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Saddle Castration - Part 3

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Saddle Castration
Based on an original story by an anonymous author 

A young man’s virility is put to the ultimate test while riding a specially designed mechanical bull. 


Then, without warning, the mechanical bull cranked it up to full power – level 12. 

The bull began to buck like a demon, its fury and violence unmatched by anything that came before. Within no more than 10 seconds, Doug finally lost his purchase on the bull, and fell off. 

Now, Doug did not fall to the floor, for his arms were still tied above his head, his wrists bound in thick iron manacles attached to a ring in the ceiling. Doug continued to hang suspended from the ceiling, but he could no longer try to make his body move in time with the bull. In seeming slow motion, Michael watched as the bull dove downward, waiting to see Doug’s enormous balls, the wellspring of his mighty masculinity, torn from his body. The bull dove down and down with tremendous force, and Michael watched as Doug’s balls were stretched again to 12 inches, then 13 inches, and then beyond to an awesome 14 inches. Yet the bull was still diving downward, pulling Doug’s balls along with it. But Doug’s balls remained fully rooted to his crotch, for the moment anyway. 15 inches, 15 ½ inches, my god, how could any man endure this! 16 aching inches, four TIMES the already awesome dangle of this stud’s huge, beefy, low-hanging balls! 

Doug bellowed in unimaginable agony as his balls were stretched to 16 ½ inches from his crotch, his entire body straining, tremendous muscles bulging mightily, like some god of sex and masculinity brought to life. His balls’ cords were stretched to the max, and were clearly visible through the thinly stretched skin of his scrotum, which now formed a ridiculously thin neck of flesh nearly a foot and a half long connecting his mighty testicles to the rest of his body. His balls were bulging so hugely and so monstrously at the bottom of this thin pipe of flesh that the gigantic, coconut-sized, purple-red orbs no longer looked like something human. They glistened with ball sweat and thick cum, the scrotal skin stretched so perilously thin that it shined in the light, and every curve of the massive contents it was trying to contain showing clearly through the gossamer flesh. 

And then, at the bottom of this unbelievable stretch, the truly spectacular happened. Instead of being torn asunder from his body, Doug’s massive balls pumped a gigantic gout of pure sperm up through his throbbing cock, spraying into the air like a fucking geyser. Impossibly, the majestic wad was even larger than those seen in his previous two orgasms, despite the fact that he came 5 minutes ago, and then 10 minutes before that. The enormous wad was so thick that it looks like it would split Doug’s huge cock in two, and blasted with such force that it actually knocked over several men who were in the direct line of fire. 

The bull recoiled, allowing Doug’s balls to snap back like they are on elastic bands, and then the bull dove again, this time to Doug’s right, violently yanking the young man’s behemoth balls to the side. This time the bull dove even farther, tearing Doug’s balls down to an unimaginable 17 inches from his muscular crotch. And once again Doug let loose with a gargantuan slug of fresh spunk, striking down several more spectators as he bellowed again in deep-throated agony. And then again, and again, and yet again, the diabolical bull tore at Doug’s balls of steel, and each time they somehow endured, blasting out yet another monumental volley of sperm. It almost looked like an ironic reversal of fortunes, with the man being milked by the beast, almost like a cow being milked by its udders; every vicious downward pull on Doug’s massive spuds caused him to shoot forth another blast of his thick and powerful man milk. 

On and on this continued, with the bull yanking and pulling at Doug’s balls with horrific force, stretching them down, forward, backward, left, and right, and everything in between, slowly but steadily stretching those mighty male powerhouses farther and farther from his crotch. And every once in a while, after each third or fourth dive, the bull would rear up, with a resounding and very wet slap of flesh on leather, into Doug’s unprotected balls, smashing them into his crotch. And unlike before, where the bucking of the bull caused Doug’s massive 385 pounds to smash into his bull nuts, crushing them against the saddle horn, Doug was now the immobile object, and the bull was the force and the weight crashing into his nuts. The bull weighed a full ton and was propelled by powerful hydraulic pistons. The blow was pure devastation. Not only would it obliterate any other man’s testicles, it would also shatter his pelvis, and his spine as well, and probably kill him instantly. But once again, Doug proved to be stronger and tougher than any other man alive, enduring the terrible punishment, surviving blow after terrible blow. However, Michael could see that the destructive blows were beginning to take their toll on Doug’s battered and bruised baby makers, and that it wouldn’t be long before even these gargantuan nuts, paragons of masculine ball meat, would be reduced to 20 pounds of pulped and broken ball flesh. It only remained to be seen which would claim Doug’s awesome masculinity first, the terrible stretching of his balls, or the brutal and unrelenting pummeling they were receiving by the bull itself. 

One minute passed, and then two, and still Doug endured, though it was clear even he could not hold out much longer. His balls were stretched to 17 ½ inches, and then 18 inches, and then 18 ½ inches, gradually stretching more and more with each mighty pull, slowly losing their battle against the unforgiving metal beast. Doug’s loads were just as furious as the bucking of the beast, and erupting every few seconds as if in defiance of the worst that the bull can dish out. Three minutes went by, and by now Doug had blasted out nearly 200 mammoth-sized wads of sperm. The very floor was coated with a thick film of his male essence, making the floor extremely slippery, and the spectators themselves were literally drenched with the stuff. And STILL Doug endured, his powerful groans and bellows of agony reverberating off of the very walls. 

The mechanical bull was raging so fiercely that black smoke was beginning to waft from underneath the beast, as it exceeded all design specifications, pushing beyond the intended limits of its design. The beast seemed truly demonic, as if it hungered for the destruction of the muscle god suspended above it. 

Another minute passed, and Doug’s balls were stretched to 19 inches, then 19 ½ inches. Still somehow they endured, finding some hidden reservoir of strength that allowed the mighty ball cords and huge scrotum to survive a violent and brutal stretching that no human male was ever meant to endure. The pain in Doug’s bull balls was beyond comprehension, and with each mighty tug his thick ball cords threatened to snap and tear free of his body. And the pummeling his mighty gonads were enduring was beginning to have an effect as well, for with each new blow the men could see that Doug’s balls were getting more and more mushy, their incredibly tough and resilient outer walls beginning to succumb to the brutal pounding. And yet Doug continued to pound out load after unbelievable load of his precious male fluids, which continued to add to the massive sticky mess on the floor of the ballroom. 

