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Haunted Mansion - Chapter 2

In this chapter, the first of our 10 hunky young college jocks runs afoul of the malevolent spirit still haunting the old Harper Mansion...


Haunted Mansion - Chapter 2
Based on an original anthropomorphic story by Wyndfeld

Darin, the hot and hunky championship swimmer, encounters more than he bargained for in the guest bedroom. 


Professor White had followed several of his students upstairs, where they continued to split off on their own to go exploring. He chose to follow Darin, the beefy swimmer, as the handsome young stud opened the door to one of the guest bedrooms. 

“You see, in my research of the old forensic files from 60 years ago, I discovered that Corbin did much more here in the guest bedroom than in his own bedroom,” Darin continued his eager explanation to the amused Professor White. “And I mean that makes sense; why mess up your own room, especially when you are hiding your secret murderous obsession from your wife, right?” the stunningly handsome young man asked optimistically. “Everything in here is laminated, too, for easy clean up. Look, even the mattress beneath these silk sheets has a plastic cover!” 

Professor White watched as Darin began setting up the required video cameras throughout the bedroom, making sure he had several good vantage points all pointing toward the large bed. 

“So what exactly is it you’re planning?” the Professor asked. Samuel’s eyes quickly grew wide at Darin’s wordless response, for the gorgeous young stud immediately began shedding his clothes, revealing his truly awesome physique, with muscles hardened and sculpted by hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of hours in the pool. Professor White had to restrain an involuntary gasp when Darin shucked off his boxers, for the young man’s enormous endowment was even larger than it appeared in his infamous Speedos. Despite the chill night air, Darin’s huge cock hung down heavy and thick, and his large, meaty balls hung heavy and oh so low, the two lemon-sized orbs stretching his scrotum down at least 2 or 3 inches below his crotch. 

With what appeared to be practiced skill, Darin sat down on the silk sheets of the four-poster bed, and began cuffing first his ankles and then his wrists to the heavy wooden posts with heavy-grade handcuffs that he had brought himself. Now the young man’s gorgeous form was secured – naked, spread eagled, and totally helpless – on the heavy old bed. 

“Why, I thought that would be obvious, Professor,” Darin exclaimed with a wry smile and a twinkle in his beautiful green eyes. “Bait! With me lying here looking totally chained and helpless, in the very spot he claimed so many of his victims, the spirit of Corbin is bound to at least try to manifest itself!” 

Professor White pursed his lips and nodded his head in agreement with the young man’s logic, but all the while he couldn’t keep from smiling inside. The over-confident swimmer stud had no idea what he was in for. Professor White knew that the spirit of the murderous Corbin Harper would manifest in this room tonight, and that it would be in a way that Darin would not find to his liking! 

“A brilliant plan, my boy, simply brilliant!” Professor White encouraged, smirking wickedly and patting Darin on a solid and extremely muscular thigh, just a few inches from his enormous genitals. “But isn’t it unsafe?” the Professor asked, sounding concerned. “I mean, if you’re bound and totally helpless…well, what if there’s a fire?” 

The handsome stud rolled his eyes at the Professor’s obvious density. “I’m not really totally bound.” he explained. “Three of the cuffs are locked… but one is not,” Darin pointed out. “The cuff around my right wrist is still unlocked, and my right hand can easily slip out. The keys for the other three cuffs are on the nightstand. I can get myself free at a moment’s notice, so I’m not in any danger.” 

“Ahhhhhh… excellent,” Professor White replied, helping Darin slip his big hand back into the loose cuff. Samuel distracted the young stud and gently squeezed the cuff fully closed, locking it in place. “Well my boy, I must be off. I need to check in on your fellow classmates, but I’ll be back to check on you from time to time.” 

The Professor left, leaving the studly student to his own devices. Darin lay naked on the bed, his gorgeous form exposed and completely vulnerable, his mind racing with ideas. What would happen tonight? Was there really a ghost, and would he actually make an appearance? Or would the whole night be a total bust when he could have been out partying and drinking with his fraternity brothers? 

Darin absently flexed his thick and powerful thighs, allowing his huge and heavy nuts to droop down even lower between those massive columns of muscle. Something itched down near the young man’s groin and he was fruitlessly trying to relieve that itch. Unbeknownst to Darin, a small piece of the silk bed sheet had twisted upon itself, forming a ‘finger’ that was even now very slowly caressing the young man’s puckered, virgin asshole. Darin didn’t quite understand what the sensation was at first, and shifted his weight once again to relieve the constant, but not entirely unpleasant, itching. Then he realized that it was only a piece of fabric, and he shifted back, smiling to himself at his own overactive imagination. 

As the silky smooth fabric continued to tickle him, Darin’s generous cock began to thicken from the attention, and his sweet male musk began to fill the room. Darin closed his eyes and smiled to himself, thinking about what a stud he was to be getting aroused by nothing more than a ticking itch in his ass. He also knew that if anything was going to attract a ghost in this old house, it was going to be his huge boner. 

The sheet moved slowly but more firmly with each swipe as it tickled and probed the taut ring of his virgin pucker. Darin’s big balls tightened from the arousal, and tried to draw themselves up, but the attention from the silk fabric was too minor to draw such heavy man eggs upward. Nevertheless, the young man’s cock soon reached its full massive size, over 10 ½ inches of thick and beefy man meat that hovered over his rippling abdomen and bounced slightly with his strong heartbeat. Darin closed his eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of the sheet against his crack, moving his muscular butt around to press against it, and thinking naively he was tickling himself! 

Darin got his first inkling that there was something more going on when the sheet suddenly bunched up and thrust into his soft, snug hole. He let out a sharp “EEEP!” for while the ‘finger’ wasn’t very thick, the intrusion into his virgin hole was unexpected to say the least! 

The big man moaned involuntarily at the feeling of the finger probing up his tight, muscular ass, and as he did so, he realized with a start that he could see his breath. The temperature in the room had dropped significantly, causing the young stud’s succulent nipples to harden into sharp points, and goose bumps to break out on his perfectly tanned skin. The ghost of the infamous Corbin Harper was here! 

Darin felt his first surge of real fear, but he convinced himself that a ghost was incapable of actually doing him harm, and besides, he could always free himself from the bed if things got hairy. He decided to act like he was trapped and helpless in order to keep the ghost’s interest. He encouraged the ghost to manifest more, saying, “Oooh…mmm...yeah! You want some of this massive man meat there ghost? Yeah, I got a fat sausage and two massive bull balls just sitting here waiting for you.” 

