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Wrestling in the Redneck Arena -- Jayse Version

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This next story is an all-out wrestling throw down involving no less than FIVE combatants. The original version was penned by The Mangler, who ran a story blog years ago that featured mostly wrestling-themed stories. Though nothing new has been posted on his website since 2007, I encourage you all to check it out, as there's a ton of great stories archived there. The website can be found at:  http://www.reocities.com/bgklmangler/index4b.html.


A Family Affair

Wrestling in the Redneck Arena

Based on an original story by The Mangler

The Redneck Arena was bustling with excitement. The previous match had just concluded and the loser was being taken back to the locker room for some post match action. But most people in the crowd were anxious for the next match to begin. It was a first for the Redneck Arena. Actually TWO firsts. Number one, it was a handicapped match, 2 versus 1 (actually there had been other 2 on 1 matches before, but this was the first "legal" one), and number two, all the combatants were related. 

Fighting alone was Jon, a 21-year-old, 6-feet, 3-inch tall, 285-pound super heavyweight bodybuilder who had already won several amateur bodybuilding titles, and was soon thinking of turning pro. Jon was a stunningly handsome young man with thick brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a massively muscular body to die for. His mightily muscled, perfectly proportioned physique was the result of incredible genetics combined with five years of dedication in the gym, and he was every bit as strong as he looked. His yard wide shoulders were like cannon balls, and his powerful, 23-inch arms screamed power. His hairless chest was massive and thick, each squared pec topped by a large succulent nipple, and his lats were like barn doors. Jon’s massive upper body tapered dramatically to an incredibly tight and muscular waist, with abdominals like corrugated iron. Jon’s powerful legs were a perfect match for his upper body, thickly muscled and bulging with raw strength. Jon wore bright red wrestling trunks, which did little to hide the massive bulge in Jon’s crotch area. The kid was clearly packing some serious meat and potatoes - the outline of his huge sausage of a cock was clearly visible beneath the thin material, and his two balls were so huge that they looked like a pair of ripe beefsteak tomatoes had been stuffed into his trunks. 

Jon’s opponents were his identical twin stepbrothers, Brad and Doug. They were 22 years old, 5 feet, 8 inches tall, and 190 pounds, and were competitive gymnasts. Both had blond hair and blue eyes, and tight, lean, muscular physiques. Though clearly not nearly as large as their fantastically muscular younger stepbrother, the twins were very strong, and not an ounce of fat was evident anywhere among their thick, lean muscles. Brad and Doug wore matching blue trunks, and they, too, had more-than-respectable bulges in the fronts of their trunks. 

The hatred between the stepbrothers had been ongoing since their parents’ marriage four years ago. After the twins’ mother died, the hatred had intensified, finally leading up to tonight's challenge. 

In anticipation of the problems associated with the match, the promoters had assigned Thom, their best referee, to the match. Thom was 35 years old, 6 feet, 1 inch tall, and 265 pounds of raw masculinity, and he accepted no shit from anyone. In addition, he also fought and wrestled in another league. Thom was built like a brick shithouse, every bit of his body thick with battle-hardened muscle. Thom wasn’t quite as massive as young Jon, but with his more compact frame and nearly two decades of weight training, he gave the teen muscle freak a run for his money. What’s more, Thom was also ruggedly handsome, with thick dark brown hair and gray eyes. The studly referee was dressed in a tight-fitting shirt and short trunks, showing of his massively muscled body to great effect. 

Thom was standing in the center of the ring when the announcement was made. The crowd’s reaction indicated that most of them were rooting for the twins, who were well known for very fighting dirty, the kind that always got the crowd roaring. The ref called the combatants to the middle of the ring and admonished them. "Okay, you all know the rules, no low blows and regular tag-team rules. Don't even think about violating them, because I won't stand for it." He said those last words while staring pointedly at the two innocent-looking twins. 

"Not a problem, Thom," Jon said. "These two pieces of shit are going down in a matter of minutes, so you don't have to worry about violations." 

"There you go daydreaming again, little brother. You always were such an asshole," Brad replied with a sneer. 

"Enough already!” Thom said. “Save it for the damned wrestling! Now go back to your corner and wait for the bell." 

As Jon turned and headed to his corner, both Brad and Doug executed simultaneous flying dropkicks to his large, muscular back. The blow catapulted the huge stud into the corner where his forehead hit the top turnbuckle. Thom started to warn the twins about their tactics, but the bell keeper sounded the bell to start the match. Thom shot a dirty look at the bell keeper, who just shrugged his shoulders and laughed. 

Doug went to his corner while Brad charged after the dazed Jon. Brad grabbed the big muscle man in a side headlock and turned away from the ref. Once he was safely out of the ref's view, he jammed a thumb hard into Jon's Adam’s apple. Brad let go of Jon, who grabbed his throat and fell to the mat gasping for breath. As the ref began berating Brad for his actions, Brad threw his hands up and gave the ref his most innocent look and denied any wrongdoing. He went back over to Jon, lifted him to his feet by his hair and again locked him in a headlock. He repeated the thumb jab to the throat, and this time Jon fell back into the twin's corner. 

As the referee began reading the riot act to Brad, Doug took the tag team rope and wrapped it around Jon's bull-like neck, stretching the rope across the young man’s throat. He then placed his arm around the thick neck, hiding the rope. The ref turned and saw the action in the corner and went after Doug, who released the hold and walked down the ring apron away from the corner with the ref following. 

Taking advantage of Thom's absence, Brad delivered a series of knee lifts and punches into Jon's exposed corrugated gut, with the last knee delivered low into his groin, striking Jon directly in his extra large and almost comically oversized bull nuts. What little breath Jon had burst out of his lungs at the explosion of pain in his huge gonads. 

Brad then grabbed Jon by the arm and slung him into the opposite corner back first. Brad tagged his brother, who charged across the ring and dove headfirst into Jon's exposed abdomen. He then repeated Brad's earlier maneuver and sent Jon hurling across the ring into Brad's outstretched knee, which caught the young muscle stud dead center in the crotch. Jon’s ragged breath exploded out of him once again, and he fell heavily to the mat. 

Laughing, Doug picked Jon up off the mat, placed his head between his knees, and lifted the hugely muscular Jon off the mat in preparation for a pile driver. He then tagged Brad, who climbed up to the second rope and dove off, forcing Jon's head deeply into the mat, nearly knocking the young hunk unconscious. 

Jon was now almost completely out of it. Brad rolled Jon onto his stomach and began using knee drops to his tightly muscular lower back. After a series of seven knee drops to the back, Brad tagged Doug, who climbed to the top rope to deliver a super knee drop to his victim. Jon actually bounced off of the mat from the force of the impact, and let out a loud low groan of pain. 

Trying to regain some semblance of order, Thom grabbed Doug by the arm, moved him away from Jon, and began raising hell. Seizing the opportunity, Brad jumped to the arena floor, reached under the bottom rope, and dragged Jon’s incredibly heavy dead weight out of the ring, where he executed a body slam onto the concrete floor. He then hurled Jon back-first into the fence surrounding the ring. 

Finally realizing what was happening, Thom exited the ring and went to the fallen Jon in an effort to help him and restore some order. As he was helping Jon to his feet, one of the leaders of the local M/C club, whom Jon had defeated at the last bodybuilding contest, reached through the fence, grabbed the top of Thom’s referee trunks, and pulled him face first into the fence. The blow surprised and stunned Thom. A couple of other M/C members quickly grabbed the dazed ref's wrists, spread them out, and tightly fastened them to the fence with leather restraints. The big, hunky referee was effectively immobilized, and Jon was now completely on his own. 

Meanwhile, Brad and Doug had taken their victim back to the ring. A body slam was executed from the second rope to the mat. Jon was all but unconscious by this point. While Doug went to Jon's corner and removed the tag team rope, Brad pulled Jon's trunks and jock down, exposing his huge horse cock and massive bull balls to the audience for the first time. The crowd let out a loud roar of admiration and approval at the sight of the teen muscle hunk’s goliath genitals, and encouraged the twins to continue trashing the handsome young stud. 

Brad knelt down beside his big stepbrother and proceeded to expertly manipulate Jon's enormous cock into throbbing hardness. The giant fuck stick swelled larger and larger, finally bloating to its full 12+ inch length and with the awesome, eye-popping thickness of a beer can. It was a true monster cock if ever the crowd had seen one, and it was more than matched by a pair of loose, heavy, low-hanging bull nuts that were nearly the size of the young muscle man’s huge fists. 

Doug then took the freed tag rope and made a tight cock ring around the base of Jon's cock and balls, wrapping the base of the heavy meat with several loops of the thin, rough rope. Jon now had a hard-on that he couldn't lose, and his huge, fist-sized balls were bulging all bright and shiny in their big, hairless scrotum, looking ready to burst forth from their sac. 

Jon was then rolled onto his stomach and Brad applied a Boston crab. Doug meanwhile walked around and delivered several powerful punches into the painfully exposed cock and balls of the big stud, causing the huge lad to buck in agony with each blow, while Doug and Brad just laughed at Jon's bellows of pain. Doug punched again and again and again and again into Jon’s meaty, beefy balls, taking revenge on all the times he felt that Jon had wronged him or slighted him. Hell, he was even taking revenge for Jon being so much bigger, muscular, and massively endowed than the twins! 

Any lesser man’s balls would have been quickly reduced to a jellied rubble of ball flesh, but Jon’s mighty testicles were made of far sterner stuff, and though they were battered and bruised by the cruel beating, they were still very much intact. However, the twins were just getting started, and they didn’t intend to leave Jon with much of anything by the time they were done with him. 

Next, Brad and Doug stood back to back and lifted Jon onto their shoulders for a double over the shoulders back breaker. Brad was pulling down on Jon’ strong chin, while Doug pulled down on the massive balls, stretching them out to the max until his mighty ball cords were taut as bowstrings. Jon was soon pleading for mercy and begging to be released, his balls being simultaneously crushed and nearly torn from his body. 

Meanwhile, security had finally gotten to Thom and released him from his bondage. As he returned to the ring, he saw Doug had Jon in an over the shoulder backbreaker and airplane spin, Doug's right hand firmly locked over Jon's huge balls. As Thom entered the ring, he heard Jon begging for mercy and submitting. Thom signaled the end of the match, but the bell didn't ring. He looked at the bell keeper, but he was not at his table. Thom told Doug to break the hold, but since the bell hadn't rung, Doug ignored him. He then dropped Jon to the canvas and tagged in Brad. Brad pulled Jon from the mat, lifted him up, and brought him down across his knee with a backbreaker. He held Jon over his knee torturing him further. With Jon stretched out and defenseless, Brad delivered a series of punches to the muscular stomach and lower abdomen before delivering a final series of vicious and devastating punches to the exposed and inviting balls. The bell rang at this point, and Thom reluctantly declared Brad and Doug the winners. 

As the twins celebrated their victory and paraded around the ring, showing off for the crowd, Thom noticed Jon's enormous and raging hard-on. Being curious as to how someone in so much agony could keep a boner, he went over and knelt down to investigate. Jon, though in terrible pain, tried to explain about the crude cock ring that was roughly tied around his enormous, swollen manhood. Sensing that Thom was about to discover their little gift to Jon, Brad charged across the ring and delivered a flying knee square into Thom's back. Thom fell over the prostrate Jon, and collided will all of his 265 pounds of raw muscle knee first into Jon's crotch. The sudden crushing blow to his battered manhood exceeded even Jon’s amazing pain threshold, and the muscle bound teen stud finally passed out. 

