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An Officer and Three Gentlemen - Part 3a

An Officer and Three Gentlemen Part 3a
Based on an original story written by Sack Stomper in 2000


A hot Detroit muscle cop has his massive balls busted wide open by 3 luscious hunks


Jason couldn’t believe his shit luck! Here he was alone in a remote cabin with three of the most handsome, hunky, and heroically hung young men he had ever seen, what should have been a fantasy come true. But instead of a fantasy, he was living a nightmare. He was naked, bound, and completely helpless while the three men rained brutal punishment down on his big, massive, and monumentally beefy balls, all with the intent of permanently crushing and ruining his mighty monster gonads. How could this be happening to him!?! 

At the same time, his huge 16-inch horse cock had never been more hard in his life, and even after blasting out one of the most colossal loads in history, Jason’s cock was still rock hard and randy for more rough action. 

Jason’s balls were given a brief respite from the abuse as the three men gathered tools for the next torture. But that respite didn’t last long. 

Big Drake approached the bound and helpless muscle cop and roughly grabbed his swollen and aching nuts, pulling them forward. In his other hand, Drake carried Jason’s own handcuffs, and with practiced ease, Drake encircled one of the cuffs around the base of Jason’s balls and cinched it tight around the neck of his scrotum, securing Jason’s balls at the bottom of their sac. The metal cuff was cinched to a mere one-inch diameter, cinching the neck of his thick scrotum uncomfortably tight and making sure that there was no way either of his swollen, breadfruit-sized bull balls would ever slip through — it would be like forcing a person’s head through a key hole! A foot-long length of chain was attached to the other cuff and left to hang down between Jason’s powerful, thickly muscled, and wide spread legs, the thick metal links clanking gently with the young man’s slightest movements. 

“I’ve personally seen guys carry 30 or 40 pounds by their balls, and have heard of men carrying up to 70 or 80 pounds before their balls were ripped from their bodies,” Eric said enthusiastically to his friends. “I’ll bet this big powerful stud can carry TWICE that much weight!” 

“It’s worth a try,” Drake responded with a lopsided grin. “Maybe we can even get him to cum again! I wonder how far his big nuts will stretch before they rip off…” 

“Only one way to find out!” Sebastian said. The blond hunk was standing next to a large stack of gym plates, and he picked up a 45-pound weight and approached the tightly bound muscle stud. Jason once again began to beg and plead for Sebastian to stop, his dark blue eyes bulging wide with fear, but the young punk just smiled and hooked the weight onto the chain, letting the weight drop from a height of several feet to be borne by Jason’s big balls alone. Jason groaned in great pain as the huge weight tore at his meaty balls, immediately stretching them to over 6 inches from his crotch. His huge cock, which had never gone the least bit soft after his first orgasm, quivered in response, and throbbed harder than ever before. 

Unbeknownst to his three hunky captors, Jason had carried considerably more weight by his tough stud nuts before, both on his own and in rough sessions with other like-minded guys. But he’d never before tried stretching out his nuts right after having them brutally pounded and ball bashed, and his huge gonads were screaming in pain from the tugging weight. 

Sebastian didn’t waste any time, however, and quickly picked up another 45-pound weight and roughly hooked it onto the chain. This time Jason cried out in agony as his huge balls were stretched another brutal inch, bulging enormously in their overstretched sac and starting to turn an even more angry shade of red. Sebastian grabbed yet ANOTHER weight, this time a ‘mere’ 10 pounder, and attached it as well. Jason groaned at the additional weight, and his balls stretched just a little bit further. 

“Would you look at that!” Sebastian exclaimed. “Now that’s a fine sight! So, you big dumb muscle cop, how does it feel to have 100 POUNDS of solid steel hanging from your oversized bull balls?” 

“Please, no more!!” responded the tortured young police officer in an anguished voice. “I can’t take any more!!”

“What was that? You want more? No problem!” 

Sebastian grabbed a 25-pound weight and added that to the chain suspended by Jason’s balls, stretching them out even further. Jason’s rampant cock was once again oozing precum, and it looked like young man was already on his way to a second orgasm. The question was whether the young man would get the chance to blow his nut before his huge testicles were violently ripped from his body. 

Sebastian quickly added another 25-pound weight, and ANOTHER! An amazing 175 pounds of cold metal was now hanging from Jason’s screaming bull nuts, undoubtedly a new world record! The young cop was nearly delirious from the pain, his handsome head thrashing from side to side as he struggled to comprehend the agony shooting out of his massive stud balls. Still, Jason’s cock was throbbing all the harder. The sheer quantity of precum drooling from his cock was amazing, particularly considering he had just blown the granddaddy of all monster loads such a short time before. 

Drake stepped forward, kneeled down, and inspected Jason’s balls. He curled the thick fingers of his big hand around the narrow tube of scrotum that was all that connected Jason’s colossal bull balls to his muscular body. A combination of ball sweat and hot sperm made the smooth skin of Jason’s scrotum very slick, and so Drake gently pumped his curled fingers up and down, almost like he was jacking off Jason’s overstretched scrotum. Drake couldn’t believe how far those monster nuts had already been stretched, farther than he’d ever seen a man’s balls stretched before. He gripped the scrotum tighter and gave it a few strong, sharp tugs, feeling the incredible tautness of Jason’s heroically straining ball cords and judging how much more the beefy muscle stud might be able to take. 

“He’s still hanging in there,” Drake said, chuckling softly at his own joke. “He can take more weights, but probably not a whole lot more.” Getting out a measuring tape, Drake measured the dangle of Jason’s nuts and exclaimed, “SHEE-IT!! His balls have been stretched to 9 ¼ inches from his crotch! That’s more than TWICE their normal dangle!!” 

“Yeah!” said Sebastian. “Let’s see if we can’t stretch those puppies to a full FOOT before they rip off!” 

The handsome blond punk added the next weights in smaller increments, not wanting to end the fun too soon. The weight was increased to 180 pounds, then 185 pounds! Jason’s cock began to throb harder and harder, and the stretch to his huge balls was slowly ratcheted to even more amazing dimensions. 190 pounds! 195 pounds!! His balls were incredibly stretching farther still!! 200 POUNDS!!!

Jason threw his handsome head back and bellowed as a second massive and spontaneous orgasm began to erupt from his straining horse cock, a veritable geyser of cum that looked like it would be just as enormous and powerful as his first orgasm. This time, Sebastian was there to catch Jason’s load, and catch it he did, getting sprayed in the face, arms, and torso with salvo after salvo of the muscle cop’s thick, gloopy, and gamey spunk. To the amazement of the three captors, the young man’s cock was throbbing so hard that it actually LIFTED the weights hanging from his bull balls, causing the 200 pounds of steel to bounce with each powerful throb of his cock and making the weights tear even HARDER at his already brutalized balls! 

The three handsome punks could only watch in mesmerized fascination as Jason’s colossal club of a cock belched out rope after magnificent rope of white stud cum like some sort of massive spitting snake. The volume of sperm being purged from the young cop’s mammoth bull nuts was simply UNREAL, particularly given the fact that they’d just blown an equally titanic load not more than half an hour before! This handsome young muscle stud was a GOD!!

After more than a score of gut-wrenching blasts of impossibly thick cum, Jason’s second titanic orgasm began to ebb and then finally cease, leaving the young man panting in agony and exhaustion, and leaving Sebastian completely soaked with the young cop’s supremely potent male juices. Sebastian striped off his sperm-soaked and cum-dripping t-shirt, revealing a gorgeous body that had perhaps the lowest bodyfat percentage Jason had ever seen on a man. It was almost like the young blond stud didn’t have any skin, allowing every cord and sinew and rippling fiber of the young man’s powerful muscles to be readily visible. The sight was intensely erotic, and even with the 200 pounds of iron pulling mercilessly at his balls and the dregs of a second load still belching out of his straining and rock hard monster cock, Jason’s mighty truncheon of a dick gave a mighty lurch at the sight of Sebastian’s glorious physique. 

