Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pumpkin Pounded - Original Version

Hello everyone!

Here is the original version of Pumpkin Pounded by Sack Stomper. I just LOVE this guy's stories!!!


Pumpkin Pounded

Twenty-four year old Nate Sebring sat quietly, a look of forced relaxation so intense it looked exaggerated concealed a rage bubbling just beneath the surface. The only sound in his small living room was the rhythm ticking of a wall clock and a light autumn rain pattering against the window, but he hardly noticed as he stared intently at the photograph in his hands. It was a picture of him and another man hugging and smiling at the Jackson County Summer Jamboree taken just a few weeks prior. The smiling Nate on the photo was in sharp contrast to the blank faced young man looking down at it.

Even in his disgust, Nate couldn't help but admire the look of Chuck, the other man in the picture. Chuck was five-foot nine, the same height as Nate, but was nearly thirty pounds heavier, a stocky almost bearish man who had turned 36 that summer. Chuck's medium length dark brown hair was neatly styled and framed his round, handsome face. Even on the low quality photo paper, his smoky brown eyes seemed to glisten. Tufts of thick chest hair puffed from his partially unbuttoned chest-hugging plaid shirt and stone washed jeans that showed off his thick calves and an ample bulge in his crotch, features that even now Nate found hard not to admire.

Nate looked up at the clock to check the time, his good friend William 'Alex' Monroe was running late as usual.

Nate ran a hand through his short, sandy brown hair as his mind replayed in sickening detail the conversation he and Chuck had had just hours after the fateful photograph was taken. Nate and Chuck had met online three years prior and after courting each other for a year, Nate packed his small apartment's worth of belongings into a van and moved the forty-five minutes to the small town of Jackson Hollow to move into Chuck's slightly less modest apartment. For a while, as the photo captured quintessentially, all was well. Nate had quickly found a job unloading freight at a local store. The relocation forced him to make friends, like Alex outside his comfort zone. The heavy lifting at his job worked to tone up his torso, meaning he carried himself with a slightly move svelte, developed profile than Chuck. But then, like a sudden end of a good dream, things fell apart. Chuck became increasingly callous and distant, pointing out every one of Nate's flaws and missteps.

Chuck picked fights and made rude comments about how he no longer found Nate attractive. He openly flirted with younger, slimmer guys and constantly compared Nate's huskier frame to theirs. It was as if Nate were merely a toy Chuck had gotten tired of playing with and had set aside. Using the last of his savings, and fed up by Chuck, Nate moved out into the small, virtually empty apartment he found himself in today. As he sat waiting for Alex, Nate replayed the details of his relationship with Chuck and kept reaching the same conclusion. Chuck was an immature, fickle cub who shouldn't be allowed to fuck anyone over any more...

At first Nate was too lost in thought to notice the knocking on the door and it wasn’t until the second round of slightly louder knocks that he glanced up at the door. Snapped out of his thoughts, Nate hopped up and headed to the door, not even bothering to ask who it was before opening it.

As expected, standing on the other side was Alex Ward. Alex was slightly taller than Nate but noticeably lighter, though far from lanky. Although he was Nate’s age, Alex’s youthful, freckled face that could have easily passed for a teenager, a trait that would fit perfectly into Nate’s grand scheme.

“Obsessed much?” Alex asked with a dry chuckle as he gestured to the photograph Nate was still clutching in his hand.

Nate, forgetting that he was still holding the photo, crushed it into a ball with his fist and threw it to the ground as he and Alex sat next to each other on the couch. Nate produced his laptop that had been tucked under the couch and opened it to reveal the login page to Jocks4Twinks, a relatively new online hookup site that catered exclusively to hunky, and ostensibly masculine men who were looking for svelte young twinks.

Alex raised an eyebrow quizzically. He wasn’t entirely sure what Nate was up to, or how he factored into it, but was more than eager to help his friend exact revenge on his slimy ex-boyfriend.

“So… Jocks4Twinks? Not seeing how this STD clearinghouse is going to help you with Chuck.”

Nate smiled wickedly as he started explaining his plan. When he and Chuck lived together, Chuck had routinely used Nate’s laptop as a matter of convenience. Shortly after Nate had moved out, he had opened the laptop to check his email and saw that it was still logged into Nate’s account and despite himself he couldn’t resist the urge to pry. All of the emails were routine except for a confirmation email from Jocks4Twinks letting Chuck know that his new account under the user name Country Creamer.

“Ooh, juicy. What’s in his profile?” Alex asked.

With a few clicks Nate pulled up Chuck’s user profile on the site. What Nate found most incredulous was that Nate’s profile picture was the same one they had taken at the summer festival with Nate crudely cropped from the frame. Because Nate wasn’t a member, all but the most basic information was blocked out, but there was still enough for Alex to skim over.

“This is my favorite part,” Nate laughed pointing to a small blurb Chuck had written about himself.

“Country cub wanting to plow the cream right out of a sissy little twink…” Alex read aloud; the rest of the text was blocked out presumably for members only.

“So hunky Nate has a sweet tooth for Twinkies, eh.”

“Yeah and I guess I didn’t make the cut,” Nate laughed dryly gesturing over his decidedly non-twink torso, “but you do.”

Alex blushed as he ran a hand through his casually tussled, shoulder length red hair. He stood up and did a playful turn to show off his twink-like build. Alex’s five foot eleven inch tall frame was lean and slim with toned arm and chest muscles which he usually kept obscured under loose fitting clothing. He wasn’t skinny per se, but was much lankier and twink-like than Nate.

“I think I could pass for a twink,” Alex said, purposefully adding effeminate flare to his otherwise deep voice.

“I think you could!”

Still not entirely sure what Nate was up to, William setup an account on the site under the user name Ginger Snap being sure to include specific phrases and keywords Nate knew would catch Chuck’s attention. Although Ginger Snap’s physical stats matched Alex’s, that was the extent of any overlap between Alex and his alter ego. Because Chuck’s profile made it clear he wanted to be a dominate top, Ginger Snap was listed as a total bottom, the complete reverse from Alex. Ginger Snap was 19 years old, liked beefy, older guys, had a submissive stream, loved to be dominated in bed and had a relatively small cock – a detail added to add to the emasculated twink persona they were going for. None of those things was true about Alex, who was actually a total top with a massive, ass-wrecking penis he would much rather use on a twenty-something muscular athlete than the older, rounder Chuck.

When Nate was sure that the profile was sure to catch Chuck’s attention he darted out of the room to grab his camera. He directed Alex to remove his shirt, let his jeans sag at the waist and pose provocatively against a blank wall. Alex let his wrists go limp and gave a much friendly, youthful smile than normal, all while taking in a deep breath in an effort to soften his abs a bit. Alex, ironically the most masculine person involved in Nate’s scheme, looked like an absolute, cock-starved girly teenage twink. Nate applied a softening Instagram filter to the final image to make it look even younger and playful before uploading it to this computer and attaching it to Ginger Snap’s profile.

“Perfect, that will do nicely.” Nate said admiring his handiwork on the screen.

Ginger Snap was practically a Chuck magnet.

“So what exactly is it that you have planned, Nate?”

