Saturday, March 18, 2023

Student Residence - Part 3

Young Gavin has already suffered hard at the hands of the bullies, Wyatt and Hugo, and things are about to get even worse for the handsome young lad. But after this third chapter, I have nothing else prepared for this series, and I'd like to hear from all of you. What would you like to see happen next to our hung green-eyed hunk? 

Student Residence, Part 3 — A Night Out

Based on an original story by Bignuts


Wyatt couldn’t believe what he was seeing! He had been lusting after Charlene, one of the girls from the neighboring all-women’s university, since last year, had managed to get a date with her at the end of the previous term, and now here she was with another guy. And not just any guy — that fucking handsome, bull-hung, musclebound heartthrob Gavin! And how Gavin was even upright and walking around, let alone making time with ‘his’ lady, after the brutal beating he and Hugo had given his monstrous balls earlier that same day was even more confounding to the jealous blond bully! 

Wyatt had been looking forward to the party that evening, smugly certain that he and Hugo had knocked the hated Gavin down a peg or two and likely landed him in the infirmary. When he and Hugo had left the sobbing stud earlier that day, he’d been in sorry shape indeed, his bruised and battered nutsac pinned to the wall by half a dozen darts, another half a dozen darts harpooning the massive boy testicles themselves, and several hundred thumb tacks speared to the hilt into all of that beefy male reproductive tissue. A lesser man’s balls might have been mortally wounded or even outright destroyed from such abuse, and though Wyatt was confident that the incredibly tough and strong Gavin would likely recover from his injuries, he was convinced that he’d sidelined the big, burly stud for a week at the least. 

So he was beyond surprised — not to mention furious — when the dashingly handsome and massively built young jock arrived at the party early that evening, his wavy dark brown hair looking perfect, his dressy clothes showing off his magnificent physique to excellent effect, and the hunky lad otherwise looking none the worse for wear. Wyatt, on the other hand, looked like hell, for he was sporting an enormous black eye, and his lip was still painfully split from the brief but very effective beating that Gavin had given him. However, if one knew what to look for, then one might have noticed that the handsome and smiling stud was walking a bit gingerly, his legs a little more widely parted than normal, but the green-eyed hunk was otherwise doing a masterful job of hiding whatever discomfort he might have been feeling. 

Gavin was surrounded by the new friends he’d made in less than a full week on campus, all of them talking and laughing and having a great time, which made Wyatt even more furious. The lean and wiry blond bully also couldn’t help but notice how the various groups of young ladies at the party were stealing less than covert glances at the devastatingly handsome young Freshman, giggling excitedly as they gazed longingly at the handsome and smiling and friendly young man. 

So of COURSE it would have to be Charlene, the beautiful blond coed that Wyatt had pined after for more than a year, who was the first to approach Gavin and start chatting up the handsome and charming young muscle stud. They were soon smiling and laughing together, clearly enjoying each other’s company, and the way that Charlene kept touching Gavin’s big, muscle-corded forearm or the large rounded bulge of his shoulder and batting her long-lashed, sultry eyes at the handsome stud made Wyatt’s blood boil. 

It was now several hours later, and as the party was starting to winding down, the pair of new lovebirds had decided to go on a stroll across campus, holding each other close and enjoying the cool and crisp autumn night air. Wyatt had followed stealthily behind them, keeping to the shadows and out of sight. When the pair entered a dark and deserted building together, Wyatt could take no more, and he took out his cell phone and called his best and only friend. 

“Hugo, I’m here at the rectory, and that fucking Gavin is about to bone my Charlene! Get here on the double! It’s time we finished the lesson we started teaching him this morning…” 


Gavin simply couldn’t believe his good fortune! Here he was attending his very first college party, and he’d already met the most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen! Charlene was everything he’d ever wanted in a woman — smart, funny, charming, the whole package. The college senior was also staggeringly beautiful, with long blond hair, captivating blue eyes, and a figure that was both lush and fit. She had been flirting with him all night, and his battered but very much still fully functioning bull nuts were now aching not just from bruising and the heavy punishment they’d received that morning, but also from a now epic case of ‘blue balls’ as well. But Gavin didn’t mind; he was enjoying every moment with this dazzling young beauty, and a little ball ache felt like a small price to pay. 

Charlene had playfully suggested that they go for a walk across campus together, and the way she said it had let Gavin know in no uncertain terms that she wanted him. Now. Tonight. So with his pulse thundering in his big, muscular chest, and his libido raging, he escorted the coy and smiling young woman outside, and they’d strolled the lamplit campus together. Charlene clung to Gavin’s bare and enormously muscular arm, stroking her fingers over his massive muscles until the handsome 18-year-old was leaking precum freely into his underwear, his half hard cock starting to strain against his form-fitting pants. He knew he couldn’t take too much more of this teasing without exploding in his undershorts! 

The horny young coed seemed to sense Gavin’s distress, for she demurely beckoned him into the dark and deserted rectory. Once inside the dimly lit interior, the beautiful blond launched herself into Gavin’s big, strong arms, and the two began making out like there was no tomorrow. Gavin was in heaven as he held Charlene’s curvaceous body firmly but gently in his huge arms as they passionately kissed each other. Charlene’s hungry hands roamed all over Gavin’s phenomenally muscular torso and arms, clearly loving the big athlete’s magnificent body, and the more that she groped and fondled, the more that Gavin felt permission to do the same. His big hands were caressing and kneading her back and shoulders, and wandering dangerously close to her fantastic ass, but he remained a gentleman, avoiding getting too fresh with the beautiful coed, even as her small but strong hands began to hungrily grope and fondle Gavin’s big, meaty, rock solid ass. 

The pair stood in the near darkness, kissing and cuddling and fondling each other, for a good ten minutes. But when Gavin seemed too shy or chivalrous to push things to the next level, Charlene took matters into her own hands — literally. She could feel a large, solid lump pressing insistently against her hip and belly, and so she allowed one of her hands to wander down to cup the young man’s huge package. And when she felt just how incredibly massive Gavin’s man meat really was, she looked up at the young jock with true shock in her dazzling blue eyes. Gavin smiled and blushed and averted his embarrassed gaze, but Charlene gently turned his face back toward hers and let him see just how excited and happy she was at the young stud’s goliath size. 

While keeping her azure-eyed gazed focused entirely on Gavin’s gorgeous green orbs, Charlene slowly unbuttoned the top of Gavin’s pants and unzipped his fly. She then slowly kneeled down, pulling down the young man’s pants as she went, with one hand caressing down the length of Gavin’s hugely muscular right thigh. Even in the dim light, she could see the mammoth size of the enormous boner tenting the front of Gavin’s tight boxer briefs, and the turgid roundness of his two massive balls, and she eagerly began pulling down his overstuffed underwear as well, already damp with his precum. 

Gavin’s huge cock nearly struck Charlene in her pretty face as she unleashed his trouser beast from his undershorts. The enormous schlong lurched upwards as it was released from its fabric prison, rearing upward like some great prehistoric creature, slapping the young man in his rock solid belly before pointing proudly upright like a great fleshy lance. Charlene gasped in shock and surprise at the sight, for she had never seen a cock even remotely as enormous as Gavin’s great stallion staff. The young man’s colossal penis exceeded a foot in length by at least an inch, maybe even two, and was the thickest, girthiest cock the experienced young woman had ever seen, even in pictures. The shaft looked to be at least as thick as a beer bottle, covered in a tracery of sexy, prominent veins, and the swollen, bulbous head was the size of a purple-hued apple. The thick hood of warm, silky foreskin was now almost completely retracted simply by the sheer eye-popping size of the hyper bloated member, and she could see clear lust honey leaking from the tip of his aching, throbbing knob. 

