Friday, July 17, 2015

Billy and his Aunt Vicky - Jayse Version

The author FantasyMan posted his stories on just a couple of sites, and never did post more than half a dozen or so stories. But they were ALL awesome!

This tale is a rewrite of one of my favorite FantasyMan stories. For once, I haven't changed the main character's age to make him at least 18. So PLEASE keep in mind that this is purely a fantasy story, and that you should NEVER have a sexual encounter with someone younger than the age of consent! Is that enough of a public service message? Okay, good. Now enjoy the story... :)


Billy and his Aunt Vicky
Based on an original story by FantasyMan

Billy's aunt knows what's best for his extra large testicles... 


Billy clearly did not understand what was about to happen. His Aunt Vicky had given him a nice warm cup of tea spiked with a drug that would act as both a sedative and a tonic to arouse the handsome and muscular teenager. The young stud was now lying on her bed, completely nude with his impressively muscular legs spread wide open, and he couldn't figure out why he had no desire to close them or to cover up his nakedness. His exceedingly well-developed body rested heavily on the bed, almost overflowing the full-size mattress. 

Billy’s manhood felt even heavier than usual. The teenaged stud was blessed with a truly mammoth set of cock and balls, a family trait he’d inherited from his hunky father, so his huge genitals were already damn heavy to begin with. But with the special drug now coursing through his body, Billy’s enormous balls now felt like they were filled with lead, and his thick beast of a cock felt unusually dense and warm. The young lad’s massive and extremely turgid testicles were hanging so low that they were cradled on the bedspread between his powerful thighs, and his big penis already semi rigid, draped lazily over a slender, muscular hip. 

Aunt Vicky gazed longingly at her studly nephew and was once again taken by his achingly stunning beauty. Vicky was herself an extremely attractive, large breasted woman of 32, so she had never wanted for attention and companionship. She had always loved the precious boy lying naked in front of her, but she was quite concerned about how his hormones and rapid development were now changing their relationship. 

He was almost 17 now, and she'd caught the handsome young boy glancing at her giant breasts several times over the past few weeks. Admittedly, part of her couldn’t really blame him, as she DID enjoy teasing men by wearing flimsy demi-cup push-up bras under tight shirts. Those were the perfect tools for selecting men in need of clinical ‘taming’ or just a good milking (the choice was always hers) at the men’s correctional facility where she worked. But now that her own nephew was responding in a similar way to the prisoners and rapists that she dealt with on a daily basis in the prison, she was growing more and more concerned. 

And now that she had Billy naked before her, her suspicions were confirmed -- the boy was clearly overdeveloped, oversized, and oversexed, no doubt a result of the gargantuan set of genitals hanging so huge and heavy between his beautifully muscular legs. 

Billy’s sac was hairless and absolutely gigantic, containing the two biggest testicles she had ever seen -- and she had seen a LOT of testicles! His massive twin balls were so meaty and hung so low that they rested heavily on her silky sheets, resembling a pair of huge, pink ostrich eggs. She particularly enjoyed men with large testicles, the larger the better, but it was always necessary to drug them before a taming procedure. Informing a prisoner that his testicles needed to be removed could cause quite a stir if he wasn’t sedated! 

She smiled at the handsome young boy and sat next to him, her breasts heaving provocatively under her tight shirt. 

"Billy," she softly spoke, "you do know how much I love you, don't you?" 

The semi-conscious boy smiled and nodded, feeling embarrassed yet strangely comfortable. 

Aunt Vicky once again found it hard to believe that the young man in front of her was only 16. Though not yet an adult, Billy had the body of a grown man a decade or more his senior. His broad, 6’1” frame was astoundingly thick and dense with hard-earned muscles, muscles he’d gained from working on the family farm since he was 10 years old. Vicky wasn’t sure if even any of the convicts at the correctional facility could compare with the awesome musculature, let alone the gorgeous aesthetics, of this handsome teenager. And the most amazing thing was that Billy was still growing! The young muscle boy was even beginning to get a dusting of dark brown hairs across his magnificent chest, and in time he would no doubt have a gorgeous chest as hairy as that of his equally handsome and studly father. 