“Oh you’ll see. Don’t worry you won’t have to do anything gross with him, just string him along until he agrees to meet you,”

Nate grinned as he read the extended version of Chuck’s profile blurb:

“Country cub wanting to plow the cream right out of a sissy little twink over and over. My perfect twink would be between 18 to 22 years old, NO EXCEPTIONS, be totally submissive and know how to please a man. I’m a take charge dude but won’t mind letting a filthy cum whore take the lead in getting me worked up for his final, messy reward. Let’s get together guys and let me wear out your jaw on my nine inch dick before plowing into your warm, tight ass. Oh, and bedrooms are for sleeping – let’s mix it up.”

“What a tool,” Nate snorted when Alex was done reading.

“Is his cock really nine inches?” Nate asked casually.

“Yeah, or maybe a little bigger,”

“Hmm. I just assumed not, seeing how everyone lies on these sites. Poor little unsuspecting twinks. I wonder how many he’s split apart so far.”

Nate rolled his eyes as he clicked a button above Nate’s profile. The laptop responded by playing a wet, slurping sound effect.

“What’d you just do?”

“I sent him a ‘Slurp’. It’s like a ‘wink’ or a ‘smile’. Just to get the ball rolling…”

No sooner had he started his sentence than the computer made another slurping sound. Then another and another. Nate opened Ginger Snap’s email to see that three horny ‘jocks’ had attempted to get his attention just in the few minutes the account had been active. Without even opening the messages, Nate deleted them all; there was only one man he was interested in meeting up with Ginger Snap.

“Goodness, that profile is really luring them in.” Alex said.

“It’s probably that picture. Yummy.”

Alex flushed red as his friend playfully licked his lips and eyed him up and down.

Alex rolled his eyes, “So what do we do now? What exactly is your plan?”

“We lure him in and just when he thinks he’s about to get a piece of red-headed ass, I’ll hurt him worse than he hurt me.”

Alex, still eager to help his friend and bemused by the prospect of leading a quasi-double life, was slightly unsettled by Nate’s tone.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be a blast.”


As Nate expected, Alex’s Ginger Snap persona was extremely popular on the Jocks4Twink site. Ginger Snap’s email would receive several messages a day from hunky jocks, bears and cubs eager to tear open his supple ass and, just to amuse himself, Alex would occasionally respond leading on some hapless country stud. But the true target, Country Creamer, didn’t send a message. Several weeks passed and the air was starting to take on a decidedly nippy crispness.

By late October, Nate had taken to checking Ginger Snap’s email only once a week and was about to resign himself to the possibility that his plan wasn’t going to work when, at last there was a new message waiting from Country Creamer.

For the next week, Nate and Alex took turns posing as the twinkie Ginger Snap in long, raunchy online chat sessions with Chuck. One evening the two even ate snacks and drank beer laughing hysterically amongst themselves as they worked Chuck into a dirty-talking frenzy. While Chuck was blowing his load, he couldn’t imagine that the awesomely nasty, eager bottom slut he thought he was talking to was actually his ex-boyfriend and a very masculine red head playing him for a fool

And so it went for the next two weeks, into early November, before the inevitable finally happened. Chuck, too horned up and turned on to confine himself to having cybersex with Ginger Snap, agreed to meet him. Chuck thought he was in for a marathon, twink-ass-busting session of pounding hot sex but Nate had something much less steamy in mind. Alex, for his part, still wasn't entirely sure what he was supposed to do with Chuck other than guide him to a clearing in the middle of a cornfield off Old Malinowski Road, miles outside of town.

At Nate's instruction, Alex told Chuck to pick him up outside a grocery store in town. Chuck had revealed a fantasy of wanting to pick up a svelte horny hitch hiker and have his way with him and Nate was happy to give him one more moment of false happiness before his plan finally unfolded. At just before daybreak, Chuck rolled up in his shiny black Impala and motioned for Alex to hop in. As they made their way outside of town, Chuck didn't even bother to hide the huge bulge growing in his own jeans as he eye-fucked Alex. Alex was hotter than Chuck had imagined, wearing skin tight jeans and an over-size A-shirt that made his arms seem lankier than they really were. His hair was heavily styled into a ponytail and he was using feminine hand gestures and vocal inflection that totally played into Chuck's idea of the perfect submissive twink.

The sun was just peering over the horizon as Alex pointed Chuck to turn down an almost totally overgrown road that jutted from the highway. The beefy perv greedily obliged as Alex unfastened his seat belt so that he could unzip Chuck's jeans, lean over and take Chuck's truly huge cock into his mouth. Chuck’s large nuts bounced against Alex's chin as he expertly swallowed all nine inches of steely cock. Chuck moaned as the car drove further into the field open field, using one hand to keep the twink's head pressed firmly on his cock. Alex, for his part, was hoping his blow job would distract Chuck from realizing they were driving further and further into the middle of nowhere. The plan was working.

“Stop the car,” Alex instructed, gasping as he came up from air.

The car rolled to a stop just where the open field turned into a corn field of extremely tall stalks. As planned, there was a path cut into the corn that seemed to lead into a maze.

“This maze was left over from the jamboree. They're just gonna' plow it over soon so might as well get one more good go in it.” Alex explained as he got out of the car.

A clearly sexually frustrated Chuck exited, his nine inch thick cock bobbing out of his open zipper as he followed Alex into the maze.

“Mmm, daddy. The last guy who took me in here fucked me so hard his cum hit the back of my teeth,” Alex said in a sultry voice as he guided Chuck literally by his dick further into the maze.

“Oh yeah, boy! I'm gonna' plow the shit outta' you,”

“Mmm, sir. Make me your little slut. You wanna lay be down right here and pound this ass don't you?”

Chuck was going insane as this hot ginger twink was all but begging him to fuck his brains out. He was so turned on he didn't notice that the corn maze wasn't a maze at all, but a relatively straight path with no turns.

"We're almost to the center, daddy," Alex teased as he saw their actual destination ahead.

At first, Chuck was so focused on Alex that he barely noticed that they had exited the towering corn stalks and emerged into a meadow on the other side. But he hardly seemed to care as he reached out and grabbed Alex by the arm and drew him closer. Keep dropped to his knees and took as much of Chuck's thick cock into his mouth as he could stand, trying to cover his disgust at the musky smell.

"Over here! There is nothing hotter than being laid out and fucked hard and deep, with nothing but nature staring up your ass," said Alex after he had sucked Chuck's cock until it was even harder.

He sprang to his feet and, keeping up his youthful twink facade, walked backward toward a lone pine tree in the middle of the meadow. When he got to the tree he stood with his back to the trunk and bent down to touch his tows, leaving his round, perky jeans-clad ass in the air.

"Oh boy!" Chuck squealed.

Chuck's back pressed against the tree trunk as he stood behind the young stud and grasped his hips with his hands. Alex did his best to feign moans of pleasure as Chuck thrust and grinded his now dripping cock against his ass, only the thin fabric of his jeans separating him from what promised to be a gut-busting fuck. Alex glanced around, desperately hoping that Nate would arrive as planned before the much more powerful Chuck overtook him.

