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The Coach Busts Eric's Balls - Jayse Version

Here is the second installment in the saga of Eric the swimmer. The tremendously gifted but hopelessly irresponsible lad has disappointed the coach for the last time. Instead of merely punishing the young man, the coach realizes it's time to make an example of Eric to his teammates, and he decides to nut the huge hunk.

The original story (which, sadly, I no longer have in my files) ended with the total destruction of Eric's firm young balls. I decided that was a terrible waste of prime nut meat, so I changed the end of the story to allow Eric to recover, and perhaps later seek revenge...


The Coach Busts Eric’s Balls

Based on an original story by an anonymous author

Chapter 2 -- A beautiful young bodybuilder's balls are smashed. 


Eric knew he had disobeyed the swim coach one too many times. He had showed up for the game stoned, and even though the star athlete had won first place in all five of his swim heats, the big coach was furious at him. Now, the handsome young muscle stud was going to have to pay the ultimate price. 

He had been strong armed into the coach's back office by four burly teammates and assistants, but even they had a difficult time controlling the struggles of the muscular young stud. They stripped Eric naked, revealing his awesome and gym-hardened physique, and strapped him to the punishment table. His ankles were strapped to two corners of the table with his knees spread apart and strapped to the sides so that his thick, muscular thighs were splayed wide open, leaving his huge package fully revealed and defenseless. His wrists were similarly bound at the other two table corners just above head level so that his arms were bent and flexed, showing the awesome musculature of his biceps and shoulders. 

Eric was simply gorgeous. He had just turned 20, and was smooth all over except for pubic, pit, and some leg hair. Eric’s rippling musculature was a fantastic sight to behold. He stood 6’3” tall and weighed a mighty 285 pounds of rock hard muscle, having gained an extraordinary 20 pounds of rock hard muscle since the beginning of the swim season. He was continuing to grow with each passing week, and there was no telling just how big this muscle stud might become. His biceps were now nearly 24 inches in size thanks to heavy lifting, and his pecs were thick, dense slabs of young muscle that stretched his t-shirts near to bursting. His abs were awesomely well-defined and ripped, and his tight and muscular waist was a stark contrast to his extremely wide and powerful shoulders. There was no doubt that Eric was an impressive and beautiful man. And now, due to the young man’s arrogance and lack of respect for authority, he was going to be forced to forfeit his extraordinary masculinity. 

The young hunk struggled in vain against his bonds. He knew it was useless, that his teammates had tied him far too tight for him to break free, but his desperation made him continue to struggle even when he knew there was no hope. 

The coach then entered the room and approached the table. The coach was a young man himself, only in his early 30’s, and had an awesome and powerful physique of his own. He stood 6’5” tall and weighed a whopping 325 pounds of pure muscle, with massive 25-inch arms that dwarfed even Eric’s huge guns. The coach was an imposing sight at the best of times, but his appearance now struck fear into Eric’s thunderously beating heart. 

The coach looked down upon Eric’s beautiful and helpless form, his eyes coming to rest on the young man’s prodigious endowment. Eric’s cock was a sight to behold all by itself, a thick and heavy member that measured 9 inches in length completely flaccid, nearly as thick as a beer can and covered in a tracery of thick veins. The young man’s cock was so large that it draped over one of Eric’s huge, beefy thighs, looking so much like another arm. 

And hanging beneath that awesome horse cock were two balls that were so huge they would make a prize stud bull jealous. Eric's balls were the larger than the largest of lemons, easily as big as the young man’s own massive fists, and were the largest balls that the coach or any of the other men had seen. They had been shaved completely  smooth, removing their thick coating of soft blond hair and leaving his scrotum like a silken pouch. Despite the massive size of Eric’s beefy nuts, his baggy scrotum was so large that it had no trouble containing them, and in fact hung very low and loose beneath his huge cock, hanging a good three to four inches below the root of the huge schlong. 

The coach mused to himself as he gazed at those massive bull balls. It would take more than one hit at least. If Eric's nuts were as tough as the rest of his body, it would likely take more than two. 

The coach reached down with both hands and gently grasped both of Eric’s nuts – they were simply too large to hold both beefy nuts in just one hand, even a hand as large as that of the coach. The coach then gently fondled the tender young testicles, rolling the massive orbs together in his hands and marveling at both their size and weight, and feeling the young man’s powerful sexual energy coursing through the meaty man lumps. What a shame to have to waste such a powerful young hunk, the coach mused to himself. But rules were rules, and the handsome young stud had broken them far too many times. Eric whimpered and his eyes teared slightly as the massive coach fondled his doomed balls. The massive gonads were tender, full, meaty, and oh so helpless. 

As the coach fondled Eric’s bull nuts, the young man’s eager and randy cock began to respond, hardening and lengthening at the older man’s touch despite the fear coursing through the young stud’s body. Eric could only blush in embarrassment as his traitorous cock swelled larger and larger still, lifting off of his thigh to slap solidly against his corrugated belly. And still the massive cock continued to grow, gaining in both length and girth until it reached its full size, 13.5 monumental inches with a girth as thick as a man’s wrist. The immense phallus arched majestically from his crotch to gently tap his upper abs, just an inch or two below his mammoth pecs. Indeed, Eric had one of the most beautiful cocks on campus, and almost certainly the largest. 

One of the assistants passed the coach a metal, two-sided bowl that looked almost like a mixing bowl one would see in a kitchen, only made of a thicker and sturdier metal. The coach placed the bowl beneath and around Eric’s huge, floppy nuts, securing the bowl at the base of the young man’s thick, loose sack. Though the bowl was very large, Eric’s enormous balls had to be stuffed into the bowl, and filled the large vessel nearly to overflowing. The bowl resulted in Eric’s ball sac being totally vulnerable and exposed, and prevented other parts from being hurt or getting in the way. He was now ready. 

The coach reached for the heavy rubber mallet used for purposes such as this, and Eric gulped. He knew there was no hope. His manhood was to be taken from him in a few moments. He would no longer be a man. He was the zenith of muscular and masculine perfection, rippling with muscle and power, and possessing an extraordinarily handsome face, but he would never again be a man. That was soon to be gone forever. As if in defiance — or perhaps even eagerness — of what was about to happen next, a thick drop of pearly precum began to ooze from the tip of Eric’s huge, turgid penis. 

The coach gazed at Eric’s huge, sperm-packed nuts and debated whether he should let the young stud come one more time…but then decided the hell with it. The kid had fucked up and broken the rules, and now would pay for it. He gave Eric’s huge balls one last gentle caress, bidding the massive testicles farewell, and then grabbed the mallet and prepared to unman the young athlete. 

The coach was an incredibly powerful man with tremendous upper body strength, and it was not uncommon for him to pulverize a man’s nuts to oblivion with a single mighty blow from the hammer. Few men’s nuts survived two such blows without bursting, and no man had yet survived three blows. The coach was rather hoping he would get at least two good blows in on each of the young man’s fist-sized nuts before they ruptured, but he wasn’t intending to hold back any of his awesome strength. Eric’s massive nuts needed to be destroyed, and the coach knew he had more than enough strength to do it. 

Without further ceremony, the coach raised the heavy mallet over his head and slammed it back down with destructive force directly into the young bodybuilder’s bulging sac. 

Due to the unnaturally huge size of Eric’s bull nuts, the coach could only strike one nut at a time, and so his blow landed squarely onto Eric’s massive right testicle. The metal bowl prevented the huge ball from retreating anywhere, and so the huge right nut absorbed the full impact of the devastating blow. Eric threw back his handsome head and bellowed in agony, his right nut feeling like it had been reduced to mush. The young man was certain his titanic nut had exploded in its sac, but as the mallet was lifted off his nut bag, it was clear that his big goolie had survived the first blow intact, just as the coach had hoped. 

The coach raised his massively muscled arms and let loose again into the right ball, smashing the hammer down a second time with pulverizing force into the huge gonad. Eric bellowed again, but again his huge nut had survived. The young man’s cock began to throb even harder, burping out larger quantities of the young athlete’s bountiful precum, and it appeared that Eric might actually be enjoying having this huge nuts destroyed. The coach was impressed with Eric’s endurance and staying power, for few men ever survived a beating for this long. But he knew that no man’s balls had ever survived a third strike, and so he prepared for what he was sure would be the final blow to Eric’s doomed right nut. 

The coach raised his arms high, the mighty muscles in his corded, 25-inch arms bulging with raw power, and brought the hammer down a third time into Eric’s screaming right ball. Eric bellowed once again, the cords and veins in his muscular bull neck standing out in deep relief as the young stud experienced the worst agony of his life. But to the amazement of the coach and the others present, his gigantic nut had survived intact. Though the huge orb was turning an angry shade of red from the brutal beating, it retained its healthy egg shape and seemed to defiantly dare the coach to do his worst. Smiling, that’s exactly what the coach intended to do. 

Raising the huge mallet once again, the coach brought it slamming down again into the massive nut a fourth time. And then a fifth time! And then a sixth time!! The coach couldn’t believe his eyes – the young stud’s mammoth bull nut was tougher than anything he had ever seen, and had already survived twice as many blows as any other man’s balls  had before him. The crowd of athletes began to wonder just how strong Eric’s nuts really were. 

On the seventh nut-shattering blow, the remarkable happened. Eric’s cock, which had been throbbing harder and harder with every blow, suddenly erupted in the biggest orgasm any of the men had ever seen. The first shot of cum was a thick rope over three feet long and thick as a pencil, which rocketed out with such force that it struck the locker doors over 15 feet behind him, striking the metal door with a loud, wet slap and painting a streak of white goo onto the dark green surface. Before the first massive wad could even begin to run down the face of the locker door, Eric arched his powerful back and his huge cock let loose the second salvo, a blast of cum as big and powerful as the one before. 

Eric began to blast out cum like some kind of sperm factory, while the coach continued to bludgeon his huge nut throughout the awesome orgasm. The young bodybuilder bellowed and thrashed as blow after terrific blow landed onto his screaming and crumbling right nut, while at the same time wad after enormous, knock-you-to-the-ground wad of cum erupted from his quivering cock. All the men had raging hard-ons as they watched the brutal ball beating, and some even spontaneously came in their pants at the awesome and intensely masculine sight, their cocks untouched and belching out huge loads all on their own. 

The coach began to wonder if the young man’s nuts were simply indestructible. Eight blows became 10, which became 12, then 15, and still Eric’s orgasm thundered on. But then the coach began to notice that the hammer was landing deeper and deeper into Eric’s beefy ball tissue, and realized that the incredibly tough outer wall of the stud’s massive right nut was finally starting to weaken. The big man wondered if he could bust the young stud’s gigantic nut before his orgasm finished, and resumed the ball beating with renewed gusto. 16 blows, then 18, and finally 20 massive blows. With the 20th blow, the last huge wad of sperm blasted from the tip of Eric’s rampant cock, striking the far locker doors with tremendous force and causing sperm shrapnel to spray all over the wall and the cold concrete floor. 

