Thursday, November 18, 2021

Two Nerds, One Jock - Jayse Version

Thanks for your patience, guys! As you can see, I haven't been keeping up with my writing like I'd like to. I currently only have a few more stories nearing completion, so the postings will continue to be lean here for a while, but I'm definitely not abandoning this blog. 

This next one is an adaptation of another instant classic from my friend Sack Stomper over at his Cracked Nuts blog. LOVE his stuff, and wanted to do another homage to his brilliant work. Enjoy! 


Two Nerds, One Jock

Based on an original story by Sack Stomper of “Cracked Nuts”


The vaulted metal ceiling with its enormous ceiling fan were the only things Daniel could see clearly as he lay on his back on the factory floor. One moment the twenty-two year old office manager had been walking toward the factory break room and the next he was on the ground, stunned and perhaps a little bruised, but fortunately with nothing else injured but his pride. The stack of papers he’d been carrying under one arm were gently falling to the ground like enormous snow flakes, the pages layering his well-dressed body under a blanket of white. 

A score or so of the factory workers surrounded his splayed, slender, and rather meek frame, and many couldn’t help but chuckle at Daniel’s uncoordinated and rather comical pratfall. But one set of laughs stood out amongst the throng, the all-too-familiar laughs of the former jocks who had bullied and tormented Daniel in high school. The sounds of those laughs were so deeply etched into Daniel’s memory that he instinctively winced upon hearing it. 

In fact, it had been one of these same bullies who had quietly stuck a long metal pole in Daniel’s path just in time for the slender young man to trip over it. He’d been working at the factory for barely a week, having come back from college to his old home town in order to earn money over summer break, and already the juvenile antics had resumed. Daniel shouldn’t have expected anything less, of course, as he knew that the neanderthal jocks from his old high school would never advance beyond their school boy mentality. 

Daniel’s head was still spinning from the fall when a very large and very meaty hand reached out from the crowd to help him up. Daniel grasped the offered hand, and looked up into the friendly and open face of none other than Zachary Durbin. 

“You okay, buddy?” the huge blond man asked, genuine concern evident in that trademark deep voice of his as he effortlessly hauled the much lighter man to his feet. 

It was clear from his expression that Zach, like most of the rest of the crowd presents was unaware of the intentional obstacle that had been placed in Daniel’s path, believing the young man’s fall to be nothing more than a harmless, comical accident. But Daniel scowled darkly at Zach nonetheless, angrily shaking off his helping hand and storming off to the break room, leaving a crowd of amused coworkers behind him. 

And of course it would have to be Zachary who helped him to his feet, thought Daniel. 

Zach was Daniel’s age, but unlike the bookish, slender, dark-haired Daniel, Zach was the paragon of your classic high school jock. He was a tall and powerfully built, blonde Adonis whose body seemed to have only gotten more massive and more ripped since their days together in high school. Zach never seemed to miss an opportunity the show it off, either, as even his factory uniform looked like it was a size or two too small for him. His utterly massive biceps were nearly bursting out of the shirt’s short sleeves and his broad, incredibly beefy chest filled it out to the point of nearly making the buttons pop off. 

In a word, the young muscle man was Daniel’s worst nightmare. 

Zachary was the youngest of the seven famous Durbin brothers, all of whom were tall, blond, powerfully built, athletic, and ridiculously handsome, with the kind of square-jawed masculine beauty and dazzling perfect smiles that made all of the girls swoon. Each lad had been born one year apart, so for a full decade, the Durbin boys had utterly dominated the high school as the biggest jocks on campus, wildly popular with the boys and girls alike. Every girl wanted to have them, and every boy wanted to be them. All of Zach’s older brothers had already gone on to very successful sports careers, with two of them playing for the NFL, one playing professional baseball, two receiving multiple Olympic gold medals in track and field and wrestling respectively, and one becoming a rapidly rising star in the world of competitive bodybuilding. Zach was cut from the same prime genetic cloth, and if the young man’s stellar record in college football was any indication, the unquestionably hot stud seemed destined for a successful career in professional sports as well. 

Growing up in the shadow of such herculean teenagers hadn’t boded well for Daniel or his best childhood friend Tristan. 

Daniel and Tristan had been close friends since kindergarten, and kind of scholastically overachieving students who epitomized the nerd stereotype. Daniel never went anywhere without his signature cardigan and bowtie, as if dressing and acting older would bring the end of high school that much sooner. It didn’t. Most of the cruel and callous jocks, especially those on the high school’s football team, seemed to make it their life’s mission to relentlessly harass and pick on Daniel and Tristan. The two slender and cowering boys had been thrown into lockers so often they hardly minded it in the end, and both of the boys’ nuts had taken literally hundreds of towel snaps in the locker room over the course of four years. It wasn’t unusual for one of the bigger lads to push either Daniel or Tristan against a locker and pile drive his knee into their crotch before pretending to apologize for ‘falling into them’ and laughing. Hell, it was a minor miracle that the two meek young lads had survived high school with their manhoods intact! 

Tristan, unfortunately, received even more abuse than Daniel. While Daniel was straight as an arrow, Tristan had been openly gay since junior high school, an incredibly brave decision to make in a small town like theirs. It only made it worse that the meek lad was stunningly beautiful, with finely wrought features that were so pretty that they verged on the feminine. The jock bullies never missed an opportunity to harass Tristan by spreading malicious rumors about him and hurling all manner of homophobic slurs at them both. Unlike Daniel, Tristan seemed to take most of it in stride, but the non-stop harassment of his best friend drove Daniel crazy. 

And Daniel saved the worst of his anger for Zachary Durbin. He was the biggest of all of the jocks, the best looking, the most popular. The captain of the football team. The homecoming king. The school hero. Daniel hated Zach more than any of the other jocks on campus. 

Which was rather ironic, because Zach had never been one of the bullies. 

Truth be told, Zach never participated in any of the cruel physical and mental torments that were inflicted on Daniel and Tristan. In fact, whenever the handsome blond muscle bull had been present for one of these bullying encounters, he’d actually gently intervened to rescue the much smaller Daniel and Tristan from their tormentors. The big blond hunk had indeed been their knight in shining armor on multiple occasions. But in Daniel’s mind, the fact that Zach was friends with these jocks and bullies made him guilty by association, and the more that Zach rescued the pair from their brutal torments, the more that Daniel resented the good-natured and clearly good-hearted young man. In time, Daniel grew to despite Zach most of all, his very soul becoming twisted by the near-daily torments he and his best friend had to suffer at the hands of the other jocks. 

Daniel was eager to graduate high school and finally flee the small town, hoping to be rid of Zach and the bullies forever. Tristan’s family was too poor to send him off to college, despite his high grades and other scholastic achievements, but Daniel did indeed manage to leave his small town for a prestigious out of state college, and spent four blissful years away from bullies. His previously scrawny frame filled out into a slender but muscular form, and the good-looking young lad was able to make friends, break out of his shell, and become comfortable in his own skin, embracing a carefree geek chic persona. He kept in close touch with his childhood friend Tristan and visited with him when he came home for various holidays, but he otherwise left his small town behind him. 

Unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to escape town for good. 

After his college graduation, the sharp downturn in the economy forced Daniel to return to his small Midwest home town and take a job working at the factory. It certainly wasn’t glamorous, but the pay was decent, and he hoped to save up enough money to break out of the town forever. Also on the plus side was the fact that his best childhood friend, Tristan, also worked at the plant as a fellow floor manager, so they got to spend time together again. Unfortunately, a large number of the former and jocks and bullies from their high school also worked at the factory, having never had the motivation or aptitude to leave their small home town. 

And, as fate would have it, Zach Durbin was now working at the factory as well. Unlike the other high school jocks, Zach had both ambition and a fantastic amount of raw athletic talent, so he had also left their small town to go to a prestigious university on a full athletic scholarship. There, Zach had continued to excel at his two favorite sports, wrestling and football, while also pursuing a double major. It turned out that Zach was blessed with not only braun and beauty, but brains as well! He had been returning to their small town every summer break to work as a machinist at the factory, and he had done so again this year, hoping to bank some more cash before his fifth and final year at college. 

Daniel was frustrated and disgusted that he was being forced to cross paths with Zachary Durbin again, who he considered his greatest nemesis. And the fact that Zach had ‘rescued’ him once again after witnessing his ignominious fall only served to fan the flames of Daniel’s jealousy and ire. 