All three men admired their handiwork for a few more minutes, watching the massive weights sway gently between Jason’s hugely muscled, columnar thighs. The young man continued to groan in constant agony, a thick and unbroken rope of cum still drooling from his rock hard cock and stretching very nearly to the floor. As they watched, they could see the young stud’s mighty bull balls continue to ever so slowly give way, dropping even lower in their already brutally overstretched sac. They had now been stretched to a full 10 inches by the 200 pounds of steel tearing relentlessly at them. Jason could only guess at the damage the weights were causing his prized bull balls, and even if the tortures stopped right now, he doubted his beautiful nuts would ever be the same. Sadly, however, he knew with a sick certainty that these handsome thugs had no intention of letting him survive with an intact set of nuts anyway, so any speculation was moot. 

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An Officer and Three Gentlemen - Part 2c

An Officer & Three Gentlemen - Part 2c
Original story written by Sack Stomper in 2000


A hot Detroit muscle cop has his massive balls busted wide open by three gorgeous hunks


The handsome young college jock began to roughly stroke and manhandle the huge bulging balloon of man nuts with his free hand, marveling at both the awesome size and the surprising weight of the huge gonads. He squeezed and mauled the big nuts, impressed as well by their extraordinary hardness and toughness. Even after the brutal beating they had already received, Jason’s huge nuts still felt incredibly solid and dense, and Eric knew it was going to take a hell of a lot more abuse to wear down the strength and resistance of THESE powerful balls. 

“Dude, are you some kind of genetic FREAK or something!?” Eric exclaimed. “These balls of yours are simply UNREAL!! No man deserves to have nuts this big, and they’re tougher and harder than any set of balls ought to be! And this ridiculous COCK of yours!! What the fuck man! Did your mom fuck a clydesdale or somethin’!?!”  

After many long minutes of this rough manhandling, Eric decided to get down to business, and he started to pound the stuffed sac with his free fist. Eric quickly proved to be nearly as strong as the monumentally muscular Drake, and his powerful punches caused Jason renewed agony. Eric struck Jason’s balls so hard that the mighty gonads bent around the pistoning fist, deforming grotesquely with each blow. 

Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! 

A dozen blows. 

Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! 

Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! 

Two dozen blows, even harder than before. 

Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! 

Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! 

Three dozen blows, harder and more powerful yet, and STILL Jason’s mighty nuts endured! Waves of crippling pain unlike anything he had felt before radiated through Jason’s muscular body. But the waves of pain also brought deep waves of pleasure to the young cop stud, pleasure more intense than anything he had ever felt, and his overly aroused horse cock began to quiver in the beginning throes of an undeniable and unstoppable orgasm. Sensing this, Eric began to pound harder STILL, really trying to reduce Jason’s big bull nuts to rubble. 

Blam!! Blam!! Blam!! Blam!! 
Blam!! Blam!! Blam!! Blam!! 
Blam!! Blam!! Blam!! Blam!! 

But Jason’s orgasm would not be denied, and the brutal pounding, if anything, only increased the power and force of his impending and burgeoning mega load. Eric started throwing his entire bodyweight behind his punches, and could feel Jason’s titanic balls finally starting to crumble under the unspeakably brutal onslaught. 


After about three dozen more truly annihilating punches directly into the center of his monster nuts, Jason threw back his handsome head and bellowed in a mixture of raw animal ecstasy and agony, and the first great jet of cum spurted from his gargantuan 16-inch-long bull cock. 

So huge and powerful was this first utterly epic cum blast that the three captors could actually HEAR it spurt out of the young cop’s huge muscle cock! The huge gout of cum was thicker than a pencil and nearly six feet long!! Eric was directly in the line of fire, so the first thick rope of cum caught him across the torso, painting a thick and chunky white stripe of pure bull semen from his navel all the way across his beautiful left pec and over his mounded left shoulder, where the rest of the blast cleared a good 10 or 12 feet before smacking wetly on the rough wooden cabin floor. Jason’s powerful spunk was so impossibly thick with sperm that it had the consistency of a very thick custard, and huge clotted and chunky slugs of the stuff began to slowly roll and ooze over the gorgeous expanse of Eric’s fantastic muscles. 

That first wad struck Eric’s muscular body so hard that it actually stung, and he let out a short yelp of surprise just as the second wad erupted from Jason’s cock, with a stupendous force and volume equal to or possibly even exceeding than that of the shot that had come before. This second colossal gout of spunk caught the surprised Eric in the chest, neck, and face, all but plastering the young punk in thick cop sperm. 

“UNH!! UNNNH!! OHHH!!!” Jason cried in sexual agony. His powerful body bucked and writhed, each massive, straining muscle glistening erotically with sweat as pulse after pulse after huge, colossal, spectacular pulse of spunk rocketed out of his thundering mule cock. Eric had jumped to one side before this next trio of spunk salvos blasted out of Jason’s violently throbbing, 16-inch whale cock, and he watched in astonishment as these next mammoth slugs of cop spew flew more than 15 feet to strike a good 3 or 4 feet up the face of the cabin door! The raw power and virility of the handsome young muscle stud was UNREAL!! The brutal torture might be slowly destroying Jason’s mammoth nuts, but it was also giving him the most powerful orgasm in his young life! 

Eric regained his senses and began laying waste to Jason’s impossibly tough bull nuts once more, continuing to slowly and steadily obliterate them even as they pounded out perhaps the greatest spunk load in human history. 


Six, seven, eight violent blasts of pearlescent cop spew blasted from the young stud’s gargantuan cock, each one striking the far door with a very loud and very wet SPLAT!! Eric continued punching and pounding and pulverizing Jason’s humongous screaming nuts with renewed fury throughout the monumental orgasm, and could actually feel their ferociously tough walls finally start to give way. 


Nine, ten, 11, 12 monumental blasts!! Eric’s muscular torso and arms were slick with Jason’s hot cock snot, and yet more of the impossibly thick and copious nut sludge was still pumping out of Jason’s throbbing cock with no end in sight!! Jason’s orgasm was gargantuan, epic, a thing of legend…and it showed no signs of slowing down!! 

And judging by how flat Jason’s balls were becoming under each devastating punch, this colossal orgasm might also be the very last one the hunky young cop might ever have! 


Thirteen, 14, 15, 16 blasts!!! Would Jason’s monumental orgasm never end!?!?! 


Seventeen, 18, 19, 20 blasts!!! The three assailants wouldn’t have thought such a super human load would have even been possible if they weren’t witnessing it with their own eyes!! It looked like the ridiculously handsome and phenomenally built muscle stud was emptying a lifetime’s worth of stud spunk from his steadily failing and crumbling balls! In fact, even if Jason’s melon-sized balls were completely hollow oblong spheres filled with nothing but stud sperm, the volume of ejaculate already spewed from his monster cock STILL exceeded what should have been possible to contain in those massive bollocks!! The trio of assailants could only conclude that Jason’s spunk must be stored under terrific pressure inside of his blue-ribbon bull balls, as nothing else could explain the unspeakably virile VOLUME of cum still spurting and spraying out of the young man’s ferociously throbbing horse cock! 

Eric was lost in a wild fog of lust and mayhem as he poured every ounce and fiber of his being into his thundering fist, truly redlining Jason’s colossal bull balls and trying to make those massive nuggies BURST under the unrelenting assault. He knew that the young man’s mighty bollocks couldn’t POSSIBLY endure much more of this horrifically violent abuse. 


Finally, after the 25 mightiest and most voluminous blasts of stud sperm that the three men had ever seen, Jason’s almighty orgasm began to quiet and ebb. His bulging, straining horse cock belched out another half dozen or so steadily smaller blasts that fell well short of the door, but still contained mind-numbingly immense volumes of top-grade muscle man baby batter. Jason’s powerfully muscular body still bucked spasmodically even after his orgasm had finally ceased. The young man moaned and groaned in epic relief, long strings of white spunk still dripping from his rock hard beast of a cock. 