The amazed coach paused for a few moments to take in the sight before him. Eric was clearly in extreme agony, and his right nut was grossly swollen and so dark red as to almost be purple. But amazingly, it appeared to still be intact! Eric’s gorgeous and powerfully muscled torso was slick with his hot man cream, and the locker doors behind him looked to be white washed in the stuff. The coach couldn’t estimate the amount of cum that had just been released from those massive nuts, but it looked like everything from Eric’s upper body to the locker doors 15 feet away had been covered in buckets of Eric’s powerful male essence. The locker room positively reeked of Eric’s heavy spunk. 

Without warning, the coach raised the mallet again, and brought it crashing down three more times into Eric’s horribly battered right nut in rapid succession, BAM, BAM, BAM! Eric bellowed in even greater agony, for ball abuse directly after orgasm was even more painful. The coach could feel the thick testicular wall begin to give way a little more on each blow, and he knew he was very close to destroying Eric’s monstrously swollen right nut for good. 

The coach decided that he wanted to prolong the young man’s abuse a bit longer, so he let Eric’s nearly busted right nut rest for the moment, and began work on the young man’s huge and still intact left nut. Once again, Eric’s bellows echoed off the uncaring locker room walls, with only the unsympathetic ears of the coach and his teammates to hear his pleas for mercy as blow after crushing blow landed on Eric’s mighty left balls. 

Eric’s left bull nut proved to be every bit as tough as his right nut as blow after devastating, crushing blow landed on the huge orb to little apparent effect. Perhaps it was the fact he had just blown a titanic load a mere few minutes before, but this time it took until the 12th blow of the hammer before Eric let loose with his second mighty load, this one just as powerful and voluminous as the one that came before. And again, the coach continued to beat and bludgeon Eric’s left nut throughout his thunderous orgasm as buckets of cum recoated Eric’s body, the locker doors, and the concrete floor. 

Finally, after nearly 30 blows to Eric’s left nut, the second gargantuan orgasm ebbed and ceased. The young man’s cock was still rock hard and dripping the dregs of his last load, but Eric was clearly exhausted and nearly unconscious from the extreme pain in his nards. Both of his nuts were horrifically swollen, having surpassed the largest of grapefruits in size, and were absolutely covered in ugly mottled bruises. They looked monstrous, obscene, and the coach longed to destroy them once and for all. 

The elephantine nuts were now so large that they could no longer fit in the bowl, so the coach unfastened the bowl from Eric’s scrotum and allowed the huge, heavy orbs to rest on the table itself. The coach took a thick nylon cord and wrapped it around the base of Eric’s bloated nut sac, forcing the massive balls down into the base of the heavily bruised scrotum until they formed a huge, bulging sphere, nearly the size of a large bowling ball. 

The coach began to slowly pull on the nylon cord, strangling Eric’s nuts even more and beginning to pull them from the young man’s crotch. Their normal 3 to 4 inch dangle was increased to 5 inches, and then 6 inches. Eric groaned in terrible pain, for his huge balls were so bruised and battered that even the merest touch caused him great agony. The coach continued to stretch Eric’s overpacked scrotum, reaching 6 ½ inches, and then 7 inches. None of the men present could believe that a man’s balls could be stretched for far from his body! Eric’s groans had now turned into new bellows of agony, for the coach was now testing the limits of the endurance of his powerful balls cords, and it felt like his battered balls were being torn from his body. But still the coach pulled, and still Eric endured – 7 ½ inches, 8 inches, and finally 8 ½ inches, more than twice their natural dangle. 

With the young man’s gigantic nuts stretched to their utter limit, the coach tied off the other end of the nylon cord to the foot of the table, securing Eric’s nuts in place for their final, fateful beating. The coach roughly fondled and manhandled Eric’s beaten balls, feeling how mushy and soft they had become. There was still a great deal of strength in those huge low hangers, but the coach knew that their time was running out. 

Grasping as much of each swollen ball as he could in his massive hands, the coach squeezed the great orbs with all of his might. His fingers sank deep into each beefy ball, digging almost to the center of each orb, but still the mighty stud nuts defied him and would not burst. The coach squeezed and squeezed for many long, agonized minutes, tearing fresh screams of agony from Eric’s powerful lungs, but to no avail – he simply couldn’t bust Eric’s massive nuts. The coach was astounded and impressed, and once again realized what a waste it was to destroy such an incredible specimen of masculine perfection. 

In a surprise twist, the coach traded in the first rubber mallet for a new hammer, and the assembled men stared incredulously at the hammer that the coach displayed. They all recognized it from the annual university faire – it was the hammer used for the bell ringing contest, the kind that all the jocks tested their strength on each year. The handle of the mallet was a good five feet long, and the head was formed from the trunk of a mature tree. The face of the mallet was over a foot across, more than large enough to strike both of Eric’s enormous nuts at once, and more than heavy enough to finish off Eric’s behemoth balls once and for all. 

Eric’s eyes grew wide when he saw the huge hammer, and he began to stammer once again, begging for mercy, begging for the coach to spare his huge balls. The coach paid no heed, and reminded the men present that this is what happens to those who break the rules. He then raised the mallet up high and, using both of his massive, powerful arms, brought the hammer down with truly horrific force onto both of Eric’s nuts. 

The recoil was awesome. As the mallet crushed Eric’s mighty nuts nearly flat, every huge muscle in Eric’s sculpted body stood out in deep relief as he all but lifted himself off the table, his back arched so hard that he stretched his nuts at least another inch from his crotch and very nearly tore them loose. The bellow that issued from Eric’s beautiful lips was so loud that the crowd of men would not have been surprised to hear the locker room mirrors shatter. The force of this hammer blow was unlike anything that had come before...and yet Eric’s balls somehow continued to endure! 

A second blow followed, and then a third, and with each blow, Eric’s poor brutalized nuts were crushed flatter and flatter. It was clear that Eric’s nuts were nearing the very end of their endurance, and that it would only take a few more blows to destroy them. With each successive blow, the men waited to see if Eric’s nuts would finally shatter. 

The coach raised the mallet again, and with a mighty grunt, slammed the hammer head into the young man’s nuts a fourth time. And then a fifth time! And a sixth time!! Eric’s nuts were being smashed nearly as flat as pancakes, while his gigantic cock continued to spew out precum as if he hadn’t cum in months. Seven blows, then eight!! His huge bull balls were starting to lose their perfect egg shape. Nine blows!!! The coach realized it was soon going to be all over. Ten!!! 

On the tenth blow, Eric’s massive right nut finally succumbs to the brutal torture and bursts explosively within its bruised sac, issuing a loud and meaty POP!!! that can be heard even over Eric’s terrible screams. At the same moment, the young man’s epic horse cock reaches orgasm for the third time in less than 20 minutes. Sperm erupts from Eric’s cock with frightening power and force, bigger than either of his previous orgasms, wads of his incredible spunk flying wildly all over the room. 

The coach paused briefly and grasped Eric’s right nut to be sure. Yup, Eric’s right ball was history, reduced to a broken and useless mass of ball meat. The coach stood there for a few brief moments as Eric continued to pound out one last, magnificent load, and he realized that he had one last chance to spare this muscle boy, to leave him with one nut still intact. Who knows, maybe doctors could even repair his busted nut. But in the end, the coach decided that rules are rules, and he decided to get it over with, turning his attention to Eric’s remaining testicle. 

Eric was heaving, sobbing, thrashing his head, and straining against his bonds, but to no avail. The coach was impressed -- there is nothing like ball pain to make a young bodybuilder like Eric show off his awesome musculature. Oh well, back to work. The left nut was lying there waiting to be taken, and the coach wasted no more time. He lifted the mallet up high, and while Eric continued to thunder out this third and final load, the coach brought the mallet down again. 

And again. 

And again! 

And AGAIN!! 

In the end, it took another five massive blows from the hammer before Eric’s mighty left nut burst, annihilating the last of the super stud’s gargantuan balls. 

But still Eric’s earth shattering orgasm continued. And though he had already broken both of Eric’s awesomely tough nuts, the coach continued to beat and batter the mushy sac with the massive hammer, making sure that his once beefy ball meat was reduced to a jellied goo. Eric’s bellows also continued unabated as the blows rained down on his busted balls. Three more blows, then five, then ten, and finally 13 extra blows. With the 13th massive hammer blow, Eric shot the last massive salvo on stud cum, a wad that erupted with such force that it shot OVER the lockers and into the shower area behind them! 

The coach finally ceased the rain of destruction on Eric’s balls, knowing that he had stolen the young man’s masculinity from him and utterly obliterated his once proud bull nuts. Eric could do nothing but lay on the punishment table and sob, knowing that his life as a man was over. Eric’s ball sac was clearly pulverized, just one shapeless blob of broken nut guts. The coach reached down and took the shapeless mass of Eric’s once proud ball sac into both his hands and squeezed. The busted scrotum felt like a huge, water-filled balloon, and the coach could feel big chunks of Eric’s ball meat floating in a sea of sperm and other seminal fluids. 

The coach then looked around the room at the sheer quantity of spunk that the young stud had shot in less than half an hour, and was again amazed. The last orgasm alone must have doubled the amount of spunk coating every surface within 15 feet of Eric’s incredibly still rampant cock. Yes, it was certainly a shame to destroy such a beautiful, talented, powerful, and awesomely endowed young man, but those were the rules. 

"You guys clean him up and get him out of here," the Coach told his assistants. "I have other things to do. Once you’ve got the place cleaned up, you guys can do whatever you want with this useless stack of muscles."

With that, the utterly defeated Eric was removed from the table and taken from the locker room, and was used as a sex slave by his teammates for the rest of the night. Amazingly, Eric came three more times through the course of the night, as his broken balls continued to be mauled and abused, and his cock didn’t go limp until the sun came up. 

His teammates unceremoniously dumped the broken and naked young stud in front of the hospital in the early morning hours, where the exhausted and barely conscious stud stumbled into the emergency room before finally passing out. By this time, his scrotum was so horrifically battered that it didn’t even look human, but still the doctors decided to try to save what they could. 

Though his balls seemed at first to be nothing more than a liquid mess, it turned out that Eric’s balls were even tougher than anyone thought. Though the tough exterior walls of his mighty testicles had indeed lost their battle against the dozens and dozens of hammer blows — and the hundreds of punches and kicks that had come later — they hadn’t actually burst, and so each ball was still contained within its own shell. The doctors couldn’t do more than ice Eric’s huge nutsac and pray, but that’s what they did. 

