Sunday, March 30, 2014

BustNut Studios Part 3 - Buck's Big Snake - Jayse Version

And now hot off the presses (as in just finished a few minutes ago) is my rewrite of the third and final installment in the erotic and brutal BustNut Studios series. It was challenging to find a way to allow the biggest stud of the story, the muscular and ruggedly handsome cow poke Buck, to survive intact, but in order to do so I allowed two other supporting characters to lose their genitals in a painful and devastating fashion. I hope you enjoy the story! :)

BustNut Studios Part 3 — Buck’s Big Snake

Based on an original story by BustNut

When Will decides to get away from it all, and in the process a few studly guys end up almost losing it all. 


Will needed a break in a big, big way. BustNut studios was facing a mountain of litigation, scandal, medical bills, and talent abandonment in the wake of the recent horrific accidents. In the last month alone, two of his male leads had been savagely mauled and very nearly de-balled, with Will unfortunately implicated in both events. 

Sitting in his marble office and nursing yet another migraine, Will decided that the stress he faced warranted some time off. Digging under the dozens of papers on his desk, Will found his phone and dialed a number. Within a few seconds, someone picked up on the other end. 

“Hey, Luke? Yeah, yeah it’s Cousin Will. Hey, look, I was wondering if I could come down to the ranch for a bit. I need to cool off from work for a few days…”

Luke Duggan was Will’s younger cousin. Luke lived in the Nevada desert about two hours northeast of Las Vegas, where he operated a working cattle ranch — the Big Snake Ranch. Several years earlier, Will had helped Luke crawl out from certain bankruptcy by donating some slush money from the BustNut coffers into his troubled cousin’s deflated bank account. What Will hadn’t known then — and still didn’t know now — was that these slush funds had been used not only to help the Big Snake Ranch escape foreclosure, but also provided an initial investment in some less than legal gambling opportunities that had helped offset the annual losses the ranch had incurred each year, and which now helped the ranch turn a tidy profit. 

Of course, none of this would have mattered to Will at the moment, as his only desire was to leave the San Fernando Valley, get a breath of fresh air, and cleanse his mind of the nightmare of events that had taken place at BustNut Studios. 

“Well if it isn’t my cousin Will!” Luke enthusiastically greeted his older cousin with a big grin as Will parked his black Escalade next to the main lodge. “I see you’re still driving in style! The ‘adult entertainment’ business sure is treating you well! Who knew there was so much money in cock and pussy?” Luke laughed. 

Will tried to force a smile in return, but the reminder about his failing business and recent woes only caused his headache to throb even harder. 

Like his cousin, Luke had inherited some very high quality genes from the Duggan family. The strapping young man was tall, very well built, and extremely handsome, with the same dark hair and chiseled Irish-Italian features that Will shared. The 28-year-old ranch owner turned heads wherever he went, and his easy smile and friendly demeanor charmed nearly everyone he met. The young stud would have had an excellent career in the porn industry, or even just in male modeling, but Luke had chosen the country life over fame and fortune, and had never regretted the choice. 

“How’re ya doin’ Will?” Luke asked, coming up beside the black-suited studio executive and tossing one well-muscled arm over his cousin’s shoulder. Not for the first time, Will was amazed that Luke had somehow managed to pick up a Texan southern drawl, but he had to admit that it worked on his handsome young cousin. 

“Pretty lousy, Luke, I can tell ya that much,” Will replied, taking off his designer sunglasses and crossing his big arms over his muscular chest. 

“Ahh, nothin’ that a little fresh air can’t fix, I’m sure,” Luke good-naturedly replied. “Let’s get your stuff and set you up in the bunkhouse.” 

“You sure you don’t mind keeping me around for a few days?” 

“You kidding!?! Nahh, not at all, man! I owe you big time for bailing me out a few years ago. Besides, we’re family, so we gotta stick together, right? Let’s just get you set up.” Luke began to unload suitcases from the back of the SUV, his muscular arms and shoulders looking even bigger than Will had last remembered. 

The two cousins made their way through the big lodge and down a dusty path out back to where the main bunkhouse was located. Will hadn’t been out to visit his cousin in over a year, and he paused to admire the vast scenery in front of him — off in the distance rose a chain of great red, russet, and gold mountains, and the light of the lowering afternoon sun cast long shadows from the fences and scattered cacti, lending everything a magical glow. He could hear the sounds of cattle ambling through the tall grass, and felt the warm wind that came down through the field. Will felt like he was walking into an old-fashioned cowboy ranch, and he could almost understand why Luke had given up the city life for such a beautiful panorama. 

“So how’s the ranch life treating you, Luke? It’s been a while since I last talked to you,” Will asked. 

“Good, good. The herd is doing really well, especially now that we’re raising them without antibiotics and other chemicals. The other ranchers around here thought I was crazy and were sure my herd would suffer, but instead they seem stronger than ever. And since I can now rightfully market them as 100% organic beef, I’m getting top dollar for each head. I tell ya, without that investment that you made into my ranch, I never could have switched over to organic cattle ranching! So profits are up, the cattle are healthy, and I’m rolling in it, all thanks to you cousin!” Luke proudly proclaimed. 

“But I gotta say, it’s been hard to find good help lately. Some of the ranch hands have been giving me trouble lately, especially Frank and Buck, two of the new guys I just hired this season. The fuckin’ bastards hate each other and can’t keep their issues to themselves! I haven’t fired them, though, as they’re both strong workers. Buck in particular; man, wait until you see him! That dude is strong as an ox! Does the work of ten men! But I just wish they could deal with their shit and not get into scrapes all the damn time.”  

“Sorry to hear about your personnel issues, but I’m glad to hear that the ranch is doing so well. Looks like you managed to crawl out of that bankruptcy hole,” Will replied, trying with only some success to keep the jealousy out of his voice. 

“Yup, thanks to you!” Luke said, happily oblivious to his cousin’s negative mood. “I’m not out of it all the way, though. I’ve had to support the ranch with some, ah, supplemental income,” Luke said a little evasively. Will was about to respond when a commotion in front of them drew their attention to the long wooden bunkhouse. 

“GIT YER FUCKIN’ HANDS OFFA ME!!” came a great booming yell from the rough-timbered building. Luke just shook his head and sighed. 

“Sounds like trouble between Frank and Buck again. Jesus, those two guys are gonna kill each other!” Luke said, sounding like he’d almost prefer it if one of the guys would finish off the other. 

“Yo, Luke, that bunkhouse — it looks a little rickety to me.” Will said, noticing that the obviously old and somewhat dilapidated building was canting over ever so slightly at one end, and looked to be in need of more than just a good paint job. 

“Ugh, I know! The building is close to 100 years old, and it shows! I’ve had to do the ranch renovations in stages, and the bunkhouse is the final stage. We’ll be fixing it up next year — new foundation, insulation, plumbing for a full bathroom, roofing, windows, the works. But for now, just think of it as being ‘rustic,’” Luke grinned. “I’ve got some guests leaving the lodge tomorrow, so you can stay there after tonight. But for the time being, you’ll be sharing the bunkhouse with Frank and Buck.”

“You put the two guys who hate each other in the same bunkhouse?!” Will asked incredulously. 

“Well, my foreman and I figured the best way to resolve this ongoing feud between Frank and Buck would be to force ‘em to live with each other. So far, it hasn’t been workin’,” Luke said with chagrin, eyeing the doorway of the bunkhouse with a look of weary resignation on his handsome face. 

Will followed his cousin through the open doorway, and quickly saw that the interior of the bunkhouse wasn’t all that much better than the outside. The building was essentially one big open space that could have easily housed more than a dozen ranch hands, but was now mostly empty of furnishings. Three old and somewhat rusty bunk beds were lined up against one wall of the long building, while the other side was broken up by evenly spaced windows that allowed a lot of natural light into the room. At the far end of the building opposite the doorway was a small common room area. with one corner sectioned off for a bathroom. No sign of Will’s two new roommates was immediately visible. 

Will sighed at the sight of the spartan surroundings, but still felt grateful that his cousin was able to put him up under such short notice. 

As the two cousins entered, Will noticed that the floorboards beneath his feet were cracking with age and abuse, and creaked as he stepped over them. In one corner of the room, he spied a trapdoor in the floor only partly hidden by a pile of blankets. 

“Hey Luke, where does that door go to?” Will asked, pointing to the trapdoor. Before the younger man could respond, though, a loud crash in the bathroom alerted them to the location of the two missing ranch hands. Will followed Luke as he ran to the opposite end of the building, where Luke tore open the door to find the two mostly naked ranch hands in the midst of a fist fight. 

“KNOCK IT OFF YA FUCKS!” Luke yelled, dropping Will’s suitcase and rushing forward to try to separate the two men. Will got his first look at the two ranch hands, and his eyes widened at the sight. 

Two enormous and nearly naked men were locked in a brutal fight, looking like two rutting bulls vying for dominance. Both men were hugely muscular, but at the same time were a study in contrasts. 

One big man had the other pinned up against the wall, slamming the guy’s back and shoulders against the wall with such force that the whole building shook, knocking dust from the rafters and making the floorboards groan with protest. 