The smoke emanating from the bull was getting thicker, and a few sparks flew from the machine, but Michael was not about to shut the machine down, not when at any moment Doug’s destruction would be complete. At this point, any tug by the bull could be the last, and any powerful crushing of Doug’s testicles could pop them like a pair of overripe melons. Michael and the other spectators are convinced that Doug’s end was only moments away. 

The seconds ticked by, and STILL Doug persevered. His balls defied possibility and stretched even further, stretching to 20 inches, and finally 20 ½ inches, over five times his natural dangle, and now stretched the entire length of the young man’s heroic horse cock! His mighty ball cords were at their absolute limit, and refused to stretch any further. Doug’s bellows of pain were frantic and agony-filled, for he knew that, despite the tremendous fight he had put up, he could not survive the onslaught of this diabolical mechanical beast any longer. As the final seconds went by, Doug realized in some detached corner of his mind that in a few moments he will have been on the bull for a full hour, nearly doubling the time record set by Troy, and some strange part of his pain-addled brain was pleased that he was able to accomplish such an incredible feat, and that it would be his last achievement as a complete male. 

Doug knew his bruised, battered, and horribly overstretched balls were about to be torn from his body, and he prepared himself for the agony that would surely follow. Still he tried to hold on, but he now knew that all hope was futile. 

As the clock neared the top of the hour, the men all knew that the moment they had waited for was finally about to arrive. They all gathered closer to the hanging muscle stud, eager to get a clear view of his super human balls being torn from his body. 

That’s when the impossible happened. 

Just as the clock reached the top of the hour, when it was clear that perhaps just one more tug would end Doug’s life as a complete man forever, the base of the mechanical bull released multiple arcing blue bolts of electricity. The bull lurched to a stop, paralyzed and frozen at the bottom of its dive, and stretching Doug’s balls an unbelievable 23 ½ inches from his crotch. Doug bellowed in animal agony as a continuous gout of cum erupts from his cock. His balls are visibly quivering in their obscenely stretched sac, threatening to burst forth at any moment, as a river, a virtual torrent of sperm pours forth from his mightily pulsing cock for several long seconds before finally ceasing. 

The men can’t believe their eyes, and stare completely transfixed by the sight of Doug caught a hairsbreadth from castration. They hardly even notice the continuing destruction of the mechanical bull until it’s too late. 

Maybe it was the fact that the bull had been operating beyond full capacity for so long. Maybe it was the fact that gallons of Doug’s thick sperm had soaked the machine and worked its way into the beast’s motor. Whatever the reason, the bull had a sudden and catastrophic malfunction, discharging a great blast of energy into the floor. The same floor that was coated nearly an inch thick with Doug’s rich cum, a fluid incredibly thick in electrolytes and electricity conducting materials. More of Doug’s hot, sticky fluid coated the bodies of all the men present. In short, the gallons of Doug’s sperm coating everything in the room formed a perfect conduit for the electricity, which poured from the beast into the thick sperm and then into the over 100 men assembled in the room. The one man in the room who was not a part of this circuit was Doug, who was safe suspended from the ceiling. His only connection to the bull was from the metal cord encircling his balls and connecting him to the large ring behind the saddle horn, but since the electrical current was being discharged from the beast’s motor into the floor, he was protected from its effects. 

The men hardly had time to utter yelps of surprise before they were paralyzed by the electric current. Thousands of volts of electricity poured into their bodies, and they could not move an inch to save themselves. The lights flickered and dimmed, and then went out entirely for 5 or 6 seconds. A series of explosions could be heard from the mechanical bull, and then all was silent. 

As the lights slowly flickered back to life, the room revealed itself to be the scene of mass carnage. Michael and all the rest of the audience of rich male socialites lay dead on the floor, electrocuted by the mechanical bull. 

Only Doug survived, suspended from the ceiling by manacles around his wrists, drenched in sweat and cum, completely exhausted, his massive nuts stretched beyond all possible endurance at 23 ½ inches from his muscular crotch. Doug’s handsome head hung limply on his bullish neck, the young muscle stud nearly unconscious with exhaustion and agony. His rampant cock was still hard as a rock, and continued to drool a continuous stream of thick white fluids, adding still more jism to the massive pool of cum beneath him. His battered balls, nearly pulverized by their brutal beating, and even now quivering at the extreme end of their ball cords at the very edge of destruction, had somehow survived. 

Doug had beaten the bull. And maybe in some strange way, the bull realized this, and in dying had admitted its defeat. But the bull didn’t perish without exacting its sacrifice, claiming the lives of the rich and jaded men who had used it for their amusement for years, sacrificing the manhood of countless young men to their twisted pleasures. Yes, it was somehow fitting that these men should perish in such a manner. 


About three hours later, the squad car arrived at the mansion. The foreman at the local power grid had told the police of a short spike in power usage at this address, and recommended that they send someone to investigate. It was not a high priority call, so it was more than two hours before a car was assigned to visit the scene, and then almost another hour before they arrived at the estate, for the manor was located far from the center of town. 

Joe and his rookie partner, Matt, arrived at the manor sure that this would be another bug hunt. But when no one answered the doorbell, they let themselves in and began to search the place. All the lights were on, but no one seemed to be home. They searched most of the huge building but found no signs of anything odd, and were about to leave when Matt decided to check behind one last door, the door leading to the ballroom. 

Matt gasped as he opened to door to the scene of carnage within. Matt’s exclamation of surprise brought his partner running, and Joe, too, could only gape in horror at the sight. At least 100 men, all prominent men of the highest economic brackets, and all dressed impeccably in expensive but fluid-soaked suits, lay dead on the floor, their cause of death not immediately apparent. It took several long moments for their eyes to make sense of the scene, and then several more before they realized that there was still someone alive in the room. 

Joe didn’t believe that Doug was a person at first. First of all, the man was simply huge, all bulging and sinewy muscles, too large to be a man. Then there was the matter of his cock, a raging beast of a schlong well over a foot and a half long, covered in gnarly veins, and glowing a very angry red. A white fluid flowed freely and in copious amounts from the oversized parody of a cock, and it simply couldn’t be cum, because more sperm was flowing from that cock than Joe himself could produce in a month, and he had some pretty hefty balls. 