Over the next few days, the swelling in Eric’s sac reduced significantly, and each orb began to regain its egg shape. No one was sure what was going on inside each bull nut, but it was clear that the exterior of the young bodybuilder’s huge balls were recovering. 

One week went by, and then two, and it was clear that Eric’s balls were healing with incredible speed. The doctors who had at first thought for sure that they would have to castrate the young man now began to wonder if he might now make a full recovery. Normal healthy color had returned to his bull nuts, as had their healthy egg-liked shape. Interestingly, Eric’s nuts were now bigger than ever before, which was the result of a combination of a thicker outer testicle shell as a result of the terrible abuse, and the additional ball meat that grew within each nut as a result of the healing process. 

At the end of the month, it was clear that Eric’s nuts had survived. But would he be sterile? 

When the doctors finally felt that he was ready, Eric was allowed to try to ejaculate. The young man was very nervous and frightened about his future, and as first 10 minutes and then 20 minutes of jacking off still didn’t produce results, he became scared. Then, in frustration and desperation, he grasped the base of his huge balls in one hand and began punching them with the other, determined to force a load out of his huge nuts or finish the work of destroying them. He quickly realized that this brutal form of self abuse now aroused him far more than anything else ever had. In a matter of five minutes of brutal testicle bludgeoning, Eric could feel that familiar rumbling in his loins, and just a minute or two later, he succeeded in reaching orgasm. 

And man, did he ever orgasm! Even Eric could only stare wide-eyed at the amount of cum that erupted from his massive, 13.5-inch horse cock. The doctors had given him a container to cum into should he succeed in cumming, and he quickly filled that bucket to overflowing. Searching the room, and with cum flying everywhere, Eric found a wastepaper container, and dumped the rest of his gargantuan load in that. All told, his now grapefruit sized bull balls had just spewed just nearly a gallon of nut juice! The doctors couldn’t believe it! And when they analyzed Eric’s cum, they found that he was off the chart for sperm quantity and motility, and that his testosterone levels were ten times that of a normal man. Since the doctors didn't have any baseline measurements to compare to, they didn’t know if Eric’s virility had increased or decreased as a result of his terrible mauling, but one thing was for certain — he was a fucking super man! 

Eric was soon released from the hospital, and learned that it was now summer break. He began to work out again, and due to the massive testosterone levels now floating in his system, he packed on 10 pounds of rippling muscle in just two weeks! With two and a half more months to go before the new semester started, Eric knew he could pack on another 30 or 40 pounds of pure muscle and exceed even the coach’s own phenomenal weight of 325 pounds before the next year began. 

And he would bide his time before he could take his revenge on those who had tried to emasculate him. His balls were now so tough and powerful, he would dare them to try to destroy them again. Oh yes, coach and his teammates would soon learn the meaning of revenge...

The Coach Punishes Eric for Fuck-Ups - Original Version

Here is the original version of Part 1. And I'm only now realizing that the original story had a middle part that I never rewrote. Ah well...  :)

My version of Part 2 will follow shortly...

The Coach Punishes Eric for Fuckups 

Chapter I 
(by Story Scout [unregistered] on Fri December 10th, 2010 5:26 PM)
Whack! The plastic pipe slammed into the blond swimmer's bulging
nutsack. His six-pack stomach muscles clenched and veins stood out
on his muscular chest. I pumped his hard dong a few times to keep
him erect. My job was to keep him hard while the coach punished the
naked sophomore's testicles.

My own hard-on dripped precum, since I hadn't cum in two days. I
always liked to be super horny on Friday's when a swim stud was to
have his cock and nuts punished. Today Eric was getting the works:
I.C.E., which stood for Impact, Compression, and Electricity.

His plump nuts filled the sac which was pulled snugly against the
base of his dick by the stretched skin of his hard-on. The coach
slammed the plastic pipe again into this convenient target. The
nineteen year-old bucked against the padded cuffs tying him to the
punishment table, but he didn't cry out. With my left hand I massaged
his heaving abdominal muscles and kept his dick pumped to the edge of
cumming. The coach believed that punishment was more intense if the
guy was forced to be hard at the same time.

I was massaging his beautifully formed pecs as I felt a wave of
contraction surge through them as the next blow smashed his young
testicles. On the next blow he let out on involuntary "oof", and his
strong arms nearly ripped the padded cuffs and chains loose from the

Eric was allowed to recover briefly while the coach changed tools. He
selected a small hammer of the type doctors use to test reflexes.
The coach circled the scrotum with his fingers and forced the two
nuts to stand out under the shiny skin. Then he started hammering
just the right testicle. Eric screamed wildly and I was told to pump
him as hard as possible because he couldn't cum during this intense
pain. Again he was given a brief break. I dried the cold sweat off
the swimmers heaving chest and stomach. Next it was the young
athlete's sensitive left testicle which was the cruel hammer's
target. "Aaaaaargh", he cried, as the rapid blows pounded into his
nut. I felt his big cut dick, which had been rock hard for a half
hour now get a little soft. I pumped it hard and it regained its
glassy hardness. He still wasn't allowed to shoot.

The coach told Eric to swim some punishment laps. Swimming with
aching balls would be good discipline.

Eric arrived back from his laps, dripping wet, his blond hair and
hard body smelled vaguely of chlorine. His ample cock swung freely
between his legs. As he dried off he said his nuts still ached from
the first round of punishment. He climbed back on the punishment
table and I tied him down with the padded cuffs for his hands and
ankles. The coach was letting me do the compression punishment and he
would observe.

The swimmers young dick re-hardened instantly as I massaged it with a
little lube and explored his nuts.

A computer with a pressure interface card and connecting transducer
cable sat on a small table nearby. I tied a leather thong around my
right palm which carried pressure information back to the computer
for display. I clicked on testicle punishment. The computer asked for
some information: age, muscularity, size of penis, size of testicles,
etc. This information was used to determine the programming for the
testicle compression. As I kept Eric hard with my left hand I typed
in age: 19, muscularity: 9.3, testicles: medium large, penis: 7.5",
glans: broad, circumsized: yes. Due to Eric's youth and strong body
the punishment would be rather intense and long. It could have been
harder only if he were older and heavier. The penis information
would be used later for the electro-pain sequence.

The computer flashed "35" in the match-pressure box and I grabbed the
young athlete's testicles in my right hand and squeezed. Immediately,
the pressure readout went up to about 25. He gasped and bucked but
took the compression of his balls pretty well. The computer beeped
that the pressure was too low. I squeezed harder on the trapped nuts.
Boy, that got Eric's attention. He screamed and writhed but there was
no escaping my grip. With my left hand I pumped his strong hard penis
and with my right I gripped and torture-massaged his nuts, keeping
the pressure at 35. He started breaking down and begging the coach to
have me stop, but we were actually just starting.

I like the effect ball pain has on an athlete's abdominal muscles so
I explored the ridges of Eric's stomach as I squeezed his hapless
nuts. Next I used by left hand to land light chops on his abs. The
veins stood out all over his torso as he struggled. The computer
switched to: Isolate right testicle 50. I placed the leather thong
across just his right testicle and applied all the force just to the
one ball. He turned pale, gasping, and started to go soft. I pumped
his thick dong harder. The muscles on my own forearm stood out with
the effort to keep the transducer reading 50. My hard prick was
dripping continuous long strings of precum.

After only about 2 minutes, but I bet Eric thought it was an hour,
the computer switched to left testicle 75. Eric's left testicle was a
little larger and the computer was building up the pain fast. I
recircled Eric's scrotum and explored around for a better grip. I
pumped his lubed penis until he was gasping near cumming. Then I let
go of his penis so my left hand could squeeze down on my right thumb.
My right thumb of course was directly over Eric's big left athlete
ball. With both hands I readily pushed the pressure right up to 75.
The hard young body on the punishment table sweated, bucked,
screamed, and thrashed. I bumped the pressure up around 80 and the
computer beeped me back down to 75.

It was back in the pool for more punishment laps with his nuts still
aching for Eric. Meanwhile, the coach and I set up the electro-pain

Soon Eric was back, his energy restored by the cold water in the
pool. I quickly had him strapped firmly in place again. I carefully
lubed and massaged his 7.5 inch cut cock. I slipped the punishment
condom over the thick glans. It had a gold foil strip over the tip
which was connected to a wire to the computer interface. This would
form one half of the electrical punishment circuit. A split wooden
disk was slipped on his nuts and they were compressed with a metal
bar and wing nuts against the disk. The wing nuts were tightened
until the metal bar mashed a furrow into the sophomore's testicles
and made a good electrical contact for the other wire. The bar was
tightened more to create a steady strong background pain in his
plump plums.

Now the electro-pain started. I started pumping the penis through the
punishment condom. The lower sides of his penis were bare and I could
feel engorged ridges all along the triangular structure. Now the
computer started pumping current into his glans, down his rigid
shaft, and into the compressed nuts. He was screaming continuously
now as the current mounted and mounted. Complex patterns of
definition flashed across his chest and abdomen as I pumped the hard
cock and it was simultaneously electro-punished. As he would almost
cum the computer would raise the shocks until he softened a little.
This went on for several minutes. I stopped pumping once to tighten
the wingnuts and press the bar harder into the swimmers testicles.

In spite of his agony Eric's horny hormones took over and I could
tell his penis was turning purple and getting ready to shoot. His
chest was heaving and his cheeks turned a little pale. I thought the
veins standing out on the sides of this penis would burst. Instead he
shot great globs of semen into the tip of his punishment condom. The
semen improved the circuit and a bigger jolt of electricity tore down
the ultra rigid shaft and spread out into the compressed nuts.

The computer overload tripped at the extra current and I flipped the
release on the metal bar, freeing his testicles. As I slipped the
condom off his glans he came again, spraying himself, me, and the
coach with another load.

Coach Punishes Swimmer II, M/M S/M CBT (by Story Scout [unregistered] on Fri December 10th, 2010 5:27 PM)
Whew! If I just barely touch my hardon I may shoot. I pump some more
air in the inflatable pressure cuff on my nuts. The ball pain swirls
in my mind as the rubber donut compresses my testicles and I try to
visualize the upcoming Friday afternoon. My own athletic image in the
mirror changes to that of my fantasy of Andy. ..."Take the ball pain
Andy. Feel your nuts being crushed ..." Suddenly I shoot big ribbons
of cum all over the mirror. I release the pressure on my nuts and
some cum dribbles over my self-tortured ball sac.

It's Wednesday night and I'm letting my dick shoot all it wants. Two
hours ago I pumped it up and started fantasizing about the Friday to
come. Coach is going to ball torture Andy, one of the swimmers, for
discipline and I'm going to assist. Since I won't cum anymore until
then I want to have a good shoot now before the two-day wait. Two
days is about all I can manage, since I'm so horny.