The captors were stunned speechless by the sheer volume of prime chunky stud spew that the handsome young muscle cop had just blown. Eric was literally dripping with Jason’s sticky seed, his torso and arms almost completely drenched in the hot, slick fluid. The men were amazed at the incredible thickness and viscosity of Jason’s spunk, which hung in great ribbons and festoons off of Eric’s gorgeous physique. Even more of the ropey, gooey stuff painted more than a dozen thick trails to the cabin door. The cop’s chunky sperm also had a powerful and gamey scent, heady and musky and utterly masculine, that filled the small cabin with an overpowering reek of sex. 

“FUUUUUCK!!!” Drake exclaimed with true feeling. “I had no idea a man could CUM so much!! His fucking balls must have been absolutely PACKED with the stuff!!”

“Yeah, man!!” said Sebastian. “It seems such a shame to nut a stallion as handsome, hung, and powerful as this one, Eric. Can’t we keep him? At least for a little while? I mean, he’d make a great toy to have around. I’d really love to play with those balls a whole lot more, and see just how many loads I could squeeze outta them…” 

Eric looked deep into Jason’s stunning dark blue eyes, probing his mind and giving him suggestive smiles, all while firmly gripping and mauling the young man’s now disturbingly soft and squishy bollocks. “What do you think, big guy? Should we let you keep your herculean bull balls, at least for now?” 

“Oh yes! PLEASE Eric!! Please let me keep my big balls!” Jason all but blubbered, tears of terror and panic running down his breathtakingly handsome cheeks. “I promise I’ll be good! You guys can do whatever you want to me. Beat my worthless balls! Make me shoot 100 huge loads all over the floor! Whatever you want! Just PLEASE let me keep my balls!” 

Eric seemed to consider the cop’s desperate pleas as he reached out his hand and gently cupped Jason’s bloated, puffy, and low-hanging left ball. The big man then began giving the mammoth sex organ a rough squeeze. After landing more than 100 horrifically brutal punches into the center of Jason’s balls (in addition to the previous blows and punches and knees and kicks inflicted by his two friends), Eric’s clutching fingers could now dig DEEP into the very heart of Jason’s tortured bull ball. The gargantuan, swollen nut was starting to feel positively mushy, and Eric knew he had already gone a long way toward softening up the young man’s tremendously and unnaturally solid stud balls. 

But Jason’s nuts were tough. Extraordinarily tough. Super human tough! And Eric knew that those two big bruisers still had a whole lot of fight left in them. 

“You are one hell of a handsome muscle stud, I’ll give you that! And you’ve got the fucking BIGGEST cock and TOUGHEST set of bull balls I’ve ever seen! Those massive bollocks of yours are already starting to crumble, though, and I don’t think it’ll take too much more to crack these huge gonads wide open. That said, it sure would be fun to play with these huge nuts of yours for a week or two, and see just how much of your man cream we can force from them.” 

“Yeah, man, please spare my nuts! I promise I’ll do whatever you guys ask!” Jason answered, intoxicated by the strong manly scent that Eric was giving off, a mixture of the man’s own heady musk and the pungent odor of Jason’s own thick, thick nut milk. 

“But it’s too bad you’re a fuckin’ cop. We could have become close ‘friends’ if you weren’t a fucking PIG! And you know what we do to pigs, right boys?” Eric smirked at Sebastian and Drake. 

“No!! PLEASE!!!” Jason pleaded. 

“Sorry stud!” Eric replied, chuckling, and proceeded to lift his knee squarely into Jason’s crotch with a resounding WHUMP!!, crushing the young man’s already badly bruised balls against his body once more. Jason grunted as Eric’s knee slammed a second time directly into his battered and swollen balls. The pain was even greater than with the previous abuse, as his nuts were now even more sensitive after having just blown such a massive cum load. Eric gave another good dozen knee lifts into Jason’s screaming balls before pausing, having suddenly thought of another torture. 

Eric turned to his cohorts and said, “Hey, I’ve got a great idea! Let’s put these stud bull nuts to the test and see just how much weight they can carry! They sure are tough fuckers, and I’ll bet they can carry a LOT of weight. Before they rip off, that is!” 

Eric and his friends laughed and began gathering some materials from outside the cabin, including a length of heavy chain and a frighteningly large set of weights. Jason trembled in horror as he watched his captors prepare for round two of his torture and eventual emasculation. 

What ghastly, brutal tortures will Jason’s assailants think of next? And can the handsome young muscle stud hope to somehow survive it intact?

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An Officer and Three Gentlemen - Part 2b

An Officer & Three Gentlemen - Part 2b
Original story written by Sack Stomper in 2000


A hot Detroit muscle cop has his massive balls busted wide open by three gorgeous hunks


Jason groaned, his ball feeling like it was in a steel vise, while his cock gave a mighty lurch, looking like it would rear up and tear its way right out of the confining cotton pouch. 

What his three captors didn’t know was that Jason got off on ball abuse. BIG time! And having his big bull nut sharply pulled and brutally squeezed was pushing all the right buttons. The vicious squeezing of his huge bull nut, plus the sight of three of the most handsome and gorgeously built men he had ever seen, were combining to make Jason powerfully aroused indeed. 

“THAT’S what we’re going to do to you, cop!” Sebastian cursed through gritted teeth into Jason’s ear, his hot breath tickling against the muscle man’s bullish neck as he squeezed Jason’s trapped nut even tighter. “You know, you’re going to regret being out on the docks tonight.” 

With his massive mule cock powerfully lurching and throbbing at the vicious squeezing of his colossal right gonad, the horny cop wasn’t sure if he agreed with the blond stud’s last statement. 

“Remove his underwear,” Eric ordered, and Drake stepped forward to comply. Sebastian released Jason’s mammoth nut as Drake produced a pair of big scissors from his back pocket, and began carefully cutting Jason’s jock strap off. 

“Wouldn't wanna slip!” Drake laughed. The blades of his scissors stopped just before they were to begin slicing through the base of Jason's humongous cock. When the shredded underwear fell to the floor, Jason's genitals finally rolled out of their restraints and into full view for the first time. 

There was a collective gasp as Jason’s freed cock lunged upward and struck hard against the muscular wall of his corrugated belly with a loud, beef-on-beef THUMP! The three men were obviously shocked and impressed at the sheer size and mass of Jason’s humongous cock, which sprung skyward and stretched to over 16 eye-popping inches in length, and had a girth considerably thicker than a beer can. The huge cock was uncut and beautifully shaped, with a thick foreskin straining to cover the huge, throbbing knob at the end of an insanely vein-gnarled shaft. 

The men were even more awed at the mammoth size of the young man’s titanic testicles, now that both mighty bollocks were in full view. The pair of huge nuts were nearly as big as Drake’s massive fists, and they hung tantalizingly low in their thick, hairless scrotum. When both great orbs were freed, they hung well over four inches below the base of his gigantic cock, visibly pulsing with raw sexual power and vitality. 

“Wow…!!” Sebastian softly whispered under his breath, truly amazed at the incredibly masculine sight before him. Jason was privately pleased — he had always been proud of the size of his ridiculously huge cock and enormous balls, and the effect that they had on others. 

But his pleasure was short-lived, as Drake reached forward and choked both of his huge nuts with one massive hand, pulled them down sharply, and then began to unceremoniously pummel them with his free fist. The giant man’s goliath 26-inch arm muscles bulged and flexed as he landed blow after crippling blow into Jason’s trapped nuts, causing the young cop to bellow in agony. 

Jason had had his nuts beaten many times before in some downright rough and dirty sessions with guys in the past, but more for pleasure than pain. Drake, on the other hand, was pummeling Jason’s bull balls seemingly heedless of the damage he might be causing the massive orbs, and the pain was much greater than anything Jason had experienced before, sending the handsome young cop into heights of pleasure and agony he’d never known. Drake pounded Jason’s nuts over two dozen times, raining down annihilating levels of abuse that would have liquified a lesser man’s balls several times over. He then grasped a huge nut within each massive paw and began to mercilessly squeeze the titanic testicles. 