Alex stood up, pivoted on one foot and turned to face Chuck. Chuck smiled broadly as Alex leaned in and locked lips with him. As Alex pressed into Chuck, Chuck closed his eye in the moment but Alex slyly kept his open so he could glance into the corn stalks on the horizon. As planned, Nate dressed all in black, was jogging quickly up from behind. Nate didn't need to be particularly subtle with his approach since Chuck was entirely focused on making out with Alex.

When Nate was standing directly behind the tree he dropped a length of rope and nodded. Alex broke away from the kiss reached down and began stroking Chuck's throbbing cock as he licked his lips.

"Mmm. Your cock is so big, you're so hot. Lemme' show you how I please a man, daddy."

Chuck grinned and let his arms fall to his sides, totally exposing himself to whatever naughty fantasy Alex was going to play out.

Alex reached for Chucks hands and guided them until they were behind his back, hugging the tree.

"You know what I wanna' do to you stud?"

"Yeah boy, make me cum. Do whatever you want," Chuck’s cock was throbbing and leaking.

"Okay, he's ready!" Alex shouted, dropping the prissy twink routine.

Before Chuck knew what was happening, Nate had grabbed both of his hands and was hurriedly hand cuffing them together behind his back. Meanwhile, Alex had dropped to his knees and was busy using the rope Nate had dropped to tie Chucks' angles around the base of the tree.

"Hey! What the Hell..."

"Shut it!" Nate hissed, grabbing Chuck's bobbing cock and giving it a painful squeeze.

Chuck winced as his heart started to race.

"We have a surprise for you," Alex started, pulling Chucks cock outward.

Chuck arched his back painfully trying to stop Alex from pulling his dick off, and screamed when he realized he couldn't do anything to lessen the pressure. If Alex kept yanking and pulling his cock would..

"That's enough, Kip. Wouldn't want to spoil all the fun."

Alex released Chuck's cock as Nate rounded the tree and grinned wickedly at his ex. Chuck's fear quickly turned to bemused annoyance as he saw Nate, smirking and laughing at his timid ex-boyfriend's far-fetched threat.

"Well, well, well. I didn't know you were into whips and chains and stuff, but..." Chuck began snickering, pausing for a moment to eye Alex up and down.

"But I think I could make an exception with this one. But I'm not much into threesomes so if that'll be all, why don't you..."

Nate let out a pent up howl-like grunt that startled Chuck into silence as he reached forward and pulled down the hulking jock's jeans to his feet. Chuck's huge genitals were now swinging freely in the crisp autumn air. Each of Chuck's balls was about the size of a golf ball and almost comically round, covered in a patch of thick brown hair and taught to his body. They were totally defenseless, like two fleshy goofballs waiting to be knocked off their tee, and Chuck’s heart sank when he noticed Nate's gaze resting on them.

'No! That will not 'be all'. You are not in control here, Chuck." Nate hissed.

Without breaking eye contact with Chuck, Nate grabbed one of Chuck's balls in each hand and began to squeeze. Just as he remembered, the orbs were incredibly hard, dense objects that at first resisted deformation. But as Nate dug his thumb into the middle of each nut, he could feel he was starting to soften them up. The slow, methodical squeezing and tugging went on for nearly five minutes while Chuck pleaded, interrupted by an occasional girlish scream.

"What the -- what the fuck are you doing! Let me go... Aaaah"

Alex stood by silently, enjoying the look of satisfaction on Nate's face as he exacted revenge on Chuck. Oddly enough, Alex couldn't help but feel his own cock start to stir as he watched Chuck's sperm tanks turning red and swelling. Chuck watched in disgust as Alex began rubbing the bulge in his crotch, turned on at the big jock's de-nutting.

“Well I think he's had enough," Nate remarked as he let both of the big nuts out of his hands.

They were beet red and slightly swollen, but still whole. His cock had long ago gone limp, and was now a two inch thick stub that jutted out from his crotch.

Nate motioned for Alex to follow him back into the cornfield.

"So we're just going to leave him here?" Alex laughed as they entered the towering corn stalks.

"Not exactly."

Alex, still not entirely sure what the ultimate plan was, followed Nate a bit further into the field until they came across a small Radio Flyer wagon filled with pumpkins of various sizes and a second, larger contraption that was mounted on the top of a wooden wagon. It look Alex a few moments to realize what the mounted object was, but he realized what he was looking at his face lit up in a wide, toothy grin.

"Is that... are you serious?"

"Very serious. Oh, we're not done with him yet. Grab that wagon there,"

Alex wheeled the wagon full of gourds back into the open field, followed closely by Nate wheeling the awkward, wagon-mounted contraption. Chuck was struggling valiantly to free himself but to no avail and, upon seeing what Nate was wheeling toward him, his efforts became even more frantic.

"What! What are you doing? Let me go, Nate." Chuck screamed to Nate whom was still quite a bit away.

Nate ignored him as he positioned the contraption directly in front of the tree about half of a football field away and paused.

"Use this one," Alex suggested handing Nate a small pie pumpkin.

"Perfect. Have to get the aim right first." Nate smiled as he loaded the pumpkin onto the wagon-mounted catapult.

The pumpkin-hurling catapult was a decidedly crude contraption, the product of a few hours of internet research and a visit to the local hardware store, but it was functional enough for the task at hand. Ignoring Chuck's pleading, Nate pulled back on the loaded catapult, did the best he could to aim, and fired.

Chuck was muted with terror as he watched the small orange ball sailing toward him, but landing about a yard short. The pumpkin burst as it hit the ground with significant force. He could only imagine what would have happened had the pumpkin hit him...

"We need to get closer," Alex said dragging the catapult closer to the target.

"What are you... no. Please don't..." Chuck cried as Nate casually loaded another small pumpkin onto the catapult.

"Ready... aim... fire!" he called out gleefully as he let the second pumpkin sail.

The pumpkin collided with Chuck's heaving pecs with so much force that for a moment he was afraid it had cracked a rib. A fiery welt appeared on his hairy chest before the bounced pumpkin had even hit the ground.

"How do we lower the aim?" Alex asked eying the device curiously.

"Like this..."

Nate adjusted a large orange spring at the rear of the machine and, when he was satisfied, loaded a small summer squash and fired. The gourd landed short of its target, sailing just between Chuck's legs.

"Almost." Nate and Alex said in near unison.

It was at that moment that Chuck figured out what the true target was for Nate's evil machine. Nate wasn't just content to hurl heavy, hard pumpkins at him randomly. He was aiming for his crown jewels and, if the impact force of the first pumpkin was any indication, Nate was trying to do more harm than an innocent prank.

"No! Nooo!" Chuck screamed as he struggled against his bonds.

Nate shook his head in annoyance as he casually pulled a roll of duct tape out of his pocket. He totally ignored the pleading hunk as he walked up to the tree, retrieved a length of duct tape, and placed it over Chuck's mouth. Nate smiled in self-satisfaction as he rejoined Alex at the machine, loaded another small pumpkin and smiled cruelly as he pulled back on the firing mechanism.

"Fire!" Alex shouted out as the pumpkin went sailing.

Although the pumpkin only took a few seconds to cross the field, to Chuck it seemed to take forever. His eyes were fixated on the pie pumpkin as it came closer, and closer...