From his vantage point, Will could get a good look at the man being banged up against the wall. The guy looked like a lumberjack, tall and hugely muscular, with his barrel chest and thick belly almost completely covered with coarse dark body hair. Will could only assume that the man’s thick legs were equally as hairy, as the man still wore a tight and well-worn set of blue jeans. The big man looked to be in his mid 30’s or so, and was handsome in a very rugged, heavily bearded sort of way. The dark-haired man had deepest brown eyes under heavy dark eyebrows, and a purplish bruise was starting to form around one of those eyes, clear evidence that he’d taken at least one fist to the face. The huge dude was clearly well in excess of 250 pounds, and even though his waist was thick and he was carrying some excess weight, there was no doubt that the man was phenomenally strong. Which made it even more impressive that he was being completely overpowered by the man whose back was to Will. 

Will’s first impression of the other man was simply a solid wall of massive muscle. He’d never seen a man nearly so huge before, and he had attended a LOT of bodybuilding competitions. A gawking Will conservatively estimated the huge man’s weight to be somewhere north of 320 or 330 pounds of enormous, bulging, rock solid beef on a 6-foot 4-inch frame. Shit, the massive dude looked to be at least 50 pounds heavier than the awesome Dick Dunn, one of the biggest and most fantastically built men Will had ever seen! 

The muscle monster was wearing nothing but a jock strap, so the entire back side of the enormous male was on full display, from his ridiculously thick, bull-like neck down to his ginormous calves, and everything in between. The man’s massive and deeply striated ass alone was enough to give Will instant and painful wood, and the light dusting of dark brown hairs in the almost impossibly deep chasm between those two glorious mounds of muscle made Will ache to stick something — tongue, cock, whatever — into the tight hole hidden at the bottom. The man’s skin was perfect and unblemished, and though Will suspected that the man’s skin color was naturally fair, he was deeply tanned from top to bottom, clearly spending a large amount of time outdoors in the nude. 

A stunned and overwhelmed Will could only see the short brown hair on the back of the man’s head, so had no idea of the man’s age or what he looked like. He just prayed that the man was even just half as handsome as he was phenomenally large. 

But when Luke finally intervened between the two huge men and the brown-haired giant turned around, Will realized that his wish had been granted in spades. 

The face that greeted Will was so achingly handsome and overwhelmingly masculine that it made the porn mogul weak in the knees. The guy’s jaw and chin were so pronounced and so powerful that they almost looked like a caricature of masculinity. Heavy brows arched prominently over two deep set, piercing eyes the color of glacier ice, that bright, almost aquamarine blue that seemed to almost glow from within. The man’s features were exaggerated and hyper masculine, but in the most erotic way possible. Nothing about this stud was pretty — he was clearly 100% all man, and the epitome of the all-American cowboy blown up to fantastic proportions. 

The guy was also clearly quite young; Will wouldn’t have pegged him at more than 23 or 24 years old. It was hard to judge the dude’s age, though, as his sheer colossal muscular SIZE made any estimation of age almost moot. 

The man’s spectacular body was even most amazing from the front, with muscles bloated and expanded to dimensions Will hadn’t thought possible. His mammoth pecs alone had to be well over 6 inches thick each, and so huge and broad and heavy that his tiny nipples pointed almost straight down toward the floor. A light dusting of brown fuzz covered those two magnificent plates of muscle, and then continued in a steadily thicker trail down his unbelievably corrugated abdominal muscles to disappear into the most obscenely overpacked jockstrap Will had ever seen. It looked like someone had taken a football, overinflated it to twice its normal size, and then shoved it into the straining pouch. The fabric was stretched so thin that Will could clearly make out the enormous contents within, including the stud’s torpedo of a cock and the two bowling balls that served the guy as testicles. The guy’s fantastically oversized junk looked so heavy as to be painful. 

Will knew that his cock was drooling profusely in his suit slacks, and he realized that his mouth might be drooling as well, but at that moment he just didn’t care. 

“Buck, I need you to take two big steps back, right now!!” Luke shouted, pressing a hand against one of the brown-haired stud’s gargantuan pecs and pushing against the unyielding muscle. Buck looked down at his boss with mild annoyance, then complied by taking two steps back and then crossing his massive arms over his god-like torso. He fixed his icy blue eyes on Frank, the bearded man he’d slammed up against the wall, and sneered at the smaller man. 

“Tell this faggot to get off of me!!” Frank yelled, lurching forward off of the wall and taking an aggressive stance toward Buck. Only Luke’s intervention was keeping the two combatants apart. 

“Not ‘til you say you're sorry, asshole!” Buck replied, clearly not feeling the least bit threatened by Frank’s angry posturing. 

“That’s it you two! Get the FUCK back into the bunk room before I fire both of your fuckin’ asses!” Luke said, placing a hand on the back of Buck’s enormously thick neck and directing him back out into the main room and away from Frank. Will, in the meantime, gathered his fallen suitcase and backed up from the doorway, giving the far larger man the room he needed. Will then unobtrusively retreated to one of the three bunks and began to unpack, surreptitiously keeping his eyes on the drama at the end of the hall, and particularly on the massively muscular and impossibly HUNG cowboy stud. 

The squabbling and name calling continued as the other three men emerged into the main bunk room. Luke now had both men by the back of their neck — which was an almost amusing sight, as even as tall and well-muscled as Luke was, these two men easily overpowered him, particularly the massive Buck — and forced the unruly ranch hands to sit down on adjacent bunks. Frank tentatively rubbed at his bruised face while looking up at his boss, a surly expression twisting his face. Buck glanced over at Will as if noticing him for the first time, catching the well-dressed man stealing yet another glimpse of the dude’s gargantuan muscles, but the young cowboy just as quickly glanced away, clearly finding the man irrelevant to the matter at hand. 

“I don’t know what it’s gonna take to get you two fuck faces to settle down and get the fuck along!” Luke said, exasperation coloring every word. He then gestured in Will’s direction and said, “My cousin Will is here for a visit and will be spending the night tonight in here with both of you. I expect you to show him some respect. I put you both in the same bunk house for a reason, and you’re gonna have to work out your shit with each other if ya wanna keep your job. Will here is gonna report back to me on how you both get along tonight. If it ain't so good a report, then you can both expect to pack your shit tomorrow and get the fuck out! I don’t care how hard to both work — I’ve had it with this bullshit drama, so it ends today!” Luke lectured. 

Frank folded his brawny arms across his hairy chest and looked back at his boss with disdain. “Fine, but if that little queer does anymore of his pretty-boy shit around me, I’m gonna bust his ass real hard,” Frank said. 

Luke just ignored the surly ranch hand’s retort and turned back to his cousin. “Look, I’m gonna go help out in the mess hall. Go ahead and get changed and relax here in the bunk house, and I’ll come back and check on you later,” Luke said. 

“Hey Luke, I don’t mind coming to help you in the mess hall. Or hell, I could just wander around the ranch for a bit,” Will said, feeling a bit uneasy being left in the company of the two feuding ranch hands. 

Luke suddenly looked pensive and checked his watch. “Listen, just do me a favor and stick around here for a bit, okay? I’ve got a bunch of errands to attend to, and I don’t want these two to go at it again. Supper will be ready by 7, so just try keep these two idiots here alive, alright?” Luke said with a quirk of a smile. Will nodded resignedly and  resumed unpacking. Luke turned and walked out of the bunkhouse. 

“So hey, you’re Luke’s brother or somethin’, right?” Frank said, sidling up to Will once his boss had left. 

“His cousin actually. And I don’t mean to be rude, but it was a long drive getting here, I’ve got a pounding headache, and I’d just like to be alone for a little while, okay?” Will replied. He didn’t want to be rude to the huge guy, but he really needed some alone time with a bottle of whiskey. 

Frank didn’t seem to notice Will’s mood at all, saying, “Yeah, right, right, whatever. So listen pal, just be careful around Buck. Smarmy, conceited fuck thinks he’s god’s gift to the fuckin’ planet or somethin’.” 

“Listen, Frank, I really don’t give a shit. Please just leave me alone,” Will said, tossing his armful of clothes down and turning to face Frank, who was now standing in front of him. 

“I’m just sayin’! Just warning ya man!” Frank replied, throwing his hairy hands up as if to deflect a blow. 

“Okay, I get it, thanks! What do you guys exactly DO on this ranch anyway?” 

Frank’s big, hairy chest puffed up as he replied, “Buck here, he’s only good for grunt labor — building fences, clearing boulders, herding cattle, that sort of shit. Me, I’ve got the most important job in this chicken shit joint!” 

“What job would that be?” Will asked, looking dubiously at the big hairy man. Frank didn’t strike Will as being terribly bright, and though the guy was clearly strong and powerfully built, his lousy attitude probably meant he didn’t do well at any jobs that required coordination with other workers. The big, shout, hairy man looked like a lumberjack or maybe a truck driver, but not really a ranch hand. 

Frank grinned proudly from ear to ear and motioned his big, hairy arm toward the trap door in the floor. “I take care of this place,” he said. “Hell, I’M the ‘Big Snake’ of ‘Big Snake Ranch!’”