Doug arrived to assist his brother. They picked a stunned Thom up and sent him flying into the ropes. As he caromed off, he was on the receiving end of a double body slam, which forced the air from his big lungs. Each of the twins took one of the ref's huge, beefy arms, extended them from his body, stood on the massive forearms, and began stomping into the exposed 22-inch biceps. After 20-30 stomps, each dropped knee first into the screaming muscles. Thom was in real trouble and began pleading with the twins to stop. Ignoring him, they picked him up and placed his right arm in a hammerlock before propelling him across the ring into the turnbuckle shoulder first. Laughing, they attacked the hurting stud and repeated the maneuver with the left arm. 

Thom's huge, muscle-gnarled arms were soon hanging useless at his side, but the twins weren’t finished with him yet. Brad picked him up and delivered a shoulder breaker to the left shoulder, then Doug did the same to the right shoulder. They rolled Thom onto his stomach and his arms were forced up his back. Doug sat with his feet on Thom's shoulders, seized the arms and pulled upward in a painful double hammerlock while the big handsome stud bellowed in extreme agony. Brad sat on Thom’s muscular back to keep him on the mat and delivered a series of quick, brutal fists to the biceps and shoulders. 

Now Thom was promising, begging, to do anything if they would just stop. He issued a sigh of relief when the twins finally did stop, but his relief was premature. They picked him up and took him to the edge of the ring outside the ropes. The twins remained in the ring, each applied a hammerlock, then they kicked Thom's legs off the ring apron, and suspended him by his injured shoulders. He screamed, begged, and pleaded for mercy, but the crowd only urged the twins to commit more mayhem and do more damage to the hunky bodybuilder. 

Suddenly, security allowed a single figure into the ring area, who charged into the ring and delivered a series of stinging forearm blows to the twins. The stunned twins dropped the hurting ref, who fell to the floor and lay there with his useless arms still up his back. The twins turned to face the intruder. 

"Well, well Brad, if it isn't our dear old step dad,” sneered Doug. And yes, standing before them was Dave, their stepfather, a 39-year-old ex-marine. Dave was as strikingly handsome as his son, with thick brown hair and deep blue eyes, and was literally bulging with muscles. He was, if anything, and even bigger version of his son, standing 6 feet, 4 inches tall and weighing a whopping 320 pounds of pure, chiseled Marine beef. He was dressed in a pair of tattered blue jeans and a red tank top, which allowed his gargantuan muscular 25-inch biceps total freedom, and also exposed the tattoo of the marine bulldog on his massive left shoulder. It was obvious where Jon got his build from, and just as obvious that the young man still had a lot of growing potential ahead of him. Dave’s monstrous shoulders were easily three and a half feet wide, and were topped by truly massive deltoids. His arms were like sides of beef, and his chest was truly monumental, like the breastplate of a gladiator. Dave still worked out every day, so there was not an ounce of fat on his massive physique. 

"You fucking assholes! I'll teach you to beat up my son!” Dave bellowed. 

"We'll see who teaches who a lesson, Davie baby,” was Brad's caustic reply. 

For the third time in the match, it was two versus one, as Thom's arms were still useless and Jon was still unconscious. Dave threw a round house punch that struck Brad square on the jaw, knocking him down with the powerful blow. Doug, meanwhile, went after the fallen Jon, grabbing both of the muscular, lifeless legs and lifting them into a wide V. He placed his foot on the exposed foot-long cock and horrifically swollen and bruised bull balls. He then yelled, "Hey Davie, say goodbye to your grandchildren!” 

Dave turned and momentarily stopped as he realized he couldn't get across the ring in time to stop the mauling about to occur to poor Jon's already battered manhood. He bellowed, NOOOO!!! just as Doug slammed his booted foot down, burying it deep into the yielding flesh of Jon’s two defenseless orbs. Doug quickly raised his boot and slammed it down again and again and again, three more lightning-fast stomps to Jon’s steadily crumbling bull balls. 

As Dave frantically tried to devise some plan to save his son’s manhood from destruction, Brad delivered a devastating pump handle between Dave’s spread legs from behind, smashing his own huge bull balls into his pubic bone. Dave’s hands flew to his brutalized crotch, his knees buckled, and a deep grunt of agony emanated from his lips. 

Seizing the opportunity, Doug delivered a final ball-crushing stomp into the helpless crotch of his stepbrother, and the twins attacked Dave. Brad delivered an arm across the older man’s head that sent the ex-Marine face down onto the mat. Doug dropped to the floor outside the ring and delivered a gut kick to the slowly rising Thom, then raced around the ring to where Dave lay on the mat. Reaching under the ropes, he grabbed both of his stepfather's ankles, separated them on each side of the ring post, and pulled as fast and hard as he could, sending the defenseless man's bulging, denim-encased crotch careening into the metal ring post and flattening his gigantic balls. Dave’s huge nuts connected with the ring post with a sickening crunch, and a loud cry of agony rose in Dave's throat, but was quickly cut short by the nausea rising from his battered balls. 

Brad pulled Dave partway back into the ring so that Doug could repeat the brutal maneuver a second time, and finally a third time. Brad then removed the tag team rope from the twin’s corner and proceeded to tie Dave's hands behind his back. He and Doug then stripped the hurting, defenseless man naked, tearing off his tank top and pulling off his blue jeans. As the pants came off, it was revealed that – like father, like son – Dave also had an enormous endowment. Dave’s thick, limp cock was over 8 inches long and extremely beefy, and his enormous, orange-sized balls were every bit as big and juicy as his son’s. 

"Well pops, looks like we're going to win the battle of who's tops around here, and there doesn't seem to be much that you can do about it," taunted Doug. "Brad, what should the punishment be?" 

"Since the son this jerk managed to produce is such an asshole, I propose that we see if we can't destroy all the 'bad genes' he has." 

"An excellent idea." With that began one of the worst — or best, if the crowd was any indication — examples of brutality ever seen in the Redneck Arena. 

Dave was pulled from the mat and sent flying across the ring into the far ropes. As he rebounded off the rope, Brad charged across the ring in a lineman's stance and delivered a head butt low into the crotch, knocking the man not only backwards but out of the ring as well. Doug exited the ring, and delivered a series of nut crunching heel stomps to the helpless figure's manhood, grinding the huge nuts into the unforgiving concrete over and over and over again. Dave had an incredibly tough set of nuts, just like his son, but even his huge balls weren’t built to take such abuse, and they steadily flattened more and more under each devastating blow. They immediately plumped back up to their healthy egg-like shapes after each blow, but it was only a matter of time before their resistance was worn down completely. 

Doug then lifted up the huge muscle man back onto his feet and threw him back into the ring. The twins next delivered a duo nut buster to Dave's battered manhood. The nut buster consisted of placing Dave over the ring ropes with his legs straddling the top rope, Brad on the inside and Doug on the outside. They lifted the man by his ankles and thighs high above the ropes. On the count of three Brad dropped to the mat while Doug dropped to the floor. Dave was pulled down into the rope, balls first! The ropes gave a good foot or so before rebounding and pulling big Dave from the grasp of his vengeful assailants, catapulting him into the middle of the ring. The pain in his crotch was absolutely unbelievable as his nuts were thoroughly cracked. After he hit the mat, Dave curled up in a fetal ball, clutching his crotch and mangled manhood while he made animal-like moans and groans. 

Brad moved to the middle of the ring, reached down through Dave’s big hands, and locked a ball crusher on the hurting man's inflamed equipment. As he brutally mashed and pulled on the rapidly swelling balls, especially the left one, he felt them becoming tender, soft, and mushy in his vise-like grip. 

With tears running down his face, Dave was begging and pleading, "Please stop! Ohhh...please, anything, just stop! You’re gonna burst my big nuts!!” 

"Oh but dad, that’s the point! And the fun is just beginning!” was Doug's taunting reply. 

With that, the twins began another type of punishment. Dave's body became a sexual plaything for the twins. The humiliating abuse began with a brutal double-fuck from the twins, followed by Dave cleaning his stepsons’ manhoods orally. Dave's ass was then given to his son, who was quickly convinced to obey the twins with a few more well-placed ball crushers. Dave's balls were also subjected to numerous more blows, ball crushes, and stomps. He agreed to whatever his stepsons wanted as long as they would stop. 

When the mayhem was finally over, the once proud Marine's manhood had been all but reduced to rubble and was barely even recognizable as a set of male genitals. Dave had ultimately exchanged his freedom to retain what was left of his horribly mangled equipment. His huge left ball had been reduced to soft useless mush that would take months to recover — if it recovered at all — while his massive right ball was extremely swollen and battered, swollen larger than a softball. Dave’s horse cock was viciously bruised and battered as well, and his virgin asshole had been repeatedly and violently violated several times by both of the twins, culminating with a double fucking that nearly tore the big muscle man in half. 

The twins left the ring to the overwhelming roaring approval of the crowd. But they left with more than that. The ref was left naked, tied in the ropes with his own roaring hard-on, compliments of Dave's new-found cock sucking talents and another cock ring made from the tag ropes. Additional pain was being applied to Thom’s nuts as well. Each of his shoes had been untied and unlaced a couple of notches, and the free ends knotted around his exposed nuts. He hung from the ropes by his still hurting and useless arms, the cock ring kept his cock hard, and his own heavy shoes were about a foot off the mat, pulling his big, apple-sized balls down and out. 

Jon was lead out by a noose around his huge, battered balls, his body bruised and in unbelievable pain. Big Dave was draped over Doug's shoulder, his tender, broken balls firmly locked in Doug's manipulating fist. The crowd was cheering wildly, and the twins invited them back next week to see the "new" Jon and Dave, who were going to be "remodeled" during the course of the week. 

The promoter smiled as the bizarre procession went past, knowing that next week would be a guaranteed sell out from fans anxious to see the twin’s new playthings. Now he just needed a match to further titillate the fans. Looking at Thom’s hulking body trapped helplessly in the ropes, an inspiration overcame him. It seemed that Thom's days as a referee were going to come to and end, but his time of abuse, humiliation, and torture were about to begin, and the promoter knew just the man for the job. A wrestler who only occasionally wrestled at the Arena because, after his last match, no one would sign a contract against him. But it had been several years and Thom would not be aware of the man's reputation for slowly, methodically destroying and humiliating his opponent. On his way to the phone to arrange the match he told his head of security, "Leave the ref in the ropes until the arena is empty and then release him. That should make him ripe to sign a contract to begin his comeback so he gets another shot at the twins." 

The promoter then smiled to himself, knowing that Thom would never be able to survive his first match.  

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Discato - Jayse Version

The author Sack Stomper has his own blog at http://crackednutsballbusting.blogspot.com/, where he posts some exquisitely ball busting fiction of his own. I've been a huge fan of his work for quite some time, having discovered some of his earlier stories (often under a variety of pen names) on other websites. I've rendered my own versions of several of his stories, but honestly, his writing is so powerful and so well done that I doubt I'll be doing any more rewrites of his work.