“Yeesssssssss!” A breath of cold air caressed Darin's cheek, and his mouth dropped open in shock at the sound of the spectral voice. 

“Oh… lover… there you are…” Darin panted, thinking his breathlessness was only excitement at the manifestation. The cool wisps of air, not much more than a hint, stroked over the young man’s massive chest and tight swimmer’s belly. More of the sheet was stuffed finger thick into his butt, wriggling inside of him, exploring his hot orifice lustfully. The sheet caressed and polished his insides, and when Darin felt the silken tip of it touch against his prostate, his whole body jerked as a pleasant surge of arousal filled his loins in a way he had never felt before. 

“Do you like what you see, lover?” 

Darin’s question was answered by a wicked chuckle inside his mind, and then as a weak whisper on the breeze. “Oh... I do!” The phantasmal voice moaned softly, as if from deep in a sepulcher. “But I am old, and weak…” the ghostly whispered, lamenting in gravelly tones. “As much as I desire to take your big, beautiful balls… I cannot without your help!” 

“Oh?” Darin grunted as the wiggling finger within him stroked his pleasure knot. He kept reminding himself that it was all just a game, and that he wasn’t in any real danger. 

“Yes…” That soft cold voice purred distantly, sounding weak and helpless. “Only intense arousal… your arousal, will let me claim you!” he explained. 

Darin glanced down lovingly at his big full loins. The finger massaging his prostate had done its work, and his thick, 10 ½ inch bone was fully erect and already oozing a thin stream of precum from its enormous head. The young swimmer hadn’t cum in a week, nearly an eternity for the virile young muscle god, and he had a huge load churning in his lemon-sized bull balls. 

“Unnhh… how do you propose to arouse me?” Darin panted to his invisible molester. The air was so cold… it almost felt like frost was forming on the massive mushroom head of his massive cock, freezing the hot precum as it poured from the tip. 

“OOoooh!” Darin grunted, inhaling sharply as he felt icy hands begin to caress his hot and throbbing hard on. “Yes… oh fuck, yes!” He could feel phantom fingers gripping his thick cock by the root and stroking up and down its enormous length. “Oh yeah, that’s it, stroke my big fucking cock!” he moaned, hearing a coldly amused chuckle within his head. 

“No… thank you!” Corbin’s wicked voice purred, sounding stronger and much closer now. Strong icy hands stroked down along Darin’s awesome swollen length, one fist after another, like the young man was being milked. Darin moaned as his precum oozed even faster from his excited shaft. 

It was then the handsome swimmer stud noticed the smoky haze, a shifting, roiling cloud of darkness that was centered between his wide spread legs. A thrill of excitement and fear ran through him, for he could see that the evil ghost was indeed trying to manifest himself! 

Remembering Corbin’s earlier words, Darin closed his eyes and concentrated on getting even more aroused. Darin may have been a heterosexual in the strictest sense of the term, but in truth, he was turned on whenever his gorgeous body and stunning good looks turned on someone else. Even a ghost. Darin could almost imagine that he could see the ghost's gloating face, the handsome patrician features he had seen in the many books that had been written regarding the Harper Mansion tragedy. He pictured the handsome Corbin sitting between his legs, playing with his hard and aroused manhood. The wicked ghost wanting nothing more that to… 

Suddenly the young man's beautiful blue eyes snapped open, and he watched in a mixture of fascination and horror. The dark swirling smoke slowly solidified into the smiling naked form of Corbin himself. 

“A full body manifestation!” Darin breathed in awe, then shivered in fear. He somehow instinctively knew that such an apparition could be very dangerous. Fear finally winning out over his previous bravado, Darin scrambled to free his right wrist from its restraint… only to find that it was securely locked! He was trapped in place with the ghost of a bloodthirsty murderer manifesting between his wide-spread legs, with full access to his massive but completely vulnerable genitals. 

“Indeed… and I have you to thank!” Corbin purred, grinning like a demon, even as his large but strangely delicate hands stroked the young stud’s male organs, keeping him in a heightened state of arousal. “I haven't been able to appear in person in so many years!” Corbin’s ghost moaned in delight. “Normally I have to influence my victims mind’s… trick them into neutering themselves!” That cold voice sounded amused. “And while that is undeniably enjoyable, I will not deny, it is just not the same as actually holding a young man’s manhood in my hands, and taking it myself!”

Corbin’s smile widened even farther as he saw the shocked look on Darin’s face. “Oh yes, now that you have so foolishly summoned me, your classmates will each be cut in turn, I’ll see to that!” The cruel ghost gloated, making the young man’s beautiful green eyes bulge in shock and disbelief. “And then once I’ve claimed all ten sacrifices, I will finally be free to leave this rotting shell of a house and continue my spree throughout the world!” 

“Samuel really is such a dear… to bring me such hot and horny young males that are so easily influenced!” 

Darin jumped and tugged at his restraints, but the handcuff was too tight for him to slip out. 

“Oooooh what… can’t get away…?” Corbin cruelly teased as he watched the massively muscular young man struggling to free his wrist. “But I thought this was what you wanted… to catch me in all my ghostly glory… Doing the thing I do best!”

Corbin's soft teasing hand clamped down savagely on the swimmer's beefy male orbs with his right hand, causing them to bulge obscenely in the ghost’s grasp and drawing a loud whimper of shock and pain from the captive stud. “Just think… not only will you be the first to catch a full body ghost manifestation on camera, but you’ll also be the first to be neutered by said ghost on camera! Just think how famous that will make you!” 

“No… no, please!” Darin whimpered in rear terror now, struggling wildly to break free and get away from the evil ghost. The young man was panting like he had just run a marathon, his big muscular chest rising and falling as he thrashed and writhed against his restraints and the ghost’s clutching hands. The heavy frame of the bed creaked and groaned as the young man put all of his awesome might into breaking free, but the massive beams of the wooden bed posts were simply too big for even his great strength to break. “This… this isn’t what I want…” he confessed. “I… I just wanted to catch a ghost on camera! I don’t wanna be famous… Don’t wanna be… neutered!” 

“Ooooh, it’s a little to late to change your mind now!” Corbin smirked. As Darin watched in horror, wicked looking claws began to grow from the fingers on Corbin’s left hand, almost like fingernails but much thicker and sharper, and 4 or 5 inches long. “You’ve called me here… bid me manifest… promised me the prize…” 

The handsome bound stud moaned to the ceiling, his eyes desperately seeking out any way to escape, any hope for salvation… and finding none. His muscular hips bucked and plunged, for Corbin’s cold right hand was now firmly encircling his steel hard cock, running up and down the length of that massive bone with rapid strokes and bringing Darin closer and closer to his long denied orgasm. 

