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Cum Fantasy - Part 1

Cum Fantasy - Part 1
Based on an original story by an anonymous author


Cum Fantasy Part 1: The Discovery

Jake Thompson had many reasons to be happy with his life. By his 30th birthday, he'd made it through many hard years of biomedical schooling, landed a great job out of school with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and had worked his way up the ranks there. Jake had been part of the team that developed the revolutionary anti-impotence drug, Viagra, and thus had earned his fair share of financial and professional rewards. Not bad for a dashingly handsome, extremely well-built, single gay male in the prime of his life. 

In his free time, Jake donated his time as an assistant coach to the local Division I college water polo team, having been an avid swimmer himself back in college. It was Jake’s way to give back to the mentors who had coached him through high school and college, and it made him feel part of something greater than himself. 

However, there was one part of Jake's life that felt empty and unfulfilled. Despite the remarkable success of Viagra, the results of the Viagra project had actually been less than what he'd hoped for, and he felt like there was unfinished business and unexplored research avenues with the project. Sure, the marketed drug gave you an erection that wouldn’t quit for hours at a time, and helped make some users more than a bit randy, but any increased libido effects didn’t seem to last for any great length of time. Jake himself didn’t have any problems in that regard -- he was a healthy young male in the sexual prime of his life -- but he was dedicated to helping other men find a way to overcome such problems. 

Jake had proposed further work in this area to the administrators at Pfizer, but he was met with harsh criticism; already Pfizer was taking enough heat from some for creating "a sex drug.” If they went any farther, explained the administration, they could cross the border into psychotropics, and stand to lose everything, including their greatest cash cow, Viagra. 

This negative corporate response didn’t put a damper on Jake's passion to take the work further, and if anything pushed him to try even harder. In recent months, Jake had begun returning to the lab late at night after the college swim practices. Under the guise of performing a little extra research (something Pfizer never frowned upon), Jake began to develop a new drug, one that he hoped would combine the erection assistance effects of Viagra with an additional compound to increase libido as well. 

But what he discovered was vastly more powerful than anything even Jake could ever have imagined.

Jake was an extraordinarily talented and gifted biochemist, and as he delved into his research he began unlocking secrets he didn’t even know existed. He began with the same chemistry used in Viagra, but from there began synthesizing drugs that stimulated the areas of the brain that not only control sexual desire, but also some that were thought to contribute to sexual performance, preference, and arousal, including those that are triggered during orgasm. In the course of this work, Jake discovered many links to the body's reproductive system, and through some initial testing on the laboratory rats Pfizer kept by the thousands, was able to produce truly spectacular results.

The handsome young scientist had soon developed a fine powder, easily made into a pill form, that made male rats attempt to mate with other male rats, and in the process, ejaculate 6 to 8 times the normal amount of semen. This greatly extended orgasm often left the rats dehydrated, and in response they began to develop a behavior where they would gather around the cage water bottles, consuming vast amounts of liquid during the intercourse. 

Jake then concocted a special liquid formula of proteins, electrolytes, and amino acids and added it to the water bottles. When the rats were given access to this special replenishing formula, the rats seemed to be able to ejaculate almost endlessly. In one experiment, a single rat produced over a cup of semen during a 30-minute period, drinking almost constantly over that period. To avoid detection of his work, Jake would often need to wash the cages AND the rats at the end of the night, flushing away all of the rat semen. The drug’s effect would slowly wear off after the course of an hour or so, and the rats would then resume their normal mating behavior and ejaculation size. 

With every week that went by, Jake became more and more impatient to try the drug himself. He actually found himself getting turned on during the experiments, imagining all the things that could happen if this drug were not given to a cage full of rats, but a room full of men. Jake’s fantasies ran wild. When he felt that there had been enough testing, Jake vowed that he would indeed take the drug himself, making himself the guinea pig for his own experiments. 

The day finally came when Jake was satisfied that all of the animal tests were complete, and he felt confident that he could start the human trials...on himself. On the way home from the lab, he bought 12 one gallon jugs of spring water, getting very strange looks from the staff of the store. He had synthesized several pills, each a scaled-up version of what he'd been giving the rats, but a bit weaker so he could control the dosage of the drug. He also brought home several gallons of his concentrated electrolyte formula to mix with the bottled water. He had all of the ingredients he needed for his first human trial. 

When Jake got home, he was too excited to do anything else, and immediately mixed together a diluted batch of his special protein formula and popped the first pill into his mouth, chasing it with down a large glass of water. He sat down on his living room couch, and waited. Within minutes, his pulse began to race a bit and his vision seemed to come in and out of focus. He started to panic, knowing that this whole project was an EXTREME risk, and he had perhaps pushed the time envelope way too quickly. He should have done more testing, he should have tested on other animals, he should have made his experiments public and followed all legal protocols...

Suddenly, he broke out into a feverish sweat, and was immediately filled with...LUST! But a directed lust, for cock, for ass, for MEN. Visions of naked men, men having sex with men, and men cumming filled his head. In 10 seconds, his cock had grown to its full and very thick 11 inches, and did not show any indication of quitting. This had happened with the Viagra before, but never this quickly or with this intense sexualized emotional reeling. 

Almost immediately after his cock reached full length and girth, he felt an approaching orgasm. ‘Holy shit,’ he thought, ‘it's w-w-working!’ His muscular legs started to buckle, and he dropped to the floor, trying desperately to open his pants and pull out his cock before it was...

...too late. 

His cock began spurting powerful jets of semen inside of his boxer briefs, filling the soft cotton with spunk as his mind reeled with the most powerful orgasm he'd ever felt. Struggling to the kitchen on his hands and knees in an effort to avoid making a mess of his carpeted living room, Jake collapsed on the floor as he yanked off his pants and underwear. Spunk just spilled out onto the floor, what Jake estimated was probably 1/2 cup already, and his cock was still going! 

Jake was understandably proud of his magnificent 11-inch tool, and he grabbed it now around the thick, meaty shaft and began to pump it like he'd done when he was 13 and used to masturbate 4-5 times a day. It felt great, just like in those days, only this time it wasn't stopping. The semen was pumping out faster now and with even greater power, soaking his shirt (he thought later that it would have been a good idea to have gotten naked and in the bathtub first...oh well) and hitting him in his face. The pulses of sperm were truly enormous, dwarfing his normally prodigious loads, and struck with such amazing force that they actually stung. Some shots flew well past his head, striking the tile floor and kitchen cabinet doors behind him. 

Jake hauled out his huge balls, massive lemon-sized beauties that had always been his favorite pride and joy. His mighty, meaty orbs felt like they were pulsing and throbbing in his hand, working at an incredibly accelerated rate to produce vast quantities of his potent spunk. Jake grabbed around the base of those huge balls with one hand and tugged them roughly to the bottom of his big sac, which made the intensity of his orgasm increase even further. 

After about 2 or 3 exquisitely long minutes of this endless orgasm, the monstrous load finally finally began to subside, leaving Jake a sticky heap of cum-drenched stud muscle on his drenched kitchen floor. His mouth felt unbelievably parched, but overall, he felt fine. More than fine, in fact; he felt phenomenal! He reached up to the counter and pulled down one of the gallon jugs of protein formula, and in seconds had drained half of it. 

Suddenly, the feelings began again, this time a bit stronger, with the orgasm hitting Jake with the force of a freight train. Jake finished the jug just in time for the next wave of orgasm to hit, this one stronger than the first. His balls positively ached as he reached down, cupped the massive orbs, and actually felt them churning. His huge balls gave a mighty contraction, and titanic ropes of semen shot directly into his face and over his wide shoulders in mighty spurts. Unable to resist, Jake began lapping at the thick and pungent nut juice, aiming his raging cock directly at his face and directing the stream of jizz straight into his mouth. Jake had always had a thick and heavy load thanks to his unusually massive balls, but this was even thicker and sweeter than anything he had shot before, almost like he was pumping out pure sperm. Jake also found that swallowing his own semen was satisfying the great thirst that had returned once the orgasm has begun anew. 

This time the orgasm lasted over 5 minutes, and didn't really subside until Jake had finally decided he'd had enough and stopped drinking the load that seemed to never stop coming. Once he did this, his orgasm and ejaculation continued for several more minutes, continuing to drench him from head to toe before finally ramping down. 

As the last bits of thick spunk finally dribbled out of his huge, rock hard bull cock, Jake assessed the scene. Nearly his entire kitchen floor was covered in his jizz, as were the lower cabinets he had finally leaned up against for support. Jake could only guess that this was about a gallon or more of semen, as that was how much fluid he'd consumed before his second orgasm hit. While he'd been drinking his own cum, the ejaculation must literally have been "recycled." ‘Amazing!’ he thought. Of course, the rats would never have shown this, as they were not really adept at fellatio, or even aiming their ejaculations in any direction. There were many random ribbons of cum here and there on top of the counters, and even on some of the the upper cabinets, which was truly astounding and spoke to the mighty force with which Jake’s spunk had been expelled from his huge cock. 