Overcome with desire, Charlene didn’t waste any time, and immediately engulfed as much of that Clydesdale cock into her hungry mouth as she could. Expert cocksucker that she was, even Charlene was having a difficult time forcing the incredibly thick cock shaft down her throat, but she was eager to worship this impossibly handsome and hunky young jock and make him hers, so she worked at opening her talented throat and accepting more and more of his amazing cock into her mouth. 

Gavin was in absolute heaven. He had only had a few sexual encounters before in his young life, and nothing had been as erotic and pleasurable as this. He’d had more than one young woman reject him the moment they caught sight of the enormity of his manhood, fleeing in fear, disgust, or both, and even the few women who had chosen to have sex with him couldn’t seem to figure out how to handle such a massive cock. But not Charlene, who in a matter of minutes already had over half of Gavin’s obscenely thick cock crammed down her bulging throat, several inches more of his cock than any other woman had ever fit into any orifice. Just the sight alone turned Gavin on more than he’d ever been in his life, and the sensations soon had him hurtling toward orgasm, his sperm-engorged bull balls drawing up in their silky sac. 

Gavin knew that he needed to warn her, though; he came in explosively massive quantities at the best of times, and with his swollen balls currently nearly terminally bloated with more than a week’s worth of spunk, he might actually choke her with his huge bull load. His balls had never felt so full in his life, nor had he ever needed to cum more than he did in that moment. His beautiful lips were just parting in anticipation of warning Charlene of his impending orgasm when a terrific explosion of pure agony thundered through his beefy balls. 


Wyatt had snuck up behind Gavin and delivered a devastatingly accurate kick directly into the vast undercarriage of the young stud’s massive balls, crushing the huge whoppers upward into Gavin’s crotch and narrowly avoiding kicking the kneeling Charlene in her lovely face. The force of the blow knocked Charlene backwards, yanking Gavin’s huge cock out of her throat with a wet slurping sound and sending the beautiful blond sprawling. The handsome young stud, on the other hand, was stunned into temporary paralysis, his gorgeous green eyes flying open wide as his toe curling pleasure was instantly turned into soul-rending agony. 

A wickedly grinning Wyatt couldn’t resist and launched two more kicks into Gavin’s dangling junk, expertly nailing the young man’s screaming nuts again and again. The angry lad’s booted foot wedged up between Gavin’s thickly muscled thighs, once again crushing his huge gonads against his pelvic bone. 



The second two kicks succeeded where the first one had not, dropping the gasping young muscle stud heavily to his knees, both hands rushing to cradle his battered balls while his rock hard cock waggled violently in front of him, splashing hot, clear precum in all directions. 

“Ahhhh!! Shit!! My BALLS!!!” Gavin finally croaked in a deep, pain-choked voice. 

“I’ll teach you to fuck with my girl!” Wyatt barked, grabbing Gavin by his thick wavy hair and jerking his head backwards. Just then, Hugo’s gigantic form appeared from the darkness and rose up behind the smaller man like some great lurking shadow. 

A horrified Charlene screamed and scuttled backwards, jumping to her feet and fleeing out the back of the large room in sheer terror, abandoning Gavin to the tender mercies of his two assailants. 

Gavin valiantly tried to recover and retaliate, but the pain pulsing out of his already badly bruised and battered balls was extremely intense, and it sapped the strength out of his heavily muscled limbs. The pair of bullies pressed their advantage, wasting no time in roughly pulling Gavin’s tight shirt over his head and pulling off the pants and underwear that were wrapped around his ankles. Hugo hoisted Gavin’s weakly resisting form up into the air like a big sack of potatoes, and then roughly slammed him back first onto a nearby heavy wooden desk. Gavin tried to fight back, but the awesome strength of the giant Hugo was too much for him. While Hugo held Gavin down, Wyatt used the nylon rope that Hugo had brought with him to tie the groaning jock’s wrists together above his head, securing the other end of the rope to one of the thick legs of the sturdy desk. The wiry blond bully then used more rope to tie Gavin’s flailing legs, securing the young man’s amazingly muscular thighs in a wide-spread position, straddling either side of a corner of the large table. 

It took less than a minute to tie Gavin down like some sacrificial offering, his naked and gloriously muscular body stretched out across the surface of the large desk and rendered utterly helpless and defenseless against whatever cruel punishments his pair of assailants wished to unleash upon him. As an additional insult, Wyatt grabbed Gavin’s discarded underpants and stuffed the precum-soaked briefs into the young man’s mouth, muffling the handsome young man’s protests and filling the lad’s mouth with the salty tang of his own male juices. 

Wyatt then addressed the bound and terrified muscle jock, “That was the last mistake you’re ever gonna make, Gavin! You shouldn’t have touched Charlene, let alone put your disgusting dick in her mouth. Now you’re going to pay for your crimes — with your BALLS!” 

The wiry blond bully then moved to stand in front of the corner of the table, staring down at Gavin’s gigantic bollocks, which were resting heavily on the wooden tabletop, nestled in the V of his wide spread thighs. The massive, grapefruit-sized orbs were glowing an angry red from the three recent kicks they’d just received, and still showed some faint bruising from the billiard ball beating they’d sustained not quite a week ago. Wyatt could also see the dozen puncture wounds that had been made by the darts earlier that day, as well as the several hundred smaller puncture wounds from the thumb tacks. But despite all of that visible superficial damage, Gavin’s balls were still magnificent to behold, staggeringly huge and throbbing with raw male power. 

Wyatt found the handsome jock’s gigantic balls to be simultaneously revolting and intensely erotic. And he was determined to completely obliterate those big, beautiful, sludge-bloated balls. 

Wyatt wasted no time, forming a pair of fists with his bony, sharp-knuckled hands, and launching his first punch as hard as he could. 


Gavin’s testicles were so huge that Wyatt could only strike one of them at a time, so he chose his first blow to land squarely in the center of the young man’s bloated left nut, compressing the helpless organ against the hard table. 


Gavin’s right bollock was next, hammered by Wyatt’s other pistoning fist. 









Left. Right. Left. Right. 

Wyatt harbored a wealth of anger, and he began unleashing all of that fury upon Gavin’s delicate and defenseless balls, mercilessly slugging them over and over and over again. A rictus of a grin made his features truly terrifying as he crushed and hammered Gavin’s enormous sperm factories, intending to decimate his virility and permanently end his status as a prime alpha male. He taunted the screaming and writhing muscle stud throughout the legacy-ending onslaught, saying, “I’m murdering your unborn children with each punch, you overhung fucker! How does it feel to know that a skinny guy like me is taking down a huge muscle bull like you? How does it feel to know that I’m ending your family line right here, right now? Arrogant fucker like you does’t DESERVE to have such a huge set of nuts!” 

Dozens and dozens of blows landed into each of Gavin’s huge testicles, and the handsome young man could do nothing but writhe and buck and scream through his gag, tears streaming out his gorgeous green eyes. The agony was like nothing he’d ever felt before, and his huge balls were soon glowing an angry dark red and were beginning to swell from all of the abuse. But while most men’s balls would have been quickly reduced to useless mush from the vicious beating, Gavin’s ferociously durable organs proved their mettle by resisting every blow, quickly returning to their healthy oval shape after each devastating punch. Perhaps even more incredibly, the young man’s colossal cock remained rock hard and throbbing despite the inferno of inhuman pain erupting inside of his nuts. It was clear that Gavin’s bloated horse cock wasn’t going to go down this side of orgasm, death, or castration, and his defiantly rampant cock seemed to spur the jealous Wyatt into unleashing even more brutal and devastating punches. 