And then there was the matter of the twin, round, dark purple objects attached to the body of this muscle creature. First of all, they were far too enormous to actually be testicles, and then there was the fact that they were stretched very nearly two feet from his crotch, hanging well past his knees, connected by an extremely taut cord to the saddle of a mechanical bull, frozen in mid buck. 

No, this simply could not be a man. 

But when Joe saw the muscle man breathe, and heard him groan feebly in terrible pain, he realized that this was indeed a man, the most awesome man he had ever seen in his life! 

Joe and Matt rushed forward, careful not to slip in the sperm that thickly coated the floor, and came to the young stud’s aid. The young muscle man had clearly been severely brutalized, and his obscenely stretched and oversized balls were a wicked shade of dark purple from bruising and being stretched for so many hours at the very ends of their ball cords, but he was miraculously alive, and apparently intact. The cops first untied the metal cord from the saddle ring, taking special care to be as gentle as possible and not stretch the young man’s truly humungous balls a single millimeter further than they already had been. 

As the cord finally came free, Doug’s balls shot back like rubber bands toward his crotch. The big muscle stud groaned in renewed agony as his huge battered balls jostled wildly in their sac for several long moments. When they finally came to rest, they hung an unbelievable 8 ½ inches from his crotch, were they swung ponderously and pendulously at the bottom of their huge and clearly overstretched scrotum. 

The police then gingerly unwrapped the other end of the cord from around the big man’s huge balls, but even their lightest touches elicited groans of pain from the massive muscle man, for even the merest touch caused his grotesquely bruised balls incredible agony. 

Doug teetered on the edge of unconsciousness, but struggled to remain aware and to continue to battle the agony in his balls. But as he was finally released from the manacles and lowered to the ground, once he finally knew that he had been rescued, Doug allowed himself to slip into the black and numbing bliss of unconsciousness… 


Doug made a rapid and complete recovery, though he was held in the hospital for several days as many tests were performed on the young stud. The police and the doctors viewed the tapes of the night’s events many times, and still could not believe what had occurred, or that Doug and his monstrous, mammoth balls had survived. 

One thing had changed, though – Doug’s titanic bull balls, the source of his awesome, super human masculinity, had been stretched so brutally and for so many hours that their natural dangle had more than doubled. Whereas before Doug’s balls were extremely low slung at 4 inches from his crotch, now they boggled the eye, swinging at just over 8 ½ inches from his mighty crotch. The sight was intensely male, the largest testicles in the world hanging very nearly to the knees of the mighty muscle hunk who possessed them. 

When the story broke that a secret cabal of wealthy and powerful men had been torturing and castrating young men for their amusement for years, the public outcry was ferocious. Additional men beyond those killed in the massacre were implicated and indicted, and others fled the country rather than face prosecution. Several companies crumbled, as did a number of blue blooded families across four continents. 

Doug tried to maintain a low profile, but his fantastic and miraculous survival was also in the news, and when the complete video of his torture hit the Internet, his life as a quiet, unassuming fire fighter was over. The paparazzi and media hounded him wherever he went, and the big muscular stud knew no peace. He was placed into federal protection and provided a new identify and address far from any urban center. 

A few months after his harrowing adventure, Doug was contacted by the FBI to inform him that he was the sole beneficiary of the cabal’s amassed fortune. For reasons unknown to anyone now living, Doug had been made the benefactor of the secret society’s amazing wealth, identified in a document signed by Michael himself just hours before the ceremony. Perhaps Michael knew that Doug would survive the ceremony - who can say? 

Doug used the money to very quietly buy himself a small island in the Pacific. He now has the privacy he craves and is no longer hounded by the media and crazed fans. He is still hounded and haunted by memories of his near-castration, and has made it his life goal to seek out the members of the cabal who had escaped justice, and bring his own brand of justice to them. 

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Saddle Castration - Part 2

Saddle Castration
Based on an original story by an anonymous author 

A young man’s virility is put to the ultimate test while riding a specially designed mechanical bull. 


“If you all are ready, let us begin.” With that, Michael turned the dial on the controls to level 1. The mechanical bull began to slowly rock forward and back, gently pulling on Doug’s massive family jewels, and then pressing them between Doug’s hyper masculine body and the equally solid saddle horn. The audience murmured its approval as it watched the action, admiring the way that Doug’s enormous muscles bulged and rippled with each movement of the bull, how his powerful legs bulged and tensed as they gripped the bull for dear life – or dear balls – and the way his gargantuan balls bulged even larger as they were alternately pulled from his body and pressed firmly against the saddle horn. 

As the minutes went by, the constant massaging of his nuts caused Doug’s huge cock to begin to stir. Filled with terror and panic at his situation, the handsome young hunk tried desperately to prevent his blossoming erection, but the continual manipulation of his bull nuts was more than his awesome virility could stand. Doug’s huge cock began to swell with blood, growing steadily thicker and longer with each heartbeat. The 12-inch flaccid cock had been draped over Doug’s left thigh, but now began to rise off of the flexing thigh muscles as it grew larger and larger still. The audience gazed in wonder as the great tool began to stretch skyward, its already enormous size increasing to mind blowing proportions. At 14 inches, the mighty cock was still hanging soft and limp; at 16 inches, the massive penis began to crank upwards, swelling even thicker as it goes; at 18 inches, the monstrous cock was pointing proudly skyward, a massive column of man meat that was still growing even larger. Finally, Doug’s majestic horse cock soared to its full, steel-hard length of 20 ½ rock solid inches of pulsing man flesh. So great was the size of Doug’s awesome tool that the huge cock head, now big as a fist and totally exposed from Doug’s retracted foreskin, was tapping the huge muscle man in the middle of his prodigious, mammoth chest, thumping hard against Doug’s thick pec meat with each powerful heart beat. 

“My, my, we certainly DO have a big boy on our hands, now don’t we?” said Michael, all eyes fixed on Doug’s truly enormous erection. Even with a body as massive and powerful as Doug’s, his humungous cock looked almost ridiculously oversized, and many of the men wondered if Doug had ever found anything with an opening large enough for him to fuck. The gathered men all knew that they were looking at the largest human cock on the planet, and likely the largest cock that had ever existed. 

Five minutes into the ceremony, and Doug’s cock was hard as a rock and pointing defiantly toward the ceiling, the first bead of thick precum appearing at its swollen tip. Michael smiled knowingly at the sight; he somehow knew that Doug would be a particularly randy man, and Michael would bet money that Doug would cum before he lost his balls. Only some of the men who were victims of the bull would achieve this, but the sight always caused a great stir of excitement among the audience members. 