Leaning forward and with her eyes trailing farther down, Vicky took in the amazingly impressive sight of Billy’s awesome endowment. The young stud had a set of cock and balls that would make a prize bull jealous. His semi-flaccid cock measured over 9” long and was incredibly thick, thicker than the proverbial beer can. Despite his drugged state, Billy’s penis began erecting at the sight of Vicky so close. Vicky smiled again, aware of his struggle not to look at her jutting breasts. 

As Billy’s cock began to rise, it further revealed the massive man eggs that hung so heavily beneath the huge penis. Yes, Vicky had seen a LOT of balls in her time, but none could compare to the sheer size and mass of Billy’s mighty low-hangers. Each massive nut was the size of a huge grapefruit, and from the way they hung so heavily in their big sac, Vicky guessed that they were just as juicy, swollen and bloated with a flood of teenaged spunk. 

More amazing still was the fact that Billy was still growing and hadn’t reached full size yet. Vicky wondered just how much bigger Billy’s mammoth cock and balls would get! Then she shook her head and smiled to herself, remembering that, very soon, those massive testicles would cease to have the chance to get any bigger…

Aunt Vicky continued, "It's time I performed a little procedure on you Billy..." Billy watched in frozen embarrassment as she casually lifted his huge, swollen balls. "Your testicles are just too big and heavy..." She smiled sympathetically as she patted the massive, meaty orbs with her other hand. 

The manhandling of his nuts was all it took to get Billy’s cock cranking up to its full, eye-popping size. Try as he might to resist, the sight of her large, tightly clad breasts and the feel of her hands lifting his heavy nuts was simply more than his teenaged libido could take. His massive penis reached full erection in no time, the huge organ bloating and snapping to attention so quickly that the young man actually winced in pain. 

Once again, Vicky could only marvel at the sexual development of her young nephew – his erect cock was well over a foot long — actually, at least an inch or two BEYOND a foot — and thick as a baseball bat. Vicky quickly went through a mental rolodex of all the thousands of dicks she had seen over the years, and she couldn’t think of another cock she had seen that was as long, as thick, or as beautiful. 

"You poor thing..." she cooed, calmly holding his penis away from his massive sack. “You've let your big balls get way too full..." she said softly and hefted his balls as if measuring their weight. He groaned with embarrassment - the drug in his drink kept him docile while mounting his arousal. "We cannot expect your penis to behave if he's not ejaculated at least once a day..." she observed, squeezing it gently just beneath its enormous, swollen head and silently marveling at its steely hardness. “Though in your case, Billy, those massive nuts of yours should probably be milked at least three or four times a day.” 

Billy saw Aunt Vicky remove a device from her nearby table, his captivating hazel eyes having trouble tracking and focusing due to the drugged tea his aunt had given him. It looked like some sort of clamping tool, and he watched as if in a dream as she carefully began to place his large, bloated sac into it. Though the devise was open to its largest setting, Vicky had to force Billy’s gigantic balls through one at a time, and even then she had to squeeze and squish the incredibly hard and dense balls to get them through the opening. The massive orbs distorted grotesquely as Vicky squeezed and prodded them through the devise, causing Billy not inconsiderable pain, but finally first one and then the other ball popped through. 

"There we are Billy. Just relax - this is going to feel a little snug..." Vicky squeezed the handles of the devise gently, and Billy’s huge balls were firmly pushed to the bottom of his sack nice and slow, stretching them to at least four inches from his crotch. Billy then felt something closing tightly around the base of his balls, cinching his scrotum up tight. “There we are Billy - that's my Testicle Choker,” she smiled. “It makes a man’s balls nice and snug. Nurses use it when they need to take a sperm sample." Looking between his legs, Billy saw his huge balls pressed into a tight, fat mass at the end of his now doubly crimped scrotal neck, looking strangely like a huge meat balloon. 

