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Octopussy (REVISED) - Chapter 6 (Final Chapter...for now...)

It's still early September as I pen this note.

The attached story is the final finished chapter in the Octopussy saga...but it's by no means the end of the story! Lt. Ryan will be facing dozens, if not hundreds, of monstrous feedings in the days and weeks ahead. And each feeding will be more brutal and violent than the one before, for Dr. Schaller's giant octopus will be growing even faster than the evil scientist could have ever hoped. The young Navy Seal's hyper abundant stud sperm contains extraordinary growth compounds that will make the octopus double in size, and then double in size again.

But how many such feedings can young Ryan hope to survive before his mighty bollocks are finally destroyed?!

I would love to hear from all of you, my readers. Please give me some feedback on what you'd like to see happen next to the hunky, handsome, impossibly muscular captive. And should he somehow escape Dr. Schaller's clutches to live and fight another day, or is he fated to be completely emasculated and castrated by the monstrous, mutant octopus?

Also, this is my last scheduled post for the time being. I have additional stories in various states of completion, but nothing that's ready to post on my blog. And since I haven't had the chance to write much of anything so far in 2018, I'm not holding out much hope that I'll be able to have more stories ready for this blog in the near future. So please pardon any extended periods of inactivity here on my blog -- I promise I'm still around, and that I will return! :)



Based on an original story created by inkquill, with artwork by Cervantes



Ryan was breathing heavily, his muscular hips still involuntarily jerking in the unfulfilled throes of denied orgasm. The doctor punched a code into the control panel on the platform, and Ryan could hear a mechanical whirring noise behind him. He had no idea what it could be, until he suddenly felt the cold tip of something metallic and blunt pressing between the spread cheeks of his powerfully muscled ass. The thick metal probe made contact with Ryan’s (until recently) virgin anus before he’d had time to react, and even though he squeezed his heroically muscular ass cheeks tight with all of his ferocious strength, making them bulge and flex in dramatic fashion, he couldn’t prevent the robotic invader from penetrating his muscular defenses.

The young Navy Seal gritted his teeth and struggled mightily against the invasion, but to no avail. The handsome stud flushed with anger and shame, but as had now happened dozens of times before, he couldn’t stop the penetration of his mighty and titanically muscular ass.

The probe continued plowing ahead until it found his bloated and distended prostate gland, engorged with a small (but still enormous) fraction of his too-long-held spunk. The mechanical device then began to expertly massage and knead the swollen gland, grinding it against the very root of his rigid mule dick and increasing the erotic pressure tearing through Ryan’s mighty loins.

Lt. Mitchell let out a deep-throated grunt as the cold machine manipulated the gland that controlled his ejaculations. He looked down in panic to see a large cloudy drop of precum ooze from the tip of his mammoth cock and drip into the tank below. The doctor resumed the rough and insistent massage of Ryan’s huge balls, rolling them in his hands and squeezing them together, gently at first but with gradually increasing force. Another big dollop leaked from the tip of his cock, and this time it was clouded white and full of sperm.

The doctor repeated the sequence again and again, squeezing Ryan’s testicles while the machine pressed down hard on his prostate. Each successive drop carried more and more of Ryan's precious male seed until the thick white drops of sperm started creating a small cloud of splooge in the tank below. Ryan could only watch in horror as the wicked doctor milked him like some kind of captive lab animal.

As each new drop hit the surface of the water, a small white cloud billowed downward into the aquarium. The seed-heavy fluid was heavier than the water around it, so each big drop of spunk slowly sank down toward the bottom of the huge tank. Suddenly, Ryan noticed something beginning to move at the bottom of the tank in response to the growing cloud of his male essence.

Doctor Schaller released Ryan’s aching, throbbing, sperm-choked nuts and stepped back to watch the show. At first the moving object looked like a rough, barnacle-covered stone, but as it lifted off the bottom, the rounded bell-shaped body and long tapering tentacles became apparent. Powerful white suckers soon gripped the glass walls of the tank as it made its way toward the water’s surface. The giant octopus dropped its camouflage as it ascended toward it’s waiting prey.

The beast was truly enormous, a mutant octopus of colossal size with a thick oblong body at least as long as Ryan was tall, and eight massive tentacles. Each of those eight muscular arms had to be nearly a foot in diameter where they sprang forth from the creature’s huge body, tapering over their 20+ foot length to narrow, almost dainty tips. Ryan caught a glimpse of the gaping maw on the underside of the creature’s body, and saw that instead of the beak-like mouth typical of most octopuses, this titanic mutant had a round mouth filled with concentric rings of needle-like teeth that appeared to each be several inches long. The beast rhythmically retracted all of those sharp fangs into the muscular walls of its huge maw and throat, only to once again bare its deadly teeth in a pulsating display of monstrous hunger. The huge sea monster had to be at least four or five times Lt. Mitchell’s own enormous weight, perhaps even approaching a full ton, and represented the most terrifying creature that the young Navy Seal had seen in his entire life.

Ryan began to panic and jerked wildly against his bonds, but his enormously muscular and fantastically powerful form was well and truly secured. There was no way even HIS great strength could hope to break through such mammoth iron chains.

A thick slimy tentacle slowly rose up out of the water between Ryan’s mammoth splayed thighs and gently wrapped itself around the base of his cock. The cold and wet tentacle sent a shiver of terror and revulsion through Ryan’s massive body, but the handsome young man was completely powerless to stop the creature. The octopus tightened its grip and Ryan’s cock began to pump up even larger under the constricting pressure. Veins stood out even more enormously along the colossal shaft and the deep pink head bulged obscenely, gradually growing a darker and darker shade of purple. Ryan had never been so achingly hard in his life, and he wouldn’t have been the slightest bit surprised if the glassy skin covering his rampant cock split wide open.