Buck, who had so far remained silent, decided he couldn’t take anymore of Frank’s posturing and said, “Fucking hardly! If anyone’s the ‘Big Snake’ at this ranch, it’s this bad boy right here!” Buck had stood up to his full 6-foot 4-inch height and now grabbed his colossal crotch basket with one big hand, lewdly groping himself and shaking his massive meat at his furious co-worker. Will’s eyes were glued to the way Buck’s hand made his humongous package bounce and jiggle inside the straining jock pouch, and the awestruck man gave a sincere and quite audible whistle of appreciation. Shit, Will thought, he’d sure love to see how big this guy’s cock was when it got hard! 

“Fuck you, asshole!” Frank yelled in return, then sniggered as he looked down at the guy’s massive package. “Fuck, pretty boy, the only way you’ll get any action with such an oversized tool is if you find a cow that’s feeling sorry for you! Cuz ain’t no way you’re sticking that into any human pussy!” 

From the way Buck ignored the man’s taunts, Will guessed that this was a frequent topic of argument and ridicule between the two muscular men. Instead of reacting to his co-worker’s words, Buck walked over to talk with Will, the floor boards protesting loudly beneath the mighty giant’s big feet. Frank gave the huge man a disgusted look, but backed away from the bigger man as he came up to Will. 

“So, Will, I hear you’ve come all the way from the big city to check out the ranch, yeah?” Buck said in a friendly and conversational tone. Will merely nodded, finding himself unable to speak now that he was standing so close to the ridiculously handsome and titanically muscular stud. A heady fragrance of soap and sexy man musk came off the huge man, acting like an aphrodisiac on Will, and the studio exec’s still rock hard cock gave another violent lurch in his pants. At this rate, Will realized, he might jizz his shorts without even touching either the cowboy or himself! He hadn’t had a completely hand’s free orgasm in years, but he was getting dangerously close to one now. 

Buck squatted down on his haunches next to the porn exec, his heroically overfilled jockstrap pouch swinging beneath his legs and nearly brushing the rough-hewn wooden floor beneath him. The powerfully erotic sight did nothing to help Will’s situation. 

“Oh, uh, yeah. That’s right. I’m from the San Fernando area outside Los Angeles. I run a nice movie-making business out there,” Will finally said, recovering his voice and managing not to stutter too much in his reply. He couldn’t help but stare at all of this masculine beauty sitting there nearly naked before him. He had no idea which way this kid swung sexually or if he could even read a single line of script, but he knew none of that mattered; with such an extraordinary combination of looks, body, and cock, this huge cow-poke could easily become BustNut Studio’s new ‘leading man!’ Will tried hard to contain his excitement — his studio might just be able to recover and rebound after all! 

“Yeah? What kind of movies do you make out there?” Buck said. 

“Well, they’re a special niche of film,” Will replied, not sure how to brooch the subject of adult films. “But I’ve got a few projects that you might be interested in, actually!” 

“Really!?” Buck said, his handsome face lighting up. “I gotta tell ya, Will, I love the ranch, but I’ve always been interested in trying something different. And Luke HAS told me a lot about you,” the huge muscle man said, flashing an almost spurt-inducing smile and winking at the flustered porn mogul. 

Will recovered enough composure to reply, “Well maybe you should head out to San Fernando sometime soon. I’m sure you’d land a big role if you auditioned for me and some of my associates.” Will couldn’t believe his luck! Stumbling upon a perfect replacement for both Richard Dunn and Nate Steele, his two lost leading men, on the first day of his vacation! 

“Well why don’t I give you a demonstration right now?” Buck said with an even bigger smile, clearly enjoying the effect he was having on the well-dressed man. 

“You better watch out, man! That kid has an ego even bigger than his biceps!” Frank sneered from across, but Buck just ignored him as he rummaged through one of his backpacks next to his bunk bed. 

“Buck, look, with my recent bad luck, I think it’s better if you just get dressed and call me once I’m back in the city. Besides, that way we can do proper screen tests and do this the professional way.” Will was starting to feel a little concerned. He had been trying to pass the feeling off as paranoia, but he was starting to wonder if perhaps Mama Yalara’s curse was for real. And if that curse WAS for real, then perhaps it was best if this fantastically gorgeous hunk of a kid didn’t do a posedown in front of him… 

“No way man! I’m not passing up this chance of a lifetime! If this can score me a lifetime of boning hot babes, then I’m all for it!” Buck gleefully replied, finally turning around with a bottle of baby oil in hand. He poured a palmful of the slick fluid into one of his huge meaty hands and began to rub it all over his massive chest and incredibly broad and muscular shoulders. 

“It’s about fuckin’ time I got out of this shithole anyway,” Buck said as he rubbed the oil across his boulder shoulders and down his bulging and lightly hairy pecs. “I’ve done ranch work my whole life,” he continued, spreading more oil over his perfect and deeply etched six pack and letting it drip down to his crotch, “but I always felt that there was a bigger world out there waiting for me.” Buck then bent over at the waist and started rubbing even more baby oil over his enormous, tree trunk thighs. 

“Well there’s nothing wrong with an honest life on a ranch, I suppose,” Will said, becoming even more worried as he saw a mischievous-looking Frank sneak behind Buck and pour a small vial of some clear, viscous fluid into Buck’s water canteen. 

“Alright! Now for the real show!” Buck said as he started to pose his oiled up body. He flexed his huge arms in the most titanic double biceps display Will had ever seen, the mighty peaks of those melon-sized muscles very nearly touching the stud’s clenched fists. 

“Holy SHIT!!” Will gasped involuntarily, mesmerized by the utterly hyper masculine display being paraded in front of him. The handsome stud boy’s gargantuan muscles exploded into dimensions Will hadn’t thought humanly possible. Here was his ultimate muscle fantasy in the flesh, a real life living and breathing Superman! But Will’s fear and anxiety continued to mount, and he struggled to control the quiver in his voice as he said, “Hey Buck, I really don’t thi…” 

“Sure hope my body is big enough and sexy enough to feature in one of your films,” the chiseled cowboy responded, interrupting the gawking man to hit another stunning pose, this time a twisting rear double bicep. Will was stunned into silence as he watched the supremely beefy kid hit pose after fantastic pose. The kid was getting more and more worked up as well, sweat beginning to bead all over his flawless skin, mixing with the baby oil to make him even more slick and shiny. Will was witnessing the most fantastically erotic display of pure male power he had ever seen, and he couldn’t have torn his eyes away if his life had depended upon it. 

Buck finally hit a most muscular pose, his colossal pec muscle bulging so huge and shredded that Will thought for sure they’d bust right out of his skin. Will felt his churning balls contract so hard they actually hurt, sending a single thick jet of cum into his shorts. His whole body convulsed with the power and suddenness of the ejaculation, but somehow he held back from shooting out the rest of his eager load. It was almost as if his body knew that even more spectacular visions were soon to come, and therefore didn’t want to blow his load too soon. 

Buck just gave a cocky grin at the man’s involuntary reaction and said, “Will, if you liked that, then you’re gonna love this!” The huge stud then dug one big thumb into the waistband of his jock strap, winked again at the enraptured man, and tore the straining fabric free with one powerful jerk of his massive arm. The failing fabric gave a loud rending and tearing sound as it finally lost its battle with the man’s massive junk, letting his huge uncut cock flop free over a pair of truly goliath nuts. 

“Whaddya think, Will? Have I got what it takes to make a name for myself in film?” Buck asked, a shit-eating grin on his ridiculously handsome face. He grasped his humungous flaccid cock about two-thirds of the way down the length of the enormous shaft and hauled the huge meat upward, presenting the mighty cock to Will for his inspection. 

Will was utterly flabbergasted. He’d never even HEARD of a man being hung this big, let alone seen such a massive endowment with his own eyes. Buck looked like he blew even the massively-hung Dick and Nate out of the water with the sheer size of his junk. Will guessed Buck’s limp cock to be over a full foot long, longer than Nate’s mighty 13 1/2-inch hard on and already nearly as thick as Dick’s 15-inch monster boner! Will shuddered to think how huge this guy’s cock must be hard! And the balls hanging so huge and full below that mammoth crank were easily just as impressive. Before now, Nate’s grapefruit-sized bull nuts had been the largest Will had ever seen, eclipsing even the pair of softballs hanging in Dick’s enormous sac. But the set of bull nuts on Buck clearly took top prize, looking like a pair of big, furry coconuts hanging heavy and ripe beneath that huge cock. 

As Will watched, Buck began to stroke his huge meat, using the excess sweat and baby oil on his massive pecs to oil up that huge slab of cock flesh. The stud’s mighty cock quickly reacted, swelling and bloating larger and larger still, until soon a titanic column of rock hard beef was protruding proudly from Buck’s hairy loins. This simply HAD to be the largest cock on the planet, perhaps the largest cock in all of human HISTORY, the granddaddy of all penises! The almighty root had to be at least 4 inches across, and got even wider further up the shaft. The gigantic, helmet-shaped head looked to be bigger than Buck’s own massive fist, and was nestled in the lightly-furred chasm between the man’s absolutely enormous pecs. Fuck, if the stud just bent his handsome face forward a few inches, he could kiss his own cock head! Will couldn’t even begin to estimate how extraordinarily long the man’s cock had to be. 