Yesterday, I did Andy's intake form and did some custom work on the
equipment to be used. I strapped Andy down on the discipline table
and massaged his lightly lubed cock. He quickly sprung a nice hardon
and I made notes. Penis, thick, 7.5", cut. I gently rubbed his glans
until it was shiny and steely hard. He moaned, "Oh let me shoot I got
to shoot". Instead I molded hot wax over the end of his glans. He
bucked, thrashed and hissed through his teeth as the wax heated up
his hot glans. It was hot enough to hurt but it wouldn't burn him. I
poured ice water on his prong to set the wax and shrink his hardon a
little so I could slip the wax mold off his cock head. The mold would
be used later.

Next I explored his testicles and tested how tight his scrotum was. I
went through my selection of cast iron eggs and selected two that
were a little smaller that his plump nuts. These were saved as
models for later use.

I tied a leather thong on his his nuts and pulled them away from his
body with a fish scale. When the scale spring stretched to 6 lbs I
measured how far his nuts were stretched in order to design his own
custom ball clamp. When the pull reached six pounds he was hollowing
his washboard belly, panting, and I thought he would break the straps
on the table.

He looked so great that I tied the scale off to a wood post and
massaged his ridged belly and nice chest while he took the testicle
pain. Veins popped out all over his muscular chest and stomach. I
knew the groovy feel of showing off a great bod and proving how low
tough nuts could be stretched. I slowly and carefully jacked him but
didn't let him cum in spite of his pleas.

I had to get to my real work, which was customizing cock and ball
equipment to his measurements. I relaxed the pressure on his nuts and
decided to give him a basic punishment jack as a reward. He was
assigned for punishment so the coach wouldn't let him jack off for
fun. I cupped his well packed scrotum with my left hand and lifted
his nuts up so they nestled on each side of his thick hardon. Then I
started jacking him with long strokes using my right hand. Each time
my right fist whizzed to the bottom of his cock I hit his testicles
and smashed them against the support of my left hand. He went wild.
Screaming and twisting but I kept pounding. Every time he came close
to cumming I pounded harder. On the upstroke he was lost in pleasure
as my hand slid over his hard glans. On the down stroke the pleasure
ended. Smack! "Oof, Oh no, Oh yes, Oof" Finally his
nineteen-year-old hormones took over and he shot great gobs of cum
over his chest, face, and blond hair. Without stopping I force milked
him of another load and didn't release his heavy nuts until just as
he shot. I wanted to drain him good because it was only Tuesday and
he couldn't jack-off again before Friday or the coach would punish
him even harder. I am a twenty-four year-old grad student but I keep
falling for these pretty muscle boys and trying to get their
punishments reduced and stuff.

Anyway, I let him go and started building the special equipment. The
first thing was to take the mold of his glans and make a plastic cast
of it which looked just like his hard sophomore doorknob. I then
molded clear hard plastic over that to make a plastic cap which would
exactly fit his engorged cockhead. I drilled a hole in this and
attached an electrode which could be used to shock his engorged
cockhead. When he shot cum it would shock all down the stream of cum
into the base of his cock. When used with a low-current, high-voltage
generator it made a hot sight as sparks played around the cockhead
under the tight plastic cover.

Next I got out some oak boards. These were glued in a stack to make a
solid oak ball stretcher to match the measurements taken. Then the
two iron eggs, heated red hot, were used to burn a depression in the
stretcher. One board would support his hapless nuts while a second
burned board was screwed down. Since the eggs were selected to be
smaller than his nuts, plenty of compression could be used. The base
of the stretcher was sawed into two pieces so it could be clamped
around the stretched scrotum with the two nuts sitting half exposed
in the burned pits. The second wood board tightened down on the
testicles with massive iron screws. Massive screws were unnecessary
but I thought they had a lot of design appeal. To put it on, Andy's
nuts would be pulled low with a leather thong. Then they would be
clamped by the base of the oak stretcher. The thong would then be
pulled out and the pain plate could be screwed down.

The doorbell rang and it was Larsen, an eighteen-year-old freshman
who was also having his pre-punishment intake interview. I had him
strip and tied him to a massage table. He had a long slim penis about
7 3/4 inches long and smallish balls in a real tight sac. He was on
the thin side of built and was basically pretty. He had fine blond
hair with great muscle definition and his hard cock didn't look too
thin against his very slim rippled tummy. With this type of cock and
balls I knew the coach would would want to squeeze his nuts by hand
and beat his dick with a baton. Small balls tended to pop out of a
ball press, anyway. He said he was always horny and his slightly
curved cock was rock hard. I decided to make him cum three time to
drain him and still give him plenty to time to build up more cum
before his main torture session on Friday.

I selected a large wooden spoon for a preliminary mild testicle
beating. Massaging his pointed hard glans with my left thumb I
started rapid blows on this tightly packed testicles. Larsen thrashed
and bucked against the straps. At eighteen he was still boyish so I
was careful not to damage him. I stopped the beating briefly and
massaged his hard chest and belly. His handsome face looked a little
pale and his hair was starting to get a little matted down with
sweat. I circled my thumb and forefinger into a ring the then forced
it down his long slim cock. He moaned and relaxed with pleasure.
Going back to just massaging his glans with my thumb I resumed his
testicle punishment. This time I whacked the back of the spoon on the
freshman's left nut. His tight boysac held his nuts clearly defined
at the base of his hardon and I concentrated beating the nice bulge
of his left nut. He screamed and panted and jerked against the cuffs
holding him down to the discipline table. I usually like torturing
heavier guys with real big nuts but Larsen was a real hot one and was
hung in perfect scale to his narrow waist. Recircling my fingers I
slid them down his cock in the maneuver I knew he like. This time his
long slim dong exploded and I heard cum splat against his neck.

I paused to wipe the cum off him and massage his chest, belly and
legs. Soon he was hard again. Changing tactics I started squeezing
his right ball by circling the base of his equipment with my second
and third fingers and pressing down hard with my thumb. This
unrelenting heavy pain caused him almost to lose his fight and maybe
get a little soft. I started pumping his dick really hard with long
strokes and he would have cum immediately but I crushed down on his
right nut as hard as I could. This was not the kind of torture the
big boys got with a custom made ball press but just my thumb was
almost as effective on the lightweight athlete's isolated right
testicle. When I thought he had had enough I quickly released the
pressure until the jacking took him to the "point of no return" and
then I pressed harder than ever. He screamed and tried to escape but
meanwhile shot just as much cum as before all over the place.

Next I tied him standing with legs spread against a plywood panel. I
freed his right arm a little so he could jack himself. His surfer
type build looked great with muscles well-defined and covered with
sweat. He beat his own meat until he was hard. Next I told him he
would get a penis beating with a baton until he came. If he started
to get soft he could beat his meat until he was hard but while he did
that I would squeeze his testicles until he was ready to take more
penis punishment.

Larsen's slim 7 3/4 inch penis was ideal for beating. It was rock
hard and curved upward. I started by holding his pointed glans and
beating the top of his shaft with a police baton. He sucked in air
and took the beating pretty good. I thought he might even be able to
cum so I gripped his dong near the base and rained blows on his hard
glans. He was cut and I could see the blood vessels through the tight
skin of this cock. I beat his glans hard until he started to go soft.
I was anxious to get my hands on those nuts. He had to reach down and
start pumping himself to get hard again so I circled his boysac and
pulled his nuts as low as his tight scrotum would allow and then
some. I looked into his blue eyes as he tried to jack himself rock
hard again. I could see he feared he might not get hard again but I
knew just how tight to squeeze those freshman nuts. He got hard just
as the nut pain almost made him puke.

I massaged his chest and heaving belly. He moaned with pleasure and I
kept up the chest and belly massage as I resumed beating his prong
with the baton. This time I systematically beat all along the
bulging ribs on the sides of his dick and then lightly down the
bottom side. Next I whacked every part of the penis on top leading to
the tip. By raining light blows on his glans I got him almost ready
to cum. His glans swelled a little more and got shiny so I whacked it
four times really hard as he shot his third load well out onto the

I released him from his bonds and told him not to jack off until
Friday when the coach would review his preliminary punishment
response today and do him main cock and ball torture. He said he
could never go that long without beating off even after being drained
three times like now. I told him that holding off jacking off was
part of his punishment. Also I told him that the coach might want him
to do at least four ejaculations and he better have plenty of juice
available. Last year a guy had electricity shooting through his dick
for two hours until he built up enough cum to shoot the last time.

Coach punishes swimmer III M/M CBT S/M (by Story Scout [unregistered] on Fri December 10th, 2010 5:28 PM)

I suddenly awoke to find my roommate licking the head of my big hard
dick. "Wanna quick blow job before class?", he said.

"No!, you idiot. Today is team punishment day and I want plenty of
juice to shoot while I watch.", I replied.

"So who's getting punished today?", he asked.

"Coach is going to crush Andy's big nuts, make him shoot while his
balls are still in the press, and then make him shoot some more while
his thick penis shaft is electro-tortured."

"Let me guess. He is a dumb, pretty, teenaged muscleboy!", he said.

"He's nineteen and he is not dumb. Everybody thinks handsome athletes
are dumbos.", I said.

"He must be dumb to let the coach do his teen testicle torture trip
on him".

"Aw his wants to show off his big equipment. He doesn't want to get
disciplined with a paddle because it leaves marks on his ass."

"What if his balls get damaged?", he asked.

"The coach is sane about it. With enough skill you can make a guy's
nuts hurt real bad without any risk of damaging them. The same thing
is true of electricity in the dick. The real pain is when the
shooting cum acts like a wire and shocks the inside of your dick.", I

That afternoon after swim practice the coach got ready to punish

"Hey, Larsen, you got to leave!", he said.

"No Coach, I just turned eighteen and I already have been checked

"OK, but if you're up for punishment you got to take it like a man",
the coach said.

Returning to the main subject, the coach had Andy strip naked and he
was strapped with wide-spread legs to a frame which reclined at about
45 degrees. This gave the entire team a perfect view of his muscular
body. He immediately sprung a hardon because he hadn't cum in several
days. The coach massaged Andy's balls thoroughly and hard enough to
make him squirm. Next he stretched the sophomore's big scrotum down
real low and bolted on a wooden ball press to keep his balls
stretched low. Depressions had been burned in the oak to make a place
for each nut to fit. He used a clear plastic pressure plate which, as
it was screwed down, crushed Andy's testicles, trapped in the
depressions in the oak frame. The clear plastic allowed the whole
team to see each compressed nut.

"You've been slacking off, Andy, and I'm going to start you off with
four turns of the screws", the coach said.

Andy panted and pulled against the frame. Veins popped out all over
his chest and abs as the coach turned the screws crushing the big
teenagers testicles.