After five minutes, the bull moved on to level 2, bucking just a little harder and faster than before. The movement of the bull stretched Doug’s magnificent balls a little farther than before on each upward buck, and caused the great bulk of his weight to press harder into his mammoth nuts on each downward motion. The bucking of the bull was more rigorous, but the pressure and the strain on Doug’s balls was not yet enough to become painful. Still, all the men could see Doug’s gigantic thigh muscles bulge and flex enormously as he fought to remain as motionless as possible on the bull. 

Ten minutes elapsed, and the bull increased its speed to level 3. Here’s where men traditionally began to have a problem, for the bull’s motions were now rigorous, but Doug was clearly not in any danger yet. His massive thighs remained clamped like a vise, and the increase in speed didn’t seem to be affecting him one bit. The rough massaging of his balls from all the pulling and squeezing was having its desired effect, though, for Doug’s huge horse cock began to drool clear precum freely, long strands of the sticky fluid dripping from his dick, to be thrown in whatever random direction the bull chose to go next. 

Fifteen minutes into the ceremony, and the bull moved on to level 4. Here’s where the men began to get separated from the boys, and the boys began to get separated from their balls. The bull’s movements began to take on a more violent motion, and even Doug’s huge, beefy thighs could not totally prevent his body from being bucked somewhat by the mechanical bull. The steel cord began to really tug at his massive low-hangers, and his body began to crash into his trapped balls with significant force. Much to the audience’s delight, however, the pain and discomfort caused by these actions did not seem to faze Doug’s cock in the slightest. In fact, not only was his cock still as hard as steel, but it began to throb more powerfully the harder his meaty balls were pulled or beaten. 

Michael couldn’t have been more delighted at the sight of Doug’s rampant, throbbing cock, for it confirmed his greatest hope – this massive, muscular, and hugely hung fireman got off on having his titanic testicles mauled and beaten. Michael couldn’t believe his luck at finding such a perfect specimen of a man, and he was filled with anticipation for what would happen next. 

At 20 minutes, the bull cranked things up to level 5. The bucking of the bull took on a real urgency, and this was where the bulk of the men lost their balls. Doug was clearly hanging in there, though, his huge balls obviously made of sterner stuff than those of the average man. Still, his balls were beginning to take quite a beating, and the huge man grunted every time his great weight was forced to crash into his defenseless nuts. 

Doug’s cock remained rock hard, and was now spewing copious amounts of precum everywhere. The young man’s huge cock kept slamming into his washboard abs and massive chest, spraying more and more of the hot, sticky clear fluid across his muscular belly and humongous pecs. In fact, as the minutes continued to tick by, more and more of the thick fluid splattered against Doug’s corrugated abs and mountainous chest, and soon his entire torso was coated and glistening with his clear male fluids. Doug could precum more than most men could pee, and his wet and sticky belly was testament to this fact. 

Level 6 was achieved 25 minutes into the event, and Doug’s grunts took on more of a sound of pain. Michael could also see that the bucking of the metal bronco was tugging even harder on the fireman’s burly bull balls, for the constant tugging and yanking had stretched them even farther from their crotch, now pulled to an awesome 8 inches from his groin, twice their naturally long dangle. Michael had only seen such a stretch once before, with the herculean farm boy Troy, and that was right before his huge balls were torn from his body. Michael almost came unwillingly in his pants at the incredible and intensely masculine sight. The assembled men also noticed that Doug’s precum had begun to change from clear to milky white in color, signifying the building of the muscle man’s orgasm. And with balls the size of extra large coconuts, the men knew that when Doug came, he would cum BIG. They just hoped the big stud would cum before his obscenely oversized nuts were torn from his muscular body. 

The minutes ticked by, and still Doug endured, his powerful thighs not yet losing their grip on the bull. His whole body was covered in a sheen of sweat by his exertions, however, and his breathing was coming faster and faster, signaling the orgasm that was soon to come. 

30 minutes, and the bull charged up to level 7, the level that finally claimed the previous legendary stud, Troy. Now the bull was thrashing about with a vengeance, just like the mechanical bulls seen in movies and country western dives. But the difference was that in the movies, the man’s balls aren’t tied to the bull, so when he is eventually thrown from the machine, he loses nothing more than his pride. In this evening’s event, the stakes were much higher – this young man’s very masculinity, the essence of what made him a man, was on the line. 

Doug began to cry out in pain, his deep and powerful voice reverberating off the walls of the large ballroom. His balls were stretching even farther, and his 385 pounds of rock solid, masculine bulk was crashing again and again with great force into his massive nuts, brutally battering them with his own mighty body. Almost any other man’s balls would have long since been reduced to rubble by such a powerful, relentless beating, but Doug’s balls appeared to still be intact. The huge, meaty orbs had begun to turn an angry red color from all the abuse, but they had not yet begun to swell, and their perfect egg shapes continued to endure intact. 

The audience knew that Doug was nearing his mark, but they also feared that they would never see it, for Doug was now at the same level as Troy when that young farm stud lost his huge nuts. And though Troy was a very big and powerful young man, he had at least 100 pounds less weight pummeling his balls on every downward motion of the bull. The men hoped that Doug would cum before he lost his balls, eager to see the size of the load created by such massive gonads. 

The audience did not have long to wait. Less than a minute into level 7, and the brutal beating and yanking of Doug’s behemoth bull nuts became too much for the big stud’s phenomenal virility to take. Doug’s grunts became deeper and mixed with the unmistakable sounds of pleasure. As the men watched, the flow of precum from his cock, which had continued unabated for nearly half an hour, ebbed and finally ceased. Over the course of 5 or 10 seconds, the beefy fireman’s humungous cock grew thicker, darker, and longer, adding at least another inch in length and becoming as thick as a bazooka, and almost as long. The swollen super cock throbbed a few more times, shuddered, and then began blasting the largest load any of these men had ever seen. 