“You can’t deny me that prize now… oh no… now it is mine to take!” the ghost purred lustfully. 

Darin panted heavily through his clenched teeth, his body responding automatically to the overwhelming pleasure in his loins, back arching, hips thrusting, pressing his loins into Corbin’s ghostly fist. He couldn’t have denied his rapidly approaching orgasm if his life depended upon it… which, indeed, it did. 

“No whining now, my young beauty. You gave yourself to me, and now I am going to claim you!” 

Darin’s eyes widened as he felt needle sharp claws tickle his aroused loins, playfully dancing over his huge, cum-engorged nuts. The young man’s eyes were wide with sheer terror, for he knew he was at the insane ghost’s mercy, and that this undead creature knew no mercy. Despite his fear, however, the strong hand stroking his cock had him on the brink of orgasm, the familiar tingle building and growing in his loins, and he knew he would be busting a nut in just a few more moments. 

“Such sweet gifts you’ve brought to me!” Corbin purred. “They will make an excellent addition to my collection!” 

Corbin suddenly drove the needle-like claws of his left hand into the tender flesh of Darin’s massive balls, spearing both of the meaty orbs clear through in one wicked thrust. 

“AAAIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!” Darin screamed in the most intense agony he had ever known. At the same moment, his huge cock began to pound out the largest orgasm of his young life, spewing out truly massive ropes of cum that lashed across Darin’s proud chest and powerful shoulders, and even splattered wetly against the headboard behind him. Pulse after pulse of thick stud cum burst out of Darin’s throbbing bull cock. Corbin twisted the claws imbedded in Darin’s lemon-sized nuts, forcing even greater screams from the young stud and even more massive slugs of cum from his erupting cock. Corbin smiled in malevolent glee as he tortured and savaged the young man’s massive balls, and watched him empty his truly mammoth load all over his body and the silk sheets. 

Darin’s colossal orgasm finally came to an end after shooting nearly a score of massive wads of cum, a titanic orgasm that would have made any porn star green with envy. Corbin dug his claws even deeper into the young man’s savagely mangled balls, causing him to cry out yet again in scorching agony, but only a small burp of cum came out of the swollen tip of his massive cock. 

“Well, now that you've blown your load, you won’t be needing these anymore,” said Corbin. Darin opened his tear-streaked eyes to see Corbin raise his right hand and cause another set of claws to extend from his fingertips. At the same time, the ghost began to pull his left hand away from Darin’s groin, the young man’s bull balls still impaled and quivering on the ghost’s wicked fingernails. Darin’s naturally low hanging balls were pulled to the very bottom of their sac, and then farther still, until they were straining at the end of their ball cords. “Say goodbye to these bulging beauties,” taunted Corbin as he sent his clawed right hand down in a sweeping arc toward Darin’s impaled nuts. 

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” screamed the handsome Darin as Corbin’s claws easily sliced through the skin, cords, and all-important blood vessels that connected the young man’s giant balls to his body, instantly severing them. Corbin then lifted up his left hand to show Darin his bloody severed sac, his bull nuts - the source of his awesome masculinity - still impaled on the cruel claws. The pain finally overwhelmed Darin, and he mercifully passed out. 

Corbin chuckled cruelly, and then slowly disappeared, taking Darin’s severed balls with him. Darin’s gorgeous unconscious form was left alone, naked and shackled hand and foot to the bed, with a bloody wound where his proud stud balls used to be, and his final, gargantuan load of spunk coating his massive muscles in a thick white wash of goo. 

With Corbin’s ghost released, no one in the house was safe. Who would be next to fall victim to the malevolent, murderous spirit?  

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Haunted Mansion - Chapter 1

I know it's only August, but I'm posting a Halloween-themed story today. It's a 13-chapter series, so with a new post about every week, I'm intending to time this saga so that the final chapter gets posted on Halloween day itself.

The original inspiration for this series came from an author named Wyndfeld who writes a lot of anthropomorphic (i.e., "furry") stories. While I'm not turned on by stories of animal-human hybrids, I recognized a core in Wyndfeld's work that really appealed to me, so I chose one of his stories for an extensive rewrite.

Wyndfeld's original story is also a serial, but his version only had 5 or 6 parts to it. I decided to go with unlucky number 13 (to keep with the Halloween theme), so some of the chapters are exclusively my own work, and not a rewrite; others, of course, borrow heavily from Wyndfeld's original story.

I certainly hope you guys enjoy a ball-busting story with a bit of paranormal thrown in! Particularly since the chapters to this story are going to dominate my blog for the next two months or so. :)


Haunted Mansion - Chapter 1
Based on an original anthropomorphic story by Wyndfeld

Ten handsome and hunky college jocks spend Halloween night in a haunted mansion, where only one of them — maybe — will survive intact. 


Professor Samuel White was the director of paranormal studies at the university. A very well-built man in his early 40’s, time had done nothing but enhance Sam’s ruggedly handsome features, and only a few gray hairs had begun to make inroads in his thick, light brown hair. Professor White also had a friendly, cheerful personality and a ready smile, and he was well-liked and respected by both faculty and students alike. 

The Professor’s courses on the occult and the paranormal were very popular at the university, both for the inherently fascinating nature of the occult, and for Professor White’s well-known teaching style. Samuel’s humor and sharp wit made his courses fun for the students, and while the classes weren’t exactly considered great career builders, many students chose one of the Professor’s courses for the sheer fun of it. 

The Professor’s courses were also popular with many of the women on campus (and not a few of the young men) because of Sam’s own magnetic charm and his dashing, masculine good looks. Many a young student spent the entire hour of class gazing at Professor White with love-struck, puppy dog eyes. 

Ironically, Professor White’s courses were also very popular with the jocks and athletes on campus, for it was known that it was easy to obtain an A in his classes just by showing up. And let’s face it, many a jock on campus was in desperate need to boost his GPA with an A or two. Besides, many of the hottest young women on campus took Professor White’s courses, so it was also a great way to meet chicks… 


Autumn had come to the university with the start of the new term, and Halloween was fast approaching. The campus was abuzz with activity, particularly since the Homecoming game was coming up just a week after Halloween, which was itself a huge party weekend for the students. 

