge muscle man had ever seen. 

Wyatt walked unselfconsciously into the room, his herculean genitals slapping back and forth between his legs, approaching a sturdy metal workbench in the center of the room that housed an arrangement of tools and iron weights he had organized earlier that day. Humming a faint tune into the silence, Wyatt tapped at a switchboard. Directional lights flickered to life, brightly illuminating the table below. The stage was set.  

Wyatt laced his thick fingers together and scooped up his huge ball from below, lifting it upward and stretching out the loose and baggy scrotum until the massive orb was horizontal to his body, and then dropping it with a beefy smack onto the cold metal work surface, which was right at crotch height. The humongous orb jiggled slightly from the impact, looking as massive as an ostrich egg. Wyatt had meticulously shaved all of the thick, coppery-red hair off of his mammoth nut earlier that day, so the huge orb now virtually glistened beneath the bright lights, looking pink and perfect and oh-so-huge. The big man then tied a thick nylon cable around the base of his nut, stretching it out even farther and effectively mounting the immensely thick organ to the table. It now had no chance of escape. The spotlights hit every angle perfectly, the cameras were recording, Wyatt was feeling good. 

It was showtime. 

Wyatt softly grunted with mild effort as he picked up a waiting 100-pound iron plate. Wyatt was as immensely strong as he was unbelievably huge, and he was therefore able to lift the oversized metal plate with ease. He rotated the plate vertically and carefully positioned it so that his nut was under the weight, and he shivered slightly at the sensation of cold, dead steel on top of his warm, live baby maker. After a few minor adjustments, he was able to line up the beveled edge of the plate so that it would perfectly divide the orb down the middle. 

Slowly, he let the weight rest onto the beleaguered orb, gradually flattening his egg as the pressure increased. With each millimeter of distortion to his huge huevo, Wyatt’s flaccid cock grew and inflated, reaching full mast once his trapped orb was carrying all 100 pounds of the large iron weight. At maximum size, Wyatt’s rock hard cock was a true trouser beast, measuring just over 12.5 inches long and thicker around than his own beefy wrist. The raging boner stood straight up, despite its enormous size and weight, pointing proudly skyward and remaining well out of the way of the fixed path of the weight, which was slowly sinking deeper into his reproductive organ by tiny increments. Wyatt’s mighty cock twitched and throbbed with each wave of nut pain as if begging for a pleasurable caress, but it had been years since the muscle god had even touched his shaft. 

Nut pain was the only pleasure the he allowed himself. 

Wyatt’s testicle was one of absolutely incredible size and girth, but even more amazing was its staggering density and toughness. The huge muscle man had been punishing and abusing his bloated bollock since puberty on an almost daily basis. The massive man fruit had been naturally unusually dense and durable to begin with, but after decades of focused training and daily torture, the mighty orb was now damn near indestructible. The first half inch or so of nut meat around the dense nugget was firm but relatively easily distortable, such that a cruel thumb or vicious vise could dimple its flesh. But its hardness massively increased towards the ‘core’ of his humongous orb, taking on a feel like dense, galvanized rubber. The extraordinarily durable innards of his nut were seemingly invulnerable to blunt force, distributing weight like a perfect shock absorption device and capable of enduring unspeakable levels of punishment. 

His nut’s long tenure on his herculean body was truly impressive, considering the near-constant abuse the huge organ received and the extreme levels of punishment that Wyatt would unleash upon his own manhood. Ever since he’d been a young teenager, Wyatt had had a love/hate relationship with his testicle. On the one hand, he was very proud of its massive size and awesome toughness, as well as the truly staggering amounts of sperm that it could produce. He also realized that his titanic testicle was the ultimate power source for his uber masculinity, allowing him to become so freakishly strong and muscular. But at the same time, Wyatt was excruciatingly aware that the fact that he had only one nut was his solitary physical flaw. He was pure masculine perfection… except for the fact that he had one ball where he ought to have two. This single flaw, this sole imperfection, had driven Wyatt to decades of self punishment and abuse, all in an effort to break and ultimately destroy his bulbous bollock. 

Tonight would be the ultimate test. 

With measured precision, Wyatt lifted one of his hands from the iron weight, pinching the hardened nub of his right nipple tenderly and moaning at the sensation of deep nut pain. He had carried more weight than this on his ball in the past — a hell of a lot more weight, in fact — but the 100-pound iron plate was positioned like a blunt chisel, partially bisecting his nut into two equal halves of bulging meat rather than evenly distributing all of that weight over the orb’s entire surface. The sensation made his chiseled guts churn and his deeply corrugated abs to flex into fantastic relief, and his rampant cock to throb and begin to leak clear nut honey in long, shimmering rivers. 