Doug’s first wad erupted from his cock just as the bull was thrusting forward, so the first rope of cum flew out far into the audience. And “rope” of cum was the appropriate term; the first spurt of cum was over 5 feet long, and nearly as thick as a man’s finger. The pure white blast of cum shot forth with such force that it arced nearly a dozen feet up into the air and traveled at least 40 feet before landing in the audience, striking at least a half dozen or more of the men there. Before the crowd could recover, a second massive wad escaped from Doug’s throbbing monster cock, and then a third, and a fourth, and a fifth, each wad as massive as the one before it, and spraying out in random directions into the crowd. 

The men went wild. They knew that they were witnessing the largest orgasm the world had ever seen, and many of them, Michael included, spontaneously creamed their pants at the hyper masculine sight. Each gargantuan wad was followed 3 to 5 seconds later by another that was every bit as massive as the first spectacular shot. 

And there seemed to be no end in sight to Doug’s truly colossal orgasm. Ten blasts, then 15, then 20, then 25, and still his raging orgasm thundered on undiminished. Buckets of cum were erupting from Doug’s mammoth cock, and soon all the men in the audience had been struck by one of his gushing volleys of thick man milk, the men in the front rows virtually coated with the stuff. Some of the salvos blasted straight up in the air to land on the great hulking, muscular bulk of Doug himself, coating his magnificent chest, corrugated belly, powerful arms, awesome flexing legs, and even his stunningly handsome face with his own powerful male essence. Great slugs of his manly jism were festooned across his phenomenal physique, and huge globs dripped onto the mechanical bull, soaking the machine as well in his thick fluids. 

This monumental orgasm went on for a full minute, and then two minutes, never slacking in quantity of sperm or force of ejaculation. Finally, after more than three and a half minutes of continuous orgasm, Doug’s earth shattering orgasm began to ebb. But unlike most men, who decrease in size of their wads as they reach the end of their load, Doug’s blasts continued to be just as massive as the first. Instead, his mighty slugs of cum began to get spaced farther and farther apart. Three to 5 seconds became 6 or 7, which became 8 or 10, until finally, 15 seconds after the penultimate blast, Doug grunted loudly and blasted off one last titanic wad, which arced so high and shot so far that it struck the wall a full 60 feet away. 

The men in the audience were stunned by the unbelievable sight they had just seen. As they wiped slugs of cum from their faces and out of their eyes, they surveyed the room and each other. Literally gallons of cum had been sprayed everywhere, and not a person or object within 50 feet had avoided being struck by at least one stray blast. The greatest mess was within the vicinity of the bull itself, for both Doug and the bull were coated with thick white cream, and a large pool of the stuff had formed at the bottom of the mechanical beast. No one had thought to count the number of wads at the time, but a later viewing of the videotape being made of the event (from a dozen hidden cameras placed around the room) would show that Doug shot a total of 64 times. None of them would have believed it if they hadn’t seen it…and felt it…and smelled the rich, musky, intensely manly scent of it themselves. 

But for Doug, there was no reprieve. Though he had just pounded out one of the most massive loads of his young life, the bull did not cease its violent bucking. In fact, no sooner had Doug finished his load than the bull increased its speed to level 8. 

A great cheer went up from the crowd, for not only had Doug broken all records for the beefiest sacrifice, clearly the most well-hung sacrifice, arguably the handsomest sacrifice, and hands down the most virile sacrifice (if not the most virile man that ever lived!), he had just broken the record set by Troy for the longest ride on the bull. MAN, but this stud had some awesome endurance, and balls of steel! And Michael was pleased to see that, despite having just pounded out the grand daddy of all loads, Doug’s horse cock was still as hard as ever, its angry shade of red shining through even the multiple layers of pearlescent cum that coated it. Michael wondered if there might be even more cum still trapped within those bloated, burgeoning balls. 

Michael also quickly realized that Doug was starting to have a significant problem. Though the young muscle stud’s humungous thighs seemed powerful enough to maintain their grip on the bull from now until the end of time, the bucket loads of cum spilt on both Doug and the bull were having a detrimental effect. The thick, creamy, slippery fluid was seeping between the man’s thighs and the bull itself, causing the fireman’s vise-like grip to loosen, and making it more difficult for the man to hold on. The look of panic and fear on Doug’s face indicated that he realized the same thing. Michael smiled at the irony, that this mighty, super human hunk of a man might be undone by his own spectacular virility. 

Doug began to struggle mightily, fighting to not lose his purchase on the bucking bull. He managed to stay on top of the beast, but the slipperiness of his cum made his legs slide further forward and back on the bull. His huge balls got stretched ever farther with each buck, only to be smashed with brutal intensity between his rock solid body and the uncaring, unforgiving bull. 

Still the minutes ticked by, and before long the bull moved on to level 9. Doug was in completely uncharted territory here, and the men continued to marvel at the awesome abuse the young man’s gigantic balls are able to endure. The bull was bucking harder and faster than they have ever seen it before, and Michael could see that Doug’s huge balls were now being stretched to over 10 inches from his crotch. That’s two and a half times their normal dangle! The scene didn’t look real, for no man could possibly endure so great a stretch to their nuts. Could they? 

Michael also noticed that Doug’s cock was coughing up great gobs of precum once again, and even as he watched, the sticky fluid began to change from clear to milky white. Shit, this stud just shot the biggest load in history hardly more than 5 minutes ago, and he’s already randy for another one?! This guy was simply super human! Michael dearly wanted to see if Doug could cum a second time before losing his balls, but he didn’t hold much hope for the big stud; at level 9, the mechanical bull was bucking at a ferocious intensity, such that even experienced riders who had the benefit of holding on with both hands couldn’t have stayed on for long. It was a testament to the power of Doug’s massive thighs that he was still clamped tight to the mechanical beast. 

Before they knew it, 45 minutes had elapsed, and the bull moved on to level 10. The men watched in open-mouthed wonder, not believing that anyone could last this long on the bull, regardless of the astounding size and awesome strength of their balls. But still Doug held on, despite the terrible agony racking his balls with each vicious tug and each brutal, crushing impact. 

As Michael watched in disbelief, Doug’s cock once again ceased pouring out its precum, and again swelled larger and thicker, growing even darker than before, looking like a mighty tree limb projecting from Doug’s sweat and cum soaked crotch. The colossal cock spasmed and shuddered several times, swelled even larger, and then let loose with its first fresh rocket of cum. 