Drake squeezed harder and harder, forcing his thick fingers into Jason’s unnaturally dense ball flesh, meeting unusual resistance as the tough and fibrous outer walls refused at first to do more than slightly dent against the huge man’s fantastically strong fingers. Eventually, however, the huge orbs began to deform, bending around the clutching fingers, distorting in the giant man’s inexorable grip. But Drake didn’t let up and squeezed harder still, really burrowing his thick fingers deep into Jason’s tough ball meat. Drake’s brow furrowed as he squeezed even HARDER, really pouring his astounding might into Jason’s profoundly bulging bollocks. The young man couldn’t believe the agony in his nuts, and bellowed with both pleasure and pain, his deep baritone voice reverberating off of the walls of the small cabin. Drake rolled both of Jason’s impossibly meaty testicles between his fingers and thumbs, then trapped them with his thumbs and began digging for all he was worth. He was truly trying to break down the tough outer walls of the great orbs and make them rupture. 

But Jason’s simply nuts refused to burst, no matter how hard Drake squeezed. 

“Damn, this guy’s nuts are TOUGH!!” Drake exclaimed through gritted teeth as he continued to squeeze with all of his might. “They’re like fucking ROCKS! I’ve never had a set of nuts resist me like this before! This stud’s oversized spunk bunkers should have BURST by now, but I don’t think I got my fingers even HALFway into these huge puppies! You guys have gotta take a crack at these huge babies!!” 

“Give me a try!” said Sebastian. Drake finally released Jason’s throbbing bollocks and his mammoth form stepped out of the way, allowing the much smaller Sebastian to come forward. The beautiful blond suddenly kicked forward with all his might, landing the heel of his cleated boot directly into both of Jason’s exposed balls and driving them up against his muscular groin. Jason felt like an explosion had just gone off in his big nuts, and that feeling only intensified as Sebastian dug his cleats deep into the squashed ball flesh. The lithe blond stud had legs that were far more powerful than their muscular but slender size would suggest, and Jason was certain that the young man must be an avid soccer player. Jason bellowed even louder than before, feeling like both of his balls had just been pulverized, but a quick glance downward proved that they continued to endure, though they were already turning a deep beet red from all of the abuse. 

Sebastian kicked again, and again, and again, and again and again and yet again. Jason could only continue to bellow in agony, but to the amazement of the three captors, the young man’s cock remained rock hard. In fact, the huge cock began to drip long, clear strings of sticky precum, stimulated by the almost unimaginably brutal beating his burly balls were taking. 

The three handsome young punks realized with great wonder, amazement, and glee that having his mammoth nuts brutally worked over was actually turning on the young muscle cop! They had already known they’d hit the jackpot when they’d captured the heroically muscular and stunningly handsome young rookie, but to find out that their incredibly hunky and hung prisoner was ALSO into hardcore testicle torture was simply too good to be true! The three wicked punks couldn’t wait to find out just how far they could push this epic bull stud. 

“Shit, I see what you mean!!” Sebastian finally said after more than a score of punishing boot stomps. “I was kicking those beefy bull nuts as hard as I could, and it felt like I was stomping two hard rubber balls. They’re a TOUGH pair of fuckers, that’s for damn sure! And the stud is precumming so much that he got his slick cock snot all over my boots, the bastard!” 

“No!! PLEASE!! No more!!” Jason pleaded, his strong, beefy nuts feeling like they had been turned into jelly. The muscular young cop was into some heavy nut busting, but this scene was far more brutal and violent than anything he’d experienced before, and he was worried that his mighty stud nuts might already be suffering some permanent damage from all of the abuse. 

But his desperate pleas fell of deaf ears, for Sebastian again pounded his boot into Jason's nuts one, two, three more times. Then, without warning, he grabbed Jason by both massive, muscular, sweat-slickened shoulders and proceeded to ram his hard knee upward into Jason's groin, throwing all of his weight behind the blows. 

Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!

Jason felt nauseous as waves of sickening pain shot up his body. Sebastian’s knee flattened both of Jason's meaty nuts painfully against his body over and over and over again, causing them to bulge and squish with each blow, but they still stoically and defiantly refused to burst. 

Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! 

“Stop it, man, PLEASE!! My nuts can’t TAKE much more of this!! You’re going to make ‘em RUPTURE!!! Jason pleaded. 


“Oh yeah!?” Sebastian announced confidently. 


“They're gonna rupture alright!!” 


“That’s why we bought you back with us!” 

Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!

A sick feeling of terror overwhelmed Jason, for he now knew that they intended to work his big, beautiful balls over until his precious baby makers were destroyed. He fought against his restraints with even greater strength and panic, but to no avail — the thick nylon ropes were simply too thick, too strong, for even HIS extraordinary muscular might. Jason desperately wanted to save his big, proud balls from being annihilated by these street punks, but he was powerless to stop them! 

Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!

Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!

Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!

Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!

Sebastian suddenly collapsed against the great muscular bulk of Jason’s body, panting heavily with the effort and exertion he had put into the prolonged knee bashing of the handsome hunk’s fantastically bulky balls. The beautiful blond boy clung to Jason almost like a lover, burying his angelically handsome face against the much bigger man’s thick, muscular neck, his hot breath playing against Jason’s sweat-slick skin. Jason’s eyes were shut tight as he struggled to endure the sheer overwhelming agony radiating from his well-busted balls, and his breathing was heavy and ragged as well. 

“No, it looks like his balls aren’t going to burst. Not yet, anyway,” Eric laughed, gently pulling Sebastian off of the grunting and panting muscle cop. “Besides, I need a chance to have some fun first,” Eric commanded. The young college jock striped off his yellow polo shirt to reveal a breathtakingly gorgeous and exceptionally muscular physique, which he flexed a few times for Jason’s benefit before approaching the terrified young bull stud. 

As Drake had done before, Eric again grabbed Jason’s big balls around the base and proceeded to trap both massive testicles tightly into the bottom of their scrotum, stretching them a good six inches from his straining crotch and causing them to bulge even more enormously in their overstretched sac. The gigantic orbs were glowing a bright and angry red from all the abuse, and were just beginning to show signs of what would no doubt be epic levels of swelling and bruising. But while his battered and mangled bollocks might be causing Jason a tremendous amount of gut-wrenching pain, they were clearly still intact. 

Eric looked determined to change that. 

Friday, September 7, 2018

An Officer and Three Gentlemen - Part 2a

An Officer & Three Gentlemen - Part 2a
Original story written by Sack Stomper in 2000


A hot Detroit muscle cop has his massive balls busted wide open by three gorgeous hunks


“And news from around the county today...” Jason heard a muffled radio announcer’s voice say as he slowly came back to consciousness. He was in a dark and confined space, and judging from the sounds of a car engine and the sensation of movement, he correctly guessed that he was in the trunk of a vehicle. More disturbingly still, he was tied and gagged and buried under something, a tarp of some kind, weighted heavily with what felt like lead bricks. ‘Where am I?!’ Jason thought, panic once again setting into his massive chest. ‘And my partner is dead!! I have to get help!’ He struggled against his restraints, but the violent confrontation at the waterfront and the residual effects of the multiple taser strikes made it impossible to break free despite Jason’s more than significant strength. 

Suddenly, the car came to a stop, and Jason could hear car doors opening and the sound of his captors walking through gravel to the back of the vehicle. The trunk popped open, and Jason could just make out three large male figures silhouetted against the dim moonlight. Without warning, three hands armed with tasers plunged forward into the young man’s meaty chest, corrugated abdomen, and defenseless groin, and blinding pain sent Jason plummeting into unconsciousness again. 


When Jason finally came to for the second time, he was no longer under the tarp, and no longer in the trunk of a car. Instead, he was in a brightly lit log cabin, and judging by the heavily wooded view visible from out the two moonlit windows on either side of the cabin door, somewhere far to the north and very secluded, perhaps even across the border into Canada. The cabin was relatively small and had only the one room. No cupboards, shelves, tables, or chairs, not even a toilet or sink, occupied the relatively small space that Jason could see in front of him. The only details visible in the room were a small television tucked onto a stand in the corner, the two small windows and a door in the far wall, and a cream colored overhead halogen lamp that offered the only light…as well as young Officer Allen and his three captors. 