A second tentacle appeared out of the water and snaked around the incredibly long neck of his hairless scrotum. This tentacle was joined by another, then another, and yet another. Soon his gigantic gonads were bound helpless in a seething mass of powerful sucker-covered arms that were slowly but surely tightening their grip. The overstretched scrotal neck was completely hidden by the writhing octopus arms, making Ryan’s massive, bulging testicles look like disembodied basketball-sized lumps of man meat.

“No! NO!! Get it off of me!! PLEASE!! Oh fuck no! FUCK!! It’s got me by my fucking BALLS!!” Ryan yelled, begging for the very first time in his captivity. He looked back and forth from the doctor in front of him to the monstrous creature between his legs, his beautiful blue eyes wide with terror. Surely this must be some kind of joke, or a nightmare! The cruel doctor wouldn’t just stand there and watch his massive bull balls being eaten alive, would he?!

But Doctor Schaller clearly had every intention of watching. In fact, he was enjoying the experience far more than he would ever admit. Ryan watched in shock as the doctor unzipped his fly and hauled out his own hard cock, and began stroking his large, uncut piece of meat blatantly in front of him. Strangely, the sight only made Ryan’s own titanic cock grow even harder.

Ryan’s muscular hips began to jerk involuntarily. He knew that he was likely within moments of being brutally castrated, but some deep primal urge was flooding into his loins. He was approaching orgasm!

“When you cum, she will suck out your sperm and squeeze your bloated balls until she has every drop out of you. And I mean EVERY drop!” gurgled Doctor Schaller in his own masturbatory frenzy.

The bulging head and first few inches of Ryan’s cock were still protruding from the tangle of tentacles, and a steady stream of thick and gooey precum was being squeezed from it’s tip. Doctor Schaller still thought of this pre-release emission as ‘precum’, even though Ryan’s milky white precum contained ten times more sperm cells per milliliter than even the doctor’s most virile previous test subject. The fact was that this gloopy fluid was still tremendously diluted compared to the sloppy, chunky jizz that Ryan would soon be shooting.

Ryan felt his cock being pulled slowly downwards by the powerful tentacles and the sheer weight of the enormous octopus, which had begun to lift itself out of the water solely by the tentacles wrapped around the young muscle stud’s trapped cock and balls. The handsome young soldier’s estimation of the creature’s weight soared upward as he felt the terrific pull against his straining genitals, for just a mere fraction of the octopus’s body had emerged out of the water, but the weight tearing at Ryan’s loins must already be exceeding his own bulky and enormously muscular 385 pounds! More and more of the creature’s slick, glistening, bloated body slowly heaved upwards out of the water, yet Ryan’s incredibly strong and tough cock and balls continued to somehow support the creature’s tremendous weight.

Doctor Schaller’s estimation of the young man’s extraordinary power and might went up by yet another few notches to new and even more stratospheric levels, and he realized that the muscle giant’s huge genitals must be built of formidable stuff indeed to be able to carry so much weight!

The massive hulk of muscle suspended over the tank was now bellowing in agony, for it felt like his mighty man parts would be torn off of his body at any moment. Nearly half of the creature’s vast bulk was now being carried solely by the young man’s screaming genitals, with more weight being added by the moment. It was becoming quickly apparent that Ryan’s rapidly approaching orgasm might not to arrive in time, as his seed-heavy balls and bloated-beyond-belief cock were about to be cruelly and violently pulled right off of his spectacularly muscular body!

At the last moment, however, the beast’s final two tentacles burst wetly out of the tank and wrapped themselves around the young man’s heroically muscular body, using Ryan’s mighty form to heave itself the rest of the way out of the water. This action took the bulk of the strain off of Ryan’s cock and balls, much to the young man’s great relief…though that relief was sadly short lived.

Lt. Mitchell looked down to see the horrific mouth of the octopus rise up out of the water and open wide, the circular, sphincter-like mouth revealing a smooth inner lining of thick, tough muscles, the deadly fangs retracted back into the creature’s body. The mouth rose even higher out of the water and then began to engulf the tip of the young man’s thunderously jerking cock. The tentacles wrapped so tightly around the young man’s bloated phallus slowly released their strangle hold, and instead joined their two brothers in wrapping themselves around the young man’s monumentally muscular body. Ryan watched helpless as his treasured, mammoth penis was sucked slowly into the creature’s body, inch after huge, thick, hard-as-steel inch disappearing down into the creature’s hot, writhing gullet.

The panicking seaman looked to the doctor again in one last hope of rescue, but the doctor’s fevered gaze was fixed on the massive mollusk slowly swallowing the young man’s colossal cock. The cruel scientist was lost in a frenzy of masturbation, heedless of the wordless begging in Ryan’s deep blue eyes.

When the octopus had swallowed his straining manhood completely, it’s body began to pulse rhythmically, and powerful waves of suction gripped Ryan’s trapped cock. The intensely powerful suction sent an additional rush of blood into Ryan’s already distended and over-bloated cock, and it throbbed hard inside the body of the hungry octopus.

Ryan could feel the rising tension of an approaching orgasm, like a freight train bearing down on his bound and strangled nuts. He tried desperately to hold back, but his traitorous cock began to feed a steady stream of precum juice to the hungry creature, heavy with his seed and growing ever more flush with sperm by the second. The taste of such prime stud cock juice spurred the octopus on and it began sucking wildly on Ryan’s thunderously throbbing organ.

Doctor Schaller looked down at frantically struggling young muscle bull and cruelly taunted him. “Give her what she wants Ryan. She hasn’t eaten for days, and I know how desperately you need to cum!”

“Oh God!!” croaked Ryan. His brain was fighting heroically to save his manhood and keep from cumming, but his body was desperately trying to release the ever-growing load of sperm in his over filled balls... and his body was winning!

“Come on Ryan! Give her your sperm! If you don’t, then she might decide to take your balls instead!” commanded the doctor.