"Aaaah your killing me, coach!", he gasped and then started more or
less continual moaning.

"OK take that for awhile. You guys, watching, can jack, if you aren't
already, but don't cum. Larsen, Wilson, and Alonzo, front and center
and pump hardons.", the coach announced.

"Larsen, you are new so grab you dick hard at the base and stand at
attention. You got a nice long cock so plenty will stick out past
your hand. Hold that position while I give you your minor punishment
whacks. Wilson and Alonzo you guys know the routine already."

With that the coach took a police baton and whacked down on the
engorged glans of Larsen's penis. Larsen gasped but took his
punishment. Larsen flinched each time he was hit and his hand
involuntarily jacked his dick some. Next the coach moved to Wilson
and Alonzo. Both were more massively hung and the whacks made a solid
meaty sound.

"Alonzo, keep your foreskin skinned off the end of your dick. No fair
trying to protect your cockhead"

As the three swimmers watched Andy writhing in the testicle crusher
the coach rapidly alternated between them, administering blows to
their rigid meat. Each one jerked at each blow and finally three
parallel spurts of cum erupted from the beaten dicks. The coach gave
each one an extra hard whack just as the last spurt left and their
sensitivity peaked.

The coach turned back to the youth getting his balls compressed.

"Now Andy, you've gotten kind of used to four screw turns so here are
three more to get used to."

Andy was sweating and begging and we could easily see his testicles
spreading out more under the plastic pain plate. His muscular
swimmers body was straining to take the ball pain. His blond hair was
matted with sweat and his handsome features showed the sharp lines of
his tensed jaw muscles through his skin. His cock was still very hard
and veins were popped out all over it too. As the coach brought the
total number of turns up to seven, Andy's hard belly was heaving and
his breath was rapid and shallow with pain.

The whole team was jacking now as they watched Andy taking it in the
nuts. Even the three guys who had gotten dong-whacked were hard

"Larsen back out front. You too, Czernevski.", the coach barked.

"But coach you just cock-whacked me", pleaded Larsen.

"That was for being late. This is because you two were fighting".

It was hard to see how the slender Larsen and the heavily-muscled
Czernevski could have had any kind of real fight. Larsen was
outweighed by at least 40 lbs. Each of Czernevski's nuts was bigger
than Larsen's entire scrotum. His shaft was at least eight inches
long and very thick and corded. Larsen's was a respectable 7 3/4
inches but it was slim and curved smoothly upward toward his belly.
At eighteen Larsen was also three years younger than Czernevski. The
ball stats were relevant because of the standard punishment for

"You guys need to be taught teamwork so you get to work together in
harness", the coach said.

He grabbed Larsen's ball sac and pulled the teenager's small nuts
down as low as they would go and then wrapped them in place with a
strip of leather. I helped him with Czernevski. He used both hands to
stretch his big balls and I tied them with another strip of leather.
Both were in some pain but not much. Next the coach tied a rope
between their bound balls and hung a bucket on it. Now he poured a
gallon of water into the bucket. Czernevski gasped and his bull balls
were pulled way below his body. Larsen's nuts seemed like they ought
to come off at the punishment they were taking. It didn't seem fair
that the teenager was stretched by the same weight as the heavy-hung

"Now you guys pump each other off but the first one to shoot has to
take all the weight till his buddy shoots. That way you have an
incentive to pump your teammate as well as possible."

They both started furiously jacking the other guys dick and massaging
his chest and belly to force him to come first. However, Larsen had
already cum once when he had gotten penis-punished earlier so
Czernevski shot first. Now the coach untied Larsen's nuts and the
full weight of the gallon of water was punishing Czernevski's
stretched testicles. The fact that he had just shot a load made them
even more sensitive. Czernevski furiously pumped Larsen's dick trying
to get him to come. He cradled the freshman's nuts and massaged them
gently turning him on more. The pumping kept the weight on his nuts
swinging the whole time. Czernevski's big warm hand soon had Larsen
ready to shoot again.

"Don't play with my nuts, destroy 'em!", yelled Larsen.

Czernevski's massaging grip changed to a vise-like clamping. As his
own weighted big balls felt as if they would be ripped out of his
belly, Larsen's entire scrotum disappeared into Czernevski's big hand
and I thought it would be extruded between his fingers as pulp.

"Yeah, man, squeeze them nuts, punish them good!", the freshman
shrieked. Even though his own testicles were being cruelly stretched
until Larsen shot, Czernevski quit pumping Larsen, took one nut in
each hand and crushed both with direct hard pressure from his thumbs
as Larsen wanted.

"Oh, yes, crush my stud sac, I'm cumming, Aaaaaah!", and Larsen shot
his slim boy dick even without any further pumping of it at all.

Larsen took the bucket with the gallon of water off Czernevski's
bound testicles. They rubbed each other down, got hard again and
turned their attention back to Andy who was still strapped to the
punishment frame and writhing as the coach made more adjustments to
the testicle crusher.

As the screws turned more, Andy's balls spread more and more under
the plastic torture plate. Now the coach decided that is was time to
drain his tortured balls by forced ejaculation with electro-shock.

Each guy on the team put his custom-made glans-cap on his own
cockhead. It contained an electrode which was attached to a wire
running to Andy's glans-cap. They each clamped a piezo-electric
generator around the base of their cock and started jacking. On each
down stroke their fists hit the generator and sent a shock up their
shafts, through their glans, and down the wire to Andy's glans-cap.
The wet concrete floor completed the circuit. As the muscular young
athletes pounded their meat they shocked themselves and Andy got the
full current flow from the whole team. Andy quickly shot a load from
his overstimulated penis. This lowered the resistance and increased
the shocks. The coach started jacking Andy a little and he shot
again, filling the glans-cap with more conductive cum.

Many of the team members shot loads and started pounding a little
harder to force their second ones right away. Many started pumping on
their buddies hard dicks and squeezing each others nuts. The coach
started yelling, "pump, pump, pump". The whole team hit their
generators synchronously and what was a random rain of shocks into
Andy's dick became a sequence of hard shocks at each "pump, pump".
Andy went crazy with the stimulation. The coach screwed the last two
turns to flatten the sophomore's big nuts and this thick dong which
resembled gnarled wood shot its third load.

Andy was released and was a little unsteady but unhurt. We each spent
five minutes giving him an oil massage and Larsen gave him a long
slow gentle blowjob. Andy likes those pretty kinky frosh boys.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Coach Punishes Eric for Fuck-Ups - Jayse Version

I'm a sucker for stories where a handsome and massively built college jock has his massive balls thoroughly worked over. This story is an example of just such a tale.

There is a part two to this tale that is decidedly darker and more brutal...but you'll have to wait until next week to read it. :)

The Coach Punishes Eric for Fuck-ups  

Based on an original story by Story Scout

Chapter I

Whack! The plastic pipe slammed into the blond swimmer's bulging nut sack for the 12th or 13th time. His perfect eight-pack stomach muscles clenched and veins stood out in his large, muscular chest. I pumped his huge cock a few times to keep him erect, enjoying the feel of his burning hot 13 inches of stud meat in my hand. My job was to keep him hard while the coach punished the naked college sophomore's huge bull testicles. 

My own huge hard-on dripped precum since I hadn't cum in two days. I always liked to be super horny on Friday's when a swim stud was to have his cock and nuts punished. Today, Eric was getting the works -- I.C.E., which stood for Impact, Compression, and Electricity. He had skipped swimming practice once again, and though he had won first place at the recent college swim meet, the coach was punishing the young stud for his lack of discipline. 

Eric’s nuts were truly huge, the largest I had ever seen, and they more than filled the golden-haired sac, which was pulled snugly against the base of his dick by the stretched skin of his huge hard-on. The handsome young stud was by far my favorite subject for punishment, for the handsome and spectacularly muscular young man not only had the largest set of cock and balls I had ever seen, but his monstrous genitals were able to endure more brutal punishments than those of any man I had ever seen. 

The coach slammed the plastic pipe again into this convenient target once again and with brutal force. The nineteen-year-old jock stud bucked against the padded cuffs tying him to the punishment table, but he didn't cry out. Eric was easily one of the strongest jocks on campus, and I knew from past sessions that his gigantic nuts could endure lots more punishment. A hell of a lot more. 

I strongly suspected that the handsome stud got off on the ball abuse. In fact, I’m convinced that the muscular jock purposely skipped practice in order to ensure he’d be top of the list for disciplinary action come the end of the week, as it was nearly always Eric’s huge blond nuts that were on the receiving end of the coach’s fury each Friday. 

With my left hand I massaged his heaving abdominal muscles and kept his dick pumped to the edge of cumming. The coach believed that punishment was more intense if the guy was forced to be hard at the same time, and I tended to agree with him. I also think that the coach got off on abusing a young man’s huge nuts as much as I did! 

As I looked down at the captive swimmer, I couldn’t help but admire his incredible beauty. Eric stood 6’3” tall and weighed over 265 pounds of pure muscle, lean and meaty and thick without looking bloated or overly massive. Eric was built like a Nordic god. His square-jawed face was like that of a super hero, complete with beautiful blue eyes and thick blond hair that had been further bleached by the sun. His physique was phenomenal, especially for a man who was barely 19 years old, and he had many admirers at the swim meets, both male and female alike. Eric’s upper body was massive, providing incredible power and speed in the water – awesomely wide shoulders ending in massive delts, huge, powerful arms that stretched the measuring tape to over 23 inches, and the most incredible, muscular chest I had ever seen. The hairless pecs were perfectly squared and impossibly wide, and were capped by two of the most succulent nipples imaginable. This massive upper body tapered majestically down to an almost ridiculously narrow waist, so cut and corrugated with muscle that not a single ounce of fat was visible. His long, muscular legs and tight, rounded ass were a perfect match for his upper body, thick with the corded muscles that allowed the young jock to slice through the water like no one else the coach or I had ever seen. 

But this stud’s true gift was the heavy meat swinging between his legs. 

I was massaging his massive, beautifully formed pecs, and I felt a wave of contraction surge through them as the next blow smashed his young, meaty testicles. On the next blow, Eric let out on involuntary "OOF!", and his incredibly strong arms nearly ripped the padded cuffs and chains loose from the table. Oh yeah, the coach was punishing Eric’s bull nuts something fierce today! 

Eric was allowed to recover briefly while the coach changed tools. He selected a hammer of the type doctors use to test reflexes, only much larger and made of an even harder rubber. The coach encircled the scrotum with his fingers and forced the two huge nuts to stand out under the shiny skin. Then he started hammering just the right testicle, bringing the hard pointed tip of the rubber hammer head down with considerable force into the screaming nut, slamming it again and again and again. Eric bellowed wildly and thrashed in his restraints, and I was told to pump him as hard as possible, because even this horny jock couldn't cum during such intense pain. 