The students in Professor White’s course on ghosts, demons, possessions, and the occult were particularly excited, for the Professor had announced the previous week that he would be selecting 10 student volunteers to accompany him on an overnight visit to the old Harper Mansion, where he would conduct a special class on the occult. The group would spend the entire Halloween night in the old and reportedly haunted mansion, conducting various tests to look for paranormal activity. Nearly all of the students in the class had added their names to the volunteer list, and today, Professor White would be announcing the names of the 10 lucky students. 

Harper Mansion was a large and long-abandoned mansion that rested on an expansive and derelict estate on the far side of town. Few ever visited the site, for Harper Mansion had a terrifying and titillating past, and was said by many to be haunted with the unquiet dead. As the story went, about 60 years ago, young men in the community began to go missing. These young men ranged in ages from 18 to 22, and were all very handsome and very athletic. Many of the missing men, in fact, were students and athletes at the university, while others were from the community at large or farther afield, with a handful coming from out of state. 

As the weeks went by and more and more young men went missing, the community became more and more agitated and outraged. Every police officer in the county was enlisted to help in the man hunt, but still more and more young men went missing, including one particularly handsome young police officer. Finally, a set of clues led the police to investigate Harper Mansion. 

The Harper family was a wealthy family, long established in town, and their history stretched far back. Though the family was well respected, there had long been rumors of madness in the family line. So when all clues led to Harper Mansion, few in town were terribly surprised. 

What the police were said to have found there was terrifying beyond anything that the town had ever known, beyond everyone’s worst nightmare. Beneath the rich and elegant trappings in the more public rooms of the enormous house, there was a torture chamber and den of horror unlike anything anyone had ever seen. Equipment and devises of all kinds, solely created for the infliction of pain and mutilation, filled room after room, and much of the equipment looked recently used. 

Worst of all, the police found the more than 90 missing young men, or their bodies at least. Dozens of bodies were heaped in the deepest cellar and in various stages of rot, from the many weeks dead to the only recently very recently deceased. The smell from the carnage was said to have been overpowering. Most of the men looked to be largely uninjured, except for their genitalia, which in every case had been horrifically mutilated or entirely removed. A few sturdy cocks remained undamaged, it was said, but not a single undamaged testicle remained. 

The patriarch of the family, Corbin Harper, was charged with nearly 100 counts of kidnapping, assault, and murder, and was hauled off to jail to await trial. But before the trial could begin, Corbin was found one morning burned to a crisp inside his jail cell. Nothing else in the cell was damaged, and no one had been allowed into or out of the prison – the cause of Corbin’s immolation remained a mystery. 

Stately Marguerite Harper, Corbin’s wife, was shattered by what had happened to her husband, and slowly went insane after his death. She lived on in the otherwise empty mansion for several more decades, until old age finally claimed her. The Harpers did have one child, a lovely but quiet young girl of 10 years named Evangeline. Evangeline was sent off to boarding school as the scandal came to light, and it was said that she never returned to the town where she was born. Rumor had it that young Evangeline came to her own tragic end in time, but no one knew when or how. 

Since the time of Marguerite’s death nearly 20 years ago, no one has inhabited the Harper Mansion. It was said to still be owned by the Harper family, likely some distant relations from the East Coast, but no one ever came to visit the house. All of the original furnishings were said to still be inside, including the torture equipment that Corbin Harper was said to have used to mutilate and kill all of those unfortunate young men. 

Some people said that the mansion is haunted to this day, that the ghosts of Corbin and Marguerite and the over 90 slain young men all wander the abandoned halls as restless spirits. Others said that an even more malevolent force occupies the dusty rooms of the old estate, waiting for more young male victims to claim…


At 8:00 AM outside Room 216, the students in Professor White’s class gathered around a bulletin board to see who had been selected to go on the Halloween field trip. As a teacher’s aide tacked up the list, the crowd jostled to see who had been chosen. Great whoops and hollers went up from some of the young men in the crowd, and some of the bigger and beefier boys in the group started exchanging high fives to celebrate being picked. 

It soon became apparent that none of the girls in the class had been selected for the field trip, much to the dismay and crushed hopes of many a young woman who had hoped to spend a night in that big mansion with the man of their fantasies, Samuel White. And on second glance, it became clear that the young men selected for the field trip all fit the profile of the young men who had gone missing and been murdered 60 years before. All ten of the boys were star athletes on campus, and were both very handsome and extremely well built, all in the prime of their young lives. 

The crowd tittered with interest at the obvious theme of the selection, and some whispered that the Professor must be purposely stacking the deck, as it were, to induce some sort of paranormal activity. Others complained that it was a bad joke and in poor taste. But the majority of the students were titillated by the selection, and some good natured ribbing let the ten young men selected for the trip know that the others in the class were more than a little jealous. The college jocks themselves took it all in stride, puffing out their chests and otherwise strutting around as if they hadn’t a fear in the world. 

Little did they know the very real danger that they would soon be facing…


As Professor Sam White assessed the ten young men arrayed before him, he smiled inwardly and congratulated himself on having assembled possibly the hottest group of testosterone-filled college jocks that the university had ever seen. Each of these ten young men was extraordinarily handsome and well built, and was a star athlete. And from the hidden cameras he had placed in showers, locker rooms, dorm rooms, and other locations both on and off campus, Samuel knew that each of these young men was exceptionally well hung as well, making them perfect for his plans. 

The ten young studs the Professor had hand picked to take part on this trip included: 

  • Darin, a stunningly handsome man with all-American good looks and a killer body. The 6’2” muscle stud was a championship swimmer, and at a whopping 250 pounds of pure beef, the green-eyed hunk was by far the biggest and most muscular man on any swim team in the Tri-State area, and was in fact beefier than any professional swimmer. Darin’s soft brown hair often fell forward over his sparkling green eyes, making the young man look both more boyish and more sexy at the same time. It was said that the Speedo Company had to make a special swimsuit for Darin, as his massive junk was apparently too large to fit in any ordinary swimsuit. One thing was for certain – that massive bulge in his swim briefs brought at least as many fans to the games as the young man’s own amazing athleticism. 

  • Ryan, whose 6’, 260-pound frame made him one of the bigger and more brutal players on the ice hockey team. With his soulful brown eyes, ginger-colored hair, cocky attitude, and rakish smile, Ryan was a bad boy favorite among the ladies. The young man's thickly muscled body and prodigious endowment didn't hurt his reputation either. 

  • Tor, the blond haired and blue eyed shot putter, was the tallest of the ten boys at 6’6”. A young man of Scandinavian extraction and few words, Tor’s massive 290-pound physique of pure muscle belied the fact that he was a very gentle man at heart, gaining him the nickname "The Gentle Giant". Still, those massive muscles and 24-inch arms were not just for show, and Tor was one of the strongest men to ever pass through the university. The young bull stud had just turned 19, so he wasn't even full grown yet - there was a lot of speculation that Tor would almost certainly be on the upcoming Olympic shot put team next year, and was well on his way to breaking some World Records.  