“Oh, God!” gasped Ryan as he felt the pressure of his seed building toward explosive release. “Oh God no! Unh! Unh! UNNNH!! I’m gonna CUM!! Oh fuck! NO!! NNNH!! NNGGH!! GAAAAHH!!!” he screamed as he lost control of his body and felt the involuntary contractions begin.

Doctor Schaller watched with undisguised glee as Ryan’s spectacularly muscular body shuddered and his hips began to jerk spasmodically against his bonds. He recognized the first unstoppable spasms of ejaculation and he knew his octopus was about to feed!

An unbelievably lush pulse of sperm shot down the length of Ryan’s humongous cock and was instantly sucked into the eagerly awaiting gullet of the octopus. The first spurt was quickly followed by another, and another, and another and another and another in a mighty flood of stud seed. The octopus devoured each almighty jet of semen as it continued to pump Ryan’s genitals with a powerful, unrelenting rhythm. And with each ejaculatory spasm, it tightened the tentacles that were wrapped around the young man’s straining and contracting balls, helping to squeeze out more and more of his colossal load.

Ryan’s cock felt like it was going to explode under the extreme suction, and the tightening grip on his balls made it feel like they could burst at any moment, yet these feelings of intense and gut-wrenching pain only seemed to intensify his violent and soul-rending orgasm. The creature squeezed harder and harder at his bulging and distorting bollocks, hungrily swallowing every drop of Ryan’s seed and threatening to pop his massive balls in the process. Ryan’s orgasm raged on and on for many very long minutes, pumping insanely vast, super-human quantities of sperm into the insatiable creature, and STILL Ryan’s orgasm raged onward!

The octopus had gone into a feeding frenzy. It’s tentacles now clamped Ryan’s scrotum in a vise-like grip and it sucked with even greater fury on his spasming cock. Ryan thrashed wildly against his restraints, but the spasms of orgasm remained unabated as an eternity of seconds ticked by. The horrific pressure on his enormous balls was so great that Lt. Mitchell would not have been surprised to see the pulped meat of his massive reproductive organs squeezed from his scrotum and sucked mercilessly from his cock like some sort of macabre toothpaste. But somehow his mighty genitals continued to endure, surviving ferocious abuse that would have instantly nullified any other man, and still continuing to pump out mind-blowing volumes of his outrageously thick and copious baby batter.

Unable to hold back any longer, Doctor Schaller exploded into orgasm in front of his bound and bellowing prisoner. His hand frigged his pole with lightning speed as his own thick nut juice pumped out of his cock into the already cloudy water. The doctor was overwhelmed with lust as he watched the scene playing out before him, his knees almost buckling with the intensity of his release as he watched Ryan’s gargantuan cock and titanic testicles being sucked, squeezed, and possibly devoured by his most prized creation.

Finally, after more than five minutes of continuous, non-stop orgasm, Ryan’s shuddering orgasm began to ratchet downward, his gargantuan pulsations of stud cum starting to diminish in size and power. The size of his gigantic orbs, at least what could be seen of them from between the coiled tentacles of the ravenous beast, had visibly reduced in mass as well, the massively bloated bulge finally beginning to subside to more normal levels as the swollen testes blew their heavy ballast. Still, it took yet another minute or so for the young man’s throbbing bull cock to finally cough up the last reserves of his awesome, utterly colossal load. And even then, the creature continued to squeeze the young man’s gigantic balls for several agonizing minutes more after the last drop was pulled out of Ryan’s cock, taking the still huge but temporarily depleted elephant balls to the very brink of rupturing.

It seemed at any moment that those two massive globes of man meat would burst asunder like two gigantic, juicy grapes, now so crushed and distorted by the squeezing tentacles that they had achieved horribly bent and tortured shapes that surely no man’s balls were meant to endure. Doctor Schaller found that he was powerfully torn — part of him was desperately hoping that Ryan’s magnificent bull balls would once again prove their tremendous might and somehow survive intact, so that he might subject the achingly handsome young muscle soldier to many more feedings and tortures in the future. Yet an equally strong part of the evil and cruel scientist longed to see the young bull’s super human manhood utterly destroyed, mangled, broken, and consumed by his favorite mutant creation. The doctor let these two conflicting urges war inside his own lust-addled mind as he silently watched the final moments of the creature’s feeding.

At what seemed to be the last possible second, the octopus relented in its merciless ball squeezing and began to disentangle itself from Lt. Mitchell’s gorgeously muscular body. It first pulled its muscular maw off of Ryan’s bloated and distended super cock. The titanic shaft and double-fist-sized head were glistening with enormous slugs of milky-white cum and the octopus’ own slick fluids, and the mighty beast of a cock looked even more powerful and fearsome than ever before, the thick and bloated veins snaking up and down its colossal length looking like they could burst through the skin. The creature then began to slowly sink beneath the waves, releasing its hold on the young man’s spectacular body as it went. But several of its tentacles remained firmly wrapped around the narrow neck of Ryan’s much-abused nutsac, and as the other tentacles receded, more and more of the creature’s colossal weight was being borne by the thick and powerful cords connecting those massive bollocks to his chiseled and muscular crotch.

In moments, hundreds of pounds of dead weight were being suspended from Ryan’s screaming balls, with more and more weight being added with each passing second. The muscle-bound Navy Seal threw back his handsome head and began bellowing once again in unimaginable agony. His mighty balls had just endured an epic crushing that would have shattered concrete and cracked granite boulders, only to now face the very real and very imminent threat of being torn right off of his magnificent body. The huge muscle man bucked and writhed harder than ever before in his restraints, desperate to relieve the incredible strain on his gigantic nuts, but he was helpless to do anything to save his precious bull balls.

All Ryan could do was watch in horror and agony as his massive balls were stretched farther and farther from his body. Their normal 5-inch dangle was quickly doubled to more than 10 inches, and steadily kept growing. 11 inches. 12 inches! 13 inches!! Already well beyond any stretching that Doctor Schaller had achieved in the previous six weeks, and continuing to increase with each passing second!! The already narrow neck of the young man’s hairless scrotum grew narrower still, until the unnaturally thick cords and tendons connecting those mighty bollocks to his behemoth body stood out in sharp relief beneath the overstretched skin. The big bull balls themselves were bulging so huge and shiny against the straining nutsac that every tortured vein on the surface of those titanic orbs could be clearly seen through the gossamer-thin skin.