"Crimping a man's scrotum makes his ejaculation more manageable - instead of strong, messy spurts, the nurse gets a nice controlled dribble." She smiled, holding his tight testicles reassuringly. "The nurses at the sperm bank use it to accurately supervise and measure a man's ejaculation." Billy's face was red with embarrassment, trying not to think about the humiliating, yet arousing, procedure. However, as the drug took more affect, he thought only of how her small pink top contoured perfectly to her giant breasts, clearly revealing the half-cup push-up bra underneath. 

"We should really have you ejaculate Billy, and I’m going to do it with my little milker." She was holding Billy’s huge packaged nuts now, lovingly passing his straining lump back-and-forth between her soft, manicured hands. With a calm, 'I know what's best' look, she continued, "The machine I use to milk a man's penis is totally automated. It has a penis sleeve that gently pumps and vibrates until I decide he's done ejaculating.” She squeezed his nuts playfully as she continued, "And then all the fluid is pumped into the sperm-collection container." 

She was now holding a smooth, clear plastic tube in her free hand. With her other hand, she liberally lubed Billy’s titanic, straining penis, and then began to work the tube over the head and down the incredibly thick shaft. She had brought the largest tube she owned, one so large that she’d never had cause to use it before, and yet it was just barely large enough to encompass Billy’s awesome schlong. As it was, only the first ten inches could fit within the tube, with the bottom four or so inches of the shaft still exposed. 

Good GOD, but Billy was hung!!!

"Billy, I am going to milk you first and gather your sperm in the collection cup to catch your mess. I can't let you spurt," she smiled gently, "as I just don't want any of your sticky semen on my new shirt." She sighed and innocently stuck her chest out, slowly moving her massive breasts from side-to-side, showing him exactly where she didn't want a mess. 

"And once I have finished milking you, Billy, I'll have to remove your balls," she said sweetly. 

What!? Had he heard right!? His auntie was going to take away his big, beautiful balls!?!Billy started to weakly panic, recognizing her breasts for the distraction they were, but was overcome with a relaxed sense of purpose. His balls felt so bloated and safe in Aunt Vicky's soft, feminine hands. 

"There, there," she cooed, calming the boy down by cupping his heavy package in her left palm, pulling his balls forward and gently massaging them. "That's right Billy, your auntie's going to take care of your big problem for you..." 

Letting his meaty lump of tightly packaged stud nuts rest on the silky sheets, she turned on the penis milker. "I'll let the milker do its job before I take your balls..." The clear tube felt silky smooth on his gigantic, erect penis, and Billy could feel the suction begin. The clear tube allowed Vicky to watch the milking, and she was amazed to see Billy’s cock swell larger still as the suction began to do its work. The constriction of the tube did not allow the girth of Billy’s shaft to grow any larger, but the enormous head began to swell unchecked, looking for all the world like a bright, shiny apple. "Oh dear, it's enormous!” Vicky said breathlessly, immensely turned on by the awesome, masculine sight before her. 

Billy groaned in pleasure as the milker started to pump his shaft, the soft thrum of the pump vibrating through his spectacularly muscular body. Aunt Vicky smiled and wrapped her perfectly manicured hands around the clear shaft. "The milker makes most men dribble in just a few minutes," she said with a smile, pointing his straining, choked dick head at the deep valley between her massive breasts, “but I wouldn’t be surprised if you cum sooner than that with all that sperm trapped in your big balls. Be a good boy and tell me before you let go..." she whispered, holding up a little pink pair of scissors. She giggled and snipped the air playfully, "And then I’ll be ready to do the rest!!" she laughed. 

The milker continued steadily, pumping and vibrating with a predictable and steady pattern. The head of Billy’s penis flared larger still, pulsing steadily with the rhythm of the milking machine. Aunt Vicky watched his tormented penis with a big smile on her face. Men were so cute when faced with this dilemma - an erotic situation soon to be abruptly and permanently ended by a busty woman and her little pair of scissors. 