  • Rafael, a 19-year-old and the lone Latino in the group, who was a fast-rising star on the university’s undefeated soccer team. Built heavy and muscular for a soccer player, Rafael had the thick, muscular, and extremely well-defined thighs of a rugby player. Those massive thighs, his charming heart-stopping dimpled smile, dark eyes with their thick lashes, and thick and unruly jet black hair won him the hearts of many a woman and man. And his habit of not wearing any type of jockstrap or cup as he ran up and down the soccer field elicited the lust of many a fan in the packed audiences. The young Latino stud stood just shy of 5’10” tall, and weighed an impressive 210 pounds. 

  • Lance, the all-star of the track and field team, who combined incredible speed on the track with awesome strength on the field exercises. The young, 20-year-old blond bombshell had classic good looks, and his shaggy blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes captured as many hearts as his perfect, Colgate smile. Lance was heavy for a track and field star, weighing 230 very muscular pounds on his 6’1” frame, making his impressive sporting records even more amazing. Most agreed that Lance would likely be joining Tor at the upcoming Summer Olympic Games next year. 

  • Nick may have been the shortest of the ten men at only 5’8”, but he was far from the lightest. The all-star wrestler was built like a stout fireplug, packing 245 pounds of rock hard muscle onto his stocky frame. The guy was devastatingly handsome, with a square jaw, blue eyes, spiky blond hair, and rugged good looks, but his taciturn and bad ass demeanor kept most people from getting too close to him. 

  • Brett, a blond and blue-eyed heart throb that was the star batter on the championship baseball team. No doubt Brett’s extraordinary chest and shoulder development had something to do with his extraordinary batting prowess. The 21-year-old stud packed nearly 240 pounds of very thick, very dense muscle on his 5’11” frame, making him one of the heaviest baseball players at the college level, or even in the professional game. And it was said that the size of the baseball bat swinging heavily between his legs rivaled the size of the one he swung at the extremely well-attended games. 

  • Josh, the 18-year-old gymnast who, at 5’10” in height and 215 pounds of pure muscle, defied the convention wisdom that a relatively tall and muscular man could not make an excellent gymnast, for the young brown-haired beauty had won state championships the previous month, and was already one of the top favorite gymnasts to qualify for the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team next spring. 

  • Dave, aka “Moose”, was a 22-year-old senior, and was by far the biggest man on the football team. Moose was a truly massive man, standing 6’4” tall and weighing a whopping 365 pounds of pure, Grade AAA muscle, making him even beefier than the massive Tor. Perhaps not the brightest man in the bunch, Moose was nonetheless a very popular guy on campus, both because of his friendly and disarming manner, and the fact that he gladly slept with both men and women, seemingly trying to bed as many as possible before he graduated at the end of this school year. With short dark brown hair, gray-blue eyes, heavy masculine features, and his massively muscular frame, Moose looked like nothing short of a super hero, and one of his other nicknames was indeed “Superman”. It was also widely reported that the meat hanging between his legs was every bit a match for the massive proportions of the rest of his huge body. 

  • And finally there was Logan, the all-star football quarterback and the man all hoped would lead the team to victory at next week’s Homecoming game. Even among a group of extraordinary specimens of men like those assembled at the steps of the Harper Mansion, Logan stood out as something special. Standing 6’3” tall and weighing a mighty 325 pounds, the gigantic muscle hunk’s gargantuan size was made even more amazing by the fact that he was barely 18 years old, a brand new freshman who had earned the unprecedented honor of being the lead quarterback in his first year in college. Logan had the face of an Adonis, and his blue eyes and golden blond hair made him look like some sort of mythical hero both on the gridiron and off. A charming and soft spoken man, Logan also differed from most of the jocks by being a straight-A student, and he had little time for the socializing and bed-jumping games that the other athletes seemed to enjoy. In fact, no one had yet managed to bed the gorgeous stud, and so the speculation continued as to just how much of that massive bulge in his football pants was really him, and how much was his cup. 

The ten beefy and handsome jocks were all dressed for a chilly Halloween night weather, wearing jeans and heavy jackets and multiple layers of clothes, and all were carrying flashlights, bedrolls, and other equipment to help them explore the mansion and spend at least a relatively comfortable night inside. None of them would have admitted any fear to his fellows, but Professor White was sure that each of these young studs had to be filled with at least SOME anxiety about what the night would being. Nearly 100 young men much like themselves had perished here under brutal circumstances 60 years before, and so it would only be normal to be a little worried of what the coming night would bring. 

Of course, none of the ten boys could have possibly conceived the terrors that awaited them inside. 

Professor Samuel White led his small entourage to the foot of the mansion’s front steps, and then addressed the young men, explaining the night’s assignment. Each of the boys was to go exploring in the house, splitting up so that each would spend the night in a different room — alone. Each student was to record any unusual events that they encountered, and under no circumstances were any of them allowed to leave the mansion before dawn. Failure to follow these rules would result in a failing grade in the class, which few of the jocks could afford. 

Both nervous and emboldened, the ten handsome jocks followed Samuel up the creaking, rickety stairs to the front door, which the Professor then unlocked. The double doors swung open into a cavernous but unlit interior. As the ten studs turned on their flashlights and shined them around the great entry, they saw exactly the sort of sights they’d expected — a huge two-story foyer, double grand stairways leading to the second floor, elegant but decaying antique rugs and furnishings covered in decades of dust and cobwebs, and multiple doors leading off to other rooms. 

Professor White addressed his studly students one last time and told them that it was time to split up and seek their individual rooms for the night. At dawn, they would all regroup here in the foyer and compare notes about the night’s events. With a smile and wink, Professor White wished his ten students good luck, and then watched as they dispersed in various directions into the mansion’s interior. 

A smiling Samuel White knew that none of these handsome boys would ever be leaving this house alive or intact…

Splattered Yolks - Original Version

Sack Stomper's original version of this story is amazing, and I wanted to post it in its entirety here.


Splattered Yolks
An original story by Sack Stomper

Yolk and egg whites splattered everywhere as the hen's egg exploded in Carl's large, clenched fist. The handful of other men standing nearby grinned.

"Nice! I wonder if the real thing will do that," one of the men asked laughing.