After a particularly brutal barrage of punches that would have reduced most men’s nuts to a messy stain on the table, Wyatt changed tactics. He used the flat of one hand to press Gavin’s scrotum against the table and isolate and trap his bloated and swelling left nut in place. Then, using his free hand, Wyatt started pistoning punches into Gavin’s trapped bollock, hammering his fist as hard and fast as possible, striking all over the massive surface of that rotund sex gland and clobbering it from every angle. The blond bully was growing more and more frustrated, for while the titanic organ was gradually getting softer and more malleable over time, Wyatt’s hard-knuckled fist sinking a little deeper into the traumatized tissues with each pulverizing blow, the heroically dense and sturdy orb defied destruction, and the young man’s quivering bull cock continued to pulse and throb as if the lad might actually orgasm at any moment! 

“Why! Won’t! They! BREAK!?!” Wyatt shouted through gritted teeth, each angry word punctuated by another testicle-splitting punch. His arms were getting tired, his fists were starting to hurt, and his knuckles were becoming red and bruised themselves from his merciless assault on Gavin’s unprotected manhood. 

Unable to break Gavin’s balls with his fists alone, Wyatt soon changed tactics, and placed his open palms on top of each of Gavin’s now horribly bruised and battered testicles and began to apply pressure. He leaned forward over the thrashing, sweating, openly sobbing hunk, pressing downward harder and harder, adding more and more of his strength and weight to the task, steadily crushing the huge organs trapped under his hands. 

“Crush ‘em!” Hugo encouraged in his deep basso profundo voice, looming behind Wyatt’s much smaller form. “C’mon! Burst those fat eggs, Wyatt! Ruin the pretty boy!” 

Wyatt was once again grinning malevolently, for he noticed how the giant gonads were getting more and more deformed under his hands as he increased the pressure, starting to flatten and spread out across the tabletop. But sure enough, once again, Gavin’s incredibly burly bull balls defied Wyatt’s best efforts to break them. Despite being softened up by literally hundreds of punches, Gavin’s balls were soon compressed to the point where they simply stopped deforming, growing firmer and harder beneath Wyatt’s hands the harder he pressed until they would flatten no more, stoically resisting the intense pressure to which they were being subjected. Wyatt’s hands were turning white from the force he was exerting, contrasting dramatically with the dark red of the ball meat oozing between his fingers, and sweat was soon dripping down Wyatt’s face from the effort. 

“Dude’s clearly got some seriously tough nuts!” Hugo said from behind Wyatt, grudging respect in his deep, deep voice. “I don’t think you’re gonna break ‘em that way. I think you oughta go old school.” Hugo patted the tabletop with his huge hand, indicating that Wyatt should get up on the table. Wyatt flashed a grin at his partner in crime, nodding his head vigorously at the idea. 

Gavin’s green eyes flew open even wider as terror clutched his muscular and chiseled belly, but his muffled screams of protest fell on deaf ears as Wyatt grinned and climbed up onto the table. With Hugo helping him keep balance, Wyatt positioned himself on the corner of the table between Gavin’s mighty thighs, facing away from the handsome hunk with the backs of his heels pressed up against the undersides of Gavin’s swelling, purplish-red balls. The handsome hunk’s already massive balls had nearly doubled in size, bloating well past their normal grapefruit size to nearly the size of a pair of ripe cantaloupes. Wyatt then stood up on his toes and scooted backwards so that the balls of his heels were lightly resting on top of Gavin’s trapped nuts. The profoundly battered gonads were so incredibly huge that the heels of Wyatt’s sneakers only covered a portion of their surface, but all three young men knew that was more than enough for the task at hand. 

Gavin was utterly terrified at this point, for he knew what was about to happen. He knew that his poor battered nuts couldn’t take much more, especially after all of the abuse that had been heaped upon them over the past week. He violently shook his handsome head, desperately begging wordlessly for mercy, but he knew with a sinking feeling of resignation that he would find no clemency from his two cruel attackers. 

Wyatt began to transfer his weight little by little, drawing out the torture and imminent emasculation of the captive hunk as long as possible, and really enjoying the feeling of the stud’s mammoth testicles slowly compressing beneath his heels. Hugo was standing by the side of the table and bent almost in half, bringing his rough-hewn face within inches of Gavin’s squashed testicles so he could watch them up close as they grew flatter and flatter under the increasing pressure. The centers of Gavin’s titanic testicles were soon crushed to half their massive girth, already flatter than Wyatt had gotten them with his bare hands, and as he transferred more and more of his weight onto them, they flattened out even more. It looked like this time their elasticity and malleability would have no limit, and that Wyatt’s sneaker-clad heels would be touching the wood of the table at any moment, cracking and splattering any man orbs caught between them. Then, with a sudden movement, Wyatt transferred all of his remaining weight onto the struggling and compressing bollocks. 

Gavin’s vibrant green eyes flew open wide, and he felt so much pressure grinding down onto his balls that he knew they would simply have to give way at any moment under Wyatt’s pressing weight. Gavin’s labored breathing quickened until he was nearly hyperventilating, his muscular pectorals swelling explosively, his heavily thewed arms and legs quivering as he strained mightily against his bonds. Sweat was literally pouring off of his magnificently muscular young body, and the sharp spikes of pain emanating from the very center of his masculinity were sending ominous alarm bells to his brain. Gavin’s balls were on the edge. 

Wyatt ‘only’ stood atop Gavin’s straining balls for a minute, or maybe two, but to Gavin it seemed like an eternity in hell. To change things up, the wiry blond bully started grinding his heels back and forth, and even tried bouncing up and down a few times, but somehow the hunky stud’s squashed balls doggedly refused to burst! 

When Wyatt finally decided to step off of Gavin’s balls and climb off the table, Hugo had a close up view of the young man’s orbs as they painfully began to recover their original form. With the earlier punches, Gavin’s balls were able to rebound almost instantly into their healthy, egg-like shapes. This time, however, it was a very different story. Hugo watched enthralled as Gavin’s balls reinflated with painful slowness, almost as if some of their internal tissues were permanently flattened. The imprint of the deeply chiseled soles of Wyatt’s sneakers was etched into all of that beefy flesh, and it looked at first like Gavin’s huge balls may have been partway crushed for good. But in less than a minute, the handsome stud’s massive balls had plumped back up to nearly their normal shape, appearing just a little bit flatter than normal but otherwise still clearly intact and whole, a visible testament to just how fantastically strong and tough Gavin’s enormous bollocks really were. 

“Damn, Wyatt!” Hugo said, standing upright after his close visual inspection of Gavin’s reinflated bull balls. “Dude’s got some insanely tough nuts! It was a close call, but his eggs didn’t crack! You think maybe it’s time that we break out the big guns?” Hugo then flexed one of his massive arms, his enormous biceps muscles bulging into a mountainous peak. Gavin’s frightened, tear-stained eyes couldn’t believe the size of the giant’s goliath arm, and he estimated that the hulking blond’s arm must have measured 26 inches or more around! 

Wyatt’s face lit up at the idea, stepping aside to let Hugo come forward. He then cast is callous and cruel glance down at the bound and helpless Gavin and said, “I’m sure that by now you’ve heard the rumors that we’d castrated a jock like you about a year ago. Well, I’m here to tell you that those rumors are true!” 