The thirst had returned once more, but this time much reduced from before. Jake drank a quarter of the next jug of fluid, and within minutes was ejaculating again, this time only for about 30 seconds and with a bit weaker emotional stimulus, but still enough to produce a mind-blowing orgasm and a healthy few cups of cum. This cycle continued until the second gallon jug had been emptied, and Jake could drink without it triggering an orgasm. He was left a bit exhausted, but absolutely ecstatic. He'd realized his dream! He’d created a wonder drug that massively increased male libido and virility! Sure, there was no doubt some more refinement to be done, but this drug would be recognized as an incredible breakthrough.

Jake peeled himself up off of his incredibly sticky floor, long ropes of fresh spunk dripping off of his beautiful body, and walked down the hall to his bathroom. He then showered, removing the thick layers of cum from his hair and clothes, and as he later mopped up the incredible mess in his kitchen, he thought of the other pills. Like any good scientist, Jake wanted to do more testing, but this time on other men. Thinking where the safest place was to do this, Jake immediately came up with the local city bathhouse. Shit, men went there to get off; certainly none of them would complain if they found themselves getting off like they'd never gotten off before! As much as he wanted to run this latest test tonight, Jake realized he was too tired after his performance on his own kitchen floor this evening. It could wait until tomorrow. 

After cleaning up, Jake passed out in his bed, more satisfied than he'd ever been in his life.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Billy the Bull

Billy the Bull
Original author unknown


Billy the Bull was on his way to the castration clinic, a facility under the direct control of the government. The clinic had three theaters and often all three would be working a capacity to cope with the country’s plentiful supply of rebels, criminals, and escaped slaves. The men who ran the clinic, including Thor Thorvildsen and his cadre of young and handsome assistants, would naturally gravitate towards more 'interesting' castrations where a man was reasonably attractive, well-hung, or sexually excited. The men would often call the others in anyway when a prisoner was 'interesting' - on the pretext of requiring assistance. There was nothing the men liked better than seeing a big, handsome male lying on the gelding table sporting a solid erection for all to see. 

Therefore, the arrival of Billy the Bull, a rebel and escaped slave of celebrity status, caused quite a stir. Billy the Bull, a.k.a. William Buckley, had been a high school senior when the invasion came. One day he was a high school football star, the next day he was a rebel fighting for freedom. For the past four years, the handsome young hunk had been a serious thorn in the side of the new regime, having led a number of brave and successful attacks against the government. But just over a month ago, the young man’s luck ran out – he was betrayed by those he trusted and delivered into the hands of the invaders. 

The media coverage of Billy’s capture was intense, both because of his status as the most wanted rebel in the nation, and because of young William himself. Billy was the kind of incredibly hunky stud that women (and even some men) dreamed of – he was incredibly handsome in a masculine, super hero kind of way, with a square jaw, strong features, thick dark hair, and stunning blue eyes. He was also powerfully built, with enormous muscles that first began to grow from working out and playing sports, and then swelled to even greater proportions during his past four years as a rebel and a freedom fighter. The 22-year-old young hunk stood 6 feet, 3 inches tall and weighed an absolutely enormous 345 pounds of pure beefy muscle. It was clear to see how he had earned the nickname Billy the Bull among his fellow high school athletes, as he was as big and strong as a full grown ox. 

The handsome young man was blessed with an awesome physique, thickly muscled like a championship super heavyweight bodybuilder, and so lean and cut that every huge muscle stood out in perfectly defined and incredibly deep relief. His shoulders were over a yard wide with deltoids the size of cannonballs, and incredibly thick trapezius muscles leading up to a 22-inch thick neck. Billy’s awesome shoulders framed one of the most magnificent chests ever to grace a man, two massive, squared plates of extraordinarily dense muscle topped by a pair of thick, succulent nipples. Billy’s awesome chest was so thick that it protruded a full 6 inches from his rib cage, with a cleft so deep that it could trap a man’s hand. His powerful arms were among the largest arms in history, measuring 25 ½ inches of incredibly thick muscle when completely cold. These enormous guns ended in hands so large they could palm a basketball with ease. Billy’s abdominal muscles looked to be chiseled from marble, a perfect 8-pack of rippling, washboard muscles. Both his massive chest and cobblestone abs were coated in a thick and beautifully shaped thatch of rough body hair, which if anything accentuated the massiveness and awesome power of his enormous physique. His body hair tapered down to a triangle that disappeared into the waistline of his pants, hinting at the treasures below. 

Billy’s awesome back was just as awe-inspiring as his chest and abs. His back muscles were extremely thick and dense, and his lats impossibly wide, tapering majestically down to a comparatively tiny, 32-inch waist. Impossible though it may seem, Billy’s arms were just 6 ½ inches smaller than his tight, muscular waist, which gave him a V shape that was the envy of even the most enormous and genetically gifted of bodybuilders. 

Billy also possessed legs of such natural might and beauty that they alone inspired insatiable lust in many a woman and man. His legs were like thick tree trunks, heavily muscled and nearly bursting with power, and his calves were enormous, looking like a pair of overinflated footballs strapped to the back of his legs. His buttocks were as equally awe inspiring as the rest of the man, two twin globes of muscular perfection, a perfect curve of ass flesh that looked incredible both in and out of clothes. 

The captive rebel was swiftly brought to a tribunal council, and his trial was televised nationwide in one of the most-watched shows in TV history. And as the case wore on, the nation soon learned that young William possessed another bull-like attribute that put even his goliath, super muscular physique to shame. 

Part of the case revolved around the reported enormous size of William’s sexual equipment, and the prosecution demanded that William be inspected to confirm allegations regarding his size. On national TV, an incredibly embarrassed and red-faced William was forcibly disrobed to reveal his indeed spectacular sexual endowment – and the entire nation was stunned. Not only was William’s physique more muscular and gorgeous than perhaps any other man alive, but his cock and balls were so gigantic that at first no one could believe what they were seeing. Completely limp, William’s cock was an unbelievable 12 full inches in length, and thicker than a beer can. A thick tracery of veins coursed the entire length of that thick shaft, and a thick foreskin completely covered the bulbous head. People began to speculate that Billy had some equine genes in his background, and bets were laid on just how large that penis might grow. But one thing was for certain – Billy possessed what must be the largest cock ever to grace a human male. 

But even Billy’s huge cock was not the greatest of his assets, for beneath that gargantuan schlong hung a pair of titanic testicles that nearly defied description, and certainly defied belief. Some men’s nuts are big, often described as the size of walnuts, or plums, or hen’s eggs. Some were truly huge, the size of ripe lemons or fuzzy tennis balls. But Billy’s humongous testicles left all others in the dust, dwarfing any other man’s balls into insignificance. Each of Billy’s enormous bull nuts was as large as a man’s fist, tougher than a coconut, and ten times as juicy as the largest of grapefruit. These super human testicles were incredibly dense and weighed over five pounds each, stretching his huge scrotum to an awesome 6-inch natural dangle. If anything, this incredible dangle made Billy’s nuts appear even larger and more powerful. 

Rumor had it that the virility of those mighty bull balls was unparalleled, which could also explain the natural hairlessness of his huge, overstuffed sac – there was so much testosterone pumping out of those mighty, meaty man orbs that they had made his balls bald, as if refusing to allow even a single hair to obscure their astounding power and beauty. 

People across the nation took in the size of William Buckley’s elephantine balls with mouths agape, wondering how he could ever find clothes that fit, let alone walk without crushing those gigantic balls between his hugely muscular legs. 

Even on a man as powerful and massively muscular as Billy, his genitals looked oversized and obscene, grotesque parodies of normal male genitalia. But at the same time, Billy’s gargantuan cock and balls were intensely erotic and beautiful, and overwhelmingly masculine. Billy may have been a freak of nature, but he was a beautiful freak. 

Billy’s trial was swift, the guilty verdict inevitable, and the massive young hunk quickly found himself bound for the castration clinic and an impending castration that would be televised nationwide. When he arrived, however, Billy didn’t seem nearly as imposing as he had appeared on TV, so he was tightly bound manacles and ankle spreaders, and he was wearing a ball gag so that he could only grunt…like a Bull. 

Thor and his “boys” – Lou, Adam, and Jethro – examined the prisoner as he arrived, and marveled at his super hero good looks and mammoth, exquisitely carved physique. What the boys didn't notice, however, was that beneath his prison jockeys the saliva from the mouth of one of the prison van boys was only just drying. They had not been able to resist pulling into their usual secluded lay-by and teasing their famous prisoner for a few minutes on the way to his sexual nullification. They had been stunned and powerfully turned on by the awesome size of his manhood, but had of course ensured that he did not come. In fact, Billy had been prevented from cumming throughout the trail, which had lasted a full week. While that might not sound like a tremendous amount of time, to a man whose nuts are nearly the size of soccer balls and that produce sperm at a phenomenally faster rate than those of a typical man, a week was a VERY long time for Billy to go without cumming. 