"Let's hope so, that was hot,"  

Carl and the other men were in the City for the international Iron Guy competition, an exhibition of brute muscle strength and endurance.  All of the men were hulking body builders with biceps as thick as most normal mens' thighs.  Every muscle on their over developed, rippling bodies was extraordinarily proportioned and hard as a rock.  They were the type of body builders who made ordinary 'jocks' look skinny in comparison. Over the preceeding week, they had competed in such events as pulling a pickup truck with a rope, one-arm curls with dumbells that weighed hundreds of pounds and, of course, posing in barely-there speedos, their absurdly muscular bodies glistening with oil.  And among these men, Carl was the largest having won the overall competition handely.  Carl's firey mess of red hair, perpetually scoweled face and small set eyes would have made him seem menacing even without his three hundred pounds of muscle. 

Now the official competition was over and the top contendotrs had gathered in their hotel room for their final, unofficial event....

There was a soft knock on the door.  Carl wiped his still slimey hand on his jeans and went to the door, giving an evil half smile at the young man on the other side.

At six foot three, the blonde was slightly taller than the other men. He was in his mid twenties, dressed in the formal livery of the upscale hotel's wait staff,   As he was beconned into the room, his hazel eyes scanned the seven hulking body builders wearilly, the door closing softly beside him.  He was quite handsome, his hipster goatee ironically made him look yougner than he was, and had an atheletic, beefy frame.  He looked like he could have been a rugby player, his thick legs straining his dress slacks and his dress shirt clinging to his meaty upper body and his black tie accentuating his mounding pecs.  By the standards of most of the world, he was a muscular jock -- but to the men in the room he was a 'small guy'. A wanna be.

When he was in the middle of the suite, the seven body builders encircled him tightly.  Despite his size, the waiter was starting to feel very intimidated being surrounded by so much raw muscle.

"So, Sebastian. You got your money I take it?" Carl asked.

Sebastian nodded timidly.

"Good. Well then, let's get to it then. Hold him!"  

Before Sebastian could react, a hulking Latin body builder was behind him, holding him in place with a bear hug so tight it almost made it hard for the waiter to breath.  Ther six other men lined up in front of him, laughing as he flayed pathetically against the hold of the much heavier man.

Each man took turns punching Sebstian's muscular abs and pecs as hard as they could. Although the agreement was for to stay quiet while the seven horny body builders had their way with him, Sebastian couldn't help but cry out after the third punch to his gut felt like a fist had gone through his stomach.

"Shut him up!"  Carl barked as another man, a well build Asian, stuffed a jockstap into Sebstains mouth, tying a knot behin his head so he couldn't spit it out.

Sebastian gagged as the odor of the obviously used jock filled his mouth and nose.  


The remaining three men ttok their turns tenderizing the handsome waiter's muscules.  He was doing his best to contain himself, but cried out after each hit, his eyes starting to water from the brutal assualt.  Sebastian was king of the local gym's boxing ring, but those matches were child's play compared to these behemouths -- and this was considering they were obviously holding back from their full potential.  He was sure that, if they had wanted, they could have broken his ribs with their punching alone.  The feeling of being so dominated was stating to turn Sebastian on. 

The men reformed a line adn one of htem suggested they give Sebastian, whose chest was heaving from having the wind knocked out of him, a break.  It took the poor muscle blonde several minutes to get anywhere near 'normal' breathing.   The six men were lined up again, ready to take their turns tenderizing Sebastian's musles.

Carl drew his tree-trunk like fist back and was about to connect squarely with Sebastian's right pec when he stopped, putting a hand gently on Sebastians' shoulder.

"Are you okay?", Carl asked softly, "You know if we have to stop, we get our money back."

Sebastian blinked the tears out of his eyes and knodded 'yes'.


Sebastian could feel his muscles softening under the continued assault as the line of men worked him over several more rounds.  The Latni body builder holding him was getting very aroused by the site of his muscular mini jock being pulverized, and his thick seven inch penis was rubbing Sebastian's back.

Holy shit, these studs could totally fuck me right now and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it. They'd tare me apart! The thoguht was driving Sebastian crazy and despite the numbing pain in his chest and stomach, he could start to feel his own cock stirring in his slacks.

"Oh, I think the wanna' he likes being used as a punching bag," one of the men commented, noticing Sebastian's slacks were now tenting outward.  Sebastian's cock was now at its full eight inch length, and from the look of it was quite thick .  The tent in his pants jerked slightly every few seconds, his heavy cock pulsing with each heart beat.

"So you like when we hurt you, you punk ass bitch?"  Carl snarled, standing just inches from Sebastian, his firey hair making his expression even angrier looking.

Sebastian nodded his head up and down to the crowd's amusement.

"Well let's get these off then"

Carl and the Asian body biuilding grabbed a leg of tviscoulsy he young waister's slacks and effortlessly ripped them off as if they were made of paper, the buttons and zipper flying into the distance.

Oh fuck! Of fuck! I'm about to get plowed! IIf they're all hung like the Latin, I'm gonna' end up with cum on the back of my teeth.  Contrary to his dominating appearance, Sebastian's mind was awas with the image of him being the one brutally dominated.  He had toyed around with it with other dominate jocks his own size, but never with a true body builder and certainltly not with seven at once.  This was going to blow any fantasy he had ever had out of the water...

When Sebastian was stripped to his underwear, his entire sexual package was on full display.  The bulging outline of two nicely sized balls was visible under the tending sillouette of his penis.

"They're the size of eggs," one of the men joked, though Sebastian was totally unaware what the man was truly getting at.

The men took another round softening up the blonde's upper body before Carl stepped up to him, grabbed his tie and pulled it tightly as another man proceeded to rip off his shirt.  Though it only took a few seconds, to Sebastian it felt much longer.  Carl was strangling him with the tie ,giving him an evil grin as Sebastian's eyes grew wide anad he gasped for air.

"Ahhhh!" Sebastian inhaled deeply, his eyes watering, when Carl finally let go of the tie.  That was amazing. Sebastian had never felt so totally dominated.

The waiter's rippling abs were starting to bruise from the non stop assault and dark welts and bruises marred his otherwise hairless chest and abs.  He looked like he had taken quite a beating, but his cock still raged in his underwar.

"You want us to hurt you some more?" Carl asked, whispering into Sebastian's ear. 

Sebastian eagerly shook his head yes, desperate to be totally owned by thsee muscular gods.

"Good boy,"

Carl reached for the boy's massive left bicep, grabbing it in his huge hand and began to squeeze.  Sebastian gasped into his gag... then screamed as Carl's fingers dug into his tender arm muscles.