She placed her scissors between the two tightly crimped portions of his nicely stretched scrotum and hefted his incredibly fat testicle-lump with her other hand. Billy’s balls were so large that even one huge nut filled her hand to overflowing, but with the sac so tightly crimped, Vicky was able to grasp both at once. 

"Your balls feel so full..." she smiled. "I'll hold them nice and safe when they come off, and I always weigh the big ones. I’ll bet yours are the heaviest I’ve ever recorded." 

Billy was moaning softly with lust now, feeling her pull his nuts expectantly. 

"I'm going to watch your piss-slit Billy..." she was squeezing now, "When it starts to open, I'll know it’s time for you to cum. I’ll let you finish shooting before I give you the snip." She made her point by gently squeezing the handles, allowing him to feel a slight compression of steel on his banded sack. 

Billy started grunting, thrusting his hips ever so slightly. "There's a good boy..." Aunt Vicky said, watching his penis closely. She was holding his nut pouch possessively, her scissors ready to snip. "Almost ready Billy?" she asked casually, masking the fact that she was tremendously turned on, her thick nipples erect and sticking out just above the confines of her demi-bra. 

Billy felt his cum boiling up, making him thrust his cock forward involuntarily. "There we are..." she whispered as she stared at his gasping piss-slit. Incredibly, Billy’s cock swelled larger still, exceeding 15” in length and threatening to shatter the clear plastic tube! And then his epic ejaculation began. 

Vicky had expected Billy’s cum to dribble out in a steady stream due to the tight banding of his balls. But the internal pressure of all that sperm packed inside those huge bloated nuts was so great that his cum blasted forth with a force and violence unlike anything she had ever seen. The first great gout of cum was larger than any single load she had witnessed in her life, and it was nearly too much for the industrial strength pump to whisk away into the collection tank. As humongous globs of sticky white goo began to splat wetly into the collection tank, a second and even larger blast of cum issued forth from Billy’s pulsating, quivering horse cock, to be followed by a third and a fourth and a fifth, each massive wad of cum as enormous and powerful as the one that came before. It was the most erotic sight Vicky had ever witnessed, and her own spontaneous, racking orgasm nearly caused her to snip off Billy’s throbbing balls prematurely. 

Billy groaned and moaned in unrestrained pleasure as his monumental orgasm thundered on and on through his massive teenaged loins, pounding out truly inhuman quantities of spunk. A dozen shots were followed by a dozen more, and then a dozen MORE, and STILL his gargantuan ejaculation showed no signs of easing up! Vicky’s astonished eyes glanced at the collection tank, which was rapidly filling with Billy’s powerful male juices. Her eyes bugged out in wonder, for the collection tank, which could hold just over a quart of fluid, was approaching capacity. She couldn’t believe that any man’s nuts, even a pair as massive as those now resting so huge and heavy in her hand, could produce so much sperm at one go! She could keep the sperm bank going for a year with this one deposit alone! And who wouldn’t want a child fathered by such an amazing super stud?! 

Finally, after several long minutes and over 50 gigantic blasts of cum, Billy’s orgasm slowed and ceased. Incredibly, the collection tank was less than half an inch from being filled, with the product of Billy’s super human ejaculation sloshing around inside the big clear tank. 

“Billy, I must ask you,” Vicky said breathlessly, panting as she tried to get herself back under control, “how long has it been since you last came? Six months?!”

“No, Aunt Vicky,” the handsome young lad replied shyly, his unexpectedly deep, masculine voice incongruous with the embarrassed, almost childlike look on his face. “I DO jerk off several times each day. Usually at least five or six times a day, in fact! And I ALWAYS cum this much.” The embarrassed young muscle boy continued, “I usually jerk off in the shower or into the toilet; otherwise, it makes too much of a mess. I only came three times in the shower this morning, though, so I still have a lot of cum packed in my nuts. Enough for at least three or four more loads, I think.” 