Thor had been selected to preside over Billy’s castration both because he was one of the finest sexecutioners in the nation, and because Thor himself was an amazing sight to behold, which would be sure to attract even more viewers to the upcoming event. Thor, as he was aptly named, was the most popular of all the castrators due to both his techniques (he liked to make the castration session last as long as possible, inflicting maximum pain on his victim until they begged to have their nuts removed), as well as his own awesome physique. While Billy’s massive physique may have the market cornered on sheer beauty and masculine perfection, no one compared to Thor when it came to sheer size and mass. Standing a full 6 feet, 6 inches tall, Thor weighed a whopping 420 pounds of pure muscle, nearly 100 pounds heavier than Billy! If Billy was a bull, then Thor was a bull elephant. The huge muscle man was in his mid-30’s, and had been taking steroids and growth hormones since he was a teenager. The government now supplied him with the latest in synthetic hormones, and each year Thor managed to pack even more muscle on his massive frame, making his body more and more obscenely muscled. 

Thor’s physique was nearly impossible to describe, as no man had ever lived that was as hugely muscled as this man. Every huge and rippling muscle on Billy’s massive and perfect body was dwarfed by Thor’s gargantuan muscles. Thor’s biceps measured 28 inches cold, the largest arms in the world, and very nearly the size of Billy’s waist! Thor’s chest measured nearly 90 inches, while his waist was a muscular 38 inches, incredibly narrow given the eye-popping width of his chest and shoulders. Gnarled veins covered the bulk of Thor’s Herculean physique, making his bloated musculature seem even that much more grotesque, yet at the same time intensely masculine. 

As with Billy, Thor also entered the castration theater stripped to the waist, revealing his gargantuan upper body, which had been oiled for the occasion. Thor wore black leather pants and black boots, making him look even more intimidating and dangerous, if that were possible. Thor may not have been as breathtakingly handsome as Billy (and really, who was?), but he was handsome in his own overwhelmingly masculine sort of way, with strong, angular features, thick blond hair, and blue eyes that sparkled when he flashed his cruel smile. 

Thor did his usual introduction where a man was to receive the 'special treatment'. "We've no need for those here", he said in his deep, gravely voice, looking at Billy’s overstuffed jockeys. "Lou, would you be so kind." Lou willingly yanked the man's jockeys down to reveal Billy’s by-now famous cock and balls. Jethro gasped, the others bit their lips - but Thor couldn't help himself. 

"Good Lord!" he exclaimed. 

The attention from a room full of handsome men, having his jock roughly brush down over his cock, and perhaps most importantly the teasing he had received in the prison van, all combined to ensure that Billy's cock started to unfurl before the eyes of the watching men. Billy silently cursed himself, but he simply couldn't help it. And apart from anything else, the four men in the room with him were extremely handsome – Lou with the blond hair and tight, muscular physique, brown-haired Adam with the stunning blue eyes and beefy build, and tall, dark-haired Jethro with the sweet, almost oafish face and massive physique. And then there was Thor himself, a handsome, fair-haired man with an indescribably beefy physique. All these factors, combined with having been prevented from cumming for almost 10 days, combined to cause Billy’s enormous cock to begin to grow. 

There was silence punctuated by the occasional muttering as the organ thickened, straightened, and lengthened. As the TV cameras focused on Billy’s massive organ, they watched it grow and grow and grow in size until it finally stood out to it's full length and girth. With visibly trembling hands, Jethro got out a tape measure and began to measure the gigantic cock from root to tip, unfurling the tape measure as he went. It was clear that this massive battering ram of a cock was WELL over a foot in length, and eager viewers everywhere leaned forward in their sofas to find out just how big the muscle man’s cock truly was. 

12 inches, 13 inches, 14 inches, and still Jethro keeps rolling out the tape. 

15 inches! 

16 inches!! 

Finally, Jethro comes to the tip of Billy’s huge, throbbing, aching cock, and measures its length at a full 16-½ inches!!! It was biggest, finest looking cock anyone had ever seen! His cock’s unbelievable length, along with its awesome girth, made it look like a bazooka, a dangerous and deadly weapon for those who came too close. The cock had swollen so big that even Billy’s enormous foreskin, which when flaccid had covered the entire head of his cock with almost two inches to spare, had retracted completely, exposing an enormous glans larger than a man’s fist. As Jethro watched with stunned eyes, a large drop of pearly precum appeared at the tip of the huge schlong, and Jethro nearly lost his load then and there without even touching himself. 

Such was the strength in Billy’s cock muscles that his huge, heavy weapon stuck straight up from his crotch, arcing skyward in pride and defiance. With his cock fully erect and out of the way, the men got their first close up look at the incredibly massive balls swinging ponderously beneath the huge member. The whole organ bobbed slightly to his heartbeat, making his balls bounce and jiggle slightly in their smooth, silken pouch. The men couldn’t believe that such a set of balls could truly exist, and it was as if their fantasies had come true – and they longed to see just how tough those burly bull balls were. 

Thor resisted the urge to slap Billy’s cock down there and then. "Prisoner, I can assure you that this display will win you no favors in this establishment. Furthermore, you are here to put an end to this kind of thing once and for all. Adam, Lou, take him to cell number one if you would." He paused, "But first...." Thor stepped up to the young super hung captive, and reached out a hand to cup Billy’s massive genitals. Despite the huge size of Thor’s hand, he could only cup one cum-swollen nut as a time, which he did, lifting Billy’s naked right ball for a closer inspection. Billy, though brave and stoic, flinched at Thor’s touch, but could do nothing to prevent the huge man from fondling his enormous bull testicle. Thor rolled the fat and meaty ball around in his huge paw of a hand, marveling at the great weight and size of the young man’s right nut, and feeling the awesome power and virility that coursed through the huge orb. Here was the source of the young man’s breathtaking muscularity. While Thor and others like him had to resort to artificial drugs to make their muscles grow to enormous size, Billy possessed the mightiest hormone factories ever to grace a man. Thor wondered idly how big the young man could have become if he had been given the time and opportunity to work out properly. He might even have been able to give Thor himself a run for his money, and completely naturally! 

Thor reached out his other hand to cup Billy’s heavy and warm left nut, hefting both mighty grapefruits in his hands. Thor reveled in the feeling of having the twin bull nuts, the source of Billy’s overwhelming masculinity, in his hands, completely vulnerable to whatever torments he could devise. Thor gripped the young captive’s gigantic nuts and squeezed, hard. Billy groaned and his cock quivered only an inch from the huge man’s leather-clad groin - but it did not go down in the slightest. Of course, Thor had no intention of reducing his erection; he would have fun with this one…on his terms. Thor couldn’t wait to begin. 

Billy was soon in cell number one, the black cell with the red light in it. It was like a cell on some kind of Death Row. Before they left, Lou couldn't resist slapping the still rampant organ so that it waggled up and down. 

The regular work continued during the day - at a faster pace so that more time could be allocated to Billy's 'special treatment' in the third theatre, which contained the 'specialist equipment' and restraining apparatus. Jethro, for example, was unusually busy taking the harvested testicles to the incinerator that day. 

In the afternoon Thor took a call in his office. He was surprised to discover that it was Bruno Parker, the Government Minister for Men's Affairs who had been the instigator of the Castration Laws. Bruno enquired if "the Bull", as he referred to him, had arrived. He then explained that this man had committed terrible crimes and really must be punished firmly. Thor wondered what he was driving at. Eventually, Bruno asked if he could be made to suffer more than usual. Thor wondered if he'd had a glass or two of wine. He then went on to say, "Perhaps you could use some blunt scissors on him, or whatever it is you use. He really must be made to suffer - and I can ensure you that whatever you do to him, you shall have my full backing - which will be all you will need..." Thor assured the Minister that 'the Bull' would be dealt with in the morning and that the Minister’s wishes would be carried out. Billy would most certainly be made to suffer and regret all that he had done to hamper the cause and disturb the new government. 

After the conversation, Thor sat for a little while and reflected. He recalled a conversation he had had with Karl and Ethan, two of his other co-workers, a few weeks back when they had all been a little worse for wear with drink. Karl had admitted after several drinks that he had always wanted to observe or carry out a penectomy - a penis removal. He felt that after the conversation with the Minister, this may be the occasion for such a procedure. Thor decided to let Ethan in on it, but surprise Karl and the other boys in the morning with his decision. Unbeknownst to Billy in his 'condemned cell', his cock had just received a 'death sentence’ right along with his already doomed balls. 

Ethan was enraptured by the idea and could hardly wait. Thor explained his plan. The prisoner would be secured to the wall on the 'Saint Andrews Cross', a wall-mounted wooden X frame in Theatre Three (like all the specialist equipment there, normally hidden behind screens during routine use). They would then use the miniature guillotine to remove his entire package. Thor further added that he would use some of the aphrodisiac drug supplied by a doctor friend of his to ensure that the prisoner did not 'flag' on seeing the guillotine wheeled before him! 