"Oh, this is a firm one," Carl said mockingly as he continued to roughly knead and massage the throbing muscle. He could feel the connecting tissues and fibers being crushed and bruised in his hands.

"You guys should try this!"

The Asian, a dark haired man and a large black body builder each took Sebastian's other arm and both of his tighs and kneaded the muscles mericlessly.  Sebastian was crying and screaming out, but the intense pain felt incredible.  Here he was, this powerful jock with bulging muscles, being put in his place like the little bitch he was.

"Hurt me," he mtutered through his gag.

After several moments, the firey pain emminating from nearly ever muscle in his body was making Sebastinan start to turn numb.  Dark, painful bruises marred his biceps, triceps and thigs, the damaged muscles and tissues would likely take several weeks to recover, as least.  The Asian felt like he was litearlly trying to rip his arm off of his body.  Sebastian's head writhed from side to side as the four men mercialleslly destroyed him, but he loved it.  He really wanted the Latin, who was still holding him steadfastly, to plunge his thick cock into him as he was assulted. Then maybe be forced on all fores so his hulky, muscular body could be plowed from both ends....  Despite the fact Sebastian had never been so turned on, the pain was starting to soften his erection.

"Stop, stop." Carl barked and the other three immediately stopped and stepped back. 

"Our waiter needs service,"

Without prompting, the dark haired man who had been destroying one of his legs with a brutal massage got to his knees, ripped off Sebastian's underwear and inhaled all eight inches into his mouth.  The beefy body builder's head bobbed expertly up and down the entire length of Sebastian's veiny cock until it was fully hard and throbbing again.

Sebastian was moaning in pleasure as the man abruptly stopped and got to his feet.

"Would you look at these,' said the man as he cupped Sebastian's enormous, shaved testicles in his hands.  They were the size of eggs, but much rounder and hung slighlt in the sack.  

The man bounced them in his hands a few times before asking, "You want me to squeeze 'em?"

Oh shit!  Sebastian had seen these guys grush cinerblocks with their bare hands during the competition.  His nuts would probably crack... The thought of this ultimate domination made Sebastian squirt precum with such force it almost looked like he was cumming.

"I'll take that asa yes,"

"MMMhhmMMM!" Sebastian screamed into his gag as the brown man's powerful hand squeezed tightly, compressing his entire bloated ball bag.

The man's fist got tighter and tighter, and Sebastian's eyes bugged out as he looked at the man pleading for him to stop., but the man's face flushed red with effort.

"MMmhhmMMmmm!" Sebastian pleaded, tears streaming from his eyes.

"That's enough, Blake," Carl instructed and Blake released the trapped genitals, that had been compressed to only an inch wide.

Sebastian cried out as his heavy balls fell to the bottom of the sack. They were bright red and were literally starting to swell from the man's grip.  It was obvious some brusing and damage had already occured to his defnesless testicles in just the few seconds they had been in his grip.  What were these guys going to do to him? He wondered...

"Form a line,"  Carl instructed and the six men lined up for their turn to crush the waiter's balls.

"MMMMMMMMhhmmmM! MMMhmmM!" Sebastian screamed, genuine fear in his voice as the first of the six men clutched his large balls.  

All six took their turns grabbing and kneading his vulnerable nuts.  Sebastian was sure he was going to be permanently damaged and was screaming and trying to get free, but they just kept coming.  On the next go, the men decided to only focus on Sebastian's left nut since it was now the most swollen.

"MMMMhhmmMM!" Sebastian yelled into his gag, the pain from his crotch was oveerwhelming, but his cok was still hard at the feeling of being so totally dominated. 

His mega size gonad was crushed to less than a half inch thick six times and the last man, Carl, could feel that the membranes were starting to rupture.  Sebastian's nut was still whole, but would be bruised for weeks at least. And if they kept going...

"Oka, men.  Let's see if you've been working out your legs,"

The men licked up again.  The first man took careful aim before sending his treee thunk leg flying into Sebastian's balls...


Sebastian thought he was going to be sick...


The next two kicks were in rapid succession.  Sebastian was crying and shaking his head 'no' as the fourth man look his spot.  He laughed cruely at the pleading stud as his foot coneected with a sickening, wet SPLAT into Sebastian's now black and blue scrotum.

The fifth man took a slightly different approach, stomping his foot into Sebastian's crotch with such force that Sebastian could feel his peliv bone beind struck.  HIs eyes grew wide and he looked down in horror and fear at his now black balls.  They were swollen to twice their usual size and hurt just from breathing..

SPA---AT!  Carl's foot collided viscoulsly with the bouncinc sack, connecting sollidly with the bloated right nut.  

Sebastian was hysterical, screaming and crying and tyring to break free but the Latin's grip was absolute. He could feel the sticky sheen of the Latin's precum pooling on his back and wondered when they were going to stop assaulting him and get on with the brutal gang bnag he'd been promised...

"You want us to keep hurting them?"  Carl whispered into Sebastian's ear as he cupped his ridiculously swollen balls.

"Mmmmhmmm!" Sebastian tried to scream 'no', but only a muffled noise came out.  He was shaking his head 'no' and giving Carl pleading looks to stop. He was now honestly afraid they were going to permanently damage his nuts...

"I think that's a yes" Carl said giving Sebastian's battered right nut a viscious squeeze.  

Sebastian gasped and writhed in the Latin's arms, but Carl just kept squeezing... and squeezing... and squeezing...

"Oh yea!  Crack that egg!"  the Aisan man cheered. 

Sebastian, in a world of hurt and fear, looked around to see all of the men except Carl -- whose hand was still busy on his nut -- had pulled their cocks out of their flies and were stroking furiously.  

Sebastian despeately tried to get Carl to release his throwbbing nut, but he wouldn't.  The huge ball was compressed to half and inch... a quarter inch... flatter... and flatter...

"STOP! STOP!" Sebastian, now totally hysterically tried to scream out as Carl finally realeased the assualated nut. 

it plumped back to its original shape, but seemed slightly flatter.  Carl quickly reached for hte left nut and squeezed it the same way.

Carl would feel the membranes and tissues of this nut were much, much softer than the other one. "Uh-oh. I'm about to pop this egg,"

Carl's face was red with determination as his massive bice flexed in effort.  His hand cruely compressed Sebastian's nut flatter and flatter. Sebastian pleaded and cried as his nad was turned into a pancake in the body builders hand.  Carl relased his grip just when he was sure he was about to crush the sex organ.