The rest of Daniel’s shift was largely uneventful, but when the young man went to open his car door after work, his hand recoiled at the sensation of thick, foul smelling grease that had been smeared on the underside of the door handle. He then heard laughter and spun around to see his bullies from high school driving off in their own truck, teasing the young man as he looked for some way to clean his soiled hand. 

“Try not to let them get to you,” came a familiar and comforting voice from behind him. 

Tristan walked up and gave his old friend a gentle pat on the back. Tristan hadn’t had four bully-free years like Daniel, and his skin was thicker for it. He no longer cared about their boorish immaturity and had long ago stopped registering their aggressive, flagrant homophobia. He helped Daniel clean his hand, and the two drove home. 

But the slights, insults, and alleged accidents continued, just like in high school, and the factory foreman appeared completely unwilling to do anything about it. Daniel’s rage grew and grew, and even though Zach continued to be innocent of any of these torments, and indeed barely even associated with his old friends and football teammates anymore, Daniel blamed the handsome blond hunk more and more for his own suffering. It was as if, in Daniel’s mind, Zach represented all of that toxic masculinity and small-minded thinking that had caused him so much pain over the years, and he wanted more than anything to lash out at the object of his hated. After a full month of suffering the bullies’ taunting behavior, things reached such a fever pitch that Daniel had finally and truly had enough. 

“Don’t you think that might be just a bit much?” 

Tristan was sitting across Daniel’s kitchen table while he listened to Daniel detail his plans for taking elaborate, painful revenge on Zach. Daniel shook his head. 

Zach and guys like him have it coming,” Daniel responded, righteous anger clear in his voice. “Jocks like Zach think that they’re better than the rest of us, with their rugged good looks and huge muscles. These bullies and assholes can’t be allowed to get away with behavior like this any more. They keep poking the bear, and the bear has finally woken up!” 

“But why target Zach? He’s never been mean to either of us, Daniel,” Tristan continued, a look of uncertainty on his exquisitely handsome, prettyboy face. 

“Maybe not, but he’s friends with these jock jerks, so I hold him responsible as well. Besides, all of the other guys look up to him. He’s a bigger alpha male than all of the rest of them put together. We take him down, and the rest of these assholes will think again about harassing either of us!” 

There was a fire in Daniel’s voice that both scared and cowed Tristan, so that he reluctantly agreed to his friend’s plan. But it also didn’t hurt Daniel’s argument that part of the plan involved stripping the devastatingly handsome jock naked and roughing up his junk. All of the Durbin boys were famous for the legendary size of the meat and potatoes swinging between their muscular blond legs, a trait they’d all apparently inherited from their equally handsome, built, and horse-hung father. Tristan had surreptitiously spied Zach’s huge, limp schlong and gigantic, sagging bull balls in the high school locker room and showers dozens of times, and the sight had never ceased to awe, humble, and powerfully arouse him, fueling his secret sexual fantasies ever since. But he’d never seen Zach’s block and tackle up close, and he’d never even considered actually touching that overwhelming wealth of man meat lest he end up with a Zach-sized fist indent to his face. The simple truth was that Tristan had had a hopeless crush on Zach since grade school, a crush that hold only grown stronger each time that Zach had rescued him from further bullying. Besides, Zach was now infinitely hotter than when he was a teenager, if that was even possible, and Tristan didn’t want to pass up the chance to see what Zach’s prime-of-life body looked like now under his tight uniform. 

The plan was pretty simple, actually — the two friends would lure Zach to an abandoned storeroom at the factory, overpower him, and tie him up. After that, Daniel would unload years of pent up aggression on Zach. Daniel wasn’t planning on actually hurting Zach too badly (that’s what he told Tristan anyway), just scare the living daylights out of him and convey to the other bullies and ex jocks that the two of them were not to be messed with. After the general plan was sketched out, the two spent the next several days working out the specifics. 

Finally, the big day arrived, and the two plotting friends put their plan in motion. Being a manager, Tristan had no trouble getting Zach to report to one of the empty warehouses at the far end of the sprawling complex. It was a relatively slow late shift on a Friday, and Tristan had assigned the big blond machinist to spend his shift trying to bring an old, obsolete thermoforming machine back online. Zach found the request odd, but since it was an overnight shift, it meant double pay just to tinker with an old machine, so he looked forward to the challenge. 

“The big boss wants to increase production, and if we can get that machine up and online, we can increase production without creating a whole new line,” Tristan had explained to the big blond man. “Besides, you’re my best mechanic,” he’d said, patting Zach on one of his huge, muscular shoulders. The smaller man had never actually touched Zach before, and the mere touch of the bigger man, even through his coveralls, almost made Tristan swoon. The blond’s shoulder was simply gigantic, and the huge muscles felt nearly as hard as a rock! 

The ego stroking was factual, however, for Zach was indeed a very gifted mechanic, and had proven to be a major asset to the company every summer break. But the positive reinforcement from the plant manager also quashed any of Zach’s potential trepidation at such an assignment, and he dutifully headed over to the old warehouse, large toolkit in hand. Besides, Zach had always liked Tristan — the slender young man may have been quiet and downright shy around him, but he was smart, kind, and had always treated Zach fairly. Zach trusted his former high school classmate, and so he set out to repair the old and long idle machine. 

Several hours had gone by, and Zach was now soaked in sweat, his already tight uniform clinging to him like a second skin. The abandoned warehouse lacked any climate control, the old HVAC system having been mothballed several years prior, so the sweltering summer heat had barely begun to dissipate despite the fact that it was now approaching one in the morning. 

Zach’s thick, muscular, jumpsuit-clad legs were the only part of him visible jutting out from under the huge machine as he sang to himself and skillfully replaced and repaired its metallic guts. He had his ear buds in his ears as he listened to music on his iPhone, but even without that distraction, he would have been too absorbed in his work to hear the two sets of soft footsteps quietly approaching him. 

“You’re toxic, I’m slippin’ under! With a taste of a poison paradise, I’m addicted to you, don’t you know that you’re toxic…” 

Zach’s surprisingly good, rich baritone rendition of Britney Spear’s Toxic echoed through the cavernous warehouse, and it was all Tristan and Daniel could do not to bust out laughing as the unsuspecting jock belted out the song. 

I guess even straight boys love some good pop music,” Tristan whispered, suppressing a giggle. 

They continued to approach the oblivious mechanic. 

Daniel, are you sure about this? Last chance to pull out…” 

Tristan looked pleadingly at Daniel. Daniel only grinned widely in response, and after a moment, Tristan returned the expression. At a signal from Daniel, then they ran toward Zach’s trapped form, their rapid footsteps echoing softly through the cavernous building. 

Tristan took the lead from Daniel, and sprinted toward his quarry. They knew that they had to take Zach out quickly, neutralizing his far superior size and strength advantage so that they could subdue him and tie him up. As he dashed toward the blissfully unsuspecting Zach, Daniel zeroed in on his target, the absolutely massive bulge at the V of his big, muscular, widely spread legs. 

Daniel timed his run perfectly, leaping up into the air at the last moment and coming down right heel first directly onto Zach’s tightly packaged junk, crushing it against the concrete floor. A mighty bellow of shock and agony erupted from beneath the large machine as an utterly surprised Zach felt his huge cock and nuts instantly squashed beneath Daniel’s foot. But the poor stud wasn’t given a moment to recover before Daniel stomped down again, and again, and again and again and again, knocking the wind and the fight out of the much larger man. Daniel was holding nothing back, stomping down with all of his might, and even though he weighed barely half of Zach’s monstrously muscular mass, it was still more than enough to flatten the stud’s trapped stones. 

“NOW!!” Daniel yelled after landing a good half dozen beyond brutal stomps to Zach’s family jewels. Tristan grabbed the howling stud by his big ankles and hauled him out from where he was trapped under the large machine. The slightly-built Tristan could never have hoped to pull such a massively muscular man by himself, especially since he was even more slender than his best friend, but the fact that Zach was lying back on a wheeled creeper made the task surprisingly easy. 

Zach slid out from under the machine, a look of anguish on his devastatingly handsome face as he clutched his wounded genitals with both big hands. The burly blond mechanic was covered in grease and sweat, making him look even more manly and erotically masculine in the harsh overhead light. 

“Wha…? What are you guys doing to me?!” Zach croaked out in a strangled voice, tears of pain streaming from his cornflower blue eyes. 