His version of this story has already been posted to his website, and my version is below. Enjoy, and please check out his blog if you haven't already!


Based on an original story by Sack Stomper


Lieutenant Commander Armstrong sighed as he saw sign announcing that he had left the comfort and familiarity of the Federation and had entered the Jayse Confederacy. He blinked hard and continued to stare blankly out of the maglev train's window. As the train went forward, it seemed as if he was going backward in time, the passing scenery free of the gleaming, impossibly tall buildings and other technological hallmarks of the Federation.

The 41-year-old Lieutenant Commander had ascended the ranks of the Federal Navy with marked alacrity and had gained a name for himself for his ruthlessness -- even by Federation standards. But with every step up in rank came less and less exposure to far-flung battlefields and more time in the Federation capitol and its sticky politics. The state had been slackening its iron tight -- and expensive -- grip on outlying territories for a generation and was now haphazardly trying to establish ties with areas that had once been enemies. Armstrong cracked his knuckles as he considered that, just a few years ago, the Jayse Confederacy wasn't even recognized as a state at all, just a rag-tag group of 'rebels' that ought to be exterminated. And now here he was on a goodwill mission to spend two weeks at their military academy; the same academy that he had once been taught did nothing but crank out brainwashed rebels. The other five cars of the train were filled with Federation engineers eager to share technology to rebuild the civilization their own weapons had nearly destroyed. The Media Bureau had even sent a crew to film "A New Dawn: Peace With Jayse". How times had changed...

"L'Angeles Station" a voice announced over he train's intercom. 

Armstrong awoke from his reverie to find that the train had come to a stop in a noisy and almost disturbingly primitive station. He looked across the officers' car at Commander Parker and Lieutenant Wood, the other two officers who were along for this excursion. All three rolled their eyes as the realization set in that they were actually in the heart of the Jayse Confederacy. 

The reporters and engineers met their Jayse counterparts and were off almost immediately after the train had stopped, leaving the three officers waiting on the platform. Until recently, the station had been an open air bazaar, and the Federation train was the first train to actually use the station for nearly a century. 

Armstrong, Parker, and Wood stood on the bustling platform of the open air train station and took in the sights. Overhead, the ruined steel skeletons of ancient skyscrapers that had been destroyed in wars long ago teetered against the bright blue sky. Bright but tattered fabrics flapped in the light breeze, and the smells of animals and spices still lingered in the air from the recently removed bazaar. 

The three immaculately-dressed Federation officers looked starkly out of place amongst the disheveled and rag-tag city dwellers. All three officers were dressed in their form fitting blue regalia uniforms, and they were all exemplary specimens of human males. The men were of average height for a Federation male, each standing at just over 6 feet tall, and all three were muscular and handsome. Armstrong was the largest of the three men at 6’3” tall and a sturdy 265 pounds of huge muscular beef. Time had not diminished Armstrong’s masculine beauty in the slightest, for he was still ruggedly and devastatingly handsome and understandably proud of his lean and intensely muscular physique. The officers’ size and dress contrasted sharply with the city’s natives, who were shorter and looked as if they had hadn't seen a photonic shower, let along clean clothes, in some time. 

"Welcome to L'Angeles," came a deep but young male voice speaking in accented Federation. 

The three turned to see a handsome Jayse officer in a neatly pressed black uniform standing before them. The young man was very muscular, filling out his uniform very nicely with the swell of large and perfectly developed muscles. He was also unusually tall for a Jaysian at about 5’10”, making him almost a giant among his people. The extraordinarily handsome officer had bright blond hair, almost white, worn short and stylishly spiked, and he had captivating grey eyes that contrasted nicely with his tan, unblemished skin. His handsome young face was caught in that magical age between boy and man and was therefore simultaneously boyish and intensely masculine. The look on the young man’s face was genuinely warm and welcoming despite the fact that he was greeting men who had been his sworn enemies only a few years ago. 

Lieutenant Commander Armstrong was stunned by the sheer masculine beauty of the young stud, and he couldn't help but let his eyes wander up and down the young man's tight and powerfully muscular frame that was clearly visible through his form-fitting black uniform. 

"Ah! You speak Federation," Commander Parker said with obvious relief, for his English was terrible. 

"Yes, everyone is learning it now that we have relations with the Federation again. I'm Major Adam Kent, pleased to meet you."

Major Kent held out his hand to the bewilderment of the three Federation officers. After a few moments he grinned and reached for Armstrong's large hand.

"It's called a hand shake. It's a greeting."

Despite keeping a nearly expressionless face -- a hallmark of the famously stoic Federation officers -- Armstrong felt his heart flutter as he shook the Major's calloused and surprisingly firm hand. Kent was exceptionally handsome and Armstrong was finding himself getting lost in his storm-cloud grey eyes. Armstrong wasn't entirely sure how long to keep shaking Kent's hand, so just kept doing it until the smiling Major withdrew his hand. 

Two other Jayse officers, both considerably older and seemingly of much higher rank than Kent, had joined the others on the platform and they, Commander Parker, and Lieutenant Wood were introducing themselves, their demeanor much more stiff and formal than that of Major Kent.

Armstrong pretended to be interested in the seemingly endless pleasantries, but could hardly break eye contact with Major Kent. Kent was beautiful and charming and friendly and articulate. Armstrong couldn't tell if the nods and charmingly boyish smiles Kent was giving him were reciprocation for his lustful interest or simply his misreading of Jayse's unfamiliar customs. Regardless, Lieutenant Commander Armstrong could feel his heavy cock begin to stiffen within his tight Naval uniform as his mind swirled with lustful thoughts about the young, muscular Major.

"So, I hear you would like to see our cadet training facilities?" one of the older Jayse officers asked, directing his question at Armstrong.

Armstrong, who realized he had drifted out of the conversation, abruptly turned toward the officer and smiled.

"Yes, I would like that very much," he responded sincerely. 

During the era when Jayse was a sworn Federation enemy, Lieutenant Commander Armstrong had developed an ambivalent relationship toward the Jayse soldiers he had faced -- and slaughtered -- in campaigns. He loathed them on principle thanks to years of Federation propaganda, yet couldn't help but admire them as fellow warriors in their own right. Despite being woefully behind in technology and manpower, the Jayse Confederacy had managed to survive as the only other functioning nation -- and a thorn in the side of the Federation -- for more than a century. While one free republic after another folded as the Federation marched across the continents, the Jaysians set up and maintained a rebel network that was always just slightly ahead of them. Even the most callous Federation officer had to admire the bravery and ethos these 'primitives' had against such impossible odds. 

Armstrong was excited to see what kind of training Confederate cadets went through that made them such effective adversaries.

"Well, please allow me to give you a tour of one of our facilities," said a smiling Major Kent.

"Thank you. Lead the way." 

Armstrong was glad to be free of the pompous conversation as he followed Kent off the platform and into a waiting shuttle car.

It took Armstrong a while to get accustomed to the sensation of riding in a wheeled vehicle, as opposed to one that hovered slightly off the ground. 

"I'm sorry for the rough ride," Kent said laughing, finding an ironic humor in watching the pampered Federation officer get accustomed to his primitive way of life.

The car left the ruins of L'Angeles and traveled along winding foothills for nearly an hour, hardly seeing any signs of civilization. In different circumstances, the Lieutenant Commander would have thought Major Kent was setting him up for a rebel ambush. But it was clear that wasn't at all what was happening. Major Kent was clearly as fiercely loyal to the Jayse Confederacy as Armstrong was to the Federation, a true warrior at heart, but it was equally obvious in his manner that the young man was infinitely relieved that peace -- however tenuous -- had finally arrived. 

Kent was strikingly good spirited, warming up the usually aloof Armstrong enough to make the Lieutenant Commander actually crack a few smiles. Even though there was plenty of seat in the car, Armstrong was sitting shoulder to shoulder with Kent, and was almost painfully aware of how the young man's muscular shoulder and thigh felt as they brushed against his. Armstrong's heart was pounding as he tried not to come across too forward to the Major. 

When Kent admitted to only being 22 years old, Armstrong said, “If I'm correct, major is the same rank here as lieutenant commander is in the Federation. Twenty-two seems rather young for such a promotion."

Major Kent's grey eyes hardened slightly.

"Well, we don't tend to live as long as you do in the Federation. Between the war and the radiation..."

Kent ran a hand through his spiky white-blond hair and Armstrong was instantly struck by the realization that he had seen very few older people in L’Angeles, and in fact could not recall seeing anyone who looked to be over 50. He realized that the many decades of war must have continuously culled the Jaysian population, and that the residual radiation from Federation weaponry must have caused a sharp increase in cancer and illness. Armstrong, feeling uncharacteristically awkward, lowered his head and fell silent. Kent seemed to notice the sobering mood and quickly smiled again.

"War is a bitch, Commander." Major Kent laughed, giving Armstrong a playful punch to his cannon-ball-sized shoulder.

"Ah, we're here."

The car pulled into a meadow, what had once been the parking lot of a now badly decayed pre-Federation shopping mall. One hundred years without maintenance had allowed the exterior walls to collapse in several places from rust and weathering, and the gaps filled in with large trees. 

M - A - C - Y - S. Armstrong scratched his head at the site of the large glyphs on the side of the building, still visible through the encroaching vines. He was far from a history buff, but couldn't help but wonder what they meant.

When they entered the building , Armstrong was amazed to see it was in much better condition than it appeared to be. What had once been the mall's broad walkways had been replaced with paved roads, though the decorative fountains at intersections remained in tact and were actually still pumping water. Overhead, a seemingly infinite number of bright glowing orbs gave the training facility the look of perpetual daylight. 

Major Kent explained how they had converted malls, the ruins of suburban homes, and other pre-Federation buildings into military bases because the Federation rarely bothered targeting such ancient ruins. This particular shopping mall's shops had long ago been replaced with dormitories, training areas, and weapons caches on all three of the mall's levels. All around was the hustle and bustle of vehicles and people moving about. A line of young well-built cadets jogged past them as they marched in formation toward what had once been the food court.

Armstrong spent the day with Kent exploring the facility and was impressed at the level of sophistication the Jaysian military had been able to maintain during such a long war.

Outside night was falling, though inside the military base was still abuzz with activity. Armstrong and Kent found themselves standing outside of a department store that had been divided into row upon row of double-stacked dormitories.

"Well sir, I must say I am thoroughly impressed," Armstrong said sincerely.

"Thank you. I'm glad you liked it Matthew."

Armstrong rose his eye brow. He had gone by his rank and last name for so long he almost forgot what his first name sounded like aloud. He'd told Kent his name in passing, never thinking the Major would actually use it. 

"Would you like to come in? Not everyone in Jayse is excited to have Federation soldiers strolling around. The roads may not be safe after dark." 

Armstrong nodded and followed Kent to one of the nondescript dormitories. It was tiny, barely large enough for the small bed and dresser, but for Major Kent it was home. It was a humbling sight for Armstrong, a far cry from the soaring officers-only arcologies the Federation military used.