He stepped back and gave Sebastain a moment to recover., pulling out his own enormous ten inch penis and stroking it with both hands, joingin the others. Carl's muscular chest was heaving heavily, the pain coming from everywhere on his body -- especially his balls -- making it hard to breath.  His eyes were neraly matted shut from crying, but he could still look down adn see his massive genitals now dangerously swollen and black. His cock had long since gone flacid. He looked aroudn the room at the seven throbbing cosks, hoping that when he'd caught his breath they would leave his aching balls alone and just destroy his ass. He was fantaszing about being brutally fucked -- maybe two or three at a time -- and his cock started to stir again.

"You want us to destroy you?" Carl said, his voice shaking as his building clmaz boiled in his bull nuts.

Sebastian shook his head yes, his ass twitching with anticipation.

"Good. Line up gents. Punching bag time,"

Punching bag? What did they...

SPLAT!  The first man's fist connected with Sebastian's swollen ball bag with so much force Sebastian thought he was going to pass out...

SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT!  Each man's brick like fist plowed into the fleshy orbs with wet, echoing splats.  The memberanes of his testicles just weren't designed to handle anything so rough and were already starting to fail when...


The sixth fist was partilcaly powerful, the impact crushing Sebstain's nuts into his pelvic bone.  

"Oh yeah, I think they're about to go bye bye" the man said to laughter.

Sebastian's muffled screams were gut wrenching. This isn't what he had agreed to.  These guys were seriously going to destory him if he couldn't get away...

"Aww, you want us to stop,"  Carl asked, the last one to get a punch this turn.

"MMmhmmm!" Sebastian pleaded, his head shaking 'yes' so vilently his neck hurt. He was pleading with his eyes, beggin Carl to just let him go...

Carl drew his fist back...

"MMmhmm!" Sebastian screamed.

Whoosh! --- SPLOSH! Carl nearly blew his load as he felt his fist connect with -- and blow apart -- Sebastian's battered right nut.

Sebastian's eyes grew huge and he screamed in one inhumane, continuous drone.  

"Oh yeah, that's one."

The handsome waiter, half desexed, thrashed his legs in a vain effort to escape, but he knew it was hopefully. There was no way, even with his poweful stature, he could escape the clutches of seven internatinoally known body builders.  It just wasn't possible... Sebastian began to sob as he knew he was about ot lose his last nut.

Carl clutched the still whole, though very swollen and bruised, left nut in his fist.

"You guys wanna see me crush this egg?"

The men cheered and Sebastian's head shook 'no' wildly.  He was pleading through his gag, hopping that he was just in a horrible nightmare...

"Crush it!"

"Make it splatter!"

Carl clenched his fist tightly untl the testicle nearly burst.  Sebastian howled.

Carl opened his fist and quickly clenched his fist again. He did this a doezen times, feeling the about-to-burst tseticle getting soft and mushy in the sack.

"Oh yeah, it's getting scrambled!"  Carl announced as he clenched his fist again, only this time not stopping until the poor orb was so compressed that even the slightest bit more pressure would have cauased it to collapse...

"You guys wanna' see this dude's yolk fly?"

Everyone cheered.  Sebatian's eyes shot open in horror, hoping they'd spare him or that this was some kind of joke..

"Five... four... three..."  the men coutned down slowly as Carl's wide open hand sat seady to crush Sebastian's last testicle into mush.

"...two... one."



Carl closed his mighty fist so quickly, and with such force aroudn the enormous, sagging nard that it burst instantly before the sack split open, nut goop oozing out from between Carl's totally clenched hand  and spraying his face.  It was a macabre recreation of hte egg crush from early that evening.  

Carl knew -- from experience -- that he had the sterngth in his hand to annihilate a testicle, but the earlier 'softening up' everyone had done to it helped add to the explosive, splattering ending . 

Sebastian let out a blood curdling scream before his head went limp and he passed out. 

He awoke to the stinging odor of smelling salts some time later. He could tell even throug the suite's closed drapes that it was daylight out, but he couldn't tell ho much time had passed.  He was laying spread eagle on his back on the bed and, to his surprise, wasn't being held down.  

"Wakey, wakey," Carl said putting the salts away on the night stand and straddling Sebastian's still nacked body.  The otehr six body builders were standing around the bed, naked their obseneley muscular bodies glistening with sweat and all of their cocks sticking straight out. There was also a nother man, a sheepish looking man in a suit standing near the door.

"Is he good to go, doc?"  Carl asked the man.

"Yes. I was um, able to remove most of the damaged tissue. The stiches are fresh so you'll need to be careful with him..." the doctor , whose skills usually went no further than patching up and heping body builders train, instructed.

"Thanks doc," Carl said, his voice implying that ti was time for the good doctor to leave, which he did silently.

"Now, are you ready for your ass to be ripped apart?" Carl said, bending his head down to softly nuzzle Sebastians' neck.  

Sebastian was able to reach a hand around the massive body builder on top of him.  His scrotum was a very sore, flattened husk. He could feel the still -fresh stitches.  His balls were totally gone... mercileslly crushed by these beefy studs.  He was in too much shock to cry, or gasp or even react to the feeling of a total void where his once egg sized sperm tanks has been. And what a load he would have blown for them, he thought.  He had been abstinate for a week in anticipation of his gang rape... to do Sebastian's surprise his cock was starting to stir a bit.  

"Well," Carl asked again softly.  

The circle of men, their cocks hard and dripping with precum closed in aroudn the bed.  The smallest, the term being relative, was easliy seven inches long and the largest was Carl's ten inch horse cock. The thought of being fucked mericllessly and degraded by these men as their ballless sex slave was -- despite everything -- making Sebastian feel hornier than he had ever been.  All of those nights in the gym, all of his careful dieting, HIs obsesino with building his perfectly sculpted, husky, muscle bound body had been leading up to this moment.  To be totally used by these amazing speciimens of male power. They had, Sebastian concluded, already shown their total, utlimate dominance over his manhood by efofrtleessly crushing it.  He knew his only purpose now was to service these beutiful men. He longed to complete their consquest and reached up, locking lips with Carl.

"Fuck me! FUCK MY BRAINS OUT!" Sebastian screamed as the six other body builders began to pile on top of him.

And ocntrary to the doctor's advice, they were not at all gentle with the the studly blonde as a combined five feet of cock stretched his guts in every conveieable position.... and Sebastian loved it. 

Splattered Yolks - Photo inspiration

I forgot to post this along with the story, but here was my photo inspiration for Chase as I was preparing my version of Splattered Yolks.