“Whuh…? How…? H-how…?” Will sputtered, unable to form a coherent sentence. 

“How big is it?” a grinning Buck finished for Will, giving a brief chuckle from deep in his massive chest. “You’re looking at 19 full inches of the biggest, baddest cowboy cock to ever hit the West,” the young man boasted, using both hands to slide up and down the slick length of his impossibly thick dong. 

Will was now beyond shock, feeling light headed at the unutterably masculine sight standing proudly before him. Buck had what it took and THEN some! Talk about pure, raw POTENTIAL! If he could sign this stud to his studio, then Will knew he’d not only pay off all his debts and legal bills, he’d be a very, very rich man. 

The muscular ranch hand was now completely into his show, raising one arm and licking his enormous 26-inch bicep while his other hand continued to pump and frig his colossal dick. 

“Yeah, 19 vein-throbbing inches right here, over a foot-and-a-half of man meat for those gorgeous bitches,” Buck said, throwing his head back and gyrating his muscular hips forward into his hand, thrusting the big head of his dong in and out of his slick hand. Will rapidly blinked his eyes and tried to focus. 

Meanwhile, hairy and muscular Frank had gotten up from his bunk and moved in silently behind Buck. He got down on his knees behind the perfectly round and immensely muscular bubble-butt of the muscle stud and reached his hand between Buck’s oiled thighs, his big hands just below the cowboy’s enormous sperm-swollen balls. Suddenly, Buck gave a big thrust and bumped his ass into Frank’s bearded face. For a split second, Frank inhaled the heady musk of the stud’s ass crack, but then quickly remembered his original plan. With ruthless force, and before Buck could react to his hated co-worker being so close, Frank grabbed both of the huge testicles in his hands and squeezed them mercilessly. 

“YEEEAAOOOWW!!! FUCK!!! WHAT THE FUCK!?!” Buck screamed, immediately letting go of his huge sausage and clutching at the bloated cum factories being ruthlessly crushed in Frank’s hands. 

“Ya see, Will?” Frank gloated as Buck clawed uselessly at his groin, trying to release his big hairy balls from the villain’s grip. “This kid is just a fuckin’ poser. So fuckin’ full of himself! Every morning I wake up to this loser standing in the bathroom, checking out his own bod and stroking his meat. And every night, I’ve got to try to fall asleep as he fuckin’ humps his own goddamn mattress for an hour or more! And guess who the fuck has to clean up his huge, stinking splooge puddles after? Yeah, it's fuckin’ ME!!” 

Will continued to sit on his bottom bunk, watching the scene play out before him and too paralyzed to move. He didn’t know what to do. The muscular square-jawed cowboy in front of him was no longer giving a private jack-off show, but was instead writhing in pain from the painful grip that the hairy lumberjack had on his humongous balls. Will decided that it was past time to go and get Luke. 

“Look fellas, I’m just gonna go get your boss…” Will started to say. 

“FUCK YOU, YOU LAZY SHIT!! Every time I come back from a cattle run I see you just sittin’ around and pickin’ your ass and doing jack SHIT! AT LEAST I FUCKIN’ DO SOME FUCKIN’ WORK AROUND HERE!!” Buck bellowed. 

Frank suddenly let go of the stud’s enormous and now angry red balls and backed away. Buck spun around, his huge chest rising and falling dramatically as the furious stud squared off against his hated foe. By this time, Will had reached the front door of the bunkhouse — only to discover it had been locked from the outside! While the men had been distracted, a light late afternoon breeze had gently swung the heavy door shut, and the lock had somehow fallen into place. 

“Guys! GUYS!! We’re locked in!” Will yelled, panic swelling in his voice. The quickly started trying to find another way out, but unfortunately, all the window frames were swollen shut after decades of water damage and neglect, and Will couldn’t open any of them. 

“Tell you what, pencil cock,” Frank taunted, watching his hated muscular foe rub his swollen bollocks. “I’ll make you a bet!” 

“Yeah? And what the fuck would that be?” Buck growled as he circled his nemesis. 

“A no holds barred fight. You versus me. If you win, I’ll fuck off and leave the ranch tonight. If I win…" 

“Not good enough,” Buck sneered. “If I win, I get to fuckin’ beat your weak balls to a pulp before you pack on out of here!”  

“Okay, fair enough,” Frank smirked. “As I was saying — if I win, then I OWN you and I get to fuck that huge pretty boy ass of yours.” Frank lewdly reached one powerful arm in front of his hairy muscle gut and grabbed at his own crotch through his blue jeans. 

“Fuck, I always knew you secretly wanted to fuck this huge stud ass of mine!” Buck said, a look of contempt and disgust on his stunningly handsome face. 

“Nope, I just fuckin’ want to put you in your place and show you who the REAL man is around here! So, you wanna go, or are you too chicken shit?” Frank asked. 

“I’ll fuck your ass raw before I pop those useless nuts of yours, pig!” Buck yelled in reply. 

Frank quickly stripped out of his jeans, revealing a pair of thickly muscled and thickly hairy legs as well as his own rock hard pecker. Frank’s cock was a respectable if not awe-inspiring 8 inches, but it was thick as a beer can. What’s more, it had more than a dozen stud piercings running up the entire underside of the thick cock, as well as a sizable Prince Albert piercing in the swollen tip. A pair of average-sized but extremely hairy balls tightly hugged the base of Frank’s big boner. 

The two nude men began to circle each other in the middle of the bunkhouse. Buck’s huge cock had gone limp after the vicious nut squeezing, and his enormous package flopped wildly about as he sized up his opponent. Buck’s oiled and massively muscular body positively glimmering in the late afternoon sunlight streaming in through the windows, and Will was once again taken away by the man’s extraordinary beauty. 

Frank grabbed the bottle of baby oil and rubbed it over his great muscular bulk. The thick black hair on his pecs, belly, and thighs made it impossible to get the slick sheen that his studly opponent had, but Frank was soon nearly as coated in the slippery fluid as Buck. 

Will pried his eyes away from the combatants and continued to try to find a way out the bunkhouse, but soon discovered that all the windows were swollen shut. What the fuck was going on!? Unable to escape, Will finally just turned around to watch the battle that was about to begin. 

Frank grabbed his own water bottle and began chugging down huge mouthfuls of water. He hoped that this action would prompt Buck to do the same, and wasn’t disappointed. 

“Hey Will, pass me my canteen!” Buck barked. Will, too stunned to refuse, grabbed the man’s canteen and tossed it to the huge the nude muscle man. Buck tossed back his handsome head emptied the water bottle in seconds, chugging its contents and letting some of the liquid spill onto his gloriously muscular body. He then threw away the empty canteen and focused his angry stare at Frank. 

“Let's fuckin’ GO!” he shouted, and faked a left before knocking Frank in the hairy chest with his right fist. The force of that blow would have felled an ox, but Frank somehow took the mighty blow and staggered back. Buck quickly stepped forward and used his superior height to grapple the hairy ranch hand into a headlock. Frank struggled wildly for a few moments before plunging his hands between the colossal thighs of the huge muscle man and grabbing hold of the huge swinging cock below him, viciously squeezing it with both powerful hands. 

“FUUUCKKK!!” Buck bellowed as he released Frank from the hold. Frank spun around to face Buck, letting go of his dick in the process, and backed up out of the bigger man’s reach. 

“FUCK YOU!” Buck spat. 

“This is no holds barred, remember?” Frank smiled, and although he was still woozy from the punch to the chest, he hocked back some spit and spat out a big wad right into the center of Buck’s hard six pack, and watched with glee as the thick saliva slid down the stud’s deep abdominal ridges. 

This display of disrespect made Buck incredibly angry. He suddenly rushed the other man, using all his power to ram a suddenly panicked Frank into a nearby wooden support post. The entire building shook violently as the big hairy man slammed into the obviously fragile support. It became unstable and cracked alarmingly in the middle, threatening to collapse. Buck didn’t even seem to notice; as a dazed Frank slumped against the post, Buck began to punch viciously and repeatedly at Frank’s hairy gut with his fists. Frank’s breath was instantly knocked from his lungs and he was unable to defend himself as a laughing Buck brutally pummeled the dark-haired man. The force of Buck’s blows transferred the bearded man’s battered body and into the steadily failing post behind him, threatening to bring the roof down upon them all! 

After more and a dozen punches to Frank’s battered midsection, Buck stepped back a pace, admiring his handiwork and not wanting to finish off the abusive creep too soon. He backed up to one of the bunks and turned towards Will, raising his humongous arms in a victory pose. 

“Buck, what the fuck man! This is some stupid shit! Stop beating up each other and help me get one of these windows open!” Will yelled, trying to focus the huge stud on more pressing issues and looking worriedly at the dust that was falling from the rafters. The already rickety building seemed like it could collapse at any moment! 