Wyatt closed his beautiful blue eyes in erotic bliss. His sac’s massive contents were aching under the metal onslaught, waves of pain emanating deep into his guts, cum boiling inside of his nut, and glistening pearls of precum spilling down the titanic length of his foot-long schlong. The ache felt utterly amazing. 

The big muscle man opened his eyes and looked down at the distorted mass of tortured flesh pinned so brutally to the table below him. His baby maker was dimpled nearly in half, with two bulging masses of reproductive tissue squished out to either side and filling his scrotum to the absolute brim. His compressed and bulging nut had turned an angry beet red, with white lines highlighting the intense pressure the organ was experiencing where the iron plate was pressing into his flesh. Eyes wired to the tortured orb, Wyatt gripped the top of the weight with both hands, flexing his enormous arm and shoulder muscles into even more gargantuan proportions, and then forced the weight toward the table in a single, sharp, jerking motion. 


Quiet wet crunching sounds came from Wyatt’s trapped teste as it was brutally crushed down to a fraction of its normal girth, causing the two halves of his huge nut to balloon outward into even greater size. The violent action also forced the thick spurt of cum to rocket out of his quivering cock. Wyatt’s penis didn’t actually throb to propel the slug of spunk; rather, the unusually thick and viscous fluid was literally pumped out of his overstuffed sac by the sheer force and power behind the sudden and violent testicular compression. Though it was a huge and powerful rope of cum by any other man’s standards, Wyatt and his many hundreds of live-streaming followers knew that this seminal discharge was a weak and paltry showing compared to the stud’s actual orgasms. Still, the large wad of creamy white cum fired upwards onto Wyatt’s handsome, beard-stubbled face as his big, meaty hands trembled trying to maintain the crushing pressure deep into his squashed baby maker. He tentatively extended his muscular tongue, lapping at a thick slug of stud cum that had splashed across his upper lip. He drew the dense and clotted nut sludge into his mouth, savoring the sweet, salty, beefy flavor of his own powerful jizz. Wyatt had trained himself over the year to crave his own masculine juices, and his mouth began salivating at the first taste of his own spunk. 

Maintaining merciless pressure on the weight with his left hand, he reached down and grasped a large mallet off of the table with his right hand. The mallet had an oversized head made of a hard, black rubber, while the thick wooden handle was rather short and stubby, virtually disappearing beneath the man’s big fist. Carefully, Wyatt lined up the head of mallet with the top of iron weight, took a deep breath, and slammed the mallet down with tremendous force. 


The iron weight was hammered deeper into the doomed nut, crushing internal components of the organ and sending a wave of agony through his body so intense Wyatt instantly began sweating profusely all over his outrageously muscular body. Another volley of cum fired from his stout cannon of a cock, splattering against his face and hairy pectorals. His tongue was fully extended, determined to capture as much of the freshly tapped sperm as possible. 

Clunk,               Clunk,               Clunk

A brutal volley of blows came crashing down onto the unyielding iron instrument. With each blow, the center of his trapped nut rapidly compressed and then plumped back up, distorting obscenely as the iron weight attempted to plunge through all of that thick testicle meat to reach the metal table below it. His huge ball was mashed, crushed in the middle like a swollen grapefruit, inflating back only partway before the next blow hit. 

Clunk,     Clunk,     Clunk,     Clunk,     Clunk

Wyatt increased the tempo, hammering with reckless abandon, mindless to the severe trauma he was inflicting on his mighty man nut. 

Clunk, Clunk, Clunk, Clunk, Clunk, Clunk, Clunk

With each blow, a subsequent slug of bull semen was forced under extreme pressure from its seemingly endless basin, blasting forth from his rock hard horse cock to coat Wyatt’s outrageously muscular torso with his own thick white gravy and filling his waiting mouth with ever more thick and chunky cum. In the mere few minutes of the testicle torture, the entire front of Wyatt’s magnificent pecs and chiseled, corrugated belly was already almost completely coated with a thick layer of his ridiculously copious baby batter, and his handsome face looked like it had been on the receiving end of an epic bukkake session. Large droplets landed in the thick hair of his chest and abdominals like morning dew on a brisk day, while most of the rest of his body hair was plastered to his skin by the sheer hyper abundant supply of stud cum. Even more sperm speckled the whole work surface, and Wyatt shifted his weight back to consciously place his mouth in the arc of future streams. His stud sauce was so unbelievably thick that he almost had to chew the gloopy and clotted spunk just to swallow it, leaving him hungry for even more. 

Clunk, Clunk, Clunk, Clunk, Clunk, Clunk, Clunk

Like some Norse blacksmith of legend forging masterwork steel, Wyatt struck at wildly at the iron plate, roaring and grunting with each devastating hammer blow. His mind was a flood of endorphins and agony-induced ecstasy. The sensation of his nut pulping beneath the onslaught overwhelmed any sense of caution as he applied more and more weight and force into his beyond-brutal swings. 