Vicky nearly swooned at Billy’s words. He still had MORE cum in those mighty nuts of his?! How could that be?! With the scissors still poised to cut off his bull nuts, Vicky hefted the massive sac of testicles in her free hand and was astonished to discover that the huge orbs did indeed still feel extremely heavy and full, almost as if they hadn’t just blasted out the largest load ever shot by a human being. 

“For goodness sake! You’re right Billy! It feels like there’s still a big load in there, maybe even more than one! I bet you would have made a big mess on my shirt!" she said excitedly, gently kneading his swollen nuts in her free hand and marveling again at their enormous size and weight, and feeling the phenomenal raw power and strength that coursed through them. How easy it would be to close her scissors right now and claim those titanic testicles for her own! But Vicky decided to wait and see if what Billy claimed was true. 

Vicky knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and that she would never again come across a man as hung and as virile as this extraordinary and beautiful young teenager, so she decided to milk his huge balls some more. She set down her scissors, lest she accidentally nut the huge young man before he was fully drained, and changed the tank on her milking machine. She then restarted the machine and sat back to watch the results. 

True to his word and not more than a few minutes later, Billy rewarded Aunt Vicky with a second mighty orgasm, every bit as massive and powerful as the first. Vicky was awed and humbled by the sight, and shuddered to her second orgasm at the sight of her hunky, hung nephew pounding out sperm like a prize stallion pees. And when Billy had completed his second unnaturally huge load, Vicky changed the tank and started the machine again. 

And again! 

And again and again and again and again!!!

By the end of the hour, Billy produced SIX more loads, filling up eight quart-sized collection tanks - one for each titanic orgasm. Vicky put each of the eight collection tanks into cryo freeze to take back to the sperm bank. The last orgasm took the longest to produce – more than 15 minutes of steady pumping by the relentless milker – but it produced the largest orgasm of them all. So huge was Billy’s final load that it overflowed the collection tank, finally causing the hose connecting the penis tube to the collection tank to burst and allowing the rest of Billy’s awesome load to spill messily out onto the bedsheets. 

Billy groaned weakly when his final load was complete, exhausted both by the immense pleasure of eight consecutive orgasms and by the throbbing pain in his huge nuts at having been milked of so much fluid so quickly. Aunt Vicky hefted Billy’s temporarily depleted balls to gauge their weight, and she could tell that she had finally drained them dry. The twin orbs, though still heavy and massive beyond anything she had ever seen before, were no longer so bloated in appearance, and they now hung very loose and limp in his stretched-out sac. Their weight and density had also decreased by a few degrees, but they were still the heaviest and thickest balls she had ever seen. 

Vicky knew that she had to act quickly before Billy’s incredible balls started building up another huge load. Billy’s rampant cock had only softened slightly in the plastic tube, and she knew that if she gave him even half an hour, he would almost certainly be randy and ready to go again with several MORE awesome loads. 

“My goodness, Billy, I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes! Your balls are the most virile and powerful I have ever seen!!” 

Billy blushed, and said, “Thank you, Aunt Vicky. I have never had my balls drained dry before, and it’s a great relief. But I really don’t want to lose my balls. May I please keep them? I promise to jerk off a dozen times a day if that’s what it takes to keep my hormones under control.” 

“I’m sorry Billy,” Vicky said soothingly. “Your balls are just too big and too powerful. No amount of milking is going to bring your hormones under control. I’m afraid the only solution is to have your balls permanently removed.” 

Billy’s handsome and innocent face became almost a comical mix of horror and disbelief as Aunt Vicky stretched out his massive ballsac with one hand, and placed the open scissors between the two tight bands with the other hand. 

“It’s time Billy. Off they come. Say good-bye to your oversized bull nuts.” 

Vicky held the little scissors in a ‘prissy’ thumb-and-forefinger-hold. She knew it would take almost no effort at all. All she had to do was give the handles a little squeeze, and the impossibly studly teenager’s fat, unbelievably massive testicle lump would come away easily into her waiting hand, destroying his awesome masculinity forever. 