Chuck's muffled screaming drowned out the sound of the pumpkin crashing full-force into his huge balls. The aim was spot on and the force was tremendous. The pumpkin split on impact before falling the ground, revealing two extremely red, battered balls. Chuck writhed and screamed as tears streamed down his pain-contorted face. He had never felt such tremendous pain and was sure his testicles had just ruptured, but they were still quite whole.

"Perfect! Gimme' a bigger one," Nate instructed and Alex quickly obliged handing him a slightly larger white pumpkin.

Chuck's now slightly loosened nuts bounced wildly as he frantically tried to escape his bonds. Nate placed the medium sized white pumpkin into the catapult, pulled back on the spring and sent the heavy gourd sailing.


Chuck nearly passed out from the pain as the larger, heavier pumpkin smashed into his nutsack. Chuck's bull nuts and limp cock were flattened dangerously against his pelvic bone and he was sure Nate was inflicting serious damage to his...


Chuck hadn't even had time to process the last impact before another medium sized white pumpkin collided with his genitals. This pumpkin's skin was slightly harder, so didn't immediately spit on impact, meaning it had even more crushing force as it flattened Chuck's nuts against his pelvis. Chuck's girlish squeals were almost entirely muddled by the tape over his mouth. His face was flushed red and his broad chest was heaving from his sobbing. By now his already huge balls were even larger and beet red, the skin of his sack glistened as the swollen orbs inside pressed against it. Alex handed Nate another, slightly larger yellowish pumpkin.

Nate grinned as he bounced weighed the next pumpkin in his palm. This yellow pumpkin, though slightly smaller than the white ones, was significantly denser and heavier feeling and he smiled at the prospect as he loaded the catapult for another blow. Alex meanwhile was sporting a massive bulge in his overly-tight jeans and beads of sweat were starting to form on his forehead; watching Chuck's balls get crushed was turning him on more than he thought it would.

"Careful. You're gonna pop a button," Nate joked ad he noticed the outline of Alex's dick pressing against his zipper.

"Ready... Aim... Fire!"

Chuck was going hysterical, writhing wildly but unable to loosen his restraints. He was totally defenseless as the pumpkin, a nothing put a yellowish blur, zeroed in on his manhood.

"MMmmmmppph!" Chuck screamed as the pumpkin found its target.

The yellow orb landed squarely at the seam of Chuck's nutsack. As Nate expected, this denser pumpkin dug even further into the fleshy, softening orbs than the others. Chuck literally felt his testicles pressing against his pelvic bone, being crushed as the pumpkin sank deeper, and deeper... and deeper. For a horrifying moment, Chuck was sure this pumpkin wasn't going to stop until it was touching his pelvis; leaving nothing left of the jock nuts it was slamming into.

"Mmmmmppph! MMmmph!" Chuck cried out as the yellow pumpkin bounced off his crotch and landed on the heap with the others.

A small wet patch was appeared on Alex's jeans, outlining his mushroom shaped cock head. He had started rubbing and stroking the outline of his now fully hard cock as he watched Chuck's humiliation.

"I think he's learned his lesson. Let's go check the damage," Nate instructed and the two made their way to the captive Chuck.

Chuck was sobbing and pleading desperately, but Nate and Alex ignored him. As expected, Chuck's ball sack was nearly twice as big as their already beefy normal size. They were bright red and the skin of his abused scrotum was stretched extremely tight as it struggled to hold in their bulging contents. Alex's cock twitched as he observed how Chuck's sack looked like it was about to burst open at the slightest touch.

Chuck winced as Nate roughly grabbed Chuck's ridiculously swollen balls, one in each hand, and began to roll and squeeze them. Chuck was absolutely powerless and pleaded with his ex-lover to let him go, but Nate just smirked derisively as he dug his thumb into Chuck's bulging left nut meat.


Chuck's eyes bulged out as Nate dug his thumb deeper and deeper into the bloated nut. Chuck was sure Nate wasn't going to stop until his fingers and thumb were touching and was bracing himself for the wet, loud 'pop' he expected at any moment...

"Can I try?" Alex asked excitedly.

Nate dropped Chuck's nuts and stepped aside, leaving his ex totally exposed to Alex. The red haired stud stood between Chuck's legs for a few moments as if deciding what to do next. Then he reached out and clasped Chuck's abused left nut, sandwiching it with both of his hands.


Ironically, Chuck's frantic screaming only served in to make Alex's cock even harder. Alex's face was flush with effort as he pressed his strong hands together as hard as he could. Alex could feel Chuck's huge, round nut getting flatter and flatter... and flatter. But to a point, it stopped compressing, remaining a rock hard, firm meaty patty pressed in his hands. Alex literally grunted in effort as he pressed as hard as he could, expecting at any moment to feel his palms touch and the juicy nut between them to implode.

"It looks like you're liking this more than I am," Nate observed as the head of Alex's cock poked out of the waistband of his jeans.

"I guess you're right," Alex laughed, letting go of Chuck's nut.

Chuck was delusional from the pain of having his nuts cracked, but they were still perfectly whole.

Alex stroked the full length of his slightly larger than nine inch cock through his jeans with one hand while he reached for and grabbed Chuck's nub of a cock with the other. Chuck wasn't even remotely sexually excited, but he couldn't control his cock as it slowly started to swell.

"Mmmph..." tears of humiliation streamed from Chuck's eyes while he desperately pleaded for Alex to stop stroking his cock.

Nate watched as Alex knelt down and swallowed Chuck's cock, now grown to five inches, into his mouth. Chuck wasn't Alex's type at all, but Alex was finding himself incredibly turned on by Chuck's helplessness and the humiliation of coaxing him into an unwelcome hard on.

It didn't take long for Chuck's cock to grow to its full nine inch length and Nate couldn't help but get turned on as he watched Alex's svelte throat bulging as he effortlessly took the entire length. Meanwhile, the forced load boiling in Chuck's sack was making his throbbing nuts hurt even more and he prayed Alex would stop soon.

Alex stopped sucking and rose to his feet, grabbing Chuck's throbbing cock with both hands and stroking it slowly, concentrating on the overly-sensitive head. Chuck felt like he was going to spew his load as Alex worked the hunk's cock like an expert. Despite himself, Chuck began moaning in pleasure and Alex could feel Chuck's cock bobbing and throbbing as his pent-up load get closer and closer to spewing all over Alex. Chuck's eyes were rolling and Alex knew he was mere seconds away from getting splattered by Chuck's tortured load...

"Okay, let's get back to the catapult before he gets soft." Alex said evilly.

Chuck's cock jutted out nine inches from his balls, steely hard and desperate to shoot. It bobbed slightly with each heartbeat, tugging on his battered nutsack and causing Chuck to wince. When Chuck and Alex were back at the catapult, Alex picked out a large, bright orange pumpkin. It was by far the heaviest, largest pumpkin they had picked out so far and Alex quickly loaded it onto the catapult and pulled back on the arm.

"Oooh! I see what you did there," Nate exclaimed as he figured out that the rock-hard pumpkin was about to pound into Chuck's throbbing pole.

"Here we go!" Alex shouted as he let go of the launch arm and sent the heavy orange pumpkin fly.

Chuck, his mind washed in hormones and desperate to cum, didn't realize what was about to happen...


"MMMMMMMph!" Chuck's face turned instantly red as he screamed so hard veins became visible on his neck.