The muscular blond swimmer had a really tough set of nuts, their fibrous outer wall unusually thick and durable. But even that hardened wall couldn’t fully deflect the force of the repeated blows, and the rounded tip of the rubber hammer sank disturbingly deep into the thick tissues of Eric’s colossal right nut. 

After several dozen blows to soften up the huge right nut, Eric was again given a brief break. I dried the hot sweat off the swimmer’s heaving chest and tight stomach, running my fingers over the stud’s huge muscles. Then it was time for the young athlete's sensitive left testicle, which became the cruel hammer's next target. "Aaaaaargh!!!" he cried as the rapid blows pounded into his solid bull nut. I felt his big cut dick, which had been rock hard for a half hour, begin to grow a little soft from the soaring pain in his pummeled gonads. I pumped it hard, and despite the considerable pain in the stud’s battered nuts, it quickly regained its glassy hardness. However, Eric still wasn't allowed to shoot. 

The coach told Eric to swim some punishment laps. Swimming with your aching balls dragging behind you in the cold water could be good discipline. The coach made Eric do 20 full laps at full speed, and we both watched and admired the play of muscles along the stud’s gorgeous body as he performed the butterfly stroke back and forth across the long pool with expert precision and incredible power. 

Eric arrived back from his laps, dripping wet, his blond hair and hard body smelling vaguely of chlorine, his huge muscles pumped even bigger with the exertion. His much more than ample cock swung freely between his legs, and his pendulous balls bounced with each step, the heavy orbs slapping against the stud’s muscular, tanned thighs. As he dried off, Eric said his nuts still ached from the first round of punishment. He willingly — some might say eagerly — climbed back on the punishment table and I tied him down with the padded cuffs for his hands and ankles. The coach was letting me do the compression punishment and he would observe. 

The swimmer’s young horse cock re-hardened instantly as I massaged it with a little lube and then explored his nuts. A computer with a pressure interface card and connecting transducer cable sat on a small table nearby. I tied a leather thong around my right palm, which carried pressure information back to the computer for display. I clicked on testicle punishment. The computer asked for some information: age, muscularity, size of penis, size of testicles, etc. This information was used to determine the programming for the testicle compression. As I kept Eric hard with my left hand I typed in age: 19; muscularity: 9.8; testicles: extra extra large; penis: 13.5”, glans: broad and extra large; circumcised: yes. Due to Eric's youth, strong body, and oversized sexual equipment, the punishment would be rather intense and long. It could have been harder only if he were older and even more muscular. I’m sure that in a few years and with a little work, Eric could set some records on the amount of punishment he would be able to take. The penis information would be used later for the electro-pain sequence. 

The computer flashed "50 pounds" in the match-pressure box, and I grabbed the young athlete's huge testicles in my big right hand and squeezed. Immediately, the pressure readout went up to about 35 pounds. He gasped and bucked, but took the compression of his balls very well. The computer beeped that the pressure was too low, so I squeezed harder on the trapped nuts. Boy, that got Eric's attention. He groaned and writhed, but there was no escaping my vise-like grip. With my left hand, I continued pumping his strong, rock-hard penis, while with my right I gripped and torture-massaged his nuts, keeping the pressure at 50 pounds for what must have been more than 10 minutes. Eric started breaking down and begging the coach to make me stop, but we were actually just starting. 

I like the effect ball pain has on an athlete's abdominal muscles, so I explored the ridges of Eric's stomach as I squeezed his hapless, vulnerable nuts. I began to use my left hand to land light chops on his abs. The veins stood out all over his torso as he struggled. 

The computer switched to: Isolate right testicle: 85 pounds. Wow, I thought, the computer thinks this guy can take 85 pounds of pressure on just his right nut! I placed the leather thong across just his big right testicle and applied all the force I could to just the one ball. Eric turned pale, gasping, and his massive dick started to go soft. I pumped his thick cock harder to maintain the stud’s huge erection. The muscles on my own forearm stood out with the effort to keep the transducer reading at 85 pounds, and my hard prick was dripping continuous long strings of precum to the cold floor. 

After about 5 minutes (though I bet Eric thought it was an hour), the computer switched to: Isolate left testicle: 100 pounds. 100 pounds?!? How could any man’s testicle take that much pressure and survive, I thought! The computer was obviously building up the pain fast. I recircled Eric's scrotum and explored around for a better grip. At the same time, I pumped his lubed penis until he was gasping on the brink of orgasm. Then I let go of his penis so my left hand could squeeze down on my right thumb. My right thumb of course was directly over the athlete’s gigantic left ball. With both hands I readily pushed the pressure right up to 100. The hard young muscle-stud body on the punishment table sweated, bucked, screamed, and thrashed. I bumped the pressure up around 110 and the computer beeped me back down to 100. 

After about five more minutes, the computer switched to: Stretch: 6 inches. Again recircling Eric’s overstuffed scrotum for a better grip, I began to pull the stud’s young bull nuts down and away from his crotch. I quickly pulled the huge nuts from 3” to 4”, and then to 4 ½”, but then had to begin using more strength. Soon I had the nuts stretched to 5”, and Eric began thrashing in agony. At 5 ½”, Eric began to bellow in terrible pain, as his nuts were on the verge of ripping from his body. And finally, at 6”, Eric went wild, bellowing like an animal in his beautiful deep voice, every muscle in his heroic body straining against the agony in his nuts. The great bull balls bulged obscenely in their overstretched sac, straining mightily to not be torn from Eric’s panting body, the shape of each nut clearly outlined under the thinly stretched skin. 

I pulled at his nuts in this manner for over five minutes, giving gentle tugs to yank the bull balls just a little further and coming dangerously close to nutting the boy. Then the computer switched to: Maintain stretch: 5 ½ inches, Apply pressure: 220 pounds. I couldn’t believe my eyes!! I knew the machine had to be wrong, but coach assured me that the computer knew how much the stud could take. Forget setting records in a couple of years; this college stud was setting some right now! 

Using a thin leather thong, I tied off Eric’s nuts at a stretch of 5 ½”, but I couldn’t figure out a way to apply 220 pounds of pressure to the young stud’s bulging nuts. Then I realized that I could use my own weight to squeeze down on the ponderous gonads. I’m no sloth when it comes to working out either, and I also possess a big, muscular physique. So, cupping my hands over Eric’s massive, immobile balls, I placed myself in a handstand, and then slowly began lowering my 225 pounds of beefy muscle onto Eric’s mighty balls. The young stud didn’t make a sound at first, but as the pressure steadily grew, I could see the pain welling in his stunningly handsome face. He soon began to bellow in agony and plead for the coach to end the punishment, and my weight wasn’t even halfway down yet. I could feel the gargantuan nuts flatten out beneath my palms, and still I had not reached the 220 mark. Finally, with my entire body supported by the stud’s mighty nuts, the computer beeped that I had reached the mark. 

Eric’s pain was incredible, and his balls had flattened nearly to pancakes beneath my hands. The young stud screamed and thrashed in terrible pain, but remained fully hard with coach’s hand furiously pumping the stud’s massive prick. I began to bounce up and down on Eric’s nuts, causing him even greater pain with spikes of pressure well beyond the 220-pound threshold. One time, I bounced much too hard, and the computer beeped a warning that I had exceeded 255 pounds. I damn near burst Eric’s nuts! After that, I took it a bit easier, and all too soon the five minutes were up. 

Eric was released from the table, and it was back in the pool for 20 more punishment laps. This time, coach tied a spherical 25-pound weight to Eric’s bruised and battered nuts, so that as he swam the weight would tug mercilessly at his agonizing bull nuts. Meanwhile, the coach and I set up the electro-pain apparatus. 

Soon Eric was back, his energy restored by the cold water in the pool, the 25-pound weight still hanging from his huge balls and swinging between his powerfully muscular legs. The cocky young muscle stud walked around like the weight was nothing, but I’m sure after all the brutal ball torture he’d suffered already, his balls must have been aching something awful. Yeah, there was no doubt in my mind — this stud got off on having his huge baby makers mangled and mauled. 

I removed the weight and quickly had him strapped firmly in place again. Once more, I carefully lubed and massaged his 13.5-inch cut cock to rock hardness, and then I slipped the punishment condom over the thick, plum-sized glans. The condom had a gold foil strip over the tip that was connected by a wire to the computer interface. This would form one half of the electrical punishment circuit. A split wooden disk was slipped behind his huge nuts, and they were compressed with a metal bar and wing nuts against the disk. The wing nuts were tightened until the metal bar mashed a furrow into the sophomore's colossal testicles and made a good electrical contact for the other wire. Not satisfied with merely a good electrical connection, I tightened the wing nuts further, mashing the balls down to less than an inch thickness in order to create a steady strong background pain in his plump man fruits. 

Now the electro-pain started. I started pumping the penis through the punishment condom. The lower half of his penis was bare, and I could feel engorged ridges all along the six or so inches of exposed cock shaft. Now the computer started pumping current into his glans, down his rigid shaft, and into the compressed nuts. He began screaming continuously as the current mounted and mounted. Complex patterns of definition flashed across his chest and abdomen as I pumped the hard cock and it was simultaneously electro punished. Again and again as he would reach the brink of orgasm, the computer would raise the level of the electric shocks until he softened just a bit. This went on for more than 15 minutes. I stopped pumping several times to tighten the wing nuts and press the bar harder still into the swimmer’s meaty testicles. 

In spite of his agony, Eric's horny jock hormones took over, and I could tell his penis was turning purple and getting ready to shoot regardless of the voltage used against him. No doubt the congestion in his bull balls had reached critical levels as well. His chest was heaving and his handsome cheeks were flushed. I thought the veins standing out on the sides of this penis would burst. Instead, his cock swelled larger still, shuddered, and began shooting out a thunderous orgasm. As he shot great globs of semen into the tip of his punishment condom, the electrolyte-rich cum improved the circuit, and an even bigger jolt of electricity tore down the ultra rigid shaft and spread out into the compressed nuts. Eric screamed as he came in huge long ribbons, his arching cock pumping out slug after slug of cum in a most violent fashion. After a dozen huge slugs of cum rocketed forth, the orgasm began to ebb and finally cease. 

The computer overload was tripped by the extra current supplied by the thick hot semen, and I flipped the release on the metal bar, freeing Eric’s long-suffering testicles. And as I slipped the condom off his glans, the virile young hunk suddenly and spontaneously came for a second time, pelting me, the coach, and himself with another huge load, this one just as massive and monumental as the last. 