Hugo was meanwhile taking off his shoes and socks, wanting to feel every detail of Gavin’s testicles as they flattened and deformed and cracked and exploded beneath his huge, muscular feet. The blond behemoth had enormous feet even for his great height and size, size 18 whoppers that were extremely thick and meaty. 

“You remind me of him in many ways,” Wyatt continued. “He was handsome and very well built, with a gym-hardened body, and everyone else fucking worshipped him like he was some alpha male god. But just like you, he made the mistake of looking at a girl that he shouldn’t have, and I knew he had to pay a price.” 

Hugo stripped off his loose-fitting t-shirt, revealing the most enormously muscular physique that Gavin had ever seen. His huge, heavy, meaty pecs were simply colossal, and the round, segmented spheres of his shoulders were so large that his upper body looked to be damn near four feet across. His lats were wide and insanely thick, tapering slightly to a midsection that, while thick and not remotely cut or chiseled, was clearly hard as a rock. The blond giant was clearly pushing the upper limits of human size, and the sheer awesome power contained in those gigantic muscles made Gavin quake and tremble with even greater fear. 

“One day, I finally saw the jock naked in the locker room,” Wyatt said. “He had a nice, big, pretty dick, but what really struck me was the size of his balls, which were almost as big as yours. That’s when I had an idea.” 

With a grace surprising in a man so huge, Hugo climbed onto the table. Gavin couldn’t help but noticed how the heavy wood creaked beneath the giant’s colossal weight, for Hugo looked like was weighed nearly three times as much as the lean and wiry Wyatt. 

“We managed to catch him alone one night in the gym, ambushing him and tying him to a weight bench, much like you’re tied down now,” the wiry blond continued. “His big, fat balls looked so vulnerable and inviting resting there on the bench, and I couldn’t resist stepping on top of them and crushing them beneath my weight. Unlike your balls, we hadn’t beaten up this jock’s heavy nutsac first, so they were fresh and at full strength when I stood on them. Unfortunately for him, though, when I placed my full weight on top of them, the lad’s big balls cracked. I guess it was just too much weight for them,” Wyatt said with a look of exaggerated and feigned sorrow on his cruel face. 

Hugo wanted to see the expression on Gavin’s handsome, square-jawed face when his balls exploded, so he stood facing the captive hunk with his enormous feet placed carefully between the young man’s muscular legs. His meaty hooves were so huge that his thick toes were buried beneath the massive swell of Gavin’s testicle-bloated nutsac, so that when he wiggled his toes, the entire weighty sac would shift and jiggle most enticingly. From his vantage point lying face up on the wooden desk, Gavin couldn’t help but be overwhelmed and utterly intimated by the colossal size of the muscular blond giant looming above him. 

“The lad’s big balls weren’t destroyed, yet, though,” Wyatt continued with his story. “Cracked, heavily damaged, maybe even permanently wrecked, but not destroyed. So we decided that Hugo should give it a go as well. My big friend here weighed a good 30 or 40 pounds less than he does now, but even so, he only got to put a portion of his weight on the lad’s cracked balls before we heard a muffled double pop come from under his feet. You should have seen the look on the stupid jock’s face! A look of utter surprise and shock, and then he passed out like a girl. By the time Hugo stepped down off the bench, there was nothing but mush left inside the dude’s sac, not a single solid chunk of testicle left, absolutely nothing that the doctors could later save.” 

Hugo shifted his position so that the front of his huge hairy feet rested gently on top of Gavin’s deeply bruised and horribly swollen balls, barely compressing down on the ultimate source of the young man’s extraordinary masculinity. As monstrously huge as Gavin’s bloated nuts were, Hugo’s feet were so enormous that they almost totally covered the massive orbs. The young man’s testicles felt really huge and very hot beneath the giant’s feet, and he toyed with them for a bit, flexing his feet and testing how springy and dense those meaty tissues were. 

“Your balls are even bigger and tougher than that previous lad’s were,” intoned Wyatt, his excitement clearly mounting in anticipation of the muscle stud’s unmanning. “Even after I punched and kicked the crap outta them, your big nuts were still strong enough to carry all of my weight. That was impressive, very impressive indeed! But Hugo here weighs just over 420 pounds — there’s no WAY even your massive bull balls can support THAT much weight! But I’m curious to see just how much weight they CAN carry… before they BREAK!” 

This time it was the big blond giant who looked down at a struggling Gavin and said, “Time to see what these eggs are really made of.” And with that, he began to slowly transfer his weight to the front of his feet. 

Both bullies grinned in cruel satisfaction as Gavin’s huge whale nuts quickly began to deform with virtually no pressure at all, offering almost no resistance as they began to be smooshed once more against the table’s wooden surface. All of the previous beating and crushing had seriously weakened and softened the hardy tissues of the young man’s colossal bollocks, and they quickly squished down to two thirds of their normal girth with just a small fraction of Hugo’s weight bearing down on them. Once again, however, a point was reached where Gavin’s behemoth baby factories began to resist further compression, and as Hugo rocked forward ever so slowly and added more weight and pressure onto the poor doomed organs, the melon-sized man orbs became more and more sturdy and solid. 

Gavin’s handsome face had turned completely red and was twisted in anguish, his whole body shaking and glistening with sweat as the pain continued to mount in his heavily battered balls. He was violently shaking his head back and forth, bellowing into his gag as he fought against his restraints, panic showing in his emerald green eyes as he stared down the length of his body at the two massive feet that were steadily crushing his cherished gonads into oblivion. His perversely rock hard horse cock kept pulsing and quivering, burping out thick strands of his slick and clear precum onto the exquisitely carved shapes of his reflexively convulsing abs. The young man knew that his redlined balls were rapidly approaching their breaking point, and he was helpless to do anything to stop it. 

Hugo kept leaning more of his weight over Gavin’s supine body, every slight shift adding more and more pressure bearing down on the young man’s trapped and flattening nuts. Hugo’s feet were so huge that they offered no avenue of escape for the stud’s screaming bollocks, spreading his weight out over the entire surface of the massive orbs and forcing them to absorb every last ounce of the burly giant’s impossibly muscular form. Gavin’s gigantic nuts were now well more than halfway flat, flatter than when Wyatt had stood atop them, and still they’d received only a fraction of Hugo’s tremendous weight. 

The blond giant leaned forward a little more, tearing a fresh bellow from Gavin’s lungs and making the veins in his muscular neck bulge to the bursting point. The muscle monster now had considerably more weight pressing down on Gavin’s balls than he’d had on the pervious jock from a year ago, but while that stud’s nuts had catastrophically exploded inside their sac at this point, Gavin’s mighty balls doggedly continued to endure, compressing down to less than a third of their girth, less than two inches separating the bottom of Hugo’s huge feet from the solid wood surface of the desk. 

Hugo felt something shift and give inside of Gavin’s colossal balls, allowing them to deform and compress even more. The young man’s balls now looked like a pair of humongous, blood red hamburger patties, pressed impossibly flat and filling up all of the available space between Gavin’s big, muscular thighs. The diameter of his balls was now enormous, almost like a pair of small dinner plates, and it was clear that the hunk’s heroically straining balls couldn’t take any more. They were teetering on the razor’s edge of destruction, the fertile meat of the stallion’s huge balls bulging out the sides of Hugo’s feet and from between his huge toes, the hide of his scrotum stretched perilously thin across the two mangled, hideously deformed balls. 