The pumpkin collided with his protruding, hard cock with so much force that it bent at awful right angles in three places with a resounding CRACK. As the pumpkin continued, it pushed the ruined cock onto itself like an accordion and, not slowed at all, crashed into Chuck's swollen ball bag with a wet crunch. Alex and Nate could see that Chuck's cock was destroyed, bent in unnatural angles as purplish welts began to appear throughout its length. His balls had been flattened to a half inch thick, at the absolute limit of bursting, before the pumpkin finally stopped traveling and bounced off.

"That was awesome!" Nate shrieked.

"Guess he won't be fucking anyone else,"

They loaded another large orange pumpkin and didn't even bother giving Chuck a moment to catch his breath before they launched it.


Chuck heaved as the pumpkin flattened his testicles against his pelvis until the enormous nards were only a quarter inch thick. They were throbbing and were taking noticeable longer to plump back...


Two more of the heavy orange pumpkins collided in rapid succession. Chuck's left nut was swelling faster than the right and was starting to take on a soft squishy consistency. Chuck passed out entirely after the second pumpkin had flattened his entire sex life into a squishy, quarter inch thick patty.

Alex, his cock still sticking up over the waistband of his jeans, sprinted over to Chuck to survey the damage. The hulking stud stirred slightly as Alex examined his nuts and cock in his hands. As was visible even from afar, Chuck's once proud donkey dick was history. Every inch of his shaft had a nasty bend and Alex's sadistic attempts to straighten it out instantly awakened a frantically screaming, crying, struggling Chuck.

Alex refocused on Chuck's balls, clasping his left nut between his palms and pressing down. This time the nut flattened much more than before and was a lot less firm. He did the same to the right and noticed it felt even softer.

"Doesn't look like they can take much more of this," Alex laughed as he tried his hardest to totally crush Chuck's huge ball in his bare hands.

"I wonder... what it'll sound like... when it bursts..." Alex taunted, as he felt Chuck's ball starting to literally collapse in his hands.

Alex was so focused on destroying Chuck's ball he didn't immediately notice Nate walking up beside him.

"Let's take this off," Nate said grabbing the duct tape and roughly pulling it off.

Chuck gasped for air before screaming and begging to be let go.

"Please... please let me go! Please! I'm sorry!"

Nate and Alex ignored him as they went back to the catapult. They were down to only three of the large orange pumpkins.

"Let's just use up what we have left and get outta' here."

"I don't think they're gonna' last that long."



"OH SHIT! PLEASE!" Chuck screamed as the first of the last three heavy pumpkins crashed into his crotch.

His mangled cock split like an over-stuffed sausage and his nuts were both blood red.

"Ready... Launch!"

The second pumpkin sailed through the air, connecting directly on target.

"Aaaah!" Chuck wailed.

An intense, mind-bending pain radiated from his nutsack, which he was sure was ruined. He looked down at his beaten package and saw that his balls, though very swollen and red, still appeared to be whole, though they were pulsing in non-stop, unbearable pain.

"Last one...Ready. Aim... Fire!" They two counted down in unison as the last pumpkin sailed.

Chuck screamed in anticipation as he watched the pumpkin approaching as if in slow motion. Although he wanted to look away, he couldn't help but stay fixated on the approaching ball-busting gourd. When it hit his crotch, the tremendous pain knocked the breath out of Chuck as the pumpkin flattened the huge organs to two inches thick...

Chuck began dry heaving as his nuts flattened to one inch....

Alex's cock twitched and leaked precum as Chuck's once enormous sperm tanks were compressed further... half an inch...

Nate wished he had a closer vantage point, holding his breath in anticipation as Chuck's balls were further flattened... quarter of an inch...

Chuck's sack, thoroughly battered and tenderized by the nonstop abuse, barely offered any resistance at all. The pumpkin continued barely noticing the squashed organs underneath it. Chuck's balls got flatter and flatter and flatter...

Both of Chuck's wafer thin testicles imploded in their sack simultaneously. Chuck's eyes bulged outward as the loud double SPLAT echoed in his head. It sounded like something wet and firm, like two ripe tomatoes, being stomped out of existence. It was the loudest, most horrible sound he had ever heard. Chuck's balls had ruptured but the heavy pumpkin kept pressing forward, continuing to mutilate and mash the organs as it went. Chuck's cock was likewise being crushed and destroyed, literally crushed into chunks. The pumpkin finally stopped and bounced off, leaving behind a totally flattened scrotum and a tube of skin; Chuck's cock which was now filled with totally mashed cock tissue. Chuck's huge, beefy sex organs -- the quintessence of his manhood -- had been turned into mush.

Chuck's jaw was nearly dislocated as he opened his mouth as wide as he could, cocked his head back and unleashed an unearthly, full-throat scream. Nate and Chuck were too far away to hear the 'POP' that was still ringing in Chuck's head but Chuck's scream made it clear his nuts had just been cracked open.

"Ooh shit!" Alex screamed out.

He had been subconsciously stroking his cock during the last two pumpkin tosses, threw his head back and explosively shot his load all over himself. Squirt after squirt erupted from the head of his cock as Chuck's non-stop droning scream filled the air.

"That'll teach him to fuck with people,"

Alex, who was still experiencing waves of intense ecstasy after his body shuddering orgasm turned to his friend and smiled.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Pumpkin Pounded - Chapter 6

Here is the final installment in the Pumpkin Pounded series. I hope you enjoyed it! :)


Pumpkin Pounded - Chapter 6
Based on an original story by Sack Stomper


Nathan picked out a large, bright orange pumpkin. It was by far the heaviest, largest pumpkin he had launched so far against Brad’s battered bull nuts, a true whopper of a pumpkin weighing a good 50 or 60 pounds. He quickly loaded it onto the catapult and pulled back on the arm, launching it forth like a missile directly at the big rugby player’s swollen, purplish stud nuts.


“NNNNNNGGAAAAA!!!” Brad’s handsome face turned dark red as a fresh scream was torn from his throat. He bellowed so hard that thick veins became visible all over his ridiculously thick neck.

The huge orange pumpkin collided with Brad’s hideously swollen ball bag with a sickening wet crunch. His mammoth bull balls, the source of his magnificent masculinity, were flattened to a mere half inch thick, at the absolute limit of bursting, before the pumpkin finally stopped traveling and bounced off to the ground.

“Fuck, that was awesome!” Nathan half-sighed, half-moaned, awestruck by the incredible strength and power still apparent in Brad’s goliath gonads, while at the same time reveling in the fact that the once rock-solid twin spheres of man meat were steadily growing positively squishy as they neared the end of their fabled resilience.

“I wonder how many more of those it’s gonna take,” Nathan absentmindedly said to himself as he loaded yet another orange pumpkin, this one even BIGGER than the previous one, and didn’t even bother giving big Brad a moment to catch his breath before launching it into his wounded bull nuts. 


“David, I hope you weren’t planning on having this muscle beast fuck you later, as he’s about to become a nutless wonder! Yeah, Brad, it looks like your fucking days are about to be over before they’ve even begun!” 