Once inside, Armstrong noticed the room was so cramped that no matter where he stood he was almost always less than a meter away from Kent. Major Kent unceremoniously started stripping out of his uniform, and Armstrong flushed with embarrassment as Kent’s stunningly muscular physique was revealed. He realized that the kid must weigh nearly as much as he did, even though he was 5 inches shorter. When Kent stepped out out his pants, letting his huge, sweaty genitals flop out, Armstrong let out an audible gasp.

"What's wrong, Matt?" Kent asked quizzically, "Don't tell me you sleep in your uniforms in the Federation."

"No, it's just we usually wear pajamas."

"Pajamas?" Major Kent looked genuinely puzzled, mispronouncing the word as if he had never heard it before.

Armstrong was about to explain the concept, when he decided against it. Instead he peeled off his uniform in silence. The two men soon stood naked and facing each other for a few long and tense moments. Armstrong could feel his heart pounding and knew his face was turning red. He ran a hand through his slightly graying but still thick bright red hair and swallowed hard. Major Kent's body was absolutely perfect, a flawless testament to the male form. His broad frame was tight and extraordinarily muscular, from his broad shoulders and heavily muscular arms, to his huge mounded pecs and succulent nipples, to his washboard stomach and tight, narrow waist, down to his thick thighs and bulging calves. The swell of his beautiful pecs was covered in a surprising amount of pale blond hair, which tapered down his corrugated belly to a thick thatch at his crotch. 

Armstrong was rendered speechless when his eyes traveled down that trail of hair to Kent’s genitals, though, for he had never seen a set of cock and balls so huge or so beautiful as those possessed by the young Major. His eyes were first captivated by the huge and ridiculously thick cock that swung so heavily between Kent’s young, muscular legs like some fleshy pendulum, but when Armstrong’s eyes locked upon the bulky, bulbous testicles hanging below that massive cock, he once again gasped in surprise. Major Kent’s balls looked impossibly huge, each titanic orb easily the size of a ripe orange, and together they filled his baggy sac to overflowing. The young man kept his ballsac shaved, and the delicate skin of his huge scrotum looked silky smooth. The twin orbs must have been very heavy, as they hung very low in his sack. 

The Lieutenant Commander was in excellent shape himself, his taller and larger frame packed with powerful, battle-hardened muscle. Like Kent, Armstrong's body was moderately hairy, his orange-red hair contrasting nicely with his pale skin. Armstrong’s arms were particularly enormous, for he had frequently been called upon to interrogate enemy prisoners and liked to focus on a man’s testicles. These incredibly powerful arms had been used untold hundreds of times in the past to utterly crush a man’s nuts in his bare hands. But as he looked at Kent's gorgeous, goliath bull balls, he couldn't help but wonder if they too would have ended up in his grasp had things not worked out so well between Jayse and the Federation. If they had, could he have brought himself to burst such perfect gonads? Especially when they were attached to such a beautiful man?

"Matt, I'm glad I got assigned to you. You've made quite a name for yourself. We call you the ‘Crushing Commander’."

Armstrong flushed with embarrassment as the young major nearly read his mind, and his own heavy cock started to twitch. Kent noticed and licked his lips, taking a step toward the commander. 

"So how many of these do you think you've burst?" Kent said, grabbing his bulging sack in his hand and giving it a gentle squeeze. Armstrong's cock was really starting to stir despite his best efforts to contain himself. Kent smiled, is own huge cock starting to stiffen with each heart beat.

"You know, I really, really wanted to meet you. I think we have more in common than you think."

Kent approached Armstrong, whose own thick 10-inch cock was now sticking straight out like a pole. He reached for Armstrong's hand and guided it so that both of his huge, heavy, and oh-so-vulnerable nuts were resting in the commander's palm, filling the man’s big hand to overflowing. 

Armstrong licked his lips, his heart pounding, as he felt Kent's sex huge organs pulsing with each heart beat. Almost instinctively, Armstrong's hand started to close around Major Kent's nuts. He could feel them being mashed into each other inside the bag. The sensation was familiar and intensely erotic, and never failed to get Armstrong incredibly horny.

He could feel the unusually dense testicles being compressed into each other, his hand closing tighter and tighter. Armstrong positioned his thumb so that it was pressing into the middle of Kent's juicy left nut and started really boring in. Then, quite suddenly, Armstrong plunged his thumb much, much deeper into the fleshy orb.

"Aaahh!" Major Kent’s breath came out in an explosive sigh.

Armstrong instantly released Kent's balls and looked into his startlingly grey eyes with sincere apology.

"I'm sorry, I just ---"

"Do that again."

Kent's cock had swelled to its full length, a true monster cock that was easily an inch longer as Armstrong’s huge truncheon and even thicker, and the huge cock was throbbing and pulsing up and down with each beat of his heart.

"You like that?" Armstrong said with surprise, and then smiled broadly and reached for the hanging sack, this time grasping and focusing on just the left ball.

He pressed into the unbelievably thick ball meat, and discovered it to be easily the densest testicle he had ever felt. As he pressed and squeezed harder and harder, the massive gonad resisted his grip like it was made of some sort of super hard rubber. Armstrong squeezed harder still, the muscles and tendons on his enormous arm bulging and flexing mightily, and he could feel the delicate membranes and tissues finally starting to deform and give way.

Major Kent grunted and bit his lower lip, struggling to not cry out, but couldn't help himself and finally uttered an explosive bellow of pain. Armstrong let go of Kent's now bright red ball and Kent instantly dropped to his knees clutching his injured balls.

"Oh thank you sir!" he panted.

"Major Kent, I --- "

"Please, call me Adam," Major Kent said smiling broadly, looking up at the Lieutenant Commander with lust blazing in his pale eyes.

Before he realized what he was doing, Armstrong had grabbed the back of Kent's head and plunged his rock hard cock down Kent's tight, eager throat. The young man's head bobbed up and down the entire length of Armstrong's cock as he gently rubbed the older man’s big hairy balls. The young man had clearly done this before, for he was giving Armstrong an expert blow job, effortlessly taking the man’s huge cock all the way down his throat. 

"Spread your legs," Armstrong commanded, grunting the words out through his own heavy panting. 

Kent immediately obliged, spreading his muscular legs as far as he could, his huge balls dangling between his thighs and making an easy target.


Armstrong sent his bare food crashing in Kent's crotch three times in rapid succession. The young Major whimpered against Armstrong’s cock, but kept his legs spread wide and barely slowed down on his expert blow job. 

"You want it harder?" Armstrong panted. 

"MMMhmm!" Kent nodded 'yes', his mouth too full of Federation cock to speak.


Armstrong kicked Adam so hard between his legs that the muscular young officer was actually lifted several inches into the air. Armstrong's cock twitched as he felt the huge meaty organs being flattened between his shin and Adam’s pelvic bone. Adam squealed in agony as he fell to his side, letting Armstrong’s cock pop wetly out of his throat. Armstrong was about to ram his foot into Adam’s crotch again when he stopped. Adam had tears streaming down his face, and his eyes were scrunched shut as he cradled his huge balls in both hands.

Armstrong knelt down and gently moved Adam’s hands away, then grabbed a huge ball in each muscular hand and started roughly squeezing and rolling them around. Despite being bright red and slightly swollen, they were still rock solid and clearly still intact. These were some tough stud nuts indeed! 

Armstrong recalled the countless times he had given this type of treatment to a rebel captive who was just minutes away from having his sex life turned into paste. Armstrong's cock leaked precum as his thumbs dug into the unyielding ball meat. His face turned red from effort as he was determined to give this little Jayse solider exactly what he had wanted...

"Please! Matt!" Kent screamed, desperately grabbing Armstrong's hands. 

Armstrong was amazed that Kent's balls were still not yielding. He was applying full pressure to each fist, ignoring Adam’s sobs. No man’s balls had ever stood up to such powerful abuse before. Kent had by far the toughest nuts that Armstrong had ever encountered, but he knew that even such huge and powerful balls would eventually succumb to his vise-like grip. In fact, his efforts were starting to have success, and Adam’s gigantic balls were finally starting to flatten in Matt’s big and exceptionally powerful hands. Ever so slowly, the young man’s incredibly thick balls grew flatter and flatter, until they looked like a pair of beefy pancakes. Any second now, one of Adam’s huge balls was going to give way and explode in his bare hands, and Armstrong could hardly wait to feel the explosive CRUNCH....

"Matt! Please! Please squeeze harder!!" 

Armstrong was so shocked by Adam’s plea that he loosened his grip for a moment. All of this time Adam hadn't been crying 'please stop', he had been saying 'please squeeze harder'. Armstrong nearly shot his load knowing that the dangerously compressed sex glands in his hands were about to burst -- and their owner actually wanted it to happen. 

Matt Armstrong squeezed harder and harder still, and Adam screamed and grabbed for Matt’s hands again. To Matt's amazement, the young man put his hands over Matt’s own and lent his own astonishing strength to the ball busting efforts, squeezing Matt’s hands even tighter together. 

Armstrong knew the end was going to come soon -- and explosively -- for Adam’s balls. He couldn’t believe that such huge and thick balls could be squashed so flat without rupturing, and he was astounded by the sheer power and strength in these most enormous of bull balls. He wondered which one is going to implode first. Both of the impossibly meaty orbs had been compressed to their absolute limit. It was just a matter of time... 

Matt twisted his hand, torcing Adam’s balls and causing the young man to scream several octaves higher. Matt's huge cock spewed precum at the sounds the young solider was making. Castrating a military official at a Jaysian military base -- even if the victim was willing -- would probably lead to a diplomatic row of epic proportions. But Matt didn't care; the feeling of absolutely owning this unbelievably hot Jaysian totally clouded his thoughts...

"Oh yeah! They're about to burst!! I can feel 'em caving in..." shouted Armstrong.

"OH FUCK YEAH!!!" Adam bellowed.  

Matt's face was suddenly plastered by three rapid shots of thick, creamy jizz as Adam explosively came with a force and volume Matt had never seen. The huge bolts of cum struck Matt’s face so hard that they actually stung, and covered him in so much thick splooge that it nearly gummed his eyes shut. Matt twisted his head to the side and watched in amazement as blast after incredible blast of sperm continued to shoot out of Adam’s cock like a rocket, whizzing past Matt’s huge shoulder to land with audible and very wet splats on the concrete wall and floor behind him. Matt dug his powerful fingers even farther into Adam’s dense ball meat as salvo after salvo after salvo of soldier splooge shot out of Adam’s huge quivering cock, the young man’s muscular body writhing in pleasure. Each wad was bigger than what a typical man could cum in an entire load, proving once and for all that Adam’s huge bull balls were no mere showpieces. After at least a dozen shots, the size and power of Adam’s load finally began to diminish, striking Matt in the shoulder and chest and coating him in a veritable white wash of young stud spew. As Adam’s balls steadily purged themselves of their titanic load, Matt felt the contracting nuts suddenly get even flatter and squishier as the volume freed up by the escaping sperm let his hands crush even deeper. The huge balls were beginning to collapse even further, rapidly approaching their breaking point.  