Even as the creature’s great bulk began to sink beneath the water’s surface, however, it didn’t relent on its tugging grip, and continued to pull the huge nuts downward as it swam toward the aquarium’s rocky floor. The insane tension on Ryan’s nuts was making them turn an angry shade of dark red, growing darker by the moment as their stretch exceeded 14 inches, then 15 inches, then an utterly awesome 16 inches, more than THREE TIMES their normal dangle!! The young muscle man’s mighty nutsac was stretching out like some impossibly elastic rubber band, which was threatening to snap at any instant! The soldier’s deep and thunderous bellows of agony were so loud that the doctor had to cover his ears in pain, and he half expected the 6-inch-thick walls of the aquarium itself to shatter under the sonic onslaught.

At an utterly impossible 18 inches, very nearly the same titanic length as his own heroically-oversized bull cock, Ryan’s nuts had turned an ugly dark purple, and his ferociously tough ball cords were stretched well past all conceivable tolerance levels. His gargantuan nuts, now hovering just a few inches above the clear water, were visibly quivering as they fought with their last ounce of strength to remain attached to the young man’s fantastically powerful body. But it was abundantly clear that those mighty cords and tendons were going to fail catastrophically at any moment, rending those beautiful bollocks from the stud’s muscular body and turning him into nothing more than a muscle-bloated eunuch. Lt. Ryan clenched his powerful jaw and squeezed his eyes tight as he endured his final moments as an intact male. 

That’s when the incredible happened. Some survival instinct imbedded deep in Lt. Ryan’s primal brain was triggered as his gigantic bollocks neared the last seconds of their existence, and he hit a spontaneous orgasm for a second time, mere minutes after his first utterly colossal orgasm had finally shuddered to a close. A single, mammoth slug of pure sperm, blindingly white and nearly thick as man’s finger, shot forth from his thunderously pulsating cock with such awesome force that it nearly struck the far wall of the aquarium! Instead, the enormous rope of cum splashed loudly into the clear water, forming big, billowing clouds of clotted spunk that slowly fell toward the tank’s rocky floor. This almighty streamer of cum was immediately followed by half a dozen rapidly diminishing squirts, which added to the milky mess forming in the huge liquid pool. 

Miraculously, Ryan’s mighty sperm factories had already manufactured more of their supremely potent spunk, even though every last sperm contained in their meaty interiors had been literally crushed out of them mere minutes before! This final ejaculation was further proof of the young muscle man’s super human virility, a last, desperate attempt to fertilize something, ANYthing, with his magnificent genetic heritage before his balls passed their breaking point. Doctor Schaller was utterly flabbergasted at the spectacular sight, and felt a momentary pang of sadness that this mighty, muscular hunk’s glorious manhood was about to be so cruelly, brutally, and permanently destroyed.  

Then, with a suddenness that startled both men, the gigantic octopus released the muscle bull’s nearly severed nuts. Ryan’s gargantuan balls immediately hurtled back toward his body like a sling shot, coming within an inch or two from colliding with his sweaty muscular crotch before tumbling back to the bottom of their sac. The huge muscle man had proved his supreme strength and resilience yet again, for his balls had survived the violent stretching intact! The inhumanly brutal stretch to his nuts did appear to have had some possibly permanent effects, however, for his gargantuan gonads were now swinging a good 8 inches down from the base of his still rock-hard cock. Time would tell if Ryan’s huge balls would recover from this stretching and return to their previous dangle of a ‘mere’ 5 inches, or whether this new and even heavier dangle would prove to be permanent. Either way, however, the young man’s mighty balls had once again proved their mettle and survived extreme abuse that would have castrated any other man a thousand times over! 

“Well done!!” exclaimed the excited doctor as the massive octopus sank beneath the water and once again resumed her position at the bottom of the aquarium. “Well done indeed!! I honestly questioned whether even YOUR mighty balls could endure a single feeding from my prized creation, but it seems I have underestimated both your strength and your phenomenal virility! Most impressive!!”

“You have earned yourself a momentary reprieve, Lt. Ryan, as I will now let you rest and recover for a short while. Use the time well, though, for my lovely creature will likely be hungry again within a few hours. And when she is, she will return for another feeding from your huge bull balls! I hope you are able to recharge fast enough to meet her nearly insatiable need for the manly protein contained in those two titanic testicles of yours!”

Lt. Ryan struggled once more against his restraints, his mammoth muscles bulging and flexing most appealingly as he fought futilely against his steel and titanium chains. “You’re a madman, Doctor Schaller!” he bellowed at his cruel, smirking captor. “You’ll never get away with this!”

“Oh, I think I will, my handsome stud! I think I will!”

Regarding his gloriously handsome and muscular captive with an appraising eye, Doctor Schaller then idly stated, “I wonder just how many feedings you’ll be able to survive before your mighty man eggs, the seat and source of your phenomenal masculinity, can endure no more and crack wide open, exploding spectacularly in your huge, heavy sac. I do hope that it’s a long, long time before that happens. With the extraordinary strength and resilience you just demonstrated, I believe you might just last a full week. Who knows? Maybe even longer! I want to see you suffer extremes of pain and agony that are out of reach for merely mortal men, and put your genetically enhanced toughness and durability to the ultimate test.” 

“In the meantime, your heroically potent and overabundant sperm will help my precious creation reach a truly colossal size. And when she does finally drain those huge nuts of yours dry for the last time, shattering those gigantic testicles of yours, she will feast on those two gargantuan spheres of ball meat and grow even BIGGER! She will then be invincible against whatever the combined armies of the world can throw at her!”