The huge blond giant decided that it was time to end their little game. “Let’s crack this stud’s big fucking eggs!” Hugo said with a big smile as he leaned forward, suddenly transferring all of his remaining weight onto Gavin’s failing, collapsing orbs. 


Both cruel assailants heard the sound of the tough and fibrous outer walls of Gavin’s huge balls begin to crack and break under the insane pressure, the already terminally flattened orbs miraculously compressing and flattening even more. Less than an inch of impossibly dense testicular tissue now separated Hugo from the desktop, and that distance continued to slowly decrease as the grinning blond giant continued to bear down on the burly balls trapped beneath his gigantic feet. 

Gavin was uttering an animal bellow of unbearable pain, his mind awash with the hot red agony of having his goliath gonads crushed down to impossibly thin wafers of tortured nut meat. The sturdy but delicate membranes that protected the valuable, virile contents of his sex organs were not designed for nearly so much pressure, and they continued to crack and break in several places. Any other lad’s testicles would have already explosively burst like a pair of water balloons under a small fraction of Hugo’s weight, but even Gavin’s insanely tough nuts weren’t built for such extreme levels of abuse, especially after all of the heavy beating and crushing they’d already endured that week. It was clearly going to be only a matter of seconds before the handsome, dark-haired hunk’s mighty bollocks exploded too, trapped between the solid surface of the table and the impossible weight of the blond muscle giant. 

Suddenly and without warning, Gavin’s body reacted with a final act of desperation. His bollocks were frantic to jettison their heavy ballast and fertilize something - anything - before they were pulverized into mush. His frenzied libido had been pushed to the brink all evening, and was insisting on one last release before he lost his ability to cum forever. His huge slab of a cock, neglected for a week and pushed to terminal hardness by the evening’s events, was catapulted to a final orgasm by the intensity of the sensations emanating from his groin. And with more than a week’s worth of prime stud spunk stored in his tortured and traumatized testicles, Gavin started to unleash the single greatest and most voluminous ejaculation of his young life. 

Gavin’s enormous, veiny horse cock was pointing almost directly upwards, and it swelled even bigger than thicker than ever as the unheralded orgasm slammed into his tortured loins. The first enormous bolt of sperm rocketed out of his cock with such force that it might have shot a dozen or more feet up into the air — if it hadn’t struck Hugo directly in the face. It was a gargantuan slug of cum, several feet long and packed with extremely thick and viscous white cum. There was such power behind that blast, and it took Hugo with such surprise, that the big man threw his head back, his entire face coated in a thick shellacking of the burly bound jock’s hot and smelly cum, the gelatinous muck also temporarily blinding both of his eyes. Hugo was therefore already off balance as the second, equally massive jet of spume took him directly beneath his chin, knocking his head backwards and splatting his thick bullish neck and immense pectoral muscles with more stinky stud sperm. 

Hugo shouted in surprise, getting a portion of Gavin’s third nut blast in his mouth, before losing his balance altogether and toppling heavily to the floor with a loud and resounding thud. Wyatt rushed to help his fallen friend, crouching down next to him. The pair then watched awe as Gavin continued to unleash the most massive and powerful cum load they had ever seen. The handsome hunk bellowed and his magnificent body continued to rhythmically flex and convulse as his nearly destroyed testicles emptied the vast well of their virility. Immense ropes of blindingly white spunk shot high into the air in majestic, graceful arcs before falling with thick wet splattering sounds onto the young man’s bucking, writhing body, the large wooden desk, and the floor all around him. 

Before the two bullies could react, and while Gavin continued to pound out his volcanic orgasm, the far door of the rectory was thrown open, and a collection of voices shouted as several members of the campus police - led to the site by Charlene herself - rushed into the room. Wyatt realized that he and Hugo had to flee out the back as fast as possible, so he helped the dazed and sperm-splattered blond giant to his feet and half dragged him toward the rear exit, making good their escape. 

By the time the security guards had reached Gavin’s bound and naked form, his monumental orgasm had subsided, the final dregs of his gargantuan cum load burping out of his cock head to ooze down the long, vein-gnarled shaft to mix with the morass of sweat and sperm that now drenched almost the entire front of the young man’s body. 

The guards were sickened by the sight that met them, for while the incredibly handsome and magnificently built young man looked otherwise unharmed, his gargantuan gonads were a terrible sight to behold. His gigantic bollocks had swollen to more than twice their normal mass, and every square inch of their vast surface was colored a dark and angry mottled reddish-purple, visual evidence of the unspeakably brutal trauma both massive orbs had received. Far worse, however, was the fact that the normally fat and slightly oblong spheres of virile man meat looked to be permanently flattened to just a fraction of their healthy and prodigious girth. The mammoth spuds had only rebounded a portion of their size when Hugo fell and took his weight off of them, and it was unclear if they would ever return to their usual shape and size. 

Charlene took one look at the handsome lad’s mangled genitals and turned away with a loud sob, covering her hands and crying and the sight of the destruction of the charming and incredibly handsome young jock. The security guards didn’t turn away, however, and instead rushed forward to untie the bound muscle jock and help him off the desk. Gavin tried to stand, but his massively muscled legs gave out from under him, and the other men had to hold him upright. The lad knew that he was in shock, and he also knew that the fact that the inferno of pain in his battered balls had faded until they were nearly numb was a very bad sign, and that he needed immediate medical attention. The campus police officers half carried, half dragged the naked young athlete toward the front door, and as the young man heard the distant sirens of an approaching ambulance, he silently vowed to get revenge against the two bullies who had attacked him, and guaranteed that they never bothered him or anyone else ever again… 

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Student Residence - Part 2

 Student Residence, Part 2 — Balloons

Based on an original story by Bignuts


The first few days at the university weren’t exactly what Gavin had imagined they would be. His earlier eagerness to embrace college life had been tempered by his first encounter with the cruel Wyatt and his massively muscular lapdog, Hugo. The pair of bullies had left Gavin’s huge balls bruised, battered, massively swollen, and damn near shattered. The handsome young jock had been using a lot of ice packs and Advil the first few days, and just finding a set of pants baggy enough to accommodate his swollen testes had been a challenge, but he’d managed to make all of his classes. The worst of the swelling had disappeared in just a couple of days, though, and even most of the bruising had largely disappeared with remarkable quickness by the end of the week, leaving his herculean huevos looking almost normal again. 

Paul, the third year medical student who had helped Gavin out on that fateful Sunday, stopped by every day to check on the young man’s progress and to examine his rapidly healing testicles, marveling at the speed of their recovery. The two were fast becoming friends. Paul had told Gavin early on that he was gay, and even admitted his attraction to the devastatingly handsome and amazingly muscular young athlete, but the heterosexual Gavin took it in stride, expressing how flattered he was that the handsome Paul felt that sort of attraction to him. With that all out in the open, the two were free to bond and become the best of friends. 

It was now early on Saturday morning, not quite a week since Gavin’s nuts had been so heavily beaten by his two assailants, and the dark-haired young stud woke up to the sound of gentle but insistent knocking at his door. The impressively muscular young man stretched languorously on his bed, his magnificent muscles flexing and bulging into even greater relief, before he gingerly rolled out of bed. His wonderfully prodigious testicles had still not recovered 100%, and they still ached a little when he walked, but it was tolerable now. In fact, he was feeling positively horny, as he hadn’t jerked off now in over a week, an almost unheard of length of time for the ever randy and extremely virile young stud, and his huge balls were feeling positively turgid with unshed spunk. 