Matt looked down at the blisteringly hot Adam, who was still writhing in pain and ecstasy, his muscles gleaming with sweat and cum. He instantly knew that he simply could not destroy such a paragon of male beauty and, overcome with lust, he suddenly released both of Adam’s nearly busted nuts, rolled the young man onto his muscular stomach, and plunged his steely hard cock between the young man's beautiful, muscular ass cheeks in one powerful thrust. Adam’s ass was so tight and warm that Matt lasted only a few seconds before he began to literally stuff Adam’s hungry hole with his cream. 

"Oh yeah sir!!" Adam shouted in pleasure as he felt Matt's thick horse cock squirting what felt to be gallons of cum in his guts. The violent plundering of his ass triggered a second orgasm from Adam on the heels of his first, and his cock pounded out a load that was almost as massive and powerful as the first, belching huge ropes of sperm onto the already cum-slick concrete floor. 

Matt finally collapsed onto Adam, his big hairy balls utterly spent, and the two took nearly ten minutes to catch their breaths. Matt gently pulled his softening cock out of Adam’s tight and well-plowed ass, and then rolled the muscular young stud onto his back. Adam put up no resistance as Matt gently cupped and examined both of the stud’s huge, swollen, throbbing nuts. Matt gave the gigantic, spectacular orbs a few experimental squeezes, eliciting a grunt of pain from the young man. Matt discovered that his fingers were now sinking much farther into the squishy orbs, and that they felt far less rigid without the two massive loads of spunk to keep them so swollen and dense. Nevertheless, despite being subjected to a squeezing that had never before failed to pulverize literally hundreds of nut sacks, Adam’s huge bull balls were clearly still very much intact. 

“This is one achingly hot stud,” Matt thought to himself before lunging at Adam, sending his tongue into the handsome young stud’s willing mouth as the two went for another round...


The rest of the Federation delegation spent most of their time in central L'Angeles. Lieutenant Commander Matt Armstrong ventured into the city during the day, touring ruins and sitting in on meetings, but spent his evenings and nights at the military base. Ostensibly it was to share military knowledge and best practices, though those priorities were secondary to what had become Matt's primary goal in the Jayse Confederacy; fucking the hell out of Major Adam Kent. 

Not only was Major Kent incredibly attractive and erotic, he was sweet, intelligent, and passionate about his small role in helping keep the peace. Matt had often scoffed at the concept of 'love at first sight', but he was quickly finding himself falling hard for the handsome young Major.

The sun had just set on the day Matt had been dreading since his first night with Adam. The maglev train heading back to the gleaming cities of the Federation would be leaving the next morning, not to return for at least a year while the tracks were modernized. Diplomatic efforts would continue over the enhanced communications array the Federation engineers had built during their stay, but no one saw any need to rush the train project. And even if they had, Armstrong knew his diplomatic duties would keep him in the Federation almost indefinitely. Come morning, Matt would have to wait at least a year to hold Adam again.

"I'm so glad you came," Adam, sighed.

They were laying in bed snuggling tightly after another one of their marathon ball abuse and fuck sessions. Adam’s huge nuts were bright red and throbbing from the near constant abuse they had taken over the past two weeks, but had proven their extraordinary toughness and durability by remaining totally whole and intact. Matt stroked Adam’s blond hair and looked down at him smiling. 

"These things are so damn tough!!" Matt reached around Adam and cupped his aching nuts in his  big hands, giving them a firm and lingering squeeze. Most men would have at least winced; Adam hardly seemed to notice. Instead he turned to face Matt, a wicked playful gleam in his grey eyes.

"Well, I was the undisputed Discato champion during my time at the academy."

Matt looked at his lover quizzically. "What is Discato?" 

Adam only smiled and rose from the bed. 

"I was hoping you'd say that. Put these on, I'll show you."

Adam handed Matt a rather bland looking shirt and trousers from the dresser and pulled out a similar outfit for himself. When they were both dressed, Adam took Matt by the hand and lead the big man out of the dormitory, out of the mall-turned-military base, and into the woods surrounding the base. 

It didn't take long for the faint light coming from the base to disappear against the stark black horizon. Matt wanted to ask where they were going, but stopped. Instead he just enjoyed the feeling of Adam’s hand in his and the brisk forest air as they walked for what seemed to be a mile. 

In the distance a darkened building could barely be seen as nothing more than a black blob against the starlit sky. 

"This is it," Adam whispered.

The building was another pre-Federation ruin, although unlike the mall, so much of the exterior was overgrown Matt couldn't determine what the original function would have been. They made their way into the ostensibly empty building to find it was actually full of at least three dozen people. It was fairly small, perhaps once a restaurant or cafe, but all of the interior walls had been removed. Like the mall, it was brightly lit from overhead lighting. In the center of the area was a waist-high round metal table about three feet in diameter with a slender black pole protruding from the center into the ceiling. At the top of the pole about a dozen feet above the table were a series of thick metal discs stacked tightly together. There were 15 discs in all, and it wasn't immediately obvious what was holding them up, and they looked as if they were floating in mid air. The metal discs themselves were of the same diameter as the metal table and about an inch thick. They reminded Matt of holos he had seen of ancient exercise equipment that involved using weights and resistance to build strength and muscle mass. Only these discs were somewhat larger than any of the ones he had seen in the holos. 

Surrounding the table was a group of men Matt instantly recognized as young cadets from the Jayse military academy. They were all young, ranging from nineteen to twenty-two years old, and, like Adam, all were relatively short yet bulging with well-toned muscle. All of them had nicely tanned skin, and they were all dressed in their tight gray cadet uniforms that left nothing to the imagination. Matt's cock twitched as he eye-fucked each sexy young cadet, licking his lips at the sight of so much raw, delicious muscle. He couldn't believe he had once neutered such beautiful specimens for sport. 

Some of the recruits looked at Matt suspiciously, and he could hardly blame them considering his record with the Federation. Being surrounded by so many hostile men made Matt feel uncomfortable, an exceedingly rare condition for him, and he held Adam’s hand tighter as they took a place standing toward the back of the crowd.

"You're fine, they're just young." Adam gave Matt's hand a reassuring squeeze before letting go to start clasping hands and exchanging beefy hugs with the others.

A relatively tall, dark-haired young man raised his hand to call the others to attention.

"That's Cadet Morgan, he's the captain of this squad," Adam whispered in Matt's ear.

"Gentleman! Cadets Greystone, West, Anderson, Smith, and Spencer, front and center!" Morgan commanded in a loud and booming voice. 

The crowd fell deathly quiet as five studly young cadets stepped forward. Greystone seemed to be the oldest. He was 5’6” and incredibly stocky and muscular, tightly packed with rock hard muscle and possessing disproportionately thick and powerful legs. The young stud looked like he outweighed everyone in the room, even Lieutenant Commander Armstrong! The hair on his head  was a messy mop of sandy blond hair framing a rugged and handsome face. 

Cadet West was slightly taller and notably younger looking. He was muscular, though not nearly as built as the others, and his brown hair was cut in a conservative style. He had beautiful blue eyes and an innocent, boyish face. Matt smiled inwardly as he imagined his huge cock bulging the young cadet's muscular neck as he force fed him this thick cock.

Cadet Anderson was as tall as Greystone, and was damn near as muscular and huge. His hair was dark black and fashionably styled in pointed spikes. His square-jawed face was set in a perpetual scowl, but that only seemed to add to his masculine appeal. Anderson’s dark eyes locked briefly with Matt’s, wordlessly issuing a challenge. 

Meanwhile, Cadet Spencer was strikingly lanky compared to the others, and uncharacteristically tall at about 5’9”. He was well toned, but not nearly as beefy as his fellow cadets. His boyishly handsome, narrow face was topped with orange red hair that was cut close to the scalp.

Cadet Smith, who looked to be around Spencer's age at 20, was short even for a Jaysian male at only 5’4”, but he was every bit a man. He was toned and very muscular, nearly as massive as Greystone and Anderson, filling out his smaller frame very nicely. He had wavy brown hair and brown eyes set in a very handsome face. Cadet Smith was immediately Matt’s favorite, not only for his spectacular masculine beauty, but also for the very devil-may-care smirk on his handsome face, which was quite contrary to the others who looked a cross between stoic and nervous. 

The five chosen cadets stood shoulder to shoulder in the front of the room. Morgan walked down the line slowly, eyeing each young man up and down with a cold detachment. 

"This is your last chance, gentlemen. Do you still want to play Discato?"

All five young men nodded in silence.

"Good. Let the game begin. Strip."

Matt looked on in confusion as the five cadets stripped out of their uniforms. One by one, five gloriously muscular bodies were revealed, and five sets of large, plump genitals were liberated from their pants and allowed to swing between each pair of muscular legs. Even in all of his vast experience, Armstrong had never seen such a beautiful collection of supersized cocks and balls in his life, and his mouth began to water at the amazing sight. 

Greystone's eggs were by far the largest, easily the biggest Matt had ever seen and bigger even than Adam’s massive orange-sized beauties. He openly gasped at the sight of the truly enormous testicles that swung down a good four inches in the bottom of a bloated and very hairy sack. Each titanic orb was easily the size of a ripe grapefruit and looked tremendously heavy. Greystone’s limp cock, on the other hand, was the shortest at “only” 4 inches in length, but was as thick as a beer can. 

Cadet West's balls, on the other hand, were the smallest of the bunch, though still a very respectable size. Each ball was the size of a large hen’s egg and almost perfectly round, bound tightly to his crotch in a hairless, baby-smooth nutsack under a healthy-sized cock. Under other circumstances, Matt’s eyes would have been glued to West’s beautiful balls, but with all of the even larger and more spectacular nut meat on display, Matt was hungry to visually devour the rest of the lineup.  

Anderson's balls were shaved, like West's, but that’s where their similarity ended. Anderson’s balls were much bigger and more of an oval shape, looking like a pair of juicy lemons, and hung low in their loose and baggy scrotum. A very thick and meaty cock sprouted from the thick thatch of dark pubic hair at Anderson’s crotch, and looked to hang a good 5 or 6 inches in length over his huge balls. 

Spencer, despite his relatively lanky frame, boasted bull nuts very nearly as big as Greystone's. They were huge, dense looking sex organs that must have been extraordinarily heavy, for they gave Spencer the most profound and almost comical dangle of the bunch at over 6 inches, with the massive right ball hanging slightly lower than the left. An equally enormous cock jutted from his bright red crotch hair, arcing proudly over the pale dangling orbs. 

Last was Cadet Smith. The short, beefy stud had huge, lemon-sized balls like Anderson, encased in a thick, baggy scrotum covered in a liberal coating of brown hair. The orbs were oblong in shape and very well defined, and were extremely dense looking, as if two large metal balls had been inserted in his scrotum instead of fleshy orbs. They were exactly the kind of balls that made the most satisfying CRUNCH when they exploded suddenly and violently under a boot. The thought made Matt's cock twitch. 

Speaking of cocks, Smith possessed the largest of the bunch, and perhaps the largest cock Armstrong had ever seen. Matt had seen many huge cocks in his life, even some true monsters, but he’d never seen a horse cock like the one on this young stud. Smith’s cock was so huge that, completely limp, it was every bit as long and as thick as Matt’s own huge 10-incher. Such an enormous cock would have looked huge on anyone, but it looked positively ridiculous on such a short man. Matt’s own cock began to drool in his pants, and he longed to see just how big that massive cock could get. 