Both smaller men jumped on top of Zach’s supine form and started grappling with him, but despite the strength-sapping agony thundering through his battered bollocks, the huge muscle man was able to quickly toss both smaller men off of him and painfully stagger to his feet. 

“Tristan?! Daniel?!” Zach said in confusion as he continued to clutch at his throbbing nuts, his broad forehead wrinkled in pain. “What’s going on?” The blond jock’s arms, shoulders, and chest looked even more pumped and pronounced than usual, no doubt from all of the heavy work he’d been putting in to repairing the thermoforming machine. 

Zach turned to look at Tristan, a heartbreaking look of hurt and betrayal on his ridiculously handsome face. Tristan was already feeling tremendous guilt and regret for the plan that he and his best friend had set in motion, but then he suddenly looked behind Zach and shouted, “No, Daniel!! You’ll kill him!!” 

Zach spun around just in time to catch Daniel with a large hammer raised up high, ready to strike the muscular bull in the back of his blond head. Zach lashed out one heavily muscled arm in a surprisingly lightning fast motion, catching a surprised Daniel around his neck and lifting his entire body off of the floor with an effortlessness that underscored just how phenomenally strong the young bull truly was. Anger now lit a blue fire in Zach’s sapphire eyes as Daniel dropped the hammer and began to claw at the man’s big paw with both hands with panicked desperation. Though Zach wasn’t yet actively choking him, Daniel’s eyes grew wide with fear, for he knew that the big jock could snap his neck like a twig. 

A terrified Tristan picked up a length of thick, sturdy pipe up off of the floor, and swung the pipe with all of his might into the small of Zach’s muscular back, connecting with a loud thump. The reverb vibrated up Tristan’s arms, temporarily all but numbing them, and a howling Zach turned around to face his other opponent, anger clearly apparent on his handsome face. Tristan’s eyes grew wide with terror and he instantly dropped the heavy pipe with a loud clang, wanting to flee but trapped by Zach’s blue-eyed gaze. 

Zach dropped Daniel and leapt at Tristan, tackling the smaller man to the ground, his massive form pinning Tristan to the concrete floor. Zach held his boss against the concrete with his extended left hand while he curled his big right hand into a hard-knuckled fist, raising it up in preparation of caving in Tristan’s pretty boy face. But as the angry giant cocked his fist back, his blue eyes suddenly softened, filled with hurt and a pleading sadness, as he looked down at the cowering and petrified young man and simply asked, “Why?” Tristan was instantly lost in the man’s soulful gaze, filled with remorse, and the pair held that look for several long seconds. 

More than enough time for Daniel to recover and lift Zach’s huge, heavy, oversized wrench off the floor. Gripping the large metal handle with both hands, Daniel swung the wrench in a wide arc, bringing the business end of the wrench up into Zach’s huge crotch bulge with devastating force, nailing both of the stud’s massive nuts dead on. 

Zach’s blue eyes instantly crossed as his mouth gaped open, a short, choked grunt escaping his lips before he collapsed heavily on top of Tristan. The smaller man was completely trapped under Zach’s enormous, dead weight, and Daniel was quickly at his side. Daniel cocked back one foot and kicked Zach’s flank as hard as he could, but the young jock’s midsection was so dense and muscular and solid that Daniel’s foot painfully rebounded, feeling like he’d kicked a brick wall. 

Undaunted, Daniel lifted the wrench up high again and slammed it down into Zach’s wide and muscular back, eliciting an “OOF!!” of pain from the downed giant. The big man rose to his hands and knees, allowing Tristan to scuttle out from beneath him, but Daniel just brought down the heavy wrench again, this time flattening the muscular bull to the floor. As Zach once again painfully struggled to pick himself up off the floor, Daniel reached into his back pocket, grabbed the taser he’d stashed there, and lunged forward, burying the two metal prongs into the base of Zach’s thick, bullish neck and pulling the trigger. Zach’s entire body seized and convulsed for several seconds, his massive muscles swelling to even more fantastic proportions, before his entire body became limp. 

The giant had fallen. 

Daniel and Tristan took full advantage of their temporarily incapacitated foe, hauling his dead weight up off the floor, throwing him back against the large machine, and then securing his wrists and ankles with multiple loops of the heavy nylon rope they’d secretly stashed there previously for just such a purpose. It was a difficult and arduous task for the two young men, as Zach’s vast muscular bulk was greater than both of their weights combined, but they eventually managed to get the young blond Adonis strapped spread eagled to the machine he’d so recently been working on, just as the lad was starting to come around and regain some of his ability to move. 

Zach was terrified to discover that there was no way he could use his powerful, muscle-corded arms and, even more alarmingly, no way that he could close his thick and meaty legs. He was utterly powerless for the very first time in his young life. 

Daniel started using Zach’s rock hard abdominal muscles as a punching bag, hammering a series of dozens of rabbit punches into those unyielding cobblestones, followed by an equal number of blows to his corrugated sides and muscular flanks. The rain of punches seemed to have almost no effect on the dazed and groggy stud, and it left Daniel’s knuckles bruised, but punching the handsome and hunky bull after all of these years of being bullied by jocks like Zach felt so good that Daniel didn’t mind. In fact, the hammering abuse inflamed Daniel’s animalistic blood lust even more. He grabbed Zach’s sweat-soaked blond hair with both hands and started slamming the back of the man’s head against the steel belly of the machine. 




Zach thought his head was going to crack open, and he was too stunned and incoherent to even shout for help, let alone struggle against his brutal assailant. 





Daniel ignored Tristan’s pleas as a decade of pent up rage flooded out of him. He alternated between slamming Zach’s blond head into the machine and pummeling his belly and ribs, even punching him in his ridiculously, obnoxiously handsome face a few times. By the time Tristan pulled Daniel off, the enraged young man had no proper memory of trying to pound Zach’s body into hamburger. Daniel actually recoiled at the sight of the bruises already starting to show up on Zach’s powerful jaw and below his left eye, but he quickly remembered the plan. Zach was officially and fully subdued. Time for the next round. 

Zach was whimpering within his restraints, his blue eyes closed and his bell still ringing from the multiple blows he’d sustained to the back of his (fortunately very solid) head. He’d been totally overwhelmed and humiliated by the two nerds, and the terrified young jock still had no idea why this was happening to him. 

Tristan had never seen Daniel so enraged and so violent, and his lean and slender body actually looked bigger as he puffed out his chest and further threatened the cowering Zach. 

“Look at me!” Daniel shouted. Zach opened his tear-stained eyes and met Daniel’s murderous gaze, hoping that his beat down was over. But Daniel just slammed the wrench like a baseball bat up between Zach’s wide spread legs, slamming the heavy tool full force for a second time into Zach’s screaming nuts. Zach let out a tortured howl and crumpled in his restraints, absolutely helpless to protect himself from further virility-ending blows. 

“Tristan, please…” Zack begged, looking to the second slender man and hoping to communicate with him, as clearly Daniel was beyond reason. The big blond jock was pretty sure the two assailants wouldn’t resort to all-out murder, but the way Daniel was holding that heavy wrench in his hands and the unexplained rage in his eyes made it clear now wasn’t the time to take chances. He had seen enough true crime shows to know that the quiet guys were usually the most dangerous. 

Please! Please don’t hurt me…” 

Zach was holding back sobs as he begged the two nerds for mercy, but it was clear from the dark look in Daniel’s eyes that mercy would not be forthcoming. His mighty limbs where strung up and useless, and he was in a distant and unused portion of the factory site where no one would likely even think to look for him for days. Zach’s vibrant blue eyes glazed over as he tried to recall every encounter he’d ever had with either of his two former classmates, wondering what he might have done that had caused this violent rage against him. And the big blond buck couldn’t think of a single damn thing, which made him even more terrified. 

Zach knew he was in for a world of hurt; or perhaps even worse. 

Don’t kill me. Please!” 

Zach tried to maintain his composure, hoping to appeal to Tristan’s humanity, but Daniel only slammed the business end of the wrench into his big and beefy chest, knocking the wind out of him. 

Daniel, stop! You’ll break his ribs…!” Tristan pleaded. 

I don't care!” 

Daniel’s chiseled and geekishly handsome face morphed into something hideous as he slammed the wrench into Zach’s gut one, two, three times, succeeding with the heavy steel tool where his bony fists had failed. The wind was violently knocked out of Zach’s big lungs once again, making the huge bull gasp for breath. He tossed down the weapon and instead used his bare knuckles to tenderize Zach’s abs. They were still rock hard and Daniel’s knuckles were burning, but he didn’t care.  