Brad bellowed in animal agony as he heaved himself against his restraints, pulling the heavy steel chains utterly taut with his desperate efforts to break himself free. Meanwhile, the latest pumpkin impacted his nuts with such terrific force that it crushed his massive testicles to barely more than a quarter inch thick, trapping them between the utterly immovable surface of the rough tree trunk and the smooth rounded surface of the invading gourd. It seemed for certain that Brad’s behemoth balls simply HAD to break this time, but the gourd miraculously bounced harmlessly away once again. Nathan noticed, however, that Brad’s bludgeoned and beleaguered nuts were starting to take noticeably longer to plump back to their former shape…

CRU-U-U-NCH!!! C-R-U-U-U-U-U-N-C-H!!!

Two more gigantic pumpkin missiles were launched in rapid succession, either one threatening to be the gourd that finally shattered Brad’s seemingly unbreakable balls. Both times, the pumpkins flattened Brad’s entire sex life into a squishy, quarter-inch-thick patty of tortured nut meat, but both times those mighty man balls somehow survived without bursting. The twin man orbs were swelling even more rapidly now, the testicular trauma reaching truly legendary proportions, and it was painfully obvious that almost every last ounce of strength had been — quite literally — pounded right out of them. 

An intense, mind-bending pain radiated from Brad’s mangled nutsack, which the handsome young muscle jock was sure was already completely and thoroughly ruined. He looked down at his beaten and horribly battered package and saw that his balls, though monstrously swollen and a dark, angry red, still appeared to be whole, though they were pulsing in non-stop, unbearable pain.

Nathan was eager to inspect the heavy damage he had inflicted on the huge muscle man’s mighty sex organs, so he temporarily left the pumpkin cannon and sprinted forward to Brad’s side. The big muscle bull was taking in vast lungfuls of air, trying to catch his breath after the most recent barrage against his massive testicles. Tears were streaming down his breathtakingly handsome face, and his green eyes were pleading for a mercy he knew would not be forthcoming. 

“Let’s see if either of your big boys have broken open yet!” Nathan said with a wicked gleam in his eyes. Brad’s once-beautiful nuts were now a total wreck, bloated to monstrous proportions, hideously bruised and discolored, and clearly no longer the rock-solid orbs of mighty man meat that they had been a mere hour ago. Nathan decided to focus on just Brad’s left nut, clasping the mammoth, puffy sphere between his palms and pressing down with all of his considerable strength. Brad struggled and moaned as his great bollock easily flattened down far more than Nathan was ever able to achieve before, smooshing down to less than an inch in thickness. The gigantic orb was much, much less firm than before, but still resisted Nathan’s efforts to make it burst between his hands. 

Nathan dropped Brad’s left nut and scooped up his sagging and equally swollen right ball, and clutched the mushy nut between his hands. Brad’s right nut was noticeably softer than his left, and compressed down even farther between Nathan’s palms. Brad’s struggles took on a renewed urgency as his right bollock flattened down to just a half inch thickness. 

“Fuck, man!” Nathan exclaimed. “Your huge nuts are TOAST! Look at how fucking SQUISHY they are! I couldn’t even DENT ‘em before, and now look — I got your fat whale nut squashed down thinner than a hamburger patty! This feels fucking AWESOME, man!! I wonder… what it’ll sound like… when it bursts!” Nathan taunted through clenched teeth as he pressed both of his hands together with all of his might. He could feel the outer shell of that mammoth bollock start to crack as the huge ball began to literally collapse in his hands. 

Nathan then noticed that Brad’s cock, which hadn’t grown the least bit soft since he and David had begun making out over an hour ago, was now starting to leak precum again. The massive cock looked even harder than ever, in fact, so hard that it surely HAD to hurt! Nathan would also have sworn that even more thick veins than ever before were popping up all over the colossal length of that mighty shaft, looking so bloated and swollen that they threatened to burst right through the skin. Nathan released Brad’s profoundly distorted and nearly broken right nut, letting it slowly plump back up to its normal, if horrifically swollen, shape. He then grasped the colossal cock shaft before him in both hands, amazed once again at the sheer phenomenal SIZE and POWER of that almighty cock. Despite the bruises and lacerations marring its 15+ fantastic inches, it was still the most beautiful monument to masculinity that Nathan had ever seen, and he once again ached to drop to his knees and worship this herculean demigod before him. 

Instead, he slowly and firmly stroked the massive, cum and pumpkin-gut slickened schlong with both hands while taunting the huge rugby stud. “Dude, seriously, this huge cock of yours is some kind of a sick joke! I mean, it’s not bad enough that you’re clearly the world record holder for longest human cock, but this ridiculous girth of yours basically GUARANTEES that you can’t fuck ANY human orifice! Ha! I mean, what the fuck is the USE of a cock like that?! It’s a waste of prime quality cock meat, in my opinion. Hell, there’s enough fucking beef here to create TWO big bull cocks, maybe even THREE, cocks that would be the envy of any man!” 

“Besides, how are you even still HARD?! I’ve fucking WRECKED your bull nuts, man, and nearly broke your huge cock, too. Yet here you are, still hard as a fucking CROWBAR!! That’s fuckin’ CRAZY, man!! And what’s the fuckin’ POINT!?! Maybe your big balls haven’t actually popped yet, but they’re clearly totally ruined. They’re fuckin’ MUSH, man! There can’t be a single viable sperm cell left in those huge fuckers, ‘specially not after those three monster loads you blew. All of your potential future babies are now strewn in the dirt all around you, gettin’ churned into mud, and there ain’t NOTHIN’ more coming out of those huge swollen lumps that you used to call balls. I fuckin’ robbed you of your virility, dude, your very MANHOOD!! Your dumb jock cock just doesn’t know it yet. Well, now I’m gonna rob you of what’s left of your balls!!” 

Nathan jogged back over to the big pile of discarded pumpkins — now reduced by nearly half after an hour of relentless hammering to Brad’s huge cock and swollen balls — and started clearing some of the smaller pumpkins out of the way. He then braced his feet and began to push, and starting rolling the biggest pumpkin yet toward the waiting cannon. This was a true monster of a gourd, a pumpkin that had to be a good four feet in diameter and in excess of 250 pounds! It took all of Nathan’s strength to roll the huge pumpkin over to the cannon and then hoist it into place in the waiting cradle, his heart thundering in his chest from both excitement and exertion, in equal measure. 

Meanwhile, both Brad’s and David’s eyes flew wide when they saw the sheer SIZE of the pumpkin Nathan had selected, and both young men began to struggle harder than ever before against their steel bindings. Brad in particular looked like he was going to rip his massively muscled body apart in his attempts to snap the various heavy steel chains holding him in place and shackling him to the huge oak tree. Nathan paused for several long moments to drink in the spectacular sight of Brad’s monumental muscles bulging and flexing and swelling in fantastic detail as he threw every ounce of his phenomenal might against his chains. Brad’s massive hairy chest in particular seemed to explode into even more gigantic dimensions as the mighty rugby player struggled desperately to save his mammoth nuts from imminent annihilation. His titanic horse cock also seemed to flex and bulge larger than ever as Brad fought against his restraints, as if it, too, were straining heroically for release. 

Nathan knew he’d be replaying that heavenly vision in his mind for the rest of his life. 