The five naked, muscular studs were like a visual smorgasbord for Matt, who was getting so turned on by the sight of them he was starting to sweat. What on Earth were these cadets up to?

"Cadets, take your positions." 

With military discipline, the five naked studs began to take positions around the circular metal platform, facing the table and leaving their luscious, firm asses and muscular backs and legs on full display of the crowd. No sooner had Matt taken in this latest visual than Cadet Morgan snapped his fingers three times into the air, causing a flurry of well orchestrated activity as the other men began to prepare the cadets for the upcoming event. 

As the preparations were made, Adam whispered an explanation into Matt’s ear. 

“As you know, we have been suffering for decades under the radiation unleashed on us throughout the war. Cancer, illness, genetic defects -- it has been a struggle just to maintain a healthy population, let alone continue to fight the Federation for as long as we did. Our best scientists worked tirelessly to find ways to combat the radiation, and our best success was with genetic engineering.” 

“Over the years, our scientists have been able to tweak our genetic codes to make us more resistant to radiation and its negative effects. A side effect of this genetic tinkering was to slightly reduce our stature compared to the people of the Federation -- hence our shorter heights.” Adam smiled at this admission. “But despite our best efforts, we continued to suffer the effects of radiation poisoning. The damage was discovered to be most profound in a man’s testicles, and so our scientists focused on finding a way to make our balls tougher and more resistant to radiation and genetic damage.” 

“Finally, about 23 years ago, our scientists had a major breakthrough. They found a way to alter the genes in a fertilized egg to make a man’s balls far more durable and resilient, able to endure high exposure to radiation without suffering ill effects or genetic damage. They changed the genetic structure to increase the hardness and durability of the outer shell of a man’s balls, and to make the balls themselves larger and more dense. The result - testicles that are not just resilient to radiation damage, but to other damage as well, including blunt force trauma.” 

“This genetic tinkering had some interesting side results. The balls of these genetically enhanced men were far larger than those of typical men, with commensurate increases in sperm production and virility. Cock size was also profoundly enhanced, as was the musculature of the males. Our scientists seemed to have stumbled upon the secret of creating the ‘super soldier’ that you would read about in old-school science fiction novels.” Again, Adam smiled, even though Matt didn’t understand the reference. 

“However, another interesting and unintended side effect of the genetic tinkering was that most of the males produced from this genetic engineering were homosexual. That in and of itself was no big deal, as it didn’t interfere with either procreation or warfare. Even more interestingly, though, and despite the greater strength and durability provided by the genetic enhancements, these men all had a predisposition to be sexually dominated, and in particular domination through testicular abuse.” 

“As you have no doubt guessed by now, I am the product of this genetic modification. In fact, I was part of the very first batch of such men produced through the genetic engineering program.” Adam smiled as he looked into Matt’s blue eyes, and gave his big hand a squeeze before looking back at the cadets assembling for their event. 

“Testicular durability isn’t something you can simply test with medical instruments. There was no way to gauge the success of the genetic modification program without some ‘hands on’ experimentation, and thus Discato was born. Only men who proved their balls tough enough and strong enough to survive Discato are allowed to enter into the breeding program. Those that fail, well, let’s just say that they are irrevocably removed from any future breeding...” 

As Adam spoke, several of the watching cadets swarmed on the five chosen ones and proceeded to inject something into each of their muscular biceps and thighs. The cadets winced slightly at each injection, but otherwise seemed unaffected. Matt continued to watch as each of the five pairs of nuts was stretched out as far away from the crotch as possible with metal rings applied along the narrow neck of the scrotum between their crotches and their bulging, distended balls, preventing them from retracting into their bodies and keeping them vulnerably exposed. This process seemed particularly easy for Greystone and Spencer, who both already had a profound dangle to their huge balls, but was especially painful for West, whose balls were naturally tight to his body. Matt licked his lips as the young man squirmed uncomfortably. 

Finally, all ten big, beautiful balls were placed on the table, resting there bulging and vulnerable and just waiting for something heavy to smash them into paste.

Matt noticed a clear cylindrical canister being inserted into a socket in the floor between the feet of each of the five cadets. Each canister was filled nearly to the brim with a thick, viscous, creamy-white fluid. 

“What’s in those canisters?” Matt whispered. 

“Ah, that’s perhaps the most important part of this process. Well in advance of any Discato competition, all of the cadets in this room were milked of their sperm and the ejaculate placed in these special glass containers. If their name is selected, then that man’s sperm container is placed in the receptacle on the floor. Winners of Discato have their waiting sperm immediately sucked through a tube in the floor where it is entered into the breeding program, ensuring that their powerful genes are passed on to the next generation.” 

“And if a cadet loses?” asked Matt. 

“Then his sperm is immediately incinerated and destroyed. Only the very best of the best are allowed to enter the breeding program.” 

When everything was setup, the cadets who had helped merged back into the watching crowd, which was now dispersed evenly around room to get the best view of the contestants and the table. Matt looked on quizzically while, for several minutes, nothing seemed to happen. 

"Cadet Greystone, front and center!" Morgan finally spoke.

The handsome Greystone's torso turned as if he was going to leave his spot at the table, but his legs stayed firmly in place. The watching crowd began to murmur.

"Cadet Smith, step away from the table!" Morgan barked.

Smith, too, seemed frozen to his spot, unable to lift either foot. 

"I think you'll recognize this bit of tech we stole from the Federation," Adam whispered to Matt. “We couldn't figure out how you were able to deliver it as a gas, so we abandoned further research. But as you can see, we still have some use for it."

Matt smiled broadly. He instantly recognized the muscle paralyzing serum that rendered a victim unable to walk or move from a standing position. Very handy for forcing someone to keep their legs spread during an interrogation... 

The crowd cheered when it was confirmed that all five young men were now frozen in place, leaving their balls completely unprotected and extremely vulnerable. Greystone's shoulder rotated, as if he was trying to move his arm, but the powerfully built arm barely moved. Matt couldn't believe that these men were willing to have their well-sculpted, perfect muscles rendered utterly useless and to put their balls on the line -- though he wasn't entirely sure what was going to come next. Apparently what Adam said was true, and the urge to be submissive and busted was a trait shared by all of these otherwise alpha-male studs.

"The rules are simple," Morgan began, pulling a small black device from his pocket. Matt instantly recognized it as the control for a gravity disruptor, a relatively mundane piece of technology in the Federation but extremely out of place amongst the relatively unsophisticated Jayse.

"More stolen tech?" Matt smiled at Adam.

"The discs above the table are being held in place by a gravity sink, and with the push of a button, the gravity returns to normal..."

Morgan pushed the only button on the device. There was a bright flash of blue light from the disc at the bottom of the stack. Suddenly, the disc was no longer floating a dozen feet above the table, but crashing down to meet it. All eyes -- particularly those of the five trapped cadets -- watched  as the heavy disc slammed on top of the five pairs of beefy testicles with a big, meaty THUMP. Big Greystone let out a yelp as the disc finally came to rest, the now slightly compressed ten nuts the only things separating the large disc from the table top. Matt figured out that the black pole wasn't actually up holding the discs -- the gravity disruptor was doing that -- but the pole kept the discs ‘on track’ so that they landed directly on the table instead of tumbling onto some poor cadet's head.

Matt couldn't be sure how heavy each disc was, but gravity disruptors were commonly used to help everyday Federation citizens lift objects that weighed hundreds of pounds with ease. Even a child could lift a couch one handed if a gravity disruptor was involved. And judging by the beet red color of Cadet Anderson's face and Greystone's earlier squeal, the weight was quite heavy.

"This is it, gentleman! No turning back! Discato has begun!" 

There was thunderous applause followed by another flash of blue light as another weight fell from the stack. It landed with a loud CLANK on top of the first disc, further compressing the trapped spuds. The spectators were jockeying around the table, shifting from side to side to get the best angle of the action, and the impending castrations.

Matt was fully and painfully erect in his pants, and imagined Adam was as well, as they moved closer to the table to watch the action. Young Cadet West's balls were already starting to turn bright red and were being compressed much flatter than the others. Gregstone's huge nuts, on the other hand, had barely compressed and seemed like they could have easily taken the weight of the entire stack themselves. Anderson and Spencer were taking controlled, steady breaths as if trying to distract from the dull ache of having their balls crushed, while Cadet Smith, still grinning, seemed hardly to notice the weight, and his balls were in fact not much flatter than when the game started.

Matt shielded his eyes as there was another flash of light and the third weight landed on the stack. Greystone gasped as his meaty balls suddenly compressed much flatter, though the huge organs were still more plump than the others. Cadet West screamed and his bright blue eyes teared as his flattening orbs turned purplish blue under the weight. Anderson and Spencer's nuts were compressed further, a look of anguish starting to creep over Anderson's handsome face. 

"Oh yeah, I don't think West has too much longer," one of the onlookers sneered. 

Morgan gave the trapped studs a few minutes to catch their breaths before releasing another disc. Spencer screamed as his huge testicles were further smashed, and even Smith had pain registering in his beautiful brown eyes. The agony had barely registered with the captive men before Morgan dropped another disc.

"OH GOD!" Cadet Anderson wailed, every muscle on his fantastically built body bulging in astounding relief as he tried without success to get his body to obey him and rescue his trapped testicles.

By now, all of the cadets were panting, sweating, -- and in West’s case, sobbing loudly -- as their balls were compressed to their limit. Even Greystone's huge testicles were compressed to meaty, dark red patties that looked like they were about to burst. Matt couldn't help himself as he rubbed his rand over the tent in his crotch and several of the watching cadets did the same.

Anderson and West's balls looked to be in the worst shape. Even with Greystone and Spencer's huge nads keeping the bulk of the weight off the other sets, Anderson and West's nut sacks looked like they were literally about to blow open from the downward pressure. 

Morgan stood directly behind West and whispered something in his ear.

"Say bye to your nuts, Cadet."

With a maniacal glean in his eye, Morgan pushed the button two more times, sending two more weights crashing onto the stack one right after the other.


West's mouth stretched open as far as it could go and he let out a deep, guttural scream. His testicles had both burst within their sack, and the seven discs now rested on the fractured organs. The handsome young man’s chiseled stomach muscles were convulsing in unbelievable pain as the shock of losing his nuts registered in his brain. Meanwhile, by virtue of having the largest, beefiest nuts, Greystone's huge organs were holding a disproportionately large amount of the weight, and were shouldering even more now that West's nuts had failed. 

Spencer was sobbing and begging as his mighty gonads slowly got flatter and flatter -- and flatter still -- being compressed by the stack of weights as they settled downward. The little bit of support West's nuts had been offering was now gone, forcing the four remaining sets of intact nuts to carry the load of all seven metal plates.

"Looks like we lost a pair already." Morgan laughed.

There was anther flash of blue as another weight fell.


Cadet Greystone instantly blacked out, too horrified to even scream, as his enormous and horrifically flattened nuts violently exploded like tomatoes that had been stomped by a giant. His huge sack split wide open, sending the pulped and shattered contents spilling across almost the entire length of the table top. The tight rings on the immensely muscular young man’s scrotum kept his bleeding to a minimum, and Matt was relieved in some small corner of his mind that loss at Discato wasn’t a death sentence...though Cadet Greystone may wish it was when he came to and discovered that his mammoth bull balls had been annihilated. 