“I want to thank you again for your most generous contribution to my breeding program, Lt. Ryan Mitchell! The first of MANY such donations, of that I have no doubt. With the help of your super human virility and genetically-enhanced masculine might, I’ll soon be in a position to realize my dreams of conquering the world!!”

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Octopussy - Holiday Illustration BONUS!!!

This post includes a bit of a Christmas "bonus" for all of you! :)

Cervantes, my artist friend who has produced all of the awesome and erotic artwork that has accompanied this revised and expanded version of Octopussy, created a series of over 20 images that don't entirely fit within the plotline I created...but they're so freakin' HOT that I HAD to include them on this blog!

The scenes depicted below would have occurred sometime during the previous chapter (Chapter 5). Instead of awakening above the giant aquarium in a completely naked state, Lt. Ryan Mitchell discovers that he's naked except for a bright green Speedo made of some sort of super tough and durable material. Cervantes hit on the idea that when Ryan feels threatened or otherwise needs an extra boost of strength and power, his mighty testicles crank into overdrive to start producing even greater levels of testosterone. This massive influx of male hormone makes his gigantic muscles puff and swell with even more energy and power, complete with huge veins popping up all over their vast surfaces as more and more testosterone is pumped into them.

This action also causes Ryan's own behemoth bollocks to swell larger and larger as well as they manufacture truly insane amounts of testosterone. Dr. Schaller has become very familiar with Ryan's bull balls and their propensity to swell and bloat under pressure and duress, which is why he has fit the handsome young Navy Seal with the extremely tough and durable undergarment.

As Lt. Mitchell's bloated balls swell larger and larger, they are trapped inside of the tight Speedo, which expands and stretches only grudgingly. The diminishing space within the Speedo starts to crush Ryan's trapped man sausage, for it is sandwiched between the swelling boulders of his own huge testicles. And as the Speedo is stretched farther and farther from Ryan's groin, his titanic bollocks start to bulge out the gaps formed in the underwear, with more and more bloated testicular mass bulging out to either side of the tortured fabric.

Soon, Ryan's balls bloat so fantastically huge that the seams of the ultra strong garment start to cut deeply into his testicular flesh, threatening to bisect the beleaguered balls right there in his expanding scrotum. Dr. Schaller is so mesmerized by the sight that he does nothing at first to help the writhing young man, for he is utterly enthralled at watching the hyper virile muscle man strangle his own genitals with the sheer force of his own oversized manhood. But at the last minute, the evil scientist starts cutting away at the offending undergarment, releasing Ryan's tortured man parts before they burst under their own vast internal pressures.

These are the last images that Cervantes has completed to date, so we don't quite yet get to see the masculine masterpiece that is Ryan's mutant bull cock...but the final images tease us with some SERIOUS freaking size! :)


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Octopussy (RESIVED) - Chapter 5

Based on an original story created by inkquill, with artwork by Cervantes



In preparation for the start of Doctor Schaller’s latest experiments, his handsome and hunky captive had to be transported to another chamber in the fortress. The doctor injected young Ryan once again with massive doses of extra strength horse tranquilizer, and to his astonishment he needed to use nearly twice as much of the serum as before to render the huge naval bull into an unconscious and helpless state. Amazingly, the herculean hunk had developed a resistance to the serum from his previous injections. Even more amazingly, the giant muscle man shook off the effects of the double dose in half the time! Fortunately for the doctor, however, that was sufficient time to transfer Lt. Ryan to his new chamber and securely shackle him in his latest restraints. 

When Ryan once again awoke from his groggy, tranquilizer-induced state, he found himself in another oversized concrete chamber, this one even bigger than his previous dungeon room. He was suspended face down several feet about the water surface of an absolutely enormous aquarium tank. Thick steel manacles were secured around his wrists and ankles, and were connected to multiple heavy steel chains, each with links several inches thick, similar to those used for ship anchors. These chains were attached to hooks in the ceiling more than 30 feet overhead, as well as to the walls of the room. The young man’s hugely muscular limbs were splayed out in a spread eagle fashion, and so tightly secured that he was rendered almost completely immobile. Ryan could immediately tell that even his super human strength would be no match against such ultra heavy restraints. The only thing he could move was his stunningly handsome head, which he did in order to explore and evaluate his surroundings.

The large chamber was brightly lit from numerous light fixtures on the walls and ceiling, and clearly showed the room to be some sort of high tech research laboratory. There were many metal work surfaces covered with all kinds of unusual testing equipment, multiple computer terminals, and other large and sophisticated equipment and machines that he could not immediately identify. He also saw cages with rats, rabbits, monkeys, and reptiles along one long wall, and much smaller aquariums stacked in rows along another two walls. The remaining wall had a bank of large windows along the upper portion of the wall, showing a nondescript corridor beyond. A single steel door appeared midway down this bank of windows, and a set of steel stairs led down from the door into the laboratory proper.

As Lt. Ryan shook off the after effects of the heavy tranquilizer, he immediately realized that he was in the heart of the Agency’s secret testing laboratory…and that he was in very serious trouble.

The memories of his mission, his capture at the hands of the evil Doctor Schaller, and the subsequent weeks of medical experiments and brutal tortures all flooded back to him in an instant, and Lt. Mitchell knew that he had to escape as soon as possible if he had any hope of leaving this island fortress alive.

Lt. Ryan Mitchell also burned with the knowledge that he had been betrayed by someone high up within the U.S. military, but he had no idea who the mole could be. He was determined to find out who the traitor was and put a stop to his plans.

But first, he had to figure out a way to get out of his current predicament.

As Ryan’s head further cleared, he looked down and saw that he was still completely naked, his phenomenally muscular body displayed in full view under the harsh laboratory lights. His massive, 13-inch flaccid cock hung heavily from his groin, pointing straight down to the crystal clear water of the huge aquarium. His equally massive and extremely low hanging balls also dangled freely beneath him, their great pendulous weight pulling heavily at his crotch, leaving them completely exposed and vulnerable. His impossibly huge, fist-size orbs hung so low that they actually dangled even farther down than the bulbous tip of his own humongous penis, and were therefore hanging perhaps only 2 ½ or 3 feet above the calm surface of the pool.