At the moment, the devastatingly handsome young cop was being forced into a standing position by thick ropes attached to each wrist and ankle. The thick ropes at his wrists extended upward to the beamed ceiling overhead, keeping his enormously muscular arms raised high his over his head and rendering their awesome strength completely useless. His ankles were confined by ropes leading to anchors on the floor, similarly confining his hugely muscular legs and keeping them stretched out in a wide, spread-eagled position. 

Even more frightening than the fact that his arms and legs had been tied and bound was the fact that the young cop was very nearly naked. Jason quickly realized that he had been striped to just his special-order, size XXXXL jock strap, revealing every astounding inch of his powerful and extraordinarily muscular physique. With his clothing removed and his massive legs spread open wide, Jason felt extremely vulnerable and completely defenseless. The summer heat made the room quite warm, almost stiflingly so, and Jason could feel the sweat coming from his skin, particularly at his hairy armpits, across his deeply etched 8-pack, and down the middle of his densely muscular back. 

His three captors were standing a few feet away, hungrily looking Jason up and down like the big slab of prime grade AAA beef that he was. 

“God DAMN, Eric, you’re right! He IS a fuckin’ bull stud!” one of them commented approvingly, a young blonde man who couldn’t have been more than 20 years old, with a handsome, boyish face and stunning blue eyes. The beautiful young man was wearing skin-tight clothing, including black leather pants that hugged every curve of his long, lean, muscular legs, an a red t-shirt that showed off just how incredibly lean and ripped this gorgeous young stud truly was. Jason estimated the young man to be about 5’11” and 220 pounds, a weight made all the more impressive by the fact that there truly was not a single ounce of fat on the lad’s spectacularly lean body. 

“Wow! Yeah, you can say that again, Sebastian! This dude is almos’ as big as I am!!” supported another one of his captors, this one a powerful giant of a man who was several inches taller than Jason’s own 6’3”, and who’s gargantuan build dwarfed even Jason’s super heavyweight bodybuilder physique! If Jason was an astounding and rock solid 350 pounds, then this titanic muscle beast must have been well north of 400 pounds!! Jason had never even seen PHOTOS of a guy this big before, let alone met one in person, and he was awed by the man’s freakish and intimidating presence. 

The humongous man was slightly older than Jason, perhaps in his mid 20s, with long brown hair held behind his back in a ponytail and astoundingly broad, almost impossibly muscular shoulders. He was equally as stunningly handsome as the younger blond, but the two men were a study in contrasts; the blond’s features were so delicate and refined as to border on pretty, while the brown-haired giant’s face was far more rugged and blocky and intensely masculine. The frighteningly big man was wearing faded blue jeans that strained at the seams to hold in the awesome bulk of his colossal legs, and a dingy white tank top that showed off the truly colossal size of his staggeringly humongous upper body. Jason’s beautiful blue eyes nearly bugged out of his head when he drank in the sight of the guy’s utterly massive upper arms, for he estimated that they had to be over 26 inches around, cold! They were the largest arms that Jason had ever seen, even in bodybuilding magazines!! He’d never even HEARD of a man with arms so freakishly big, and despite the fear and uncertainty of his current predicament, he found himself longing to wrap his big hands around that colossal mass of muscle, to feel those humongous arms under his strong fingers. 

“Drake, have I ever lied to you?” said the third young man, whose name was apparently Eric. “I told you both that I’d find us a fun new toy to play with, and when I saw this hunk arrive at that bodybuilding competition a few months ago, I knew he’d be the one.” 

Jason’s eyes traveled to the third man, and he felt his jaw actually drop open as he took in the sight of his third captor, for Eric was perhaps the hottest stud of them all. He looked to be in his early-20’s, the same age as Jason, and his body was that of a hunky college jock, big and built and beautifully defined, far bigger than Sebastian’s lean physique though not nearly as huge as Jason or big Drake. Where Drake had a bulky powerlifter’s physique and Sebastian was all lean muscle, Eric was a perfect blend of the two — built without being a Sherman tank, and balanced and toned to perfection. Eric was perhaps 100 pounds shy of Jason’s own spectacular 350-pound build, but they both shared the same classic shape and aesthetics. 

Eric’s clothes, unlike the others, were non-attention grabbing, yet still didn’t do much to hide the amazing body beneath the clothes. He wore a plain but tight canary yellow polo shirt with loose fitting khaki slacks, and sneakers with white cotton socks. His hair was styled in a conservatively stylish cut and shimmered a dark reddish brown. His eyes were hazel and had the most gorgeous depth of color. Compared to the others, he was dressed for the latest fashion magazine. And even though you couldn't directly see it, Eric clearly had a hefty package of his own, making a tantalizingly huge bulge even through the baggy khaki pants. Every time Eric inhaled, his muscular chest and stomach heaved outward, stretching the fabric of his polo shirt until it looked like the seams might split.

Jason’s eyes darted back and forth between these three gorgeous men, as he tried to determine whether he’d woken up to the greatest dream of his life, or his worst nightmare. The sound of the television set suddenly broke him out of his reverie. 

“Hey guys, lookie here!” said Sebastian, who had been standing closest to the television. “Looks like our muscle boy here is about to become famous!”

Channel 7 news you can use. Tonight, 23-year-old Officer Jason Allen of the Detroit PD is missing and is believed to have been abducted while out on patrol. His partner, Sergeant Matthew Schmidt, was found unconscious at the scene several hours ago with several bullets to the chest, and is currently in critical condition at County General Hospital. At this hour, police are asking for any information that might lead to the whereabouts of the missing Officer Allen. If you have any information, please call...”

“What a fuckin’ riot!” Sebastian laughed as he turned down the volume on the TV. “Sounds like you didn’t kill that shorter, studly cop after all, Eric!” 

“At least not yet!” drawled Drake. “No way that guy is gonna survive three slugs to the chest at point blank range, though!”

“Gentlemen, gentlemen!” said Eric. “Where are your manners? We have a guest with us this evening! Let’s properly introduce ourselves!”  

“Alright!” said the beautiful blond. “I’ll go first. I’m Sebastian. Sebastian Waters.” Jason met the young man’s gorgeous blue eyes, and shivered inside at what he saw there. The pretty boy may have been flashing a gorgeous smile at him, but his eyes contained something dark and foreboding. Jason also noticed for the first time that the lad had a seriously big bulge at the front of his tight-fitting black leather pants. He also noticed that heavy black leather boots completed the young man’s look, boots that looked like military surplus but that had been retrofitted with soccer-style metal cleats on the underside. 

“And I’m Drake Alden,” said the gigantic muscle man with the thick, wavy-haired ponytail. Drake’s voice was very deep and very rough — and very sexy — and the slight grin tilting up one corner of the man’s wide, expressive mouth was not friendly in the slightest. Jason noticed that the man’s blue jeans were so tight as to look uncomfortable, and that they outlined in full detail what looked to be a massive cock and a set of big, heavy balls. Unlike the other two men, Drake didn’t wear any shoes, and his enormous feet looked to be at least several sizes bigger than Jason’s own massive size 16s. 

“And I’M Eric Blanc,” said the last man, moving in closer to the group. “Welcome to our little home-away-from-home here in the deep woods. There’s not another cabin for at least 5 miles in every direction, so we’re very much alone out here. No one to wander by and interrupt our little fun and games.” 

Despite the ominous implications of Eric’s words, young Jason was becoming overwhelmed with lust. His humongous chest was rising and falling as his breath quickened, and he could feel an exquisite heaviness start to build in his own freakishly oversized loins. The sight of these three gorgeous, muscular, and obviously very well hung men — combined with the fact that he hadn’t had a chance to jack off before work that day — was proving to be simply too much for young Jason, and despite the fear of his predicament, he couldn’t control his rapidly hardening cock. 