Maybe it was the intensity of the beating his bull balls were receiving, or maybe his balls realized that this would likely be their last load, but Doug’s second orgasm proved to be even larger and more intense than his first. It was hard to tell how long the first huge rope of cum was, as the bull was moving so quickly and erratically that the rope formed a big “S” in the air. However, everyone could clearly tell that this load was even thicker than the previous one, as thick as a thumb, and was almost blindingly white, no doubt composed nearly entirely of pure sperm without being diluted by other seminal fluids. The first blast of cum rained like a barrage of mortar shells onto the eager audience, who yelled and applauded as blast after blast followed the first and added to the already huge mess of cum littering the vast room. 

Several men actually swooned at the sight. Michael himself almost fainted as he watched Doug perform an even greater display of hyper masculine virility than before, and he could not believe that Doug had just finished pounding out his previous monster load a mere 10 minutes before. Where did this stud STORE all this spunk?! Surely even his gargantuan testicles couldn’t contain this much man juice! 

But Doug continued to prove Michael wrong, blasting out a score, then two score, and then THREE score titanic blasts of his super potent sperm. Shit, each wad contained more sperm than an average man could produce in a YEAR, and this was his SECOND load!! The audience was now literally drenched in Doug’s male essence, and even more of the stuff coated his magnificent body. And STILL Doug’s colossal orgasm thundered onward! 

Finally, after nearly four score mind blasting gouts of fresh stud cum, Doug’s orgasm began to ebb, slowing as before without losing any of its awesome intensity. Jetting off one last, monumental blast, Doug’s masterpiece of an orgasm finally ceased, having jettisoned 77 mighty wads of cum. 

Doug was in very real trouble now. The added deluge of his freshly spilled cum had completely greased the surface of the bull, rendering it slipperier than pig snot. As Doug struggled frantically to stay on the bull, it proceeded to level 11. 

The bull was now bucking like an animal possessed, its movements so violent that it should be shattering bones, and yet somehow Doug stayed on. His grip was slipping, however, and his mighty balls were getting stretched farther and farther as the moments tick by – 11 inches, then 12 inches – a full foot, and three times their normal dangle! – then an unbelievable 13 inches! Michael privately speculated that Doug’s mighty ball cords must be as strong as steel to be able to endure such unimaginable stretching. And after each stretch followed a blow so powerful it would have obliterated any other man’s nuts. It was if a 385-pound sledgehammer was being brought down with incredible force directly onto Doug’s bruised, battered, and defenseless nuts, again and again and again and again. Yet though Doug’s gargantuan low-hangers were now swollen and nearly purple from all the bruises and nearly an hour of constant abuse, they were still incredibly, impossibly, miraculously intact. None of the men could believe their eyes! 

Doug slipped more and more with each mighty buck and thrust of the bull, and Michael realized that the end would come very soon. Yet astonishingly, Michael noted that Doug’s still rock hard cock was beginning to ooze precum again! Somehow, this guy had still MORE cum in those mighty man boulders of his! It was simply impossible!! 

Doug’s struggles became more and more frantic, and it was clear he would soon lose his purchase altogether. Already, his ass had cleared the seat of the bull more than a dozen times, yet somehow he managed to crash back down into the saddle and reattach his grip to the bucking beast. 

Then, without warning, the mechanical bull cranked it up to full power – level 12. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Saddle Castration - Part 1

I'm trying something new today. I'm simultaneously posting the first of two drawings today that accompanies this story. If you're interested in viewing my illustrations, then please check out my other blog at  :D

Saddle Castration
Based on an original story by an anonymous author 

A young man’s virility is put to the ultimate test while riding a specially designed mechanical bull. 


The muscular young fireman came to in a nearly pitch-black room, his thick wrists bound together above his head with some sort of heavy iron manacles that were attached by an even thicker metal chain to the stone wall at his back. Doug did not remember what had happened or how he had gotten here. He only remembered that he had been working late at the fire station, cleaning one of the trucks, when suddenly a damp cloth was placed over his mouth, and everything quickly went black. 

As he hung helpless in his restraints, Doug realized that he was naked except for his grease-stained jock strap. Despite his near nakedness, however, the room was so warm that Doug’s young and spectacularly muscular body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. As his eyes adjusted to the dark, the dark-haired young hunk thought he could make out a faint light on the other side of the room, perhaps the faint outline of a door. He strained to see more, when suddenly the door flew open, letting light flood the room and temporarily blinding him. 

As Doug’s eyes slowly adjusted to the sudden light, he could see about half a dozen well-dressed men of various ages enter the room, all looking at him with cold and appraising eyes. Doug felt a thrill of terror, for these men all regarded him with a hungry and heartless stare, and he knew that none of these men were here to release him. 

Despite their cool demeanor, the men seemed extremely impressed by Doug, as well they might be, for Doug was what most people referred to as a ‘muscle god’. The young, 22-year-old fire fighter possessed both a phenomenal physique and incredible good looks, standing a full 6’5” tall in his socks and weighing a whopping 385 pounds of lean, bulging, rock hard muscle on a very large and very broad frame. Doug had been lifting some extreme weights since his early teens, and it showed in every inch of the amateur bodybuilder’s monstrously massive body. The handsome young stud was by far the largest man in the city’s entire fire department, and likely the largest muscle bull in the whole damn county! 

Doug’s behemoth physique was extraordinary for a man of any age, but was all the more impressive since Doug was barely into his 20’s – the handsome young kid was still growing, so who knew how massive he would become in 5 or 10 years?! More amazing still was the fact that the young buck had never once resorted to the use of steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs; his body was completely natural, the product of a lot of hard work and incredibly blessed genetics. Heck, once Doug had started lifting weights in junior high school, he couldn’t STOP his body from growing, stacking on at least a couple dozen pounds every year since he’d begun lifting weights. 

Doug’s awesome physique was both enormously muscular and perfectly proportioned, that rare combination that so many bodybuilders tried so hard to achieve, and with which Doug had been naturally gifted. The young stud was also blessed with a very high metabolism, and naturally hovered at around 4% body fat, making his already gigantic muscles look even bigger and ripped to shreds. Had Doug ever wished to enter a super heavyweight bodybuilding contest, there is no doubt that the hot young stud would have aced it. 