“Not before I finish off this lousy piece of sh—” Buck started to say, but his words were suddenly cut short as Frank reared up behind him, a thick plank of wood in his hands, and struck with brutal force at the back of the muscle hunk’s handsome head. The plank struck with a terrifyingly loud WHACK!!! that sent Buck sprawling forward. The force of the blow should have by all rights caved in the back of the man’s skull, but Buck was even tougher than he looked, catching himself and spinning around to once again face his hated opponent, this time with murder in his eyes. 

“You are fucking DEAD asshole!” Buck shouted, and started to step forward. The huge man stumbled, however, clearly more than a little dazed by the blow to the back of his head. He lifted up one massive hand to rub at his sore skull, and it came back with blood on it. The sight of his own blood filled Buck with even greater fury, and he bull rushed his opponent, swinging one massive fist as he charged at Frank. But Frank merely dodged nimbly to the side, and Buck’s fist missed its mark by a mile. 

“Wha… what the fuck?” Buck slurred, stumbling around the floor and trying to maintain his balance. The blow to the back of the head had dazed him, but what Buck didn’t know was that the liquid Frank had poured into his canteen earlier was a homemade mixture of opiates and Viagra, a heady concoction of Frank’s own design that was powerful enough to tranquilize a bull elephant. The serum was now pumping through Buck’s bloodstream, and the confused muscle man was quickly feeling its effects. His huge flaccid dick began to rise once again, and his sperm-filled testicles began to churn with an aching need. He was hornier than he’d ever felt in his life, only he didn’t know why. 

Buck looked questioningly at Frank, a look of almost comical innocence and confusion on his staggeringly handsome face, but the hairy man just chuckled to himself as he approached the woozy stud. The bearded muscle man gave a lethal kick between the stud’s mammoth thighs, striking his gigantic balls dead center, felling Buck like an oak tree. 

“No holds barred, BUCK!” Frank taunted as the naked muscle hunk struggled to get up onto all fours. Will noticed that Frank was wielding the plant of wood again and wondered where it had come from. He suddenly spied a gap in the floor boards, then his eyes widened even further as he saw a large deep and dark space below the floor. Was the bunkhouse built on top of another underground room? 

“F-fuck you, you fat slob!” Buck slurred as the drugs continued to take their effect. He finally gave up trying to get back on his feet and flopped heavily onto his back, his bulging, oiled muscles now virtually useless due to the effects of the drugs. Will heard a few fresh cracks from the weakened floorboards as the cowboy’s incredibly buffed up body slammed to the ground. 

“Looks like you submit, faggot!” Frank laughed as he kneeled between the spread legs of the fallen muscle stud. He wrapped his big calloused hands around the powerfully throbbing 19 inches of prime stud meat before him and began to vigorously and roughly jerk off the drugged hunk. 

“Fuuuccckkk that feels gooood…” Buck moaned, his gigantic cock aching for release. 

“You like that, pretty boy? Yeah? Well let’s see how you like this!” Frank said, and spread Buck’s huge legs even wider before pushing his knees up to his shoulders, exposing the tough cowboy’s tight virgin hole. Frank swiped one rough hand down the center of Buck’s massive chest and corrugated belly, liberally coating his hand with baby oil, and then lubed up his own hard dick. Sweat gleamed off of the big man’s hairy back as he pressed his thick dick into Buck’s tight pink hole. The young man’s ass was incredibly tight, and the burly ranch hand was having a hard time getting even the head of his cock inside. 

“Fuck, just let me cum!” Buck said, completely drugged and having no idea what was about to happen. 

Frank laughed. He couldn’t wait to have his ultimate domination of this cocky and incredibly hunky stud. If he was being honest with himself, Frank had to admit that he’d been lusting after the huge cow poke ever since he’d arrived at the ranch. He pressed his cock even harder between the cowboy’s rock hard glutes and suddenly plunged his cock through the stud’s puckered hole. The studded piercings along the underside of his shaft acted almost like speed bumps as they sank into Buck’s insides. 

“FUUUUCKK!!! HOOOLY SHIIIITTTTT!!!” Buck bellowed, his icy blue eyes widening in surprise and his sweaty, muscular body flailing wildly. His hard abs tightened up into even deeper relief and his impossibly thick dong and cantaloupe-sized balls bounced up and down. 

Frank was ruthless in his fucking, violently thrusting in and out of the cowboy’s tight ass. “Fuck yeah, pretty boy!! How do you like it now, huh?! You’re gonna take it ALL!!” Frank said, thrusting his big hairy ass in and out as he impaled the once strong and potent muscle boy with his studded cock. He used one hand to stroke the stud’s rampant monster cock and the other to feel the broad muscular pecs of the muscle stud and to roughly play with his big brown nipples, pinching the meaty nubs hard. 

“OH FUUUCK!! YEAH!! FUCK MY ASS!! FUCK MY BIG MUSCLE BOY ASS!!” Buck pleaded, so lost in a drug haze that he no longer seemed to notice or care that it was his greatest enemy plowing his huge muscular butt. Frank continued right on fucking, and took great pleasure as he felt Buck flexing his incredibly hard ass onto Frank’s pierced fuck stick. The smooth studs along Frank’s cock were ravaging the walls of Buck’s shit chute, and the pounding and rubbing of his prostate stimulated his cock to even more gigantic and obscene dimensions. 

“FUUUUUUUUUUUCCKKK!!!” Buck bellowed, throwing his handsome head back and obviously loving every second of his violent rape. Frank just grunted and continued to fuck the daylights out of his impossibly muscular rival. Buck’s giant dong was slapping up and down wildly on his abs and chest, and his huge balls visibly churned with jizz. As Frank pounded on the cowboy’s big ass, he continued to stroke the humongous dick. Buck moaned and started to thrust with the rhythms, his plugged and impaled ass now taking second seat to the pleasure from his enormous fuckmeat. 

Will watched in horror. He never anticipated seeing something like this. What the fuck had he gotten himself into?! While the hairy brute continued to fuck the impossibly hot muscle man, Will searched for a way out of the bunkhouse. Just as he was about to throw a nearby chair through one of the windows, he heard the floorboards give a very loud creak of protest. 

“What was that?!” Will shouted. 

Frank was very close to cumming. He began to thrust deeper and deeper into Buck’s incredibly tight hole. No pussy that he’d ever fucked felt nearly as hot and tight as this stud’s muscular hole, and Frank was getting off on ever second of it. He closed his eyes and groaned as he could feel his balls getting ready to unleash their load into the immensely buff cowboy he was viciously fucking. Buck was almost completely out of it, just focusing on getting off and shooting his huge load. The opium in his system made him weak and dopey, but the Viagra and other stimulants caused him to have a massive erection and put his already hyper sexual nature into overdrive. 

Suddenly, with one great thunderous CRACK!!!!!, the section of floor beneath the two powerfully fucking ranch hands gave way, unable to support the great weight and violent pounding of the two combatants any longer. Both men tumbled down nearly 20 feet into the earth-walled cavern below, landing in soft sand. The two disconnected from each other in their fall, and though winded, Frank was the first to recover. With terror written plain in his dark eyes, the hairy muscle man dashed to the ladder on the far wall and raced up the rungs, throwing open the trapdoor and pressing his back against the bunkhouse wall, panting heavily and in obvious fear. 

Will tore his eyes away from the terrified man to the gorgeous hunk of muscle man still lying there on the sandy cavern floor. Buck was moving weakly, his gigantic muscles still numbed and uncoordinated from the drugs in his system. His cock, on the other hand, was as rock hard and monstrously swollen as ever, and Will doubted it would go down this side of orgasm or death. 

That was when Will heard the sound. Almost like silk gliding against skin, followed by a spine-numbing hiss. It almost sounded like…

“Holy SHIT!!!” Will screamed. “BUCK!!! Get the fuck OUT of there!!!” But the huge man didn’t even seem to hear him, the barely conscious muscle man just lying there on his back with his mighty limbs stretched out wide and his monumental cock throbbing powerfully over his abs and chest. 

“What the FUCK is going on!?!” Will said, directing his anger and terror at the wide-eyed Frank. “How in the name of FUCK are we going to get him out of there?!? And what is that… that… THING in there with him!?!” 

Frank could only look down into the pit in horror. He hadn’t meant for things to come to this. 

“Who the hell ARE you, anyway?!?” Will demanded, scrambling over to the big man and shaking his thick, hairy shoulders. 

The shaking seemed to snap Frank back into the present, and he said, “I... I’m the animal trainer and handler here at the Big Snake Ranch. Your cousin, he makes money on the side through gambling operations. Cockfighting, monkeys with knives, illegal stuff like that involving animals. One of his most popular animals, and the one I’m in charge of, is…” Frank trailed off, and the two looked down into the pit again. Buck was now slowly stroking his massive erection with one hand and pulling at his giant hairy balls with the other, oblivious to the thick black snake that slithered over his sweaty and well-oiled six pack. 

“You mean to tell me that my cousin has SNAKE fights!?!” Will said aghast. 


“Oh shit! And do you realize that we’re locked in here with it?!”  