The gargantuan, 12-inch length of Jason’s flaccid penis was arched over and underneath his swollen bull balls, so incredibly long that it was very nearly tucked into the deep and hairy crevice of his monumentally muscular ass. Therefore, as his huge tool started to unfurl and expand within the confines of his already overpacked jock strap, the massive schlong began to stretch the thin fabric even further, threatening to rip the skimpy piece of underwear right off of his body with the power of his mighty mule dick alone! Jason blushed bright red in embarrassment and the three hunky captors watched with surprise and obvious delight as the tent at the front of Jason’s jock strap grew larger and larger, and larger still. The men’s eyes quickly grew large as well at the impressive sight of the unbelievably massive phallus swelling in front of them, and still it continued to grow, soon protruding nearly straight out from the young man’s muscular crotch like some sort of fifth limb and stretching the heroically straining fabric of the jockstrap to the absolute limit. 

Finally, the huge horse cock grew so large and stretched the struggling cotton fabric so far forward that one of Jason’s enormous balls slipped free of the confining pouch. His elephant-sized right bollock fell heavily to the bottom of his hairy, voluminous ballsac, a truly mammoth orb easily the size of the very biggest of grapefruits. The titanic orb hung heavy and huge at the end of its life-giving cords, stretching down nearly four inches from his crotch, showcasing the incredibly long natural dangle of the young cop’s massive nuts. 

The three handsome captors watched in open-mouthed wonder as the front of Jason’s outrageously overstretched jockstrap began to grow damp. The young man had always been a copious precummer, but this situation stoked his overblown libido to such an extent that it was as if the floodgates had been opened. The front of Jason’s jockstrap quickly became wet, and then grew almost translucent, outlining the nearly fist-sized, bulbous lump of his bloated and swollen cock head. And just moments after that, a large bead of clear precum began to form at the front of his overstretched underwear, a slick and gelatinous glob of cock snot that started to drip toward the floor on a long, slender, glistening rope. 

In short, Jason was the most magnificent sight the other three men had ever seen, the very personification of hyper-sexualized masculinity taken to its most exaggerated and erotic extreme. And it was clear that all three of them longed to tear into all of that juicy, swollen manliness. 

Sebastian was the first to recover his voice, exclaiming, “Man, that’s the biggest fucking nut I’ve ever SEEN!! Before today, Eric’s massive low hangers were the biggest nuts I’d ever laid eyes on, but just that one bloated bollock is bigger than BOTH of Eric’s nuts COMBINED!! And the size of that elephant cock is just fucking INSANE!! Drake’s monstrous 13 incher is no longer the title-holder of ‘World’s Biggest Cock’, as this muscle stud has got to have at LEAST 3 inches on you, big guy! And it’s nearly TWICE as thick as your trouser beast as well!! Geezus, I didn’t think a guy’s junk could possibly be this massive!!!”

The beautiful blond stepped closer to Jason and placed his hands onto the colossal expanse of the captive cop’s mammoth chest. The thin sheen of sweat covering Jason’s massive body allowed Sebastian’s hands to glide easily over the thick and swollen muscles, reveling in the contrast between the muscle man’s soft skin and the coarse texture of that perfect dusting of short black hair that was scattered across the astoundingly broad and thick pecs. A soft sigh escaped the pretty boy’s slightly parted lips as his hands explored all of that magnificent muscle, finally coming to rest on the curved undersides of those titanic twin plates of muscle. Sebastian tried to cup as much of that dense pec meat as he could, but the sheer mass of muscle overflowed his big hands. His strong fingers kneaded the underside of that thick pec shelf, but even though Jason’s chest was fully relaxed, his heroically overdeveloped muscles were so thick and incredibly dense that they barely even dented in Sebastian’s grip. 

Sebastian then began to slowly run his hands lower, caressing the giant and deeply etched cobblestones of Jason’s rock solid 8 pack. The dusting of coarse dark body hair was spread across his extraordinary abdomen as well, thickening into a narrow treasure trail that traveled down his chiseled lower abs to disappear beneath the straining waistband of his jock strap. The hunky prisoner’s comically oversized phallus gave a mighty lurch as Sebastian’s hungry hands neared the juncture of his belly and his groin, and a huge gout of clear precum spurted out of his quivering cock, blasting out with such force that it sprayed right on THROUGH the soaked jock strap and landed with a loud and wet splat onto Sebastian’s left pant leg! 

The blond’s blue eyes grew wide as he saw the gelatinous slug of clear nut juices slowly oozing down his leather pant leg, leaving a slimy snail trail in its wake. He then broke into a huge, happy, almost goofy smile, and continued his downward exploration of Jason’s magnificent body. He knelt before the mighty muscle cop and reached his left hand upward to gently cup Jason’s huge hanging bollock. The truly massive gonad easily overflowed Sebastian’s palm as the young man hefted the huge orb, bouncing it gently in his hand as he assessed its enormous size and even greater weight. He let out a low whistle and then said, “Shit, you guys! You gotta feel this! It’s like I’ve got a warm BOULDER in my hand, solid and heavy and fuckin’ DENSE! FUCK!! This fuckin’ bull ball is even HEAVIER than it looks! There’s got to be at least FIVE POUNDS of prime nut meat right here!!” 

“What did I tell you?” replied handsome auburn-haired Eric. “This guy’s an alpha STUD! He’s the total package, and I mean TOTAL package. Scoot over, I wanna feel that other fat nut.” 

Sebastian happily complied, moving a foot or so to his left to give Eric room to kneel, but never letting up on his gentle grip of Jason’s humongous right nut. Eric reached up with both hands to cup and fondle Jason’s still jockstrap-clad left ball, almost gasping in amazement as he felt the warm, slightly yielding bollock in his large hands. 

“Holy fuck, you’re right Sebastian!” Eric exclaimed with a mix of awe, lust, and perhaps a slight bit of dismay. “This dude’s nuts really ARE more than twice the size of my huge meatballs! FUCK!! Did his mom fuck a HORSE or something?! This stud is fucking AMAZING!!” 

“Thank you,” Jason said with his best self-deprecating and disarming smile, trying to graciously accept the compliment and fake a casualness that belied the severity and danger of the situation. Then he used his most calm and reasonable voice and asked, “May I ask what you are planning to do with me?” 

Jason had barely finished his sentence before Sebastian wrapped his strong fingers around the neck of the cop’s huge, dangling nut and pulled sharply downward. Jason thought that Sebastian was going to tear his big bollock from his body, as the massive orb stretched another couple of inches in its straining sac. Jason gasped and his dark blue eyes flew open wide. 

And before he could react any further, Sebastian began to squeeze. Hard! 

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An Officer and Three Gentlemen - Part 1

Greetings readers!

YES, I really am still alive, and I really DO intend to keep this blog going. I just haven't had much time to devote to writing or posting. Thanks for bearing with me, and I hope that you have all enjoyed the various stories I've posted on my blog to date.

The series I'm about to start posting is a modified and expanded version of a previous series of posts, all based upon an early (2000) story by the incredible Sack Stomper. I had originally written and posted just two chapters to this story, but that's now been expanded to SEVEN full chapters, including a conclusion that is all brand new. I hope you enjoy it! :D

An Officer & Three Gentlemen - Part 1
Based on an original story written by Sack Stomper in 2000


A hot Detroit muscle cop has his massive balls busted wide open by three gorgeous hunks


A dense and steamy fog had settled over Detroit. Officer Jason Allen, a young rookie cop with the force on his first night patrol, had landed into a situation hotter than the stale Great Lake's air of this Independence Day eve. 

The brightly lit silhouette of the Renaissance Center could be seen rising up from above the skyline of filth, disease, and scandal that constituted the Great Lake docks. Particularly macabre were those abandoned fixtures left empty long ago by Sears Roebuck, General Motors, and Waylend Glass, all of which had seen much better days. Jason wished he could be somehow magically transported away from the abandoned warehouses and dilapidated cranes and into the warmth and security of some penthouse suite in the Renaissance Center, but that wasn't going to happen. 

No, Officer Allen’s first night patrol had not gone well at all, and he now feared that he’d NEVER experience warmth and security again. 