Clunk, Clunk, Clunk, Clunk, Clunk, Clunk

He wanted his ball to crack. He NEEDED his ball to crack. 

Clunk, Clunk, Clunk, Clunk, Clunk, Clunk

Wyatt was gibbering nonsense by this point, emitting wordless grunts, cries, and full-throated bellows. By any metric, the absolutely inhuman agony erupting from his bloated, bulging, and beleaguered bollock should have paralyzed the huge muscle man, or at the very least weakened him, but instead the incredible pain seemed to drive Wyatt ever onward, making him hammer at the weight even harder and faster than ever. 

Clunk, Clunk, Clunk

The vascularity of his already extremely veiny body seemed to double, new veins popping out all over his massive, straining muscles, and existing veins doubling in size. Additional veins were popping out all over his handsome, pain-wracked face as he fought to keep his mouth directed at the stream of thick nut custard being ejected repeatedly into the air. The cum spraying up to his mouth was a creamy white color, almost undiluted with other seminal fluids, coating and recoating his hungry throat with ruined baby batter. 

Clunk, Clunk, Clunk

The sight on the workbench below was one of almost unimaginably extreme brutality. The bulging halves of nut meat had turned an angry dark tomato red, while the portion of the nut directly in the path of the iron weight was turning an ugly shade of purple as blood vessels burst beneath the repeated crush of the weight. At the point of the weight’s contact on his scrotum, the skin was beginning to shred against the abrasive weight, and tiny trickles of blood were streaming down its thick mass to the metal tabletop below. The center of the herculean testis was now flattening with ease down to less than a quarter its normal titanic girth, inflating and deflating at a horrific rate. The texture of the central portion of the orb was no longer that of a durable and resilient rubber, but had instead taken on a soft and spongy consistency as the nut’s defenses were incrementally worn down and broken apart

And the huge nut’s mighty resistance was getting weaker. 

Clunk, Clunk, Clunk

And weaker. 

Clunk, Clunk, Clunk

And weaker. 

Clunk, Clunk, Clunk

Enormous veins were now bulging all over Wyatt’s magnificent, sweat- and cum-soaked body as he continued hammering the very life out of his freak-sized bull nut. It took super human strength and force of will to maintain his body in position and keep hammering downward with the mallet. He was mewling and squealing and bellowing from the agony, cum and saliva drooling from his slackened mouth, tongue extended like a pig in anguish, his mental faculties barely functioning. Even his stalwart cock was beginning to droop a bit, unable any longer to translate the extreme levels of agony emanating from his thrashed and trashed bollock into anything remotely resembling pleasure. 

Yet Wyatt’s mind remained focused on only one thing. 

“POP!!” he commanded. 


“BURST!!!” he screamed. 


“RUPTURE!!!!!” he bellowed. 


Wyatt’s will was nearly giving out as the agony was becoming too much even for this seasoned pain pig. His nut had to pop, it needed to pop, and soon. Wyatt mustered his awesome, super-human strength for one last blow, lifting the mallet skyward and then striking downward with all of the brute power of Thor himself. 

Clunk squick

The blow struck the weight dead center, forcing the iron plate deeper than ever before. It sank through the soft outer tissue, broke past the barriers of the dense middle innards, and invaded the deepest sanctums of his previously inviolable and indestructible egg. At the peak of his nut, directly under the weight’s edge, a hairline fracture formed on the membrane, spreading rapidly as the nut began to implode under the insane pressure. The central seam of his nut began to split under the iron plate like a fractured egg, and the yolk was now beginning to ooze. 

Wyatt’s incredibly handsome face froze, instantly silent with blue eyes wide and pupils dilated. Time slowed down. A dribble of cum and saliva dripped from his gaping mouth to the table below in slow motion. He could feel his nut now rupturing in multiple places, one at a time, like cracks spreading across an eggshell. Each crack and fracture garnered an explosion of pain that penetrated his brain like spikes through his skull. 

His nut was no longer whole. 

It was broken. 

It was ruined. 

Wyatt’s cock, which had been flagging somewhat under the unrelenting abuse, suddenly galvanized to diamond hardness, regaining its lost size and then some as each stabbing jolt of pain erupted from his cracking and crumbling bollock. It was as if his mighty, muscular body was determined to pass on its supremely superior genes in one final, desperate attempt at fertilization. His purplish, bloated, and distended cock strained away from his body, enormous veins throbbing all up and down its colossal length, twitching as if about to burst like a roman candle. 

In wordless determination, Wyatt raised the mallet again with his stupendously brawny right arm, bringing it down with devastating force onto the top of the iron plate. 