‘They always come off so easily,’ Vicky thought to herself, smiling and reveling in the power she felt at this moment. 

She squeezed the huge nuts with her free hand, amazed by the power and vibrant lifeforce that she could feel flowing through them. Everything that made Billy a man resided in those massive twin orbs. She cradled what she knew must be the biggest nuts in the entire world in her manicured hand, and knew that soon they would be hers. 

Yet she continued to hesitate. She tugged on the monstrous balls a little harder, and marveled for the umpteenth time at their incredible density and weight. She wanted to play this moment out forever… 

With a shock, she slowly started to realize that she didn’t want to cut off her nephew’s balls. As he stared back at her with a look of both trust and fear, she realized that she could not yet bring herself to destroy this masterpiece of masculinity, this paragon of a man. She wanted to hold him, caress him, worship him, be fucked by him. Gently easing the scissors off his banded scrotum, Vicky carefully cut the two bands choking his massive, beefy balls, releasing them from their captivity. Then she turned to Billy and said, “I can’t bring myself to cut you, Billy. So I will let you keep your balls, on one condition. You must fuck me and my co-workers at the correctional facility at least a dozen times a day. Together, we will help you keep your hormones under control.” 

Billy’s stunningly handsome face broke into a guileless and heart-melting smile, and he gratefully thanked Aunt Vicky and accepted her conditions. 

‘Poor impressionable boy,’ thought Vicky. ‘If only he knew my plans for him.’ 

Vicky had realized in the moments before cutting her bull-hung nephew that he was not yet fully grown, and that his cock and balls would grow larger still in the next two or three years. She did not want to nut him now before he was full grown. 

‘Think of how impossibly HUGE he will be in a couple of years!!’ Vicky thought to herself. ‘How even more impressive a trophy his severed balls will make on my mantle!’ 

So for now, she would bide her time, using Billy as her sex slave at the facility and milking mind-blowingly ENORMOUS quantities of spunk from his ceaselessly churning bull balls. And in a few years, when Billy was full grown and she had grown tired of him, she would finally sever those massive nuts and claim them for her own! 


  1. I really enjoyed this, it's a great rewrite of one of my favorites. Although personally I'd have loved to see her fingers accidentally clench!

  2. I really enjoyed this, it's a great rewrite of one of my favorites. Although personally I'd have loved to see her fingers accidentally clench!

    1. I'm so glad that you liked my rewrite, Charn, and thanks for the message!

      And don't you worry, Aunt Vicky will indeed claim her prize in another 4 or 5 years, when Billy has grown even BIGGER in every possible dimension. When he becomes the most massive stud bull the world has ever seen, that's when Vicky will finally turn him into a steer! :)

  3. How are you going to turn him into the biggest bull stud while in captivity? Feel free to chain him to the workout equipment and brutalise his testicles into overproduction of sperm and muscle building hormones. Maybe you should document his growth and development into a privately owned breeding superbull

    1. I love your ideas, Tc Ob! It WOULD be fun to follow and document Billy's development into an even bigger and more heroically virile young superbull, and track his escapades (and sex-capades) as his whole body - but especially his balls - are pushed to ever greater limits of endurance.

      Feel free to provide me with suggestions on what you'd like me to do to young Billy. Tortures, fuck-a-thons, sperm harvesting, mind-blowing workouts, impregnations -- tell me what you'd like to see.

      AND let me know what you think Aunt Vicky should do with her young and handsome bull stud once he's reached the absolute pinnacle of development and perfection! :)

    2. Other than the breeding bulls category, bodybuilders being sold into slavery is my favourite theme. How can we all keep the suggestions flowing towards you?