They had a small problem however, which was that the guillotine had not been designed to accommodate such a large package of manhood in one go. The hole in the wooden board was built to accommodate a pair of balls only, and even then only a normal pair of balls, not the gargantuan elephant nuts sported by young Billy. He was sure that the weighted blade was both heavy and sharp enough to deal with anything required of it - but they had to get Billy’s genitals in there first! Ethan phoned the contractors they used for most of the building work at the facility - they were of course a men-only firm. Fortunately the firm had two men - Matt and Nick - to send over with their carpentry tools to make the necessary adjustments. Soon Thor, Ethan, Matt and Nick (both familiar with the clinic’s work) were in Billy's cell to measure him up. Matt and Nick were shocked and horrified to see that it was the infamous Billy the Bull. And even more horrified and awed when Thor worked Billy’s penis up into a monstrous erection! Thor explained that the 'device' had to be able to accommodate him should he be sporting an erection - and lied that 'many men become erect when faced with castration'. This urban myth would soon be circulating around everyone Matt and Nick knew - in truth, it was in fact a minority of men - but Thor would ensure that the Bull would be one of them. 

Despite the knowledge of his impending castration, Billy could not help but feel turned on by the attention of the men as they stood around him on his prison bunk. His erection was moved this way and that as Matt and Nick both seemed to get involved with their tape measures and steel calipers. To the delight of the men, Thor borrowed their steel ruler and swatted Billy’s huge, incredibly low-hanging balls as they finished, causing the great orbs to bounce wildly in their sac. Billy groaned into his gag - but again his erection remained defiant, and in fact throbbed harder still. Thor made a note of that reaction with a smile, and even more devious plans began to coalesce in his mind. 

The end of the day arrived at last, and Matt and Nick had adjusted the guillotine and the prisoners had been fed and watered and castrated, except for Billy, of course, whose castration was to be at dawn the next morning. Before Matt and Nick had left, Thor had demonstrated the guillotine on a huge zucchini for them to their intense delight. 

The men had left for the day, except for Thor, Ethan, and Adam. Adam was Thor's usual castration assistant and something of a confidante of his. The three men decided that they wanted a private session with their bound muscle stud before his castration the next morning, and so they wheeled Billy into Theatre Three. 

Billy had been hung by his arms from one of the meat hooks in the ceiling. His leg-spreaders were on and he was naked, sporting his trademark monstrous erection. Behind him Adam was lashing his back and buttocks with a thin leather strap, which was enough to hurt but not enough to reduce his lust. Adam was likewise naked and sported his own ample erection. Before him was a tall mirror so that he could see Adam's cock and balls bouncing as he punished Billy and moved around behind him. 

Also before him stood Thor wearing only a jock - his very large penis and nuts threatening to spill out at any moment. He had tied a cord noose around the root of Billy’s testicles and erection and was pulling on his entire package as Adam beat him. The noosed cord had tightened and had caused his erection and balls to redden and the veins to stand out along the length of his huge, thick column. Billy was gagged and could only grunt, but his eyes alternated between Thor’s magnificent package, Adam's athletic body and rampant cock, and Ethan - also naked and seated on a chair to one side - observing the spectacle. There were no secrets or shame between these three men, and Ethan openly jacked himself gently as he watched. He could see behind a screen from his vantage point, to the hidden guillotine that would remove that magnificent manhood the following morning. Once or twice, he stepped forward and sucked for a moment or two on the prisoner’s bulbous cock-head, which looked fit to burst with its hardness. 

After warming their captive up for an hour or so, the three men brought forward a hand-operated winch connected to a long spool of thin steel cable. The end of the cable was threaded through the eyehook in the ceiling. Then, with Billy’s beautiful blue eyes bugging out in fear and panic, the noosed end of the cable was placed around the base of his humongous bull balls and cinched tight. 

With the apparatus all in place, Ethan took control of the winch and gently began to crank the handle, increasing the tension on the steel cable and beginning to lift Billy’s huge balls up and away from his groin. While the handsome and beefy Adam gently stroked the bound man’s gargantuan phallus, Ethan cooed sexual comments at Billy. “What a huge set of bull balls you have there. Biggest damn nuts I’ve ever seen. And a monster of a cock as well, hard as steel. thick as a baseball bat, and nearly as long...” etc. Ethan was dressed in his full Sexecutioner outfit, black leather pants tight against his muscular legs, and a black leather vest showing off his muscular chest and arms to great effect, and capturing the attention of Billy’s blue eyes. The young muscle stud could only groan into his ball gag, and he felt his cock might explode if Adam teased it any harder. Thor, deep down a sexual sadist, watched glowering as the retribution against this sexual criminal was enacted, an evil smile playing at his lips. 

The tension on the Billy’s noosed balls began to make itself known. His attention began to shift from Ethan's muscular chest and bulging arms to his own captive bull balls, which were slowly being pulled upwards by the noose. Ethan kept turning the handle of the winch, slowly, so slowly. Ethan knew the thin steel cord was strong, very strong indeed. They had tested it with large weights and the men knew it would not give, and that instead Billy’s balls had to give. Billy became more frantic now, his great muscular bulk swinging gently by the chains overhead, but he could not relieve the stretching of his massive nuts. But Billy’s cock, which seemed to have a life of its own, remained rock hard, oblivious to its owner’s suffering. In fact, Adam marveled that the huge cock seemed to become even harder as the tension on the young man’s nuts continued to grow. 

He was in pain now, his beautiful eyes bulging and deep grunts of pain forced through the ball gag. The constriction of the noose was causing his enormous balls to turn an angry shade of purplish red, and they continued to grow darker as the stretching continued. The stretching of his mighty balls quickly went from 6 inches to 8 inches, and then to 10 inches, and then to an astounding 12 inches, a full foot from his crotch! The stretching of his balls looked impossible, and it was now causing his entire body to try to lift. Groin first, Billy was now being hoisted toward the ceiling, the awesome weight of his own muscular bulk now adding to the tearing pain in his screaming bull nuts. 

Ethan kept turning the winch, his lips tighter now. The leather-clad man was focused on the prisoner’s balls, and he wondered just how much more the young bull stud could take before his gigantic balls were torn from his body. 12 inches became 14, and then 16, and then 16 ½. Billy’s monstrous bull nuts were now stretched past the entire length of his own mighty horse cock! The scrotal skin was by now stretched perilously thin, and the mightily straining ball cords were stretched to nearly their breaking point, now carrying nearly all of Billy’s massive bulk as his body was winched halfway to the ceiling. 

Suddenly, without warning and when the men were focusing on the stretched balls, Billy’s body reacted unexpectedly, a spontaneous ejaculation erupting from his great arching penis with a violence and ferocity that none of the three men had ever before seen. A great long gout of cum at least five feet long lashed out from the rock hard organ that Adam had continued to slowly rub. It went over his head and struck the mirror over 10 feet behind him, landing with a wet and sloppy slap against the reflective glass. Thor let out an audible gasp – despite all his years working at the clinic, he had never thought it possible that a man could come so forcefully or so copiously. The first blast was followed by a second gout that was just as massive and powerful, striking just a bit higher on the mirror than the first wad, which was slowly oozing down the face of the glass. This was followed by another and another and another in a seemingly endless series of majestic and super-human blasts of stud cum, all while Billy himself screamed into his gag in extreme agony. 

Ethan was powerfully aroused by the awesome display of hyper masculinity, jet after massive jet rocketing forth from the mightiest penis ever to grace a man. In his excitement, Ethan began to winch more quickly, causing the incredibly over-stretched balls to stretch even more, if that was even possible, and to bring the young man even closer to the ceiling. Billy thought for sure that his screaming bull nuts would tear loose at any moment, but still they continued to endure as they were cranked ever closer to the ceiling. The young man pulled mightily at the chains over his head, his gigantic arms bulging with raw power and muscle, but he had no leverage and could do nothing but cause his great muscular body to quiver from the two sets of restraints – the chains binding his wrists, and the steel noose around his bull nuts. 

Time seemed to stretch into eternity. Many dozens of blasts had erupted from Billy’s rampant cock, and there seemed to be no end in sight to his gargantuan super load of stud cream. The mirror behind him was so completely white-washed with his male fluids that it no longer reflected any image whatsoever, and instead was a gloopy mess of Billy’ hot, pumping sperm. His great bull nuts were mere inches from the ceiling, stretched to nearly two full feet from Billy’s aching crotch and not able to stretch a millimeter more without tearing asunder. His scrotal skin was stretched so tight as to nearly be translucent, revealing every detail of the massive, meaty balls beneath. With the winch pulling from one end, and over 300 pounds of granite hard muscle weighing down relentlessly from the other, it was only a matter of time before the great strength in those bull nuts gave out. 