Gavin was wearing nothing but his tight, light gray boxer briefs, which hugged his powerful thighs and big, muscular ass like a second skin, and did nothing to hide the sheer massive size of his limp 8-inch cock and grapefruit-sized balls. The young man rubbed the sleep from his heavy-lidded green eyes before he answered the door, finding a surprised Paul on the other side. 

Paul couldn’t help but look his nearly naked and impossibly sexy friend up and down, unconsciously biting his lower lip as he did so. Simply put, Gavin had the most perfect body that the young gay medical student could ever dream of — wide and muscular shoulders framing a thick and beefy chest, tapering down in a dramatic V to an extremely narrow and chiseled waist, with the most exquisitely defined abdominal muscles he’d ever seen. The deeply etched cum gutters of his Adonis belt disappeared beneath the waistband of his tight gray undershorts, which only seemed to accentuate the thick tube of his huge soft cock and the enormous double-barreled bulge of his utterly mammoth testicles. The young man’s legs were just as big and chiseled and defined as the rest of his glorious body, bursting with raw male power. Add to that the devastatingly handsome face set atop that thick and bullish neck, and Gavin was Paul’s greatest fantasy come to life! He also happened to be sweet, kind, smart, funny, and a great listener — it was no surprise that Paul was falling helplessly in love with the gorgeous straight jock. 

“I was just swinging by to ask you how you’re doing, but I can see that… well, you’re clearly doing very well!” Paul chuckled, motioning down at Gavin’s overstuffed underpants, which bulged obscenely with the young man’s raw, virile power. “I also want to see if you’d be willing to give me a hand setting up the decorations in the basement for tonight’s party.” 

“Sure, Paul! I’d be glad to help!” Gavin grinned in response. “But first let me put on some clothes so you don’t become TOO distracted.” Gavin winked at his blushing but smiling friend, knowing full well the effect that his finely-tuned, gym-hardened body had on the handsome and helplessly smitten medical student. And just to playfully tease his friend even more, Gavin started by bending over and putting on some socks, showing off his magnificent, cotton-clad muscle ass, before putting on a tight t-shirt. He was in no rush to put on any pants, knowing that the mammoth size of his crotch bulge would continue to distract his friend to no end. 

“C’mon, Gavin!” Paul finally begged, unable to take it any longer, a look of near pain in his soulful brown eyes. “Would you put on some pants, for chrissakes? Please?!” 

Gavin chuckled in response. “Okay. Okay!” he said, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but tease you a little bit. You DID wake me up, after all!” 

The two friends smiled at each other and exchanged a quick hug as Gavin finished getting dressed, throwing on a loose pair of sweat shorts and some sneakers, and then the two entered the hallway outside. There was activity everywhere, as the young male residents of the dorm worked to get ready for the big ‘Back to School’ party. Guys were tacking posters on the walls, hanging balloons and streamers from the ceiling, and bringing in boxes of food and drink for the night’s festivities. Gavin volunteered to carry some heavy boxes of drinks downstairs to the rec room, putting his gorgeous body and impressive strength to good use, while Paul and most of the other guys set to work on decorating the exterior of the large brick building. 

Gavin was able to easily carry two big boxes as a time, one stacked atop the other, whereas any of the other lads would have struggled to lift just one of those heavy boxes. His powerful arms flexed mightily with the effort, making it look easy. He made several trips out front to gather up the various boxes and crates, and soon he had all of the boxes stacked in the recreation room. On his final trip to the rec room, however, the otherwise empty room was now occupied by none other than his nemesis, Wyatt. Gavin had been intentionally avoiding Wyatt and his sidekick Hugo since last Sunday, so this was the first time he’d been alone with either one of them. But Gavin chose to just ignore the wiry blond lad, and instead started unpacking some of the boxes and putting the drinks into one of the large refrigerators. 

Wyatt was on the far side of the room, reluctantly hanging up posters with more thumb tacks, but he just couldn’t take his cold brown eyes off of the handsome young jock. He had hated the dark-haired hunk from the moment he first saw him, for he was everything that Wyatt was not — tall, handsome, muscular, and hung. And here he was, showing off all of those gorgeous muscles in his tight shirt and short booty shorts, which also showcased his massive sexual endowment to great effect. Wyatt absentmindedly adjusted his own package as he gazed upon the obvious outline of Gavin’s mammoth cock and balls. The blond-haired lad was pleasantly average in the crotch department, but seeing a guy like Gavin with such a clearly superior manhood made Wyatt’s blood boil. 

Distracted, Wyatt accidentally pressed a thumb tack into one of the balloons on the wall, instantly popping it with a loud bang. Gavin tensed at the sound, but refused to look Wyatt’s way, doing his level-headed best to ignore the smaller man. The envious Wyatt just kept staring at Gavin’s huge basket, in particular focusing on those two gigantic eggs compressed and compacted inside of his underwear. Two massive, oval orbs, almost resembling balloons themselves…

Gavin finished emptying his latest box of bottles and was turning to open up a new box when he suddenly collided with the shorter and smaller Wyatt, who was standing motionless right behind him. The young dark-haired jock was taken completely by surprise, for he hadn’t even heard Wyatt sneak up on him. And before the bigger guy could react, Wyatt reached down, grabbed the waistband of Gavin’s shorts and underwear, yanked them as far forward as he could, and then emptied the entire box of thumbtacks into the young man’s open undershorts. Hundreds of metal tacks fell to the bottom of the pouch, their sharp and jagged points lightly poking at the young man’s utterly massive cock and balls. 

The green-eyed stud didn’t even have time to process what was happening before Wyatt released his shorts and then slammed his bony knee up hard into the handsome man’s massive package. 


Wyatt could feel Gavin’s unbelievably huge, juicy balls compress almost halfway flat between his leg and the young man’s own pelvis. The skinny blond felt a dozen or so thumbtacks dig through the big man’s shorts and his own jeans to dig into his knee and thigh, but he didn’t care, for the look of anguish on Gavin’s irritatingly handsome face was priceless and more than worth the cost of a little pain. 

“OOOOOOOooohh!!!” Gavin said explosively as the wind was all but knocked out of him, and a burst of indescribable pain thundered between his muscular legs. Not only had his still aching bollocks been brutally and violently crushed almost halfway flat by Wyatt’s knee, but the blow had driven literally hundreds of sharp spikes into his cock and screaming gonads. 

Gavin doubled partway forward in agony, green eyes opened wide in shock and surprise, temporarily paralyzed by the horrific pain in his crotch, and was therefore unable to defend himself as Wyatt launched a rapid set of three more powerful knee strikes into his already wounded gonads. 




“GAAAAAAAHHH!!!” Gavin screamed as he fell heavily to his knees, his powerful legs no longer able to support him, feeling even more tacks drive themselves into his bruised and battered nut meat. 

“Please tell me I popped at least ONE of those huge balloons!” Wyatt taunted angrily from a few feet away, getting ready to continue his attack on the wounded jock. But he didn’t count on just how ferociously strong and tough Gavin was, for the beefy lad recovered from the devastating blows, reared back on his knees, and launched a devastating punch… directly into Wyatt’s own unprotected nuts. 

Wyatt shrieked in agony and instantly collapsed to the floor, writhing around as he cradled his wounded nads with both hands. Gavin laboriously climbed to his feet, his powerful legs spread wide apart to minimize any further damage to his manhood, and then quickly and carefully shucked off his shorts and underpants, spilling dozens and dozens of shiny thumbtacks across the floor. What he saw made his chiseled stomach roil, and greatly intensified the already crippling pain that was shooting through his loins. 