Clunk squick

Fractures erupted along further sections of his nut. Wyatt could almost feel the broken tubules inside diffusing into his scrotal sack. The force of the blow forced testicular innards from their casing like mashing an overripe peach. Parts of his sac now had the consistency of pulp. 

Clunk splick     

Clunk splotch 

More and more parts of the central portion of Wyatt’s nut were pulped as the weight bore down, again and again, determined to cleave a path through the thick organ. The two halves of Wyatt’s nearly split sac were inflating with rapid swelling, like a pair of macabre water balloons. 

And still Wyatt continued, determined to finish what he’d started. 

Clunk squick     

Clunk scrunch   

Clunk squelch 


With a hollow noise, the iron weight plunged through Wyatt’s ruined nut to the workbench surface below without resistance, with only the skin of his abraded and bleeding scrotum now separating the two metal objects. The once proud man egg had split into two even halves and was steadily fracturing further. His unrivaled masculinity was now floating as two independent chunks inside of his battered sac. 

Thuck, Thuck, Thuck, Thuck, Thuck, Thuck, Thuck, Thuck, Thuck, Thuck 

At the same time his ball was ripped in twain, Wyatt’s cock swelled even larger than ever and began jettisoning the absolutely largest load of its life, attempting to vacate the incredibly voluminous contents of his split bollock before it perished. His huge, bulbous cockhead engorged like a purplish balloon, urethra stretched painfully wide as gush upon gush upon gush of blindingly white man jelly spurted forth. 

Thuck, Thuck, Thuck, Thuck, Thuck, Thuck, Thuck, Thuck, Thuck, Thuck 

It was like a fire hose had been unleashed at full power. The sheer volume of sperm in each salvo was insane, and the incredible force behind each volley splattered against Wyatt’s face and torso like seminal mortar shells, exploding messily across his mighty body. Great clotted globs of cum trickled down his face in large, slow-moving rivers, dripping down the arch of his nose, streaming into his mouth, and pooling into his scruffy beard. And still MORE of the impossibly copious load spewed forth, his almighty orgasm thundering onward like some epic volcanic explosion of spunk. 

Thuck,   Thuck,       Thuck,          Thuck,              Thuck,                    Thuck

The colossal bolts of cum began to grow even larger, but also began to slow down as well, becoming spaced farther and farther apart. And disturbingly, the creamy white of Wyatt’s spunk was now becoming streaked with pink, visual proof of the horrific damage that had been inflicted upon the muscle man’s shuddering testicle. 

Thuck,                    Thuck,                                 Thuck

The final slugs of Wyatt’s final orgasm were the biggest of them all, titanic purgings of sperm-dense spunk that lashed against the big man’s already cum-drenched muscles, leaving him positively coated in thick layers of stud spew. It almost looked like someone had taken multiple buckets of creamy white paint and dumped them all over the huge muscle man’s body. Wyatt’s terminally engorged bull cock continued to throb and pulse, but only a trickle of milky fluids burped out of the brutally distended tip trickle down the great length of that thick column of man meat. Wyatt’s final orgasm as an intact male had definitely been one for the record books. 

In the aftermath of sundering his ball, Wyatt was left paralyzed, gurgling and sputtering on a full mouth of man juice. 

Every gigantic muscle in his magnificent body was flexing and bulging to insane dimensions. 

His blue eyes were blood shot and wild. 

He had long since lost the capacity for speech or even thought. 

At long last, Wyatt had achieved his lifelong goal, and had broken his colossal bull nut. 

Incredibly, however, the two halves of the man’s split nut were still very much ALIVE! Though this extreme level of damage would have been a mortal blow to any other man’s nuts, Wyatt’s thick testicle meat was so ferociously and fantastically tough and hardy that it could survive even THIS level of abuse! If the handsome muscle hunk stopped right now and immediately sought medical attention, a talented surgeon could salvage the vast bulk of the stud’s testicular tissue, stitching the two shattered halves closed into two separate balls. Ironically, Wyatt could have achieved his greatest dream of having two separate testicles in his massive nutsac, each grapefruit-side orb a masterpiece of masculinity and a testament to his supreme alpha man status. 

But the pain-wracked muscle bull was too far gone, his mind lost in a fugue state. He had no idea that his manhood could still have been saved, and even if he’d known, he likely wouldn’t have cared — he was too intent on finishing what he’d started. 

Wyatt grabbed the mallet once more, his huge hand gripping the handle so tightly that his knuckles turned white, animalistic instincts taking over. With one spasming hand still pressing downward on the weight, he lifted the heavy hammer with his humongous right arm, took aim directly at the enormously bulging sphere that was the right half of his cloven nut, and then brought the mallet downward with annihilating force.