Daniel recalled the time the bullies had pantsed him at summer camp… 


He remembered how devastated Tristan was when bullies had called him a ‘stupid fag’ for the first time in junior high… 


Then Daniel remembered the time a few weeks ago when one of those bullies had tripped him in the plant… 


Daniel grabbed Zach’s hulking, rounded shoulders and pulled him forward as he sent his sharp and bony knee rocketing into Zach’s bulging pants. Zach nearly wretched as he felt his fat nuts flattened between Daniel’s hard knee and his own pelvic bone. He writhed violently against his restraints, but it was no use — the nylon ropes were too strong even for a huge muscle bull like him. Zach was panting and groaning as Tristan and Daniel rummaged through the duffel bag that they’d retrieved from its earlier hiding place. 

Let’s get you out of those clothes, shall we?” 

Tristan approached Zach with a large utility knife, and Zach tensed in fear. He stayed perfectly still as Tristan carefully cut off his uniform piece by piece, tossing away the scraps of material until Zach was down to just his overpacked tighty-whities. Even the straight Daniel couldn’t help but admire Zach’s utterly magnificent body, and a tent was forming in Tristan’s pants as he eye fucked their captive and ran his hand over the man’s colossal chest and chiseled abs. Even with his bruised faced and even more bruised midsection, Zach was truly breathtaking. The gorgeous blond jock was built bigger than any man the two nerds had seen before, even bigger than most of the bodybuilders that Tristan frequently ogled in his private magazine collection, and his proportions and definition were simply staggering. Both young assailants were temporarily stunned into immobility as they took in the incredible and overwhelmingly masculine sight. 

Tristan’s attention was inexorably drawn downward to Zach’s groin, and the positively ridiculously huge bulge that stood out in the front pouch of his overstuffed underwear. Zach’s cotton-clad crotch was a magnificent sight to behold, for each of his mammoth, oblong nuts and his huge, fat shaft with its big mushroom-shaped head were clearly outlined by the sweat soaked fabric. The unbearably handsome muscle stud might as well have not been wearing anything at all, Tristan reasoned… and so he cut away the underwear as well. 

“Holy FUCK!!” Tristan gasped, and he felt his now rock hard cock spew a huge wad of precum into his pants as he saw Zach’s massive genitalia tumble into view. The blond man’s equipment was beyond pornographic, so oversized as to be obscene, yet at the same time perfectly formed and staggeringly beautiful. Tristan would have sworn that Zach’s man meat was even bigger than it had been in high school — the stud’s girthy and veiny cock looked to be damn near a full foot long even in its current flaccid state, and his mighty gonads were each easily the size of huge grapefruits, impossibly huge sex glands that looked like they belonged on a breeding bull and not on a human male. Their weight must have been tremendous as well, for they pulled his scrotum downward so that the broad underside of his ball-bloated sac very nearly reached the tip of his huge penis. 

“Damn, that’s a huge set of nuts you’ve got there, Zach! Shame we’ll have to ruin them,” Daniel said menacingly as he reached down and lifted up Zach’s mammoth left nut in his hand. The young man was astonished not only by the heroic size of that massive bollock, but also by its tremendous weight as well. The sweaty ovoid sphere felt warm and damp in Daniel’s hand, filling it to overflowing with a wealth of heavy man flesh. As he squeezed the big slippery ball to the base of its pouch, Daniel ran his thumb over the smoothly shaven sac, idly noticing how velvety soft his skin was, yet how solid and sturdy the bollock felt beneath. Curious, Daniel experimented by giving the orb a series of firm squeezes, and was further amazed to discover the nugget to be only slightly springy in his grip, the meat of that ball so dense and thick that it barely even dented in his surprisingly strong hand. 

Daniel dropped Zach’s heavy nut and then casually picked up one of the large metal clamps that the young mechanic had been using on the old, broken down machine. He lifted up the big steel tool and started stuffing Zach’s nuts inside of it, even as the blond bull began protesting and struggling anew with fresh terror in his eyes. Even at its widest setting, however, the jaws of the clamp were too small to easily accommodate the unbelievable mass of Zach’s huge balls, but Daniel was able to use his fingers to roughly cram and prod the two huge sperm tanks until they were firmly wedged within the metal device. 

It would likely only take about a dozen cranks of the handle to ruin Zach’s nuts and snuff out any future plans he might have had for a family. The visual alone made Tristan’s raging boner jump in his pants. But Daniel wanted more than just a visual. 

Fuck! No! Please!! NO!!!”

Zach pulled hysterically against his bonds as Daniel began to tighten the clamp. His huge balls were gradually crushed between the enormous metal jaws, battling against each other as the space became smaller and smaller. The slow, steady crushing was relentless, merciless, and Zach’s howls and bellows of agony became louder and more urgent the more that his huge balls flattened out. 

Dude…! You’re gonna… crush them… flat…!” Tristan panted, mesmerized by the sight of the steadily narrowing gap between the clamp’s two large metal plates, and the two heroically straining balls gradually getting crushed between them. The slender young man wanted to convince Daniel to stop ruining this spectacularly gifted and blessed bull of a stud, but the sight was so unspeakably hot that his words just trailed off. Instead, Tristan reached a hand into his tented slacks and fondled his rampant cock while Daniel continued to crank the tool’s handle. 

As Zach’s nuts compressed, the beefy orbs seemed to get even more hard and firm, so that it became more and more difficult to turn the handle. But a determined Daniel kept right on cranking the handle, proving that he was stronger than he looked. The blond bull’s massive balls were now looking like a pair of enormous, dark red hamburger patties. Zach was reduced to babbling, feeling like his huge bollocks were going to crack at any moment. 

Without warning, Daniel suddenly released the fly wheel, letting the large clamp spring back open in a fraction of a second. Zach’s huge balls swelled back to full size just as quickly, and the inrush of blood back into their flattened tissues pulled another howl of agony from the young man’s huge, powerful lungs. The handsome blond muscle man slumped in his restraints, his naked body covered in a fresh sheen of sweat, as he panted and sobbed and tried to regain his breath. 

And then Daniel started the process all over again… 

The cruel nerd repeated the ball crushing torture again and again, each time flattening Zach’s nuts just a little bit more than the previous time and truly redlining the astonishingly tough and durable orbs. Each cycle, Zach was convinced that Daniel was going to the finish the job and ruin him, but the cruel nerd was just toying with him. Daniel didn’t want to burst Zach’s huge balls. Well, not yet anyway…

“Not so macho now, are you?” Daniel sneered as he crushed Zach’s huge nuts flatter than ever before. “You’ve spent a lifetime building up your huge muscles to such a super human size, and for what? A pair of weakling nerds has overpowered you and rendered you completely defenseless, and new we get to use and abuse your powerful body any way we see fit!” 

Daniel made to crank the handle one more full turn, an action that would simply have to result in the catastrophic rupturing of both of Zach’s beautiful big balls, but then at the last moment he once again released the fly wheel. The clamp sprang back open, and this time Daniel grasped the thick and elongated neck of Zach’s scrotum and started tugging roughly at his huge balls. Daniel was trying to free the huge balls from the steel clamp, but they were wedged within the clamp’s jaw even more tightly than ever, having swelled somewhat from all of the abuse. The dark-haired assailant started to think that he’d never work Zach’s big bollocks free, but the huge man’s slick sweat started to help grease the flat plates of the clamp, and the rough pulling and yanking started to wiggle them loose. Finally, both of Zach’s huge bull nuts popped free of the device, and Daniel tossed the clamp to the floor with a loud clatter of steel on concrete. 

Both of Zach’s balls were now glowing an angry red from the repeated abuse, and after the foot stomps, wrench pummeling, and series of crushings, they were rhythmically throbbing with a deep and soul-crushing agony unlike anything the young athlete had experienced before. Hints of purple showed through that vibrant red, early evidence of the profound bruising that was soon to erupt over both mammoth testicles, but miraculously, Zach’s beefy bollocks were still largely intact. But for how much longer…? 