The aquarium itself was huge, approximately 40 feet square and about 12 or 16 feet deep, with walls built of a clear material that was at least 6 inches thick. The water inside was crystal clear, and appeared empty except for a few large chunks of rock and coral at the bottom of the pool.

“She’s well camouflaged, isn’t she?”

The voice startled Ryan. He looked up to see Doctor Schaller at the top of the stairs along the far wall. The evil doctor locked the door behind him before walking down the stairs. Then the smug and arrogant doctor started to address his massively muscular prisoner.

“Good morning, Lt. Mitchell. I trust that you slept well. I decided to give you a full eight hours to rest, more than ample time for your astoundingly resilient and powerful body to fully recover from all of the tests and torments to which it had been subjected, and to fully ‘recharge’ those mighty sperm tanks of yours. I don’t think I’ll ever stop feeling a sense of amazement when I look at you and consider all of your extraordinary abilities and talents. But it is those magnificent testicles of yours that impress me the most. Their incredible size, density, toughness, and durability are extraordinary, and their vastly exaggerated virility will never cease to amaze me.”

“And you’re certainly going to need every ounce of your fabled virility for what I have in store for you today!”

“I’ve decided to incorporate you into my own humble experiments, Lt. Mitchell. I have named my little experiment ‘Project Eve’. Do you like the title?” Doctor Schaller asked in a mocking, self-assured tone, chuckling softly. “It seemed an appropriate name, considering that I am marrying my project with ‘Project Adam’, the experiment that gave rise to such a masterpiece of manhood like you!”

“What diabolical games are you playing at, Doctor Schaller?” Ryan replied in his deep baritone voice, the brave soldier not betraying an ounce of fear. “The U.S. military is now aware of the location of this secret base, and it’s only a matter of time before they send a large force here to take over this facility and shut you down!”

“Tsk, tsk, my dear Ryan! We’ve been aware for some time that our hidden research facility had been discovered by your government. In fact, I was the one who informed your government of this location. How else could I get them to send in one of their finest, one of their fabled ‘super soldiers’, to my lair? But as you’ve no doubt figured out, the Agency has friends in high places, and I can assure you that no invasion forces and no rescue missions will be heading this way any time soon.”

“You’re a madman, Schaller!”

“You’re confusing madness with drive, focus, ambition, and of course, genius. A common mistake among the small minded. I expected more from you, Ryan,” Dr. Schaller said with a mocking smile.

The doctor continued his walk around the huge tank, addressing Ryan all the while.

“My recent experiments have been tremendously successful. Like your government, I am performing genetic experiments in an effort to create super soldiers of my own. But unlike your military, I am not using humans as my base subjects. I have instead turned to the creatures of the world’s oceans, and have been working on ways to transform and mutate them into ever larger and more powerful forms.”

“My latest tests have been with the octopus, one of the most intelligent and enigmatic of the sea’s creatures, and I believe that I am close to perfecting my mutant strain.”

“The only problem I have had is that I have been trouble finding, how shall I say... ‘test subjects’ for my experiments, as my lovely, eight-armed beauties tend to burn through them too quickly. But I see that you might be a suitable…donor.” The doctor stressed that final word as his eyes flashed down to the enormous limp cock and fantastically oversized bollocks hanging so heavily and tantalizingly from the young man’s chiseled and muscular groin.

“What do you mean, ‘donor’?” demanded Ryan, his handsome brow furrowing with both anger and growing concern.

“Well, I was searching for the optimal source of sustenance and hormones to help my genetically modified octopuses grow ever larger and stronger, and I found the perfect food quite by accident. As one of my research assistants was tending to one of the larger aquariums, he slipped and fell into the water. The octopus occupying that tank came out to investigate the intruder. She quickly immobilized him with her powerful limbs, stripped him of his clothing, and explored his firm young body. She kept his head above water, allowing him to continue breathing - and cry out for help - while she continued her explorations. Very clever of her to realize that her prey needed air to breathe, don’t you think?”

“Her probing tentacles ended up arousing the poor young man, quite against his will, I must say, and the female began to explore the warm, hard spear of meat protruding from his groin. After a few minutes of exuberant and thorough exploration, she drove the young man over the edge, and he released a powerful orgasm into the water.”

“The feeding frenzy that followed was spectacular, though it had unfortunate consequences for my poor assistant. He survived the attack and subsequent blood loss, but his entire set of genitals - cock and balls both - had first been utterly crushed and then torn free from his body.”

“The rich infusion of sperm and pulverized testicular matter caused the female octopus to experience a spectacular growth spurt. It really should have dawned on me sooner, actually -- an octopus is almost pure protein, so the more protein you feed her, the faster she will grow. And what is a more ideal source of protein than sperm!”

“Interestingly, I quickly discovered that there are some hormones unique to human sperm that help increase the growth rate in my genetically-enhanced octopuses faster than any other source. I tried all sorts of males from a wide variety of species, from lowly mice and lizards to bulls, gorillas, elephants, and even whales, but nothing came close to the growth-enhancing properties of human sperm. So I started milking my staff -- guards, research scientists, technicians, and even yours truly -- collecting as much sperm as I could to feed to my hungry charges, but I simply could not collect cum fast enough to keep up with their voracious appetites.”

Ryan didn’t want to know where this conversation was going to go next, but the doctor continued to explain anyway.

“Our armed forces started bringing various prisoners to the island – resistance fighters, spies, double agents, marines, men captured from all over the world – and we set up milking stations, very much like the one you are in now…though admittedly not quite so sturdy and reinforced as your restraints. With a male as mighty as you, we can’t be too careful, after all…”

Doctor Schaller chuckled at his own feeble attempt at humor, and then continued.