It was difficult to describe Doug’s physique, as you had to actually see it to get the full impact of his raw masculine beauty. The only way to describe him was body part by body part, and even that couldn’t do more than scratch the surface of the effect that all these pieces had when combined into his extraordinarily handsome whole. Starting from the top, Doug had a neck as thick as a bull’s, thick with corded muscles that flared out at the bottom to massive traps. His shoulders were a full three and a half feet wide and easily as large as cannon balls, and from these boulder shoulders hung immensely powerful arms that were over 26 ½ inches in circumference completely cold! Doug definitely had one of the largest set of muscular arms on the planet! And when fully pumped, Doug’s mind-blowingly awesome arms swelled to over 30 inches in size!! These were mammoth guns indeed! Doug’s forearms were bigger than some men’s legs, thick with corded muscle that flexed with his every movement. The mighty arms ended in massive hands, the kind that could easily palm a basketball…or crush a skull. 

Doug’s chest was simply magnificent, a monument to masculinity, the squared-off pecs awesomely broad and incredibly thick. The incredibly heavy and dense muscles jutted a full 8 inches out from his massive rib cage and were topped by two of the most succulent nipples any of the well-dressed men had ever seen. Doug’s awesome chest was covered in a thick but soft fur of dark brown hair that continued in a narrow dark trail down his perfect 8-pack of cobblestone abdominals and disappearing into the waistband of his bulging jock strap. And at a mere 32 inches, Doug’s muscular waist was incredibly narrow for anyone of his height, let alone for a young man with lats as wide as barn doors. In fact, Doug’s waspish waist was even more incredible in that it measured only one-third of his incredible, monumental, 96-inch chest measurement. Doug’s back was every bit as muscular as his front, with lats at least as thick as his chest, which tapered majestically down to his slender waist. 

Doug’s lower body was every bit a match for his upper physique, with bulging, muscular calves the shape of footballs, only bigger, and huge, tree trunk thighs that were thicker than the young man’s waist at over 40 inches each. These two pillars of bulging muscle led up to a tight and muscular ass out of legend, two big, perfect globes of male muscle. Even the baggiest of pants could not conceal Doug’s awesome ass. Doug’s thighs and calves were covered in a light dusting of the same dark hair that coated his chest, and this hair traveled in a thicker trail up the back of his thighs and into his tight, hot ass crack. 

In a word, Doug’s physique was phenomenal. Awe-inspiring. Perfect. 

And as if his physique wasn’t incredible enough, Doug was blessed with awesome good looks, the kind of ruggedly handsome face that people always associated with both firemen and super heroes, sculpted and angular and overwhelmingly masculine. Beneath a thick head of dark brown, wavy hair, Doug possessed a high forehead, dark and heavy brows, high prominent cheekbones, and a long straight nose over full, sensual lips, a powerful chin, and a heavy, strong jaw line. Doug’s facial hair was so heavy that within an hour or two of shaving, he looked like he had a five o’clock shadow. It was Doug’s eyes, however, that truly captivated his face, for they were the kind of deep, soulful blue that seemed to look straight into your heart. These gorgeous eyes were framed by very long and dark lashes, the kind of naturally thick eyelashes that women would kill for. 

Doug was truly an Adonis of a man, a muscle stud worthy of worship. But he had yet one more attribute that put him far above and beyond the common man, and it was for this attribute above all others that he had been selected and abducted for the evening’s entertainment. 

One of the men, a young and handsome blond stud named Michael, stepped forward and addressed the rest of the men. The young man looked like he belonged on a college campus with his perfect hair and elegant tuxedo, not down in some dark dungeon, but he seemed perfectly at ease. Michael told the rest of the gathered men that they were in for a treat tonight, explaining that he had managed to find the ultimate centerpiece for their amusement. He then explained how he had first learned about Doug the Fireman, seeing the handsome and hugely built young man interviewed on the evening news and acclaimed as a hero for saving three children from a raging fire. Michael said how he had been astounded by the young man’s beauty and charm, and by his awesome musculature. But knowing that the Club demanded more of the men selected for their special treatment, Michael knew that he had to find out more about this stud. So, Michael explained, he snuck into the firehouse one evening and watched as Doug took a shower. At that moment, Michael knew that he had found the perfect man for their monthly ceremony. 

With that, Michael turned to Doug, and all eyes became focused on Doug’s over packed jock strap. The thin cotton fabric strained almost comically, as if it was trying to contain far more than just a man’s cock and balls. In fact, so huge was the bulge in Doug’s crotch that some of the other men doubted that it was real, and one even stated that Michael must have stuffed the jock strap with half a dozen pairs of socks to create such a bulge. Doug knew better, of course -- he had to special order his jock straps through a mail-order catalogue in order to obtain underwear that could accommodate the great size of his mammoth endowment. 

Michael smirked at his disbelieving audience, and said that he, too, had originally believed that the great bulge in Doug’s briefs must be false, and that even when he saw Doug with his own eyes, he couldn’t believe at first that what he was seeing was true. But he then assured his now captive audience that the massive bulge in that jock strap was all man. Michael then produced a long, wicked knife, and reached out toward Doug’s crotch. The young fireman’s eyes widened in fear as Michael slid the blade beneath the waistband of his briefs just to the right of his crotch. Then with one swift motion, Michael cut the elastic band, letting the thin and dirty cotton fabric fall to the ground and revealing Doug’s massive crotch for the first time. 

The assembled men gasped in unison as Doug’s gargantuan cock and balls flopped out of the severed jock strap. Doug’s cock was by far the longest and heaviest cock they had ever seen, measuring a full 12 inches long completely soft, and thicker around than a beer can. The massive shaft was covered in a tracery of thick veins, and was topped by a massive cock head that, even in its flaccid state, was larger than the largest of plums, and was covered by a thick fold of foreskin. Even a horse would be jealous of Doug’s awesome cock, and Doug had long since learned to hide his cock from casual view, as it indeed elicited envy from many men, and lust in others. 

Doug’s gargantuan man meat arched majestically out over two behemoth testicles that defied belief. All the assembled men had heard the term ‘bull balls’ before, but did not actually believe that anyone could ever live up to that appellation. Now here, chained before them, was a man who put the balls of a prize stud bull to shame. Doug’s enormous testes were each the size of the largest of grapefruit, approaching hairy coconuts in size. Each massive orb was so dense and meaty that it weighed nearly 10 pounds, and was so large that Doug’s velvety scrotum bulged obscenely as it strained to contain its massive contents. The combined weight of those burgeoning bull nuts was extreme, and stretched Doug’s thick scrotum to such a degree that the huge balls naturally hung over 4 inches from his crotch. Such was the awesome size of his nuts and their incredible dangle that, even though his cock hung down well over 12 inches completely flaccid, the tip of Doug’s cock barely hung down further than his enormous bull balls. 