Tristan meanwhile had procured a large tube of lubricant from the duffel bag and had approached the bound and captive jock. The exquisitely handsome lad squeezed a very generous amount of the lubricant onto his hands, and then began stroking and massaging the nearly foot long length of limp meat hanging heavy and pendulous from Zach’s lightly hairy groin. The gorgeous muscle man was shocked by this sudden turn of events, but his surprise quickly turned to embarrassment as the mortified hunk felt his huge cock begin to respond to the smaller man’s expert ministrations. The queer nerd had very talented hands, having gained a tremendous amount of experience over the years with the closeted men in town, including more than one of his high school bullies. Despite Zach’s best efforts at suppressing the amazing sensations, his massive cock began to grow and spasm within Tristan’s lube-slickened grip. Daniel simply stood back and watched in a mixture of awe and revulsion as Zach’s already record-breaking cock grew larger and thicker and harder and fatter, cranking steadily upwards as it became more and more impossibly tumescent. 

Finally, and in a surprisingly short span of time, Zach’s mighty cock reached its full, colossal size. Daniel’s and Tristan’s eyes were wide at the sight, for the young muscular Adonis must have been sporting a good sixteen hole-busting inches of hard-as-steel jock cock jutting proudly and defiantly from his blond-haired crotch, maybe even more! Enormous gnarled veins snaked all over the titanic shaft of the behemoth bull dick, and the swollen and bloated head was easily as big as an apple. The two stunned nerds had never even heard of a cock this big before, and they were both temporarily paralyzed by the sight. 


Tristan recovered first, and Zach couldn’t help but let out a deep-voiced moan as the beautiful boy knelt down before him and stuffed the massive bulb of Zach’s cock head into his hot, wet mouth. The sensation was profoundly erotic as Tristan circled the huge knob with his strong and talented tongue, flicking it over the dilated slit at the tip of that bloated glans, and then began taking as much of Zach’s super thick cock down his throat as he could. Tristan’s slender neck bulged as inch after tremendously thick inch of Zach’s manhood disappeared down his expert throat. Daniel’s eyes bugged wide as he watched his friend almost effortlessly consume the largest cock the lads had ever seen, and the straight nerd suddenly found himself regretting the time in high school that he had refused Tristan’s offer of a blow job… 

For his part, Zach was equally surprised, for no one had ever before managed to take more than the head and maybe an inch or two of his shaft into any orifice. While the handsome young jock was understandably proud of the monstrous size of his male endowment, it had also been something of a curse for him, for he’d never found someone who’d been capable of adequately accommodating his mammoth proportions. The massively hung stud had always been forced to result to mechanical stimulation, such as the fleshlight he had back at home, and even that device could accommodate barely more than half of the stupendous length of his elephant dong. And as his stunned blue eyes watched over a full foot of his huge horse cock vanish down the pretty boy’s swallowing throat, Zach realized that he was finally losing the last vestiges of his virginity! 

“Smile for the camera!” Daniel teased as he began to snap dozens of photos with Tristan’s phone, reveling in the sight of the bound muscle jock getting his massive cock serviced by another guy and gathering more and more blackmail material against him. 

“Man, it looks like you like it, Zach!” the nerd taunted as he captured every angle, but in actual fact, it was true — Zach was indeed enjoying it! The burly, hetero alpha male was experiencing pleasure unlike anything he’d ever felt before as the eager nerd licked, slurped, sucked, and swallowed the stud’s massive tool. Zach’s lips were parted and his eyes were closed, his head lolling back on his thick bull neck as his fingers and toes curled and flexed in erotic ecstasy. 

Tristan was likewise in blissful heaven, finally getting a chance to suck the monster cock of the handsome jock he’d had a devastating crush on nearly his entire life. Zach’s huge cock was bigger and harder and thicker than anything Tristan could have ever imagined, and the mighty trouser beast filled his mouth and throat to its absolute limit. The kneeling lad began to touch and caress both of Zach’s massive balls in his much smaller hands, being careful to be very gentle with the battered and aching orbs, and was overcome with lust at their unbelievable size and heft. The young man choked and gagged more than once as he forced more and more of that massive man sausage down his gullet, and he was surprised when his nose was suddenly buried in the pubes of Zach’s lean and muscular groin. He had swallowed Zach’s fleshy sword to the hilt! 

The kneeling nerd kept happily sucking at Zach’s enormous schlong for several long minutes, while Daniel kept on gleefully snapping more incriminating photos. But then Daniel’s face started to cloud as he realized just how much Zach was genuinely enjoying his friend’s expert blowjob. Not wanting to see the object of his hatred enjoy a single moment of his beat down, Daniel barked for Tristan to stop. Tristan reluctantly dislodged Zach’s mighty cock from his throat, pulling out inch after swollen, turgid inch of meat until the huge head popped wetly out of his mouth. The young man then stood up and stepped back, leaving Zach’s huge, saliva-slickened pole to pulse and bob in the hot, still air of the abandoned warehouse, aching for release. 

“I hope you liked that, Zach, cuz you may not like the next part too much!” 

With a dramatic flourish, Daniel pulled a culinary torch out of the duffel bag, the kind used to finish a crème brûlée, and ignited it. Zach’s bright blue eyes bulged and he struggled anew as Daniel brought the small flame closer and closer to his massive mushroom head. 

Daniel! Don’t!” Tristan blurted out. They had only discussed using items like the blow torch to scare the captive jock, not actually harm him, and the handsome gay nerd was becoming more and more worried about how far his friend was going to take his revenge fantasy. At the same time, the pretty boy was too lost in the fantasy to offer any real contestation, and instead his hand was again buried in his slacks, stroking his terminally hard cock. 

Zach felt the heat of the torch increase more and more, his whole body shaking with terror, until the tip of the blue flame made contact with his cock. The goliath muscle hunk let out a bloodcurdling scream of agony, and Daniel quickly withdrew the flame just far enough so that the radiating heat was incredibly painful without the actual flame touching Zach’s magnificent tool. The cruel nerd slowly ran the torch up and down Zach’s phenomenally long shaft, carefully keeping the actual flame just far enough to avoid truly burning him. Daniel’s careful approach was small comfort to Zach, who felt like his dick was on fire, particularly the swollen mushroom head where the vicious nerd spent extra time and attention. Daniel ran the flame for nearly ten minutes, along the top, underside, and flanks of that titanic phallus, making Zach’s humongous cock turn nearly as red as his aching balls, and cooking the great beast of a cock until it was just this side of blistering. And amazingly, Zach’s colossal cock remained hard as an iron crowbar the entire time, not flagging in the slightest despite the burning heat. 

Satisfied that he’d thoroughly cooked the huge, sweating too, Daniel finally turned off the blow torch and looked deep into the jock’s bright blue eyes. 

“And that was just the beginning!” 

Daniel then walked over to the side of the huge thermoforming machine and hit the power button. To his surprise, the large contraption noisily came to life, thrumming with power and vibrating against Zach’s naked back and ass. 

“Damn, you ARE one hell of a mechanic!” Daniel exclaimed in honest surprise. “This machine was pretty much frozen solid, and I didn’t think anyone could ever bring it to life again. But you proved me wrong!” Daniel then grasped Zach by his powerful jaw and pulled the terrified man’s face so that he could lock eyes with him and said, “Let’s give it a test run, shall we?” 

Daniel and Tristan were able to flip their bound bull until he was facing the machine, his huge chest and thighs pressed up against the huge steel beast. There was a wide gap in the machine at about waist height, where prototype forms could be placed into the machine and then, at the press of a button, the top of the machine would come down and press a thick sheet of extruded plastic over the form beneath, using heat and pressure to mould the plastic around the form to create the perfect cast. 

Only now, Zach’s ridiculously hard bull cock and ostrich egg sized balls were resting heavily on the hard ceramic plate inside, helpless and oh so very vulnerable. A terrified Zach began to babble once more, begging for mercy as he again fought ferociously against his nylon rope restraints. 

Daniel, ignoring Zach’s pleas, said, “This is actually going to be a surprise for Tristan. I wanted my best friend to have a memento of our evening together, so I’ve decided to fashion him a dildo based off of your grotesquely oversized cock and balls. I’m going to form a plastic cast of your cock now, and later I’ll use that cast to create a very realistic copy of your own genitals, so that Tristan can enjoy you whenever he wants.” The cruel nerd chuckled malevolently at his own plan before saying, “Of course, this may hurt a little…” 

He then depressed the on button, and the top of the machine came bearing down, the hydraulic press coming down with unstoppable force onto the titanic set of genitals trapped inside. Zach gave his most deafening bellow of pain yet, thrashing violently against his restraints as his precious genitals were simultaneously crushed and cooked in the thermoforming machine’s deadly embrace. The process of heating and vacuforming the plastic sheeting took almost an entire minute, and Zach’s almighty form thrashed and bucked and howled the entire time. The sight was brutal in the extreme, and Tristan felt tears streaming down his beautiful cheeks, even as his steel hard cock continued to throb and pulse in his pants. 