Jason Allen had joined the police force right out of college, for he felt a call of duty to protect and serve. He was also drawn to the physicality of the profession, for he’d always been a high-performing athlete, excelling at every sport he tried, from football to baseball to powerlifting to rugby to track and field. He’d begun working out in his teens to become stronger and more conditioned for sports, and he quickly discovered that he could put on top quality muscle mass with tremendous ease. In fact, he couldn’t seem to STOP growing; he graduated high school at a whopping 270 pounds of pure muscle, and by the time he’d finished college just a month or so ago, he’d become a true monster of mass, packing a mind-blowing 350 pounds of dense, hard, swollen, ultra lean muscle on his big, wide, 6’3” frame. And even though the young man was barely 23 years old, he was by far the biggest, beefiest cop on the entire metropolitan-area force…and he was still growing!! 

In fact, until quite recently, Jason had had aspirations of becoming a professional bodybuilder. The handsome young man had been blessed with truly superb genetics, providing him not only with herculean mass, but also a fantastically proportioned and gorgeously aesthetic physique. Jason had been fascinated by muscle men starting at a very young age, and had always dreamed of joining their ranks. The randy young man was fully bisexual, but his greatest sexual turn on was big, hard muscles on a big, hard man. Jason decided to make his dream of becoming a true bodybuilder a reality, and during his entire senior year at the university, he trained harder than ever before, pumping massive amounts of weight to push his body farther than ever before. The results had been spectacular, and in less than a year managed to pack on nearly another 50 pounds of prime quality beef onto an already phenomenally muscular body. 

Jason had planned to enter the regional collegiate bodybuilding event, held in the spring, as his first ever foray into a physique contest. He knew that he had both the size and the conditioning to utterly blow away the competition. Hell, he was so big and so ripped, he felt confident that he could have dominated even in the big leagues, but he knew that he had to win a pro card first before he could go head-to-head and muscle-to-muscle with the biggest men in the business. 

As the date for the competition neared, young Jason got even more shredded and diced than ever. He practiced his posing routine over and over in the full-length mirror until it was absolutely perfect, admiring his own mighty body as he did so. Jason was also an extremely handsome young man, and he knew it. His mixed German-Irish heritage combined to give him angular, intensely masculine features with a powerful jaw, strong chin, and prominent cheekbones, as well as very fair skin with a tendency to lightly freckle across his broad, muscular shoulders. His deep-set eyes were a captivating dark blue with thick, dark eyebrows, and his jet black hair was cropped short in an almost military cut. The same dark hair was also normally scattered across his arms, legs, chest, and abs, with much thicker thatches of hair at his crotch and armpits, but he had shaved off all of his coarse body hair to further showcase his extraordinary physique. He knew he looked amazing, his smooth and massively swollen muscles all but glowing with raw strength and male power, and he grew more and more excited as the event neared. 

The young muscle man had only one problem — finding a posing strap that would fit him. The hunky college stud had been blessed with almost impossibly handsome good looks and a physique that would make top-ranked professional bodybuilders green with envy, but his most extraordinary and impressive genetic gifts were reserved for his massive man parts. Jason had a colossal horse cock that was every bit of 12 inches long - completely soft! - and possessed of a mighty girth that had stymied nearly all attempts to accommodate the massive organ in mouth, pussy, or ass. Not that he’d mad many opportunities to try, mind you — his dashing good looks and titanically muscular size were far too intimidating for most people, so Jason had been on surprisingly few dates in his life, and even fewer hook ups. Even worse, when men and women saw the prodigious size of Jason’s epic cock for the first time, most ran screaming, and few that remained would even try to take on such an enormous meat cannon. 

Jason’s gargantuan gonads were even more astounding than his cock, if that could be believed — two oblong spheres of dense and heavy man meat that were each bigger than the biggest, juiciest ripe grapefruit. These were a set of nuts that truly earned the moniker ‘bull balls’, though even a prime breeding bull would have been jealous of the sheer size and mass of Jason’s twin nuggies. The young man’s bollocks were as heavy as they were massive, naturally stretching his hairy ballsac a good 4” from his crotch and creating an impressive and seductive dangle. Those huge balls were also phenomenally virile, constantly churning out colossal amounts of his prime baby batter and forcing the young super hunk to whack his massive meat several times a day just to avoid painful congestion in his bloated bull nuts. The few women that Jason had been with had taken one look at those gigantic gonads and were understandably terrified of being knocked up by the huge muscle stud if they even strayed too close to his monumental cock. Needless to say, not a single young woman had ever let the huge lug cum inside of them, not that he could ever fit more than the bloated, swollen head and perhaps the first couple of inches of his monstrous bull cock inside of them anyway. 

Despite the mixed reactions Jason had gotten from his monumentally oversized sexual equipment, and despite the fact that everyone who had ever seen him naked had called him a freak (sometimes in a good way, but more often not), Jason was incredibly proud of his magnificent endowment. His colossal horse cock and behemoth baby makers were his pride and joy, and he found time every day to lavish them with attention. It was only now that he was having such difficulty finding an appropriately sized bodybuilding poser that he was starting to realize that such gargantuan goods might be a liability. 

When Jason first placed an order online for a posing strap, he received a tersely-worded email reply from the manufacturing company, chastising the young man for playing some kind of weird, sicko joke. After some additional correspondence that left Jason feeling both embarrassed and frustrated, he resorted to sending the customer service agent a photograph of himself from the waist down - naked. An apologetic reply soon followed (which included a thinly-veiled request to meet the young man in person), along with assurances that the company would start manufacturing the custom-order garment as soon as possible. 

Twice, Jason received deliveries from the company and eagerly tried on the posing suit, only to find that the delivered garment was too small to accommodate the great massive bulk of his genitals. The seams on the straps were straining to near bursting both times, and still large swaths of his cock and balls were left exposed. Jason sent the first two garments back, along with photos showing the inadequate size and fit, and asked them to try again. The date of the show was now fast approaching, and still Jason had no posing strap. The company insisted that they would be able to deliver the item the morning of the competition. Getting up early, Jason made his way down to the local UPS hub right when the doors opened, grabbed his parcel, and headed directly to the event. 

The competition was being held at the huge downtown conference center, and the place was packed with both bodybuilders and spectators. Even in his baggy sweatpants and sweatshirt, Jason turned heads everywhere he went. His fantastic muscular size was apparent even through his loose-fitting clothing, for he dwarfed even the very largest of the other collegiate competitors. Combined with Jason’s heart-stopping good looks, many people just couldn’t help but gawk and stare. The young muscle man was more handsome than any movie star, and with his bright blue eyes and short, jet black hair, he looked like Superman himself…only even bigger and better looking! 

Jason finished checking in for the event and was shown to the back stage pump room. The young man was momentarily overwhelmed as he gazed out across the big, open room and drank in the sight of so many gorgeous, muscular young bodies. The dark-haired stud felt his huge cock twitch inside his sweatpants, and he immediately tried to distract himself from the powerfully erotic scene, lest his already massive cock grow even bigger! Once again, Jason’s mere presence caused heads to turn and hearts to race, and many eyes followed him as the big guy walked over to an open station against one of the walls and started prepping for the stage. 

The young muscle beast started focusing on getting into the right mindset for the competition, and was able to nearly tune out the room as he got changed. He thus didn’t hear the many gasps of shock as he hauled his oversized sweatshirt off over his head, revealing his utterly spectacular upper body for the first time. Jason was truly beyond massive, and many conversations in the room suddenly ceased as nearly all eyes turned to drink in the sight of the colossal young bodybuilder. The lad’s huge boulder shoulders were easily a yard wide, framing a big, bloated, behemoth chest that was a true masterpiece of muscularity. The twin plates of muscle were every bit of 6” thick, and so dense and shredded that the slightest movement caused striations upon striations to dance across their vast expanse. Jason’s upper arms were mind-blowingly massive and bursting with unspeakable power, measuring a nearly record-setting 23.5” around, and his huge, muscle-corded forearms were bigger and beefier than any of the other men’s upper arms! 