“We’re not in any danger as long as we’re up here. The sides of the pit are too steep for her to get out, and she can’t climb the ladder. But Buck…” Frank again trailed off, staring in horror at the giant black snake that was slithering across the young man’s enormously muscular body. The creature’s body was almost a foot thick, and though Will couldn’t see the snake’s head or most of her body, he knew that she must be enormous. “She’s undefeated, you know,” he continued. “Ingrid is her name. She’s a South American razor boa, 50 feet of muscle and fangs. And she’s got quite a temper.” 

Buck now pounded at his enormous cock with both hands. His massive forearms pumped up to even greater dimensions as he desperately tried to cum. The same drugs that made him woozy and weak also impeded his ability to orgasm, however, so the huge naked stud was having a hard time finding his nut. His violated ass hole throbbed and burned with a deep, but not entirely bad, ache and only served to increase his arousal. 

He felt something warm, dry, and sinuous moving across his muscular torso, and so Buck groggily opened his crystal blue eyes to see a thick column of glistening, midnight black flesh undulating across his abs and chest. Confused, Buck stopped rubbing his huge schlong and woozily got up to his feet, heaving the heavy creature off of him and stumbling back a couple of paces. From the distance he could hear what sounded like a gate opening. He groggily opened his eyes to see a giant green and yellow figure moving towards him from the opposite side of the cavern. Buck stopped rubbing his big schlong and woozily got up onto his feet. From above he could hear voices calling him, shouting something about a ladder, but his brain was still far too fuzzy to make anything out. 

Ingrid was accustomed to live meals being tossed in her lair — rats, rabbits, other snakes, small pigs, sometimes even a full-sized goat or sheep. But she had never before encountered a meal so huge as the one that now stumbled around her pit. The big snake was curious about this new meal, and gently coiled around the big feet and muscle-swollen calves of her latest repast. She hadn’t been fed in several weeks, which always made her that much more aggressive during her monthly fights, and so the huge snake was both hungry and cranky as she investigated her newest ‘guest.’ 

The horror of the situation was finally start to trickle through Buck’s drug-addled brain, and he looked down in fear and disgust at the huge snake slithering around his legs. He tried to kick off the huge snake, but the South American razor boa would have none of it. She quickly slithered higher up his massively muscled legs and then pulled her coils tight, immobilizing the huge man and keeping him planted upright on the sandy floor with more than a dozen thick, muscular coils. 

Will now had a good look at the creature’s massive head, and he felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise up in primal fear. He’d never seen a snake nearly so huge and frighteningly looking. Her enormous head was more than a foot long from the back of her skull to her snout, and her jaws looked incredibly powerful, like that of a crocodile. Will hated and feared snakes, and Ingrid was the living embodiment of everything he feared. She looked sinister and evil to the terrified man, especially as she began to raise her huge head upward toward Buck’s enormous and completely unprotected balls. 

Ingrid smelled a delicious aroma wafting from the huge globes of meat dangling before her flaring nostrils. She tentatively flicked out her tongue at the tasty treats, smelling the air and licking the heavy round orbs. She rose higher between Buck’s trapped legs and inspected his long and incredibly thick cock. The well-oiled schlong was dripping copious amounts of clear precum down its thick shaft, making it even more slick. The snake tasted this beefy treat as well, and the salty tang of Buck’s copious effluvium was like nectar on her tongue. The snake finally understood — this was her dinner. 

“OHHH FUUUUCKKK!!” Buck yelled as the boa unhinged her massive jaw to engulf its dinner. As the huge muscle man could only watch in terror, his enormous bull cock slipped into the snake’s mouth, the gaping orifice easily accommodating even Buck’s colossal penis. The snake took the entire length of the 19-inch monster cock down its muscular throat, its body swelling in proportion to the huge log of man meat stuffed down its neck. 

The snake’s rhythmic swallowing action was the most intensely erotic sensation Buck had ever felt. The ridiculously hung stud had never actually had his cock sucked before, or fucked any willing hole for that matter, as his ginormous cock was simply far too thick to fit in any human orifice. Frank’s taunts had been painfully close to the mark; it would indeed take a beast at least as large as a cow to accommodate the sheer monumental size of Buck’s mammoth cock, and as a result, the stunningly handsome hunk was actually still a virgin. 

But the handsome hunk had had his cherry busted that very afternoon by his hated co-worker, Frank, and was now getting his dick sucked for the very first time by a massive boa constrictor snake. It wasn’t the way he’d ever envisioned losing his virginity, but with the drugs still coursing through his system, Buck didn’t very much care how it was all happening right now. All he cared about was that the sensations coming from his cock were the most intense that he’d ever felt, and that he could finally feel his orgasm starting to build in his long-denied loins. 

Buck’s head fell back and his beautiful lips parted in a long moan. He placed both huge hands on either side of the snake’s massive head and began slowly and gently thrusting his muscular hips, pumping his huge cock deeper and deeper into the deadly maw of the reptilian beast. 

Ingrid was starting to become frustrated, first at her inability to fully swallow her entire prey, and second that her prey was starting to put up a struggle, nearly gagging her as it plunged in and out of her throat. She opened her jaws wider still, lunged forward, and engulfed both of the giant testicles hanging so full and heavy beneath Buck’s cock. The snake’s scaly cheeks puffed out dramatically as she took both melon-sized orbs into her mouth, rolling them around in the soft, silky interior as it tried to swallow them whole. Unfortunately for Ingrid, both Buck’s gigantic dick and enormous balls were firmly attached to his muscular frame, and no matter how hard she sucked and pulled, they simply wouldn’t come free. 

Feeling the silky heat compressing around his behemoth bull balls, Buck began to thrust faster and harder, desperately trying to get off. For her part, Ingrid pulled more and more insistently on his trapped genitals, driving the huge man to ever higher heights of ecstasy. Buck was soon pistoning in and out of the snake’s convulsing mouth with wild abandon, looking like some sort of human pile driver. His massive muscles bulged and flexed enormously as he rhythmically plunged his hips forward. His broad back and tight, muscular glutes glowed with a fresh sheen of sweat, and his meaty nipples had hardened to tiny points. It was clear the huge stud was hurtling toward the cliff. 

With a hollow, nervous voice Will asked, “Why is she called a razor boa?” 

Frank looked at him, his face gone pale under his thick, dark beard. “Because they evolved razor sharp fangs that are fully retractable into their upper and lower jaws. They prefer to swallow their prey whole, but if their prey struggles or puts up a fight, then the spring-loaded fangs can shoot forward. Any creature caught in its jaws is quickly shredded and diced, and then swallowed.” 

“Oh dear god…” Will whispered. The two men looked back down at the doomed cowboy and the already somewhat annoyed snake, and steeled themselves for the slaughter that was about to take place. 

Buck was just about to cum. His mighty virility simply couldn’t handle all of this stimulation any longer, even with the orgasm suppressing drugs still flowing through his system. His absolutely enormous balls, overstimulated by the soft silky interior of the snake’s mouth, almost visibly churned in their huge hairy sac. His huge sausage, teased by the powerful sucking of the snake, suddenly reared up and swelled even larger and thicker than before, if that was even possible, and was ready to burst. 

“HOLY FUUUCKING SHIIIIIT!!!!! I’M CUMMMMIIINNNG!!!!!” Buck bellowed, and thrust his entire package all the way down the snake’s powerful throat. His massive dick unleashed a huge torrent of sperm into the boa, and his entire massively muscular body quivered as he had the most intense orgasm of his life. The stud just kept on cumming in an epic orgasm as wave after wave of thick stud jizz pumped from his enormous sperm factories. 

Ingrid became instantly alarmed at this new turn of events. Never had she swallowed a snake that shot so much venom so fast! The enormous glut of thick, gelatinous spunk being forced down her throat engaged the snake’s self-defense mechanism, and her long, razor-sharp fangs, which up until now had been fully retracted inside her mouth, suddenly popped forth from their silky folds and buried themselves to the hilt inside the thick meat of Buck’s massive dong and bull-sized testicles. 

“GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!” Buck cried in terror and inhuman agony as his prize-winning cock and balls were instantly impaled on the 4-inch-long spikes. Ingrid also clenched down with all of her awesome might, pulverizing the root of Buck’s mighty cock and crushing his enormous balls. But Buck’s orgasm could not be stopped, and he continued pumping super human quantities of his rich spunk down the snake’s convulsing throat. 

So great was the volume of sperm rocketing out of Buck’s throbbing elephant cock that the huge snake began to choke on the stuff, her highly elastic gullet becoming quickly flooded with the gamey splooge and backing up into her respiratory system. Ingrid began to panic, squeezing its jaws even harder and thrashing about, threatening to smush Buck’s trapped genitals into a bloody pulp and tear them clear from his body. But the muscle stud’s gigantic cock and huge sperm globes proved to be incredibly tough, resisting the snake’s best efforts even as they pumped their thick, sticky contents down the beast’s spasming throat. Even so, it was clear that even Buck’s mighty cock and balls couldn’t endure such horrific abuse much longer, and any moment now the snake would win her struggle and feast on the single biggest meal of her life. 