The huge, lumbering machine finally finished its cycle, and as the top of the machine lifted upward once more, both nerds could see steam issuing from the belly of the metal beast. Zach slumped in his restraints, his mighty muscles going slack as the pressure and heat were removed from his screaming cock and balls. Both young men eagerly flipped the huge man back over to see what damage the machine had wrought. 

Steam was visibly rising off of Zach’s rock hard schlong and huge, pendulous balls, which were now glowing an even darker lobster red after being nearly cooked and crushed to death in the machine. But to Tristan’s great joy and relief, the young muscle man’s mighty genitals were still alive and intact, having survived a fate that would surely have wrecked and ruined most men. 

Daniel, however, was not nearly as pleased to see Zach’s jock junk still intact, and he decided to do something about it. 

The angry young nerd reached into the duffel bag and fetched a baseball bat made from hard plastic, then walked back over to the bound stud. He looked down at Zach’s dangling balls, those two monstrously huge nuts that were the true source and wellspring for the young man’s overwhelming masculinity, and he decided that they made too tempting a target. 



Zach howled in fresh pain as the baseball bat collided with the left side of his huge, heavy sac, sending both of his nut careening in the opposite direction, and feeling like they could rip right out of this ball bag. But Daniel waited only long enough for the stud’s huge danglers to settle back in the bottom of their sac before striking them just as hard from the opposite direction. 



Daniel was careful not to unleash his full strength, instead delivering devastating — but recoverable — blows in rapid succession to Zach’s gigantic, swelling nuts. At this rate, Daniel knew that Zach would be incredibly sore and walking with a limp for at least a week, but that at the end of the day, the mighty young muscle bull would still be able to produce lots and lots of Zach Juniors. But Daniel knew that his ultimate intent was considerably darker… 

Tristan found himself rooted to the spot in a mixture of horror and lust as he watched his best friend lay waste to the outrageously handsome muscle man’s titanic testicles, striking them over and over and over again with the plastic baseball bat, from every possible angle. The rhythmic, beefy smacking sounds echoed inside the hot, deserted warehouse, nearly downing out the cries and howls and bellows of pain being ripped from Zach’s mighty lungs. 

Incredibly, Zach’s horse cock remained hard as steel even as his huge balls were being systematically pummeled and pulverized. The humongous phallus would bob and sway with each devastating blow, the awesome weight of his bloated nutsac tugging his huge cock in various directions. But not only was Zach’s cock harder than ever, as Tristan watched with rapt amazement, he could see that the throbbing and pulsating beast looked to be swelling even bigger. 

“Oh my god!” Tristan exclaimed. “I think he’s about to cum!”

“Batter up!” Daniel shouted in response, and then started swinging at Zach’s helpless nuts with all of his surprising might. He no longer cared if the devastatingly handsome muscle jock would ever be able to have kids, or even if he left him with anything other than mush in his ruined ball bag. Zach’s low hanging nutsac was soon bouncing around wildly as the bat began to collide with his balls so hard that the solid plastic was actually starting to dent! 

The extreme brutality to his heavy, heaving nuts was simply more than Zach’s super charged virility could take. 


As Zach bellowed in animal agony, an utterly gigantic rope of cum rocketed out of his cock with such volume and force that it made an audible splashing sound when it splattered messily against Daniel’s shirt. For a moment, the angry nerd was stunned, for there was more spunk and sperm in that single blast of cum than his own balls could produce in a week of steady milking, and that was just the first mighty salvo. Blast after colossal blast of cum continued to shoot out of Zach’s mighty horse cock with unbelievable power, slashing Daniel’s torso, arms, and even his face with slug after slug of unnaturally thick and viscous cum. Ordinarily, Daniel would have been repulsed to be coated with another man’s spunk, but the knowledge that he was literally hammering the sperm out of a vastly superior man’s balls filled Daniel with a feeling of such incredible power that he didn’t care. 

Daniel lined up the baseball bat once more, and began pounding Zach’s balls harder than ever, this time hammering them against the unyielding steel belly of the huge machine behind him. Zach bellowed and sobbed as his busy balls were mercilessly punished, even as his mighty cock belched and thundered out a cum load that was orders of magnitude larger and more insanely powerful than either of the two nerds had ever seen. 

He continued to rain genetic-line-ending blows onto Zach’s horrifically bruised and battered balls until the entire tortured orgasm was finished, almost two full minutes later. The entire front of Daniel’s body was drenched from head to toe, and Tristan gasped in awe at the sheer volume of spunk coating his best friend. There was so much chunky spew bathing Daniel’s form and the concrete floor around him that at first Tristan wasn’t certain if Zach was pissing or cumming, but the distinctive creamy color and gooey sheen made it obvious that Zach had just spewed an impossible geyser of Grade AAA baby batter. The thickness and viscosity of Zach’s spew was almost unlike anything either of the other two lads had seen before, for it had the consistency of a thick paste, so dense was it with sperm cells. The spunk also gave off a heady and not unpleasant odor of funk that Tristan found to be powerfully arousing. 

Once Zach’s monumental orgasm finally burped and dribbled to a close, Daniel was incredulous to see that the young blond’s massive cock was still just as raging hard as ever, even after the unspeakably brutal torture and impossibly massive load. The sight of the muscle stud’s sixteen-plus inches of proudly defiant cock made Daniel angrier than ever, and he decided then and there that he was going to knock the handsome bull down a peg or two… permanently! 

He violently ruffled through the duffel bag once more and produced a clamp vice with a trigger grip, the kind used to hold two pieces of wood together at construction sites. He angrily held it up to Zach’s terrified and tear-streaked face and sneered as he pumped the trigger until the two large faces of the clamp compressed together completely. Zach could only imagine what would happen to his own hefty bull nuts if they were compressed that flat. 

No! NO!! PLEASE!! Daniel, I’m begging you…” 

Zach pleaded with Daniel as the furious young man ensnared his beefy right jock nut and began to stuff it between the plates of the wood clamp. Zach’s massive nuts had by now swollen to even more gargantuan dimensions, which made it even more difficult to force the titanic right teste into the device. But nearly an hour of punishing abuse had considerably softened up both of Zach’s behemoth bollocks, which allowed Daniel to poke, prod, and roughly cram the young man’s profoundly aching right nut into the device. 

With a look of sadistic glee on his face, Daniel began squeezing the trigger over and over again, mercilessly crushing the mammoth orb trapped within. It only took about a dozen squeezes to compress Zach’s gigantic testicle to only half of its prodigious girth… and Daniel just kept right on squeezing. Zach thought he was going to pass out from the extraordinary amount of pain searing through his collapsing nut. Tristan meanwhile remained almost paralyzed at the sight, watching in fascinated horror as Zach’s gigantic right testicle got flatter. And flatter. And flatter… 

“Daniel…!” Tristan gasped. The young man knew that there was no trick to the wood vise. No safety mechanism. Daniel could squeeze the trigger until Zach’s beleaguered bollock actually popped, and the look on Daniel’s face made it clear that that was exactly what was about to happen. Daniel kept right on pumping the trigger, lost in a red fog of rage, squeezing Zach’s trapped orb over and over again, knowing that the blond bull’s huge bollock was about to explode. He may have initially just wanted to scare Zach, but the closer he got to ruining the mighty muscle man, the more Daniel wanted to go through with it. Daniel was torn between panic at the realization that he was committing very serious crimes, and the long suppressed rage he’d felt after years and years of bullying. 

Rage won out. 


Zach’s humongous sperm tank, containing half of his potential future children, was quivering on the brink of bursting open like an overripe melon when Tristan finally broke out of his stupor, lunging forward and grasping Daniel by his shoulder. 

“Daniel! Stop!!” 

But Daniel just violently shook off Tristan’s hand and ignored his beseeching friend, focusing his attention on the blood red patty of man meat trapped inside the wood clamp in his strong hands. He squeezed the trigger again and again, watching the testicle become impossibly flat, a mere fraction of its normal girth. Though it seemed impossible that the handsome hunk’s giant nut hadn’t burst yet, Daniel was certain that he was already causing serious and very permanent damage to the hideously compressed ball. Zach was very nearly comatose as he began to feel the membranes of his beautiful right nut start to fracture and give way. It would not be long now. Only five or six squeezes remained before the two large steel plates would meet, utterly annihilating anything trapped in between. Daniel squeezed the trigger again, and again, and again… 

Zach’s handsome head rolled and his big blue eyes pleadingly met Tristan’s gaze. 