“To speed the process, I suspended the unwilling test subjects directly over the aquariums, and attached a milking devise to their cocks to make them grow hard and spew their loads of precious sperm into the water below. This worked well for a while, but as the mutated octopuses continued to grow, they required greater and greater quantities of male effluvium, and we once more began searching for a way to keep up with demand.”

“Then one day, while my newest research assistant was trying to encourage one of his bound test subjects to ‘donate’ to our program, the octopus took matters into her own hands. And she has so many hands! She reached up out of the water, engulfed the entirety of the chained man’s genitals, and began to apply suction and pressure to her captured goodies. She turned out to be particularly skilled at extracting her favorite food. Unfortunately for the subject, she got a little over enthusiastic and she eventually took all he had to give… and I do mean all!”

Ryan felt his huge, meaty balls clench and tighten up beneath him as he imagined the horror of what the doctor had described, but for some reason his long, flaccid cock started to grow, puffing out thicker and thicker as it lengthened and slowly started to crank its way upward. Ryan was aghast at his body’s macabre reaction to the doctor’s story, and deeply embarrassed to be throwing wood once again in front of his sworn enemy.

The growing boner was not lost on the doctor either, who smiled with satisfaction at the sight, even as his eyes began to widen in wonder at the sheer dimensions of the swelling horse cock. In some giddy, lust-filled corner of his mind, Doctor Schaller knew that he would never tire of watching this gigantic masterpiece of masculinity swell to its full, awe-inspiring size.

“Do not be ashamed, Lieutenant Ryan. Your reaction is not all that uncommon, and I am continually amazed at the number of test subjects who get an erection when I tell them of the feeding habits of my precious creations.”

Ryan turned all of his formidable will toward making his massive erection subside, but instead it continued to grow and grow. Soon, it was standing at full mast, jutting from between his thickly muscled thighs like a massive iron beam of flesh. Even among the other eleven men of Project Adam, Ryan was considered particularly blessed in the cock and balls department, and one of his nicknames among the other men was ‘Bull’ for his bull-sized set of cock and balls.

The young seaman’s cock was an unbelievably colossal slab of dense and extraordinarily solid man flesh, measuring a full 18 ½ monstrous inches from its wide base to its bulbous tip, and at least 12 inches in circumference at its narrowest point. Ryan possessed what had to be the largest cock in the world, and very likely the largest cock in the history of mankind.

This monument to masculinity now protruded proudly and defiantly from Ryan’s hairy and muscular groin. The enormous shaft was parallel to the water, hanging just a few inches below his deeply corrugated abdominal muscles, and Doctor Schaller was once again stunned to see that the end of the gigantic schlong was tapping the deep cleft between the young muscle man’s huge and majestically beefy pecs. Ryan’s massive cock exuded pure power and intense masculinity, a true monument to manhood and a fitting phallus for so handsome and heroically muscular a man.

With his rampant and fully engorged elephantine cock lifted out of the way, the doctor’s view of the young stud’s enormous balls was now unobscured. The stunningly handsome seaman’s gonads were truly massive, unlike anything that the doctor had seen before on man or beast. They hung in an extraordinarily loose and baggy scrotum that had once been liberally covered in coarse, dark brown hair, but which had been continuously shaved baby smooth by the doctor over the past six week’s of the young man’s captivity. The natural dangle to those massive balls was stupendous, and was a testament to the enormous weight of those mighty nuts, for they stretched the young man’s sac down at least 5 inches, maybe even more, from his crotch. The sight was at once intensely powerful and erotic, and also utterly vulnerable, for it isolated the young man’s all-important reproductive organs from the rest of his phenomenally muscular and powerful body.

The huge, dangling goolies reminded Doctor Schaller of a pair of succulent fruit ripe for the plucking. But he had a hard time imagining fruit large enough to compare to these monstrously oversized testicles. Even the largest of apples and oranges were far too small, and grapefruit as well. He finally decided that those two massive orbs were closest to large, hairy coconuts or even ripe breadfruit in sheer size and oblong, ovoid shapes. He now knew that those massive sperm tanks had a vast store of precious male nectar, even more than their monstrous size would indicate, enough to make even his largest mutant creations grow far bigger and stronger.

The doctor paused in his story for several long moments, drinking in the intoxicating and almost overwhelming sight of his extraordinarily handsome and spectacularly muscular prisoner, who sported the most grossly oversized set of male genitals the world had ever seen. The doctor’s body felt electrified with excitement for the experiment to begin. But first, he wanted to finish telling his story.

“After our ‘mishap’ with that test subject, we discovered that the octopus’ growth rate had doubled with the consumption of the man’s testicles compared to feeding them using human sperm alone, and we knew that we had found another breakthrough. We began strapping all of our test subjects directly over the water, and letting the octopuses feed on their own.”

“Most of the test subjects suffered complete and agonizing castration upon the first feeding. A few men, however – those with uncommonly powerful virility and large, sturdy balls – were able to endure more than one feeding. The octopuses in these cases were sufficiently sated from the man’s unusually voluminous store of sperm that they didn’t crush his nuts into oblivion, at least not right away. One young man, a particularly huge-balled and muscular young marine, survived three such feedings. His huge, lemon-sized bull balls were severely bruised and damaged due to the violence of these three feedings, however, and so they didn’t last long in the fourth and final feeding, rupturing spectacularly in the octopus’ tentacled grip. Such a shame, too, as he was a particularly handsome and well-formed young man…,” the Doctor said, the wicked gleam in his eyes belying the mocking sympathy in his cruel voice.

Ryan’s huge, baggy scrotum went into a shuddering spasm at the thought of having his massive balls savagely crushed and eaten alive by a mutant octopus, but the idea also stirred some deep unknown urge in his cock, and his massive penis flexed powerfully and swelled larger still, becoming almost painfully hard.