Cadet Anderson looked over in horror as his comrade's huge glands were utterly and fantastically destroyed, his own huge balls how less than a quarter inch thick and burgundy in color. The sinking stack of weights continued to grind into Cadet West's already fractured testicles, causing him to wail and plead to be let go. Cadet Spencer, whose balls were now the largest still intact, was shouldering even more of the weight on his dangerously compressed testicles. He hadn't known just how much weight Greystone's nuts were taking until it had all instantly been transferred to his. Cadet Smith, meanwhile, was letting out a steady series of deep, measured grunts as his huge nuts were pinned against the table top, though they were still much closer to their original roundness than the others.

Morgan slowly walked around the table, examining the damage so far. He stopped when he was behind Cadet Greystone's hulking, blacked out frame. He licked his lips as he sent two more heavy discs on to the pile. Greystone's exposed testicles were being utterly pulped and West's sack was on the verge of splitting open, spilling the destroyed contents on to the table. Cadet Anderson's rugged face was contorted in extreme pain and he was starting to black out when...


Before Morgan had even released another weight, Anderson's entire sex life imploded like a pair of huge crushed bugs. With Greystone's and West's balls no longer bearing any weight, the ten shifting, sinking weights had rested almost entirely on Anderson's delicate balls. The membranes just couldn't take it, holding out for as long as possible before they catastrophically failed. The right side of his sack blew open and, as the weights continued to settle, forced the chunky, mutilated testicles onto the table. The weight stack was now listing, Greystone's balls totally pulped, West's sack split open and Anderson's ruined balls oozing out. There were now only four extremely compressed, flattening balls holding up the weight that had once been shouldered by ten balls. 

The ordeal was proving to be too much for Spencer. His toned, svelte body was glistening with sweat and he was desperately trying to move but his legs were stuck to their places. He tried reaching for the weight stack, but as a result of the drug, his muscled arms were totally powerless to help. 

The crowd went wild as another, and then another, and then yet another weight fell from the stack in quick succession. Greystone and Anderson, who were both now mercifully passed out and slumped over, had nothing but goop where their balls used to be. Greystone's once titanic nuts had made an incredible mess, the beefy nuts being so large that their splattered remains painted nearly half the table under the weights. West's dense nuts, though crushed beyond repair, weren't being quite as mutilated, but the table in front of him was still slick with nut gunk. 

Morgan smiled broadly, his finger dancing, over the button on his control pad.

"Crush! Crush! Crush!" Matt chanted along with the others, caught up in the excitement. 

He wasn't the only person getting off watching this macabre contest. Adam’s pants were slick with a sticky sheen from an explosive -- and clearly massive -- hands-free cumshot. A few of the other cadets' pants had matching stains and even Morgan was now stoking his fat, short cock with one hand while holding the control pas with the other.

Spencer was screaming at the top of his lungs as the weight of nearly the entire stack of weights crushed his balls. Cadet Smith was nearly comatose, but his balls seemed to be resisting any further deformation despite weight after weight crashing onto the table. 

"Two more Discato rings left," Morgan announced, sending the penultimate weight crashing down.

"OOOOH!!" The breath exploded out of Spencer’s lung, his narrow handsome face contorted in agony, his rippled chest convulsing and his voice cracking as his testicles finally caved under the weight. 

The membranes of Spencer's testicles collapsed in cascading order, the orbs flattening like deflating balloons, filling his once proud sack with nothing but testicle patte. It was obvious Spencer wouldn't be having any children.

"We have a winner!"

The crowd erupted into cheers as Cadet Smith, his face now red and his voice growing hoarse from yelling and bellowing, attempted to smile at his victory.


Morgan released the last weight, which collided with the others with a loud metallic bang. Smith gasped and -- if it hadn't been for the drugs -- would no doubt have crumpled to his knees. His incredibly strong, beefy testicles, which were now shouldering the weight of the entire stack of 15 discs, were continuing to compress. The crowd watched breathlessly as the organs got crushed flatter and flatter, waiting for them to explosively fail...but they finally stopped compressing and held firm. Matt couldn’t believe his eyes -- the handsome young stud was supporting the entire stack of 15 heavy metal discs with nothing but his own huge balls! 

With a loud suction sound, the bottom opened in Smith’s sperm canister, and his precious spunk was quickly sucked through the tubes and made part of the Jaysian breeding program. Young Cadet Smith had guaranteed that his genetic heritage would continue on into the next generation of handsome young stud soldiers. The other four canisters similarly opened, but were immediately filled with incredibly hot flames, immolating the only surviving supplies of stud spunk from the four losing competitors. Despite their great strength and masculine beauty, these four unlucky men would not be fathering any children. 

“So just how many times have you played Discato, Adam?” an awestruck Matt asked his handsome young companion, his already deep voice husky with lust. 

“You are talking to the one and only five-time champion of Discato, and three of those times I was the only winner, like young Cadet Smith here. Most winners only play Discato once, not wanting to risk their balls a second time. Besides, a single win guarantees your breeding privileges for life. But I knew these big spuds of mine are the toughest, strongest, most bad-ass nuts around, and wanted to prove it to my fellow cadets.”

Matt, who was close to blowing his load just from watching the scene and hearing about Adam’s unrivaled mastery of Discato, didn't notice as Adam stepped away and whispered something in Morgan's ear. The lead cadet's face lit up and he clapped his hands to call everyone to attention. The room was silent, except for the groans of Cadet Smith who was begging to be let go.

"It has come to my attention that we have a very special Federation guest here tonight. Lieutenant Commander Matthew Armstrong, please come up here."

There were gasps of shock and whispers of dismay amongst the crowd. It then dawned on Matt that most of these cadets had only seen him in passing on the base and didn't know exactly who he was. And it was clear that his fame - or infamy - preceded him. 

"It's the Crushing Commander!" one of the watching cadets yelled, a large wet stain spreading across the front of his pants as if just the mention of 'the Crushing Commander's' name was enough to push him over the edge to an explosive orgasm.

Matt made his way to Morgan and Adam, and the cadets watched him as if in awe. 

"So what do you think of our game, Commander?" Morgan asked.

"I fucking love it!" Matt blurted out to applause.

"Well it looks like we have a pair here even Discato couldn't crush. I wonder if he would have held up under you," Morgan said, stuffing his own cock back into his pants long enough to shake Matt's hand. 

"I dunno, they're pretty tough and..." Matt suddenly had an amazing epiphany. 

He remembered back to his first night in Jayse at the base when he had been squeezing Adam’s humongous balls while Adam was blowing his load. He recalled how much more squishy and flat the balls had gotten when they were free of sperm and thought -- if they had been under the Discato discs -- the sudden loss of internal pressure would have almost certainly caused them to burst.

"I have a question, Cadet Morgan." Armstrong started.


"Is Cadet Smith a bottom?" 

There were hoots of approval from the crowd.

"Well, he has a girlfriend in the city, but he's taken more cock than the Federation's First Lady." 

Everyone, including Matt, laughed at the good natured swipe at the President of the Federation's notoriously scandalous wife. 

"Well then, I have an idea. As you can see, I'm getting really turned on." Matt slowly stood behind a whimpering and pleading Smith, pulling his pants down just enough to let his huge, 10-inch, rock hard cock flop forward.

"That's what you've been taking every night, Major Kent?" one of the cadets asked incredulously, and with obvious jealousy 

Being incredibly tender, Matt wrapped his arms around Cadet Smith's tight, muscular waist and proceeded to bend the confused young man forward.

"What're you doing? I won! Let me go!" he managed to get out through gritted teeth.

The weight of the entire stack was still resting on his apparently unyielding orbs, which were quite flat and -- like eight balls before them -- about to burst. But with no more weights being added to the stack, Smith's huge, dense orbs looked like they could hold out indefinitely...

"Ah, well I think a good will present to the Federation officer would be okay," Morgan laughed.

"Breed his ass!" someone shouted.

Matt proceeded to lean in and kiss the back of Cadet Smith's neck before nibbling his ear. Despite the pain, Smith was getting incredibly turned on by the handsome, sensual Lieutenant Commander. Cadet Smith's back arched in pleasure as he felt Matt's precum soaked cock plunge into his ass.

Despite his nuts holding so much crushing weigh, Smith was in absolute heaven. Like Adam, Cadet Smith was totally getting off by having his nuts crushed whilst being fucked, and with no more weights to threaten him, he was enjoying the dull, incredibly painful ache of his balls holding so much weight. 

Matt leaned around the beefy back of the young cadet to look at the stud’s crotch, and was astounded by the sheer size of Smith’s humongous cock, which had swollen to its fully erect size within seconds of Matt’s own huge cock invading his hole. Matt had seen his fair share of huge cocks in his life, including a couple that actually hit the 12-inch mark, but Smith left all those studs in the dust with a cock that had to be every bit of 14 inches long and thick as a man’s wrist!  Matt had never even heard of a cock so huge, and to see such a horse dick on such a short, beefy guy all but put Matt over the edge there and then. 

Cadet Smith's hole was well stretched, but he was incredibly good at milking Matt's long, hard cock with his ass muscles. Matt had never experienced such an expert bottom, which was saying something since Adam was no amateur himself. He could feel the trapped cadet's prostrate being pounded with each thrust, and Smith's muscular back arched as he positioned himself to give Matt he easiest access to his hole. Matt's rhythm became faster and harder until he was pounding Smith's ass like his life depending on it.

"Oh yeah! Oh fuck, yes! Yes!" Cadet Smith bellowed in a surprisingly deep voice as his own mammoth cock started to leak precum.

Matt looked over at the naked, beautiful bodies of the four other cadets that were still trapped at the table, the drug still stopping their legs from buckling and sending them from falling over. These four amazingly beautiful men had just been emasculated, losing their prize-winning stud nuts, and he was about to send this fifth incredibly hot stud to join them. 

Meanwhile, he could hear the watching crowd moaning as they watched the impromptu sex show of the older Federation officer plowing the younger Jaysian cadet. It was a strikingly ironic showing of goodwill and was giving the watching men a better impression of the Federation than any reconciliatory propaganda campaign ever could. 


The sound of meaty hands stroking big, wet cocks filled the room as Matt continued to pound into Smith. Matt was grunting like an animal, holding the bent-over Smith by the shoulder so that he could pull the young man into each thrust. The violent fucking was doing its job and Matt knew his plan was working. Any moment now and Cadet Smith was going to blow his pent up load, emptying his huge balls. The sperm-filled tubes were literally the last bit of structure keeping Smith's tortured testicle membranes in their proper shape, and the loss of that sperm was almost certainly going to spell doom for the young man’s amazingly tough nuts. Matt got so turned on thinking about what was going to happen to the unsuspecting young cadet that he picked up his pace even more. 

"Oh yeah!" Smith screamed, pleasure now totally overriding pain despite the fact his usually plump nuts were now the thickness of a pair of pancakes.

"Mmm! Yeah, sir!! You're gonna make me blow!!" 