The grinning and lust-crazed assailant addressed Brad one last time. “Looks like this is the end for your huge nuts, buddy. Your weak nuts are so heavily damaged now that I could probably finish them off with just one of the smaller, cannonball-sized pumpkins. But your huge stud balls deserve to go out with a bang. That’s why I’ve selected this granddaddy of all pumpkins for your final send off. And judging from the way your massive horse cock is pulsing and quivering and drooling long strings of precum, I’d say you’re as eager as I am to have your huge stones shattered into meaty shrapnel. Get ready for the trip of your life, Brad, cuz your mighty balls are about to become history!” 

With that, Nathan pulled the lever and launched the final gourd. 

The gigantic pumpkin was a blur as it streaked toward its twin targets, a massive orange boulder hurtling with unerring precision and ferocious speed toward the matched pair of reddish-purple stud stones. 


The resulting impact was cataclysmic. 

Everything seemed to suddenly move in slow motion for all three men as they all watched, transfixed by varying mixtures of horror and lust, as the gigantic pumpkin collided with Brad’s agony-filled testes. The ball-busting gourd met virtually no resistance as it plowed into the tender and puffy balls, effortlessly crushing them down to six inches, then five, then four, then three, then two, with no apparent slowing of the massive orange missile… 

Brad’s goliath nutsac, so thoroughly battered and tenderized by more than an hour of nonstop abuse, barely offered any resistance at all. The once rock-solid testicles now looked more like a pair of oatmeal-filled water balloons as they collapsed more and more under the nut-bursting gourd’s unstoppable onslaught. The pumpkin continued plowing forward with tremendous speed and annihilating force, seeming to barely register the squashed organs underneath it. And Brad’s humongous balls got flatter and flatter and flatter...

Brad’s balls looked like the world’s biggest hamburger patties as they were flattened down to just one inch, and then were crushed flatter, and flatter, and flatter still. David sobbed in horror as Brad’s behemoth balls were flattened to just half an inch in thickness, the massive twin spheres of man beef bulging grotesquely around their gigantic invader. Nathan felt his own rock hard cock twitch spasmodically in his pants as Brad’s magnificent balls, his utterly enormous spunk bunkers, were flattened to a mere quarter inch thickness, redlined past all conceivable endurance…and then flattened even further!! 

Many dramatic events then took place simultaneously. 


The force of the impact was so violent, so unbelievably forceful, that both of Brad’s wafer-thin testicles, pushed beyond any conceivable level of endurance, simultaneously exploded inside of their bruised and abraded nutsac. The gorgeous rugby star threw back his handsome head and uttered his most thunderous, full-throat bellow of agony yet, his powerful neck muscles bulging to even more bull-like proportions as his animal-like roar of agony echoed across the clearing. But as loud as Brad’s cry was, it couldn’t drown out the sickening double SPLAT!!! of his mighty mega balls being crushed out of existence. It sounded like something wet and firm, like two ripe tomatoes, being obliterated with a sledgehammer. It was the loudest, most horrible sound that any of the men had ever heard. Brad’s huge, beefy sex organs — the quintessence of manhood — had been turned into mush.


Brad’s balls disappeared entirely beneath the pumpkin as the mammoth gourd collided with the thick tree trunk itself and exploded. A titanic burst of disturbingly flesh-colored pumpkin guts splattered all over the tree trunk, Brad’s corrugated belly and monstrously muscular thighs, and the muddy, cum-soaked ground. The lower half of Brad’s spectacular body, as well as the tree trunk itself, was festooned with great globs of stringy pulp, thick chunks of rind, and thousands upon thousands of pumpkin seeds, as if in a cruel mockery of the mighty and manly virility that the pumpkin had just destroyed. 


With a final and insane burst of brute strength, the heavy steel chains shackling Brad to the tree snapped in quick succession, sounding almost like a rapid-fire staccato of gun fire as the quarter-inch-thick links simply cracked and shattered, no longer able to withstand the young stud’s unspeakable muscular power. Brad’s mighty arms and mammoth legs were finally free, but it was moments too late — the damage and destruction had already been done. 

Brad’s spectacularly muscular body remained locked in the most glorious, powerful flex the other two men had ever seen, the young man bellowing in epic pain and loss, even his gigantic penis, that monument to masculinity, throbbing and pulsing like some great flexing beast, despite the loss of the massive balls that had once powered the young man’s extraordinary manhood. 

That’s when the miraculous happened. 

Brad’s herculean cock gave a mighty pulse, and then another, and then yet another…and then let loose the single greatest rope yet of thick, chunky, and almost blindingly white cum. The nearly finger-thick splurt of splooge had to be at least 5 or 6 feet long, and it shot out with such force that it collided against the pumpkin cannon itself, over 40 feet away, painting a thick white stripe across the deadly machine. The sight was as spectacular as it was impossible, for the shattered remains of Brad’s massive nuts should not have been capable of pumping out a single drop of sperm, let alone the greatest cum geyser that the world had ever seen!  

The first shot was followed by a second, and a third, and a fourth, in what was rapidly shaping up to be the greatest testicle purge yet from the hyper virile young muscle stud. Nathan had to leap out of the way to avoid being lashed by cum himself, as more and more of the thick jizz streamers splatted all over the cannon. It was a stunning display of defiance, as Brad established his dominance over the mighty cannon by pumping his own baby batter all over the cursed contraption. 

After 5 or 6 colossal salvos of splooge, the screaming agony in his pulsating and convulsing bollocks became too much for Brad, and the huge man collapsed heavily to his knees in the muddy ground, still bellowing in pain and pumping out even more of his prime stud seed. 

Both Nathan and David were racked by spontaneous orgasms of their own, their untouched cocks unable to hold back any longer after witnessing such an heroic display of power and manhood. Nathan’s cock shot off in his jeans with a power unlike anything he’d ever felt before, making him weak in the knees as he flooded his pants with more cum than he’d ever before shot in a single load. David’s own thick 9-incher also exploded in a soul-rending orgasm, his tight, muscular body bucking against his restraints as he shot a huge porn star load all over his smooth belly and well-muscled chest. The young man sobbed as he witnessed the destruction of his would-be lover’s mammoth and beautiful seed pods, and his orgasm seemed almost like a final farewell to the gorgeous rugby player’s once-spectacular manhood. David’s lithe young body was also being struck by thick wads of Brad’s own super human load, huge chunks of sperm shrapnel that exploded in all directions from the pumpkin cannon. The young gymnast soon looked like the recipient of the greatest bukkake session of all time, even as more sperm splattered his body from both his own cock and Brad’s great rearing trouser beast. 

Even as Nathan convulsed in the throes of the greatest orgasm of his young life, his eyes couldn’t help but travel to the mangled sack of mush hanging so huge and heavy from between Brad’s columnar thighs. Huge globs of broken pumpkin kept dripping off of Brad’s ruined sac, and Nathan’s eyes grew wide in amazement as more and more of Brad’s nutsac was revealed…including the very distinct spherical shapes of two WHOLE AND INTACT bull balls!!! Nathan couldn’t believe his eyes at first, but the proof was there before him, hanging huge and heavy between Brad’s widely spread thunder thighs — somehow, impossibly, Brad’s beefy, behemoth balls had survived the annihilating impact with the 250-pound pumpkin! 