Thor knew that this was not the proper time to castrate the hunky young prisoner, that his castration was scheduled to be performed tomorrow morning when it could be televised across the entire empire. But he could only stare transfixed at the awesome sight before him, the entire weight of the gorgeous young muscle stud being suspended by his impossibly huge balls, which had been stretched an unimaginable distance from his crotch. Hell, those twin bull spuds had been stretched well past his knees and now were on their way to his feet! And still the young stud continued to thunder out the greatest orgasm the world had ever seen, pumping what must have been gallons of pent up stud splooge from those massive sperm factories. Though he knew that Billy’s balls could rip off at any moment, Thor felt powerless to act, and could only watch in stunned amazement as the young man continued to endure a torture that no human being should have been able to withstand. 

With Billy’s balls winched all the way to the ceiling, it became clear that his great nuts were not long for this world. His ball cords, taut as bowstrings, were quivering on the edge of snapping, and all three men wondered if the great tension being forced on those nuts would cause the sundered testicles to fly across the room, or simply drop heavily to the floor. But as Billy continued to groan and grunt out his titanic load, the incredible happened. The eyehook in the ceiling began to creak, and concrete dust began to fall from the ceiling onto Billy’s bulging, purple nuts. Just when it seemed Billy’s balls were about to give in, the eyehook suddenly tore free from the ceiling, freeing the tension on Billy’s nearly-severed nuts and allowing his great bulk to swing backward by the restraints at his wrists. As Thor watched Billy’s huge balls fall, it appeared at first that the mighty nuts were so stretched that they were going to strike the floor. But partway through their fall, the cords of Billy’s super human balls pulled them up short, halting their descent with what was clearly awesome pain to the young muscle hunk. 

Thor could only stare in wonder, for Billy’s balls had been so brutally stretched by the ordeal that they now hung a full 12 inches from his crotch, fully doubling their already awesome dangle. The sight was magnificent, surreal, and the most intensely male and erotic thing that Thor had ever seen, and he very nearly creamed his leather pants at the sight. Somewhere in his lust-overloaded brain, Thor idly wondered if this stretch was permanent, and if, under different circumstances, he might have been able to stretch those huge baby makers even farther. 

The night’s climax over, Thor had Ethan wheel an exhausted but unharmed Billy back to his cell, while Adam retrieved a mop, bucket, and lots and lots of towels to clean up the huge mess of slowly cooling sperm that Billy left behind. 


Later, Billy was taken back to his cell and secured spread-eagled on his bunk, where Thor and Ethan continued their private fun. The cord was still noosed around Billy's straining package. Thor had removed his jock and was seated on Billy’s face, and he was almost suffocating under his magnificent buttocks - and whilst Ethan cruelly 'strangled' Billy’s his manhood with the noose (which also kept him from coming a second time), he was sliding his mouth up and down his monstrous column, tasting the remains of the spunk that had so recently been jettisoned from the massive cock. Occasionally he would stop to catch his excited breath and dig his fingers into the rock hard column, which wouldn’t give even a millimeter to his clawing grip. Several times, Ethan dipped his head to suck briefly on Billy’s straining glans, trying in vain to take the huge knob into his mouth, but the fist-sized cock head was simply too enormous to fit. 

Soon, the pair were joined by Adam, and all three men continued to use and abuse their prisoner. Finally, Thor spoke, "Boys, this is to go no further." Flushed with lust, he dismounted Billy’s face as Adam and Ethan moved aside, and positioning himself slid down onto the massive column of Billy’s cock. Billy’s member was so large that he had never actually fucked anything before, for no one could accommodate him, but Thor was man enough to handle even Billy’s monstrous cock. Billy could feel the hot velvet sensation of Thor’s ass engulfing his erection, which seemed as hard as an iron bar. Without words, Adam moved to Billy’s face, shoving his cock down Billy’s strong throat to finish himself off, while Thor did the same while riding Billy’s his rock hard cock after many minutes of slow pumping. Billy was desperate to cum, and his balls ached for a second release, as he still had many more loads packed in those huge gonads of his. But Ethan kept the noose tight around Billy’s gigantic package to avoid any 'spillages', while Ethan himself pumped out several loads into the wee hours of the morning. 

Finally, Adam shot a big load down Billy’s throat and dismounted, and Thor came magnificently himself also, blasting his cum all over Billy’s prone torso. While no man could cum with the same ferocity, power, and sheer copious supply of sperm as Billy, Thor’s enormous orgasm was still massive and mighty enough to be considered epic in its own right, and Billy’s entire massive and muscular chest and stomach were coated with Thor’s manly juices. But the 380-pound bear of a muscle man remained fully impaled on the prisoner with his frustrated rampancy firmly lodged within him. Thor stared into Billy’s blue eyes and spoke to him. “Enjoy it while you can, prisoner, because this is the first and the last time for you. Oh, and by the way - you WON’T be coming tonight - or ever again, my man.” With that he reached under his bottom and squeezed Billy’s massive man orbs with all his might, his massively muscled arms actually shaking as he did so. Billy cried out in pain, but his extreme sexual state kept his penis defiantly hard again, still within Thor’s ass, and much to the huge man’s frustration and chagrin. 

Even as he squeezed Billy’s huge balls with a crushing grip that would have easily destroyed another man’s balls, Thor could not help but marvel at the awesome strength of this young stud before him. Why, the stud’s bull balls, which by now should have been crushed flat, had hardly even deformed in his hand! For the umpteenth time, Thor wished he had many weeks and months to torture and abuse this most remarkable prisoner, and was actually saddened by his duty that would follow in just a few hours. 

Thor dismounted from the mammoth penis with a loud wet noise, turned around so that his thighs straddled Billy’s face, with his manhood filling Billy’s vision and his aroma filling Billy’s nostrils. He asked Adam for the leather strap he had beaten Billy’s back with, and holding Billy’s huge erection out of the way, he commenced to beat the young muscle man’s gargantuan balls with the strap. The huge balls were lying flat on the table, resting nearly a foot from Billy’s crotch and making an easy and convenient target. Billy groaned into his gag with a mixture or pleasure and pain, and thrashed his handsome head from side to side. The fact that Ethan was still keeping the noose purposefully tight kept him in erection longer than was natural, and also kept him from cumming, for just Thor had suspected, beating Billy’s huge balls had the opposite of the intended effect. The harder he beat Billy’s balls, the harder his cock would throb, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. Sensing this, he turned his attention to the massive erection and beat it and beat it and beat it until it had reddened along its entire length and finally began to reduce. Thor wanted to do terrible things to that cock, preferably while it was still erect. He also knew, however, that he would want it erect and straining again in the morning, ready for it's appointment with the guillotine... 


Billy lay on his bunk sleeping fitfully as the night wore on. His dreams were full of fears and sexual frustration. He was a man with an unusually high sex-drive, yet he had been denied for some time now, nearly a week and a half. His orgasm from earlier in the evening, though unquestionably titanic and awe inspiring, was only the tip of the iceberg. Billy had so much cum pent up in those massive balls of his that even that titanic orgasm had only served to relieve a bit of the pressure, and his need to cum again was still urgent and intense. 

He could hardly believe the events of the previous evening -- he had among other things been beaten by a naked man, had his bull nuts stretched to within a millimeter of ripping from his body, been smothered under Thor's manly bottom, fucked the huge muscle bear without being able to come, and had then had his huge balls and mighty erection beaten with a leather strap until they were red raw. He could still feel the ache in his balls and the soreness of his cock, yet still his cock was erect throughout the night as he thought of all that manly flesh. God, how he had wanted to cum his brains out into Thor's gripping ass as he rode him – and he would have if it were not for Ethan's tourniquet noose strangling his prick and balls at the very root as he did so. 

For his part, Thor also tossed and turned all night, fantasies of Billy and his gargantuan endowment flowing through his mind. How he longed to test the limits of this young super man, see just how much the young stud could take. He awoke to a profound but welcome soreness in his ass from the awesome fucking he had received the night before, as well as a profound sadness that this most incredible specimen of man was to be destroyed just a few hours after dawn. 


Morning came and Lou and Jethro were first into Billy’s cell. "Wakey, wakey sex-case," they yelled gaily. "We've come for your balls!" They giggled and teased him mercilessly as they attended to him, fed him a simple breakfast and finally frog-marched him to the showers. Unbeknown to all, Thor had slipped the aphrodisiac his Doctor friend had given his into the food before the boys took it to Billy’s cell. His Doctor friend Jared, a man of about Thor's age, was also on hand at the hospital that shared the castration clinic's grounds. He was ready to attend to the Bull after his penectomy and castration. Thor did not want the Bull to die on them; he was determined that he should live with the constant reminder that he had been made into a eunuch for his despicable crimes against the regime. What Thor wouldn’t admit, even to himself, was that he was falling in love with Billy, and was struggling with his desire for the young muscle man to live. 