The punishment officially over, I released the straps holding Eric to the table, and then gently cupped the swimmer’s huge, aching balls in my hand. They were still very heavy and felt hot to the touch, and I could tell that there was still a whole lot of hot jock sperm trapped in those big man nuts. I also knew that after a punishment session like this one, Eric loved nothing more than to go back to my place so I could beat on his big tough nuts some more and force two or three more tortured loads out of him. My evening with Eric was just beginning… 

Busting Adam's Apples - Original Version

Here is the original version of Sack Stomper's "Busting Adam's Apples."

Busting Adam's Apples 

Original story by Just A Guy

Dennis Mallory took several moments to process what he had just been
told -- you're fired. The words resonated with an acute sting, almost
like he had just been diagnosed with a hideous disease.

But why me? he was able to compose himself enough to ask Adam, the
night shift manager at Super Burger.

Adam, his expression still locked in the shit-face grin he had when
he had given Dennis the news, only answered Well...

Adam listed a laundry list of issues he had with his middle aged
Dennis offered counter points to every grievance and this went on for
nearly a heated minute.

...You're slow in the kitchen, and let's face it you think you're
better than everyone else.

Dennis got quiet. That last bit had a little too much truth to it to
be contested with a straight face. Adam smiled with smug
satisfaction. It had been a precipitous three year fall from grace
for 36 year old Dennis. The ink on his MBA had barely dried when he
found himself promoted to a regional loan manager for Bank of the
MidWest which was sold to Bank of Earth City which collapsed in the
mortgage crisis and was sold off in pieces to Infinity Bank Holding.
At first, Dennis was able to breeze through all the transitions with
only cosmetic changes to his title and virtually no cut in his pay.
But at a fateful Christmas party the CEO of Infinity Bank delivered a
taped message to everyone gathered in their $1200 suits that said
curtly: Thank you for your service during these troubled times.
Please consider this your notice that, effective immediately, your
services are no longer required.

It didn't take long for Dennis' lack of savings and extravagant
spending during the 'good' times to catch up to him. First went the
apartment with its sweeping city views, then the sports car. His gym
membership couldn't be renewed, his personal trainer and chef weren't
paid and soon his twelve pack abs decayed into a six pack, then just
hardly noticeable -- but he was hardly flabby. Job offers were
scarce and his business network consisted mostly of people who were
laid off themselves or were barely clinging to a job.

And now here he was three years later and he had been reduced to
working evenings at the Super Burger fast food restaurant. His
day 'job' was knocking on doors downtown, trying to get his foot in
anywhere he could, and using the library computers to write resumes
and research jobs. Despite it, Dennis couldn't help but let the
occasional 'better than you' attitude creep into his interactions
with the other (almost all of them younger) workers, especially
Adam. Adam was the night shift manager, a stocky 20-something with
only a highs cool education who seemed to take special delight in
bossing around the over-educated Dennis. Now, it seemed, when Super
Burger was feeling the pinch and the store manager had asked each
shift manager to pick one person they could 'do without', Adam --
without hesitation -- picked Dennis.

Dennis turned to leave the tiny office and headed into the kitchen.
Not wanting Adam to get the best of him, he agreed that he would
finish up the rest of his shift that ended at ten. The restaurant
was particularly sparse that night, so the crew spent a lot of time
chatting and goofing off. Per usual, Adam went into great detail
about how he was going to 'have fun with his latest girlfriend of
the week. Through Adam's boasting, Dennis didnt even catch a name,
just that Adam was planning on having her over that night for pizza,
a movie and 'a whole lot of big, big fun, Adam placed a large wooden
spook in front of his slightly bulged crotch and proceeded to stroke
the handle as he said this, a few of the other male employees
gathered and hooted in approval of Adam's planned conquest. Dennis
sliced tomatoes at a nearby work station -- making it obvious he
didnt' want to be a part of the group -- as he watched Adam
masturbating by proxy. Adam was a hulking young man, just shy of six
feet tall with broad shoulders and a broad chest. He was built like
a line backer, beefy but not particular muscular. Large but not fat,
he had a boyishly handsome face which was topped off with a mess of
jet black hair he attempted to keep 'neatly' trimmed in a bowl cut.
Dennis eyed him with rage as he his mind roiled in how to exact
revenge on the cocky Adam who had totally finished Dennis' years long
fall from grace. In his absentmindedness, Dennis had gotten too
heavy handed with some of the tomatoes turning them into tomato goo
instead of slices... his eyes darted from the table to Adam. From the
table to Adam's heavy thighs. From the table to the slight bulge in
Adam's pants. Then Dennis had an idea. He put down the knife and
joined the group, making some lame joke about how 'if it was the last
night for him, he might as well have fun' and proceeded to chat up
Adam, being sure to take careful mental note of everything concerning
Adam's evening plans...


Closing time couldn't have come soon enough. The lack of customers
meant that the restaurant was able to be shut down fairly quickly.
Dennis left early, standing across the street in an empty parking
lot, trying to blend in with the shadows. As he planned, by the time
eleven rolled around everyone had left except Adam who was still
cleaning the kitchen that Dennis had left a mess in a final act of
defiance. By 11:30, Dennis felt his heart quicken as the enormous
yellow smiley face sign of the restaurant went out... Adam was
closing up shop. A few minutes later the dining room lights went out
and through the silent night Dennis heard a jangling of keys as Adam
locked the doors behind him and started walking away. Dennis knew
Adam must have lived nearby, since he never drove a car and usually
left after the buses stopped running, so he followed an inconspicuous
distance behind. The trek lasted through several darkened blocks
until Adam disappeared into the doors of his apartment building.
Dennis waited a few moments, and then gave the doors a tug and, as
expected, they were locked. He pulled out his phone and pretended to
be having a conversation across the street to avoid suspicion of
anyone who might see him standing outside. It did not take long for
a little white car with a rumbling engine to pull up and a blonde
pizza boy hop out.

Excuse me, is that pizza for Walker? Adam Walker?

The boy checked the ticket Yes...

Oh, how funny! I'm a friend of his and it might be funny if I
pretended to be the pizza guy... Dennis slipped two fifty dollar
bills into the teenager's hands and with a wink, took the pizza. The
boy smiled, shrugged and went to get into his car, when Dennis coolly
grabbed his cap with a pizza slice embroidered onto it.

The boy looked confused, but realizing he had just pocketed a one-
hundred dollar tip, shrugged off the lost hat, smiled and got into
his car.

Dennis waited a moment as the car disappeared. He looked down at the
slip, noted the apartment number and rang the buzzer. There was
click and the glass door was unlocked. Dennis darted inside and made
his way to unit 6-I. He took the stairs, hoping the trip to the sixth
floor would help calm down his now pounding heart, but it didn't.
When he arrived at the door of 6I he knocked tilting his head down
slightly so that only the pizza logo on the hat would be visible
through the peep hole. The door opened and, as Dennis had hoped, a
petite young woman stood in the doorway purse in hand.

That'll be um... Dennis stammered, then -- before the women knew
what was happening -- he proceeded to ram the hand he was holding the
pizza box in into her face. She only managed to get out a small yelp
before the box smashed into her face, followed quickly by Dennis's
fist. She fell to the floor in a slump. That was easier than he
had anticipated... He knelt down to check on her and she was still
breathing soundly. Good, he thought. He didnt want to add murder
to the list of chargers he knew he was about to rack up...

Hey Babe! What's the hold up? Dennis heard Adam calling from the
other room in a half-joking, half-demanding tone. And this was the
part of the plan Dennis had been dreading. He stepped over the girl
friends body and reached for a heavy floor lamp. He unplugged it
quietly and made his way into the room where Adam was.

What the... Adam barely got out before the business end of a
halogen torchierre collided with his head.

Dennis watched as Adam staggered backward falling to one knee in a
mix of confusion and pain. Not wanting the larger man to get any
kind of advantage, Dennis proceeded to wail on Adam with the lamp
until is heavy metal conical shade was badly deformed. On one of the
blows, the lamp bent uselessly in half. Dennis looked around
frantically for any kind of weapon and found a vase which he broke
over the struggling Adam's head. Adam bloodied and dizzy, lunched
for Dennis with surprising agility, but Dennis easily side stepped
him. Adam's full weight barreled head first into a large flat panel
TV which toppled with a crash. Adam fell on his stomach, sprawled
spread eagle in top of the now destroyed TV. His ribs were bruised as
he had come crashing through the shelves of the TV stand. Dennis
stood over him for a moment, enjoying the scene as Adam groaned in
pain. He then cocked his foot back, took careful aim and sent his
steel-toed boot sailing between Adam's legs. He felt his foot sink
into Adams' nuts and was about to strike again when Adam, in terror,
flipped over and attempted to stand up. A shard of the broken plasma
glass caught his leg and, while the cut was superficial was just
enough of a distraction for the opening that Dennis needed to send
his foot into Adam's now totally exposed crotch. He stomped several
times sending Adam into a world of panic and hurt. Dennis gleamed
nearly hysterical as he felt Adam's balls flattening under the
merciless assault.

Please, please Adam was able to get up between bouts of
screams...then Dennis gave Adam a sound kick to the side of his
head. Adam felt extremely cold all over and then extremely warm and
flushed... and then the lights went out.


Waley, wakey Adam,

Adam slowly came to. His living room was a shambles. His new flat
panel and TV stand lay in ruins. The couch had been overturned in
the struggle. Lamps and knick knacks, many Dennis had turned into
weapons lay in pieces. Pictures had fallen from the wall. Despite
his size, Adam had never been in any kind of physical fight, so was
woefully underprepared for the savagery of Dennis' attack. The fact
that Dennis' muscles were toned and conditioned, and Adam -- though
large -- was mostly a bumbling mass, didn't help either.

It took Adam a bit to figure out what had happened. He had been out,
for how long he couldn't say, and was now tied to a dining room chair
against the wall so he couldnt fall backward. His hands were tied
behind his back with what felt like stereo cords and his ankles were
tied to the back legs of the chair, leaving his legs spread wide open
and making it impossible to close more than a tiny bit. His pants
had been removed, leaving his heavy reddened testicles lying on the
seat between his legs. Across the room Miranda, the girl Dennis had
knocked out earlier was tied in a similar manner, facing Adam nearly
head one. Only her legs weren't spread and she had kept all her
clothes. She was stirring but was gagged making her attempts to
scream futile.

Ah Adam, I see you joined the party. Denis said mockingly emerging
from the kitchen.

Miranda! Miranda are you okay? Adam called out, ignoring his former
Super Bruger worker.

Dennis was taken aback at the level of selfless concern in Adam's
voice, but no matter the plan was already in motion.

I wanted to make sure your girlfriend was here to see your cocky ego
get knocked down a peg.. Dennis eyed Adams left nut.

Adam realized where Dennis was staring as he held a large wooden
spoon from the kitchen. His eyes bulged in terror and he let out a
guttural scream for mercy that was a mix between the word 'DON'T and
a primal shriek.