Nathan’s eyes then shot back to the oak tree, and his mind almost snapped at what he saw. A huge, half-inch-wide crack extended vertically up a portion of the massive tree trunk, extending about a foot in both directions from the impact site of the final pumpkin. The earth-shaking, thunderous cracking sound he had heard was not the sound of Brad’s mighty bollocks finally bursting spectacularly in their battered sac, but was instead the sound of the hardwood BENEATH those burly balls shattering under the force of the blow. Somehow, the terrific force of that impact had traveled THROUGH Brad’s beefy balls and into the tree itself, cracking the super tough wood while leaving the mighty bollocks themselves intact! 

The cruel college student nearly passed out as a second, even more powerful orgasm swept through his body, making his balls cramp so hard he thought for sure that they would implode. This time he did in fact fall to his knees as a small and watery load spurted into the crotch of his already cum-soaked pants. Nathan’s lust-filled dreams of revenge had somehow been thwarted, for Brad’s behemoth balls had proven themselves too tough to break! 

Brad seemed determined to impregnate the entire MEADOW with his impossibly copious stud seed, for his fourth orgasm of the afternoon was even bigger and more powerful than the three that had come before it! The kneeling muscle man continued to flex and roar throughout his monumental cum load, pumpkin guts dripping from his crotch and legs as his gigantic cock shot out the mightiest nut in history. His sexual plumbing had been pulverized, his enormous testicles mangled, pulped, and crushed nearly to smithereens under the onslaught of the last, giant pumpkin, but Brad was now proving just what a mighty stud he truly was by showing that, despite all of the trauma, bruising, and horrible abuse, his oversized sex organs were still in full working order! 

Nathan had the sudden urge to charge at Brad and kick him in the nuts, perhaps finishing off the big muscle man’s profoundly wounded and weakened balls with his own feet and fists. But Brad seemed to read Nathan’s mind, for he suddenly stopped bellowing, opened his beautiful green eyes, and locked a stare of pure hatred and anger at Nathan. The terrified assailant stumbled backwards on his hands and feet for a good dozen yards before scrambling upright and taking off at a dead sprint, heading for the safety of the nearby forest. Brad just remained kneeling, a snarl of fury on his gorgeous face, his great chest heaving as he huffed and puffed to regain his breath. His massive, rock hard cock continued to burp out the dregs of his monster load into the spermy puddle beneath him, his colossal orgasm finally ratcheting down to a close. 

With a visible effort, the huge rugby player heaved his great muscular bulk to his feet, and laboriously walked the short distance over to where little David was still lying on the ground, naked and cum-soaked and shackled to the thick roots of a big tree stump. The smaller man shrank back in fear as Brad reached down toward him, fearing that the herculean muscle man might take out his revenge on him. But instead, Brad’s huge hands wrapped around the 8-inch-thick tree root, and the mighty muscle man clenched his teeth and braced his feet as he began to pull against the root with all of his might. David watched in awe as he got to see Brad’s magnificent muscles bulge and flex up close, looking even more frighteningly powerful than ever. A few seconds later, there was a reverberating cracking sound of the great tree root shattering and splintering into a hundred pieces, freeing the scared and sobbing young man. 

Brad then leaned forward again and gently scooped David up into his massive arms, and held the smaller man tight against his magnificent chest. David’s fear instantly melted away as he felt himself literally engulfed by Brad’s embrace, and he threw his own arms around the big man’s wide, wide shoulders and powerful bull neck, burying his face against one of Brad’s cannonball shoulders as he once again began to sob in guilt, shame, and relief. 

The pair held this embrace for many long moments before Brad gently lowered David back to the wet and muddy ground. In his deep and husky voice, Brad said a single word, “Hospital,” and that sound galvanized David into action. He gathered up their clothes into one of his arms in a whirlwind of activity, and then wrapped his free arm around Brad’s astonishingly muscular waist and assisted the much bigger man toward their waiting truck. 

Brad had to walk slowly and with a wide-legged stance, for even the gentle bumping of his stretched out sac against his rock solid thighs sent waves of sickening agony throughout his massive body. It seemed to take an eternity to reach the truck, and Brad almost collapsed several times from the searing, throbbing agony in his pulverized nuts, but the pair somehow made it to the truck. David helped Brad heave his huge bulk into the passenger seat, and then the naked gymnast climbed in the driver’s side. He fished Brad’s keys out of his discarded jeans, turned on the ignition, and then gunned it for the nearly hour-long drive to the closest hospital. 

The pair made quite the extraordinary sight when they finally arrived a County General. David managed to throw on his jeans when they arrived, but was still shirtless, his upper body absolutely covered in thick layers of drying splooge, and sporting a pair of iron manacles around his wrists connected by a three-foot-long length of thick chain. Brad was an even more astonishing sight, huge and handsome as he was, and with such a super human sized set of block and tackle dangling between his muscular legs. The young man’s magnificent cock had finally and slowly grown soft over the course of the long drive, and now hung like a long, limp, and lifeless third leg over a set of balls so swollen, so bruised, so profoundly oversized that they didn’t look remotely human. The emergency medical team was stunned for several moments as they took in this awesome sight, but their training quickly took over as they ushered both young men into the emergency room… 


The story was soon the talk of the entire college town, and was quickly spreading. David was released from the hospital later that day with a clean bill of health, but Brad remained in the hospital for an entire week as his bloated sexual organs recovered from the terrible abuses that had been heaped upon them. His massive testicles looked to have been touch-and-go for the first day or two, but the swelling and bruising began to quickly subside - far faster than the doctors and nurses would have thought possible - and by the third day it was clear that the mighty young man was going to make a full recovery. Nevertheless, they kept Brad in the hospital for a full 7 days, wanting to be absolutely sure that the young college lad was going to be okay. 

David visited with Brad every day, spending the entire day at the big man’s bedside and sharing long, heart-felt conversations with the younger and far, far larger man. David apologized profusely for his role in leading Brad into Nathan’s trap, and swore he knew nothing about the extent or brutality of Nathan’s plans. For his part, Brad readily forgave the smaller man, and believed David’s innocence. And the romance that had been simmering under the surface for weeks suddenly blossomed into true love. By the time Brad was released from the hospital at the end of the week, there was no doubt in either of their minds that they were now far more than just friends. 

Before the next week was out, Brad had moved out of the dorms and into David’s one-bedroom apartment. Their budding relationship quickly became famous across the entire campus, and their nightly lovemaking was the stuff of legend. Contrary to Nathan’s taunts, David found that he COULD accommodate Brad’s behemoth bull cock — or at least a portion of it — both down his talented throat and up the muscular bubble butt of his tight little ass. He was still a long way from accommodating that enormous muscular beast all the way down to the wiry pubes, but he was confident that, in time, he’d reach that lofty goal. 

As for Nathan, no sign of the young man was ever found. By the time the police investigated the young mens’ shared dorm room many hours after the assault, it was clear that Nathan had already been through there and hastily packed up as much of his stuff as he could. The young man had left town without a trace, and had obviously gone into hiding, no doubt fearing reprisals from both the law and a very big and very angry Brad. 

For their part, Brad and David lived a blissfully and erotically happy life together. But they both knew in their heart of hearts that they had not seen the last of Nathan, and that the young man would reappear some day to try to exact his revenge against them…