Lou and Jethro showered the shackled Bull thoroughly, taking care to soap him all over. Lou took delight in paying special attention to his heavy tool and sac. The drug was actually unnecessary, as Billy’s cock had never gone down during the night, and was still just as rampant as ever. Lou soaped Billy’s huge cock up and down, being careful not to go too far - there were strict orders from Thor that he must not cum. Lou decided it needed a slapping and proceeded to do so, even while Jethro soaped his back and buttocks. The erection waggled this way and that as he slapped it, but it would not go down, and in fact seemed to get harder and harder. Both boys stopped to stare at it - it was truly a magnificent example of manhood. 

Both boys had also been surprised to see how low Billy’s huge eggs were hanging this morning – they were literally almost all the way to his knees! Both Lou and Jethro took turns washing the melon-sized man orbs and the huge, incredibly long scrotum that contained them, reveling in the super human size and weight and dangle of the great nuts. Secretly, Lou felt it was a shame to have to castrate him, and mischievously thought to himself that it would be nice to have him installed in his bedroom as a permanent sex-aid! 

Lou stopped his slapping and pulled on Billy’s gigantic balls, making a pair of pretend scissors with his fingers and placing them around his balls. Jethro smirked and looked on as Lou spoke, "Do you want me get some scissors right now and cut them off in the shower? Do you!? I said DO YOU!?!" The feel of those ‘bull balls’ in his hand made his already erect penis start to drip precum – Billy really WAS an awesome specimen. But not even threats could dispel the sexual fever now in Billy's brain and eventually the boys gave up and led him back to his cell to be ready for collection. Billy didn't know what was wrong with him; he was going to be castrated in a short while, and all he could think about was sex. Obviously, with his hands shackled behind his back there was never any chance of sexual relief on his own, and he highly doubted his captors would let him cum either. 

Thor supervised the changes in Theatre Three, which doubled as a castration theatre and a chamber for special punishments such as this morning’s work. Black screens were positioned and arranged such that when the Bull was led in he would naturally be led to the large wooden X-shaped Saint Andrews cross firmly bolted onto the wall. A screen also obscured the miniature guillotine positioned to one side. Thor had decided to surprise Karl with the penectomy, knowing that it was something he had always wanted to see and carry out. He had therefore asked Karl to wait in his office because he was expecting an important phone call. He would collect him at the last moment. The time had come to collect the Prisoner. 


Billy's cell door swung open with a clang and he was presented with a fantastic sight. It was Thor, Ethan and Adam from the previous night, along with Lou and Jethro. But they weren't wearing their outfits now - they were all naked! He eyed the handsome men up, from Lou and Ethan’s athletic builds, to the classically handsome Adam, to young Jethro’s beefy and muscular figure, to Thor's monumental physique and manly charms. All five men were very well hung, but Thor was by far the largest of them all, with an 8-inch thick soft penis and balls the size of the largest of lemons. An extraordinary endowment that would have been even more impressive had it not been set against Billy’s own super human genitalia. Billy’s rampant cock instantly began to jerk with excitement, his permanent semi hard-on throbbing once again. 

Thor immediately addressed him, “We aren't naked for your benefit, prisoner; this is for hygiene reasons. And after your performance last night, I think you know why.” He eyed Billy’s full erection, knowing full well that whatever happened this morning, the combination of the drugs he’d slipped into the young man’s meal plus Billy’s own awesome virility would keep that cock rock hard to the bitter end. Thor moved up to him, grabbed his pendulous balls and pulled them up and over, causing Billy’s massive, 16 ½-inch erection to point upwards and the head to harden into a shiny dome the size of a big apple. Billy’s great shaft tapped him in the middle of his heroically muscular chest, a sight so awesomely masculine that Thor thought he might cum then and there. "Getting an erection in front of us all isn't going to help you prisoner," he breathed, digging his fingers into Billy’s bull nuts as he spoke. "Still, we'll soon have you dealt with once and for all."

Ethan handed Thor the cord noose from the previous night and Thor looped it just around his balls this time. He turned about as he said, "Come with me prisoner." Billy felt the cord tighten and was forced to follow Thor to the castration chamber, all the while his eyes focused on Thor’s obscenely muscular back, and his huge, powerful butt, which the night before had been impaled on Billy’s huge cock. All the way to the chamber, he seemed to be surrounded by a sea of male flesh. He could smell them, a faint aroma of musk and sex. He caught a glimpse of Ethan's tight ass, and he saw Adam's full cock bounce as he moved, and Lou's hard body flex with each movement. The sexual energy that Billy felt coursing through his body was greater than anything he had ever experienced before. 

The young bull stud was pulled by his great burgeoning nuts into the chamber and towards the X cross on the wall where he would be spread-eagled. He tried to slow down but felt his already stretched scrotum pulled harder still as Thor kept moving obliviously ahead of him. His erection seemed as hard as an iron bar now and the men could not keep their eyes off it. Lou could not resist giving it another slap and they all watched it waggle slightly. He was jostled up against the cross and secured with thick leather straps at his wrists, elbows, shoulders, chest, waist, thighs, calves, and ankles – secured so tightly that he could not move. 

Thor gave the ball noose to Jethro and told the boys he was going to fetch Karl. Jethro mischievously tugged on the huge balls from time to time, enjoying the straining resistance of Billy’s mighty ball cords. It was a good thing that Billy’s huge nuts were so damn tough, as the simpleton Jethro was tugging so hard that any other man’s balls would have been ripped right off his body. Fortunately, Billy’s balls were made of sterner stuff and endured the brutal tugging, but all Billy could do was grunt into his ball gag like a Bull, and stare lustfully at the sea of male flesh all around him. Time and again, he found his eyes drawn to the tightly muscular body of the blond-haired Lou, or the handsome, muscular frame and extra large endowment of Adam, or the enormous physique of young Jethro, who seemed to time his tugs on Billy’s his helpless balls with every occasion that he looked away from the young simpleton’s mighty physique and meaty cock. 

Thor arrived back in his office to collect Karl. "Karl, the phone call's gone away. We need your assistance with the prisoner." 

Karl paused. "Thor, you're naked! Is everything alright?" he responded with a friendly smirk. 

"I was hoping you were going to join us," Thor responded. 

“So was I,” Karl exclaimed gleefully. “I was terrified I was going to miss out. Are we going natural?” Thor nodded and Karl quickly got out of his doctor’s uniform until Thor stopped him. 

“Karl, why don't you leave your suspenders and trousers on? You look fucking hot, and I think it would add to the prisoner’s torment to look at you like this.” Karl readily agreed. His dark trousers accentuated his firm bubble butt and very large bulge at his groin, and the suspenders framed a magnificent athletic figure, with a particularly amazing chest. 

The two men arrived back at Theatre Three, which had been transformed into 'The Castration Chamber' for this special gelding. Cameras had already been installed throughout the chamber to catch every possible angle of Billy the Bull’s imminent castration, each camera operated remotely by a huge media team just outside the clinic compound. Karl noted the incredibly handsome, awesomely muscular, and heroically endowed young man was attached to the X shaped cross, and he knew then that Thor had chosen the miniature guillotine for the young stallion’s unmanning. And he was stunned at the size of Billy’s erection, particularly given the circumstances. Perhaps he was some kind of masochist, Karl thought, or in a state of denial about his imminent fate. Karl, along with the other men, was unaware of the aphrodisiac Thor had given the young Bull. 

Karl's arrival only worsened Billy's state - Karl was like a Greek sex god without his clothes on, and his suspenders and trousers drove Billy even wilder. The veins stood out on his column of man-flesh, and his dome was swollen and shiny with hardness. Jethro noticed his attention wander and tugged firmly on his now reddened balls. "Gnnnh!" Billy grunted. Thor noticed the frightening amount of force being used by the awesomely strong young man and called out, “Jethro, careful with that noose. We don't want those balls of his off before their due time.” Jethro reluctantly slackened the cord -- he would have happily pulled huge orbs right off and then squashed them flat with his feet, for he was jealous that Billy would have eyes for any other man than him. 

Thor nodded to Ethan, who went with Adam to fetch the castration guillotine. Ethan and Adam managed to obscure the guillotine slightly so that the other boys would not notice the enlarged hole in the board that Thor had had created the previous day with Matt and Nick the maintenance boys. Thor came forward as Ethan wheeled the guillotine in front of Billy and adjusted it to the correct height. He took the noose from Jethro, and placed it now completely over Billy’s mammoth masculine package, tightening it at the very root of his erection and balls, and then threaded the cord out through the hole in the board before giving it back to Jethro again. Moving to one side, he took hold of Billy's monstrous erection and balls and, as Ethan pushed the guillotine forward, Billy’s entire masculinity emerged through the hole! Even with all of the modifications from the day before, it was a tight fit, but they managed to ease all of Billy’s gargantuan package through the opening. 

Karl, Lou, and Jethro had not been 'in' on the penectomy, and seemed to gasp audibly all at once. Thor looked at Karl and said simply, "Surprise!" The surprise was not lost on Billy either. He looked down incredulously on his manhood jutting out through the tight, narrow hole of the guillotine, and at first he would not believe his eyes. He saw the heavy blade poised above everything that made him a man, and beads of sweat began to form on his handsome brow. But either due to the aphrodisiac drugs, or his own incredible need for release – or both -- his erection did not falter in the slightest. Instead, it bobbed in time with his heartbeat, the thick foreskin fully retracted to expose the hard and incredibly shiny dome of his huge glans. 