Oh, we can't have that, Dennis said coolly as he rammed a sock so
far into Adam's mouth the hunky manager was afraid he would be
chocked to death. Dennis wrapped several pieces of tape to over
Adam's mouth to hold he sock in place, effectively silencing the
young man.

Dennis stood in front of Adam, holding the spoon firmly in his hand,
and looked down. Adam's chest has heaving heavily and Adam tried
desperately to lock eyes with Dennis, hoping that his pleading looks
might help... Each nut was slightly smaller than an egg and they
were particularly elongated, handing loose in his sack. Dennis was
sure that Adam would be 'hung like a horse' if his balls were allowed
to swing freely, but resting on the chair they were two plump
targets -- the center of Adam's cocky self worth and manhood.

With little ceremony, Dennis brought the large wooden head of the
spoon down onto Adam's left egg. Adam's eyes bugged out and watered
but the gag let nearly no sound come out. The heavy chair, ironically
held down by Adams' own weight, resisted any attempts to rock or tip
over and the wall stopped it from tipping back. Adam was trapped and
he knew it. Over and over the spoon crashed down. Left, right, left,
right. Trapped against the chair, Adam's genitals had no place to
hide and the chair's firm surface resisted any deformation -- his
balls might as well been resting on a wooden block. The full force of
each blow was transferred directly into the stricken balls.

Adam could feel himself wanting to vomit as he looked down in horror
as his quickly swelling and reddening sack. Dennis was silent,
directing all his attention to the task at hand until CRACK! After
nearly ten minutes of pounding the spoon snapped a the handle,
sending shards everywhere. Adam thought this would by him some
reprieve. He was wrong.

Dennis sensed Adam's relief and -- finding it yet another sign of the
cocky kids 'I'm better than anything'' attitude -- became enraged.
He dropped to his knees so that he was face level with Adam's now
hugely swollen scrotum and grabbed a nut in each hand. He locked eyes
with the panicked former manager as he kneaded and squeezed Adam's

Dennis relished the feeling of feeling the squishy orbs as they
deformed and flattened in his hands. The sack was badly swollen and
turning from red to nearly purple but the orbs seemed to be at a
point where they were going to resist any further deformation. Try as
he might Dennis' fist, while digging painfully into the bulging
balls, wasn't able to make them yield any more of their shape. Adam
writhed and screamed, his eyes bulged and sweat ran in beads off his
forehead. The pits of his T-shirt were drenched with sweat and his
breathing had become fast and erratic. His black hair was matted to
his forehead and his head was thrashing back and forth so violently
Dennis was afraid he might break his own neck... but he kept

Damn it! Dennis shouted. Although they were starting to lose some
of their firmness, Adam's gonads were proving harder to 'pop' than
internet stories had lead Dennis to believe they would be. They,
like their arrogant owner, probably thought they were invincible.

Dennis stood up and looked down into Adam's lap. His balls had
swollen to be larger than a grade-A egg each. The sack was tight with
swollen tissue and blood. This penis, only a few inches flaccid, was
bruised and hung lazily to the size. It was incredibly thick, even
when soft, so it hadn't been able to escape the bulk of the blows.

Adam looked up with pleading, crying eyes. His screaming had
returned to muffled pleas for mercy. He knew his balls couldn't take
much more of this and seeing how Dennis had already used a pizza, a
lamp and a spoon as near-deadly weapons he knew it wouldn't take
Dennis long to turn some everyday object into the tools of his
manhood's destruction....

Oh yes, werent' you going to take your little bitch up to the roof
to light some fireworks. Dennis said, he took several steps back to
be standing near Miranda, who was frantically crying.

Oh yeah. That's right. He calls you his little bitch. His stupid
whore. he said grabbing Miranda by the hair, kneeling to talk with
her face to face.

He took his hand back and slapped her hard with the back of his hand
across the face. She screamed through her gag as she saw him
readying for another blow... then he paused. He had no qualms with
her. He just wanted to be sure she had front row seat when the meat
dangling between her boyfriends legs - his most virile testament to
being a man, the objects that gave him the 'right' to call her
his 'little whore' -- were turned to meat sauce.

Dennis turned to see that Adam had become much more hysterical.
Dennis got an evil glint in his eye as he drew his fist back and
again struck Miranda in the side of the head. She seemed to black
out slightly. He drew his hand back again...

Mmph! Nmmph! Nmmp! Phmmp! Adam tried to call out. The flow of
tears streaming from his eyes picked up. No amount of ball pain (not
to mention the numerous colorful ways he had used to tell Adam that
his nuts were not going to survive the night) had elicited such a
strong reaction from Adam as seeing his 'little slut' get beaten.

You want me to stop?

Adam shook his head 'yes' violently and closed his eyes.

Dennis stepped away from a now dazed Miranda, past Adam -- who he
gave a swift stomping kick to the nuts to -- and out of the room.
Dennis was gone for several minutes and Adam could hear that his
apartment was being ransacked. Adam tried to get loose from this
chair but couldn't. Dennis returned holding a plastic bag and a
souvenir baseball bat that had been hanging up in a glass shadow box
in Adam's room.

Adam looked in terror and knew that in mere moments the 1932
autographed maple bat was going to be used for a different kind of

Batter up! Dennis shouted with maniacal glee as the bat sailed
through the air with an audible whoosh.

Adam watched in what seemed to be slow-motion as the bat came
crashing down onto his bloated ball bag. The initial impact was
sickening and Adam felt himself gagging on puke. He quickly
swallowed back down, lest he choke to death, and could feel in
agonizing detail as his nuts flattened. The bat was raised and
slammed down again... and this time the bat sunk into his ball meat
slightly further than before. The bat was raised again.. .slam. The
time between blows just wasn't enough for his battered swollen apples
to recover from and he knew it. With each blow the bat sank further
into the mount of manhood. Adam knew that the delicate -- yet
resilient -- membranes and structures of his testicles weren't going
to be able to resist the inevitable much longer.

His chest heaved and he struggled futilely as the bat came down a
final time. His left nut was at its absolute limit. The bat sank so
far into Adam's sack that the whole thing was compressed to less than
an inch thick. This was it. Dennis knew it. Adam knew it. Adams'
balls had taken so much abuse that they were starting to lose their
ability to stay 'round'.

Dennis locked eyes with Adaan, enjoying the look of absolute fear,
and let the bat sail. Once. Twice... Five times. Dennis tossed the
bat aside and knelt down. Adams nuts, once swollen round orbs, were
considerably flatter looking. An examination with his hands,
squeezing and tugging, however, revealed that the nuts
hadn't 'popped' like he expected. By this point, Dennis thoroughly
expected that the only thing left of Adam's balls by this point would
be a chunky, lumpy mass in his sack (or oozing out of his sack as
Dennis had wanted). But while the core tissues of his balls had
clearly been deformed, they were still solid orbs in his sack. No
way, Dennis thought. No way, he was going to let this little prick
walk way with anything resembling a pair of nuts between his legs.

Oh forget this! Dennis screamed in hysterics pounding his fist
down like a hammer onto Adam's left nut several times. On the last
time Dennis was sure he felt that ball 'give out'. It was definitely
no longer 'firm' like the other. Another five full force pounds
confirmed his theory. Adams huge left nut had finally burst in the
sack. With half of Adam's manhood ruined, Dennis decided to make
quick work of the other half.

Adam had passed out when his left testicle had ruptured, but was
awakened by a hard slap to the face and a whiff of smelling salts
Dennis had fished out of the medicine cabinet.

Oh no you don't! I found your little rooftop entertainment
package. Dennis said to a clearly groggy Adam.

From across the room Miranda shrieked so loudly it was almost
discernable through her gags. Adam looked down in time to see what
she was screaming at. Dennis had found the bag of fireworks that him
and Miranda were going to set off from the roof that night and had
pulled some kind of device out of the bag. Adam couldn't tell what
it was; just that it was somewhat flat, about the size of a deck of
cards and felt fairly dense... He could feel this because -- to his
horror -- his nearly ruined nut sack was resting on top of the
firework; the fuse was the only thing visible poking between his
legs. Dennis had taken care to position Adam's thoroughly battered
cook so that it lay on top of this balls instead of to the side -- he
didn't want Adam's 'little friend' to miss out on the show.

Adam's sack, bloated and swollen and now blue-black rested on top of
the firework, the left side of the sack flattened and mushy, almost
seemed to form around the shape of the firework like putty.

Here we go, asshole! Dennis mocked lighting the fuse. Adam tried
desperately to shake the chair, trying to dislodge the bomb. But his
beaten nuts were now so heavy, so dense, and such utterly dead weight
that they held the bomb tightly in place.

Dennis took a few steps back as he watched the show. He made sure
that he was slightly to the side so that Miranda could have a front
row seat to the gruesome end of Adam's tools. Adam moaned and
pleaded and writhed and his chest heaved but Dennis wasn't going to
save him. The fuse disappeared slowly under Adam's balls... just
seconds to go.

OH SHIT! Adam thought, staring straight down into his lap as the
fuse reached the bomb...


Adam's face was plastered with blood, and bits of ball flesh as the
bomb exploded outward and upward. Adam was in such shock and
disbelief that his face and head were frozen in terror. An oozy
substance, likely what was left of his left testicles was dripping
down his face. This cock head had been thrown upward, landing
briefly on the top of Adam's head before rolling to the floor.
Adams' shirt was covered in the remains of his once proud manhood.
The explosion had liquefied Adam's testicles. His cock was blown
into meaty chunks. Bits of the scrotum flew through the air. In a
colorful explosion of firework sparks, the gooey 'nuts', skin flakes
and chunks of penis exploded all about. Dennis couldn't help but get
rock hard as he felt globs of the gooey substance that was once
Adams' large swinging nuts splatter all over him. Specks even hit
his face. How do ya' like that, Dennis thought, this young kid
thought he was so fucking invincible and superior because of his
hulking statures and powerful manhood -- and now that manhood was
literally dripping off his face. There was nothing resembling the
once beefy balls between Adam's legs....

Dennis ran to the kitchen, not even noticing Adam as he convulsed and
lost consciousness and grabbed a knife. Wielding it, he ran back to
Miranda who was sure her throat would be slit. Instead he cut her
loose and threw the phone at her.

Get him help Dennis instructed as he darted out of the apartment.
He would prefer that Adam survive this ordeal so that he would have
to go through the rest of his life ball and cockless, reliving the
horrible image of watching his manhood explode into gore over and
over. However, if Adam did happen to die... at that point he simply
didn't care. He turned back once more to see a frantic Miranda
applying pressure to stop the bleeding with one hand while holding
the phone with the other, and disappeared down the hall.