All things considered, there was surprisingly little blood. The limp shaft of Gavin’s enormous cock had been punctured by perhaps a dozen or so tacks, with nearly that same number piercing through his foreskin to imbed themselves into his big knob of a cock head. But that damage was nothing compared to what had happened to his ponderous balls. The front, sides, and especially the great undercarriage of his mammoth bollocks had been pierced by what looked to be several hundred of the sharp brass tacks, all of which had been buried to the hilt. And considering that the sharp points of the thumbtacks were nearly half an inch long, that meant that the spikes had penetrated the skin of his scrotum, the protective membranes and fibrous shells surrounding both of his huge balls, and buried themselves into the exquisitely sensitive fertile tissues themselves. 

Despite the excruciating pain in his spiked bollocks, a fury erupted in Gavin’s proud and powerful chest, and the half-naked muscle stud leapt on top of the still writhing Wyatt, straddling his much smaller body and effortlessly pinning him to the ground. The furious young jock started hammering blows down upon the helpless Wyatt, clobbering the smaller man around the face and chest, quickly bloodying his nose and splitting the bully’s lip. But he was only just getting started when he felt a pair of massively muscular arms encircle his heaving torso in a powerful bear hug and rip him off of his target. Hugo had come to Wyatt’s rescue, and the blond giant quickly hoisted the 250-pound jock into the air like he weighed nothing and then slammed him into the nearby wall, holding the handsome hunk pressed chest-first against the wall. 

Wyatt spat out a bit of blood from his split lip as he got shakily to his feet. His nose was bleeding freely and the beginnings of a black eye were already starting to form, and his quivering legs were still spread wide due to the pulsating pain emanating from his crotch. But it was the look of fury and murder in Wyatt’s soulless eyes that made Gavin’s blood run cold with fear. 

The dark-haired jock started struggling wildly, but the massive Hugo kept him firmly pinned to the wall. The blond giant kicked Gavin’s naked legs wide apart and then motioned to Wyatt. 

“I got him all set up for you, boss. Go ahead and give him a good kick in the balls,” Hugo encouraged his angry friend, nodding toward the stud’s absolutely enormous testicles where they hung unprotected and helpless against the wall. Portions of Gavin’s balls almost looked like they were armor plated, so dense were the flat brass heads of the tacks where they were buried into his tender flesh. But all three of the young men knew that those metal tacks would offer absolutely no defense against any blow. 

Wyatt angrily wiped some of the blood from his face with the back of his wrist, only succeeding in smearing more of the crimson fluid across the lower half of his face. He then took a stance in front of Gavin’s trapped form and launched a kick with all of the jealous fury inside of him. 


Gavin screamed in agony as his pincushioned balls were crushed against the wall by the toe of Wyatt’s shoe. The terrific force of the blow was enough to once again nearly knock the wind out of the young man’s powerful lungs, but even worse was the way the kick caused the hundreds of thumb tacks to dig and gouge deeper inside the delicate tissues of his massive bollocks. 


The second impact was even harder, barely allowing the huge and durable organs time to recover their shape before a third and even harder kick slammed into them. 


Gavin’s big balls were reduced to a fraction of their original beefy thickness, crushed dangerously flat between the rigid sole of Wyatt’s shoe and the unyielding wall. The young man was bellowing and thrashing like a man possessed, but even his immense strength wasn’t nearly enough to free him from the iron grip of the big blond giant. 


The handsome young man was now sobbing in agony, the inferno of pain erupting from his battered bollocks warning him that his huge balls weren’t going to be able to last much longer without bursting. 

Wyatt was lining up for a fifth kick, clearly intending to massacre Gavin’s manhood into nonexistence, when he noticed the dart board less than a dozen feet away. 

“I have a better idea that will teach this bull balled bastard a lesson,” Wyatt snarled. He limped over to the dart board and yanked nearly a dozen of the colorfully fletched darts off of the circular board. Then, while Hugo kept the struggling and sobbing Gavin pressed tight against the wall, Wyatt knelt down between their wide spread, muscular legs and encircled his left hand around the top of the dark-haired jock’s bruised, punctured, and rapidly swelling balls. Gavin’s entire body shuddered with fear and disgust at the touch of his bully’s hand on his most private and delicate parts, and he cried out in even greater fear and pain as he felt the wiry blond bully yank his throbbing testicles toward the floor. 

Wyatt had Gavin’s utterly humongous balls stretched a full 6 incredible inches from his etched and muscular groin, making the orbs themselves bulge bright red and shiny at the extreme bottom of their pouch. Some of the thumb tacks had been knocked loose by the multiple kicks, and tiny pinpricks of blood welled up from where those tacks had punctured Gavin’s testicular flesh, but the rest remained buried to the hilt inside of his bollocks. Wyatt used his free right hand to grab the first of the sharp-pointed darts off the floor, and with a careful aim, slammed it to the hilt right at the base of Gavin’s stretched-out scrotum, literally pinning his sac to the wall. 

“GAAAAAAAAHHH!!!” Gavin screamed in shock and pain as he felt the slender spear puncture clear through his nutsac. His struggles became even more violent and desperate, but the insanely strong Hugo was able to keep him completely restrained and helpless. 

“These ridiculously massive bull balls of yours are utterly disgusting,” Wyatt said as he took aim and slammed another dart through Gavin’s ballsac and into the wall, about an inch below the first dart. 


“They don’t even look human!” Wyatt continued, slamming a third dart home an inch below the second one. 


“No man should have a set of testicles so freakishly huge,” Wyatt intoned, thrusting a fourth dart home in line below the first three. 

“NOOO!!!” Gavin screamed, scrabbling uselessly at the wall while Hugo pinned him in place. 

“You really don’t deserve them,” Wyatt said as he speared Gavin’s nutsac for the fifth time. 

“PLEASE!!!” the devastatingly handsome young man screeched, begging his captors for mercy. 

“So I think we’re gonna have to cut them off of you!” the wiry blond bully sneered as he slammed a sixth dart home, right at the top of his balls, further pinning Gavin’s stretched-out nutsac to the wall. 

“NOOOOOO!!!” Gavin bellowed, terrified that the two cruel men intended to unman him. 

Wyatt got to his feet to survey his handiwork, and he smiled malevolently at the sight, the blood smeared across his face making his rictus of a smile look even more frightening. Gavin’s outrageously stretched-out scrotum looked like one of those insects he’d seen displayed beneath glass back in high school science class, with pins holding the creature’s body and wings in place. The vertical line of six darts was keeping Gavin’s behemoth bollocks simultaneously both stretched to the max and harpooned against the wall. Hugo was still firmly holding the struggling young jock in place, but he noticed that Gavin wasn’t thrashing about nearly as hard as before, clearly now aware that his more violent struggles could further injure his big balls, and perhaps even tear his mammoth nutsac right off of his body! 

The wiry blond bully’s cruel brown eyes then traveled lower to the very bottom of that ridiculously stretched out ball bag, marveling at the utterly gigantic size of the two mammoth sex organs that ballooned outward at the very bottom of that sac. Gavin’s bountiful bollocks had once again swollen to massive proportions from their recent beating, leaving their normally grapefruit-sized mass far behind. Fresh bruising was spreading all over their enormous and rotund surfaces, a mottled purplish-red that spoke to just how devastating that series of brutal kicks had been. Something like 200 brass thumb tacks were still buried deep into all of that freakishly thick and dense nut meat, especially along the undersides of the two mammoth orbs, but the vast bulk of their mass was still smooth and clear, an inviting canvas for even more abuse. 