Karl knew he was here to assist with the unannounced penectomy, yet he had never seen such a magnificent erection and was momentarily taken aback, though he tried not to show it. The doctor went behind a screen to a pre-prepared instrument trolley. As he did so, Billy noticed his muscular ass framed by the tight trousers, and became overcome by lust yet again. And as he looked, he felt the noose around his cock and balls tighten as Jethro reacted jealously again. 

On the trolley the Doctor found the electrically heated cauterizer to sear the wound and stop the blood loss, various dressings, and a large glass jar containing formaldehyde and with a label attached. The label read, “Prisoner 426791, William Buckley, a.k.a. Billy the Bull.” He smirked broadly, collected a stethoscope and returned to examine the prisoner. 

Karl decided to 'examine' him more out of curiosity than necessity. He had to press up close to him to check his pulse and breathing, his hardened nipples actually brushing Billy’s magnificent hairy chest at one point. Returning to Billy’s front, he made a great play of 'examining' his straining erection as it jutted lewdly out - and quite unnecessarily felt his root and the sac of his balls where he expected the blade to cut through. The doctor was unexpectedly quite turned on by it all, and Billy felt his hot breath on his shaft as he examined his root, and then his handsome lips seemed to 'accidentally' brush against his massive erection. It was clear that he was enjoying this, but Billy was as close as he had ever been to coming. 

The doctor stood up, legs slightly apart with his hands on his hips and with a slightly hateful glare in his eyes. Billy glanced nervously at the man’s trouser-clad crotch, and he could clearly see the definition of the doctor’s large manhood. Perhaps the doctor was excited? And he couldn't help but gaze at the doctor’s beefy chest with his quarter-sized nipples. Karl announced, "Well, he seems fine to me. I've no objection to this procedure. In fact it will probably be quite painless initially, SADLY," he emphasized, staring straight into Billy’s soulful blue eyes and almost spitting the word out. 

He moved aside as Thor came forward to address the prisoner. Normally there was none of this, but this was a special occasion and a special prisoner and would be televised to hundreds of millions of households, and so Thor was determined to 'milk' the occasion for all it was worth. "Prisoner 426791, you are here before us for the administration of sentence imposed upon you by the Courts of this nation. You have committed heinous crimes against the Regime and you will be dealt with according to the law.” 

“With this judicial device," he continued, glancing at the guillotine, "you will be rendered a cockless eunuch, and will spend the rest of your days in a prison labor camp, unable to ever again threaten the great leaders of this fine nation. This device will simultaneously castrate you and penectomise you. I would ask you if you have anything to say before sentence is carried out, but frankly none of us are interested, so you will stay gagged. I also see that you have been in a state of almost permanent erection since you entered this facility. This is one of the reasons why I have decided to carry out a penectomy on you - to punish your effrontery to the men of this establishment." Thor glared down at Billy’s obscenely hard erection and gargantuan balls, a momentary sting of impending pain and loss echoing through his mind, quickly quashed by his military training and long experience at the castration clinic. Filled with new resolve, Thor thundered, “Let the sentence be carried out!” 

Thor then gathered the men around him and quietly explained what he wanted to do. There was a buzz of excitement and Jethro could barely contain himself. Thor instructed the boys as to their positions, and had another quiet word with Karl. Jethro was asked to give the noose to Lou, who was to keep the cord nice and tight around the young prisoner’s package. Jethro moved to the right of the cross and would operate the lever that would send the blade down to do it's work. Billy the Bull looked nervously as Jethro’s huge hand felt for the lever that would end his manhood. His gaze caught his gorgeous, massively muscular figure, and his simple but cruel smile. He could smell the musk from Jethro’s skin, he was so close – and he smelled good. 

The doctor had moved the trolley in and stood on the other side of the cross, ready to attend to matters after the full emasculation had taken place. He kept looking down at the solid root of the cock and couldn't resist putting his fingers down there to test it's amazing solidity. Billy groaned in response - there was something particularly sexy about that doctor. Thor, Ethan, and Adam positioned themselves to get the best view possible whilst Karl was asked to 'take charge' and would give the command to Jethro. 

With Lou slightly to one side keeping the noose tight around his cock and balls, Karl stood before him in all his manly glory. He really had a physique to die for. He had always professed to wanting to do a penectomy on a sexually excited man in full erection, which had been a sexual fetish of his for many years. Karl was very excited as he stood before Prisoner 426791, and it was obvious to all. His big hard cock was straining against the front of his trousers, making a very large tent, and the front of his pants was becoming damp with precum. Even his breathing was slightly irregular as he took in the sense of sexual power he had over this incredibly muscular male. He stood before Billy with his legs slightly spread, the prisoner’s bulbous cock head throbbing but inches from Karl’s own chest. The gigantic tool practically drooled precum, and the smell of sex permeated the room. 

Thor had given Karl his permission to do as pleased with this man as he neared his sexual nemesis. Karl asked him a question that took Billy completely by surprise, “Do you want to cum, criminal of the State?” Billy’s eyes bulged, and Karl took that for a yes. “I know you want to come.” He was getting more and more excited. “Those are the biggest pair of balls I've ever seen and I bet they're packed full of cum, aren’t they? And as for that massive cock of yours, I bet you'd like to put it into some hot, tight ass right now, wouldn’t you?” he continued, moving closer to Billy so that his huge cock head was almost touching the doctor’s magnificent chest. He could feel the young man’s heat radiating from his awesome, straining cock. “I think that cock of yours needs cooling a little.” 

On that signal, Ethan moved forward with a thick leather strap and began whipping and beating the straining organ. It stung tremendously, but it did not reduce the violently erect organ. Billy stared at Ethan as he beat the young man’s cock. The muscles in his big arms and shoulders bulged and strained as he lashed the mighty organ, and even though it stung he could not help but be mesmerized by Ethan’s gorgeous body. As the organ bounced to the lashes and Karl swayed slightly before him, his hard dome would occasionally brush against the massive, smooth expanse of the doctor’s huge chest, leaving behind a thin string of precum as it moved away again. 

Karl indicated for Ethan to stop and continued talking to Billy, “If you try to cum, there WILL be consequences, prisoner!” Thor moved forward as arranged and handed Karl his favorite 'toy' - his shiny stainless steel 'nut-crackers', which were mounted on a small solid table. Adam took hold of Billy's straining organ with both hands to make sure it was out of the way, while Thor lifted up the young stud’s astoundingly huge and low hanging balls and placed them within the jaws of the nut-cracker. Though the devise was made to crush the gigantic nuts of prize stud bulls, they were still scarcely big enough to accommodate the massive, mammoth balls possessed by the young muscle stud. The gargantuan nuts rested snugly in the jaws of the vice, and Thor couldn’t help but be powerfully turned on by how vulnerable the huge orbs looked, the great steel-toothed maw of their destruction ready to chomp down at any moment. 

“Do you want to fuck some ass?” Karl continued to taunt him, moving forward slightly so that Billy’s cock head was now sliding against his massive chest, already moist with Billy’s steadily oozing precum. All the men were in on the plan at this point. It wasn't enough just to slice off his package in one clean go. They were going to give him some pain first, right where he deserved it. Even the highly educated, cultured doctor was in on it - especially him. He was glowering hatefully now at that massive rock hard erection, that was being teased mercilessly between the muscular mounds of his own pecs. Any moment now and Billy’s building pleasure would turn to agonizing pain. 

Karl continued to carefully stroke Billy’s straining rampant cock head between his mighty pecs, aware of how close the young man was to cumming. Just in case, Lou pulled just a little tighter on the noose around his immense cock and balls, hoping to choke off a premature eruption. Billy felt the strangling of the noose and glanced to Lou, seeing his tight body straining with barely restrained desire and his big cock straining and dripping with obvious excitement. 

Karl cooed again, sensing Billy’s sexual imminence, “Do you want some ass?” Then quickly added, “Well, then have some STEEL ass, bad boy.” Karl backed off slightly, gripping the handles of the huge nut-crackers tightly, his handsome face set with determination. The nut-crackers had a sharp and cruelly corrugated inner surface, the better to crush and destroy even the toughest set of nuts. Karl had timed it all very nicely as he was probably the clinics best prick-teaser, knowing how to crush and cut balls just before the male orgasm. 

But Billy was on a very fine edge, and Karl hadn't taken account of his fetish - intelligent men, especially sexy doctors like Karl and massive muscle beasts like Thor and sexy studs like Adam. Billy watched them all, his enraged lust overwhelming all his other senses, oblivious to what was going to happen next. 