Smith was going crazy at the feeling of Matt's thick tool pounding into his guts and slamming his prostate. He could feel his load building in his tortured nuts, totally unaware of the damage blowing his load could cause. Matt reached around Smith's waist and grabbed the young man's cock, feeling the shockingly thick 14-inch tool in his big hand, and proceeded to stroke the extraordinary cock in rhythm to his violent plowing. Matt could get used to having such a big cocked, gorgeous young man around to be nothing more than a living sex toy...

"Oh! Mmm!" Matt couldn't even form words as he licked and sucked Smith's meaty and muscular neck. 

The young man turned to face the handsome Federation daddy who had been pounding his ass and the two locked in a passionate kiss. It was too much for Matt and his body shuddered as squirt after squirt of his hot cum flooded inside Cadet Smith. Matt's cock was spewing with so much force that Smith felt like the load was going hit the back of his teeth. The young man gasped, his face contoured in pleasure as Matt continued to pump his cock and fill him with cum.

"Oh! I'm gonna...! I'm gonna...!!!"

Cadet Smith's arched his back as he screamed in ecstasy. A huge, thick blast of semen blasted out of his swollen super cock, a mighty rope of cum at least 6 feet long, shooting across the table with astonishing force where it splattered wetly across Greystone's rippled abs. Greystone's abs were already drenched and dripping jizz as another rope of cum, then another and another and another, flew from the cadet's massive penis like it was being shot from a cannon. Poor, de-sexed Greystone looked like he had been the target of a circle jerk, with cum now dripping off his handsome face, his pecs, his shoulders, arms, and abs. Matt watched in amazement at the sheer volume of cum, knowing that Smith's balls were rapidly losing volume and internal pressure...


Smith was in mid spurt and didn't immediately realize what had happened. His sperm tubes depleted, the weakened membranes of his testicles just couldn't compensate for the empty volume and -- one after another -- his mighty gonads spectacularly burst. The tissues that had been struggling to keep Smith's balls round catastrophically failed, sending the entire weight landing on the table top where it settled with a loud CLANG. The implosion was so cataclysmic that the fleshy orbs burst like water balloons, sending chunks of shattered ball meat flying several feet beyond the table in all directions and splattering many of the spectators with the gory remains of the young man’s once proud and fantastically virile balls. 

"OOOOOH!!!" Cadet Smith wailed like a dying animal as the pain and realization suddenly hit. His gargantuan cock was still spewing bloody jizz as Matt continued to plunge his still hard, spent cock into the ruined young man's ass.

"Holy fuck!! That was incredible! A fucking busting genius! OOOH...!!" Morgan couldn't finish the thought as a glob of jizz flew from his cock, which he had been stroking with both hands during the show. 

Two cadets hopped on top of the weight discs in front of Greystone and stroked their cocks the final times to get them over the edge. Greystone's chest was quickly splattered with their huge double load, making sure that every square inch of the young man’s vast muscular expanse was coated in jism. No sooner as they hopped off than another cadet got on the table and blasted Cadet West's face with a massive, gooey load. Cadet Anderson was next, then Spencer. By the time everyone had cum, the five blacked out Discato players were dripping with cum, an ironic conclusion considering how none of them would ever be able to coat anyone with sperm again.

Matt, who had been fucking the passed out Smith during the epic bukkake session, creamed in his hole a second time before finally pulling out.

"You were brilliant, Matt!" Adam said, hugging his lover tightly.

Matt was about to lean in for a kiss when he was interrupted by a tap on the shoulder.

"Lieutenant Commander! Can you please crush mine?" a shy but extremely beefy cadet asked breathlessly, stripping out of his pants and presenting his more than ample goods for Matt’s inspection. 

Cum was still dripping from the muscle stud's fat cock, but it was already getting hard at the prospect of being a willing victim of the Crushing Commander's fist. Without hesitation, Matt clutched the man's heavy, big orbs in his powerful fist and squeezed. The other cadets gathered around, many of them already hard again, and watched as Matt expertly kneaded, twisted, pulled and compressed the young man's nuts flatter and flatter.

Matt took his time, enjoying the sensation of having a willing victim’s huge balls in his hands, and he demonstrated a number of his favorite torture and busting techniques for the enjoyment and edification of the crowd of eager cadets. He took the handsome young cadet to the brink of rupture over and over and over again, marveling at the strength and sheer power of the man’s nuts even after they were depleted of sperm. But after more than 20 nut busting minutes, Matt decided it was time to fulfill the man’s wish and end his sex life forever, and he squeezed down HARD with both of his big, powerful hands. 


"Oooh!!!" the young man bellowed just as he felt his right ball explode in Matt's hand.

All of the pressure was then focused on the young man’s straining left orb, which barely lasted a few seconds longer than the right...


Matt's cock, which had already blown twice, was rock hard again and ready to blow a third load as he felt the satisfying crunch of the young man's balls bursting in the sack. There was something infinitely erotic about crushing the balls of a totally willing victim, and Matt desperately hoped another cadet would volunteer. He released his grip and let the beefy cadet fall to his knees. On a cursory glance, his ballsack still looked whole and intact, but Matt knew there wouldn't be anything able to save the young man's now fractured testicles. 

"Did you see how fast he nutted that guy?" 

"That was amazing!"

"Commander Armstrong. Please, please do me next!" 

Before Matt even knew what was happening, another handsome young cadet with jet black hair, a toned build, and adorable freckles had placed his ample, low hanging balls in Matt's palm. Matt considered unleashing his signature one-handed ball busting squeeze but stopped, instead forming a ring around the base of the cadet's scrotum, causing the balls inside to bulge obscenely against the bottom of their sack. 

"Oh fuck yea!" the cadet moaned, his face a mixture of fear and pleasure.

Matt locked eyes with the young man and was struck at the look of pleading in his eyes.

"You want me to mush these?"

"Oh hell yes!"

Matt balled his other fist, lined his knuckles so that they would collide squarely at the seam in the cadet's sack, and drew his fist back. Matt particularly enjoyed this method of ball busting  since the first few devastating blows cracked and pulped the nuts and -- in the case of weaker balls -- the sack would split and the remaining blows would leave Matt's fist covered in splattered nut goop. But with genetically modified and toughened nuts like the big fat balls now resting in his hand, Matt knew that it would take a lot more than just a few punches to pulverize such powerful testicles, and he wondered just how many blows it would take to crack these nuts. Matt gave this cadet's balls a quick squeeze and grinned. They were a perfect set of nuts -- big, firm, and unusually dense and beefy -- and guaranteed to make a really big mess.

Matt's fist collided with the willingly offered, bloated sack with a wet, horrendous SPLAT! Matt knew that this would be a night he would never forget. 


Counting Cadet Smith, Matt personally ended the sex life of five cadets that night in the ruins. He took pleasure in slowly de-nutting each victim, describing to the awe-struck onlookers in painstaking detail exactly what damage each blow, squeeze, twist, kick, and stomp was doing to the doomed testicles. Lieutenant Commander Matt Armstrong was struck at how prevalent the need to be totally subservient was amongst Jaysian men, especially considering how fiercely masculine and powerful they appeared on the surface. With war ending and the Federation slowly starting to peacefully ceded back territory to other states, it would be unlikely that Armstrong would ever again be able to practice his brutal ball busting skills on a captured set of balls, so he was beyond grateful for the 'gift' the cadets had given him. He was also saddened that he likely wouldn't be returning to the Jayse Confederacy for some time...


There was a deep drone as the maglev train powered up in the station. The watching Jaysian civilians and former soldier alike looked on in awe as the enormous train began to rise from the ground until it was hovering three feet above the track. The Federation delegates waved as the train slowly departed the station, drifting silently through the air as if by magic. Confetti rained down, people cheered and waved Jaysian and Federation flags and music played. Eventually though, the crowd dispersed, the politicians were done giving their speeches, and the train, which had long since left the station, was nothing more than a memory beyond the distant hills.

Major Adam Kent stood alone on the platform. He was wearing his full dress uniform, a sign of respect to honor the departing delegates. Major Kent looked up at the ruins of the skyscrapers, which in time would be born again bigger and better than ever with the help of their Federation allies. The young man bit his lip in an effort not to cry, and seemed oblivious to the tears streaming down his exquisitely handsome face.

"So long," he said to no one in particular. 

He turned on one foot to leave when he was startled by a familiar voice. 

"Cheer up, handsome!" 

Major Kent spun toward the direction of the voice and shouted in delight when he saw Lieutenant Commander Matthew Armstrong standing less than 50 feet away. Oblivious to the lack of propriety, Major Kent ran to the waiting Armstrong, his face beaming with joy. Adam remembered himself at the last moment, and refrained from jumping into Matt’s muscular arms by sheer force of will, stopping just inches from the bigger man and giving him a proper salute befitting his regal uniform.

"Lieutenant Commander?" 

"It's just Matthew Armstrong now." Matt said, holding up a glossy identification card.

Adam gasped when he read the heading on the card: "JAYSE CONFEDERACY - CITIZEN IDENTIFICATION CARD."

"What? I don't understand..." the stunned young Major managed to stammer. 

Matt explained that, when his superiors informed him that he was to be stationed indefinitely at a military base in Australia to oversee the military's de-Federalization of that country, he simply resigned. The act of resigning and enjoying the generous retirement benefits wasn't itself unusual, especially now that the Federal Navy was scaling down. But Matt's superiors were dumbstruck when he requested that, instead of being put up in comfortable retirement housing, he simply wanted to be left behind in the Jayse Confederacy. The Jaysian government jumped at the opportunity to extend their first permanent visa and officially open their borders to 'everyday people' for the first time in memory. 

"So you gave up all that, arcologies, weather control, advanced technology? All of those things for me?"

Matt blushed.

"Well, for you...and these." 

He reached into the waist band of Adam’s tight uniform pants, clutched the young man’s huge balls, and gave them a brutal squeeze. Adam had expected it to be a quick, almost playful squeeze, but Matt didn't let up, instead giving Adam’s massive, quivering nuts a devastating, crushing squeeze that filled the pit of his muscled stomach with a deep aching agony. 

The two locked eyes briefly until Adam closed his tightly, tears of pain and ecstasy and happiness streaming down his face, as he tried desperately not to buckle or cry out. Matt had never squeezed Adam’s nuts this hard before, and even Adam’s battle-hardened stud nuts were struggling to maintain their healthy egg shape. If Matt kept going, Adam knew that he was going to castrated right there in the station. For the first time since he had been with Matt, Adam actually thought his balls were going to be totally crushed by the big man. 

"Matt...don’t stop..." Adam said in his deep, nearly breathless voice. 

Matt smiled and continued the brutal crushing for several more long moments before letting go of Adam’s throbbing testes. 

"Besides, Adam. You said it yourself, people don't live as long in Jayse as they do in the Federation, so I didn't wanna waste any more time."

Adam, his mind still flooded from the joy at being reunited with his lover and the exquisite agony of having his enormous bull balls nearly popped, could barely comprehend the extent of what Matt was saying. Matt leaned in and gave Adam a deep, lingering, and intensely passionate kiss, instantly conveying more feeling than any high-minded soliloquy every could.

Adam took off his uniform jacket, revealing a sweat-soaked, pec-hugging undershirt, and casually tossed it to the ground.

"Alright, Matt. Let's have an adventure."