    3. I also like the idea of bodybuilders being sold into long as their bodies are extensively worked over and punished in the process. Focusing on the source of their overdeveloped manhood -- their juicy balls!! :)

      Please feel free to continue commenting on this blog to provide suggestions and story ideas. I really value everyone's input. Just keep in mind that I'm a full-time student at the moment, and won't be able to even THINK about writing more stories or sequels until after my graduation in November. All of the stories you've seen posted this year were written prior to 2015, as I knew I wouldn't have time to write during this accelerated program. That said, I'm chomping at the BIT to start writing again, so definitely send your ideas my way! :)

  4. I suggust the barely legal muscle stud be grown through relentless treatment not into a man, but an excessively virile stud bullock. Dont you want to just keep pumping him with an even better machine suited to his physique as his aunt disciplines him for his continuously thickening cock, volumous balls, and super strong muscles. By the time she is done with him, he should be helping girls masturbate by letting them ride his pussy wetting biceps for example, since it already sounds like his penis is difficult to have sex with unless you force breed him with female bodybuilders hulky enough to "handle' him

    1. Love the vivid image of young women grinding themselves on Billy's gargantuan biceps and bringing themselves to ograsm on the sheer massively muscular SIZE of him!

      Yeah, the way his cock will keep growing bigger and longer and thicker over time, breeding him will become something of a problem. He might eventually just have to press the tip of his monstrous horse cock up against a woman's vagina, stroke himself to a climax, and then blast his seed straight into her womb -- no penetration required (or possible)! 'Course, just one or two bolts of his monster load would bloat a woman's uterus to overflowing, so he could work in an assembly line fashion to impregnate a couple DOZEN women with the discharge of one massive orgasm.

    2. It sounds like Billy could have been fathered by a belgian blue seed bull and inherited big balls and muscle to be passed on. Definately needs the surface of his balls stretching with thick veins that bloat his testicles and pump even more muscle into his young body. The more bullish his features become, the more marketable he will be

    3. Thanks again for your comments, Tc Ob! And I had to look up "Belgian blue bull"...and holy SHIT, those beast have muscles on top of their muscles!!! That sort of muscularity in human form would be absolutely insane, and I LOVE the idea of it! :) I may even have to draw something to accompany such a story.

  5. how come we dont have a proper discussion forum for this?

    1. Well, that's a good question, and one that I didn't ever consider before. In fact, neither of my blogs seemed to generate that much comment traffic until the past few months (and I'm very happy and excited for the change, by the way).

      Do you have any suggestions for how to establish such a forum?

  6. Im not familiar with making such things in html code, but Proboards makes free forums with their software, and you can pay an extra fee to remove adds. hosting or filesharing might be more complicated, but im sure it is user friendly to handle these days without much experience. Ive seen a few of these similar themed ballsy stories around on different sites, and it would be great for everyone to share them in one big directory.

    If anyone else around knows how best to make a new forum, feel free to share the experience

  7. I love Fantasyman"s stories! and you do a great job updating them. It would be pretty cool if you could write a remake of their other ones like "Friends". I love the beautiful busty woman having complete control over some hunky guys junk, with the threat of castration in the air.

    1. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed my update on this story! I don't know where to find Fantasyman's stories anymore, and I don't have a copy of "Friends" -- can you provide a link?

    2. Sure they have a lot of their stores on bdsm library. Here’s a link

    3. you can find what remains of their stuff here

    4. here's a link to all their stuff.

  8. The bdsm library has their stories just search for fantasyman and you'll find them

    1. First of all, I'm sorry that your comments didn't post right away. This blog seems to randomly select which comments it lets post right away, and which ones require my individual approval. I don't know why it does that...

      Second, THANK YOU for the link to FantasyMan's other extant stories! Yes, there's definitely some fertile ground there for future rewrites. :)

    2. I see, I was wondering about that. its fine though. glad you got the link.

  9. I was hoping for years there would be a sequel to this young bucks fate.

    1. I often have a hard time returning to older stories, as I have so many others bouncing around inside my head waiting to be brought to life. I do wish I was a more prolific (and less fickle) writer...