As if in a car crash, time seemed to slow down as Billy realized in that moment that something terrible was going to be done to his manhood. But above all else he was enveloped by a sense that he HAD to cum. The endless teasing and sexuality all around him mixed with the images of the doctor’s magnificent chest and ass, Thor’s huge straining cock and unbelievably massive physique, and all the other naked men finally put Billy over the edge. His cock suddenly erupted with a truly heroic gout of cum so massive and thick that it dwarfed anything he had shot the previous night. Billy’s swollen cock head was mere inches from Karl’s massive chest, and the huge jet of cum splashed wetly across the broad expanse of muscle, drenching both beefy pecs and striking so hard that it actually stung. 

It happened so fast that no one was prepared for it. The doctor had intended to crush Billy’s nuts mercilessly before he could cum, but he hadn’t counted on Billy’s super human virility. Jethro actually cried out with the realization that the prisoner had actually started to cum, and he had an urge to pull the lever there and then, but resisted it, barely. 

Unfortunately, Billy’s orgasmic bliss was short-lived. His organ was actually halfway through his second great gout of cum, stringing towards Karl's awesome chest, when the doctor clamped down viciously with his serrated steel clamp on the young man’s huge pulsing balls. Karl squeezed the nut-crackers as hard as he could, crushing the gigantic man orbs like a man possessed, his big muscular arms shaking with the effort. The big eggs seemed to resist him much more than an ordinary set of balls would, and they barely deformed despite all of his strength and effort. Billy’s huge bull balls were so incredibly dense and tough that they resisted Karl’s best efforts to destroy them! But even Billy’s mighty bull balls couldn’t resist the metal jaws of the nut crusher for long. 

God, they are big! Thor couldn’t take his eyes off of Billy’s huge balls as they bulged and strained in the nut cracker, fighting heroically against the merciless steel jaws of the vicious vice. How he longed to spend endless hours beating, stretching, and crushing those balls himself, and not have them destroyed so quickly and so soon. But no matter, he kept trying to convince himself; the young stud deserved it. 

Billy was screaming into his gag and looked like his lungs were going to burst. Though his balls were thus far enduring the crushing, Billy was obviously in awesome pain, and his gigantic muscles bulged and strained mightily as he fought futilely for release. Meanwhile, the young man’s orgasm continued undaunted, painting Karl’s magnificent torso a starchy white as salvo after salvo of hot, sticky man cream jetted out of Billy’s thundering cock. In fact, the ball crushing was, if anything, making Billy’s orgasm even more violent and powerful. As Thor had predicted, the young stallion got off on ball abuse, and the size of the blasts belching from his cannon of a cock were even larger than those from the previous night, something the huge muscle beast had not thought possible. 

Sensing Karl’s difficulty, Adam rushed forward to lend his strength to the nut-crackers, and a moment later, Lou dropped the noose and joined in as well. Billy’s bellows of agony became even louder and more intense, and his balls flattened even farther, but astoundingly they still managed to endure against the combined strength of three muscular men! Thor barely noticed the orgasm thundering from his own massive cock at the awesome sight, so intent was he on watching the slowly flattening bull nuts in their steel vice. 

Jethro then released his grip on the guillotine lever to join the other three men, and lent his own brutal strength to the effort, his gigantic muscles bulging mightily. All four men were dripping with Billy’s hot cum as still more of the powerful jism blasted out from his pulsing cock. But now with the added bull strength of young Jethro, the men could feel Billy’s massive mighty nuts start to give, the awesomely tough nuggies finally beginning to succumb to the merciless crushing. The very cross holding the prisoner began to shake with his agony, and the men feared that Billy might actually break free. In just a few more moments, Billy’s once proud balls would be reduced to so much broken ball meat, the great well of his awesome masculinity shattered forever. 

As he bore down on Billy’s nuts with all his might, Karl bellowed, “Ethan, now!” Ethan looked momentarily at the prisoner’s still belching cock and huge, brutalized balls, which were now nearly crushed flat within the vice, and then leaped the few steps to the guillotine and pulled the lever. 

Time slowed to a crawl for Thor, as he saw the huge, 50-pound blade begin its inexorable drop toward Billy’s gargantuan and defenseless cock and balls. In that instant, he knew that he could not let the young bull stud be destroyed like this, that he had to have the young buck for himself. 

That he was hopelessly and madly in love with Billy the Bull Buckley. 

Thor leapt into action, taking two mighty strides and then leaping through the air toward the guillotine rope. For a man of such enormous size, Thor moved with astounding speed and grace, his awesomely powerful body sailing through the air, and his big hands grasping the thick rope as it quickly played out from the guillotine winch. Landing hard, Thor yanked the blade to a halt, and spun around to see if he had reached the rope in time. 

From his vantage point, Thor couldn’t immediately tell if he had successfully stopped the fall of the deadly blade. Billy’s cock and balls still appeared intact, but Thor feared that the severed organs would topple forward at any moment. As his eyes focused on the guillotine, however, he saw that the angled blade appeared to be resting on top of Billy’s huge, pulsing cock. In fact, the blade had been halted at the very moment that it had begun to come in contact with the massive organ, and a tiny drop of blood could be seen welling from the right side of Billy’s huge dick where the blade had just begun to nick him. 

Acting with a speed borne of desperation and taking advantage of the surprise on the faces of his co-workers, Thor hoisted the blade to the top of the guillotine with one mighty pull of his great arms, looped the rope around the lever, and then leapt for the men gathered around the nut cracker. 

Karl and the others were still madly intent on shattering Billy’s huge balls, and were moments away from succeeding. Already, Billy’s huge nuts were crushed almost completely flat, and in a matter of seconds they were sure to burst open like a pair of over ripe melons, spewing their nut guts all over the uncaring floor. Thor broke upon the four men like a fury, tearing them off of the nut crackers and knocking them to the ground. He grabbed an elephant gun that he always kept handy in the operating theater, and aimed it at his former colleagues and shouted, “Get the hell out of here! All of you!” 

The other men couldn’t believe their ears, but backed up at the sight of their leader aiming a gun at them. All except Jethro, the stupid young bull of a man, who was enraged at being denied the pleasure of destroying the prisoner’s huge balls. With a growl, Jethro charged at his former boss, intending to take Thor down and finish what he had started with Billy. 

Thunder cracked through the operating theater, and Jethro stopped in his tracks, a hole blown clear through his abdomen. Jethro looked down at the ruin of his belly with a confused look on his face, looked back up at Thor with pleading eyes, and then fell back dead. The other men took their cue to flee the room, which Thor locked behind them. 

Turning to his prisoner, Thor could see that Billy was still thundering out his monumental load, which had already been in progress for at least two minutes. The floor was slick with his nut slime, and still more of it was pounding forth from his gargantuan penis, forming an expanding pool of semen in front of him. 

Thor ran to the prisoner’s side, anxious to see if he had stopped the other men in time. He lifted the nearly shut jaws of the nut crackers, afraid he would see a broken set of bull nuts inside, but instead Billy’s super human nuts bounced back to their full healthy shape, having endured the unimaginable crushing and surviving intact. Thor released Billy’s balls from the vice, and then removed his cock and balls from the guillotine, all the while being pelted and blasted by huge slugs of Billy’s powerful cum. With one hand, Thor pumped Billy’s cock, pointing the great member so that it unloaded on his humongous barrel chest, and with the other hand, he brutally squeezed both of Billy’s huge balls in turn, milking more of the nut juices from the massive orbs. All the while, Thor stared into Billy’s bright blue eyes, their eyes locking in a prolonged moment of understanding. Billy now knew that he belonged, heart, soul, cock, and balls, to Thor. 

Billy’s super human orgasm lasted for just over five minutes, the entire gargantuan load caught on film as dozens of cameras focused on the action. At long last, the final dregs of Billy’s heroic load burped out onto Thor’s enormous and cum-drenched physique, and the young man groaned in both aching pain and blissful release. 

Thor knew he had little time before guards broke through the doors and captured them both. He quickly unstrapped the young beefy hunk and told him, “If you want to live, come with me.” Billy nodded his assent, and the two naked muscle gods fled through a hidden door and down a secret passage that Thor had had installed years ago. The passage led to the nearby airfield, where Thor had his own private jet. The huge muscle beast hoisted his new charge into the small craft and then got in himself, buckling in and launching the craft before the forces on the ground had a chance to stop him. In minutes, they were airborne and making their escape. 

As Thor piloted the plane, he took a moment to glance back at Billy seated behind him. The young man was clearly exhausted, nearly passed out from the pain and abuse he had suffered, but he was going to survive. Even more important, he was intact. 

Thor flew the plane over the mountains, heading toward a secret, private retreat that was known to no one but himself, high in the mountains and far from prying eyes. There, he had food and supplies to last for dozens of years. He planned to hide there with Billy, away from the eyes and arms of the Regime, and explore all the fantasies he had been creating about the young muscle god. He couldn’t wait to push the limits of endurance of the brutally handsome and awesomely built young man, and see exactly how much abuse his mammoth horse cock and gargantuan bull balls could withstand. 

And some day, perhaps, he would finish what had been started in Theater Three…