Michael reached out his hand and cupped it beneath one of Doug’s huge balls – cupping both nuts in one hand was impossible as just one massive testicle filled even Michael’s big hand to overflowing – and hefted the great, heavy orb for closer inspection. Several of the men were already clearly sporting erections in their tuxedo pants as they took a closer look at the gigantic teste, and they could actually see the vitality and power pulsing through the great orb. Upon closer inspection, they could see that the thick scrotum was not completely hairless as they had previously thought, but was actually coated in a thick down of short, dark, fine hairs, making the huge orbs appear so much like tremendously over-sized, fuzzy peaches. Michael then let the meaty nut drop, and the men watched the incredible bull nut fall heavily to the bottom of its scrotum, where it bounced and jostled against its massive twin, causing both massive orbs to swing ponderously between the young fireman’s columnar thighs. 

Michael then ordered that Doug be prepared for the ceremony, and four huge, identically-dressed burly men stepped into the room. While Michael and the other men departed, the four huge muscle men unchained Doug from the wall and, keeping his wrists manacled, led him by a chain under close guard out of the dungeon. Doug was led up a flight of steps into a hallway, and he immediately knew he was in a very large, very rich house. He was led through a series of beautifully appointed rooms until he finally reached a set of double doors. Beyond the doors, Doug could hear a great deal of conversation, as if many dozens of people were having a party on the other side. 

The guards opened the doors to a grand ballroom, and Doug saw nearly a hundred men turn to look at him. Doug was filled with a mixture of embarrassment at his nakedness, and fear as to what his fate would be. The men were all as refined and well dressed as the men Doug had seen downstairs, and none seemed shocked to see a large naked man enter the room. They were all surprised, however, as they quickly took in his great beauty, his incredible body, and his super-human endowment. The stunned and excited men parted before him, allowing Doug to see the large mechanical bull in the center of the room. 

The guards led Doug to the mechanical bull, where handsome young Michael waited for him. Michael again addressed the audience, telling them all what a special event they had planned tonight. Doug was hoisted up onto the back of the bull, and his manacled arms raised so that the chain could be hooked into a rotating eye socket hanging from the ceiling. Doug’s arms and torso were stretched out to great effect, making his rippling muscles bulge even larger, and his body glistened with a fresh sheen of sweat, a combination of the heat of the room and the young man’s fear of what would happen next. 

Doug noticed that there was a thick iron ring set into the saddle of the bull, just behind the saddle horn. He immediately knew that he was in deep trouble. 

Michael produced a coil of metal cable, nearly a quarter of an inch thick. The cable was supple, but extremely strong, and was commonly used to discretely hang huge museum pieces from ceilings. Michael reached up onto the bull, gently pushed Doug’s huge, floppy cock out of the way, and grasped the base of Doug’s gargantuan balls, pulling the great orbs to the bottom of their sac. He then looped a coil of the cable tightly around the top of Doug’s huge nuts and pulled it taut, causing Doug’s balls to bulge even more obscenely in their silky scrotum. Michael then continued to loop the cable around and around Doug’s tightly pulled scrotum, creating a coiled rope nearly two inches long with the neck of Doug’s ball sac tightly scrunched within. Michael then gave the cable a good hard tug, pulling Doug’s big bruisers to nearly 6 inches, and then tied the other end of the cable off on the heavy iron ring set below the saddle horn. Doug’s gigantic bull balls were now firmly secured to the mechanical bull, so tightly bound that there was no getting off the bull short of leaving his balls behind. 

Michael then addressed the crowd once again. 

“Welcome gentlemen. Tonight we have something extra special for your entertainment, as you can plainly see. This month’s sacrifice is among the most handsome, and certainly the most muscular men ever to grace this assembly, and I’m sure you’ll all agree with me that he is also by far the most well endowed. Tonight, our handsome young Doug here will face off against the mechanical bull. It will be the ultimate fight between the human bull and the mechanical bull. Of course, you and I both know that no man has successfully endured the bull and survived intact.” 

A low murmur of laughter echoed throughout the large room at this remark. 

“As you are all more than familiar, the bull works like this – the captive is placed on the bull, but is not allowed to hold on to the bull with anything but his legs. Of course, with massive, mighty thighs like these, Doug may be able to hang on for a long time. The only thing keeping the captive secured to the bull is the cable wound tightly around his testicles. The mechanical bull is then activated at its lowest level, gently bucking back and forth, gently pulling against the man’s nuts and then grinding them against his pelvis. As the power of the bull is slowly increased, it begins to buck faster and more fiercely, yanking at the captive’s balls and then crushing them against his crotch. The greater the man’s weight and the denser his musculature, the more forceful the impact of his nuts against his body. And our fireman here is by far the heaviest and most muscular captive we have had to date, so I think we can all look forward to some extremely brutal pummeling of Doug’s enormous nuts.” 

Again a low susurrus of laughter echoes throughout the hall. 

“The force and speed of the mechanical bull will inexorably increase, alternately yanking and crushing the young man’s balls ever more brutally, until eventually the young man’s balls are literally ripped from his body, freeing him from the bull. Before that happens, most men’s balls are bludgeoned and battered until they are reduced to a meaty pulp, ruptured and broken by the pummeling of the bull before they are ever ripped free. But who can forget Troy, our most famous captive to date, the young blond farm stud with the muscular physique and the lemon-sized gonads. Troy endured the bull for nearly half an hour, his balls bruised and swollen but otherwise still intact, and stretched to nearly 8 inches from his beautiful body. Troy made it farther than any other man before or since, reaching level 7 before his mighty ball cords could take no more, and his big balls were torn from his body.” 

“I believe that tonight’s captive will break all previous records, enduring the bull even longer than our dear Troy, and that he will reach level 8 or maybe even level 9. Of course, the bull has 12 levels…” 

At this point, the men in the room laughed and chuckled louder than before, knowing that no man, regardless of the size and power of his balls, could endure the bull at anything near its full operating speed. 

“If you all are ready, let us begin.” With that, Michael turned the dial on the controls to level 1. 

( be continued...)