The wide flare of his ultra thick lats tapered down majestically to an extraordinarily muscular and shredded waist. Jason’s midsection was thick with dense and beefy muscle, including a corrugated 8-pack that was more deeply etched and ridged than a cobblestone street. Yet, despite the muscular thickness of Jason’s waist, his midsection was still extraordinarily narrow compared to the impossibly wide breadth of his chest, shoulders, lats, and arms. 

Oblivious to his effects on the other men in the room, Jason then hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his sweatpants and shucked them down. He was wearing basketball shorts beneath the sweatpants, but his thighs were so colossally huge and thick with muscle that the shorts clung to them like a second skin, and therefore didn’t even reach mid-thigh. The clamorous sounds in the room had been reduced to hushed whispers and gasps of breath as the young man’s mighty wheels were revealed, showing them to be a perfect match for his phenomenal upper body. Jason’s thighs were like oak tree trunks, and his calves looked like a pair of footballs that had been so overinflated that they were ready to burst. Even his size 16 feet were thick and huge and muscular, a fact that had forced the mighty muscle behemoth to have to special-order all of his shoes since he’d been 14 years old. 

Jason turned around to open the UPS package, which was sitting on a bench behind him. Facing the wall, Jason’s gigantic back was now facing the room, the massive, chiseled, perfectly proportioned mounds of huge muscle looking like a relief map of some mighty mountain range. Every other bodybuilder in the room now knew without a doubt who the overall winner of the evening was going to be — there just was no contest! They all knew that they would now all be vying for second place. 

The bright blue poser looked small in Jason’s enormous hands, but it was certainly bigger than any that had come before. Hopeful that the third time would be a charm and that this poser would fit, Jason pulled down his basketball shorts, stripping completely naked. The young man exposed an ass that was so massively muscular, so powerful, so achingly beautiful that it could make angels cry, and several men in the room spontaneously came in their pants at the magnificent sight. The massive muscle bull, still oblivious to the commotion he was causing, stepped into his poser and pulled it up to his hips. He used his big hands to stuff his colossal cajones and titanic tube of a cock into the skimpy garment, causing the stretchy fabric to bulge and strain to its absolute limit. But after a few moments of poking and prodding and readjusting, a big grin spread across Jason’s achingly handsome face, for his entire package was fully encased within the bright blue poser. 

A happy Jason turned around, and the entire room went dead silent for a moment, followed by a collective gasp of shock and awe at the outrageous sight of the young man’s lycra-encased genitals. The titanic bulge created by the young bodybuilder’s equipment was beyond pornographic, and none of the men present could believe what they were seeing. The sudden silence finally woke Jason out of his reverie, and he looked up to find every eye in the room trained on his behemoth crotch bulge, and every jaw hanging open in utter shock. The handsome young muscle monster suddenly became self-conscious at all of the gaping stares, and for the first time, he wondered if it was a good idea to show up for the event. 

One of the older men in the room, a big, grizzled muscle man who had trained many of the other young men in the room, raised a big, hairy arm and pointed at Jason’s crotch, shouting in a taunting voice, “What the fuck is THAT?! What kind of weird, sicko FREAK is this guy?!? Hey, your mama fuck a horse or something???” 

The older man’s cruel and taunting words broke the ice in the room, and the other competitors and coaches started to point and laugh at the huge, dark-haired mega stud. Though every man in the room was secretly jealous of big Jason — his utterly phenomenal physique, his stunning male beauty, and the incontrovertibly colossal size of his meat and potatoes — they also felt threatened by the overwhelmingly masculine bull stud. Laughing at him and taunting him was a way to hide their own feelings of inadequacy around such an extraordinary specimen of man. 

Sadly, however, their tactics worked. 

Jason just stood there for several long moments, his fair skin quickly blushing bright red with embarrassment and shame. He found he couldn’t meet the cruel eyes or hear the taunting laughter any longer, and he pulled on his sweatpants, grabbed his shoes and gear bag, and ran out of the room as fast as his mammoth legs could take him — which was extremely fast! The sound of laughter and taunts followed him out of the room, and he had to blink tears out of his stunning blue eyes as he ran and dodged his way through the shocked and stunned crowd on his way out the door. Jason vowed to never enter a bodybuilding contest again, and that he would never expose his herculean body, let alone his more-than-ample crotch, to the public again. 

Little did the young man know, however, that a quick-thinking bystander had captured dozens of photos of Jason stripping off his clothes and squeezing into his poser. A bystander who harbored dark desires for muscle men, and hugely-hung muscle men in particular. A bystander who would soon track down Jason Allen with evil intent on his mind…


After the fiasco of his aborted bodybuilding dreams, Jason threw himself into the final months of his university studies. He continued to hit the weights as hard as ever — perhaps even harder than before — but he allowed his perfect scattering of dark body hair to grow back in, and he threw the bright blue poser, the symbol of his embarrassment over his freakish size, into the trash. 

Jason graduated in May with highest honors, with double majors in business and communications, but found that he had no desire to enter the business world. Almost on a whim, he applied for a position on the metropolitan police force a week after graduation (it was either that or enroll in the military), and was awarded a position just weeks later. The young muscle man hoped that he would find his true calling in the service of his community. 

What Jason hadn’t counted on was being paired up with a veteran cop by the name of Sergeant Matthew Schmidt. Officer Schmidt was nearly a decade Jason’s senior, and had the hard-eyed, steel-willed demeanor of a career cop. He was also a hunk in his own right. Matthew Schmidt stood only about 5’9” tall, but he weighed a good 260 pounds, and from what Jason could tell through the man’s dark blue uniform, every ounce of that weight was pure muscle. The man wore his thick blond hair in a short buzz cut, making the planes and angles of his handsome face stand out even more. Matt still wore the bloom of youth, but Jason could tell that his was the kind of face that would in time become ‘ruggedly handsome’, especially with a jawline and chin so powerful and strong as to be just this side of exaggerated. 

Jason fell in instant lust with his hunky new partner, and did all he could to prevent the veteran cop from finding out. The young muscle giant may have had half a foot in height and a good 85 pounds in mass over the older cop, but Officer Schmidt wasn’t the least bit intimidated by Jason’s size. In fact, the Sergeant was, if anything, rather stern and harsh with the new recruit, but that only served to turn big Jason on even more. In just the few weeks that they’d been partnered together, Jason had learned to jerk off his huge meat at least a good two or three times before heading in to work, and even then, he had to fight throwing a boner his entire shift. Jason swore that he could feel an almost electric heat coming off the blond cop anytime the handsome older man was near, and by the end of each shift, the sweat and musk that had accumulated on the man’s skin was damn near intoxicating to the rookie stud. He would inevitably have to rush home after work and pull out another couple of loads, thinking about his hunky, beefy partner. 

But as fate would have it on this sultry Independence Eve night, Jason’s very first night shift, the big lad hadn’t had time to choke out a few loads prior to meeting up with his partner. The young man was therefore carrying TWO loaded guns that night — one in his holster, and a far bigger one stuffed down his pants…


The evening had become a blur for young Jason Allen, as events had so quickly spiraled out of control…

He and Sergeant Schmidt were told to respond to a call that some young punks were carousing and raising hell inside an abandoned warehouse out by the docks. Upon arriving at the scene, the two police officers were ambushed by the three punks, who Jason later learned had been the very ones to phone in the anonymous tip. The three young men had their minds set on abduction and torture this hot, steamy night, and they had set a well-laid trap for the two officers. 

In the ambush, Officer Schmidt was shot in the chest multiple times at pointblank range just inches from Jason, felling the older cop instantly. The three assailants, armed with brass knuckles and tasers and lead pipes, had quickly subdued the stunned Jason, using the element of surprise to overpower the handsome and enormously-built young man with relative ease. They then stuffed his massive, unconscious form into the trunk of a beat up 1974 Thunderbird. Within minutes of the ambush being sprung, the car was speeding away from the warehouse district and towards points unknown...