“Of course, these feedings of rich sperm and meaty testicles have caused all of my beauties to grow to great size, and now no single man could possibly hope to slake their ravenous thirst for sperm without losing his balls.”

“Except, perhaps, for you.”

The doctor chuckled again at the look of growing horror and disgust on Lt. Ryan Mitchell’s handsome face. He also noticed that a large, clear drop of sticky precum had formed at the tip of Ryan’s swollen truncheon of a cock, and was even now dangling by a slender rope over the clear water.

“Ah, good,” Doctor Schaller said. “It always takes a few drops of sperm to whet her appetite, and that should be no problem in your case,” he remarked in a knowing tone, having by now witnessed countless titanic seminal emissions from this captive muscle bull.

“You monster! You won’t get away with this!” shouted the huge Navy Seal, though it was unclear who it was he was trying to convince more, the doctor or himself.

“Oh, we’ll see about that…,” Doctor Schaller replied with an air of arrogant certainty, another smug smile spreading across his cruel face.

With that, the doctor pressed a remote control device, and a set of metal stairs topped by a long platform wheeled itself robotically up against the side of the tank, with the platform extending to within a foot or so of Ryan’s muscular left hip. The doctor mounted the stairs and walked out onto the platform, finally kneeling at the end of the metal catwalk and taking a few moments to drink in the erotic sights and scents of his gorgeous stud of a prisoner up close.

“My, you really are spectacular, Ryan! Yes, I certainly hope you can endure a feeding from my most prized pet, as I would hate to see such muscular, masculine perfection destroyed too soon.”

Ryan’s monumentally muscular body jerked in his restraints as he felt the doctor’s hand grasp his pulsing cock shaft. The man’s fingers were barely able to wrap halfway around the thick girth of that mighty cock, but the doctor focused his attentions on the intensely sensitive few inches of skin below the base of swollen glans, working and stroking that magical patch of skin to further inflame Ryan’s arousal.

The mighty soldier struggled to maintain control, his great muscles bulging and flexing to even more unbelievably gargantuan dimensions as he tried to twist and writhe his way out of the doctor’s grip. But the doctor had a firm hold on the young stud’s throbbing cock and had had months to perfect his technique of ‘priming the pump’ on his test subjects. He knew precisely how to encourage men to be very generous when ‘donating’ to his program.

The doctor’s free hand slipped between Ryan’s thighs and his fingers encircled the narrow neck of the young man’s long, hairless scrotum. He literally had the handsome young prisoner by his gigantic balls, and he began to work the huge nuts with his second hand, massaging and squeezing the big orbs to encourage even greater sperm production. Ryan’s mammoth nuts were far too big for the doctor to grip at the same time, as even one massive orb filled his hand well beyond overflowing, so he switched his attentions back and forth between the two mighty lumps of man meat, working to churn all of the young man’s potent seed into nut butter.

Prior to his capture, Ryan had never had his balls squeezed, nor had he ever felt someone masturbate his cock, and the feelings were extraordinarily intense. In fact, other than the purely professional fondling his genitals had received now and again from the military’s team of scientists and researchers, Ryan’s junk had NEVER been touched before he’d fallen into Doctor Schaller’s clutches. He would have been deeply embarrassed to admit it, but the humongously muscular and spectacularly handsome young man had been very much a virgin before just a few weeks ago! His whole body therefore shuddered in pleasurable reaction to the doctor’s pumping fist, and the flow of precum from his cock increased tenfold, soon becoming a steady river of clear, glistening splooge that poured out of his cock in a virtually unbroken line to the vast pool below.

Doctor Schaller was an expert at manipulating a man’s balls. He drew down firmly on the velvety sack until the skin pulled tight over Ryan’s huge captive bollocks, pulling them down another inch or two in their enormous ballbag until they positively bulged, huge and shiny, like they were about to burst forth from their sac. Then he began to stroke the magnificent cock shaft with a feather light touch.

The unfamiliar sensation soon had Ryan hurtling toward orgasm, completely against his will. The doctor maintained control by tightening his grip on Ryan’s balls, and whenever the huge muscle stud came too close to an orgasm, he would grip those massive gonads tightly and stop the young man right at the brink. He brought Ryan to the threshold of ecstasy more than a dozen times, and each time as the enormously muscular bull stud was about to explode in epic release, the doctor would cruelly squeeze and maul his huge balls into submission, until the thunderhead of his orgasm subsided once again.

Lieutenant Ryan Mitchell, a hugely muscular super soldier with the combined strength and power of more than 100 men, was soon left groaning and moaning pitifully at the frustration, lust, and mounting agony in his bloated and overfilled bull testicles. What’s more, his already mammoth bollocks began to bloat in size under the doctor’s expert ministrations, stimulated to produce even more of the thick man cream that was already blocking up all of the tubules and conduits inside the young man’s grossly oversized reproductive organs. The effect of all of this excess sperm production was to make Ryan’s balls swell to even greater dimensions, literally bloating with the effort to contain such a vast quantity of alpha stud seed.

Doctor Schaller had learned from his weeks of experimenting on the young super soldier that his magnificent balls were capable of swelling to more than twice their normal size under such stimulation, but that any stimulation beyond that posed a very real risk for the young bull. Even Lt. Mitchell’s mighty man orbs had a limit on how huge they could swell without risking a catastrophic and nut-wrecking rupture. So though the doctor was powerfully motivated to see if he could use the young muscle man’s own super human virility to obliterate his testicles, the cruel scientist held back that destructive urge, at least for now.

After nearly an hour of this exquisite torture and continuous edging, the doctor finally released Ryan’s quivering cock and throbbing balls. Ryan’s aching bollocks had swollen to one and a half times their normal size, painfully bloated with unspent stud jizz but in no imminent danger of bursting under their own heightened internal pressures. Doctor Schaller then addressed his captive Navy Seal and said, “Good, that should have ‘loaded your bases’, as they say! Now let’s start the ball game!”