“OOHHHHH FUUUUUUUCKKK!!!!!” Buck screamed as the snake began to make mincemeat of his mighty genitals. Bright red blood began to ooze out of the snake’s tightly-shut mouth, proof that his massive goods were losing their battle with the beast. Any moment now, and Buck’s fabled sexual endowment would be history. 

Ingrid was thrashing about so wildly now that it seemed impossible that Buck’s genitals could still be attached to his body, but the muscles and tendons anchoring the mighty cock root and massive balls to his groin were frighteningly powerful indeed, and they continued to hold. The snake’s motions were clearly desperate now, and huge quantities of white and foamy spew, a combination of Buck’s unnaturally thick load and the beast’s own saliva, began to positively pour out of her nostrils and mouth. 

Suddenly, the beast thrashed once, then again, and then a third time…and then fell utterly still. Buck still screamed and moaned as he continued pumping out the dregs of his load down the dead snake’s throat. The super human stud had actually choked the reptilian beast to death with the sheer unearthly SIZE of his monstrous load!! 

The coils around Buck’s legs gradually slackened, and the huge stud fell backward, the snake’s enormous head still firmly attached to his crotch and its fangs still deeply imbedded into the very heart of his nuts and cock root. The muscle man was panting heavily, his huge chest rising and falling with his rapid breath, and was barely conscious. 

“FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!” Will kept repeating in disbelieving horror. Buck’s entire package, the massive, powerful sex organs that made him a man, were still trapped in the dead snake’s deadly jaws. For all he knew, the young man’s mighty masculinity may have already been irreversibly destroyed. Will gasped for air, unable to fathom the scale of Buck’s terrible loss. 

In the meantime, Frank had managed to heave himself upright against the locked bunkhouse door, backing away as far as he could from the open pit leading down to the scene of horror below. Thus it was that he was completely unprepared when the door was suddenly unlocked and pushed inward by Luke and a whole team of ranch hands who had heard the screams and sounds coming from the building. 

Frank cried out in surprise as his massive, muscular form was hurled over the edge of the broken floor into the pit below. Luke, who had been the one slamming his shoulder against the struck door, followed right behind, hardly having a moment to shout in surprise as he flew over the edge right behind Frank. 

Will had the perfect vantage point as he watched both big men sail almost gracefully over the edge. Everything happened in slow motion, and with a perfect aim that couldn’t have been duplicated had it been repeated a thousand times. 

Frank did a full flip in the air, and thus came down back first. Or more precisely, butt first. His massive, 250+ pound bulk crashed down directly on top of the dead beast’s skull, crushing the snake’s head — and the enormous mouthful of lacerated and battered cock and balls inside it — into the unyielding sand floor. Less than a second later, Luke’s almost equally muscular and heavy form landed directly on top of Frank, nearly doubling the weight bearing down on the snake’s head. 

The effect was devastating. 

As nearly 500 pounds slammed into the snake’s skull, the beast’s jaws were crushed even harder still, very nearly severing Buck’s already severely mauled and damaged genitals from his body. The beast’s fangs were also driven even deeper into the impaled meat of his junk, bursting out the other side of his sex organs in a spray of blood and raw sperm. With his trapped ball meat left with nowhere else to go, Buck’s flattened and pancaked balls caused the beast’s scaly cheeks to balloon dramatically out to either side. The young muscle man’s entire body went perfectly rigid, every muscle standing out in deep relief, as he uttered a bellow so loud, so powerful, so blood curdling, that several panes of glass shattered with the intensity of the sound. 

Both Luke and Frank were stunned from their fall, but were not themselves harmed. The three men were stacked one atop the other, Luke’s back against Frank’s hairy chest, and Frank’s muscular back against Buck’s even more fantastically muscular chest. As the two men tried to shake off their temporary stupor, however, Will heard another series of very loud cracking and splintering sounds, and then looked upward in dismay. The thick wooden post, the same supporting beam that Buck had cracked in his earlier battle with Frank, was hanging there in air without a floor to support it. As Will watched in horror, the beams and rafters above that post began to shudder and shake, finally starting to give way. 

“Oh no,” Will said in a very small voice, unable to stop the inevitable. 

The entire roof structure sagged, and then with a series of defining cracks, shattered altogether. The wooden post plummeted straight down, the entire weight of the roof pressing it downward like a gigantic spear. Luke and Frank looked upward, and their expressions of surprise and terror would have been comical if the effects of the collapsing roof hadn’t been so tragic. 

The jagged base of the post slammed unerringly into the tightly packed basket of Luke’s crotch. The snapping of timbers and rumbling of debris was deafening, but Will still thought he could hear the sickening crunch as Luke’s and Frank’s genitals were simultaneously destroyed. Gore spattered in all directions as the plunging beam sank deep into the sands below, causing all of the flesh in its path — a huge snake’s head and several sets of genitals — to explode catastrophically. All three men screamed in unison, and then passed out. 

As the dust settled, Will was the first to witness a scene of utter devastation. The entire weight of the partially collapsed roof was pressing down on the single thick wooden beam, which was planted firmly in the ruined crotches of the men below. Chunks of meat and gore, all that remained of the formerly impressive sets of genitals, splattered the men’s legs and the sands for nearly a dozen feet in all directions, speaking to the incredibly destructive power of the falling beam. 

Will sat there in stunned silence as a rescue team began to clamber into the remainder of the bunkhouse and try to recover the unconscious bodies of their boss and co-workers. The porn executive couldn’t move, however; he had realized with utter clarity that Mama Yalara’s curse was real, and all of these ‘accidents’ that had been plaguing the men around him were all a result of the curse. 

A terror unlike anything Will had ever known stole over him, and he suddenly lurched to his feet and fought his way past the other ranch hands trying to get into the building. He sprinted right on through the lodge to his waiting SUV, scrambled inside, and tore up the gravel driveway in his hurry to speed out of there. He made record time speeding back to Los Angeles, miraculously avoiding getting pulled over by the cops, the whole time muttering over and over to himself, “Oh fuck this sucks! Oh fuck this sucks!”


More than a week later, Will was back in San Fernando, locked in his otherwise abandoned office. He hadn’t bathed or shaved in days, and the previously handsome former porn star looked like a haggard and much aged version of his former self. He just sat in his chair, staring off into the distance, a look of abject emptiness on his face. The open window let in fresh air, as well as the sounds of birds chirping and a bunch of local kids playing an impromptu football game in the street, happy sounds that were at odds with the emotions going through the deeply depressed man’s mind. 

Will had trashed most of the items in his office in the several fits of violent anger that had taken him upon his return. One of the few possessions that had still somehow survived was a life-sized marble bust showing the head, shoulders, and colossal breasts of Helen Humps, his biggest female star who had recently canceled her contract with BustNut Studios. Word had spread of the series of frightening disasters that had befallen the studio, and now no one was willing to work for him. Will stared at those mammoth mammary glands and their almost thumb-sized nipples, and reflected for the thousandth time that he was now utterly and completely ruined. Not just his business, but his family, his personal life, everything. 

Will’s secretary had quit her job as soon as he had returned to town, and really, who could blame her. The rest of his staff walked out at the same time, leaving Will completely alone in the empty studio. The police had called him the day after his return to the studio, asking him questions about the events at Big Snake Ranch, and providing Will with some details of events that had transpired after he’d left. The rest of the shocking and salacious story had created a news media frenzy over the past several days, which Will had watched until he couldn’t take it anymore, and he shattered his flatscreen television to pieces. 

The good news — what little there was of it — was that all three men had survived their ordeal. But the details of their injuries were horrifying, even more so to Will who had witnessed the accident first hand. 

It took rescuers almost all night to remove enough of the shattered roof structure and other debris to free the three trapped men. Meanwhile, they had all remained pinned one atop the other, with the big wooden post protruding from between their legs like a giant mockery of a cock.  

Luke, his handsome and sexy cousin, had been completely and utterly unmanned by the falling wooden post. His genitals had exploded on impact, and what little hadn’t been crushed outright had been neatly severed right at the base of his groin. His beautiful cousin would never again have sex, nor would he have any children. To add insult to injury, the Nevada Attorney General was already building a huge case against the young ranch owner, with charges of illegal animal possession and animal brutality piling up by the dozens. It seemed likely that once Luke recovered from the worst of his injuries, he’d be facing a grand jury trial and at least several decades of prison time. 

Frank’s fate had been equally as severe, as his genitals had likewise been completely obliterated by the falling wooden spear. The burly bear of a man was also being brought up on conspiracy charges right alongside Luke, and he was clearly going to face lengthy prison time as well. Both men’s lives were ruined, in more ways than one. 

But it was Buck’s story that was most sensational of all. 

The men were rescued one by one, first Luke, then Frank, and finally Buck. By the time they freed the huge muscle man, he’d been trapped in the pit for more than 8 hours. The wooden beam had plunged straight through the cocks and balls of the two men above, then through the dead snake’s huge skull and into the massive genitals below, so nearly the entire unstable roof structure had to be removed before the beam could be pulled out of the sand the big cowboy freed. 