Wyatt still had half a dozen darts clutched in his left fist, and a cruel smile curled his thin lips as he grabbed the first of those darts in his right hand, took careful aim, and launched it with an expert flick of his elbow and wrist at Gavin’s bulbous and swollen right nut. 


Gavin screamed in animal agony, his entire muscular body arching backwards as the slender, three-inch-long spike speared into his right bollock all the way to the hilt, the sharp metal tip penetrating into the very heart of the young stud’s tortured manhood. 

“Good shot, Wyatt!” Hugo congratulated his friend, his deep voice rumbling out of his massive chest. “But the dude’s left ball looks so lonely. Maybe you can give it some company?” 

Wyatt snickered in response and said, “I think you’re right, Hugo! Besides, I’m rather hoping that one of these darts will burst his oversized balloons.” 


A second hurled dart imbedded itself into Gavin’s humongous left ball, tearing another ragged scream from the handsome stud’s muscular and bull-like throat. 





Four more darts quickly followed, their aim unerring and true, harpooning themselves into Gavin’s hideously bruised and swollen man eggs, with three long darts now imbedded into each of his massive balls. Blood trickled from each of the entry wounds, though again less than one might have expected, with small drops of crimson blood starting to drip onto the pale tiled floor. 

“I think it’s time we nut this fucker as an example to the others,” Wyatt said as he slowly drew a long and shiny knife out of a sheath hidden in his back pocket. Gavin’s gorgeous green eyes flew open wide at the sight of the deadly blade, and he started fighting even more ferociously than ever against Hugo’s tight grip, heedless of the additional strain his struggles were placing on his extraordinarily stretched out nuts. He saw his castration clearly written in Wyatt’s cold and pitiless eyes, and he knew that unless he freed himself, he was only moments away from losing his gorgeous and prodigious manhood forever. 

Wyatt once more knelt between Gavin’s wide spread and intensely muscular legs, ogling the ridiculously elongated nutsac with its massive, weighty contents, and his cruel smile spread even wider, making his split lip leak fresh blood. He slipped his shiny, sharp knife up near the root of the handsome stud’s sac, right where it connected to his chiseled and muscular groin, and prepared to make the sharp swipe of the blade that would end Gavin’s magnificent manhood forever. 

Just then, the pair of bullies heard the sound of loud voices coming down the hallway toward the rec room. Hugo quickly said, “Leave him, Wyatt. He’s had enough for now. We can always finish him later.” 

Yet Wyatt still paused for another moment or two, bloodlust shining in his soulless eyes, but he finally grunted in frustration, removing his knife from its threatening position between Gavin’s wide spread legs. He sheathed his knife, and the two bullies beat a quick exit out of the room, just moments before a small group of boys entered the room from the far doorway, Paul among them. They cried out in horror and surprise to see the handsome and heroically muscular young Freshman literally nailed to the wall by a dozen sharp darts, and they all rushed forward to help him. 

Gavin’s muscular and chiseled legs were quaking from the inhuman pain throbbing from his pincushioned bollocks, but he was afraid that if his legs gave out, he’d tear his own balls off and finish the work that Wyatt and Hugo had started. A couple of the other boys rushed forward to help support him while Paul knelt down to inspect the latest damage to the young college hunk’s gigantic balls. 

“Dear GOD!” Paul whispered beneath his breath as he surveyed the bruising, bleeding, and swelling. Turning to one of the anxious lads next to him, Paul said, “Get me some clean towels from the cupboard and an ice pack. Oh, and grab the first aid kit from next to the refrigerator.” The lad hurried off to comply, while Paul debated on where to start first. 

He placed one of his hands on the back of one of Gavin’s rock solid, carved-out-of-granite thighs and said, “Gavin, I’m going to pull the darts out of your balls first, and then the ones pinning your sac to the wall. Just do your best to try to hold still until they’re all out, okay? I’ll try to go as quickly as I can.” 

Gavin nodded his head and grunted in the affirmative, sweat pouring off of his brow and his spectacular body as he struggled to stay upright. 

“Here goes…,” Paul said as he gingerly gripped one of the offending darts, and then sharply yanked it out of his friend’s harpooned left nut. Gavin growled in fresh pain and his thighs quivered even harder, but he stood fast and kept on breathing through his clenched teeth as Paul grabbed a second dart and pulled it free. Paul didn’t know how long Gavin’s endurance would last, so he worked quickly, pulling out the remaining ten darts in less than a minute, and freeing Gavin from the wall. 

Gavin’s knees went weak at that point, and it took all six other lads to half-walk, half-carry the muscular young stud to a nearby couch, sitting the nearly naked hunk down so that Paul could continue working on his balls. The med student had to use a set of small pliers from the first aid kit to start pulling the many thumb tacks out of his friend’s ill-used sperm tanks, his stomach doing flip flops as he realized the magnitude of the damage that had been inflicted upon his friend’s super-sized junk. But he worked quickly, and in a matter of just a few minutes, all of the tacks had been removed from his groin, including the several dozen buried into the huge slab of his flaccid cock. 

Paul then grabbed the antiseptic from the first aid kit and said to the other boys, “Hold him down, guys. This is going to sting… a LOT!” Each lad grabbed a muscular limb and held tight as Paul began to slather Gavin’s bruised and bloodied manhood with a liberal helping of the harsh antiseptic. Gavin inhaled sharply through his clenched teeth, his huge, sweaty muscles flexing to even greater size, but he otherwise held remarkably still while his friend Paul cleaned his wounds and then lightly bound his cock and balls in a couple of rolls of gauze, nearly mummifying his junk in the process. Paul then lightly held a large ice pack to Gavin’s groin, making the bigger boy gasp once more, as they all helped the athletic stud to his feet. 

“You’re really lucky,” Paul said as he finished his work. “None of the darts in the neck of your scrotum punctured any of the major blood vessels supplying your balls, or either of the tubes that drain the cum out of your balls. Otherwise they could have given you a vasectomy! Incredibly, your gonads don’t appear to have suffered any permanent damage either, though I’m going to get you a prescription for an antibiotic just to be safe.” Paul then looked up into Gavin’s beautiful green eyes and said, “But dude, you’ve GOT to report these assholes to the administration! They damn near wrecked you this time! I’m terrified that they’re going to castrate you!” 

“You guys got here just in time,” Gavin replied, his deep voice even huskier than normal after all of his bellowing and hollering. “Wyatt was about to cut my balls off! But you said so yourself — the administration isn’t going to do anything to stop these fuckers. I’ve just got to defend myself.” 

“Well just promise me that you’ll lock yourself inside your dorm room for the rest of the weekend at least. Your balls are a fucking MESS, and even as big and as tough as they are, I don’t think they can take too much more of this!” Paul responded, concern writ large across his handsome face as he lightly patted the cotton-clad mass of Gavin’s bruised and swollen nuts. 

“No, Paul, I can’t allow them to win like that. I HAVE to go to the party tonight,” Gavin said, his firm voice brooking no argument. 

“At least let us help you back to your room. You can rest and ice your balls for the rest of the morning and afternoon, and I’ll swing by this evening to check on you and come to the party with you.” 

“You’re on!” Gavin said, giving a brave smile to his friend as the other lads helped him to his feet and to his dorm room…