Tristan… please… save me…!” 

Daniel was dead set on his new goal of totally ruining Zach’s mammoth nuts, and he knew it would only take another squeeze or two to finish off the gigantic right ball before he did the same to the stud’s equally massive left ball. He was so focused on this solitary goal that he didn’t notice Tristan rushing up beside him until he felt his friend’s bony-knuckled fist colliding with his jaw. 

Daniel saw stars and was spun halfway around by the force of the punch, causing him to drop the wood clamp in the process. The stunned nerd righted himself just in time to take a second punch on the other side of his face, followed by a sucker punch to the gut that knocked the air out of him. Daniel doubled over, gasping for breath, and then fell back heavily on his ass. Vision spinning and struggling for air, Daniel could barely grunt as he saw his best friend betray him and rush to Zach’s aid. 

The bound blond bull was in unbelievable agony, for the heavy wood vise was still clamped down on his beleaguered right bollock. Zach’s right bull nut had been squashed impossibly flat, now a mere fraction of an inch in girth, and even without any further compression, it was clear that the young man’s mighty gonad was dying, struggling valiantly in a steadily losing effort to maintain its structural integrity. And to add insult to injury, the heavy steel vise itself was now dragging the huge bollock toward the floor, stretching the straining orb several inches farther from the young man’s sweaty, muscular groin than it had ever been stretched before. It was obvious that Zach’s powerful bull ball, half of his extraordinary manhood, was mere seconds away from bursting asunder. 

Tristan ran to Zach and dropped to his knees before the huge man, grasping the dangling vise with both trembling hands and racing against time in an effort to release the insane pressure being forced into the blond bull’s ball. Unfamiliar with such equipment, Tristan almost accidentally turned the crank in the wrong direction, which would have spelled instant doom for Zach’s trapped nut, but as luck would have it, the terrified nerd turned the crank in the correct direction, slowly but steadily reducing the ball-bursting pressure on Zach’s big ball. In half a minute, the vise was at its widest setting, but it still took a significant amount of effort and elbow grease to work Zach’s ridiculously swollen bollock out of the clamp’s deadly metal jaws. But finally, the young man’s bloated ball was free, a dark red and purple mottled orb that looked much the worse for wear, but was miraculously still whole and intact! 

The desperate nerd then worked quickly to release the bound muscle mechanic, untying his feet first and then releasing his bound wrists. Tears were streaming down Tristan’s cheeks as he freed the battered and exhausted bull hunk, and he didn’t care how Zach reacted once he was freed. Tristan was filled with remorse for having assisted Daniel in what had started out as just a prank, and he was ready to face whatever punishment would follow. 

When Zach’s final limb was freed, the enormously muscular young stud lunged forward and grabbed a terrified and recoiling Tristan by the scruff of his neck, holding the much smaller man immobile. Zach’s powerful jaw was clenched so hard that his jaw muscles stood out in deep relief, and the intensity in his azure eyes would have sent most men running for the nearest exit. But Tristan simply met that gaze unflinchingly with his own, wordlessly expressing his profound sorrow and regret. The beautiful young nerd was ready and accepting of his fate, expecting the unbelievably strong and muscular mechanic to beat him to a bloody pulp at any moment. 

Tristan was thus shocked to the deepest depths of his soul as Zach suddenly pulled him close and planted a passionate kiss on his gently parted lips. The young nerd was stunned for several moments before he literally melted into the larger man’s powerful embrace, returning his kiss with equal passion. Daniel, from his vantage point on the floor, was no less shocked and surprised, and could only gasp for breath as he watched his best friend battle tongues with the focus of his rage and resentment. 

The two men made out for what had to be several long minutes, the devastatingly handsome and masculine muscle jock and the slender and exceedingly beautiful nerd making a study in contrasts as they kissed and embraced. The two couldn’t have looked more different than one another, yet somehow they were also a perfect match. 

Daniel started trying to crawl backwards on all four limbs, wanting desperately to get away, but Zach opened his brilliant blue eyes and growled, “Not so fast, asshole!” 

The crawling nerd yelped in terror and tried to scramble to his feet, but a furious Zach was upon him in a half dozen large strides. The naked muscle bull grabbed Daniel by the neck and effortlessly hauled the man’s slender body up into the air. The terrified nerd struggled and writhed in Zach’s grasp, his legs kicking wildly but ineffectively beneath him, but the big man’s grip was like a vise, and Daniel could not break free. Tristan nearly drooled at the sight of Zach’s huge bicep muscles bunching and bulging to even more incredible size as the big man lifted Daniel into the air like he would a weight in the gym. 

A corner of Daniel’s terrified mind noticed that Zach’s massive monster cock was still as hard as a crowbar, which somehow seemed nearly as threatening to the petrified nerd as the look of murderous fury in Zach’s glowing blue eyes. 

Daniel continued to struggle as Zach carried him back to the still-thrumming machine and slammed his slender back against its steel hull. 

“Tristan!” Daniel gasped, looking pleadingly as his best friend, but Tristan’s eyes hardened as he met his friend’s terrified gaze. Clearly, no mercy would be coming from that quarter, either. 

The much smaller nerd was powerless to stop Zach as the big man tied his wrists to the machine with the same nylon ropes that had so recently bound his massive blond form. Daniel’s legs quickly followed, until he was secured in a defenseless spread eagled position. 

“Wha…? Wha-what are you going t-to do t-to me?” Daniel stuttered in stark terror. In response, Zach merely grabbed the front of Daniel’s slacks, underwear and all, and tore them off the front of his body in one mighty pull. Daniel screamed as the fabric shredded like it was paper, exposing his pleasantly larger-than-average limp cock and dangling balls to the room. 

Zach balled his huge right fist and pounded Daniel in the stomach so hard that the young man would have sworn that the big man’s knuckles had connected with his spine. Daniel’s breath, which he’d only recently regained, was again knocked out of him, and he thought for sure he’d actually vomit. 

“Did you think you’d actually get away with this?!” Zach said, his deep voice filled with barely controlled fury. 

Zach didn’t let Daniel answer as his huge fist found Daniel’s tender balls. Daniel uttered a choked scream as Zach began using his dangling sac like a punching bag. The gasping and writhing nerd felt his balls pancaking against the side of the machine again and again, feeling like they would blow apart at any moment. What Daniel didn’t realize was that the ball-bending and soul-rending impacts were only a mere fraction of Zach’s nearly super human strength. Had Zach wanted to, he could have instantly pulverized the smaller man’s testicles with just one powerful blow, so these were merely ‘love taps’ by comparison. 

Daniel finally found his breath, and his screams echoed through the warehouse as his bouncing sac turned bright red under the assault. 

“I’ve been nothing but nice to you all these years, Daniel, and THIS is how you treat me!?!” Zach roared, his handsome, square-jawed face just inches from Daniel’s terrified and tear-streaked one. 

Zach grabbed Daniel by the shoulders and pulled his small body forward just as his large knee was rocketing upward. Again, Zach used the tiniest fraction of the insane power and strength in his colossal legs, but nevertheless Daniel screamed as he was sure he felt something in his sack pop. The rapid swelling didn’t exactly abate his concerns. 

“So I think you deserve a bit of your own medicine! 

Zach’s big knee slammed into Daniel’s swelling balls again. A distinct crunching sensation ricocheted through his body as a burning, nauseating agony filled his belly. Zach was easily twice Daniel’s 160 pounds, and he was 100% pure muscle. 



Daniel screamed as Zach pasted his extremely swollen balls into his pelvis twice more, forcing them to compress between Zach’s massive thigh and Daniel’s lean crotch. 

“Maybe I should wreck your balls like you’d planned to wreck mine!” Zach said, making the handsome nerd sob and babble in sheer terror. 

Tristan had secretly lusted after his best friend Daniel since junior high school, and even though he wasn’t nearly on the level of an enormously muscular young Adonis like Zach, it was still hot to see the handsome man half naked with his ample, low-hanging nuts swinging freely. The fact that they were also being pounded by the hottest muscle god in the world and the focus of his fantasies for more than half his life was pushing more buttons for Tristan than he realized he had. He had freed his own large cock from his pants and was pumping his beautifully shaped cock furiously as he watched the brutal assault. 