As the rescuers finally got to Buck, they found a tableau so bizarre and horrifying that several of the men had to immediately leave the scene. The jaws of a gigantic, 50-foot-long black boa constrictor were locked around the base of the massive muscle man’s crotch, and the snake’s huge head was both impaled and shattered by the wooden beam that had fallen from above. As a team of men worked furiously to remove the collapsed roof structure in order to free the post, another group of men worked to hack and cut away at the snake’s body just behind the base of the skull to at least get the huge dead snake out of the way. 

A big man armed with a chain saw was just about to begin sawing through the dead flesh when another ranch hand rushed forward, shouting for him to stop. The young cow poke, a secret admirer of the handsome and fantastically muscular Buck, hurriedly explained that the young man had an unnaturally huge cock, and that if the guy cut where he had intended, he would end up cutting off half of the big stud’s massive cock. It was likely all a moot point as the mighty penis had no doubt been severed or crushed beyond all recognition, but why add further insult to injury? 

Thus it was that the embarrassed young ranch hand saved Buck’s gargantuan cock. 

The big man with the chain saw didn't’ believe the kid’s story — no man in the world could possibly have a 19-inch cock, right? — but he decided to humor the kid anyway, and made his cut another foot further down the snake’s body. Even then, he narrowly missed cutting through Buck’s massive cock head, missing the big stud’s flesh by barely more than an inch. 

The chain saw cut through the snake’s muscular body like butter, and a thick, molasses-like fluid began to pour out of the severed body. The creamy white fluid completely filled the snake’s throat and gullet, and as several gallons of the stuff gushed forth, a gamey, funky smell of sex filled the rough-hewn chamber. It took a while for the men to realize and then believe that the sticky, chunky fluid was the muscle man’s hyper abundant spunk, which had so completely filled the snake’s lungs and stomach that the huge beast had choked to death. 

As the snake’s body was carefully cut away and removed, Buck’s gargantuan penis was finally revealed. The mammoth organ was still rock hard and warm to the touch, though it had turned a frightening dark purple color. The rescuers could only assume that the fallen beam had crushed the root of that colossal cock, trapping the blood inside the rest of the otherwise perfectly unharmed and intact monument to masculinity. Even the straightest of the men gathered around the unconscious stud had to admit that it was the most gorgeous monster of a cock they’d ever seen, and they were all filled with tremendous pity for the handsome stud’s loss. 

Around this same time, rescuers working at the surface had removed the bulk of the roof structure and were now ready to pull the wooden post out of the pit. As the thick beam had impaled Buck’s genitals just as it had the two men above, the rescuers used extreme care in removing the post, though they fully expected to find nothing more than the shattered remains of Buck’s twin goliath testicles and the crushed and severed root of his monumental cock. 

What the rescuers discovered instead defied all belief. 

There, buried halfway into the packed sand and crushed almost impossibly flat, were Buck’s pride and joy, the base of his enormous cock and his two powerhouse bull nuts. The end of the wooden post was jagged, and at least half a dozen individual spears of broken wood had impaled Buck’s trapped man meat clear through, literally pinning his cock and balls to the coarse sand below. Buck’s cock and balls were bloody, battered, crushed, flattened, and nearly mauled beyond recognition — but still very much ALIVE! Somehow, after all that they had been through and culminating with being forced to support untold hundreds of pounds of shattered wood and broken beams for more than 8 hours, Buck’s almighty genitals had endured it all and survived! 

The huge, unconscious muscle stud was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital, where a team of doctors began to race against time to see if they could salvage some small fraction of the hunk’s obviously spectacular manhood. They were horrified by the state of the man’s mangled cock and balls, and more than one doctor had to leave the operating room to throw up outside. The boa’s broken fangs were still imbedded deep in Buck’s huge balls and colossal cock root. Jagged splinters of wood also still impaled the huge man’s sex meat, with his mighty balls suffering the worst of the trauma with no less than five shards of wood spearing clear through his nuts. These foreign objects were carefully pulled from his genitals and the damaged tissues sown back together and stitched shut. They could do nothing about the crushing injuries to his battered flesh, though they were heartened by the fact that Buck’s balls and cock root had so quickly rebounded to something approaching their normal shapes as soon as the weight of the roof and the wooden beam had been removed from them. 

After more than 9 hours of surgery, all that the doctors could then do was wait…and pray. 

The media circus that followed made the coverage of Dick’s and Nate’s accidents pale in comparison. News updates were broadcast almost every hour day and night, updating the public on the young man’s condition. Buck was already being cleared of any involvement in the illegal activities occurring at the ranch, and his innocence, combined with his extraordinary good looks, monumental physique, and now famously colossal genitals, quickly made him a media darling. It seemed people all over the world were hoping and praying for the young super stud’s quick and full recovery, even though the prognosis from the doctors was bleak indeed. The trauma to the young man’s huge genitals had simply been too severe, and it would take a miracle for even some small portion of his virility to survive intact. 

As the days went by, though, the young man’s prognosis steadily and dramatically improved. The doctors were stunned and couldn’t explain it, but the young man was well on his way to full recovery. The swelling, bruises, lacerations, and punctures were all healing rapidly, and it was quickly becoming apparent that the young man would likely have very few scars to tell of his ordeal. 

Finally, a full week after the incident, the doctors spoke before a worldwide press conference and announced that the young man’s sexual plumbing was now expected to make a full and complete recovery. Couching it all in clinical and medical terms, the doctors basically told the world that they muscular super stud was going to be a fully functional man again. The young man had already been able to achieve both a massive erection and an even more massive ejaculation, and the test results of the young stud’s inhumanly copious ejaculate proved that not only was the young man still fertile, his virility was unlike anything the doctors had ever seen before. The news was met with something approaching true jubilation by the public, an astounding outpouring of love and support for this young man that had captured the hearts of the world. 

A few days later, the handsome young bull stud himself addressed a conference room absolutely packed with reporters and news cameras, speaking to the media for the very first time. The massively muscular cowboy looked even more handsome than Will had remembered, and his gratitude to the supportive public, his cowboy charm, his dashing smile, his self-deprecating modesty regarding the size of his genitals and their miraculous survival, all made the public love him even more. 

Will was glad and relieved that at least the handsome young stud had survived the brutal accident intact. He couldn’t even begrudge the young man the flurry of book and movie deals that were flooding the his way. The kid deserved it after what he’d been through, and Will had no doubt that the spectacularly handsome and charismatic kid would be a super star. Will knew talent when he saw it, after all. 

But when news stations started linking BustNut Studios to the shady and illegal dealings at the Big Snake Ranch — as Will knew they eventually would — the fallen studio exec couldn’t take it anymore, and that’s when he’d destroyed his TV. 

Now he was just awaiting the inevitable flood of lawyers that would come to pick his bones clean. 

Almost as if summoned by Will’s thoughts, he heard an insistent knock at his door. 

“Mr. Duggan? Please open up. It’s Paul Franco, your bankruptcy lawyer,” said an insistent voice from the other side of the locked door. “I need to speak with you urgently. Subpoenas have been arriving at my office, and you will need to appear in court perhaps as early as next week.”

“You really should go away,” Will replied, his voice hoarse and husky from several days of misuse and lots and lots of alcohol. “I can’t guarantee your safety if you come in here.” 

Paul apparently disregarded Will’s warning, for he could hear a key turn in the lock and saw the door open, a handsome and well-dressed young man with short sandy hair and an expensively tailored suit walking into the trashed room. 

Will looked up sullenly and said, “What do you want?” 

The clean-shaven suit looked around the devastated room in shock, but quickly composed himself and addressed the seated studio exec. “I’m your bankruptcy advisor. I’m the brother of your business lawyer, Janine Franco. She said I should come in and offer to help you out. You’re facing a lot of financial claims and civil suits along with your criminal charges, and I just thought I’d come by and talk to you about your options.” 

“What about them?” Even to Will’s own ears, he knew he sounded surly and resigned, but he just couldn’t help it — he knew his career, his business, his freedom, all of that was over now. 

“Well — wow, hey, is that Helen Humps?!” Paul said, noticing the life-sized marble bust for the first time. “I love her work! She was part of your studio, right?” Paul said, walking towards the statue. 

“Yeah, just... just be careful with that, OK?” Will said, anxiety once again creeping into his voice. 

At that exact moment, a football from the kids’ game outside flew through the open window and slammed into the side of the marble bust. Before Paul Franco had time to react, the 200-pound statue toppled over, taking him down with it, and crushing his crotch beneath Helen Hump’s pointy marble breasts. Paul immediately screamed in blood-curdling agony. 

Will put his weary head in his hands. 

Over the sound of Paul’s shrill screams, Will calmly said, “Mr. Franco, I think it’s probably for the best that I only deal with your sister, Janine.”  

Paul just continued to scream, his big nuts completely crushed beneath the heavy statue. 

Will sighed. “Fine, fine, I’ll call the paramedics. But YOU’RE paying for it!” 

As Will dialed 9-1-1, he knew that the end of the BustNut empire was at hand. He began to wonder what prison would be like, and whether Mama Yalara’s curse would follow him there as well…