Suddenly, Daniel found himself flashing through all of the memories between him and Tristan. All of the condescending comments and slights he thrown his friend’s way, and the way Daniel had all but abandoned his best friend when he’d gotten accepted to a prestigious university while Tristan was left behind. Daniel and Tristan were both nerds, but Daniel had treated his best friend poorly, so without even realizing it, Daniel —  not the other high school jocks, and certainly not Zach — had become Tristan’s primary bully. ‘Oh fuck!’ Daniel thought. 

And then bizarrely, and entirely against his will, Daniel’s well-formed cock began to grow and harden right in front of his disbelieving eyes. Despite the horrible, deep ache inside of his throbbing nuts, Daniel’s cock was soon at its full eight-inch, girthy size. The young nerd had always been proud of his large cock, but the muscle man now standing before him possessed a truly colossal phallus that was more than twice Daniel’s length and vastly more thick and massive. As Daniel’s big cock bobbed and pulsed in front of him, it almost looked like his dick was bowing down to the far, FAR superior male standing naked in front of him, and pulverizing his aching stones. 

“Damn, it looks like you WANT me to destroy your nuts, Daniel!” Zach said as he took in the sight of his foe’s rampant and throbbing cock. “Is that it, Daniel? Do you want me to ruin you?” 

Daniel shook his head so hard that it looked like it might snap right off of his neck, desperately pleading for Zach to spare him. The big muscle man felt a gentle tap on one of his mammoth shoulders, and turned to find Tristan standing meekly beside him, offering up the plastic baseball bat that had so recently been used to such brutal effect on Zach’s own beyond-huge nuts. The hard plastic bat was covered in dents and looked badly damaged, visual proof of just how insanely tough Zach’s own bull balls were. Daniel’s eyes grew even wider at the sight, and he knew that just one blow from that bat would reduce his own big balls to rubble. 

“No, but thank you Tristan,” Zach said, grinning at the much smaller man and winning a dazzling smile in response. He then turned back to meet Daniel’s gaze before saying, “I prefer to use my hands.” 

Perversely, Daniel felt his load boiling despite the deep aching pain in his nuts. But his pleasure was quickly overwritten by unspeakable pain as Zach reached up with one of his big and enormously muscular hands, grasped both of Daniel’s swollen nuts, and began to squeeze. Tristan was transfixed on Zach’s huge and powerful right arm as muscles he didn’t even know existed bulged into stark relief. Veins were popping out all over Zach’s massive, muscle-corded forearm as he squashed Daniel’s nuts into a smaller and smaller space. 

Daniel’s svelte and muscular body convulsed as Zach’s big thumb dug into both of his nuts. He wailed and begged for mercy, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. The pain coming from this crotch was the only thing Daniel could think of as his screams echoed uselessly through the factory. 

And once again, Zach was only using the barest fraction of his full strength, ever so slowly ramping up the pressure on Daniel’s trapped orbs, inching them closer and closer to their breaking point. 

“He’s about to cum!” Tristan announced eagerly, watching Daniel’s big cock swell bigger still, the wide helmet-shaped head flaring even larger as he rapidly neared release. 

Daniel had once casually mentioned to his friend that he preferred to jerk off into a condom to contain the mess, and ever since then, Tristan had fantasied about seeing just how much juice his straight, nerdy buddy could shoot. Now he was about to get his chance. 

Zach!! NO!! PLEEEASE!!!”


Daniel felt something give inside his straining left nut just as his cock let out a flood of cum that made even Zach exclaim in surprise. More than a dozen gooey, voluminous shots sprayed Zach across his massive, magnificent chest, splattering the vast expanse of those thick, curvaceous pecs with the smaller man’s procreative spew. Daniel’s entire body was convulsing so violently it looked like he was having a seizure as the orgasm rocked every nerve. His toes actually curled in different directions and even the tips of his fingers were tingling. Daniel’s load paled in comparison to Zach’s volcanic and super human emissions, of course, with it was nevertheless a massive load by anyone’s standards, and Tristan was flabbergasted by the incredibly erotic sight. 

Zach meanwhile continued clutching both of Daniel’s spasming, convulsing balls in his huge hand. The big man’s knuckles were starting to turn white, and small bubbles of bulging nut meat were starting to ooze between the thick and muscular fingers. Zach was clearly redlining the smaller man’s straining balls, expertly holding them on the very razor’s edge of rupturing for several minutes longer, utterly dominating the handsome nerd. 

Then, when it seemed Daniel’s poor, struggling bollocks would simply have to burst, Zach leaned in close once more and snarled, “If you EVER attempt to hurt me or Tristan ever again, I will wreck these sorry balls for good!” The big man, who was neither cruel nor evil, then opened his deadly grip, releasing the slender nerd’s nearly broken balls. Daniel’s balls were profoundly mangled, Zach’s big fingers looking like they’d made permanent indentations into the malleable orbs. But as all three men watched, Daniel’s balls slowly and very painfully started to reinflate. It took them more than half a minute to regain something approaching their original ovoid shapes, and they were clearly starting to swell from all the trauma as fluids rushed into them, but Daniel’s dangling balls were still whole and relatively intact. 

“Do I make myself clear!?” Zach bellowed into the terrified young man’s face. 

“Y-yes! Yes, sir!” Daniel hurriedly replied, desperate to spare his genitals any more abuse. 

“I have half a mind to leave you tired up here until somebody found you, but even YOU don’t deserve that,” Zach said as he started loosening the ropes at Daniel’s wrists and ankles. Once freed, Daniel collapsed to his knees on the floor, bending forward until his forehead touched the concrete, cradling his unbearably throbbing balls with both hands. He barely registered as the naked Zach draped one massive arm across Tristan’s slender shoulders and led both of them out of the warehouse, leaving Daniel sobbing on the floor, nursing both his battered balls and his wounded pride. It was nearly an hour before he could collect himself enough to gather his torn clothing, limp bow-legged to his car, and drive himself home. 

Meanwhile, a naked Zach had accompanied a quiet and meek Tristan back to his car. After a few more long moments of awkward silence, Tristan finally got up the courage to tell the big blond Adonis that he’d been in love with him since they were kids. The slender nerd then began to blush furiously after his embarrassing admission, but Zach gently raised his face with one big finger under the lad’s chin, and blushed as well as he admitted that he’d secretly had a crush on the achingly handsome nerd for years, too. The pair kissed passionately once more in the dark and deserted parking lot, Zach’s massive tool rising once more and threatening to lift the smaller man right off the ground. 

After a few whispered words said with husky, lust-filled voices, Zach got into Tristan’s car and accompanied the smaller man back to his apartment. There, despite the terrific pain still raging inside his battered, bruised, and poorly used nuts, Zach proved to Tristan that weekend that his plumbing was still 100% functional and intact. Proved it more than a dozen times, in fact! 

By the end of their first weekend together, Tristan was literally drained as he tried his best to match Zach orgasm for orgasm, and it felt like his poor overused balls were about to turn themselves inside out with the effort, but he didn’t care. His greatest dream had become an even more wonderful reality. He had the biggest, handsomest, kindest, gentlest man in the world in his bed and in his arms, and they were falling madly in love with each other. 

Daniel didn’t return to work for a full week, calling out sick so that he could nurse his heavily wounded balls back to health. By the following Monday, Daniel’s balls were still visibly bruised, but he could finally walk again without a limp, so he nervously returned to the workplace. Right away, he noticed something strange, as even the ex-jock bullies from his high school greeted him pleasantly when they saw him on the factory floor. A few of the guys looked more than a little nervous around Daniel, but they all but tripped over themselves in an effort to be polite and professional with the nerdy manager. 

Almost a week went by before he found out the truth. It turned out that Zach had been completely unaware of the hell that Tristan and Daniel had gone through during their entire growing up, and how the bullying had continued even to the present day. The huge blond bull had confronted each and every one of these bullies and former school friends, and demanded that they immediately halt their taunting and bullying — of either of the two nerds! — upon pain of a beat down from the massively muscular stud himself. Daniel couldn’t believe that after all that he’d done to Zach (and to Tristan, for that matter), and the fact that he’d almost succeeded in nutting the handsome blond muscle stud, the big man had stood up to the bullies to protect him! Daniel’s feelings of shame and guilt were profound… 

In time, however, the three young men formed an unlikely but profound bond of friendship, forgiving each other for their actions and misunderstandings. The bond threatened and offended the bullies in town, however, until that fateful day when they ganged up on the handsome trio. But that, as they say, is another story…